Slave Labor Camps Are Awaiting: “The People Must Be Brought To Their Knees”

by | Mar 16, 2014 | Headline News | 310 comments

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    This article has been removed at the request of the author.


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      1. If and once destruction in America happens they are going to need people to work and they will say to us, they will provide food water shelter and medical otherwise your not apart of rebuilding America and we will see you as a terrorist. That’s how they will be in their eyes. In our eyes there is going to be people that break your stranglehold bastards and you will not control us. We will have our freedom as its intended to be. Anyone who wishes to control someone is the enemy.

        • Then its a terrorist i will be!
          Im going native, diving, hunting, collecting,
          Free food isn’t on the menu, neither is building someone els’ dream!

          • If you control the oil you control the country; if you control food, you control the population.
            -Henry Kissinger

            • The IMF and the Globalists are behind all of this BS that’s driving the world toards WW3. They want to replace the $USD with a Global SDR thereby gaining ultimate power and control over the planet.

              The endgame is global governance with a global currency and banksters pulling the strings of their puppets. 😉

              • Homeland Security is the American division of the Israeli Defense Forces. It has been since Michael Chertoff took over as its head.

                He is a direct descendent of the founding family of the Mossad. Michael Chertoff deifies Zionist State Brutality, inside the United States.

                • Wonder if the Gov is holding on to their massive stockpile of biochemical weapons to use against the ones they can’t lure to the camps. If that’s the case then more proof this crisis was engineered long ago.

                  • It was planned out long ago, just as the events in Ukraine. The shit will hit another country right afterwards, and then another, until EVERY country will be attacked on some front(s), until we are ALL too weak to resist the NWO takeover.

                    This isn’t a “Russia” thing, or a “China” thing or any other country “thing” for that matter.

                    Mark my words. As long as they can keep us fighting against ourselves, and against our foreign counterparts, WE ARE DOOMED TO FALL.

                    So y’all keep chomping at the bit to go attack Russia, or Iraq, or some other country…play right into their hands. Propaganda is cheap—IT’S EFFECTS ARE PRICELESS.

                  • who is it that dominates the porno industry? Who is it that turned Disney into the eroticizing and pimping of preteen girls? And who leads and funds the LGBT organizations? Who has been at the helm of the American Federation of Teachers and promoting their filth to your children?

                • They also have Tens of Thousands if not even greater numbers! of Hasbara and Sayanims willing to assist in every way, shape and form that will assist Israel or zio jewish actors.

                  That Ex Mossad Col. guy Ostrovsky is it? Victor his first name I believe?….His mossad/israel/zionists expose full length book completely outlines, names, shows, Proves beyond all doubts that its all factual and truth.

                  His Own statement as to, what if any american based sayanims or hasbaras may decide to Out a mossad agent or turn them into usa fed fbi etc?

                  He assures us all thats NOT even remotely possible!

                  His answer to how can he be so certain? Was…”The ONLY question they will EVER ask is…”Is it/this/that/ Good for Jews? Good for Israel?”

                  As long as the answer they get is “YES” it is good for jews and/or israel….Then Mossad and any others Linked with/to mossad or state of israel inlcuding usa dual citizen israelies will NEVER be rejected nor refused!

                  He says that even if a one in a million hasbara or sayanim may choose to Not assist?…NONE will EVER expose nor turn in to FBI any such Mosaad etc, of That he is certain and their vast history proves hes correct.

                  That applies to EVERY possibility one can think of…be it supply a lone mossad infiltrator agent in the usa, a bed for a night, a meal or two…Or Commit a Murder or Two!…Or at minimum Cover up said murders, and basically assist such opperatives and opperators in ANY way, shape or form necessary to complete whatever mission they have or did.

                  And this Hasbara, Sayanim, System of “jewish helpers” not only exists in America…but virtually in Every western nation, as well as most Any other lesser nations, wherever a jewish presence exists. Assuming of course that mossad or israel has a job or theft or killing that needs doing there too.

                  Israel IDF also has what they call “Back-packers” which are Former IDF soldiers, that once enlistments of the usual 2-3 yrs service in idf military are finished. The standard normal opps is for that ex soldier to take a couple years Off, and spend that time as a international “Back packer”…That next Hiker you may come upon while fishing or jogging in some usa mountain areas or state/fed parks zones, just may be a former IDF “Back packer” out and about.

                  But are they just simply going for a country Hike in woods?…or are they on some continous Mossad/israeli venture as perhaps a Spy?…Hit Man? Provider to Other Mosaad agents soon to arrive?(See JFK events in Dallas).

                  Yet this also falls under that PC correctness, always remain 100% Silent about such goings on. Because of course its dealing with that “never can do wrong, always worlds Only Victims that Matter” group, whos billionaire Bosses also Own every major MSM and TV station/news/shows.

                  A real sweet scam deal for them no….And they continue to remain Untouchable due to tribal membership of the Khazar clan.

                  That May change drastically once enough usa folks awaken to it all eh!…so do all that You can do to assist in that mass awakening process…The lives You protect or save, may be Yours or Your children/grandkids lives!

                  Wake Up whiteys! You are Prime meat in Their cross hairs.

                  • Them guys is correct. Be careful of skinny or regular looking people that are very friendly during a collapse away from how the norm would act in such an event. If they ask like, “Do you have any more guns because I have seen many soldiers comming this way and you say, ” i have tons and tons of ammo to protect myself and my one other neighbor.” People are getting intel off of you to piece what you have and who you are with. This is very important!! I know it sounds funny but this person may take your stuff, kill you or be looking for you. You can only trust the people you really know otherwise it could be an act that kills you and your family. People should be well in known communities but people that say they are prior Navy or Army to try and have you open up could be a distraction from the bigger picture. You would be amazed how many people there are with this type of training etc. I work for the government as a contractor. I’m the good guys and been on here for years.

                  • Clint-

                    Please toss some “sand” in their gears..when the time is right!

           careful while doing such, ‘bro!

                • (1 John 2:9 NIV) Anyone who claims to be in the light but hates his brother is still in the darkness.

                  What tribe did Jesus belong to?

                  • He was not a tribe member, HE was before the world was formed. Israelites are not tribe members. We already went over this Barn Cat, Jesus was NOT a jew. HE was BEFORE any jew existed.. Are you retarded or do you just have ADD?

                    The Jews admit that they are not the descendants of the Ancient Israelites in their writings. Under the heading of “A brief History of the Terms for Jew” in the 1980 Jewish Almanac is the following:

                    “Strictly speaking it is incorrect to call an ancient Israelite a ‘Jew’ or to call a contemporary Jew an Israelite or a Hebrew.”
                    (1980 Jewish Almanac, p. 3).

                  • Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

                    My Father, who has given them to Me, is greater than all; and no one is able to snatch them out of the Father’s hand. “I and the Father are one.” The Jews picked up stones again to stone Him.…

                    So, I am from a different Father so THEY are no relation to me hence NOT my brother. And stoning Jesus, wouldn’t that be considered Anti Christ?

                  • Open your eyes, the jews are of their father the devil aka Satan aka Lucifer. We are the Bride of Christ of his Father the Lord aka God aka Most Holy aka Yeshua.

                  • judah

                  • AMEN!

                • What the author failed to highlight & expound upon, is the fact that families will be separated..and Dad/Mom..depending on their merits/skill-sets..will be told:

                  “ what we tell you..or the kiddies die/suffer!


                  Years ago, I was dot-comming & I stumbled across a website focusing on prophecies of various blessed visionaries.

                  Anyway, it related the story of a young (devout) American Catholic soldier(from NYC) who spoke Italian & who visited an aging female Italian seer while stationed in Italy, in early 1944…one of the questions he asked her was, if the United States would ever be invaded & vanquished.

                  ..her reply was:

                  The fate of your country is worse! For you will turn against GOD & the teachings of Christ..goodness & morality will be assaulted & retreat, while wickedness & evil will flourish & grow!

                  ..and there will be tyranny & death, such as the world has never seen before…you will fight & kill one another..civil war will rage all across your country…millions will perish..and all will suffer woes!!!

                  ..all the while, many other wars will rage across the world and therefore..none will come to aid you!!!


                  For years now, I have searched for that site, w/o my desk top hard-drive died soon afterwards & I lacked the ability to scour its contents.


                  What I read that cold winter night, long ago..chills & haunts me to this I cannot help but draw(modern day) parallel conclusions to it..relative to what appears to be an ongoing/lockstep march, here in Amerika, where the govt is following the path, that old Italian woman..prophesied of..+80 years ago!


                  May GOD have mercy on us!

                  • Barn Cat: You Ignore that verse of “what has light and darkness in common with each other”…Assuming You know christianity Means Light and righteousness, and Unbleievers means Darkness(which it does)…

                    Then if You believe Talmudic judaic Unbelievers and Christ Haters are Your “brothers”?….Why don’t You also highly Promote Islamics in the same way as Your “Brothers”?…..

                    In Fact when You compare what each religions books,teach or proclaim about Jesus Christ…

                    You shall find that while yes Talmudic Judaisim holy books state as fact that Christ was “a bastard born of a whore who had sex with some roman soldier, and for His many sins and wrongs Jesus Christ IS Now living Permanantly in Hell in a Vat of Boiling hot Shit and semen.” Thats actual near verbatim of what that Talmud jewish book states barn cat.

                    THEN: When that is compared to what Islamic Koran states of Jesus Christ, the Koran basically states that he was a holy Prophet, and several other PRO Christ type sayings.

                    Yes the Koran falls short also of declareing Christ as THE Saviour and As God in the Flesh, as Fully Man and Fully God both…However every verse and reference the Koran has regards Christ Is a Positive promotion of Jesus Christ. NOTHING evil, bad, or negative is in the koran book about Jesus period.

                    Compare That to jewish Talmudic’s many profoundly Hatefull, Spitefull, Perverted, downright Nasty as can be mentions and references to Jesus Christ Barn Cat…

                    Then explain why You so hate muslims, yet consider talmudic Khazars aka jews in Your mind(yes religiously speaking as converts to talmudic judaisim they are “jews”, BUT NOT in Any Blood or dna related way are they a true Israelite of the orig 12 tribes israel folks Biblically etc) as Your “brothers” you speak so greatly of?….Not only are you barn cat a phony christian, who is trying to have belief in two distinct seperate as can be, religions and peoples…You also are a Big Hypocrite Barn Cat. And the Proof solid is the way You post hatefull statements and NON brotherly postings regarding Muslims who’s koran has ZERO negative mentions of Christ, yet at same time You hold Talmudic Antichrist, Judaics in the absolute Highest esteem possible, always demanding we All Worship or nearly worship jews and the dirt they walk upon…You barn cat are an Unchristain, Phony Hypocrite.

                    Very Likley another false conversio jew who pretends hes Now a convert to christianity!….”Not everyone who says LORD! LORD! belongs to Me as a true Christian!”…Jesus Christ, aprox 33 A.D. era.

                  • Them Guys: What even more annoying than your hyperbole is the lack of historical authenticity in your …whatever that vomit you spewed could considered.

                    At the time of Christ, Islam did NOT even exist, ergo Muslims (a “follower of Islam) did NOT exist. However, the Jewish religion DID exist and the Roman empire DID exist and Christ was considered a threat to both the political/religious Jewish leaders and also to the Romans (being the “King of Kings,” descended from the line of David).

                    From scholar Wil Pounds: “It is important to keep in mind these two lines of descendents from King David. Nathan was the older brother of Solomon, but the younger brother took the throne. Solomon was the king God chose to reign after David’s death. Normally, however, that would have fallen to the elder son, Nathan, who would have been king if God had not given it to Solomon. Of course, none of Nathan’s descendents ever claimed the throne. There were no reigning kings in his line of descendents, even though they had the legal right to the throne. When Joseph adopted Jesus as his legal son, Jesus became both David’s direct descendent through David’s son Nathan (Mary’s side), and David’s legal royal heir through Solomon (Joseph’s side).”

                    Hence, the reason Christ’s death was requested by Jews and carried out by Romans.

                    Muslims never came into the picture until about 600 years after Christ’s death…

                    If Jews ever acknowledged Christ as Savior, they would have to admit that they requested the murder of the God’s son….it is safer and easier for them regarding guilt for them to deny and to disparage that Christ was ever the son or God or the King of Kings.

                    And for current Muslims to have any say regarding Christ…yeah, whatever. It would be like you critiquing Shakespeare: Who cares.

