Six People Died in a Fiery NY Train Crash Packed with 400 People… 3 Were Top Investment Bankers

by | Feb 13, 2015 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 109 comments

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    The story of the dead bankers rolls forward.

    In December 2014, Zero Hedge rounded up a list of 36 dead bankers who died recently under mysterious or odd circumstances, leaving only “riddles” and probing questions about their possible connections.

    Researcher John Vibes has already rounded up 9 more dead bankers who’ve died as of January 2015.

    Now, a bizarre Hollywood-style train collision with an SUV Mercedes sitting on the tracks leaves three more dead bankers, along with a pharmaceutical researcher and a well-known art curator.

    Though it was a terrible accident, the vast majority of the estimated 400-700 passengers were fortunately not injured. Only five passengers died, and all, it seems, were noteworthy figures.

    According to the initial investigations of the NTSB, which include witnesses at the scene, the driver exited the vehicle on the tracks to inspect it being hit by a crossing gate:

    Reports so far show that 49-year-old Ellen Brody crossed onto the tracks, when the crossing gate slammed down on the back of her vehicle. Instead of pulling through the intersection though, she got out to inspect the back of her car. It was when she got back in her car and started to pull forward that she was struck by the passing train – going 58mph.

    The crash led to the train being engulfed in flames after the electrified third rail basically incinerated the passenger cars. Loaded with hundreds of passengers, a reported 70 were injured and only five died, with the conductor and train operator among the survivors of the freak accident:

    Hundreds of feet of electrified rail skewered the first two carriages of a New York commuter train in a collision with a car at a railroad crossing, a federal investigator said on Wednesday, describing the area’s worst rail crash in decades.

    Investigators were focused on why the car was stopped at the crossing near the suburb of White Plains north of New York City before the Metro-North train crashed into it during Tuesday evening’s rush hour, pushing the vehicle about 1,000 feet down the line.

    The rail broke into long pieces, penetrating the first train carriage as a fire broke out, apparently fueled by gasoline in the vehicle’s fuel tank, gutted the rail car’s interior, he said. At least one section of the electrified, or “third,” rail also entered the second carriage near its ceiling.


    Five train passengers and the woman who was driving the Mercedes sport utility vehicle that was stuck on the tracks were killed. Investigators said they do not yet have an explanation for how the vehicle, which officials had earlier mistakenly identified as a Jeep, became stuck on the tracks.

    So, who were the unfortunate victims of this horrific crash?

    Out of the hundreds of passengers from the general public who could have had the misfortune of being among the five passengers killed from the train, it is seems that all five were prominent figures in New York society.

    What are the odds? Bloomberg Business carried these obituaries:

    Joseph Nadol, 42. Managing director at JPMorgan, who joined the Manhattan-based bank in 2001. Institutional Investor magazine in 2009 named him the best analyst covering the aerospace and defense-electronics industries. Died Feb. 3 in the Metro-North Railroad train accident.

    Eric Vandercar, 53. Senior managing director in institutional sales and trading and head of municipal funding at Mesirow Financial, in New York. He had previously spent 27 years at Morgan Stanley. Died Feb. 3 in the Metro-North Railroad train accident.

    Aditya Tomar, 41. JPMorgan vice president of technology supporting the bank’s asset-management division. Before joining JPMorgan, he worked at Morgan Stanley, Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. and Barclays Capital. Died Feb. 3 in the Metro-North Railroad train accident.

    Robert Dirks, 36. Scientist at D.E. Shaw Research, which creates computer models of organic molecules for use in drug development. A high school valedictorian, he received a Ph.D. in chemistry from the California Institute of Technology. Died Feb. 3 in the Metro-North Railroad train accident.

    Walter Liedtke, 69. Oversaw the collection and special exhibitions of European paintings at the Met Museum in Manhattan for the past 35 years. He was an authority on the works of Johannes Vermeer and Rembrandt. Died Feb. 3 in the Metro-North Railroad train accident.

    In a further tragedy for the family of Aditya Tomar, the hospital initially mixed up his records and reported that Tomar was ‘fine and undergoing x-rays,’ giving them initial relief, when in fact, it turned out that he was deceased:

    Reshma and her brother rushed to Westchester County Medical Center to see if Tomar was among the injured, where they received some good – but ultimately false – news.

    ‘Somebody there, the security, said, “He’s fine, he’s undergoing X-rays,”‘ Dee said.

