Sprott Unleashed: “Everything is a Lie… They’ve Got To Pretend There Is An Economic Recovery Happening”

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    If the government’s official statistics are to be believed the U.S. economy is moving full steam ahead. Consumers are spending, the job market is expanding, real estate has recovered, stocks are soaring and the U.S. dollar is stronger than it has been in a decade.

    But if you have yet to realize it, it’s all a lie. So says billionaire investor Eric Sprott of Sprott Global, which manages hundreds of millions of dollars in contrarian investment funds for clients all over the world. Well known for his long-term bullishness on the resource sector, specifically precious metals, Sprott joined First Mining Finance chairman Keith Neumeyer in a must-see interview where the pair discuss everything from the state of the global economy and trade to gold market manipulation and the inevitable breakdown of highly leveraged paper trading exchanges.

    Neumeyer recently sent a very public letter to the Commodity Futures Trading Commission highlighting rampant price suppression, noting that neither real producers or real consumers are being represented by the manipulative practices of a small concentration of players. Echoing those concerns Sprott suggests that for every 5 tons of real gold there are some 1500 tons worth of claims. The inevitable outcome should claimants ever want to take delivery of physical inventory will be an unprecedented explosion in price:

    To be brutally honest, I mean, that’s what I dream of… I think we’re almost at that point where we might very well have a shortage of gold and silver by a product of this last raid here, so much so that we’ll take those 5 tons from the COMEX because we have lots of people buying silver and gold.

    (Watch at Youtube)

    The manipulation of precious metals, coupled with the supply and demand fundamentals which Sprott says will lead to shortages over the next few years as mining companies reduce output or close up shop, will leave many investors who think their gold holdings are easily convertible to physical assets with nothing more than depreciating Yellen Bucks at exactly the moment they’ll need precious metals in their possession.

    Everything says to me that the demand for gold is in excess of the supply. And, of course, you wonder why the price would go down, but people look at the COMEX which stays manipulated, which is so obvious to me what’s going on. We have 5 tons of physical gold. We have something like 1500 tons of claims against that 5 tons. So to be quite direct about your question, yes, I kind of wonder any day, is somebody going to snatch those 5 tons of gold, and we end up with some kind of cash settlement. But then you have to think, if we would have a cash settlement, having taken gold from 1900 down to 1100, all under the threat of a rate increase for the last 5 years, which has never happened and may not ever happen, and then all of a sudden they’re like “well, really there is no gold here, we’ll just cash settle it at $1,100.” Meanwhile, we’ve lost $800 on a false claim. And perhaps maybe people in the know know about this, they keep the price of precious metals suppressed because they are the canary in the coal mines.

     A canary in the coal mine, indeed:

    There’s no way we should have a strong dollar here. We haven’t even begun to deal with the issues that are facing the U.S. public, i.e., Social Security, Medicare, everything so far is a lie.

    I mean, I can’t believe inflation’s 2% when pretty well every individual in the U.S. just on their healthcare policy, just on that policy alone, their cost went up 2% a year. On everything. Just on healthcare, because it’s probably 20% in healthcare, you get a 10% increase, that’s a 2% increase. So whether or not anything else goes up, there’s a 2% increase. And they don’t throw in grants and education and all those other things that are going up. Inflation numbers are massively understated, everything’s a lie.

    I don’t believe the jobs report from last Friday, the ADP number, it’s all a lie. And I sort of ask why do they have to lie about everything? Well, you know why they have to lie about everything… Because we don’t have an economic recovery happening, and they’ve got to pretend there is one. And so when you get these funny numbers that come out that suggest we have strength when deep down you know there’s no strength. Look at the truckloads, the rail car load increase, the cost of chartering a ship, the Baltic rate, they’re all going to new lows here.

    Knowing full well that we’re dealing with a lie so big that its eventual consequence will lead to bewilderment and widespread panic among the general global public once it becomes common knowledge, one should be asking: what do I do now?

    Keith Neumeyer, whose company has been rapidly acquiring distressed assets in the precious metals mining space, provides an insightful and actionable answer given what we know about what’s coming:

    As Eric said, the valuations now are quite laughable. As well as many people know, I’ve been in this market for a while. I’m not sure if Eric has seen these valuations before but in my 32 years of being in it, I don’t recall ever being able to buy a drilled ounce of gold in the ground for less than $10 an ounce.

    Not one of these transactions could have occurred in a normal market — the costs would have been just much, much higher and just unaffordable.

    And then on a personal note, as I’ve said a couple of times to some good friends, I’ve just recently sold my last piece real estate and I’m putting all that money into this sector. I’m going all-in, I think this is “back up the truck” time, this is a once-in-a-decade opportunity, and I’m putting my money where my mouth is.

    Though the market price has yet to reflect it, Eric Sprott and Keith Neumeyer are being joined by scores of billionaires and investment funds that are positioning themselves in the gold and silver markets.

    They know what’s coming. Unfortunately for the majority of the populace, it’ll be too late by the time they realize it too.


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      1. Sprott’s one of the few I trust. He knows his shit.

        I’ll keep stacking becuase there is no way that leveraging 100 to 1 or 300 to 1 will end well. If Sprott is right this will be an epic crash. Forget the fundamentals (they obviously don’t matter for the stock market!). The panic alone when all this goes down will shoot gold and silver to the moon. That $1900 and $50 per ounce we saw a few years back was just a warm up.

        • If this actually happens and these exchanges crash it means some very very serious shit has happened.

          I am all for holding some silver. But you’d better have some food on hand also and guns to protect yourself.

          At the point that gold goes over $2000 we can confidently assume that either the shit has completely hit the fan or it’s about to.

          • I think that once gold goes much over 2K they will outlaw private ownership again. Silver is such a small market it probably has less chance of that. They will say gold is the currency of terrists. Hi Ho Silver!

            • Genius.

              If all this Comex shit is that bad. When it does finally break it is going to rip the shorts right off them. Everyone is going to hurt. Jade Helm 15 and the Terrorist alerts are only beginners. The end result will be either a new money game or we are going to fry the planet.
              About the laws. I fed up with the laws. The laws only help those stay in power and suck the life out of the rest of us.
              If they can’t mend their ways we need a reset.

              • sling, the comex has been settling in cash for the last few years now instead of deliveries. Only the top priority people get real delivery. I remember a few years back they were actually paying more than the spot price for people to accept cash settlements. The comex and SLV/GLD are the biggest scam there is.

                • Genius

                  Oh I agree SLV and GLD are nothing more than paper scams and the Comex makes all the rules and adjusts them when needed for their gain. When those paper trash came on line I knew it was going to be a long time before the true value of the metals would be established.

