Survival Expert James Rawles Warns: “There’s Going To Be A Massive Run On Firearms… Bigger Than Anything We’ve Ever Seen Before” If Hillary Win Is Imminent

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    patriots-coverart2(Cover Art courtesy James Wesley Rawles & Pocket Books; Founders: A Novel of the Coming Collapse)

    James Wesley Rawles is a former intelligence officer of the United States Army, prolific author and one of the top survival experts in the world. In his best-selling book series Patriots he paints a terrifying picture of a post-collapse America where food is scarce, currency is worthless, law and order have broken down, and survival is a daily struggle. It’s a fictional tale, of course, but one that is grounded in real-world possibilities.

    In his latest interview with SGT Report, the founder breaks down the probability of such a scenario and explains that should it come to pass, where hyperinflation destroys our currency or a world war ravages America, the most important thing to have in your possession will be essential tangible assets.

    Further, Rawles notes that as we get closer to the possibility of a Hillary Clinton Presidency, we may soon see panic buying of firearms, ammunition and gun-related accessories.

    Venezuela is a microcosm of a centrally planned government and currency run amok… and we need to learn from their example.

    If you notice the things that people are clamoring for are tangibles… they’re looking for food and they’re looking for currencies that are inflation proof and that usually means precious metals.

    So if we’re going to learn anything from Venezuela it’s tangibles, tangibles, tangibles.

    …Wake up… watch what’s happening in Venezuela… you need to get your beans, bullets and band aids squared away… Those tangible items are going to be what pulls your family through the hard times ahead. And regardless of what happens to currencies, if you have a honest one year supply of food, preferably two years, and a good core position in physical precious metals that you hold at home… hidden… not in a bank because banks are vulnerable to banking holidays where they would limit or eliminate access to your safe deposit box…

    If you have those tangibles… food, silver and my other favorite is common caliber ammunition… that’s the other thing you should really stock up on heavily.

    I have a feeling that as we get closer to the election and if it looks like the poll numbers are leaning to Hillary winning there’s going to be a massive run on firearms… bigger than anything we’ve ever seen before and along with that people are going to be rushing to buy any ammunition they can, reloading components and full capacity magazines.

    If you want to survive a collapse scenario this is a must-listen interview:

    Also From James Rawles: Tools for Survival: What You Need to Survive When You’re on Your Own

    Visit James Rawles’ website at

    For more interview like this one visit or follow on Youtube.


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      1. So it would stand to reason that the NRA and the firearms industry would be rooting (albeit secretly) for a Clinton victory, right? They stand to make SO. MUCH. MONEY…



          “A Swiss border clampdown is drawing international scrutiny. Swiss authorities reject accusations they are violating would-be refugees’ rights to seek asylum.

          Swiss left-wing politicians are checking for possible violations of Swiss asylum law.”


          • Remember if you write a book, then you can self proclaim you are an expert. A lot of Narcissistic Ex-Military falls into this category. If you cann food you are an expert food preserver. If you carried a clipboard, you are an expert logistics and supply procurer. The world is plum full of experts that why our country is becoming a 3rd world shithole.

            Everybody’s situation is different as to where you live. James Rawles lives up there in redoubt Idaho, You know the survival expert living next to Yellowstone Volcano. Brilliant Strategic Move there Jimmyboy. And this self proclaimed expert and Patriot also advertises on his website a Add for being Friends of Israel, “WE STAND WITH ISRAEL, NOW AND FOREVER” with the 6 sided Star of CRIMINALITY, MURDER AND THIEVERY, clearly displayed, (Go look for yourself) aka: The same TRIBE that is ripping our country apart with their Socialist Commie BS. So if you subscribe to this Advertising Whore for profit, beware. Just saying, as this is a NO BULLSHIT ZONE here at the SHTFPLAN. BS’ers will be called out every time, no matter who you are. Rawles is Morally Bankrupt.


            • I disagree with Rawls prediction of a “massive run on firearms”, simply because sales have set records year after year. I think the market is saturated with delivery systems.

              Its the ammo that will have a massive demand. 🙂

              • “Here is how I believe, according to historical precedence and the globalist’s own writings, that they will attempt to assert global centralization post-collapse and enforce compliance.”

                Resource Management And Distribution
                “As I point out in many of my articles on the necessity for localism, without ample food, water and shelter self-maintained by groups of like minded citizens, no resistance can be mounted against a centralizing force.

                If you cannot supply your own logistics, then you must resort to stealing them from the enemy. Obviously, it is less risky to supply yourself if possible.”

                “The fact is, successful rebellions in occupied nations tend to grow in rural surroundings. Cities are often strongholds for totalitarians because they offer more means of surveillance, a more passive population and, once taken over, they are easier to secure and defend.”

                “Stalin used this very model, sending troops from controlled cities to plunder resources from outlying farming communities.

                He then stored these supplies for “redistribution;” the people deemed most useful to the regime were fed, the people deemed not useful or potential threats were not fed. In the end, Stalin killed off many potential rebels simply by denying them food production or food access.

                The elites do not need to own every inch of ground in order to launch an effective campaign of martial law.

                All they need to do is own key cities through surveillance technology and troop presence, then use these cities as staging grounds to confiscate resources in surrounding areas from people they do not like.

                If you think the government would not pursue that kind of tactic in the U.S., I highly suggest you look into Executive Order 13603, signed by Barack Obama in 2012.”

                This order gives the president authority during a “national emergency” to take any private property or resources if it is deemed “necessary to national defense.”

                The Malaysian Model Of Control
                1) Large-scale concentration camps to separate production centers from rebel influence
                2) Implement a sophisticated identification system for ALL citizens.
                3) Spies and informants to locate rebel strongholds and special forces units in to neutralize them.
                4) Psychological war – offer “promises” of peace and prosperity for support.

                “I believe the globalists will use their standard strategy of disinformation and division first to acquire centralization, but eventually they will turn to a Stalin/Malaysian model for control on the ground.”

                ht tp://

              • DK, as you know any threat to ban any gun increases Gun Sales. Just ask the Greatest Gun Salesman ever, Barak Hussein Obama. Hillary will be worse, so the natural trend will be massive gun and ammo sales. Even a garden snail could figure that out. I would say right now as prices are still fairly reasonable, stock up on a lifetime of Guns, Ammo, Magazine, Gun parts and anything else you may need in your life including cleaning lubricants and if you are into loading your own ammo, start buy the parts for all of that procedure as well. I do remember when things were tight a few years back people had a hard time getting primers. One lacking part, makes the other parts almost useless. All of these Gun Preparations will be a great barter tool if it all turns out OK, or hand it down to your family so they too can preserve their freedoms.


              • NAILED IT!

            • Second Amendment advocates are a bunch of stupid animals easy to manipulate and subdue. These mules are unable to grasp that gun manufacturers in the United States are amassing huge profits driven mainly by fear and paranoia of an imminent economic collapse and the subsequent social unrest. Moreover, these so-called “patriotic” Americans cannot envisage that the Federal Government has already prepared a national database of all gun owners in the country, so when Martial Law is finally enacted due to the scenarios posted before, these brutes will be requested to turn their guns in exchange for food coupons and a symbolic monetary compensation.


              Ordinary Americans do not have a single clue of what Martial Law is all about and hundreds of thousands (if not millions) may foolishly perish as a result of their misguided (and chauvinistic) patriotism.

              • So all 100 million will be forced! Right you are a big dreamer!!!

              • Go ahead and make anything you want “legal”. Your assumption is that I give a shit what you think is “legal”, and recognize your “authority”. After a foolish attempt at “declaring” martial law, the JBTs will expend most of their effort on keeping themselves alive. They cannot overwhelm an eneny who refuses to hang around and fight on “the authorities’ ” terms.

                “Catchin’s before hangin”

              • Aleku, f#$% you, you commie retard! If you think you can take my shit, bring it on. BTW, make sure you bring a body bag; FOR YOURSELF, MOFO.

                • Brave, aleku sounds like a POS commie, thinks they have control over our freedoms. LMFAO… Once he gets a bullet in his skull, no doubt his thought process will be changed forever. That’s what drinking fluoride with his water does to the dumbed down brain. Anybody who talks like that is certainly a coward and submissive. Go read the constitution aleku… Love America or leave.

                  It will be a fun show, “Those armed” vs. “Those unarmed.”

              • And yet a other jealous one

              • You are proof that ignorance is alive and well in America. If you want to educate yourself on what can be expected if martial law is enacted, look at Katrina. Fema could not handle that one single event so just think about millions of PATRIOTS with massive firepower engaging any anti constitutional force. When they come for the guns they WILL get the bullets. I just hope that you and your ilk stop any stray ordinance during the rebuilding of America.

              • Aleku, this sure doesn’t sound much like the America I grew up in. How about you? As a matter of fact, I can’t believe it’s come this far.

              • No where in the Constitution is Martial law listed. It’s not legal. Martial law example is what was set up in Japan when WW11 surrender was signed by allies and Japan.

              • Thats really funny Aleku. Just in 3 northern states of this country there are more hunters than the members of all the militaries of all countries combined. You say law enforcement will come after us, lol, I know hundreds of policemen and women locally, and thousands across the country that are also gun owners, who have said they will obey their oaths of office, just as the vast majority of the US military has said. Believe me, when the shooting starts it’ll be people like you and your buddies in DC who will be looking for holes to hide in, and not us. We are over 100 million strong, with hundreds of billions of rds of ammo, if we were afraid, you’d already know it

              • I don’t know any city cops or highway patrol that will go door to door.
                National guard? The military? A few DHS guys? Come on.
                They might restrict ammo sales or other ways to effect the 2nd amendment but taking the guns will not work here. We are not Australia.
                Now 20 years from now after public schools kids have been brainwashed, who knows.
                Why say they are brutes? Bieng a legal gun owner and believing in the 2nd amendment makes you a brute. Your agenda is so obvious.

              • There is no national database of all gun owners. Not only are you lacking in civility, but you are incredibly ignorant of guns as well.

                There are 270 million guns in America and the governmetn couldn’t even track the guns they sold to Mexican drug cartels during “Fast & Furious.”

                Criminals who steal guns don’t go for background checks, either. This is not to say that gun grabbers like Clinton won’t try to push for universal background checks as the first step towards registration.

                BUT, any law that attempts to do that will never make it through Congress.

                The gun manufacturers are not taking advantage of anyone. On the contrary, the price of even a basic AR-15 used to run about $1,500. Now you have your choice of several brands for under $500 and dozens more for under $700.

                The same is true for handguns, rifles, and shotguns. Gun sellers would be predatory if they had your twisted mindset. But, they are not.

                Go crawl back under that rock from where you emerged and don’t come around begging for food when the SHTF because you lacked the common sense to stock up.

              • Marcus Tullius Cicero quote:
                There exists a law, not written down anywhere but inborn in our hearts; a law which comes to us not by training or custom or reading but by derivation and absorption and adoption from nature itself; a law which has come to us not from theory but from practice, not by instruction but by natural intuition. I refer to the law which lays it down that, if our lives are endangered by plots or violence or armed robbers or enemies, any and every method of protecting ourselves is morally right.

            • Only in your little screwed up mind…

            • that star is condemned in act 7:43 as the star of their god remphan…..

