“Something Terrible Is Brewing”: Psyop/False Flag to Label Patriots As ‘Domestic Terrorists’

by | Feb 10, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 166 comments

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    Cartoon by A.F. Branco, http://comicallyincorrect.com/

    Cartoon by A.F. Branco, http://comicallyincorrect.com/

    This article was written by Brandon Smith and originally published at his Alt-Market.com website.

    Editor’s Comment: This is the situation that Homeland Security, FEMA and the federal Continuity of Government (COG) operation has been preparing almost from the beginning. A system of tyranny will be put in place as a police state response to perceived threats abroad and at home. After the people have been conditioned to fear and hate their enemy – Communists during the Cold War, and terrorists/rogue states since that time.

    Once that is in place, the system can turn on itself internally and detain dissidents – largely portraying their resistance to government overreach as a brand of terrorism. It doesn’t matter that these activists and patriots will be fighting for the Constitution and for their rights, and it hardly matters if they are playing by the rules, or making a stand against life and liberty. There is every reason to think that government can neutralize them all under the pretext that they are “domestic terrorists.” And it is no secret that the Oregon standoff prompted many to label them as domestic terrorists and call for them to be dealt with like ISIS.

    And the names and labels matter – especially if they set individuals up for police encounters, scrutiny at airports and on credit scores. Thanks to the NDAA, the PATRIOT Act and other similar measures, the “authorities” have set up a climate where individuals can be detained indefinitely without trial, and even black bagged and disappeared in the name of protecting freedom. Patriots and those hoping to restore the republic have a formidable enemy within the system that has marked them for harsh treatment – but it doesn’t mean liberty won’t prevail, eventually.

    Liberty Activists And ISIS Will Soon Be Treated As Identical Threats

    by Brandon Smith

    Many of us saw it coming a long time ago — increasing confrontation between liberty proponents and the corrupt federal establishment leading to increasing calls by political elites and bureaucrats to apply to American citizens the terrorism countermeasures designed for foreign combatants. It was only a matter of time and timing.

    My stance has always been that the elites would wait until there was ample social and political distraction; a fog of fear allowing them to move more aggressively against anti-globalists. We are not quite there yet, but the ground is clearly being prepared.

    Economic uncertainty looms large over our fiscal structure today, more so even than in 2008. Global instability is rampant, with Europe at the forefront as mass migrations of “refugees” invade wholesale. At best, most of them intend to leach off of the EU’s already failing socialist welfare structure while refusing to integrate or respect western social principles. At worst, a percentage of these migrants are members of ISIS with the goals of infiltration, disruption and coordinated destruction.

    With similar immigration and transplantation measures being applied to the U.S. on a smaller scale (for now) the ISIS plague will inevitably hit our shores in a manner that will undoubtedly strike panic in the masses. I believe 2016 will be dubbed the “year of the terrorist,” and ISIS will not be the only “terrorists” in the spotlight.

    While scanning the pages of mainstream propaganda machines like Reuters, I came across this little gem of an article, which outlines plans by the U.S. Justice Department to apply existing enemy combatant laws used against ISIS terrorists and their supporters to “domestic extremists,” specifically mentioning the Bundy takeover of the federal refuge in Burns, Oregon as an example.

    “Extremist groups motivated by a range of U.S.-born philosophies present a “clear and present danger,” John Carlin, the Justice Department’s chief of national security, told Reuters in an interview. “Based on recent reports and the cases we are seeing, it seems like we’re in a heightened environment.”

    “Clear and present danger” is a vital phrase implemented in this statement from Carlin and he used it quite deliberately. It refers to something called the “clear and present danger doctrine or test,” a doctrine rarely used except during times of mass panic, such as during WWI and WWII. The doctrine applies specifically to the removal of 1st Amendment rights of free speech during moments of “distress.”

    What does this mean, exactly? “Clear and present danger” is a legal mechanism by which the government claims the right not only to prosecute or destroy enemies of the state, but also anyone who publicly supports those same enemies through speech or writing.

    Recently, the prospect of allowing the Federal Communications Commission to target and shut down websites related to ISIS has been fielded by congressional representatives. Many people have warned against this as setting a dangerous precedent by which the government could be given free license to censor and silence ANY websites they deem “harmful” to the public good, even those not tied to ISIS in any way.

    Of course, overt hatred of Islamic extremism amongst conservatives is at Defcon 1 right now, and with good reason. Unfortunately, this may lead constitutional conservatives, the most stalwart proponents of free speech, to mistakenly set the stage for the erasure of free speech rights all in the name of stopping ISIS activity. The greatest proponents of constitutional liberties could very well become the greatest enemies of constitutional liberties if they fall for the ploy set up by the establishment.

    The Reuters article outlines the future implications quite plainly:

    The U.S. State Department designates international terrorist organizations to which it is illegal to provide “material support.” No domestic groups have that designation, helping to create a disparity in charges faced by international extremist suspects compared to domestic ones.

    It has been applied in 58 of the government’s 79 Islamic State cases since 2014 against defendants who engaged in a wide range of activity, from traveling to Syria to fight alongside Islamic State to raising money for a friend who wished to do so.

    Prosecutors can bring “material support” terrorism charges against defendants who aren’t linked to groups on the State Department’s list, but they have only done so twice against non-jihadist suspects since the law was enacted in 1994. The law, which prohibits supporting people who have been deemed to be terrorists by their actions, carries a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison.”

    The Justice Department goes on to explain that they are “exploring” options to make “material support” charges more applicable to “domestic extremists.”

    So what constitutes “material support?” Well, as mentioned earlier, John Carlin just told us. His use of the phrase “clear and present danger” denotes that 1st Amendment speech will be restricted, ostensibly because some speech will be labeled “material support” of terrorist organizations. The liberty movement, likely in the near future, is about to be outwardly defined by the establishment as a terrorist movement, and those who support it through speech will be designated as material supporters of said terrorism.

    To be utterly clear, this could apply to any and everyone who promotes anti-government sentiments online, and will likely be aimed more prominently at liberty analysts and journalists. The argument for this move is rather humorous in my view — bureaucrats and others complain that it is “not fair” that Islamic terrorists are being treated more harshly than “white rural domestic extremists” and that material support laws should be enforced against everyone equally.

    Yes, that’s right, the 1st Amendment is under threat because the Justice Department does not want to appear “racist.” At least, that is their public excuse…

    I’m not sure whether it is depressing or hilariously ironic that the U.S. government (along with many other governments) is preparing the groundwork for prosecution of liberty activists for material support of terrorism when it is the government that has been proven time and again to be by far the most generous material supporter of terrorist organizations.

    Will this all take place in a vacuum? Of course not. Something terrible is brewing. Another Oklahoma City-stye bombing, perhaps. Or a standoff gone horribly awry. The standoff in Oregon continues without Ammon Bundy and is about to get worse in the next week according to my information (you will see what I mean). The point is, the narrative is being finalized in preparation for whatever trigger events may be in store, and that narrative closely associates ISIS with liberty activists as being in the same category.

    “As law enforcement experts confront domestic militia groups, “sovereign citizens” who do not recognize government authority, and other anti-government extremists, they also face a heightened threat from Islamic extremists like the couple who carried out the Dec. 2 shootings in San Bernardino, California.”

