Stockman Warns: “Trump Does Not Yet Understand The Magnitude Of The Problem… It’s Going To Shock The System”

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    Though many financial pundits make the argument that the U.S. economy is booming as a result of millions of new jobs, a healthy housing market and record stock market levels, former Reagan budget director David Stockman  says that the next few months will see fiscal, financial and economic upheaval.

    In a recent interview with Greg Hunter’s USA Watchdog, Stockman argues that President Trump’s stimulus packages will be ground to a halt as the U.S. debt ceiling is once again breached in March. The resulting uncertainty could lead to widespread panic on Wall Street.

    The trigger, says Stockman, will be a debt ceiling crisis on or around March 15, 2017, which incidentally, just happens to be the same day that the Federal Reserve is supposed to hike interest rates:

    In a typical month we have 250 to 300 billion in revenue coming in… that will easily cover the debt service for a month… that will readily cover social security and other critical payments… but when it comes to paying grants to state and local governments, contractors, or the Army Corp of Engineers, or the Pentagon, or a whole range of other activities, if you don’t have the cash you put the bills in the drawer…

    I think that is what’s going to shock the system… and it will scare the living bejeezus out of Wall Street and financial markets because then you won’t have a sudden clarification or resolution to the problem.. and that could go on for days and weeks.

    This is going to be a maelstrom like we’ve never seen before and the markets are not even remotely prepared for this Fundamentals don’t matter anymore… nothing is being discounted… it’s all raging robo-machines and day traders thinking that somebody is going to come to their rescue no matter how  absurd the bubble gets or how extended the whole system becomes.

    The fall out will be fast and unprecedented in its scale:

    There is going to be a recession… and there is going to be no stimulus left to bail it out… and neither Trump or the Wall Street gamblers even remotely understand.

    I see [President Trump] as the great disruptor… I don’t see him as someone who is going to bring about a solution… We have to have the system blow up first for all practical purposes… I think he does not yet understand the magnitude of the problem… the incorrigibility of what he’s inherited.

    He doesn’t realize that this problem he is inheriting is a thousand times greater than anything he ever imagined… this is a monster.

    Everything leaks and we’re learning in the Trump administration they’re as leak-prone as any I have seen… so it’s all going to leak out… and the stock market…the casino… is going to begin to realize the fact that there is no plan…there is no big fiscal stimulus… the whole system is heading into some kind of crash landing and that’s going to change the manic delusions that are underway today.

    But Stockman says that some assets will survive the coming crash, which could see well in excess of 20% drops in stock market prices. Physical assets like gold and silver, including precious metals resource companies, may see prices go to new highs when investors shift to safe haven assets amid the panic:

    There is some semblance of rationality left on the edges and corners of financial markets… some people realize that the central banks are out of dry powder… that era of massive money printing is over… In that environment there is going to be a massive reset of financial asset values and the central banks are going to be totally discredited.

    There will be a dash for the only solid monetary asset left in the world, which is gold… The gold market is tiny compared to the size of the financial system… It only will take a small shift into the asset of last resort to make the price of gold really start to soar.

    The best thing to do is be patient and be long gold… it will pay off handsomely when the crisis really intensifies and hits ground zero.

    Prepare accordingly.



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    Pressure: “They Are Trying To Shift Blame Before A Collapse”


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      1. So, we should all go out and buy overpriced gold? Ok, got it.

        • I think Stockman is under estimating Trump, I’ll bet he (Trump) is aware of this and MUCH more! You don’t deal in the type of MONEY and the power elites and be dumb!

          • I have a lot of respect for Gerald Stockman but to assume that President Trump is naive regarding global economics is presumptuous. Not only has President Trump been in the mainstream circles we know that he has contact with the alternate media. If Stockman knows President Trump knows. I’m ignorant regarding this matter having nothing more than self education. I don’t have a clue if there is a way out without disaster but the pessimist in me tends to doubt it. I think President Trump will give us the best chance, if there is any chance at all.

            • Kevin2, spot on. I think Trump is very much aware of the problem but it remains to be seen how he’ll deal with it.

              • To be truthful, I don’t think it matters. With 200 plus Trillion dollars of unfunded liabilities what can anyone do? Trump kept HRC from appointing at least one supreme court judge, and is trying to stop the wetbacks; that’s all I expect.

                • Paranoid, we all know that the national debt can never be paid and those ‘liabilities’ will run out one day. The nation will end up defaulting on the debt. Nobody can stop it, not even Trump.

                  • The Deplorable Braveheart

                    They defaulted in August 1971 when they went to 100% pure fiat currency. The can’t default now, its impossible because they just make more currency and currency credits to cover the “loan”. What occurs is a continuing decline in purchasing power of each unit assuming that they get in the hands of those who can spent it. “Too many dollars chasing too few goods”, is predicated on the fact that those dollars are running towards those goods. The interesting part is that if productivity increases and loans default they can virtually continue increasing the money supply indefinitely. Yes its crazy and simultaneously brilliant.

                • I can’t see March 15th a a drop dead date because historically they just raise the debt ceiling, the Fed creates more money and life goes on (with higher prices and a lowering standard of living). A nation decides that your trashing the worlds reserve currency and decides to abandon the USD in international purchase. They reflect upon Iraq and Libya and change their mind.

                  If all we get is no war with Russia and USSC Justices that support the Second Amendment were far ahead of where we would be with Hillary.

                  No big crash but rather a slow increasingly painful decline is the most likely prognosis.

                • Trumps solution is to knock the Drunks on Wallstreet on their asses. They’ve been on this Free Money drunken bunge for 8 Years now. Trump already warned the PM Manipulators to cover their paper shorts months ago. And if you recall back during the Champaign Trump said the market is way over bought and he got out of all stocks. If you did not pay attention to that, You get what you deserve. No more bailouts. Buyer beware. You think Gold and Silver is overpriced now, look for an easy double in price on that. PM’s, Land, Food Water guns and ammo are the safety net of smart Americans. Own all of that for your survival including being fully out of debt. Are you paying attention or are you a dope?

                  • The Pentagon budget needs to be cut in half. Pull out of NATO, the UN and stop funding the Israeli terrorists and ISIS. Stop funding Congresses Pensions, they caused this. Stockman is setting Trump up as the fall guy. Only stupid people take that fish bait. Start putting bankers in prison and Americans will cheer Trump on. Build the wall and kick all the Muslims and Jews out of America. Because they both hate America. End the Fed and their fraudulent debt ponzi scheme and print a new US Dollar backed by Silver and out of any Fed control. Thats how you make America great again.

                    • I am finally believing absolutely nothing I read or see, including this site. Unplug from everything, take common sense financial precautions, prep and tune out.

                      Everything else is bullshit that will only work against you.

                    • Zeus, you covered all the bases with exactly what needs to be done. Folks, please re-read what Zeus says here.He is exactly right !

                  • Zeus, I’ve already been there for years about the food, water, guns, ammo, etc. The land only in more recent years. And I’ve always been debt-free.

                    • Good Job there Mr Brave!!! Set the standard of survival.

                • Your expectations prove you live in a very small world Paranoid. Hence your username.

