KILLSHOT: Solar Flares So Powerful They Will Cause the Death of Billions *Full Documentary*

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    This report has been reprinted with permission from Modern Survival Blog

    If you want to challenge yourself to the possibility that our mind is capable of seeing things beyond our reality, then you may be interested to watch the following video documentary which predicts (via ‘remote viewing’) a solar ‘killshot’ that will end it all, for many of us. Whether or not you are willing to let notions of remote-viewing or ‘esp’ into your consciousness, the scenario predicted within the video is a scientific possibility, one which we can do nothing to prevent. But, maybe, just maybe, we could do something to prepare for.

    Disclaimer: We have no affiliation or promotional motivations in any way with the person or information contained within or related to the video. Instead, I found it fascinating, and given the author’s credentials and apparent authority I thought some of you may appreciate it. Maybe it will motivate you to reinforce your preparedness plans, maybe it will simply start you to thinking about the ‘what if’, or maybe you will think it’s a bunch of hot air.

    The video ‘The Killshot’ by ‘Remote Viewing Products’, is in the public domain and is free for the viewing at their website (and others), while their DVD can also be had for free from their website ( and – which is why I believe it to be within our right to post it here while at the same time providing fair credit to the source.

    About Major Ed Dames:
    Major Edward A. Dames, United States Army (ret.), is a decorated military intelligence officer and an original member of the U.S. Army prototype remote viewing training program. He served as both training and operations officer for the U.S. government’s TOP SECRET psychic espionage unit (PSIINT). Major Dames has been awarded the Legion of Merit, and two Meritorious Service Medals. Major Dames retired from the U.S. Army in 1991 and began a full-time effort to advance remote viewing technology, and to create teams of professional civilian Remote Viewers to work on complex projects. He currently serves as executive director for the Matrix Intelligence Agency, a private consulting group.

    What he’s saying:
    We’re not going to be hit by just one mega solar flare, but a series of them over time (perhaps over a 1-2 year period), “that’s going to turn Earth into a veritable X-ray & proton rotisserie,” he said. Locations in the southern hemisphere will have few survival zones, he said. If you aren’t in a safe haven, then living underground to avoid the high winds and dark skies, is your best option, he added.

    What others are saying:
    The Killshot is truly frightening but Ed doesn’t use this video as a scare tactic. He seems to be very level headed about our world today and it’s easy to see how the writing is on the wall for upcoming disasters. The evidence in here showing some other RV predictions that have already come to pass truly can’t be denied.

    The Killshot is an amazing documentary that shows the real side of Ed Dames and Remote Viewing. Why is it that so many people have a hard time believing that Remote Viewing is real? It was a top-secret military program for 20 years, was declassified and proven to work.

    What I’m saying:
    Regardless of whether or not ‘remote viewing’ is or may be ‘real’, the fact is that the sun is entirely capable of what is described in the documentary. In fact, the largest solar flare ever recorded (on modern day instruments), fired off the sun in November 2003. It missed us. Had it been aimed at the earth during that time, we would be living in a different world today. I’m extra aware of this phenomenon of the sun today, because we are nearing the peak of solar cycle 24 (end of 2012, early 2013), and anything could happen…

    Report originally published at Modern Survival Blog
    Hat tip Prepper Web Site 

    Addendum: RV Institute Predicts Mass Refugee Evacuations in 2013, Breakdown of Government, Pandemonium
    by SHTF Plan 

    In addition to Ken’s report concerning the Killshot documentary, we thought it would be beneficial to include additional information for our readers who may be interested in remote viewing and the event predictions put forth by another leading RV organization – the Farsight Institute.

    Through the 1970’s, 80’s and 90’s the US government’s remote viewing research remained classified. Any mention of the program by individuals or media was immediately countered by disinformation and denial. In the late 1990’s, as more details began to emerge, the government itself admitted the programs were real and documentaries and news reports on the subject began to emerge. Tens of millions of dollars had spent on remote viewing, not just for research, but real world military application.

    Major Dames is one of several remote viewers who has made some absolutely stunning predictions. Of note is that in 2003 Dames predicted an earthquake in Japan that would lead to a catastrophic, worse-than-Chernobyl meltdown of a nuclear reactor. Yes, he actually said this in a radio interview on Coast to Coast AM as well as on Japanese TV.

    For those interested in Remote Viewing predictions, consider watching the following video from the Far Sight Institute, an organization made up of some of Dames’ former colleagues and other well known remote viewers like Courtney Brown.

    While not an exact science with respect to date predictions, remote viewers seem to have an uncanny ability to predict events in sequence.

    That being said, the 2012 Presentation from Courtney Brown is shocking:

    In general, these remote-viewing data suggest the following types of physical changes across many of the above geographical locations by mid-2013:

    1. Impacts from what appear to be large meteors leading to tsunamis and possible volcanism
    2. Extensive and forceful flooding of coastal areas
    3. Excessive solar radiation
    4. Storms and other severe weather

    In terms of the effects of these changes on humans, these data also suggest:

    1. Massive self-organized relocation from coastal areas (refugees)
    2. The breakdown of rescue or other notable governmental functioning
    3. The breakdown of the food supply system
    4. The breakdown of the vehicular transport system
    5. Extensive loss of buildings near coasts

    Let’s hope that Mr. Dames and Mr. Brown are wrong. Remember, however, that RV was (and is) used in military application, in real-life scenarios (as described in Morehouse’s Psychic Warrior) with reportedly excellent results. Thus, considering the possibility, especially given the solar warnings from NASA and others in recent years, would be prudent.

    Watch the Remote Viewing predictions of the Far Sight Institute:


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      1. Several times in pre-history, the human race was nearly eliminated. It will probably happen several more times. Sol Invictus.

        • Ode to fir
          Same disclaimer as before.
          This one will be short, yet I do not believe that this simple tree has been given its due beyond what we think of it in terms of X-mas tree.
          During all three survival courses in Sweden (two summer time and one winter time) I was given excellent opportunity to fully appreciate the fir tree. What follows is a short laudatory article for its numerous gifts for survivalists and layman alike.
          First, the fir tree provides excellent C vitamin rich tea. Just like pine, its needles are rich with C vitamin. Or at least that was what our survival instructors told us back then  Pluck green needles and cook them in water for 5 min. Resulting tea is not what Waldorf Astoria would serve, but on the other hand, let them rot with scurvy, while we enjoy healthy life in boondies after SHTF.
          Second, branches of fir tree provide EXCELLENT thermal and visual camouflage (visual only in appropriate terrain). It is not commonly known fact, but it is nonetheless. The reason is the same why we choose fir for shelter building – thermal isolation. No black helicopter would ever spot you if you were covered by fir branches. On the other hand it alone will not save you, if you won’t employ other evasive actions.
          Third, as mentioned above, fir branches are famous for their thermoisolative qualities, thus we use them for outdoor temporary shelters. The one particular that springs to my mind is one called “wolf’s lair”. First you start with floor – you stick fir branches (after clearing the ground from nasty bumpers that would otherwise destroy your sleep) at 45 degree angle into the ground. You keep sticking those branches until there is no place to stick. The result should be an area enough to lie in fetus position and the covering created by fir branches should feel springy (boing, boing). I forgot to mention – it is better to choose a place right under one small fir tree. Then do the roof and walls. Fir branches are naturally bent, and you must use that to your advantage in building. Begin where your head will lie and build cone shaped ending (naturally cone ending should point outward). Then proceed with walls and roofing – use bent fir branches to create a tube-like shelter. Place branches perpendicularly to your lying position (so you won’t crash the house when entering or exiting). Rule of thumb (OMG the lesbian from “Boondock saints” would kill me) is to use so many fir branches that there wouldn’t be a single spot of clear sky when you are in the shelter and looking up. It should be just enough to crouch down into and lie in fetus position. I can attest that even when there was -2C (28.4F) I slept my life’s best sleep in “wolf’s lair” and without sleeping bag that is! Just remember – take almost all of your clothes off, use some for mat and the rest to cover oneself during night! Never sleep with your clothes on, and never, never with your boots on!
          Forth, fir roots, young ones are very good as ropes. Dig out some lean roots and then work them a little by pulling them back and forth with middle part around a stout branch or stem. Just remember, when dried they will lose their flexibility, so this is either temporary rope, or a very good solution for lashing the beams (or anything that would not require flexibility).
          Fifth, fir bark and cones are very good for bark tanning the furs. Put the bark into the bucket and pour boiling water over it, let it stay there for 2-3 days. After de-fleshing and drying the hide, soak it in the solution for a month. After that, continue with stretching and drying process as in any other tanning process.
          Sixth, it is said that one can eat fir resin and seeds of fir tree. I can say only this – seeds can be eaten, but they are so small that in order to fill your stomach, you’ll have to exhaust more calories to collect enough seeds. However, they can be a quite good spice in times of harsh need, just as ants are (like small peppers soaked in vinegar, I mean ants). I have not tasted resin though, so I can give you no guarantees to its edibility.
          Seventh, remembering thermoisolative powers of fir we can use it for storing some foods beneath a large pile of branches during winter. I ate some wild apples in the winter that fell beneath the fir and were covered by needles. When hay is not available you can use fir needles or fir branches to construct ice-room in the winter, to have refrigeration during spring and into summer.
          Eighth, you can adorn it on 24th of December and have Christmas in the field 🙂
          Finally, the wood of the fir is not your best option for fire, as fir does not contain a lot of energy, use birch and other deciduous hard wood for that. But fir tree has those small dried branches on the lower levels, and they are excellent for STARTING fire. After you’ve managed to get your spark flaming in the tinder, use those small dried fir branches to get the flame real strong for the bigger logs.

        • You freakin people SEARCH for shit to keep you up at night.

          • Whatever the event, or events, that come in to play—whether the PTB have foreknowledge or not—upon one thing you may count.

            TPTB will NOT let a good:
            catastrophe / emergency / event / or plurality of them

            go to waste. ———-They told you so, already.

            Be Prepared for that.

          • And you?

        • Good morning

          I have heard off Manos. He and his family are well, but rightly pissed at the way things are going out there.

          I have sent love, thoughts and prayers on behalf of us all.

          Take care

          • @ Burt the Brit. Nothing is ever wrong with sending good thoughts towards others. If anything it will make you feel better inside. Hope all is well with you.

            • be Informed

              I am well thank you, hope you and yours are also. That was a very good article you posted the other day. Well done.

              Take care

            • I think the *good thoughts* are/is the major player in delaying the police state.

              Hopefully this Obama re-election with his goonies is their final attempt at deception and they will severely embarass themselves in the next 4 years without the *BS* hitting the fan.

              I have a gut feeling the timeframe between now and 2015 is going to be known as the US Government Embarassment age.

              For some reason it doesn’t like how I spell embarass though that is a tricky word so I might be spelling it wrong.
              I have never been that good at spelling words with lots of syllables in unusual spots.

              I just hope this doesn’t get trashed by spellaholics.

          • Oops. We cannot find the page.
            MSM Liberal media likely pulled it down after someone blew the whistle. Some how the link slipped past the editor who later got either yelled at/demoted or both if the PIC is in a foul mood that day.

        • Ever Hear about Fatima? It is one of the very few Marian aparitions that the church has said is worthy of belief.
          In 1917 the Virgin Mary made a series of appearances to 3 children in Fatima Portugal culminating in the miracle of the sun. This is the only time that God gave a date and time that a miracle would occur. On Oct 13th thousands of people who had walked for days in pouring rain, saw the miracle of the sun. It appeared to spin and throw off colors and then appeared to hurtle towards the earth. The people screamed and fell to their knees praying for God to save them. As they prayed the sun fell back to it’s place. The people stopped praying and stood up. The sun repeated spinning and crashing toward earth 2 more times. Each time the people fell to their knees and begged for God to save them and each time the sun returned to it’s proper place. Then the people noticed that the muddy earth was dry. Their heavy woolen layers of clothing were all dry. They had been soaked to the skin before and now everything was dry. Thousands of people, believers and nonbelievers, saw this event. It was written about in the communist newspapers who covered it also.
          The children of Fatima were given 3 secrets. They revealed 2 but the 3rd was sealed and given to the Pope. Only a handfull of people have ever seen that secret. One of those was a priest of the Vatican named Fr Malachi Martin (also an author). When pressed for the details of the secret in 1999, he would only say that he had given his word not to reveal it. And that what has been given publicly was not the secret. He said that the secret was so terrible that no one would want to know it. And when pressed for the date he said “It is not in 200 years, it is not in 100 years, it is not in 20 years.”
          The bible says the mankind and the earth will go on. But how we go on is tied to how we respond to God. Over and over again we see God protect His people until they fall away from Him. He lifts his hand of protection a bit and if they turn back He protects them again. If they do not turn back, they are on their own.
          Check out “Harbinger” about 9/11 = same idea.

