Spotted On NASA’s Live Feed: “A Craft With Doorway And A Being Inside!”

by | Oct 8, 2018 | Headline News | 38 comments

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    An odd structure was spotted on NASA’s Live International Space Station feed.  A video shows what appears to be a doorway with what could be some kind of alien being inside.

    The video was uploaded by popular alien conspiracy YouTube channel ‘MrMBB333’ has uploaded an unbelievable video shows a strange flying object floating above the earth. It should be noted that the UFO was spotted in NASA’s ISS live feed, and viewers of the conspiracy theory channel have started arguing that it could be an alien ship from the deep space

    Video footage shows the bizarre anomaly that was spotted during NASA’s live feed from space.  It shows a strange grey object appearing to float above Earth, according to The Daily Star.  The article appears to be shaped like an aircraft and moving south, though some believe it could be stationary on top of a mountain.

    “The craft has 90 degree sharp angles and looks to be intelligently designed,” they said.

    “I think it is some sort of craft, but cannot work out whether it is on the ground, or flying.  If it’s on the ground it’s huge.” According to the person who captured it, who wishes to remain anonymous, the clip shows: “A craft with a doorway and a being inside.”

    They said: “At first I thought it was a cloud, but now I’m convinced its much more.” But some commenters appear to have solved the mystery. Could it be Luobubozhen facility in China?  A quick trip on Google Earth makes it appear that that’s what it is.

    However, there’s an ongoing and quite lively debate in the comment section of the YouTube video.  The woman who originally sent the video to MrMBB333 also comments saying she believes that is Luobubozhen facility while others still say the Chinese Luobubozhen facility looks entirely different than the image she sent in.


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      1. NO…. NO IT IS NOT.

        skip to 9:50

        I swear this website is nothing but clickbait trash these days, do you even write anything yourself anymore or just copy paste?

        • Some of these use automatic feeds, so no copy-and-paste.

          Think we just made him a penny.

          • It reminds me of a spacecraft, with some kind of bluish sheeting that unfolds.

      2. The truth is out there…

        We’re not alone…

        Ah whatever. They just better leave my favorite beer alone.

        • Nah….its only Mork. Ditto on the beer.

        • Reminds me of that grainy footage of Sasquatch.

          • Just more worthless clickbait. With the technology of today we’re expected to believe that they can’t get a CLEAR photo, or zoom in and see exactly what it is? When will you idiots see that ANYTHING that comes from NASA is bullsheet!

        • It’s…uh…swampgas! I mean, uh…icecrystals! Well, uh…it’s just spacejunk, yeah spacejunk… Uh, you’re just perpetrating a hoax to make money! Well, uh…you’re just halucinating… You’re on drugs, are’nt you!? Explanations brought to you by Never A Strait Answer.

          The ISS is 245 miles above the Earth. Even if the object in question is 50 miles long, it would not look that size, never mind a mile.

          Whatever it is, it was manufactured. Some day, the truth will come out.

          As for ET’s, Astronaut Gordon Cooper wrote about what he saw, in his book, Leap Of Faith.

          Check out Dr. Steven Greer’s “Disclosure Project”, for a good idea of what is going on.

      3. It’s an outdated model 706324A Klingon vessel. They don’t use those any more.

      4. That supposed being there must be at least a thousand feet tall if the image length is as suggested. Tell NASA to get right on it but expect never a straight answer.

      5. Space junk. Rocket booster, circa 1969.

      6. There is a great deal of testing of the public’s gullibility. For years the media, movies, and TV have run Sci-fi indoctrination movies. President Ronald Reagan gave away the whole new ju world order plan when he said something to the effect “I sometimes think how mankind would come together if we were threatened by an alien presence.”

        That is not the exact quote, but that’s the heat of it. They have planned for years to use some alien Star Wars attack from outer space as a way to usher in total centralization of power on earth. They want to have the temple in Jerusalem rebuilt so they can do animal (that is everyone in the human family who is not a ju) sacrifice. And they want Noahide Law to be the universal law for the planet. That establishes (((them))) as masters of the world, and everyone else still alive as slaves. Beings in space doors, my my. What a load of horse manure.