                  There are very few people who can play this game of financial musical chairs. You have to live and breath it to understand the ins and outs. Time the markets. Most people do not know how banking and investments works. The removal of Glass Steagall makes it a Casino at best where the small guy pays the losses to the house.

                  In the end I could be looking for my pound of flesh for satisfaction.

              • Sling, we all know they won’t mend their ways. We need the reset anyway so let her rip.

                • I think a good business would be a “rent-a-berka” and a “rent-a-turbin” stand outside the airport. Get you through the tsa with no questions asked! Open one at every airport and make a fortune! Look out Trump, there’s a new billionare on the block 🙂

                  • Good idea! I would also offer an Islamic welcome experience to make a lot of money. You rock up at the airport, grab a Koran and convert to Islam, then go to a room and select a an underage babe, ‘marry’ her, bang her, and then say three times ‘I divorce thee, I divorce, thee, I divorce thee’ and your done: more refreshing than an espresso at Starbucks.

                    • “I break with thee, I break with thee, I break with thee”

                      Then you throw dog pewp on her shoe.

                      (Steve Martin)

                • ‘Ol boy I was thinking ’bout you the other day. You said you still had your M1 carbine, I cut mine loose (1943 Inland, made by GMC)a while back and had some extra mags. I can look around for them and if I find them they’re yours as I don’t have any use for ’em. If I can find them I’ll let you know and I’ll ship them to you (free) just to get rid of them. Give me some time as I am in my busy season. I can’t promise you I still have them but I’ll have to look. I’ll let you know. POP

                  • PO’P, I appreciate that if you can find them. If not, I ‘ll still be OK. There will be another guns how in my area Dec. 12-13. I can get some then if need be. BTW, I have gone back to 9mm. I bought a Ruger SR9C with 2 mags and 2 boxes of ammo for $630 total. It’s a good shooter. I’m totally reinvesting in 9mm. It came with a 10-round and a 17-round mag. It has a sleeve for the 17-round mag. Will pick up some more ammo and a couple more 17-round mags at the next gun show. The .380 just won’t cut it. That’s my Christmas right there.

                    • Brave, know what you mean about the .380. I still have my little Ruger that is an OK summertime carry but borderline stopper. I got one 9mm (Glock), the rest are either 1911s or .38 and up wheel guns.

                    • braveheart check out the civil defense ammo. it may make you rethink your 380

              • Sling,figure a large portion of country fed up/done with laws,excepting the laws of common sense,not complying seems to be growing!

                • Genius,hitler banned from Jethro Tull shows : htt ps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rnWx8iDwVUs ,you know the avoid moderation space drill,a classic!

                  • Ha ha ha, that was GOOD 🙂

                    • Genius: Laugh if you want too but I have seen some prospectors in my day who were almost as pathetic as Hitler !!! 🙂

              • I so damn agree with you. I’m an old man now..but what a shame

            • Exactly, why own what can be controlled, and even if you own it without interference then it may still very well be worthless. Good, guns, ammo, and water. Priceless. And who in their right mind would sell their preps for inedible gold and silver after shft. Just say’n.

              • these people already HAVE their preps…all that stuff you listed….and a LOT MORE stuff too….that’s why they got this stuff, and all the food, ammo…gold….because they’re SMART….dummies don’t own gold.just sayin’.

                • Yes they do own it. But the smart money sells a bunch every time the market peaks, and then they produce some more.

                  For miners, gold is not a taxable event until its sold. 🙂

                  • And for private individuals it is not taxable at all if you hold it physically. It is also immune from govt. or bank theft, bankruptcy, siezure, law suits, or any other threats. No one knows you have it, it is not traceable, if you pay cash in unreportable amounts.

            • I thought it was illegal to sell things that you do not own.

              • Not for banksters or other big boyz. They own the law. I would never buy paper gold, it is like a Federal Reserve note.

            • ” They will say gold is the currency of terrists”

              ah… just ONE more reason for me to be on “The List” 😀

            • U-tube video by David Duke

              CNN, Goldman Sachs, and the Matrix of Power

        • I worry about the . They will throw their silver and gold in the streets thing. Does that mean the ultra rich will be destroyed? And the guy with a thousand pounds of food sees the new world? I hope so.

          • It means that buying and selling anything will be in trouble.

            If you can’t use it to buy and sell, gold and silver have little value in themselves. Especially if you are wanting food during a famine.

            Clarke’s commentary on this: Ezekiel 7:19

            They shall cast their silver in the streets – Their riches can be of no use; as in a time of famine there is no necessary of life to be purchased, and gold and silver cannot fill their bowels.

            It is the stumbling-block of their iniquity – They loved riches, and placed in the possession of them their supreme happiness. Now they find a pound of gold not worth an ounce of bread.


            FWIW, at the time that was written gold and silver were money (and were and have been for most of history) so it means you can throw your money in the streets for all the good it is to you, The Bible actually says quite a bit more about money (Gold and Silver) than it does about prayer.

          • Lone Wolverine.

            Those that want to throw their gold and silver in the streets. Put it out by the trash can and I will take it off your hands at no expense to you.

            • I’ll trade you silver and gold For brass and lead. But I hope your right? And I lose.

          • lone, they means the peasants not them. They want it all. But a black market will quickly appear for metals, count on it. When all your preps are in order I think silver will be a good store for wealth as it is in demand and used up.

            • Genius

              A good scale, hammer and metal chisel to weigh things out.
              Pieces of eight anyone?

              • sling, good idea! don’t forget a good magnet!

                • Genius
                  Oh Yeah. Good one Hahaha!

                  • Hey I’m investing in firesteel, ferro rods. When your freezing your tail off with no way to start a fire, you’ll gladly trade me a $2000 gold coin for a $4.00 3 inch ferro rod. Trekker Out. You Might Even Throw In A Can Of Beans!

                • That’s SO true G.
                  I weigh-in Ali, brass ‘n’ copper scrap metals from time-to-time at a nonferrous metal recyclers and he always slaps a huge magnet on certain pieces of my stash… SLIP!
                  I sometimes wonder just how long it’ll take before the guy learns to trust me some?

                  • PS.
                    The cash I earn for the metals I weigh-in is well worth any furrowed brow that I experience from the man.

                    • Agent,while could be a trust thing,as a sometimes when available scrapper realise that shit gets thrown in barrel/bin that should have been discarded/resorted elsewhere.The raised eyebrows I get are when I scrap old lead pipe/traps/flashing,they don’t need to know why,and anyone here does know why.

                • better idea, get a proper test kit. lots of non-magnetic fakes out there.