    This is why I have consistently argued against giving any extra-judicial powers to our already bloated federal system. I am a staunch opponent of Islamic immigration and terrorism, but some people are so desperate to fight one monster that they are willing to give unlimited powers to another monster thinking it will give their minds ease. These people are fools, and they are putting the rest of us at risk.

    If you want to fight ISIS, then fight them yourself. Do not give the same government that helped create ISIS and then deliberately transplanted them to Europe and the U.S. even more legal authority over our lives to supposedly “stop” ISIS. This would be absurd.

    In the meantime, I would point out that regardless of how the federal government wishes to label us, the liberty movement could not be more different from the Islamic State:

    1) We don’t enjoy covert funding and training from the government at large as ISIS does. (Though according to leftists, we all take our marching orders from the Koch Brothers).

    2) Most of us were born in this country and are rather attached to it.

    3) ISIS fights to dismantle traditional Western values. We fight to restore traditional Western values, and we will not only fight ISIS but also cultural Marxists and collectivists who share the same disdain for liberty.

    4) Many of us are far better trained than ISIS goons, so if anything, we are a more severe threat to the enemies of free society. (We actually look down our sights when we shoot rather than hiding behind cars with the rifle over our head and squatting like a constipated dog. We can also operate their AK-47s better than they can).

    5) We are as opposed to Sharia Law as we are to martial law. In fact, we see them as essentially the same unacceptable circumstance.

    6) We don’t cannibalize our enemies. (Who would want to take a bite out of Henry Kissinger’s spleen?)

    7) We might look down on the insane ramblings of today’s feminists, but at least we would not stone them, enforce female circumcision, then rape them, then throw acid in their faces, then slap a hijab on them and take away their driver’s licenses. So maybe, just maybe, we toxic masculine conservative barbarians aren’t as bad as they seem to think we are.

    8) We understand that black pajamas are not the best camouflage, but ISIS may have better fashion sense than we do.

    9) Our beards are all-American. Their beards are just plain creepy.

    10) They fight to be martyred. We fight to win.

    When all is said and done, who is the greater threat to you and your freedoms? A psychotic theocrat that has taken his religion so far into the forbidden zone that any evil, no matter how heinous, is justified through the circular logic of zealotry? The criminal government that funded that psycho, trained him, slapped a rocket launcher in his hands and then gave him a free plane ride to your favorite shopping mall? Or, some weirdo that stores lots of food and gas masks in his basement and every once in a while talks to you about 9/11? Come on, think about it…


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      1. Achmed the dead terrorist…

        ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9FtDLARuC_0

        • Just a few days ago, I warned this community that it would be logical for the PTB/Gangster Banksters to move to digital money first (ie a cashless society) PRIOR to a negative interest rate policy so that it would be easier to STEAL our money:


          I predict that if these two policies are implemented; first a cashless digital society, and second the deduction of monthly “FEES” from American citizens bank account balances ….. Top bankers and federal officials will be targeted for assassination by the most extreme elements of our society.

          The rest of US can throw “Dead Banker Parties” as these motherfuckers drop one, by one, by one. 🙂

          • most of us with a brain knew this years ago, and waiting on bankers to drop dead to solve the problem, makes you sound like an idiot

            • 2 dogs and a wild burro: Your America may have ended with the capture of Geronimo, but my America has a long way to run.

              How is life on the Reservation ??? 🙂

          • …gonna be hard to drape that sign around our necks when all we are doing is responding to many sheriff’s Call To Arms. We are militia, some ‘unorganized’ and any ex-military is ‘organized’. By law we are their greatest nightmare …and since they’ve done run off and got tyranical on us …well, we just may have to do what is lawfully commanded and take these matters into our own hands …as a good militia should. (I doubt we can get any weapons that are up-to-date “killer” from Congress, but I could always ask I guess)?
            Ya know… They can do all the danged planning they wish …a fight is a fight is a fight. They can call us anything they wish …Seems to me that the fine and ‘regular’ folk of the USA are buying up (if not already bought up), firearms like there is no tomorrow. *try to find .22lr’s lead or jacketed ….or .25mag. Lots of women are conceal-carrying those. Men are decking out with 9mm, .40S&W, .45acp, AR’s of every style. (I love the LR.308). Wife loves her .223.
            Nobody ever said this was going to be easy, and with war it is NEVER easy. As with love so as with war: “All Is Fair” …and we’ll kick their asses back to The Stone Age 🙂 Molon labe

          • Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha…….I’ll bring the wings.

      2. For those of you that may have missed it there as an epic rant today on Infowars in the third hour.

        Alex had Drudge on his show a few months ago and I heard that interview, it was excellent. Drudge said that the First Amendment would be the first to go.

        In the mean time the Black Lives Matter crowd is able to stop traffic, interrupt shoppers, start riots, and burn down cities.

        But watch out for someone that loves their country and is a patriot. Tommy Robinson is an excellent example of how far the government will go to shut up and try to silence you. You can buy his book, “Enemy of the State,” at http://www.tommyrobinson.co.uk

        • Philo, the black criminal lives matter gang gets away with their BS because of something called civil rights. I’ve always maintained that nothing this evil, criminal government does has any legitimate basis to it whatsoever. Look at the things they do to hurt this country and the good people in it, yet they think they can still preach to us about something. They don’t have a f#$%ing leg to stand on, pardon my French. They’re all illegitimate, especially DHS. They were set up after 9/11 to eventually imprison and murder us. It’s a fact that the neocons in Bush jr.’s first term brought in Markus Wolf, head of the now defunct Stasi secret police in the former East Germany along with some former high-ranking officals of the old Soviet KGB to help design and set up the US Dept. of Homeland Security. THINK ABOUT THIS. WHY WERE FOREIGNERS, ESPECIALLY FROM SOME KNOWN TYRANNICAL AND MURDEROUS REGIMES, ALLOWED TO COME INTO THE US AND HELP SET UP A US GOVT. AGENCY? THE PEOPLE WHO SET UP DHS HAVE UNTOLD AMOUNTS OF BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS. WHY DOES DHS STILL ALLLOW MUSLIMS INTO THIS COUNTRY AFTER 9/11 AND SET UP TERROR-TRAINING CAMPS IN SOME PARTS OF THE US? ALL FEDERAL AGENCIES AND THE MILITARY ARE AWARE OF THEM BUT AREN’T ALLOWED TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT THEM. EVEN LOCAL LE AGENCIES NEAR THE CAMPS HAVE BEEN TOLD ‘HANDS OFF’. Sorry about the all caps. Had a rotten day. Articles like this one always set me off. Google ‘muslim terror training camps in us’. It’s interesting and disgusting.

          • Braveheart: yes. Operation Paperclip brought in a shitload of Nazi’s to live in the US.

            The hypocrisy of this country makes me want to fucking puke and I refuse to apologize for my language. Fuck it.

            The New World order types are shoving their BS down our throats 24/7/365. Of course they have hired guns. What if all the LEOs and former military told them to shove it and refused to show up to guard their stupid asses? I would jump up and down and have a block party!

            There is gonna come a day when LEOs and the military folks just don’t show up because they are going to be at home defending their families and their property.