        • Secular or court Jews want to make it a tacky tourist trap.

          Religious Jews would restore the house of David, Mosaic Law, and Greater Israel. Accordingly, they are not supposed to accept indelible marks in the skin or worship an image. The world leader changes the times and causes the sacrifices to cease.

          B said, “they want Noahide Law to be the universal law for the planet. That establishes (((them))) as masters of the world…”

          Noahide law establishes the bare minimum of what behavior is human, for instance, not to eat the limbs off a live animal.

          Usually, when you watch a Noah and the Ark movie, before it gets to the point of desperation, they show all the lost people being crazy, naughty, and breaking these specific laws. You probably knew you were seeing something wrong without even knowing the exact rules.

        • Go take your meds

      7. Since I have serious doubts about them ever landing on the moon. They lied they didn’t go to the moon. I not gonna believe anything NASA says.

        • THAT was NASA’s own dis-info campaign!! Because they don’t want us to know wtf is on the Moon! Just look at the work Richard C. Hoagland has done! 2 years ago, I set out to answer that question myself….”Did we really go to the Moon?”. Answer: Oooooooo YEAH!!!! And lookie wtf we found!!!! WOW!!

      8. Im with Shag. The feature is found in China. The grainy quality of the pic is misleading. Its actually a large building in the Chinese desert.

      9. I don’t know about the China thing. I’m not that educated on what China does and doesn’t have. But as far as aliens, there are none. They are demonic. All UFO “activity” is demonic activity. Don’t be fooled. If people don’t want to believe in the God of the Universe, they will fall for anything and everything else. Also, Ronald Reagan was a Christian. He was not into aliens. He knew the Lord.

      10. Space junk

      11. It’s mountains on Earth. Find out what time this was taken on that day and then calculate where the space station was flying over at that time. Then start searching. ‘ET’ has BEEN here; for millions of years! Just look at the Ancient Ruins on the Moon, Mars, and other places in our galaxy. They’re trying to hide Humanity’s REAL History! AND….they want to keep the Ancients HIGH TECH all to themselves! Just look at wtf they just did to Russia over Siberia! AND….no one has asked themselves…..”Wtf are they hiding down on Antarctica?!”???

      12. My craft went missing weeks ago. Case solved! Gotta get in touch with the NASA police department, NSA? Don’t recognize the culprit.

      13. That’s the Luobubozhen facility in China, look it up on Google Earth. I’m really starting to doubt this website’s credibility now.

      14. Why all the “click bait from the U k” ??
        Every site here, that has something “unbelievable ”
        lately…. it seems to be from the UK.

        I refuse to fall for false news. Why is it that
        things happening here in th US are reported by the UK
        but not in other news sites?

        Why are commenters leaving this site…. and where are
        they going?
        Is everyone throwing in the towel and going elsewhere
        or are they just discusseded with the spying everywhere?

      15. Just the usual stray NASA crew guy inadvertently caught on camera.

      16. It’s not from a Mexican planet, because there would be lots and lots of aliens inside of the vehicle.

      17. It’s probably another one of Sir Richard Branson’s toys.

      18. Come on,Mac!

      19. Hilarious!!!!

      20. Unlike a handful (keyword: handful) of other NASA videos that show objects moving under apparent intelligent control, having their own momentum and appearing to violate the laws of physics, this object is more likely (as others have stated) a piece of space junk and textbook example of pareidolia.

      21. That was a hole in the blue/green screen background.

      22. Hillary’s emails?

      23. Hahaha! Puny, insignificant Earthlings! We are here now and your doom is nigh!

        • I like the way you showed them your ‘moon’ Zork.

      24. People will fall for anything. This entire debacle is fabricated and intended to avert your thoughts from other, more important, matters. We have plenty of alien forces in the manner of socialists, communists, NWO, and war on our planet to be worried about some gimmick from NASA.

      25. SPACE JUNK

      26. Probably just Hillary looking for donations to the Clinton off-planet ‘Klingon Foundation’

      27. Mr. Spock’s coffin.

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