Stock Up Before Banks Close and Shelves Empty: “Time to Kick Prepping in Overdrive”

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    This article was written by Michael Snyder and originally published at his End of the American Dream blog.

    Editor’s Note: The events in Greece and Ferguson have been warning for Americans. But now, something big is happening to the economy and the financial stability of everyone in this country. Unprecedented drops in the stock market and the deep issues of the real economic landscape are starting to set in, and the results will not be pretty.

    Every American needs to check their supplies, make a plan and secure what they need, because a temporary panic or a long term collapse may well be coming. Time to take this stuff seriously.

    It Is Time To Kick Prepping Into Overdrive, Because This Stock Market Crash Is Just The Beginning

    by Michael Snyder

    If you have not been preparing for what is coming, you need to get off your sofa and you need to start prepping right now.  Just remember what happened back in 2008.  That crisis took most people totally by surprise.  Millions of Americans lost their jobs, and because most of them were living paycheck to paycheck, all of a sudden most of them couldn’t pay the rent or the mortgage either.  Large numbers of families that were once living a comfortable middle class lifestyle suddenly found themselves destitute.  Well, this coming crisis is going to be even worse by the time it is all said and done, and it is not just going to be economic in nature.  Over the past two trading days, the Dow has gone down more than a thousand points.  The shaking that so many have warned about has begun.  As this shaking plays out, you and your family will need cash, food, supplies and a whole bunch of other things.  If you do not already have everything prepared, then you need to kick your prepping into overdrive because we are on a very compressed time frame now.

    But don’t just take my word for it.  A top adviser to former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown named Damian McBride is saying the same thing

    A former adviser to Gordon Brown has urged people to stock up on canned goods and bottled water as stock markets around the world slide.

    And he didn’t just speak in generalities.  According to an article in one of the most important newspapers in the UK, McBride is urging his fellow citizens to do some very specific things…

    “Advice on the looming crash, No.1: get hard cash in a safe place now; don’t assume banks & cashpoints will be open, or bank cards will work,” he tweeted.

    “Crash advice No.2: do you have enough bottled water, tinned goods & other essentials at home to live a month indoors? If not, get shopping.

    “Crash advice No.3: agree a rally point with your loved ones in case transport and communication gets cut off; somewhere you can all head to.”

    All of that is great advice.

    But I wonder why he is so concerned about people being able to live a month indoors.  Does he know something that the rest of us do not?

    Others are issuing similar ominous warnings.  The following is an excerpt from a recent article by Chuck Baldwin that seemed to be written with an unusual sense of urgency…

    I suggest you have a supply of food and water to last at least three months. Many survival experts insist that a six-month supply is the minimum. Personally, I can live a long time on tuna fish or peanut butter. You can purchase MREs from a variety of sources, as well as camp-style packaged food from many sporting goods stores. Of course, bottled water is available everywhere during normal times. Stock up! Distilled water will store longer than spring water. Plus, I suggest you have some water purification tablets or a Katadyn water filter on hand. And, if you are able, prepare to grow your own food. In cold weather climates such as we have here in Montana, people quickly learn how to construct and utilize greenhouses in which to grow food. Canning food is another very helpful hedge against deprivation. If your parents and grandparents lived through the Great Depression as mine did, this was standard operating procedure.

    Get a generator. Keep a supply of fuel on hand. Stay stocked up on batteries, candles, portable lights, first aid supplies, and toiletries–especially toilet paper and toothpaste. I also suggest you never run out of lighters or matches. You never know when you’ll need to build a fire. If you live in a cold weather climate, you probably already have some sort of wood stove or fireplace.

    You can read the rest of that outstanding article right here.

    Similar sentiments were expressed in a recent piece by prepper extraordinaire Daisy Luther

    • Take your money out of the bank ASAP.  If you still keep your money in the bank, go there and remove as much as you can while leaving in enough to pay your bills. Although it wasn’t a market collapse in Greece recently, the banks did close and limit ATM withdrawals.  People went for quite some time without being able to access their money, but were able to have a sense of normalcy by transferring money online to pay bills or using their debit cards to make purchases.  Get your cash out. You don’t want to be at the mercy of the banks.
    • Stock up on supplies.  Make sure you are prepped. If you’re behind on your preparedness efforts and need to do this quickly, you can order buckets of emergency food just to have some on hand. (Learn how to build an emergency food supply using freeze dried food HERE) Hit the grocery store or wholesale club and stock up there, too, on  your way home.
    • Load up on fuel.  Fill up your gas tank and fill your extra cans also. Quite often, fuel prices skyrocket in the wake of a market crash.
    • Be prepared for the potential of civil unrest. If the banks put a limit on withdrawals (or close like they did in Greece) you can look for some panic to occur. If the stores dramatically increase prices or close..more panic. Be armed and be prepared to stay safely at home. (Although this article was written during the Ferguson race riots, civil unrest follows a similar pattern regardless of the cause.)
    • Be prepared for the possibility of being unable to pay your bills. If things really go downhill, the middle class and those who are the working poor will be the most strongly affected, as they have been in Greece during that country’s ongoing financial crisis.  This article talks about surviving if you are unable to pay all of your bills.

    Every family is facing a different set of circumstances, so “prepping” is not going to look the same for everyone.  What may make sense for you may not make sense for me.  But the truth is that we all need to get prepared for what is coming, because time is running out.

    As I have discussed repeatedly, I have more of a sense of urgency about the last six months of 2015 than I have ever had about any other other specific period of time.  That is why the book that I recently co-authored with survivalist expert Barbara Fix is entitled “Get Prepared NOW“.  The word “NOW” is in larger print than everything else on the front cover because I really wanted to emphasize the urgency of what we are facing.

    If you think that you can wait until next year to start getting prepared, you are going to be too late.

    This stock market crash is just the beginning.  Next month we are witnessing a convergence of events that is pretty much unprecedented.  If you would like to learn more, here are some places to get started…

    -“The Big List Of 33 Things That Are Going To Happen In September 2015

    -“The Russian Media Is Talking About What Is Coming In September, But The U.S. Media Has Been Strangely Silent

    -“The Mystery Of September 23: Why Does 9/23 Keep Popping Up All Over the Place?

    -“10 Things That Are Going To Happen Within 15 Days Of The End Of The Shemitah

    The relative stability of the past few years has lulled millions of Americans into a state of complacency.

    And even our politicians are displaying a stunning level of complacency.  For example, even though our nation is rapidly going down the toilet, Barack Obama has played more than 1,100 hours of golf while he has been in the White House.

    It is time for all of us to awaken from our slumber, because life in America is about to dramatically change.

    beginning-of-the-end-snyderMichael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years.

    Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream

    If you want to know what things in America are going to look like in a few years read his new book The Beginning of the End.


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      1. Just a question, but say someone is reasonably well prepped and has $5000 owed on a credit card at 8.9% and was about to pay it off and still have some cash left over.

        Would you pay off the card or just pay a little and go spend $5000 more on preps?

        • I’d pay it off, unless you are guaranteed 210% certain that TEOTWAWKI is going to happen before the next statement arrives. Where is there a CC with an 8.9% rate? Mine says 16%, and I get solicitations constantly that say 19%, and if you miss a payment they’ll jack it to 28%.

          Regardless of rate, unless the rule of law collapses entirely, they WILL get their bucket of blood from you.

          (For myself, I don’t care what the rate is – I pay mine down to zero every month, so they never get to charge me interest. bttttt! )

          • Reb in ID. Pay it off, improves your credit score. And buy more preps with cash only. It will keep you more frugal. The whole world could crash and those banksters could still put you in debtors prison with cellmate Buckwheat working your debt off for a $1 per day. Calculate that one out

            ~ Live debt free . WWTI

            • I’ve got two years worth of supplies, my cat has two years of supplies. Then, I have some extra for trade, sharing or “just in case.”