        • Ever wonder why they called early humans CAVE MEN.

      2. Great, more crap to worry about!

        • This is the one catastrophe which I most prepare for because although the likelihood is small, the consequences would be great. It is easy to go from being prepared for this to other more probably emergencies.

          My primary BOV is a very old manually aspirated diesel pickup. My secondary is a dual sport motorcycle stored in a metal shed hardened against EMP. Since I cannot test either of these, we can also hike there going half the way via interconnect rail trails with supply caches buried every 20 miles.

          We rely on the wind generator (made from an old treadmill) to keep the battery bank topped off while we only occupy the retreat on weekends. Later will can bring out three solar electric systems that are stored underground wrapped in Mylar. Other electronics such as charges, inverters, communications, equipment, etc. are hidden in a Faraday cage within one wall.

          This are only our EMP related preps. I realize I cannot prove that any of these precautions will survive a direct hit, but am only responsible for doing my part and feeling I have done so can sleep at night. Faith without works is dead. – James 2:20

          • PP – I was under the impression from other posts you live at your retreat???

            • I did not mean to give you that impression as I am only there on weekends now. A recent post about my dual fuel space heater says I can either use it here or take it to the retreat. It is not far and I would be there today, but am officiating a wedding this weekend. I lived in the woods until I got married a few years ago and moved into my wife’s home in the city which I have since retrofitted with alternative heat, Faraday cages, rainwater catchment, etc.

          • @ PP, sounds like you put a great deal of work into your faith.

            “The way of the lazy man (unprepared) is blocked with thorns, but the path of the upright (prepared) is a clean highway” Proverbs15:19

          • High FIVE of the Day dude!

          • A question directed not just at you PP, but at anyone who has a bugout retreat where they do not stay 100% of the time:

            What is your plan if, when you arrive at your bugout retreat, you find it already occupied by some uninvited guest/s?

            • To be living at our country home would mean either giving up our incomes and spending down our provisions at a time of general stability or commuting the cost of which is at least as much as maintaining a separate household and it is less risky to make the trip once a week rather than six times a week not to mention the additional time involved.

              Regardless of what people tell you. Know one knows when the trigger event will occur. Gerald Celente, for example, has been unsuccessfully date setting total anarchy since before Y2K. If we had went into hiding then, we would have earned nearly $1 Million less by now. We simply would not have the money to prepare as well as we would like.

              My retreat is not off by itself. Those with retreats like that will be vulnerable WTSHTF whether they live there full-time or not because they will be indefensible. My place is on a private gated mountain road between two others who do live there full-time and watch it for me. I hiked up after a snow storm one day because I was driving a rental and that evening I got a text message that my neighbor had seen footsteps in the snow. Besides, only a handful of people know of its existence. It has no address or driveway and appears as unimproved woodland on county tax records. Anyone who would stumble upon it would not last long.

            • Another consideration is OPSEC. I expect those friends, extended family, and congregation who have not heeded my warnings to show up at my home WTSHTF. I would also be concerned about UPS and USPS knowing the final destination of some the deliveries I have recieved. It will be a whole lot easier to not be here than to deal with that. Only because I have a separate retreat can I say that no one other than my immediate family and neighbors know where it is.

          • prepared pastor, I could use some very much needed help that you may be able to help me with. My hubby and I have most of what we need for a wind generator, we would like to have a battery bank for storing power. We have an invertor, old treamill etc. We have NO idea how to wire it and what type of wire to use. He is an electrician so he can do it but he has no xperience in the solar/turbine area. Is there anywhere on the web to get this info. Hubby said we need some kind of regulators or something too. He can do the blades arec but need some kind of plans. I have not been able to find anything of setail on the internet. Please if you can help it would be appriciated. We have our food and water, we are in second stages, power, heat etc. and need real trustworthy help. Thanx ( I trust pople on this site cuz, your all prepped better than me LOL)

          • Hey PP
            Costco has a 125 foot x 4 foot roll of cloth impregnated aluminum foil. The price is 129.00 and it seems to never run out. (over 1000 sf) its really heavy in the roll and quite compact, about 4 inches x 4 inches x 4 feet. The intended use is as an effective insulation layer to be stapled to the undersides of one’s roof. The neat thing is is that it’s electrically conductive, and it’s tough as all get out. It’s perfect for Faraday wrapping of objects, large and small, and we use it for same. In a hurry-up situation a guy could unroll about twenty feet, load it with electronics and wrap back with an overlay from the same continuous roll without ever making a cut. (except the last cut to separate it from the roll).
            Based on the last near CME we had enough warning to prepare. I would hope that would be the case now, but we aren’t taking many chances. Especially with our solar equipment.


        • Fix your Caps Lock key…

          • If my caps bother you then you have nothing to worry about!!

          • Lol, seriously dude! Fix yourself.

        • “I would rather die standing than live on my knees!”….Emillio Zapata

      4. “Hell and Destruction are seen by the Lord,
        So how much more the inner workings of men”
        Proverbs 15:11 NPB

        • European American

          Good point…need to add it to my list.

          Love to the dogs.

          Take care

        LIVE FREE

        • Bleach (liquid) loses it strength rapidly. Store pool chlorine tablets instead.

          • Pool chlorine tablets is not the best answer. Calcium Hypochlorite, which is pool shock is the way to go. the powder will last a very long time from which you can make bleach for cleaning and disinfecting water. A 5 pound bottle will only cost you about $15. It will disinfect several thousand gallons of water.

            Get the highest content of Calcium Hypoclorite, 58% -78% with the rest being inert ingredients.


        • Copperhead: Use caps to emphasize just particular words and more people will read your posts.

          Guirza: I suspect that you copy and pasted that post from your word processor. Once you have pasted, separate paragraphs and make them bite sized. I think WE would all enjoy your posts better that way.

          I just ignore long posts like that which you have posted. Make them readable without effort. Your message is lost due to lack of editing.


          • Your the authority lol. Tell people what they need to do, you do know best. People like you are the problem wether you realize it or not. Think it through FOOL! Thats what you are Kid. A fool.

          • yes, I did copy paste. Thanks for the advice on the posting… however I’m not very sure of the posting syntax and final result almost always differs from what I had in my mind… so I don’t know how to creat a good looking long post…

            • Giurza: A little spacing between paragraphs would help. That shouldn’t be to difficult. If it is one big block of sentences I just ignore the post. I am sure others do too.

              If you want to get your message across, make it readable. Thanks.

          • I agree with DK about the editing. Have you ever listened to a speaker who never changed the tone of his voice? Or one who was over emotional? In both cases people stop listening to their points to notice the boreing or irritating presentation. They could be Einstein but no one would notice because they are distracted by the presentation and miss the message.

      6. “But the day of te Lord will come as a thief in the night, in which the heavens will pass away with a great noise, and the elements will melt with fervent heat; both the earth and the works in it will be burned up”
        2Peter3:10 NPB

        • God is in control. It doesn’t mean to I’m going to stop prepping, but it sounds like something of biblical proportions that we will have no control over no matter how well prepped.

          If it is God’s plan than so be it. I’m ready for Him. But if we believe the bible (and I do) we haven’t entered the seven years of tribulation yet. That is what I prep for. When it comes to the rapture, Some people are pre-trib, some mid-trib, some post trib and others pan-trib. I’m with the the pan trib crowd. Its all just going to pan out in the end.

          The problem for most people is they don’t understand the story has already been written. In case you don’t know, Jesus won. Praise be to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

          • AMEN Arco! I am hoping for a pre trib, because I am a lil faint at heart when I think of what is comin around the bend, I like the thought of being caught up on the sky. But I know where I am going and I am on the winning team! I am glad to know what is gonna go down cuz my Heavenly Father told me already. Nope I am still gonna prep Joseph was a prepper too 🙂

          • Amen.

        • Just an observation…and a disturbing one at that…
          Why are so many “thumbs down” given to comments with reference to scripture? I pray that the majority of those who prepare include God in all decisions.

        • “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more important than food, and the body more important than clothes?….Matthew 6:25

      7. If remote viewing isn’t believed or credible, then what about the revelations in Revelations?? or the prophets of Biblical days??
        Wasn’t that remote viewing??

        • the theory is remote viewing gift was only given for a time and is no longer valid all remote viewing was finished by the end of the 1st century.

          • John 14:12 records Jesus saying that ANY who believe will do everything he had done. That’s the same ANY who believe that have eternal life. If someone claims to be a believer, but is not doing these things either they or Jesus is completely full of shit.

            Knowledge has not passed away. It is increasing in the last days as prophesied. 1 Corinthians 13:8 is referring to the next kingdom when only love will remain.

          • That all depends on your interpretation of a few key scriptures. I think the gift of prophesy is still valid today and will still be valid until the second coming ( I do not believe that the “fullness of time” refers to the time in which the Bible was being written down but rather the end of the church age). You are, of course, free to disagree with me on this key doctrinal point. Notwithstanding the debate about spiritual gifts inside the Christian church, there is a key difference between what Mr. Dames does and what is in the book of Revelation, Daniel, and all other prophetic scriptures. The key is that Biblical revelation comes directly from God while remote viewing comes from man or man’s ability to tap into the cosmos. Thus, it is akin to soothsaying and not true prophesy according to Scripture. As I believe that all men are equally fallible and sinful in nature, I do not place much credence in what men say. I will thus defer to God who is infallible and sees the whole of history at once as He is not constrained by time and space.

            • Winston: You are not confined by space/time either. The Spirit of Life within you is infinite.

            • @durango kidd: If you are not confined to time and space then perhaps you would care to share this week’s winning Powerball numbers? I am sure you win it every time so perhaps, just this once, you would like to spread it around a little? Also, could you do me a favor and travel back in time to tell me not to screw around in school or else I will end up delivering pizza for most of my adult life? Well… the fact that I am still here typing this shows me that you too are indeed confined by the constraints of space and time since, while there is indeed a spiritual component to your being, it is constrained by your corporeal existence.

        • Maybe, as long as what is being revealed suits God’s purpose.

        • No. The prophets received revelations directly from God. Remote Viewing is an occult technique that’s the work of demons. This just in, Satan wishes to deceive and destroy.

          • Actually thats old news.

        • What is being talked about in the article (remote viewing and esp) are actually occult practices from very long ago. The practice exists, but is extremely unreliable. But it is the source of this practice that is very questionable. There is a very big difference between, “I have seen….” and “The Lord has said…”

      8. Well, solar flares are dangerous and nothing new to our planet without a doubt. My real concern is with this guy taking a so-called “declassified” material and running amok commercial with it charging hundreds of dollars for his “remote viewing technique” package.

        The YouTube is awash with the likes of “remote viewers”.

        Anyhow, how is that going to help us? NASA knows much, much more scientifically about sun and can predictably calculate the solar storms and flares for many years ahead.

        Sorry, but I ain’t buying it. Real science must be served to benefit to all of humankind.

        • Ok,
          I can agree with you on the pimping of info to some degree, but a man has to make a living.
          But, as far as NASA, being able to predict solar storms with meaningful accuracy in short
          Term much less out years… I ain’t buying it.
          The weather channel said it would be cloudy today with 30% chance of rain…
          It’s a freak’n beautiful day.

          • @Slick, How dare you question THE WEATHER CHANNEL, you are lower than a dog!
            Where do you think God finds out what sort of day it will be…from Al Roker, of course.

            good point

            • Two thumbs down for a joke? Man this is a tuff crowd, “I get no respect, no respect at all”

          • I gave you a thumbs up!
            I thought it was great!

        • You know anybody that can “Remote View” me, next weeks Mega Millions Jackpot Lotto numbers?

      9. Maybe it will cleanse the liberal scum from this planet.

      10. 6 yrs later 27 acres of hills trees and rock, 12 c-trains wielded to include a 2 jeep garage and greenhouse, sleeps 20 family and friends,all covered with dirt and granite boulders, fully stocked with a natural spring producing 123 gal of clean water daily tied into the greenhouse and storage tanks, the place looks natural besides the cave for the jeeps. I think I am OK, then you show a video like this and I need more preps.

        • Rich, why such a sudden change of heart?
          you always say that there won’t be any “sky is falling” scenario, so why all those preparations?

          • 🙂 :O Thumbs up.

            • maybe it isn’t reaaallly rich just one of the hijacking trolls…..

          • Different Rich99. Notice he didn’t cap his name. Probably a troll.

            • and the real RICH99 is what? lol

      11. the lord siad a time of tribulation would come such as the earth had never seen…

      12. we have been here for many of thousands of years with these solar cycles, maybe electricity might not survive but we will so dont worry. Look down and each of us have our fears or scares. some might fear police state collecting our guns others these things. but you cant let fear worry you we have to much to worry about. you all know what i mean. just prep to a normal level to what you believe but dont lose your mind over it. thats all im saying. i prep a bit too.