          • Wolverine:

            Symbolism. Paper money symbolizes gold and silver. In Europe after the ww2 paper money was practically worthless. You needed a barrel of money to buy a bottle of milk. The guy with a cow was the one who drank milk. The “gold and silver” were worthless pieces of paper.

            At the time those texts were written, the paper scam had not yet been conceived. Or maybe it was being created and the author was not a prophet but an ancient whistleblower. The text were written by a man outcast and I believe inprisoned.

            • A good way to hold metals is in jewelry and silverware. Put up an ad on craigslist to buy gold jewelery for scrap price and go to yard sales and buy sterling silver items for scrap price also. I seriously doubt they will want to take grandmas silverware or your old wedding ring.

            • A good way to hold metals is in jwelry and silverware. Put up an ad on craigslist to buy gold jwelery for scrap price and go to yard sales and buy sterling silver items for scrap price also. I seriously doubt they will want to take grandmas silverware or your old wedding ring.

              • I had to misspell that on purpose evidently to avoid moderation….

            • But in a total SHTF situation I wouldn’t trade my cow for all the silver and gold in the world.

          • Lone Wolverine,
            The throwing away of gold and silver takes place during the tribulation period. I find it odd that so many of these elites are actually storing up treasure for the last days. All that time and effort they put forth will someday be worth nothing and they are going to be furious when that day comes.

            • And they will curse God . We are the chosen ones . We are filling our lamps. The things of this world mean nothing to God. Don’t be fooled by the king of lies. Keep the faith. It’s all we have .

          • L.W,
            Re, the biblical adage that in the last days their gold and silver will become worthless?

            Yes I accept that prophesy too. Am I worried no. I don’t know Gods timetable for that amazing future event. I also don’t know if it will be forever so afterward. Does this prophesy foretell just a short period when gold and silver are worthless. I suspect this is the case. As long as there are people there will be a demand for basic raw materials.

            I must keep in perspective that gold and silver have become worthless only for tiny moments in history. If everyone is starving and I have food and water, your gold will have little value to me.

            I don’t buy PM’s for single nexus in time, I buy it to bridge that moment.

            Through out all of history PM’s have been good for trade, while fiat currencies regularly crash and become extinct. The choice between fiat currencies and PM’s is a no brainier.

            • I don’t know what is right . But me I’ll get food stored first . And worry about what I can’t eat later. Except brass and lead . Which I think is more important than silver and gold.

              • I would tell people to seek balance in all things.

                I’ve met people that have 20 or more guns and 30,000 rounds of ammo, but no food or water.

                The people that have food and water only are equally as foolish.

                Money is tight for many, but I will say some silver 99.999% pure coins, US or Canadian are a great idea. If you can’t afford precious metals seek other things to store up.

                I like to cook, so one year my pet project was to learn how to bake bread. It took months and a few loaves were only suitable for the birds. I now keep a couple buckets of wheat in my preps and a flour mill. I learned how to make bread in a Dutch oven as well as other methods. This knowledge is a prep I use all the time. I think this skill is worth more than gold.

                For those that have some extra cash making 1/4% in the bank, they really should consider PM’s. The price of PM’s is at the cost of production right now. It may get a little cheaper if the current deflation runs deeper. But I gotta say PM is hated right now. No one wants to buy them, and that is about as loud a bottom signal that Wall Street will send.

            • I guess it’s best to cover all your bases? Then you can’t go wrong. Wish I had that kind of money. To cover every possibility . I don’t plan on coming out of this rich. Can’t fit through the eye of a neddle . I don’t know what’s right. But we are warned . Why have we been warned. So the believers would have their lamps full? I say fill your lamps.

              • Lone wolverine:

                The “eye of a needle” is not what you put thread into. It refers to a camel going through an opening in a wall, which required the camel to knel. It was difficult but still possible. This is merely a warning to avoid greed. It was not intended to discourage ambitious industry. You have to be careful with ancient texts. They were written hundreds of years after events and translated from foreign language. Mistakes and omissions are still possible. Emphasis on certain aspects serve the elite to the detriment of the masses. Common sense is required. Jesus taught this when he said, “does not a man take his donkey out of a hole when he falls in” (on the sabbath-the law forbid any work at all and Jesus answered his critics because he opted to preach even on the day of rest). I don’t think you should buy or not buy based on a fear of displeasing The Almighty. Give God a little credit for having some common sense, too.

                • Excellent reply B from CA,

                  I can’t agree more.

                  I’d add for Lone Wolverine that when I began prepping, food and water were first and foremost. Then other items. I’d categorize cost vs return and need then choose the top items on my list. It may take weeks or months to procure those items at good prices, then I’d start the planning process all over again just like my handle says.

                  • Allow me to add one more thing.

                    I’ve been prepping since y2k. After 15 yeas I and those like me have much under our belts.

                    It’s not a competition, do what you can, when you can.

                    You don’t need to catch up, or match the big spenders.

                    Start with food, the type you normally eat. Build up until you match consumption vs expiration. Once you get ahead slightly seek sales to always do it at a discount.

                    Prepping is the antithesis of procrastination. It will save you money if done right. Roll your savings back into the investment. Build your preps on the savings.

                    My wife and always mutter, the rich get richer, yes we clip coupons, yes we buy in bulk. Yes we manipulate which credit card gives the best discount, then pay it in full with no interest. Prepping is a way of life and done right will save big time and allow people to roll the savings into profits. Those profits can be saved as preps or cash.

                    • This comment is the best one yet that sums up how to prep. Thank you.

                • Common sense is required . It’s easier for a camel to get through the eye of a needle . Then a rich man to get in heaven. But what’s considered rich ? To the third world all Americans are rich even if your on food stamps. Common sense is required .

              • Lone wolverine,
                I know you don’t plan on coming out rich but I hope you do.

          • I hope so too because I am focused more on producing food and water. Even if nothing else happens, monoculture is an epic fail. Give me a food forest, rainwater collection, in house greenhouse, chickens rabbits wild game and so one. I have some gold and silver, not much… any thief can take it away… but not the ability to grow food and recognize wild edibles. I think that Biblical verse is accurate.

        • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=abyBT0-_nyA


          Watch and fucking learn, SHTFers.

          Lebanon was 100% Christian until after WW2. It was almost a first-world country. Then after Israel was created they accepted the Palestinian refugees. As soon as they let fucking Muslims in the country the dark hordes all started massive migration as an act of Jihad and transformed Lebanon into a shithole. Even today they are killing Christians.

          Christians are being genocided in the middle east and not a fucking word is spoken about it.