                  • Several possibilities:
                    Could be Sister Lucia of Fatima who said the whole world would fall under communism, America included; or
                    Sister Mary Aillo, Italian stigmatic, who said American would be spared the concentration camps because of our charity, but would be brought to our knees by natural disasters.

                • I know Jesus was a Jew because my bible says so over and over again…. let God be true, but every man a liar.

                  • Your bible says Jesus was a Nazerene, Galalaien, BORN IN Gallalie(sp?)…Whos STEP father Joseph was of the tribe of Judah, and His mother I do not now recall which tribe shes born of….Christ did NOT practice NOR believe in ANYTHING Pharisee Talmudic form of “judaisim”. Of which the VAST majority of “jews” in His day, did believe in and practice as Their religion. Of which Christ totally Condemned vociferously and Often times.

                    Christ Told both the Pharisee Rabbis and Their talmudic jewish followers alike that…
                    You Pharisee! You chase down a person to the very Ends of the earth to prostelize that person…Then once the person is convinced to Join with You in Your beliefs, that person becomes TWICE the Child of Hell and Satan as You pharisee Are!”

                    I rekon that also alludes to Christs words of JOHN 8:44, which .02 has posted prior above This posting, IE: “You are OF your Father Satan the devil! etc etc etc”.

                    So Yes jesus had quite alot to Say about talmudic jews…but He was NEVER one Himself!

                    Beware of Deception as it Is the favorite Tool of Satan and likewise also of his children, the jews.

                    Perhaps the Main reason for a comming Antichrist man, will be due to the Fact that even After 2000 years now of constant, non stop, Antichrist, Antichristianity, and Antichristians teachings, practices and Display by talmudic judaic jews….There seems to still be a few very Ignorant, delusional, duped self proclaimed christian folks that for some strange reason Still just do Not get it yet eh?…Maybe they will once the real antichrist guy steps up to man his position.

                    Very unfortunate for the Rest of us who do get it, to have to deal with that due to a few ignorant bullheaded foolish deluded souls right.

            • If you control the .01%, you can resume control of your country.

              • I do not care for at least today.

                As of an hour ago. If I live 4 more days, I will see on a ultrasound the next generation of my Family. If I can Live 6 1/2 months more I will be able to hold my next generation of my family.

                I dare any of you to beat that.

                • Be involved in your kids life,,,
                  It will mean more than you know to give them your time even when they dont want it.
                  Never let them just do whatever they want,

                • God willing you live 6 1/2 more months look into your newborns eyes and realize what you left for him or her. What he/she will inherit with his/her first breath and you will care. At least for that day.

                • FBP

                  nope ,no one can top that ,that is infact the only thing thats real ,everything else is just vanity

                • Our ultrasound is the 20th, 3 more days. Got ya beat there 🙂

                  In 5 months I’ll be holding the baby……beatya again 🙂

                  Congrats FBP, happy for you.

                  This will be my wife and I’s 5th child.

                • Well, that is both a blessing and a curse, as I would never want to bring a child into this world. Especially if it really does hit the fan as it looks like it will. It will be substantially more difficult to raise a baby in post SHTF scenarios. Good luck!

            • You look at what BO is married to, as Kulafarmer says that person has teeth like a shark, I could see BO signing the executive order for mass enslavement faster as his pen could go WHEN the time is right.

              I have always hated those stupid bar codes. I could see people like the movie “Fortress” in which everyone is branded with this or some chip. This is the mark of the beast. There is a lot of truth to this because to deal with this mark of the beast you will be required to swear alliance to this evil.

              Just look at how the governments of the world make the people so totally dependent on the government for everything that to try to be self sufficient the governments make it less profitable. Bizarro world in which hard work is penalized and no longer profitable. God, we are all in such a trap. Freedom one day soon will become very expensive, worth every nickel, but still quite expensive. 🙁

              • All governments are inherently evil. No matter what ideology they start out as, they always grow paranoid and then murderous. Power over others is one majorly intoxicating aphrodisiac.

                • BI: You are correct on all you say of hobammys ways and liklyhoods he woud do. However keep in mind that such executive prez orders have been going on since at least FDR prez era. Most of these exec orders are simply a repeat or re-signing of prior admin prez orders.

                  Often times it is very close to eaxct wordings. Yet often times a few additions have been added to refelct current era’s advances in size of population, industry, tech advances etc etc. but if one looks back at prior prez admin’s orders one will see a very close similarity in said orders.

                  It also appears that such orders are the fed govnt’s way of addressing concerns many folks Here write of often…Such as when folks post that they worry of what becomes of elec grid operations if dollar collapses and nobody desires going to work any longer etc.

                  Well it seems some of these exec orders address those Exact fears folks!…Fed govnt has Zero plans for allowing any such work or labor shut downs, regardless What the main reasons or causes may be.

                  Most folks never get worried of these issues as they believe if or when such are enacted its all for good, all to assure all keeps runnig smoothly.

                  That was probobly the case prior to Abe Lincoln’s admin eh.

              • Be informed, your correct. I don’t know anybody could of gave me 3 downs and 14 ups for the truth. Either you don’t believe this is real, in that case I would take a look at what has already happened so far in the last years since 2008. TPTB are getting older and want to see the changes, TPTB will push even faster. We will see huge increases in food prices this summer gas too and should start to see major frustration or a war and to see major trimmings out of the budget. This is interesting times since they can’t kick the can anymore and have to make decisions that will have huge impacts. Get into shape by running. I think this is very real. People that are about living a certain society lifestyle are blind to whats going on or have no interest in self reliance will suffer and there are many and the majority. I would say 2 out of 10 people are like us.

                • TPTB are fucking ancient! Have you seen a Rothschilds lately? Or a Rockefeller? They are all so old, they should’ve been farting dust by now.

                  They have little time left to see their life’s work come true, and that means we are a little short on time ourselves.

                  • Sixpack, you’re absolutely right, especially about us. Braveheart just turned 57 today. To me it was just another day; nothing special. Especially with everything I see taking place right now. Starting Monday the monkey in the WH may be taking us to war wit Russia and get us destroyed as a nation. The people of the Crimea have already spoken so Obamanation needs to leave it the hell alone. The EU won’t do squat because they’re too dependent on Russian natural gas. While I can sympathize with the people of Ukraine, it’s not our problem, it’s not our responsibility. Russia alone can destroy us with whatever missiles they have. China won’t have to do squat. On rounding up people for the FEMA camps, nobody will take me alive. If it means dying right here in my home fighting, then so be it. I don’t submit to anyone who would have evil intentions toward me. I may not make it to 58 now the way things are going, but I don’t give a shit anymore. I don’t want to live if it means submitting to the NWO. MOLON LABE braveheart

                  • Happy Birthday Braveheart!!!

                    ..hope you’re around for many more.


                  • Happy birthday BH—My 54th was March 8th.

                  • Happy birthday Braveheart! May you have many more.

                    Take care.
                    KY Mom

                  • Braveheart,
                    Happy Birthday Young Man
                    — Miss Dee Dee

            • Angels on the sideline,
              Puzzled and amused.
              Why did Father give these humans free will?
              Now they’re all confused.

              Don’t these talking monkeys know that
              Eden has enough to go around?
              Plenty in this holy garden, silly monkeys,
              Where there’s one you’re bound to divide it.
              Right in two.

              Angels on the sideline,
              Baffled and confused.
              Father blessed them all with reason.
              And this is what they choose.

              • I like Castiel’s (from Supernatural) version:”Freedom is like a rope, and God wants us to hang ourselves with it.”

                “…it’s a bit like teaching poetry to fish…”

                • I love me some Supernatural! Castiel makes me laugh! I too see WWIII on the horizon. It’s time to be much more self-sufficient and responsible as a people. Time to show that we are people, not chattel to be lead to slaughter. Stand and be true!

            • Controlling the oil (energy) and indirectly controlling the food in the Ukraine area by Pootin is going to happen. There are no good outcomes here. Only bad and worse. I don’t think Obummer has the balls to push back and surely he’s not so stupid as to start a fire that escalates out of control? There is potential here, like Syria, for this to get very serious. We should have a better probability within a week.

            • If Martial law suspends the constitution, my rights, and freedoms? Then if I don’t have a constitution, then I don’t have a government, then who is the pirate trying to lie to me? RULE 762 they who have a rifle still vote. [email protected] Get with it folks!!

          • To be a slave, one has to submit to being a slave.

            I believe the government underestimates our resolve.

            • You would be wrong. The govt. has exactly guessed what most peoples reaction will be. Unquestioning obedience. This is not the US of forty years ago when someone feeling up women at the airport would have had their and the people who passed the laws asses kicked. This goes back to Bush who took full advantage of the opportunity provided by 9/11 to subjugate the population in the made up war on terror. What a joke with mass Muslim immigration and open borders. Hope you are all aware that Obama has turned over the internet to the dictators of the world to run. Sites like this will be gone by the end of the year. Enjoy while we can.

              • I can’t say I disagree with you, John W.

                I was speaking mostly for myself.

                But I would bet heavy coin that there is

                a whole lot of folks that feel the same way

                I do on this site.

            • Bingo,,,
              Ill be damned if i will be forced to do anything from here on out.

              • I hope most people will share your attitude. however, anyone with a child will have them used against you. read some more of the articles from the common sense show, more specifically the ones regarding the cps field manual on child neglect.

                • Law enforcement does that right off the top now, just imagine how much worse it will get when the stakes go up. I would NOT want to have my child in a hospital, on the record right now.

                  • I have friends who are your worst Jeykil and Hyde nightmare when it comes to threatening their kids,
                    Hell, my X was like a mama pit bull when it came to our daughter!
                    If they start threatening others children their own families will be fair game,
                    I think TPT think TB are in for a rude awakening, people wont all roll over easily, and many will in fact be their worst nightmare and worst enemy.

                  • Im glad i don’t have a child yet, id hate to have to make the choice between selling myself/family into slavery or
                    warching my kids starve to death. i hope that this
                    nation turns around before it comes to that, but i fear it might be too late. pray to god for grace and mercy, its the only prep you can make that will last an eternity.

            • True, on the other hand I’ve known several gals that have done excellent work on their knees.

              • LOL…considering the new social standards, are you completely certain they were all really girls?

                • Yup, Absolutely POSITIVELY

            • Well said friend! MOLON LABE!!

            • I have said many times……they don’t know what a big steamy pile they are stepping into.

              Doubtless, I will not survive.

              But I am going to make them pay.

            • There is very little resolve left in people any more. We have become a nation of lazy people. We are too intent on pleasing ourselves instead of pleasing God. We will reap what we have sown. The end of days is quickly approaching and who can survive it? Only the redeemed of the Lord. Choose this day whom you will serve.

          • +1 Kula

          • Kula ,
            This is breaking right now on drudge ( 7:30 pm edt 3-16) and it’s all over the internet the Russian nightly news , Russian news anchor with ties to the kremlin reports Russia will turn the US into radioactive ash if we military intervene with Ukraine .

            Looks like the old cold war is about to go hot.

            Get your last preps in , waste no time .
            Things could go down hill real fast .


            Semper Fi 8541

        • Executive Order 13603 (National Defense Resources Preparedness ) essentially gives POTUS “authorization” to commandeer all domestic resources – including our skills and labor. I tend to agree with you that, should these events take place, they will tell the people that they either get on board, or starve to death. This’ll be around the same time as they force implant Digital Angel (yes, that’s a real company and product name) chips into our arms.

          “Like the Selective Service established to draft Americans into the military in the event of war, all Americans are automatically registered for the National Defense Executive Reserve, an agency responsible for identifying experts and skilled laborers for jobs that may need to be performed during a national security. That means your entire work history is now stored, aggregated and flagged in a national database and you can be called on at any time and forced into service for national security reasons at a government-run institution or labor camp”

          • MAC: it sounds as if when as Kids in school teachers told us all to be best students, learn the most we can, do well and be smarter than average it will make adulthood life way better, more prosperous and alot eaiser to contend with…..Was all a fat LIE!

            Now all them smartest and bestest will be Firstest conscripted for…whatever and everything!

            • Only the ones that stop shooting…

          • EO 13603 doesn’t give the POTUS authorization to do anything, any more than the Constitution gives us rights. We need to abandon our illusions about government and authority, and act like sovereigns again.

            I suggest reading The Greatest Superstion by Larken Rose.

            • Thank you. It’s about time someone in this thread reminded us what the TRUTH is. There is NO authority to do any of this, it is a fraud and null from the beginning.

