Signs of Coming Collapse: Citizens Worldwide Revolt Against Taxation & Illegal Aliens

by | Dec 10, 2018 | Headline News | 44 comments

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    There are many serious issues to address, relevant to current events. Just to skim some of what has happened most recently, the Dow Jones (although a “lagging” indicator) has been extremely volatile within the past month, appearing to be headed toward a loss for the year overall. Spending is down, and the “bubble” of pseudo-consumer confidence prior to Thanksgiving seems to have dissipated.

    The main focus: the unrest that is swiftly crossing national borders has a common denominator in France, and now in Belgium and the Netherlands. That common denominator is that of the populace being fed up with the amount of taxation, coupled with the politicos pushing illegal Muslim aliens into nations that have been predominantly Christian for almost a thousand years.

    In countries such as Germany, Sweden, and Norway (whose ancestors were not known for playing “softball,” i.e. the Saxons and Vikings, respectively) we have been witness to rapes and beatings perpetrated by Muslim illegal aliens with the governments either looking the other way or encouraging it. Soros and those of his ilk in the EU have been pushing this “forced integration” of an invasion of illegals with a huge ethnic and religious gap between them and the host nations.

    The controllers (oligarchs and politicos) are pushing these (numerically speaking) armies of aliens into previously stable nations…for several express purposes:

    1. The denigration of the nations’ borders, language, religion, family structure, and culture
    2. To reduce the nations’ original populace to a state of abandoning their nationalities and nationalism
    3. To place these aliens into a position where they will weaken the economies of the nations (by being forced onto the dole) and also utilizing their numbers for support when it comes time to “vote” in these nations.

    We have been witnessing an internal conquest fomented upon each of these European nations more effective than any invasion with military resources. The controllers are “injecting” these aliens into the populations and allowing their destructive natures and habits (completely at odds with the host nation) to destroy those countries….from within.

    On December 7, 2018, Zero Hedge published a piece entitled Viral Video Of French Students Lined Up Execution-Style Sparks Outrage; Protesters Want Macron’s “Scalpthat really bears looking at. The cops there are way out of hand. The most interesting part of the article, however, may be the interview that was conducted with a Parisian cab driver, and his stance in that interview summarizes the rage and betrayal felt by the French people. Here’s a piece of it for you, and the article highlighted some words in the excerpt…and I’m leaving them that way, as they are worth reading and keeping in mind:

    One angry Paris taxi driver called for Macron’s “scalp” in a half-hour monologue, according to Bloomberg.

    “We’re going out there to fight,” he said, adding: “I want Macron’s scalp, I’m not afraid of anything. I have nothing to lose. You have to risk your life or you don’t get anything from these people.”

    And why does the cab driver feel this way about Macron? Read this other part, showing it is not “blind rage” for no reason:

    For people like the taxi driver, there’s no limit when it comes to removing the youngest French leader since Napoleon who, as the country’s economy minister between 2014 and 2016, deregulated the taxi business and was a strong supporter of car-booking apps.

    “He ruined us, he broke our business,” the taxi driver said. “He wants everything new, digital, the new world, and he did it all without thinking of the cost for us. Replace everyone, have everything young, new? Yeah, well that’s not how you do things. Now it’s payback time.”

    Reminds me of Jesse Ventura’s words in the movie “Predator,” but you see the point: after they push you into a corner, you have to come out swinging. We are facing a similar situation in this country. The President has been holding his own, and it appears with the Mueller witch hunt and the Democrat Party gathering torches and pitchforks, the offensive is going to take a new direction. In January, the House (now Democrat-controlled) is back in control of defense expenditures, and that is going to place actions that the President is taking (troops on the border to halt the illegal alien “caravan of love,” and to build a wall) in danger of being halted and/or defunded.

