Stock Market Falls Dramatically As Fed “Backing Away From Easy-Money Policies”

by | Sep 9, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 62 comments

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    Friday’s huge drop in the stock market is being attributed to market worries that the timeline for QE-free money is rapidly coming to an end, and that a rate hike could bring the economy screeching to a halt.

    But while the Fed may consider raising rates, it is much more likely that they will put off a rate hike once again.

    Why? The timing.

    via the WSJ:

    Stocks and bonds tumbled Friday, with the Dow industrials and S&P 500 posting their biggest percentage losses since the Brexit selloff.

    The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 394.46 points, or 2.1%, to 18085.45, and the S&P 500 declined 2.45%, marking the biggest one-day declines for the indexes since late June when a selloff followed the U.K.’s vote to leave the European Union. The Nasdaq Composite lost 2.5%.

    Fresh signs that central banks could be backing away from easy-money policies helped boost the dollar, while investors sold shares of dividend payers like utilities and telecommunications companies that have been popular with income-seeking investors while rates have been low.


    Federal Reserve Bank of Boston President Eric Rosengren, who has in the past advocated for keeping rates low, said Friday that “a reasonable case can be made” for tightening interest rates to avoid overheating the economy.

    [M]ost investors still don’t expect a rate rise in September… In September, “there’s an outside chance the Fed will make a meaningful statement or action,” said Ninh Chung, head of investment strategy at SVB Asset Management, but “markets still react to almost every word a Fed official puts out.”

    Both in Europe and in Japan, “we just assumed central banks would push the quantitative easing button when things got bad again, but it seems we’ve reached the limits of that.”

    The problem-reaction of the move is likely to cause some major pain – popping the bubble of easy credit that has been ongoing since the wake of the 2008 financial crisis.

    If/when easy credit is cut off, debts come due and it becomes crunch time. That will be an extremely difficult period for many individuals, governments and institutions who’ve been extending exposure to get by.

    That’s when bankruptcy and default will become contagious. Just like in musical chairs, the gig will be up for those who haven’t figured it out in time.

    In terms of the political impact of monetary policy, Janet Yellen and the Federal Reserve don’t want to take a chance on unleashing a downturn that could boost Trump in response.

    Nevertheless, the action, in monetary terms, is long overdue.

    Experts believe that if the bubble pops on Obama’s watch before the election, it will hurt Hillary’s chances – clearly the status quo favorite – for obtaining the presidency.

    Thus, the establishment bankers are expected to put it off another day… and likely reschedule the collapse of the economy for after the election – effectively hiding the devastating effects of an 8-year charade in “recovery” that has nearly ruined middle and working class America.

    The powers that be don’t want Obama’s failure to become political fodder to motivate voters – yet another aspect of fraud in our electoral system.

    Whatever the timing, it is vital that you and your family prepare for the rough times ahead – loss of income, mass employment and the collapse of society into civil unrest are all becoming increasingly uncomfortable possibilities.

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    Janet Yellen Is Choosing the President: Rate Hike Would “Give Trump the White House”

    Trump Accuses Fed of Not Raising Rates Because Obama “Doesn’t Want a Bubble Burst” Until He Leaves

    The Bubble Will Burst, But Fed Is Waiting For Politics “With Trump Lurking Around”

    Ron Paul: Unless the Fed is Stopped, America Will “Soon Experience Major Economic Crisis”

    “Fed Risks Triggering Panic and Turmoil”: World Bank Warns Against Raising Rates


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      1. First!

        • We Wait.

          • Dell fires 3000 U.S. employees, requests 5000 Visa for foreign workers.


            • Why??? Because it takes almost TWO foreign workers to produce the same amount of work as ONE American techie. 🙂

              • DK

                Those 2000 US techs can all pat themselves on the back in the unemployment line.

                • Simple do not buy dell pass it on….

            • Conveniently announced the same week that Google says that it has perfected computer spoken voice? Now foreign workers who cannot speak English can use a translator program – then answer your Dell support questions!

            • Under national socialism, such national treason would not be legal.

      2. There r very few “investors”…no the Fed and their puppets r really the only buyers of this scam!

        Market is controlled not by investors. It is a phoney and dangerous market.

