Spanish Police Storm Government Buildings Trying To Stop Independence Referendum

by | Sep 20, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Experts, Headline News | 43 comments

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    Spanish national police have stormed ministries and buildings belonging to Catalonia’s regional government to put a stop to the region’s independence referendum.  In the early morning hours, armed officers arrived at various Catalan ministries, including the economics department, foreign affairs department, and social affairs department, and made arrests in an effort to stop Catalan independence.

    The Guardia Civil, which acts with the authority of Madrid’s interior ministry, is searching for evidence regarding the planned October 1st referendum on Catalan independence, which Spain’s Constitutional Court has declared illegal. The Catalan president has accused the Spanish government of effectively suspending the region’s autonomy and declaring a de facto state of emergency.

    Police officers raided Catalan government offices on Wednesday and arrested 12 senior officials in a bid to stop an independence referendum being held in less than two weeks’ time. Pro-independence crowds have since formed outside the regional ministries in support of the provincial government and in protest against the raids and searches and attempts to stop the independence referendum.

    According to The Guardian, Carles Puigdemont, the president of Catalonia described the raids as a “co-ordinated police assault” that showed that Madrid “has de facto suspended self-government and applied a de facto state of emergency” in Catalonia.

    Tensions between Madrid and Barcelona have also escalated in recent days as the government of the Spanish prime minister, Mariano Rajoy, strives to ensure that the controversial independence vote does not take place on October 1st, while the mayor of Barcelona, Ada Colau, appears to back those hoping to vote for their independence. The mayor tweeted: “Searching public bodies and arresting officials is a democratic scandal. We defend Catalan institutions.”

    Yet, the Spanish government is using whatever force necessary at this point to prevent the independence referendum.

    On Wednesday morning, Spain’s interior ministry announced it was cancelling leave for all the guardia civil and national police officers tasked with preventing the referendum. In a statement, it said the affected officers would have to be available between 20 September and 5 October, but added the period could be extended if necessary.

    The raids come a day after the guardia civil confiscated referendum documents from the offices of a private delivery firm in the Catalan city of Terrassa. More than 1.5 million [sic] referendum leaflets and posters have also been seized. –The Guardian

    The protesting crowd has grown since word of these arrests broke. Breaking into the Catalan national anthem and waving placards reading “We are voting to be free”, the protestors began by chanting No tinc por” (I’m not afraid) – the slogan used in response to last month’s terrorist attacks in the city. But the chant was soon replaced by a new cry: “Occupation forces out!”

    As people around the world march for more freedom from the oppression of government, many Americans appear to be doing the opposite.  With heads glued to social media, many march for more government control over their lives dragging others down into the tyrannical oppression with them.


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      1. Hello my fellow shtfanners I know this is totally off topic but I have a two part question for any of you that can help me first one is medical does ofloxacin (otic) go bad and second is has any one bought or tried one of the 50bmg uppers on an ar lower are they reliable accurate ECT thanks guys and gals for any help ya ll can give me

        • on going bad, you may be able to do search against military studies that wanted to determine true shelf life of meds so they could be stored more efficiently and safely.

          IMHO only, I’d research alternatives in the natural world because almost everything becomes untrustworthy if stored long enough.

        • SHTF 50 upper from safety harbor firearms, is decent, fairly accurate considering it was under 2k when i got it, havent really put it through the motions yet though regarding extreme ranges, only out to about 600m but was decent, most issues were me and the wind on the day we took it out,
          Get the dedicated single shot lower, makes a much cleaner install and a LRA bipod

        • Just my opinion,,,
          For the $ i would go to a Savage BA in 338Lapua over the 50

          • I am wanting the 50 for an anti material rifle more than a long range shooter just gonna stick with my (30-06)for longer shots I have gotten pretty good with it remember Carlos hathcock was the most feared sniper on nam and he used a Winchester model 70 in 06

            • Exactly. For my money, Hathcock is the best American sniper of all time. Frequently outside the lines, nearly always with no backup and only spotty support, no computer aided aiming systems either. Raw ability combined with superior dedication, training, and balls made out of steel.

              There are numerous Russians with much higher kill scores, some pushing 500, but that’s beside the point. Vietnam wasn’t WW2.

              The ’06 is an outstanding choice.

            • ???

            • I think Carlos used a .300 Winchester Magnum model 70. Unertl scope.

              • Hathcock won the 1964 Wimbledon Cup at Camp Perry, Ohio using a 300 magnum, but when he and Captain Jim Land, and several other Marines, started the sniper program in Vietnam, they quickly settled on the model 70, chambered in 30-06. The reasons were simple, one, there were plenty of those rifles avail at the base PX, where they were purchased from, and two, there was a large amount of match grade ball ammunition available from the regular supply chain, the same ammo used in intramural and service-wide marksmanship matches.