              • And in the OT book of Amos 5:26… strange how we wasn’t taught this is ‘sun’dee skool…

            • Rawles is no survival expert. He has never been in a war or any survival situation of any kind except some sort of Army trainig scenario that is not exactly real life hands on. He just writes novels and promotes himself as an expert as others do who have prepper type sites and zero hands on real world experience. The simple truth is , he is full of beans and simply selling himself ! I have had some dealings with him and know people who worked for him and I can tell you this guy is a phony. Unfortunately nearly all so called pepper experts are pretty much phonies ! His major claim is that he was an Army intelligence officer. I can tell you from first hand experience, in the field, that Army intelligence has long been known to be the opposite of intelligent or effective at anything ! And he was never in the field in any kind of actual real war or conflict. so he is talking about hypotheticals and what other people have experienced, not first hand anything ? He is also a control freak and an incredible cheap skate who uses people for his own gain. His success is the perfect example of how gullible many people can be to buy into such nonsense as though it is real ?

              Kinda like voting for Hillary because she says she is for the down trodden and she hates wall street as she takes tens of millions from them and goes to the CFR and Bilderberg meetings ?

              • I was always told the phrase “army intelligence” is an oxymoron.

              • Down to Earth: Oh and I suppose YOU are the real expert. Easy for you to sit in your recliner and criticize.

                • Seems you are the type sitting and criticizing ? I live every word I speak about in spades and have helped many people develop the correct mindset and physical attributes of health and fitness for any emergency situations. If you go to my site you can eat your words as I have proof , not just talk as most do ! And yes, I have far more experience in many matters than Rawles and most self claimed prepper type experts do, especially war and survival related scenarios. I train continuosly and took a 3 day 50 mile hike in the dead of winter this last season just for shits an grins ? How many can even do such a thing ? Nearly all just talk crap to sell people like you some more junk or a book that is quite worthless. Few actually are capable of diddly squat !

                  And I give much of it away for free to those who are not lazy and actually want to learn how to survive anything that comes. I have also helped many heal themselves of all manner of maladies so they gain a new sense of purpose and confidence. Mostly by simply understanding the many illusions we all live under here in USSA today ! I live what I say in spades and that is what makes me very different and quite real unlike most who simply talk crap and tell people what they want to hear !

            • Agreed we have to many experts. I like u tube and it’s good in many ways. You want to clean an old gun, someone has a video of it. We are all experts in something.
              Rwales is a respected expert due to his books, blog and knowledge. If you had read them you would understand. He has his opinion and doesn’t care about the money. He has enough. He could do so many other things and make money. He rarely is on TV or does interviews. Not a media whore.
              As for Israel. He stands with it and so do many of us. It’s our only real friend over there and as a Christian… Well if you are you know what I mean. If you are not that’s ok. Free will. Believe what you want. I stand with Israel and B.B.
              You obviously have an agenda or are really mad/passionate about something. Try this. Write several fictional books that teach as they entertain and a few how to books as well. Sell 1/10 as many as he has. Then you won’t be writing non sense on a blog but will be asked to comment on subjects as an expert. I’m pretty sure you didn’t like Expatriots and are a Muslim. Maybe a Nazi or white power guy. You seem too mad at Rawles and fhe Jews for some reason. And you provide no alternatives? Live where? Follow who? Got to which blog? Support something brother, give us your alternative. You might have great ideas. I’d truly like to hear them.
              Lastly Yellowstone super volcano. Really? It may hit today or it may hit 100,000 years from now. When it does go where in the lower 48 are you safe? I can think of about 20 other things that realistically could happen in the next 30 years. Yellow stone super volcano doesn’t crack the top 50.
              I don’t live in the Idaho or Montana area but it seems about as safe as any in the lower 48.
              Appreciate your passion but you need to say Not Rwales but……
              Keep the passion though.

          • Nuke “The City of London”.

        • I’m not buying any weapons, and don’t own any weapons at this time(I have the capability to build my own if needed).

          I refuse to buy at this time because just trying to get one puts you on the “first to go” list.

          However, when I do need a weapon, ther’ll be plenty layin around on the ground when the time comes….

          • Again so you believe that the first to go are all 100 million? So the government has the man power to collect more than 400 million + weapons from over 100 million people? Really!

          • Really?

            Just going to wait and see how it goes? Then just pick some up because they will be everywhere just waiting for you?

            Good luck with that.

            Better to have it and not need it then to need it and not have it.

          • Long before the SHTF, you’ll wish you had a weapon when the thugs come breaking down your door.

            Just sayin’

        • they don’t need to given they make plenty as it is on government contracts.


        • Clinton has already alluded to the NRA as “terrorists”. This woman would have no issue locking up their entire board of directors. I get the conspiracy angle, but for an organization to secretly hope a candidate wins that would disband and criminalize them at best and imprison them or worse, that’s just silly. The firearms industry? Most of their best selling guns will be outlawed/destroyed under a Clinton regime, and they’d be sued out of existence and bankrupted. Why on earth would they support her?

        • Stupid comment. Sure, they would make SO. MUCH. MONEY for like 1 year, then they would go out of business.
          Quit filling your mind with stupid conspiracy theories. The NRA opposes Hillary Clinton for obvious reasons. She does not believe in the 2nd amendment and she does not believe that individuals have the right to protect themselves and their families apart from government benevolence.

        • This is why people might want to focus on using primitive weapons such as bows, spears, knives, etc. They don’t require ammo.

          • Andrew have you checked how much a hundred arrows would cost, makes buying a 1000 rds of ammo look like chump change. I love my bow, but when the chips are down give me something more modern. But knowing how to use primitives weapons is a plus. Trekker Out. Semper Paratus!

          • Good suggestion about non-firearm weapons.

            Not to be picky, but spears and knives don’t require anything else, but bows do require “ammo” in the form of arrows to work.

            Blowguns and slingshots are other tools for hunting small game.

            Quiet and lethal.

        • The same thing happened when Obummer was elected, the sale of guns and ammo went through the roof and nothing happened except higher profits for these manufacturers. If Billery gets in, we’ll see the same run on the same items. I’m buying stock in many of the companies that profited last time.

      2. Now I lay me down to sleep, please Lord, may Hillary be beat.

        • Hillary looks as if she could lay down for a dirt nap anyday.
          She had be better be sayin her prayers….

          • Does “All Hail Satan” qualify?

            • Yes

      3. Well gee, I don’t buy any liberty tools from dealers anymore. I get what I want from private sales. And I pretty much have what I want without fed snooping so…… GET REGISTERED!

        • Besides doing all this shit for the last 20 years, I pretty much got all bases covered. Rawles is for newbies, I have stuff way beyond him. I have to ask myself “what else do I need?” But then I buy more cameras and shit and supplies for force multipliers and then spend the rest on makin fun 🙂

          • Look at this POS Terrorist Traitor in Thief, and how he addresses Gun Control. Give the Terrorists and Criminals all they guns they want including Pardons, and restrict Law Abiding Citizens

            Obama Forgives 107 Gun Felons Amid Calls for Stricter Gun Control
            08-16-2016 • ht tp://, By Mark Swanson
            According to the Times report, of those 107 who were either pardoned or had their sentences commuted, their dealings with a gun included:

            Using firearms while dealing drugs;

            Carried firearms despite felony convictions;

            Caught lying to gun dealers;

            Carrying firearms with registration numbers removed.

            Yet this is the President who repeatedly calls for reform to keep guns out of the wrong hands.

            “This is the most incredible hypocrisy,” Erich Pratt, executive director of Gun Owners of America, told the Times. “The president has commuted the sentences of dangerous criminals who were convicted of gun-related charges. But then, he does everything in his power to block law-abiding gun owners from purchasing firearms.”

            ~WWTI… Prepare for CIVIL WAR!!

          • Genius

            Wife’s favorite question, “What do you need that for?”

            How many times she has asked me that is more than the amount of stars at night. As with you, I have the bases covered with redundancy built in the plan. Twenty years of force multipliers and multi use tooling. The research and development we performed on products that never lived up to their stats. Trial and Error is our bane. Money well spent?
            Rawles is for the Newbies. As you read here you can tell who has been around the block and are ready. Getting harder to find those new nuggets of information.
            I do hope that the newbies have been paying attention and acquire the information and tools that will help them. They will greatly benefit from our survivial wisdom.
            Well Genius, time is getting short and election day draws near. Between now and then there will be lots of bullshit as to who is ahead in the polls and what both candidates are going to do and who is behind the scenes controlling them. I was saying that if nothing happens in November I would Stand Down. Until then I will still prep.
            The main focus is who will be in the White house in January.
            We all know by now who will do what. So that is all that mostly matters.

            • anon, my wife is the same way as me so it works out great! I am very lucky because women like her are very rare 🙂

          • I’m not trying to back door your comment but I’ve been busier than a one legged man in an ass kicking contest. ( I know … how cliché) flash flood warning every 30 min.

            With all due respect I adamantly disagree with your assessment of JWR.
            James is the earthly trueNorth of my moral compass.
            Anyone that can kill a man without deeply pondering his motivation for doing so is nothing more than a garden variety psychopath. James helps me keep that shyt straight.

            As far as being a newb … Not bragging but I was advertising the commercial sales of ammo and various so called prepper items in the Shotgun News back when the only version of it was made from pulp wood.

            But yeah I’m still learning…hope that never changes.

            • I am sorry but I tried reading James book and thought it was junk. If he thinks its gonna go down like a page out of boot camp he is in for a ruff time. In his book people that are his friends get killed and he barley reacts. And people live this strict by the books life style. Not gonna happen! the saddest part of the whole thing is even after the apocalypses people with log books are still standing watches!

              • I did too and your right. I have heard many of his interviews and the same shit. Nothing but obvious things and no real guerilla warfare stuff. Fook man can’t this gut think outside the box? Or maybe he is censored IDK. But prepping goes waaaayyyyy beyond the shit he talks about. Got cameras? Got alarms? Got traps? Got your home setup to win a gunfight? Got got got, that guy never adresses any of these things. Maybe I need a prepper site geeeeeezzzz…..

            • Frosty1, everyone starts prepping when they realize the odds are against us.
              I started decades ago, so have seen and done much.
              But the first 1000 miles starts with the first step.
              Read, research, commit, and live with the idea that one can come out on top, if they take that first step…

              Thanks, Mac…

              • Ooops .. Wasn’t meant to be a plug

                Mac>>> I hope that mf’er drowns…?

            • @ frosty1…correct about JWR. the stacking morons here that trash him don’t have a clew. He lives in my community and is well respected. Shot gun news? I used to read it in the 1990’s haven’t read one since about 2000, when all the good stuff disappeared.

        • G, real preppers should already have the weapons and ammo years ago.
          I guess there are some who are still waking up.
          Know thy gun…

          • Probably too little, too late. I know my tools and make my own stuff that whoops the shit out of factory stuff. Just waking up? too bad soooo sad your parents were too stupid to teach you anything. I learned all my knowledge pretty much by myself (except grandpa) and have it planned wayyyyy beyond a lot of so called preppers. Let’s see what comes out in the wash?

            • Reread the post.
              Never said my parents, they got me started…

              • I was refering to the general populaces parents. Not you, you were fortunate. The only person that taught me anything as a kid was my grandpa. I did the rest on my own.