    That person also told Reshma to go home and come back in the morning, but her brother remained suspicious that all was well.

    ‘Something didn’t add up in my son’s mind, so he dropped his sister home and went back on his own,’ Dee said. ‘He was there all night trying to figure out if (Tomar) was actually in the hospital.’

    The next morning, they realized that everyone at the hospital had been accounted for except Tomar, and Reshma submitted her husband’s medical records to the Medical Examiner. Later that night they finally got confirmation that he was among the deceased.

    A spokesman for Westchester Medical Center told the Daily News that they are looking into the incident.

    That’s a vice president and two managing directors for the big banks, with overlapping investment interests in defense contracting and technology.

    In a dramatic and strange accident where the “front carriage of the train explode[d] into a fireball,” we must ask questions about what is really behind this tragedy.

    Really? What are the odds? A completely devastating train wreck, and none of those who lost their lives happened to have low level, average jobs?

    Are bankers disappearing and dying to silence what they know?

    Is something else going on?


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      1. I am sure many folks in many industries/business being killed to shut them up,that said,3 investment bankers out of 400 people not to surprising on a NY train.

        • The real target of the murder conspiracy was the expert on Johannes Vermeer and Rembrandt. The Rembrandt Brotherhood is a secret order of Jesuit Priests that organized in the 1600s with the specific purpose of keeping the secrets concealed in the Rembrandt paintings. Walter Liedtke obviously discovered the secret codec hidden in the paintings and was murdered for his discovery.

          And I obviously have nothing better to do today than sit around an make shit up.

          • You are probably closer to the truth.

        • You can always trust the official autopsy. Coroners always have full integrity.

        • Two hundred forty military officers recently fired by the Obama administration, plus who knows how many private security companies black operatives minus so many high level bankers being suicided, not to mention the liberal press either being called out as liars or dying recently in auto crashes adds up to a modern day underground force that is covertly fighting the globalist bankers on their terms. Perhaps they are the vanguards of the coming uprising.

        • 3 down, many more to go. Won’t miss them one bit.

          • hello <yes Obama fired 250 military recently and 4 officers told him not to go into SYRIA or there would be trouble! I don't know about the other info youre spinning?If you know the organ. behind this let be know?
            steve n.

        • the NWO CAN be a very lethal group if you oppose them and are of a menace to expose there corruption!

      2. When it’s your time, it’s your time.

        The grim reaper has a schedule to keep.

        • Normally I would agree with you, but was this the rich and famous train, or a regular ole train? What are the odds that only rich or powerful people died in a train crash?

          • the NWO CAN be a very lethal group if you oppose them and are of a menace to expose there corruption!

          • I wonder how much C-4 was hidden under their seat sections…

        • Can you put a face, and a name on the grim reaper?

          • You’ll know the fucker when your time comes.

      3. We had a similar crash here in Illinois about 3 weeks ago. An elderly women was in a hurry and went thru the crossing gates then stopped on the tracks. Like a deer in the headlights, she froze on the tracks. She survived, so far, but is in bad shape. I think the reason people stop, even after they know a train is coming, is because they are brainwashed to obey. They would rather die than disobey a traffic law. Also, they won’t get out and let their car get smashed. They don’t want to abandon their valued property. Conditioning. Sheeple. I’d drive over the sidewalk if I had to. Go thru a red light, etc. I already have in dangerous situations. It’s an affirmative defense in court.

        • She was obviously on her way to a “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” chant in.

        • Quick look at setup shows the other gate spanned her lane. In an effort to be controlling, the railroad company has created an impasse. Fault: railroad company. Exact fault: Project manager for the design of railroad crossing. Blood on his/her hands. Probably have dozens or hundreds of these poor designs. Clearly the lady saw the gate in front of her coming down so stopped. She never saw the gate above her car and did not realize she was on the tracks. She heard the thud on the back and thought someone hit her. When she realized she was on the tracks it was too late.
          Anyone who designed human systems and has decent experience with the public could tell you this was a bad design. Courts will not rule in favor of humans and against large corporations unless the mistake is egregious; but, this was the fault of the railroad. The dead mother will be blamed for shoddy work by the railroad contractors and employees.

      4. Fuckin’ women drivers.

        • Skinhead, watch out for the feminazis; they’ll be after you.

        • Sorry, Ladies, but he’s right. Of all the air-headed things to do.

