Silicon Valley Is Spending Millions Of Dollars To Elect Democrats

by | Oct 23, 2018 | Headline News | 24 comments

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    It’s become apparent that tech companies are using censorship as a way to interfere with the midterm elections, but they also have money on their side.  They are spending billions of dollars to help Democrats win.

    In July, President Donald Trump accused Twitter of “shadow banning” prominent Republicans. “Not good,” he tweeted. He also accused Google in a series of tweets in August of playing up negative articles about him in search results.

    According to Federal Election Commission filings, employees of Silicon Valley’s Masters of the Universe have donated millions to Democrat House and Senate candidates ahead of the midterm elections.  Breitbart reported that although this is nothing new, employees from these company’s have donated a total of $2.4 million to House and Senate candidates and a mere $179,000  has gone to Republicans. The money going to Republicans accounts for only 8% of the total amount donated.

    The nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics reports that in the 2014 midterms, employees from Google, Facebook and Twitter donated approximately $838,000 to congressional candidates. Even then, donations favored Democrats quite highly with $679,000 going to Democrats and $259,000 going to Republicans. -Breitbart

    Karen Sebold, a professor of political science at the University of Arkansas told Fox News that these campaign donations for the 2018 midterms are being viewed as a sign of support or condemnation of President Trump depending on which campaign someone donates to: “thus the votes/donations might be taken as a sign of opposition toward President Trump,” said Sebold.

    But the campaign donation findings could be a thorn in the sides of these tech companies by providing Trump with even more evidence that the big tech firms have a built-in bias that tilts left.  Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey has already admitted that the social media platform has a left-leaning bias.

    Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg also admitted during his congressional testimony that Silicon Valley was an “extremely left-leaning place.”

    Google employees have given more than their counterparts at Facebook and Twitter in terms of political contributions, $1.7 million, records show. Of that, they favored Democrats by a decisive margin. Only $117,000 went to Republicans.

    The same holds true at Facebook.

    Facebook employees donated nearly $549,000 to Democrats running for Congress. Only $58,000, just shy of 10 percent, went to Republicans.

    Twitter employees have donated a total of $105,000 during the 2018 election cycle. None of that cash has gone to Republicans. -Fox News

    With all that cash flowing directly into the hands of leftists for the upcoming midterm elections, it could be a difficult ride for Republicans.  But we’ll find out soon enough.


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      1. Silicon Valley is slowly slitting its own throat. I can do without social media sites and its hardware. People need to give it up before it owns you.

        • Silicon Valley is infested with cocksuckers.

          • Exactly, California is a lost cause who cares. Soon they will have 10’s of thousands of new citizens! Maybe the US should just attack Cali and make it a state again!

            • Americans are behaving the same way about their states as the “migrants, refugees, boat-people, asylum seekers, etc.” Instead of making a stand they flee. They flee California, Illinois, New York, Baltimore, Flint, Detroit, etc. Instead of being a coward and fleeing, you stand and fight. You take the evil out. The end result is Americans are going to run out of states. Stand and fight. Take your country back.

              • listen blame-e, I’m on your side; but, the problem is that the ‘stand and fight’ idea would mean fighting law enforcement and the military first (at least at a minimum, the State National Guard). I’ve no desire to shoot what is a fellow American and/or a man who believes in this country or trying to do his job. I know the argument, ‘but if he is supporting evil/the left/socialists/Democrats… he deserves it’. But does he really? We need those agencies on-board first. Get the law and local military on our side. Then, do the Concord and Trenton.

        • Check out this article from Zero Hedge….

          The New Social Media: Alternatives To Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, And Other Big Tech Platforms

          Lots of people are ready to leave websites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for less-censored pastures. But what are the social media alternatives that are currently available?

          • for screwtube. Ask Mike Adams for the other two. The man who created the world wide web is releasing an new one. He didn’t like the censoring any more than we do.

        • Why doesn’t our fucking military guard our own fucking border???

          • “Eisenkreutz says:
            Comment ID: 3885843
            October 23, 2018 at 9:17 pm

            “Why doesn’t our fucking military guard our own fucking border???”

            This is why Mr. E–
            Because someone might get hurt.
            Trump sending UNARMED national guards. Why?

            Invaders need to TURN around or be dropped.

            If the government refuses to defend our borders then perhaps American People should?
            – – Form up.
            – – Converge at incursion point where the invaders cross.
            – – STOP THEM.
            But Americans are too much pussies to defend our nation.
            Just wildabeasts that are driven off the cliff by lies.
            Just lemmings that follow other fools off the cliff.
            Just a cow herd animal that do as they are told, going down the kill shoot quitely until the kill bolt is driven in thier head…. turned into hanging beef.