              • I saw this on ZH yesterday. Agree some what with your thoughts, but not sure Trump does grasp all the underlying nuances and ramifications of the government debt bubble for one simple reason ? He wants to increase it from the current 20+ trillion and add another 10 trillion in the next ten years on his supposed watch. He claims cuts and productivity will off set any additional debt, and perhaps that will workout that way. But It is all a very speculative estimate. Bottom line, I far prefer to have DT in charge than Hillary with the massive debt bubble that has been created. It will be a crisis at some point in time and it may well be as David Stockman says. Do you suppose it is possible that the dems will get very fiscally responsible all of a sudden and try to undermine DT with additional debt and the March 15 deadline ? I am positive they will in spades. Just more of the insane and deceitful double standards they roll with as their SOP. One way or another DT will have the debt issue to deal with on his watch and I do not believe it can be solved in a good sense. Only managed at best to avoid utter chaos. But he did not create the old debt which is why I would prefer he not go down the spending road. That means more printing and how is that much different than what BHO and crew did ?

                As far as the idea that wealthy business guys definitely know what is going on ? consider who caused the 2007-08 crisis and who supposedly was put in charge to fix it ? The very same people some of you here think know what they are doing and they don’t ! That should be beyond obvious, or we would not be in this mess at all. They all think more spending is a solution and few of any of them have any real ideas of much of anything in congress. DT himself has clearly stated he loves debt and that is also his thought process. I just hope he does not get sucked in by the corporatocracy and give them too much power. GS is the head of the corporatocracy snake. No matter what he has a serious mess to deal with going forward.

                This is a perfect time to put on some shorts, especially long dated options (leaps). The timing is absolutely perfect and the prices are insane cheap right now given the ramp up in recent events and market highs! I doubt it can ever get any more obvious or easy than it is in todays environ. But blink a week or so and it will all be very different !

                • President Trump understands completely. He knows that cutting spending will cause a collapse. If he spends that money here in the USA, And takes measures to make sure that it doesn’t line the pockets of illegals and those who employ them. Then that money stays here and is taxed . Those taxes fill the government coffers. Every time a dollar is spent about 10% goes to taxes. In about ten transactions the government receives that dollar back. If illegals send it to mexico that dollar and the tax revenue is lost. If that dollar is spent on buying imported stuff again a total loss. The same with military spending abroad a complete loss. So Trump has to spend and we need to become a isolated nation as much as possible. We need to spend on infrastructure. We need to spend on defense not offence. We need to reward the productive and punish the Parasites. Yes the Debt will increase and Yes it will never go away. No member of congress will even attempt at Fiscal responsibility. They want to be reelected. And that requires bringing home funds to their districts. Trump is smart enough to know the debt is a problem that he cannot solve. Like the man said Ya got to know your limitations!

            • Stockman’s name is not Gerald Stockman.

            • You got that right. TRUMP knows. That is why he has the SQUID in control of the government’s finances and Marines in charge of intelligence, homeland security, and defense.

              In addition he has a mighty citizen’s militia he can drawn upon as well to quell the violence of the NWO Liberal Left and a fleet of red, white, and blue FEMA BUSES standing by courtesy of Obola.

              Cash short ??? LMAO !!! A good excuse to SLASH the swollen bureaucracy.

              TRUMP will let the reset occur to clear the hubris, blame it on Obola and the FED (and rightly so), then TRANSFORM America, “making it great again”.

              NEVER LET A CRISIS GO TO WASTE !!! 🙂

              • I would agree: Trump is like the plumber standing by the clogged toilet. He is just getting ready to flush the crap away. A couple of hard plunges, a couple flushes, sweep the bowl with some bleach, and ‘Voi-la!!’: nice and clean and flushing like a dream.

                The crap currently gunking up America includes the welfare- and state-dependent Obamanation, the Mooslimes, the ghetto junk, the crooked financial services industry, the Chinks (‘Chiiii-naaaa!’), the gang bangers, drug dealers – basically everyone and everything that has flourished in the past 8 years of decline.

            • K2 – Who is Gerald Stockman? Is “Gerald” David Stockman’s middle name?

              • MARS

                I messed up. Had a local politician by that name and my hand had on its my mind when typing. Brain fart, almost 60, the 70s were good to me.

                • K2 – Sorry about comment. Was having a bad day/week and looking for anything to snap at. My apologies.

          • Great point…

          • The Headline should read, “Stockman and his Shills screws up the American Economy more than Trump is aware of.” Fess up and spill the beans on yourself Stockman.

            And btw/ the Stock Market is NOT the American Economy. So it may be the end of the world for the gamblers and banks propping this Ponzi scheme up, but the American people better not be on the hook for another bail out for those who caused this. They need to strait to Jail, do not collect another bailout.

            Stop paying all Taxes to the Feds. Bottom line. Sit down strike. Stop feeding the beast who is destroying us. And get all your assets out of all banks pronto.

          • Depending on the intensity, I think Trump’s team is making up a list of corrupt entities who will not be paid back by US Tax payers. Jeff Sessions and Steve Mnuchin are probably working on the list right now.

        • Trump is paving the road to hell with good intentions.

          Trying to save a massively corrupt system of cronyism and oligarchs.

          only a MORON, or aspiring oligarch would delude others to make “IT” great again.

          America CAN NOT BE GREAT AGAIN..

          UNLESS, we monopolize manufacturing like post ww2 AND not allow non -europrean immigrants.. Their culture, behaviors, and mannerisms are incongruent. OUR FOUNDERS KNEW THIS!

          how many muslims, asian, hispanics, or africans signed the Declaration? fought in the War for Independence?

          • America will not be great again until it puts Adonai first again. Americans need to get rid their idols ( sports, porn, X Box, dope, alcohol, cigarettes, greed, treating animals better
            than people, selfishness, look at my Harley, look at my truck, look at my ATV, look at my
            big screen HD tv, look at my Rolex or Bulova, look at my 25 different guns that I don’t need,
            look at me , look at me, look at me because its all about me and screw everybody else ).
            I probably left a few things out. Until America puts the man upstairs first again, it will not
            be resuscitated. America needs to be humbled, and everyone knows that it will be.
            Remember 9/11? How quiet things were for a few weeks after it happened. Then when
            people figured out that it wasn’t ” the end “, they started going back to doing the same old
            crap again. People started getting cocky again. Americans never learn until its too late.

            • This guy gets it. Bravo

            • Joey says, America needs to be humbled,

              No doubt, a good depression will smack America back to reality. So tell us how the “Man” upstairs will fix the economy?

            • I would have to agree: the day I arrive at JFK airport and the majority of people I see are fit, healthy, strong and well-dressed – women in tidy skirts and dresses, men in chinos or tailored suits, short hair – will be the day I start to hope again for the US. Right now, JFK looks like some waiting room in hell where they separate people for the various eternal punishments: ‘thatattaway eternal sodomy!!; over there eternal oral sex on Satan; step right up for burning for all eternity!!’.

              All I see are slobs, obese women, turd world dregs, the homeless and drug addicts, desperate East Indians flogging junk food, etc. etc.

