Stocks, Oil Plunge and It’s Not Even September Yet: “Feeling of Fear in the Marketplace”

by | Aug 21, 2015 | Commodities, Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 79 comments

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    There is an unsettling feeling creeping over the land…

    And very obviously the fear of something big approaching is not confined to those on the fringes, because mainstream investors are now losing confidence on an almost unprecedented level.

    Right now it is big news that the stock market just took one of its biggest tumbles in recent history, while oil prices plummeted back down to historical lows, touching below $40 per barrel. CNBC reports:

    The Dow Jones industrial average fell more than 400 points as nearly all blue chips declined. In the last five years, the index has only had four instances with closing losses of more than 400 points.


    Oil reversed Thursday’s late gains to briefly fall below $40 a barrel to $39.86 for the first time since March 2009.


    “Right now there is a feeling of fear in the marketplace and all news is interpreted negatively and it’s interpreted indiscriminately,” said Tom Digenan, head of U.S. equities as UBS Global Asset Management.


    “I think uncertainty about China (and) general negativity is weighing on the market. There’s a lack of positive economic news to motivate buyers,” said David Kelly, chief global strategist at JPMorgan Funds.

    For a while now, numerous economists have been warning that the system is headed for a collapse, but that message has been tuned out of the mainstream feed.

    But not anymore.

    China’s economic troubles, now dragging down its manufacturing sector, carry a major risk of spilling over into western markets, and the Federal Reserve has all but admitted that it is has run out of ammo to artificially prop up the U.S. market. QE3 has failed, and the negative effects of a zero interest rate are reaching a tipping point. Meanwhile, the currency wars are heating up across the globe.

    Are things headed over a cliff?

    USA Today expounded upon the significance of the lowest oil price in more than 6 years, as overproduction is forcing oil and drilling businesses go belly up, in turn threatening to liquidate millions of jobs and undermine the market:

    Oil prices dipped below $40 a barrel Friday for the first time in 6 ½ years on the prospect of falling global demand, busting through a key threshold that could signal further declines and market turmoil… some analysts say the drop below $40 likely portends an additional slide into the $30s and continued weakness in the short term.


    Further pushing down prices was a government report that U.S. oil inventories unexpectedly rose last week.


    “It’s a very important psychological level,“ says Phil Flynn, senior energy analyst with the Price Futures Group.  “It really signals that the global economy is in trouble.”

    There is surely more to come in this unfortunate drama… but already, today’s numbers are showing that a very real fear has set in about how bad things have become, and how quickly it could all come unglued.

    Batten down the hatches, and get ready, for it could get ugly.

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      1. Is the house of cards falling???? Prepare!!!!!

        • House of cards falling? Hey, there was a guy saying this is a good time to buy. Hahahahaha.

        • If China has 1.5 B people, 50% of whom make up the work force, 10% unemployment equals 75MM hungry, pissed off people.

      2. Yeah, well, people I talk to sure aren’t showing any fear! Everybody seems cold, unfeeling and BAU…

      3. Folks have been predicting this for months. And we haven’t even seen September yet…

        Hold on to your hats folks, and let the roller coaster ride begin. Thanks to this site and others like it, we here on the hill are as prepared as we can be.. Thanks Mac!

        • getting reeeaaaal close to dumping those “soon to be worthless frns” on the clueless…..hahahahaha….

          and a good time was had by all….

      4. This is going to go big. Consumers have already been forced to cut back. Fear will make them cut back even more. (Never mind Obamacare, job insecurity, debt insecurity, und-und-und.)

        Fear is deflationary feedback the likes of which no central bank can control. This is what’s been giving them nightmares for years. Fear is irrational. As long as markets are rational, monetary manipulations can have an effect. Monetary manipulations have no effect on fear.

        Goodbye, and thanks for all the fish!

        • Anyone comes after Anonymous’s stocks, will get a market full of hot lead from my ventilation team!!!

