Street Justice: Devastating Counter-Attack Leaves Boardwalk Bully Lying on the Pavement

by | Jul 2, 2014 | Headline News | 239 comments

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    In his book Surviving the Economic Collapse Fernando ‘Ferfal’ Aguirre says that because most people are used to peace and stability they often realize too late that they are in danger. Rather than taking up defensive positions when pushed or confronted by strangers people tend to default to traditional social guidelines so as not to appear inconsiderate or overly reactionary. “This is based on a natural tendency to please others,” says Aguirre.

    But making this mistake could have serious adverse implications for you and your family, because acting just a split-second late could lead to serious injury or even death, an outcome Ferfal witnessed all too often during the disorderly collapse of Argentina in the early 2000’s.

    “You have to re-program yourself to react violently when surprised or threatened in any way,” recommends Aguirre, who notes that it is necessary to modify your psychological  and unconscious social behavior in environments where the potential for violence is high. Rather than expecting non-confrontation, a prepared individual should expect exactly the opposite.

    The following video, taken on the Atlantic City Boardwalk shows how very quickly a simple disagreement can turn violent.

    An unknown individual is seen arguing with a street vendor and pushing his street booth against the man in what can only be described as an act of thuggery. The vendor is seen trying to back away from the man, but the thug would have none of it.

    As the vendor backs up, the thug keeps moving towards him, cutting off any escape route. Words turn to fists and the thug lunges forward with a pretty powerful punch.

    The vendor, having anticipated the violent action, immediately moves off of the assailants attack line and out of the way.

    After that it’s lights out.

    As you watch the video pay close attention to the street vendor’s right hand. While he attempted all methods of avoiding confrontation – stepping backwards from the fight, walking away, and even putting his hands up in a universal non-confrontational manner – it is clear that he went into the situation with the assumption that this individual might take it further than just a screaming match. As such, he concealed what seems to be some sort of metallic weapon in his right hand.

    After the thug lunges towards the vendor, the subsequent counter-attack is swift and devastating.

    The thug literally never knew what hit him.



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      1. That was beautiful.

        • Something that if the anti-gunners and and anti-self defense parasites had their way, those that protect themselves would be those charged with the crime. A beutiful scene liked described can turn hideous when the lawyer infested vermin turns it into the thugs as the victims. Happens all the time in hell holes like greece and other pro criminal european countries that made the ex-Soviet states look free in comparison to what is going on now. I hope the fight for our rights to defend ourselves from criminals never reaches that point in the U.S. and scenes in which people fight off the evil are hailed and protected as our legal right to do so.

          • @Be Informed

            I agree with your perspective entirely: too many scumbag lawyers in this country live in gated communities patrolled by armed guards, so THEY never have to worry for their own safety. Your safety and mine however means absolutely NOTHING to them. Just look at the lawyer scumbag infecting the White House: not only does he have 24/7 armed guard protection, his children have it too! Yup, the same POS who wants to leave OUR children defenseless inside “gun free” schools sends his precious darlings to Sidwell Friends, which has nearly a dozen armed security guards.

            What’s more, I fear that this whole “blame the victim” posture is going to make future confrontations much more violent; if I am attacked or anyone tries to harm my loved ones, I will do my utmost to kill the attacker. That way, he can’t try to make himself out to be the “victim” after he tried to cut my throat or rape my wife. Or as they said in Treasure Island “dead men tell no tales”

            Its sad that it has come to this, but TPTB decided long ago to stop trying to help the good people of this country, and started unloading the jails, siccing violent thugs on us and doing their best to leave us alone and defenseless

            Ideals Mastering Power Creating All Life GOD IS

            • Knuckle sandwich, no extra charge.

              • Somehow my DNA never got the memo for “a natural tendency to please others”…

                • Sneak and Peek Warrants worse than No Knock Warrants: Article Link:
                  We can add this “Sneak and Peek” of your home or business to the list of:
                  *Your Airport Luggage Searches by TSA.
                  *You padded down, searched and X-Ray’d at the Airport.
                  *Your Parked Cars at the Airport Parking Garage Searched while you are away.
                  *Your Emails and Personal Data searched by NSA.
                  *Your Cell Phone Data Recorded and your Location Tracked.
                  *Your Car License Plate tracked at Red Light Cameras and on and off ramps of highways.
                  *Your Facial Recognition collected and registered without your knowledge.

                  *Also “stop licking the envelopes” you send out for your monthly bills, as the Fascists are probably collecting your DNA off the envelope as well. Seal them with a wet paper towel.

                  BTW/ Have a Happy 4th of July Celebrating all your NEWEST Freedoms.

              • Defiant: Very funny, an all meat ( no fillers) knuckle sandwich!

            • As we turn on the scum bag govement don’t forget the lawers who have tried to screw you over…..

            • Off topic. Time to change your Target and stop bad-mouthing Wal Mart and start on OUR friendly Target Store. New Company policy, they want to make their stores more family friendly, so they will no longer allow Open Carry in any of their Stores. One last trip to Target might be a good idea, load a cart to the brime and if asked not to open carry then leave the cart, or you may have to ask at the check-out if your welcome and then leave. Trekker Out.

              • Got Balls? Plunk a few holes in their store target sign. lol

                • So because they disagree with you, you think it’s okay to shoot up their property? Can’t wait for someone to do the same to you so I can hear you squeal about your right to free speech.

              • Same here except no last rip-off. Hells bells might as well go to Wally World…

              • Right on Trekker, that’s how we should all due business.
                By the way, the parent company owns Starbucks and jack in the box..

              • Actually Target has stated that NO FIREARMS are allowed in their stores so they don’t want anyone to carry concealed either.

                Until they post their stores I will continue to carry in Target as I always do.

          • Karma!!! – Another reason to get your concealed weapons permit. Check this Story – Teen Playing The Knockout Game Gets Shot Twice By Victim – VIDEO

            • In the same way, the New World order can be eliminated overnight, and at 500 yards. 🙂

              Engage these TRAITORS or be enslaved by them one rule, regulation, or policy at a time.

              How is Free Trade working for YOU? How about Border security? Taxes? EBT cards? Pension benefits? Medical insurance? The list goes on and on and on. 🙁

              • At Durango Kidd,

                You talk a great song, but WILL YOU SING IT?

                Admit it, you are just as apprehensive, indecisive, AND CHICKEN SHIT as the rest of us! As long as Status Quo persists, You’re not going to risk your life, your family or your freedom to make good on your “500 yard long” bullshit threats, so knock it off, nobody is impressed by it….SIGH

                I understand the feeling DK, but idle threats only makes martyrs of tyrants…

                • I am a decorated ex-marine and Vietnam Vet. When push comes to shove, I can do whatever is necessary to defend America.

                  That is historical fact, not idle fantasy. 🙂

                  • Oh, and BTW, there are millions of guys just like me all over the nation. When hostilities break out the NWO will run for cover. There are too few of them and too many of US. They can run but they cannot hide. WE know who they are. They fear US and label US “domestic terrorists” because WE belive in the US Constitution. Everything they do is designed to destroy it.

                    More than anything else, they fear an enraged and engaged electorate. This is how they came to power and this is the best way to remove them from power. Then indict them, arrest them, try them, and sentence them.

                    The sentence for TREASON is death.

                    If they insist on UN Constitutional actions, Patriots will not cower in fear because WE have faced death before; and that is OUR advantage. By and large, they have not. I venture to say that few, if any who has put his life on the line for this Nation, sides with the NWO.

                    That means that there are tens of millions of US and a few of them. It can happen here and they know it. They are prepping for it. Winner takes all. It will only take the elimination of 100 NWO Traitors to make the point that America intends to remain the focal point of personal liberty and the rest will head back to Europe.

                    There are things worse than death. And there are things worth dying for. There are also things worth killing another human being over, and the IDEAL that is America is one of them.

                    Death to Traitors. It’s totally Constitutional. 🙂

                  • Ah-hem, ‘Why There Will Be No Revolution’


                    Also, when someone says, “I am a decorated ex-marine” and then says, “I can do whatever is necessary to defend America.”

                    Do they Not notice the major gap in consistency there?

                    Hint: they were decorated for defending the power of the empire. Not, for defending, “The People”.

                    If you told that person that violence was the worst thing they could do and violence would actually Harm “The People”… do you think they would listen?

                    Grasshopper? …Crickets?

                  • given what your country is doing to the rest of the world, and to its own people, don’t you think it might be time for you to piss, or get off the pot?

                    Where, exactly is your line in the sand DK?

                    What is it you are prepared to defend that hasn’t been pissed against the wall already?

                  • So let me understand you. You “defend America” from Vietnamese and got decorated for it?

                    WTF did Vietnam ever do to threaten America that you needed to defend us?

                    Rethink your service and why you did it, then explain defense to the rest of us (yes, I served, but I don’t wear that stupid ass mistake on my sleeve).

                  • DK: You’re the first person I’ve know who calls himself and “ex-marine”. Every Marine I’ve know, and yes, it’s capitalized because it’s a proper name, who is no longer serving call himself a “Former Marine”, not an “ex”. Just saying.