            • There’s no need to throw the baby out with the bath water. Keep the truck, Harley, alcohol, a few parodis, the dog and the 25 guns you don’t need but like to fondle. I see it doesn’t say anything in your post about getting rid of the little woman. Yeah, it’s a good idea to maybe keep her too. If you let her go she might turn you in to the authorities or out your BOL.

              Disclaimer, for entertainment only! Nothing in this announcement should be taken personally. Lol.

            • No question Americans are completely consumed and mesmerized by their various forms of materialism and trinkets they worship ! And they have no idea this is exactly how they are easily controlled, just like Pavlov’s dog !

              It is also a big part of how and why many have become fat, dumb, lazy, spoiled, apathetic and cowardly. Just look around ? it is everywhere and at every level of society.

              There is a far better way to live and think.

            • Well Said!

            • Amen Joey, that’s the bottom line.

          • Uh…

            Look man, we were “last man standing” post WW2. *Mumble because we were fashionably late to the party… on purpose? Damn good plan if it was on purpose…* Everyone else was a damn blast crater. Of course we were supplier to the world. We also had more domestic oil than we knew what to do with.

            I mean… those conditions CAN never exist again. Don’t get me started on nuke wars, the planet would be a blast crater then.

            • Exactly We where a one time anomaly. Europe was bombed out. We where relatively untouched By WWII. We had out factorys & resources. So we became the worlds producer. And remained on top until the fake gas shortage in the 70,s. That situation and those conditions will indeed never exist again. We are in for the same old creeping decline that’s been occurring since the 70,s. The middle class is no longer needed or wanted. We will slowly disappear and be of no conquence just as the native people experienced in the late 1800,s. And Trump aint a dummy he is aware of the situation. If he appoints good supreme court & other judges and solves the immigration problem I consider that a success.

              • Old Guy

                We lived in an anomaly post WWII and were taught to believe that we were special. Every 30 to 40 years Europe destroyed itself. Napoleon, Crimea, Franco Prussian War, WWI, WWII. In the meantime we had one civil war and the side without manufacturing facilities took the beating.

                The US is just one more rung on the ladder of exploitation with one exception, massive military might and a strong willingness to use it for Wall Street/Globalists. Granted it takes a serious effort to hoodwink the masses but they end up singing, “God Bless America”, buy the ostensible lie and attack who their told to attack. TPTB want enough political stability to maintain MIC and need no more. They need the US as an enforcer, what USMC Major General, 2x recipient Smedley Butler called, “A bully boy for Wall Street”.

          • That’s right, make America WHITE again! It won’t be GREAT until then, and only then.

            • now you get it.

              when was America great for my Native American Grandpa? or anyone else not “connected”?

              when he wasn’t allowed to go to school?
              or when he was 10 years old working in a coal mine?
              perhaps dying of black lung in his 50s?

              • WTF are you talking about? “Native American Grandpa”…. The white man came over with superior intellect and firepower and took over. Pretty simple.

                • It was those durn Indians fault for being on our land before we came here.

        • “One of the most serious delayed effects of exposure to nuclear radiation is the increased risk of cancer.

          Although widely thought of as a cause of cancer, acute radiation exposure contributes only a limited increase to cancer risk. For example, of 82,000 Japanese atomic bomb survivors receiving an average of approximately 28 rads (0.28 Gy), only an estimated 185 or 0.2 percent experienced a radiation-induced cancer.

          Low-level radiation exposure, although also widely thought of as a cause of cancer, is an even less potent cancer-causing agent. Measurable increases in cancer rates are not observed but are generally assumed to exist due to the known cancer causing effect of the much higher, acute doses.

          • Far many more cases of cancer are caused by Americans’ overindulgence in pharmaceuticals, GMOs (especially high fructose corn syrup and crap quality soybean oil), and exposure to many herbicides (Round-Up) and pesticides.

            • All true but as we get higher doses of radiation and the background levels increase we will see more cancer from this source as well. Do not discount it as part of the massive problem of health. All of it matters greatly. Of course some will say it doesn’t at all. In fact I have had people from this very site say why worry about your health ? Well the point is not to WORRY about it, quite the opposite. The point is to enjoy it everyday and be strong and healthy instead of fat and dumb ! HA HA HA HA

        • For the 283,000th time since 2008…

        • Anything useful for bartering is money and has been throughout history. Ammo, canned foods, hand and garden tools, other food items, skills to fix things, buy what you think will be worth something to others you know around you if money goes kapoot. Gold can be confiscated and gov will force everyone on a debit system when the dictatorship emerges.

          • Never barter ammo. You cannot have too much ammo. Horde your lead. They won’t be making anymore of it after the CHANGES !!!

            AIM SMALL. MISS SMALL. 🙂

            • The only times you exchange ammo are 1) when you buy it, 2) when you need to send it to the recipient at 3000fps.

              Ammo is NEVER a monetary instrument.

          • laura ann,

          • Only a fool barters away ammo or guns. To then be used against you. Gold confiscation?? Maybe.. Thats why you stack Silver, that will never be confiscated. Silver =Money.

            • It is possible to have enough ammo to use for barter. People are doing this as we speak, acquiring far more than their own possible needs. And it is cheap right now and has been for a year or more and I see no reason for it to get expensive again at the moment, although that could change easily and quickly. Not only is it cheap but may times you can get free shipping on large quantities and that really makes it a bargain right now. Also ARs have gotten super cheap and all parts and pieces because it was all over produced massively and all the people that wanted one have two now so the market got super saturated thanks to BHO. Lots of ARs at or under the $500 dollar area and many less than $650 that were all around $1000 or more, so it has all changed drastically in the last 2 years and even more since DT was elected. Many have false sense of security on many issues and that is a serious mistake.

              Most of you here are thinking in terms of your own personal stash. There is a bigger picture. I think it is a very good idea to have a bunch of 223/556 and 762X39 on hand at all times. I don’t mean a few thousand rounds.

              • Got me thinking on ammo bartering. What I would do is: if I was low in let’s say .357 and I had lots of rifle ammo I would swap (a box) caliber with someone who had .357. I would have to likely know them or trust them.

          • Renewed my CCW this weekend (we call it CPL). Practiced with my .40 S&W after class and got all 50 shots in the center body cavity target at 15 yards (I won’t mention 25 yards). Went home. Sorting through by deceased father-in-laws (WWII vet) goods he left us, we found 12 lbs of lead. So it was a great weekend…

          • there’s no need for ammo whatsoever to defend yourself in a shtf situation. Crossbows and arrows with hunting tips are silent, reusable after use and they don’t make noise. Only not so saavy people store cases of gun ammo that make noise, gives your position away to the others with the one you think you just shot “in self defense” and are not reusable commodity unless you also store the stuff to do that… Arrows grow on trees 😉

            • I do not doubt they have a good purpose at times. But if everybody has a firearm you will be very quickly overtaken and be wishing you had planned a little deeper ? Anybody who has ever been in a firefight or many or war would never rely totally on any form of archery for defense or offense.

              Ponder this ? can you take down a human sized target with every shit at around 200 yards ? And how close to your target do you have to get to be effective or even have a chance with a bow of any description ? I used 200 yards because that is the distance most firefights occur at or there abouts ? Anything closer and the shots get even more deadly and you are far more exposed with a bow and highly vulnerable. I think you are making a serious mistake in judgment and I say that from being in many serious firefights for real, not just talk.