        • Cut taxes, cut spending, cut the physical size of da gubmint and cut their reach (power)
          Stay quiet Be smart

      3. I don’t understand the logic behind stopping kicking the can down the road. It seems logical that they would continue this action as long as they had a can, road, foot and leg.

        • The NWO FED does not want the bubble to burst until AFTER the election. As always. Regardless of who wins, the economy must be reset; AS ALWAYS with the changing of the guard.

          2017 will be a bad year for lots of leveraged investors without the income to meet their obligations on assets worth HALF their value.

          Those with dollars in number ten cans will prosper. The smart money has been going to cash for some time. 🙂

          • Have to disagree DK. Smart Money has been going into physical Gold n Silver. The Fed is out of ammo and the house of cards is crashing. Cash will be eaten alive by inflation.


            • Not in any volume right now. Big Money is holding CASH to pick up great assets at ten cents on the dollar after the crash. The problem in the world today is DEFLATION and all of the money “printing” by the central banks cannot change it. OBVIOUSLY.

              The NWO killed the goose (American Consumers) that laid the golden eggs (conspicuous consumption) for them, when they transferred American factories and jobs offshore.

              No hyperinflation. Why do you think bankers are giving people with solid credit histories and stable income TEN TIMES their credit line request ???

              We are entering a DEFLATIONARY depression that only MASSIVE infrastructure spending and/or war can restimulate. 🙁

              When the SHTF investors will place their money into hard assets at half price, equities at half price or less, some metals, and the dollar.

              Metals, equities, and the dollar will all rise as global investors seek safety. Dollars and coins in number ten cans will have more purchasing power than today. 🙂

            • I think the value of gold and silver will be nothing compared to the value of groceries , fuel , ammo , smokes … you get the Idea . If I have the goods your gold and silver aren’t worth squat if I dont want it

          • Id say you can write Toilet Paper on the outside of your #10 Cans now. lol


            • DK Is Correct WWTI: IF a real crash happens in america?

              Then it won’t be inflation. it will be exact opposite and once most folks Lacks us dollars to spend, and less and less store goods gets sold, thats when many items folks buys daily or weekly will see prices drop.

              Many retail stores if need be to sell goods, will lower prices to a break even point just to Move stuff off shelves.

              just as they now do each year after xmass goods do not all get sold prior to xmass. They fast Lower prices to sell it off as fast as possible.

              Some even Lose but its better to lose a bit than to lose it all.

              But Best ever sales or deals are going to be had from desperate folks that spend every cent they get weekly, and when all a sudden cannot pay mandatory monthy bills and payments etc…Thats when stuff like vehicles, land, homes, business’, motor homes, boats, guns and gear, all types xtra stuffs they can dispose of or do withiut will get sold off as fast and cheeply as posible to get some dollars in Hand.

              Not gold or silver in Hand…Dollars they can pay elec bills and heat bills and house payments or car payments with will be in huge demand. Due to as done in past, Fed reserve will again Cut Back on dollar production/issuance to create dollar Shortages nationwide.

              And FORGET all crys or Fear mongerings of some type “Zimbwabee/Wiemeere Hyper-Inflation event” and day now very very soon comming folks!

              BULL Crapola to that fear tactic.

              NO such hyper event can ever happen unless and untill CASH dollars gets INTO reg avg usa folk citizenrys Hands to Spend period.

              Even if a few certain items goes higer in price…That will not create any Hyper inflate events.

              And the usa fed govnt has already done wage and price Freeze controls back in Nixon era ( i think it was nixons era?) for a full Year time frame.

              They can do that again without warning as prior done. Then NO such hyper or reg inflation events can happen period. It stabalizes it all wages to stuffs to everything done to buy or sell stuff all of it.

              Even home sale prices would freeze in place for a year if done again.

              OR they can Burn more cold hard dollar bills cash and faster and greater amount rates than current rates done daily in their big furnace to burn up old dollars.

              They has several other options possible other than what all these articles claim is the ONLY options aka more QE or instant crash!!…BS!!…BIG BS!!! Really Big BS!

              Only if fed govnt passes out Substantial large cash amounts to every houshold in usa, and does NOT place Price controls upon retailers etc, shoud folks get worried fast. Then you need to spend it as fast as you get it incase stores are allowed to keep raiseing prices fast so to create hyper inflation events.

