“State of Emergency, the Entire Bridge Is Compromised”: The Moment a Burning Section of I-85 in Atlanta Collapsed

by | Mar 31, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 82 comments

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    If you were looking for confirmation that the nation’s infrastructure needs a complete overhaul, a collapsing bridge in Atlanta may have provided it in stark imagery.

    Around 6:30 p.m. Thursday night, a fire broke out under a section of the highway bridge on busy I-85 in Atlanta, Georgia. Just thirty minutes later, a huge section of that bridge burst into flames and completely collapsed.

    Amazingly, no motorists were injured when this happened:

    “This is as serious a transportation crisis as we could have,” Mayor Kasim Reed said, noting that he had spoken with the FBI and terrorism was not suspected at this time.

    Authorities still don’t know what exactly caused the fire as the entire area is still too unsafe for crews to examine, but it is believed that PVC piping stored under the bridge (as shown on a screen capture from Google maps below) caught fire first.


    Georgia Governor Nathan Deal has declared a state of emergency, however, as authorities claim the entire transportation network in Atlanta has been significantly impacted, including five different public bus lines. In addition, DeKalb County Schools were canceled Friday, City of Atlanta government offices won’t open until 10 am, and all non-essential DeKalb County government workers will not be required to report in to work.

    City officials have no idea when the bridge in what is otherwise a heavy traffic area will be able to be fixed.

    In other words, traffic is going to be a bitch.

    Meanwhile, how’s that aging American infrastructure working out?

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      1. look up “list of bridge failures 1999- to present”
        American infrastructure is no worse than anywhere else.
        More slavo bullshit fearmongering and flatout lies.

          • the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and at least 7 of the 16 intelligence agencies under the command of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI), point towards an Islamic State (IS/ISIS/ISIL/Daesh) terror bombing being the cause of the catastrophic collapse of a critical bridge in the American city of Atlanta—and that led the State of Georgia to declare an immediate state of emergency.

            • The first thing that came to mind was ISIS setting fire, then throwing in explosive devices to collapse both lanes. Others I talked to agree.

        • The USA is in decay… from morals, ethics, civility all the way thru to infrastructure.

          Not even $54billion bandaids can fix gangrene… so we wait for the crash&burn.

            • Eh,good album but prefer the Machine Head lineup as Gillian was always their best singer/frontman.They reformed the best lineup and did Perfect Strangers,recorded in VT. next door state,opened US tour on me birthday in Worchester,dad got me mint seats(as always,thanks dad!).Did see Rainbow with Blackmore and Ronny in the 70’s,fucking awesome!

              • I never have seen them live which sucks I am a big Blackmore fan. I agree Machine head was the best. I saw Dio live a couple times, loved his vocals!

        • you say “its no worse than anywhere else”

          that simply isnt a true statement

          In the northern states , that deal with freeze thaw cycles and road salts ..as a contractor i see it everyday .. and what i see is scary shit

          Just because they haven’t failed, doesn’t mean they wont
          would you want to drive over a bridge that might not collapse today, but may very well collapse in 2 years? I dont think you’d answer yes to that (unless…YAI)

          there was a study done and Im going by memory, but my Northern state has over 80% of its bridges past their engineered life,< passed engineered life is enough of a reason, and are in much needed repair or replacement ..

          this year they finally started to bid contracts to get some of them fixed or replaced entirely

          so vocalpartiot .. you need to get out more

          • I used to work for VDOT (Virginia, not Vermont) 😉 and even then there were bridges in bad repair with little money to pay for it. That was 20 years ago. I cannot imagine it now. Virginia is nothing but bridges because there are so many rivers, creeks, major highways, etc.what a mess if it came down. Some areas are literally inaccessible without bridges. Better be prepared.

            • So when I spent $12? to go through a tunnel in NYC that was almost 100 years old, where did all the money go? They have collected millions, one place the PA turnpike says that place has been a turnpike since 1816??. Where has all that money gone? The xxxx with them. quit stealing the money and repair the bridges.

          • Same here. They slapped another dime-a-gallon gas tax on in January and fast tracked a bunch of bridges for repair instead of using the rolling “Twelve Year Plan” the DOT generally uses.