          • True: there is not a single example of where Muslims become the majority and that country improves economically and socially. I have worked in countries of all faiths and it is always the same crap in the Muslim countries: vicious oppression of women and gays, lots and lots of young men hanging around the streets banging each other and little boys and gang raping young girls they can get their hands on. And they always exterminate anyone who doesn’t follow their faith.

            Compare that to non-Muslim Asia, where people are very hard working and enterprising and where women have a lot of power.

          • If someone told us twenty years ago that Cristian’s would be having their heads cut off we would of laughed at them? And if a book tells us two thousand years ago that one day Cristians would be having their heads cut off. We are not laughing now . All will come true . We have been warned . We believe the warnings . We are the chosen ones?

        • I’ve bought silver at $5, I’ve bought silver at $35 and I sleep just fine.

          • Likewise – one can’t predict the bottom… or top.

            I recall at one point back in 2011/2012 jokingly saying to a close friend that if silver ever dropped under $15 again it would be time to back up the truck. Keith Neumeyer just made the same comment. I don’t know if silver goes lower here or not — I look to history, however, and it suggests that any time the people lose confidence in their government’s ability to mitigate a crisis the price of precious metals goes through the roof. As Eric Sprott mentions in this interview the economy is in serious trouble on so many levels we could write a novel about it — a crash will come, and it will be very swiftly followed by panic and when that happens the retail market for bullion bars and coins will be unstoppable. I will not be at all surprised to see people lining up at their local coin shops in droves (incidentally, that will be my personal signal to sell!).

            • Mac be careful not to sell to early because this next economic collapse might include a currency crisis. If the US dollar is replaced as the global currency the US may/will go into hyper-inflation.

              Mac, I know you have studied the hyper inflationary events throughout history. You know that when you sell your precious metals, to make sure you know what assets you wish to purchase with the proceeds.

            • have you thought about what you’ll GET when you sell, mac?…paper dollars?….stuff,..THAT’S ultimately what I WANT to get for my gold/silver…once all this goes down in the next few days/weeks….months? i won’t be touching paper money with a ten foot pole…i want STUFF for MY gold!…and SOME of that stuff we will need isn’t even apparent YET!
              and i leave you with those prophetic words from lynyrd skynyrd
              eww that smell
              cantcha’ smell that smell?
              eww that smell
              the smell o’ DEBT surrounds youuu

            • I would add, for you younger folks, when I was a lad of 15 the US had just stopped minting silver coinage and the price of silver was $1.25 an ounce. You can see where it is 50 years later. What I’m saying is if you’re young, buy and hold is a no brainer. My only regret is that I didn’t start buying silver until the ’80s. Don’t make the same mistake I did. My best to all of you….

          • I have never paid over 12 bux and I sleep great 🙂

          • Old Gringo I’ve bought gold at $600, and I’ve bought Gold at $1600 and I don’t sleep so well. But its because I have to get up in the middle of the night to go to the john. Old Trekker Out.

        • Anon…
          Will you be redeeming your stack for the said “Yellen bucks” you vehemently despise?
          You seemed assured that when the market fails and the chaos is all around you…that you will be a survivor and redeem your posed stacked wealth to buy what?..and place your huuuuge amounts of “Yellen bucks” where?…Chase., JP Morgan, Bank of America?…(you do know that once you deposit in a bank…the money is no longer yours…right?) But more importantly., with what concept of currency?…digital currency units? Who says that the pissant elite will not stop you from reaping a reward for your diligent amassing by outlawing PM’s in private ownership? To what exchange do you redeem your yellow rocks when the price is manipulated or even worse..there are no exchanges at all in the collapse.
          Forget trying to plan for your future wealth…the real threat is before you…and that threat is TYRANNY that is design to kill all of us.
          Do not worry about tomorrow..it will take care of itself..sufficient for the evil in that day.

          Live Free or Die…can’t buy Liberty and Freedom…gotta fight for it!

      2. Off topic:

        Do you think women who breastfeed in public should be arrested? How about at the airport. Do you support full disclosure?

        • Yes.

          As any Muslim will tell you, this is very benign treatment for them.

          Arrested is better than stoned to death.

        • I think they need to share 🙂

          • Funny!

        • Random moronic thoughts by CA. Don’t mix the red, green, purple and blue pills. When you come back, please read your latest posts. It will be an epic scared straight experience for you….I hope.

      3. Take care of oneself,the government can’t be believed. If they ever tell the truth no one will notice.

      4. As soon as they can control everything . The stock exchange , the money flow, the government , the media, They can steal anything they want. Hey boys will be boys. I guess these billionaires don’t have enough. You can’t be too rich or too thin. Looks like the working class will get real thin. We all know the book of revelations is revealing what’s going to happen . Our time will come . Keep the faith.

      5. Wow! That was fast. Hahaha!

      6. I agree with sprout .Everything is a lie . Satans greatest weapon is the lie . And satan rules this world . But not for long.

      7. Breastmilk is free. You have to pay when you come into the world. Pay when you exit. Why the hell do people get suckered into not suckling your own offspring. Because the PTB want you dependent. That is how they control. They can withdraw the “formula”. What wouldn’t a parent do to feed their young. The money changers are pulling our strings. Buy necessities and food. Don’t trust others to look out for you. The TV is all lies. That is true. Look around you. That is what is real.

        • B from CA,
          TV turned into the BIGGEST human control experiment and is still brainwashing people as we speak! most NEVER will believe how manipulated the TV really is.we gave up TV 13 years ago and BOY what a eye opener it was after a few months.

          • apache, ya I think I saw something about that on tv. (sarc.)

          • Apache, I gave my TV up about four years ago and the lack of it is primarily responsible for my awakening.

            You are almost a decade ahead of me. I wish I had done about when you did.

          • I gave up TV 39 years ago when my son was a baby. He did not own a TV until he went to college. He has one TV in his house a barely watches it. I am happier without it.

        • B from CA,
          I breastfed and at my 6 week check up my doctor was surprised how quick I got back to normal. I made sure my daughter breastfed also. All my daughter’s friends said they were going to breastfeed but mysteriously they all had problems with baby latching on. In reality the breastfeeding hindered their lifestyle. There are babies that need special types of formula to stay alive but I believe formula is poison and probably contributes to childhood diabetes.

        • It’s amazing what they have done . How could they do all this without a higher power. Satanism? Their time will come as will ours. We all hope soon .

      8. This is a good article. The video’s audio was slightly garbled.

        So What’s the Problem?

        The answer to that question is. Everything is BORING.

        Gold or Sliver. Boring.
        Dollar and Stock Market. Boring.
        Bird Flu, CERS. MERSA, EBOLA. Boring.

