Some People Have Already Had Their Fourth COVID Shot

by | Dec 14, 2021 | Headline News | 12 comments

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    Some people have already rolled up their sleeves and gotten four shots for a disease that probably doesn’t exist and even if it does is far from fatal in the vast majority of the population. At the command of their rulers, people panicked and were convinced these shots were going to somehow be the magical cure to return to a “life of normalcy.”

    People used to get hospitalized with the flu and other respiratory infections long before the rulers began to use COVID as an excuse to permanently enslave the masses. But some are taking their fear of a cold to a whole new level, and have gotten four shots in an attempt to prevent it.

    Dr. Scott Gottlieb explained why there are people with a fourth COVID-19 vaccine shot already out there. Gottlieb, the former commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration who serves on Pfizer’s board (no conflict of interest though, right?), said on CBS News’ “Face the Nation” that there are people getting fourth COVID-19 vaccine shots, mostly due to their compromised immune systems.

    And in fact, we know that some people who are immunocompromised organ transplant patients, for example, doctors are prescribing multiple doses for those patients because we know they don’t get a good response to vaccines generally,” Gottlieb said. So, because people don’t “get a good response” to vaccines, they must be given more “vaccines” that they won’t get a good response to.  This makes such little sense anymore that even the most indoctrinated will eventually have no choice by to figure out what a joke the United States’ rulers have become.

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said in October that doctors may prescribe a fourth vaccine to those who were “moderately to severely immunocompromised.” And it appears many have taken the rulers up on the suggestion.

    The comments came after Pfizer Chairman Albert Bourla said that a fourth shot will likely be necessary to slow the spread, especially with the omicron variant. “I think we will need the fourth dose,” he said on CNBC. “I was projecting that that will be in 12 months after the third dose. With omicron,” he said, “we may need it faster.”

    Remember, this is the same tyrant who told us that if we don’t like his product being forced on us by our masters, we are the criminals.

    Pfizer CEO: If You Dislike My Product, You’re A Criminal

    Gottlieb added that boosters are going to be an annual thing, however, they continue to move the goalposts, so they could be something required every 3 months if people don’t wake up to what’s going on more quickly. “I do think that this is going to be for a period of time, something that we have to get revaccinated for on an annual basis, in part because immunity wanes and in part because it’s going to drift over time,” he said.

    These tyrants are getting desperate to inject as many of these shots as possible. The real question still remains: why? We know they don’t work. They’ve told us they don’t work.  Even by their own manufactured and fabricated numbers, this “disease” which hasn’t even been proven to exist is not deadly enough to even consider one shot, let alone four.


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      1. Why don’t these drug pushers piss off already.

      2. So many people got their
        “vaccines” in order to be
        given “permission” to return
        to normal. Think about it:
        believing you will be “allowed” a return to “normal” by a
        group of elitist, evil, satanic
        criminal psychopaths who
        themselves are the furthest
        thing from normal that you
        can possibly imagine. We
        live in a world where the
        inmates are most definitely
        running the asylum.?

        • If only more people would wake up to see what’s really happening to them. The evil globalists aren’t even human. They have no soul. We don’t have to listen to them. They are going to die like everyone else. Yet, they don’t want to admit it. They are egotistical and full of themselves.

      3. The shots obviously don’t work since they require getting them again and again in hopes that they will somehow become effective after enough of them.

        But they don’t.

        So how long are the majority of the people going to keep doing the same thing over and over again expecting it to produce different results before wising up and realizing it isn’t going to?

        Probably never since they are afraid, seriously afraid, and fear based decisions are rarely rational decisions.

      4. Why do the protected need to be protected from the unprotected by forcing the unprotected to use the protection that didn’t protect the protected in the first place?

        Nobody ever acted this way with the flu or pneumonia vaxx.

      5. Something had to be done. We are well into overshoot and we won’t extract ourselves from it voluntarily so, those that can have taken matters into their own hands. Good on ’em.
        Witness evolution in action.
        Anything is better than world destroying absurdity that is the endless growth ideology pursued by our current crop of idiot politicians who, have only ever pretended to govern for all.
        Let those that still believe these deceivers have the kill shot. They are dumb asses that we would be better off without.

        • The conventional projection by the UN is that world population, currently 7.7 billion, will increase to 11.2 billion in 2100, then stabilize before slowly declining. However, current trends cast much doubt on this picture. Fertility rates are in dramatic decline worldwide and world population may peak below nine billion by 2050 and then decline.
          In order for a human population to maintain its numbers, each woman must bear, on average, 2.1 children. If the birth rate exceeds 2.1, population numbers increase; if it is less than 2.1, population numbers decline. Birth rates below 2.1 have been common now since 1970. Ireland had a birth rate of 1.92 in 2016 but inward migration is contributing to population growth.

          World population trends were reviewed recently by Darrell Bricker and John Ibbitson in the Observer on January 27th. The authors seriously questioned the UN projection that world population numbers would continue to increase until 2100, quoting several well-respected demographers. Jorgen Randers, a Norwegian academic who decades ago warned of a potential global catastrophe caused by overpopulation, has changed his mind.

          “The world population will never reach nine billion people,” he now believes, “It will peak at eight billion in 2040 and then decline.” Similarly, Prof Wolfgang Lutz and his fellow demographers at Vienna’s International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis predict the human population will stabilize by mid-century and then start to go down.

      6. Whether 3 or 4 shots, a large percent of those fully vaxxed 201 million people in the US will be rendered sterile if it doesn’t kill them short or long term from any of the 40 deleterious results that have happened. It will create a societal economic meltdown soon.

      7. The booster of the month club? Soon to be every week? I think I ll take what is natural immunity Alex for a 1000 and stick to vitamins C,D,D,E magnesium, elderberry zinc with green tea every morning for the win! I’m a free spirit and will never take big pharmas poison!

      8. Sorry I missed the boat for the first go around donkey vax, I’m not about to jump in right now. For a virus that very is much like a cold in anyone that remotely has a immune system, I will take my chances!

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