                  • DK ,
                    Where you serve in nam?
                    Would be interested to hear your story ”

                    Now is not the time for those 500 yard Target acquisitions, we will all know when to act and there will be no doubt about it . You and me know the cnsequences of that action and what it’s like to take a life I still have problems with it , if your human you will , as I get older I tend to think more about it , but I realize I had to do what I had to do. War is not pretty and no one should go activally looking for it , but when it is upon you , you do what needs to get done .

                    I still think we have a long way to go before it gets to that and maybe this can be stopped before a kenetic option occurs . Sometimes the best deterrent is being prepared and willing let TPTB know they are stepping out of bounds remind them of the consequences if innocents are harmed, reprocity will occur .

                    Always maintain the high ground, do not be pushed into a confrontation that benefits the OPFOR by their nefarious designs . Let nature take its course those that support the regime will eventually turn on it in the end and the results will not be pretty sort of like the character in the video in the article .

                    Tyrants get their just reward in the end , they are either disposed or made irreverent .

                    Semper Fi brother enjoy your 4th

                    Semper Fi 8541

                  • The military is a threat to freedom and liberty by protecting and defending that very entity that is the greatest danger to our freedom and liberty – the United States Federal Government and the regime that controls it. There is no “foreign” threat that can equal it, particularly since so many perceived foreign threats wind up being manufactured.

                    The truth is hard to bear for military sycophants like the durango kidd, but the facts are clear. America’s wars have been fought in order to advance Washington’s power, the profits of banksters and the military industrial complex, and the fortunes of US companies.

                    The “defending freedom and liberty” line is a sick joke on us all.

                  • then do it and stop being a keyboard commando with empty threats

                  • DK,
                    You are A. Okay in my book. Thank you for your service to your/our country and for your contributions to this site. You have a lot to share with us and a lot that is worth listening to.

                    I do not understand why some folks feel everyone must march by the same drummer. I do think most of us have a lot in common. Some of us have seen war, some of us have not; Some of us feel comortable with guns, some of us have no clue; Some of us still believe in America and the American Constitution, some of us have lost faith in America; But, what we share in common far outweighs and outshadows our differences, and that is why we come here. We all believe S is hoting to hit the fan sooner or later. We all believe that something has to be done to turn things around if possible. We all believe that prepping and preparing is better than not doing anything. Chance favors the prepared person!

                  • ALL Marines know that there is no such thing as an “ex-Marine”, only former Marines. Once a Marine…Always a Marine.

                  • @durango Kid – I respect Viet Nam Vets. Many were drafted and showed up to do their duty, regardless of the validity of the war. Jungle fighting has to be some of the scariest, most unpredictable, in the shittiest conditions, guerrilla warfare out there. Thank-you Sir! Being an “Oath Keeper” is a life time commitment. I am in that crowd as well.

                  • Time for every one to chill out. Have a beer or two and rethink the matter. First, I am on your side. But I have to call things as I see it. All this key board commando talk is so much bullshit and nonsense. Nobody has the balls to actually do violence. If you did, you would have already done the deed. Except for those who have actually have stuck back at the dotgov agencies but have the good sense to STFU about it. Nobody is going to put at risk their 9-5 job just yet. We all have our belief in the day-to-day routine will last a bit longer. BTW, I am guilty of the same thing. Nor do I have the money to live out the fantasy of surviving the SHTF storm as described in a Rawles novel with all the goodies and uber cool stuff that go with an off grid BOL.
                    Seriously, the only thing of that the talk ofactions one will take to whom and when or at the next unconstitutional illeagel out rage is to draw attention to your self? And even if you do have the skill sets, real world experience and the tools to make that 500 yard, one shot one kill at night shot, why announce it?
                    Makes more sense to me to let others think you don’t know any thing, all the while practicing till you can not get it wrong. Being very grey is a very good thing to be at times.
                    I am just as angry as you are at the way things are, and the frustration of trying to warn others, who refuse the storm that is coming our way.
                    @DK, with all due respect and in brotherly love, I have to say this, to a degree you are living in a fantasy. The America you wish to defend no longer exists. America as we once knew it is all gone. The Constitution is dead.
                    Working within the system will not change things, the game is rigged. Going out, shooting the people that need to be shot and breaking things is still not an option. What to do? I’m not sure, and I could be wrong.
                    To all my fellow roomies here, I do pray that God will give you the wisdom to make the best choices and best of what ever situation you find yourself in. You have my gratitude. Hope all is well with you DK.

                  • Hey Durango Kidd, thank you!

                  • Eagle Eye: My “line in the sand” is when a Rogue Administration issues an EO and comes for my guns. Its totally UN Constitutional. And no rationale can be generated to support its illegality.

                    Other issues are best fought politically by organized opposition.

                    Helot/Clark: I am a fan of Gary North, but this time he is wrong. I have a Franklin that says North never served in the military, but has always been an “intellectual”.

                    If he had, his perspective (and yours) would be much different. There are many tens of millions of veterans just like me, who think as I do, and many, many thousands who are much more “radical” about their Constitutional rights.

                    It will be a Marine that stands between you and the New World Order. 🙂

                    North cannot perceive the possibility of “Revolution” because he has no street experience and no connection to the common man. Consequently, all of his opinions are based upon a sheltered world view, divorced from the masses, and therefore reality.

                    Much like yours for still living in your mama’s basement. 🙂

                  • Prescott: It must be a local colloquialism where you live. I have never heard that status articulated in any other context other than, “ex-Marine”.

                    Every Jarhead I have every known who WAS a member of the Corp, refers to themselves as an “ex-Marine” rather than a “former Marine”. 🙂

                • WhoWuddaThunkIt says:

                  regardless of the validity of the war.

                  You are aware of the fact that Nazi’s were executed for the very same notion: “regardless of the validity of the war.”

                  It’s people like you who allow the depredations of the State to eviscerate the liberties of the people.

                  BTW… Take your “service” (if you really engaged in any), and shove it up your ass!

                  • @yourmotherwaswrong – I think you missed my point. When I referred to the Draftees of Viet Nam. They came to the call of Duty. Being older now and reading more about History, Viet Nam was a con job no doubt. I was referring to Honorable Draftees. As I too signed up for the Draft, but was never called. What I truly find repugnant today(last 20 Yrs) are the Morons volunteering to go fight illegal wars to commit Genocide and slaughter for the Fascist State, and that is all it is and was. That is a clear difference between draftees and volunteers. Volunteers are pure Prostitutes or just pure ignorant looking for a paycheck and do what anybody ask of them. Today’s Military also lies claiming their all volunteer Army. Well if they are Volunteer, then they should be able to UN-Volunteer at anytime they please, right? Volunteer also means you work for free, unlike today’s military which are well paid mercenaries. My other point is the Viet Nam was jungle fighting, the most dangerous besides the next house to house fighting. Most all war is Fraud and theft of the other liberties using oppression. So call me what you like, you have free speech, but get your facts strait and read again what I am saying. Otherwise you get thumbs down.

                  • YMWW: The sixties was a unique period in American history for those who lived through it. Particularly for the young people who were trying to find their way in life, difficult as that it is anyway.

                    There was little choice for young men of draft age: one could go to Canada and pledge allegiance to the Crown,(which for me was unthinkable); or one could serve as required by law to retain their American citizenship.

                    I chose to remain an American citizen because I believe in the American IDEAL of self determination and personal liberty. America is an imperfect place and becoming more so because those in power have used OUR institutions for their personal enrichment and corrupt ideologies.

                    Note that OUR founding document states … “to create a more perfect Union…” because OUR Founding Fathers recognized that America was imperfect and that each generation of Americans have a responsibility to ensure the continuity of OUR ideals by working toward a MORE perfect society.

                    Sadly, WE have failed OUR Founders. WE have accepted lies and corruption at every level of government; and worse, so many weak individuals participate in party politics to pave their own way and line their own pockets; rather than serve OUR national ideals.

                    Its a moral failure. 🙁

                    Yes the Nazi’s were executed for their crimes and the New World Order will suffer the same fate. Rule by a privileged few for their own self interest at the expense of the majority is the historical premise for revolution; particularly as it is enshrined in OUR Founding documents.

                    I would also submit that it also contradicts the Natural Law of God, which ultimately, requires personal freedom for every individual to make moral choices: therefore the future of America and the world is more freedom, more self determination, and less government.

                    Corrupt governments always bring judgement upon themselves. Unfortunately for a “lack of vision, the people perish.” 🙁

                  • WWTI sounds like he is the type to enjoy it shoved up his ass. He sure thinks his shit does not stink. I guess he is a closet homosexual, that blows smoke up anyone’s butt.

              • So who do you recommend shooting? How is that going to end the New World Order when the people behind it have secret service calibre security?

                • John Kennedy had Secret Service protection. So did Robert Kennedy. Ronald Reagan too. It didn’t protect them from either short or long range.

                  Anyone can be shot, poisoned, stabbed, or infected with cancer cells or plutonium. Where there is someone with a will and skill, there is a way.