                • Both of us, and many here were fortunate to be ahead of the game.

                  Be well all…

                • Ooooo-ohhhhhh do impressed! Wish I were as smart as you. Seems your so smart you got it all figured out a long time ago cuz you is SO SMART.

                  Really dude.

                  • exactly anon, this retardis all preped until a group of Highly Motivated persons flank his POS and while he is attempting to relocate, their OP smashs his and his familys site. Tip for everyone reading this fools crap Remember anyone can die. DOnt listen to these stupid John Rambo wannabe’s they will get you killed

                  • Anon 1970, I’m sorry to hear you aren’t that smart but at least by being here I can see your trying! I only deal in truth and if you have been prepping for 20 years you too would have more shit than you know what to do with. And yes…. really dude lol. And the same for you reaper, you must be used to picking on and killing innocent retards in 3rd world countries, damn man, your my hero…..NOT!

              • Yep they got him started,, First they started screaming at him uncontrollably, especially his mother, skeered him shitless so he decided to be a prepper in 1997, before prepping was even a word in 2005, but then he changed his mind and claimed to be a survivalist, you know during the booming years in 1997 at the peak of the greatest economic expansion ever. Yep him and the Unibomber exchanged notes. Oh you can read all about this bigger than life BS’r right in Wikipedia. Look up the word Narcissist who types while drunk, that will explain everything. I think I hear yo momma screaming fo ya.


                • Die wwti die.
                  No wife, no kids, no life.
                  A legend in his own sick twisted mind…

                  • People who have great lives dont need to lie and invent BS to create bigger than life self indulging fantasy worlds.

                    Oh I invented prepping.. I mean survivalist
                    . i mean I did that way before anybody thought of it. Is everybody so proud of me.. Im so great. Eppe

                    -WWTI. Like I said this is a No BS Zone. You are a 5 YO trapped in an old mans drunk body.

          • Eppe, I’ve had most of my liberty tools for many years. Hell, I was stockpiling .22LR BEFORE Sandy Hook. Lately I’ve been going to the range with some .22LR from 2006-2008. No feeding issues or anything else.

          • I’m getting so much stuff I need to rotate my bulk Lead it’s getting beyond it’s freshness date. Give me a break; not another 22 shortage.

            • paranoid, at least in my area, .22Lr is still in pretty good supply but definitely higher than it used to be. Plus more target rounds than hollowpoints available and limits on how much you can buy. I’m concentrating on other calibers at this time.

            • Great question.
              How long does certain calibers and the different manufacturers last?
              I shot some Federal .22 in March, bought in ’96. Did great. Storage, temp and light makes a difference, but what do others think???

              • I don’t know about federal match but the cheap stuff is crap. many, many duds in the mix. Federal is the absolute worst ammo you can buy. I have had issues with it since I was a kid. Bet my life on federal ammo? NO THANKS (all others worked fine)…..

                • That was what I was getting to, heard many bad things about Federal. Do not have much of it, seemed Remington was good with others brands. Have some of many manufacurers.
                  Remember, that was 20 years ago bought.

                  • I run FGMM of 168 and 175 gr. through both of my .308 ARs. Never had no problems. Always sub MOA. Have also ran some of the PPU 168s match but didn’t fair as well. Not bad groups, but not as tight as the Federal.

                  • No, Remington thunderturds are the worst .22 rounds.

              • I’ve shot Brit rounds made for the Boer War. You don’t remember that one? No surprise. Shot 303 Ammo so old the powder was stacked grain by grain in little silk bags. Nobody knows how long properly stored ammo is good for. Shot lots of WWI 30-06 still good. Cannot answer your question

                • Actually you did.
                  Got tons of different brass from all the shootapaloosas we have done.
                  Tons of calibers.
                  Can never have too many components…

                • Shot 8mm with 44 heastaing

              • Keep it dry, and in normal temperatures, it will last for decades.

                I know a collector of .22 ammo boxes, when he gets a partial box, he shoots up the ammo and keeps the box for his collection. We’ve shot up stuff made in the 1930’s with no issues, other than it being old-style and dirty to shoot.

              • You pretty much got it right eppe regarding what factors/conditions can degrade ammo over a period of time. Humidity also is a factor. Keep your powder dry ladies and gents. I know quite of few folks who are rooting for Hillary to gain the Oval Office to get a prime price for what they wish to sell. Bumped into an old acquaintance last week and spoke with him about this subject.

              • Keep it dry, it will last pretty much forever unless it is corrosive. Most .22lr mfd. in this country is not going to be corrosive.

              • My Dad left me a .308 plus a bit of ammo. I would estimate the ammo to be ‘minimally’ 16 years old, and all of them fired (two of them were a bit ‘lazy’). Powders last and last and the same goes for primers IF you did your own reloading and stuck to the ‘preferred’ (recommended) Primer (though it’s hard to frig it up using Winchester, Remington or CCI …and there are more besides that rarely fail …those days are gone, for a spell anyway).

                Storing ammo is easy enough. Keep it completely out of any light (bright light), but yet do not cut off a nice flow of air around the containers at all times (same goes for your primers (if not more so). If you reload and are “up to it” you’ll find it beneficial to take the extra time to use ‘tar’ to seal both the primer and bullet so that they may be submerged (for “ghosting” from lake to shore, for example). I have some of my grandfather’s powder and it is still VERY ‘viable’.

                There’s one other article you may wish to strongly consider getting in varying amounts. Tannerite: The only limit is your imagination. These make serious ‘booms’ on 1/3 of a soda can mixture reaching out to 100 feet (or more). It’s almost exactly like using ammonium nitrate and diesel (don’t forget to add in some sprinklings of ‘aluminum dust’) for extra ‘umph’. 5:1 ratio for the aluminum (1) being aluminum powder by weight.

                Feel free to add your own “gifts” to your finished product. Nails, glass shards, flat-rocks (they ‘fly’), old drill-bits and even ‘acids’ (in bottles) for secondary explosions. You can set off “home-made” ones with a CB-Carrier-wave (like Channel 3 for example). “Break Channel 3 for a …BOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMM!!!!!!”
                ht tp://

                Yeah, look for a shortage in not only firearms, but small caliber ammo as well. The “makers” are well aware it is the women who are getting on board regarding guns, and of course they are attracted to the smaller calibers so look for the small pistols to start disappearing again along with the caliber they shoot.

                The wife decided she’s really into the Mossberg 500 and so we’ve quadrupled the available “shell bags”. Found a shitload of olive-drab 12-gauge military shells so we took them all. (New at $0.67 each). All are loaded with 00 I believe, and they match her ALICE). lol…

              • I just fired some 45 ACP that was made in 1945 from US Army and it burned just fine. In spam cans for all those years and just like new. The main culprit of any ammo is moisture and I live in a very dry climate. It was ridiculous cheap for ball ammo, wish I would have bought it all now.

                Ammo and firearms are very cheap right now. I agree that the vast majority of people inclined to do so, have already loaded up and that accounts for current prices being so low. The buyers have bought and then some, so we have a glut and therefore low prices. I saw an AR new for $448 recently, with alum upper and lower. There is no way to buy the parts and build one that cheap. and 223/556 is well under the dollar a round it was at a while back. Rawles may be counting on Hillary getting in office as his thesis or BHO installing martial law ? Either event and we are all in deep shit !

                I am not at all against the idea of being prepared. I simply realize that most preppers are living in a fantasy and completely miss the most important preparedness issues to their own demise. Most could not fight their way out of a wet paper bag and think they are prepared for chaos ? Pathetic.

          • Know thy Gun and Thy garden.

            You left the latter out and if you don’t have the latter u ain’t a real prepped
            You is a wanna be!

            They ain’t survival seed packs they are suicide seed packs


            • Red, I was prepping before prepping was prepping…
              But I get your point…

              • Remember bigger than life e this is a NO BS Zone, you don’t have the balls to defend your front yard, less anything else. So STFU before you get your ass handed to you again.


                • You never handed or called out anything.
                  You just take what I post and warp it to your fucked up mind.
                  Oh yea, you were making 180k in the 90’s.
                  Now live in a ‘cabin’ in a swamp.
                  Married and divorced twice. Glad they cleaned your clock.
                  Maybe you were such a shithead to them, like you are here, does everyone see the common denominator here?
                  BS zone? This shit is all talk and thinks he is the cock of the coop.

                  Please die…

            • Know they Bullshitters, a few here.


            • Thats the truth there,,,
              I am always amused by the folks who think they will run right out and plant a garden to survive off of. Most dont even realize that with most veggies if your saving seeds you arent going to eat that plant,,,
              Let alone all the other critters that will eat your veggies before you get a chance

              • Correct Kula.
                A few deer can wipe out a garden in one night.
                Seen it happen before.
                A fence helps, but they can jump over a 6 foot fence, if they know it is worth it.
                I have seen deer stand up on thier back legs to strip fruit from trees.

                My parents complained, but would not let me eliminate the problem.

                They were too cute…

                • Eppe-Kula. Seen it here,like the saying my food poops on your food,lol.Avid deer hunter!Grow tomatoes,onions (wild),garlic.A pinch of crab boil makes dandylions taste
                  Great,got my greens in the ditch!Gotta have spices
                  Tony’s!!!Lots of Tony’s
                  Maniac –out

                  • Garlic chives, get one plant, in a few years you got thousands.
                    Easy to grow, prolific in propigation, use in any dish.
                    And condiments in one use packets.
                    Got a shit load, used some 10+ years old, still good.
                    Just make sure they have not bloated, mayo is the worst…

                    Info we pass between each other is knowledge, which is one’s best attribute…

                    • amen. I’m going to have to mow over both the herb gardens and the garlic this year to give them some fresh space. its completely out of hand and spreading! 😀

              • The garden can wait!

                My house is stocked with enough canned food and bottled water to last a year as well as first aid supplies.

                What scares the crap out of me is an EMP attack that wipes out the electric grid and all electronics. Thse 100+ days we’ve been having will kill millions if we lose the ability to keep cool (and, conversely, stay warm in winter).

            • I completely agree knowing how to grow your own food is a critical issue and a skill set. It seems most here think that having firearms is the most important issue ? And I would point out that you can have all the firearms and bells and whistles to go with them, but without the correct mindset and physical attributes/capabilities it will all be quite worthless !

              Most prepper types simply live in a fantasy about most of it and do not think about the totality of issues and have their priorities in correct order. Most can not run a mile (or even 100 yards) without some serious issues or a heart attack, so how will they perform in any real situation of emergency ? The answer is beyond obvious and it is simply a matter of understanding the underlying dynamics necessary to actually be a survivor in any scenario. Your overall health and fitness are the most important issues and all else comes after that critical dynamic. This is how you accomplish the correct mindset. By your training and self confidence from that training and the training is not just PT. It is all about a combination of PT and mindset with confidence in many beneficial skill sets ! Another way to say it is, how you think about it and then take the necessary actions to create your own security. Your health, fitness and mindset are the critical components and the most over looked by most prepper types. All else comes after these components. I have written about it for years now, because I lived it and know what is real. I am all about results and first hand experiences and that is what I teach.

              One thing is for sure ? it is all about your own decision to stay ineffective in the collective fantasy prepper mindset or to take action and responsibility for yourself. Very simple stuff.