              Just because a lunatic in the White House is surrounded by sycophants who tell him he can do whatever he wants doesn’t mean there is any authority behind it…there is FORCE behind it but no authority.

              Wean yourself away from referring to any “government authority”: it has long since lost it and our using that term only legitimizes their corruption. I do not have any allegiance to the criminal syndicate masquerading as a federal government in Washington. If DC broke off, slipped into the Atlantic and followed Atlantis into the abyss, I would sleep like a baby that night.

              Small changes can be powerful. Never willingly agree to use the terms or descriptions they assign to themselves; they are only there to blind us to obey a false authority.

              Kulafarmer has the right attitude. RESIST RESIST RESIST in every/any way you can. If we leave this world, let us leave in the company of several of the tyrant’s servants. That is an honorable end.

            • Here, here… Larken Rose, plus Marc Stevens (No Stste Project) and Lysander Spooner (No Treason: Constitution of No Authority), among others that are pulling back the curtain and shining the light of truth on the illusion of legitimate human government (versus personal sovereignty and voluntaryism).

              Free Your Mind!



              “Your mind is like a parachute… it only works when it’s open.”

          • My response will be the same as would be if they told me to turn over my guns.

          • Ive said it before but it bears repeating…I love America and will die defending her…I however hate the federal machine and will die if nessesary destroying it…I will never under an circumstances fight for/ support or supply any labor/material or other help to defend this beast…and any other govicorp from any other hellhole on this planet had better understand that it goes double for them…death to all tyrants! REB

        • He who controls the food controls the people and that is why all the new laws or executive orders are being put into play making it illegal to grow your own food or severaly restrict the growing of it. most people are not even aware of all the new laws to keep the food from being grown by the people and of course most of those laws won’t be used until they need them to be.

          • Well, I was taught there was a very significant difference between power and authority. I hereby grant BO the authority to fly to the moon using his ears, Send me a postcard when you get there.

        • Please!
          I believe in prepping. I believe we should be independent and be afforded the freedom to take care of ourselves.
          But, I have heard this crazy conspiracy theory crap for years, and it has yet to take place. Remember Y2K?

          Could the US economy collapse? Absolutely.
          Could terrorists nuke us? Sure.
          Could an emp shut down the grid. You bet.

          Slave labor camps on a country with 100 million guns.
          Come on! And you wonder why people don’t take preppers seriously.

          Anyone who believes this crap is insane.
          How about some useful articles that could help us prepare. This is a waste of time.

          • Well said Ridgerunner.

            Half the poeple who were prepped for Y2K are fucking DEAD and there preps went into a junkpile.

            I have heard MANY here say just that about people they knew.

            Other people have made prepping their whole life for as much as 50 or more years… I have read THAT here also.

            Get out and LIVE.

            If the shit happens at least you will have some nice memories to think about

          • Slave labor, in a country with 100,000,000 guns. perhaps; Who would that be? Not us, we have about 300,000,000. And ammo, Whatever you may think of BO; you have to admit he has sold more ammo than anyone since Hitler.

            • Obama and Clinton were the 2 best salesmen the firearms industry ever had.

          • A breath of fresh air in a fog of stench.

            Thanks for some common sense.

          • This is nothing like Y2K. What kind of swill is that?

            • Sixpack, Y2K was the biggest non-event ever to take place, but at least I was prepped for it. and yes, I rotated and ate up my food supply by the time of the 1st anniversary of Y2K.

              • Well, I think we all know this is NOT a “non-event” by any standards.

              • I still have two bags of M&Ms.

                We got through Y2K because thousands of programmers worked their butts off, and the embedded chip problem didn’t turn out as bad as feared.

          • OK, that means about 30% of the population has a gun when only 3% of the population is prepping. Are you starving and want food? Just turn in your guns and they’ll give it to you.

            • Barn Cat.

              That’s a scary thought — “30% of the population has guns and only 3% are prepping.”

              That means there are going to be 87 million starving people out there who will try to take your preps at gunpoint (not counting the govt)

              • How about these 87 million people turn to the government and demand the food. Ten thousand armed people can go and get what they please from the government food warehouses. why bother with a prepper with a very small amount of food when you have a government warehouse overflowing with food stuffs?

          • I was in IT and tested some companies computers to see if they were Y2K compatible. While it might have been over hyped. Those with computer problems had them fixed as they would be out of business the next day.

            Self interests prevented any Y2K problems.

          • @ridgerunner….

            Prepare for what?

            • Prepare for a multitude of things. No power, terrorist attack, shut down of government, or even a really bad natural disaster.

              But to get caught up in these crazy web conspiracy stories is a waste of time.

          • 100 million guns are only as useful as the people willing to use them. When push comes to shove if all the people holding those guns lay them down what good were the guns. Only the resolve of the people to use them will have any effect.

        • My ex has been on her knees for going on 2 decades now

          • She must be really easy on shoes…

        • I wish I could doubt all of this, but I’ve seen a “railroad job” in the court system up close and personal before. If it goes down, yeah, everyone not kissing their ass will be the “T” word for sure. I’ve no doubt.

      2. Obama figured out a way to get 100% employment. Yay for us!

        • Hope and Change baby! Hope and Change!

          All we had to do was believe!

          100% health care. 100% employment. See, we did fundamentally transform America.

          We are the ones we’ve been waiting for!

          • Mac, I said all along that obullshit was telling is to our faces exactly what he was going to do—we just ASSUMED he meant something different, when he said “hope and change.”

      3. Death in battle is preferable to slavery.

        • Amen !

          Fuck them all and eventually these bastards will all meet their maker and have to answer for what they have done to humanity.

          • Eventually meet their maker? No. Arrange the introduction.

            • I often look at my cat and wonder how many cats, dogs, birds and other innocent pets will be left trapped in their homes to die, after they come and drag their owners out, or kill them where they stand.

              I’m sure “animal welfare” won’t be high on their to-do lists.

              • I think about that too since I volunteer at an animal shelter. I plan on having enough extra food to adopt one more cat before it closes.

                • I’m thinking about installing an out-of-the-way hidden pet door. That way at least my cat would have a chance to get out and find some food and water, if I wasn’t able to set him free. My feeling is, I had a choice in his mess, my cat didn’t.

                  • When people get hungry, many of them will let their pets outside to fend for themselves. That is a bad idea. Pets are used to getting their food from humans. They will be like those Yellowstone bears used to be when they let people feed them back in the ’60’s. They will become dangerous, run in packs, compete with humans for food, and even eat humans.

                    But most of them will starve to death, not knowing how to hunt. Yesterday I went outside to check on my dog to see if he wanted to come back inside. He was sitting on the grass, surrounded by squirrels. He didn’t even think of chasing any of them and they weren’t afraid of him. He would starve if they kill me — or come hungry person would eat him.

                  • Well daisy, I can tell you for certain any cat would die if he was stuck inside without food and water. If something happens to me and he’s trapped inside, he has zero chance. Better he died quickly, than of slow, helpless starvation and dehydration. I hate to even think about starving to death slowly, alone in a room…

                    My cat CAN hunt and any animal WILL hunt if they get hungry enough. Your dog would too, if he wasn’t expecting his alpo from you…why chase squirrels if you’ll be putting on the gravy train shortly?

          • “…..eventually these bastards will all meet their maker and have to answer for what they have done to humanity.”

            And some of us will help to arrange the meeting.

        • Better that I- and my family- die, than to live miserably under the boot of some thug like obama. Existing as a slave is not living… and if our choices become slavery or fighting to the death? Then there really IS no choice.

          It’s a terrible thing, to reach this point and such decisions. But those who have brought us to this point will PAY for their treason. The “interest” on their debt will be x10.

        • +1

          • I’d think “If” a real true emergency occured, that required personal sacrafices for various work or jobs related tasks like keep power grid operative etc, that so many americans would act patriotic no need for any such “forced” compliance is needed ever.

            American people have always proved reliable and worthy of the title Patriotic when necessary and when they believe in what it is going on.

            • …and therein lies the problem. We are all kept in a perpetual state of confusion. We are all kept at each others throats or looking for some boogeymen that doesn’t now, and never did exist. Fear is always there, as well as suspicion, hatred and doubt.

              I’ll say this again—as long as they can keep us fighting amongst ourselves, WE ARE DOOMED TO FAIL.

              • agreed , unity is so hard to come by

                • It might be easier to come by, if we could all stop listening to the propaganda, both now AND from the past.

                  NOTHING about any govt has EVER been what we were told it was…nothing. We’ve been lied to all the way through, about everything—not just when it suits us to acknowledge it.

        • Tomahawk, I’m right there with you.

      4. yeah right, they’re going to put 205 million people in Slave labor camps!, to do what? there is no money to rebuild the intra stricter, no money for food to feed the people in the camps, the whole store is crazy.

        • 1940,
          Think about what you just said !, you are correct they will not put that many into camps because, the rest will be dead!

          • dead would be the only way, but people here are not going to stand in line like the Jews done for Hitler.

            • Damned straight.

            • They have germ and chemical warfare to use against us – just release a particular virus (which they themselves have been vaccinated for) and there are your millions dead.

              • People who turn out to be immune to the virus or survive he chemical weapons will be used to bury the dead. I’m sure they don’t want to do that themselves. Now we know what they need slave labor for.

        • Just me- Perhaps you did not understand that as a slave you dont get paid. Hence they will not need the money- I will not be a slave. I and my family will die on our feet NOT on our knees

          • come on, how fucking stupid do you think I am, I know prisoners do not get paid, but it takes money to buy food for them and money to pay the armies or guards. you people jump on conspiracy theories too fast without thinking.

            • “Executive Order 13603 (National Defense Resources Preparedness ) essentially gives POTUS “authorization” to commandeer all domestic resources ”

              The government does not pay for anything, they take. I’ve noticed even though the country is 17 trillion in debt the government seems to have everything they need and I have become a lot poorer.

            • While it is true the government is preparing for a pandemic and the relief effort that entails, 1940 is correct that it is mathematically impossible to enslave people as described herein.

              Nothing I’ve read supports involuntary unpaid servitude, but as for me I’m all for requiring people who come and share my heat and eat my food to also share the workload.

          • But we should still Pray on our knees every now and then.

        • Just me, I’m sorry, but I don’t know what “intra stricter” is. Do you mean “infrastructure”? Not criticizing; I just want to know what you mean. Thanks.

        • 1040- you are absolutely right. The stories are getting bigger and bigger.

          We are way more than a million man army here now. Us “civilians”. This shit cannot happen. If no one had a gun, yes.
          Armed like we are?

          NO FUCKING WAY!

          • I think you are failing to take into consideration that the war against the American population is not going to be a conventional war. We have the worlds stockpiles of old chemical and nuclear weapons and depleted uranium from power plants in this country as backup for the Technologically advanced super weapons we have been paying to deploy since WWI.(Tesla Tungusta) Microwave and Frequency weapons rule the day now.(flight 370) Everything you have ever seen on a sci-fi movie or show exists in the real world and is being used. We have been artfully deceived since the Garden of Eden.You can prepare spiritually for the inevitable but preparing physically for the unknown is going to be a difficult task.Love,Love ,Love your neighbor. In His service

        • I suspect that feeding people is not their highest priority.

          More likely…..these will be death camps. Extermination is their agenda. Those they keep alive will just be the slaves they use to implement the agenda.

          This has happened before…..just on a smaller scale.

          You have heard of the holocaust, haven’t you?

      5. I don’t do control very good. No One will have their thumb over my head. I’d rather be dead. They can all kiss my ass.

        • Wrong
          I agree, always been a rebel and will be until the day i die and if push comes to shove, i can still push well for my age!!i am sure all of us who voice comments like this are the first ones to have a knock at our door!! or in the middle of the night and they won’t be knocking nicely

          • 1940justme, I respect your comment but many will be dead from inner conflict in cities till the system gets rolling, many will not work and I don’t believe it will be slave labor day in and day out, it will be you do something for the communtiy and you get fed, if you don’t participate off you go to these areas of the country or you will be held in a dentention until you decide to do something. Many old people can’t work and they will do something humane with that age or they simply die from lack of care dunring this transistion period.

            I know this may save your life, but if you get caught hide a knife at least 2-3 inches or longer and speed here in paramount. Just thrust it into someone’s neck and pull hard to the left or right hard as you can. That will drop them immediately or have them gasping for air. Be sneaky about this. I’m not saying to murder people but for self defense when your life in on the line and you need to escape. Many people forget about this and always are thinking about a punch from a hook (right arm) or a kick to grion. You must be fast and not hesitate when doing this. Of course this will not work with 3-4 people trying to detain you at the same time but one on one with a 2nd near by without guns may save your life.