                  There is a lot of skill out there. Just saying. The New World Order can be eliminated overnight, and at 500 yards. And it can happen here in America.

                  Do you have any plutonium? 🙂

                  • I agree with the sentiment but there is the practical problems of deciding who and when to strike. It is clearly not yet time for open violence; the elites running the show apparently feel the same way as open violence is not yet being used against us. A more pressing concern is just who is the target when it is time for violence? Unless someone has personally done something to you that is worthy of elimination, violence will be against symbols of authority and not necessarily against those who are the truly guilty. Even the POS cop who is hassling motorists at a stop-and-search checkpoint probably is just as clueless to the reasons behind his orders and is “just doing his job” because he has a family to support just like you do.

                    That is the tragedy of our predicament; history bears this out over and over throughout human existence. Those who bear the most guilt are also the most inaccessible to justice. I admire DK’s commitment to go down swinging; frankly if we all aspired to as much there would be no chance in hell of any attempt at enslaving us ever succeeding. However, I am sure the elites pulling the strings are also aware of this and have no doubt wargamed it. With incomplete data and only my intuition, if I had to bet on it I would bet that they are planning on keeping the game going as long as they can while extracting the maximum amount of wealth and resources while increasing their control. This will continue until it cannot which is when the gloves will come off. When force and oppression are countered with effective resistance from the populace, round two will commence. This will be the nuclear option (although it will probably be biological instead of nuclear; they need the infrastructure intact) and all the really nasty germs and viruses will be released from all those biolabs scattered around the country (and the world for that matter). Those in control know that the planet cannot sustain more than one in ten of us anyway so they will make sure the best 10 percent survives; they probably have well stocked bunkers hidden all around the world anyway, and the vaccines to whatever they unleash on the rest of us. How do you fight that? And for what? The same demographic and population disaster that they foresee will get us too in the end, only we will die of starvation instead of disease although the disease will probably still make an appearance before it is over.

                    When the elites emerge from their bunkers maybe the few survivors on the surface will be able to take their revenge; maybe that will be motivation enough to keep going after your wife and children have succumbed to plagues and random violence. The ideal that DK is fighting for no longer exists and most, if freed from the current masters, would just turn around and appoint new masters because they are too fucking stupid and sheeplike to accept the insecurity of freedom over the security of the feedlot.

          • Now just imagine that exact scenario except instead of the younger guy wearing a black t-shirt, he’s wearing a cop shirt. Mr. Vendor then becomes an assailant and is brutally beaten within an inch of his life by 15 other cops (thugs) and mercilessly sent to rot in prison — for doing the exact same thing…defending his life, liberty, and property.

            • Helot, if I had been in Manners’ position I would have reacted as soon as the cop tried to grab me. I don’t care what ANYONE’S law says. You have the natural right to self-defense against any and all attackers, regardless of what they’re wearing or who they are. There is no way I would’ve let a cop hurt me to any degree. There was no justification for the way the cop handled that situation. Even the “old school” cops in my family would’ve said there are more sensible ways to handle such a situation.

              • It’s too bad that, “the “old school” cops” a.k.a. ‘peacemakers’ are no longer around. I might be Ok with that.

                There are no good apples in what is known as, ‘The Force’. Otherwise they would have spoken up.

                When did you read that article on The Internet about good cops speaking up? …Um, Never.

                Oh, wait, it was in the 1970’s, the guy was Serpico.

                That was the last time, as far as I can tell.

                • I’ve said the same thing. People always say “It’s only a few bad cops!” Right. If that were the case then all the GOOD cops would STOP the bad cops! But alas, that NEVER happens. So if a “good” cop doesn’t stop a bad cop then aren’t they all the same? YES THEY ARE. Never talk to the cops and never trust them. These days they are all psychopaths waiting to kill anyone they can. In my small town they have murdered four unarmed people in the last ten years (that I know of). Cops fear the day when the SHTF.

                • Hey,let’s not forget Chris Dorner,the Navy SEAL who was executed in L.A. for calling out the deputies as bullies and killers for the Establishment.He left a tell-all manifesto and his only crime was that he cared for the rights of Americans and wanted to honestly”Protect and Serve”the public.
                  His death should not be in vain.Salute him as a true Patriot.
                  “He who does not bellow the truth when he knows the truth makes himself the accomplice of liars and forgers.” – Charles Peguy

            • So helot, I agree no revolution, we are however in the beginning stages of civil war. That said, can anyone describe the boundary lines? Right/Left Liberal/Conservative.The internet has completely changed the our method of communication. Never before in history was what we communicate as instant as now. What happened at the Bundy Ranch would be unknown except for some media accounts.
              Civil disobedience is a growing trend, it’s nothing new however. I’ll leave you with an old quote: When tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes duty..

              • Yes I can envision a civil war. and race war, ethnic cleansing. However its vandalism that will bring everything to a screeching halt. not some lame government sponsored false flag terrorist attack. it will be pissed off fed up folks who have nothing to lose who say fuck it. and go on one man vandalism sprees. shoot some transformers . or pile burning tires around the wooden high voltage cross country high voltage lines. or railroad trestles. one person could bring everything to a grinding halt and never be caught. Now if you had lots of folks doing infrastructure vandalism everything would crash overnite. and it couldn’t be repaired for a very long time. Remember history it was vandals who dumped all that tea into the harbor. White guys dressed up like Indians?

          • Good evening, BI, and once again, oh so true. Any anti-self defense parasites confront me and they’ll pay a price for it. anyone who tries to hold me accountable for said act of self-defense will also get a dose.

          • “if the anti-gunners and and anti-self defense parasites had their way, those that protect themselves would be those charged with the crime.” — In that case, may every anti-gunner be victimized…at least twice.

            See? Who says I have hard feelings towards liberals?

            • Love thy neighbor, sixpack.

              Tough as it is, Love thy neighbor.

              • You love my neighbor, then. I’ve got better things to do with my time than babysit idiots.

                • Sixpack, I couldn’t agree more. Besides, there’s no way I’ll have good feelings about anyone who approaches me with bad intentions toward me. On the other hand, I will feel good about effectively dealing with the threat. Helot needs to get his head out of the sand.

              • HelotHelot, did you see the movie, “Serpico” with Al Pacino in the lead role? I have always admired and respected him for what he did, but they damned sure made him pay a terrible price for it. All of the “old school” cops in my family said that Serpico set the example for them to follow. That’s the kind of people we need today, not these brainwashed thugs.

          • You think “No-Knock Warrants” are bad? Here is the COPS Newest Tactic “Sneek and Peek Warrants”- ‘Sneak & peek’ warrants allow police to secretly enter homes without notice. Covert tactics have become legally accepted and increasingly popular. Link:

            Lets call these creeps the “Panty Raid Sniffer Crew” Rifling through all you belongings at their will when you are not at home. Get your Nanny Cams and Booby Traps in order.

            • Well, if they sneak and peek into my home they will be immediately rewarded with a dose of double ought buckshot.

          • You think “No-Knock Warrants” are bad? Here is the COPS Newest Tactic “Sneek and Peek Warrants”- ‘Sneak & peek’ warrants allow police to secretly enter homes without notice. Covert tactics have become legally accepted and increasingly popular. Link: h t t p ://

            Lets call these creeps the “Panty Raid Sniffer Crew” Rifling through all you belongings at their will when you are not at home. Get your Nanny Cams and Booby Traps in order.

        • I have been getting training in Krav Maga for 2 years now, and situations like this are exactly what it trains you for. In the beginning it was difficult to shrug that “do no harm,” tendency to please others reflex. I chose Krav Maga because it is based off of real-life situations; street fighting.
          I am of average height, build and weight. Not formidable-looking at all. My instructor uses me frequently when a new member begins. One who is, shall we say, rather gung-ho and thinks he “knows everything.” I have taken down, with ease, men twice my size whose biceps were as thick as my thigh muscles.
          The look on their face, which is usually pinned to the mat with my knee on their neck and their arm twisted violently, is that of sheer astonishment. They can then begin training, having been taken down a peg, realizing being able to do 500 pushups doesn’t mean shit in a real fight.
          I encourage everyone here to look into Krav Maga. It is definitely geared toward WROL / SHTF scenarios such as having a gun held to your head, or knife in your back/on your throat, and having to react instantly without thought when confronted with a situation that indecision could cost your life.

          -Heel out

          • Achilles Heel – I’m an average guy with no hand to hand fighting skills, approaching retirement age with poor upper body strength due to a dodgy shoulder – so I’ll just shoot ’em! 🙂


        • No its not its ugly. Any violence is ugly. Perhaps this man got what he deserved but its sad when people laugh or get off on violence.

        • I don’t know what that was in his hand, but I want one!!

        • I love happy endings.

      2. Payback can be Hell….

        • Eppe. payback and karma are both bitches. So are all the women I put out of my life since I lost my wife.

          • Scores aren’t too great. From my estimates–

            Good Guys. 197
            Bad Guys. 13,678

            The good guy must be careful. If he does something wrong, he could lose everything because he has worked and has something.