            If I still worked the construction trades, I’d be looking at doing some heavy highway work for a few years of nice paychecks.

          • EOTS, there’s bridges everywhere in need of replacement. What Bush Jr. spent on those stupid wars in Iraq and Afghanistan could’ve paid for new bridges everywhere by now. TPTB intended for our infrastructure to rot away. Their ultimate goal is the destruction of this nation, after all. I smell a false flag here.

        • Leading to the SVR concluding that a bomb destroyed the steel reinforced (rebar) I-85 bridge in Atlanta, this bulletin explains, is that PVC piping (though it does provide a good compression rating for use in bomb making) has superior fire retarding properties due to its chlorine content and absolutely cannot reach the temperature needed to destroy concrete—and that requires a temperature of thousands of degrees Fahrenheit before it begins to decompose, and that only a thermal lance that can reach temperatures of 8,130 °F (4,770 K) is able to do.

          Even more important to note, this bulletin says, is that all bridge supports used in the US Interstate Highway System (IHS) are composed of structural steel making it impossible for them to collapse from a fire of any kind lasting just 30 minutes—and with the Atlanta I-85 bridge having its fire being reported at 18:30 (local time) and its collapse 30 minutes later at 17:00, means that the only possible reason for this catastrophic collapse was due to an explosive device detonating next to, or underneath, its supports and/or roadway itself.

          • Anybody remember situations where muzzies were caught taking pictures of bridges? Anybody got a couple of dots to connect?

            Anybody notice last week CAIR demanding a terrorism expert instructor be dismissed from the Air Force because he’s “anti-Muslim”? The lying, wife-beating bastards succeeded in getting honest anti-terrorism material deleted from all training materials for the U.S. military and the FBI. They didn’t need to bother with demanding it from the CIA since Brennan (the stinking traitor) was already one of them.

            This is grey terror. Large portions of our bureaucracies are either ignorant or complicit.

            Not only is our physical infrastructure crumbling, our bureaucratic infrastructure is programmed against us (as in who qualifies as a “Domestic Terrorist”).

            Meanwhile, the Refugee Resettlement Program is bringing in thousands of jihadists every night under cover of darkness.

      2. not sure this has anything to do with “aged infrastructure”….it burned for half an hour FIRST.

        • Absolutely agree, this has nothing to do with infrastructure but rather the lack of controlled storage of equipment and following policies. I’d dare to say GADOT has a policy on proper storage of pvc pipes and what is allowed to be stored under the intrastate roadways.

          Let’s call this out bluntly, inept Govt workers started using this space as easy, convenient storage for stuff they didn’t want to “deal with” and that grew to an excepted practice that general workers and supervisors just let happen; and now, an unplanned event of what could have been benign consequences has turned into a declared emergency.

          I bet we hear a lot more focus on what caused the fire vs why the equipment was stored inappropriately. Not to mention the “crumbling infrastructure ” talk has already started (albeit true, just not applicable in this article instance).

          But I wonder if we’ll ever hear about why this became a storage spot?? And who allowed it to happen.

          • It was probably started there to keep the homeless from camping there like they did in Knoxville!

      3. Ashes.. Ashes, they all fall down. A symbol of the neglect of America’s Infrastructure.

        What really takes bridges down besides rust, is Gas Tankers catching fire under a bridge. It basically melts the bridge.

      4. Well it certainly lends to how FEMA and US FEDGOV will cut off peoples POSSIBLE evacuation routes if they have to enforce a quarantine…Just saying 30 minutes to PERMANENTLY sever high speed arteries of escape, and prevents that route from being accessible at all (I dont know anyone who is fireproof) WHILE they are cutting it off….Should give you LOTS of pause when certain things happen in a “panic” in certain metro areas…no such thing as “circumstances or coincidence”, just saying.

        • My thoughts exactly, and I work 2 miles from where it happened.

          • According to this bulletin, at 02:07 (UTC/GMT +3 hours) this morning, SVR SIGINT analysts reported a massive increase in FBI electronic communications emanating from Atlanta, Georgia—and that were quickly followed by a, likewise, increase of electronic communications between at least 7 US intelligence agencies under the direct command of the DNI.