      13. Now nothing seems to matter – why bother doing anything but enjoying life today!

        • bingo.

        • And I’ll say to myself, “You have plenty of good things laid up for many years. Take life easy; eat, drink and be merry.” – Luke 12:19

          • Dont you all know that we are all gona die of some thing ,show some dignity and show some balls . PREP but be realistic.Pray but dont expect that every prayer will hold the answer that you hope for… REMEMBER.. The caveat … If thy will be done.

          • “But God said to him, ‘You fool! This very night your life will be demanded from you. Then who will get what you have prepared for yourself?’ Luke 12:20

      14. Ed Dames has been saying the same crap for 20 years. It’s always next year, or six months from now, or soon. His dozens and dozens of deadlines has come and gone. Although is predictions do have scientific basis in fact, his prediction skills are a joke. You can go buy his crap videos and books if you want to waste your money.

        Focus on the international economic collapse in progress now.

        • Thumbs up NOBODY; I have listened to Major Ed Dames for years, maybe before the year 2000. When he talks , it is fascinating to here what he says., but; I have listened to so many of his predictions and don’t come true, I just take it like a grain of salt. 🙁

          • I hope SHTFplan didn’t jump the shark on this article.

        • Yeah, my first thought after reading this article and listening to the video was, I wonder how many times he’s been wrong. And the website pumping the “course” to become a remote viewer is a little sketchy.

          It’s true these solar flares do happen, but on that scale and in the near future, who knows? Then he says there are a few “sanctuaries”. But he doesn’t say where they are! He just says to go to them. So, where is everybody supposed to go and how many could realistically go there even if we knew where they were? No, at that point, it’s all in God’s hands.

          Just keep prepping.

          • Well, I will look for sanctuary WHEREVER the “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” crowd is not!

        • Nobody (and everybody), I share your perspective about Dames’ work – not much “real” information and direction here. On the other hand, CMEs (Coronal Masse Ejections) are a real phenomenon and the current solar cycle #23 being trended by NASA is expected to produce some of the biggest earth-directed ejections in history. It can have a really beautiful effect on the aurora borealis, and we’ve seen some of those lights reaching way down in the lower latitudes, BUT these showers of charged particles are not without risk. I haven’t read anything predicting an all out extinction of mankind, but it can produce the same effects as an electro-magnetic pulse – anything not shielded is going to have power quality issues (impacts to controllers resulting in supply interruptions). To anyone still feeling at risk to the CMEs, I am marketing CME PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) for $75+shipping – a really great bargain. When you receive it, it may resemble a thick roll of Reynold’s Aluminum Foil – a mere coincidence.

      15. This sucks. I sweat like a fat person.

      16. Maybe the Durango Dufus will come around and tell us that this is another improbabilty, like economic collapse and food riots in America…

        • slitthroat: No shit for brains, I do expect an EMP/CME. I have never said that there wouldn’t be food riots in America.

          Economic collapse will occur AFTER a CME/EMP or Pole Shift, not before. WE had the financial collapse dumb shit.

          Where the FUCK were you in 2009?

            • The GB’s got the money at the end of 2008, beginning of 2009.

          • Hey hey watch your temper kiddo! Let’s act like we’re older than twelve on here. Wait are you even an adult? I really have started to wonder, you immature punk.

          • Durango Dufus: Crash in 2008 is 10% of what crash of 2012-2013 will look like jackoff. Keep collecting your Federal Reserve Notes to start your fires and wipe your ass with…

            • slitthroat: If you knew anything dumb fuck you would know I own a precious metals mine. There are only six others like it in all of North America.

              I suggest you start collect aluminum cans! 🙂

      17. oh crap, I guess I should move into the Denver Airport

      18. Many scientists think that some of the past extinctions have been caused by solar flares that generated mass amounts of cosmic radiation that fried the planet to a certain level. There is an example of this when airlines are diverted or grounded because of dangerous levels of radiation. It doesn’t happen that often, but it does happen. The atmosphere can only shield the planet so much. The higher in altitude someone is the less atmosphere to protect someone. This is why, without the snow reflecting the sun, when someone is very high in the mountains they can get a bad sunburn.

        Remote viewing is something that is totally at the beginning of understanding it. We are said to be connected all together, but figuring out just how is another story. The governments of course are going to attempt to gain any advantage over their rivals, so they are going to experiment with this big time. The public is unlikely to ever know the truth about this, above top secret project.

        Predicting the future is interesting. In the future our present has already happened and in that future the past cannot be changed. So are we all just pre-destined to that future, or are there all sorts of realities that eventually converge on to each other? I personally have bet on the horse races and just know one horse will win no matter what without looking at a racing form and won. On other times I have had terrible success. Is this predicting the future or just dumb luck?

        I know people are feeling something is coming, but there is an interesting theory I have on this. Each of us has genetics and past memories and instincts in our DNA makeup of our brains from our parents and ancestors. Is it possible that there are tell-tale signs BEFORE certain disasters that we are just not consciously aware that alert us to something such as a mass of solar flares coming. In other words our ancestors saw all of this before and this memory is imprinted on our brains what to look for before it happens. Animals have this instinctual warning alarms that automatically go off to alert them of the danger to come. Perhaps people have this also, and everyone is sensing this doom because it has happened before and will happen again soon.

        • Be informed,

          Thinking outside of the box. I like it!!!

        • Yeah, yeah. I thinks the sign is,

          Brian Williams crooked nose!

        • Be Informed: The one common experience of those who have transcended the physical body is that recognition of a universal connection with all of life and each other.

          Think of each person as having an individual “spiritual IP address” on a spiritual internet based upon their vibration and electromagnetic frequency.

          WE are individually, and in essence, an energy field in a bigger Spectrum.

          • Whoa DK, you startin’ to worry me with this post……. besides, I’ve seen this cat (in the video) in an old episode of “The Outer Limits”.

            • POP: Check the science. OUR evolving understanding of quantum physics is changing OUR perception of reality and the nature of reality itself.

              Then of course there is always personal experience without the use of drugs, mushrooms, or other hallucigens available to those who wish to validate their spiritual heritage.

              Go within.

              (The cat is probably a time traveler.)

          • @ durango kidd. I do agree, and when we interact with each other good or bad, we cause all sorts of chain reactions. Just like the internet one comment leads another to think something which in turns leads to another and so on. This is why I try to add something that is going to be constructive for others’ benefits. I have seen what happens when I do something that I know is wrong yet I have done it anyway, the terrible consequnces. I have also seen when I do an act of doing what I at least feel is right, usually good results occur for many.

            I have to admit something about myself that probably needs some work, is that I have to have something over and over again proven to me. In other words I over-analyze most everything. I sometimes so overthink something simple that it becomes complex.

            I also think like you do that each of us has our own vibration and electrmagnetic frequency. It is getting that energy into harmony with the vibrations of the universe that anyone can feel more at peace. The more at peace someone is with themselves and the universe around them the easier correct and accurate answers come to someone. Anyone coming to this site wants answers that will help them survive the best they can. The more all of us try to come up with those answers, the better chance we all have for what is coming. That is something most of us can truly agree with, much chaos is on the near horizon from probably multiple sources.

            • BI: All the answers to all the questions are within US. Even the questions themselves.

          • durango kidd says:
            WE are individually, and in essence, an energy field in a bigger Spectrum.

            So, then, why do you prepare?

            • I want to feed that energy. WE are a duality: We exists in two contexts. The human body requires sustenance to exist.

              The spiritual body needs contact with its spiritual source to renew its license to life.

        • Interesting point. However, I lived thru the 1970s, which has a similar zeitgeist, and nothing world-ending happened. That doesn’t mean this time it won’t, and I do prep, but I don’t think some Jungian collective consciousness is going to predict the future.

          • JR: An extension of recent developments in quantum physics would suggest that “collective consciousness” creates the future; at least at some basic level of reality, when the collective accepts a particular idea as their own.

            Thoughts are things because ideas are constructs. Words have power. Actions provide the energy to manifest ideas.

            WE are what WE eat.

            As a man thinks, so he is. WE have the power to manage OUR thoughts and direct OUR energies in a manner of OUR choosing.

            When groups gather for a specific purpose, a collective power is generated; whether it is a PTA meeting, AA, healing prayer group, or Congress assembled. That power can manifest in an hour and change the fate of a individual, or the direction of a nation.

            The question then, is “How will He find US in that hour?”

            Will WE be about OUR father’s business? Are WE OUR brother’s keeper? Do WE apply OURSELVES as best as WE can to meet the challenges to OUR generation, so that WE can leave a better place to the next generation?

            Engage, my peeps. America is OURS to win again. Engage your employees or be enslaved by them. Create the future YOU want for US. A future without 30,000 drones in American Airspace, I’m sure.

            Resistance is not futile.

            90 million gun owners in America can change the direction of this nation without firing a single shot.

            Accept it. Believe it. Do it. Engage.

            • Durango: You are preaching the real gospel here – as you think, so you are; the kingdom is within; treat others as you would be treated; for the specie to inherit eternal life – we must love one another … give the guns back to the takers who are dividing and conquering … prepare to collaborate and feed each other … the solution has no violence with it … establish a kingdom here outside of the world of takers.

      19. This is something I am not going to spend to much time worrying about. There really isn’t much I can do about it if it happens other than what I do already. I don’t have the kind of money it would take to prepare for all of these eventualities and even if I did, I don’t think I would want to. After all, there is a point beyond which you are not just prepared but your life has ended for all intents and purposes because of the extremes you go through to prepare top preserve your life. That is the threshold you would have to pass to protect yourself from such a massive solar flare as is being discussed here. Just remember: Your life in this plane of existence is finite, no matter what you do to preserve it. Do reasonable things to prep for emergencies but don’t forget to live in the meantime. After all, in the end you are going to die and there is nothing you can do to stop that.

        • “On a long enough timeline….”

        • Exactly! I may even start eating more chocolate. So there…

        • All you need is metal file cabinets as a faraday cage, to be sure, ground them. Don’t let what’s inside touch the outside. Or you could use metal trash cans!

          There was a yard sale right around the corner from you this morning that had file cabinets!

          Oh, sorry… forgot. Need to turn my remote viewing off!

          • @ QuantrumBubbler. I have been thinking about Faraday cages a lot recently for LARGER objects. Someone I suppose could use those metal storage sheds that Sears and other places sells as long as the floors are protected with metal and the cracks and any opening are plugged with aluminum foil or some other pliable metal. Then I thought about what about actually protecting your vechicle if someone suspected an EMP from the sun was imminent, a massive huge sunspot that the space weather experts had an excellent chance of erupting.

            People often think about an EMP as being an unexpected event that you cannot predict. What about if you could? Why not protect your car from it until the threat of a massive solar flare going off dimishes? Why not have a safe place for your car and its electrical systems that you can protect it for when you are not using it? Any ideas? Any ideas from anyone out there on protecting your vechicle at least part of the time from a potential EMP?

          • Quantum blubber

            Genuine question. If you stuff everything into a faraday cage and protect your stuff…what good will it do if everything else is fried?

            I am not good with electrics etc but it would seem logical to assume that even though people may have equipment that would still work, that if the grid is fried there is no point to having working kit.

            I am pretty sure I must have missed something as too many people talk about faraday cages for me to be right.

            Can yo explain this to me please?

            • Thumbs down for asking a question?

              I though we were allowed to common here to learn.

              Take care

            • Burt ~ it’s very silly that anyone would thumb down a legitimate question like that. Trolls afoot, perhaps? Or maybe you just have a “fan club” like me! 😉

              If you have some protected items that you want to be able to run after a solar flare or an EMP event, you will also want to have protected some way to run them, like, for example, solar chargers or generators. Also, if the grid is eventually restored, the items you’ve protected will be able to be plugged in, whereas unprotected items are hopelessly fried.

            • If you have generator(s) also protected and stored fuel then you would have a leg up on the masses which wouldn’t have working devices due to an extended down grid. Admittedly a wide spread EMP/CME is a lower probability event it is still a higher risk than being arrested, tried and burned at the stake.

              Or maybe not give the current shifts in “law enforcement” tactics and the deteriorating “justice” system. Or green skinned aliens taking over.

              Now I’m just being silly. Or am I?

            • Hi Burt, you will also be able to do things like listen to the sw radio to know what’s going on out there and/or communicate with others who used faraday cages. If they did, obviously they are “like-minded”. If there is a generator or solar, etc you will be able to use electrical run things after the pulse. And having an older vehicle to get around in isn’t a bad idea. We have a bug and a willys…

            • And throw an ipod in there. When things get tough, a little Louis Armstrong will soothe you down or lift you up!