        • I am female, but I must agree. As if the gate coming down wasn’t a clear enough clue that a train was to be expected shortly, this stupid bitch stopped on the tracks with a train bearing down on her, just to check for damage. She was driving, so she couldn’t have been too blind or deaf.

          Unless there were cars ahead of her and she couldn’t get clear, there is no excuse for this “accident” but stupidity.

          • Are we sure it was an accident? I bet it was a hate crime.

          • Common Thats just a story. They were murdered, put in the vehicle, drove into the tracks and left to get smashed to look like an accident.

            They want us to think human beings are stupid. These four guys even though evil had ab avg. IQ of more than 100…greater than avg. Americans. They wouldn’t be THAT STUPID….

        • random spam your ass

      5. I see it as instant karma for the impatient bitch who caused this, the lights start flashing before the gates go down, but when you are too important to stop for such trivial things as say a commuter train you just go anyway, and god forbid those pesky gates actually close on your pretentious SUV,
        Stupid people all around us,
        What you want to bet she was on her cellphone too…..

        • Stupid can’t be fixed. Thumbs up

          • I think it just was.

          • Them hogs, stupid can be fixed. It is called Darwinism. Darwinism exists so that the strongest, healthiest, and the brightest continue on the species. As to the rash of dead bankers, I do think it is very shady that all of these bankers are dying. It is a very ominous sign indeed.

        • Turns out she’s Bruce Jenner’s cousin.

          • Yeah and she had a tranny problem too.

            • Ha! I don’t think everybody got this, but I did. Nice. Nice.

            • “you can do the locomotion with me”

            • tra[i]nny problem oh that’s good.

              • Not train- ‘tranny’, as in car part. Also as in transsexual, like that jenner clown.

          • …turns out she IS Bruce Jenner!

        • That’s what I don’t understand! She got out of the car in the middle of the tracks? Because the gate hit her back end?? Didn’t she see the lights?! Oh well, sad for the families….

        • There is no known cure for retardation.

          • I don’t know, this seems to have cured at least one case of it.

          • You should know, you’re the poster boy for it.

      6. About 45 dead bankers in 3 years. Something smells fishy! Maybe TPTB are taking them out because they are afraid that they are going to spill the beans?

        • Its the life insurance theyre after.
          What’s the haul on this group? How much will JPMorgan make? Were they running odds too? Wheres the bookie?

          • Banks and corporations have billions of dollars worth of life insurance on employees. Big banks, big corporations and big insurance companies all working together.

        • sure does Sgt…

        • Maybe TPTB are taking them out because they are afraid that they are going to spill the beans?

          Or more likely, they weren’t going to go along with the plan.

          • These killings could also be a warning to others, that disloyalty will be punishable by death.

        • Sounds like these bankers somehow new the Clintons.

      7. Now TV investigative reports, and editorialists are getting whacked it seems.

      8. It would seem that now the rest of us have some detective work to do. I for one would really like to know what they knew. If they are worth killing to keep quiet, it must be very serious.

        It seems like reality in this day and age is just all smoke and mirrors!

      9. Having commuted through that area I’m surprised we haven’t seen more wrecks. As far as the bankers go nothing would surprise me.

        • Interesting. This would explain why the U.S. Government has just declared us awake and prepped Americans hostile enemies, as they know that we are a threat to their endgame.

      10. Yesterday I posted news that Illinois is going to issue drivers licenses to illegals. What I failed to mention is Illinois has motor voter registration. That means when you get your license you can register to vote at the same time. In Illinois (a Marxist run state) it is illegal to ask someone if they are a citizen when they register to vote. So illegals will get their license and register to vote illegally at the same time. I suspect the licenses for illegals was lobbied for by insurance companies who think they are going to get a windfall of cash. The immigrants usually don’t get major car company insurance. They get fly by night insurance. Insurance in name only. It’s cheap and there is no expectation of real coverage. What they’re really buying is the proof of insurance card. In metro Chicago area about 40% of drivers have no insurance. According to my agent.

        • AND in the years I’ve been living in Illinois, I’ve NEVER had to show proof of insurance to renew my plates.

        • Thank God they are only issuing them to illegals and not Terrorists.

          • Thats you n me according to TPTB

      11. Reminds me of an old joke.

        What do you call a bus load of Lawyers going over a cliff? A Good Start!

        I guess these days you could substitute Bankers, Commicrats, Stock Brokers, or Czars instead.

