Spain’s Surge In Migrant Crime Is A Textbook Case Of Political Correctness Run Amok

by | May 21, 2019 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 20 comments

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    Reliable statistics on migrant-related crimes in Spain are unavailable because the data compiled by the Spanish Interior Ministry on specific categories of crimes (homicide, rape, robbery, etc.) do not break down the offenders by nationality. But what is known, is that the surge in migrant crime is a textbook case of political correctness run amok.

    Despite the lack of official statistics, anecdotal evidence found in the crime reports of local newspapers shows that migrant criminality (ranging from petty theft to sexual assault to murder) is a growing problem nationwide. In Barcelona, for example, 15 members of a North African itinerant crime gang known as “Allah’s Wolfpack” sexually assaulted a woman at a metro station. The migrants, some of whom are unaccompanied minors and all of whom are in Spain illegally, had long rap sheets and were well known to the police.

    Normal everyday Spanish people are not nearly as safe as they once were thanks to policial correctness. The Madrid city council, which is run by Mayor Manuela Carmena, in a case study of political correctness run amok, ordered police to keep out of the neighborhood of Lavapiés, one of the most “multicultural” districts of the Spanish capital, to “avoid situations of tension.”  Spain is well known for it’s “progressive” immigration policies, but it just is not working.

    Six African migrants gang-raped a 12-year-old girl in a small town near Madrid, but Spanish authorities kept information about the crime hidden from the public for more than a year, apparently to avoid fueling anti-immigration sentiments.

    On March 15, 2018, the 12-year-old girl was playing in a park in Azuqueca de Henares with several other girls when, at around one o’clock in the afternoon, six migrants — five Moroccans and one Nigerian — approached the playground. They carried two of the girls off to a nearby abandoned building, but then let one of them go after discovering that she was a Muslim. The migrants, aged between 15 and 20, grabbed the 12-year-old by her arms and legs and took turns raping her, first anally and then vaginally, for nearly an hour.

    The public was not informed about the crime until March 20, 2019, when the newspaper El Mundo published the results of an investigation. According to the report, Spanish prosecutors and judges secretly decided that three of the minors will be held in a young offender institution for three years and then be “reinserted” into Spanish society rather than be deported. One of the adults is being held in preventive detention; the other adults were released. –Soeren Kern via The Gatestone Institute.

    *A detailed list of SOME of the horrifying migrant crimes committed in Spain can be found here. The above is merely one example.

    To add salt to the political correctness wound they created, the police are having to deal with riots in Madrid. Hundreds of undocumented migrants from sub-Saharan Africa went on a rampage in Lavapiés (where police were ordered to stay away from because “political correctness” is more important than stopping a rape or murder), one of the most “multicultural” districts of the Spanish capital. The riots were the direct result of many years of extreme deference by Spanish officialdom toward illegal immigrants, and a sweeping failure to enforce the law, all, apparently, out of a fear of being accused of racism.

    This is a textbook case of political correctness run amok.  And the United States could easily follow in Spain’s footsteps. People have become too afraid to speak out against violence if committed by minorities out of fear of being labeled a “racist.” This is where political correctness has taken Spain. Words are not violence.  Hopefully, humans start to figure this out and the logic returns to the planet in place of the feelings and censorship have completely taken over.

    “Political correctness is America’s newest form of intolerance, and it is especially pernicious because it comes disguised as tolerance. It presents itself as fairness, yet attempts to restrict and control people’s language with strict codes and rigid rules. I’m not sure that’s the way to fight discrimination. I’m not sure silencing people or forcing them to alter their speech is the best method for solving problems that go much deeper than speech.” -George Carlin


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      1. Immigration into western Europe dramatizes the point that their governments are not controlled by their people. There was no grassroots groundswell from the masses to import uneducated wards of the state that are culturally, socially and religiously alien. Furthermore the governments, with a compliant media suppress the negative effects of the migrant population.

        • Sounds like your talking about the US.

          • The Spanish are doomed with no 2A. I do wonder how long it will really be before we are literally shooting them in the streets here.

            • I wouldn’t get too carried away there. The percentage of them in the US is about 1%. Actually the Nation Of Islam people, who make a significant number of that 1% shy away from the fundamentalist crazies. Given a choice to walk by Louis Farrakhan’s followers or indigenous black youth I’ll take the former any day. Yes, no people actually control their government as advertised and sometimes not at all.

              • Some estimates put the scum illegal population at 40 million tax dollar sucking leeches not counting the islamic savages. Better raise your percentage a bit.

                • I’m referring to the Islamic segment. Illegals of hispanic origin are a mix bag of people looking for a better life (lowering wages due to their supply and demand presence) and the criminal element. Once again, given a choice I’ll navigate through a predominately hispanic neighborhood with more comfort than an indigenous black one.

                  • I agree with you on that one but I’m armed navigating through either. Check out the religion of peace dotcom. We’re passing through the ramadan bombathon. I’m extremely grateful for a low percentage of allahworshipers here. The powers that be want to change that.

                    • Geography favors us there. What is perplexing is the number of Africans coming across the US / Mexico border and even the main stream news reported it. As someone said, “They didn’t swim to Mexico”. No one connects the dots and says, “hay maybe Islamic Terrorists can gain entry the same way carrying God knows what”. TPTB are funding (using someone else money of course) this global migration of have not to have. Armed? The skinny tattooed white dope head, drunk “just add alcohol violent asshole” or the postal nut case are threats too. Being aware of your environment and legally armed is just prudent as TR said, “walk softly but carry a big stick”.

                    • Soros and that bunch are paying for their transportation to Mexico

      2. Even if Europeans finally fully awake and throw out the globalists in Brussels, Europe is never going to be the same as it once was. The US is not far behind. The world is going to hell in a handcart and everyone is pushing.

      3. @ 1min:40sec

        Masochists have an emotional need for pompousness, or feel abandoned and disoriented. The 99% have a sort of religious hope in Stasi tactics, they condemn self sufficiency as being Satanic, and will back whomever is dishing out the most ridiculous chickenshit, because they want it that way. This rewarding to most of the group.

        If you’re an artist, inventor, philosopher, STEM major, etc, you know that it can’t be democratized. You have a weird smell. They will treat you as the prophets were treated in the Bible.

        With all due respect to you (the latter), I suggest that you choose your battles, wisely.

      4. Spain:

        take away the “S”

        you get


        Take away the migrants, you get peace and happiness.

        In 1492 Queen Isabella banished the “world’s biggest problem” from Spain.
        But they came back. And they do what they do everywhere. They throw open the gates to the enemy of Christiandom, the enemy of Europe and Europeans everywhere; Muslims and also, dark curly haired Africans.


        • Noone, including white people, their ‘biggest problem’, or the third worlders, are going to be successful, if organizing under cultural Marxism.

      5. Breitbart today had an article on a “French” immigrant Rap artist who sings that he will “Burn France/ Hates France/ Will kill France”. In the video he murders a White woman who represents the native people of France. She is wearing a Cross who he strangles her.

        • “when he strangles her”

      6. Jihad watch is reporting that a dozen Somali young men went on a Jihad in downtown Minneapolis Friday attacking White people and robbing them of valuables. Yelling “Allah Achaar!” I’m sure.

      7. “Political correctness” is actually, Marxist critical theory. It’s out to destroy the West. And it’s winning.

      8. Spain is the show that is coming soon to the streets of the USA.

      9. Where’s a couple dozen or so Conquistadors when ya need ’em.

      10. Best thing for this whole planet is to nuke bomb all Muslim nations and burn every Koran. Why is is the brown/ black people of this world create most of the problems?

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