              We can make it 3 months without blinking.

              Where I’m at, I won’t have to worry about being thrown out with nowhere to go, if the money suddenly stops.

              I AM BLESSED.

              • YAY!!!!!!!

                I prayed for you.

                • Thanks, I mentioned y’all in one of our talks too!

          • Paying it off every month does nothing to help your credit score, which is why you cant get a card with a better interest rate. The ideal situation is to keep a 20-30% balance and make all payments on time.


              TRUST ME!

              • BJ
                Very good advise , and you 100% correct!

              • I don’t care what my credit score is and can’t remember the last time I checked. I haven’t had a credit card or taken a loan in almost 20 years. To do this without sacrificing MY lifestyle I simply put money aside and now if I need something i.e. a car or gun I loan myself the cash and then repay it with interest.

                • Not everyone is in the same situation in life Maddog. I agree credit the way it is done by bankers in america is evil and unjust weights and measures. But saving enough money for land and to build a home (100’s of thousands) ain’t gonna happen for most people. So enough credit to get a decent mortgage is necessary. Unless you want to live in a dump or throw away money on rent your whole life….and I don’t want to do that. I am in that boat so I know exactly what is necessary in regards to CC’s and how they work. I was only sharing the info I know.

              • Yes I’ve read many real estate investment books and such that discuss that strategy as a way to improve your credit.

                My credit is already pretty good and I don’t really care about it too much. We don’t ever intend to move, finance a car, or really anything else that is dependent on good credit. But you never know so I’m not going to ruin it either.

                My question stems more from a priority one. If inflation is truly over 10%, which I believe it is, then paying back money at a rate less than inflation is a financial win for me. Plus I get tangibles NOW. If we were going to blow the money on dinning out and vacations well that’s a no brainer.

                However the things I’m considering buying, like an inverter and 6 deep cycle batteries (thanks genius for the list), are more of an investment and might even pay for themselves eventually.

                The closer we get to collapse the shorter my time preference for money. If I had a crystal ball and knew that an EMP would wipe out all financial records tomorrow then of course I would go max out every card and not feel the least bit guilty.

                • RiH,
                  I believe there is still some time left, not a whole lot, but some. IMO, I would pay the CC down, especially since you are already well prepped. JMO

                  But come 2017 when the cycle of war begins, the answer would most likely be different.

            • I dont think Reb pays off a $5K credit card every month. He may have hit his limit. Pay off $4K and dont charge above $1000 at any time. If you think carrying debt helps your Fico score. I just use my CC for online purchases and pay it off within the month as to not incur interest charges. And I get reward points. So my CC still reflects a balance.

              Btw/ No Credit History at all is considered Bad Credit FICO Score. Yeah you pay cash but you will never buy a house or get a car loan etc..


              • WWTI, I’ve always been barred from using credit for any purpose. Never had any type of loan or credit card. I tried going for those things back in the 90s when we had a good economy but NOBODY would let me play the game. My cars have always come from private owners for cash only and been something at least 20 years old. They were the ONLY people who would sell me one. I can go to any car lot around and get turned away. I’m too old and disgusted with the system plus the economy is too crappy for me to care about credit now. I always buy all my preps with cash only. Being debt-free has certain advantages to it.

              • “Car loan”, what a concept.

                My “car loan” is a set of wrenches.

                I have never paid more than 10k for a car and I considered that to be extortion. I’m happy in the 6500 range.

              • Not true. You can have a low credit score and request manual underwriting. Lenders will consider your work history, assets, income, etc. you will get the house loan and at the same rate a person would get the same loan. I know because I got a house loan 3 years ago with little and historic credit history. I paid the loan off two months ago.

            • FICO score=I LOVE DEBT SCORE

              Your FICO score does not measure how well you manage debt. Your score goes down when you pay off debt. Your FICO score is a measure of how good a debt slave you are.

          • My CC at Wells fargo is 3%. My JPM Chase, 0%. Rebel, keep the cash, make your minimum payments every month, and if you are reasonably prepped, chop more firewood and sit tight. 🙂

            • You are full of it DK. Yeah zero for the first 6 mths incl. balance transfers, then goes to 12%. Read the fine print…Your math is halarious. Thx for playing.


              • WWTI: I know my own cc. JPM is zero % for 12 months with another nine months to go. That rate is LOCKED in for that period of time. If there is any balance due at the end of that time period, I will pay it off.

                Wells Fargo is 3% APR. Sorry you have bad credit or that you are not smart enough to get a lower rate. They wanted to give me a higher rate. I told them I would move my accounts and they could kiss my ex-WF Employee ass. Then I told them who I was ….. and they changed their tune in a heartbeat.

                Ya gotta talk “banker” to them. 🙂

                BTW, don’t tell them that you were so fucking stupid that you lost $30k playing the “Day Trader Game”. If they don’t LTFAO and show you the door, I promise that they will be talking behind your back.

                One more that, my personal banker has been begging me to take out a line of credit for some time. And I will. But not yet! I will tell you when I do. 🙂

                • Durango Kiddy. You can be a debt slave all you want and play their game. I am plenty rich enough not to have any debt period. So kisss my asss!! All you do is kick the can down the road. Let us all know working your debt off in a cage with debt cell mate bubba. All you do is flip more debt around like the US Government. See how thats working for them. Maybe you need a 2 or third job. Or even a first job and stop living off your ex wifes credts score. Btw/ my fico score is well above 800.

            • Minimum payments at his %9? F’k that just get out from under it.

              • Marcus: Get zero interest cards for one year for that balance, make the minimum balance, or more if you like, but keep your DOLLARS!!!

                At the end of the time frame for the locked rate, pay them off or get new zero rate cards at that time depending upon the financial environment at that time.

                Liquidity will be important.

                Credit may or may not be available, or even important a year from now. But why pay the balance off now if you can get FREE money on zero rate cards ??? 🙂

          • Yeah, everyone has different scenario– I have place to live that is about 500 miles from my preps– so I can stay here and lose preps, or— go to where preps are and possibly be with no home… great choice!

            • Sounds like you need to reconsider your prepping.

          • Regarding 8.9% credit cards… Yes, you can find them. I have had an 8.9% card for over 6 years, from my credit union.

          • I actually just got an intro rate for 0% for 18 months. Guess it all depends on your credit situation.

            However – there isnt going to be a ligt switch event here, you arent going to just wake up one morning to find the apocalypse happened overnight. That only happens in the movies. I agree that the signs are there that were headed for tough times, and maybe even a big event…but there is lots of time to still start getting prepared.

            I wouldnt recomend anyone charging $5000 worth of “preps” just because. Best to keep cash and pay down debt then save more cash and prep over time.

          • We can go ethical or we can go reality: Let’s go reality…if you think the economy is going to collapse then I would invest that money in supplies for survival. A credit card balance of 0 or $5,000 won’t make a bit of difference when the SHTF. My credit card is also 8.9% and has been for the past fifteen years.
            This is important so read carefully: If your bank/card issuer decides to raise the card rate it must be in writing. The bad thing about this is it usually just a post card so you won’t notice it or some other innocuous piece of mail. You have a set amount of time to respond to their rate hike. You can write them and tell them you do NOT accept the rate increase and cancel your card. Your balance will be locked in at whatever the rate your card was when you close it. They cannot legally raise the rate unless you do NOT respond.

            • Thanks, I am not totally crazy for thinking this way. My question isn’t about prudent financial planning in a normal world.

              I look at my preps as a form of insurance. Call it food insurance and such. I can increase my short term hedge against disaster for a carrying cost of only 8.9% right now, which I believe to be lower than inflation.