              • Good points. It would be worthwhile for people to take survival training and/or go on survival outings that many tactical gun ranges offer. After watching movies like, “The Way Back,” I believe that if you have the will to survive, you will do whatever it takes to stay alive

        • Genius, most of my ‘ventilation team’ came from private sales. I only use cash for extra mags, ammo, gun cleaning supplies, etc. I never register shit.

      4. Learn to load your own ammo. And the stuff about “common” calibers is a bunch of bull. 22 LR is the MOST common caliber, and it’s still not fully back on the shelves, and where it is back, it’s 10 cents a round or more.

        Pick rounds that are not common. Then hoard up big supplies of ammo and components, and you wont run out. Put it this way….my favorite big rifle round is the 45-70, and it never really got bought clean off the shelves. It was constantly available and still is. The suckers who paid $3K for an AR15, then got butt-raped buying ammo for it. One hit from my 45-70 is worth 10 hits from a puny ass AR. And I will not be running out of ammo or feel pressured to race out and buy any either.

        • Hmmm pretty bad advice. I don’t know anyone with a 45/70. But I know alot of folks with a 30-06! Whats in your ammo can???

          • It doesn’t matter the weapon, the question is an you handle it.

            Get your butt to the range. Shoot some skeet, it’s moving targets. Shoot some prone with a high powered rifle. Shoot some rapid fire pistol exercises. Between trips to the range, do dry fire exercises.

            Really just practice.

            • It does matter if you have no ammo lol…

              • A great shootist once said, the best caliber for you, is the one you can shoot most accurately.

                You need a variety, what is good today may not be best if you are weak or injured.

                Talking to my older brother, I said I love my .308, but it’s like being punched in the shoulder by my big brother every time you shoot it! He said, I can’t relate to that?

                Have lots of ammo and practice, practice, practice.

        • The reason he said to go with a “common calibers” is due to resupply. God forbid a civil war brakes out in our country. During a civil war your not going to be able to go to your local sporting goods store for resupply. Your most common resupply after a conflict starts is going to come from your enemy’s dead body, and since your enemy uses 9mm, 5.56X45 and 7.62X51,and 12 gauge, those are the calibers your going to want to have. So if you happen to have a 6.5mm Italian, Carcano, a 303 Lee Enfield, or a 7.62X54R Mosin–Nagant you can just forget about any kind of resupply once a conflict starts.

          • 7.62X39 and 54 are very plentiful here in USSA and common caliber. The flaw in your thesis is that whatever you have stocks of is what you are going to have available indefinitely. Counting on getting more ammo of any caliber after the fact is a very poor plan. I agree some of the off the wall calibers are not good choices mainly for cost issues and other practical matters. But the two I mention are at least as common as the others. Also there are numerous rifles beside the Mosin that fire X54 and that particular round is very cost effective and readily available to stock pile for 1/2 or less of a 308.

            Are you thinking the police or military will be resupplying you ? I hope not. And nobody will want to part with any ammo as well, so get stocked now with the caliber of your choice. Many lives will be taken for ammo and food.

            • I would seriously consider either an AK-74 or an AR-15 upper that will shoot 5.45×39 ammo. There is a major surplus of army ammo you can buy that will cost you a lot less than .223/5.56.

              When the .223/5.56 start going up in price, the 5.45×39 will not.

              Something to think about.

        • Sure don’t want to get in the middle of this argument, but the 45/70 in a lever gun is getting to be pretty popular in my area, alot of people like them for bear guns. One guy told me the beauty of the 45/70 is that a hit, even in the foot was a killing shot, cause it would drag them to death. Trekker Out. But I Don’t Have One!

        • I have AR’s a plenty and a couple 45/70’s . I can reload way cheaper for the 556 than the 45/70 . big bores are powder pigs but they are way fun to shoot and I can poor boolits for it real easy . so I guess its about what ya want to do with the thing . If I’m defending the home front then I’ll be passing out the AR’s and keep the big guns for meat

        • Uh huh. I’ve a weapon that’ll bend your 45-70 into a horse-shoe. What are you smoking boy?

          And …I’ve been ‘rolling my own’ for decades. It’s possible my BRASS is older than you too, since you are talking “young bullshit” proving to everyone you’re a dummy (by speaking and removing all doubt).

          Hey, that was nothing Anon. I’ve heard there’s a damned war coming! Exactly how much hands-on experience, actual firefights, have you lived through? How much lead/shrap is YOUR ASS carrying around from past wars? How many years of prepping sets inside your BOL and what’s your estimated “Living Limit” (the time when you’ll be forced to go find food or begin the starvation process)?

          You’ll find there are many here who have exceeded (by far) the sum of $3 grand to get into a pristine AR-15. Perhaps a La-Rue or DPMS “peppered” with addons. My “go to” weapon was in excess of $7 grand once finished to my liking, and I was not sodomized for buying her ammo (or during the making of any either). Perhaps I could arrange a demo for you and we’ll see how that works out for your 45-70? However, I’ve got nothing against a 45-70 in the least. Superb weapons (don’t quite fit my hand right, but a Glock 21 (.45ACP) is “primo”).

        • I saw 22LR today, 500 rounds for $45. My friend just bought a bunch while he was in Texas , 500 rounds for $38. so it is and has been plentiful and cheap for months now , more like a year. And there is no shortage of any rifles. You are talking about events maybe 4or 5 years ago ?

      5. Learn to load your own ammo. And the stuff about “common” calibers is a bunch of bull. 22 LR is the MOST common caliber, and it’s still not fully back on the shelves, and where it is back, it’s 10 cents a round or more.

        Pick rounds that are not common. Then hoard up big supplies of ammo and components, and you wont run out. Put it this way….my favorite big rifle round is the 45-70, and it never really got bought clean off the shelves. It was constantly available and still is. The suckers who paid $3K for an AR15, then got butt-raped buying ammo for it. One hit from my 45-70 is worth 10 hits from a puny ass AR. And I will not be running out of ammo or feel pressured to race out and buy any either.

        • Johny V, I never fired a 45-70…is it sort of close to 30.06 as far as knockdown power and ballistic?

          • 45-70 is very different from 06. Very old black powder load. Used in Old Gatling guns, was a bit small for Buffalo. Not bad for close range but, very heavy, bulky, expensive, few varieties of slugs, poor long range use. 30-06 is a far better cal. will take up to about 220 Gr and is excellent at 147 Boat tail. Case on 06 is larger than needed (so zillions of different loads), that’s why they went to 7.62 which is ballistically nearly identical to Gov load for 30-06 but uses less brass. Yes, you could still find 45-70 when most were out; that’s because nobody in their right mind uses it much. Find a rifle that shoots it that’s not a copy of something 100 years old.

            • The buffalo were largely wiped out by the 45-70. 10 million dead animals cant be wrong LOL!!

              Don’t want everyone thinking I’m peeking out windows with my trusty old levergun…I have lots of guns. Current favorite is my newly finished Scout rifle build in 8mm Mauser. A good, general purpose bolt rifle in a caliber like 270, 30-06, 308, (or 7mm/8mm Mauser) makes a lot of sense for a beginning preppers first (non-rimfire) rifle. Maybe even the first several rifles.

              I just don’t buy into the theory that you should limit yourself to 308, 223, 45 acp, 9mm luger, or 40 s&w.

              • How could I possibly go wrong with about one of every caliber that’s considered popular? .22LR, .38 +P, .40S&W, .45ACP, 22-mag “pocket rocket” (two barrel), 3 Remington shotguns (Hi-Lo Brass 1950 ‘late’ models, semi-autos), kick-ass semi-auto 12-gauge Browning, MossBerg 500 (standard length everything.

                We’ve between 8k to 10k rounds in each of these calibers, with more than enough powder and primers and bullets, plus extra lead bars and everything needed for everything we have. Add to that TWO “full kits” for each weapon (replacements for every part and we are lucky enough to have landed a metal lathe (at long last).

                I’m from the old school that if you have around one of everything there’s a good chance you have a weapon to fire whatever you run across for ammo (if you are going to ‘rip’ his ammo, you may as well take his weapon too). Nothing wrong with a Kalashnikov at all. (In fact, you can still fire them with a broken ‘big’ spring). Not fast, but it beats nothing!

            • 30-06 is 7.62X63.
              308 is 7.62X51.

              • But a 7.62X39 boolit is .311 and a .308 and others are .308 diameter. So how is 7.62 2 different sizes?

                • Don’t forget 7.62X54, the best bargain of the bunch by far ! And I have fired thousanda of rounds of all of them, mostly in battle.

            • Don’t sell the 45/70 short. I built one on an old rolling block frame and it takes down ram silhouettes at 500 yards with no problem. I use black powder or 777 and a 350 gr cast bullet. It does have a trajectory like a mortar shell but is still accurate. When you know the gun all things are possible.

          • Paranoid is mostly right. Within the first 200 yards or so, the 45-70 has superior knockdown power to the ’06, and just about everything else too. A 400 or 500 grain bullet puts a hurt on anything it hits. The ’06 is far easier to shoot at longer ranges, but you can hit with a 45-70 reliably out to 1000 yards. Just takes practice.

            • Ill stick with my 300WM

              • 300 is a good round; but truthfully it will not do anything a 30-06 won’t do. Only reason it exists is there are a lot of 100 year old 06 out there that should have been turned into wall hangers years ago. Any modern 06 will shoot anything a Win mag will shoot and be cheaper.

                • I have both and the reason I have a .300 is it has more ft. lbs. of impact and the boolits are interchangeable. If I were to go after light armour I would use the ,300 with barnes solids or steel core. The .300 ain’t no joy to shoot unless you like black eyes but it serves a purpose. Both the .06 and the .300 are very accurate and I love them both. Both will do 1000 yds, too but the drop with the .300 is a lot less. Actually the only reason I gor the .300 is for penetration power without going to a .338 lapua for twice the price and .30 cal boolits come in every type imaginable. The sierra manual says that with a full load of H1000 powder and a 180 gr. boolit with a .300 the impact is right at 4000 ft. lbs. Pretty impressive!

        • JV, from’96 to 2k, every paycheck, was buying .22 525 bricks 10$, 12 ga 25paks 5$, and .243 20 for 6-10$.
          Keep them cool and dry, last a long time.

          Great investment two ways…

          • Sounds like the dope in my area, 35 years old a still delivering newspapers.


            • Fuck off and die.
              Oh, I forgot that death bothers you, since you are an athiest…

        • Jonny V, I hear you loud and clear on the AR. I have an M1 Carbine chambered in .30Carbine which is also an uncommon caliber. Back during the last mad rush on gun stores right after Sandy Hook and for months afterward, I still found .30Carbine in stock almost everywhere I went and snatched up some boxes every time. .30Carbine round at 110-grain is more knockdown power than .223. My old M1 shoots like a champ. 30-round mags are available for them and I got a parts kit for it 2 years ago. Has the original wood stock. I’m not a fan of the polymer stocks. You can find them in the $500-$1000 range at gun shows and that’s way cheaper than the BEST AR anywhere.

          • SKS is cheaper, more accurate, and the entire world makes ammo for it.

          • What’s not to like about the M1 Carbine? Short, light, magazine fed, and the round is the equivalent of a good .38 Special +P load.