        Watch out fur them Hogs!

      12. The Baltic Dry Index went to it’s lowest rate in 30 years last week. Today it is even lower. 530. Lower than the 2008 debacle. Never been this low. Indications are bad news. Real soon.

      13. JP Morgan… A very dangerous firm to work for.

        I see Dave Hodges has a theory they are all being offed by renegade (read patriotic) military brass in an attempt to thwart war with Russia.

        • If they’re trying to thwart a war with Russia, they’re after the wrong people. It isn’t branch executives and museum curators they need to be going after. They need to look much farther up the ladder. I don’t see patriots as being that stupid.

      14. So what if they are killing bankers. I am surprised that the woman didn’t stand on the tracks, hold her hand up in a stopping motion, believing the train would do so.
        People do not stop at stop signs. Why do they even put directional signals on cars and trucks is beyond me. Go fast as hell on and wet road. Texting and talking on the phone. Cut in and out of traffics in front of semi trailer trucks. Hit ands runs on the rise.

        Now they will have all sorts of safety gadgets that slow and brake. Park your car. Backup cameras. Lane drift warnings.

        All the other stuff you can contribute that to high stress and being stupid.

        • 1st paragraph only- a charging chariot knows no rank. the other stuff? OK, I can agree with that said.

        • In NY metro area you always wait a count of three when the light turns green, or you’ll get T-boned by some azzwhole who just HAS to run the light! Rule #1 to surviving New York traffic.

          • Rule #2 drive with one hand on the horn as you gesture with the other.

      15. “Now they will have all sorts of safety gadgets that slow and brake. Park your car. Backup cameras. Lane drift warnings.”

        What bothers me about all these gadgets is, here in NH where I live, we have very strict annual car inspections. Whatever the car came equipped with must work. You have/buy a ? year old car and the backup camera stops working, you are required to fix it. All windows must be operational, if you have power windows and the motor on the rear passenger window stops working, Fix It. Same with power mirrors, even if you’re the only one that drives the car and the mirrors are perfectly set up for you, but the motor dies, Fix It. The more gadgets, the more it can cost for inspection.

        • AOWG.

          All that Map and Direction options does not do well in the woods or swamp. Also it jacks the price of the new car up. I tell you I do not need all the stuff they have on the dash. Oil Water and Battery lights are fine.
          The less stuff the better. Many people can not even check the fluid levels or change a flat tire.

          • Slingshot, I know what you mean. GPS is way overrated. I still use good old-fashioned paper maps and atlases and have a sense of direction. I can find anything without a stinking GPS. I prefer the older vehicles without all that shit. Less complicated and cheaper to work on.

          • I’m more and more convinced that a lot of New Yorkers think driving is just another video game, where if they crash they can just hit “reboot” and start over. Probably true in Killifornia too.

      16. I would attribute their deaths several things. There ability to have top notch jobs like that prevents them from thinking about SHTF scenarios such ass what happened here. They think technology in train design will save them so they think no further. They think there money will get them out of any problems so they think no further. Not seeing how things COULD play out will leave one totally unprepared when SHTF, which many times strikes at a moments notice. I am sure all those other people on the train had a healthy skepticism of the technology they put there lives in and knew if the front of the train was compromised due to a collision,MOVE TO THE BACK AS QUICKLY AS YOU CAN!!! If you are not back there already. These 5 people probably laughed many times at the people that wouldn’t ride in the fronts cars because they trusted there Gov. that they were completely safe in the front car, and I am sure they were completely safe until…………

      17. If I’m not mistaken, this comment is incorrect, ‘Researcher John Vibes has already rounded up 9 more dead bankers who’ve died as of January 2015.’

        When you click the article, it’s from 2014.

      18. Might as well wait for the bankers to get off the train and hit them directly with the SUV.

        • Less collateral damage that way.

      19. Ever heard of circuit breakers?

      20. The only good Investment banker is a dead investment banker.

        • I don’t like bankersters either, but I don’t wish ill on anyone. Nonviolence is the way to stop this – through communication, information dissemination and education – not violence

          • As mentioned earlier…. your thought is right there with “Teaching pigs to sing”

      21. Gimme a break. Stupid driver stops on the tracks,with a train coming, to inspect damage to her car. Conspiracy? I think not. She didn’t know or care who was on the train. Stupid woman got what was coming to her. In this case,it was a train….