              Those that advocate being debt free make great arguments, I’ve read Dave Ramsey too, I’m just questioning how much longer of normal times I have. If I’m wrong and I have many years of normal times ahead then the interest I will pay seems kind of small relative to my income.

              • It’s a reasonable discussion to have, do you need additional goods or do you need less debt?

                If you have 80%-90% of the preps you need, with no serious gaps, and some cash put aside, you don’t need to go spend $5,000 on more preps. Things could go south on next Tuesday, and you will still be 80%-90% prepared for it.

                Me, given the circumstances, would pay off $2500 of the balance, and put another $1000 cash aside. The remaining $1500 I would leave right where it is today. Pay the remaining balance off at the level you are paying now, it will be very low in a few months.

        • New SHTFPlan motto: “All Snyder, all the time.”

          Reb in Idaho, I’d say that if you are missing priority items, get them now, then pay off the card. Be sure to stock your med office inventory. Those med supplies may save your life as well as the lives of your patients.

          • Yes, as you might suspect I’m pretty solid on the medical preps. My skill set here is why I’m so confident on income during normal times and continued usefulness in any times. That being said I still believe that it’s important to diversify skills and preps.

        • Pay it off. During the last downturn, I had an $8,000 balance on my Target card that I was paying down as quick as I could and on time every month. For no reason (except for that they could), they jacked up my interest rate to 24%. Needless to say it took me longer to pay it off and it cost me more. I cut up the card after that. No more CCs for me. They play dirty.

          • You’re right about them playing dirty, I’ve had that same thing happen before too. Though this one is through my credit union and I’m not so worried about that.

          • CC agreements usually allow the banksters to change the rate and terms for any reason, or no reason. Not exactly a contract I’m itching to sign.

          • If you get past 90 days, they will reduce the rate to 5% from the default rate. If they don’t follow the Fair Debt Collection Act complain to the Federal Reserve and the Comptroller of the Currency. In the end they are going to collapse the economy, most wealth is created by depressions for the Global Elite, and war. If you are reading this blog, you are not in the club. Complain via letters to the credit bureaus. Each letter cost them $4 to $5 dollars in handling fees.

        • Pay it off. Seriously, the feeling of relief/calm that you will experience one you realize that you don’t owe anymore CC debt is awesome.

        • Snyder hijacked Chuck Baldwins Aug 20th article. This also was Prison Planets article featuring Baldwin yesterday I POSTED THE Original Baldwin Article link 2 Stories ago. Then Mac repoats the Baldwin article hijacked by Snyder. Do your own work people.
          Any of you people authors can do your own research. It just passed on byproduct I read 3 times now. And pop, here it is again. Then each Author credits the other for what? Hijacked material confirming what is just rehashed leftovers as if any Author has any credibility. Balwin gets all credit here for his article. Any clown can repost. Just saying.


          • Wudda did you just call Mac, Snyder and Baldwin clowns?
            Baldwin rehashed his too, with a little more added.

        • You owe 5k. Where is the extra 5k coming from.?

          Anyhow……Debt is evil. My advise pay it off, and don’t look back. Only charge what you can pay off every month to keep your balance at zero. These CC companies are worse than loan-sharks.

        • That depends on a lot of factors. If you spent all of the money right now how long would it take you to pay it off after. If it is only a month or two, I would spend the money. It would cost an additional $40 to delay the payoff for one month. In my opinion that $40 is worth the piece of mind. Even 2-3 months would be worth it to me. If you are talking a year or 2, then it would depend on how well stocked you are now.

          • Thanks, a thoughtful answer. I’m kind of looking at this as a bet on how long things will be normal and can afford to pay the interest if I’m wrong for the peace of mind of having the things now. Then again, why pay the banks interest if I don’t have to?

            Thanks, again.

        • Depends,,,
          Unsecured credit is just that, un secured, so legally there is little they can do aside from bug the crap out of you or drop your credit rating,,,
          If there is a greater depression will it matter? How many millions of others wont or cant pay?

          • That’s kind of my thought process here, but paying it off isn’t something I imagine to be a problem. If my job (medical field) goes away the world as we know it has ended.

            Thanks for the advice all.

            • Rebel: Transfer the balance to a zero rate card and only make monthly payments. The rate is LOCKED in for one year. Liquidity is the name of the game.

              If the banks collapse as most here fear and Western Civilization comes to a screeching halt, well you still have ten dollar bills in number ten cans. 🙂

              • Bad advice again DK. Had a long talk with my credit union. I have a paid off CC at about 9%, and asked if I could get a lower rate. The best they offered anybody today on a new CU card was at 11.9%. The lady says, stay where you are as you have a great long credit history with your current card. And that helps your credit score… I said OK,…

                Every new credit app you submit dings your credit score. Switching and moving reflects you are as unstable, to get zero for 6 mts then 12% is no advantage. Unless you are a sucker and in a pile of debt like DK and need lower Mo payments, just to try and pay off the debt. Owe nobody and you are far better off, prior to any economic collapse.

                • Wrong WWTI, every credit app does NOT ding your score….only when you have a lot of apps in a short period of time does it ding your score. It shows them your looking all over the place for a loan for obvious reasons. I KNOW FOR A FACT.

                  • Yes, 2 or 3 new credit lines in a 2 year period isn’t going to affect your credit, not that I really care. I don’t anticipate needing any new credit hopefully ever, but my score is already good anyway.

                    I’m only 40yo and I just don’t think that the financial system as we know it will last my working lifetime. Many of you Boomers (and I’m not pointing fingers) had the advantage of relatively stable times for your working lifetime and will draw at least some SS. I have no such illusions.

                    What do I care if I still have 250K in student loans and a cc bill when it all crashes? They can garnish my wages but not repo my brain.

                    • LoL, this is true. And BTW, I am only 4 years older than you 😉

                • Read my response to you above. If you do not know how to talk “banker” to them you are shit-out-of-luck.

                  Time to change your moniker again. SOOL will work for you. 🙂

              • Often there is a balance transfer fee of about 3% or some fixed amount.

                DK may well beat the banksters at this game, but for every customer who wins, there are 100 who lose.

          • It used to be that way Kula, and for the most part it still is when it comes to filing bankruptcy.

            However, you can bet that the feds/banksters have already discussed every conceivable option when the plug gets pulled.

            Whoever owns that debt can create a lien against real estate, vehicles or any private property for that matter, even future income. Most banks don’t pursue it because it is much easier to see the results in “charge offs” on the balance sheet, and therefore capitalize on that bad debt sooner, rather than later.

            One stroke of a pen, in a shtf scenario, and all that could change by eliminating charge offs by banks.
            A $5k unsecured debt could cause one to have their house and land foreclosed upon, and there would be no recourse.

            Don’t think that for one minute that a person that has $20k worth of credit availability, can just run up all those cards and skip to the hills and live freely.

            Someone out there will be paid enough by debt holders to search for those “skips” and be brought to justice.

            Of course, there is the possibility of being too much mayhem and destruction for it to matter to the debt holders.

            • N R,
              yup and they are even going after peoples relatives for debt that had NOTHING to do with them, and who knows what laws that scum bag in the white house might have signed by executive order!

            • This just isn’t true. The credit card companies cannot come after your property (house, land, physical possessions) UNLESS the card is secured by said property. The law only allows a lien if the debt is a secured debt. Credit cards are rarely secured debt – when they are, they are secured by money set aside in a special account so if you do not pay, they take the money. But you know that up front when you open up the account.

              There are exceptions to that rule, but then we are speaking of probate law in which you would be dead anyway. At that point “what difference does it make”?

              • They can come for your property even if the property is not used to secure the debt. You are allowed such a dollar amount of exempted property(I assume it varies by state) any property you own valued above the exemptions can be taken.