              But why would the fed or usa govnt wish to wreck what they created over past 100+ yrs, which is their main method/vehicle/State nation for their own useage in their creating of a one world govnt NWO-Jwo and all that entails?

              Wreck america and who else do they have to use for completion of their grand scheme plans and agendas of a NWO globalist world?..NOBODY else is who!

              I doubt they are going to cut own throats wwti.

              Them what “May” consider to cut own throats, will probably be all them deluded foolish souls, who’s apostate pastors failed to alert them of the Fact that their beloved america nation is and Has been being Used as the Main Zio-TOOL-to, create what is called the Final antichrist system of one world govnt aka a ZJ-WO is more apt to call it eh.

              • A note on the inflation front: 🙂

                I caught a package of Hostess Cupcakes out of the corner of my eye priced at $2.75 at Wally World in Santa Fe last week. That’s Twenty Five Cents more per package than in Arizona.

                But then a Small Coffee is $1.08 w/tax at Mickey D’s here, UP Twenty Five Cents from Arizona. I was ROBBED !!!

                On the other hand, there are still deals to be made by the local artisans on their paintings, sculptures, pottery and bronzes at the Plaza on the weekends. Got a deal on a Indian blanket (made in Mexico).

                It seems like tourism is down a bit yr over yr over yr. Buts its still a great place to summer. 🙂

      4. “The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 394.46 points.”

        … And when Monday comes around … they’ll make up the loss, as if nothing happened.

        -394.46 is nothing to panic about – Now, if that number was a -894.46 – I’d would take that kind of loss very seriously.

        • Yup. No way in hell a hike this month. What BS, someone just got played. Hillary’s coronation won’t stand for a rate hike.

      5. Just “Iceland” these miserable . Enough is enough.

        • If I remember correctly, Iceland did it up right and threw many banksters in jail.

        • Exactly. Walk away from Shylock and his cronies–leave them “owed” and whining.

      6. fuck em all only suckers gamble in the rigged market.

        • problem is, the nations economy hangs on that rigged market

      7. I have some monopoly money if any one has some emron stock they wamt to sell…

      8. Rates won’t change. The data dependent fed will have a number of excuses and they would be fools to lower them the small amount they could. Wait and see. The bond market is starting to ignore the fed rate.
        We are all screwed. Trump wins and we are played for fools. Clinton wins and she will further our decline into socialism.

      9. If they tighten rates, it’s not because the economy is “overheating”. They know the economy is at stall speed and there is no way they can begin to raise rates without causing a bunch of negative effects in the financial markets. They are bluffing.

        Mr Yellen has backed himself into a corner. He can only loosen policy. If he tightens, there will be a crash. Eventually, credit is going to seize up and it will be 2008 on roids. Economic growth is dead and this monetary system cannot survive without growth of debt to pay back compound usury.

        The Ponzi has reached it’s limits. So what if they go to SDRs. Is that going to “disappear” all the debt? I think not. Debt does not get forgiven in today’s system. It is loaded onto taxpayers. I don’t understand the significance some people put into the IMF and SDRs. They are just another piece of paper released by yet another international US controlled Ponzi bank. Will it pay your car note or disappear your mortgage? Fuck no. Will it pay off the 20 trillion in national debt? Fuck no.

        Enough with the SDRs. They don’t mean shit to you or me.

        meh…got a little off topic there…sorry.

        • ” Enough with the SDRs. They don’t mean shit to you or me.”

          Approximately 75% of US dollars are in foreign circulation largely because of its unique position as the worlds reserve currency. When it loses that “unique” position which allows the US to print money, intrinsically of no value and dilute it into the mass of money required for international transactions all hell will break lose. Those USDs, no longer needed, come back home and in short order a loaf of bread costs $37.50.

          Yes it does mean shit, as in, “Oh shit”.

          • thanks for saving me the trouble of writing what you said….when interest rates go back to 4%, our national debt becomes unpayable….the FED’s got themselves painted into one helluva small corner!

          • Kevin2: You have fallen for the main Hype articles on dollars return=loaf bread $35…

            How does that happen? Unless and Untill all them returned dollars goes TO the Hands OF the masses of usa citizens to then Spend?

            Every comparison articles rely on and compare usa to zimbabwee or wiemere republic hyper events is Bogus at best.

            Neither of those nations had a global reserve money ability. So those comparisons do not apply period.