            The bad guy doesn’t care. He has nothing, so what is there to lose? He does wrong and nothing happens. If in jail, well food is there. So is the knowledge that jail time is limited and he is free again. Thus, to do it again….

            The Good Guy needs to be quiet and live a simple life. The Good Guy needs to be aware….

            • Ugly says, “The bad guy doesn’t care. He has nothing, so what is there to lose? He does wrong and nothing happens. If in jail, well food is there.”

              Seems like The State providing the goodies at your expense is the problem more than anything else. The State is whatchya call, an enabler.

              You don’t mind if he picks your pocket?
              For that’s what he’ll do, and at first he’ll just claim it’s only to protect you from those dastardly neighbors from south of the border. You’ll sign up for that, right? Like a good little Autobot.

              Also, “The Good Guy” can be quiet and live a simple life, but The State has ’em in the target/tax/regulation sights. …Which means: being quiet ain’t no defense at all. They’re coming to getchya.
              That’s what it means to be in a police state. Especially a totalitarian one with 30,000 drones flying overhead monitoring you everyday 24/7/365.
              You’re gonna pay, less you Opt Out. But even then, we’re all gonna pay. That’s what it means to be ruled in a police state. There’s No Way Out. The lovers of empire and the police state have made it so.

          • Brave: Easy….we are not all bad….


            • PKLauLau, I understand where you’re coming from. My wife was a very strong-willed, loving, caring, intelligent person. Not one woman I’ve had since then could hold up a MATCH, never mind a CANDLE, to her. It just seems like GOOD women are becoming an endangered species. They’re becoming really scarce.

        • eppe says: “Payback can be Hell….”

          Ya, true. But sometimes you can turn things around and make it sweet, I mean, make things better than before.

          …No, I’m not talking about the video in the article. That dude had it coming.

          The dude in the video wasn’t about “payback” rather it was Pure self-defense. Two totally different things.

          • Not if that same ‘punk’ had messed with him earlier… And that is why I said payback. But did anyone notice the black tee shirt with what looks like BO with a bandaged head wound???? Just guessing….
            Heart shot only, no head shots if possible….

            • It does look like O, you are dead on that, just not see a RED splot on the bandage. One could only hope.

      3. There’s always someone badder than you are.

        Pick enough fights and you’ll find him.


          Love the line…..

          “Ever notice how you come across somebody once in a while that you shouldn’t have f—-d with? Well that’s me.”

          • I need to see that movie.

            • “Then Came Bronson” Movie – Charlie Bronson made a living out of being a Vigilante. That’s taking care of business at the local level.

              • Actually, it was “Death Wish”.

          • Dirty Harry?

        • It’s usually the quiet, unassuming man leading a peaceful life. Usually those that are the most dangerous are those who don’t feel the need to advertise their lethality.

      4. Looks like a younger guy picking on an older dude…until he got punched out! 😉

        • I’ll knock you old people into the middle of next Tuesday.

          Read the bare knuckle boxers companion and everything ever written by Loren W Christensen.

          You punch on the flat surface of the last three knuckles, fist vertical instead of horizontal like in the movies. Learn how to hit fucking hard, hit first, and don’t stop hitting until the black is on the ground. And learn submissions.

          • Some of us are of the opinion that all that fighting is wasted energy, gets you hot, sweaty, possibly dirty, and injured. When this scumbag made is first move to agitate this vendor, the vendor should have calmy shot the piece of shit in the chest until he stopped moving, period!

          • “I’ll knock you old people into the middle of next Tuesday.”

            That’s exactly what the bully in the video thought.
            You’re as wrong as he was.

          • sap gloves work wonders. I like the open finger design. I used them once and only once on a bully in Wyoming. OMG that guy’s head hit the concrete sooo fvking hard. It was splat, splat. Lights way out concussion time.

          • AE
            You know how many times I have had some low life turd/troll like tell me that.

            Never happened and never will. Some have tried, and some got a trip to the hospital.

            You don’t fight with an old man they will just kill you, and if they don’t their families will. They have all ready lived for a long time so it doesn’t matter to them any more, and you don’t pick on Grand dad!

            You are going to need a lot of luck when the SHTF. You won’t last long.

            You are a young troll, and I’m not going to waist my time on you. Last time I will respond to anything you post. JUST A THUMBS DOWN. Until you grow up!

            • waste not waist stupid pig

              • AE, you’ll never be half the man Sgt Dale is.

              • AE, watch your tongue about the people here.

                • Like I’ve told you before doucheheart, you are NOT in charge of who can post here or what they choose to post. Get over it gramps.

                  • Anonymous, I’ve never claimed to be in charge here. I know this is Mac’s site and he runs it as he sees fit. I’ve never had any problem with that. The problem is trolls like you and Acid Etch coming on here and attacking good people for no legitimate reason. Now, if you were offering some useful advice on any survival-related topics, that is different, and we would be glad to hear it. That is the primary mission of this site. That’s what we all come here for, NOT to put up with useless trolls here. I never dictate anything to Mac concerning this site and no one else does either. We have way too much respect for him on that. I just won’t let unjustifiable attacks on the good people here go unchallenged. I’ll give Acid Etch credit for one thing; at least he came up with a name to post under. What about you? Are you just too retarded and brain-dead to come up with a name for yourself? You’re the one who needs to get over something, so go f#$% yourself!

          • This old guy boxed two years in college. I’ll never fist fight someone 40 years younger, that would be stupid.

            I will, however, cheerfully shoot you. No point working up a sweat.

            • Smokey- me too…. golden gloves about 43 years ago. With a bad back and an even worse attitude due to the pain, I won’t box anymore. It’s too civilized. I will however, still put them down… cheerfully and without a handgun. I have a small rope with a steel ball in a monkey knot on the end. Bet that would hurt a bit.

              • Tater, you GG folks were good, got knocked around a lot by you guys.

                I figure I earned a semester of tuition and textbooks doing the smokers at the local Eagles and Legion halls, $50 for three rounds on Wednesday and Saturday nights.

        • Don’t pick a fight with an old guy, he’ll kill you.

        • Don’t pick a fight with an old guy, he’ll kill you.

        • With age comes knowledge and skill. Just pick your spots and timing. And just one good punch, it all it takes sometimes.

      5. NICE! Poetic Justice. No trial, no appeals, no cross-examination. Only the bully taking a dirt nap.

        • Ah,,,, yup…….

          • djdog,

            I can only hope other bullies were looking on. Maybe next time they’ll think twice.

            • I dunno about twice, just thinking ONCE should suffice.

      6. NICE!

      7. Darwinism

      8. LIGHTS OUT………..LOL.

        • The trouble with a bad boy punching at shadows is, you never know when someone badder is standing in one.

      9. Sometimes the little guy gets justice, sometimes.

      10. No no no, this is all wrong. The vendor should have called law enforcement and taken a beating while waiting for the officers to arrive. How dare he fend for himself!

        • Isn’t it nice to know that when seconds count, the police are only minutes away?

        • prep49er, if you’re just joking and/or being sarcastic, OK. If not…..

          • Yeah, I have a basement full of .223 and Spam because I have FULL FAITH our elected officials…

          • /s

          • Yes, Mister Braveheart sir. Much sarcasm intended.

            • prep49er, it’s OK.

              • Anybody that needed to be told he was being sarcastic is a MAJOR fucking idiot braveboy.

        • Then six squad cars come screaming to the rescue, 12 people are caught in the cross fire, 8 dead plus two dogs, and all officers involved get paid vacations and all is soon forgotten as the next atrocity dwarfs the last..

      11. Instant justice served on the end of a screwdriver handle.

      12. Potential hurricane alert for all those that live in Hurricane Author’s path. Watch the pressure readings and forget about what The Weather Channel says about it only being a category 1 storm.

        980 mb or lower means pressure that of a category 2 storm.

        964 mb or lower means pressure of a category 3, or major hurricane.

        Start getting below 950 mb, look out!

        This storm probably doesn’t have the time to flourish into a monster, but it does have the warm water and lack of wind shear. Hurricanes that don’t have any wind shear have exploded later in the hurricane season decades before into category 4 or 5 catastrophes in sometimes less than 24 hours. Being so early in the season should help to keep it from being a Katrina or a Sandy. Still something to watch for all those out there off the Atlantic coast. The pressure is usually given by all news stations and all weather sites, and watch that pressure as right now it is 990 mb and dropping.

        • BI ,
          Is it just me or is this setting up identical to Sandys path ?
          Cold front in the same place and the other aspects seem similar, water of NJ is 77 degrees F .it’s in the upper 80’s farther south , this has the potential for being really bad early in the season. No wind shear predicted in the next 72 hours.

          Filling up the car today with fuel , charging batteries , check NOD’s , radios, getting final preps in place , watching and waiting we were ground zero for Sandy and that memory is still fresh.

          Seems like every time I put in for leave S**t happens.

          They are now talking about this having the potential for a Cat 2 , or 3? and being caught up into the cold front , Sandy II anyone?

          8:00 am forecast calling for RAPID DEVELOPMENT , NHC latest adversary.