            Americans are being entertained and stoned on booze, tv, movies, social media, sports, politics, and endless talk.
            All distractions and DECEPTIONS.

            States legalise gateway drug canabus so that the stoned masses are too out of it to realise their money is being stolen and country is being stolen out from under them.

            Trump will back down. I would bet 1/4 of the farm.

            Invaders …..drug dealers, MS13 thugs, iran soldiers, china soldiers, etc. will be allowed to come on across. Invade at will.
            Trump will do nothing.
            American people will do nothing.
            just take it.

            No one will do what is necessary. All talk.
            You weak Amerikkan people would allow rattle snakes to converge in your own childrens sandbox. Then allow your children out to play. “Respect for nature, don’t want to hurt the snakes feelings, and all that weak BS.”

            You just don’t live in the real world.

            Men in the real world pick up the snakes, put them in beer cooler, take them down the road in pick up truck to where the snakes can’t harm anyone. If the snakes are too fiesty and refuse to be picked up. A shovel is used to chop the head off the snake.
            NOTE: One way or the other, the snake goes in the cooler to be relocated. The civilised easy way. Or dead. But they are not allowed in sandbox. No discussion.

            If you are too weak to hang on to your country.
            You will loose it.
            If you are too weak to defend your country.
            You deserve to loose it.

            Now let the fur fly………….

      2. I’m an exception to the rule. I have a BS in computer science and was a software engineer. Most software people are stark raving nut cases. I don’t know what it is but they all seem to gravitate that way. They tend to be very creative, but not disciplined. Any idiot can crank out code which makes them think they are “super”.
        I’d bet there are only ten people in all of Facebook that design the Algorithms to make it run like it does. the rest do marketing and do the day to day programing and system maintenance.

        • You are totally right. I ran a large-scale IT project for a big institution and we calculated there were 70 people taking credit for our work in management alone. Our team who actually did anything was very small, but all those managers were there to give power points to other parts of the bureaucracy about us. Anyone who knows about systems development knows it is usually a lot of sweat on the imagination side, then toil to get it to work, and then the retards come in to run it (the ones you see with stupid t-shirts who crack fart jokes, jerk off, Facebook, and chase chicks). They are not geniuses and most will never have an original idea.

      3. for screwtube. Ask Mike Adams for the other two. The man who created the world wide web is releasing a new one.He doesn’t like the censoring any more than we do.

      4. What happened to Mexico paying for the wall. Trump promised. Now there is talk of detention centers and judges to process all the vagrants. Wouldn’t it be smarter to keep them in Mexico. What a joke trump can’t do shit.

      5. Here we have clear evidence, clear as the light of day, that companies are actively interfering in US elections.

        If meddling in US elections is good enough for the Progressive Socialist Democrats to want World War 3 with the Russians, then why not for anti-social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube; and why not for fully-owned MSM, like the “New York Times” and the “Washington Post,” CBS, and CNN?

        • Corporations are considered people according to US law. The Corporation can be convicted of a felony but no human being is responsible and hence no human goes to prison. The corporation apparently performs actions on its own without human control. The corporation receives the rights of an individual without the responsibilities being it’s impossible to be incarcerated.

          “It matters little if the boot on your throat contains a communist or capitalist foot”.

          • You’re an idiot.

            • Excellent use of the apostrophe. Too bad your ad-hominem is so vapid and mindless. It makes me question just who is the bigger idiot.

          • Kevin2, unfortunately you are correct. Amazing how laws have been so twisted the last 153 years.

      6. The Left and their deep state are the de facto leaders of the nation. Trump and his followers caught them off guard because they became over confident, but that isn’t a mistake they will make again.

        The upcoming elections will show this and Trump, his supporters and everything they represent will be finished for good. They will have no place in the future of this country.

        • Agree. Like Superman’s kryptonite, the midterms will waste away what power Trump has. The Trump show is over. “Lock her up!!” I have to laugh: he has done jack but eat junk food, watch Fox and Tweet.

      7. Silicon Valley 2.0 is setting up shop in Denver 🙁

        • BJ, that would be Silicon Valley 3.0. Silicon Valley 2.0 is already in Beaverton Oregon. They call it Silicon Forest.

          • LoL I stand corrected.

      8. Silicon Valley Is Spending Millions Of Dollars To Elect COMMUNISTS !

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