Solar Threat: We’ll Have Minutes to Respond; Government Plans Controlled Blackouts; Elite Contingency Plans

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    While many will claim that solar storms are an unrealistic threat to our world, the governments of the United States and the United Kingdom aren’t taking any chances. According to a report put together by Alex Thomas of The Intel Hub, the threat is not only real, but very likely, and could change the world as we know it from one day to the next:

    In a stunning announcement, The United States and United Kingdom are likely set to began “controlled” power cuts in preparation of a giant solar storm.

    The announcement by Thomas Bogdan, the director of the US Space Weather Prediction Centre, comes a week after a large scale solar flare released a massive amount of radiation and threatened to cause moderate disruption.

    The solar flare on June 7th, 2011 was luckily pointed away from Earth but caused many to wonder if another solar flare is imminent, this one aimed directly at earth.

    Now, due to the possibility of a large scale solar flare, officials in Europe and the United Kingdom are preparing what they call, “controlled” power cuts. What this actually means remains to be seen.

    In an interview with The Independent, Bogdam was quoted as saying, “controlled power “outages” will protect the National Electricity Grids against damage which could take months or even years to repair should a large solar storm collide with the Earth without any precautions being taken.”

    Interestingly enough, this information also comes just days after NASA sent out a preparedness warning to all employees and their families.

    Source: Full Article at The Intel Hub with info from a power company insider

    We may be more scientifically advanced than any other civilizations that came before us, but we really don’t know all there is to know about our universe. Our knowledge is so limited, in fact, that an August 2010 solar eruption was so cataclysmic researchers are having to rework their entire theory of how the sun functions.

    What we do know is the sun can discharge flares, particles and bursts so devestating that the military and  Congressional members have taken notice. Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich was quoted as saying that, “EMP or electromagnetic pulse may be the greatest strategic threat we face.” Representative Roscoe Bartlett expressed similar concerns, warning Americans that if such an event were to occur (be it natural or man-made), our power grid could not be restored in any reasonable amount of time – perhaps as long as 18 months to two years.

    The following short clip explores the different solar events that could threaten life as we know it:

    The Space Weather Prediction Center, which is an organization tasked with watching the sun and identifying potentially damaging solar events, plans on responding to solar flares headed towards our planet by shutting down key power grid systems. Satellites deployed throughout our solar system are constantly monitoring the sun. When they detect a potentially damaging effect, the Prediction Center’s goal is to immediately activate emergency procedures and contact key personnel through the country who would be responsible for shutting down our grid.

    A solar flare will give researchers and analysts about 2 – 3 days to respond – which seems to be plenty of time if a massive solar flare is detected. In recent months we’ve seen several X-class solar flares headed towards Earth. If targeted directly at our planet, a high enough level X-class flare could take down elements of the grid, and in several historical instances flares have done just that. But with solar storms heating up, and the recent massive eruption detected last year, scientists are worried about even stronger “X+” flares, or Y-class events. The Space prediction center should be able to detect all classes of these flares, and if executed properly, can protect the grid if one is determined to be heading towards Earth.

    But, as you saw in the video above, solar flares are only one of several dangerous emissions that could effect our power grids.

    The real threat is no longer in the solar flare arena, because we can detect these days ahead of time. Our problem comes in the form of threats that give us mere minutes to respond.

    CME, or coronal mass ejections, are described as a champagne cork popping off the bottle. If that cork is pointed at Earth, it will be nearly impossible for scientists, government officials and power company leaders to react. When a CME occurs, it creates a shock wave ahead of it. That shockwave is made up of particles moving at almost the speed of light, which means we’ll have anywhere from about 10 minutes to a couple hours before we’re hit. Our satellites may detect the wave, but mounting a response to shut down the power grid would be a nearly impossible task.

    As we’ve discussed before, the effects of the US power grid going down would be catastrophic, similar to a man-made EMP blast, with some estimates suggesting that within one year a full 90% of our population would be dead.

    The United States government is obviously planning for such an event, first by trying to respond to the threat directly by preventing damage, and then by creating contingency plans for everything from nuclear war to asteroid impacts. Governments the world over are spending billions of dollars of the peoples’ money to prepare shelters, regionalized supplies and continuity of government operations in the instance that these outlier events occur. We can be 100% assured that these preparations are not for the general population, but rather, for elite members of society and “essential” personnel.