            A whole different ball game.

            Yes you seen old WWI era photos of german citizens push wheelbarrows full of Cash to buy One one loaf bread…Thats truth and fact.

            So just How many usa citizens Today do You know for certain Has their very own wheelbarrow full of usa dollars so to copy that event today eh?

            NONE right?! Maybe Don Trump types has such vast cash on hand? but 300 Million citizens in usa sure do not have it today.

            You think if dollars returns to usa the fed govnt is going to allocate it to go To said 300 million folks to spend? I highly doubt it.

            If they plan to do ANY thing its going to be to create situation where avg folks, that 300 million of us all folks, are so lacking dollars to spend, that then the top 1% shysters and jewish banksters are able to Buy All Our homes and cars etc due to we cannot make payments or even pay property taxes to keep it at all. They will pay penny per dollar values if that much then!

            Kinda like great depression #2 events…The Joads! Family on steroids.

            What Needs get done is for congress and usa prez to copy what germany did and boot out every last jewish usury bankster, retake monetary controls under the us tresury dept, and issue Loans for buisness start ups, home loans
            and car loans etc at ZERO intrest and folks just repays amount borrowed as done in Germany once banksters got booted out.

            Why don’t you ever research that stuff Kevin? I already know what you said your Uncle Billy or joe told you about WWII era and germany etc…But just perhaps alot More info of that era is now available online and it will change your outlook on quite a few issues I think if yo ever do research it..That includes what and How germans under adolph accomplished what then got called a miricle recovery in Less than 5 yrs.

            And Please do not maintain a belief in, if you do that is, in all we usually got taught as method of that fast recovery of germans back then. For that story is pure Bunk! IE: If you got taught that germanys vast fast recovery was All due to hitler Cheated on Versai Treaty rules and began produceing miliraty arms etc!

            That story we got taught is 99% Bunk!

            What Really got done was..
            #1-Germans Booted Out jewish bankster shysters…

            #2-Then gave germanys treasury dept all control over all money and printing of it and issuance of it.

            #3-They then Valued every Mark aka dollar, based upon Labor hrs worked values, and Products labor made values it can get sold for etc.

            #4- Replaced Dishonest scam jewish banksters with same fed reserve system as usa NOW has complete with Usury/intrest for loaning out Nations cash as “If” jew banks owned it!…Repaced that and Them with…Honest German folks in charge so every Mark/dollar issued WAS valued based on labor and or product made to sell.

            This worked very very swell. So very swell it took Just under five yrs to bring back germany from a worst great depression than even usa had!

            AND Very Important Factoid here…It ALL got done with OUT Any Harm to even one single hair upon a single jewish head!…NO harm or troubles ever began to jewry within germany Untill After 1933 when international jewry Decalred War on Germany and german folks everywheres.

            At That point of declared War? Who can blame what jews Caused to occure next eh?…No sane person can once they know all the real true facts of WWII/germany and prior to WWII era too. research it and see for yourself.

            • Them Guys

              The dollars overseas, not needed for international transaction will compete for American goods raising the cost beyond that which Americans can afford. That bushel of wheat gets sold outside of the US. That bushel of corn does too as they are the highest bidder. That money is not disappearing and it will return to the US.

              “Neither of those nations had a global reserve money ability.”
              Your 100% correct as long as the USD maintains the reserve currency status. As other nations that actually create wealth come in the demand for the USD diminishes.

          • Hello Kevin.

            SDRs are a creation of the IMF. The IMF is based in DC and controlled by the US .gov. The US has the largest voting bloc. Any country wishing to join the IMF has to deposit a specific percentage of gold into a US GOVERNMENT account…NOT an IMF account. The IMF will never do anything to harm the status of the US dollar. If you read the IMF charter, it pretty much explains how it is a US controlled institution.


            • JRS

              Any links to that de-facto gold backing your claiming?

              A great amount of the reserve currency status is linked to the oil peg. Let fracking increase and there is no holding it back then consuming nation A needs less, possibly none and therefore needs less USD. That is a dwindling reservoir to dilute the ever increasing supply of new currency into. The system, IMF or not is falling apart. Having to use the US Military to maintain the oil peg is a vivid example. During the Bretton Woods era no one was forced to use the USD.