            • Philo, kudos to you for knowing your history. Those Nazis formed part of the original core of today’s CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY. Nothing sacred about that outfit. When the balloon goes up, LEOs and military will disappear. I’ll be at the BOL with the family by then.

              • There are reports out of LA that are advising the locals to arm themselves and to not count on LEOs showing up in time to help them. Good luck getting a legal gun in LA! But thanks to the trusty black market you can get one if you have cash!

                Proof? Article on the Economic Collapse Blog last week.

                • Link to that article here: take out the extra space between the two T’s.

                  ht tp://theeconomiccollapseblog.com/archives/los-angeles-police-urge-residents-to-protect-themselves-as-violent-crime-skyrockets

                • Article from last week: this was the headline: “Los Angeles Police Urge Residents ‘To Protect Themselves’ As Violent Crime Skyrockets”

                  By Michael Snyder, on February 1st, 2016

                  Link: take out the space between the T’s.

                  ht tp://theeconomiccollapseblog.com/archives/los-angeles-police-urge-residents-to-protect-themselves-as-violent-crime-skyrockets

                  • “P”
                    You are right on. I love my family and will defend it to the death.

                    You have to remember that some have put targets on LEO’s families. Right or wrong they have made them targets. So Yes speaking as a LEO I will be protecting them with all the skill and knowledge I have on the matter.

                    TPTB and Bangsters be Damned!

                    • Sgt, you won’t be alone. It would be foolish to not be at home protecting your own if the FSA is running amok.

              • Brave, I hope you have every option available to get to your
                bol. In the emp instance, you might need an older car with ignition points as discussed.
                Maybe, if not an emp, you could hire a small plane or chopper…in a bad situation, I’d look to cover every aspect as you have, what, a 5 hour drive by car?

                • Ketchup, I do have another option. One of my younger cousins has a restored 1973 Blazer 4WD to come get me IF I get strsnded. I know several different routes by heart and have tested each route numerous times. Some of the family have 4WD’s pre-1990, fully restored, and can be driven anywhere. As long as I can get there early before something happens, everything will be fine. My biggest reason for being an internet freak is keeping close tabs on everything as conditions get worse. Whatever information I get from alternative media is what I base my decision on when to leave.

      3. “What is the best method to rebel against tyranny.”

        72 posts. That all?

        Either we are very afraid or we are in bad shape.

        • Slingshot,
          remember the 3% rule, well that might just confirm it with only 72 posts or they don’t want to up-grade to a RED list status!

          • Hmmmm…..,72 posts/72 virgins promised,coincidence?!

            • War,
              GOOD one, I totally missed that! HA

            • 72 virgins my ASS….all I NEED, is one PRO!

          • If I’m not on that red list now I’ve failed miserably.

            • We’ve seen the US going over to the other side of the world to support “activists” and “freedom fighters” many times. I wonder how big the cow they would shit if, say Russia or any other country would “support” a U.S. “regime change”.

              I mean, can you even imagine the furious govt reaction if a country was shipping weapons and supplies to us, up through Mexico? Or maybe down through Canada via Alaska. Things we would need to oust our “oppressive” leader.

              …hell would hath no fury…

              • Hell would have no fury like me with an AK and several RPGs. Yeah that would be a mighty cow they would shit for sure haha

              • Six, I am counting on the good old fashioned Russian Mafia to ship in AKs to Europe and make bank. The blackmarket. It always works.

              • Sixpack, AMEN. Hell would never have the fury my family and I would have if they came into the mountains of north GA for us. They would ‘disappear’. I know I’m on some kind of list. I don’t know which one and don’t care. We can all be sure their lists are not legitimate anyway. We have lists of our own too. Lists do work more than one way…..

                • Amen BH amen!

        • slingshot america is over, most arent going to do a damn thing, but wait on death.

      4. Eh,not totally ruling out #6,of course,me folks gave me the book Alive when it came out and I was 8!Reading was big in the family,got passed down from parents to me.Things tough hereby give permission to any to survive to ,well….,long pig me.Seriously,even if to just feed your dogs,hell,am organ donar anyhow.

        That said,you kill me to eat me may you die of food poisoning!

        • Feel free to eat my brain. Human brains all have what is called “mad cow” disease. Most Cannibals eat only the organs, because our flesh is so tough. You ever watch lions and tigers and bears( Oh No!) feed?

          • People of the developed world have mostly been fattened up, and are likely to have good marbling. 😉

            I hope more are ready to defend freedom than it seems. If I’m concerned about anyone, it’s the vocal cannons that go off at the wrong time and get themselves eliminated. A wise man chooses his own battle, place and time. I’ll feign a tail between my legs if it means victory. Many may have to wait for the ideal time when they can strike hard and make a difference. I pray they have the strength.

          • Rellik,was the eating of the brain that got the two to climb down the mountain/find a flock of (sheep/goats?)and get rescued and the others still alive rescued in the book Alive,a true story,check it out.

            That said,will consider having you “for supper”but will pass on your brain(?),thanks for warning!

          • Apparently the cannibal faggots didn’t get the memo:

            dailymail DOT co.uk/news/article-3439299/I-fried-piece-rump-steak-ate-sprouts-German-cannibal-ate-gay-lover-permission-describes-went-killing-eating-him.html

          • Rellik, I thought ‘mad cows’ were the obese people you see at the black lives matter protests.

      5. The time is fast-approaching to fight! I cannot see any other alternative, as it is plain that all that don’t agree with which ever dictator is current, will be persecuted and considered the enemy of the state!
        Just like we were warned a long time ago when school still taught non progressive and non communist doctrine! They warned us about the nazis and commies persecuting and destroying those that disagreed with the government. We are in the same boat!

        Now we subjects of our rulers are targets, and it’s about to get much worse.

        • RickE., AMEN. The feds will be retarded enough to keep stirring the pot and it will backfire on them. You play with; you will get burned. Bank on it.

          • if americans were going to do anything it would have been done, stop fooling yourself, if our military was going to defend america and americans it would have happened already, its easy to brag about defending america when you are fighting for the corporations and bankers overseas, while your own country goes to hell in a handbasket. the military are no different than the average citizen except the military man was fool enough to fight that war for the bankers and corporations, and he has been trained to kill, and there is a pretty good percentage that will turn them guns on americans if ordered, you people need to stop the dumb shit on this site.

      6. These government asshats better be careful what they stir up,,

        • Kula, I don’t think they care. Or they are so completely out of touch and arrogant and oblivious that they think they will prevail. That arrogance speaks volumes and can used be used to our advantage.

          • They are out of touch and arrogant. They’ve been in their ivory palaces so long they afraid of what’s outside.

            • Nub: I agree, 1000%!

            • Thats where my money is at,, so far, every single government employee i have met and delt with has been an arrogant POS, with very few exceptions, and i mean ALL of them, even down to clerks, i wont shed one tear for any of them when they finally get the shaft and their benefits and pensions dry up,

              • Kula, my money is on that also. I’ve never met any govt. worker who was even a decent sort. I’ll laugh when they get the shaft and they will, count on it.

              • I haven’t come across one yet with a brain

            • Anon5, thanks for that link. That picture speaks 1000 words. The cat represents the feds and the eagle represents the patriots. Most appropriate picture I’ve ever seen.

              • I see lunch on legs. The look on the Eagle is priceless.