      20. Winston: I agree, and some of the y2k preppers I knew and even preppers from the 80’s econ. mess are in the cemetery and several are fixin’ to drop dead any time ( those in their 80’s and 90’s). Their preps(food) were ( and will be) thrown out by heirs and sold off anything of value. When I see the vanity of all their “work” for nothing, I can relate to all you said. I prep in moderation.

        • @ laura m. This is why it is so important to try to buy food that you can rotate and use as you need it. The difference between now and 2000 and the 1980’s is population. At around 2000 there was 6 billion people and in the 1980’s there was 4 and 1/2 billion to 5 billion people. To all nay-sayers, not saying you are one, for each person added to the world there is just that less energy resources, fresh water resources, less food, less arable land, less period. There will come a time when that barrier is broken of not enough to go around and one of several events will happen.

          First the more people that don’t have enough the more likely of a terrible disease starting up from the mass malnutrition, especially in the areas of India and Bangladesh where the humidity and year round heat is the perfect breeding grounds for the next super virus that will be near impossible to contain. National Geographic did an article on this years ago. Having enough supplies so you don’t have to expose yourself is beyond life essential. That focal point is quite near as nature has proven with countless life forms in the past.

          Next, during the past century there was plenty of energy resources to go around. Peak oil was believed to have been reached sometime between 2004-2008. This means that oil production is on the decline like peak oil for the U.S. was reached about 1970. Oil shale and oil sands give little energy in return for the refining processes. It takes much energy to separate and clean up these so called “oil reserves”. The energy net gained is not much, maybe 1.5 to 1 at the best. Oil is still “the fuel”. Natural gas driven engines would be nice, but the expense is one reason why it is not happening right now, on top of the oil cartels.

          I can remember the old nuclear war movie “The Day After” in which one of the characters said that the U.S. was not going to nuke the Russians to save the Germans, if it was about oil in Saudi Arabia then she said she would be worried. Well, there have been all sorts of reports of how the Saudis have been using “bottle brushing” with many of their oil fields, this is scrapping the barrel. It is believed, not proven, that much of the oil in OPEC nations is severely exaggerated, there is much less than stated. This exaggeration started in the 1980’s as OPEC nations garner more say so by how much they produce and by how much they say they have.

          War throughout history has started over resource scarcity and this time it will be no different. There is also something called statistic probablity that says the longer something goes without happening the more likely each year that it becomes likely to happen. It has been 67 years since the end of the last world war and a formula can give someone the chance of world war 3 developing each year after the last one. World war 3 means the end of civilization.

          Assuming that world war occurs every 50 years means that there is a 98% chance of it not occuring one year after 1945. Each year thereafter it is 98% x 98% = 96% chance of no world war after 2 years. At 67 years, or 98% times itself 67 times which is 26% chance of no world war. 74% chance of world war this year if world war occurs every 50 years. Say it is every 100 years world war occurs. 99% chance of no world war after one year. 99% times 67 years = 51% chance of no world war this year using the 100 year time frame. A coin flip. say it is every 200 years. 99.5% chance of no world war after first year after WW2. 99.5% times itself 67 times is still only 71% of no war. 30% chance of war this year using the 200 year time frame.

          74% chance of WW3 if world war occurs every 50 years.
          49% chance of WW3 if world war occurs every 100 years.
          29% chance of WW3 if world war occurs every 200 years.

          These odds are reason enough people should be concerned of world war. Besides this people have not learned how to get along as smaller wars still happen all the time, usually over resources. Next year the odds will be 75%, 50% and a little more than 29%. I have seen it rain or snow many times when the weather people said 20% chance of it.

          Times are vastly differnet now than in 2000 and the 1980’s and that has to do with dwilding of what we all use each day. The math says to prep as much as you can reasonably afford. Non perishable items like toilet paper that can be stored indefinitely bought years ago make a lot of economic sense because you can always use what you have stored, especially if you lose your income all of a sudden. A package of toilet paper that was bought at $2 twenty years ago would now be $5 or $6. By prepping someone just more than doubled or tripled their original investment. That makes sense enough to prep as much as you can, especially for items that can be stored and used at anytime. Just make sure it doesn’t get wet.

          There are lots of items that you can buy now and store and they will only increse in value over the years. Preps that don’t go bad are much like some purchasing hard currency, buy at a lower price and have much more value in them in the future. These is the wonders of preparation, you can save money in the future y buying a lot of something today. Everyone should take advantage of sales and good deals when they can afford to, it is just going to be that much more costly in the future to buy the same item.

          • Good post BI. You left out one other factor thats different today than 15 – 30 years ago. Logistics. Stores don’t stock as much as they used to. What you see on the shelves is about 50% of their total stock. And the warehouses can only resupply for a week maybe two.

          • Question: Even if the energy gain by using, e.g., oil shale, is 1.5 to 1, who is to say there won’t be technological gains making that ratio much, much different. There are massive, massive amounts of oil just in the US western states. And I’ll bet that natural gas vehicles become more available in the near future. I will probably try to buy one myself at some point (Honda has one made in Wisconsin).

            • @ JR. It would sure be nice if the United States actually starting using natural gas vehicles, or made it easy to convert over the vehicles that now run on regular gasoline. Natural Gas would sure be better for an engine that running that gasoline and ethanol mixture that is horrible for the fuel filter system of automobiles.

              There is consideration for using coal energy to purify the oil shale and oil sands. Coal is unfortunately very dirty and there is a problem with severe pollution from it like what has happened in China. The problem with refining anything is that it usually requires heat and/or pressure. Desalination plants make pure water out of salt water, but it is very costly in energy just as it is to refine frozen oil. There is very little energy gain from a product that needs to removed from another material. Oil shale is so difficult that you can have an energy loss.

              The only new technologies I can see is something that can heat the oil out of the rock or sand and then when you have a liquid instead of a solid it becomes much easier to refine. Still most of this oil trapped is not clean like what is called sweet crude that requires minimum refining. I could see someone maybe using the free heat from inside the planet as a heating source, and this would increase that net energy ratio even with the mass transportation of of these oil rocks and sands to some location.

              The one issue right now that makes oil shale and oil sands such a difficult problem is water. Most of where frozen oil is just happens to be in semi-arid or arid zones where water is hard to come by. For what you are talking about to increase that ratio you have to find someway of cheaply and using a low energy source to separate the impurities and solid mass from the oil.

              Until that time, the world is desperate for oil and the world will fight over what is left. Petroleum has many other uses that powering engines. IF sandstone was used more for glass containers rather than plastics, this might cut down a bit on oil products. Lubrication, oil still rules. Oil will almost certainly always be in high demand. IF someone actually came up with a cheap little energy use way of getting that liquid out of the rock and sand before the world blows itself up, you could have the first trillionaire. Any ideas? 😉

        • Daisy

          Thank you..I knew I’d missed something obvious lol

          Take care

      21. Remote Viewing is an occult technique. The only way it can work is through the power of demons. “The Killshot” seems ridiculous given that there’s been life on this planet for billions of years. There’s no proof that something like it has ever happened in the past.

        • Barn Cat: WE are all, at OUR essence, spiritual beings first, physical beings second. Remote viewing is not an occult technique.

          It is an aspect of OUR spiritual heritage.

          • It all depends on what you consider occult in your worldview. I consider it occult in nature but that does not mean I want it banned. People are free to think and believe what they wish just as others are free to think what they wish and disagree with them. I just happen to think you are wrong. In my worldview, God is sovereign over man and the universe and created both. In yours, man is a part of the universal whole and there is neither one less than man or greater for all is one. It’s the principle difference between Western and Eastern religious thought and the two are quite incompatible with each other. Thus, it would seem, we will never agree unless one of us changes our viewpoint to that of the other.

        • Barn Cat,
          I have known a few psychics over ther years, and some of them have been devout
          Christians, and the have struggled with their gift, and the teachings of the Bible.
          But the answer they gave me was honest and pure, I cannot deny the vision I have seen.
          I love God, and he has given me this message, or vision to share.
          And it is a” Man”, that has decided what is to be ordained Devine, and what is given
          from Demons. I see a pattern here.
          I am not the person to be reciting the Bible, but I seem to recall that the Bible says
          not to invite fortunetellers into your camp, not that they are all evil and ill willed.

          • There’s no such thing as a Christian psychic. There’s no such thing as psychic powers. It’s the work of demons. Pure and simple.

          • Slick: Think of Remote Viewing as Directed Dreaming at a conscious level.

            • DK,
              Off topic, but a company you may know about as you are in the industry.
              A mining company with the ticker symbol AMOK
              Do you think there is any chance of this stock going back up to a dollar or more?

      22. dames, ho, ho ho…

        is a proffessional bullshitter

        solar kill shots story to cover up the planned genocide of you all


        you should of pull the trigger on me so long ago

        you lying bastard…..

      23. powerful solar storms have hit the earth in the past
        will do so in the future
        WE KNOW THIS,it is scientific fact
        200 years ago a Carrington Event was a non-event
        because those societies that existed didnt rely on electricity
        the same solar storm would be catastrophic
        it is just a matter of time before we get hit and hit hard

        the good news is
        if your ready for one disaster
        you are largely ready for them all

      24. Yes this is the only SHTF action that I think is probable along with maybe a nuclear event A CME will destroy every video game, TV, machine, computer, car, on an on. People will go nuts right quick. Its not God or revelations, its just a Solar Tornado smacking the Earth Sorry happens to other planets all the time.

        • “Can you bind the chains of the Pleiades,
          Or loose the cords of Orion?
          “Can you lead forth a constellation in its season,
          And guide the Bear with her satellites?
          “Do you know the ordinances of the heavens,
          Or fix their rule over the earth? Job 38:31-33

          If it ain’t God then who?

      25. im not saying i believe this but i am a prepper and hangout with some.
        i was telling a buddy i had a dream that me and him went to a place i know of (a building for criminally insane from the 1800s that is completely buried) and we went there dug our way in and was living there.
        its a screwed up location noone knows of it,he lives in the country and makes no sense for us to be doing that.
        i said then it makes no sense,but if i knew something like this was going to happen a buried stone building kinda makes perfect sense,but has me alittle scared thinking of that dream and listening to this guy.
        i hope the dream means nothing and hope this guy is wrong but i may want to do alittle digging in the near future

      26. Well, I guess I’ll have to switch from a tinfoil hat to a lead one. Problem solved.

      27. Look at the positives….all that solar energy 🙂

        • Does this mean that the 1% will get charred too? 😉

      28. Bullshit.

        • As a man of the faith and a Christian seminary grad, who studied and served for years in a good bible believing church….I SECOND YOUR BULLSHIT!

      29. Why can’t we stick to more practical things instead of this science fiction crap

        • Like Ron Paul becoming President?..Oh you said no fiction, I forgot.

      30. Basic human needs: water, food, shelter. Secondary needs: means of defense/protection (guns/ammo), means of alleviating suffering (medicines/bandages), means of transportation, means of communication. Regardless of solar flares or meteorites or nukes or pestilence, why not prepare as best you can for the unexpected or the worst case scenario? Do it for your family and the ones you love. The best insurance policies are the ones you never use! God bless America and deliver our nation…..

      31. Ok wait a minute.

        If we get solar-ly flared… basically doesn’t buidling 3 and 4 at Fukushima go bye bye?

        At which point…


        For about a couple of THOUSAND years…

        • Not only Fukushima, but damn near every reactor in the world. Yes, we would be quite screwed and quite dead in a very short amount of time.

      32. This is the type of stuff I don’t prep for. If it happens I hope it hits me right in the head or vaporizes me. Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we will die of something. Mortality is 100%. I’m going to enjoy my life, God willing.

      33. I’ve read from a few sources about solar activity the end of this year or 2013.

        Like I’ve said before, I’ve got my popcorn ready for the show, whatever it may be!

        You can only prep so much, somethings I don’t want to survive- they’re few, but I don’t want to live underground for 20 or more years….

      34. The lord givith.. And the Govt takith away!

      35. My bullshit meter just pegged out.

      36. It’s a proven fact that everyone who has ever, or who ever will drink water will die! It’s the water!

      37. The Bible Codes predict solar flares for 2012. WE are in the Last Days, for however long they last.

        The Bible itself predicts that the Sun will scorch the earth during the Last Days. Serious earth changes are in progress, even if they are in (an accelerated) geological time.

        A Pole Shift is in process.

        That is scientific FACT currently under study by University of Arizona, NASA, and Livermore Labs, among others. The Falkland Islands will be under the ice cap regardless of whether Argentina or the UK are in “possession” of them.

        I would be more concerned by Acts of God than errors by man. European financial disarray is not the problem WE should worry about.