              Without indigenous abundant wealth creation to match currency creation, sooner or later the system will fail. While falling the US military will attempt use a club to maintain what what can no longer be. We’re past the incipient stage of this which is why the Us is attacking nation upon nation.

              • Hello Kevin.

                I don’t believe I said there was any “gold backing”(although the IMF has tons of gold). I was just using that to illustrate that the IMF was controlled by the US. If you go to the last section in the Articles of Agreement called “Final Provisions” it will say that any country that joins will deposit one one hundreds of one percent of their share in gold into a “special deposit account” of the US government. Sure, it’s trivial, but it shows that the US runs the show.

                Also, in the executive directors and voting power section it shows the US has the largest bloc of votes at 16.54%. The next closest is Japan at 6.16%. Russia is 2.6% and China is 6.09%. Jacob Lew is the governor of the US share in the IMF.

                The IMF is a shell corporation run by the US. They have no desire to tank the dollar.

                Type “IMF overview” into your search engine and you can read about the US “international” bank called the IMF.


                • I’m not implying that TPTB want the USD to lose RCS. I’m saying they are to a point of having to use military force to maintain that status. That is desperation. Pre 1971 everyone wanted the USD because of Bretton Woods. The US can’t elevate China and others while indefinitely keeping them down. As the USD loses “marker share” of the RCS so does the ability to dilute the ever expanding supply of money and maintain its value.

                  RCS = Reserve Currency Status

              • Kevin2: That is where you are mistaken. IE You say usa militray props up petro dollar is main reason for all these wars etc.

                But for some odd reason you Keep rejecting all valid evidence and even evidence straight from israels daliy newspaper articles on the subject of…A “Greater Yisreal”

                They spell it with a Y I do not know why? But either spelling is okay. Greater Israel also fits and they spell it that way at times also.

                And it means that them ziojews in israel and New york and chicago etc..Believe with zero doubts that every square inch of ands the old testement bible stated as God gave the land to abraham, Now belongs to Them!

                These phony Khazar imposter jews as Christ calls em all, have no such land rights and its reason they had to prior do huge secret Swindle scams with England and that Ballfour Document issue that england Promiced Palestine lands To Khazar jews like 99% of world jewry are today consisting of.

                But england already promiced it before then to arabs!

                Then back stabbed arabs in favor of nuttyahoo type greeesy ziojewry swindlers.

                Because many brits then and now too believe in a falsehood and phony belief that since euro whiteys are the lost ten tribes, they must assist said zios in every endevor and War to obtain said lands in mid east region.

                but even if euro whites are the decendants of the orig ancient lost ten tribes israel?…It bears very Little matter or meaning Today for we are under a new covenant of christanity and except for a small few OT promices/blessings promiced, most all the rest got negated with the new covenant. I Know most christians today reject what I state here. But thats due to they trust apostate pastors and ignore 90% of new testement while adheereing to the old testement bible books as if super glued to it all!…They are what apostle Paul called “judiazers” and “judiazering Pastors”.

                Maybe if they’d read what is going to happen to all such judiazers they’d come to their senses eh? And then without their vast support of zios agendas and mid east wars, the worlds goyim peoples could do a real Re set of affairs and govnt’s eh? Good luck on that though!

                The six point star israel Flag also has TWO blue stripes at top and bottom of flag. Each blue stripe represents a river, the euphraites and one other river I cannot recoall name of now?

                And EVERY sq inch of lands within those boundries Are the lands they foam at mouth rabidly at possessing.

                Regardless How many of 500 million arabs and others need die in fraud wars.

                But the one main major issue every one of these clowns refuse to address, and I speak of zio jewry And various evangelical christians etc in usa and england and EU nations too…That issue they All Fail to aknowledge is that everything Biblically written of regarding that land and israel etc…Was dependant entirely upon all of the orig 12 tribes Obedience to the old covenant they agreed to with God and Moses at the mountain back 4,000+ yrs ago.

                They refuse to admit they failed at most every part or detail of said obediences to God and covenant.

                Yet they still think that land is Theirs!

                And will stop at Nothing to get possession of it all.

                They are creating what is also blblically called the Antichrist systems of a one world govnt etc…Because as also stated by Christ…They are Of their father Satan the devil and are his “seed” aka Tares aka children.

