Shocking Jade Helm Training Video: Children Used in Mock FEMA Camp Roundups

by | May 19, 2015 | Headline News | 135 comments

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    Editor’s Note: This report was originally published at The Daily Sheeple and should leave absolutely no doubt about the intentions of the upcoming Jade Helm 15 exercise. If you still believe this is about foreign threats and anti-terrorism then you haven’t been paying attention. Our military is now actively and openly preparing to respond to an emergency or crisis on U.S. soil. 


    All the official lies about how Jade Helm is only meant for action overseas in some land far, far away have now been exposed. They are brazenly putting this tyranny in everyone’s face.

    The footage below, released by the Marines and reported on by Gary Franchi of the Next News Network, shows our troops training to take on dissidents right here on American soil in the lead up to the unprecedented Jade Helm 15 training drill coming this summer.

    The video, shot by Sgt. Daniel Kujanpaa, shows Marines from 1st Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division practicing “assault support tactics” on crisis actors in Yuma in a seven-week pre-training exercise leading up to Jade Helm as children look on.

    “This footage is probably the most shocking documentation of FEMA camp roundup training to date: children used alongside actors in a bloody confrontation on American soil,” Franchi reported.

    How much more proof do you need? There’s no conspiracy theory here, only conspiracy fact. Our soldiers are clearly training for martial law scenarios where they have to detain the American people right here in the U.S. in our own backyards.

    But hey, they’re just following orders, right?

    Add this shocking footage to a bevy of military movement reports coming from concerned citizens all over the country.

    In just one example, below a train moving through Snyder, Texas a few days ago appears to have over 100 pieces of heavy military equipment on it.

    The video, uploaded by Youtuber Stacy White, is described as, “Sat may 16 train headed east beside highway 84 loaded with u.s. army equipment….and a bonus of an 18 wheeler headed west with an APC.” One commenter asked, “Are those generators hooked to the hummers?” to which White replied, “Yes they was hooked up to them and notice the gun mounts on some of vehicles also for 50 cal.”

    50 cals, huh? Someone is really gearing up…

    Sadly, the latter footage is not even remotely unique to the American landscape over recent weeks.

    Why do we need all this stuff suddenly if it is just a simple drill for overseas action and nothing more?

    Does this make you feel safer, America?

    (H/T: All News Pipeline, Steve Quayle)

    Delivered by The Daily Sheeple

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      1. Makes sense… if they’re rounding up hundreds…thousands of american adults they are going to have to do something with our kids.

        unbelievable that we are even having this discussion.

        • I saw people dressed as civilians acting up, but they all had military haircuts, my conclusion is they were active duty soldiers role playing.

          I saw no kids being rounded up, I saw no kids being used, and I saw one kid walking away from the chain link fence. Who ever titled and posted this is seriously lacking credibility for their attempts to mislead readers. Nice way of saying liar.

          • Agreed, more doom porn for the crowd who loves it and lives for it.

              • B.S.

                Not like this. Not in the magnitude it is now. I am 56 years old and a veteran. I have never, in all my life, and while in the 82nd, seen this kind of activity. Nor have I ever seen these types of round-up and containment drills… on American streets. In our cities. Amongst the civilian population.

                Here is the problem, especially for the younger folks. You only know what you know in the environment YOU GREW UP IN. I’ve seen this video before. It’s psyops. One video and people then claim that this has always been. It somehow magically explains all this massive military exercises going on in our cities. What a sucker.

                Or the usual crowd who automatically grab their crotches and gyrate their loins in adulation to anything military. But, but, but… they’re heroes! USA! USA! USA! Oh-say-can-you-seee…

                Better wise up. This is, and was never, normal military activity until these post Dial Emergency 9-1-1 times. And your little video up proves… nothing.

                What are you? Some psyops flunky sitting behind a computer in Ft. Huachuca?

                • We need civilian leaders to help us organize and react. We need to remember that state of Michigan has more rifle owners than the Red Army. Individuals digging in wont cut it. What say you?