    Another article came out on December 3, 2018, entitled German biker gangs are standing up for their country’s women by beating the hell out of the Muslim ‘refugees’ in the[ir] midst who keep assaulting themby

    Here is an excerpt:

    Days after the sexual assaults on German women in Cologne city came to light, local gangs are uniting in a “manhunt” of foreigners.  And just this weekend, two Pakistanis and a Syrian man were injured in attacks by gangs of people in Cologne, German police said. On New Year’s Eve, Cologne was the scene of dozens of assaults on women, a number that has grown into hundreds as more and women have come forward to register complaints. Local newspaper Express reported that the attackers were members of rocker and hooligan gangs who via Facebook arranged to meet in downtown Cologne to start a “manhunt” of foreigners.

    You can plainly see the fawning media over there is no different than ours…as it labeled the bikers as “members of rocker and hooligan gangs.” Hooligans, eh? So, if they are “hooligans” for stepping up to the plate and defending their women, then what are the Polizei for permitting these crimes to occur against the women?

    What they are: conspirators, who are complicit with the crimes committed by the controlling politico-oligarchy…the crimes of not protecting the German citizens from these Muslim invaders. Here’s the picture posted by with the article:

    Look closely at the photograph. These guys are (even with the masks you can see it) pretty clean cut, dressed cleanly and normally…and they’re not “soy boys” by any stretch of the imagination. The prediction? German bikers 1, Arabs 0, plain and simple….and as it should be. It is a beautiful thing to see them stand up for their women…since their rights have been flushed into the toilet, or swept under a prayer rug or magic carpet.

    When law enforcement fails to enforce the law and protect citizens from illegal aliens…then it is no longer law enforcement….it is an armed tyrannical enforcer of a dictatorship….voted into office legally, but pursuing actions that are not approved by the populace. Just as Marbury vs. Madison pointed out under our system, if something is onerous to the Constitution, then it is not to be considered lawful in any way, shape, or form. That also includes [mis]representatives who circumvent the will of the people by using the power of their position.

    They were elected legally, but to represent the will of the people, not to accomplish the “fundamental transformations” of countries in stark contradiction to their constitutions, charters, and laws, and to the detriment and/or physical harm of their citizenry.

    In previous articles I outlined 3 measures the globalists will take to collapse the systems and usher in a totalitarian global government (in order): A pandemic (fostered or artificially-created), an EMP event, or a Nuclear war.

    You are seeing the final methods being used as a precursor to those three actions: the collapsing of the economies, the inculcation of the complete surveillance state, and the dissolution of the nations through internal subterfuge as has been outlined within this article.

    One of the advantages that the European nations have in dealing with confronting their governments is ethnic homogeneity. This leads to a single-minded purpose, in which they will not settle for anything less than the capitulation of the government, and at a bare minimum, forcing the resignation of the leadership. Look at Merkel: not going to run for office again. Now look at Macron, one step from being shown the door by the angry mobs. They called out almost 90,000 police to deal with these riots in France, only to find that a great number of the police are siding with the populace!

    Look at what is happening in the United States. Look at the crimes ranging from rape to murder that are being inflicted upon American citizens who live on our southern borders. Hungary has set up barbed wire and machine gun positions to keep out the illegals. We, on the other hand, send the National Guard…to do what? Play “Yahtzee” or “Scrabble” with the illegals? Best 3 out of 5 wins?

    It is an invasion, plain and simple. The controllers originally intended for the U.S. to be where South Africa is now…with the reins of power taken away from white South Africans…and soon for them to be completely vilified and driven off of their land…and worse. It hasn’t happened that way here yet, but they have been pushing the destruction of the country through forced “immigration” for decades. Remember that President Reagan gave amnesty to a million illegals. Such actions are not monopolized by the Democrats and Obama. The former President they just buried was the one who created NAFTA….Clinton merely signed it into law.

    In order for a nation to continue, it needs to maintain all of the elements that made it a nation. Those elements can be found within the borders, language, religions, and culture of its people. When the laws that are made within a nation to protect its citizens and maintain it are flagrantly disobeyed or circumvented by its politicians, courts, and legislators, it is time for that nation to return to the grass roots and exercise their rights. Just because a government is of and by the people doesn’t mean that it is “for” the people.