            • These are all good points, but in that type of scenario millions of people would be in the same boat. I’m not even remotely considering not paying, however if it all collapses to the point where I can’t pay then there will be millions of people right there with me.

              Could they really foreclose on over 100 million people without a riot?

        • Reb in Idaho: Spend the money on preps! Please, you can take care of the cc balance later. Regardless your interest rate, preps! You can cut in other areas, such as eating out, or movies, or whatever and make up the difference later on. Whatever the stock market does is irrelevant. There is an attack on the grid coming and then the cc balance won’t matter. A good credit score and clean slate won’t keep us alive when the lights go out. $5000.00 would put you a long, long way on the road to survival. And that is all that counts.

        • REB
          In my humble opinion I would pay off 1/2 for the CC and use the other 1/2 to buy preps. I would save some cash in small bills like 1s,5s,10s, and 20s, in a safe place. If things go to hell like people are saying cash will work for a while then Gold and Silver will be the currency. Silver and gold are at a low right now and it would be a good time to buy.

          What is your GUT telling you? Go with it! Most of the time it is correct. You seam to be a wise person, by asking for advise, but take the advise and compare it with your gut, and go for it. Good Luck!!!

          • best response in my opinion.

          • Also if you think inflation is going to kick in like 50% increase for food soon, a 9% interest rate is a steal. Use their money to buy more preps. What ever you think you can safely handle.

            All debt free though, is a great feeling of freedom and off their grid of evil.


          • Sgt,
            100 percent agree!

          • Why not pay off the credit card outright, and then go and purchase the preps on the same credit card. Opsec is already blown anyway. This way your credit is good, you get your preps before price increases take their toll, you can order online for stuff not available locally with the card, and it gives you peace of mind coming and going. thanks

          • Thanks, another thoughtful answer.

        • It seems that Paul Craig Roberts, former secretary of treasury under Reagan, thinks the US government is in control and can simply buy up its stocks whenever they feel like it… they can just print more money… just like all central banks around the world can do. In other words, if the stocks crash it will be because the government wanted them to crash– everything is controlled by the elites.

          • There are more economic consultants and experts in finances than Carter has little liver pills.

            I just read a pretty good article by Greg Hunter of USA Watchdog,com, his own site. Greg has been doing this for a long time. He is a local from the area that started with a local affiliate and then began doing their investigative journalism.

            Always straight up, with no spin nor any allegiance to any particular group or side. About as close to the truth as one can get in an article. That doesn’t mean the person’s he interviews are trustworthy though.

            The article i read was an interview with Jim Sinclair. If I believed Jim, and was not a true bible believing Christian, hell I’d sell off almost everything i own and buy gold.
            Jim claims, and has been claiming for some time, that gold will hit $50k an ounce. If that were true, and the dollar still a viable currency, i could be a multi-millionaire in a few years, or maybe sooner.

            I will believe it when I see it. Anyways, after the interview this is what Jim had to say, and it is truthful.

            After the Interview, Jim says…..

            “Sinclair says the folks with zero debt will be the safest from the coming financial calamity. He also says people should have enough food and water for at least three months, but six months food and water is ideal. Sinclair predicts supply disruptions caused by credit disruptions after an exploding bond market will be a logistical nightmare because producers and truckers will have a hard time getting paid.”

            Ok preppers…there is that old bond market thing again, rearing it’s ugly head. Derivatives are ready to explode, and the bond market is past ready.

            Can they prop it up any longer? I don’t believe so, I believe the derivatives are so over valued that just a bump in the “thin air” system, most likely the commodity derivatives and the markets will sell off like sushi at a Japanese Tuna buying market.

            Then when the bond holders freak out and cry sell,sell,sell. The system will implode and probably shut down, causing the average paper holders to loose their shirts and their asses.
            Time will tell, but there are millions of retired Boomers out there holding what was always known as “safe” bonds. They made their millions in the stocks, and just transferred them over to bonds for safe keeping. Yea, about as safe as taking a paddle boat across the Atlantic in winter.

            • The only problem with Jim Sinclair is he’s been giving the same exact spiel for the past 15 years about gold. Never mind that it’s plunging lock a rock in the sea, because ” someday” gold will be worth 50k per ounce. Yeah, and when that day occurs, gas will be 25 bucks per gallon and bread 20 bucks a loaf, but gold will have achieved his magic target price so he’ll be vindicated in his never ending song and dance about gold.

        • Rebel : If the CC is unsecured, as most are, buy preps, keep cash and only make payments. The only thing they can do with unsecured debt, is hound the crap out of you. If TSHTF, who the F$$K cares. Tell them to come and get it. It also, depends on how bad TSHTF.

          • So I’m not the only one who feels this way? While I firmly believe that if I borrow money I’m morally obligated to pay it back, if our financial system collapses I really don’t think I could bring myself to feel guilty about student loans or any other form of debt.

            I have every intention of paying what I owe, but if the banks close with my money in them I’m not going to let them take my house for example. Possession is 9/10 of the law as they say.

        • Rebel, I can answer that. If it comes down to it save your money and use it on preps. The worst thing to happen is a ding on your credit and or a judgment that can’t be enforced if you have nothing or at least not until you do have something and then you can pay it off. You will be in good company because if it happens everyone will have the same problem.


        • Ban liberals, not guns

        • Way to hijack the thread.

        • You have a credit card?

      2. Stock up now because you know ” someday” I’m gonna be right. Just don’t ask for specific times or I have to ” disappear” for a few articles before reposting the same story with a new coat of paint.

      3. If you really believe everything is going to completely collapse and there will never be an accounting then max out all the cards.

        But don’t be surprised when it doesn’t happen that way and you are held accountable for the balances, the interest, and the penalties.

        Remember Y2K? Would you have wanted to max out just before that planning on never having to pay it back?

        IMO, you’re far better off being debt free than anything else, but that’s just my opinion. Make your own decision about it.

      4. Wow, Silver tankin. Low today $13.83. Sitting at 14.10- $14.20. The charts say the very bottom could be about $10. I just cant see it going lower than right now when its all collapsing before us. One would think it would be mad dash to PM’s when the stock market tanks. Guess just buy more and average down. Opportunity Strikes.


        • Correction Silver low today Wed was $13.87. Not $13.83 as I said above. Thx

          • WWTI
            This make no sense to me silver should be around $30.00 with all of the markets crashing. Well if it fall some more I’ll just buy more. How about you?

            • My husbands supplier sent out an email yesterday, turnaround on orders of 1 oz and 10 oz bars is 60 days and premiums are up to $3-3.50.

              • NO
                I have the feeling we will see silver shoot up like a rocket. If you can buy it from a locale dealer it might be a good idea! Just a feeling.

                • My husband is the local dealer! He buys from a supplier who’d does enough volume to deal directly with the mint. I told him sell nothing, nothing, nothing. Even the stuff of numismatic quality until the market declares itself. We have our stuff and his business stuff.

                • Yep Sgt just hold on till the smoke clears, paper shorts get margin calls. $20+ End of Year. This just give us the opportunity to buy more at a cheaper price, averahe down. Price manipulation does not determine value. Its still way more solid investment than soon to be worthless paper fiat cashola.


      5. Ammo, food, meds, gear. Ammo, food, meds, gear. Ammo, food, meds, gear. Over and over.

        • “P”
          Wise! Very Wise!

        • 2,000 rounds 30-06, 2,000 pounds food (flour, hard red winter wheat, rice, sugar, cornmeal, jerky, beans, shortening, baking powder, soda and spices, multiple vitamins large quantity); 5 different antibiotics large quantity; two pack saddles for horses with gear for winter camp.

          f ’em

          • don’t forget the yeast.