                  • Pro tip: The Russians will be invading via Canada. The Portage canal (in the U.P.) will be one of their first stops, to secure that shipping lane. I’d imagine some will sweep south from there into Wisconsin to take the heartland, while others will head downstate, over the bridge and across the lake. Plan accordingly and give em hell, but don’t risk your family’s life for it. The Russians will make better stewards of that state than the existing government, I’d wager.

                • “What are you? Some psyops flunky sitting behind a computer in Ft. Huachuca?”

                  Close, but even more pathetic: some flunky they pulled off the streets and paid $9/hr to betray his countrymen. Sold his soul to Satan and all he got was this lousy colored paper….not even an ounce of silver.

                  I was born in 1983 and have been noting for the past two years that all this military equipment was moving around, and that they were preparing for WW3.

                  Have you also noticed them clearing trees on the side of the interstates, in cities adjacent to existing airfields?

                  The original design of the Interstate Highway System had military needs in mind, of course, which is why the fence line is so far away from the road. South of this city they’re clearing the trees away to the fence line. Will make it much easier to land aircraft there, if and when the airport gets bombed out…

                  (There used to be an Air Force communications squadron there…now it’s an Army Guard special forces unit.)

                  What surprised me is seeing how many “Average Joes” out there understand what’s going on too, somehow. They somehow know this war is coming soon. One year ago I was getting a haircut and the lady hairdresser said out of nowhere that she thought we’d be in WW3 soon. I told a random guy off the street the other day WW3 is around the corner. He immediately said that he had no doubt about it.

                  People [b]know[/b]…they don’t know how or why they know, but they know. The only people who really have no clue whatsoever is the dingbats who purposely pay no attention to anything. The real world will inevitably hit them like a sledgehammer, of course, while they’re crying “but who could have seen this coming?”

            • Perhaps the 100 freaking million not working, the 48 million onf food stamps (up from 32 mm when OBungler took office), the students who owe over $1 freaking TRILLION and will never have a life don’t consider it so much doom porn as they do “reality.” But then, let me guess… you are disinformation shill, correct?

              Yes, there is an issue with doomer porn. On the other hand, for MILLIONS of people, doom did in fact come in 2008. A collapse is coming? It already came. If I told you in 2005 that GM would be bankrupt, AIG bankrupt, GE technically bankrupt, that the REAL unemployment rate would be well over the Jimmy Carter years (where it still is today, using consistent methodology from then), that Merrill Lynch, Bear Stearns, would also all be bankrupt, and in fact the whole financial edifice on a knife’s edge, you wouldn’t have believed me.

              People like you also probably called Martin Niemoller and Dietrich Bonhoeffer “doom porners,” and would have kept saying to yourself and others in 1934 “Germany is the most civilized country in the world. CERTAINLY it can’t get any worse….” But perhaps you are in accord with the National SOCIALISTS (Nazis) and thus your post? You tell me.

            • @:13 of the video, there are children there by the fence with adults. I don’t see any exercises with children involved however, open your mind a bit and you see that they ARE being acclimated to military presence, and do those children have full understanding of what they are seeing take place in front of them? Pretend round up, “food and water” being chanted by actors? (there is another version of this video showing this that the marines released), triage scenes….

              I wouldn’t take my children around that, no sir…. no way. I have military in our family and never did their children go around such things. Just saying…

              • “open your mind a bit and you see that they ARE being acclimated to military presence”

                Yes, and they’re being acclimated by all the military presence at sporting events, and all of those we support the troops bumper stickers too.

          • I didn’t see what it stated. ” children used alongside actors in a bloody confrontation” either. Hmmmm, I would love to see how much fear would buy on these websites for ammo, guns, survival books, and the like. The hype of fear is all for money. And I do believe the military is preparing for civil unrest when the cities are on fire after a collapse to stop the carnage. Those against rounding up looters, thieves, murderers, and arsonists must be the criminals themselves.

            • W and J you two are either the most naive people on earth or scum government disinfo agents.

              • “Children Of The Grave”

                Revolution in their minds – the children start to march
                Against the world in which they have to live
                and all the hate that’s in their hearts
                They’re tired of being pushed around
                and told just what to do
                They’ll fight the world until they’ve won
                and love comes flowing through

                Children of tomorrow live in the tears that fall today
                Will the sun rise up tomorrow bringing peace in any way?
                Must the world live in the shadow of atomic fear?
                Can they win the fight for peace or will they disappear?

