STAY ALERT: Delta Variant “Warnings” Could Be The Next Excuse For Dystopian Tyranny

by | Jun 14, 2021 | Headline News | 12 comments

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    The warnings from the rulers and elitists about the “delta variant” of the COVID-19 scamdemic are increasing. Stay alert to what’s going on and what they want you to fear and why.

    Could they be seeking another lockdown? Sure. Could they be fear-mongering people into taking the experimental gene therapy? Sure. Could it be something else? Sure. Could it be all? Sure.  It’s still not entirely clear where they are going with this “delta variant,” but it’s become clear it’s the newest talking point and designed to push some part of the agenda.

     Now, one of those strains which has come to be known as “Delta” is rapidly spreading all over the planet, and global health authorities are warning us that the biggest wave of the entire pandemic is still ahead of us. –Michael Snyder, The End of the American Dream

    I have said from the beginning of this gigantic hoax that if the ruling class can get away with locking the country down again, they will do so. They will stop at nothing and use as much propaganda as possible (and maybe even real sinister illnesses) to convince people they must be slaves and roll up their sleeves for the shot. Because the shot magically is protecting against this variant. Who could have seen that one coming a mile away?

    The absurdity of this “vaccine” scam is only beginning.

    COVID-19 mRNA Shots Are Legally Not Vaccines

    “Delta” is wreaking havoc in a major way.  The number of new cases in the UK is up 109 percent in just one week, and it is being reported that “Delta” is accounting for 91 percent of the new cases… –Michael Snyder, The End of the American Dream

    Please do not live in fear.  That’s the emotion the rulers need you to feel right now.  Wake up, prepare, and do what you need to do to make sure your family is ready for whatever the rulers come up with.

    Medical Journal: Get The COVID-19 Vaccine, Or Be Punished HARSHLY

    The delta variant has caused Covid cases in that country to surge by 109 percent in a single week, with the government now considering extending lockdown restrictions by another month. That is very alarming propaganda to hear, but that isn’t the biggest news coming out of the mainstream media. According to Public Health England, 29 percent of those that have died from “Delta” were fully vaccinated.

    But they still need you panicked into taking this shot.

    “Delta Variant” Fear Mongering Ramps Up: Tyrants Say “Get The Shot”

    Even though the country of Chile has a high vaccination rate, the rulers locked the slaves down again because the number of confirmed cases in that country is really starting to climb higher. Chilean health authorities announced a blanket lockdown across the capital Santiago on Thursday following some of the worst COVID-19 case numbers since the pandemic began, despite having fully vaccinated more than half its population.

    Here in the United States, “Delta” currently accounts for about 10 percent of all new cases, but that is up from 1 percent a month ago. If they want these numbers to go up, they will force them up and tell the media to make sure we all sit in a constant state of fear.

    Stay alert and pay attention to what these psychopaths are doing. Refuse to live in fear. Instead, prepare, and make sure you know what’s going on and what they could do next.  Remember to continue to apply critical thinking and discernment to everything. Put morality first and continue to ask questions.


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      1. The primary focus will be to get the youth jabbed. Most kids and their parents have been smart enough to refuse the jab for the kids
        This will be a big push to get them to take this poison.

        If what I predict is true then you can be 100% sure that this is a serious evil action by the world elite

      2. Fact is they never isolated any virus since the beginning of this, the PCR test is fraudulent because they run it at 40 to 45 cycles (only 28 cycles though if you’re vaccinated), all stats are fraudulent, death totals are massively fraudulent (anyone dying within three months of a false diagnosis is called a Covid death), many “cases” are “asymptomatic” people (false positives), this is all the biggest nonsense and attack on real science there’s ever been. There are no proven “variants,” no isolation of any viruses, no comparison to prove any variations, it’s all BS. Keep that in mind with all news you see. You’ll know instantly who is lying or fooled by lies.

      3. I watched this video twice yesterday. It explains a lot of things. Or at least it put some of the puzzles pieces into place for me.
        This is the Spanish Flu not COVID-19 Check it out even if the
        names below are not someone you’d normally listen to.

