UPDATED: SWAT Teams in St. Louis Protected Bank of America; Refused Customer Withdrawals

by | Oct 4, 2011 | Headline News | 131 comments

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    UPDATE: October 4, 2011 ; 16:30
    It has come to our attention that this video was originally published in August of this year, thus is not a reflection of OccupyProtests currently taking place in New York and the rest of the U.S. We apologize to our readers for the mistake and inconvenience. While not exactly timely, the video nonetheless reflects what we believe will be the response by police departments the country over if bank runs were to become reality.

    If this isn’t a indication of what’s to come, then we don’t know what is. This is what it’s going to look like when you try to get to the bank in the middle of a panic.

    From what we can gather, according to eye witness testimony, St. Louis PD has barricaded the Bank of America building and is refusing customer access to deposits.

    [Video Available Below]

    They wouldn’t let me in so I had to push. Somebody stopped me because they pointed at the SWAT team right there.

    I don’t believe they have a legal right to keep me from getting my money. That’s why I pushed them. Forget about the SWAT team.

    I’ve got a legal right to go into that bank and take my money out.

    They would not let me get past that barricade, where those three guys are. I talked to the liutenant of the St. Louis Police Department –  and he said they [customers?] don’t have a legal right – but he was going to try to work out something, a symbolic gesture where eight people could pull out their money, I being one of them.

    He came back later and said they [BofA] will not go along with that. You will have to withdraw your money online.

    Most of the people here [want to withdraw their money] . But they wouldn’t let nobody through. That was our intention [to withdraw our money].

    In fact they told us we could do it. All of a sudden, somebody changed the rules. When I first got here they said “we’re going to let you go in and withdraw your money.” And then when I got ready to go in and withdraw my money… “you can’t get in.” They quit talking. They just blocked it.


    Hat tip Total Collapse


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      1. Oh crap! Is this for real?!?!

        • just ran down the street here in lasvegas neveda guard out front 3 other people withdrawing their whole accounts off the record GUARD SAYS CLOSING DOORS IF TO MANY SHOW UP OR WHEN THEY RUN OUT OF CASH TOOK OUT EVERYTHING

          • Interesting that this showed up today, even though the video is from August.

            Today my wife went to a Chase branch and filled out a withdrawl slip for $4K. She said the teller looked at it and stopped cold for a very awkward pause.

            She got the cash, but after the teller looked at another woman and recieved an obviously grudging approval. What would happen if someone went in and tried to withdraw an actually large amount of cash?

            • If it is over $10K, they will likely stall, quote some laws, and force you to fill out a lot of paperwork. Seems that $10,000 is a magical number that invokes the DEA, the IRS, and lots of other 3-letter agencies.

            • @Odd Questioner. Go to other branches in the area then. It’s what I did when withdrawing 15k last summer.

            • A $10k withdrawal triggers a “potential money laundering situation” and Odd Questioner is right, the feds take a look at ‘who’ is withdrawing the money.


            • $10K+ withdrawals are always scrutinized. The teller was probably a noob and just didn’t know what she was doing.

            • That ridiculous. I went in to my bank of few weeks ago and had the teller give me a cashiers check in an amount just under $15K, withdrawing the funds from my checking account. The whole process took me about 5 minutes, with none of the “awkward looks” or mountains of paperwork you people claim to have had to deal with. You’re all a bunch of doom and gloom nutcases if you ask me. Watch out, the sky is falling. Get a clue people.

          • Most bank branches simply don’t have much in cash. They know what they need, have some extra on hand, but they simply can’t pay out many thousands in cash if people show up wanting to withdraw. Also, while the $10k number is the official number to inform the Treasury Department, I’m pretty sure banks make a suspicious activity report for lower amounts if they suspect anything weird, and don’t think you are tricking them by withdrawing $9999, or $5k from one branch and $5k from another branch. Do your withdrawals slowly over time. Whenever I get a check, I deposit it and let it clear, and withdraw the loot. The bank doesn’t pay any interest on my checking account, so why leave it with them? I also keep a lot of cash so I can avoid using ATMs, which charge me a few $ every time I want cash. I simply go to the teller and get my cash, not ATMs. I also avoid using debit and credit cards because the banks take their little commission off the top of each transaction. And I don’t like the Feds having a real time multi year record of my buying habits and lifestyle. Dealing in cash makes me a closed book. People, start going to cash, you will love it.