                So you children of the world,
                listen to what I say
                If you want a better place to live in
                spread the words today
                Show the world that love is still alive
                you must be brave
                Or you children of today are
                Children of the Grave, Yeah!

              • Zero, these two are not naive. They are the scum’s who are being paid by our tax money and are located either in DC or Tel Aviv. Actually their masters have practiced their blood sucking games on many defenseless children in Gaza, Ukraine, Iraq, Syria and on and on. The next phase is their final target named the US of A.

            • Boogie,
              You are a freaking moron. Did you see any looters or whatever rounded up in Ferguson or Baltimore? No, you actually saw the govt. inciting rioting.

          • The video shows young jar heads in PT kit ‘playing’ enemy party and civilians players. The kids in the video aren’t involved. They’re like every other kid when the army comes to town. They are getting as close to those Marines as they’re allowed too. For the kids, you can’t get much more exciting than seeing Marines or soldiers up close like that.

            If there is a round up, they’ll lock down the schools and haul your kids off to Camp FEMA using every bus available. A couple kids at a time is unlikely. They’ll be haulin them off by the tens of thousands, while mom and dad bend over forwards to be as compliant to get junior or daddy’s like girl back.

          • very misleading headline, this is the same video shown in the previous jade helm article, and in that description it said the father you saw with the kid were just spectators watching the exercise, now all of a sudden its changed to marines rounding up children….come on guys, that doesn’t serve well to promote your credibility. Not that any of us don’t already know that in a major event there will be plenty of g men more than willing to round us and our children up if told to do so…or worse

        • Please take your kids out of public school. That is how they will steal them all. Too late to defend them at that point. Don’t think they’ll do that? then you’re crazy as hell.

          • Good point

          • All our kids are Four legged Fur Farming Fertilizer Factories and are home skooled. I think they will be ok 🙂

          • Oh I think they’ll do that.

            Seen that happen once.


            They’ll do that, no question.

        • If you’re going to buy a steak, get USDA Prime. Use only sea salt, fresh ground peppercorn from a grinder, and regular olive oil, not extra virgin. Cook it medium. Seasoning marinade and steak sauce is bullshit to cover up the taste of a shitty steak.

          • Back to dissing old people. takes an ignorant fool to do that. Most of the oldies on here would and could kick your ass Acid. Just keep looking over your shoulder.

          • Hey, that stupid sodomite named acid is back.

            • Yeah, we get it brave, not everybody here is as slow as you are.

          • Stupid sodomite named acid.

        • Went to Bodie Island Lighthouse during tropical storm Ana.

          The NPS closed it.


          Isnt that the point?

          • Living without electricity is harder than you think, but still possible. Living without acid… THAT is much easier to do.

        • This story is retarted. I lived in Yuma for 5 years. If this story is not redacted he is just as bad as the mainsteam media disinformation. WTI is to train the troops for overseas and has been going on since te 60’s due to the ranges that they can still use. Look into the original and other videos that are out there. As someone who does want truth this is unacceptable. It is the same as taking a video of children being taken out of a domestic violence situation and claiming they are rounding up the kiddos. There is cause for concern but get your head on straight. This is not a part of it.

      2. This is nothing more than gearing up for something very, VERY much larger make no mistake about it. It doesn’t look good for the common man no f’n way.

      3. Why isn’t someone being held responsible?

        Where are the congressional hearings?

        (rhetorical questions)

        • I can’t even feel bad for this country anymore because we get the government we deserve. For too long we as a whole have set back and watched this government trample our rights, our liberties, and our constitution. We as a whole have voted for the evil in charge. The gimmedats drain our resources and the congress just talks a big game. I for one am going to sit back and shield me and mine and watch it go to hell. Even if I were to fight to the death, who would stand by my side? All I see in public are PC pussies and all I read on the web are egotistical blow hards. This site has the same, the ones that say not one more inch or I’ll fill’em with lead, but have never fired a shot in combat or watched men die. The people who might possibly stand and fight can’t hump a pack, fight on low rations, coordinate an attack, and our so out of shape that they’re a walking heart attack waiting to happen. So I guess what I’m saying is we’re screwed until everyone can stand together instead of just sitting back and talking a lot of shit.