            • smart people will go on the offence when the SHsTF, the people goose stepping behind their leaded will need to know defense.

          • Wrong and Apache54, I’m wit both of you all the way. No mofo is taking me alive either.

      6. Your extrapolations from the source statutes referenced amount to undiluted doomsday porn, nothing more. Comments posted concerning past articles appearing here reflect a growing awareness on the part of your readers that your delusional perspectives are falling out of favor. There are enough real problems the country is facing without fanning the flames of collective paranoia. Is the sun rising in the morning a dynamic of some conspiracy?

        • How much do you make per post? Say hi to the NSA for me will you? troll

          • .02, Alphonse thinks if him and his libtard pals continue to play games that we will get board and no longer pay attention to there fucking bullshit. Alphonse should know I can’t wait to string up commie’s domestic or foreign and will never tier keeping watch of my freedom.

          • .02, that Alphonse sounds like a troll with book sense. But common sense still trumps book sense 24/7/365. Alphonse, tell NSA to go f#$% themselves for me, will you?

        • Alphonse-have some more Kool-aid you demented moron! Bet you voted for Obama!

        • Eisencruz- Um I mean Alphonse…

          good analogy.

          • HTJ, at least Alphonse sounded better than Eisen, I’ll give him that.

        • Hey Alphonse….

          Come to my house….I have cookies.

          (don’t pay attention to the evil laughter)

        • Hey Alphonse….

          Come to my house….I have cookies.

          (don’t pay attention to the evil laughter)

        • Dear Al Putz:

          “Your extrapolations from the source statutes referenced amount to undiluted doomsday porn, nothing more.”

          I assume you were diddling yourself on the day your handler was going over the chapter on sounding like the common man. Impersonating someone who’s been prepping all his life for a return of GE College Bowl doesn’t impress us.

          “There are enough real problems the country is facing without fanning the flames of collective paranoia.” Let me guess: “Real problems” like the fight for LGBT equality, perhaps? Or maybe a campaign to make sure we don’t have more Superbowl wardrobe mishaps? Care to share with us what “real problems” you have in mind?

          Because for about 99% of the folks on this board, the deliberate destruction of our natural rights is just about the most “real problem” we can imagine. And just for accuracy’s sake, it’s not collective paranoia when the headlines every day reflect the same trends.

          You want to be seen as someone of intellectual capacity, I would guess. If so, you fail miserably. To use a vernacular familiar to someone of your prodigious self-regard, you are either a paid troll or someone who won’t need to visit a re-education camp since you are already compromised.

          Run along now. The adults would like to get back to business.

      7. How many will go to work at their regular job for 1/3rd what they’re making now? Same thing. We is on de plantation already boss.

        • How many will still go to work, just for their rations?

      8. Are you really ready for what is coming?
        Has your BOB Gear/INCH Bag Gear been tested? I mean really tested. How long will your pack last through days and weeks of hot to cold, rain and wet weather? What about your knives, axes, and multi-tools? How long will your boots last if you have to wear them every day, and hike in them all day through all types of weather? What about you? Your vehicle breaks down hard on your way to your bug out location and you still have another 30 to 45 miles to go. Can you still hump that 75 lb. pack up and down hills, through gorges and ravines, across rivers, etc… for days on end? How fast can you run with it and how long can you keep up that speed over said terrain? Two is one, one is none. Right! But can you hump it? What about spare ammo? What about food and eating on the run? What about rest and setting an over watch? You aren’t alone are you? Can you trap and snare food? Even in the middle of the winter? Can you fish? What will you do on the run when the toilet paper runs out? Are those toddlers you are evading with familiar with noise discipline? What happens when they grow out of their clothes and you are still in the E & E mode of operation? What happens when their shoes become too small and too tight and you are still in the E & E mode of operation?
        Don’t prepare with gear based on what someone else says. Your gear must fit your needs, skill set, and plan. It must be durable. Your plan must include the means to maintain your gear. You may not get another issue of gear. Develop skills now. Learn several ways to start fire without your gear, then using your gear minus lighter and matches. Stick with this until you perfect these fire making skills. Then practice them once a week. From there, move on to the next task you cannot do now. Get in shape. Walk every day. Then walk with your pack on. Your endurance will gradually build until you can do the 10 to 12 miles a day.
        Test your body. Test your gear. Test your plan. Because what is coming will test all of these including your will, your faith, and your resolve.
        STAND TO!

        • Drifter, where you going to run to? Why? The woods are going to be real crowded if everybody tries to hide. Stick around and shoot it out with the bad guys. Get into the cities and start fires every where. Keep ’em busy. Haven’t we been hiding too long? Where did that get us? Engage the enemy. Shoot and scoot.

          • Who is going to lead the charge? Anyone, anyone? Bueller? Anyone?

            • It doesn’t need to be one big charge—it can be a lot of little skirmishes, all over the place. Each one, it’s own act of defiance. Any setback for the enemy is a mission accomplished.

              It doesn’t need to be like a Braveheart (the movie) dash across an open field of battle, by hundreds of people, to have an impact…enough fleas can bring down the dog, and if there is anything we could agree on, we have plenty of fleas in this country.

              Defiance is defiance, no matter how small, as long as EVERYBODY gets some.

              • Sixpack, this braveheart will go out and fight any way he can. Even at my advanced age, I can still do something to the enemy and I damned sure will. “Every man dies. But not every man truly lives.” Braveheart

                • Long live Braveheart!!!

          • Live long enough to become a problem for them.

            • or to leave them a little something to remember you by.

        • Have a beer.

        • Hell No, my stuff won’t do that. I’m not going to either. I’m going to stand with mine and say: NO! IF the good people who love freedom won’t stand up for it who will? I’d rather go down fighting with a few good people, than run with thousands. Go to the woods, eat dirt, run all you want. If my toumbstone has to read: “Here lIes an asshole that was so stupid; he fought alone, without hope” THEN SO BE IT!

          • Love it, but rest assured (pun intended)

            … you will not be alone.

      9. Hey Barn Cat, how do you like our communists now? What tribe is this again making all these laws/plans? We as a nation are next up. The tribe is coming to kill/enslave as many as possible. We either succumb or die at the hands of our fellow Amerikans that will be convinced that anyone with out the chip is the enemy. I knew as soon as they had all the data bases in place, they would/will be coming for us.

        • What tribe are you talking about? Is that code for Jews? What’s the matter you don’t have the nuts to say that? Little faggot. Last time I looked the head of the tribe that would implement this directive and who wrote the law is Obama who half black and a anti Semite as are most in his inner govt. So what gives with blaming the Jews? Is that all you have?

          • If you think Obama is in charge of anything you are in need of a brain transplant. He is temporary office help. The REAL power is behind the throne and they are “those who say they are jews and are not”. Get a clue, moron.

          • Yes, it’s code for “Jew”. There are idiots and fools here who think that if you have a Jewish ancestor 10 generations back that somehow makes you a Jew and it makes you evil. I guess they never look in the mirror to see how evil they are themselves. Some of them even pretend to be Christians but nobody who belongs to Christ hates other people.

            • The March 24, 1933 issue of The Daily Express of London described how Jewish leaders, in combination with powerful international Jewish financial interests, had launched a boycott of Germany for the express purpose of crippling her already precarious economy in the hope of bringing down the new Hitler regime. It was only then that Germany struck back in response. Thus, if truth be told, it was the worldwide Jewish leadership – not the Third Reich – that effectively fired the first shot in the Second World War. Prominent New York attorney Samuel Untermyer was one of the leading agitators in the war against Germany, describing the Jewish campaign as nothing less than a “holy war.”

          • John W don’t forget the Arabs are also Semites. So though Obama might be anti Jew he isn’t anti Semite.

          • Doesn’t the Cleveland Indians go by “The Tribe”?

        • The Jews are 12 tribes. If you knew your Bible you would know that. There aren’t any tribes missing. That’s a myth. The Jews aren’t behind the New World Order. Sure, there are some Jews that are part of it but that only makes sense. Jews value education more than other groups. That’s why they’re at the top of science, education, entertainment, and government.

          • Why have they been kicked out of over 80 countries throughout history? Do you ever ask yourself why they are hated so much? If I told you I was kicked out of over 80 bars and it was always the owner/bartenders fault, would you not question why I get kicked out? You never answer these easy questions Barn Cat, all you do is misdirect. Can you tell me why this tribe of people murder millions and get the boots everywhere they go? And while you are at it, why did they declare war on Germany with The Economic Boycott of 1933 and destroy their economy?

            • 02; Bless you.., but give it up. There is no hope of turning a mind that is so programmed as the Barn Cat or perhaps John W. May as well try to reason with John Hagee and surely you know that would be a waste of time! Because you’ve seen the proof, you know the truth and millions of Americans hunger for that truth. Let’s focus on them because they are our only hope in avoiding what happened to the White Christian Russians and most especially the genocide that the Germans suffered at the hands of the International Jew. Yes, I know it seems hopeless at times when we listen to the spewing of utter mindlessness from a Barn Cat when knowledge to the contrary is absolutely everywhere but we must press on for its our only option. In the end, we win, and you must never doubt it.

              • Aurelius-

                Well said!

                In the end it boils down to..per the Barn Cat types..a simple quote that goes thus:

       not cast thy pearls, before swine!!!!!!!!!!!!

              • Thia is all kind of new to me and does seem a bit wild….but I really want to know truth. So I am one you refer to Aurelius as a Christian american hungering for truth.

                But let me say this, and I say it because I definitely think it can and will help. When people come off as pissed off angry, with almost a hatred to them……it does not attract much. And for me personally, I have to be honest….it sends a small red flag up in my gutt

                • BJ; Good to see that your mind is open to receive and consider information and to accept as truth or reject as wicked lies that which is before you. When a Gentile dares to speak of the Jews, he had best be speaking of the Chosen of God and our great “Ally”, Israel. This keeps the conversation positive. If a negative can even be heard in the voice of the Gentile, mental triggers are tripped in the mind and regardless of what truth, of what proof is in the message of this horrid Gentile, one may perceive only anger and hatred and these two negatives are naturally unattractive as you say, to all healthy people. Please try to understand that this small red flag in your gut is the result of decades of mental conditioning and programming by the education system, the Judeo Christian Church system, the entertainment system and the political system, all… run and controlled by Jews! We all must cling to our Christian values while discovering what the hidden truth is about these very evil people as past generations of Christians have always done. As you are new to this allow me to recommend a book that I just finished reading. It is “THE MYTH OF GERMAN VILLAINY” by Benton L. Bradberry, a retired Naval Aviator. Available at Amazon, there are mountains of information within that I’m sure will help you in your quest to understand. Good luck to you BJ.

                  • Thank you Aurelius,
                    I must admit adn I don’t want to turn any body away or piss them off….but some of the stuff I have been hearing and reading seems a little racist and against Jesus’ teachings? Some sounds like white supremacy?

                    After all the references to John 8 by Them Guys and .02 lately I decided to take a look at it. So last night I read through John 8 (HCSB) and I was blown away at everything that jumped out at me that I have never really seen before. Now granted I was looking more for it than before due to all the references to it on here lately…but still.

                    But in the notes at the bottom of the page, it did say that in the old test. Israelites were Jews.

                    I just want the right knowledge, understanding mixed with wisdom and discernment. I want to hear one day…well done thy good and faithful servant, and I feel that I am so far from that right now it scares me.

          • The Jews admit that they are not the descendants of the Ancient Israelites in their writings. Under the heading of “A brief History of the Terms for Jew” in the 1980 Jewish Almanac is the following:

            “Strictly speaking it is incorrect to call an ancient Israelite a ‘Jew’ or to call a contemporary Jew an Israelite or a Hebrew.”
            (1980 Jewish Almanac, p. 3).

            • I’m not even sure the elite group helbent on destroying humanity are fully human at this point!

              Hence why I don’t get drawn into the Jew bashing – they just make convenient scapegoats every time humanity gets too close.

              Read Dr Robert Hare’s work. Start with his written for the masses – “Snakes in Suits” and then progress to the academic papers. Then ignore the fancy smancy words but take a CLOSE look at some of the ACTIONS of some of these movers and shakers.