            • A 10 thousand dollar DEPOSIT could trigger a AML inquiry, how do you money “LAUNDER” taking OUT clean money? LOL @ Mal.

              And people need to stop panicking and just keep your money IN the banks and IN the economy. Mass withdrawals causes economic problems too, thanks media!

            • woohoo: Under banking laws, institutions (and car dealers for example) are required to report deposits and withdrawals of $10,000 or more.

              They are also required to report “suspicious” transactions which may include repeat transactions of considerable amount under $10,000 or “unsual” activity which might be evidence of money laundering.

              Mal is right.

        • Remember the new banking laws that went into affect last year? One of these new laws, was the Banks can close the doors for 5 to 7 working days, I’m sure this is only the start of all the new regulations added to federal regulatory books the last few years, remember “We must pass the laws before we find out whats in them.” This according to former Congressional Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. It is so bad now, half the country can’t even fathom what will happen when the distinguished elite legislate the rest of what is left of our Liberty away, for our own “good,” of course.

      2. Err, not the end of the world, just corporate idiocy.

        The BoA website got hacked/cracked/went-down/whatever last week. This in turn increased the load on physical banking chores.

        Two things come to mind:
        1) I’m glad I ditched those losers a year ago.
        2) Nothing beats having cash on hand sufficiently hidden away and locked up. Not the whole nest-egg mind (because being robbed would suck), but enough to get a some emergency purchases done.
        3) Credit Unions. It’s the only way to go if you have to do it at all.

        • (yeah, I know – three is more than two… that’ll teach me to not proofread 🙂 )

          • I just thought you had turned into the Odd Replier…


        • 4) have in small bills–$10s and $20s

          • Agreed. Big bills attract big attention, which nobody really wants. Maybe keep a few hundreds around, but $20s should be the majority of it.

        • How is having your money in a credit union safer having your money in a bank? Please explain.

          • local money, local bank manager. Always better than some nameless faceless person behind a phone call that can’t be called back on. And I check my credit union’s status every quarter.
            Although to be honest, I have auto deposit but all I keep in my account is what I plan on spending on the bills for the month. My preferred bank is Bank of Mymattress.

            • I see what your saying about it being local. I can’t imagine being your local branch manager is the SHTF. There is a guy that will need to prep for sure! Peace cshellz.

            • Cshellz: Your Credit Union isn’t any safer than the biggest banks in the country. I promise you that. If they fail, your Credit Union is toast.

              But your strategy is a good one.

            • Yeah, but Credit Union banks’ fees are EXPENSIVE!!!

            • HAHA, I’ve belonged to a CU for nearly my whole banking career. They are NOT expensive. In fact they are usaully a FAR cheaper alternative to banks. This is generally why you have to “Qualify” to be a “Member” (belong to a certain group or company, ie: Teachers CU…) Interest rates are ALWAYS better at CUs and the tellers care about who you are. Usually the money stays local as well (similar to the scenario in “It’s a wonderful life”.) The money invested and deposited there belongs to the peopl you see everyday on your commute to work and in line at the gas pump and grocery store.

          • I can.

            Good credit unions are more financially sound than most banks. They are non-profit, which means that any profits get plowed back into your bank account in the form of higher interest for checking and savings.

            For instance, while Bank of America is charging the suckers $5/month in extra fees (on top of all the other fees) for the pleasure of using a debit card, my credit union pays me 7% of my end-of-month checking account balance so long as I use Direct Deposit, take electronic/emailed statements instead of paper, and use the debit card at least 12 times a month. Oh, and they reimburse me for any ATM fees I incur.

            It’s kind of cool to have a bank pay me enough money each month to fill the gas tank. With BoA and their fees, it was often the other way around.

