Sudden Death In Putin’s Inner Circle: “These Two Guys Just ‘Die’ With Barely A Ripple In the Media”

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    The MSM has quietly and almost indiscernibly let out a sigh, either in sorrow or in relief.  If sorrow, it should be because two deceased individuals such as these should not have gone quietly into that “good night,” when their identities are considered.  No, there should have been a mighty roar, considering who they were: two of Vladimir Putin’s inner circle, both giants in Soviet and Russian affairs.

    Lesin, if you recall, was found dead on November 5, 2015 in his hotel room in Washington, D.C. by the DC metro police.  He was ruled dead of a “heart attack,” with little complaint, investigation, or media attention either in Russia or in the U.S.  He was not buried in Russia, but in the U.S., in Los Angeles.

    Mikhail Y. Lesin had been a media executive and close adviser to Vladimir Putin since 2004, and awarded a medal of “The Order for Merit to the Fatherland,” one of the highest civilian awards in 2006.  He served two years (1976-78) in the armed forces of the USSR and then became a giant in the Russian television industry and a true oligarch and devotee to Putin.  More: he became the Kremlin’s media czar in charge of censoring all independent television news sources in Russia, and was Gazprom-Media’s head from 2013 to 2015.  Even before this, he ran the Soviet State Media from 1997 to 1999.

    Sergun is even more impressive, being the driving force to resurrect the GRU (the Russian Intelligence Directorate, equivalent to our CIA) and reapportion the Spetsnaz teams after internal and tactical employment problems following the Russian wars in Georgia and Chechnya.  His “quiet” death on January 3, 2016 is another passing barely mentioned by the MSM and (once more) without much ado even in Russia.

    Igor Dimitirevich Sergun was a Major-General, and the Director of the GRU of the Russian Federation Armed Forces from 2011 to 2016.  This is the equivalent to the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency.  Sergun entered the Armed Forces of the USSR in 1973.  He graduated from the Moscow Suvorov Military School and the Moscow Supreme Soviet Higher Military Command School.  He also graduated the Military Academy of the Soviet Army, and subsequently (after the USSR “retired”) the General Staff Academy of the Russian Federation Armed Forces.

    Sergun worked MI (Military Intelligence) of the Main Intelligence Directorate, a field operative who rose to the rank of Colonel as an intelligence operative, and he was fluent in several languages with a great deal of experience in the foreign intelligence service.  He was hardcore: very hardcore, very dedicated with a list of combat awards and honors as long as your arm.  He “died suddenly,” as reported by the media.

    Incredible, that these two guys just “die” with barely a ripple in the media.  All the while, the losses of each as opposed to the notice in the news are at two ends of the spectrum.  One would think a colossal State funeral for each of them.  Lesin buried quietly in Los Angeles (not Russia, mind you) and the disposition at the time of this writing not yet determined for Sergun.  There is a strong possibility that a “Sea Change” has occurred over these past few months within Putin’s inner circle with these two top men being the most noteworthy.  There can be many reasons, but it is well-known that the methods used in the Federation are a carryover from the time of the Soviet Union regarding both military doctrine and “change of command” ceremonies, the latter of which can feature “forced retirement,” as may have been Lesin and Sergun’s exits.

    The question that underlies such a possibility is “why,” however, history is replete with examples of how, in many countries, individuals rise up and effect tremendous reforms and changes.  These changes are continued; however, they continue without them, those that initiated the changes.  One major reason is the innovators are feared as potential challengers to the leader’s position of power.  Other reasons are to either cover up something the leader has done or planned to do, or the potential rival and innovator holds key information that may affect the outcome of the leader’s future plans.

    Could it be that both of these men were privy to Putin’s overall game plan and had to vanish?  Their respective fields of endeavor (Russian Media, and Russian Military Intelligence) and the organizational structures of their former fields are still intact, right?

    Look at what has been happening in the U.S. for years, now, with the cashiering of General Officers, Field-Grade Commanders, and Senior Non-Commissioned Officers of the entire United States Armed Forces.

    We don’t know what Putin’s plans are, but at a dinner engagement in December of 2011, Putin remarked that Russia was the only country that could destroy the United States in a half hour or less.  Pretty strong words, also considering the fact that the newest Russian Defense Statement released shortly after the New Year lists the United States as a top threat to Russian Security for the first time in a long time.

    Understandably so.  NATO and the U.S. have attempted to “box” Russia in, first with missiles and materials, then men, in Eastern Europe.  The U.S. created the coup to take over Ukraine for NATO and the IMF, and it backfired: Russia stepped up and seized the Crimea before NATO could grab hold of Sevastopol, Russia’s most important Black Sea facility.