          Nightmare scenario cat 3 at high tide on a national holiday.

          9:40 am Leaving now to get final stock ups. Local media downplaying the event,
          TPTB could use the afterath as a false flag.

          Every body in the zone prepare , Stay Safe ,
          I got a bad feeling about this one . Descretion is the better part of valor.

          Semper Fi 8541

          • Night breaker, I’ve been through hurricanes when I lived in FL, so I know where you’re coming from. Good luck.

          • Be careful out there! Prayers for protection from both the elements and idiots! I have close relatives in South Jersey, and the day after the storm, my nephew was out in a kayak taking pictures of the destruction for various agencies ( to help the home/business owners.) those pics helped the owners get help they might otherwise have had, cuz at first the Feds were saying it wasn’t all that bad. They changed their tune when they saw pics…..

            • Might *not* otherwise have had…..typing too fast….

        • I’m ready and waiting here in the hurricane warning area. Arthur is now 90 mph and expected to be Cat 2 any time now.

          I didn’t have to do anything out of the ordinary, except to move some plants from the edge of the back porch so they don’t drown and take down the front porch swing so it won’t beat the front of the house and keep me awake.

      13. The vender wasn’t quite a suit type as he obviously had some street skills.

        • I doubt he learned that quick effective jab, and the stance to go with it, on the street.

          • He didn’t learn to have and hide that screwdriver in his hand in the ring.

            My bet its not the first asshole he ever had to get violent with.

      14. Damn

      15. Look at this closely and you will see that the “weapon” in the vendor’s right hand is a stiletto of some sort that he extends the shiv (at the :20 mark) and then (at the :25 mark) retracts it again with pressure against the hip/butt of his shorts just as he disappears out of frame for a moment. When the vendor reappears in frame 1 second later you can see that the shiv is no longer in sight but his hand is still holding the weapon. This vendor had the means in his hand to put a hole in this guys throat or even his heart. Major kudos to the vendor for recognizing that he could “downgrade” his weapon’s status and that it would still be effective. The dude who got knocked out is lucky.

        • My guess is he had a screw driver in his hand. He used the handle to strengthen his fist, so he could hit harder without breaking his hand. If his life was further threatened he could have used it to stab. Very sensible, and likely legal to posses to maintain and operate his business.

          Always be prepared!

          • “He used the handle to strengthen his fist, so he could hit harder without breaking his hand.”

            ^^^This^^^ Even a short branch or piece of wood for your fist will help to keep from breaking your fingers. The exposed ends will also fuck up their face.

            • Also…..a pocket knife with a glass-breaker pommel ( I carry a Kershaw Blur) will accomplish this as well. I recommend the knife have a pocket clip as well so it can be easily accessed.

              Held as JRS describes, a blow to the head with the glass breaker will be devastating.

              The link below is a picture of the knife with the glass breaker. It’s carbide and extremely hard and sharp.


        • Are you a Marine?

      16. To quote George Clinton, that punch was “Like streak of lightning it came, filling his head with, this pain!”

      17. Evolution in action.

        • I am surprised to see the negative responses to my quote. A good read, if you have the time, is a book by Niven and Pournelle, “Oath of Fealty”. In it, an arcology is created to house the “elite” and keep them safe from the riff raff outside. One of those riff raff ignores every warning (and there were many) along the way of breaking into the arcology (for the people….) and is killed in the process. Get it, now? Despite all of the warnings, laws, etc. these kids are out there doing something incredibly stupid and evil. I do not believe in “evolution”. I do however believe in “evolution in action”. The difference? It is an example of the “dumb and ignorant” ones in our society to wipe themselves (and any future progeny) out. Think of it as a “Darwin Award” in action. Get it? Got it? Good…..

      18. Work circumstances have forced me temporarily to Maryland where the pencildicks in Baltimore have decreed that any gun outside of your home must be unloaded in a case with a trigger lock. Yesterday as I was driving in a wooded area a few miles south of a small city, what happens? A fucking black bear runs out in front of me on the interstate. No accident occurred, and the bear proceeded towards the city. I was cheering that bear on and I hope it went on a rampage down main street. Now if a survivalist had a Kalash modified to full auto and a med kit with some strong narcs, would he be rewarded for dropping that bear and treating the victims? Fuck no. So I say:


        The dumbest people these days are reproducing much faster than the fittest. What the fuck is this shit? Be happy when the stupids are eliminated.

        • So, you’d shoot/kill a bear just for crossing against the light? What makes you think he was going into a “rampage”?

          Sounds like the bear was lucky someone had some common sense.

          • sixpack asked, “So, you’d shoot/kill a bear just for crossing against the light?”

            I’m guessing you’re not a hunter or a trapper.

            “just for”

            It’s Not the, “just for”.

            It’s what you do after wards.

            And maybe, The Why.

            I could understand if you were talking about a cop taking out a human. It’s a pity so few people see the difference.

            • I mean, I’d shoot a sqirrel or a rabbit or a pheasant who hapened to pop up in my sights, it’s no different, diner on the plate or a rug on the floor.

              However; I won’t, “Be happy when the stupids are eliminated.”

              I want them enlightened.

              I want them to figure out what they’ve been bamboozled of their whole lives. I want them to know.

              I think they can.

              For instance, I think that’s why the black families in america were more intact before the gooberment tried to help them and why their marriage rates were higher than most… but that deep shit might be too deep for some people here… so, I’m done.

              Keyword: Walter Williams.

              • CAUTION: I brake for lost animals crossing the public roadway.

                I hope you’re watching for brake lights back there…if I ever come to an abrupt stop, you’re gonna go halfway up my tailpipe.

          • I’m surprised some Rogue Cop didn’t pull the bear over for running a light, and then shoot him for failure to produce a valid picture ID, then throw him in paw cuffs, then read him his rights to remain silent.

          • Sixpack,
            I agree with you once again. Just because an animal is available for the taking, does not mean it is imperative that you harvest.
            Take Care,
            — Miss Dee Dee

            • 🙂

          • sixpack– similarly, a neighbor kid around 20 years old told me that “when the shit happens”, “Ima gonna shoot everybody with my 50 bmg at a half mile to me”….. I looked at that STUPID bastard and asked him if he could see if it was his mom “just walking their dog” when he pulls the trigger. Yea– should have seen his face! I rode his ass for a few minutes explaining just what stupidity that was and just how would he know what that persons’ intentions were.? I mean to tell ya, this is going to be BAD!!

            • Seems to be a lot of folks that believe when SHTF that it will be a license to commit murder at will, garner a harem for food, steal property, etc.

              I’m not talking about the ‘zombies’, these are preppers saying these things.

              Makes you wonder what the difference between a zombie and some preppers is. Not much, I’d say.

      19. Well it wasn’t a punch but a swing for the left field bleachers (aka “Haymaker”) had the proper effect. Of course you can hear the “howlers” in the background laughing with glee. Damn shame the boardwalk tram didn’t come along right after and mash his ass through the gaps in the boards.

      20. Hopefully someone close to him showed him the video and said wow! You sure made an ass of yourself! Now what did you learn from this experience?

      21. While I agree guy handled business well hope the vendor had not moments earlier hit on the guys preteen sister or some such nonsense,if not,way to go vendor!

        • The aggressor looked drunk or high to me.

          • What’s it matter if he was drunk or high?
            Do they ever say that of Cops who attack?

            It’s simple: aggression, or not.

            That’s all that counts.

            To some girls, EVERY guy who makes an aggressive move looks drunk or high.

            You gotta understand, it’s what they Do that matters, and The Effect! Not their state of being. Otherwise, you’re just an assuming tyrannical mini-state. A.k.a. Sadam, Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Reagan, Bush, Bush, Obama.
            Birds of a feather.

            • If he was drunk or high, he probably had little idea what he was doing and talking him down was not an option.

              …you got enough air back there, or shall I roll my window down?

        • And there you have it Warchild. Everyone just assumes that the guy who got knocked out was a bully.

          Astounding how illusions can be created. From the start till the end my thought was “what pissed this guy off?” We have no way of knowing what the scenario was.

          Judging by the sound of the black guy in the background I would say that he was a friend of the vendor and being black you have to know he was not on the right side of the situation going in. They rarely are! Probaly filmed it on an Obama phone.


          • My point is just don’t know what led to this encounter,hope the guy knocked down just being a dick and go what he deserved,that said,I like to see the whole situation and not just edited/filmed snippets no matter whether a fight/news/argument ect.

          • “Being black he was not on the right side of the situation in the first place.” Now that’s some critical thinking right there… Wow.
            Looks to me he was constantly backing down until it was go time. Regardless of the circumstances, he was defending himself.

      22. These idiots really scare me because if they are so dumb to threaten me with serious bodily injury I’ll splash them where they stand. It won’t be a knock out, it’ll be a dirt nap. It’s time to restore serious consequences for the cowardly acts of KO gamers, bullies and flash mobs.

        • Patriot One, if he had approached me with that BS, I would’ve given him 2 shots to the head and been done with it.