          • Philo, I agree. Their mindset will be their death warrant.

        • On our side, we do it wrong. In the military I was taught that if it wasn’t immoral( My Lai) kill everything necessary to achieve the mission. The Patriots aren’t doing offensive. The Feds are offensive. Ever play Chess? If you only play defensive you will nearly always lose. The standard war rule is to have a force that is ten times the force of the opposition. I don’t see these numbers on the Patriot side. I see those numbers on the Fed side.
          If the FBI has ten we need one hundred, not three.
          One thing I do know, if the government, Hawaii Kingdom or Democrats come to steal my Aina from me they will surely die.

          • rellik – most Patriots are laying low until the time comes. No need to show our true numbers just yet.

            • IMHO, most Patriots are peaceful people, most of us just want to be left alone to live our lives, where the problems arise is when we keep being taken advantage of and poked and prodded by the progressives and libs and alllll them government assholes that just cant fucking mind their own damn business and live within their means, they always want more, more, more,,,
              Well they can stuff their more,

              • Kula: spot on! I beleive in the philosophy of NUNYA. Your business is none of my business. You live your life and let me live mine! I don’t really give a shit what adults do behind closed doors. None of my business. But the government employees can’t just leave us alone and let it go. always pushing their views down our throats.

                The only time I have ever seen a Porsche SUV (I know, who even knew that Porsche even made a fucking SUV) was in an employee parking spot at my local VA. You have to be kidding me. Since when was working at the VA so profitable that you could buy a fucking Porshce? So much for government employees providing a public service. They are the biggest welfare queens around living large at Taxpayer expense.

                Since the middle class is being squeezed and killed every day, this reminds me of the fairy tale about killing the goose that laid the golden eggs. Yep. Kill the middle class and watch how fast those golden eggs that are feeding all you government employees disappear. And there are plenty of us that wouldn’t sell you jack shit. Not a cow, not a chicken, not a fucking Brussels sprout.

                • Philo, like I said to kulafarmer earlier, I never met one decent govt. employee ever. When they lose their shit, I’ll laugh.

                  • BH: same here.

                    Government employee at the VA driving a fucking Porsche SUV. It still pisses me off. I have a smart phone now so the next time I will be sure to take photos of the car and the employee sticker just so I have evidence.

                    • Philo,Porsche been making a suv a long time,not a lot if used though pricey to maintain if you do not do your own work on it.I would also suggest may be a gift from parents/so ect.May be they have a loan from hell on it,figure who owns it and their job.

                    • Warchild,
                      My first thought was “spouse with better job.” But I am not generally jealous of what others have… a few acres and a garden might give me a twinge… a car, not so much. Add in a hogan, adobe, cob, stone house or some such… then I want one!

                    • Philo jealous monster,
                      When did driving a decent car become illegal and why are you documenting it to turn the owner in and to whom? Envy made the top 10 commandments. You, missy, are riddled with envy.

          • I do believe such “chess” is already being played at a higher level than you may think. Take the group “Anonymous”. They have publicly stated they will fight ISIS “to the end” (not a direct quote). Well, isn’t the USA federal gov not partially consisting of ISIS/ISIL? Of course it is. That much said, then it is certain even more is being done ‘well under wraps’. *Ever read the news on TOR from overseas?
            As for militia activity, I believe that too is being done covertly, by trained pros at it. Matter of fact, you can bank on it (no pun intended from the other articles). *It isn’t all just killing anymore to survive. Each area shall have or has its plan already …sobeit for those who did not heed warnings.

            • Equoral
              I have been keeping Anonymous on my thank you list for over a year. Do you remember when the brought military computers down for a few seconds as a trial run? There were several incidences of “shots fired over the bow” at the feds about that time. They well know who is behind Isis. Anonymous is my idea of liberty loving patriots.

        • FUCK YOU “kulafarmer/philosopher/caucasion/braveheart/dickhead”
          etc whatever blah blah blah

          You are always the entity who is trying to “stir up” shit here, you giant sucking asshole.

          • Don’t like the regulars here? Then go find another site to troll

            • Are you a market farmer? Just curious, trying to find out what others who grow organic do for fertilizer, our environment here is great for growing but can never quite keep up with the loss of organic matter because the microbial activity is so vigorous.
              Some folks generate huge amounts of compost, some supplement, i generally have to suplement, use a 444 called perfect blend, is pretty good, but even that has its drawbacks, cover cropping and doing strip till with clovers etc in between has been pretty good with some stuff, but others dont do so well,
              Anywho, just thought Id ask,,

              • What we have done is, two year old manure from the cattle wheelbarrow it over and when it is 6″ deep rototiller it in, or take chicken manure, we use straw for beddding never wood chips (oat/wheat whatever), and layer it 4″ or so and rototiller it in. Then we plant corn or something else that is nutrient intensive. Then the next year we plant whatever we want on the same patch without additional fertilizer. Don’t plant your potatoes on the fresh fertilized spot, you will get blemishes and hollow potatoes. Not that you cannot eat them they just won’t store as well. you rotate over the years where you add the manure. I do not like potting soil nor the mixed blend peat moss. It costs too much and in my mind why worry about having the sterilized soil because once you work it in the seeds like portulaca that have been dormant come up anyways and you are still weeding like a beggar. Growing up on the farm I watched the neighbors use fertilizer concentrate and where 5 lbs per acre was good then 50 lbs per acre was awesome then when the years turned hard if you tried to use a lesser amount your crops failed completely. The commercial fertilizers have a bad tendancey to kill off all the good microbes in the soil and so after a while all you can do is add more. That is part of the reason why so many farms have dust for fields. That and what my father calls mining the soil. I remember one neighbor who grew corn on his field for ten years in a row. At the start you couldn’t walk across his land in a heavy dew without twenty pounds of mud clinging to your boots but by the end you could park you car on it after a rain without a problem. He went broke. All that being said, I do like miracle grow for the tomatoes when we start them in pots. not the shaker but the water mix.

              • Kulafarmer,
                Field rotation every 4-7 years if you are cropping and cover crops. Tropical climate is better suited to a food forest which continually regenerates the soil using a permaculture layered system. It produces more food than row cropping and nourishes the soil back to richness. The best is to check around the island for some folks using the older system, because that was traditionally used in the islands before the haoles showed up.

                • Oh I wondered how long it would take Redhat Becky to show up.

                  What are you growing in your bedroom under grow lights, Becky? Pot?

                • Fuck you Red Becky. Take your fucking communist / enviro wacko bullshit and shove it bitch.

                  Rebecca says:
                  Comment ID: 3519316
                  February 10, 2016 at 9:26 pm
                  Philo, lover of Kim Jong Un…. settle down. Foxglove is not a poison, it is a medicinal herb to be treated with respect, something you no can do. Yes, YOU would die if you tried to self-medicate with foxglove. You would die of your own ignorance about plants, herbs, and how your body works.

                  You could kill others with your hysterical stupid remarks and when SHTF people will need to know an herbalist at the least. You, missy, are a danger to yourself and others with your jealousy and pretenses.

                  Others on this site: please ignore Philo’s hysterical pronouncements about digitalis. It is not a magic mushroom, but it is a well respected medicinal drug that could save your life one day.