        Nothing Happens. We now have 9 days or so on the Yuan as a SDR. All hell going to break loose. In Ten Months or maybe 2 years?

        Must be the constant rehashing of the same subjects.

        You never know!

        Genius. Might want to look into shell casing extractors for you guns. 7.62×39. 30.06 and .223

        • slingshot, I sold all my stuff to the muzzies up the road 🙂

        • Slingshot, rich99 always used to say nothing would happen for many years. I still believe something will happen a lot sooner than anyone thinks. I feel something coming, if not before Christmas, then in the first quarter of 2016. I agree the rehash is really boring.

          • Cuz I’m with you, somethings gonna happen. I’m just not sure what or when!

            • NGIC, my favorite idiot. Where’ve you been for so long?

        • Purchased a AR -15. Pistol 10 inch barrel 1/7 twist. Tennessee arms polymer frame with brass inserts at key points. Short and light. HPR 60 grain V Max. Looking for best sound blast forward directing flash hider sound forward directing muzzle devise. Saw guntec claw . Krinkov type copy might be better? Need help here. I want sound directed forward not up or sideways. And no flash . Maybe to much to ask for?

      9. I wish I could afford to buy physical gold and silver coins.

        I’m having a hard time getting by right now. I have found my preps to be a blessing. Canned wild pink Salmon has Omega 3, an essential fatty acid. I eat a can before retiring for the evening. Since I started that practice, I feel better. I buy top quality pink Salmon. The cans don’t have that nasty white plastic inside. Best investment I have made. My favorite manual can opener is breaking down. I have others but not as good. Very important prep. Stock up. Local honey has been good in handling my allergies. I had been eating only honey from up north. Local is better for people with pollen allergies. Honey is like gold.

        • B from CA, honey is like a superfood. It also has antibiotic properties (when raw). Great stuff for making mead too 😛 I would recommend learning to market all the skills you have under the table now before you really have to. Make some extra $$ and develop a customer base. A good can opener is SwingAway brand only about 10 bux. Medicinal herb seeds are cheap and will provide you with remedies for next to nothing. Some that I recommend are Tumeric, garlic, comfrey, ginger, echinacea, blueberries, elderberries, rose hips. Also you can make a colloidial silver generator very cheap.

          • i guess i was eating too much honey…or maybe it was the bee pollen, but i had to give it all up when one day i woke up flinging myself at the screen-door.

            • BCOD and Justice I think I’ve been up to long, you two have me rolling. And as B of CA said about brestfeeding, I’m for full disclosure! Trekker Out.

          • Thanks Genius.

        • Get you an old-fashioned can opener from a thrift store or yard sale. It will last you 100 years. I have several that are much older than I am, and they still work fine.

          If you don’t know the type, here is a photo of one:

          ht tp://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-images-old-can-opener-image16770509

          • Archivist, I have this recurring dream that I am like that little old banker who survives nuclear war and finally has time to read all the books he ever wanted to read. But then he breaks his glasses(the Twilight Zone).

            Except, in my dream I have all my canned food and my can opener breaks. Then Braveheart shows up and he looks like Rod Sterling, and he say, “One is none… Jackass!”

            • Justice, LOL. I do look better than Rod Serling. Still enjoyed the Twilight Zone all the same.

            • Don’t worry. There are more ways to open a can. Almost any sharp metal can be used as an improvised opener. You can also turn a can upside down and scrub it on the sidewalk until you wear through the rim and the lid comes off. If all you need is a hole to get liquid out of a can, you can just poke the top with a Bic pen.

              In Burgess Meredith’s case, he could have found any number of magnifying glasses to use for reading. Also, you can take any thick piece of clear glass and grind it down into a lens good enough to read with. Reading glasses are just low power magnifying lenses.

              • Any good fixed-blade knife will open a can.

        • Sportsmans guide sells the can openers that came with the c rations at a very reasonable price. a box of 100 P38’s are $17 and their big brother’s, the P51’s are $22. These are very good quality materials and useful for bartering as well.

        • Try to pick up a roll of circulated (average condition) silver dimes. No matter what you have in your preps, if you ever really need them, you will discover that you forgot something (or used it up). A couple dimes might be what it takes to get what you need.

        • I worry about eating fish with the fukashima radiation thing. I read that the nine ? Biggest super cargo transports in the world . Put out more pollution than all the cars on the planet combined. But I don’t know what to believe now a days.

      10. Cash is beautiful
        Credit is grand
        But gold is the money of the big boss man!

      11. Besides a good mechanical can opener. A good pencil sharpener is handy.

        Took me a long time to get one that sharpens correctly and then the handle was bent, right out of the new box.

        • Thats something I totally forgot about. Pencils, they always work when pens don’t and cheap too. Thanks for reminding me!

          • The pencils made in China still retain their lead!

            # Don’t lick your Chinese pencils.

        • A sharp pocket knife will sharpen pencils just fine. I also have a number of mechanical pencils with a large stockpile of leads.

        • Sling, I have 10 mechanical can openers in my preps. When one breaks, no problem. I’m still in good shape.

          • Braveheart1776

            Nothing never goes right the first time. Even if I do product research. Very hard on tools and such. So it does take me time to get a REAL good one and then buy a bunch. I don’t know why I do, except that I expect
            them to break too.

            Why can’t everything be like hammers and anvils. ;0)

            • Sling, we lost our manufacturing base to China, that’s why.

        • Slingshot, good tip on pencils and a pencil sharpener. I have a few of the old type pencil sharpeners like we had back in grade school. Electric is Ok as long as you have power but the others are still useful regardless.

      12. Similac is 90% HFCS.

      13. Still rather have worthless paper bucks everyone I know loves cash. Metals have their place during shtf. If metals were the way to go why spot price higher than what you can sell it for. I’d say. B my kids were given formula the wife didn’t like them latching on her. My oldest got soy formula. He has severe peanut allergies if he has it his airway closes up and he cannot breathe. I think it’s due to not breast feeding. He has epinephrine and sits at the peanut free table in the lunch room. The kid can smell it through stuff. He is afraid of it. My other two kids had regular formula. They have no allergies. No one in my or her family has peanut allergies. A lot of kids have peanut allergies but it’s not as severe in all kids. He eats peanut butter the ambulance is coming or he done.

        • What is this crap I keep hearing about these poor little kids being sick?

          What the fuck is going on?

          Sorry to hear about your children asshat.


        • Asshat

          I don’t remember any of my childhood friends getting allergies. I did have one that had Polio.