          • Double tap usually do the trick, but that scenario takes some serious thought before triggering. There were a lot of people all around so you would have to maneuver around for a clear back drop before drawing a weapon. It’s just a dangerous scenario period. I’d likely maneuver so his back was to the ocean, drop, roll on my back and shoot up at the target center mass. I already know in a situation like that my hands are going to be shaking so I wouldn’t attempt a head shot.

            • Brave, why shoot when you could use your ninja moves? I mean as long as you make up shit, why not make up the fact you can fight.

              • Urban Dog, you bitch, how have you been? I don’t make up anything. I know my own capabilities and limitations.

              • Urban Dog, I’m really surprised mac slavo didn’t censor your ” attack” on his favorite doom porn shill braveboy. He MUST think braveboy is not man enough to fight his own battles so he censors comments he doesn’t like. Watch what you say or you will DEFINETLY be next on the censorship list here.

                • Anonymous dildo, I don’t practice censorship, EVER. I’m not a commie, nor fascist, etc. But Mac CAN AND WILL remove your comments if he believes he has a good reason to do so. Despite popular opinion among you trolls I can and do fight my own battles. I don’t cry out to government or anyone else for help on anything. You and Urban Dog can believe whatever you want. I don’t owe a damn thing to either one of you. I don’t give a damn what you or any other troll thinks of me. You’re not the first to attack me and won’t be the last. I’m used to dealing with retarded mofos like you. I shouldn’t have to be, but that’s the way it is.

                  • No braveboy, you do NOT fight your own battles. mac slavo does that for you, it’s OBVIOUS to anyone who reads this site this is the case. You always piss and moan about posters who contribute nothing to prepping but 99% of your OWN comments are about NOTHING but the stupid things you claim you’re going to do to people you don’t like. Go ahead and censor THAT mac and show us what you’re made of.

          • 2 shots to the head and been done with it. NOT! That is just the beginning as the courts are going to send you up the river for murder/manslaughter. If the perp has no weapon, as the video tends, you can only use what force is necessary.You pull a piece and fire on an unarmed assailant, you are going to be dragged through the courts, go broke fighting for your life, and quite possibly go to prison.

            • .02

              I’ll be doing the Zimmerman, on my back getting MMA’d before presenting a weapon. Bang! Bang! Dirt nap!!

        • Lets play KO game with a lead sap!

          • AE, try to play that game with me and it will be a double tap.

      23. What
        Ten thumbs up to the brother!

      24. I wish I would have got the call to cover this. Got to watched the video. I would have cuff that stupid turd laying on the ground and hauled him off to the poky! I would have shook the other guys hand.
        Good I love it when the good guy gets in the best punch.

        • Uncle Piggy,

          A hook to the head is an incredibly bad punch. WTF do they teach you porkeys these days? You wouldn’t even make a good security guard.

          • Oh plz do enlighten us with your vast wisdom, etch-a-sketch — what would’ve been the “proper” return?

          • AE, I’ve warned you about running down my people here, so STFU.

        • Being an anarchist, I have to ask you, “what good would this have done”: “I would have cuff that stupid turd laying on the ground and hauled him off to the poky!”

          The result would have been: The taxpayers would be sucked dry. The criminal would learn new skills while in jail and then be released shortly to prey upon the so-called public.

          How would anyone be better off other than the cops from being paid and those at the top who suck off the system while enriching themselves further?

          Your approach is totally in support of the empire which you claim to oppose.

          If the criminal had to make payments to those he robbed, that would be a different matter. But, that’s not the system we have now.
          So why defend the irrational crazy empire-loving system we have now?
          Are you insane? Dense? A zombie? Foolishly misled? Blind?

          • I have to add: it was Street Justice.
            As it should be.

            The matter is done.

            The State can only make things worse. …For everyone, taxpayers included.

            • dude, I am starting to warm up to the way you think.

              • There’s a part of me that understands and agrees with the basic concepts of Anarchism, but only up to the point where it turns more pseudo-socialist. I believe society has long passed the point where we can all willingly take care of each other by freely sharing our wealth and resources, without any third party intervention. People today just are not willing to go that extra mile for anyone other than family, and most, not even that for their own blood.

                Authoritarianism, corporatism and the ‘new’ capitalism has ruined the hearts and minds of most of the population, so much so that the idea of “personal responsibility” has been almost entirely distorted in a dystopian society.

                Most people don’t even fully understand the idea of absolute “personal responsibility”. We’ve come too far down the road we’re on to ever reclaim that path.

            • Birdseed. That punk needs a lesson in community decorum and values from the community. Put him in jail for a while, maybe he’ll learn.

              If not, he’ll just find someone weaker next time, or get a gun.

      25. obviously by the way he moved the defender had extensive boxing experience.

        The asshole punk should be grateful he wasn’t shot dead! And fuck the law, as a juror (both a trier of fact AND THE LAW)I’d never vote for conviction.

        • This was Jersey. Even thinking of a gun will get you arrested.

          • I know, that’s why I additionally mentioned my juror position had the defender put a jacketed .25 into the assholes throat (just under the chin), blew out the vocal chords and then severed the spinal cord.

            We all need to appreciate, especially as jurors, that even unarmed assaults do not restrict themselves to the consequences of merely a black eye or a broken tooth. Such assaults can and do result in serious permanent brain injury and even death in many instances. Therefore the use of deadly force in defense is most appropriate and not an over reaction due to such very real potentials.

        • james, that post will ensure you are never on a jury regarding a self-defense case. The Voir Dire process now often looks at juror blogs and social media.

      26. You old people really need to get fit and get some martial arts instruction. You don’t look at your shoes, or turn away from the thug, or shrug your shoulders, you get in a proper bare knuckle boxing/ Shotokan Karate stance and look at the enemy’s throat. You don’t back up. If the enemy moves towards you again you drive that straight right into his windpipe, his solar plexus, or his testicles. Once he’s on the ground, stomp on his head and run away. Although you should know submissions, you never get on the ground with someone on the street unless the fight carries you there against you will (it commonly does). If you learn to sink that choke right quick you will have the advantage even against bigger guys. It only takes about 4 seconds to be choked out. Holding a choke more than 30 gets into brain damage territory. Not that I hope you don’t kill ’em, I’m just sayin’.

        If you punch someones face or head without boxing gloves you are certainly going to break your knuckles. Train yourself to never do this. The only shot I would risk it for is an uppercut right under the point of the jaw.

        You should go buy a lead sap and brass knuckles with a knife attached. I also have carbon fiber knuckles that double as a tazer.

        A friend of mine was a skateboard punk teenager. He was accosted by a mountain of a man who falsely accused him of vandalism. He didn’t want trouble. When the big man grabbed him by the collar he hit the big man on the chin with a lead sap. Blood and teeth ensued. No more conflict.

        May all the vermin be bled dry.

        • What an idiot, etch-a-sketch. You only take an overt fighting “stance” if you want to PROVOKE a drunk into swinging on you. Works every time. Next time you get your ass handed to you, try not tipping your hand so early in the fight…the element of surprise can be your friend.

          • BTW, I’m a girl and surprise has always been one of my most potent weapons…that and a mean left.

            • Sixpack, Acid Etch=troll. Troll=dickhead.

          • I agree with you there sixpack. He’s young, that’s how it is at that age? RE: “You don’t back up.” Yeesh.

          • Defensive Death Blows: A direct punch to the nose forcing the nose septum back into the skull and brain can kill a guy. This video punch-blow -looks close to this knock out one punch. Remember that move. Also pencil into the eye socket works too for a permanent dirt nap. Just saying, if necessary.

            • That’s a bunch of horseshit. You cant kill somebody by punching them in the nose. Go watch your Firestarter movie and leave mens work to the men.

              • Acid. What makes you an expert? I was a Prof FF Paramedic and seen it all, and saw people die of a lot less than a deviated septum / broken nose which can puncture the brain if it goes back far enough into the skull cavity. Your nose cartilage or any other head bone fracture can puncture the brain and can cause death. You seem to be missing a few marbles, plug the pie hole in your head as they keep falling out.

            • Having been formally trained regarding this maneuver, the proper and most effective way is not to punch with your fist, but utilizing the base of your palm (open handed, powerfully thrust upward from just above your waistline, making impact with the septum, which typically breaks from the skull in a pointed ‘arrowhead’ configuration and ‘spears’ UPWARDLY into the brain.

              [*] Considerably less effective on pug-nose ‘Viet Cong’ and ‘African-American’ racial types for the obvious reason. A slam dunk on ‘Mediterranean’ types and Israelis.

              • James, Yes that is a combat defensive or offensive move to deliver a dirt nap to your attacker. Good Illustration, Thx. I have seen car accidents where their nose hit the steering wheel and delivered death in the same manner with a front end collision. Thus why they invented airbags in today’s vehicles.

        • This old person says..Kiss my ass! You have a long way to go to accumulate wisdom.

        • Speaking of punk teenager, you “martial arts” guys are such a joke! Here is some wisdom for you. If you find yourself in a fair fight, your tactics suck. Age and treachery trumps youth and ability.

        • @acid etch…

          What a brilliant plan….