            • smokey

              The MI carbine exceeded a .357 magnum as it fires 110 grain bullet at 1970 FPS. A .357 fires a 125 grain bullet a 1500 (or close). The MI carbine projectile was too stable, didn’t tumble like a .223 / 5.56. I seen penetration tests and it exceeded the .223 / 5.56 because of both mass, 2 x weight and structural integrity of the projectile. With a soft point you have real power to 100 yards and some capability out to 200.

              The downside is the GI guns are expensive, the non GI have some quality issues and the ammo resupply problematic.

              • Yep, the price of a GI carbine is the only downside to them that I can find. For $800, you can get two or three SKS rifles.

                Ammo supply can be an issue, for those who don’t reload. Best advice is to stock up on rounds and do buy a lot of reloading components for any caliber you chose, including the .30 Carbine round.

                • M1 carbine ammo has another issue. It was the first US military ammo to be exclusively loaded with non corrosive primers. All US GI ammo is non corrosive because the carbines short stroke gas system can’t be cleaned without serious effort. Foreign former Com Block ammo is suspect non corrosive regardless what hey advertise. Once upon a time, 25 years ago (dating myself) the supply of US GI was abundant.

                  If you already own a US GI MI carbine great. If someone likes the design but doesn’t own one I suggest a Mini 14 or Mini 30.

                  • Kevin2, I only buy good ammo for my M1; never touch the GI stuff. I’ve test-fired both the mini-14 and mini-30 and both of them jammed up on me. I bought the M1 from a collector at a gun show for $400 back in 2010 and never had any jamming on it.

                    • BH, the USGI .30 Carbine ammo is good stuff. Non-corrosive, generally comes on strippers, and is ‘sealed’ for long-term storage.

                      You got a bargain price on your carbine. I’ve not seen a GI carbine for under $650 in 10 years, and most of them were running $800, around here.

                      The South Korean surplus magazines you see at the shows are pretty good copies of the USGI magazines, and fully functional, for a decent price.

                    • Braveheart1776

                      Mini-14 jams.

                      Nice lite weight weapon. Good accuracy to 100 yards depends on the ammo weight and barrel twist.

                      On the jams. Had lots of problems with jams. Discovered that after market and even Factory Magazines are the problem. They do not fit tight in the magazine well and they rattle. Now many will not agree with this fix.

                      I put a one layer patch of Duct tape on the sides of the magazine at the top where it touches the magazine well.
                      Not to cover the locking pin hole.

                      No more rattle. No more jams. No problem with inserting mags or removal. Done rapid fire with no problems.

                      So you have to fit the mag to the weapon.

            • Wrong smokey .357

              • Yeah, I knew it was either .38 or .357. Oh, well.

      6. Don’t ever brag online about whatcha got. CAPICHE?

        • I hear you but I haven’t disclosed much, and they already know it. I am not worried so much as I am older, come and get me assholes, see what happens lol.

        • So many millions of guns sold by Obama, the best gun salesmen in history,

          Plus the billions of rounds of ammo.

          They really have to be over stressed tracking it all.

          • PTPO, Obama beat Billy Boy in that category. Let’s see how well the hildebeast does, IF she lives long enough to get ‘selected’.

        • Well, I’d hate to be the one stupid enough to try and take it.

        • Yup, That’s all I’m sayin. peace

        • I sold anything anyone would want to steal so i could get a new truck,,,,

          • Yeah, sold all my guns so I could buy a Prius. I wanted to get rid of them before the ban.

      7. Well, thats not anything new per say, weve had a run on guns since 2001 honestly, i get what hes saying but rather already know. Thats just more guns in the hands of people who could defend this country, but we need to start talking amongst eachother and teaming up, get more food then you think youll need to cuz it still wont be enough but its better than what you have now. Were gonna need eachother now. Thats what it will take.

        • If you are thinking in those terms it is best not to have those discussions electronically or within earshot of electronic devices. I’m not saying the government is competent enough to find you out but better safe than sorry.

      8. I wonder if a caliber that you can use bullet molds and cast effective rounds from battery lead . Then all you need is powder and primers. A 45-70 loaded at 45 colt velocities would make the brass last forever.? And still be very effective. Or 44 mag brass loaded at 44 special velocities.

        • If I ever have to resort to using battery lead to make boolits, I will already be dead lol.

        • Do you know what 45-70 slugs weigh? You want to shoot Buffalo from horseback fine. For hunting just go buy 500-1000 rds of Ammo for your favorite rifle and forget it. I shoot a 25-06 mostly. got it 20 years ago got 500 rds of ammo it likes, should last me at lest another 20 years. If the SHTF you are NEVER going to shoot even 500 large caliber hunting rds. If you decide to take on an army, use their guns. If you live very long that’s the best thing and you won’t live very long on you own anyway.

        • One of the reasons I like old black powder rounds.

          Big slow bullets that can be cast in lead with a simple lee mold. And shot from modern arms. 45 ACP is one of them.

          Do you have powder, have you been saving brass for years, do you have primers? Hundreds of pounds of lead may be helpful as well.

        • ANY battery lead is going to have varying amounts of ‘antimony’ mixed with it, and when melted rises to the top so that you can ladle it out real easy. You can’t count on tire weight any longer as many have turned to using steel versus lead (for ‘inner’ mag weights mostly).

          You DO NOT want even a droplet of water to hit the lead when molten or you’ll be wearing molten lead.

          Find out everything about this process before getting into it. I ended up with a spendid operation OUTSIDE in a covered and three-walled shed that I have ‘air pumped to me’ from a distance away (and wear all the standard protections). With good boolit moulds it’s very satisfying work (and a bit warm).

          Don’t EVER shoot lead boolits through a Glock, unless you’ve put a Springfield barrel in her. Their stock barrels won’t clean from the “lands” and eventually a shot fired with lead is going to split your Glock (and you won’t like it).

      9. Or six flintlock pistols. Don’t need brass . Don’t need primers.

        • Or titty traps 😉

          • Ya know what gets me is everyone thinks you have to have a gun to fook a lot of peeps up. That is not true at all! try thinking outside the box for ways to dispose of said unwelcome’s. You could actually dispose of more waste in other ways than a firefight. The ideas are in the archives 😛

            • Biggest mass murder in US history was done by crashing a plane, next was a milk jug full of gasoline, next was a bomb, next was an SUV crash, then come the gun and knife actors.

              Still trying to figure out what Muslims are up to, because murdering a lot of people is not good usually good politics!

              • The Muslims are not playing politics. Their faith says to convert or be killed and so they are just following their scriptures. For them, it’s not about peaceful coexistence: It’s about extermination. They are kind of the Daleks of the human religious world.

      10. If you don’t own it prior to the Hildebeast taking power you’ll never get it.

        One Supreme Court shill, and we are done. This shill will be in place within weeks of inauguration. Obama isn’t frightened in the least, Hillary will continue the progressive process.

        • If Hillary and her Supreme Court lackeys ban firearms ownership, will her Secret Service detail get rid of their firearms?

          • The socialists of the “German Weimar” didn’t ban guns, they just instituted draconian (sensible) gun control. When Hitler came to power, everything was in place for him to control the people. If you were on the enemies list of the Nazis and owned a firearm, they came for you first. Millions of Germans continued to own firearms that sat in locked public gun lockers in police stations collecting dust.

          • If that happens then the true meaning of Trump’s statement about those with high regard for a certain part of the social contract will likely blossom to it’s full flower. How beautiful it’s bloom will be will be entirely up to the resolve of those charged with watering it as to whether it withers and dies or blooms strongly for generations to come.

      11. Sage advice on here, as usual.

        • You have my dear uncles initials…CW RIP.

      12. I suspect most on this site have plenty of guns. My feeling has always been at least 500 rds per gun stored, beyond what is neede for practice. If you know how much ammunition you have you don’t have enough. As for age of ammo, I wish I knew the effects. I have NATO ball in sardine cans that is older than I am ( 60+ years)and it works fine. I have Chi-com corrosive in sardine cans dated 1967 that will punch holes in plate steel. I’ve shot some WW1 1903 Enfield ammo that will kill just fine.
        My call would be to invest in ammunition and not buy guns unless you have less than 10 or so guns and at least one black powder rifle. In the long run it will be the availability of primers and percussion caps that will be the problem. That is what the Democrats will concentrate on is primers and caps, as they are “explosives”.

        • I only bought common calibers.
          .22, 12 ga, .243(deer gun), .35 and 7.62×39.
          Still have shells for guns I do not have now.

          Makes things simpler…

          • All good choices , except I passed on the 6mm(.243) for a SKS(7.62X39) for deer. Is that a .35 Whalen? Good for Brown bears
            and Swat team vehicles.

            • Revolvers.

              • I did hunt with 39 till I had one blow thru a doe, and she was not recovered.
                Felt bad about losing a deer.
                The 243 is for my girls eventually…

                • But the funny part of that search, the prez of the club, asshole, almost stepped on a 6 foot moccasin in the search.
                  My bud took a stick and beat it’s head, since it was sleeping, warming up 10am.
                  He wanted the skin.
                  Picked it up with a stick, and as walking out, it pissed on him.
                  Wosrt smell you could imagine…

                  • EppE
                    Worst smell you could imagine… That smell will be if Hitlery gets into OFFICE!!!

                    • Had to burn his shirt.

            • .35 rifles/Revolvers are great – cheap plated or jacketed handgun bullets and can be purchased reasonably.(rifles) .35 Rem, .358 Win, .350 Mag or Whelen and great for targets, and flexible for reloading for recovered brass, I can always find .35 Rem even in the west.

            • Thats what that .50BMG is for, someone laughed at me when they saw it, big ass brake, looooong barrel, sits on a milled down AR lower, but punches holes in AR500 1/2″ plate at 1200yds,,,,,
              They were saying, single shot! Yea, single shot custom made match grade barrel,

              • I guess .50BMG is the solution to the 21 foot rule!

          • Don’t worry about what caliber you have. They’ll be available rounds for all sizes. And to make sure, you DO have a crossbow and and bows and are able to “pull her” right?

            You MUST have a method of maintaining absolute quiet, and a bow (not a crossbow), is just the tool for the job. (And, you’ll get exactly what you pay for, and you don’t want a fuckup when your life is hanging in the balance, so spend the extra).

        • Rellik,
          Re old ammo, I got a 40 year old brick of 22LR from Dads stash when he moved. I took a box to the range and experiences a 20% failure rate. It had been stored in a part of the house with no AC and saw huge changes in temperature and humidity.

          For years I saved the desiccant packs that came with stuff we buy. I made a bag from a blue-Jean leg from pants going into the trash, emptied all the desiccant bags in (discard plastic and wax based desiccant) and stitched it shut. I refresh it by baking for two hours at 275F.

          I put my two pound desiccant bag in an ammo can with that brick of ammo, refreshed the desiccant again after a week, and put it back with the ammo for a month. The 40 year old ammo now was 99.8% reliable.

          Absolute worst thing to store near ammo is any product containing ammonia. It will destroy ammo.