        Earth Changes are the problem. Prep. Adapt.

      38. If you we in charge of DHS and the scientific evidence and psychic data pointed towards severe earth changes that would totally transform human civilization is a matter of weeks, would you:

        A) Tell your population about it and induce mass hysteria?

        B) Prepare your security forces to police the rioting, looting, and general insurrection?

        C) Build FEMA camps to hold criminals?

        D) Stockpile ammunition, and survival food?

        E) Build underground bunkers for the elite and the Chain of Command?

        F) Deploy 30,000 drones to police the nation 24/7 ?

        Just saying … 🙂

        • Engage my peeps.

      39. Mac,

        Please understand I appreciate what you do here, I really do, but this is getting tiresome. The name on the website is SHTFPlan but we aren’t seeing any kind of plan. Out of the last 25 articles, there have only been 3 that could be useful to a “prepper”. Is there any way we could see more articles on things like gardening, canning, food storage, defense, gun safety, shooting basics, and outdoor living ect?

        • Thanks for your feedback, and yes this is in the works….we plan on expanding the preparedness section significantly in coming months. Thx


        • Sam: Check the archives it’s all there. Copy and paste to your word processor.

          • I don’t see where the archives are located and I’ve been coming to this site for 2 years or so. I just think it would be nice to have more how-to’s and less what if’s. I don’t need to be convinced that a self reliant lifestyle is most appropriate for me.

        • Samuel L. Do like I do. Get yourself a subscription of “Mother Earth News” and “Backwoods Home” magazines. Both have everything in them on the topics you’re looking for. You’ll have them physically in hand to go back through if you need to.

      40. After reading this post, I was quite surprised that I did not feel panic or desperation. If I allowed these thoughts about things that I have no control over into my head, I would be controlled by these thoughts.

        I believe we all have a job to accomplish while on this earth and I believe we all have an important test to pass. God made this planet with love and hope. I have much love to give, I always have hope and I am thankful for every moment that I am here.

        If you can go to bed each night with comfort in your heart, knowing that you did the best you could and thanked God for all the little and big things that crossed your path that day, you would die happy. Isn’t that what we all want? I wish that for everyone.

        When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced. Live your life so that when you die, the world cries and you rejoice. – Cherokee

      41. Attn ALL CAPS users. I skip your posts. It’s almost like looking at a bright light. Sorry.

        • wear sun glasses at least you see them

        • ITS OK DAVE!

        • You need to write louder, I can’t hear you.

      42. This is NOT news. This video has been out for a long time!
        It is nonsense.
        What may occur is a NUCLEAR conflict not a devastating solar flare!
        We had them before & minor problems happen. People were not without power for months, but days tops!
        October 1987 Hurricane that hit Southern England hit our power lines, & we survived without power for OVER 15 days! So a few days will NOT be a problem!

      43. Where are the real articles Mac. Just 2 days ago on Glen Beck an author all but said white people are Israel and that America is THEE Promised Land, the Church of Philadelphia.

        By the way I am white. My wife is black. I tend to agree with the author.

      44. Merry Sabbath Everyone!

      45. isnt there a hopi prophecy about us having to live under the ground for some time?

      46. Maybe they can predict how many more MILLIONS will be on food stamps next month under Jimmy Carter Obama. Right now it’s 46.5 freaking MILLION, up 47% since Bumbling Barack took office.

        Better: Predict how much Michelle-Marie Antoinette Obama will spend on her next vacation, rening out the country of Lichtenstein for her and 800 of her Chicago cronies. I’ll start with $1 billion even as my guess

        • JR- I’ll see your billion and raise you a million, five

        • …lets say with 100% confidence itll be more than they deserve and more than we can afford….thats my story and Im stickin to it… 🙂

      47. I give up. I’m having a beer.

        • fuck the beer

          its Margareta time

          • John Daniels. When you’ve known him as long as I, you get to call him “John”.

      48. The whole thing sounds ridiculous. The earth has had advanced life for at least a billion years. Nothing like that has happened before.

        • Barn Cat: It has happened before. 1859. But just because OUR sun hasn’t fried the earth before, doesn’t mean that it couldn’t in the future.

          Astrophysists know by observation of the other stars in the universe that OUR sun will eventually (as part of its life cycle) expand into a Red Giant gobbling up all the inner planets. Fortunately that’s a long way away.

          Here’s a link for you:

          • DK

            The incident you mention in 1859, the Carrington event, it caused mayhem, and it wasn’t even at solar maximum or evn the full wrath that the sun can throw out. I think if we had been as grid connected then as we are now, we would not be having this conversation.

            I think you are right in your assumptions

            Take care

          • That wasn’t an event that destroyed life on earth. I’m familiar with the solar flare incident from 1859. I’m not saying that a solar flare couldn’t wipe out the electric grid around the world. I’m saying that the sun won’t destroy life on earth. That’s something different.

            • Barn Cat

              I get you, but if everything went tits up due to the flare,EMP whatever, and billions died it would be an indirect result of the action of the sun acting.

              Take care

      49. Mac,

        You do a great job, and a great service. Thank you. However, some of the stuff seems to be overkill (not all of it). E.g, aren’t we all going to die when Las Palmas in the Canary Islands slides into the ocean? Did this guy above see that? Anyhow, I just think having a healthy skepticism is good, and going too far overboard does a disservice to the real issue – which indeed does include the threat of large solar flares. I believe in preparedness, I believe is self-sufficiency (sorry, Bumbling Barack), but I think too much of this that is a bit far reduces credibility. Just my thoughts…

        • JR: Keep an open mind, question everything, and do some investigation of your own. You might be surprised what you can learn about something that had never crossed your mind before.

          Copernicus said the earth revolved around the sun. He was tortured by the Catholic Church for that.

          Now WE know it does, don’t WE?

          Pioneers in science, art, music, or other forms of creativity and innovation are often tagged with one label or another.

          More often than not it is one of these pioneers that move civilization forward. Eventually WE come to accept their understanding of reality as valid.

          Remote viewing is a practiced spiritual skill.

          Think of it as an enhancement of OUR generally accepted intuition. Some people have a stronger intuition than others. Everyone can develop that faculty.

          Your motivation determines your results.

          All people have spiritual gifts. Some are more pronounced than others. This is OUR heritage as living souls.

          Go within. For the evolutionists among you, find your inner amoeba.

        • JR

          Simon Day, who did the research showing that La Palma will cause a mega tsunami has had his calculations, if not discredited, then majorly disputed by some of the best minds in that field.

          I will try and find the link for you, I was reading about it a couple of weeks ago.

          Take care

      50. Everybody needs something to believe in. I believe I’ll have another beer.

      51. Hope you know how to hot wire those fried microprocessors in your push button start vehicles.

      52. OK I live near the coast so I am DOOMED, I am in the tsunami I guess. I will start the arc this week. I will have my daughter gather lead pencils from her art class and start a lead room, pencil by pencil. It may take a lil while but I am on a budget and can not afford lead in any larger size. 🙂 Ok on a more seriuose note I think that I can go batty ( well battier than I already am) with all the things that COULD happen. I try to think in levels. my first threat ( realistic) is fire ( I live near hundreds of acres of forest around my home) the second is hurricane and or tornadoes, I am inland coastal region. That is my first thought for preps. Then I move to hyperinflation because our economy is soooo bad and the Bible speaks of it. I think of a police state and want to gear preps in that area because well our goverment is controlling every aspect of our lives. I am prepping for a disease outbreak of somesort because it is plausible and we have had things such as avian flu etc recently. When I think EMP’s all I can do is pray we would be OK and if not that it would happen fast and my family would not suffer a painful death or existance. I could think of aliens taking over, I 600 mile wide sink hole, and a million other odd things but I can not allow myself to so that because if I do my hubby will have me committed.

      53. Could this be our maker telling us to knock the bull shit off?

        Stop the wars

        Stop the oppression
        Stop the Greed
        Stop destroying his (Its)creation


        maybe the sun , is the maker, the supreme being..the maker of all? that has been called GOD in our text

        lets face it, with out the sun, we dont exist, and wont exist

        maybe the smack down (or the return of the supreme “being”) Is a CME that leaves only those (if any) that he (it) chooses.


        • You are on the right track.

      54. Maj. Ed Dames? He is two things:
        1. A real Remote Viewer
        2. A dis-information agent

        Ed Dames ‘outed’ himself when, as requested by C2C George Noorey, remote viewed why the thousands of birds fell dead out of the sky. He came back a month later and said “They were actually scared by fireworks, took flight and ran into each other” (very close, but note a quote)

        The other thing? He states that NOBODY is safe in S. America ect.

        If that’s the case, why is George Bush buying up land and aquafier’s down there?

        They allow him to sell his RV Tapes and in exchange, he feeds us just enough bullcrap to protect the elites.

        • If that’s the case, why is George Bush buying up land and aquafier’s down there?

          All of the American elites have purchased land in Paraguay to prepare their own BOLs.

          1) They commissioned studies that *proved* that the Coriolis force would prevent radioactivity from the N. Hemisphere drifting to the south.

          2) Paraguay, being another inept kleptocracy, needed the cash infusion, salivated over the development revenues and basically suckered the other elites into buying vast, unimproved lands, the improvement of which will eventually benefit Paraguay, as the tax/regulatory authority.

          3)However, the geopolitical equation has changed. Iran is building missile bases in the Southern Hemisphere, in Venezuela and multiple agents of multiple bad actors are setting up HQ in the triangle area between Argentina, Bolivia and Paraguay. This makes the safety of the area moot, as it is now a target and also prone to *own goals*, not to mention the pollution such bases/installations incur.

          4) Ted Turner and the Hollywood elite were among the more prominent celebrities to buy land in this area. They all bragged that they would be safe from fallout and that they planned to build elaborate retreats.

          5) The Bush family purchased land and established it as a Nature Reserve, for the time being, likely for tax reduction purposes. It is a 98k acre parcel that is totally undeveloped/unimproved. The progressives got all bent out of shape because there are water and natural gas reserves in the area. No one in their right mind would buy land w/o water and, being long time energy investors, the proximity of natural gas (which is right now in glut and not worth development; if it were to be developed, it would be a tremendous expense and could be appropriated by Brazil of Paraguay at any time)may have seemed like a good investment. At any time, the South American nations could declare that only the State owns mineral/water rights. It was their money and the former owner sold it to them. It was not confiscated, purchased w/taxpayer money or given as a bribe. It was a legal and ordinary purchase.

          6) No MSM source made a peep about any of the progressive celebrities who purchased similar land.

          7) Anyone can do whatever is allowed, if they can afford it. If they want to put their faith in the security of South American governments, despite historical evidence that it may be ill-considered, it means nothing at all. They did not perhaps contemplate anything changing in
          the future after their purchase. They appear to be prepping and hedging it as a real estate investment, complete w/natural resources. No different from any of us, preparing our own retreat against a possibly miserable future event(s).

          This person, Dames, is, to not put too fine a point on it, not completely wrapped. There is a huge difference between possible and probable. Be that as it may, the safety of South America in the event of some catastrophe is not assured or invalidated by the status of whomever purchased land there.


          • Good! #1 We get rid of all these perverts…#2 when we get hold of the nukes we only have to target a “small” area to be rid of most of the idiots responsible for 99% of this mess! #3 we can then clean up the mess and regrow the tree of Liberty…and with all the tyrants blood and BS that shes been manured with she should flourish…just sayin!

      55. ‘Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God…’ 1stJohn 4:1

        ‘The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?’ Jeremiah 17:9

        Just because we CAN tap into some spiritual ‘vision’ doesn’t mean we SHOULD. Assuming remote viewing works (it might, I never tried it), we should all be careful about trying to connect with any spirit or power if we do not understand it. For those who hold to the Christian faith, and regardless of where you stand on tribulation/rapture/end times, the guide that we look to is the revealed Word of God. We have it, it is knowable, and to those truly born again by Christ, it is clearly understandable. Not saying I understand it all, just that it can be understood. That’s one reason the Holy Spirit was given to us, so that we could clearly understand God’s Word.
        “And the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us…” John 1:14
        Jesus was the manifestation of the Word of God. He demonstrated it to mankind. He lived God’s principles and commandments of righteousness before our very eyes. He showed us just what the Word is, and how it looked in the life of an obedient man. Then, he fulfilled his mission from the Father and brought us the way of salvation by his sacrifice on the cross.
        After his resurrection, he sent the Holy Spirit to all who believed in him. That Spirit is from God, it IS God. It lives in us. And yet we are still flesh and blood. For now. Admittedly, we still sin, we still follow the flesh sometimes. But we have the Spirit within us, to strengthen, to guide, to encourage and empower. If we would only follow the Spirit rather than the flesh. So how do we do that?
        We use the power of the Spirit to make the written Word clear and understandable to us. And the Word instructs us in all things. What to accept or reject in our daily lives.(remote viewing or not, following a sinful desire or not, etc) And we rely on the power of the Spirit to lead us away from our fleshly desires into OBEDIENCE.
        Of course, obedience is easier said than done for a human. I’m living proof of that. But with the Spirit within us, we have the power to understand and to do things the way God wants us to.
        Finally- DK, I must respectfully disagree with you. RV may be a spiritual skill as you say, but that doesn’t mean it is from God or should be practiced. And there are no Bible Codes. The doctrine of perspicuity demonstrates that the Bible is meant to reveal, not conceal. There are no secret hidden messages shown to only a few who ‘crack the code’ or whatever. Any believer who comes in true repentance and faith and recieves a new life in Christ is also given the Holy Spirit to guide them into all understanding (Colossians 1:9) It’s all revealed clearly for us if we will seek it in faith and humility before God.