                But most of worlds fool peoples act as if the self chozens are some type angelic beings! that Must get worshipped, and always unquestionably defended no matter what wrongs they do or cause.

                Cannot wait to see them expain all that falshood and stupidity when judgement day arrives eh.

                Shabozz goys+christian Goats+Ziojewry= Satanic deceptions galore!

                And that land and possession of it IS the real main reason for so far 7 mid east wars and that PNAC/Wolfawitz doctrine etc…And every bit 100% is PURE Evil.

                Regardless how many are duped or fooled to believe in it or persue it all…It Remains an evil as sin agenda period.

                All the petro dollars, gas pipe lines and oil fields plays distant second or third role…the Lands they foam at mouth over IS main goal Kevin and admitted to repetisously by various Israel newspapers and speakers and rabbis/leaders/officials.

        • “Will it pay off the 20 trillion in national debt? ”

          The 20 trillion in national debt is in effect “paid off” by diluting the value of currency already in existence. Defaulted loans, due to fractional reserve banking, destroy money in circulation and new money replaces it. The international economic order looks to expand global international transactions to keep the demand for USDs increasing to create an ever expanding pool to dilute more currency into without inflation. To facilitate this global action sometimes the enforcer, the US military, is used to “persuade” the non compliant. As these funds move, controlled by the chosen few, they rise upward which in effect drawls down the expected subsequent rise in consumer demand. This necessitates further expansions of the status quo with even less per capita gains.

      10. They will not raise the rate until after the election. If trump gets in they will soon blame him for it. they want Hillary in there

        • Actually Trump is clearly in the lead. Hillary is floundering and her sins are coming out. The stupid polls are all manipulative lies.

          The powers that shouldn’t be already know Trump is going to win. This was unexpected, but I believe they may launch the global crash early, while Obama is still useful to insure it happens.

          This leaves Trump to pick up the pieces, take much of the blame, and they win as usual.

          The communist press will say whatever lies the Globalists want said.

          So yes, I’m thinking they may start the crash early. It’s easier and cheaper than trying to drag it out, and yes these people are cheap!

      11. If Trump gets elected and the gangsters at the Fed Res Bnk collapse the economy, that gives him the excuse to go in and shut down the Fed Res Bnk. But how to get the Europeans to do the same across Europe.


        • B from CA:..It seems most folks do not understand the real ideas held by the nationalists, like in germany prior to WWII era.

          In a nut shell this is what was stated in various speeches by hitler and others about Banks and Monetary issues.

          Natioanlists stated that #1 The Nation or State exists Due to its Own peoples…That being the main Founding race and group of peoples aka real german born germans.

          The peoples do Not exist due to the nation state, the State does exist because OF those peoples!

          Therefore, the nations Money IS the Lifeblood of every nation state. For Nothing can happen with out it! The entire nation and its peoples will come to a grinding Halt if no money exists to use as means of trade and barter of goods etc and worker pays etc.

          Therefore, since yes like a real Human that must rely upon its own Blood to flow to remain alive and well…So to does all forms nations require the flow of money aka its lifeblood to remain in existence and alive.

          Therefore, it is imperative that the Nations elected officials remain in control of the lifeblood of its money and do so in an Honest method that Benifits the nations Peoples whom are more important than the nation itself and are whom created the nation to begin with.

          So Banks Must remain under strict Honest monetary controls of the nations elected officials at the national treasury dept.

          And all its moneys Must remain valued based upon a fair equal system that vales said money.

          In germany case that waas based on labor worked and products made because after WWI and versai treaty germanys gold got Stolen by allied powers, which really means stolen by jewish banksters that own, run and control allied nations (at least the whitey nations that is).

          So all they had left to value money on was labor worked and products made for sale. Which did work very swell and repaired all former great depression dammages in record time of less than five yrs.

          Bottom line is Liberals and kommies believe the state rules its peoples and they exist only to serve the state.

          Libs has it backwards! States exist because OF its peoples and they are who maintains ruler powers.

          Incuding power Over Banks and Money!

          And when Loans carry zero intrest rates…What use are jewish scam banksterboys eh?

          Why should the nation or its human peoples ever have to Pay for privilidge to borrow money that already belongs to Them? and also then Pay xtra usury intrest to small handfull jewish banksters?!!!! Thats plain WRONG!