            Important to note, this bulletin says, is that at the same time these electronic communications were reported by the SVR, the city of Atlanta was reporting that at 18:30 (UTC/GMT -4 hour) a massive fire had been detected under a bridge belonging to the I-85 US national road system—and that 30 minutes later, at 17:00 (UTC/GMT -4 hour), further reported that this critical bridge structure had collapsed.

          • Move outta there while you still can

      5. I want to know honestly where does ALL of the MONEY go in this country?? Stop giving out so much to welfare, foreigners and those that are confused if they are a man or woman for Christ sakes…give me a break with this he/she b.s. and all of that nonsense. Spend some of that $$ in hanging the mentally ill liberals.

        • I will provide 500 ft 1/2 inch yellow polly rope for free. Blood will wash right off, does not rot, reusable.

      6. The US government has billions for war and a few billion for a wall but none for roads and bridges

        • But, when the billions are cut from the budget given to the illegals, that can be used to restore infrastructure.:-)
          ‘Cart before the horse’ strategy.

          • They are taking it from Veterans and Social Security – two that I know of.

      7. Traffic there is a mess all the time.

        Boy are they going to have FUN now!!!!

        Too bad we couldn’t have has protesters blocking that section of the bridge. LOL


        • “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience. They may be more likely to go to Heaven yet at the same time likelier to make a Hell of earth. This very kindness stings with intolerable insult. To be “cured” against one’s will and cured of states which we may not regard as disease is to be put on a level of those who have not yet reached the age of reason or those who never will; to be classed with infants, imbeciles, and domestic animals.

          • The peasants couldn’t shoot the barons but we sure as hell can shoot these stupid fuckers

          • C.S. LEWIS; One of my all time favorite quotes.

        • Sarge, in my younger days back in FL, I worked for a courier service driving a 3/4-ton Ford Econoline cargo van. I had to go through Atlanta on occasion. That I-85 is more like a smaller version of I-95. It is ALWAYS jam-packed with traffic. I had a few relatives in the Atlanta area until 2003 when they left for the mountains. Atlanta is a BITCH to drive through even in the BEST conditions. I’m glad I don’t have any reason to go to that area these days. The area where the BOL is located is 2-and-a-half hours’ drive north of there. I agree about the protestors, especially Black Criminal Lives Matter, LOL!

      8. you mean… gasp…

        something that caught fire collapsed?

        are we sure it wasn’t a conspiracy to bring the towers, I mean the bridge down!!??

        sarc off.

        however it happened-Atlanta in a pickle for sure.

        • Steel framed skyscrapers have burned for hours, until all the combustibles were consumed…. and didn’t fall down. Steel needs ‘help’ to do that.

      9. This just the beginning of not taken care of roads and bridges. What a mess for people in Atlanta. How did the fire start?

      10. Collapsed in 30 minutes??? Are we missing a Passenger jet? we go thru Atlanta on a regular basis. They are surely Screwed for at least the next 6 months.

      11. No matter how new or constructed any will fail if the fire is hot enough and burns long enough ….

      12. Attention, those of you in the resistance. Take notes.

        • What can be used for end, can certainly be used against another for the same reason.. Not all combat STRATGEY comes from linear usual thing, but successful strategists ALWAYS see outside of the box, and understand human psychology.

      13. It would not mattered if the bridge was brand new. A fire that intense on the underside of the bridge structure would have caused it to collapse. The exposed steel structure gets weakened by the heat of the fire. At 1000 F degrees, steel will expand, weaken, and eventually twist when locked in place at both ends. The contents of a typical house fire produce 1500-1800 degree temperatures at the ceiling. That fire was pretty intense, and a lit of heat was impinging on tge steel structural members. The steel beams would have failed when exposed to that intense heat (while supporting the massive concrete load above)even if they were brand new. Do Istill think America’s infrastructure sucks? Yes, I do, but this incident does not prove that claim.

        PS-I know these facts because I work as a firefighter.

        • you are correct; In fact rebar and the steel supports won’t have the strength to support the bridge at closer to 800 Dg.

