Stock Markets Collapse In Anticipation Of Trump Win: Dow Jones Futures Down 750 Points

by | Nov 8, 2016 | Headline News | 49 comments

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    Panic has set in across the world as anti-establishment candidate Donald Trump looks to be set to take the Presidency of the United States.

    Dow Jones futures are down 754 points as of this writing.


    Gold prices are up $47 and silver us up $0.75, like as a result of a panic into safe haven assets:




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      1. If there are any Goldman Sucks banksters lined up on the ledge and need a push, let me know. I can help.

        It’s looking like it is leftist fascism/lamestream media/voter fraud 0, America 1.

        Here’s a list of Hollywierd Learjet leftists who will leave if Trump wins:

        I say all the SHTFers pool our money and chip in for one way tickets to Cuba or North Korea for them. We can then “redistribute” the mansions of these Learjet leftists to the illegal aliens.

        • hell, from what’s happened over the last 8 years, there’s no correlation with investing and what the dow is anyway….another RIGGED game.






        • illegals, wtf?!?
          how about deserving
          homeless veterans?
          F### the illegals!

      2. NWO?

      3. Ready here

        Good luck everyone

        • Let the games begin, and may the odds be ever in your favor

      4. At this point the markets are down 833…. I don’t know a lot about how the markets work but I will go out on a limb here and say the opening bell will bring a bumpy ride…


        Congratulations President Trump


        God bless America in Jesus’ holy name.

      6. The markets were responding when it looked like Hillary was going to win

      7. Decisions, decisions, do I take a high capacity 9 or a big bore 45 acp tomorrow? Ah….I will take both!

        • Id go for stopping power bud

      8. 4.5% is HARDLY a “collapse”

        • Thats not even a correction

        • The stock market hiccup is just an elitist temper tantrum. They’ll get over it.

          • yup exactly

      9. Obamas trying to steal the WH furniture. Watch all exit doors, for the next 2 months of Looting fro this Obama Admin. Watch to see how smooth this Transition of Power will go to Trump? Will Obama pull any shots? Will Obama now pardon Hillary?

        • You can’t pardon treason.

          • “pardon”, as in “hang by the neck until dead” perhaps?

        • Obola can’t pardon Clitary until after her conviction. They don’t have much time left. I wonder what position Comey will take next.

          • Same position as before. Prone and helpless.

          • That will most likely being bent over a desk so he can take it dry.

          • He should soon be in an orange jump suit having a discussion with “Ben Dover”…
            The time has arrived to drain DC then clean up the remainder of the trash at the bottom of the pond.
            I could say more but.

          • Comey is in for a ten year term. The best we Trump supporters can hope for is a resignation from Comey. He has pissed off both parties. He;ll need to look for a new job and quick.Here’s a look at someone elses opimion -

        • I predict Hillary will skate free, she’s dying anyway, if you noticed her cough is back. A good case of depression after her loss and she’s worm food.

          The killer for democrats will be the hundreds of staffers and career employees that participated directly in Hillary’s abuse of classified documents. They are all going to jail.

          It will take years to move all these cases through the courts, Democrats will be injured by every case.

          Hillary’s email, and abuse of state secrets laws will crush democrats for years. Obama can’t pardon people who haven’t been charged yet!

          • Chelsea, had gotten into an argument with her Mom Hillary about the texting. Not sure what was said in detail, but Chelsea said She was not going to spend Xmas with her this year. They are all going down. Ill Gotten Gains, Confiscation of assets.

            • It is fact that Clinton Foundation 503-C money was used to pay for Chelsea’s $3 million wedding.

              Whoever wrote the checks is going to the slammer, and that’s a fact.

        • He don’t want that shit

      10. As an added benefit, we not only get rid of corrupt Hilary, I don’t think the fascist left lamestream media will EVER recover from this.In other words, all those years of lies, scam and fraud from the media is gone. Recall Richard Salant, head of CBS News a while back, who stated once: “Our job is to give people not what they want, but what we decide they ought to have.”

        No more Richie baby. Buh-bye you vile lying leftists

      11. Tomorrow should be interesting,,, already hearing sour grapes

      12. Sorry but I think the Titanic just hit the iceberg we have 2 hours to women and children first. Nothing but blood from now until the reset.

      13. It isn’t over yet, last count I saw was Trump 254, he needs 270.
        The pig Democrats aren’t done yet. They need to be at 165 degrees.

        • Yup,he’s leading in 3 of the 4 swing states.

          We’ll see what happens.

          All I can say is, it looks like I was right about the American people, first and last. So were a lot of others.

      14. If Trump wins it will be the very first time any candidate that I voted for president has won. I still don’t think we have dodged the bullet. Things will still get much worse. The slow regression will continue. I will simply rejoice in hellerys defeat.