            • ChrisD

              “there’s no need for ammo whatsoever to defend yourself in a shtf situation.”

              Some American Indian said that somewhere. The reality is that superior weaponry tends to bring superior results.

      2. The stock market is not a indicator for the economics of the people it’s run by central banksters and hyper trading,
        Real economics go to X22 or on YouTube.

        • D Stockman has always clearly said the stock market is not any kind of economic indicator and has become nothing but a bot controlled fiasco. We have no real markets and have not had for 10 years or more, nothing new at all.

      3. Hurry up and happen already!!!

      4. The debt cannot be paid back, so a new currency that devalues all old currency and debt 20 to 1 will be required. All forms of retirement plans will be nationalized with progressive haircuts based on life expectance and overall value in new dollars payable out of future tax revenues. The good news is that the serious reductions in purchasing power will fall predominately on the high net worth paper bugs.

        Quick overview of the wealth distribution, largely paper IOU based or inflated assets due to fiat money;

        Eliminating capital gains on gold and silver will from the savings foundation (now just more IOUs) that will put the those that make money by labor back on a level playing field with those that make money by loaning capital. Also gold standards don’t work, what we need is market based floating price for gold and silver which with capital gains eliminated, will happen.

        • If you posses cash and markets crash, begin buying stocks in debt free companies that have products people NEED and have solid financials, preferred shares if you can get them.

          I’d rather own a part of a company than a useless fiat currency. Have a diverse portfolio of stocks, some PM’s, and real estate.

          • Plan twice, cause he doesn’t get it the first time.

            You say, I’d rather own a part of a company than a useless fiat currency.

            You are trading one useless paper IOU for another. Stocks are just another digital IOU currency. When the grid collapses, you can write all of the companies you claim to own stock in, and ask for your money back. lol I will bet 99% of them ignore your requests. And when the grid collapses so will the stocks.

            If anybody learned anything on this site, just reading for a few months realize, ONLY TANGIBLE ASSETS YOU HOLD IN YOU HAND IS WEALTH. ANYTHING WRITTEN ON PAPER CAN, AND USUALLY IS FRAUD. ANYTHING WRITTEN ON PAPER IS AN IOU PROMISE TO PERFORM. People get sued daily for failure to perform the written contract which you entered. You want to trade your fiat paper for hard assets like Gold and Silver, which will far outperform anything on paper. Silver is one of the Top assets to hold in 2017. Silver is up 7.22% in the last 30 days, and 24.82% in the last 365 days. How much value has your dollars increased in the last year. Minus -2.75% to 10% to 15% due to inflation, depending on what items you are comparing it too.

            • If you can get preferred stock in a company, you still own it even if they declare bankruptcy. It may be a bridge past a currency collapse. Preferred stock puts you at the front of the line to get paid back.

              If we are talking about surviving and bridging a financial collapse the choices are few, and all include holding something of tangible value that you buy today with cash that has value you can sell it for at some point in the future, for the future new currency of the day. The thing you hold, should be somewhat immune from confiscation, because the government, will also be starving.

            • At these extreme false highs it would be a serious mistake to buy stocks. They will dramatically adjust from the current PE ratios and many people will lose a lot of money in that adjustment of 25% or more. It is very possible to see a 50% adjustment or even more if a new currency is rolled out ! But it is a very excellent time to put on some serious long dated shorts. You will be able to cash them in long before they expire for huge profits. A way to retrieve some of what the bankers stole from all of us. Realize it is not at all necessary to hold the options for any specific length of time before they can get very rich indeed. Far superior than owning any stocks. I once put on an overnight trade and made 37K with only 2k on a Google short. We will see many such easy trades going forward and you do not have to have any large exposure at all. You can actually almost day trade when conditions are right and they are getting right ! What happens every time a market reaches extreme all time highs ?

      5. OK, not going to read and comment, I’ll comment and then read and reply. Let me guess….buy PM’S, right? I’ll go read it now and reply.

        • Ah, vindicated. Yup, buy gold and gold stocks.

          But we know this here already.

      6. So when things crash and there is only gold, you then go to the store with your gold to purchase food. But in reality your going to get your throat slashed before entering the store. Good investment.

        • PMs only work if 1) there are things on the shelves to purchase and 2), the seller understands the value in bartering with it. How many Mom and Pop shops are left today after decades of continuous gouging laws and corporate competition?

          Remember, PMs are for “long term”, as in recovery, if 1) we don’t burn the house down before that happens, and 2) The powers that be switch to implanted chips and electronic fiat based on a flat rate (everybody goes on SNAP) system.

          • FL,
            Everybody goes on SNAP. Never heard the mark of the beast described that way but that was brilliant.

            • Satan’s National Assimilation Program

        • What store? If there’s someone waitin to slash your throat, he’ll be stealing everything he can first. There won’t be anything in the store to buy. Do you hear yourself dumbass? You’re a special kind of stupid aren’t you? You must be one of those people who can’t afford PM’s and hassle the ones that can.
          Stay quiet Be smart

        • JustaJU is correct . Do you really think your going to walk around with gold in your pockets to purchase things. Good Luck with that, and you better watch your friggin throat because you will be dead.

          • You’re both wrong. First of all, if it gets to that point, gold ain’t gonna do you any good and who the hell is gonna walk around with gold without protecting themselves? Which leads to my second point, if they do have gold, your knife and gonna do you much good. Think about what you’re saying cause you sound like a fool. There won’t be anything in the stores left to buy when pandemonium begins. If there are any transactions, they will be very discreet. I have my own opinions about the collapse but obviously you, justaju- jackknife really don’t know much about what’s coming. Quit tryin to be a tough guy, your stupid is showing.

      7. So there is no chance gold will be going cheaper in the future? For someone able to buy a small amount at current prices, doing so would not be a gamble?

        • I don’t think having gold IN HAND is ever a bad idea. Buy while you can and don’t try to catch a falling knife.

          As with all assets, keep diversified.

      8. Trump knows full well what is going on. What he doesn’t know is how many turds will stab him in the back.

        We all know that the Libtards still in Guberment will do everything they can to F@#K him up if they get a chance.

        Gets some PM’s. Buy gold if you want, Buy silver if you want. It won’t hurt to have some. But for me its BRASS and LEAD.

        When I read these things it makes me want to go out and get more food and water purification equipment.


        • Sarge, spot on. Trump needs to PURGE all of the turds who are against him. I’m still investing in all of the things I know will keep me alive, including brass and lead. I went to the survival expo today and had a great time. Of course, I picked up a few more preps. DOOM AND BLOOM IN PERSON, “Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy” of were there holding seminars on first aid, emergency surgery, etc. I met them and found them to be very intelligent and interesting people. Had a great time all around.

          • Brave
            Man you lucky Dog you!
            I wish I could have been there.

            Looking at some property near Woodbury. Looks good. Waiting for INFO on it.

            • Sarge, I looked up Woodbury. Kinda close to Murfreesboro. There’s supposedly a mosque there, which means some muzzies. I hope you get the property.

              • Brave.
                Target rich area

            • Woodbury right at 50 miles from me.

              Murfreesboro the mid point.