    This brings us to the final point: could these deaths have been assassinations effected by the Obama administration?  The loss of two incredibly high-value confidants to Putin could cause serious problems for Putin in their areas of expertise.  A heart attack for Lesin in D.C., and Sergun’s “sudden death” are too coincidental in such a short period of time for two healthy men.  At the very minimum, such losses of Putin’s assets would have some setbacks for him in terms of command and control structures militarily and from a separate but inseparable sector so key to Putin’s governance: media control.

    We’ll have to see what develops in order to determine which of the possibilities is the most viable explanation.  Undoubtedly the American media will not cover it in great detail, and there is also the possibility that both sides…Obama and Putin…may have even helped one another in these matters.  Remember, after all, Obama has already displayed “submissive behavior” when he told Medvedev in 2012 (regarding US missiles) to “tell Vladimir I’ll have more leeway after the election.”  With such words from a sitting President, anything is open in the realm of possibilities.  Also, why is Lesin buried in L.A. and not Russia?  Just as all things with potential sinister underpinnings, for whatever reason explored, it seems the end state of these two men has a lot of unanswered questions that we may never get to the bottom of for many years to come.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at

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      1. Sounds like a purge of Top Brass. The reason only time will tell.

        I feel it is to get some younger guys in that will go to war, and not have the older guys knowing how bad war really is, so there won’t be a war.

        WW111 on the horizon? Time will tell.


        • Sgt, WWIII has already started. World players are now taking sides and ramping/arming up. I’m surprised every morning when the lights still turn on.

          • It is unclear whether Sergun died in Moscow or Lebanon. If the latter, we can add an element of tribal intrigue. Lesin’s death is less curious. He was a tribal opponent of the re-Christianization of Russia. After suffering 60 million dead Christians, Russians will resist any more tribal masters or “oligarchs.”

      2. Or it could be that both of these men were giving/selling/trading information to the U.S. regarding anything Putin could be doing.

        Three men can hold a secret, if two are dead………..

        • “Lesin buried quietly in Los Angeles (not Russia, mind you)”

          Lesin has family living in California, that’s why he was buried there, near his wife. You can find info on him at RT, he was the founder of Russia Today.

          Maybe Russia considers this matter PRIVATE. We’re so used to this govt using everything, every tragedy, every death to push some agenda, we’ve forgotten that there are some things the world doesn’t need to know every detail about.

          Thinking that Putin may have assassinated his own people, is frankly assuming that Putin is as corrupt as obama.

          You don’t take into account the fierce loyalty that Russians have for their leaders and their country, and the notably fierce loyalty Putin has for his country ans people. I know this is not a quality we have seen here in the last few generations, but it isn’t dead in Russia.

          What proof you ask? Why do you think the CIA is having so much trouble stirring shit in Russia? It’s because the Russian govt AND the Russian people will not allow it. They will not tolerate the PC instigators in their country. I wish my country was like that…

          Is it really that hard to imagine that the entire world is not evil and corrupt like our own government? It is hard to believe if you can’t shake the media demonization of people that get in the govt’s way.

          Putin has an approval rating of around 80-89 percent for a reason.

          Oblah-blah has an approval rating that is, well, embarrassing. That too, is for a reason.

          I’ll take a leader like Putin over oblunder any day.

      3. Ernst Rohm was killed by Hitler after the SA ( Brownshirts) helped boost him to power. It’s certainly a possibility that these guys knew too much. RT is a huge propaganda machine for Russia… a kinder, gentler version of Tokyo Rose. Levin was instrumental in its boom-
        I really think chances are pretty even that they died without any help from anybody… including our ABC guys. Lots of men in that age range have risk factors catch up with them for heart disease, etc. I just don’t see Putin assassinating them unless they were directly making a stand against him in some sort of power grab. Who knows? Maybe they didn’t like the whole Syrian expedition…

        • If you read about their so-called illustrious careers does it not seem odd that there was barely a ripple about their deaths/funerals?

        • Don’t think they would have objected to the Syria mission. That was a smart move for Russian hegemony albeit dangerous for WW3 mainly because NATO/US troops are also going to be there. But the elected leader of Syria invited only Russia. Other troops are intruders.

      4. Jeremiah Johnson: “This brings us to the final point: could these deaths have been assassinations effected by the Obama administration?”

        Not enough information to draw a conclusion. But Putin could do the world a favor by removing the Domestic Terrorist in Chief sooner rather than later.

        • Careful they gave Ted Nugent a visit for being sarcastic.

          • Mad Dog, I’m obviously referring to the Bundy family that stirred up trouble in both Nevada and Oregon. C’mon now, you knew that.

            • Yes, sarcasm.

              • ENFP? I was EN3. Close?

