Russian President Putin Blames “Media Hysteria” For Turn On Russia

by | Jun 15, 2017 | Headline News | 40 comments

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    Russian President Vladimir Putin does not see the United States as an enemy, regardless of what the media is shoving down the throats of its ardent followers.  Putin is blaming “media hysteria” for the newest chilling of relations between the US and its former Cold War foe.

    While Putin was speaking at his annual Q&A, where a self-described pro-Russian American asked how he could convince his fellow Americans that Moscow was not an enemy, he said that the two nations were allies in two world wars.  Putin also reiterated his assertation that the “anti-Russian sentiment” in the US is coming from internal political strife in America.

    Putin said Russia has many friends” in the US, although “media hysteria” has taken its toll on bilateral relations. Overall, Moscow believes US-Russia relations will return to normal.  Media hysteria is also taking partial blame for yesterday’s shooting of Republican politicians at a baseball practice. US civilians are being subjected to media propaganda, and Putin isn’t afraid to say it.

    But Putin is also open to constructive conversations with the United States, something being hidden from those subjected to the media’s fear mongering tactics.

    Putin commented on the congressional testimony made by former FBI Director James Comey, who accused Russia of interfering with the US election but not changing any votes. It’s “a good enough thing” Comey did not accuse Russia of interference in the vote count during the 2016 US election, Putin said. The president said Russia’s influence on American’s minds was no greater than that of America, which sponsors NGOs (non-government organizations) worldwide with a goal to influence countries they work in. In fact, here’s some leaked audio of Hillary Clinton, which proves she does rig elections in other countries.

    He also remarked that Comey’s leaks to the media about his conversations with Trump put him in a vulnerable position.

    “[Comey] suddenly said he recorded a conversation with Trump, and then handed the tape over to the media, which is strange. What’s the difference between him and Mr [Edward] Snowden then? He’s a human rights activist then, not an intelligence chief,” Putin said. “At any rate, if this entails some kind of prosecutions against him [Comey], we are ready to grant him asylum in Russia. He should be aware of that,” Putin added.

    Putin’s no-nonsense approach to “political schizophrenia” in the United States is bold.  He’s taking on the media and their propaganda.  It’s oddly ironic that the former Soviet Union is more accepting of leakers by offering them asylum than the “freest nation on earth.” Putin could be onto something.


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      1. Comey has a friend in Russia! Figure that one out!

      2. Interestingly, Obungler and his minions were VERY overt about influencing the Canadian election of Boy Wonder Trudeau, and nary a peep from the fascist left. Same thing with election of Netanyahu.

        There is a good side to this, though. The vile, disgusting, puerile, idiotic HYPOCRISY of the left sure woke me up, as it did a very good friend of mine, a Ph.D. candidate in math and former radical leftist, who now an arch-enemy of these fascist leftists.

        So… keep it up, fascist Antifas brownshirts, Learjet leftists and limousine liberals, and zillionaire fraud and former Nazi collaborator Soros. More and more people are waking up daily, and all you have are the gullible, ignorant and easily led.

      3. I don’t expect Russia to do anything but
        act in what they feel is in their own
        best interests. I have more in common
        with most Russians
        than I do with American Democrats. That
        being said, I don’t like Russian aggression
        in Georgia, Ukraine, Arctic, Europe, and
        its support of Iran.
        But most of that pales in comparison to China’s
        expansion in Asia, South America, Africa,
        South China sea, and support of North Korea.
        I’m more afraid of China than Russia.

        • Rellik,

          A agree with you on the whole. Actually, neither the Russians, nor the Chinese, are as much an existential threat to the US as are the Demonrats, liberals, and Globalist NWO. A second ‘Civil War’ will not be against the Russians or the Chinese but will be fought out among ourselves. What a sad day!

          Louisiana Eagle

          • rellik

            Please explain the Russian aggression in the Ukraine. The US overthrew the democratically elected government in the Ukraine and the western banks looted its gold. The Ukraine is the main distribution point for Russian natural gas to Europe. The obvious goal is to financial strangle Russia.

            Ukraine Admits Its Gold Is Gone: “There Is Almost No Gold Left In The Central Bank Vault”

            h ttp://

            “Back in March, at a time when the IMF reported that Ukraine’s official gold holdings as of the end of February, so just as the State Department-facilitated coup against former president Victor Yanukovich was concluding, amounted to 42.3 tonnes or 8% of reserves…”

            Who is the aggressor?

            • “support of Iran.”

              The US supports the undisputed number one financial and spiritual supporter for Islamic Fundamentalist Terrorism Saudi Arabia.