      5. Watch out for the bounce next week as the talking heads refer to this as just a correction. I admit that I am not as prepared as I would like to be. We moved off grid 45 miles out from anywhere two years ago. I would really love to have another year but it is what it is. Need to get ready for this winter it might be a really, really long one. God bless everyone.

        • Sounds like to me you are ready a lot better off then me and I am feeling pretty good about it . I run a lot of class 5 on the river and ready or not once you in your in we still have time. ..

        • “Fear index soars 28%”– CNBC News video… guess some people are scared.

          I personally, go back and forth– sometimes can hardly sleep, other times.. “aw.. whatever”.

          • I never worry about the stock market causing a global collapse, it’s going to be something else; like a run of countries defaulting on their debts.

            No, the stock mkt is behaving exactly as i expect. It ran up for years because of quantative easing and is now falling back to reality as that continual supply of fake money is now gone.

            This week and month looked really bad, but during the decline, it ran back up to support and failed many times and when it did decline, it declined faster than most people thought(not me) because so many of the sells were triggered by computer settings and index funds that sold a whole lot of stocks anytime they sold an index. I’m expecting a short rally next week and then another week like this one in september and then the same again in october and in november comes hope that holiday sales save everything. If it drops more than 15% before november, i’d be suprised but i think the recession is in 2016, not next month.

            • lena: This is a classic, lack of demand driven, deflationary recession at the end of a fabricated, extended, business cycle for a two tier US economy.

              Do not buy on the dips.

              Holiday sales will be in the toilet this year for sure. Blizzard or not. Its over. And all the FED’s Men cannot put Yellen back together again. 🙁

              • “This is a buying opportunity” (As long as it’s me you buy from).

            • It will rally again but by October it will be in the dumpster. 1929 will look like a walk in the park since we were more agrarian and able to fend for ourselves. System of payments will break down. Food delivery, shortages, rioting, etc. It’s gonna happen. Clean out your bank accounts, buy some gold, not much. The big reset looms. It is a seven year cyclic event. This is the plan of our owners. 2016 has it’s own problems. It won’t be pretty. Have a bug out location ready. OK, this guy is nuts you say? Well, my words of warning will haunt you in November….

          • @Anonymous: Here is what I fear. A concentrated attack on my home, at night by a large, determined, well lead, well armed, won’t take no for an answer gang. Herein is the issue we need to come to grips with right now and accept as absolutely inescapable. When the lights go out and the ugimme brigades take to the streets, then death is certain if we can’t get out of Dodge before they find us. If not, our homes become our tombs. Being caught in your home/tomb by gangs cannot be cured: Only prevented. Best wishes and thanks

      6. Figures. Just when i get approved for disability.

      7. Please take heart and be of great courage. Isiah, Chapter 24 clearly tells us that 90% of us will die, but He shall save one in ten. That’s 10% and a really hefty number when indexed to the population. It doesn’t take a night at Holiday Inn Express to figure out who the survivors are: Preppers and the ones we choose to help. This mess with the stock market, well He also gave us a warning when the Shemitah started last year. If anyone remembers, the DOW lost 1000 points in about a week, but then rebuilt and climbed over 18,000 on 23 Dec. ’14, last year, stay with me please. That 1000pt. drop was a warning shot which MSS (Main Stream Society) chose to ignore. God Himself only knows what will happen next week, which is the last week of August. As the headline says, “It is even September yet”. But with Bad Hung Pee Wee Lee in North Korea threatening to nuke Seoul, South Korea, Putin just announcing they are bringing new missiles with nukes on line to target all of Europe, China’s economy going mammary glands vertical, and our own problems at home and abroad, well I don’t have a clue, but I’ll just wager that it bodes nothing good for you nor I. In fact August could very well be the last full month we ever have before teotwawki. I sincerely pray we are all here in October, but it’s a long shot at best. God bless and best wishes. PS: There is one other item of extreme significance that seems trivial but will have far reaching ramifications. That item is the new F-35 fighter interceptor. The performance data of that aircraft, which is now slated to replace all F14-15-16 and F18 type aircraft, is not lost on our enemies. The F-35 is out performed by each of the before mentioned aircraft. Some aged to over 40 years. A computer model showed the Mig 21, 1950s technology handily defeating the F-35. In closing we have always been able to depend on our Navy. When all else failed, the navy stayed the course. But with F-35s sitting on the flight decks, the game has changed, especially with the new Mig 31 coming on line. Not to mention the startling advances China has made with their fighter/interceptor aircraft. May God Himself protect our pilots. Because if the United States Navy has been castrated with this new equipment then September could be a really bad bummer. God bless all.