    The instabilities we are seeing are a precursor of things to come, and the Parisian cab driver was correct…in order to change an evil, sometimes you have to be willing to risk everything you have. Let’s close with a quote from our recently-departed former President, George H.W. Bush that may stem the flow of the single tear coursing down the cheek in mourning:

    “Sarah, if the American people ever find out what we have done, they would chase us down the street and lynch us.” – President George H.W. Bush to Sarah McLendon, Journalist, in 1992 Press Corps Interview, when he was asked about Iraq-gate and Iran Contra               


    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

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      1. re “Sarah, if the American people ever find out what we have done, they would chase us down the street and lynch us”

        “Sarah, if lard-ass Americans ever find out what we have done, the dumb-fcks would roll over – and we do it all over gain!” – !!!FIXED!!!

      2. What started with taxation protest turned into violent riots by French communists.

        Don’t mistake Communists and Antifa thugs for reasonable tax protests.

        • The theme, “taxation without representation” has a wonderful ring to it. Where did I hear that before?

          I’d love to witness another French Revolution, they wear it so well. Too bad they have to keep getting snookered, and replaying history.

        • JS, good points. There’s not a single tax anywhere that commies don’t approve of.

        • Johnson said, “One of the advantages that the European nations have in dealing with confronting their governments is ethnic homogeneity.”
          Steiner said, “What started with taxation protest turned into violent riots by French communists.”

          I am not calling ethnic, German bikers Communist, per se.

          I get skeptical when yellow vests, etc, get brownwashed with ‘Rainbow Confederates’.

          How was that caused, and how well has the ever worked for any other establishment, in your experience.

          • Molyneaux said, “France: Burn Until You Learn”.

            It reminded me of Greek pederasty, to get social promotions. There would seem to be a world religion.

          • Of course, Molyneaux always falls short of discussing the originators and primary drivers of ‘communism’ when he rants about it, nor does he mention that what’s called ‘communism’ is cover for just one more form of total control and has no resemblance to an enlightened social construct.

      3. Well, Jumpin’ Jehosiphat! Let the revolution begin.

      4. PTPO, don’t hold your breath. The French still believe in socialism and love their “benefits”. Their country was in bad enough shape before the EU was formed. Now it’s too far gone to save it. All Of Europe is doomed.

        • With God, all things are possible. (Matthew 19:26)

        • My prediction is the French will topple the Marcon government after more violence …. and somehow Marie La Pen will become next President of France. Here’s hoping the British will finally say enough is enough too, and throw there Globists from parliament and finally get around to telling the EU to go %@#$& itself.

      5. The reaction of the french people protesting taxes and the cost of living is a continuation of the war of 1776 which changed the world.

        We knew not what the age of information would work in man, other than it would be in orders of magnitude greater than the age of age of information brought about by Martin Luther and the printing press.

        God is at work, let no man be dissuaded.

      6. When law enforcement fails to enforce the law and protect citizens from illegal aliens…then it is no longer law enforcement….it is an armed tyrannical enforcer of a dictatorship….voted into office legally, but pursuing actions that are not approved by the populace.

        As a LEO I agree 100% with this. The time is coming very soon my fellow Patriots to come to the AID OF OUR NATION. Be ready, and remember this won’t and should not be a rebellion where you are taking out grudges. It has to be about Holding up the Constitution and Bill of Rights.


        • Sgt. I hear ya. Throw the uniform away and all is good.

        • Well maybe just a smidgeon of a grudge and call it good.

      7. James Fields found guilty of murder.

        I thought you have to kill someone to be guilty of murder.

        Two men in a helicopter ? crashed that day in Charlottesville. But Fields didn’t crash it. A sick woman with a bad heart ? died, but that wasn’t Fields’ fault.