            • One credit Union I belonged to actually sent me a check at the end of every fiscal year for profit sharing.

          • I don’t know if it’s “safer” (which is kind of an arbitrary term anyway), but my local credit union is a non-profit. That’s a huge difference. They don’t answer to share-holders, they answer to their members. Profit isn’t their driving motive, member satisfaction is. And yes, you read that correctly. I’m not a customer, I’m a member. If you’ve never had the pleasure of the experience, you’ll slap yourself later for not doing it earlier.

      3. A clue for all you numbnuts that want to keep their physical silver and gold in safe deposit boxes…

        Another clue for all who don’t keep cash stashed in their residences.

        Mike F.

        • These boxes can be used to keep your PMs quite safe from YOU. In case of a bank run, access to these will surely be denied.

        • I keep crisp $10 dollar bills in #10 cans. I learned that from some dude at this site 😉

          • Mine are in my old Christmas cards…rubber bands around with other old correspondence.

            • Soooo, JJ……..where do you live? You know, specifically. Crosstreets are also helpful.

      4. 2) Nothing beats having cash on hand sufficiently hidden away and locked up. Not the whole nest-egg mind (because being robbed would suck), but enough to get a some emergency purchases done.

        You SHOULD keep your entire nest egg at home, just not all in the same place. It’s a lot easier for thieves like B of A to take your money than it is for a common criminal to find your ten well hidden stashes of cash/gold/silver.

        If it ain’t in your hands and under your control, it ain’t yours. PERIOD.

        • I have a Fort Knox gunsafe with 20 one inch stainless steel locking lugs and the hinges are not exposed like other gunsafes. Yeah, you can use a torch but with all of the blackpowder it’ll be a little noisier than you’d expect…..

          • That makes you an idiot, because we can break-in your front-door with our shotguns and force YOU to open the gunsafe with all of your rifles, gold/silvers, etc and tie you up. Its pretty straight-forward thing to do.

            • You’re right! All one needs is a bit of education from the Dick Cheney school of trades & a Exacto blade and that safe WILL get opened.

            • Hmmm. I have the same safe. In it is $100 and two NEF single shot rifles and and old stevens shotgun. Sorry, had to sell all the guns to pay the mortgage for the last three months.

              Once you force me to get the door open, which might be a real trick since you’d probably be dead way before you get in the fron door. Then, as the safe door opens all the sirens will go off. See, I have to flip a switch to keep it from going off when I open the door. Now the whole neighborhood knows shit is going down. You might grab the guns and run, or, face an armed mob in the next 10 minutes.

              Of course, all the silver and all the gold and all the good guns and ammo are stashed in many and various caches in the house and outbuildings.

              But, TooBad, pay no attention to your detractors! You are 100% correct. Who are the idiots that hit the thumbs down on your post? Normalcy bias much, guys?

              Misdirection *AND* security are the best security. TooBad, your thinking will keep you safer than a FortKnox gun safe! …if you apply it.

            • You’re probably smarter than you sound.

          • My Heritige has internal hinges too, but as my buddy with the Browning showed me, the lugs engage all the way around the door, not relying on the hinge when the door is secured. 😉

        • GC: It is NOT easier for BA to steal a persons money than a criminal who breaks into your home to rob you. Don’t let your hatred of the corp blind you to reality.

          For a bright guy that is a stupid statement.

        • “You SHOULD keep your entire nest egg at home, just not all in the same place.”

          Nope, and here’s why:

          * If your house burns down, so does your stash (that or it melts, which blows the purity and therefore the value).

          * If you’re out traveling and you suddenly need a huge wad of money (auto repairs, replace lost clothing, etc), you’d have to rely on someone to 1) know where your stashes are, 2) know the combination/key to whatever you keep it in, and 3) mail it to you.

          * Doesn’t matter how evenly distributed it is… if word ever gets out that you have a metric ton of cash or gold in your house, you become a target, and not all thieves are dumb kids.