              I’m fairly sure any sensible person will come to a similar conclusion to my own. It’s just not quite human to be quite so at ease with being the direct cause of so much misery, suffering, pain and genocide as the 1% are. they have something fundamental missing – a spiritual person would describe that missing piece as their soul.

              • I have been saying and wondering for a while now, if some of these things are a sort of human hybrid…seriously. They don’t seem human to me at all. It’s one thing to have some evil in your heart and be hurtful to some….but some of these have effected life of all humans on planet earth.

                Plus if they’re not human, there shouldn’t be a penalty in man or Gods law for taking them out 🙂

            • Jew is a shortening of Judah (one the 12 sons/tribes of Jacob/Israel).

              No one today can truly confirm their Israeli lineage, due to the destruction of the Temple by the Roman Empire in 70 A.D. (since their genealogical records were destroyed therewith).

              Romans 9:6; Revelation 2:9 and 3:9

      10. Off Topic…

        Senator attempts to disarm sheriffs at Oklahoma State Capitol

        “Over 40 Sheriffs walked out of the Oklahoma State Capitol this week after an unknown senator demanded they remove their firearms.”

        “After entering the capitol for an annual meet and greet with legislators, the state’s sheriffs were confronted and given an ultimatum, disarm or leave the building.”

        “After being given their options, all 40 sheriffs refused to comply with the senator’s demand and walked out of the building, firearms holstered.”

        • If no one else can be armed then why should they get a pass? Same goes for any cop. If regular citizens cannot carry then neither should they.

      11. The mark of the ‘beast’ is almost upon us. Only a short matter of time. Are you ready? Stand or fall.

        Motorola Patents E-Tattoo Mark of the Beast, That Can Also Read Your Thoughts by Listening to unvocalized Words in Your Throat…
        more here:

        h ttp://

        • It’s not the Mark of the Beast. There won’t be one until the antichrist rules the world and you need to renounce your faith in Christ to get the Mark.

          • This unholy trinity is that of Satan, Antichrist, and the False Prophet. In the scriptures, God reveals Antichrist as the Beast, who derives his power from Satan, the Dragon. Together, they will use the False Prophet, the Second Beast, to help them accomplish their evil works on planet earth. The Bible also tells us that in the end of days, the Antichrist will rule over the entire human race with an ecumenical and apostate global religion, in addition to ruling the planet through a global government, and economy. No person living at that time, will be able to escape his evil rule. Revelation 13:1-18.

            John 8:44

            Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

            So, who do you think is Anti Christ? who wants HIM out of our schools, holidays, court rooms, lives RIGHT NOW? Who said “let his blood be on our hands” and who rejected him from the beginning?

            • The scritpture in Paul or is it John? Speaks to the very first group of christians alive back THEN, first era of early christians. He tells them (paraphraseing here) Of those who are antichrist You have NO need of me to explain further since antichrist IS already IN the world as we speak Now and has been. And You are ALL well aware of what I am saying so I wont elaborate further on the subject.

              Or close to that exchange spoken. So who Else can Paul be speaking of as antichrist Already at work in the world at THAT early era or time frame?

              ONE group alone kept Hounding and Persecuting Christians back then(and ever since for 2000 yrs now)…Who was Then rileing up Romans and roman soldiers against christians and causeing hatred of christians in general always back then Barn cat?…Like it or not it Was the jews.

              The method jews employed to get their way was to Threaten Riots or revolts against ruleing Romans and their soldiers etc….Same as they Taught negroes to do Now in america!…Cry that they are a huge victim of whiteys, and threaten Riots and citys will BURN!…Who ya think Taught modern negroes how swell That threats method works.

              Pontious Pilot tried in Vain to convince the jews and rabbis to Stop persecuting Christ since he, Pilot found ZERO guilt in Christ. But No No No…Jews demanded Pilot Murder an Innocent man due to jewish Hatred period.

              And after jews had the first Christian, Jesus Killed off…They ever since been trying to Exterminate us ALL barn cat….The greatest event for jewish kommie genocidal mass killers occured in Russia for 70 yrs called russian revolution…SHOULD be called the JEWISH revolution against whites and christians.

              More folks got killed off Then in russia and a dozen more nations of eastern europe, than any Other recorded time historically, Ever, Period…Why the fuck wont You stop the BS and just finally admit You are wrong barn cat…

              You are worse than an Unrully child age 4 yrs old. Same as typical antigun liberals act and never admit they are wrong no matter what proof is shown. Unfuckinbelievable.

              Denser than dense, more idiotic than an idiot, and Just Plain stupid wrong. To Knowingly deny Truth, factually proven truths is NOT christian like barn cat, far from it.

              Know truth and Speak truth is what Jesus said probobly more than all other things he said. And You Fail the Test.

      12. Remember, The Big Zero still has almost 40% approval rating. No matter what happens, he will always have around 30% of the population on his side. Which is about 100 million people. In addition he will always have the majority of the cops.

        • All he needs is to promise an amnesty and have Soros companies tally the votes. Half the Stupid party politicians are on the other side anyway so who would complain? Whites will not fight back so I see nothing to stop him running for a third term and winning.

          • Soros companies. Jews?

        • He may have 100 millon but none can do anything. They cant grow food have no skills know nothing about medical knowledge. They will disappear quick

          • Now you know the real reasons that for the past 1/2 century, since 1960’s they have used every means they have to propagandize, and program the Darkies to…Hate, Blame, and GET WHITEY!

            All they lacked was a Fellow traveler Darkie in charge.

            They do Not Lack that any longer. One word from their darkie leader to pounce. Is about all it would take for 50 million crazed savage animalistic, Trained hethens to begin the pounce….hate, Blame, Get Whiteys was no ‘coincidence” the past 50+ yrs its been ongoing.

        • Don’t believe the MSM. Even libtards are pissed off at loosing their healthcare and having to pay triple for less coverage and a shittier plan.

          • Last nite some tv news showed Hobammy smiling wide and the reporters voice over said the prez is very Happy celebrating the huge success of hobammycare since he just passed the 4 million mark for healthcare sign ups!

            Ony needs 4 million? what happened to 40 million Uninsured ready and chompin at bit for free care? Just More bs eh.

        • That is true, he will have a bunch of losers and half of them are whites that are totally dependent on our hard work and pose no threat except for vest wearing hippie looking have a turd pinched in their asses for weeks who will be throwing rocks or phone books at you and own no guns. The othes we already know who will and be more worried about making drug deals or stealing stuff than trying to get into a gunfight or even know how to chamber a round in many cases. So there is our odds.

        • “In addition he will always have the majority of the cops”

          Most cops I know, can’t stand the Kenyan bastard.

      13. They are getting the children used to total control in ‘lock downs’ at schools. Parents are NOT allowed to have contact with or pick up their children during these ‘drills’.

        It has been reported some schools are having ‘drills’ where children are put on buses and sent to a different location. Cell phones are removed from all students. No outside contact is permitted.

        WHY are the schools PRACTICING this?

          • At this point in time caring parents should be moving heaven and earth to get their kids OUT of school!

            Homeschool, neighbourhood coop, do whatever you gotta do. Don’t leave your heart and soul to have to escape the gulag alone at aged just 6 or so. It’s just not fair to expect a young child to face this level of risk alone. Homeschool em!

        • It would be awful if one or more bomb threats were called in about other location(s) during one of these school “drills”.

          It would be even more awful if something real were to happen at another location(s) during one of these school “drills”.

          Imagine the chaos……

          • Everything they do is “By Deception” remember that well. It is their always and overall MO. reason for lock down schools With every kid stuck inside school has always been to create MORE dead kid victims, More fresh Blood on scene, which always equals MORE crys for MORE antigun crap laws…Always it is “By Deception”…Its their State Moto slogan too!

            Can anyone actually believe Cry baby tears by such as Finestien or Babs Boxer or Hillery when kids get killed at a school shooting its for Real? The same people have within Their religious teachings “Kill even the Best of the gentile goyims”…Still think Their “tears” are for Real?

            • We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.– William Casey, CIA Director (from first staff meeting in 1981)

              William Casey’s name appears on guest lists from the Bohemian Grove for both 1980 and 1981. At the time of the 1980 Grove encampment, Casey was managing Ronald Reagan’s presidential campaign. In 1981, Reagan was President and Casey was his new Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. At the Grove in 1981, Casey was hosted by John McCone, who had been the CIA Director from 1961 to 1965. McCone was a member of the Mandalay camp whose membership included prominent industrialists as well as Reagan’s future Secretary of State George Shultz and former President Gerald Ford.

        • If these practices are true, and increasing, then TPTB may be thinking “Control the children, then you control the parents. “. Welcome to the new extortion/ransom racket or the Nazi/ SS roundup strategy 2.0 Cleverly disguised as a new method to ” protect ” the children from Sandy Hook type situations. 10 yrs ago, I would have considered myself crazy to even think this, but now days, …..Nope. the children are unarmed.

        • Get your kids out of these schools immediately. Do whatever you have to do. Find a home school consultant to help with home schooling if you must.

      14. Where are we going, and what is to be expected???

        Subject: ‘Are you God’s wife?
        > Priceless!
        > God’s Wife
        > I especially liked number 5!
        > Author and lecturer Leo Buscaglia once
        > Talked about a contest he was asked to judge.
        > The purpose of the
        > Contest was to find the most caring child.
        > The winner was:
        > 1. A four-year-old child, whose next door
        > neighbor was an elderly gentleman, who had recently lost his wife. Upon seeing the man cry, the little boy went into the old Gentleman’s’ yard, climbed onto his lap, and just sat there. When his mother asked him what he had said to the neighbor, the little boy just said, ‘Nothing, I just Helped him cry.’
        > *********************************************
        > 2. Teacher Debbie Moon’s first graders were
        > discussing a picture of a family. One little boy in the picture had a different hair color than the other members. One of her students suggested that he was adopted. A little girl said, ‘I know all about Adoption, I was adopted..’ ‘What does it mean to be adopted?’, asked
        > another child. ‘It means’, said the girl, ‘that you grew
        > in your mommy’s heart instead of her tummy!’
        > ************************ *********************
        > 3. On my way home one day, I stopped to
        > watch a Little League baseball game that was being played in a park near my home. As I sat down behind the bench on the first- base line, I asked one of the boys what the score was ‘We’re behind 14 to nothing,’ he answered With a smile.
        > ‘Really,’ I said. ‘I have to say you don’t look very discouraged.’ ‘Discouraged?’, the boy asked with a
        > Puzzled look on his face… ‘Why should we be discouraged? We haven’t Been up to bat yet.’
        > *********************** **********************
        > 4. Whenever I’m disappointed with my spot
        > in life, I stop and think about little Jamie Scott.
        > Jamie was trying out for a part in the
        > school play. His mother told me that he’d set his heart on being in it, though she feared he would not be chosen.. On the day the parts were awarded, I went
        > with her to collect him after school. Jamie rushed up to her, eyes shining with pride and excitement.. ‘Guess what, Mom,’ he shouted, and then said those words that will remain a lesson to me….’I’ve been chosen to clap and cheer.’
        > *********************************************
        > 5. An eye witness account from New York City , on a cold day in December, some years ago: A little boy,
        > about 10-years-old, was standing before a shoe store on the roadway, barefooted, peering through the window, and shivering With cold. A lady approached the young boy and said, ‘My, but you’re in such deep thought staring in that window!’ ‘I was asking God to give me a pair of shoes,’was the boy’s reply. The lady took him by the hand, went into the store, and asked the clerk to get half a dozen pairs of socks for the boy. She then asked if he could give her a basin of water and a towel. He quickly brought them to her. She took the little fellow to the back part of the store and, removing her gloves, knelt down, washed his little feet, and dried them with the towel. By this time, the clerk had returned with the socks.. Placing a pair upon the boy’s feet, she purchased him a pair of shoes.. She tied up the remaining pairs of socks and gave them to him.. She patted him on the head and said, ‘No doubt, you will be more comfortable now..’ As she turned to go, the astonished kid caught her by the hand, and looking up into her face, with tears in his eyes, asked her.
        > ‘Are you God’s wife?’

        • “Are you God’s wife?” – that’s a wonderful story. Thanks.

        • @ eppe. You asked me in the previous article about territory and whom really deserves to be in a certain part of the world. This is probably one of the most difficult question that there is. IF people are considered to be the owners of the land, those whom claim first to be on the land, then the American Indian should own the United States. With Israel, that is an extremely difficult question. This area of Israel is at the same latitude as California and is very fertile and highly prized at especially around the coastline. Many people have been here for a long time and fought over it.