      13. I’ve been reading this site for 3 yrs. Love it. Never posted til this article. Most are so repetitive like Michael Snyder but I digress. This article hit home. We are a small FFL dealer. We have about 30 different calibers of fire arms for sale not including our personal weapons. Close to 100k rnds of ammo all calibers for sale also. Hildabeast getting elected is worrisome to say the least.
        I hear so many people worried that they don’t want their guns “registered” and they have to have the gun “off the books” This is understandable. However, in most gun friendly states, it is perfectly legal for citizens of the same state to trade or sell guns amongst themselves. My point is that if heaven forbid they ever try confiscation of “registered” weapons in your name simply tell the authorities you had to sell because you fell behind on bills or whatever excuse you have. Make sure you clarify you sold it to another citizen of your state ( this is key). Tell those assholes you sold everything before Hitlery and the unconstitutional supreme court imposed the ban. That should CYA. Don’t be too afraid of buying a new gun. They don’t have the manpower to chase down 300+million guns in this country. And if they use UN troops for that work then God help them. As for us if there is a “list” of domestic threats then I expect that our shop is already on it. To that I say come and take them. We have a ton of firepower and as Braveheart says I plan on taking down many with me.

        Tread3 out

        • T3, welcome.
          Have a thick skin.
          New blood is great to see…

          • Thx eppe.

            For all you Ar15 lovers out there check out the Echo trigger system. Videos on YouTube should sell you on one. They are better than Slidefire/bump fire stocks in that they don’t require two hands to operate. Completely ATF approved and legal. They are a bit pricey but come with a special bolt carrier. These puppies allow in effect a two round burst with every pull of the trigger. We ordered several. They are on back-order for 3-4 months due to growing popularity

        • Thanks for finally posting T3. Your words were interesting.

        • Right on T3
          You hit it square on the head,
          Even here in libtard heaven theres tons of gun owners, TPTB will never get the hardware,nand the only way they could do a door to door is with foreign troops, and i can tell you, the attrition will be brutal for them

        • Tread3, welcome aboard. It’s always a pleasure to meet like-minded people.

        • Tread-3: It is as you have said. “They do not have the manpower to chase down 300+ million firearms, and with 80 ‘something’ days to go they’ll be another million of them, with ammo, stuffed away in another million “hidey holes.” If they were smart, they’d mind copper and sell it Remington, Winchester plus other raw materials in order to “appease” the up and coming demand for all kinds of calibers. But instead, they chose to arm the feds like IRS with some big-bore pistols here and there plus a whole lotta ammo.

          Somebody state one instance where anyone working for IRS has need for a .45ACP on their hip, an M-16 with 8-32round clips in the trunk, and a backup .38 Special +P on their ankle? *And now, full armor and ‘thin’ compared to just two years ago.

          I hate my armor IIIa, as it is older, quite heavy, make belt access impossible (yet when worn it isn’t at all obvious). It came from an oversea police force, had never been used (and is presewn to take up to four plates (two foreward/two back) …but then you wouldn’t have enough ass to tote chur AR or AK or Mossberg. AK ‘at the ready’, Mossberg is ‘slung’ if any street sweeping is suddenly required. Smoke grenades are splendid as the more confusion caused, and not being able to see gets folks fired up real quick like with confusion, the more likely you will be able to create a nice diversion for your real agenda. I don’t think there’s any law against a citizen having a smoke grenade anyway, no differently than having a flare (of about any type that comes to mind).

          btw: new version of TOR just came out

          • Go down to the fireworks store and buy the smokes there,

            Tape a few together and they put up a good screen.

            That is if you can buy them in your state. On make them. On Utube

            Warning once they sit over time the compound hardens. Then they do not smoke only burn. Could be possibly used as a low velocity propellant.

            • Is there a smoke source that makes a smoke invisible to Infrared scopes and cameras, but blocks all normal vision? It would allow normal security cameras to see through the smoke while disorienting people.

              That would be so cool.

      14. guns?

        i aint got no stinkin guns officer , honest injun.

        all you need is a 1 foot section of 1 inch pipe, a 1 inch end cap, washer, ball bearing, industrial glue, a 2 foot section of 3/4 inch, rubber tape for grip and a few 12 gauge rounds.

        put it together and you got yourself a 1 shot trench coat shotgun.

        untraceable and deadly up to 50yards.


        • I heard the Aussies never got all of them either, so I’ve heard…

      15. Also, look for any hints of restricting public access to body armor and night vision, too. Just the talk of it by some Congress critters could send demand and prices through the roof and make for scarce pickings then. If it’s on your list, better get sooner than later.

      16. Properly stored ammo will outlast most people on this site. We regularly shoot 303 brit, 7.62x54r russian, and we run 30-06 WW2 ammo thru our M1 garands. All is 50+ yrs old.
        BTW just in case people hedge your bets. If you can afford them get a couple Ar15’s or AKs. They may triple or quadruple in value come November. Best case? Trump get elected and you got a coue more guns. I never lost money selling a gun

      17. I’ve read all of the above. Some very good points were made.

        Yes it is for newbies, but it is also good to go back to basics. For us old farts that know what to expect, and for the newbies that are just learning.

        What I have found in the last few years is it is better to have two of everything. Like me I have brought this idea to the group, and we have found that it works best with the male and female (Moms and Dads) in the group when the go out to practice.

        We have found NUMBER#1 old 1911’s NUMBER#2 the 9mm like the S&W 59’s or the Taurus 99 or 92’s. and the Berettas. Yes there are some Glocks and H&K’s.

        Rifles (DEFENCE) AR’s are the NUMBER#1 choice. Male and Female. NUMBER#2 M1A’s for men and M1 Carbines for the woman. I have gone so far as to put together two Chiappa 22 ARs for training and they work great. Also found that some of the younger kids in the group like to train with them and then transition to the 223’s, or the 6.8 SPC. But the NUMBER #1 22 rifle is the 10-22.

        AMMO:: for us old farts more than likely have ammo that is 20 or 30 years old. I store what I have in 50 Cal AMMO cans with an moisture eliminator in them. Shot some 308’s from 1984 the other day (Reloads)and then shot some from 2014 could not tell the difference. Shot some military 1940′ 45 ACP along with some new Winchesters, not one problem.

        For me I’m going to build some more AR’s. You just can’t tell how many you might need while the price is still down. Got some Grandsons (12 of them, and just added only my third granddaughter last Friday. Yep 15 grandkids.) coming up now and They are wanting to put away the 22’s and shoot what Paw-Paw shoots.

        Aim Small Miss Small.


        • Amen Sgt. Dale…

        • SGT Dale

          To add on.

          The diversity of weapons and ammo by every survivalist/prepper is a major problem on one hand and a blessing on another.

          The chances are everyone will have a shot gun. The problem is one is 12 gage another is 20 gage and their might be .410 gage How many will use 3.5 in length another 3 in. and still another 2.75 in.

          Rifles are more diverse in caliber. Capacity of magazines. Four round wells on bolt action.

          Same with pistols and magazines although same caliber are not interchangeable. Glock/Smith and Wesson/Ruger.

          So how is it going to match up going out in the field with 25 people and everyone has different ammo and weapons that do not interchange.

          Hey, throw me a clip. I’m Out!

          Is that a clip or do you want a magazine?

          With all the different calibers and types of weapons we will have at least one weapon to shoot back with. Hehehe
          That’s the blessing.

      18. Even if you don’t reload, someone in your AO when things go south is a reloader. A good prep is a brick of Small Rifle primers, for .223 or 7.62×39 size rounds, and another of Large Rifle for .308 and most .30 caliber rounds. A brick of primers is 5,000 primers, you can fit them in a shoebox.

        1,000 primers is about the smallest unit you can buy, that will run you about $35. Tuck them away, like ammo, and they’ll last for decades.

        • Smokey, you nailed it.
          One cannot miss with stocking up on primers…
          And powder…
          And brass…
          Happy shooting all…

          • eppe and smokey I believe you both hit it dead on. As a reloader I can state for a fact that it is hardest to fashion a “new primer” from an old one (such as using several match-heads-VERY carefully packed and set in), that about any other part of a bullet, unless you are lacking a bullet as well. (even then, ANYTHING that approximates the size of your bullet (and weight) WILL WORK (and there is always enough junk lead-head laying around to approximate a bullet (meaning: if you are lacking a mold).

            It’s kinda like a shotgun. If you are flat out of BB’s or 00 Buckshot, there’s no law saying you can’t reload her with titanium drill bits …then go and ‘get’er done’.

            Found out the other day (a trick I’d forgotten), that you can “neck down” a 30.06 into a .308, and it will actually work nicely, but it WILL involved milling down (preferably from the inside), the places that ‘got thicker’ when you necked down the brass. While it can be done (in an emergency), it’s far, far better to just purchase shitloads of your caliber that you KNOW is inside of a very ‘fine’ brass (like Lapua or uh, the one stateside that makes most military brass all have brass that can be reloaded many more times than a commercial casing, but many military casings do not headspace correctly in a commercial weapon, although a DPMS LR-308 can headspace both the military and civilian versions of a .308). If you’ve revamped your DMPS with a decent very HD ‘cold-rolled’ 20″ with the ‘approved’ LANDS and twist rate, combine it with a high-end Millet or Leupold Scope (sniper series either way ..just one you prefer), and the LR-308 will blow you away for accuracy, tiny groups which are uncanny (if not impossible) from a semi-auto, yet she does it), and REALLY does it nicely if placed in a “Lead Sled” (she’ll try to shoot through the same hole IF you use Hornady Match Grade (Factory or your own ‘lighter’ loads). I prefer to keep all of my loads lighter than what is called for. They’re perfect for plinking and not so slow that I can tell the difference. Less ‘bang’ on your firearm means longevity, so why “bang” hell out it when most of your loads can be controlled for the usage? Everyone carries spare mags, and THOSE mags should be loaded up with the most dependable brand name and lethal bullets designed for your weapon. (No two guns are alike …even identical Glocks “have their own personality”).

            TRICK: If you have a Glock you suspect has a trigger problem, your gun may have too much oil on the firing pin (because it won’t re-engage unless you squeeze the trigger twice) – it slips on the lube and makes the trigger feel “funny” (they should not have ANYTHING on the aluminum pins NOR the newer titanium pins either), you can use brake cleaner and lightly guide a bit of it into the hole and try to clean the lube off your firing pin with a quick ‘shot’ of it. Once she starts firing right, a few rounds will “dirty it up” again and she’ll be fine. By the same token, a buildup of dirty gunpowder will put the screws to your firing pins and bind it up too. Glock makes a nice blade with all the tools to do wonderful things (like clean a dirty firing pin). Don’t leave home without it! (But use it before leaving home). 🙂

            • Yep, you can re-use your brass a dozen times, cast bullets out of tire weights and car batteries, re-size certain different calibers of bullets or brass to fit your chamber, even use sabots, use just about any gunpowder for a charge, but if you don’t have primers, you’re using matchheads to light your rounds off and that is not going to work very well.

              Might as well go right to a flintlock, the time lag between strike and ignition may be similar.

              Read about WWII guerrillas in the Philippines, the women in the villages made bullets out of brass curtain rods, one by one. Cut to length and abrade them down to diameter and ogive by sanding them on a stone. That’s dedication.

      19. Well said Smokey. After Sandy Hook we reloaded the shit out of 45acp,9mm,40,223,and 308 since the shelves were dry for a bit. Also what Sgt Dale said about having 2 of everything is very wise. Taken a step further if you can’t afford a duplicate of each gun just by the replacement parts ie. Xtra barrel, slide release,springs pins etc. They are 1/10 the cost of another gun.