        • SO: I read the whole post waiting for the punch line ….. 🙂

          I agree with all you say my Brother in Christ Jesus, but the “Bible Code” does exist and I would encourage you to investigate that topic thoroughly when you have the time. It IS fascinating.

          Spiritual gifts as defined by the Bible, are the NATURAL manifestations of the fruit of the spirit as WE embody those virtues into OUR lives.

          RV taps into and uses that spiritual faculty, that spiritual heritage that is OURS by OUR creation; as mind is consciousness and consciousness IS the Spirit of Life within US which animates OUR bodies.

          The results of that inquiry (RV) is predicated upon OUR motivation as WE pursue that activity; just as it is in all other aspects and activities of life.

          As a man thinks, so he is. By his fruit you will know him. The man is the message.

          • Read 1 Cor 12. I agree all spiritual gifts come from GOD. What I don’t agree with is that they can be taught or learned. Can we pursue them? Yes. We will receive them? Depends. If its HIS will for us and we use it for HIS purposes then yes. But if we seek these things for our purposes to lift us up so that we boast of ourselves, then no.

            There are other so called spiritual practices used in some churches that claim they can teach you these gifts. Until you apply 1 Jn 4:1. All I’m saying is be careful what some claim. Is it really from GOD. The Bible says there will be many false teachers in the final days.

            • ARCO: All gifts come from God, but practice always makes perfect whether it is OUR physical or spiritual gifts WE are exercising.

              With respect to the spiritual, as we practice and embody the virtues of the fruit of the spirit while WE go about OUR lives, the gifts of the spirit will naturally and of necessity manifest, as everything produces after its kind.

              That is the Law of God.

      56. More unproven fear-inspiring twaddle and the usual God-fearing delusional crowd to say “It’s all prophecy and God’s will” yada yada yada..
        Fine – if it’s God’s will then sit back and do nothing as you have no control anyway. You’re just a pathetic puppet being controlled by the creator of the universe.
        Ever read “The God delusion” or “When prophecy fails”?
        Let’s try associating real-world events with reality for a change eh ?
        Solar flares, solar storms…all theoretially possible BUT not proven to be imminent threats AND not one single viable piece of evidence to back any claim.
        So this is just one more piece of paranoid unscientific crap to scare the mindless masses.

        • @ZombieDawg

          You mentioned two books, is that all the hard evidence you have for your non-God delusion?

          We Christians have many historical figures which we base our Faith on like St. Peter himself, who wrote, “For we did not follow cunningly devised fables when we made known to you the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, but were EYEWITNESSES of His majesty”. 2Peter 1:16

          Please be so kind as to prove to me that there is no God, using HARD FACTS and historical evidence

        • Delusion of God indeed… more like Delusion of Atheism.
          Belief in a subliminal force can not be proven, but the same applies to the belief there is no God. no proof has been provided about God’s non existence.

          I am always amused by “scientists” like Hawking: “God does not exist because we have gravity. Gravity created the universe, not God”

          well then, the next obvious question for the scientist would be: “what is the nature of gravity? who or what created gravity?” then they would probably find the Higgs Boson and claim that it is this particle that created the universe or gravity or whatever… well… the same question – what or who created the latter? and so on and so on…

          so called scientists make me puke, because sometimes they produce “evidences” that even a first grade toddler could refute if he/she just used his/her brains.

      57. And maybe God is more powerful and created the sun. I never thought about it before, but I don’t think the sun sent down his only son for us.

      58. The SPIRITUAL Black Pope and Jesuits of the Roman Catholic Church , control the BANK London England and MILITARY Washington DC!!! FREEMASONS Control GLOBALLY MANIPULATE your world and you!!!

        *** you will only escape the ZIONISTS in death.

        FIGHT THE POWER!!!


      59. British Royal Secret Services MI-6 MI-5 plan a Government controlled False-Flag Attack on the Summer Olympics in the City of London England on 07-07-12 …

        On the Olympic Site at Hackney Wick, an area once owned by the Knights Templar … The merging of the ecliptic and the galactic planes in 2012. 11 years apart. This is Pre-Planned by the Illuminati and Freemasons!!!


          • I fully agree that London has a highly probable “ticket to ride”, but a more imminent concern is right here on USA terra firma. Specifically, next week has a very “frosty” feel about it. A specific geography has the potential to become a “vast USA geography”.

            Is it just me, or have you noticed as well…some past “sources” that provided a researchable and reliable “scent”…are starting to include alot of “skunk juice” to confuse/diffuse “the trail”?

            Apparently “the trolls” are now living ABOVE some “alternative information bridges”, as well as below them. And that is not a reference to this site.

            • @ Yental ~

              I’ve also noticed the disinformation that you are referring to. I’ve managed to get myself a big flurry of less-than-pleased email by writing about it (although no insult was intended).

              My theory? I think a great deal of it is so that the Patriot movement will “back down” and give TPTB time to implement something very unpleasant.

              Folks need to consider the sources when they read this stuff!!!! Anonymous sources are no sources at all! Don’t allow yourself to be “pacified” into inaction.

              • Daisy, it is more complicated. THEY are not masquerading as anonymous anymore…many have an established record of “past credibility”.

                I often reference a cliche: ONWARD THROUGH THE FOG. The nature of the “fog” is changing faster than my ability to identify/follow the trail: Even under the illumination of what once passed for “fog-cutting” spotlights.

                Regardless of the desire by many/most to remain blissfully ignorant and unaware, reality is about to obliterate that choice. Everything is relative, including “about to” as a potential reference of a “time-frame”. My opinion and “speculation” is sooner than later.

                • So you are saying that “trusted voices” are now feeding disinformation? Purposely or because their research is flawed? And if purposely, why? Coercion? Manipulation? A total change of heart?

                  I’m positive you have a theory…Spill!

                  • New proposed federal legislation is intended to make it legal for the Federal government to spew propaganda to US internally.

                    Guess its been illegal. 🙂

                    Who would have thunk it given the LSM bias against the facts, while ignoring real stories, too.

                    • @dk ;0) … “It’s for the Greater Good!” … don’t ya’ know!

                      ya’ gotta love zionist fascists.

                  • @Daisy, you are “relentless”, which in this accepted reality on the “time continuum” has advantages. FLAWED RESEARCH is not a relevant contribution to the answer/equation/question you submit. “Sinister” would be the most descriptive one word answer I could offer.

                    A “change of heart”, at least in my mind, implies a benevolent factor/intervention. Coercion, manipulation, and purposeful misinformation are a fully descriptive manifest of history repeating itself before OUR eyes.

                    “But, this CANNOT happen in America”, which is exactly why it has happened. The “brown shirts” of recent history ARE NOW the “blue shirts” of today. WE THE PEOPLE slept while facism slithered into accepted policy and constitutional destruction.

                    I am not proposing a “theory”, I am convinced “active threats” are now on the “chessboard” of the “alternative information outlets”. Hope that answers your question on this subject. I am no “remote viewer”, but I do find consistent “onsite/real-time viewing” to be quite revealing.

                    • ***** five stars , excellent answer @yental.

                    • Thank you Yental. In your own rather obscure way, you’ve cleared some things up, which, sadly, just makes me more curious now (and sends me off on a morning information mining expedition). I appreciate your patience with my five thousand questions.

                      And, um, yeah, I’ve heard “relentless” used as a descriptive term once before, maybe twice…. 😉

      60. Jenna Bush’s picture is from LIVE TV and likely via satellite. We have all seen what live satellite images can sometimes do. They heavily pixelate momentarily. This is what the photo looks like has happened.

      61. LOL


        *** you are All being mentally mk-ultra brainwashed daily through international media to accept this. It is Illuminati planned and organized globally!!! You will not escape it…

      63. Solar Flares “are not” as Life Threatening as stated!!!

        At the most there will be abnormal weather winds storms natural fires drought famine , you’ll get radiation sun burns from to much exposure and some radiation microwave based communication electronics will suffer ill effects.

        Be more concerned with E.L.E. EXTINCTION LIFE EVENT Fukushima (fukuobama) Reactor #4 collapsing and Radiation Poisoning in your foods , waters , every day environments! The entire Northern Hemisphere of the World Globally is being bathed in Fukushima Radiation from it’s 4 reactors , 3 of which have china syndrome melt down collapsed and the 4th has had a “china syndrome” melt down cook off into the atmosphere , millions of gallons of radiated reactor coolant (pumped directly pacific ocean sea water) waters now pours into the Pacific Ocean from Japans Fukushima (fukuobama) reactors in a Japanese attempt to control the China Syndrome reactor melt downs of the reactors.

        The Hawaiian Islands will eventually become completely radiated , due to the natural pacific rains , ocean currents of the pacific ocean will cause Hawiian Islands to become a focal concentration point of the Fukushima Radiation, the eye of the radiation pollution of the entire pacific ocean!!!

        The Hawaiian Islands will glow at night so bright your gonna need shades!!!

        Personally I’m more concerned with our own ENGLISH BRITISH Illuminati Freemason Zionist Globalist CIA FBI NSA Controlled TERRORIST puppet Federal Governments potential up coming CIA FALSE-FLAGS and Fukushima than the Sun!!!


        • China Syndrome has not happened yet. You are falsely and incorrectly using the term.


            WRONG: china syndrome has happened.

      64. Wow……DK spouting some deep shite……. Rich99 talkin’ about preppin’ cause something wicked this way comes soon….all after watching this vid. Sure is getting spooky on here.

        • BTW, I personnaly am not gonna be distracted by alot of bullcrap that people like this put out. I’m gonna keep preppin’ and put one foot down in front of the other. I do think a CMI could put a crimp in our shorts and I set my preparation to allow me to get through it. Any bigger burden than that will be given to the Savior to carry for me.

        • POP: I didn’t watch the video, but I have seen it before.

      65. back some years ago, presidente hellary clinton made claim to “taking sniper fire” while on the skirt of an airport – trouble was she was walking upright, walking holding the hand of a 5yo little girl, both smiling in the sunshine… when challenged, she simply said she “misspoke” about the circumstances… in other words, she lied…

        this article would have whomever believe that through some nearly mystical process of a few collected minds the future can be discerned… said process is called “remote viewing”… they used to be called clairvoyants… they used to simply possess ESP, mind-readers, if you will…

        my point being that just because you bottle the snake oil differently with a digitally produced label doesn’t mean the snake oil is any more effective than it was when it was peddled by the huckster 200 years ago…

        basing your preps on so little actual fact mixed with so much fantasy is reckless and irresponsible at it’s best…

        • Her TRUE name is “LUCIFER KILLERY CLUNTON”! she eats puppies , drowns kittens , baths in blood of sacrificed babes TORN FROM THEIR MOTHERS BREAST and she is a true black widow … has killed many to keep her crimes secret , even her ex lover vince foster!!!

      66. Just wondering… how does the naacp think its going to advance the black race by giving the okay for guys to screw other guys in the ass?

      67. One thing I do not think being considered is that if such a “Kill Shot” does happen, and the Earth becomes “an X-ray and Proton rotiserie” the eco- system of the Earth would be totally distroyed. That means no more oxygen regeneration through plants and no more food production at all. All of the benificial bacteria that plants need to live would also die. I do not care how much one prepares, no one will be able to store enough food and oxygen to last through such a catastrophe.

        Small self contained eco-system style shelters might prolong the agony, but human built systems are not very reliable.

        Fortunately, such a high disaster is extremely unlikely. What is far more likely are small scale events that temporarily knock out the electrical grid, and computer tech. These things can be prepared for.

        I am NOT going to let a few people using ancient occult techniques (which are very unreliable) scare me into a panic over such an unlikely event. Instead, my preps will focus on what is likely to happen.