          “You should go buy a lead sap and brass knuckles with a knife attached.”

          So now…when the cops do show up, you get arrested for a felony for using an unlawful weapon.

          And while I’m at it… sound an awful lot like Eisencrap.

          • Walt, I was just thinking of that. He keeps saying old people. He’s either eisenturd posting under another name or he’s related to him. That’s all we need is a new troll.

            • yeah….it’s eisencrap alright. No doubt about it.

              His mommy must have let him back into the basement. Either that or he just got out of juvenile detention.

              • Once a Sybil
                always a Sybil
                — Miss Dee Dee

      27. Booyah!

        • Let the Bodies Hit the Floor!! Let the Bodies Hit the Floor!!


        Watch this documentary about male behavior.

        39:20 – 44:40 Can you spot all the mistakes these fucking morons are making? You see how the idiot shrinks behind this shit and the sheeple watching it are too fucking stupid to understand that an alpha male is a bullshit artist and a real leader is one who takes actions of significance at the right moment? Like we can see that our leaders are bullshit artists? What would a prepper do in this situation? I betcha the people on this site would watch this documentary with a real different fucking pair of eyeballs than the rest of the idiot populace.

        • The Petrodollar and War Machine
          Published on Dec 13, 2012

          This less than 30 minute video is an eye-opener. If this doesn’t make you doubt EVERYTHING you hear in the MSM, I don’t know what will…if you watch it to the end, it should break your heart.

          But why invade their countries for oil if they where/are selling the oil to us in the first place at standard market rates? This short film goes into detail of why the petrodollar is so important to the USA and why a war with Iran is a foregone conclusion. Iran also has had it’s nuclear program running from the 1950’s, only now does the USA see it as a ‘problem’. Why is that? ANY gold backed currency anywhere on Earth would be a threat to the Euro and US Dollar.

        • Satori

          Unfortunately too few understand the relationship between our standard of living and the USD position as the worlds reserve currency.

          Its even more unfortunate that they’re going to get an education regarding the above. The upcoming ostensible reasons that will be put forward by the MSM to divert attention from the interests responsible for their plight will be quite comical for those that understand who, what, when, where and why.

      29. Off Topic, but sorry folks, I gotta rant.

        The US / Mexico border is 1954 miles long. There are 5280 feet in a mile. That’s 10,317,120 feet. There are, as of 2009, 467,787 people in the National Guard. It would take 343,904 of them to have a line on the border with a National Guardsman every 30 feet leaving at least 123,683 left over to plug any holes or catch anyone who gets by with a Guardsman no more that 15 feet away. I think my math is right.. if so, the only reason why this is happening is because our Glorious Leader wants it to, he could stop it almost over night.

        Whether you think it will do any good or not; please consider calling your Rep. in Congress and demanding that Articles of Impeachment be filed against you know who. Even if you voted against him, or didn’t even vote.. if you do not demand his removal from office; you are complicit in his retaining it.

        No, he won’t be removed.. right away. The Senate would not confirm unless they also received massive phone calls demanding confirmation of the Articles of Impeachment. There is an election coming up in Nov. If they get enough calls, they will act out of self preserving fear. They will act, because the are cowards and faithless bastards.

        Our laws are our laws and our borders are our must be enforced and the other must be protected.

        I feel for the people coming across. I’ve spent 4 of the last 8 years in Mexico. If you have some money, it’s almost paradise like. If you have no money, like most of the natives; it’s fairly hellish. We can’t blame them for wanting a better life for themselves or their families. We can blame our Glorious Leader and several past Glorious Leaders for not enforcing our laws and not protecting our borders. That is what this is about. It’s about our borders and our laws.

        Impeaching this bum would likely cause some rioting.. but again, our laws will handle that.

        It’s time. Please consider calling your Rep and demanding that the President be Impeached. Will it do any good ? I don’t know, but I don’t want to be the one that kept silent when silence is what got us here in the first place.

        Sorry for the long off topic post. Crap, I don’t even feel any better.

        • Dear, oUCH

          When you say, “our” borders, and “our” laws… why do you think you are included in this special club that makes up these rules and draws these special lines on a map?

          IMHO, you are quite naive to think, “There is an election coming up in Nov. If they get enough calls, they will act out of self preserving fear.”

          I wonder why so many americans fear their neighbors rather than love them?
          I mean, are some americans afraid to compete with their neighbors and the world?
          Can they find no other way to success other than to demonize their neighbors and put them down?

          A whole bunch of farmers in The North and elsewhere plan to put the influx of people to work doing jobs american’t’s won’t do at Any wage price the free market will support.

          I mean, you’re not going to buy a Ten Dollar tomato or a fifty Dollar ear of corn, are you? That’s likely what it would take to entice an american’t to pick crops in Middle america. And, you Just Won’t Pay That.

          And why should you?

          …But you don’t get all that supply and demand nonsense. That’s what makes you an american’t.

          I won’t even bother posting the link about how we’d all be worse off if the Obomatron got impeached… it’s too much deep thinking for the walking brain-dead of the world to contemplate.

          “Make, go faster”
          “See more”!!!

          So says Yurtle The Turtle, much like Humpty did.

          • What you wrote is Troll Crap. Or simple Crap if you prefer…. or just plain old bullshit.

            This has nothing to do with the people breaking our laws.. as was made clear and as you obviously understand.. you choose not to understand and to defend the indefensible because you have a political agenda the excludes love of country. You and those you defend ARE the problem; not the people trying to make a better life for themselves.

            Will you feel the same if several biological weapons or God forbid, nukes get smuggled in through our completely open border ? You wouldn’t care, because it’s all about your agenda and your blind allegiance to your Glorious Leader. You are the problem, as is the people you support.

            So, although I could intelligently rip your nonsense laden post to shreds.. I’ll just leave it as it is… an obviously lame attempt to deflect responsibility and ignore common sense.. which you seem to be allergic too.

            In short, Piss off Helot.. the stench of your words offend those who value the rule of law.

            And, for the record, I don’t buy tomatoes. I grow them.

        • Want to Stop Illegals Crossing? I would rather put up “50 cal. Gatling Gun Crows Nests” every 50 yards apart on the Border, that regular Americans can man voluntarily or even pay $20 for a 3 hour watch period. And then a clear zone of about 200 yards that is open season for anything passing through this area. “Feeling Lucky? Huh.. Do ya Punk?” There would be no more of this Obama pansy feed and breed policy, here’s a lawyer for ya, Show up to Court in a few months, mean while go check out Disney policy we got now.

      30. My guess was the brown Tee-shirt guy was drunk.
        The alcohol not in his favor. Don’t drink and fight…with a sober guy.

      31. That was AWESOME!! Wait for it, wait for it, BAM!

      32. To all the bad a$$ out there remember this; If you’re going to be DUMB you got to be TOUGH!!

        River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!

        • Sorry should be TUFF!

          River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!

      33. A smart street move indeed..back off out of harms way with non combative gesture(hands in air),,then bammm!

        Excellent..surely a 9, 40 cal,or even an sr22 would have been a better ending but hey..great job!

        Justice served!


        • Posse,a shooting in that situation would have just fed more ammunition(pun intended)to the anti firearm crowd,seems this worked out just fine.I would still also liked to have seen the whole situation from the actual beginning.

        • The use of lethal force in defense in this situation “might” be legal in some States but as the saying goes, “Just because you have the right to do it doesn’t mean its the right thing to do”. Stand your ground or not if I can safely flee I’ll eat pride and run.

          This happened in that bastion of freedom NJ. This guy is going to be lucky if he isn’t charged for using that screw driver in his defense.

          • People are sometimes killed by a simple fist blow to the head. Ask the relatives of the soccer ref that died yesterday. If someone is willing to throw a haymaker at me that could potentially kill me, I don’t see a problem with using lethal force to defend oneself. A little more of that in the news will make people think long and hard about starting shit in the street and in road rage situations.

            • For those of you that lived their life in America NJ among other states is an eye opener.

              Running will save you $10k in legal bills. Even if your not criminally charged in that State that thug will sue you. If you have nothing not to worry. If you have some $$$ different story.

              Granted if you can’t flee by all means fight. You don’t have “stand your nothing” in NJ. Its more like “Don’t stand, just bend over”.


      35. Alert here in Va. Seeing a lot of military movement. One prowler, two sea knights, 5 Blackhawks, 2 c130s in 2 days. (And a partridge in pear tree) my thoughts are possible false flag. Either way stay away from Manhattan, all these dudes talking in the msm about a second 911 makes me think they know something we don’t.

        • funny thing is , they also upped the airport security due to a possible “new type of bomb” they can get on board airplanes
          And we’ve had a missing 777 for quite a while now

          and they are in desperate need of a FF

      36. Ladies and Gentlemen.

        By knockout, in the time of 43 seconds in the first round. The New Boardwalk Champion of the Street Fighting Division of U tube.

        “Cart Man”

        And the crowd roars!