          * if you ever have a member of your household get addicted to drugs, gambling, or similar habits, guess where they’re going to get the money to feed that habit? By the time you find out, it’ll likely all be gone, or mostly gone. If you’re lucky, only half of it will be missing.

          As much as I detest the typical bank, they do serve a purpose.

          You keep the preps you need at home, on-hand. When the balloon goes up, money is likely going to be the last thing that you want or need to worry about anyway. Have enough at home to take care of a really big emergency purchase or two, but the rest you can leave sitting in the bank (credit unions preferred, IMHO). All the gold and silver you can keep at home in a safe or somewhat. This will still put you ahead of 99% of the population, and you don’t become this big, fat target.

          As for claims that thieves will be dead before they can get to it and etc? Umm, no. Not all thieves are dumb kids out for drug money… if word gets out that you have a serious amount of cash stashed, there are folks out there who will have you and your family subdued before you even realized they were in your house.

      5. This is likely a direct response to that Senator ( ? ) who has been all over the news telling people to withdraw their money because of the new $5 debit card fee.. on second thought, maybe I outa go cash a check.. 😉

        • Dick Durbin

          • He’s a dick?

            • From my perspective, he’s the definition of one.

            • Aren’t they all!!

      6. That man obviously didn’t read the fine print. Somebody get Buffett on the rubber duckie $5/month bath phone.

      7. Notice who is protecting the banksters..700 arrested in NY..for disorderly conduct..who gave the most funding to the NYC PD? …..J P MORGAN

        Government isnt running the show…Obama isnt running the show.. Chineese arnt running the show

        who has done all this distruction to our country? our monetary system? corrupted politicians? funded illegal deals?


        Banks.. thats who

        who got bailed out and than thumbed their noses at us when they were given huge bonuses ?

        these are the terrorists that are destroying all of the countries world wide

        why is our police forces paid to protect them when they are criminal?

        My tax dollars wont bring a cop to my doorstep if i feel thretened…wait till they find out their union isnt paying into their benifit funds, or that they too wont have any retirement funds ..wont they have egg on thier face..oh its coming..not even the cops can hide from this criminal activity..proteting the wolf will get you bit

        • ” protecting the wolf,, will get you bit”

      8. The most safe bank in the world is in Asia!
        But it’s all just paper. What’s in your wallet?
        Ha Ha Ha !

      9. Two years ago there was a big campaign to not do business with the big banks. I got out of Wells Fartgo and I’m now with a small community bank who is buying small banks that have gone under here in California. I also belong to a credit union. This is a good example of how the big banks can screw you over.

      10. I understand deposits can still be made around back.

        • +1 !

          • I knew you wood get that!

      11. The only evidence we have is one guy’s video.

        • No, something is happening with B of A for sure. The stock is getting hammered and there is more out there on the web. All of the financials are leading this down leg in stocks. May be associated with the European banks. B of A did not receive the same stimulus packages that the others got and the huge debt is still there. No, I think that B of A will be used as a sacrificial pig. Some large institution will buy them up. Keep an eye on the news as to where the blame is placed on it’s failure and how many times they change the story! Then you will see the thieves in action.

          • I’m not sure what large institution is “large” enough to buy BoA? They are massive. The Fed is about the only thing I can think of that could do it other than a group of other large banks pooling together.

            • B of A has 1.2 – 1.4 trillion $ worth of deposits in their system at any given time. I wonder just how much of that the FDIC can cover if B of A goes ‘tits-up’??? Since the FDIC is already pretty much insolvent ….. I’m guessing that they won’t be able to cover very much of their liabilities.

            • several years ago BofA merged w/Merrill Lynch. Two of the biggest cancers in the financial word combined to become TBTF. ML provides our 401k and BofA provides a “low risk” or “safe” option. It’s a passbook account w/o the passbook. It was paying .4% interest however, you have to give ML their management fee, and BofA took .2% or half of what they paid for their cut. That left something near zero for the investor. If someone didn’t want to play the market w/their retirement $ there was not place to go. The biggest bunch of legalized thieves ever.

            • FDIC has less than $100 billion to cover deposits of over $2 trillion. Sure, they’ll mail you a check, but it won’t buy anything.