          I wonder with all these cutbacks and substitutions in the formula makeup/composition has made children sick. I also suspect that some combinations of vaccines make children sick. Messing with their auto immune system.

          With all the illegal aliens I am sure there will be more germs to be vaccinated against. Hell if your over 55 the Doctors are trying to stick you with something new every time you see him.

          • Sling, I’m allergic to trolls. Does that count? Otherwise, I’m healthy.

          • I haven’t seen a doctor for 7 years.
            I had to now because of a lingering teeth problem due to sinus??(my antibiotics didn’t work)and found a new doctor to accept me.
            The questions did include when was last flu vaccine–I said never.
            She was also impressed(her words) that I took no prescription drugs at my age.
            When husband was in hospital two years ago having seizures, nurse also asked when last flu vaccine–I said never and he’s to get no vaccines while here.

            Word to the wise wannabes–do not take Gabapentin. It causes seizures when you don’t take.

        • Asshat:

          Soy has been touted as a health food but,
          there is a lot of research which challenge previous
          assumptions. Every study is funded. Soy is big.
          When researchers are paid by the producers the
          results will be a glowing endorsement. Another
          reason to change our messed up Country.

          Find a good homeopathic doctor familiar with allergies.
          Think about going Paleo. See how your son
          does without grains. All the GMO’s and HFCS and MSG
          Mercury contaminated vaccines, flouride, plastics, caged
          chickens, antibiotic grainfed beef, homogenized milk from
          sad cows, etc. etc.; it’s a miracle our kids are still alive at all.

      14. I keep silver, always have. Every time I have received a silver coin, it has been put away. I don’t trust the government with gold. I think eventually they will outlaw it again. I know people with paper gold and keep telling them “if you don’t have the gold, you don’t have gold. You have toilet paper.” Personally, I would rather have toilet paper, than a sheet of paper that said I have gold. It might be of better use. When the gold runs out and many people are still trying to collect, all hell will break loose. I hope those commodity traders are the ones that bought bunkers. They will need them.

      15. We all like to bitch and complain. Makes us feel good and feel we are doing something to combat the problems. Still we fall short of Identifying the problems that will most affect us all. Then comes the tedious process of finding a solution or work around to those problems.
        As or lives become more difficult, so will the solutions. Our thoughts are going to have to me more Outside the Box, because the In the Box will not work. We have to project ahead what TPTB will do and so compensate. Lots of variables and our resources and time is much less than our opponents. They have the power to extend it far beyond what we anticipate. And they have because we support them in many ways. Taxes and Laws.

        Our hope is that they will overextend themselves. As it appears now. When it crashes they will make excuses and proclaim they have a solution. We must not be fooled and readily embrace the lies that will further enslave us. You will see it. Bio Scans and Chips, Electronic money, Smart Cards.
        We must find and use ways that do not conform to their ensnaring propaganda. Then spread that knowledge to others.

        • Sling, no problem on that with me. I’ve been thinking outside of the box ever since the early 70s.

      16. A few years back when gold was reaching new highs the cash for gold commercials and pawn ads filled radio, television and newspapers for a non-stop barrage to buy consumer’s UNWANTED gold. When I see this happen next time that will be a big red flag. Last time that happened gold theft was so bad they would steal gold chains by running up to someone and rip it off their neck. I even remember one company was buying gold filled jewelry as it does technically contain gold.

      17. My gut feeling is that silver will be a better mechanism in SHTF. As far as price suppression goes, I say let em do it. Take advantage of that opportunity while you can. I’ve done quite a bit of homework on metals and I believe the true value of silver is about $130 an ounce right now. It will not have a dollar value if the dollar collapses but if you can buy a weeks worth of food for your family with an oz of 999 silver, then you’ll have “invested” wisely for the future.

        • Roman soldiers would only take silver as payment not gold I don’t know why or if it’s true. I read that salt was also valuable. I wonder if we will find out what is really important the hard way.?

          • “Salary” comes from the Latin word for salt. Roman soldiers were paid in salt at one time. At least that’s what I was told in Latin class in high school.

      18. Hey guys, see stevequayle.com second article. Looks like the revolutionary war is about to start within the next 24-72 hrs. The Bundy family get threatened with a raid and arrest by the feds..and they jia outed what happened. Our worst fears are about to take place. If this is allowed to happen, then what kind of reaction and of what magnitude are we expecting, as the cabal just invited the chinese soldiers into the county for war games, and is using that as a cover to cover the fact that 350,000 of them were given visas and we’re allowed to come into the US and are here already.. a lot of them are busy training at American shooting range in Houston with their AK47’s.. think this is bulksh..t, go out there and see if with your own eyes..they are very muscular and big and are with Ak’s and that range is allowing them to go there. What and insult to patriots who go to that range..so it looks like we will be seeing a lot o chinese soldiers in our cities so the administration is telling the public that China is being trained for disaster assistance is that we don’t have to worry..we just do a search on Dr James Garrow’s Interview with John Moore in 2014 Garrow will explain how those 350,000 chi-coms plan to attack the American people in their homes businesses and neighbourhoods, Agent this wife and daughter and children is apart of that plan. They have Ben told that wife and daughter is theirs. When John Moore asked Dr Garrow what type of treatment who using we expect the chinese soldiers to give the American people?. Dr James Garrow responded that the Rape of Nanking.. is what is going to happen to the women and girls like when the japs invaded China..

        Prep, prep, prep, prep till you can’t prep no more..

        Now I have a girlfriend, now naturally I will have but to shoot and kill the is chi-com and UN and russian phucks when they take my city..if I don’t t have a Girlfriend I still have to shoot the phuckers.



        My fellow sht- effers, see you all in hell.

        • not me !

      19. Thanks skin it’s probably due to the gmo formula used for babies. ha ha ripping gold chains off necks somone put. Got a super pawn shop another pawn shop a liquor store a gun shop tattoo shop all within three blocks. Went to sell a bunn commercial coffee pot and a commercial grade grinder like the ones in the supermarket in the coffee aisle. The guy wanted to give me $20 I laughed at him and said I’m not a crack head. I gave it to the church they were happy to have it. I hate the pawn thieves they get nothing from this guy. Oh their is a smoke shop too. It’s all on the strip. I haven’t had any issues yet around my house it’s quiet really just the speeding car occasionally. Grew up in the streets not afraid like some folks are. Most of the thieves are punk young people trying to get a fix. After shtf the addicts are gonna be like fucking zombies foaming at the mouth. It’s sad for them most will be killed before they fully detox from lack of dope. Good times we’re in for.