              Both of us too close to Murfreesboro and Nashville.

              I hope to be much further South in the future, if time is on our side.

              • “G”
                What we are looking at right now is about 10 to 15 miles south and west of Woodbury on Burt Rd. by Rocky Hollow Ln. 18+ ac. 2 cleared and 16 timber. Looking at a TOPO looks like a place or two to put in ponds.

              • Good luck in selling your house in the city by March 15th. Bwhahahahaha.. That anchor will bury you. And then flee for your your lives out of the city abandoning 90% of you preps you cannot pack in your truck. Housing is crashing already, over supply and few buyers. Just saying. Greed to stay on for some City Job is a nail in your coffin.

                • Z
                  House sold already. Renting from a friend.

                  • that house probly sold BECAUSE of the zeus good luck wish….even though it was ALREADY sold, i’m SURE you owe him at LEAST a case of beer….let U.S. know if you get an address to send it to…..i’m SURE we would ALL contribute SUMthin’….. i got a couple gallons of gas and a match……

                    • this is all tongue-in-cheek, of coarse….i would never wish ill will on the prick.

                  • Good Job Sgt. I sold mine the first day several years ago. It will be harder to sell into a collapse. Less buyers not qualify with interest rates rising.

                    I expect nothing less from Buttholescrack who never offers any info past the 1st grade mentality IQ.

                • Okay, everyone quit your job in the ‘city’ and run and hide – Zeusy says so….Come on, not at all practical for 95% of the people. The vast majority of us cannot up and dump our jobs and run and hide in the silly woods with all the nuts like you.

            • Couldn’t be too bad- ya got a shooting range and a distillery within 10 min of ya. 😉

              • “B”

        • Hey SGT…… we should meet up! I am from Illinois also……I’m in my 20’s and grew up in Kenilworth. And Kenilworth being the 3rd richest zip code in America, you are probably shocked that I am a prepper 😛

          BUT……… they don’t allow jews and blacks in Kenilworth…so obviously I’m down with the cause 🙂

          Email me! Would love to meet up! [email protected]

          • Az, you should have written out “at” instead of @. The web bots have surely found you by now.
            Good luck.

            • You morons are idiots. Why don’t you just post your physical address on here. And then everybody can look for the idiot that has STUPID written on his forehead.

              #1 Prepping RULE = OPSEC
              #2 Prepping RULE = OPSEC
              #3 Prepping RULE = Shut Your Trap
              #4 Prepping Rule = Shut your Pieholes
              etc…. Some will never get it.

              3 Top things that get people in trouble in no particular order.
              #1 EGO – Big Mouths
              #2 Drugs and Alcohol – Big Mouths
              #3 Greed – Bragging- Big Mouths

          • AZc
            No not surprised. There are some smart rich people.

            Tried to E-Mail you. I live Marseilles.

        • For you it is brass and lead? Well, why pick one or the other? There is no law stating that if you buy brass and lead that you will be imprisoned for buying gold and silver also.

          brass and lead serve different functions than gold and silver. I want both. If I had just lead and brass in SHTF and no gold to come out on the other side in really good shape, then what is the point of having that brass and lead to protect yourself? Sweet, so I came out on the other side protecting myself with ammo, but now I get to be a slave, because I have nothing of value like gold to purchase anything.

          Likewise, having just gold and no brass and lead for protection I’d feel pretty naked as well.

      9. Stockman is one of those NeverTrumpers. Blaming Trump for the recent leaks is a joke. Anyone can see that these are Obama holdovers that known their days in the government are numbered.

        Yes, the financial markets and economy in general are in dire straits. But Stockman is trying to build the case that this will be Trump’s fault when it happens. The man’s only been in office one month…jeez!

        • Stockman supported Trump if I am not mistaken…

          • stockman’s been blabbing about how effed our financial system is for at LEAST ten years…’s a shame he’s RIGHT.

            • So are you saying the economy is good or healthy ? The only reason we see any markets held together is because of the massive printing and buying our own debt.

              Stockman and many others have been completely right all along. The day of reckoning has simply been postponed and put off by the many illusions created and various forms of fraud on a massive scale ! It will all work just fine until the day it doesn’t.

          • D Stockman voted for and supported DT, just as I did ! But that does not mean DT has every answer or can solve every issue by waving the magic wand of saying what people want to hear. We still have basic realities and many serious matters built in to the cake already.

            I do not think DT has a full grasp on what he is facing yet. The key word being yet ! I do think Steve Bannon is likely far more up to speed and a few others around them. We still have many battles and serious situations to face going forward. And soon you will all realize what I meant by outlier events playing into the mix of outcomes.

      10. In the UK…

        Barclays Server Crash Leaves Customers Unable To Withdraw Cash, Use Debit Cards

        “It is not yet known how many of Barclays’ 15 million card customers have been affected by the problems.”

        In a tweet, the bank said: “We’re still experiencing issues affecting Barclays Debit Card and ATM transactions. Our teams are working to get this restored.” Barclays added: “Technical issues are affecting some digital services. We’re investigating this and apologize for any inconvenience.”

        ht tp://

          • You don’t need a debit card. My grandmas and grandpas got by just fine without them.
            They didnt swipe a card for every cup of coffee they bought. Cash or checks. If people
            are worried about ATM’s freezing up, they should keep cash on hand. Worried about getting robbed, get a conceal carry permit. Put a safe in the house and bolt it down.
            Rathole it somewhere. The ATM scare situations ( like in Europe, and here…. ) should be
            a wake up call for the masses. The Babylonian money system has many entrapments.
            We have to find ways to navigate around them. Easier said than done, granted. We have
            to be our own central banks ( as much as possible ). Even many financial pundits say to
            keep as little in the bank as possible during these uncertain times. It’s not really making
            any interest to speak of anyways, right?

            • Joey, spot on. I always use cash for all my personal transactions EXCEPT for some occasional online shopping and I keep that to a minimum. I also use cash for cars from private owners ONLY. I never go to dealers. You always get a better deal from a private owner than from a dealer.

          • KY Mom:

            Thanks for another good post.

            This makes me think, and they want an entirely cashless society. All the Orwellien fears aside, what about the fact that so much resting on technology makes it a big gamble. The earth is near the sun. The sun goes through a 22 year cycle every 11years when it’s magnetic poles shift. We are at the end of an eleven year cycle and therefore experiencing weather anomalies. There are hurricanes at the North Pole, earth quakes at the Solomon Islands and Chile, and heavy rain in California. By the way, there is a Nuclear Plant in California near the flooding. Like they said about Fukishima; the plant is safe. I’m doubling down on iodine/iodide and eating Brazil Nuts.


            • About 150 years ago, there was a sun problem that took down all the communications and technology of the time. The earth was vulnerable then, as it is now, because the sun was at or near the end of its eleven years of the twenty two year solar cycle.



              • Replying to your other post on a different topic. B from CA, google ‘Manson murders hoax’, that will show you the article/book (PDA) that gets into more of the story behind the story. It’s 82 pages, not 40. It’s a real interesting read. It’s not a story being told that was taken from excerpts from news papers, you know, where they explain to you what happened, and only tell you all the background that ‘they think’ that you need to know. This is way deeper.