        • They will crash the economy

        • My candidate has only lost once since 1976, but I’m with you. I think we dodged a huge bullet as well. Economics and illegals still have to be dealt with. It’s gonna be a tough road. Buckle your seat belts.

      15. Will George Soros kick up the BLM to burn America down now in protest? Stay safe carry your weapons daily. Its just the beginning of financial collapse and chaos for 2 months, till Trump takes the helm and restores Law and Order in January.

        • Agreed!!!!

      16. Anyone know if Podesta can get a cell next to Hilary?

        Just curious.

      17. I was freaking out around 9:00pm. I was thinking it was time to start digging a bunker, but I have patience. I’m sipping a little whiskey and chilling. What a cliff hanger of an evening.

        Thank God for Wikileaks! Really, a job well done. They are the honest Globalists, they risked their lives for not just Americans, but people all around the world. Hillary may go free, but her daughter Chelsea stands a good chance of going to the slammer.

        I attribute a huge, bigly portion of Trumps victory to Donald’s incredible hard work, I don’t know how he did it. I have to give the compliment where it is due. Donald Trump fought this election harder than men half his age. Donald, you da man!

        Donald is now winning. He is the next POTUS. Congratulations Mr President, Donald Trump!

        Hillary just had Podesta tell Democrats to go home and get some sleep. Sounds like Hillary wants to fight in the courts, just trying to avoid prosecution.

        At this moment it appears Trump has won, but Hillary won’t acknowledge it. Stupid sour grapes bit<h, or maybe she's just worn out and needs a long nap.

        Per Hillary Clinton, it's officially nap time!

      18. Just watched President Elect Trumps speech. Nice job!

        CNN and MSNBC are going to have to somehow square up with viewers they promised that Hillary was winning. The lying press and the lying pollsters have their pants down. They have no standing any more.

        Don’t anyone let them off the hook for their lies.

        • Good post, Plan Twice. Exactly. We must never, ever let the fascist left (I always use the term fascist because the Nazis 0 National SOCIALISTS – adopted explicitly socialist planks a their first convention, Munich, Feb. 1920)press have any standing anywhere at anytime.

          It is, as one German woman said who explained why they had supporterd Hitler after the war: “One of the townpeople on how Hitler got them to buy into his bs: “It was the radio! Hitler was constantly in our living room… because we could hear his voice, we believed everything he said.” “No, Reger replied, “People believed because they wanted to believe. Fear and selfishness produced a ready made audience for fanaticism.”

      19. You idiots really do live in a fantasy world if you think Trump is going to fix things. The wall will not built. How are you going to respond to that? We are all NOT going to say “Merry Christmas”. Are you going to try to force us to? Good luck with that. No, we had a choice between abysmal and deplorable. We chose deplorable. As for me, I have given up caring. I am closer to the end of my life than the beginning and it has been a good one. I have no children, so they will not have to pay the steep price that will be extracted from YOUR children and grandchildren. All this could have been avoided if people had been more prone to verifiable facts than the idiotic conspiracy theories that have no basis in fact and not so susceptible to the emotional manipulation Trump is so masterful at. I was reading some history a while back about the rise of Hitler. The conclusion was Hitler was able to rise to power because he couched politics in emotion and not facts. That is what you have here, emotion and not fact. But, it is your children and grandchildren that will pay the price, not mine. And in a too rich side note, the Mexican peso has fallen in value which will make the Mexican economy worse. And what do Mexicans do when the economy worsens? Head north to the USA. Nice job patriots, you just created the conditions for a flood of immigrants. I would say “see you in hell”, but that is another delusion you asshats live with. I am finding myself wishing there was a hell so I could see you idiots there. It would make my version of hell a little cooler.

        • To this absurd and ignorant Cant Stand BS post, the only BS i see is yours. Ergo, presumably you can’t stand yourself.
          No, Trump will not usher in the millenium. Who ever told you that? But with a binary choice as presented is is a ZILLION times better than Hitlery would have been.

          You have a grotesque misapprehension of what the vote, and voting can do. Get clue. You might find one on eBay

      20. obummer still has 2 months and they will do their best to disrupt society. 300,000 u n troops on their way to russia, 100,000 crazies here, one button pushed and all hell breaks loose. we shall see what his priorities really are. he wants to heal the divide, he better prosecute to the fullest all the traitors and fully expose the 911 bs.

      21. Antennas UP ppl. Be aware of what is going on around you. Do not get complacent. Long live the Republic!

      22. “Huge Surge in Stocks Following Trump Victory” (fox business news)
        dow +256.95
        nasdaq +57.58

        mac slavo, you were saying?

        • I was saying at the moment of that writing that Stocks were down. They were… Other than that, nothing else was really said.

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