Stunning Satellite Images Of Beirut Blast Epicenter

by | Aug 7, 2020 | Headline News | 7 comments

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    This article was originally published by Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge. 

    Close-up satellite ‘before and after’ photos have been produced by Planet Labs Inc., and republished by CNN, of Tuesday afternoon’s enormous explosion centered on the Beirut port.

    The images confirm every building at the vital port, through which the majority of commerce and staples, including the nation’s grain supply comes, has been utterly destroyed.

    BEFORE, via Planet Labs/CNN

    AFTER, via Planet Labs/CNN

    A huge crater can be seen at the center of the leveled port, as CNN explains:

    The diameter of the Beirut crater created by Tuesday’s explosion appears to be roughly 124 meters — or about 405 feet, according to a CNN analysis of a Planet Labs, Inc. satellite image.

    That distance means the crater is well over a football field in length.

    Another angle  before and after:


    The shockwave from the blast, which Lebanese officials now estimate left between three and five billion dollars worth of damage, resulted in damage to homes up to miles away from the blast site.

    Hundreds of thousands are reported to be essentially homeless, given entire walls were ripped off residential buildings up to a mile away, with windows shattered multiple miles away.

    Close-up view from the port toward the downtown Beirut area:

    Top Beirut city government official Marwan Abboud told AFP: “It resembles what happened in Japan, in Hiroshima and Nagasaki,” referencing the atomic bombs dropped during WWII.

    “In my life, I haven’t seen destruction on this scale,” he said.

    Thankfully, the couple was unharmed after fleeing for cover along with the cameraman. They were later able to continue the wedding, though badly shaken by the ordeal.

    In another terrifying instance, a BBC interview was in progress, when the BBC Arabic corresponded appeared to be thrown from her chair amid flying debris and screams:

    And watch as a Maronite Catholic priest was serving mass the minute the blast went off.

    The worship event was being live-streamed, and was reported as being offered for the healing of coronavirus patients:

    Chunks of the church’s roof are seen falling as the priest dashes from the altar and tries to dive for cover.

    Lebanese rescue services are reportedly still digging through rubble, looking for survivors or in some cases the deceased.

    The official death toll has risen to at least 135, with over 5,000 injured, but the number is expected to climb as more of the rubble is removed. Families are still searching for loved ones reported missing in the wake of the tragedy.



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      1. There are now images emerging on-line the explosion in Beirut may have been caused by a missile. If so, then who may be responsible and why are the questions. I recommend Russia and other 3rd independent parties conduct a thorough investigation. It’s odd how when man-made disasters occur we are only left to wonder who was the responsible party, but for this one, there was a pat culprit within 1 day – this appears to be a classic planned misdirection if I have ever seen one. Regardless of the cause, there’s much more to the story than what we presently know.
        It’s also odd we haven’t heard any condemnation from Amer. politicians about comments made from some prominent Israelis (our friend and ally?), including former and present officials there. They claim the Beirut catastrophe is a gift from G*d, and the death, misery, and destruction is a cause for Israel to rejoice and celebrate. Other publicly known individuals there made similar statements.
        Lebanon was once a prosperous and peaceful beautiful little country. But it has the misfortune of its location. All the strife and geopolitics has spilled into the country and now it is a total mess in every way.

      2. People who have no shelter or houses anymore should pack their things and go to Germany.
        The Germans need fresh blood for an aging society.
        Everybody is welcome.
        The Krauts pay everything.

        • Bad Idea.
          Oil and Water.

      3. I am very concerrned that the same psychopaths in the American power circles that staged the 9/11 attacks are going to blow up the Bucks arena where the DNC convention will be held. My suspicions arose the day that they announced the venue since it only has a seating capacity of 17,500 people, and the DNC has claimed that defeating Trump is the most important election in DNC history practically. This venue was chosen prior to Covid. Since then, the DNC has announced that Biden will not attend because of Covid, even though it will primarily be online attendance because of both the small size of the arena, and Covid hysteria. 

        This arena and the Milwaukee Bucks is owned by former Democratic Wisconsin Senator Herb Kohl, owner of Kohls Department stores and Kohls grocery stores. 

        Herb Kohl has wanted to build a new Milwaukee Bucks center and bill it to the tax payers, despite his extreme wealth. 

        Just as Larry Sylverstein World Trade Towers owner was aware of extensive investement that would be required for standard maintainance of the World Trade Towers, he decided that it would be more lucrative to engage in the largest insurance fraud ever perpetrated on U.S. soil, and to bribe everyone off.

        I would urge everyone not to attend the DNC convention. Antifa has engaged in terrorist attacks of national monuments, buildings, and community property in collusion with insurance fraudsters in FIRE economy, Financials, Insurance, Real Estate.

        All of these fraudsters are being bailed out by the United States Treasury department in acts of treason with the Federal Reserve.

        The deregulation starting in 1992 recreated the criminogenic petri-dish of the same conditions that existed for the Great Depression, so it is by no means no surprise that this country is in the shape that it is in.

        As everyone knows, they intend to incite a civil war, and they would probably choose something like this to serve as the catalyst.

        Don’t fall for it! Don’t attend the DNC convention! Cancel it! I see the signs! I’m ahead of you sick mother fuckers! 

        Andrea Iravani

        • Since psychopathic hackers have extremely limited my ability to connect to websites the last few years, I have been unable to access the Milwaukee Journal and Madison Host websites. Initially the DNC announced that the convention would be at tne Bradley Center, which was demoloshed in August of 2018 after Herb Kohl sold the Milwaukee Bucks to 3 New York hedge fund managers on the agreement that Kohl would donate $100 million for the new stadium, and bonds would be sold to build the stadium to be managed by the Wisconsin Center District which owns the Wisconsin Center formerly known as The Mid-West Express Convention Center. I am even more suspicious now than I was before since it has had financial troubles and another of the Bucks owners is also the founder of Cadre which appears to be an unscrupulously run real estate ponzi scheme. Jared Kushner is one of the major investors and it has invested in Genie Oil which would be illegal Golan Heights, Syrian oil extraction that Trump, Kushner and Netenyahu conspired together in. Cadre’s website a few years ago said that it crowd funds real estate, but when I tried to find all of  the real estate that it owned it could not be done. The information was unavailable. That was prior to the troubles by hackers preventing me from accessing many websites, youtube, even the New York Times. The Milwaukee Bucks oversees and manages the Wisconsin Center District. So it is suspicious to me still.

          Andrea Iravani

      4. I’d comment, but hey; They’re never ‘approved’, anyway, so fuck it.

      5. A few MK in the Israeli Knesset have actually stated the death, misery, and destruction in Beirut was a gift from G*d and is cause for rejoicing and celebration. There were also some prominent Israelis who said the don’t know anything about the catastrophe in Beirut, but they did say they would be proud if Israel was the one who caused it.
        One wonders why prominent politicians in the US are quick to condemn every type of hateful language, yet say nothing about hateful statements being made in Israel.
        There are frantic efforts underway now to scour all videos, photos, text, references, etc. from the internet that could possibly show Israeli culpability. If the claims are completely baseless, why the effort to do so.
        We should only sincerely hope it was nothing more than an horrible accident due to gross mismanagement. But more and more evidence is being shown that may not be the case.

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