            • K2,
              Having worked with a Ukrainian born and educated PhD for several years, I have a little different view of Russian interference in Ukraine, based on his comments. We may have had some influence, but unless Ukrainians wanted it, events would not have turned out the way they did. Keep in mind also, there are a lot of un-assimilated Russians in Ukraine.
              We have a similar problem, millions of un-assimilated people that vote Democrat. It is screwing up our society. Same has happened in Ukraine.

              • both of you have many valid points….and when the soviet union let ukraine “go” those many years ago, it was with a “promise” from NATO to never try to get ukraine into NATO….just like we aint gonna let china take north korea, and THEY aint gonna let U.S. take it either….there’s a LOT of strategic “battles” going on in the world, that can’t be understood without some due dilligence. we shouldn’t let mexico be annexed by one of our so-called “enemies”, should we? let’s hope cooler heads prevail, but OUR gubmint SEEMS hell-bent on WWIII. the MOST corrupt, the MOST evil, seems to be U.S……meanwhile, i’m partyin’ like it’s 1859!…..just beware, because when THIS war is over, it might just be EXACTLY like 1859!

                • You mean our Hijacked Government by the Z ioni sts? Why did we allow our Government to be hijacked? What are we going to do about this? Still asleep or wide awake? It all goes back to that. The enemy from within. And $38 Billion shakedown for what? Blackmail payoff!! This is why we need mandatory term limits for all politicians to rid those who are being blackmailed and making these decisions not in the interests of America. 98% voting for sanctions qgainst Russia? The blackmail by AIPAC Goes that deep- state.

              • rellik

                ” unless Ukrainians wanted it, events would not have turned out the way ”

                Governments change hands every day without the will of the people. Its the armed and funded people who have the say. If what you say was true there would be no totalitarian nations in control. Its doubtful that the majority of Libyans wanted to go from the highest standard of living in Africa to Somalia like conditions.

                • K2,
                  I was referring to Ukraine only. Mostly white and Christian.
                  As for the rest of the totalitarian world you are pretty spot on.

                  • White and Christian isn’t a shield from totalitarianism. The Ukraine was overthrown by the outside not the inside.

                    • K2,
                      Nazi Germany is a good example of white and Christian. But they voted for it, at least initially.

                    • The people in the Ukraine democratically voted for the government that was forcibly overthrown by the US and its gold was looted in the process. White and Christian is not a shield against totalitarianism. Germans voting for Hitler has absolutely nothing to do with the Ukrainian government being overthrown by the US.

                • K2,

                  I don’t think you can categorically state that the ‘will of the people’ is not important when a government changes hands. Successful revolts often have the support of the people on their side. Staged revolts are usually not successful, especially in the long-term. Of course it helps to have outside support. Even the American Revolution had outside support in the form of the French!

                  Louisiana Eagle

                  • “Staged revolts are usually not successful”

                    Sure they are. He who has the guns makes the rules. Think the Iranians wanted the Shah?

                    “Mosaddeq came to prominence in Iran in 1951 when he was appointed premier. A fierce nationalist, Mosaddeq immediately began attacks on British oil companies operating in his country, calling for expropriation and nationalization of the oil fields. His actions brought him into conflict with the pro-Western elites of Iran and the Shah, Mohammed Reza Pahlevi. Indeed, the Shah dismissed Mossadeq in mid-1952, but massive public riots condemning the action forced the Shah to reinstate Mossadeq a short time later. U.S. officials watched events in Iran with growing suspicion. British intelligence sources, working with the American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), came to the conclusion that Mossadeq had communist leanings and would move Iran into the Soviet orbit if allowed to stay in power. Working with Shah, the CIA and British intelligence began to engineer a plot to overthrow Mossadeq.

                  • You think Americans liked our government being overthrown by the Zi onis sts?

                    Half the US population is still being brainwashed by their Z-MSM Propagandists. Those on the left still buying into this socialist commie traitor scheme. Its our job on the Right to educate then and unbrain wash them. Like this shooter who was brainwashed by the Hateful MSM Rachel Madcow and their commie lies. The lefty loonatics are being unhinged and getting violent.

            • Yep, they looted the gold, that “barbaric relic.” If it is so barbaric and also a “relic,” WHY did they need it??? Why not just throw it out in the trash.

              As the saying goes, I’ll give up my “barbaric relics” as soon as the world stops acting so barbarously. And after that fascist leftist assassination attempt yesterday, doesn’t look like we are too close to the barbarism ending. But, barbarism, violence and evil has been the hallmark of the left since day 1 under Robespierre (and the 100 mm murdered by the left last century was a real “winner” for them, too).

          • We’re lucky that neither the Russians nor the Chinese would take advantage of an American civil war.

            • I did not say that!

              There is a human tendency to hit the adversary when he is down. This could happen and depending on who is winning the Russians and/or the Chinese may get involved if they thought they could get away with it.

              Louisiana Eagle

        • Seems like both left and right like China more than Russia. Funny. China is Communist.