      68. This is off topic, but well worth posting. I just finished reading “Screwed” by Dick Morris. “So what?” you might say.
        Like many of you I’ve been trying to figure out Obama and his Communist Czar’s game plan and I think Morris’ book has got it.
        On page 41 of the book he writes about how the people of Europe rejected the EU, so the marxist elites went around the will of the people and gave them the EU thru a Treaty.
        Morris then spells out how Obama and Hillary are working behind the scenes on 6 treaties which when signed would gut the Constitution and enslave America to a Marxist U.N. Yes, it’s really that bad! ( Given the G8 and NATO meetings this week this matters a great deal)

        Now most preppers know about the U.N. “Small Arms” treaty, but this is just one of many stakes which will be driven into the heart of Lady Libery. READ THIS BOOK!

        GOD HELP US

        • no … SMITH & WESSON help us.

          the “Tree of Liberty” needs to be watered once again folks.

          2012 + 1984 = 1776

          let them “eat” lead.

          kill em’ All , let God sort em’ out.

          pass it on.

        • “Small Arms” treaty, Agenda 21, codex alimentarius, Fukushima, etc…all of much greater, and immediate concern to me personally.

          It seems quite often that a more spectacular “sideshow” is presented to allow the “real threat/plan/agenda” to continue to “hide-in-plain-site”.

          I may be “2 aces” short of a “full deck”…or I may just “store” those “2 aces” up-my-sleeve: Or a more “southern” anatomical feature if you prefer. Unless the notorious THEY are able to induce a “solarkill shot” via HARRP, space based lasers, or other methods (stories), the “solar killshot” AS DESCRIBED…not on my list.


            Something VERY BIG is “hiding-in-plain-SITE”, as oppossed to “SIGHT”, which will quickly follow. It appears “this balloon” may already be “filled” and about to be released.

            There may not be enough “alternative chatter” to slow/stop this one. The level of “we know you know and simply don’t care” determination on THEIR part is becoming obvious…to the point you might be tempted to classify it as “careless”, both literally, and read as “could care less”.

            • The agent who was caught has been accused of kiddie porn. Not very bright despite his 25 years with the feds, he used the email addy pedodave. Come on, you’ve got to be kidding me!

              He was in on the investigations of United Flight 93 and the OK City bombing, it’s also interesting to note, considering those are believed to be govt sponsored parties.

              Whatever it is he knows is going to get him killed, and they’ll make it look like some other prisoner got him because he was a kiddie perv.

        • I still have faith in our Oath Keepers, a large percentage of our military, the members of state militias, and veterans …all armed to prevent much of this crap.
          But, yes, Lord help us.

        • One more thing…I just watched a video of Joel Skousen…summed up??
          ***TPTB or the Elite Plan..they will not collapse the dollar, but milk it in a downward slide till war comes; they are loking for a third world war which gives an excuse for two things:
          1) walk away from debt–which is unpayable; blame on the war for destroying all financial centers
          2) try to get all remnants of world together in an attempt to achieve a militarized world govt. to beat China/Russia and rebuild the NWO without national sovereignty and never return each nation’s sovereignty..they will have succeeded in gaining total control of the world.
          Faux news agencies/stations refuse to allow this published or aired…don’t want genie out of the bottle…internet is the answer to alert all people.

      69. Whats more dangerous, a carrying ton event or the religious kooks acting out their dark ages philosophy afterwords?

      70. Oh for people to be more scientific. These types of posts could be completely avoided then. Oh and for the one or two retards who want to post a reply of, “but it has been proven real!”. It has not. Ever. At all. The CIA actually terminated their project for lack of any results. Any university studies done on it all have come back negative (done in several countries I might add).

        People have been claiming the world is about to end “really soon now” for tens of thousands of years. I’m sure some are mentally ill. Others just like the idea of millions of people dying, apparently. Me personally, I know the US has serious financial issues coming it’s way in the future. That the Federal government in this country is out of touch and out of control. I deal in reality though. I prefer fact to fiction, truth to fairy tales. If a giant solar flare hits North America, I am 99.9% sure I’m dead (since in science nothing can be 100%). I’ve read up on the great depression and I always have lots of supplies around for family members (no store bought can crap, the BPA lining in them I’ll pass on thank you kindly. I stick to freeze dried veggies, fruits, etc that I can make whole meals from).

        I used to check this site everyday or other day. Now its once or twice a month. Most of the articles seem to be sporadic or reposts from other sites. Now that I’ve cut back, I’m just as prepared but not as stressed. Skimming the posts on here, there are a LOT of uptight people. My time in the US Army have taught me a few things. Think outside the box until you realize there is no box. You cannot control tomorrow and don’t try too. Adapt and overcome. Don’t invest vasts amounts of time and resources into complex plans, they never survive first contact with the enemy. Your enemy will always do exactly what you do not want them too.

        If you post more then once a week on here, you’re neglecting something more important in your life, unless this is your income stream (Mac). I used to have debates on here, until I realized they do not matter all that much. Life is too short to fight with people across the country.

        • Amen. I am with you.

      71. “Here’s your Sign!”

        Z I O N – can you see it ?!! Look Closely…

        • wow – yep! That’s crazy!

          • No not crazy … that is called sub-subliminal “mk-ultra” CIA mind programming for “you” the masses of humanity … YOU are bombarded daily with such messages images and don’t even know it.

            … its used in advertisements , songs , videos , tv shows , movies , sports arena’s , political messages etc etc … even children’s shows and movies … S E X nude images is/ are constantly in Walt Disney movies , cartoon’s … children’s movies!!!

            It is intentional … remember @d the “walt disney” XXX S E X Images … it is All intentional pre-planned mind programming , they are brain washing the children , sexualizing children intentionally for a reason … the Illuminati and their Soldiers The Freemason’s , have a Luciferian Satanist Agenda for the Entire World!!! The Zionists and their Desire for a True Babylonian Zion are True and Very Real!

            You are All a Part of a International Planned Global Game! An your participation in it , is fully required “Not Voluntary”!!!

            You Will Join or Die!!!

            Their plans to build “ZION” is very REAL!!!

            *** if anyone doubts this … just look it up.

            the “truth” is out there if you look for it.


      72. There was a wonderful episode on the Outer Limits, I believe it was called “Inconsistent Moon”, in which the moon was brighter in the sky than ever seen. Naturally the head character, Michael Gross, had thought that the sun had gone nova and the brightness was the planet being fried to death on the sun side of the planet. He thought that by the time the planet was cooked enough to bled through to the other side or the planet rotated to the other side it was total doom.

        He eventually concluded it was a super solar flare that had done this and by the time the planet had rotated by to the sun side, if it stopped, survival was possible. It did and his girlfriend and him barely survived. You should see the scenes in which he was despearately trying to get food when he thought that he had a chance to survive the flare, rather than the nova that he thought occurred.

        It should be realized that such a flare can occur, they happen on other yellow and white stars, class F and G stars just like this one on occasion. It is not just an EMP that can happen, it can be a mega flare that causes catastrophic problems to the planet. The atmosphere can shield the planet only so much. Radiation is a definite issue with a mega flare. So is disastrous crop destruction. A mega flare is kind of like a super volcano in frequency, but they do happen. In that Outer Limits episode some of the results of a mega flare are somewhat accurate. In any case this is one of the classics of disasters TV and well acted to boot, well worth it to watch the next time it comes on.

      73. @Samuel L. Jesus Jackson,

        Go to sites people suggest. There is more below that you can use – just from one site! This was posted the other day.

        There are many sources of good information from folks here. From the info below take what you need and review the copyright requirements if listed. I don’t know if these have been listed here in this post before but I have to leave now as some flounder and speckled trout are awaiting my arrival. Best to y’all – hope these help.

        This site lists the following categories and PDF files and links for each:

        Gardening, Food Production and Preservation – 29 Articles and links

        Food, Cooking, Recipes & Camp Techniques – 13 Articles

        Home Energy Production & Storage – 16 Articles and links

        Medical Reference – 11 Articles

        Survival & Emergency Preparedness – 18 Articles and links

        Self Defense & Weapons References – 11 Articles

        History, Politics, and General Literature – 17 Articles

        Y’all Beware! If that’s not enough for starters let me know.

      74. U.S. soliders forced to wear U.N. logo?

        Appeal explains Clinton’s secret executive order – Presidential Decision Directive 25

        1990’s – “U.S. Army Specialist E-4 Michael G. New was a medic in the Third Infantry Division. He refused to wear the arm patch and hat designating him a soldier of the United Nations. He eventually was charged and given a Bad Conduct Discharge, a slam on his personal integrity that has followed him since.”

        He said, “I took an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic. My Army enlistment oath is to the Constitution. I cannot find any reference to the United Nations in that oath.”


      75. @yental … honestly I’m very concerned by how some of our own popular “truth seeker talking heads” such as “a.j.” and “m.r.” are avoiding the Psychotic Sociopathic Genocidal Luciferian Satanist BIG ELEPHANT in the padded room with Us All! The Illuminati , Freemasons and Vatican – Catholic Church Black Pope Jesuit connections! Three cities of power London England , Washington D.C. , the Vatican Rome Italy

        All three represent the VERY Real POWER behind the NWO! Then there is the deeper rooted power of the Old Family Royalty of Belgium! Where NATO is based out of and the World Bank – IMF !!!

        What most people see is just the surface of the REAL DEEPER NWO PLANS and U.N. Programs , as well as only the chosen trained coached speakers facemen and facewomen spokes-people of the ILLUMINATI FREEMASONS LUCIFERIAN ZIONIST BILDERBERG (BILDERBOYBUGGERS) GLOBALISTS!!!

        People who we All turn to for Information and Truth are Scared too talk of certain truths , certain facts , and that more than any thing angers me!!!

        For one simple fact … you cannot fight an enemy if you do not know they even exist!!!

        It’s like swinging a bastard sword , or a baseball bat through a smoky image of a man in front of you … and you know he’s there!!! But you can’t quite hit him!!!

        You cannot fight , kill that which threatens you and your family , if you can’t see it!!!


        The CIA Kenyan Puppet Soetoro Obama will do as he is told to do , he is only a cia puppet … the CIA are puppets of the Illuminati .. the Illuminati Freemasons Luciferians need a New Trigger al-cia-duh terrorizing Fed Gov False-Flag bigger than 9/11 on AmriKan soil to bring AmeriKa deeper under the Illuminati Freemason Luciferian control – they need to remove the threat – Armed Freedom loving Americans poise to the NWO GLOBALISTS master plans!

        The Spirit of Americans needs to be Crushed – completely!

        So yes @yental , I agree something bigger than 9/11 will happen on ameriKan soil! financial , nuclear and biological attacks by the fed gov cia mossad fbi controlled sponsored al-cia-duh , at multiple city sites across ameriKa!

        It’s the only way to break ameriKans. One massive Nation Wide False-Flag Attack!!! Teach AmeriKans no one is safe!!!

        It’s the only way to control , DIS-ARM so many … complete and total TERROR!!!


        • NinaO, I would like to disagree with a long, boring, and “pseudo-intellectual” rebuttal. I would also like to be a “trillionare” watching all of this from a low Earth orbit…completely disassociated from the coming “events”.

          I’ll “check back” soon, but am pretty sure I’m not “in orbit” and damn sure I’m not a “trillionare”. Although simply being “in orbit” might suffice.

          • ;0) @yental … you know the score … it’s only a matter of time … they’ve come too far in their Zionist ONE Global World Bank Religion Government Eugenics Eco plans to stop.

            @yental … I can give ya $60. bucks , that’ll get you at least to the top of “Disney’s Land – Magic Mountain Roller Coaster Ride!” just in time for When it All kicks off!

            you should be safe from the Zombies up there for awhile!



      76. Has it ever dawned on some of the folks on this site that their posts later on could be used as proof that they are unstable and be grounds for taking away their guns, or landing them in a psych ward?….just say’n

        (the TPTB is watching)

        • i dare you too try…

          • Biblical law of self-defense empowers us to defend our lives against wicked men who hate God, His law, and the life of their neighbor. And this includes those trying to implement a Satanic New World Order in America who fulfill that criteria. We may assume that those who threaten us with bodily harm or weapons hold the life God has given us in contempt, and, therefore, we may defend ourselves against such evil even to the point of killing those who try to harm us. We are not to go down silently but to stand up against those who come up against us and defend our lives against them.

        • It would probably take a looong time to ‘disappear’ us one or two at a time…and any other way would just be too noticeable…ya think??

          • I’ve never said anything I wouldn’t say to their face…for now at least.
            Next month, year, who knows??

        • His Way…They are AFRAID of us.The truth WILL be told.

      77. A sinner saved by grace

        • “Puck God!”

      78. Joooooooooooooo’s Really “”HATE”” Tree’s!!!

        If you ever want to make a Joooooooooooo Really Angry a “”HATER”” Give him an Olive Tree!!!