            • Can do the yeast old school and make smaller batches of dough, bake a loaf stick the balance in a crock and let it go sour, then feed it, use that every time you make bread, incorporate with the floyr water and salt, mix all, pinch off half bake the rest repeat, once you get it going you can get a decent rise without yeast, at worst youl have some nice sour flat bread or tortillas.

              • Or use beer as a substitute.


              • I’m just as happy wrapping everything in a flour or corn tortilla…no yeast to worry about. You can cook it on a grill, in a pan or even on a rock or even a stick if need be.

                Flour, salt, baking powder and a little lard, butter or oil. Easy-peasy.

                • and/or a dash of water.

            • I’ll give you a tip that most people don’t even consider. Whether you are a drinker or not buy Vodka and lots of it. There are dozens of uses for grain alcohol,antiseptic, cooking, fuel, heat, light, food preservation just to name a few. Also if things really break down it will make great trading stock.

          • Like the handle,,,

          • Hell yes man

            I’m 31 and work as a pumper for an oil company in NE Utah. I see Kings Peak and the High Uintahs daily at work. I earned my Eagle Scout at 14. Earned it. My eagle project was designing constructing and installing 6’x6’x9″red cedar eagle nests and installed them all on telephone poles up at Browns Park UT.

            Good times.

            One prep to never forget

            R O P E

            • Cap’n, rope, line is necessary and don’t forget a hank of jute twine. Pull the fibers from 10 inch strand and roll into a ball. Strike with a fire steel. Instant fire.

              Submitted 8-31-15.

          • 2,000 pounds of dry food, that’s 250 days of food at 2# per day for each of 4 people.

            As to yeast, if you want it, keep a sourdough starter. It will leaven flour. I’ve had mine going for 50 years. The best axe I ever owned: wore out 2 heads and 3 handles.

            Submitted at 4:50 pm MST, 8-30-2015

      6. There was a couple day downswing in the market and you guys cried the sky is falling… so when is this catastrophe going to happen? You seem to have all the answers but the one’s that matter. I have been reading this website for long time now and yet to see anything other than scare tactics.

        • Then why do you come back and read more?

        • All the markets were down in Europe and China earlier today.

          The DOW is still 700 or 800 down from a week ago.

          I expect it to be weak or down tomorrow, and further down on Friday.

        • If your looking for someone else for advice or answers rather than just forming your own plan you got bigger problems,,,

        • OK. I get your disgust.

          However, we usually rather have them called “warnings” rather than scare tactics.

          If you have to be told that the so-called scare tactics are now realities, rather than what they actually were…warnings;
          then it may be too late for you.

          But instead of being a smart ass, I’ll give you what you want, and that is a date. I don’t like giving out particular dates unless i see it straight from divine intervention.
          However; over the last 10 years i have seen enough markers and signs to say that something big enough to cause world wide fear and panic is coming in September. It will cause the food shortages that everyone has been dreading, and us preppers have been getting ready for.

          I believe many will die from it. Don’t ask for a number,because i don’t care to pray that hard, and besides if I were to get an answer it might scare the shit right out of me.

          The real deal will escalate into the beginning of next year and beyond. We have to remember the most important thing here, and that is we are operating on God’s timetable now.

          I will say this; these things are and will be out of man’s control. Man screwed things up and was given many,many, chances to make it right and not let the handful of evil doers run the show. Now it is too late. The only way to hold off these things from coming, is to repeal Obominable care, abortion, and gay marriage…..It ain’t happening, so we the people will reap what we have sown. We have sown the land with over 70 million murdered fetus. Now add to that the murdered ones around the world.

          Japan started the whole baby killing thing, and they will suffer another horrendous killing field of their own.

          Scoff and accuse all you want, but it won’t change a damn thing.

          • All I will say is when September arrives and becomes October and November and still nothing has happened, I’ll bring this to your attention and see what you have to say then, ok? Remember, YOU are the one that just said it’s coming this September, so it’s your credibility you’ve just put on the line and you won’t be able to wiggle off the hook by claiming you never gave a specific date or claim that it’s ” Gods” timeline and not yours because YOU just made this claim all by yourself here.

            • Do that Johnson. Prepping is nothing but an insurance policy for whatever life throws at you. If you don’t have it and it does come down those who have bought a policy will be better off than most. For me prepping is a hobby which I enjoy doing.


            • OK. Johnson.
              But remember… I did say….

              “The real deal will escalate into the beginning of next year and beyond. We have to remember the most important thing here, and that is we are operating on God’s timetable now.”

              But I will not wiggle out of said prediction come Oct. 1st.

            • Johnson prepping does not have to be gloom and doom. I think a responsible adult, especially someone with a family has a responsibility to prepare for hard times, emergencies and catastrophes. How do you call yourself a responsible parent or husband and not be prepared for a blizzard or tornado, power outage or worse. To each his own.

        • There will be a dead cat bounce/sucker’s rally.

      7. My handle is from the song: For what it’s worth. Now for me only one song says it all EVE of Destruction

      8. Just one more time Prophet…I think I missed one!

      9. I think Sixpack asked the quest a while back, How long will water keep??. Baldwin article says distilled water last longer than just reg bottled water. So hey, distilled for longer term storage is the way to go loks like… Any price variance?.


        • Water doesn’t go bad, it just gets stale (unless it’s contaminated of course). The water you drink today is the exact same water that was on the earth millions of years ago.

          If your water that’s been in storage tastes weird, shake it a little then let it sit for a few minutes to get aerated. Should be fine after that.

          • B.H.
            We don’t agree on much, but here we are in 100% agreement.
            If you don’t trust it just refilter it.

            • Sarge, chances are we agree on a LOT more than either of us know or are willing to admit. I may talk shit about a few people here but I have respect for each of you. In fact, I have much more respect than disdain, including Acid Etch.

              We’re in this together and I’ve a feeling when it goes down we will forget any differences that we hash through daily and work together.

              That being said, lets get back to the topic of water. It is the most important resource to preppers and survival and it is somewhat misunderstood so I’ll try to break it down to the basics for my fellow SHTFPlanners.

              The water we have on the planet now is the same water we’ve always had. It is recycled through evaporation (at oceans and lakes) and it returns to earth as purified rainwater. Been like that for millions of years. And yes, since more heat makes more evaporation, global warming will create MORE life, not destroy it. Stupid politicians.

              There are 3 basic ways to make bad water potable. Chemicals (bleach), filters (charcoal) and purification (distilling).

              The first two are not mutually exclusive, meaning you may need to filter bleached water and you may need to bleach filtered water. So have the ability to do both.

              Purification, when done right, can eliminate all issues with contaminated water, except maybe radiation but I’m not positive about that.

              Filtering: I haven’t bought any water filters but I know how to make them with sand and charcoal (which I have plenty of both). Life Straws are small and portable and I’ll probably buy a few of those for the bags and vehicles. You need to be able to filter impurities out of the water.

              Chemicals: I have nearly a thousand gallons of water in long term storage and bought pool shock to store with it. The pool shock is basically dry, concentrated bleach that lasts for decades instead of months like liquid bleach. You need to be able to chemically purify filtered water depending on the contamination, so filters and chemicals are to go hand in hand.

              For the pool shock, you mix it at about 1/2 to 1 teaspoon per gallon of water to make bleach, then disinfect water at a ratio of 100 gallons of water to 1 gallon of bleach concentrate.

              There are different grades of pool shock, you want higher CALCIUM HYPOCHLORITE (about 75% or higher).

              Purifier: This method mimics nature’s method of making clean water and it is the best way. Unfortunately this method also removes minerals which may be good for you, so you need to find a way to supplement that. I have most of the material I need to make a purifier (I don’t refer to it as a stil because that would imply I’m making alcohol or fuel with it), so if things get really bad I’ll be able to put one together in a day.