            • B from CA,

              I should have added, “Another reminder why it is always good to have some emergency cash on hand.”

              The great majority of my purchases are made with cash. Occasionally, I do order items online.

              In Europe, the banks and governments have been pushing the debit/credit card for a LONG time. In Sweden, many stores won’t even accept cash as payment.

              I suspect there were many people on Saturday who were getting groceries or out to dinner and who were quite upset when their card did not work.

              Apparently, Barclays servers are still down and customers can’t withdraw funds or use their credit cards. I could not find where Barclays had posted any updates.

            • And Kazakystan has housetops covered in snow.
              Ky. here had 80 one day and same night 30??

        • In Greece the Max you can withdraw per month out of the banks is $1500. A wise man or woman does not store their wealth un any bank. Capitol controls are a coming folks. Get all assets out of banks while you can. Final warning.

      11. Think the Amish and Mennonites are gonna freak when the depression hits? Doubt it.
        They have guns just like everyone else. They always seem to have more of a cushion
        than mainstream America. They will be better prepared than most. They won’t be
        running around trying to join ” groups “. They have unity. They have patience and G-d.

        • Being a member of the Mennonite Church I can say that we all have business that, if they fall on hard times, we will be just as short of money as any.

          Difference is, the unity we experience as the Body of Christ. We will be taking care of each other.

          We also are producers, not consumers. We can and do produce most of our own food, housing, clothing and can go back to the old standby of horse transportation.

          While we also have guns, we will not be like “everyone else” in their use.
          We are non-resistant, as Jesus taught.
          We love our enemies, as Jesus taught.
          We take care of the Brethern, as Jesus taught.
          We will be persecuted, as Jesus taught.
          We do not fear those who can kill the body, as Jesus taught.
          We will trust in God, as Jesus taught.

          We know the proper use of a gun.


          • Love your enemies? What? Just like they love you huh? Religious people will surely die first for beng so Fn gullible. Watch reality smack you in the face as looters clean your clock and leave you for dead.

            How about kill others before they kill you is my motto. Large capicity magazines and plenty of ammo.

            • Yes Zeus, love the enemy. Even you.

              Reality is Heaven. Reality is Hell. Reality is eternity.

              What so called religion teaches?

              It’s what Jesus teaches. That’s what is reality.

              Giving aid and comfort to enemies is EXACTLY what Jesus did.
              Jesus sets the example.

              • And look what they did to Him! I have no desire to die a slow tortured death. Noah didn’t let everyone aboard the Ark. This is a survival prepper site. Its not a holy roller bible thumper forum.

              • Yeah, I guess if you like to hang on a cross in the sun while the vultures pick away at your body. No thanks. If Jesus had an AR15 with a bag filled with 30 round magazines, he may have lived a long life in luxury. If you like being a dead martyr, sure stick with religion all the way to your grave, or what’s left after the vulture pick you clean to the bone.

                • Yeah you atheists …you go ahead and keep “prepping for the Pit.” (Lotsa weeping and knashing of teeth there) Us Jesus Freaks will keep prepping for the Palace”. (Lotsa gold, silver and living water there)

            • Only God can resurrect the dead, so I can understand Grandee’s stance. But God also put that characteristic of self defense in man. Everyone has it, you do something when attacked, even if it’s only putting your arms up. I respect Grandee’s beliefs, but I don’t believe we are to love our enemy Satan and his Demon followers. I also believe that the only real answer to the worlds ills is Jehovah Gods Kingdom Rule. Man can’t fix it, but we still must fight against evil until that happens.

          • So Religion teaches you to love give aid and comfort to thy enemy. Sounds like suicide kool-aid to me. Good luck with that. LoL.

          • The Mennonites in NE Arkansas aint go great. They went millions of dollars in debt to Build and operate those smelly Chicken grower houses. Some built those Free range egg laying houses. And before the new wore off those buildings the company that furnished the feed and bought the eggs canceled the contracts. Now the way I look at gold. Inm not gonna buy any gold to barter with. Instead I am trying to obtain the things I or anyone would try and trade for. There was a guy who went to the Calif Gold Rush. His wife came along. He went to his claim. And his wife set up and cooked and sold food. She made more than him. In fact she became wealthy. A single fried egg sold for $10 in gold. We do save our change and I have the makings of a still. And know how to brew some pretty good beer.

      12. Off Topic:

        I never gave beans much thought until recently, because I never ate beans that much. Things have changed. I bought food grade buckets and filled them with, among other things, lots and lots of beans. I researched and found that different beans have different nutrients. Also, some dishes taste better with one type over another. Therefore, keeping your beans separate is probably the right decision. However, to get the maximum variety of nutrients at a time of food shortages, logic tells me a multi-bean assortment is the ideal.

        Bob’s Red Mill puts out a 13 bean assortment. The 8oz. (I think they are 8 oz.) is sold at super markets. I have been buying them for years. In my preps I have several different kinds of beans, but not thirteen, not that many. So, I will, buy the bulk assortment, eventually.

        If you decide to get this, or anything else, (I also recommend the Organic and non-GMO Steal Cut Oats or Old Fashioned Oats), contact them at:



      13. I don’t see why stockman is so bullish on a market reset since it is expected that the stock market would tumble
        shortly after trump come into office to damage his presidency and recovery plan and to get the blame as Hoover got for the great depression.

        So, if there is a 20 per cent correction or more, why be upset?

        And as someone has said, Donal trump is not stupid. By removing excess repressive rules on businesses, he just might ward off such a correction.

        People forget that Roosevelt confiscated Gold from the public or ordered that he be turned in and some say to bail out the federal reserve.

        We will see

        On another subject:

        Saw an unusual request on Steve Quayle’s web site under alerts. Have click on alerts to enter that part.

        You have to read it.

      14. The dots connect. Operation Wool Over the Eyes (WOE) is nearly complete.

        • WOE. SPOT ON.
          Stock prices are supposed to reflect true value. But we have P/E Ratios of 600 to 1 is not reality. Wallstreet needs at least a 50% haircut to be even close to normal.

      15. Saw that yesterday and got a big laugh out of it.

      16. I have never understood why so many people in the media and financial positions think it is the mission of the government to make stock ownership unaffordable.

        I am in favor of stocks being affordable.

      17. Edward Gibbon (b. 1737) on Athens and freedom

        “In the end, more than freedom, they wanted security. They wanted a comfortable life and they lost it all – security, comfort and freedom. When the Athenians finally wanted not to give to society but for society to give to them, when the freedom they wished for most was freedom from responsibility, then Athens ceased to be free and was never free again.”

        Reminds me of my leftist neighbor I regularly see out jogging a couple miles, and who is on disability… or several of my early retired siblings, living on the public dole.

        Similarly, with Rome, Gibbon felt the barbarians defeated them, in large part, due to the loss of civic virtue among its citizens.

      18. Wheels keep turning.
        Something’s burning.
        Don’t like it but I guess I’m learning
        Shock! Watch the monkey get hurt, monkey
        Cover me, when I sleep
        Cover me, when I breathe
        You throw your pearls before the swine
        Make the monkey blind
        Cover me, darling please
        Monkey, monkey, monkey
        Don’t you know you’re going to shock the monkey

        “Shock the Monkey”

        by Peter Gabriel.