      22. Mac,

        I’m surprised that you haven’t done an article yet on the FCC’s takeover of the Internet coming at the end of this month.

        There is a number of good sources for info on it and one of the FCC’s members was on Mark Levine’s show this week. (See Newsmax article)

        The new rules come right out of The White House and given the corruption around the NSA spying scandal and IRS war on The Tea Party, this could put people like you out of business?

        Mac, you and a bunch of other people have kept Freedom’s torch burning, it would be a sin to see it put out now!

        Watch out fur them Hogs! 1John 2:15

      23. I’ve read elsewhere that the SUV woman was the Scarsdale-based jeweler to Bill and Hilary Klinton.

        It seems like just about anyone with a close link to the Klintons end up dead in unnatural ways.

        Also, krispy kritters can’t be tested for scopolamine.

        • “krispy kritters can’t be tested for scopolamine”

          Good point.

        • Clinton’s have a unnatural attraction for bankers. Seems they are carriers of some sort of bug that kills people around them. Must have picked it up in the backwoods of Arkansas.

          • Hey now! Them slurs against the backwoods of Arkansas hit a little close to home! Everyone knows Slick Willie and The Hilldebeast are out of Little Rock.

      24. TPTB are doing their laundry and getting ready to pull the RUG out from under all of us useless eaters and go on vacation. Prepare for what is coming. Are you prepared to die? IMHO.

        • I’m prepared to die if necessary, but I’m also prepared to do everything in my power to avoid it.

      25. It seems that being a high ranking banker can be as hazardous as being “friend” of the Clintons. Dead men tell no tales.

      26. I think more banksters need to die, then politicians, then liberals, then radical mooslims, then anyone else who is anti-American.

        • I don’t care if they’re anti-american, as long as they leave us alone.

      27. This whole country is full of Bankers. Of course if you look over the thousands of deaths a day every few months you can find a banker killed a car or jumping off a building.

      28. Reports so far show that 49-year-old Ellen Brody crossed onto the tracks, when the crossing gate slammed down on the back of her vehicle. Instead of pulling through the intersection though, she got out to inspect the back of her car. It was when she got back in her car and started to pull forward that she was struck by the passing train – going 58mph.


        Darwin Award.

      29. Loaded with hundreds of passengers, a reported 70 were injured and only five died…

        Mysteriously enough… the 5 that died had decided to commit suicide rather than burn to death.

        With a nail gun.

        25 times.

        In the back of their skulls…

        • and Brian Williams was there to reload the nail gun.

      30. I feel bad about the guy from the museum, and only about the guy from the museum.

      31. I am more inclined to put this one on the driver of the SUV than a conspiracy theory to kill bankers. Pull off the tracks, call your insurance company and have your car repaired.

      32. MKULTRA operative commanded to place vehicle in that place at that time. If she is dead how do they know why she got out of the car? And stopped? Maybe she was activating a device in the back. Cars hit by trains don’t generally cause that level of fire. And where were the deceased seated on the train? Together? Same car? The only person who should have died was the driver of the car. An elaborate hit if it was one.

      33. High level bankers that knew too much about secret defense contracts (black op projects) that have plagued America since president Eisenhower. If you know too much, and they’ve been listening to your cell phone conversations via the National Stassi Agency (NSA), and now your home appliances and TVs through the new Smart Power Meters, it’s time to create a deadly situation to conveniently get rid of those who know too much, and have moral concerns about the types of deals they are overseeing. Most people don’t believe in the MK-ULTRA mind control projects that have been going on since the 50s. Humans make great robots with the right programming, implants, and drugs. Here’s the speculation. The woman with the SUV is an MK-ULTRA mind control subject. Her mission, park on the tracks to cause a collision. One of the bankers is probably also under mind control to make sure they are all in the same rail car planted with explosives to assure they all die in a mass fire ball with other passengers only getting injured. All it takes to activate a mind control program is a simple phone call using 4 to 6 simple words that would never be used in sequence of a normal conversation: hat blue fish seven tango (or whatever)
        What Americans keep failing to come to terms with is MK-ULTRA mind control. Why do bankers keep suiciding themselves by jumping out of windows??? It is so easy to program someone with the advanced techniques the CIA currently has. Everyone should watch the Bourne Identity series of films. That is real folks. The hardest part to stomach is that the ruthless banking elite that run this planet, ENJOY torture involved in mind control. They laugh as the public believes whatever the officials tell the mesmerizing mind control media (another name for soft mind control of the masses). To look on YouTube and watch the superb documentary made by James Lane (State of Mind, Psychology of Control). If that well done documentary doesn’t send chills in you, you are not normal. Watch as the future unfolds. You’ll see more and more of these events involving very high level bankers and scientists.