          • So it’s happening only in St. Louis? BofA has banks all over the country. I checked the web. There’s no mention of it on any news site. How do we know it ‘s really happening?

            • This was an error on my part Bill. Please see the update at the top of the article. Sorry for the mistake.

          • BoA is in trouble because it got strong armed by Big Government into buying Countrywide Financial in 2008. What did it get for $4.1 billion? BoA got a truck load of BAD, TOXIC mortgages. One of the worst business moves ever and it just might kill them.
            Why did Buffet put $5 billion into BoA? Because a) he got preferred stock yielding 6% and b) When he was last in bed with Obama, Obama told him that government would take all those non-performing mortgages off of BoA’s balance sheet.

            “A” is fact. “B” is conjecture on my part.


          • I read Georgie Porgey ‘gave’ (the term used) BofA 50 billion and they needed 500,000,000 MORE!!
            What I read in an article. Truth?? Who knows.

            • Sorry–was Buffett to BofA…and while we’re speaking of bailouts??
              Did anyone receive their dividend check from the bank bailoiut of 2008??

              I didn’t think so.

          • They’ll have to shed all those toxic Countrywide assets first. That’s the albatross around their neck right now.

      12. The Collapse is here!!!!!

        • Let’s hope not…. But you never know. At this point we have Congressman calling for bank runs…bernanke warning of bank runs ( vid should be up later today) …. Hundreds being arrested at the behest of banks… Somethin’ ain’t right folks.

        • Well let them in while I go change and put something more comfortable on.

          Did you remember to buy the wine?

          • I think the smoking jacket with plastic shower shoes and leopard striped speedo will do very nice, thank you very much.
            Oops, there’s the door now, gotta get up and print some more money for the BofA Democratic Party.

      13. Obama is in St. Louis today for a fundraiser and it is also Game 3 of the NLDS with the Cards and the Phillies game set to start at 4:07 PM CST. This BoA location is just a few blocks away from Busch Stadium and the building is on Market Street, which is the main thoroughfare in Downtown St. Louis. Also, there have been OccupySTL protests to support OccupyWallSt. This may explain the SWAT team presence.

        • The video was shot in August, notice the rain! Was not raining on the particular day this was suppose to be shot. The police presence is from a protest taking place to the right of the camera’s, where they closed the street! The bank lobby was closed due to the protest. It has nothing to do with blocking customers from making their withdrawals.

      14. “I want them to write me a check”! WTF!

      15. It’s funny, a close friend of mine is a VP at BoA and we talk a lot (more recently) about her job security and sometimes even open positions there. I made a few remarks about the stock slipping and the surcharges and she said to me, “back in 2010 the CEO addressed the employees internally and sent a memo that said -if BoA never made another dollar from this day forward, they could last 5 full years on capital alone.”

        Continuing to watch the stock drop and seeing things like this only a year later make me wonder if their staff isn’t just sheep that will one day come to work with the doors locked. Was all that just hot air to keep the massive amount of employees they have calm?

        • Wouldn’t surprise us one bit…

        • The hospital conglomerate I work for said back in 2008 that we wouldnt even feel it. We just laid off 6% of our workforce. I fully believe it and B of A statement was just to keep people calm.

        • Buffett should be happy with that memo.

      16. Somebody call in a delivery for 20 God Father pizza pies when they get a dial tone and get those over paid broke FDIC week end warrior reps in here on the double. Bring them both in the back door and give them the secret knock.

      17. Dominos pizza? Or are the Dominos beginning to fall?

        • They just closed dozens and dozens of Papa Johns pizza stores recently…

          My town is becoming a ghost town, shop after shop are closing up…

          • Papa John’s is too expensive. You know the poop is ready to hit the fan when the Little Caesars start too close.


          • We just got a Papa John’s Saturday—a treat– and I noticed he was alone, answering phone, cashier, and cook—I see why now.
            Alone on a Saturday!!

        • Maybe we should convene a round table discussion?

          • What goes around comes around.