          • That’s alot of truth right there.

          • Speak for yourself man, I’ve been going after our liberal Mayor and legislative body for making an “assault weapons” ban. Attempting to pursue charges under 18 U.S.C. subsection 242, Deprevation of Rights Under Color of Law. And yeah I haven’t seen combat, I did see my best friend die in the E.R.
            Why is it the ones who have served (not everyone of them feels the same) seem to question everyone else’s courage in their heart’s? Thank you for your service, however we can’t all be painted with a broad brush like that.

      4. ICEX-SIDE. Welcome to Amerika.

      5. Sure there will be lots of dissidents (read free speech proponents) rounded up for having the audacity to speak up openly and freely. Freedom of assembly done peacefully poses a problem for TPTB, therefore instigators will be placed among them to incite the desired result. Those afraid to join the opposition to tyranny will sit back quietly thinking they are safe as the vice tightens against their freedoms. Like much of America, out of sight is out of mind. Many will cheer the arrests as the main stream media whips them into a frenzy of misinformation. USA USA USA they will cheer.

        • “Appeasement means hoping the crocodile will eat you last.”

          Winston Churchill

      6. I’ve always loved going to camp….

      7. I’ve always loved going to camp….

      8. I think Department of Child and Family Service should be called putting these kids in those conditions.

        I guess the younger you train them to go to FEMA camps the easier it will be to get them there.

        Something Big is coming! I have a BAD GUT FEELING!
        I we can do is be prepared!!!!


        • Sgt. I believe one awful day everyone’s kids will go to school but on that day they will all be bussed to a detention center before the parents are notified. They will tell the parents to come to such and such place to pick up their kids. When the parents arrive the kids won’t be there and the parents will also be in custody. Alot of people taken out of the way at once.

          • Teach your kids how to escape school! Go to the school after hours and look for ways. Teach them what to do at the first sign of trouble. Teach them to hide inside somewhere till its safe to leave. I really don’t think it would be that hard to do just use yer noodle lol.

            • Good advice but not being there at all is better.

              • agreed

          • so when they arrest all of us, who will be paying money into their tax coffers? This post of yours has me concerned, for your mental health. Please get a grip.

          • Also a great way to round up all the guns. They know who has guns and if you don’t turn them in then goodbye kids. Best part is no one will see it coming. The whole reason for Jade Helm makes no sense. Teach American troops how to operate and fit in unnoticed in their own country? And the stupid prols believe the shit.

        • Sarge, If I lived in Ill. I would have a bad feeling too. Did you retire yet? Get the hell out of there is my advice. Move to your own private idaho and roll around like a wild potato! Just kidding lol but I am serious about getting away from there.

        • Sgt Dale, what are you saying! CPS would probably approve of those children being exposed to all of that. They are just as evil.

        • Sgt Dale,
          I hate to say it but this whole jade helm stinks to high heaven here in TX. They are moving massive amounts of equipment in to my state. They claim only 1200 men will be here training but I call bullshit on those numbers. Unless ever man needs 5 or 6 vehicles each. Every get those feelings when the hair on the back of your neck stands up, well as each day passes the stand up higher for me.. And yes I hear thunder coming our way.



          I don’t post much but I’m always in the shadows!!

      9. Suffer the little children.

      10. OK, now…where’s the video with the kids?

        • It’s downloaded on some pedophile politicians laptop…

      11. They knew Sgt. Kujanpaa was recording the training. What is their motive for allowing it to be released?

        Fear, warning. why

        Especially to Franchi, Shepard’s old fear scam buddy.