      4. I have wondered if all this nonsense about the Russian Hacking of the Elections and Trump Collusion with the Russians is actually some kind of grand counterintelligence operation against the Russians to try to track them down or flush them out like one would in a quail hunt. The whole situation is just too bizarre. It is hard to imagine that the US would be so naïve and stupid in their dealings with the Russians and the Chinese.

        Louisiana Eagle

      5. I haven’t found any government that I like. That includes the US and Russia. I’ve always been an anti-totalitarian. There is clear anti-Russian propaganda every day in the MSM. Former Soviet Georgia attacked civilian Russian ethnics to their north, with artillery, that’s why Russia responded as it did. The US State Department overthrew the democratically elected government of the Ukraine. That’s why Russia responded as they did. Building facilities in one’s own country, in the Arctic, can hardly be construed as aggression. Russian support of Iran is not aggression. What is aggression, is causing and supporting a war between Iraq and Iran that caused Iran to lose one million of their own citizens. Not counting how many Iraqi’s lost their lives. The US State Department has chosen to back the Sunni Muslims over the Shiite Muslims. There are no good guys in that fight. It’s just a fight between the NWO and the other guys. I hope I have shed some light on the subject.

        • Him

          In the end its, “Follow The Money”. Georgia is the end line of Russian natural gas distribution. Very shortly after the fall of the USSR it was part of a western power grab for that reason. The USSR wanted a warm water port to export its oil and natural gas hence its invasion of Afghanistan. Once the USSR collapsed and the oil in the “Stans” came under the influence of the Multi National Oil Companies both Georgia and later Afghanistan becomes a point of contention.

          Show me oil or an oil pipeline and I’ll show you present or future areas of hostilities.

          • Kevin, Last night I was thinking of another similar situation, in Angola, back in the 1970’s. The communists backed by over 20,000 Cuban troops were locked in a civil war with UNITA. The South Africans wouldn’t tolerate Cuban troops. So SA invaded Angola and basically kicked the crap out of everyone in their way. On the outskirts of Luanda, the capital, the South Africans got a phone call from Henry Kissinger. The South Africans went home. Who was Kissinger speaking for? Shell oil was the big guy in Angola back then. Who knows?

            • Well said, Him. I remember those events very well. There was much anger in South Africa at the betrayal of the SANDF by its gutless politicians.

      6. The democrats started this Russian crap as an excuse as to why Hillary lost the election. Didn’t hear a word about it til after she lost. Obama poo pood it twice before hand because he was sure she was going to walk away with it. It is one excuse among many as to why she lost and she comes up with more every day.

      7. America is more Communist than Russia.

        Russia is mostly white.

        Whites are being genocided in Europe and America.

        Russia may become the last hope for white people.

        Truth is stranger than fiction.


        • Communism is often used as an euphemism for totalitarianism or to a lesser degree the opposite of democracy. Communism in practice does have the preceding but it is first and foremost an economic system based upon collectivism. The US post Federal Reserve is far more fascist in power structure. The day to day affairs are becoming communism light, socialism, to distribute that share of wealth the fascists have allocated to the masses the power however is not in communist hands.

          • comparative collectivism does not absolve the evil that is communism.

            • No doubt which implies that there is a difference between Sweden, Norway and Denmark and Stalin in the USSR and Mao in China. Actually pure capitalist USA in the 1800s had more in common with the last two regarding treatment of people than the first three.

              I find any mention of a social program brings out the tales of communist mass murder.

        • B / Ca…

          Affirmative and roger that!!!

          Train hard & wait in the meantime, as the real enemy resides here (too/also!)…’taint the Russians, bro.

      8. Putin aint no dummy. And I don’t have any complaint against Russia. The Liberal Media are a much bigger threat to the country than Russia.

        • The greatest threat to the USA is not external in the sense of nations, groups, religions or ideology. Most threats that are described are just symptoms, Liberals, Democrats, Media and even Neo-Cons. All are mere knowing or unknowing employees of a globalist power structure that operates primarily from the banking establishment.

          “Let me control a nations money supply and I care not who makes its laws”.
          Mayer Amschel Rothschild

      9. To quote the best line from the great movie “Omega Man”

        Matthias said,”And nothing cleanses quite like fire”!

        We might want to start taking notes from the folks in Venezuela.

      10. It is racism against Russia. If Russians were a nation of Muslims or Africans you’d bet they would get $5 billion in aid each year from the US taxpayer. Russia is led by a white man, white men today are shit upon.

      11. mac slavo doesn’t see putin as an enemy.
        THAT is very concerning.

      12. Russia is not all bad.

        They make some really nice rifles.

        And they are black! Who says Russia is racist?

      13. David Stockman’s take on Russia.

        h ttp://

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