    The average American, if such an event were to occur, will be on his own. It is for this reason that we recommend preparing for worst-case post collapse scenarios by stockpiling several months worth of food, water, medicine and other critical supplies. We buy insurance for our cars, our homes, our lives (or rather, deaths), our pets, and our electronic devices. Is it not prudent to do the same to ensure our survival?


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      1. So what good is cutting the power during an EMP? Its the same myth as turning your car off and it wont hurt the electronics. It is still going to fry it.

        • Dunno – it depends on a lot of things. The Northwest US and Eastern Canada suffered a massive power outage due to similar solar activity. It took down the grid, but didn’t wipe out small electronics and such.

          The reason the grid went down due to overload was the thousands of miles of open wire (we call ’em transmission lines) that soaked in the magnetic burst, causing an inductive overload on the transformers attached to it.

          The reason most electronics survived it just fine was because they didn’t have massive induction-friendly antennas hanging off of them in the open, to soak up the load and transmit it to the delicate bits.

          • A CME is not like an EMP and trying to equate them does not work. EMP’s will destroy anything that is not protected. A CME on the other hand is attracted to the power grid. The grid will act like an Antennae and channel the free-roaming electrons into the power grid, as the telegraph grid did in 1859 during the Carrington Event (the first CME we know about). Aircraft, Cars, and anything not plugged into the grid will be safe from a CME. Just look at the effects in Quebec in March of 1989 for your example of what to prepare for.

            • “A CME is not like an EMP and trying to equate them does not work.”


              ( Much thanks for doing in that one sentence what I took a whole paragraph to sort of get around to. 🙂 )

              • I agree that CME and EMP are completely different animals, but the end result of the grid getting toasted is where my focus was with this.

        • Actually its not. The US government did a lot of tests on vehicles and the tires in 90% of the cases saved the computers. Only things like smart cars are at a greater risk because of all their batteries.

          • Wrong, having worked with emp in training at a JRTC MOUT site in Florida for 18 months, if vehicle has electronics with silicon chips, they are FRIED. Tires do not work to shield, it’s an electro MAGNETIC pulse.

      2. FBI Special Agent Johnson: Authorization? How about the United States FUCKING government? Lose the grid, or you lose your job.

        Hans Gruber: The circuits that cannnot be cut are cut automatically in response to a terrorist incident. You asked for miracles, Theo, I give you the FBI.

        Shut it down now.
        Maybe I should call the Mayor.
        No shit it’s my ass. I got a big problem here.
        Shut it down now.
        Emergency lighting activated.
        Al, talk to me. What’s going on here?

        • Die Hard Bitchez

      3. “On-Star! How may we help you?”

      4. When we get to the ‘Z’ class flares, they’ll be equal to our credit rating.
        Anybody know where I can get some SPF5000 sunscreen lotion?

        • Good one Okie! I laughed out loud!

      5. It rubs the lotion on it’s skin, or else it gets the hose again.

      6. Want to be prepared for this? Have all your other preps in place, AND keep the following in an EMP box (or boxes):

        -Shortwave Receiver
        -Ham Transceiver (if you’re a ham)
        -VHF Scanners
        -Radiation Meters
        -Your LED Lighting
        -At Least One Computer (e.g. laptop) w/ spare parts and a MODEM).
        -Power supplies: batteries, solar chargers, etc.

        Metal file boxes (of various sizes) make nice EMP boxes, and they’re quite reasonably priced. You can ground them to a copper grounding rod in the ground, if you’re super-fastidious.

        • you can also use a mylar bag…I’m just not sure if it has to be grounded or not?

        • I am unsure about what you can use a computer for if the power and communication systems are fried.

      7. One Second After is the worst book ever, I hated it, but everyone needs to see it. In fact I dare say the survival rate for those who read it will be double or triple! What do you bet.

        • Jim,
          We all have a right to our opinion, but I totally disagree. It was a page turner and very, very enlightening regarding a SHTF situation. You can get the book at your state’s library system.

          • I enjoyed it too. It was sad, shocking, funny, and truly painful to read because of the reality of it all. Everyone should read it, but most wouldn’t like it. Kinda like bad-tasting medicine. Funny, though. I found my copy in the book/magazine section of my grocery store!

        • I loved that book, Jim!

          Most of my preps do not require “the grid”. Course, it would be nice to HAVE the grid, but we’ll get by without it.

          I think the grid is going down – whether an EMP attack, a solar incident or societal collapse, the world is going to change because the world cannot go on as it is.