            • That’s right, don’t know what I was thinking. My apologies.

              • Mikhail Y. Lesin was the founder of RT, Russia Today.

      5. The U.S. is purging its top commanders, Russia doing the same. Could it be that those in favor of national sovereignty are being replaced by TPTB with those with more of a “one world government” view?

        • I think your onto something texasprepper.

        • That’s a thought.

      6. Natural? Internal? External? US or Russia the cause? All are capable. None are saints.

        I’m still trying to figure out the, who, what, when, where and most importantly why of the JFK Assassination.

        The actions occurring for world domination is damn sure an interesting endeavor to explore as its the most convoluted and complex chess game having the highest stakes possible. I don’t put anything by any of them.

        • This situation reminds me of the very long list of Clinton associates who have died under murky circumstances.

          Never a mention of that in the MSM either. (Apparently they only launch breathtaking exposes against those awful conservatives.)

      7. RT/Russia Today broadcasting some snide remarks about the Oregon occupiers- after all, it’s never a good thing to have peasants questioning the tzar…

      8. There’s quite a bit of disappearing going on too… was just reading that several booksellers critical of the Chinese government have mysteriously… vanished. Chinese CEOS being beamed up Scotty, then landing a few days later after they presumably have been excoriated by the Chinese PTB.

        • Not Chinese journalists. Taiwanese. Much more of big deal that they are now snatching non Chinese nationals for getting too outspoken.

      9. The American people are powerless to stand against the Beast. That Beast is the US led global warmongers who terrorize and murder worldwide without restraint. Look at the past to see the future. This demonic force is stronger and more determined than any force previous in history. It’s difficult to see Putin as being not a part of the overall globalist plans. As far as personal ownership of weapons for self defense, they can’t stop nuclear bombs. Think they won’t use them if the uprising gets out of control? The American’s are fed up with the direction this country is headed and currently experiencing. The controllers advance their agenda with no barriers, the people sit back and wait to realize their fate. Like docile sheep headed to the slaughterhouse. La de dah

        • Great post Aljamo!

        • The guns scare them. If they didn’t the sheep would already be dead or serving TPTB on their knees openly. There is some hope albeit very small I agree.

        • Yes, but nuclear weapons are more about fear than actual use. Using them affect TPTB just like the rest of us and so I doubt they will use them in an all out war anytime soon. No, what TPTB fear most is armed average citizens and soldiers that would side with them. This is why they are working so hard to create autonomous weapons systems that don’t ask questions. Give it 15-20 years (if Moore’s law doesn’t bite them first) and the many will be able to be easily controlled by the very few at just the stroke of a key.

          • Just suppose that the word is already out that the American president will not respond to a nuclear attack. Just a couple of cities destroyed would be game over.

        • It’s not so difficult to see Putin as being not a part of the overall globalist plans, when you consider the fact that the NWO expects ALL nations to bow before one power.

          Historically, RUSSIANS BOW TO NO ONE. If Putin was part of the NWO, Russia wouldn’t be fighting for their sovereignty, and the sovereignty of other countries.

          Sovereignty is a dirty word from the NWO perspective. It is forbidden, as is religious freedom. Russia is the only powerful Christian Nation left. The NWO is stamping out Christianity as we speak – but they are holding fast to it in Russia.

          Individuality is also a no-no for the NWO. Russia is fighting for their right to maintain their different cultures, heritage and history.

          I guess if you don’t know anything about Russia, it’s history or it’s people, one might not understand why Putin’s Russia is not a NWO tool – LIKE THE UNITED STATES IS. You can’t miss freedoms you never had.

      10. I hadn’t heard of either of those two, let alone their deaths, until I read the article. Halfway through I was wondering whether Putin was doing some house cleaning.

        As for the speculation that Ovomit might have taken them out, Washington DC is notorious for the ineptness of its medical first responders. When a victim gets to a hospital, the care is excellent. But before that, you would get to decisive medical care faster by calling a taxi.

        There was an article in the Washington Post several days ago of a man dying of a surviveable heart attack because DCFD sent the responders to the wrong address.
        Ovomit certainly could have had Lesin taken out while he was in town.

        Given Western aggression toward Russia, I can certainly see Putin shifting his perception of what our strategic intentions might be. Going the other direction, it’s paranoia borne of ignorance about Russian history to think they’re planning to jump us in the alley. The simple truth is we don’t have anything they need. In sharp contrast to the US population, theirs remembers the horrors of their Great Patriotic War.

        • Great comment. It’s easier to dehumanize someone you know nothing about.