              Hope this helps some of you understand our most abundant natural resource and the next time you hear someone say there’s a “water shortage” you can quietly laugh to yourself or you can smack them over the head with a little dose of reality.

              • Well said.

          • We had some flats of water in a cool dark place (crawlspace) for the last 5 years and when I rotated it out of storage it was fine. I drank it and noticed no difference between it and new bottles. It was Arrow brand from Denver.

          • Thanks guys. I’ve got filters and purification stuff standing by, “just in case”. I’ve got a lot of water in jugs and barrels, I figure if it tastes funny, it should still be useful for washing clothes or garden uses, or I can purify it like I would water in the wild.

            I waste nothing if I can help it. Nothing. Not even the juice off black olives, I use it in a soup or something for the flavor and salt in it.

            I’m so tight, I squeak when I walk—or maybe that’s arthritis…

            • Sixpack, see my post a few threads up regarding “funny tasting water” that’s been in storage. It probably just needs to be aerated.

      10. seriously…gear up,September is gonna be a kicker!

        • No. It will be October… definitely October. [laughing]

          Mark 13:32
          But of that day or hour no man knoweth, neither the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but the Father.

          • That scripture has nothing to do with the coming economic collapse and judgments upon a heathen nation, other than when it all culminates into the end of the age with Christ’s return.

            However, I have been told that you are the most intelligent man to have ever posted on this site, so what do I know.

            • Yeah hedge all your bets on Christ returning. A drifter with a banjo. Saw Jebus a 100 times in the French Quarter in New Orleans last time I was there.

              They barely drew a few bucks in their hat…but kept on playing..


            • お世辞、ですか? (laughing)

              On a more serious note, Shemitah Boy specifically channeled the coming of the Messiah among his September prophesies and Mark 13:32 has EVERYTHING to do with the Second Coming.

              • WTH is that supposed to be?

                • looks like different variations of the cross

                  • What is it? It is the standard and very polite reply to insincere flattery.

                  • It’s japanese, and yes he was politely tongue in cheek.

      11. Well, I’ve been debating about a big order front the dollar tree, buy by the case and shipped to store free. Guess the debates over, I need to get it done!

        • Details please. …….

          • Cookin Mom,
            You can go to their website dollar tree dot com and order cases of whatever they have and they will ship it to the store free, you just pick it up if you want it shipped to your house you can do that too but you have to pay shipping. I get cases of to, peanut butter, toothpaste, eat, stuff I use and extra for barter ( like Kotex, I don’t need them anymore)

            • Giant prayer my estimate on a trial run, one should burn between 75-100 hrs unless you let the wic get really long.

            • Thanks momma d. I love free shipping!
              We just had a dollar tree open nearby so it might be very convenient for us.
              I make my own toothpaste and girl stuff. Plenty of candle supplies left over from my candle business. ……thanks a bunch!

              • Thanks Cookin’, and your very welcome!
                No Pitty,
                I think our $ tree sells those, I’ll have to get some. Thanks!

            • Thanks Momma D. Didn’t know that and Dollar Tree is one of my primary go to stores for prepping.


            • FYI Kotex and similar should be in with medical supplies….Great trauma dressing. I’m a single guy and have them with my med supplies.

      12. Pay it off. No debt is part of prepping. Very little will actually happen unless GOD says so and only HE knows when that will be. Live free and happy

      13. These hick ups on wall street are going to lead up to the global collapse. Now I won’t have to explain to my family any more WHY I’m stocking up on stuff. I’ve been watching all of this coming about since Sept. 2008. I can start telling others to get ready, Its coming, and Its here. Some people will still be in denial that anything is wrong. Its way past time to be In prayer of whats to come.

        • This is just a replay of 07-08-09. Very familiar song and dance on the news outlets

      14. Well if an EMP goes off and fries all electronic records and 9 out of 10 Americans are dead in the first year there may not be anyone to collect any debts if you are lucky or unluckily still here to pay. Just a thought.

        • It doesn’t hurt to plan for “if”, in fact that is what you should plan for, but it’s a bad idea to count on it.

      15. This is one hell of a world we are currently living in, God help us. Believe me guys, i am listening to my scientist friend. I am convinced that it’s going to happen soon. The Free Energy guy leaked out what is being planned, and believe that by November, its going happen.

        As for you Mr realistic, you must be agency azz clowne material. Your comment is a very stupid one, to say the least. You have alot to learn.



        Agency azz clown super moderator.

      16. Pushing into high gear myself.

        For me and mine we have picked up extra filters for my water purification system, and a couple more life straws.

        A very wise person gave use the plans a couple days ago on how to build a water filter. Going tomorrow to pick some things to build it.

        On the food side the wife and I are going shopping tomorrow to get some things. Got the dehydrator running now with peach in it. Apples next on the list. The wife is going to can some peaches tonight. I think she is going to take on the tomatoes Friday. I still have 6 hills of potatoes to dig up and I will dehydrate the small ones.

        Just picked up a bunch of reloading items Slugs, and Powder. For the group I just picked up 700rds of 22Lg. Rifles. Also just orders 500 more 7.62X54r.

        All of my new Solar panels are in and only one is hooked up. The ones that are not hooked, they are “I hope” EMP proof location.

        These are just a few of the simple things I’m doing now, and if anyone has some ideas on how better to PREP please let me know. Thanks!!!!!!!


        • I’m confused, the dow is up over 600 today???

          • It’s still down for the past week 700 or 800 points.

          • TG
            Look and see who bought the stocks. You will find it is either the FED or the Company that owns them. They are buying their own stocks. That is why it went up 600 points.

            • So in other words, it’s a FAKE rise?

        • we are picking up peaches and pears this afternoon to can.

          was at the family dollar store to pick some things up and the items had those security things on them that have to be removed before you can leave.

          the clerk said they now put the devices on socks and underware because people are becoming so desperate they steal even those things.

          life is getting harder and harder to make ends meet when folks are stealing family dollar underware.

      17. hcks, you’re going to confuse everybody. Remember, it’s Niburu that’s going to take everyone out in April 2016 and the rest that are left will be FEMA’d to death. Keep the storyline straight or people just MIGHT not take you/us seriously.

        Agency Azz Clowns

        Posting different death stories and dates daily

        Don’t you just love it?

        • Hey you Agency Azz Clown… Me and Katy saw your azz in town today… We know you’re trying your agency azz best to discombobulate the agenda but you’re wasting your Agency Azz time.

          We are prepped.

          Seeing off one Agency Azz Clown with science one at a time.


          Science Hits The Fan.

          We just love it.

        • TAAC,
          Why do have to try to be to HCKS,
          He’s only trying to inform folks on the info he gets.
          If you don’t agree scroll on!

          • Damn auto correct, be hateful!

            • Momma D,

              We see that you’ve been taking English lessons from hcks, well done. Scientist, dammit, you guys saw me today in spite of all the precautions I took, science is getting better all the time. Hat tip to ya’ there scientist, and yes, we just love it!

              • TAAC. Merrily chuckling away… Be seein’ ya around!

      18. “Should I stay or should I go”

        How about it South Florida and especially Miami.

      19. Okay, so I want some honest thoughts here. We do a lot of speculating about govt motives, and what we would do in certain scenarios (blue helmets). I think I speak for most of us when I say we wouldn’t Fire unless fired upon or hey wee storming our door to take our stuff. We have a lot of conversations about a lot of things, we know there are trolls here but everyone generally goes about their business and no one has been picked up by an alphabet agency for general comments. So now I want to know what youi think about this….