                  Signed, Biologist with a major in Plant Science
                  and daughter of Naturalists

                  Philosopher says:
                  Comment ID: 3519378
                  February 10, 2016 at 10:39 pm
                  You are a communist fucking troll and an enviro-wacko. Anyone can do a search and prove what I said about the toxicity of the plant commonly known as foxglove. No herbalist or organic farmer I have met would every risk giving anyone any part of a foxglove plant. It is so extremely toxic that no natural health store or vitamin store would dare to sell that bullshit. But it is approved by the FDA. Of course. Since they can profit off of selling poison to people.

                  Thanks much Redhat Becky for showing your true colors.

                  And for someone that claims to be a biologist you don’t know jack shit about growing anything. My guess is your secret garden included growing marijuana in hydroponics under very expensive grow lights. Oh and then you just show up at the nearest whole foods in Santa Fe and shop until you drop.

                  Since you are qq’ing so much I must be over the target!


                • Says the bitch that acted too good to build a high-tunnel from plastic and told everyone you were gonna grow fucking vegetables in your bedroom. Sure.

                  • Philo crazy person… high tunnels will not stand up to extreme winds in the mountains. You are on a mental discharge from the military, is acting out online how you keep the doctors convinced to keep you receiving gubmint checks and free drugs? You are online all day saying you are otherwise fit and healthy. That mental thing keeps the welfare money rolling in. Tell the truth, is your insanity for real or just a spoof to bilk taxpayers? Inquiring minds want to know.

                    • Red Cunt: got meds? you seem to know a lot about mental illness and various types of welfare payments. I suggest you go take a pill and stop blaming the wind for your inability to build a hightunnel.

                    • It always makes me wonder when someone knows the ins and outs of the welfare system. I suspect you know a lot about welfare, don’t ya Red Becky?

                      I think you know an awful lot about crazy money and pills. You are the one that keeps bringing up mental ilness and government checks. Feeling guilty honey? Good. You should feel bad for sucking off the government tit you bitch.

                    • Philo, what do you do for a living? You talk about being a 17 year old recruit and being raped. You said you get a VA check and a government check. You admit you are healthy. You can type and use a computer. Mental discharge is what is left.

                    • Red Hat Becky: Excuse me? You seem to be having memory lapses. I am guessing the drugs you are taking have affected your memory. If you can quote where I stated my source of income, go ahead. Dig up that quote. Otherwise you are shooting shit our of your ass, as usual.

                      Go take a pill. You’ll feel better in the morning. Guilt is not my problem but it seems to be yours. Goody. That is what a government whore feels like when they suck off the tit.

                    • Redhat Becky, what do you do for a living? Troll people online and set them up for the FBI? You aren’t 65 so are you a cripple? Or just slumming for the Federales? I am guessing you are living in Seattle in some slummy apartment and getting a free phone, free internet and selling your nasty cunt on the side to make some extra dollars. Probably taking pics of it as well. Grey waffles is my best guess as to how to describe those pics.

                      Go ahead bitch. Where is your little carpet munching fuck buddy the poison pen slut? Busy? Or you just don’t have time to catfish so many different characters?

                      Mac can verify that I only post with one IP and I never change my posting name.

                      I doubt very much that a fraud like you can make the same claim. But go ahead you stinking cunt and keep spewing your bullshit. It only makes me look good and you look like a desperate hag that can’t keep up with reality. Not my fucking problem bitch and when your son throws you under the bus I wouldn’t be surprised mommie dearest.

                • Says the bitch that didn’t know jack shit about lactofermentation last week but now, after supposedly making one fucking batch of sauerkraut, you are now (after one fucking batch) a fucking expert.

                  I nailed you as a fake and a fraud and a huckster weeks ago. Not surprised that you are slumming here and stealing ideas and posting them as your own. Did you give the OP (original poster) credit? No. But sure you sure as hell acted like the idea was your own fast enough.

                  Each time I click on your site the only thing I get is that you are a know it all, a thief, and a liar.

                  The good news for a low life like you is no one cares enough to sue your stupid ass for theft for stealing a fucking sauerkraut recipe.

                  Which is why your stupid blog will never get any traffic no matter how much you slum here on SHTF and try and promo yourself like you know something.

                  • Philo,
                    Thank you for visiting my blog and publicizing it for me. As I said, I am learning new skills and have also blogged about learning winemaking. I blog about gardening, herbals, and native edibles too.
                    You continue to sow the wind of hatred and reap the whirlwind of misery.

                    • Fuck you. I am guessing my computer is infected now with whatever spyware and virus you have on that shitty blog.

                      Go ahead and keep telling people you know about herbals. Your the dipshit that called me stupid for calling out a certain plant as extremely toxic and deadly.

                      So for anyone that visits this blackwidow’s site be warned: you may end up dead if you follow the advice of this bitch.

                    • I ate steak tonight. What did you eat bitch? Your crotch rot? Goody.

                    • Who in the hell has a blog with no photos and no recipes? You have to be the biggest fucking online fraud I have ever met. I have met a few but you take the fucking cake for the biggest lies.

                      Every real blog about gardening and cooking has PHOTOS. You have not one fucking photo on your blog. I don’t really care if you are fat and ugly but anyone that has grown a garden takes photos of their garden over time. Any real cook has recipes they have collected over time. I know some recipes so well I can recite them by heart. I don’t need to look at a recipe card.

                      I knew you were a fucking liar and a fraud several weeks ago. I can smell a cunt like you because you stink so bad with all the lies and BS you spew. You give good women a bad name bitch. Each time you post your bullshit I will hunt you down like a dog and shove it in your face.

                      Fucking liar.

                  • Philo… what were you doing at the VA? Appointment with your shrink? He reauthorized your gubmint check?

                    • Red Becky, you seem to know an awful lot about governement checks. Did you off some poor GI just to collect his benefits? I am guessing you are a real life black widow. Slumming and sucking off the government tit. And hating everyone else, blaming us, when the person you really hate is yourself. Go take a good hard look in the mirror, wench, and cry. Because no one fucking cares about you and no one ever will you sorry assed fucking loser.

                    • Philo
                      Is that what you did? Which man on here is your next victim, macho miss?

                    • Red Becky, so sorry I hit close to home and nailed your for being a black widow that is making a living off of a dead man’s money. It doesn’t surprise me one bit since you never talk about your special son’s father and your husband. Oh wait you were never married you just popped out your little snowflake and then lived off welfare!

                      It’s okay. Plenty of carpet munchers like you out there. 60-year old lesbians are a dime a dozen.

              • Kaluha, do you know a farmer named Tracy Es…..?

            • Organic Farmer
              The vicious ones do not own this site and their gross misbehavior is not sacrosanct. Nor is your defense and encouragement of same. You want freedom for endless fuck you talk then deal with it being called out as anything from childish to cyberstalking, depending on the severity. Freedom of speech has never included certain behaviors, as you learned in your grade school history classes. You were awake during your free schooling paid for by us taxpayers, right?

          • Ewwww someone is butthurt! LMAO! Got any KY or Preparation H? Now might be a good time for a fresh application. Enjoy 🙂

          • just because you were put in charge of inseminating the pigs in your daddy’s pig farm when you were 14 years old, doesn’t give you the right to jump on our people here….and who’s fault WAS it, anyway, that you didn’t find out there was a machine for them inseminations until you were 17 years old?…sounds like you don’t dig into the facts very well…just sayin’.