      20. Morning folks,getting ready for work,had to hop in!!
        The 45-70 is one hell of a weapon,we use for primitive season,got tired of loading the muzzy 40ft. up a tree.
        Boy Will stop a hog in it’s tracks!Even with armor,would not want to get hit by it,ouch!Regular season 270 is my choice,depends what your hunting and how far back in the swamp your going,waaaay back alight youth 7 08 is easy carrying!And shoots flat.
        Maniac — out

      21. don’t get too excited about the big gun sale just yet

        Trump is in REAL trouble
        he’s busy rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic as we speak

        Donald Trump Attempts To Salvage His Campaign With Leadership Shakeup

        ht tp://

        Hillary is way ahead in electoral votes
        she’s winning in the key states
        states that used to be solidly red are now more purple
        Trump is still winning only 73% of REPUBLICAN votes
        he needs at least 90%

        another 120 or so Republican leaders/officials have come out and asked RNC Chair Reince Preibus to divert money from Trump to the Senate cause’ there is a possibility that the Repubs may lose that this election,meanwhile Priebus has appeared with Trump at several campaign events
        apparently he is baby sitting Trump and trying to prevent more campaign gaffes

        • I’ve always believed Trump was a decoy, a Trojan horse if you will.

          He’s just too ‘right’. Says all the stuff white folks want to hear and just says f-it.

          Shitllary is getting in no matter what, even if she’s dead – she’s going to be pres.

          I started finishing off my stuff (been going for awhile now) last fall. Finally just picked up my last pieces over the last two weeks (youngest discovered liberty tools at the age of 12 and loves it now… 😉 ).

          Figure I only need to concentrate on feeding the pigs now – but I’m OK there too, but moooorrreeee is always better! Hitting Cableas today for boxes of primers just to have. I quit reloading as factory stuff is far cheaper (currently) and more reliable – stacked deep and cheap.

          • Not here. I can make ANY bullet for far less than a new one, and I’ve never had a reliability problem, except with my memory (which is why you work with 50 at a time, and triple-check everything, then slam them in the Go-NoGo “thingie” just to make sure.

            Dang. I think Remington Core-Lokt .308 (150 or 180grain) are running $23.99 in town. Breaking it down by what I have invested in the stuff to make reloads lets me make three boxes for the price of one factory loaded box. Got all my bullets and lead years ago so I can’t say I’m up to date on the price of new bullets (but I’ve got shitloads of FMJs and RNs I tell ya)! lol… I’ve played with drilling the RNs (similar to an HP), and was surprised it worked and didn’t screw with the trajectory (much).

            Who out there makes the very best night vision (Generation II) that I don’t have to wait months to receive? I need one scope (or attachment for a scope, or both if necessary), and I need “goggles” (standard nothing fancy assuming the rangefinder is a good one, like Wiley-E Combat Wear)? I’m looking for a night-vision rig that is just as rugged. Nothing is going to be pampered and none of us will have the time for it). No time for repairs in a war. Ensure everything is bombproofed before you set it up and get surprised. (AR-15 BiPods are often overlooked. Many times maladjusted, ready to fall off, screwed on backwards so that recoil puts your muzzle in the mud …nice!

            • Equorial- Unless you have produced many tens of thousands of rounds, which is your cost breakeven point, reloading is not cost effective for most people. The upstart to gather all the tools, $1000+, machines and parts to reload, then acquiring the parts, cleaners, measuring, it just doesn’t pay for the average guy. Not sure what your time is worth? But spending hours, in time to set it up, for the entire process, that is also a cost that needs to be considered.

              I would just give all my spent brass to a retired guy who has nothing better to do, in trade for some new reloaded rounds. For me that how I would look at it. Plus I trust manufactured factory rounds for consistency much more, than some schlep in my hood, reloading while drinking and smoking. Just saying. Get into a battle and find no powder was added to a few rounds or something else missing, like the round off center and screws up your barrel threads.

              ~WWTI… Like a Good Mechanic in my neighborhood said, when someone says to him, “You charge a lot to fix my car.” He responds with “Do you know how much a Bad Mechanic Will cost you?”

        • Satori is a Hillary Shill. Hillary has Parkinson’s disease, and has panic attacks. Her venues are empty so she has to pay and hire actors to fill the seats. The Phony Zionist Press (Reuters)flat out lied with phony polling numbers with as much as 15% point false swings in the wrong direction to reality. They were busted.

          A guy has developed a Presidential Election Application, and it has picked the winners consistently using criteria injected into the App. He has Trump right now winning over Hillary 51% to 47% today.

          Every candidate running for any office out there, Dem or GOP repeatedly asks the Party Chair, for more money to be diverted their campaign, instead of another. That’s common not some collapse in the RNC. Sheesh you sound like a whiney propagandist chasing his tail for not.

          Hillary has 3 constituencies, The Socialist Commies who want Free College, Blacks, and Jews who want to destroy America.

          Priebus appearing with Trump at several campaign events, reflect solidarity, not baby sitting. This is a “NO BS Spin Zone.”

          So take your Hillary Shill talking points BS elsewhere.


          • sorry ya don’t like the FACTS
            look them up for yourself when you get tired of the name calling
            you really do need to keep yourself better informed

            wishes and dreams are nice
            but it’s reality that will bite yer ass

            • Sat, all he does is sling shit, like a monkey in the zoo…
              He needs a 96 hour leash…

              No wife, no kids, no life…

              • Oh the armchair prepper spreads his BS here, and then steps in in it.. You do need a wife and kids, since you are basically helpless. Run now,, momma got your mac n cheese dinner ready for ya. lol

          • “fair and balanced” !!!

            Is a Maximum Hillary Win Taking Shape?

            h ttp://

            “You add all this up and it looks a lot like Trump is trailing Clinton by 10-11 points”

            but it ain’t over till the fat lady sings
            a LOT can happen between now and Novermber

            • Satori, I never trust what any of the polls say. And yes, a lot of things can and will happen between now and election day.

            • So you believe the fake polls ? are they manipulated and contrived to get the numbers wanted like everything else is ? UE 5% ? ,GDP up ? no inflation ? economy is in a recovery for then last 8 years ? Utter fucking bullshit !

              If all is well according to the dems then why do we have interest rates at near zero, 20+trillion debt and why have rates not been raised by the fed if all is well for years now ? Does BHO speak with forked tongue ?

        • It’s still August, folks don’t get serious about the election until Labor Day.

      22. We all hope we are headed in the right direction. Made a trip to Sam’s yesterday to stock up on dry goods. Store was very busy. Wonder how many were thinking on the same line. Hillary seems to be slipping from a health standpoint, Trump seems to be bored and trying to throw the election.

      23. gonna get rid of cable tv sick of commercials with gay jingles trying to stain my brain. Tired of feeling like a marketing target and paying monthly for it. I’m withdrawing my $ from consumer goods and services. As I’ve said before I despise corporations. You all should too.

        • I got rid of cable about 6 years ago. 150 channels, only watched about 6 of them, and all that for only $75 a month. No value there, so $900 a year for 6 years now is $5400 I’ve had available for other things.

          I don’t miss it much, if at all. I’m a big film buff, so my DVD/Blu Ray collection is large enough that I could watch a different film each evening for maybe 5 years. You can get them at pawnshops for $1 or $2, and Blu Rays for $3.50







        • It is written in places that there will be some people who will not taste of war nor know they are in the midst of one.


      25. Do not forget spare parts for your rifles.

      26. Satori Your talking Huff Puff on this site,jeeze!
        Trump wins by a landslide! Unless stolen,which is possible.
        Know you don’t like Trump,we get it!!!!!!!
        Go vote green,who gives a shit,help Hitlery,IDIOT.
        Next time quote CNN,MSNBC,orPBS.Some times you have a interesting post,sometimes!!!!!!
        Maniac —out

        • Landslide? Not likely. You need to look at the 2012 election maps to see reality. Even Texas is very close to going blue. It’s not the whole state – just the cities (where the people are) that vote blue and carry states. Just look at IL, all read except for that fricking Chicago and St. Louis area.

          I think Da Don will pull about 48% and by the 10 o’clock news (CST) will have given his concession speech. EXACTLY as it was PLANNED.

          All that said – I didn’t think ANY Repb candidate was worth a flying fig to begin with.

          • I can envision a turnout where nearly everyone, in desperation, votes for Trump (I intend to, and always have since day one). THEN, if there is a “count” and it is announced a recount is needed because it’s Sooooooo close, or that a possible error was made then ends up putting Hillary in The WH and you can count the hours until a revolution on one hand.

            American people are all done putting up with the likes of the crowds and hoodlums, traitors, scum and liars that are calling us WORSE names, in an effort to justify our genocide. It’s that simple.

            We are going to HAVE to fight our very own government (and several states as well), very, very soon.

            How WE live the remainder of our lives, and how our children and their children live is 100% in our hands. What kind of legacy do you intend to pass down? (Eventually, all of this will be reduced to ‘stats’ in some digital download of patriotic white profiles of American Citizens in 2016 ….171 years from now. Wondering why did we ever give up the weapons…NOBODY must give up their weapons. Keep your weapons, keep your lives. Lose your sword or give it away, you’ll become a slave working for someone for nothing (including food).

            • Amen Brother!

        • sorry Maniac
          but 2+2=4 no matter if the devil says it or an angel says it
          facts are facts
          everything I said is verifiable from NUMEROUS sources
          if the election were held today
          Trump would go down BIG time

          • Satori, don’t think so,don’t miss understand been wrong before,shit that’s why I’m still working my ass off to this day!Read all this last night,just don’t use HUFF.
            I have owned 5 businesses,lost 3 ,school of hard knocks.BUT
            I feel better about Trump than the last 2 I had to hold my nose for,at least he has balls!Hell wishful thinking,last time I wanted Herman,I’m from the south .
            I know if it’s Hitlery,get ready!!!!!
            I have old and young kids,shit I don’t want to go down in flames yet! And we will!!
            Maniac — out

          • But, the reality is that the election is not being held today, or tomorrow, or even next month. A lot can, and will, happen in the next three months.

        • the HuffPo story just says how Trump is making major changes in his staff

          Bretibart says the same thing
          happy now?

          NY Times: Donald Trump, in Shake-Up, Hires Breitbart Executive Stephen K. Bannon for Top Campaign Post

          ht tp://

          but wait
          Breitbart is quoting the New York Times
          so I guess the Breitbart post isn’t true also ???

          oh nooz !!!!!

          • That just means that Trump wants results and is willing to hire and fire until he gets results. Sounds like a pretty good leader to me. He’s being honest.

            Hillary, on the other hand, is hiring known liars like Wasserman-Schulz and Humedin and refusing to can them when they get caught red-handed. That’s megalomania and arrogance.