                Hathcock’s rifle is lovingly maintained at the USMC Sniper School at Quantico, VA, and it’s said that it will still hold about a two foot group at 1000 yards (which would be astounding given the number of rounds through that barrel! 🙂

      2. Oh for any of yall that like to boycott I was let go t my part time night job a papa johns for refusing to remove my nra Obama sucks bumper sticker please buy pizza from ANYONE else

        • I’ve been on that train a long time. I wish I could be a Papa John’s boycott virgin again.

          Locally ours had closed down. I asked around and heard it was closed due to selling stuff out the back (fill in your own idea – you’ll probably be correct) and I heard this from a couple of people.

          It opened again under new management and it closed again. Good riddance.

          Pizza Hut is closer to real pizza (IMHO) and that says something.

        • falloutboy… papa Johns pizza sucks. I made a phone order there for two pizzas during last year’s super bowl half price special, went to pick them up and got home and one had raw uncooked crust. They agreed to remake that pizza and deliver to me. Once again an uncooked crust, I haven’t been back.

        • Falloutboy, sorry to hear about that one. I’ll bet some black fool they had for a customer complained about it. It figures. I tried Papa Johns once and got food poisoning from them.

      3. Dear Catalonia,

        If you secede, work on that IIA.

        • Anyone who ‘storms’ my place gets lead poisoning.

          • So maybe they’ll use a tank.

            • Anonymous, you would love that wouldn’t you? Go take a flying leap.

              • You’re the one playing the macho braggadocio game, you’re the one that would end up dead if you actually stood behind your words.

                Maybe you should consider a more realistic attitude if you intend to both stay alive and out of prison.

        • If they ask permission, they’ll NEVER get it.

      4. LOL, an armed version of what the imbecile left did to stop the Tea Party here in America

      5. The oppressors never let the victims leave. Willingly. I can see this going to open violence in Spain. Self determination for everyone! Including you and me.

      6. That the New World Order stifles social evolution is their most egregious falling.

      7. why arent there enough civilians to physically overwhelm the police ?

      8. the word of the day catalonia: “leave that catALONEYUH DAMN DOG!

      9. Again off topic I work at a gun shop that just sold 4 ar15s to the university of Arkansas two were in 5.56 the other 2 were in 300blackout which they bought suppressors for they were quite aloof when I asked them why the would need silenced ar’s can any of you think of a reason a school needs this

        • Thats why you need a good long range knocker

        • Those things are noisy without suppressors.

          No one likes that much loud noise, they have to be respectful of their students and classrooms and not disrupt them with the noise they make while practicing.

      10. Still like your police? They never go against the government. They will shoot to kill if ordered

        • They will kill without a thought. Cops protect and serve the state.

      11. “Those who will make peaceful change impossible, make violent revolution inevitable.” _ John F. Kennedy

      12. This is a war of succession in Spain,Catalonia does not want to take over,they just want to rid themselves of the parasitic govt. of Spain,I wish them the best!

        As for the .50,why not buy Barret bolt single,seen them in 2500 range as a lot of folks buy and not what they wanted.My friend has one and have shot it,we are trying to find a decent place to work on distance without having to get on a plane!

        • Apparently, Catalonia supplies a large portion of the Spanish government’s cash. Mirror image of Detroit.

      13. Hmmm….,seems with a quick look on gunbroker what I mentioned in the 3500 range,my mistake,prices have gone up in 2 years from when my friend bought one.

        • Well I have been coming across them by serbu,Watson, and others for 1250 and up I just don’t know if there worth the investment as far as accuracy and reliability as far a not eventually blowing themselves apart including wrecking the lower

          • Fallout,am only familiar(and just barely) with the Barret.I guess you need to do a lot of research beyond here for the integrity of other makes.I would say by the time you wrecked a lower you had either a immediate blow out of upper(very bad news) or just a bad attachment to lower allowing over time stress damages.When you make a purchase and test run let us know what you got and how it is doing,good luck.

            • Yeah I am not to familiar with 50cal rifles I have shot my fair share of the ma deuce’s though I think a tank break will help alot for those of you who build guns what a country has a good deal on cz-26 parts kits you can build one chaap plus can anyone direct me towards a south African kommando parts kit I cannot find them anywhere

              • Quick question has anyone ever done business with an outfit called anglefire they have some great deals but I cannot get ahold of them there outta texas

                • Sorry angelfire

      14. Civil war in Spain.

        • It’s been known to happen.

          Last time it had the unintended consequence of keeping Spain out of WWII since it left them to broke, and generally broken as well, to participate in it.

      15. Sarge,at moment war of succession,civil war means trying to take over govt. you oppose,these folks just want to leave,the rest can have their corrupt eu govt.

        Now,if they are NOT allowed to leave then you may have a civil war,in which case hope the folks looking to leave win!

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