        There is a locums MD (temporary help) where I’m working he is from Egypt. And Muslim. Today he was expressing how Egypt is so bad he is afraid to even go back and see his family. He says no one can speak against the govt or religion without being dragged out of their homes, being beaten and jailed. However, just yesterday, he was telling me that the part of the lithotripter machine that sends the ‘shockwaves’ that bust up kidney stones had to be surrendered to the IAEA in Egypt when machines were replaced or overhauled, because they are worth about $2 Million to terrorists on black market trying to make EMP devices. Now how the FUCK would he know that. I’ve also walked in on him several times reading documents written in Farsi or Arabic or whatever the hell it is. I don’t think it means anything, he’s just making conversation, but what the hell? I don’t want DHS up my ass over comments on this sight, if it’s nothing then it would ruin this guys career if I called someone. Opinions? I’m not a hater, but damn, the Quran says they can use lies and deceit to accomplish jihad.

        • Water board him until you get t h e truth

          • Good job Lolong

        • Nopityparty – What you saw could have been Egyptian Hieroglyphics. But these criminals do use lies and deceit. They also tell lies blended in with lots of truth so that they are believed, and amongst lots of truth the lies usually go unnoticed.

          They also present a false image and we come to like an illusion. That’s how they establish trust. Once they gain our trust and we like them, they use us as bait.

          NOT at all saying that’s what he’s doing, just saying.

          BTW, if you do determine he fits the above description, my advice, do not confront him. Just play dumb and avoid him. You don’t want someone with a criminal mind to know that you know they are a criminal. Once they know that you know you can’t stay one-step ahead of them without their awareness. Again, not saying he is in fact a criminal.

          • That made total sense what you said! Very true they lie with truth blended in to gain something from you. If you are around someone that does that I’m telling you DO NOT be their friends. There is something they want from you. That is what I feel on that.

            My breaking point is if there is a all out ban on weapons and you can’t have them during a very neg time in our lives. If there are roadblocks and I turn around and chased or fired upon that is where I draw the line in the sand. If I see anyone hurting someone who is older or innocent they will not be around any longer in this world during a collapse. We want the bad mothers f’ers out of here and the good people in the world to stand up

        • I had a similar problem at work a foreign worker asking too many of the wrong questions I without hesitation RATTED HIS ASS OUT. Come to learn he was sending letters photos and emails back to his homeland.

        • See something, say something.

        • Its your responsabity to report I found myself in a similar situation at work. Temporary worker started asking alot of suspicious questions about radiation sources we use for work (X-raying oil wells) his questions were very uneasy. I reported him to our local RCMP detachment. He was in fact sending letters photos and emails home to some uncle in one of the Soviet satellite countries. To what end I don’t know. But he has not been seen in a few years.
          You don’t come to this country asking those questions with that accent. My advice for real either shoot him yourself or pick up the phone and spill it. Before my daughter or someone else’s loved one gets killed you don’t day anything your an enemy combatant and aiding and abeding so be a patriot and call it in

          • Today he brought up his family again, so I asked him how he knew about the shockwave device .He said that when he worked in Egypt before he came here the hospital was getting a new machine and they couldn’t just gr8 rid of the old one the iaea had to come get it. Who knows.

        • I’d think that if a real terrorist was planning something, he wouldn’t have given out intel on a device like that, unless he was another stupid CIA plant, hoping to sting a terrorist-in-the-making.

          That would be my guess. He might, I say might be a CIA/FBI agent hoping to get someone to bite for planning their own arrest in a sting op…

          Most likely scenario for someone who talks too much about terrorism these days. Tread lightly my friend. You might be in someone’s cross hairs.

          • If I really thought I had a CIA/FBI operative trying to sting me, I’d turn him in to his own agency. They quickly reassign him elsewhere and you get left alone. A win-win, if you ask me.

      20. Heh. Junk silver on this morning: spot plus $7.49.

      21. Down in the basement rotating canned foods, wow found lots of stuff dated 2013/14. Looks fine and it’s cool down there. Having preps and checking preps and adding preps. Good shape in all, top the water tank daily….
        Let it fly, the fans on.

        • Got yer rain coat on too?

      22. Ok, I know I did not imagine this and someone may have already brought it up – but. Today at work I pulled up this site for a quick look and saw something about China selling bonds, or treasury bonds, or something. I had to go, so I clicked it off. When I got home, I came back to this site hoping to read the article and it is gone. Was it dropped? Changed? Or did I just imagine it?

        • hmmm… Not sure.. I didn’t post any China articles today… Maybe an advertisement popped up via Google ?

          • I don’t know, maybe; but it wasn’t on Drudge.

          • Mac, when are you going to move the comments section to Disquis?

            It would make it so much easier to keep track of who replied to what.

            As it stands, it’s very difficult to see who replied to who’s comment.

            It would also make it easier to get in touch with other preppers here.

            • I can’t stand Discus. Too intrusive, like most others like it.

              I like this format much better, it’s more anonymous and it will be harder for .gov to force Mac into giving up info on us if he doesn’t use Discus.

              If I really want to know if I get replies, I hit CTRL+F to bring up the search dialog and type in Billy to see all my hate mail.

              All things considered, since Mac now knows I’ll prolly quit posting here if he switches to Discus, he’ll prolly do it tomorrow. LMAO.

              • I really hope he does switch over.

                Alot of times people replying to others here don’t use the poster’s name when replying. Which makes it difficult to see who the hell they’re talking to.

                I’m not a fan of this comment system at all. Michael Snyder uses Disquis, so does the Daily Sheeple and countless other websites.

                Again, I’m crossing my fingers that he does switch to Disquis.

        • China sold off app 106 billion in US treasuries in the last two weeks

      23. Ok, thanks Satori. That must be it. I could have sworn it was on this site, but maybe not. Hey, I was at work and in a hurry. If the Stock Market had plunged again, I was going straight to stock up on preps. If not, I was going to keep my appointment at the hairdresser. LOL. I am a southern woman, and even in SHTF situations, our hair must look good. I kept the appointment.

      24. Nopitty, interesting post there and I don’t know what I’d do.
        Maybe he’s a closet prepper?
        Easy for anyone to know about emp’s if they’re a reader in depth…
        Keep watching for clues and say nothing at this point..?

      25. Thanks for backing me up MommaD. Welcome to the board. I give real info. Your analysis is something to take into consideration, now with such a massive Muslim population in the US, , one can only in imagine what they have planed do to the American people.



      26. Fuck the banks go into debt and leave the bank out of their $. Or you can just be locked out of the bank and they keep you $ it your choice. People it’s over homosexuals can now get married nationwide murder of infants and sale of their body parts is being done by gov sponsored agency’s this country is gonna burn. There is no morality and fear of God. I’m not trying to preach I’m the last person that should preach. But come on people the days are winding down read your bible never mind the man in the sky people telling you he’s not gonna pay your bills morality doesn’t cost a thing. It’s a matter of choice and people want to do the wrong things and they want everyone along for the ride.

      27. Sgt Dale….Are solar panels immune to an emp? I iknow the controllers aren’t so I have the generator in a faraday apparatus and an extra controller tucked away. Im in central lllinois also my friend..

        • The panels themselves are likely resistant, But if you have 500ft of wire connected to them, they are toast. Controllers are definitely not. You should stock a few spare parts for your generator anyway. The voltage regulators fail frequently and are not very expensive. Ignition module and magneto wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

      28. Father in law was a state constable for over 40 years was the oldest constable on the board. He told me he served papers to people from all walks of life. People the court will rule in favor of the banks. He collected collateral all the time. Don’t think they won’t kick you out of your house. They will start the long process of getting you removed. He posted vacate notices on doors. Told me one time they wanted him to take a baby crib I’m not kidding. He said he didn’t do it he brought the paper back. Wasn’t gonna do it. I’d bet he ate that one personally. He was a good guy and was just doing the job he didn’t enjoy taking people’s shit.