        GMAFB This is a bullshit verdict. No justice, No peace.


        In CA check out what is really happening.



      8. “Sarah, if the American people ever find out what we have done, they would chase us down the street and lynch us.
        ” – President George H.W. Bush to Sarah McLendon, Journalist, in 1992 Press Corps Interview, when he was asked about Iraq-gate and Iran Contra

        That says it all. Most just didn’t realize it back in ’92.

        • Yup so they signed up for service to the masters BS. UUhhhhhggggg.

      9. WTF, a bare minimum of spine being shown by white men to not be exterminated by communism? When has that happened by the state of worldwide WHITE cucks? This article has to be fake news… Cant be America though because 37 MILLION illegals given refuge and welfare.. And freedom to rape steal and murder with hardly a gasp. THANKS FEMINISM! WHITE MEN COWED BY PUSSY INTO SELF DESTRUCTION. WOMEN ARE 52% OF VOTERS AND VOTED FOR THIS CRAP.

      10. The only impediment to the Antichrist and one world government is the USA and we are crumbling due to infiltration by subversives. When we fall, and it is inevitable as it is predicted by the Bible, then your only hope is grace by faith in Jesus Christ.

      11. German biker gangs are standing up for their country’s women by beating the hell out of the Muslim ‘refugees’ in their midst who keep assaulting them.

        Great idea! I hope it catches on worldwide. But why stop there? Death penalty for any Muslim that rapes little boys or girls.

      12. WTF, a bare minimum of spine being shown by white men to not be exterminated by communism? When has that happened by the state of worldwide WHITE cucks? This article has to be fake news… Cant be America though because 37 MILLION illegals given refuge and welfare.. And freedom to rape steal and murder with hardly a gasp. THANKS FEMINISM! WHITE MEN COWED BY PUSSY INTO SELF DESTRUCTION. WOMEN ARE 52% OF VOTERS AND VOTED FOR THIS CRAP.


        • Still posting from the same two IPs but one seems to actually get through after maximum hold….total BS.

          • Your comments are being sent to “pending” by Disqus, just like those of many other posters. We do not have someone on staff
            to manually clear comments 24/7.

            • Disqus? Really? You use that left wing orgs moderation as the screen out…No wonder Automod is out of whack. Disqus hates me with a unrelenting passion.

              • Disqus cant handle unvarnished TRUTH without going into the marxist “reeeeing” mode.

                • Haha! That might be true. I have no idea. I know that we usually have at least 50 comments sitting in “pending” every morning.

                  • I just added a few to the queue. You’re doing fine work.

                    People don’t remember that old saying, that patience is a virtue.

      13. Over at The Daily Sheeple, “The Next Generation Of America’s Thought Police Is Being Birthed On Our College Campuses”. Maybe Mac will transfer that article over here later?

      14. I am surprised it took this long. I knew the real men of Europe would stand up, eventually.

        I love Kipling’s poem, “The Wrath of the Awakened Saxon.”

        by Rudyard Kipling

        “It was not part of their blood,
        It came to them very late,
        With long arrears to make good,
        When the Saxon began to hate.

        They were not easily moved,
        They were icy — willing to wait
        Till every count should be proved,
        Ere the Saxon began to hate.

        Their voices were even and low.
        Their eyes were level and straight.
        There was neither sign nor show
        When the Saxon began to hate.

        It was not preached to the crowd.
        It was not taught by the state.
        No man spoke it aloud
        When the Saxon began to hate.

        It was not suddently bred.
        It will not swiftly abate.
        Through the chilled years ahead,
        When Time shall count from the date
        That the Saxon began to hate.”