          Jewish people definitely have claim to this, but so do other groups. I personally have always thought that when Israel become a country this should be the borders. I can’t stand the islam religion but muslims do have a claim to some of this land in all fairness. The issue of religion is where this all become a big fat mess. One group must have a special mountain, hill, sea, or whatever. There is no fairness with this, all or nothing.

          If I was in charge Israel would be given the 1948 or 1967 borders and that would be it. No more contesting land with the arabs or the Jewish people. If the arabs wanted to take Palestine land and live in mud huts so be it. There are groups that lay claim to all this land, even Eygptians. I don’t see any good answers to this because so many people lay claim to this area.

          In retrospect to God, someone can be in contact with God on some desert island, Antarctica, on top of some Chinese mountain, etc. As long as you can use the piece of land and your people are not going hungry, I don;t see the fight that goes over religion and a certain point on the planet. Just look at the clan worship of Mecca for example each year during ramadan. If people would try to connect to God, rather than some symbolic piece of land, maybe people would become more spiritual and fair to each other. Until this, people will fight to the bitter death over a hill, a piled up mound of dirt. To me this is not what God is about.

          • Monkey killing monkey killing monkey.
            Over pieces of the ground.
            Silly monkeys give them thumbs.
            They make a club.
            And beat their brother, down.
            How they survive so misguided is a mystery.

            Repugnant is a creature who would squander the ability to lift an eye to heaven conscious of his fleeting time here.

            Cut and divide it all right in two

        • Eppe:
          I’m not laughing at one of your jokes, but I have a a smile on my face and joy in my heart
          thanks again
          Northern Reb.

        • @Epp, I was reading your stories to my son, we both cried with number 5. Thanks again for your wonderful stories.!

      15. When it gets to this point, I believe myself and millions other will respond with a resounding “Bring it, motherfuckers.” I refuse to go for the kind of shit listed above and am quite certain most Americans will not go for this shit either. I ain’t too worried about the intentions of the globalists. There is still plenty of grit left in the American people if faced with the extremes of the above scenarios once people finally wake up to what they are faced with losing.

        • It is going to take a lot more than just the American people to fight the globalists. We are going to have to not only unite ourselves, but unite with other people in other countries as well. This means we are going to have to set aside our petty bickering and work together at some point.

          WE can’t do it alone.

      16. Dave Hodges is an idiot! He needs to go back to coaching basketball !

      17. do any of you people ever get out of your neighborhoods or off your back roads?? It’s a big world out there and even a 5 million man army can’t come in here and take over the American people, the government would have less of a chance as many or their people wouldn’t go for it.

        • They won’t have to do it with the army. Cut off the electric, water, food. We will do it all by ourselves.

          Once we killed most of our fellow Americans they will march down the street and do the rest.

          Common sense.

          • Whats this WE shit?

        • Justme.
          I would say we are almost taken over now and nobodys doing anything

          • Good point.

          • I would agree with you and things will go like this till the entitlements are cut off, once those 50 million people get hungry, cold & Poed, that may be the tipping point to wake up the masses.. Government knows that very well, they just like top play games every yr teasing people about not giving them their food stamps and unemployment extentions just to take poles and see the reactions.I think it was even tried in one city when the food stamp cards or something didn’t work, that could have been a government look see at the sheeple. China will probably be the ones to make the decision when the pull the plug

          • Americans are stockpiling 2 BILLION rounds of ammo a month. That looks to me like doing something.

            • 02
              It will take more than bullets to kill the system thats being created to turn us all ito slaves

        • Even if they could maintain martial law in the over 600 U.S. cities with populations over 50,000 that is still less than 100 million people and would leave an awful lot of heavily armed citizens.

          • yep, there is no way they could contain it. Many might take all their items and at checkpoints the military will go car to car and take them away which will cause many scuffles and problems. They will not be able to contain things before massive resistance happens. Then at that point they will go after large militia gatherings and try to take those people away. If Militas fire back that gives them the power to arrest and criminals and harse penalties will occur. This is getting to be more real and realisitc that it will happen at time goes on.

            • one problem, gas will go first to keep people right where they are, the gov wouldn’t want the rds blocked by a lot of autos. too dangerous and they would have to worry about IEDs from some people. there are maybe 900,000 LEO total counting all depts. there are probably 65 million felons, excons and dope freaks that we’ll all have to worry about. I can’t see any Martial Law, I can see LEO sheading their uniforms and taking care of their families.

        • 1940justme-I live “out there” on the back roads and there is a lot of space to hide, ambush and subvert from here. Won’t be a slave and won’t even try. But I will take some of the SOBs with me when I go.

          • I also live on a back rd out in the woods and have lived here more that 50 yrs, I have another place out in the real country, even the deer and bear pack a lunch when traveling up there, but I also travel around the country a lot and it takes a lot to make me believe all these stories that keep cropping up, some are so far out, I think the writer is on crack or still living in his parents basement.

        • 1940..

          Please don’t ruin this thead with common sense. Just put on a tinfoil hat, grab a gun, and stand guard at your front door until the FEMA/DHS slave camp troopers arrive.

          We are indeed looking at bad times but the wise among us will prep for Great Depression era bad times and be content to know that that is bad enough. No need for worthless articles and discussions on domestic labor camps that wilp house the very population needed to work our way out of this mess.

          • I do really agree with you with all my heart, we and the world are headed for some real bad times, it’ll make the great depression look like a summer bar be que. Americans will suffer the most as they are the dumest people on the planet when it comes to self survival, not all but over half are. I talk to many people everyday and 98% will liston to me and walk away like I’m touched in the head.. this is off subject but it’s how stupid most Americans are. I raise and sell a few Labs.. the other night a couple came to buy a Pup.. I said where is your car, he said it’s down by the rd,it has bald tires and we couldn’t make the driveway.snow and ice, but plowed.. I said maybe you should go buy tires and get a dog at the pound for good they had to have a chocolate lab with papers. I decided not to sell to them anyway because I worried about how and what they were going to feed it later on. but I see people like this all over buying what they don’t need just to have it and don’t even have a clue about what is coming down the tracks towards them.

      18. things are REALLY heating up in the world

        and I know I am preaching to the choir

        but at this point it is absolutely CRITICAL

        the propaganda from all governments is bad enough on a good day

        before a war gets going it will be at a fevered pitch

        World War 1 All Over Again

        ““If you reduce the lie to a scientific system put it on thick and heavy, and with great effort and sufficient finances scatter it all over the world as the pure truth, you can deceive whole nations for a long time and drive them to slaughter for causes in which they have not the slightest interest.” — Chief French Editor,Behind the Scenes in French Journalism, describing the organization of World War 1 propaganda in France”

        and another area to watch

        Saudi Arabia: besieged and fearful

        the Saudi royal family is corrupt as hell
        they managed to avoid the whole Arab Spring thing
        by buying off the population with MASSIVE increases in spending
        for social/welfare programs
        but they are not out of the woods
        things could go boom any time now and they know it

      19. My friend, encjoe, has told those of us in our group about this site. He said most of the stuff on here is crap and the people are deluded and idiotic. based upon just this small sample, he is right.

        • @havelock-We know stuff that you don’t know-and we’re not going to tell you! Good bye!

        • Havelock- Which one are you?
          Deluded or idiotic?

          • He’s ncjoe, can’t ya tell?

          • HTJ, he said ncjoe is his friend. that says it all in my book.

            • Who is probably the only friend ncjoe has?

              ncjoe, of course.

        • Just wait until 1braveheart and SGT Dale chime in, then idiocy and immature assholism really take flight.

          • ReallyQed, f#$% you!

        • So tell us how you really feel.

        • Havelock, normally I do welcome newcomers to this site, but you said you’re a friend of ncjoe. Since you’re stupid enough to fall for anything he says, then f#$% you and take your ass away from here.

        • If you’re in Havelock, NC, you need to leave. Most people there are with us. In fact, the Sheriff of Craven County is one who signed a petition saying that he would never obey any federal order to confiscate guns. He actually attends gun shows to facilitate background checks and permits.

          • ” He actually attends gun shows to facilitate background checks and permits.”

            Sounds like he is one of them to me. Ask the part time half awake jack boot thug what part of “shall not infringe” does he not get.

            It’s all or nothing!

      20. Off Topic…

        Obamacare is a big part of establishing and maintaining CONTROL over the population.

        WalMart teams with ObamaCare…
        The SoloHealth Station is a ‘bar code reading machine’ and can now be found in Walmart and Sam’s Club stores all around the country.

        The SoloHealth Station can test vision, measure weight and read blood pressure.

        “The station, apparently, is the latest manifestation of a changing infrastructure, one that will be tailor-made to usher in a “Brave New World,”…

        The devices and Walmart SoloHealth Stations are just some of the commercial and infrastructure changes which will be utilized in conjunction with the Affordable Healthcare Act. A possible connection between RFID use and the new healthcare legislation can be found in HR 3962 Section 2571 subsection (B), which discusses use of Class II & III devices alongside a “Medical Device Registry.”

        SoloHealth Station Locator

        • When it checks your vision, will it save the retinal scans for the NSA? Probably. Use one of those at your own peril.

          • Marketed as a ‘Vision Care Solution’, this machine can store MILLIONS of retina scans in a database.

            Barcode scanning machines for healthcare now in Walmarts across the country…
            I have never seen one of these machines in person.

            The video shows a section of this machine positioned where the right hand could be scanned. Hmmm.

      21. I’ll tell you what… Whether slave labor is in the future or not, if you read Antony Beevor’s Second World War, these last six months are so close to 1939 it’s scary, with BHO playing Neville Chamberlain.

        • “….these last six months are so close to 1939 it’s scary, with BHO playing Neville Chamberlain.”

          He’s more like Hitler if you ask me.

      22. This is exactly what they believe. Write a bunch of words on a newer piece of paper and it supersedes words written in the Constitution. So much for the “Inside the Beltway Dreamers Society.”

        The reality of this is it just does not matter when applied to the whole of the United States. When SHTF, this government and Washington DC will take severe casualties in any effort to enforce it. There is not enough money in the whole world to pay enough people to be in their army that could ever outclass the American Patriot and 4th Generation Warfare. They want to stop sending trucks to the grocery store? They want to try and buy up all the ammo? Fine, We will just take theirs from their minions they send to subdue us. We will take their resupply trucks and feed our own families with it. We will grow our own food and dare them to take it. Eventually, all those Billions of rounds of ammo will end up in Patriot magazines.

        All these government preparations and EO’s being written are just one big fantasy land.

        • The constitution is just four pieces of paper written 200+ years ago by a handful of men who are long dead. It did not create a binding obligation upon anyone, and therefore has no power (unless you give it such in your mind).

          Government is nothing more than a gang of thugs, robbers and murderers. The only thing that keeps their illusion of legitimacy in place is the early and continuous indoctrination of your mind to believe the fairy-tale, along with the forced theft of your money (taxation), which they use to hire an army of protectors/enforcers to steal your money and to crush any opposition.

          Good reads on this subject matter:

          No Treason: Constitution of No Authority (Lysander Spooner)

          The Moat Dangerous Superstition (Larken Rose)

          Government Indicted (Marc Stevens)

      23. In my opinion some of the people listed in this article are sons and daughters in the flesh following Satan.

        In these Camps, they will starve you and tell you, if you submit to the new government by taking an oath and an identification mark so we can know who you are,we will feed you and perhaps free you. These will be the new death camps.

        This will be the government that the anti-christ will take over and it will be a one world government. That is what is part of the issue in The Ukraine, the development of the last days 10 nation empire which is really the nations of the world divided into 10 regions.

        Prime example…….NAFTA–North American Free Trade Agreement… Google it…. Region 1.

        I agree with one blogger, it will be a bloodbath up to that point. The nation will slip into a civil war. No one will win from it. The nation will suffer from huge earth change events.

        I do not intend to bug out unless it is to a close by relative house already agreed upon, which I have.
        I will not flee the country. Americans overseas will be enslaved as they will be here.

        The first uprisings could start when the welfare, disability, wic/snap systems are cut off.

        Many closes US Bases will be used to house people.

        Will be evil times for sure………

        Everybody be safe…….These times are closer than we think……Who knows, we may have seen our last super bowl.

        • For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

          • Expect to hear this some day:

            (Mat 7:22-23 NIV) Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and in your name drive out demons and perform many miracles?’ {23} Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!’

            • against the rulers of the darkness of this world.