          • Then how come my barbaque grill dosent melt down ? Are you getting paid enough for this. Eternal damnation?

        • Yeah, but what was burning that hot?

      14. I’ll be damned. A fire really can bring down a steel and concrete structure. And here I thought 9-11 was an inside job.

      15. the article states, “City officials have no idea when the bridge in what is otherwise a heavy traffic area will be able to be fixed.” What a load of b.s. A similar issue took place on June 4, 2008 near where I live. The construction boys and girls down here got it repaired, reopened in right @ 2 weeks. So? What’s up Georgia? Need some a little more southern help? Divert the traffic best you can, bring in some civil engineers and a crew that knows what the hell they are doing and get to it.

        • Call the Army Core of Engineers and get a bridge that will support a tank in about 45 minutes.

      16. Selling-off natural resources, to cover the odious debt, which built the unsustainable infrastructure, doesn’t make you the Jetsons, folks. That’s falling under receivership.

      17. you say “its no worse than anywhere else”

        that simply isnt a true statement

        In the northern states , that deal with freeze thaw cycles and road salts ..as a contractor i see it everyday .. and what i see is scary shit

        Just because they haven’t failed, doesn’t mean they wont
        would you want to drive over a bridge that might not collapse today, but may very well collapse in 2 years? I dont think you’d answer yes to that (unless…YAI)

        there was a study done and Im going by memory, but my Northern state has over 80% of its bridges past their engineered life,< passed engineered life is enough of a reason, and are in much needed repair or replacement ..

        this year they finally started to bid contracts to get some of them fixed or replaced entirely

        so vocalpartiot .. you need to get out more

        • I will agree this bridge isnt in the category of my comments about the real issues of infrastructure failing from age in this country

          this could have very well been a planned demo of this bridge for other reasons ..although those “other reason”s to be truth, we will not hear the truth

        • Sorry EOS it’s not the freeze or the salt or the age, it’s the money they have collected for decades to repair this stuff and diverted to other uses. Riddle me this: If you can afford to build it 100 years ago, and collected tolls the whole time, why cannot you fix it now?

        • Agree!!! they are under designed and are made to be replaced in a short time. the problem is the new representatives ether forget they need replacement or wait only to be forced to replace them. after all they have pet projects to spend the money on. Does your rep listen to you? they ignore me! another contractor….Grampa

      18. I wish you would quit censoring my comments

      19. How can they stretch this to blame infrastructure?? Dolts.

        The bridge was fine and working UNTIL IT WAS BURNED DOWN.

        I D I O T S

        So your house burns down because of a grease fire YOU started in the kitchen and somehow it’s the carpenters fault?

        Yeah boy. More BS.

      20. ABC radio news is reporting that fiber optic lines caught fire under the bridge. It must have caught the PVC on fire and burned so hot the steel was compromised since concrete does not burn readily.

        • Three homeless men who were living under the bridge have been arrested for starting the fire using “available materials”. ABC got it wrong again and I apologize for posting their fake news.

        • the cable lines are designed with products that will not maintain a flame. as is PVC. cement doesn’t burn but if poorly constructed with low quality material it provides water a path to percolate into the cement. when fire occurs the water boils causing the cement to explode and it wont support the steel load above. We have nothing shipped by rail or truck that will burn hot enough to melt steal. the rebar used inside the cement rusts and expands providing the cracks for the water to penetrate.

      21. This is not a major issue. Yes one road in a major city was damaged. No big deal just use other roads. And notice no other state is having trouble. This is so typical of poor states, we are to worried about sports stadii and feeding the poor who misuse their money

      22. Chinese steel. Same the World Trade Center.

        • you are an idiot. Chinese steel in 1973??

      23. A fire destroyed the bridge as it would probably do to any bridge in caught similar circumstances, even a brand new one.

      24. Looks like to me some entity used thermite,explains having a hard time putting
        Fire out bridges dont fall from fire.