        • I liked the bool over all but hated some parts of it….mainly the writers politics and love of leo and military…he was definitely not awake when it comes to politics….he is still in the matrix. I also didn’t like how he thought certain things were fine…like taking from some for others…a lot of underlying things there…but probably close to reality when it does happen. I also hated the sad part towards the end…being a dad myself that was hard to read

        • I personally didn’t think it was the worst book ever but it also wasn’t the best either. Did spell out some real needs though if tthis were to happen. The best bet is to have what I don’t and that is a group of trusted friends that will stand by you until the end.

        • I just saw something creepy and funny all at once last night… finally got around to watching “The Crazies” on TV.

          Yup – logic holes all over hell and breakfast (when did Iowa get a swamp, let alone one big enough to hold, hide, and completely submerge an entire USAF cargo jet? Oh, and a multi-megaton nuclear burst big enough to be seen by the whole town of Cedar Rapids was described successfully as a “chemical plant accident”? Sheyah, right.)

          Otherwise, fun little movie. It was like seeing a mash-up of six crap horror movies in one roll.

      8. I have read One Second After. It is one of the rare books where everything doesn’t end “happily ever after”, but it is still too ‘watered down’ from reality.

        • That’s because reality wouldn’t sell a copy. The watered down version is hard to read. Imagine the real one.

          • reality is usuall never happily ever after, eh?

            It seems we may all headed for an “On the Beach” (not a happy ending) scenario, but the cause may not be what we expect.

            • On the Beach! I think that was by Nevil if I’m not mis-taken. Wow, I read that back in 1980 when I was still in school.

      9. Try reading “The Road” if you don’t like watered down. I recommend it to all my non preparing friends. Been able to convince my mom and brother. Truly horrific stuff but not much on preparation in there. Maybe motivation to prepare if nothing else.

        • Actually it has a ‘happy ending’. If I were writing it I would finish the book with the boy getting eaten by his would-be rescuers.

      10. “Look mummy, there’s an airplane up in the sky” Goodbye Blue Sky

        • It’s Bernanke throwing money from the sky!!!!!

      11. Start building real relationships with real people like neighbors, friends and family.
        Get to know them well. Especially If you only have friends on digital social media.
        When the system goes down, those who only have digital media relationships (face book, my space, etc.) will suffer the most.

      12. Pull me ten letters out of the thousands sent to the white house each day. We will have minutes-to-respond to the idiot. Has he been out to the West Coast since the Japan disaster?

      13. Alas, Babylon is also a pretty good book…..

        • Loved it. I hadn’t seen it since I was a teenager (err, a couple decades back), but still remember most of it from memory. Awesome book, IMHO.

          • I loved Alas, Babylon from the first time I read it. Also check our Lucifer’s Hammer if you haven’t already done so.

      14. The FDA said we need stronger sun screen today. SPF 3000 anyone?

      15. the largest recorded CME is the Carrington Flare of 1859. it was so strong it shocked telegraph operators even after they disconnected their telegraph machines. Northern lights could be seen as far as florida. something like that would today would wipe out most satelites and space station and the power grid. our power grid is out dated and in need of repair not to mention its fully overloaded now. this is something that will happen….. not if but when.

        • C & B

      16. Haven’t read the novel “The Road” but watched the film version which is very good but extremely depressing leaving you feeling hopeless throughout the entire film.

      17. I just finished reading “One Second After” and have seen the movie “The Road”. Both give alot to think about. Water and food, never enough of it. Loss of electric (refrigeration) and good hygene (bathing) will cause early deaths to the infirm and sickness through unsanitary conditions. Believe me, I’m not wishing for it. Its gonna be really ugly.

        • EPA intends to ban the sale and distribution of products containing brodifacoum, bromadiolone, difethialone and difenacoum directly to residential consumers.

          And EPA:
          – requiring protective bait stations
          – barring pellet formulations

          These chemical treatments kill rats which cause the PLAGUE. People use these chemicals ONLY when necessary.

          The plague happened during the 14th century, because these chemical did not exsist at that time. The plague nearly wipped out the European continent. If the system is down, everything is stop and all lives will gradually cease.

          Democrats have many Administrative laws which by-pass Congress, that’s why we have congress and a president with veto powers.

          We either have PLAGUE / Georgia Stone or a real solution(s) to solve this problem. You can ban them without an effective replacement.