      27. And it don’t mean nuthin if no ones willing to use them in support of our republic
        This bunch of crooks don’t see our weapons as much of a direct threat to them and their power
        In fact they would love for us to fight amongst ourselves (Civil war)
        The only time the power elite would care is if we proved to them our purpose for being armed is for a fight against them (Revolutuon)
        And they already know they have bigger and more devistating weapons than we the people could ever muster
        All just a show for the sheeple

        Our war will be fought on our doorstep when the power elite give the word to its brainwashed goon squads , it is those types that have the concern about our simple guns
        Playing into this game is giving the power elite the feeling of control over us

        It will only be our republic back in our hands , when we wake up to who the protected class is , and how to eliminate them in a very quick fashion before they have time to figure it out and muster their goons

        Not many people will have what it takes , or be willing to roll those dice

        Wait n see is what this country has been doing for way too long

      28. I live near a farmers market. As I am retired I go out there every few days. Mainly to have something to do. Just before you get to farmers market there is a large indoor shooting range. Over the years normally there were no more than five or six vehicles at the firing range at any given time. Lately I see twenty five to thirty vehicle in this shooting range almost daily. What am I missing?

        • Fun

        • Maybe they are bored,no job due to economy or just a crappy part time obama job. Just saying, I’m most likely wrong.

      29. Hillary is loosing so bad right now in PA that the DNC is trying to register another 3 million people before November.

        Sounds like desperation to me, hardly a landslide.


      30. Average cost of an automatic rifle in America=$700.00

        Average cost of ammo and accessories purchased with rifle=$200.00

        Watching fascist boot licking coward pussy American drunken bums and toxic dumps turning all their weapons and ammo over to the most vile, most evil, most criminal, most corrupt, most disgusting, most GENOCIDAL Globalist Fascist Police State psychopath controlled government in the history of the world=ABSOLUTELY FUCKING PRICELESS

      31. I want to point out 2 of the biggest promoted fallacies. “Practice makes perfect.” “Things change. Times change.”
        The Founders of this nation were well versed in history. They knew the pitfalls, and they particularly learned from the history of England. The Magna Carta is very interesting as the Founders took some of what was there and incorporated it.
        In particular, in this great political experiment, the Founders created a nation of sovereigns. In order to maintain that status they recognized and incorporated the same tools that the Barons of England used, and had been in place throughout the 13 colonies.
        The Founders recognized a monopoly of power for the People. Article 1, Section 8, Clause 15&16 codify the only force in this nation registered “to execute the Laws of the Union”. The words, definitions, and authorities enumerated in the Constitution cannot be changed without an amendment, nor can that power be given to any other agency. We have been duped into believing that the executive, legislature, and judiciary can make changes without our consent. It is so pervasive in our mindset that even those who should know better go along with the lie. The state has no such delegated authority.
        The Militia of the Several States appears in law from state statutes, through their constitutions, to the Constitution and federal statutes. We ignore these facts of law because we’ve been duped so long that our pride will not allow us to revitalize our sovereignty.

      32. For all you AR15 guys out there check out the Echo Trigger system. There are videos on YouTube. Very cool. In effect a 2 rnd burst but ATF Legal. They are a bit pricey but come with a custom bolt carrier. We ordered several. They are better than Slidefire/ bump fire since you don’t need two hands to operate and they allow for more concentrated, controlled shots.

        Tread3 out

      33. About how much ammo. I wonder how many rounds you will have to fire each day to scare off one looter after another. A new one might come by every half hour . And require two three rounds to scare them off.? Unless you like to dig . Or don’t mind the smell and flies. If one comes by every hour all day and night . That might mean 50 rounds per day. That’s 1500 rounds per month. And trying to scare them off without firing a shot . They will think your out of ammo and keep coming. I wonder if we underestimate the number of rounds we will need?

        • Lone Wolverine

          My AO has short distances between houses. Longest stretch is about 70 yards. I have a 22 cal. pellet rifle and at 50 yards could likely shoot your eye out. One shot to hit the intruder or near him to let him know he is being shot at. There are other ways to keep people at bay.

          The rifle is almost silent when fired and groups well.

          • A simple slingshot and use nuts and bolts.

          • Yes anon . The sound of gun fire might attract the most talented sneak thieves. Wanting that gun and ammo bad. Waiting for you to show yourself in a window or getting water . Or using the latrine. You will need a good dog . That can smell them a mile away . Or hear or see them when you can’t . Cameras in remote access areas. Dam this is getting complicated.

        • Only if you are a very bad shot will you need much ammo. Do the math: 400 Million guns, 300 million people. The hordes will never get out of the cities; worst case. average person shoots 5 people we only have 10 million left in whole country. In reality bad water would get more than guns, so will winter. Look at all the riots; people don’t get far from home. 90% of the people live in large cities we feed them; they drop dead there is lots of food. Only issue is can you keep your head down for 3-6 months, it’s all over.

        • Lone wolverine; There is just no way you’ll ever see THAT many people. At least fifty-percent or more will just walk on by if there is ANY sign that the place is occupied and not friendly. I’m sure you’ve read WHO to shoot if you DO happen to have “quite a crowd” stumble into your area. Make a horrible mess of one as an example for the others, and normally they take a 90 degree turn if not a full 180.

          You don’t ever want to engage anyone unless you must, so it would be an advantage to have a high place (if possible), and a silencer to slim them down undetected (and as fast as you can pull it off) …time is against you if you are spotted, meaning you cannot “stay on the “X” at all. Don’t engage …run like hell and know where you are running to. (You’d best have a compass).

          I believe it will be those in the largest cities who will be in need of large quantities of ammo, and nobody will be able to carry enough (impossible task).

          Just the same, I’ve got enough brass to bury my ass in brass, and I figure if I have used that much, surely I’m dead.

          • Eq. Maybe your right. But lack of food makes people brave and crazy. They might charge you to comit suicide to avoid the agony of starvation.

        • Plan on a basic combat load, 200 or 240 rounds, per sustained engagement per man. Or per day per man if just ‘plinking’. Then figure how many days you’re going to have to live like that. 5,000 rounds per battle rifle is not too much.

          Then figure on area defense, not just your own place. Defend neighborhoods, not blocks. Be a leader, get a force of able-bodied persons together, build your barriers and man them. Patrol, interdict, and engage, internally and externally. Communicate, react, and reinforce.

          The looters will get the idea they can’t get near the goodies and go away, or die on the approach.

          If you don’t fight together, you’ll all die separately. Fifty men defending fifty homes are going to die one by one, but fifty men defending the chokepoints and approaches can keep the entire area safe.

          • smokey

            Oh man. The way the people look in my neighborhood. We will be having self inflicted wounds in the first hour of assembly.

            • Yeah, that kind of stuff is going to happen. Stock up on Gunshot Wound (GSW) Trauma Kits.

              GSW kits finally got installed at my local range, like fire extinguishers, ready for use. About time.

      34. Darn! I knew I shouldn’t have sold all of my guns and ammo. I thought peace was at hand.

      35. When it came to storing ammunition one of the worst things is a damp area where moisture can attack the cartridge. Spent a whole day using the old trusty vacuum sealer sealing ammunition and loaded magazines. Lots of work, but everthing is clean and dry until opened when needed. With the oxygen removed that is one less problem to worry about.
        I read the bs on the liberal rags about how Trump is in so much trouble then compare those that go to Hitleries get to gathers as compared to Trump. I’ve already warned my wife and kids that if that sleaze bag old hag gets in through the back door used by democrats to check lie and steal everything prepare for all out war.
        As far as this article goes it is good for newbies, but if you have been prepping it is old news. I feel for those that denied what we were doing and now see the light NOT.

        • I get bulk pack 22s and funnel them into 1 gallon gas cans . About 3000 rounds per plastic can . Heavy but water proof very portable. Sling a rope around your shoulder and walk through the rain .

        • The oldest political trick in the book is to pound the electorate with phony polls and articles about a candidate having already lost the election, it’s over, don’t bother to vote, etc., etc., ad nauseum.

          That’s what is going on right now. They are trying to rig the election, plain and simple.

      36. Concentrating more on getting ammo than purchasing any more guns. I’m going to do my own hoarding of 9mm,5.56mm,and 5.45×39 if I can find it. I’m predicting a Hillary win just because Trump is making such an ass of himself instead of pounding away on the issues.If he stuck to the issues he can walk away with the election.

        • Agree on ammo. If Hillary gets it she will have a RINO Congress to do her bidding so you can expect: taxes on ammo, bans on 20 and 30 round mags, bans on ‘assault weapons’ (and an expanded definition), bans on body armor, and bans on night vision. After all that – she will start coming for the guns of ‘radical Americans’ – like ex-military, shtfplan readers, etc.

      37. Yes south side . Empty guns will be free. An empty gun is almost worthless. A baseball bat has more value. They will throw their gold silver and empty guns in the street.? There are probably people with50 Guns. And 50 rounds of ammo that think they will just run to Walmart and pick more up if they need it. Little known is that during the Rodney King riots all sales of ammo were stopped and all gun stores were guarded by police. Same as Katrina. Get it while you can . Or cry when you can’t . And get butchered by these ghetto rats.

      38. Hitler attacked the communists . Our Jews stabbed him in the back . And helped the Bolshavik communist Zionist Jews enslave half of Europe . Deny that fact. We helped the communists enslave half of Europe . And we bought up Germany for pennies. And paid the German survivors pennies to rebuild. The greatest scam in world history? Soap lamp shades we believed all the proven lies and we still do. Alexander solsenitzen said the reason we don’t know about the biggest holocaust in history the holomodor. Is because the guilty control the media. And they still do. Someday the truth will come out. And hopefully the guilties decendents pay. And we set an example for future generations . Pull any crap and your grand babies pay. As soon as they are 18 of course.

      39. Oh, I think Trump has been given a fair choice. Make an ass of himself and “blunder his way to a defeat”, or take a bullet and let somebody else have Melania.

        Cya everyone!

        We are going to HAVE to go into a war, or this nation will be destroyed by the very ones who have been elected to protect ‘her’. Given all of the other alternatives, a war is absolutely the best way to go, just as the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. We need to bee-line it back to The US Constitution and Bill of Rights.

        Everything else goes OUT the fucking window. Immigrants? OUT of the fucking country, or be shot by “we the people.”

        Blacks want a Race War. Okay, you’re on. It now will not be over until every black man or every white man is dead. Total stupidity, but if that’s how you wish to raise your kids and this is how you now wish to live every day of what’s gonna be left of your lives, I’ll teach mine to shoot to kill blacks without delay or remorse! Since I’m retired I’ll just drive around popping y’all as I find ya’s.

      40. Her win has been imminent for years. Doesn’t seem like any sudden rush is going to happen. The same things were said 8 years ago about Obama. And gun companies have had their best sales ever.

      41. It would make sense then to get busy and work your ass off to get Trump elected president Hillary means tyranny and civil war with all its associated fun on your front lawn A lot safer to elect Trump folks get off your beer soaked ass and get to work

      42. And they won’t need it if Trump gets “elected”????

      43. I find some of these comments are apparently made by LIBERALS! To all of you I say, ” Go to the sandbox countries and espouse your ideals!” Just see how far that will get ya! My God, where in hell did all you people come from? What are you smoking? I understand that OStupid and the DNC made a deal with the Corrupt Bitch back in 2012 that she’d be able to run for president in 2016 and get it. They didn’t think anyone would be able to beat her. Hah!
        As far as I’m concerned, they are all communists and deserving a bullet. Vote of Trump! He may be a crook and even part of the Mafia but right now, its either him or the commie! besides, I don’t think Texas would be part of the “Martial Law” thing. Lock and Load baby!!

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