      20. HCKS,as I have stated previous;y,will be sitting on rock in hell with a beer and smoke,watching the minions and their bosses take a permanent stay,then,will be gone and on to the next adventure.As I have stated before,even a short term visit to hell holds no fear for mel,I almost married Julie!You know,when going out with Julie I wish I had had a “safe space”!

        • HCKS and Warchild, I won’t die, I’ll just go to hell and regroup with my team.

          • One thing you never hear in a terminal cancer ward “This is where I want to be, because all my friends are here” Well that ain’t nothing compared to Hell. Trekker Out. I Ain’t Going There!

      21. Liberia monitors over 150 contacts as virus re-emerges

        Link on Drudge Report

        The holiday travel season is about to begin. The Ebola virus survives the longest on surfaces in colder temperatures.

        • The perfect holiday gift,a virus,the gift that keeps on giving,we need to take in their refugees pronto!

          • And load them in a cannon and shoot them at the whitehouse lol…

      22. Hmmmm….not been on in a while. Focused on doing what needs to be done. Finally got our chickens healthy and eradicated whatever it was that made them sick. Getting 5 eggs a day. Got 13 hens, so that number should be going up. We got them as pulleys as various ages. Stocking up on food staples that go on sale this time of year…Karo syrup, sugars, small supply of flour, butter for the freezer, soups, etc. got hubby oxy-acetylene tank set up for his shop for his birthday. And, we’ve finally figured out dads wood stove. The linkage to the vent needed repair, so now one log will Heat through the night to keep the chill away. Before it would burn you out of the house…it could be 16* outside (this happened last January) and the house would be so hot we had windows cracked open. Unseasonably cold tonight. Went hunting and wHen I came in after dusk the water already trying to freeze. No deer in the patch today.

        Did anyone see the DC mayor now says that if in active shooter situation and you can take the shooter out, do it. Now if they just loosen DC gun laws.

        • NPPH

          Did the D.C. Mayor mean he wants you to take the shooter out to Dinner?

        • NPPH, El Niño is coming back. Supposedly colder winter than usual this time around. Temp is already at freezing point in my area. That usually doesn’t start around here until mid-Dec. the South will really be cold this time around. Then we get el Nina after the winter. Doesn’t bode well for agriculture next year. I see food shortages not too far off. Better get everything you can ASAP.

          • It’s supposed to be in the upper 20s Monday night here in eastern NC. I still have loads of green tomatoes that are still too small to pick. I’ll put a tarp over posts and wires tomorrow when the sunshine fades. I may not have late tomatoes like I had a couple of years ago.

          • Someone I know once talked about people who get all they can, can all they get, and then sit on the can. I’m glad he’s now in another part of the country. He doesn’t know I prep, but he knows I’m smart enough to.

      23. Yep WD, your not kidding..looks like some thing is definitely on the horizon in near future.. I remember when I kept using the phrase The SHTF EVENT HORIOZN. We are now in shtf comenses.



        It’s always too late, straight to hell we go.

      24. I read that science can’t explain why the earth wobbles. Some say Planet X passing every so often is the reason. The Inuit Eskimos say the sky has changed. I’m glad I’m prepped. I see the signs.

        • LW

          Sign, Sign,
          Everywhere a Sign.
          Blocking up the scenery,
          Breaking my mind.
          Do this, Don’t do that.
          Can’t you read the sign.

          Sign said, you got to have a membership card, to get inside.

          • Sling, LOL. Good one. Just another reminder of how old I am.

      25. “Everything is a Lie…

        They sure as hell lie when it comes to inflation numbers and the McJob recovery with all the other new jobs being brown-coats working for the state.

        NSA Spying has not helped the USA when it comes to selling software and on-line services and the ISIS scandel where the world now knows who is behind this group will also cost american jobs.

        Cheap robots are also just starting to come to town to take even more of our jobs away so the picture is not looking good at all.

        Cleaning shit out of the drain systems might be a good move for anyone trying to start a new career these days.

      26. Everything works better when you hit it with a hammer. can’t tell you all the shit I’ve fixed smacking it with a hammer.

        • Asshat

          I have Fixed a lot of things for GOOD with a hammer. Hahahaha!

        • I have fixed computers just by threatening to hit them.

      27. It’s another Great Shit Hits the Fan Morning and how is that Hope and Change doing for ya. The temperature is in the Mid Forties and is refreshing. As for the Gold and Silver. Better to have some, than none. The Precious Metal Bull has thrown off many a rider looking to make a quick buck. I see some talk about $5 silver and $250 gold. Let go back further and say $1.00 silver and $35 dollar gold. There are a few of those Old Gold Bugs out there that invested then in metals. Metals are like guns when you could buy a SKS for $69 and an AK47 for $200. Nobody wanted them. A Mini for $350 and Ammo was cheap.
        Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda.

        When the reset comes, how much is going to be available at bargain prices for this stuff?

      28. OK, one more test post..(where’s Test been lately?)
        I’ve been censored for the last several days.
        Kulafarmer said it may have to do w/ running Windows?
        I’m not knowledgeable enough to figure why?
        Running Windows Vista on an otherwise perfectly running HP Pavilion notebook, (circa ’09) and have never had problems posting on sites before.
        Mac, maybe you could explain a few things about this. I’m not the only one with this issue.
        It’s driving web traffic away, is that what you want?

      29. Wow, it actually posted.

        • Ketchupondemand

          You fade in and out due to the Bermuda Triangle.

      30. Speaking of silver, I will be opening up my velvet lined box and shining up the stuff to make my table setting for Thanksgiving. Two turkeys standing in line to be “et”.
        Yes, eating with solid sterling is a lovely, decadent experience every once in awhile.

      31. People some how think they will weather the coming shit storm unscathed…Thats not the way things work, unfortunately. All will be directly touched, some may just come out with fewer scratches is all.


        ht tp://dailycaller.com/2015/11/22/backfire-hillary-tweets-all-sexual-abuse-accusers-deserve-to-be-believed-is-reminded-of-her-husband/

      33. President gives 45 minute warning before bombing oil tankers.
        Drudge, INFO Wars

        Is the president a Fucking Nutcase?.

        Giving the enemy enough possible time to shoot down our planes.
        They do have Stingers and Russian Surface to Air shoulder fire weapons.

      34. Of course EVERYTHING is a lie and fantasy in the evil vile disgusting collapsing “land of the free, home of the brave” fascist Corporatist controlled hellhole of the world, and the coward pussy Zombie boot licking filth could care less. All the coward pussy Zombie filth care about in the collapsing shithole of the world is eating poisonous toxic GMO filled FAKE FOOD and watching their favorite mindless entertainment and violent sports, while making sure their children the Zombie filth should of NEVER had are dumbed down and brain dead with as many vaccines as they can pump them up with, and they must make sure they fill them with as much poisonous toxic FAKE FOOD from their local favorite restaurant and grocery store crime scene shithole, so they can be disease ridden, dumbed down, and dead at an early age….USA were #1, USA were #1 in feeding fantasy and lies to a population of insane dumbed down brain dead coward pussy Zombie filth.