        Citizens’ Grand Jury: John Cullen’s Testimony, w/ Larry Klayman, Kent Heckenlively, & Jason Goodman

      4. The “get rid of the deplorables” plan seems to be progressing swimmingly – excellent. Excellent… I think all whom follow MSM, and the edicts of our two-bit pubic officials and bureaucraps deserve to perish enmasse from foolishly receiving these inoculations. If in the near future a mass die-off of the lemmings manifests, this will foment the chaos needed for the ‘hunter avengers’ to go to work on the perpetrators of this genocide. I would suggest these simple pieces of shit that continue to pump this scam, may believe that 70% inoculated is the magic number. Perhaps the thinking is the 30% that refuse to commit suicide will be handled easily by other means. Good luck dr. fucki.

      5. It appears that “LPC Strategic Committee Leak” (etc, etc) has been removed…

        I just saved something, in a moment of curiosity, to read it later… It blinked on a movie screen. I stopped it and took a screenshot…

        The new variant was possibly going to be called CV-21.

        Local lockdowns would become enhanced, once hospital capacity had been overloaded. (or, when they present being overloaded.)

        Each new step in the process has been planned, and re-planned for over a year in advance.

        The dates have moved, from Q2 -Q3 2021.

        But, UBI was supposed to be a remedy for hard lockdown.

        This was supposed to result in supply chain shortages.

        That was supposed to require martial law.

        In that order.

      6. The paradigm of right vs. left, Dem. vs. Rep., conservative vs. liberal is not real. Neither are race struggle, class struggle, social struggle, political struggle, etc. real and organic movements. These are all fabricated to draw the nation’s people into contrived struggle; to distract, to cause turmoil, to confuse, to dissipate the people’s energy, to disempower, to make ignorant, and to destroy the ability to recognize and counter the real enemy. The truth is, there is an entity(s) of largely nameless and faceless individuals who wield the real power. The “leaders” of all the above sub-parties and sub-factions listed above are actually puppets, who in turn are used to manipulate the masses. All the power, wealth, and resources they want or need is instantly disposable to these entities.
        When their goals are achieved there won’t be Dems. or Reps., liberal or conservatives, or anything else as we know them now, just a variety of organizations with familiar names that make people believe they have power and choice, but in reality every part of their lives will be totally controlled and regulated.
        Regardless of the propaganda, social justice, racial equality, environmentalism, and other the other countless phrases or stated altruism used today to remake society, they are not the real motives. The real motive is nothing more than a pure visceral innate unshakable hatred of the freedoms, individual rights, and progress and enlightenment of the masses. However, at the risk of destroying any credibility of this comment, the real truly unspeakable supreme hatred is reserved for the peoples of European heritage and Christianity and seek nothing less than their total destruction.
        Stop watching the networks on TV, stop allowing officialdom to mold your opinions and beliefs, teach your children to be suspicious of politicians and gov’t, check out what they’re looking at on-line, teach them how popular political causes and movements captivates them, not liberates them. You’ll see their mindset develop and change, and they will grow in an empowering way.
        Educate your children how you want them to believe and instill in them your values, take them to church, make your family stronger in every way. Teach them to love their own, to love their culture and heritage, and the 4 Fs – family-faith-friends-finances, that nothing outside of these things matter. These are vitally important because there is a concerted effort to destroy family and culture and is intensifying.
        Eternal GOD bless the South!!!

      7. Whom, didn’t somebody somewhere say that the vaccine would be the cause or driver of new covid victims, I wonder.

      8. I’m not sure the bosses actually care to control you. Well, I suppose they want to control you so far as you don’t interfere with their greed. The vaxx is not so much a means of control as it is a means to accumulate wealth for a certain few. If it kills you in the process, meh…they have their asses legally covered, so the bosses don’t care.

        BTW the bosses are not red or blue. The bosses are the corporate heads and the financial heads…not of just the US, but of the world. They don’t much care about political parties…only enough to bribe the “elected” grifters to do their bidding. They are happy to see you fighting by picking one team over another. It keeps the heat off them so they can loot the world in peace.

      9. The “delta variant” cases are increasing… as the number of people vaccinated increases. Think about it.

      10. Just another excuse to lock the world down again.

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