          • Beer summit?

      18. why would the gentleman lie-seems genuine to me. and so what if he isn’t telling the truth he’s getting the word out to the sheeples.

        • At any rate, the police are there for SOME reason.

      19. not yet……its still a slow moving process…..collapse will not happen over night its a slow dying process but its dying.

        • I am not so sure…if the people get spooked, like with this video, and the Bank Runs start…we will see HELL on Earth happen rapidly…

        • Not so. I was a back office employee at Indymac when they went down four years ago or so. It was anything but a slow-moving process. Three days. And this was a bank that claimed to have something like $2B in liquidity. Once the panic starts and the run begins, there won’t be enough cash to go around.

      20. A bunch of poor people running on the bank isn’t a big deal. Their accounts won’t add up to much. I got onto my online BoA account no problem.

      21. I live in St. Louis but have not yet seen this on the news…..that may change by 5:00 PM.

        • If it is true, I bet it don’t make the news…..

      22. You people are freaking nuts and pathetic if you believe any of this overblown wacko hype. I can go to any number of BofA’s and withdrawl ALL my cash now. So can you. There is no swat team, it’s all lies.

        • Maybe you should.

          We already have.

        • What happens when everyone does it at once? What if even half or a quarter of them do? There won’t be enough cash to go around. Get the picture? It’s the inherent danger of the fractional reserve banking system.

      23. Ah shit! just got hit again by another piece of sky. Third one in the last couple of days. This one’s just a little bit bigger…….

      24. Uh oh, this is starting to look bad. History is repeating itself with a socialist twist. Look out all the hit the Fan moment is approaching.
        Are you ready? Only crazy people want it to happen, but the craziest won’t admit it can happen.

      25. Their website HAS been down, overloaded.
        pings have timed out..

        “She’s gonna blow Cap’n” – Scotty
        “Let ‘er blow.” – Kirk

        • Scotty – We need more dilithium crystals Cap’n

          • She canna take much more.. the matter-antimatter reactors are goin into overload!!!

      26. Markets finished up for the day! No not because of Ben’s comment or the Europeans gathering. This was the Working Group On Financial Markets move today (the PPT or Plunge Protection Team) in action. How long will it hold? A day, a week? Europe is still screwed. Did any one see this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bp-MQhssCqI

      27. I dropped BOA for my business account years ago. I’m so glad that I went with credit unions!

      28. Bank Holiday coming, get your money out of the bank. asap months away from asset freeze imo.

      29. THis video was taken on August 12th 2011,
        here is the original write up about the video:

        Bank of America forbids withdrawal-of-money protest
        Erich Vieth | August 13, 2011 | 1 Comment

        On Friday, August 12, 2011, about 50 members of Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment (“MORE”) protested the activities of Bank of America at the downtown branch of the bank in St. Louis , Missouri.

        Many of the protesters have been longtime customers of Bank of America, and they intended to withdraw all of their money from Bank of America as part of their protest. Thus, the protestors were taking a page from Arianna Huffington, who initiated a “Move Your Money” campaign back in 2009.

      30. The video is now private???????? WTF

      31. Let’s hope this IS the one. The banking system is an antiquated system that never was designed to be sustainable, only usury. These institutions are based on keeping their subjects subservient to their rule of law, and it’s worked impeccably over the years

        Again, let us all hope this is the one, i.e. the fall of BoA, and, its potential demise spreads to all the other “money lenders”. These corrupt institutions need to go, but more importantly, so does the mindset of those “depositors” who foolish buy in to and support the greatest financial scam ever invented. Are the depositors/borrowers innocent, naive, in denial, or just plain stupid? Who knows. I suspect everyone here was smart enough to keep the minimum balance in an account (for writing the checks out for those 2 monthly bills) and the rest at home.

        If the present system is exposed for its historical atrocities, then it can only get better in the long run when the entire reorganization of fair financial “give and take” practices rise up from the ashes, however that design is restructured in the next rebuilding process.

        In the meantime, I’m just going to enjoy the game from the bleachers.