      35. The gloves have come off in China: I saw them training doing this and now they are doing it: it is flamethrower time for the Muslims. Chinese troops are now using flamethrowers to ‘cook out’ Muslim terrorists. I have this feeling country after country is going to mete out to Muslim terrorists what we did to the Japanese: we treated them like insects and just cooked them in their holes island by island. And when that was done, we nuked them until they surrendered. This will be what we will have to do to this menace to civilization and the world. Run them down like insects and, if they haven’t given up by then, we nuke them in their countries until they do.

        • FT

          I was listening to the News (If you can call it that) and there was an Iman talking how the Muslim Faith is Peaceful. Trying to play it all down. That they were against what ISIS is doing. Well this crap has been going on for a long time. After reading the post on How Muslims can lie to Infidels. Their ramblings don’t mean nothing to me. They are biding their time till more Muslims get here in the USA by Obama. Then they will start their shit. Oh, they already staring there shit up north in Detroit. Hmmmm. Minnesota also? Going to happen in Florida and lets see how the Israel transplants like their new neighbors.

          “This is how we do it, baby”.

        • Fill a super soaker with gas and styrofoam . Poor mans flame thrower?

      36. That is a fact Muslims LIE,, so if they tell you it is safe to send orphans, old men and their women
        And boys here you better NOT believe it. If they tell you they do not speak any English you better
        NOT believe it. If they say they will not take your job, your home, your personal possessions,govt,
        Money,land,banks,health care,constitution,rights,GUNS, You better NOT believe it! They will take ALL you have ,including your LIFE! If they are Muslim you better not believe anything they say it is ALL a LIE! Case in point look around you at what is happening here and abroad! Can’t believe it!………

        • You just have to look at how they have behaved in Europe. Some have been good people and are peaceful but as a community, they have been a force for economic failure (they are unable to integrate into a modern economy where women and gays have equal rights)and social failure. Crime is significant in the areas where they gather. It would make more sense to take a time out on Muslim immigration until somebody can come up with a way to integrate them into a modern economy and society without violence.

      37. So.Really you still believe Sprott.

        He doesn’t have the means to clean out the comex? Just talking about it! Just blah blah.

        • Ame – rica:

          That video should go viral. Viral is an ugly word.
          It makes me think of biowarfare. Isreal is/has
          developed gene specific pathogens.

          So you think Rahm Emanuel left his position
          in the White House in order to fulfill his new
          position of Mayor of Chicago because Israel
          is planning to bomb Chicago and blame the
          Syrians in order to foment war in Syria and
          trick America into fighting in Syria the way
          George Bush used 911 to get us to go to Irac?
          The Chicago Mercantile Exchange CME CHICAGO
          MERCANTILE EXCHANGE, did you say the CME
          Is going to be demolished like the Twin Towers?
          Are you nuts? The Israeli government is our friend.
          The price of gold is being manipulated. OK. So we
          know a lot of stuff happens in banking that may not
          be right. But this is a stretch even for me. I sure
          hope you are wrong. Even if this plan has been
          considered, I hope the Isreali’s realize that the
          spotlight of truth is on them. The world will not stand
          by for more meddling. American’s are tired of the
          Games. “You can fool me once..you can fool me
          once, but you can’t fool me again”, George W. Bush.

          • B from CA

            Maybe 3% of Americans are tired of the games. The rest either don’t have a clue, don’t care or are worried about not being politically correct.

      38. Even in a publication you would never suspect to have an open eye view of the shit we are dealing with and the LIES of our Political jerks

        ht tp://www.industrialheating.com/articles/92544-lets-talk-about-americas-problems

      39. So 10,000. Refugees coming to US soil January 1st. How long before headlines here read” DC
        Attacked, buildings burning, American people killed,shelter in place, other states attacked,
        Boarders closed too late, food supplies disrupted, 200,000. More refugees coming US,citizens
        Displaced from homes, rape, murder rates way higher,politicians under fire, all functions canceled, US descends to third world status, no service fire or police home protecting own
        Families , must wear covering inpublic, American leaders underground.” ?

      40. You can trust in Rothschild (FED-Dollar) or in Gold?
        That`s the only question!

      41. I keep seeing posters referring to a Reset? A reset to what? How does a reset play out? Who is in charge and makes the rules?

        • reset…that’s a code word for “default”…and, although they THINK they are in charge….reality may present a somewhat different outcome.

        • Old Guy:

          “Who is in charge? Who makes the rules?”

          Watch on u-tube Video by David Duke
          CNN, Goldman Sachs, and the Zio-Matrix

          (The pieces of the puzzle come together. Aha.)

          • there will not be any so called reset. If the economy collapses or the grid goes down. we will not return or reset to any kind of preferable lifestyle. Not even a 1800,s lifestyle. It will be a very quick return to a stone age existence. and 90% will indeed perish. ann it will be a root hawg or die survival of the fittest. The 10% remaining will be very crafty killers.

            • I hope some of the remaining are crafty hides because I am certainly capable of killing (most are) I believe teams are always stronger than crafty killers. That is why crafty killers spend so much time and effort on divide and conquer. The crafty killers know we are stronger and want us to forget so they can pick us off one at a time. I vote team.

      42. Gold is a pretty bad bet if everything goes belly up simply because the Government will confiscate it and outlaw private ownership, just like in the 1930’s. All you need are 100 or so 1/10oz coins for emergencies. If you need mobile wealth loose diamonds are a better bet, but less liquid than coins.

      43. Everyone is afraid to talk about the oowish mafia . If we do we get sensored or turn up a suiside. We have to change spelling to get around their robot sensors. Anyone who defendes these people gets what they get. Our time will come their time will come. Justice will be served.You do goody bimbos have been tying are hands long enough. Look at the situation your stupidity has put us in. Time to clean house. Go watch Oprah and Ellen . You are the domestic enemy. Justice will be served. And very soon . Defend your bimbo if you want . And you will get what she gets.

      44. James Turk & Eric Sprott teamed up with GEORGE SOROS to create BotGold need I say moore

        • Bo

          Those in “The KNOW” are leading us around by the nose.

          Anyone that sides with Soros is not friendly to the USA. IMO. That is like trading with the Enemy.

      45. France has banned the burka time for USA to do the same.

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