            • @alias

            • Your people? Do you take warm showers with them late into the night?


            • He misunderstood, was supposed to use the kit in the AI shed, not stick his eenie weenie in them sows

              • Kula: LMAO! The AI shed went over most folks heads but as I spent time on a ranch I got it!

                AI: Artificial Insemination.

                • Yup, them shoulder length rubber gloves

          • Only one of me and I promise I would be more than a match for you. I’m at the point now I will ruthlessly kill fucking traitors and leave your ass laying for the scavengers. So fuck you too motherfucker.

            • To fuckhead alias

          • Come n get it you buttfuck

          • Yup,,, we gots a government butt hole here,,,
            Cant wait till you boinkers get the shit rubbed out of you,,,

            • Kula and Caucasian, I won’t have any trouble taking out his sorry ass. I’ll turn him ‘every which way but loose’ like clint eastwood once said.


            • fukin’ trolls are sooooo easy to spot.

          • Government troll much?

          • Alias: Nothing like spewing hatred. Gotta think your a leftist.You need to take Robin William’s suggestion from “Good Morning Vietnam” Your seriously in need of a blow job” find a leftist feminist for that. Way too much BS built up in your brain. I’m far too much of a Republican tea party kind of guy to even give it serous consideration. Cheers

      7. Slight problem with point #3 regarding ISIS……
        ISIS is owned, funded and kept in place by the US government via overseas proxies.
        So……the US CAN NEVER FIGHT ISIS……because it IS ISIS by very definition.
        When the TRUE PATRIOTS of the USA get their mind around this…..and only then, will the real USA…….THE ONE THE WORLD WANTS BACK AGAIN……re-emerge to take back The Republic, and remove The Dark Empire from the throat of Humanity.

        Nuke em Duke
        East Coast,
        Southern Planet America.

        • Thank you,I concur!

        • God Bless the American Patriots… Each and Every Blessed One.

      8. Hairy Reed is a terrorist Hairy Reed is a terrorist Hairy Reed is a terrorist Hairy Reed is a terrorist

        Arrest and shoot that piece of shit

        To the dishonorable Reid, I pray to God every night that you have a stroke and you have to piss and shît in a bag for the rest of your days.
        Die a slow cancerous death you pig fūcker

      9. The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. IT’S NOT ABOUT STATE AS IN NATION AS IN
        GOVERNMENT. IT’S ABOUT [ Islam. ]

        You can’t say anything about political Islam while knowing nothing about Mohammed.

        The “wise heads” sic, the Terrorism Industry “experts” don’t know the first thing about political Islam.

        You can’t defeat a cause you Don’t Understand by calling it ignorant names, by bashing some Third World trespasser with a pipe, or by paying attention to arrogant fools who have no fucking idea what they’re talking about.

        Hold the stupid bravado about “we’ll throw pig blood at them” until you know what the fuck you’re talking about.

        By the time you’re fighting them with a rifle, it’s too fucking late. They’ve already subverted your society. As they have scores of societies in the last 14 centuries. You’ve lost. The time and way to fight them is to understand their game plan, and DISCREDIT them to the uninformed, apathetic 90% of the population.

        JIhad murdered 270 million people across 14 centuries.

        If you’re too ignorant to call it what it is, you’re too ignorant to know what to do about it.

        THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, academia, the media and most clergy do political Islam’s propaganda work for it.

        As applies to Kafir, it ISN’T a rellgion. It’s a political system.

        It isn’t “peaceful.” It is about making war. It’s central value, as applied to Kafir, is war.

        You aren’t going to defeat that influence machine by saying trailer trash stupid things like “pig blood.”

        The Muslim Brotherhood has had 50 years to worm its way into influence in the US government and in US universities. You have to know what the FACTS are to refute their influence. That they spread to thousands of people who think they’re being told the real deal.

        Being ignorant yourself gets you nowhere. Presuming that defending liberty is your priority.

        You have a right to your own opinion. You don’t have a right to your own FACTS.

        When the subject is POLITICAL ISLAM what The Prophet Mohammed did and said ARE THE FACTS.

        If you’re too lazy to read a book then watch a video:

        Why We Are Afraid, 1400 years of Islamic conquest in 45 minutes on Youtube.

        ht_tp://www.politicalislam.com Center for the Study of Political Islam


        Islam re: its Five Pillars, how to pray, ritual cleaning etc, is a religion of concern only to Muslims.

        Islamic ethics are dualistic. Two sets of ethics. One for Muslims. One for Kafir, which is you and you and I. How Islam has treated the Kafir for 1,400 years is

        This doesn’t depend on US funding. It isn’t about who bombs whom.

        THIS IS ABOUT JIHAD, WHICH HAS BEEN MAINSTREAM ISLAM’S AGENDA SINCE ITS beginning in Medina, Arabia @ 620 CE. More than a thousand years before the US existed.

        If you know so little about this to think “the US government can control this” or it’s about banksters or oil or other dumbfuckery, you are doing the Jihadis no harm
        and liberty no good.

        hello Utah Data Center. I’d be disaappointed if I weren’t on several lists. The red one please. And fuck you.

        • The jihad problem is real man but don’t worry , Hilldawg or trump will save us , right?

          Your best bet is to take 10 of them out with you when you depart

        • What you describe “sounds” a lot like judaism and their treatment of us lowly goyim. This is why I reject all organized religions, my friend…they all seem to march to the same drum. It all is the same patterns, repeated, where the governments have an “enemy”, so they can have war making factories, and the -organized/infiltrated- “religious” leaders pushing their agendas. This is all quite entertaining to the uber-rich aka .01%. They love violence, and it is the only thing they respect. They are all getting wood at the very thought of more and more violence.

          My ancestors fought to free this goddamn place, and to allegedy free slaves, and to allegedly save Europe, twice wasn’t it? (can’t remember my WW1 history right now)
          Point is this: I must do what my DNA says that I must do, not what some career politician wants me to do. I am prepared to die for my beliefs, as TPTB are trying to kill me and my fellow citizens in many ways.
          I am quite certain that my name is on some list somewhere, and the fact of the matter is that I do not run from anyone; I make no attempt to hide anything, for the most part. I don’t need to…there’s documents that exist that give me the right to do what I do.
          So, NSA… go watch some more porn or something.

          • Oh fuck you. Go take that “it’s the joos, it’s the joos” line of bullshit and stuff up it up your ass.

            • Have a open mind and do some research bitch!!

      10. Man, this world is f***ed.

        • Yup

      11. Jesus Christ, Mac-
        What a Honey-Pot cesspool Shtfplan seems to be anymore.

        Like a caricature of itself
        – populated mostly by psycho-spooks getting paid per post…


        • What are you talking about yourself? You sound like Red Becky by the way. Or wait your other name, the deadly plant followed by 666. Dang and now you have to stoop so low that you just show up with a stupid name like, alias? W/E. Go file your fucking report idiot.

        • Dangit Mac, you never mentioned we were to get paid….
          I hope to see a large check in the mail???