        • That is a great analysis/breakdown of what I, too, see happening. Your final “P.S.” is just one of the nails in the coffin we call the usa. Thankfully it is all in God’s mighty hands and we are to trust those hands…. pray prep and protect ’cause hell is beating on the door if not already in the house.

          • @The Truth Says: Thank you and have a blessed day.

      8. Yeeeee, Ooooow.

        Not that’s a haircut.

        Listening to the Talking Heads doing Damage Control’ Said bottom feeders didn’t come in. Oil hit below $40.

        Dead Cat Bounce ahead.

        • If this cat bounces at all, it’s going to bounce right into a storm drain.

          • Heh! Perfectly stated.

      9. Old Coach: Yep, things are going to be bad. So what, people have no excuses. They were warned on this website and almost countless others. It was just as easy to prep into maturity as it was to pupate into nothingness. They, by the tens of millions, and of their own free will and slothfulness, chose nothingness. Sometimes we have to accept the fact that most people refuse to be saved, except for day to day handouts. Those days are coming to a close very quickly as the funds for handouts won’t be available anymore. We didn’t turn our backs on them, they turned their backs on themselves. I can hear the chorus now from black, white, brown, and all those in-between: “Whose gonna feed my babies.” Well, I do feel sympathy for the babies, but you gotta understand, this time around, that’s mama’s problem. Sad but true and long overdue. Thanks and be strong.

        • There’s a saying that my financial son-in-law keeps throwing at me: “Bulls make money, Bears make money, and Pigs get slaughtered”. Betcha there’s going to be an oversupply of bacon pretty soon.

          As for the point that millions are unprepared, either due to naivete or willful ignorance, I give you John Lennon:
          “Lady Madonna, baby at your breast, how you gonna manage to feed the rest”.

          • @The Old Coach: Well said, my friend, well said!

          • Those lyrics were credited to Lennon as per the “Lennon-McCartney” songwriting verbal agreement, but was written by James Paul.

      10. Warren buffet will be applying his saying Be fearless when everyone is afraid and afraid when
        Everyone is fearless. Same as buy low and sell high……..

      11. Here in FL the price for food and housing are taking a big jump. Hate to see what winter will bring. Eggs are $4.99 for a 18 pack and meat prices are down right scary.

        • I just noticed the egg prices here in the Ohio valley are up a dollar a dozen or more.

          BEEF is so high because of some bad weather conditions over the past couple of years that forced a lot of farmers to severely cut back their herds. Now there’s a shortage.

          I’m in pork country, so pork is still pretty cheap. Chicken

          • From the Ohio Valley also! At the store today a dozen eggs were $2.99. My stomach turns every time I buy beef. I wait for sales and stock up, but even the sales aren’t that good.

        • Bought a dozen eggs last week for $2.29. Yesterday the same eggs were $3.39. Gilbert AZ..

      12. Dow was down 531ish points watching CNBC here in Oz,shit was plummeting fast.I think monday will be interesting…

      13. When the “Elite Hunting Season” starts?

      14. I just know some dude was interviewed on King World News back in Feb of this year and everything he predicted has come true!!! Now recently, his last prediction (few days ago)– he’s warning of the dark ages approaching us. His name is Ergon von something or other.