          • Agreed. An excellent example of this is broadcast television(which I virtually never watch any more) and also motion pictures. Rural Americans with moderate or conservative values are portrayed as either simple-minded buffoons or as sly and amoral opportunists. Those portrayed as intuitive, heroic, compassionate, and/or intelligent are hip young urbanites.

            Writers and producers tend to be from places like New York and Los Angeles and honestly have no idea what life is like in “flyover country”; so they constantly trot out these bigoted stereotypes. This lets them off the hook from actually bothering to learn anything about life outside the anthills; and it amuses, reassures, and validates the mostly urban target audience, so it’s a win-win for the TV and movie studios.

      11. Off topic, Jericho the complete series is available on amazon

        • Not sure its that far off topic. The wife and I re-watched it last year and we noticed a lot of parallels to todays world. It can be found on Roku as well.

          • Netflix has it.

        • I found ‘Jericho’ to be little better than ‘Revolution’, which was ludicrous. The latter featured young, toned, healthy people with squeaky-clean hair and perfect teeth striking dramtic poses to show off their custom-made, flawlessly fitting, stylishly appealing leather garments. The whole series seemed like one long infotainment ad for some company peddling high-priced togs to rich city people who want to look like backwoods fashion victims.

          ‘Jericho’ often showed people casually sauntering back and forth, leisurely carrying coils of rope or pushing a wheelbarrow filled with crates. In a town crossroads there was a ridiculous patch of about two dozen corn stalks to visually remind us that the townfolk are raising their own food. (Little-to-none time spent on actual work in crop gardens, though… or much of any of the dirty, constant, grueling work that would fill every waking hour in such circumstances.) We hear worried conversation about food shortages, but everyone looks perfectly well-fed. As with ‘Revolution’, nobody has any skin infections; people have clean shiny hair; and (absolutely mandatory in TV and movies) everyone has perfect teeth.

          ‘The Walking Dead’ is somewhat better than ‘Jericho’ but only marginally. People have the same perfect teeth, although (minimally) ragged clothes and some stringy hair is evident. But folks do things like fill up water bottles at whatever stream they encounter –which, in real life, would rapidly result in viral, bacterial, and parasitic infections. Many, perhaps all, of the group would die from these. Nobody gets maimed or killed by snakebites or heart disease or falling and breaking a leg. Nobody dies of malnutrition. Nobody dies from the sheer exhaustion of the daily grind.

          I have yet to see one of these post-apocalypse shows that seems even remotely accurate as to what life would be like. They are all so far out into fantasy land that they are intellectually insulting. They seem to be written for 14-year-olds.

          I doubt that we will ever see –from American media, anyhow– a TRUE depiction of a post-TEOTWAWKI society. Were such a thing to be made, the people featured would look a lot like those who managed to survive the Siege Of Stalingrad. Utterly filthy; emaciated to just this side of death; the thousand-yard stare; racked with disease; terminal PTSD. They would not be much different from starved, beaten, brutalized animals.

          I would be interested to see a REAL depiction of how people would attempt to survive and cope in such circumstances. Nobody has the backbone to attempt such a thing, though. Much easier to play it safe with these tame “pretend” depictions of post-apocalypse. Yawn.

      12. Kevin2… “I’m still trying to figure out the, who, what, when, where and most importantly why of the JFK Assassination.” I think after 50+ years have elapsed that most of the details and perpetrators of this murder have been revealed. It’s the same entity that the blame was put on immediately after the event. CIA, US intelligence, which includes the Bush Crime Cabal who have long controlled the CIA. Poppy Bush is the most evil former president, with each successive top dog following his same dictates. There is as much or more disinformation out there muddling the long investigation to defend the official Warren Commission report. Many of the people responsible for JFK’s murder still walk free. If the truth can be kept away from the people this long, what does that say for the truth about 9-11? Call me up in dreamland.

        • Reagan stated that one of his great regrets was being forced to take GHW Bush as his VP. Bush started undermining Reagan from day one and by his second term most of his original loyal people had been got rid of.

      13. … in December of 2011, Putin remarked that Russia was the only country that could destroy the United States in a half hour or less.

        Not exactly true. Obungler only took about 25 minutes after his inauguration to start his destruction, so he’s got Putin beat by 5 minutes.

        Just sayin’

        • ❤❤❤❤❤

      14. “The people can always be brought to the bidding of their leaders. All you have to do is tell them that they are in danger of being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger.” – Hermann Goering. As if you could logically denounce a pacifist.

      15. Qui Bono? The US? I don’t think so. GRU is military intelligence. I think the DIA is a closer analogy.

      16. Dead politicians, it that supposed to be a bad thing? sarc off

        • Only if you say your going to make them that way, or you wish they were that way. Trekker Out

      17. Also strange is the fact that russia is now assiting the so called rebel anti assad army

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