      15. Is it me or does the pace seem to be quickening?
        I am old and tired – the coming events will be for younger MEN.
        The NWO liberals will be no match for our patriots – but beware of who has the military’s handle.
        MAGA 2020

      16. Once the Sioux owned vast areas of land and were free to go anywhere and do as they wanted. Then came uncontrolled immigration by the Wachicus. They never stopped coming the new comers formed their own no go communities with their own religion and customs. the Sioux really are no more lords of the land they live in tiny areas at the whimsy of the new comers. Now history repeats its self. Learn from history and save your land where you were born and raised from from invaders while you still can

      17. How did this begin? The leftists preached two things: diversity and tolerance. Rather than citizens accepting a common shared national identity, instead leftists proclaimed we should all celebrate our differences, however they manifested, and then to be tolerant of these differences.

        What were the genuine aims? Insert subversive elements in to a now broken society without a shared identity and then replace this with one world citizenship that recognizes these differences.

        This “normalizes” weird cults as equivalent to Christianity, denigrates western civilization and the profound accomplishments of it, shatters ethnocentrism and foolishly asserts all culture is equal, dismisses heterosexuality and traditional parents, etc.

        When everything becomes “normal” then the definition is meaningless. It’s meant to befuddle young people about their identity and sabotage them.

        The Illuminati breed chaos on purpose so then the public beg for the reestablishment of order.

      18. Its all about totalitarianism and getting rid of cultures… Just like the Indians and other indigenous peoples have been slaughtered, their lands taken over by incompassionate, dominating pigs… all in the name of “progress”/bullshit/capitalism/Greed. Basically, the Feminine qualities of Love and Compassion play no role in politics. Its all about Greed, “getting”– two male elks fighting to the death. There is no balance between the Ying and the Yang…the female and male.

      19. This is the thing: At this point, we all know that the people who run everything– the elite– have NO INTENTION of saving us. They don’t care if we are on the brink of extinction (we’re in the 6th mass extinction event and by around 2020, 3/4 of all animals will have become extinct– the only remaining ones, will be us and the animals we use for food/or for pets).

        Already, there has been a drastic reduction in insects– they are becoming extinct! Somewhere on the list of species to become extinct is us– homo sapiens. The elite know this. they know the planet is in trouble and they are doing NOTHING to save our species!! (and that’s not even counting financial problems, water problems in the near future, etc).

        We can do one of two things: allow them and their policies to kill us off… or… we kill them off. THERE IS NO OTHER CHOICE, AS PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS STATED.

        • Indeed. There will be war. I have said it before, civil war is hell.

      20. What’s so amazingly cool is that this is not about right versus the left– This Revolution is about the populace versus the elite! (As it should be!)

        It may not happen here, unfortunately, because we are so divided between the conservatives versus the democrats, when it should be about us, the people, versus the elite!! Here the elite have got us by the … whatever.. because people are so dumbed down. We angrily point our fingers at the other party instead of taking the elite to the guillotine.

      21. I SAW AMAZING ARTICLE LAST NIGHT CALLED: “25 Demands by the Yellow Jackets” or something like that. These people are brilliant!!!!! gotta see!!! We need something like that in this country!!

      22. peuple’) in the concept of “populism” must be understood literally.

        These are not abstract masses or an impersonal proletariat — they are the last living people who have risen up against the world power of globalist progeny, the rebels (as Lasch believes) of culture and civilization, as well as on man as such, on people, on God. Today there is no more right and left: only the people are against the elite. The “yellow vests” are creating a new political history, a new ideology. Macron is not a personal name, it is a label of the Matrix. To achieve freedom, he needs to be annihilated. Thus sprach the “yellow vests”, and they speak the truth…


      23. Nope I think the REAL sign of the coming collapse of the
        Status Quo, NOT Humanity, just the “powers that should NOT bre”- is that the islamics are in the West. THAT’S the real sign!

      24. More racist, bigoted and infantile claptrap from some Jarhead, who is operating from his Limbic system, and not his prefrontal cortex…

        And the funny thing is, is that when America collapses, it will be in large part due to the morons on this website, and not the people they are criticising.

        • Yep

        • Yep, but not a jarhead. Marines are a little smarter, this guy’s Army for sure.

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