        • Egon Von Greyerz
          ht tp://


          • I read this article when it first came out and at the time I wondered what would trigger it and how it might unfold. China is the key and we now, 6 months later, know the key/trigger was their devaluation of the Yuan…. thanks for the reminder. pray, prep and protect.


        This is what he russians and chinese have planned. DOWNLOAD THE UNCLASSIFIED DOCUMENT, read it and you will see that the russians planned to make the US, look like the bad guy in the world and to make them the chinese look bad. China is the one who is throwing female students to the PLA, and gunning down hundreds of people recently, over 200 of them in a public stadium with .50 machine gun fire. Russia, is not better. We have been set up by russia and china and facts are in this report.

        Putin is a piece of sh..t. and so is Zi of china. F….k both of you. Dont you two pricks come in my contry and try to moral crap you think your fooling the world with, f…k you putin.



        • The FUCK you talking about HCKS?

          WASHINGTON D.C. is solely responsible for the shape America is in. Yet, you put the blame on Russia & China for the downfall of America?

          You make it sound like our Government has had no involvement with the conditions that we currently face. Hell, you probably support these illegal invasions / business dealings in the Middle East that the Military Industrial Complex has conjured up.

          This is why you don’t listen to people like DAVE HODGES, you are buying into everything he says with 100% certainty…and this my friend will be your downfall if you continue to be this damn naive about it.

          If people buy into these pundits: Alex Jones, Dave Hodges, Steve Quayle, Hagmann & Hagmann …etc. with 100% certainty, you are going to simply lose yourself in the mix of things.

          • FTW,
            remember the govies will be out in force trying to do disinfo.!!! trolls are abundant!!

            • Apache54, there’s also an abundance of bullets for trolls.

          • HCKS has outgrown the tinfoil hat his Momma bought him when he was 9 years old, and his welfare caseworker won’t buy him a new one.

          • Hcks is a paid shill Zionist lover. Propaganda mill poster to try an make the Jews Genocide minimal. Oh demonize Russa for what? Putin kicked the Jewparasites to the curb in Russia and why Israel hires propagandists like Hcks to sway public opinion on public blogs. It way past time here in the US to do the same thing. Let the great culling begin.

      16. Burn down the Mission
        The lyrics themselves, while telling a simple story, are vague enough to be open to interpretation. Ostensibly the story is that of a poor community oppressed by a rich and powerful force, and the narrator, driven by some sort of revelation, has decided to take direct action to remedy the situation. However, his attempt fails and he is “taken away”, presumably to meet his fate, and justifies his actions as an attempt to defend his family.

        Live Free or Die…make your life count for Liberty and Freedom

      17. Going to TRY and remain calm… And keep on keepin’ on…prepping. What else can we do?

        • Exactly. Just keep doing what you’ve been doing.

          Keep getting those #10 cans. Keep getting those supplies. Keep getting that ammo. Keep getting those nice bits of information that will help move one through the mess.

          Keep on doing what can, while you can.

          • ScoutMotto, good to see you back. I’m also still stacking and praying.

            • going get an extra 20 gal. of non ethanol in the morning ,run my generator for awile ,pick up a few pcs of loose metal ,and sit back and see what dannys going to do ,if it runs across the mountians of cuba i think well be ok ,if it comes up through the straits thats not bad ,but if it comes up the carribian between cuba and the yukatan ,all bets are off ,then its got a straight shot into the everglades ,thats what happened with donna and the one that went into punta gorda ,cant remember his name

      18. I know this article just publishes but it’s off by more then 20%. The DJIA closed down 530 point!!! Holy shit bat man! Industrial production must be crashing, it’s the only rational reason silver is down. I bought 60 oz’s this morning but if I’m right it may go down to the $8 to $12 range. I know stupid me but I’ve been messing around with this order for 3 weeks now it’s just not worth thinking about pennies anymore. I could be wrong though and it could rise like gold. If silver does crash I think I’ll load up a CC and buy 500 oz’s.