          • oops, I should say you CAN’T ban them without an effective replacement. Sorry, I overlooked my typo.

      18. This is from a friend on line that works as a information technology consultant for the big guys……i.e NASA So take it for what it’s worth to you in your opinion.

        The Official Announcement

        ‘Major Result’ on Sunspot Cycle to be Announced Tuesday (TODAY, June 14th 2011 @ PM EDT (5PM GMT))…t-preview.html

        Astronomers will unveil a “major result” on Tuesday (June 14) regarding the sun’s 11-year sunspot cycle.

        The announcement will be made at a solar physics conference in New Mexico, according to an alert released today (June 10) by the American Astronomical Society. The discussion will begin at 1 p.m. EDT (1700 GMT).

        More information on the conference:

        Meeting List:


        I was waiting to respond to this until after I listened to the 1 PM EST briefing.

        Solar Cycle 24 (what we are currently in and ends in 2013) will be most likely a large one… and more than likely the LAST large on for awhile. What does that mean folks… prepare for a new Ice Age.

        This extra quiet minimum we’ve just come through will result in high compression maximum for some possible electro-devastation, which then turns to calmer waters for some time to follow.

        How big will this last big storm before the calm be… that is the real question… and not even NASA knows that answer.

        What problem I see in the future is if Solar Cycle 24 (Current cycle we are in) is going to be overwhelmingly violent that it would incur a massive hit on the global electrical grid how would humanity prepare for a coming ice age? Not to mention the volcano’s are not helping this one bit.

        No I am not bull****ting you one bit. That’s what the conference stated.


        Major Drop in Solar Activity Predicted
        June 14th 2011…

        As the current sunspot cycle, Cycle 24, begins to ramp up toward maximum, independent studies of the solar interior, visible surface, and the corona indicate that the next 11-year solar sunspot cycle, Cycle 25, will be greatly reduced or may not happen at all.


        A missing jet stream, fading spots, and slower activity near the poles say that our Sun is heading for a rest period even as it is acting up for the first time in years, according to scientists at the National Solar Observatory (NSO) and the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL).

        “This is highly unusual and unexpected,” Dr. Frank Hill, associate director of the NSO’s Solar Synoptic Network, said of the results. “But the fact that three completely different views of the Sun point in the same direction is a powerful indicator that the sunspot cycle may be going into hibernation.”

        “If we are right,” Hill concluded, “this could be the last solar maximum we’ll see for a few decades. That would affect everything from space exploration to Earth’s climate.”

        Sun’s Fading Spots Signal Big Drop in Solar Activity
        June 14th 2011…lar-cycle.html

      19. I know that I had a dream to collect food and provisions about 3 months ago. rice, water, vitamins etc. whether its solar flares, nuclear bomb, earthquake or war, we all need to be prepared and quit fighting ourselves on this website. something is coming, i have felt it and i know a lot of you folks have too

        • Had the same dream 2 years ago and my wife thought I was crazy for building my food storage framework. No idea why I started just know I have continued after the dream and at times she even buys some stuff to add to it. This is a global concern for thousands of people I’ve discovered, so I don’t feel so crazy anymore. Just wish she would give me access to some of those hundred dollar bills she has stashed so I can buy other items I need! Lot of people disagree on this one, but I think we need to build a network here as we all are pretty much on the same page.

          • go to

            • I did and created a local group, but this site has SLOW issues and other problems so I don’t think it will catch on.

          • Unreal on the dream thing. I also had a dream and I don’t remember dreams much at all. Mine was about preparing (for what I don’t know) and I have very little to start with. It set me in motion buying silver and stocking up on ammo. The next thing you know I’m on a dozen subscriber lists! My dream was around Feb 2007. It bugged me so much that I was buying silver buy the end of March a short 2 months later. Keep in mind I knew very little about such things.

        • I had a similar dream about a year ago. I was never really into prepping before that time. But in the dream I was gathering food at a fast pace…boxes of food. It was crazy, but it stuck with me and really made me think. I’m pretty well-prepped now. Interesting!

      20. NASA & Toyota know the most about sun bloc “fly by wire”. Now if we can just get a straight answer about that H20 reclamation machine.

      21. Wednesday, March 19, 2008 – On Drudge Report there was a political prediction “It’s over. Barack Obama has already won the Democratic nomination.”

        Maybe God made this supernova from this constellation visible on that day as a reminder – Stay focused. Don’t be led astray. Jesus will return.