      25. Oh brother, bridges are built of “structural steel” and concrete. PVC, no matter how gigantic the pile of pipe may have been, cannot, I repeat cannot, reach temperatures high enough to “burn or melt the structural steel and concrete the bridge is constructed out of, and could not make it collapse in 30 minutes. Only some type of thermal explosive could do what they show happened. Hopefully the truth will come out at some point. Go ahead and research the melting point of PVC and how much heat it generates and what temp is needed to melt steel and concrete. HUGE Difference.

      26. The Core of Engineers gave America’s bridges and infrastructure a grade of D-. Our highways were built to last fifty years. That time has come some decade ago. What are we waiting for? Our enemies want to put everyone in packed cities with tall buildings like “the projects” connected by trains like the concentration camps in Hitler’s Germany. It turns out, TPTB want to repeat the mistakes of ww2. Maybe they will wind up in the camps they want to build for the American people.


      27. The key word is crisis. Let things go until it’s too late. That’s much easier than some person getting on TV and admitting the infrastructure is unsound and huge money is needed to fix it. All of the buck passers are f<<cking lucky no little kids were hurt. Hold the incompetent buck passers accountable.

      28. Look you can say what you want about infrastructure. You may be right. What is not correct is to use this story as a ploy. I live in Atlanta. Been on that bridge many times. There was NOTHING wrong with it until the massive fire under it weakened the concrete. What WAS wrong was allowing that material to be stored under an interstate highway bridge.

      29. Hmmm

        Our crumbling infrastructure and sky high unemployment are a direct result of 16 years of fighting wars for Israel. Our corrupt and treasonous “leadership” choose Guns for Israel instead of butter for America and Americans.

        Most estimates place to the total direct and indirect costs of waging 16 years of war for Israel at between 7-10 Trillion dollars. And this does not take into account opportunity costs.

        Basically if “our” government had terminated the zionist controlled FED’s charter, and taken that 7 Trillion dollars and reinvested it in American’s infrastructure at zero percent, we would have enjoyed 16 years of near zero unemployment. And 7 Trillion would have rebuilt every single road, bridge, public transportation system, school, hospital, our military, Coast Guard, etc., etc., with money to spare for research, development and other growth related strategies. (it is after all our money: only a totally corrupt or insane government would allow a private banking cartel to charge us 6% to use our own money–adding insult to injury,since its creation in total secrecy literally in the dead of night the majority of the owners of the FED have been foreign nationals)

        We truly would have been the worlds super power, instead of a failing and second rate laughing stock. And we would not have wasted well over a hundred thousand American lives (the suicides count as casualties of war because that is what is causing them)3 Million Muslims, the majority of whom were women and Children would still be alive. Another 100 Million people would not be refugees or on the verge of becoming one. A billion Muslims would not hate us. And half a dozen countries would not have had their entire infrastructure systematically reduced to rubble.

        It was always a no brainer when you stop for even a moment to think about it. The choice was clear: America and Americans first or sacrifice both for Israel. Donald Trump has already reaffirmed “our” his commitment, like the majority of Congress, not to America and Americans, but Israel and Israelis by continuing the entirely Israel centric foreign policy started by Bush Jr, and continued under Obama.

      30. There’s an endless cash flow for the sinister watcher net. But when it comes to aging, dangerous infrastructure it’s beggars day.

      31. Talk about “Burning your bridges”,this takes it to a whole new level!

      32. State is broke, needs funding, ignores a situation that results in funding from outside sources? Meanwhile, folks are put out, as usual. The new braves stadium hurt atl. in loss tax revenue?

        Geez, as a kid my parents crossed the country every year before the interstate was completed. It was fun with interesting sites to see along the way. Back roads are a great way to see the country and a modern day loss. Now you see every kid watching videos or gadgets in the care instead of watching the world.

        All truckers and travelers drive perimeter. Only folks that travel downtown are inconvenienced. Its a congested nightmare at good times avoid the area.