      29. If you’re not at least somewhat already prepped and stocked then it is probably far too late for you long term. Just like the article states , kick it into damn 5th gear and punch it!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Use what you store and store what you use

        But 7 or 8 of things so you have some for you and some to barter
        Water Purifaction / storage / supply
        Stored food
        Cold weather gear
        GOOD BOOTS
        GOOD BOOTS
        GOOD BOOTS

        GOOD BOOTS

        • Salomon

          Have a good one Captain C

          • Thank you!

            Also , God bless The Marines

            • Thanks for the blessing. Heading to West Africa soon and not for a family vacation. I’ll need that blessing.
              I bet they have shitty beer there. I’m going to miss me some Dogfish Head and Founders beer.
              Have a good one Captain C

              Keep your head on a swivel people.

        • I will post this again just in case the first one didn’t fly. Buy lots of cheap vodka. Think about it… dozens of uses …. fuel, light, heat, first aid, cooking, and many more. It will also make great trading stock.

      30. It’s not the best prepper plan in the world, but if you are just starting, go out and purchase every can of Dinty Moore stew you can find, along with some canned veggies, walnuts and other nuts, and buckets for water. You’ll be ok with this, just without a lot of variety. But you will be alive, and have food either already cooked, canned, and ready to eat, or can be eaten raw (walnuts). That’s the best I can give you for the late starters. If you want to buy a gun, and don’t have funds for the big stuff, don’t sweat it. You can purchase a Marlin 22lr semi auto for around a $150.00 and a thousand rounds for around $100.00-$120.00. Ammo should be 40gram lr. Do this and you have arrived at a point that will give you a very good chance of surviving. PS: Don’t let any one convince you that the 22 is not a good defensive weapon. If it is within a 100yds. the 22 is good. If you want to shoot something at 1000yds. Then buy 10 of them. lol

        • Hunkerdown,

          Good advice. I’m what you would call a “late starter”.

          I already have the guns part covered. A Mini 14 and an AK 47. Unfortunately I only have 1000 rounds of 223, no 7.62×39 yet.

      31. Wtf are you all worried about credit scores? Collapsing economy and anarchy is upon us. You are all talking about nonsense credit scores. Long term thinking in a crashing world. Few here get it. Sheeple

        • Every day is a day closer, but I don’t know exactly when it will be. I prepare for short and long term. If they kick the can down the road for another year or two, that fico score will help alot in the mean time.

      32. The DOW had its best day in 4 years on Wednesday. It jumped up 620 points!

        The Shanghai just closed 5% upwards! It looks like this thing might be turning around.

        So why all the worry? It’s not like an economic collapse would lead to teotwawki. I think it would take something much more serious for that to happen.

        • Ever watched a paper airplane when you throw it too hard? It generally sweeps sharply upwards, then plummets straight to the ground…hard.

      33. The government will do whatever it can to keep the show on the road. If the banking and credit system seizes up or breaks down, then the government will turn on the money printing spigot to full blast: this is highly inflationary and would devalue the currency. The government will also seize assets and jack taxes.

        The Gordon Brown guy knows because he was part of implementing upwards of 10 things that totally screwed Brits during the 2008 crisis. They – simultaneously – rapidly devalued the currency (after telling people in the Labour Party to buy overseas assets when they artificially upped the currency vis-a-vis the US dollar just before the crash), dropped interest rates, boosted all taxes and fees, flooded the markets with money printing, stoking inflation, bailed out the indebted, boosted welfare payments to dead beats, and nationalized banking assets etc. It was a snake-hold on the economy and gave the government immense control over society. The result was the British people become very much poorer and lost their savings if they had any (many do not and rely on welfare top ups and payments to survive).

        And that is where the real problem lies: for how long can the government keep making the welfare payments to keep the peace? They will need to borrow the money from the Chinese to do this since the UK government is broke. This means handing over most assets to China in return for welfare money.

      34. “Ban liberals, not guns”

      35. I’ve noticed some advising that you not pay your CC in full in order to improve your score. Disregard it. Pay your cards in full. Practicing g smart money leads to prosperity. Paying high interest is not smart. Just try to keep your utilization rate at 33% and below.

        • So are you advocating to pay off cards in full each month or carry a low balance? You kind of contradicted yourself. Carrying a low balance is smart. It keeps interest payments reasonable and the increase in fico score will save you alot in the future.

      36. Love me some Michael Snyder, he’s the web’s version of Glenn Beck(aka scare monger).

        Now, are things going to get a lot worse than today? yes. Will some people starve to death in the usa for being unprepared? yes.

        Is that going to happen this year ? no.
        Even Greece and venezula, which are basketcases still function and you can still buy groceries in greece if you have money; only the absolute extreme venezula makes things look like stalin’s russia, which also had grocery stores with food.

        There’s some initial doubts of confidence in global fed banks and govts going on; but that’s going go slowly. even today, the stock market has shaken off its worst week in 5 years as no big deal.

        It’s going to take a long time to hit bottom and even then people will still be flying to las vegas for the weekend to dump money into casinos. people partied like nobodies business in berlin until the allies were 100 miles away, it’ll be just like that here.

        • Your’e a moron of the highest order.

          Go back to watching CNBC and Fox Business. The adults are talking now.


        Troll-io the clown. I here by accuse you of agency azz clownry. You are no longer allowed to post on this website. You attacked me 3 post ago.,and now you are on here posting acting like you are a prepper like us.





        agency azz clown supermoderator.

      38. Last boy scout etc etc
        I like the way you think, of course I’d throw in some shiney too but again like the way you think.

      39. To Sgt. Dale, I noticed that you bought some 7.62x54r ammo. Is that for a Mosin ? I bought one last year and it was extremely accurite, so I bought 2 more 91/30’s. A real good rifle for cheap. I bought 4 spam cans of 440 ammo. They were cheap also. Take care, stay safe, Rex

      40. Folks, you are all missing the point. This thing is ending and credit and credit scores are a big part of the problem. Lets not figure out how the optimize a “system” that is meant to enslave us, lets push them and their system aside and let them wollow in their crap!

        • We may still have a year or two, but optimizing the system to benefit the consumer isn’t a bad thing. Debt is not a bad thing either. I believe the problem is more relative to the items people buy with credit. People who borrow money to save or make money do just fine, unfortunately most people go into debt purchasing items they do not need or do not want to wait to get. The credit market then drives the purchase price of the items up for everyone. That is especially true if the government is involved in the credit program in anyway(guarantee or subsidy)


        The agency ass clown, i hearby accuse you and Mr Realistic of AGENCY ASS CLOWNRY. Do not post in the every again. You are ass clowns.



        Ass clown super moderator. Banning ass clowns, one clown at a time.

      42. It is always good to prepare in these times. You have a negro in control.

      43. this the last stand. like custer, but the preppers live.

      44. Their is no “good debt” although we try to justify our actions because we want something now instead of waiting. If you want peace of mind, which is what many homesteaders and prepper attempt to achieve, live the lifestyle that will see you through whatever comes your way. Become self sufficient by getting out of debt, eating healthy food that you grow or purchase at local farm markets, and learn to put a little back for that rainy day – whether it is food, money, ammo, PMs. And get right in your heart so you are able to deal with what is coming our way!

        I just enjoyed a nice sandwich with bread I ground and baked myself, and chicken salad that was canned by me. The chicken was raised locally and the flavor is amazing and I no longer have stomach issues when I eat bread. I didn’t do these things until several years ago when I woke up and smelled the coffee. I am healthier without all the processed food, weight goes down, get plenty of fresh air and exercise, and live w lifestyle the this more enjoyable day to day.

        I thank all the old posters and the new…and those of you here to distract – we know who you are and can see through your game. Stay the course people.

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