        On March 19, 2008, a powerful gamma ray burst detected by NASA’s Swift satellite in the Bo-otes constellation shattered the record for the most distant object that could be seen with the naked eye.

        NASA said the afterglow “was 2.5 million times more luminous than the most luminous supernova ever recorded, making it the most intrinsically bright object ever observed by humans in the universe.”

      22. scott says:
        June 14, 2011 at 11:59 pm
        The best bet is to have what I don’t and that is a group of trusted friends that will stand by you until the end.

        ~~~Wow, scott, we could start a ‘club’…me either!! Those must be in short supply!!!~~~

        • I like it LOL but I am up here in WA on the Idaho boarder and if I remember correctly your in the mid west?

      23. Here is the advice I got from a friend who is an expert in the field of electronics/surveillance and security as far as faraday cages go.

        “While I recommend that you use a double protection system of two electrically isolated layers for anything critical as an added level of protection against Murphy’s law, a single layer of Mylar should work by itself. Grounding a protective layer is a bad idea. I would take steps to be sure it wasn’t grounded. Grounding allows it to receive and carry a stronger current which in turn increases the possibility of arcing across the insulation.

        For anything that is very critical to you or very expensive, double the layers and insulate them from each other as an added level of protection. Cover the item with an insulator which could be as simple as wrapping it with an old towel to shrink wrapping it with a food saver. Then put it in a PERFECTLY sealed Mylar bag (some Mylar bags can be sealed with a food saver). Then insulate it again and place the now insulated bag in a metal container such as an old ammo can. You can even use a metal garbage can as long as you seal it with metal tape. Aluminum foil is also cheap and easy to work with as a protective layer but it scares me becasue you have to be VERY VERY careful not to accidentally tear it somewhere and then not notice the tear. Finally you can use ordinary house window screen (metal only) as a Faraday cage. The holes in it are smaller than the wavelength of any EMP generated by the sources that we are concerned about.”

      24. Interesting that you post this article about the pending doom of our electrical grid, yet According to three studies released in the United States on Tuesday 6/14/2011, experts believe the familiar sunspot cycle may be shutting down and heading toward a pattern of inactivity unseen since the 17th century. So WHAT IS IT?

        • JD, Thank you for your comment.. While the sun is predicted to go into hibernation, please see the above post from BJ regarding this particular announcement. His comment includes an assessment from his friend inside of NASA who was aware of the reports prior to them being released. Something not covered in detail within the ‘ice age’ story is the possibility that the sun goes to an extreme first, with massive discharges, and then falls into hibernation.


          “This extra quiet minimum we’ve just come through will result in high compression maximum for some possible electro-devastation, which then turns to calmer waters for some time to follow.

          How big will this last big storm before the calm be… that is the real question… and not even NASA knows that answer.

          What problem I see in the future is if Solar Cycle 24 (Current cycle we are in) is going to be overwhelmingly violent that it would incur a massive hit on the global electrical grid how would humanity prepare for a coming ice age? Not to mention the volcano’s are not helping this one bit.

          No I am not bull****ting you one bit. That’s what the conference stated.”


          It’s all theoretical, of course, but I wanted to point out the other view point..



        • the inactivity is theorized to happen in cycle 25….which starts in 2013. I think the main thing to take away from this is that if this turns out to be true and develops as perceived….then how in the world do you prepare for a mini ice age at all much less if your in a power grid down situation for 1 to 2 years or longer?

      25. What ever my be coming is going to be bad. If you have not stocked up, you need to get your butt in gear, or just dig a grave right now and lay down, because no one is going to gake the time to bury you when you’re gone.

        I feel at this time, it is too late for the many sheeple to prepare big time. But any preperation is better then no preperation.

        As mentioned before, it is important to have a group of trusted friends/family to help out during the hard times to come. The Lone Wolf immage is not as kool as most would have you believe.

        Maybe the “THE HOPE AND CHANGE” we should have been going for was survival preperation throughout America. Not what we got.

        God Bless and keep on prepping.

      26. Has anyone thought about the fact that an EMP taking out our power grid means sooner or later inevitably all the nuclear reactors on American soil WILL melt down

        • People don’t like to talk about this, BJ. It’s way too real. Nuclear reactors will melt down and kill everything unless they find a no-grid way to keep the fuel cool or safely contain it or whatever. I dunno. I hope they are working on this problem. It’s really been bumming me out lately.