          Yall misbehave…

        • KaCHINg

      12. Well like they say, “don’t let the door strike you in the ali-ass”.

      13. On a brighter note, I had a great homemade spaghetti and meatball dinner tonight with an awesome Bordeaux wine. It was amazing, and I have leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

        On a negative note, the Fed agents here outnumber the regulars. Or is that, all the regulars here are really FED’s. Creepy.

        • PTPO: awesome! I am getting ready to fire up the oven and stick in a baked potato. Gonna marinate a grass-fed hormone-free chunk of top sirloin in some EVOO, Worcestershire sauce, sea salt, and freshly ground black pepper which I plan on searing in my trusty cast iron skillet but only long enough to sear the outside and keep the center rare.

          Yummmmy! Not sure if I want to have some sautéed broccoli and mushrooms or some roasted brussels sprouts as a side. Since I have the oven on probably Brussels sprouts in EVOO, honey, organic balsamic vinegar, organic honey, with sea salt, cayenne pepper, and fresh ground pepper. Tater will be dressed with organic unsalted butter, organic sour cream, the drippings from that cast iron pan and some organic cheddar cheese.


          • Philo, watch it. You’re making me hungry.

            • Hehehehe 🙂 I usually eat late. But yes I think I made myself hungry!

              • Philo, your answer was correct, no one knows what went on in pre-history from yesterdays question…

                • Wow so you liked my comment about that? I am always a skeptic. There are clues but not many people pay attention. Oh well.

                  • PTPO, On another good note we adopted a cat that is just the most amazing cat ever! She is a Maine Coon breed and 5 months old. This kitty is the smartest cat I have ever seen! Like she understands what you say, she knows what no means, she comes when you call her, etc. We read up on her breed and they are excellent mousers and extremely smart and loyal and affectionate. She is everything you could ever want in a cat. Kinda funny, now we have a dog that is retarded and a cat that is a genius lol. Good thing shes so smart, she will be able to one up the mutt 😛

                    • OMG genius! My neighbor had a Maine Coon cat and it was cute as heck! I hate to say this but my little Siamese was super smart and I taught her to fetch but she ended up being more like a guard cat and friendly. She loved me but she hated everyone else. Those Maine Coon cats are tough, loyal, and friendly. And they are big. And they have fur growing out of the bottoms of their paws. I can’t stand stupid people or stupid animals. You may have just pushed me into getting a Maine Coon cat.

                    • I would recommend it! They almost look like they are part bobcat and very cold hearty. They have everything I could ever want in a cat and like you say, cute as can be too. Many cool videos on youtube about them. If there was ever a perfect cat, the Maine Coon is it! I can’t believe she was in the shelter and abandoned. We hit it perfectly as the day we got her is the very day she was opened for adoption. They are kind of expensive too (300-400 bux) I have no idea how she got to be homeless but she is in the best hands ever now! That tail is something to behold too, like a foxtail or something. I had never heard of that breed but I knew immediately when I looked in her eyes, this is the cat for me 🙂

                    • Genius,
                      My niece had one and loved it. Looked like a wild cat to me! It was ruler over all dogs, for sure.

                    • Reb, ya they have a wild look to them but they are as sweet as can be. Good thing they rule over dogs cause we have a shepard (female) that is dumb as a rock lol. Good to know these things as we have not yet let them be together. Praying all goes well.

                    • Notice the 5 out 0f 5 for intelligence 🙂

                      ht tp://www.vetstreet.com/cats/maine-coon#1_nqkbn04f

                    • Red Becky: fuck off and die bitch.

                    • Why do you have to be a buzzkill with your remarks? I’m sitting here missing my home and my new little love and feeling the same from them now this? Why don’t you 2 just agree to disagree? I find that a great friend will calm your aggressions. Bunnies, maine coon cats, smart dogs, etc. Nothing like a good animal friend to help the nerves. I have been away from home 1 day and can feel the longing from our new kitty. We were made to be. I miss my wife and home and beloved animal family a lot but our new kitty is calling out to me, that has NEVER happened before. I think we are going to have an extrordinary relationship 🙂

                    • Sorry if reality is a buzzkill but Red Hat Becky is nothing but liar and a low-life scum sucking whore. Reality is a buzz kill when you have to deal with fuckhead so like Becky the Red.

        • As far as the Feds on here, oh yes. They creep me fucking out too.

        • Nope, nope,,, definitely not…..

      14. Don’t worry they already have all our names from the first time we clicked on this site. Last night sent a shockwave through the establishment and globalist as they are feeling their global utopia slip through their fingers. One more win for the anti establishment candidates and the government will go into a serious self defense mode. But a funny thing happened on the road to the White House the establishment and globalist have unmasked themselves for all to see that they are nothing more then Communist, Fascist, Marxist, Socialist, but worse yet they are some kind of Frankenstein mixture. Personally since this has happened I’m no longer worried about a government crackdown on the Liberty movement and Patriots because Americans are getting seriously pissed off at politicians and government workers. Just wait till the financial collapse, the pitch forks will be at the gate. It’s starting to look a lot like the fall of the Roman Empire.

        • Something I was wondering if Sanders, and Trump look like they really are going to secure the nominations would the government allow the economy to collapse before the primary seasons end to crush the upstart non establishment guys? After all Sanders gets his money from the little people and Trump from what i understand has most of his money invested in the continental united states. While the superpacks and hedge fund guys have offshore tax havens as do the corporations that support them. so if the north american economy collapses then the chosen ones will still have money coming in for their campaigns while the ones that the people want will be in a world of hurt.

          • Yes.

          • Yes. I am always up at this time of day to watch the markets. They are collapsing right now.

            Deutsche Bank is imploding. I am not surprised. The guy that has the Economic Collaps blog predicted this months ago. So did Peter Schiff. So did JS Mineset. So did lots of other sites.

          • Yes SCTV they will because they have lost control and the fundamental laws of economics are kicking in. These idiots don’t even know what fundamentals are anymore. Take Facebook for example the 7 or 8 years preceding the IPO Facebook had never made a profit and that is par for the course with many tech companies that don’t make products. America can only survive if we go back into industrial production. If bad things happen and we get into a pissing contest with China do you really think they are going to keep sending us our aircraft and missile parts??

            • Patriot One,
              Only the NWO would give military parts contracts to someone outside their own country. It destroys national boundaries.

      15. The IRA has been trying to throw out the Brits for a long time. You must have the army behind any attempt to bounce out the left win6g folk from DC. Who ever has the military owns the country. Thousands of vets are out there fully trained and experienced fighters. Must make Obummer lay awake at night thinking about it.

        • Rockmanr

          Maybe that is why both Bushes authorized the use of depleted uranium in munitions for our soldiers. You just said the first thing that gives a logical reason for them to do that… not wanting a huge, trained army sitting in this country when they pull off their NWO plans. Use em and lose em. Treason.

      16. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cOlrSain0lk

        Wow…better pray for these folks.

        Said they have MRAPS surrounding them….this may end tonight….and badly……FBI Has ‘Encircled’ Remaining Occupiers at Oregon Wildlife Refuge, Agents in Armored Vehicles Demanding Surrender..

        This is live & happening real time right now..