          And besides booting banksters out they need go to prison for their too many swindles, and every stolen or swindled red cent be RE patrioted Back to the Peoples of america it belongs to and done so asap as possible!

          Imagiane what americans, all of us can then do once a few hundred banksters are in prison for scams, and their $500-TRILLION stolen us dollars loot returns to “We The peoples” that rightfully owns OUR national Lifeblood of money eh.

          Just How long yet and how much More free scam loot do said jewdeo banksters think they need swindle further from us americans? And from also 200 More nations they do the same scam to?!

          Just What do Folks Not as Yet get?

          • Them Guys:

            On the website “realzionistnews”. Brother Nathaniel posted a speech by the German “Leader” everyone knows his name, but how many actually have read this 1922 speech wherein he explains his ideas about J*wish people ten years prior to when the real big trouble started.

            That’s the problem with modern “education”. We only hear what other people say about famous people. We rarely get a chance to hear it or read a transcript of the persons actual words, without being taken out of context, or with extraneous or incorrect explanations.


      12. who is this Mr Yellen you speak of…

      13. Even with the supposed crash the Dow is above18,000. It was below 16,000 a few months ago. The manulipulated stock market isn’t a Bell Wether or Canary in a coal mine. The stock market,s rise & fall indicates absolutely nothing.

        • The Stock Market is being supported by money, created out of thin air, back fed into stock purchases. Its reasonable to assume, if this never took place, the DOW would be at 6000 with its associated repercussions.

          Everything being shown is bullshit. Its a completely false economy strongly resembling that of the USSR. Only the players are different as the present controllers are larger and more sophisticated. Supply and demand, the cornerstone of capitalism, has little to do with value.

          • The moment interest rates rise, it’s no longer a sure thing to invest in the markets.

            Free money was great, as long as it was free. These investors are not stupid, they know what free money has done. They know they still have to pay back the free money principal even though it was interest free.

            The Great Depression stock market crashes (there were several) were driven in large part by the fact it was built on stocks bought on margin, borrowed money. What the phuck is the difference between margin and tarp/QE etc money? The money still must be paid back even as the stock market goes down? Oops!

            The market profits are the last great source of tax revenue. Eliminate this and the government is toast. America (government+private debt+corporate debt) is 60+ trillion dollars. If the markets crash that debt explodes upward. It still must be paid back.

            Obama likes to talk about redistribution of wealth, but that assumes America had wealth and not debt to redistribute. Where is the moment when the world realizes the tree has been picked clean.

            I planted some fruit trees two years ago. Most are doing well. This year I am struggling to save one, yes my favorite, because caterpillars thought it was an endless source of food. It’s September and there are but a few green leaves left? Don’t these worms grasp that if you eat every single leaf, the tree will die and your children will starve next year? Stupid worms/progressives.

            • And can I add, any woman that wants to vote for Hillary, for whatever reason? Please watch this YouTube video first. I’m a man, and as tough as I think I am, and I have faced down death, it makes me break!


          • But scam market or not it dont change Facts that. So far folks that rejected all these Fear articles and did invest and then sold once shares gained big time profits.

            That today america has far more new Millionaires and multi-millionaires created in past several yrs than ever before.

            And the Facts that everything said profits got spent on and bought, like better cars and bigger homes and many items bought with new created wealth from stock market gains, is ALl Real tangible goods one can see, feel, touch and Own and Enjoy!

            And since much of it is all Paid for in full thanks to massive profits ganied by some folks, it will remain theirs to do what they wish with it all.

            I just Wish I never trutsed nor believed these many article writer “Experts” as they are touted as since I was all set to become a first time ever market investor and several stocks I prior picked did in fact gain by a margin of 100 fold.

            Just one example was tazer stun guns for cops stocks. I was going to buy in when stock price was at $1.03 per share…Or close to that low.

            I saw an article on how LA kalif cops were set/had apropriated cash to spend for equiping all 60,000 LA cops with a new $1,200 stun gun by Tazer Co.

            I quickly thought after I read that, that very soon after LA gets stun guns every cop shop in usa is going to Deamand equal equipment stun guns for their cops too.

            I was 100% correct as tazer stocks went to aprox $103.00 in just over 12 months time…If I invested the $5,000 to $7,000 I had planned on doing I’d have profited by 1/2 Million or more when i sold stocks just after one year time to save on capital gains tax which was at 10% if stock held over one year time frame.