        • Another song from the ’80s worth forgetting.

      19. I assume Mr. Stockman is a good person and well-intentioned but he lost all credibility with me during the Reagan years when he pushed the trickle down theory to justify MOST of Reagan’s tax cuts going to the elite.

        We saw Bush, Jr. run the same play when 95% of his tax cut went to the very rich.

        Later Mr. Stockman admitted to the “trojan horse” nature of his and Reagan’s well publicized deceptive plan saying he knew it would never work.

        Now, is Mr. Trump in for some trying times? Most definitely.

        Will there be a market correction at some point? Yes.

        Do I get any of my information from Mr. Stockman or pay him any mind, though? No.

        Stating that “Trump does not yet understand the magnitude of the problem” is quite paternalistic and condescending.

        NEWSFLASH: The decisions of the last two Presidents over the past 16 years have more than shocked the system: they have seriously UNDERmined it and THAT is where the attention needs to be, not on Mr. Stockman’s unhelpful and condescending attempt to garnish attention

        Having said all that, If someone here can tell me why I should give credence to Mr. Stockman’s verbage, the floor is yours, but his 15-minutes ended when he let the Reagan Whitehouse.

        – the Lone Ranger

        “Truth never damages a cause that is just.” – Gandhi

      20. I see a way more important story here
        USAWatchdog site by Greg Hunter
        ht tp://
        Trump Has Treason in White House-Robert David Steele
        Evil forces are isolating him from the people. He’s got too many people surrounding him that aren’t loyal to him.

        • Enemies domestic and traitors

      21. A lot of people posting comments about this article are eating this up, they are salivating for an economic collapse. How many times does some “expert” have to keep repeating the same thing over and over again and not see it occur before they lose credibility (most of the time the collapse was stated to be imminent). Many are probably disappointed, or even worse, have lost their reason to live because they have been praying for calamity and have not seen it yet. Some of those who have been posting a long time or the most frequently just repeat each other, or try to see who can post the worst news. I’ve seen posts about some news item that turned out to have no absolutely no substance, yet someone would make a comment concerning the so-called news item and how they were getting their guns ready to start shooting at anything that they don’t like. Rather then being objective or thinking critically, the knee-jerk response is to get ready to shoot. This only shows a lot of people are acting on their desires and wanting to believe something bad.

      22. mac slavo fake news

      23. I just met with the scientist today.. He said that no damn thing will get done under Trump, and from what he has learned, expect a massive War on the horizon..The damage or the US economy is so serious that Trump is completely powerless and is just trying to keep us calm while they prepare..

        He said that the earth has shifted at about 10% on its axis and that it will shift to a total of 24%. This will pick up the wide speed I lands to over 400 mph wind gust. It will trigger massive volcanic activity and cause polar ice cap meltdown flooding coastal areas… he said that the UN military equipment will be staying here to be used against us the people and said that Don’t expect Trump to remove the troops because they will not be removed and that more of them will be coming in.. He said that the same bullshit was rebranded to make everything look good and that the cost of living will sky rocket and mor people wik be out on the Streets with more job losses and no manufacturing will be coming back fast enough to make any difference..

        He said they the tariff on goods coming I to the US, that we the American people will be paying that 30% tariff. Not the county they manufactures the products.. And that the country according to him is irreparable, America is in a lot trouble. North Korea will do some thing bad and that when it happens. Watch what happens next..

        Saudi Arabia is broke. And our of money and oil will not be helping them recover l. They are in deep shit.. And thats what they sent in jihadist to Syria to try to take control of the situation, and it backfired. He said to prepare to bug out. To get the hell out of the city urban areas of we can. Because SHTF WILL COMMENSE..when I asked him the time frame he said they he has no time frame and that it could happen anytime. He said that the Muslim are literally trying to transform the US into and Islamic callifate and that was Obama plan from day one… he said that Trump has no power over what will be going down in this country and that we have to wait and give him time to see what happens. Hillary Clinton will not be going to jail and will be living a nice relaxed life and none of the people that he claims to be going after will ever get into trouble because the concern he has is the people rising up not the cabal stuges…

        But don’t expect anything major and he said they the people, wanted hope and change and that they got it and that the result will be a military state right up in our faces.. The change has come but it not the good change that we are expecting.. He said that America is finished and will never come around ever again.. And guys. I am not making up this stuff. This is what he told us today..he said that the Trump high will wear off by October 2017 time frame and that the people will rise up again..why, they have now jobs, no homes, no cars and Money and its not looking good. He said..

        Just great I said to him. This is nothing new, same shit different day. Yep he said. Times are more perilous more now that its 2017. A Trump will not be manufacturing any new technologies and now free energy will allowed go be utilized and that no alien disclosure will ever take place in the US…he said to expect a lot of weird stuff in Israel..that a lot of focus will be on the supposed Temple co struction.. And that the temple is not designed to worship in. And thats it folks.. I’ll be busy next week doing a lot of lunber jack work to clear my friends BOL.. So HCKS will be chainsawing and dropping some trees. We have to get his BOL ready then build his house first, a sand bag design..then I will close on mine by years end and build mine. Yes folks I will not be living in Houston after this year. I will work here but not live here.. Donald Trump will not be around to help me when the shit hits the I have to rely on me.. America needs to be great again, but it won’t be happening at all. He is all talk.


        Yes I voted Trump..

        • Here is where you get to think:
          If the earth has shifted wouldn’t we see the stars moving at a different angle?
          Wouldn’t the new angle affect our winter/summer
          cycle kind of dramatically?
          Has that happened? Resounding NO!! The earth’s axis is at 23 1/2 degrees and is still where it’s always been.
          Your ‘scientist’ may need to take another look at his slide rule..just saying.

          • VocalIdiot is Wrong Again. The earth is shifting. In fact read this article.

            Tampa airport runways renumbered due to magnetic north movement. January 10, 2011 by Lin Edwards

            ( — The magnetic north pole is slowly moving, and the shift is affecting runways at airports in Tampa, Florida, with the major runway at Tampa International Airport closed until January 13th to allow for the signage to be changed and numeric designators at each end of the runway to be repainted.

            The primary runway at the airport is designated 18R/36L, which means the runway is aligned along 180 degrees from north (that is, due south) when approached from the north and 360 degrees from north when approached from the south. Now the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has requested the designation be changed to 19R/1L to account for the movement of the magnetic north pole. Similar changes are also taking place at the Peter O. Knight airport in Tampa. Later in the month Tampa International Airport’s east parallel and east-west runways will also be closed to allow their signage to be changed. Over 100 sign panels and 40 signs will need to be changed, along with painted signs on the runways.

            The magnetic north pole is always slowly moving and is currently heading towards Russia from its current position in far northern Canada. The magnetic north pole moves by around 64 km (40 miles) a year because of changes within the Earth’s core (unlike the true north pole which moves very slowly due to tectonic plate movements). It has moved from extremes of around 10 degrees east in the late 16th century to 25 degrees west early in the 19th century, and is now at around 3 degrees west. The north and south magnetic poles can also switch places, and this last happened about 780,000 years ago.