      37. Hurricane Authur now has a pressure of 983 mb and only has to drop another 3 mb to have the minimal pressure of a category 2 hurricane. If the track is wrong this storm could intensify into a major hurricane if it has the time to and doesn’t interact with land. Still it could whack those out there in North Carolina and Virgina, especially those on the Atlantic coastline. Watch the pressure, this is what helps fuel storm surge. The winds will adjust in time to reflect a much lower pressure.

        Like so many of these storms, how many of the population will be ready for the power outages and the effects of wind and flooding? Like usual, most people will be lucky to have a 3 day supply of food. They might have some candles, battery operated LED lanterns, perhaps even an electric generator. That will after the storm have passed be taken back to the store or sold cheap at a garage sale. After all after the threat has passed it is back to life as normal and they don’t have to worry anymore about any disaster ever again. Ahhhhhhhh! God help the stupid. I wish they had a common sense pill these people could take.

      38. Nice lil place to eat if you got the time

        h t t p://

      39. h

        According to the hosts, details of the conversation included whether Maine state Democratic officials should be hung for acts of “treason.”

        “And we also discussed this there, that as far as I know, the penalty for high treason hasn’t changed in a hundred years, and I didn’t say it, but the governor said it — I never opened my mouth and said the word — the governor looked at us and looked at his buddy and said, ‘They’re talking about hanging them,'” McCarthy said during the broadcast.

        Now their finally getting it..?

        The sovereign citizen movement

        “We’re not terrorists,” Phil Merletti, a group member, told the Bangor Daily News. “If I had the money, Mike Tipping would be in court right now. This is a travesty to my rights as a human being.”

        • Please find out what sovereign means because you will find out that all free people are sovereign. The governments are killing them because the sovereign movement files suit against corrupt government employees using the Laws that the government has created. They use the governments words, rules, codes, statutes and laws to hold them accountable in the name of justice. Ask yourself how that is a bad thing regardless what party you stand for?
          And as far as what party you stand for you should also be awakened to the fact we no longer have two separate parties working for your behalf have two parties that came together to fuck you , and enrich themselves with your labor and your abilities..your enslaved by your government

      40. Look the Government is estimating 40+ million people will be 50 miles or more from home on the 4th. If SHTF happens; look at the added trouble (people trying to get back home) that would add to the event (total lock down on all travel). Also throw in a hurricane to the mix. The potently amount of (SH-T) could get deeper than a tree everywhere. Be prepared! What wonderful times we live in.

        River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!

      41. It looked to me that the vendor was trying by all counts to avoid a confrontation, but the stupid punk kept on advancing. After finally taking a sloppy swing…and getting floored, did he *maybe* learn that he should:

        1.if you spout off at the mouth for the wrong reasons to the wrong people you will get clocked.

        2.bring back more of your homies with you next time, in case you are out-gunned.

        3.wait till it’s dark and there are no cameras around to incriminate you or your other thugs.

        I bet he does all of the above.

        The below is ***OFF TOPIC*** but another prime example of OUR tax dollars being wasted away…

        (from ZeroHedge site)
        The Arms Race Is Back… With A Twist: US Congressman Urges NATO To Purchase French Warship Destined For Russia

        The saga of the French Mistral amphibious assault warship which was ordered by Russia years ago, and whose delivery – at least according to Putin – was the reason behind the US record $9 billion DOJ fine of French BNP (which the Russian president called “blackmail” by the US designed to intimidate France and prevent it from completing the transaction) just took a turn for the bizarre.

        In a note written in the Atlantic Council’s website, Democrat representative for New York’s 16th district, Eliot Engel, has proposed that instead of letting France conclude its deal with Russia, now that even the BNP “blackmail” has failed to dent Hollande’s intention to see the delivery to its end, that NATO (read the US) should step up and “collectively purchase or lease the warships as a common naval asset.”

        In other words, with cajoling, threats and even fines failing to make an impression on French weapon delivery intentions, and thus US foreign policy, it is time to start throwing away taxpayer money in order to spoil Putin’s party.

        Of course, this begs the question: what happens with the next order placed by Russia: will NATO step in and overbid Russia in the final instant (using US bond issuance proceeds to fund the transaction of course – bonds which are largely purchased by China, the Fed and, of course, “Belgium”) again, and then again, and so on?

        We wonder: are we the only ones who now see this as nothing more than the cold war arms race, in which the two sides would merely stockpile nuclear weapons in an attempt to have the greater “Mutually Assured Deterrence” fear factor, and which ultimately ended up bankrupting the USSR (or so conventional wisdom goes)? If so, who is getting the short end of the stick this time: because just how many useless and unnecessary military vessels can “NATO” accumulate before it finds they have zero impact on how Russia is truly waging New Normal warfare – using European energy flows?

        Keep a close eye on this proposal to see if it gains traction.

        Full letter by Eliot Engel below:

        NATO Should Buy French-built Warships

        [L]ast month I wrote to NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen, urging a plan by which the alliance would collectively purchase or lease the warships as a common naval asset.

        This avenue would give us a win-win-win solution.

        First, we deprive Putin of this valuable military asset. Such a step would help reassure nervous allies and partners in Central and Eastern Europe that would most feel vulnerable by this force multiplier in the hands of the Russian military.

        Second, we would greatly enhance NATO capabilities at a moment when many of its members have been cutting defense expenditures. There is already ample precedent for NATO to purchase shared assets, including the alliance’s fleet of E-3A AWACS aircraft. If Russia does indeed remain an aggressive force, NATO will have to refocus its energy and resources on European defense. The future success of the alliance in turn will depend on all NATO members sharing this burden and commitment. Purchasing these ships would give NATO a much needed shot in the arm.

        Lastly, this purchase wouldn’t leave France holding the bill. At a time when the European economy remains fragile, we shouldn’t allow one of our allies to endure such a heavy financial blow.

        Eliot Engel is a member of the US House of Representatives for the 16th District of New York and the ranking minority member of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs

      42. Bee You Tee Full !
        Put some mustard on that hot dog. He is done !

      43. * notice the brotha’s hands, always check your opponents hands before engaging, the brotha was holdin a hidden screw driver/blade.

        advice from an experienced ex-brawler

        don’t closed-fist punch

        you don’t punch with a closed fist if you want to survive a real fight.

        you will break your hand or wrist if you punch with a closed fist.

        then you are screwed.

        use your feet first to fight…

        use the environment around you to fight them and your opponents momentum against them. side step and leg kick/ trip them/ rear knee stomp, slam them into the ground or wall or door or table etc etc… it works.

        then grapple with them by taking their back and choke them out in a rear choke hold.

        try not to kill them. only hold the choke till they go limp. usually only takes 15 seconds to choke em out in a real fight.

        And the best way to win a fight is to simply walk away from it.

        * only fight when you have no other option, especially during a shtf event. try to conserve conserve your colorizes and water during emergencies, don’t over exert drain weaken yourself by fighting needlessly, if you get hurt or partially disabled from injuries, it could eventually kill you, even a lil’ scratch can turn septic deadly with no doctors or meds in a shtf event.


      44. That’s yer comeuppance you bully douche bag!

      45. That’s yer comeuppance you bully douche bag!

      46. y’all might wanna read this
        hate for anyone to get sucker punched

        Expropriation Is Back – Is Christine Lagarde The Most Dangerous Woman In The World?…us-woman-world

        are they coming after YOUR pension ???

      47. well worth a minute or two of your time


        ““You got any idea what it’s like to grow up as a boy and your “father” is a 5 year old kid? One that slaps, hits, beats with a belt, and is just every so slightly sadistic. He couldn’t even use the excuse of being an alcoholic. He was just *that* fucked up.” ————– Game Over”

      48. A very telling article on titled The Real Reason Homeland Security Exists explains the nuclear blackmail of the u.s. by dual Israeli American citizenship criminals present in our government. The zionists are controlling our present and future enslavement. Do you Bible believers think Israel can do no wrong? Think again.

      49. Iraq chases Baghdad sleeper cells as ‘Zero Hour’ looms over capital

        “(Reuters) – Iraqi insurgents are preparing for an assault on Baghdad, with sleeper cells planted inside the capital to rise up at “Zero Hour” and aid fighters pushing in from the outskirts, according to senior Iraqi and U.S. security officials.”

        if terrorists really wanted to hurt the west
        they would take the oil refineries off line
        Iraq is producing about 3 million barrels a day
        who is gonna replace that ???

      50. Just got a Boil Water Warning from a neighbor about the City Water system. Glad I have about 10 cases of bottled water on hand, a reverse osmosis system, 3 other 5-gal water storage and multiple water filters including a Katadyn ceramic pocket filter. Just ordered yesterday another Sawyer Mini filter. I’m good and no stress here. Glad to have prepped ahead of time. See SHTF can happen when you least expect it. My neighbors on the other hand are probably in a panic out driving around looking for bottled water right now and probably why he just texted me. lol

      51. Nicely played.

      52. The thug didn’t get hit, he got stabbed. Stop the video at 0:21 and you can see the vendor is holding a long curved blade in his right hand. Seven seconds later, the thug is lying on the boardwalk, probably dead.

      53. Great video, vendor-guy was light on his feet, made it look easy.

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