        They will Friggen Loose it!!! Kill Everyone!!!

      79. Sorry, you forgot the mega Gozilla attacks on the moon colonies and the underground mega super duper slurp fights in all minor cities around the globe. a website from nutcases for nutcases and… the mentally challenged!

        Don’t forget to store more m16s and 150 year food supplies!

        May your supplies survive YOU!

      80. My mojo is under tremendous strain today.
        Two more people arrested and charged with attempted terrorist crimes at the NATO summit in Chicago. That’s five and counting. Not five arrests, but five charged with some type of ‘attempted’ terrorist crimes. Not sure what the total arrest number is.
        Bail for the latest two is in the $500,000 range. A couple of the first ones had their bail set at over a million, effectively denying them the possibility of bonding out. Can you say ‘Intimidation of dissent?’
        And curiously, the same two names of co-conspiritors keeps popping up among all those charged with these (almost certainly) bogus terrorist charges. Yet the co-conspiritors haven’t been arrested. Smells like infiltration to me.
        And to top it all off, Robin Gibb has died. Looks like a truly crappy week ahead. By the way, forget the Bee Gees disco stuff, check out their last album as a trio. From 2001- “This Is Where I Came In.” One of the best albums you’ve probably never heard of…

        (sorry, DK. No punch line on this one either!)

      81. The Bible predicts an ELE(Extinction Level Event)which will be halted by Christ’s return. Divine intervention when needed.

        • In truth it will be the antichrist , lucifer , abaddon who comes in his place … it is so written in the black pope jesuit satanist bible.

          All those who are “good” and “faithful” to god and jesus christ teachings will be sacrificed to lucifer el’ diablo beelzebub satan so lucifer may take physical form on earth!

          It is the antichrist who comes.

          *** just for the record I AM NOW A “ATHEIST” , I WAS “AGNOSTIC” , BUT NOW after reading much on the subject of religion I AM A SOLID A “ATHEIST”! All religions lead to Lucifer Satan El’Diablo Beelzebub.

          I encourage EVERYONE who is of the Faithful, a follower of Jesus Christ teachings to meet with their own Priest Preacher Father and talk to them of the Satanist Black Pope and the Jesuits Luciferian NWO Plan coming to fruition around us even now as I type this.

          It’s not so much what I believe , or what You believe , it is what “They” the luciferians believe , that is “”REAL”” people!!!

          They will Make it VERY REAL for us All !!!

          WTF is going on at the GAWDAMN Luciferian Worshipping ROMAN CATHOLIC VATICAN???

          Arm Up Stock Up Prepare for a Holy War!!! It will be the Faithful of Lord God Jesus Christ -vs- Lucifer and his Jesuit Minions of the Roman Catholic church and Vatican in Rome Italy!!!


      82. The SPIRITUAL Luciferian Satanists Roman Catholic Black Pope and Jesuits of the Roman Catholic Church Vatican , control the BANK London England and MILITARY Washington DC!!!

        Luciferian Zionists FREEMASONS Bilderbergs Control GLOBALLY MANIPULATE your world and you!!!

        Luciferian Freemasons Zionists Control London England , Zionist Freemason London England Controls Washington DC!!!

        The Illuminati are Laughing in your goyim gentile Faces , as they terrorize , rob and kill you , they even show you signs of what they are doing to you and when!!!


        “Here’s your Sign!”

        Z I O N – can you see it ?!! Look Closely…

        *** you will only escape the ZIONISTS in death.

        FIGHT THE POWER!!!

        White is Black Black is White – Luciferian Jesuit Black Pope

        “Above All sits the Satanist Luciferian Pagan Jesuit Black Pope!”


        • ^^^^^THIS

      83. I’m far more concerned about this story re bees & colony collapse as a result of pesticides, GMO etc

        I’ve said on here before that as part of our long term preps we want a bee hive, honey production being a long term solution to the “sugars” food group in the long term generational economic decline I feel the West s facing.

        I also believe the “theory” of Agenda 21 and population control is being implemented before our very eyes, at the moment using economic weapons mostly. I strongly believe that if you are not mostly self-sufficient and independent of the corp you heirs will be slaves on the NWO global plantation or your family will have been eliminated as a useless eater.

        In parts of china farmers are already reduced to pollinating the crops with a paint brush. Pollinators are critical to many crops, and their loss threatens global food production and the prospect of famine on a scale many cannot imagine.

        Kissinger who I feel is possibly one of the most evil beings to have ever existed has made many references to food supply being the key to control.

        It may seem very small scale to some, but I have decided bee-keeping is one way to fight back against the NWO. It offers several ideal barter products for us preppers & could potentially be turned into a small-scale local business. Diversifying income seems a good prep against job loss etc.

        I can’t do much about solar flares at my level, I’m not some military hero to go out and lead the revolutionary charge. As a skint single Mum I can aquire the knowledge, equipment and tools to run a single beehive. If I’m successful they’ll swarm and I can then build a second one the following year.

        It’s a tiny act of restistance, as was producing my own heirloom seed store over the pace of a few years. (The Norweigan doomsday vault set me to thinking that the ptb were prepping so Monsanto couldn’t ensure their kids starved in future & that I’d better get on and do the same). Note the words of the farmer in the linked article who is no longer able to obtain non-GMO seed.

        I can’t spend my time worrying about acts of God, or wierd seers and the occult, when the day to day realities of the economic situation mean that enough trouble is heading our way from the bleedin’ obvious places. I would rather try and do some stuff to help myself than spend my time shivering in fear. Fear is their primary mind control tool.

        Giurza’s comment about the properties of pine was very helpful, as was beinformed recent article. I’ll focus my attention on their words rather than some nutty juju cultists prophecies ta very much.

          • Yes, the Monsanto seeds are coated with a product from Bayer.

        • lonelonmum, even though you can have C vitamin from pine needles as well as from fir, but everything in my post was about FIR! do not confuse those two, because pine won’t give you the same thermoisolative properties! it was not about pine, it was about FIR! Christmas tree in other words!

          • Sorry Giurza – I meant fir but was typing while “supervising” some workmen in my house at the time. Obviously I’m not designed to be the boss as I can’t multi-task ; )

            • nah, multitasking is not an imperative for a leader.
              have a good one lonelonmum!
              I made the correction because I feared that you might have missed that, and taking pine instead of fir in all those instances would not work (apart from the tea)

        • Lone….thumbs up on bee keeping. While I live in a rural area and still have plenty of bees, this is something I want to look into. Pesticides are killing them off. People, DO NOT spray Roundup or any other chemical plant pesticide on your lawn. This spells death for bees.

          • The evidence is in. It is a product made by Bayer in Germany that is coated on Monsanto seeds (corn) that have killed the bees.

            Its everywhere that Monsanto is, including on a large percentage of (corn) crop land in the US.

            It has also contaminate the corn syrup that domestic beekeepers feed their hives.

            This is 2012. This product has been known to kill bees since 2003. Can you say “cover up”?

            Executives at these corporations and FDA officials need to be in jail for this.

      84. “No one will enter the New World Order unless he or she will make a pledge to worship Lucifer. No one will enter the New Age unless he will take a Luciferian Initiation.”

        —David Spangler, Director of Planetary Initiative, United Nations

      85. Daisy

        Terrier with a bone sums it up. I agree with Yental wholeheartedly.

        Take care

      86. The sheer audacity of man amazes me. For man to take on the role of predicting the future of this earth, with no regard to what is written in stone, by the creator of us all, being God, is wrong and should not be considered by anyone. We can speculate, guess, theorize, and come to our own conclusions with no real documented proof, and somehow make it real and true. There are many puppet masters and many puppets. If you buy into this sort of psychic terrorizing, then I feel sad for you. My world consists of appreciating each day, enjoying the time that I have to interact with my loved ones and people that I come in contact with throughout my life.

        One could come up with a myriad of horrible events that could occur, we could all cower and cry about what might happen, we could all prepare for what we don’t even know will happen. To prepare for an event that may disrupt the flow of food, lack of electric due to weather, or failure of crops, is a good thing but to prepare for a end of the world scenario is quite another. The only preparation in order for that is to clean your own house, be ready to face God and be accountable for your life choices. Chicken little running around, the sky is falling, please get a grip and just live.

      87. no, you’ve presented this article– going by the headline– as something that WILL happen. this is fear-mongering. every fucking day it’s something new to fuck with the people.

        this site isn’t worth visiting anymore.

        • bye-bye then!!!

        • citizen ron,

          I would have worded it differently, however I agree with your assessment.

          KILLSHOT: Solar Flares So Powerful They Will Cause the Death of Billions *Full Documentary* The key word is WILL, just bologna and fear tactics. A documentary on psychic fraud.

      88. Veterans symbolically discard service medals at anti-NATO rally

        WATCH IT

      89. Veterans symbolically discard service medals at anti-NATO rally
        By Mary Wisniewski | Reuters – 13 hrs ago
        watch this video ,,..

        • also remember a true “hero” doesnt need , nor want recognition.

          the act is selfless, so the metal pin means nothing anyways

          and for the reasons as the one man was all just to guard a financial and energy interest, nothing more

      90. California food police gone wild: LA County health enforcers conduct door-to-door raw milk confiscation operations


          • …good way to get themselves killed…whats in the water/air out there in granola land???

        • KY Mom- things just seem to get tougher every day. Food police, NATO protests, economic deterioration, China buying up more and more of our domestic businesses (latest is a chain of theaters), rising consumer prices, and a hundred more gloomy reports. And my own earlier admission of a coming crappy week. Well, I’ve changed my mind.
          I’ll keep making reasonable preparations. But only within the understanding that I can’t predict the future. I think Ohcumgache @ 5/21 07:18 has exactly the right outlook on the whole thing. With that in mind…

          I will express my love to my family and friends.
          I will show patience with rude or unenlightened people.
          I will continue to strive to know more than I did yesterday.
          I will smile and laugh, given any reasonable opportunity to do so.
          I will acknowledge God’s providence in all things, even the things I don’t understand.
          I will rejoice that He knows me and , by His grace, I came to know Him.

          note- i just found a whole bag of punch lines. now if i can just think of a way to lead into them:)

      91. A Greece euro exit could make Lehman’s collapse ‘look like a tea party’

        Hang on Manos

        let us know how your doing

        • VRF

          Manos was fine on Sunday, pissed of but fine.

          Take care




        EMBRACE IT..

      93. I’ve been worried about the affects solar activity can have on personal electronics. If the burst is powerful enough the electromagnetic activity could fry most circuitry found in any household electronic device. I got some Faraday Bags from empbags*com. I really think they will work. They are rated at a military specification that is designed specifically for shielding against EMPs.

      94. Here’s what I bought to keep the family warm if the power goes out and we have no heat.

        These were cheap…..I bought a bunch of them. Better to have them than not.

        Emergency Sleeping Bag, Survival Bag, Emergency Zone Brand, Reflective Blanket

      95. NEXT TRAIN to AUSCHWITZ all ABOARD to your FEMA  CONCENTRATION DEATH CAMPS. OBAMA will take your hands and lead you to the GAS CHAMBER.

      96. Everyone is all hyped up about Solar Flares, and Zombie Apocalypse what about Giant waves that come out of the water and whip out cities. I will say that I believe solar flares are a minimal risk in comparison to all of the other things we have going on.

        • Until it wipes out the electrical grid in whatever part of the earth the sun is shining on the most at the time of the flares.

          For the next several months here in the US the effects would mostly be on the southern hemisphere like Australia or New Zealand.

          I am not sure if their governments are smart enough to seriously upgrade their infrastructure or if they have caved in to the Global Warming Elite while ignoring the real and immediate dangers that things CAN be done about without sacrificing liberty and ruining the economy worse in *quick fixes* or *Feel Good* effects.

          These *feel good* effects for fixing the world economy only winds up in a nasty hangover afterwards and you become an economicaholic.

      97. For reasons that are too long to explain on here I strongly believe the RV predictions will be between 2015 and 2020.

        Usually whenever there is a conspiracy theory from a liable source the predictions are always off by 3-5 years or so.

        How well did the Remove Viewing predict 9/11 or was it just a general prediction if at all where they got the dates wrong?

      98. Is there a MADD type group for those who suffer the economicaholic disease?

      99. Easy way to join the illuminati brotherhood in the world.

        Are you a business man or an artist,Politicians and you want to become big, Powerful and famous in the world, join us to become one of our official member shall be given an ideal chance to visit the Satan and his representative after registrations is completed by you, no sacrifice or human life needed, illuminati brotherhood brings along wealth and famous in life, you have a full access to eradicate poverty away from your life now. So contact Mr Jeff David.Via: [email protected],call us on +2348165528599.Join us today and realize your dreams.

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