        • EA: BA is not going to fall or fail. BA has recently sold (read transfered)its bad mortgages and forclosures to Fannie and Freddie, to clean the bank up some, while the US taxpayer takes the hit.

          Fannie and Freddie will then package up these properties in bundles and sell them to “investors”. Its the old game of maximize the profits and nationalize the debt.

          • Then why are they disallowing withdrawals?

            • Daisy: That video was from August 12th. Whatever the story was then, its over.

              Canadian banks ARE safer. Use them.

            • TD Bank – one of the more solvent banks available to u.

      32. The police need to turn themselves around and start arresting the criminal bankers. There is nothing to fear from peaceful protest unless you are acting corruptly. You Bankers have been put on notice

      33. I saw this on twitter a little while ago and knew it wasn’t today because it’s a beautiful day here in STL today! A little searching pulled up a refence going back to April ( http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread760352/pg1) so I don’t know what this was all about. I do find it VERY curious that it’s making the rounds TODAY- especially with the “anonymous” dos threat to attack the NYSE 10-10. We would all be wise to verify as much as we can before we run with whatever “they” want us to…(nothing against you max 😉 love the site!!)

      34. I don’t have an account at there but
        I try and visit bankofamerica dot com regularly. they seem to have some trouble keeping their site operational.

      35. My friend came to town & wanted to cash a check for $10K. I took her to Wells Fargo to cash a check & they told me I would have to deposit the check in my account & give my friend the funds. When i did they said they didn’t have the funds to cash a check for the $10K I would have to make arrangements 2 days in advance for that kind of funds. The government is up to something. WAKE UP PEOPLE WITHDRAW EVERYTHING THAT YOU CAN NOW. MONEY IS OVER. THE GOVERNMENT IS TAKING ALL THAT YOU HAVE. NO MO OBAMA

        • Banks ALWAYS have the funds. It seems to be the policy of many, though, to claim “don’t have the funds” as the new Default. It’s a indirect form of intimidation, when you think of it. Especially if you have the funds in your account. What they are saying is “We are all powerful. Once we have YOUR money in our vault, it is OURS, and you must abide by our rules. The policy is strictly based on specific banks AND certain personalities. One large bank that I had an account decided it wouldn’t let me, or anyone else for that matter, withdraw more then $3K a day. That account ended that day. I moved my money to a smaller named bank, got to know the manager and she’d let me withdraw $10K without blinking an eye. Over that amount the IRS is notified.

          Anyway, Money is far from being over, as you put it. However, it is Their desire to eventually see money morph from paper to digital so it’s movement can be traced.

        • Bank Fraud..I’ve read more than one event lately like that..a lady’s husband couldn’t withdraw a large amt. because the teller actually ‘said’, we don’t keep that kind of money here!!!
          Hello???? You’re a bank!

      36. 20 or more years ago I learned about Fractional Reserve Banking. I was *OUTRAGED*!!! The criminality of fractional reserve banking is manifold.

        Then I learned about how the Federal Reserve System works with the US Treasury. More criminal behaviour.

        Still, a mystery existed in my mind: How could a Constitutionally based government get away with this? I found out! Its not the government that we see. What we pass off as government is not government at all. All the elections, the bill passing, the theater. Nope. It sounds like government. It looks like government. It is NOT GOVERNMENT. It is a creature, a monster, born out of The Act of 1871. It is THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, Incorporated.

        Explanation here: http://michiganrepublic.com

        Since The Act of 1871 our “government” can do and support things no government would take responsibility for. Murder? No problem. Steal? No problem. Poison? No problem. Embezzle? No problem. Lie? No problem. Oppress? No problem. Ponzi schemes? No problem. Shall I go on? There is no end to the corruption and evil a government can do once it has been incorporated. The whole idea of a corporation is to bridle and control the conscience that we, as men, normally have. Once that is under control, the aforementioned evils come naturally. That is where we stand today.

        Savings to me is food, guns, silver or gasoline. I use FRNs under protests. They are slips of paper that represent corruption, theft and debt. …but its all most businesses will take.