              1st Kings 9:6-8, “But if ye shall at all turn from following me, ye or your children, and will not keep my commandments and my statutes which I have set before you, but go and serve other gods, and worship them: Then will I cut off Israel out of the land which I have given them; and this house, which I have hallowed for my name, will I cast out of my sight; and Israel shall be a proverb and a byword among all people: And at this house, which is high, every one that passeth by it shall be astonished, and shall hiss; and they shall say, Why hath the LORD done thus unto this land, and to this house?”

              Israel today is a whoring after OTHER gods. God has cut Israel off and cast the temple out of His sight, just as He warned. Israel today is a barren land of misery and tumbleweeds. Tourists to Israel wag their heads in disbelief. The Jews know it, which is why Jewish rabbis spit on Christians. .

              BOTH Judaizer Jews and Islamic Arabs reject Jesus as the Messiah, the only begotten Son of God. Therefore, BOTH religions worship the same false mythical god that doesn’t exist. Anyone who openly rejects Jesus Christ has also rejected the Father the Bible says. 1st John 2:23, “Whosoever denieth the Son, the same hath not the Father: (but) he that acknowledgeth the Son hath the Father also.” Most Jews today, including the official Judaism religion of the nation of Israel, REJECT Jesus as the Christ. Therefore Jews DO NOT have the Father either, just as Arabs who follow Muhammad DO NOT have the Father.

              THIS is why they are vile and evil and hate Christians. THEY are of their father Satan.

        • On the SuperBowl, hopefully it was the last one because the last one was bad….

          Now on camps.

          Lets us use Pocatello as an example. About 60,000 people live in this town that sits on about 25,000 acres, or about 2.4 people per acre or roughly 384 people per 160 acres. This includes everything from homes, parks, schools, businesses, etc.

          Now lets say in future they cram about 10,000 people into camps of about 160 acres each or so. This will take well over 5 million acres to fema house over 330 million people.

          Dudes. They will depopulate first.

          How? Well wars will help. Then limit the power supply, water supply, and food supply and that will help too. After a year or two of wars and civil unrest the USA could go from 330 million to 100 million. Now that becomes a manageable number, especially when folks are thirsty and hungry and have numerous family members gone.

          Then comes the Chip and control. Those that abide are in, and those that don’t are gone.

          Remember the Agenda 21 mantra of that the earth can only sustain about 2 billion people or less. Sounds like about 5 billion of us are in the way….

          • Like BI has said many times before,
            Biological weapon!

          • Agenda 21 means they plan on a world population of 500 million.

            • Who is “they”?

      24. The controllers know the people know their aims. The cloak of death must be expanded to cover the world. Our past is being erased along with our nation’s laws that protected the people’s rights. We are now considered the terrorists for calling for a redress of grievance and wanting representation. No Free Speech allowed in public, effectively silencing any building opposition. Spying on everything about everyone. This is the psycho spy police state we have been warned about. These are the banker corporatist, pentagon enforcing, world rapists. And we built it all with the bombs bursting in air. Really?

      25. May have to copy and paste links. Pass this around.

        The East Haven one was the one that threated to kick in John Cinques door and takr his guns… actuully said he could not wait to be given the order.

        WARRIOR CLASS 3;

        Public records show this:

        Joseph J Peterson
        111 Borrmann Rd
        East Haven, CT
        Age: 45-49

        Nice place huh?

        Was an East Haven Cop before Branford. East Haven just had cops go to jail over violating civil rights.
        They were called “The Bullies with Badges” and he fir right in in that Dept I imagine.

        Here is who he is. ALL public info readily available on the net. Typical Nazi looking cop.

        Now also in CT they had that other one, LT Paul Vance, who told the woman “I am the master” …….remember HIM?
        Yup, that guy. The one who also threatened to jail anyone posting info about Sandy Hook at one point.
        He is also public record and available on many public domain websites, like this one: where that other Peterson was listed:
        Paul P Vance
        24 Bonna St
        Beacon Falls, CT
        Age: 60-64
        Then just cruise on over to zillow to see his digs:

        Only worth 1/2 a million. Living in squalor, the MASTER is.

        Pass this around like the list of Politicians was passed around. They know where WE are, why not the other way around. It *IS* publicly available info after all.

        I’ve written to both and expressed my disappointment in them and the system.

        Maybe 50,000 people should do the same.

        This info was form and

        • The guy in Beacon falls doesn’t surprise me a bit. I grew up there, and a couple of schoolmates went into LE. They were bullies then and they are bullies now. If we still lived there, I would have gotten out as soon as this crap started. I’m still trying to help convince my best friend to leave…:(

      26. B.S. Before I go to my knees I’ll be on my back get ready to feed the worms.
        I take this vow. I will fight to my very last breath before I become a slave to TPTB. I will not go to a camp I will not turn in my guns. I WILL NOT BE A SLAVE!!!
        If by some chance they trap me and I can’t fight at that time and they take me to the camp. I will escape, and hurt them in any and every way I can.


        • Sgt.
          YUP, i am with you !!

          • Same here, wayyyyyy over here and know theres a few hundred close by who feel the same.

          • Sarge and Apache54 count me in.

            • Happy B-day braveheart!

        • ditto.

        • Head for Wyo, Got lots of spares, all the ammo you can carry.

      27. In my opinion, they can write all the orders they choose. but enforcing them, is another thing. I believe it would take a scenaro to make the ppl come running to them, like a pandemic, or a natural occurrence. If the population is sick, then the non-sick is going be running to the set-up med treatment areas, and then be shuttle bussed off to the camps for quarantine reasons, with the sigh of relief, they aren’t going to catch whatever. Same thing plausible with an earthquake, or any natural event. Either way, I all want is a couple weeks notice, so I can stock up a little more than usual.

      28. Just take a look at the jump in gasoline prices again. Take a look at the increase in food prices in past few months and will continue if no water in California. Look at the slip in disposable income in past 6 months. All part of the 3% inflation I am sure. That is how you gain control….

        • 2 or 3 percentage points at a time.

      29. With so many matches struck and burning right now, the world is playing spin the FUSE and it will soon stop spinning at which match is anyone’s guess, but it is going to stop and stop very soon. The fuse will start to burn and there will be no way to put it out. I will never be a Slave, NEVER, at any cost, my life included. I may die in the first engagement, but some will know all too well that I was there. I will die STANDING A FREE MAN whenever and where ever. I will be proud to water the LIBRTY TREE! I’m still breathing so it is not over yet. Long live the FREE PATROIT!

        NOMI should we give!

      30. Crimea Will Formally Apply To Join Russia Tomorrow After 95.5% Support Referendum; US, UK, EU Reject Results,

        Going to be an interesting week.

        • Wonder how the markets will react,,

          • I don’t care about how the markets will react. I am slowly getting out of the markets, or at least have fewer investments in them. What I care about is how will my Jerusalem Artichokes react to all of this….

            • Fuck the market…I got lots of starts in my greenhouse today. Tomatoes, peppers, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, squash, kale. Tomorrow I’ll be seeding Arugala, spinach, parsnips, carrots, beets, more kale and more of whatever I have. Prepping more garden area.

              Picking up and installing a new insulated steel door on my icehouse chamber in my root cellar.

              Going to be a really interesting week.

              • I can barely pay my electric bill so yea the market doesnt affect me much,
                I just was curious how the chickens will react when their investments are worth 0

            • You may have to change name to antichrist artickokes!

              All the govnt need do to capture folks is change money systems to Cashless at EVERY point of purchace…Stores, House taxes, Gasoline stations, ONLINE entitys! EVERYwheres one can possibly BUY or SELL “stuff” of all items period.

              Then advise americans they Must recieve a special RFID, Implant ID in Hand…Or NO buy and sell will be remotely possible.

              Then govnt can Calmly Wait….For the small FEW that are going to refuse that Mark RFID ID. It may begin with a credit card type system RFID ID also.

              But if its an Implanted in hand or forehead thats No way! Christians muct reject it period. Then govnt can calmly await those who reject the rfid chip….Sooner or later they will wander aimlessly Unfed, preps ran out etc…friends all took that RFID mark chip so they aint ging to assist You then….Govnt can Calmly wait till roving cop squads see you wandering around homeless, unfed etc and simply arrest you and thats…”IT” Game OVER!

              They will Never need mass round ups of hundreds of millions ever…Most will comply ASAP for that RFID chip or Card…Probobly one in one hundred are really going to stand fast and reject it. Piece of Cake to finish off them folks after a short time passes.

              Same goes for CT gun laws bans on AR’s unregistered…All state cops need do is Calmly wait. Sooner or later cops will do traffic stop or equip car checks…Bingo! cops Nabbed another Unregistered AR owner and Off to Jail they goes…They do not care if that takes longer to acomplish…Longer is easier for Them…They Like easy and Safe for cops….

              none of it poses a problem of any size for govnt unless huge numbers, masses of folks reject it all…Then game plan changes….Thats Not very Likely though. Longer, way eaiser, way safer for cops is whats most likley. Calmy Wait…Then Pounce individually.

      31. This article sustains my previously stated beliefs of what is really coming our way…
        Not a word or phrase need be substituted…

        They would have you believe it’s what you think it is…
        Why not…they told you what to believe…

      32. Peter Kershaw, in “Economic Solutions” lists the ten major shareholders of the Federal Reserve Bank System as: Rothschild: London and Berlin; Lazard Bros: Paris; Israel Schiff: Italy; Kuhn- Loeb Company: Germany; Warburg: Hamburg and Amsterdam; Lehman Bros: New York, Morgan: New York; Goldman and Sachs: New York; Rockefeller: New York. The balance of stock is owned by major commercial member banks.

        The Council on Foreign Relations aka CFR (whose members include Bush (x2), Clinton (x2), Cheney, Obama, Kerry and every other important civil servant and politician running American today) was incorporated in New York on July 29, 1921. Founding members included (by no coincidence) “…such potentates of international banking as J.P. Morgan, John D. Rockefeller, Paul Warburg, Otto Kahn, and Jacob Schiff…” – in other words exactly the SAME CLIQUE which had engineered the establishment of the Federal Reserve System.

        Bringing this together, quoting Baron M.A. Rothschild : “Give me control over a nation’s currency and I care not who makes its laws.” If correct, it follows that America and its Constitution have been hijacked by the unelected putsch who established both the FED and the CFR and which now control both America’s currency and its political agenda.

        • That’s what many have been saying all along, but some stupid people would rather worry about going over to fight the Russians, or Iraqis, Libyans or…

      33. 6.7 Chile shallow. 6.1 Peru shallow.

      34. I don’t think we’ll see slave labor in preparation for World War 3. After the dollar dies there will be mass civil unrest. People will voluntarily go to FEMA camps because they’ll be promised 3 hots and a cot. Most people who go in a FEMA camp will never come out alive. The ones that they let live will go through re-education camps. I’m convinced that the open borders people will organize Soviet-style collective farms and force Mexicans to do the work. Most Americans will be killed. The globalists will implement Agenda 21 rules. That will mean reducing population levels to the “sustainable” world population of 500 million. Meaning 13 out of every 14 people will have to die.

        • Be sure to turn the other cheek and not hate any of them Barn Cat, wouldn’t want to go to hell. Fact is, why don’t you be the first in line for the guillotine to prove your faith in the Lord and get a place in the blood at the foot of the throne? When these Anti Christ evil bastards come for you, make sure you don’t resist don’t want to piss off Jesus.

          • .02: Patriots can Commandeere a Synagouge…Fed Govnt and banksters will Never think of looking There for patriots eh!..Plus so for since its inception of DHS Cash grants of a few Hundred Million dollars Per Year to beef up securtiy of NON govnermental sites or orgs etc…so far a full aprox 97% of all DHS cash grants has gone to synagouges, jewish orgs and various jewish owned places. Even a few private homes and Buisness if I recall correct.

            I wonder what they are so worried of eh?….They been useing the grant cash for solid steel security doors, bullet proofed windows etc, alarms systems, all security related items. Somethings Up huh?….why does 97% of that Cash yearly go to ONLY their orgs or places eh?

      35. When the SHTF and it goes down like this.
        2) I WILL FIGHT
        4) I’M GOOD WITH MY LORD
        5) I’M READY
        S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

      36. This sounds a lot like the story of the going home survival series. If you haven’t read the series then I strongly recommend it.