            According to FAA spokesman Paul Takemoto changes at other airports may not be required because magnetic fields vary from place to place. Takemoto said re-designation is rarely required. Such changes are not that unusual, however, with Stansted Airport in London having to do the same thing in 2009, redesignating its 3,000 meter runway 23/05 as 22/04. Stansted airport officials said they would have to renumber the runway again — in another 56 years or so.

            Kathleen Bergen, also from the FAA, said runway designations were based on geomagnetic information, and that aviation uses information on latitude, longitude, and the magnetic poles. She said that the magnetic poles are constantly changing, and movements of more than three degrees can affect runway designations and numbering. In far northern areas, where the relative difference in location between true north and magnetic north has a greater effect, aviators tend to use true north as their reference instead of magnetic north.

            Takemoto stressed the changes at the Tampa airports would have absolutely no effect on passenger safety.

            Link: ht tps://

            • Zoooose,,

              Vocal Patriot is correct…

              The earth is NOT shifting! Maybe you should have read Hcks post a little closer before running your diarrhea mouth. Earth’s magnetic field is totally different than the CONSTANT 23.5 degree axis tilt. YOU ARE WAY TOO SMART FOR YOUR OWN GOOD.

        • I work with the elite and will have to concur with your statement. The elite call Trump ‘the Chump’: a pathetic, bloviating blowhard placeholder between the Obama days and the next war.

          None of his plans will work because America is economically and socially ‘done’. History has moments where a country can seize them, and make out like a bandit. America had this at several key junctures: the first was tyrannical Europe: all the best and brightest fled to the New World, helping make America great prior to WWII; the second was the two devastating European world wars that left Europe in shatters but made America rich and the only world power. This meant America could make the world rules and America boomed until the end of the 60s. But after that, America could only borrow and print money to make prosperity.

          Today, the world has built up several key prosperity zones that are now rivals to the US in economic terms and in power terms. Europe is one; but Asia is an even bigger one. Even Russia is not the smouldering wreck it was at the end of WWII. It has massive currency reserves, tons of resources, a functioning society, the hottest women in the world, and military technology that rivals the US.

      24. Massive negative bets on the Dow and S&P March 2017. Nobody will know until it is too late.
        A quiet run on WellsFargo bank has started.
        Management is desperate to keep customers from new in their checking accounts.

      25. Thats my post, not sure why its posting as anonymous. As usual the future is not looking good.. It’s the same shit different day in the country.


      26. Ive got a Question for you HICKs. If you really believe in the whole Axis shift Nibiru thing. Why are you still in Texas? The majority of Texas is below the 425 feet elevation predicted to become the new sea level.. The sloshing ocean will flood it. The great lakes pouring into the Mississippi river valley will flood al the Delta from southern ill to the gulf. Why haven’t you vamoosed for higher ground?

      27. You get to expect talk like this after spending a little time in financial markets. The question is who is pumping the market and who is legitimately predicting a crisis. I think the market will correct, but I don’t necessarily buy the siren call to load up on precious metals (which itself can drive a change). Best to make up your own mind aside form any outside encouragement.

      28. Oh, and never bet on Trump’s supposed ignorance.

      29. Old Guy. Money is the issue, I don’t have lots of it. I am securing one BOL first, to use that one to position myself to go to Higher ground, then leave the state completely.

        Vocal Patriot, the big dipper is not at the same spot, its shifted already. He showed me the proof of it., another big shift will position it at 24%. He said that you have to go out side at 4:00 am to see that’s it’s at the wrong spot.

        Back to Old Guy.

        I am going to Four Corners and leaving the State completely by 2018 of October.. Money is what’s restricting me. I don’t have a lot of it. I make good money, but I have to save it first, then spend it. First and foremost, I have to move my preps out of Houston to a secure location. I cant move that much infrastructure all at once. The city is so densely overpopulated with Traffic and illegals, entire neighborhoods have been taken over by dred lock, latino gangs. Gessner Rd and Westpark areas of Houston has been taken over and over run by these low lives. The area is now third world and does not look like the United States. Then the thugs and other garbage have moved into the north side of town into my area, filling up the streets with cars, and 3 families are living in one residence. I am leaving this shit whole. Nothing but crime and drug dealing going on, and less than a quarter of a mile, the higher income whites live right next to our area. This is and ingredient and recipe for disaster if collapse commences and I get their late. My BOL will be at 25 Ft above and not high enough. So I am leaving the state entirely.

        Even if Donald Trump turns around the entire economy, I am still leaving. This is what I was told to do, and I am following through with it. I am serious and not bluffing. I do not trust this government. It already too late for things to get better. Everything is changing for the worse from this point unward. Its not just the people and the upcoming civil wars, and ww3, its the planets environment. Life will die out off coastal areas, because of Oxygen deprivation, from cracked ocean floors spooing up carbon and other toxins into the atmosphere killing off entire populations, decimating food supplies, etc. I higher recommend that your all listen to Franks post.

        Frank has perspective.

        He works for these elites types and he agrees that shit will not be turning around. Russia believe it or not is one of the best places to live. Frank you hit it dead on brother. The planet has breached holding capacity, and now the food supply will be running out. Watch what happens when the people suddenly wake up by years end and 2018 roles around and the same shit is going on, they are still jobless. The Trump high has worn off. I talk randomly to people all the time, they like the way I look and I get a lot of attention, so instead of being a selfish prick acting like my shit is gold, I talk to them, men and women of all races, etc. You get to learn a lot of shit. Like I told them, quit praising Trump, that I voted for him, but quit talking shit to me about Trump will fix this, fix that and other blindsided comments and to stop making themselves sound stupid. Women have lost of babies, over populating Houston, and Texas and all states, while more muslims, Africans, Hispanics etc are poring into Texas where one of my female customers told me that thousands of muslims just got dumped off into northern Texas into her area, it obvious that they are purposely postioning them to surround the white population. The end result is civil war. If I can avoid it, I will but I wont just sit around here and wait for it. If reaches me in my area, then I will handle it on a VERY SEVERE LEVEL, but I am smart enough to avoid this crap and leave to get out of the way of these un prepped idiots.


        • Agree: it is an experiment, a vast social experiment, and it will not end well because of the toxic combination of resource depletion with trying to bring the third world into the first world to give them a first world lifestyle. Mostly, they will just feed like locusts on the remaining wealth from America’s boom years from the 40s to the 1980s. And then when that is done, they will riot, and kill and commit crimes. Anyone who has studied the impact of these races on economic development for the past 4 decades will know that things have stayed the same or got worse with them: it is not like they have created anything of real value, or new global companies, or new inventions.

          I think white homelands are a real option for the future. And I think Russia and the European Union should be pushed to do this. These special zones would be only about European culture and ways and norms. There would be support for European women to have children and form families. White South Africans can be also brought in and protected. Russia has the means to protect these places.

      30. Just heard on Alex Jones that Obutthole stole 187B from federal loan agencie.LOCK HIM UP!

      31. “The resulting uncertainty could lead to widespread panic on Wall Street.”
        Bring it on ,if this is the only way to finally drain the swamp.We need sanity , decent morality and good family values to be re-instated into society .Otherwise we are are all eventually going down with the swamp creatures.

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