      27. @Mac
        What is their plan for letting the public know in the even that they have to shut down the grid? I rarely watch TV. NOAA weather radio? What?

        Also, if this were to happen and you are on a trip miles from home what can you do to get home to all the preps you made? We are planning a trip 1400 miles away. How on earth to walk that far home even with a Get Home Bag? If it really happened people would need to help one another to get home. How do you know you can trust anyone? We need a prepper network codeword or something. Ideas?

      28. SCOTT…..WA Hun? Like N.Port, KittyKat, Enoi, NewTown?
        I don’t ~do~ People either. 2 unpredictable & not trustworthy in These Xact kinds of emergencies not 2 mention the ON going, continuing hardships. I’m all over the water, have enough medical just need 2 stay conscience 2 deploy it 2 myself. Working on food thing, have the Nitrogen left over from Brewing. Mouse traps 2 Bear traps & F.poles 4 the river, (should some fish NOT B completely fried. 2 short waves, 1 ham, 1 SSB,(U won’t need licenses 4 many things here after this infrastructure & social disarray becomes reality), 2 CBs, 2 vhfs (5) antennas up & available; batteries, (D.C.) & inverters. All that’s missing is an ANDERSON SHELTER. Seems 2 B the quickest & cheapest IF covered W/enough rock &or concrete. Left out the 3 gen sets ac&dc. W/the remote hard wire cameras on the solar cell charged battery I’ll just when 2 surface……..(& when NOT 2).
        3 laptops Modem & WiFi enabled, (just in case, but……)
        U people need 2 get skippy out there! Light speed. U have jobs I don’t. Buy REAL stuff. GOOD stuff. Money will B the paper it truly is. But Food, armaments, 1st aid supplies, (1st aid Books even if U’r well versed; U can trade them), communications equ, Things that R Survival Useful. This means life sustaining which encompasses the trade 2 help others & stay afloat while doing so. I’ve been collecting 4 some time as some things were castaways from my work when I could work, so I resurrected & repaired Good OLD dependable American Shit that ~still~ functions as designed. If 1 could weld up a few small Gasifyers…..I’m thinking they’d B the New Local GOLD standard. I know there will B trees left over. Least My chain saws R counting on it! Yelp this could B what it takes 2 get this over regulation off our backs & give them a very intense & involved distraction.

        The following is just 1 of the things that preparedness could prove prudent:

        A very Good Read if not 4 us 4 our kids. (THIS ah…… problem, will NOT B going away).

        My Best 2 U all…

        If this/something happens:
        B careful when indiscriminately dispensing trust. That will B the NEW TRUE Currency…

        (I need a 3rd compass, just in case the field is intact, another $50 1, & matches; never enough of them…{;^))

      29. NASA and the Elites won’t come forward so we are left to make sense of the data.
        ELENIN Nibiru Planet X What s Coming – April 26 2011 Update.flv

        The poster of the YouTube video claims its from JPL. It demonstrates the celestial spheres, Earth, Sun, either Mars or Venus, and the Brown Dwarf, align and coincidentally an X Class Flare, the Japaneses and Chilean earthquakes hit. Its worth noting the coincidences and following what the observation suggest, and not allowing ignorance to rule out possibilities. Planetary orbits and their alignments can be predicted with precision. Somehow NASA can predict solar flares and changes in gravitational pulls are convincing factors that can influence the changes in solar activity. Lets wait and see. The next alignment of the celestial bodies is predicted for 09.27.11 and 10.17.11 and 11.05.11 and they are expected to increase in energy as the Brown Dwarf approaches.

      30. “A Boy and His Dog” Don Johnson starred

      31. You know the power grid could easily be protected with a material called Faraday, in anycase the government does have contingencys.  The proof is not only at Denver International airport, but also the Residential Centers in all the states with multiple in some,  we have one here outside Omaha Ne.   type in residential center and Mass coffins.  Its all tied in together, may be speculation, however look at NASA’s finding plus what happened in 1859,  Those where Just telegraphs!!!!   Many people are not aware that the paper some the the telegraph clickers or whatever they called them burst into flames in a great many of cases, thus the reference to fires springing up.   Anyways thought I would clarify some actual facts, whether or not the pertain to the subject at hand that’s up to you to decide.  Contact my email if you want more evidence I uncovered or if  you need me to clarify something.    

        [email protected]

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