      37. to some degree….. were already there

      38. all orchestrated , nothing is happening for no reason .. completely by design

      39. One thing that people NEED to remember and take heed.

        ALL of these ‘executive orders’ are written for a reason…just not a good one for you or me. If an EO states that people CAN be ‘conscripted for labor purposes without pay’ it WILL happen, period. They don’t just write this stuff for something to do. It is meant to even further control the masses then they already are!

        All the naysayers who disagree with the above, I’m sorry but your ignorance is showing. The gov simply does NOT have to control ALL of the U.S. population…only the survivors of the next great die-off coming soon to a city (or state)near YOU!

        -Create controls
        -Thin the herd
        -Round up the survivors
        -Eliminate remaining opposition

        End of story.
        Unless you take the mark. Then your troubles are just beginning.

        • Socrates – you forgot to add that the drone has superceded the gun in military terms.

          To thin the herd the following techniques may be used

          1. race and class wars in the inner cities.
          2. Starvation – no food in the grocery store & the EU is in the process of banning many traditional home growers seeds.
          3. Disease – biological warfare. Only the chosen few will vaccinated against an artifical pandemic.
          4. Switch off the lights for a month – we all saw Blackout
          5. For those that survive the above – send in the drones!

          The result will be a subdued, much reduced herd as per the Georgia Guidestones and Agenda 21.

      40. Unrelated question…if that missing airplane was intentionally stolen, does it have the flying range when refueled to reach the USA with a nuke to release for EMP purposes?

        • Not from where it was, and yes. with all the seats out and the space filled with fuel. It could get any where. A suicide run of one kind or another is a real problem

        • Leslie:
          With no passengers and some extra fitted fuel tanks in the cabin and they fly under the radar it is possible.
          But there are alot of ifs and every thing would have to go just right. But the big problem is the plane would have to get up to 35,000 to 45,000 feet to do any damage with an EMP and it would be spotted on radar if it flew that high.
          S.T.S.FP. N.R N.S. N.REB

          • How quickly could it ascend from being below radar to a high enough altitude?

        • Launched from north korea …you bet, but not likely to occur…
          Somebody wanted someone on that plane is my take… fwiw

      41. Breaking News:
        Obama was on the phone with Putin and waiting to convene an emergency staff meeting with his intelligent advisers. But, Obama hung up the phone on Putin and call his staff in to the Oval Office to watch a marathon of reruns of his favorite T V show; The JEFFERSONS, (Just Moving On Up). Stick a fork in us, we are DONE. What times we are living in. Hang Tuff my Friends.


      42. CQ
        Stock up now there are way too many things coming together overtly to be ignored. The covert happenings will become apparent over time as the minions realize they are to be left behind by their elitist masters who will laugh in their faces when it gets down to nut cutting time

      43. sixpack, I’m with you brother or sister:

        “It was planned out long ago, just as the events in Ukraine. The shit will hit another country right afterwards, and then another, until EVERY country will be attacked on some front(s), until we are ALL too weak to resist the NWO takeover.

        This isn’t a “Russia” thing, or a “China” thing or any other country “thing” for that matter.

        Mark my words. As long as they can keep us fighting against ourselves, and against our foreign counterparts, WE ARE DOOMED TO FALL.

        So y’all keep chomping at the bit to go attack Russia, or Iraq, or some other country…play right into their hands. Propaganda is cheap—IT’S EFFECTS ARE PRICELESS.”

        this is exactly how I feel… we are all acting exactly as they want us to; fighting amongst ourselves instead of banding together. ALL PEOPLE IN ALL COUNTRIES are being duped by their “governments”. If all normal citizens of every country in the world stood up to our “leaders” the world would be a very different place!!
        It’s all part of the NWO that has been unfolding for a very long time!

        • AMEN.

      44. Executive Order 13603 of March 16, 2012
        National Defense Resources Preparedness
        By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, including the Defense Production Act of 1950, as amended (50 U.S.C. App. 2061 et seq.), and section 301 of title 3, United States Code, and as Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the United States, it is hereby ordered as follows:


        Section 101. Purpose. This order delegates authorities and addresses national defense resource policies and programs under the Defense Production Act of 1950, as amended (the “Act”).

        Sec. 102. Policy. The United States must have an industrial and technological base capable of meeting national defense requirements and capable of contributing to the technological superiority of its national defense equipment in peacetime and in times of national emergency. The domestic industrial and technological base is the foundation for national defense preparedness. The authorities provided in the Act shall be used to strengthen this base and to ensure it is capable of responding to the national defense needs of the United States.


        The White House,

        March 16, 2012.

        F. Y. I. Cheif Kessler says “FWUCKKK YOUUUU!”

      45. This isn’t about Obama. We all watched this begin under Bush and it continues under the current administration and if need be, under the following one. Do you think if we just replace Obama with a Republican this will all go away? LOL!

        • Ever last one of the rats in DC and all their minions need to be removed and start from scratch.

      46. @ braveheart. I have been off the computer all day. Happy Birthday. 🙂 Hope you had a really nice day.

      47. You people on here posting all this knowledge you have will probably be the first ones eradicated. Soon, our work will be done hahahaahahahaha

        • F. Y. I. Cheif Kessler says “FWUCKKK YOUUUU!”

      48. As for me, I am really growing tired of this never ending debate about whether or not Jesus was a jew or not.

        I will admit that this question did occupy a portion of my attention for a time, and finally – I decided to switch my focus to what really matters. Which is fairly simple.

        What really matters to all of us who are guilty of wasting our time and energies debating such a question – is to simply ask ourselves one very easy question.

        Who is the primary force behind no less than 99.99% of all of the evil in our world? Who is it who is constantly stirring up conflicts, wars, racial and ethnic tensions, and who is working day and night to destroy the sovereignty and to undermine the formerly cohesive, racially and culturally based foundations that have been responsible for the successful stability of nations all over the world?

        Who is it who pushes every conceivable form of decadence, perversion and depravity, using their control of the media and Hollywood and the pornography industry to pour oceans of culture and morality destroying poison into formerly decent, moral, orderly and civilized and stable societies?

        Who is it who have been waging an openly declared war of destruction of the traditional family structure by promoting toxic ideologies like feminism, no fault divorce, promiscuity, drug use, irresponsible and excessive use of alcohol, homosexuality, miscegenation, and abortion of any fetuses that are inconvenient to a woman’s career or party girl lifestyle?

        Who is it who tries their level best to use their political power to enact laws that criminalize any form of speech which points out the evil and destructive nature of what they are promoting and prohibit any organized effort to resist, oppose and try to reverse these destructive ideologies?

        So, can we see now what really matters? We all know the answer as to the identity of who is behind 99.99% of the evil we see in our world. And, I think we all also have to admit that Christianity, as a religion, has not been an effective defense against any of the above cited evils – and we can base this observation on how ineffective it has been in preventing or circumventing or thwarting the advancement of any of the evil that today has its tentacles wrapped firmly around the throat of the Western world.

        Today, I think it could be safely observed that Vladimir Putin stands pretty much alone in his desire to defend Russia as an Orthodox Christian nation. And, it is the corrupted, subverted, poisoned West who is now the ‘Evil Empire’ who seeks to sink their evil fangs into the necks of Russia and also Iran and inject the same twisted and depraved toxins into those societies that are currently rapidly causing the West to decompose, whither and die.

        Rand Paul, who is one of the sleaziest, slimiest, most nauseating, depraved slabs of human scum to ever rise within the political landscape of North America – and who some polls are saying is the top choice for the 2016 GOP nomination to run for President – this little maggot turd is now auditioning for the ‘who’ that I discussed above and spewing all sorts of hate, venom, and bile in the direction of Putin and Russia, because he is a greasy, self-centered, power hungry, mentally insane psychopath and an soulless opportunist and he senses that these evil rats want to drag the USA into a war with Russia, so he’s pandering to that evil lust, in hopes it will convince them to let him be President?

        Oh, and most recently – Rand Paul, who was probably wearing his yarmulke when he offered this ‘advice’ to the GOP, chastised the GOP conservative base and said the GOP needed to soften up on ‘social issues’. Translation: Start loving abortion, start loving the jewish driven race replacement/White genocide open borders/amnesty agenda, stop opposing the left’s effort to use elementary and public schools to brainwash the few kids that Whites do bring into this world into flaming homosexuals and lesbians or transgender freaks, and stop complaining about the jewish war to abolish the free expression of Christianity, stop griping about the depravity, miscegenation and pro-drug use indoctrination that the jewish controlled media pushes into our society as a means of helping them lower the White birth rate and usher along the genocide of White European people.

        So, as we should be able to see – we have a whole lot of more important issues to be debating and spending our time on, trying to solve – than to waste our time arguing about whether Jesus is part of the Spawn of Satan or not.

        And, besides – who are we supposed to believe? Should we believe what Jesus said in the Book of John, 8:44 through 8:47 or should we believe the baloney that the jews feed us in order to keep us feeling sorry for them and brainwashed to help them do their evil?

        Tip: If it takes you longer than 3 seconds to answer that last question, then you’re in need of a brain transplant.

        • Bless your heart Brother Tucker! I and many others, I’m sure, concur a hundred percent with your inspired words. As for Rand Paul; I was unsure of him because he kept sending these idiot petitions out and I wondered who he was making up these list’s of names for, which is all a petition is good for. All doubt’s were confirmed about the good Senator when one day I saw a picture of him at the “Wall”, wailing to his masters with his skullcap on! Enough said, conversation was over!!

          • Agreed!!!

      49. All you guys prepping and talking about hideouts here slay me.

        When you consider most people have no food supplies past a few days and no money past a week and will do anything for them; you have to know that unless you have a farm in the middle of no where with your own water, eventually you will be overrun by the controlled masses.

        If it really goes down to toal government control, your choices are either to go along, find you own island or take yourself out.

        • kill enough of them and they’ll eventually leave you alone .


      50. It’s a sad day in the USA when it becomes so blatantly obvious that our government is neither an honest broker nor trusted custodian of the immunities and privileges of the American people.

        In my opinion food will be the instrument of control of the people. Those that have the ability to grow and preserve their own food stuffs and the ability to protect it will have the greatest opportunity to survive.

      51. For Hunter: regarding your post about the American GI and the mystic during WWII, here’s the name.

        Prophecy of Therese Neumann
        In 1946, just after the end of World War II, Therese Neumann, a German stigmatist and mystic, was asked by an American GI if the United States would ever be destroyed or invaded in a war. Her answer was pointed: “No, but at the end of this century America will be destroyed economically by a series of natural disasters.”

        Therese Neumann, German mystic, Twentieth Century

      52. Watch the movie “Conspiracy”, it is about the Wannsee conference in Berlin, this is a very close duplicate of those arrangements. Regarding slave labor, take a good hard look at the private prison industry, there you will find inmates working for private companies at a fraction of the pay that a “free” person would make.

      53. i suggest everyone who plans to fight for their natural individual freedoms

        start to identify in their own local areas resources for supplies and arms .

        also identify the homes businesses churches media and second vacation homes of those who financially support and enforce the local zog zio-jew aipac politics , and u.n. agenda 21 , global warming fraud , zog medical obummer-deathcare fraud and 9/11 lies .

        the only way to stop what is planned by the globalist illuminati (GENOCIDE/DEMOCIDE) and the zog amerika traitors is armed LETHAL FORCE .



      54. If this is what we’ve become… what makes you think we deserve to win a world war?

        That said.

        Conscription? Probably. For a 3rd World War effort? The only “effort” involved in World War 3 is pressing a red button, waiting 15 minutes, and kissing your ass goodbye.

        What the hell would the conscripts be making, the Battleship Bismarck or something???

      55. These NWO, Satan’s feces scummbags will get what they have coming! We OUTNUMBER them Probably a lot of them will run and hide, but NOT ALL will get away,and they won’t live long after the regular normal people get their hands around their necks!

        It’s easy to get going with anger and rage and seeking vengeance! But Yahweh God Says “Vengeance is MINE”

        Ooooh the day is coming when HE will see to it that they get what’s coming!

      56. Since the US Military is downgrading that means fewer in this potential event. Cops + military DONOT equal TWENTY TWO MILLION former military + active+reserves+guard+rednecks+hunters+home defense enthusiasts+sports shooters+target enthusiasts+people who will NOT conform.

        Govenors in all states are now proposing a Gov’s Convention to stop the crap.

        If anyone comes for me they best bring body bags.

      57. You DAMN IDIOTS and your scare tactics to keep readership and advertising up!!!…JUST AS BAD AS THE TV AND RADIO NETWORKS.

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