        Things aren’t looking good folks we had major reductions in fuel prices for months yet no one is buying stuff. I guess they are trying to pay down the CC for when the next shoe drops. Or maybe, just maybe they are realizing the light at the end of the tunnel is a train.

        • Ha – Love it! We have nothing in the stock market since our 401Ks died twice and I haven’t been putting money back in that shell game, but I know people who are terrified, and calling to ask what to do. These same people think we’re nuts, and I just referred one of them to your post on silver. Their reaction was priceless. Akin to suggesting they buy property on Mars. The man asked where to buy silver since the only places with which he is familiar are in “a bad part of town”. It’s a shame that it takes a crash to make many people pay attention, and I just bought more stuff before it runs out due to sudden and excessive demand. Upon proofing this, I sound like a total witch and as if I think I know it all. Believe me, neither my husband nor I think that. We are trying to be prepared and appreciate this site for ideas and answers. When the site isn’t full of quarreling factions trading insults, it’s really good.

          • So true, but us Smart people realize we don’t know, what we don’t know! I don’t bother reading the trolls, but years ago when I wrote an article for Mac even the people on this site called me nuts.

            I’m buying silver now, but I’ve already invested in my poor mans, red neck gold, bullets, beans and bandaids. Because I live on the east coast of Florida we have always had the backup-bug out plan. Remember with out security you’re dead in a second, without air you’re dead in 3 minutes, shelter 3 hours to 3 days depending on where you live, water 3 days and food 3 weeks. That’s really basic survival in a nut shell.

            Tell your friends to know there trading rules of their 401k’s and if I was them I’d pull back to a cash or cash equivalent. I’d also look into a self storage IRA with physical metals. When this balloon goes up; if it’s not in your possession you have nothing. Good luck to you!

        • I too have been saying that silver will hit $12oz for some time now and at that price i will be buying.

          The drop in oil prices will push silver down more because its the bigest part of the production costs

          • If you can find any physical silver when it gets to that price.

            I also believe silver and gold prices have room to drop but I’ve been stocking up on silver now while my favorite bullion exchange has any they can deliver.

      19. Anyone with a brain cell could see the Gov via the banks were still spending the last of the QE money pumping stocks and keeping gold silver down. It will get ugly when I think they will try to put more air in the bubble but it will just deflate agin. As far as great survival gear swiss alpine camo is they way to go. M70 coat and the light jacket some guy on ebay is selling them cheap new old stock.

      20. Just keep prepping, do what you feel that YOU need to do to get ready, and just DO IT!!! The worst is yet to come, and there is nothing the average JOE like you and me can do about it.
        Remember: Security Through Superior Fire Power, and a full belly will not hurt.
        N. Reb

      21. People keep proclaiming a massive collapse on Sept 23.

        There will be no collapse on Sept 23 or any time soon thereafter.

        Things will have been manipulated into stability by then or there will be nothing left to collapse because all control has already been lost.

        Don’t underestimate how much can be done to manipulate the markets.

      22. The market going down means that (big) money is being taken out of it and put somewhere else instead.

        Figure out where it’s going and put your money there (buy) ahead of the main crowd and you’ll make money. Put it somewhere else and you’ll take a beating.

      23. Forrest,agree.The best we can do is enjoy the day while prepping for tomorrow!

      24. Shit just got real…I see it starting to splatter

      25. This is only the beginning.

      26. Is it lots of something or lots of nothing?

        If the New York stock market was an airplane on approach, it sure would be on glide path to the tarmac. The little Black Boxes that trade millions of stocks in a millisecond were silent. No major turbulence. A light crosswind that made the passengers slightly concern. Yet it is not air or the aircraft or the pilot. It is what is on the ground. Another aircraft (World Banks) readied for flight. A miscommunication (FED) that allows for the obstruction of runway. Can the pilot overcome the sink rate and pull up in time. We shall see.