      37. more open signs of banker fraud.. they(the major banks) don’t have the cash reserves to handle a run of even 10% of their clients much less a head-on run of most… they(bank employees) were scared and had swat there to protect them and intimidate the clients wanting to EXERCISE THEIR RIGHT TO ACCESS THEIR OWN PROPERTY, which in this case was money… our rights to what we “own” – regardless of the category(money, land, etc.) – have been signed away by the very contracts we enter into with these corporate thieves… just think what it will be like wtshtf and NO BANKS will even be open… i’m glad i don’t make alot of money nor do i have investments though wtshtf i believe me and mine will be able to “get along”…

        prep and network with those closest while keeping your powder dry and close… keep in mind that the “3%” were varying sizes of groups of people linked together by everyday, common aspects of life – neighbor farmers or townspeople, church-goers, etc… our society , in general, does not lend itself to that lifestyle anymore so the networking is more difficult but it must be done… true Americans must stand together

      38. Ring, ring. Hello, “this is Sue” (boy’s voice). Transfer. Put another quarter in the juke box.

      39. NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — The fees keep coming. Citi is the latest big bank to slap customers with a round of fee hikes. This time, on its checking accounts.

        Starting in December, customers who hold its mid-level Citibank Account will be charged $20 a month if they fail to maintain a minimum balance of $15,000 in their combined accounts. Previously, account holders had to carry a minimum balance of $6,000

      40. First of all, its not “your” money. It belongs to the Federal Reserve. You just get to use it. Ever wonder why you pay taxes on it? Because you are using someone else s property. Secondly its not your bank account. Who’s name is on the account? Not yours. Its the ALL CAPITALS name that’s on the account, and that not you. It looks like your name but its not. Its a corporate account that was created using the ALL CAPS name on your birth certificate. Dont believe me, look it up on youtube or do google searches on these facts.

      41. the economic fall will begin from 2012-2013 God is judging america after that from 2017-2018 civil liberties will be next ..you will not be able to trust in your mammon forever people this is why you are seeing all this.. get saved because Jesus Christ is coming very soon! Sooner than you realize..the bible says God won’t do anything unless He tells things to His servants the prophets first..this is a warning..If you don’t believe this is true write down these timelines and watch..

      42. the economic fall will begin from 2012-2013 God is judging america after that from 2017-2018 civil liberties will be next ..you will not be able to trust in your mammon forever people this is why you are seeing all this.. get saved because Jesus Christ is coming very soon! Sooner than you realize..the bible says God won’t do anything unless He tells things to His servants the prophets first..this is a warning..If you don’t believe this is true write down these timelines and watch..

      43. Never had any use for BOA from the beginning…From the beginning they would give credit to ANYONE, now that they are, along with others, paying the price, we have to suffer. Just a bunch of BS…It’s time all these CEO’s (everywhere) took a cut in pay, rather than just voting themselves these astronomical salaries that we are paying for.

      44. we aren’t hearing about this in england.

      45. what’s happening at US Bank, they have somehow deactivated my card’s PIN, so I can’t go to an ATM and withdraw or get cash back after a purchase. I will either have to buy online or go in to a branch.

      46. “Secure access to your money, anytime, anywhere.”

        That BofA ad was just on TV.


      47. Local Credit Unions are the way to go. Good, personalized service, the workers get to know you — you’re no longer anonymous. Unlike BOA or other conglomerates.

        The Bank executives and Senators/Reps need to take a pay cut. Our Senators/Reps also need to be put on Medicare, not all full-paid, premium med plan paid by us (U.S.). Then they’ll do something about it. And, instead of a premium retirement, convert it to Social Security. Then they’ll do something to fix it. Plus, make it illegal for them to become lobbyists when they leave office.

        If the legislature REALLY wants to balance the deficit, this would be a convincing start. But they won’t, heaven forbid. They keep giving themselves automatic pay raises each year (that way they don’t even have to vote on it). 99% of all politicians are crooks.

        Okay, I’ll get off the soapbox. Heaven help us with all the *@%# going on.

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