      33. They were storing thousands of FEMA plastic coffins beneath the bridges and the bums lit them up.

      34. what we saw is poor design and skimping on materials. that fire shouldn’t have been hot enough to bring down the bridge. they have steel guiders held up by cement pilings that are artificially cured with chemical action that makes the cement fragile. cure cement under water and it will last for many decades we see some sea ports built many hundreds of years ago still standing. they stand without reinforcements. today we use rebar to reinforce but the quality of the cement used allows water to penetrate and expand the rusting rebar. this path for water when heated has more explosive power than gasoline. it pushed these piling supports apart and the bridge collapses. We pay good money in taxes to build these bridges and have them inspected. these inspectors also fine it to their advantage to look away at the correct moment providing the poor quality construction. how many roads have you seen deteriorate in only a few years. we had the opportunity to use the volcanic dust to mix with cement that would make our roads last for many decades. we cant have that or the government funding would dry up from the contractors that replace the roads.

        • OPERATION CONTAINMENT has begun. CIA planned destruction of America’s infrastructure. There was PURPOSELY NO REBAR in this broken piece of bridge. Planned long ago. PVC doesn’t burn much less get hot enough in an hour to melt a steel bridge support. PVC was filled with something to cause black smoke deversion screen to what really happened. Watch video. ONE blaze of fire. Explosives set to take out steel bridge support then collapse.

      35. Maybe we could stop funding the rebuilding of Iraq and Afghanistan and spend that $$$$ …HERE…..not so with this correct CONgress……imho

      36. I live in Metro Atlanta. OPERATION CONTAINMENT has begun. DESTRUCTION OF AMERICA’S INFRASTRUCTURE begins with Atlanta. CIA planned operation to take down infrastructure of U.S. NO REBAR IN BROKEN PART OF BRIDGE. SET EXPLOSIVES TOOK DOWN SUPPORT BEAM. NOT stored PVC which does not burn. NOT homeless people making a fire to stay warm on a hot day. Don’t believe anything you hear on secular news. All lies.The black smoke and mirrors were a diversion from what really happened. 250,000 cars commute DAILY on Interstate 85. Delta and Georgia Power are telling employees to work from home cause now they can’t get to work. Probs getting to Hartsfield International Airport now. This is NO small prob. It was strategically set in a spot that would be the most effective to take down Atlanta’s infrastructure. CIA has set similar bridge infrastructure take down’s ALL OVER U.S. Atlanta is just the first. OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE! 3 or 4 more such incidents strategically placed in Atlanta and it’s infrastructure = TOTALLY DESTROYED!!! It’s like a strategic war plan. Atlanta? CHECK!!! Who’s next? I wonder? Pray and prepare as God leads.

      37. it was probably deliberately caused by those who seek $$$ buyoffs to solve the transportation problems they create in order to pass off more agenda 21 light rail bus and bicycle lanes as the solution

      38. don’t be fooled by those in power as to what or who they are trying to say caused it because it is possible they are responsible for it so they could declare a state of emergency and create a crisis maybe secure more monies and or a21 projects

        they’re now trying to blame a few crackheads for it now

      39. Wait…You actually believe that a fire caused a steel-reinforced bridge to collapse?
        Haven’t we all been through this already?
        ‘Poor infrastructure’? Really? That’s your takeaway from this?
        WTF are you lot thinking? I don’t care what ‘caught fire’ on the bridge, it didn’t generate enough heat to burn through the rebar reinforced concrete holding it up. It didn’t generate enough heat to burn the steel.

      40. At least one bridge has supposedly stood since the Bronze Age.

      41. SMH!!!
        There is information missing from this story. I also live in the Atlanta area and had been following this story for obvious reasons.

        On 4/30/2017, around Noon, it was reported that a man claiming to have “red mercury” from Africa walked into the Regional 2 office of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, police said.
        Oddly enough, no arrests were made Thursday afternoon after authorities determined that a substance that prompted an alert downtown was not “red mercury. Red mercury is reportedly a substance used to create nuclear bombs.
        A few hours later, a fire is reported burning under the I-85 bridge. A homeless man was blamed for starting the fire. According to the local news, three homeless people were arrested in connection with fire that supposedly led to I-85 bridge collapse. One man charged with arson and given a $200,000 bond.
        The fire for no more than an hour. I’m no chemist but the last time I checked, cement doesn’t burn and PVC isn’t an accelerator.

      42. the politicians, lawyers, judges, corp ceo’s, bankers and the rich have the money, the people were left with the debt. these are the very people who have fucked up the country.

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