      17. They won’t kill us folks. Who will do the work that need to be done. They will just keep robbing us that’s all will happen. The way I see it is people are so fucking tired of the bullshit that when it goes down we want reparations for all the shit the gov stole from us to give the free shit bums. They will Repay. We need to lose more to put us over the edge. Not there yet. Just sit back and wait for the window of oppertunity to strike. Fuck the scumbag elites I will love seeing their suffering. Shit rolls downhill assholes.

      18. Redefinition, New labels, and tons of propaganda are being used to mischaracterized, slander and denigrate traditional American values. It is a war of words and they own the presses.

        Evangelists go door to door. Maybe it is time to start a similar campaign. A few soap box debaters might encourage discussion. Check, skywriting? Time to get creative folks.

        • As Alex Jones says, this is an information war. Door-to-door may be the thing.

      19. So predictable

      20. After my wife read this article we went shopping. She picked up 2400 rds. of 22LR’s at Dunhams. I picked up 1000 rds. of 22Lr’s for a total of 3400 RDS. Now all I have to do is find my 22’s that fell into the hole after the last earth quake. (HA-HA). When she got home she ordered more food from Honeyville.

        My wife’s father was an Army vet and she was proud of him. My wife is a Patriot and she is proud of me for how I stand on issues. As you can tell from above she is PISSED, and ready to fight.

        Then she called her friend and set up so the two of them can get a CCW Class under their belts.

        I finally got my M1A Scout Tuesday, and now I have to break it in and set the sights. Oh darn I just hate having to shoot. (HA-HA) Well at least I have on gun that hasn’t fallen into the hole after the earth quake.

        Hang in there m Patriot brothers and sisters.

        Remember: Aim Small Miss Small


      21. The entire government are evil treasonous criminals. The day of the next false flag using the nuke they stole in 2007 and blamed on Iran, America will be destroyed by Russia, China and the SCO. This is the war of Armageddon and you can know it is now because of Planet X and the toxic chemtrails that hide it every day. Planet X will end the war when it rips the earth apart again but 90% of Americans will be dead already. All planned by your evil government.

      22. Wow. Am I watching the VIEW, or on shtfplan?

        As I’ve been watching this thing in Oregon unfold, I’ve reached a few conclusions… one of which is that it is the perfect trap to catch the most foolish albeit well-intentioned “patriots” with their pants down, and to embarrass the movement. There is NO cohesive plan and no clear leaders.

        That I, or anyone else here should be looked at as a domestic threat borderlines on the ridiculous, but we do have a lot of running off at the mouth sometimes- which I think is often intentionally provoked. JMO.

        More to say, but my battery is flashing out…

      23. What the fuck is wrong with growing pot? People enjoy the high and the health benefits, it’s called freedom. They are not harming anyone, regardless of the brainwashing of the dumbed down masses who spout big pharma’s will. You complain about the wickedness of the establishment crackdown from all directions, yet remain blind to freedom of choice for cannabis users. The plant life is the medicine cabinet for life on Earth, not chemical death dealers.

        • I would like it to be legalized for home growing. It is too effective a medicinal agent to prohibit to an aging population- pain relief and appetite encouragement to name two aspects… safer than NSAIDs which tear up your stonach and inhibit the healing process… and inrease heart attack risk.

        • aljamo,
          I agree wholeheartedly that plants are part of the natural world and should not be regulated. The biggest danger today is Monsanto. They are now owners of 40 percent of the heirloom seed companies. Their hybrid seeds are all male sterile, so after the first generation the seeds carry that into the future. There is a concern that once they control heirloom companies, they will back male sterility into heirloom varieties. No more seed saving. I bought a huge number of heirloom varieties, all short season for my property, and will create more landrace species. I fully expect it to become a revolutionary act to save seeds. Monsanto has been tearing up farmers who save seeds in court battles. Monsanto is winning, even if
          just by bankrupting farmers. This fight has gone on for decades, we sure could
          use help on this. In 2010 Monsanto was played out… and Bill Gates bailed them
          out for $23 million. They are more or less partners now. This is dire all over the
          world right now. My blog has a lot of people contact me from every continent. A
          lot of people are fighting, and it looks like we have to take Bill Gates and Monsanto
          both down.
          This terrifying battle is one reason that I put a lot of focus on wild edibles. So far no GMO and they are not recognizable as food to people. Opsec. It may come to
          that we are only allowed to grow from Monsanto seeds.
          The infertility is Cytoplasmic Male Sterility and is how they make hybrids. It is easier but the biggest benefit is that you cannot save seed because the CMS follows the mother’s line.

        • Amen!

        • Amen!

      24. Switched to my other device… finishing the post.

        Watching Yellen live right now on Capitol Hill hearings. They are talking about negative interest rates. This is the REAL story.

        Last night I acidentally left a trickle of water on an ailing plant out in the yard. It was just a trickle, but I am sure I wasted gallons overnight. The ground sopped it up. It was barely damp under my bare feet.

        The legitimate, already taxed wealth of the average American is being pissed away as we are distracted by this buttload of emotionally charged news bytes. I couldn’t find out anything about Deutsche Bank’s crash yesterday on any of the main news channels on TV. If that monolithic sucker goes belly up, it will be less than a month before it affects ATMs in the US. Though a lot of people here are out of the paper system and banks, most people aren’t and this amounts to the biggest story- affecting the majority of Americans in a very real way- that is completely being ignored right now in favor of stories about the “election”, etc., which is nothing more than another Superbowl as far as I am concerned. Wash, rinse and repeat.

        Poor little girl commentator on CNBC looks like she’s about to throw up as she reports the Cisco is the only thing going up at this moment. All the Senators asking Yellen the “right” questions to cover their butts. It’s that moment in time where you get to the top of themroller coaster and your stomach gets that queasy feeling. Being that this thing will affect every human being in this country- I submit that this will greatly hinder the government’s ability to crack down on any threat, as unrest will cease to be localized and will actually move into the ranks of it’s own officers.

        • 2 is one
          Sickening news. I thought Deutsche Bank had a massive layoff and closed out of several countries last year. A couple big banks did.

          • Deutsche is sucking air as Cryan cries.
            Europe and the Euro lean heavily on the Germans. Not pretty if the Germans have to bail out Deutsche which is the major German exports fund provider.

            • 2isone
              The banks and their quadrillion dollar derivatives market will bring us down now that Republicans made it a law that we will bail them. Germany is strong but I don’t think they can survive a Deutsche Bank bailout. Deutsche Bank was also heavily into mortgage derivatives in the US market and illegally foreclosed mortgages to trigger insurance payouts to cover the fraud. Now the derives are betting big on government loan defaults and counting on us to bail them out again.
              Too big to fail quickly becomes too big to bail. Quadrillion are too big to bail.

      25. Understand. The TPTB have to crash the system economically and civilly to enact the aligning world order. Our structure-US despite the massive drain and damage still holds and takes much more weight to break it. Govt Created false flag and labeling citizens with guns and Constitutional beliefs as “terrorists” will be the flavor of the day. stand tall. The enemy overstates his capabilities hoping we drop from fear. Starvation and destitution will have negative impact on arm chair patriots. WE are living in a remarkable time. Perhaps the man of desolation is standing in the wings awaiting his short time or rule which could be anyday

      26. I do not know of one person…and I know lots of people..that will put up with the removal of our right to speak freely..on the net, in a letter, to each other. Do these tyrants think people will accept this? How out of touch..and how surprised they will be…

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