            I failed to invest soley due to I believed these monetary article writers really are an expert we should heed advice from!

            But in reality they are no better than a long going JOKE! And I never again am going to trust let alone bother to even read these type so called experts articles here or elsewheres. All they play out to be for real is a bunch of Gold sellers or stuff sellers that use mass Fear tactics to get Your money away from You!

            If any such experts believe what they claim of gold sky rockets soon to huge profits?

            And what they claim on Your/My us dollars soon be valueless like TP-paper?…tell me why do they so CRAVE Your/Mine us dollars in exchange for their priceless values gold? makes zero sense at all if they was honest eh.

            Zero is the difference I see between wall street scammers and jewish bankster swindlers Vs such writer experts.

            • Them Guys:

              Good call. You have the ability to recognize a good investment.

      14. Gene Wilder’s net worth blew me away!

      15. Has anyone considered this has nothing to with concern about interest rate hikes. Perhaps concern that Sunday is the anniversary of 9/11, and all the day traders have pulled their money out just in case something happens. If nothing happens, we will see a 400 point recovery come Monay morning.

        • Oh look, It is Monday after 9/11 and the market has a 250 point rally. I guess the fears about the fed changed???
          As I told you, the drop on last Friday had everything to do with 9/11 being on Sunday, and just in case something happened, people wanted to pull their money out over the weekend.
          Told you so…….

      16. Rates MUST go back up somehow someway so the Fed has “room” to play with when the next recession begins (began already?). Market KNOWS this already… those people aren’t us. OUR recession from 2008 NEVER ended. Stock and stack while you can… everything extra is one more you won’t be able to get soon. Love you guys

      17. The orders went out from the White House eight years ago: do not let a big war happen on Obama’s watch and do not let the economy crash. This means they will do anything to stick to that plan. It may be smoke and mirrors but they will never let the economy crash before the election. They will hand the next guy/gal all the problems. And in politics this is not a surprise.

        The same thing happened in the UK: the Labour Party borrowed like crazy and juiced the economy in the hope of handing the mess to the Conservatives. Unfortunately for the Labour Party, the economy crashed on their watch. The public then had the misfortune of struggling under the Labour Party’s remedies for the crisis, which made the public completely hate the Labour Party. The only people now who support the Labour Party are the losers and welfare junkies. The Conservatives look to be on a multi-decade run as the ruling party. I think the Democrats know this and thus will not let the economy crash on their watch.

      18. The interest rates have been held down for so long that the low rates have become “normal”. The fact is that this is price fixing. People with large amounts of savings have been subsidizing the economy. Until the interest rates are set in the market, any talk of economic recovery or growth is meaningless. It is like giving an annual physical to someone on life support.

      19. They will not raise rates before the election if at all. That doesn’t mean we won’t have a crash. This is not sustainable and a real crash will make Friday look tame.

      20. Off topic, but who all has the prepper blue print? Looking to add to my library, is it really that good? I have the preppers long term survival book, didn’t know if I needed to include the other as well……

        • I have the blue print. I have liked it so much, ive purchased extra copies and given them as gifts.

      21. If the system crashes, the government won’t even pretent to be democratic. Search and seizure go crazy. If you have a storage bin, they’ll search that two. Excess food, precious metals, solar panels, and anything that helps survival will be taken (for the greater public good). With the current corruption, a lot of what is stolen will end up in the houses of the government looters. The only way to stop it may be to destroy it. In times of crisis, this will be a difficult decision. The government may retaliate.

      22. Deflationary market, the dollars loose value, scarcity and lack drives up the price of goods. International trade, dollar worth less, requires more to purchase same amount. There is not enough dollars. Transportation, utilities, fuel etc cannot be delivered due to cost for low valued dollars. Eventually, if serious enough, everything stops, then prices sky-rocket due to scarcity.
        WW II, it took a wheelbarrow full of money to shop. Leaving the money on the sidewalk, someone stole the wheelbarrow and left the money in the street. The entire world is affected- all monies loose value. Prices inflate, while the dollar is deflated. Zimbabwe remains the classic example in this century.

      23. Got rid of all that crap paper got some junk silver. Still has in God we trust on it. You sure as hell can’t trust a liberal. Good luck & good night.

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