      34. They had a choice suicided or private island, looks like they choose the latter! Prob know this would be the time to disapair before the dots start get connected too the coming collapse of the fiat ponzu scheme. It’s a coinidience that the body’s were so charred that positive identification can’t be done by fam or friends. Their running for the exits expect more!

        • Life insurance payout for the families.

      35. Did any of you stop to think that these deaths are a hoax? Hedge fund managers are buying up remote retreats. Coroners may or may not be on the up, but medical examiner’s staff could easily be paid off to substitute dna samples, etc.

        big pay off on the insurance, happily ever after on a private island.

        Also there have been previous crashes at that same site. I may check it out on google maps. the guy in the car behind her backed up and motioned to her to back up before she got back in her car/suv.

      36. Ellen Brody? I guess she would now prefer to have been eaten by the shark.

      37. Sniff sniff.
        Boo f(_)cking hoo. 3 fewer bankers in the world.

        Sometimes you have things that just ‘happen’ to occur, despite one in a million chances. Wonder if the Merc was being remote controlled somehow…

        Or one in a billion, like the only person who knows anything about Obammy’s birth cert. records being the ONLY one who happened to die from a mysterious private plane crash that only killed her (probably one of those crash-asphyxiation deaths).

        Or breitbart mysteriously dying, then the MEDICAL EXAMINER who worked on him, ALSO mysteriously dying about a month later.

        Or maybe like when they say that the Presidential plant manchurian candidate, is actually someone who won 100 percent of the vote. Like winning powerball 4 times in one day.

        Or when non-democrat ballots are mysteriously not counted in Califwhorenia and the box is found floating in SF Bay.

        HOWEVER if the bankers are dead…..tell me again how that does not leave the world a better place already?

      38. getting a little more creative now, the old “fell off the roof” and “had a nailgun accident” stories are getting old

      39. Hmmm… the cause of the crash seems to be a true accident, it’s hardly likely that something like that could be arranged. But if we are in conspiracy theory mode, then you could theorize that someone took advantage of the incident to take care of a few more lose ends once they arrived at the hospital.

        Disclaimer: I see most conspiracy theories as an intellectual exercise.

      40. Firstly the technology exists were a car can be electronically hijacked and/or disabled and run by remote controlled, just like the airplanes on 911. I would assume the same would hold true for “electric” trains.

        The same EM technology can also cause heart attacks and strokes and is for mind to control (voice to skull transmissions). Why wold someone get out of her car to inspect for damage when she saw a train approaching unless she was mind controlled.

        It sounds to me as if there could have been explosives loaded on the third rail in the undercarriage of the first car.

        The scientist could have been involved with the development of synthetic biology for the transhumanist agenda.

        The art collector could have been involved with the brokering of ancient artifacts stolen from the Iraqi museum during the second Iraq war.

      41. 50%. Not bad. I can live with 50%.

      42. What strikes me is: the third rail was tore up by an SUV???

        NOT buying it.

        Third rails are NOT lightly made, they are extremely heavly built.
        This screams of setup.

        TO those who think this number of bankers dead COULD BE accidental: read the insurance companies actuary tables, just like the “friends of the clintons” the actuary tables numbers say these numbers scream murder.

      43. …3 were Investment Bankers, for a total of 9 dead bankers since January 2015. These deaths are going to skew the statistics on the most hazardous occupation.

      44. …So what was the actual cause of the bankers’ deaths? Were they physically injured or did they die of “heart attacks” …or maybe nailgun injuries?

      45. 2 things: The passengers on that train line are mostly very well-to-do who commute to Manhattan-based corporations, so it’s not surprising that high level bankers were victims. Also, train-car crashes are unfortunately not uncommon in the NYC region. There are hundreds of commuter trains, crossing hundreds — perhaps, thousands — of roads each day.

      46. im positive the lawyer thing is just bad luck,i dash cam anytime my trucks are moving even parked !! i got a bimbo today in houston sitting on the tracks at a light in houston , of course i can see inside your vehicles , she was also on the phone and was the last one to get thru the green light because of her phone,women are dumbasses behind the wheel,some should just stay home and mop!

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