      27. calm down folks, don’t jump out the windows yet, the markets are just correcting their selves

        • But, this is just the beginning of a MAJOR correction.

      28. china isn’t done with their tricks yet…this gonna get worse.

      29. all this crap going on and we got a hurricane coming at us too!
        Yeah, I live on that island that recently defaulted. Our slice of land is a paradise for preppers but 115 mph winds could change things quick.

        • ketchupondemand, I lived in FL for a few years and went thru a couple of hurricanes myself. ain’t nothing nice.

      30. We keep adding to our preps each week. Looking like we are close. One day the drop in the market will not recover.

      31. Fortunately, this morning I picked up four case lots of precious metals for us, why Yes! They are brass copper and lead, excellent precious metals to have on hand.
        This was a minor self-correcting blip, compared to what will come later when people are lulled back into complacency.

      32. The Big money is not buying anything right now. The Big money is going short. That means there selling the stocks that you own in your 401k. That is why there is no short funds in your 401k. That would make it hard on them if the people starting going short. Rules of investing, you must be on equal footing for all war. First, learn how to Short Stocks so you can make money in the sale off.

        • Good luck with your 401k but my guess is that when you come to collect payment then it will be paid out in toilet paper or the elite will have most of you dead.

          We the people need to go to war with the bankers, bent politicians and corporations and not each other because the game is loaded and we are all being stuffed.

      33. Now is a good time to top off the oil tank before the winter season comes under way. The oil dealers will raise the price for the heating season. Anyway Vicky this man that doesn’t want to go to the bad part of town to buy silver seems scared of the world. Yep he bit the fear bug big time. I see bums passed out on the ground in the bustop shelter in their own piss and people begging for change all the time and I will go there if I want to do business. But hey that’s just me there is very few places I won’t go. None where I’m from. Most folks from rural areas are scared to go downtown I’m not kidding I’ve heard some say they won’t go. I’ve heard truckers say they won’t do newyork city. Shit I go there no problem I’m not trying to be a big shot but people need to harden up. I know it’s hard to see humanity in this condition but most business is conducted down town. There isn’t no hustle out in the sticks. I grew up in the streets and I’m glad I did. The country stuff is a cake walk compared to the streets. I know a lot of folks that are good people from the sticks but one thing about them most are scared shit. People need to be well rounded in there dealings with others I deal with all types and races as long as they speak English. A lot of minority people speak English but they don’t when they are in their community. Step out of your comfort zones folks buy a pair of sneakers or some produce from the sidewalk vendor it’s okay they don’t bite. just use your head and don’t pull out wads of cash for everyone to see.

        • @Asshat: I thank Christ every day that we live south of I-10. If the collapse does happen, and this winter is as bitter as scientists are predicting, then through no fault of their own, the elderly trying to live off of Social Security are going to be in for a very bad time up North. I have no idea, so I’ll ask, “How much does it take to purchase heating oil, propane, or whatever to make through the winter in cold country?” thanks

      34. I guess this means that the people on House Hunters better think twice before buying that $500,000 house?

      35. Heard CNN lady today asking some expert “Is this all because of China’s economy slowing down?”. I damn near laughed till’ I cried. I know what I read here about the Government and Sheeple having a case of Cranial Rectosis, but damn!, its hard to believe these sheeple are real. I think I’ll pet my wiener dog and have another pilot bread cracker, save the popcorn for later, I’m sure this show is gonna’ get better.

      36. Yep, I call it the economic cluster f…k end game



      37. Do what you can control and cover yourself. Anything else is beyond your control.

      38. It will be interesting to see what happens on Tuesday. My guess is that the stock market will plunge lower than 500. And the wall street whores will still claim that this is only a “CORRECTION.”

      39. Earlier in the day, the Dow was off as much as 228 points. If oil breaks below $40 a lot of our clients will see it as a watershed moment.

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