      12. Anonymous, the Canadian general told one person who leaked it out that our children, young women and girls will be given to the chinese soldiers to rape, etc and do as they please and that it will be two shots to out heads if we refused to comply. Not even the Mexicans, whites, blacks and other races in out city is going to tolerate this type of crap in any American city much less Texas. If chinese soldiers, or other nationals enter our city and attack, it’s war. How do I know this, I have over heard conversations in public that from the moment the tanks come down Hwy6, and other areas and freeways that they, the Patriots are going to launch the attack immediately, and kill the soldiers.. folks I am just telling you what I have heard. There are people out there who are outright cowards and there are men in my area are extremely very, very dangerous of military age and experience, and even they dare come her to kill them and take their wife’s and kids to service soldiers, that must be in another country, it could be this country that they are taking about. What people don’t seem to realize us that these soldiers are busy training supposedly for the next couple of months, and they will needs girls when they come to our neighborhoods. If the average American think that I’d they give their guns to these punks knocking on your door, that they won’t rape your teenage daughter, your girlfriend or you wife, your highly mistaken. THEY WILL DO IT. So you have to prepare. I have read books about it. Stalins gestapo..did it in Ukraine, in Russian cities and women became victims in large numbers along with children. The Japanese did it in Nanking., the British did it in the revolutionary war. In fact it was the first thing that they did in New jersey immediately after the citizens handled them the guns, they shot they men and mass rapes all the women and girls in that state, it happened. I read the book on that one, it was extremely bad, bad bad, very bad, then the British was heading to Lexington Concord to do the same thing and they were ordered to surrender third weapons, then it was Pow..the first shot was fired, 75 militia killed over 200 hundred British, out numbers and pizzed, they, the Patriots, the Militia responded will all brutality, triggering the a revolutionary war, paving the way for to be able to write in this very blog. Lexington is going to happen again. So all you soldiers, you murderors, rapist, killers, Jihadist, Chinese, Russian, Latvian a Nato, UN. You have no earthy idea what your getting into when you pull this crap in this country in your so called Atlantz region, via Jade Helm..

        Dr James Garrow tokd John Moore in and interview that his contacts are telling him that this is what will happen in Texas if we are lot ready. The chinese and Mexican military coming accords a our border is not going to be a good thing at all..

        There is so much. 223/5.56, 9 mil, .50 cal, 30-06 etc in my city and subdivision that one red neck I know punctured his left foot with a M855, because ammo is all over his carpet in his house like sand on a beach..i think the troops are training for another country, because that won’t be happening in my area..i saw how the Iraqi in ramadi are abandoning post, running from ISIS, haha, haa, what a bunch of Cowards . They have all the equipment of the entire army, yet they turn tail and run..i don’t believe that Texas will be running. From the money they do the false flags shut down our freeways and highways, cutting off the cells, where men cannot reach there wife’s, girlfriend our daughters or kids, the tempers are going to boil over and the Lexington Concord event will comense. This is what I am predicting at this time..I an not running, I am not turning tail, I will fight and I will die right here in this city and that is a promise.30,000 guillotines, 100’s of concentration camps, hundreds of thousands of foreign military.. get ready for the gates of hell to open on our azzes. In the part people ran from their countries to come her fro freedom from dictators, we are not running from America. This is humanities final stand. We will go to through this experience weather we like it or not. Are we ready?

        • More ready than you or anyone knows 🙂

        • HCKS, Braveheart is ready and willing to what is necessary.

        • People think Texans are no longer here…wrong answer! I know there are peppers in every state but I’m here to tell you we’re still livin’ large in the Texas republic.
          Get up, hit the gym, that’s what I’m doing. I feel good, can run with a pack for two miles now and have my AR hitting a six inch pie plate at 300 yards 5 out of 5 rounds.
          Prepping is more than buying freeze dried food, there are dark days ahead, find Christ and if you think Christianity is a farce, that GOD does not exist- you will fail the test: “strive to enter by the narrow gait”. If you don’t understand what that means, then discover the answer!

          As Sgt. and Braveheart say- “aim small and miss small”. GOD bless us and keep your eyes open…

      13. I call a big BS on these video’s.

        No kids shown, mostly 18-25 yr old males with military haircuts and bright yellow belts.

        The train is loaded with equipment being returned from Afghanistan, a common sight. Seeing a truck, with a the MRV on it, has been a common sight, they are being transported to either coast for shipment since 2007. Especially since they were made near Houston.

        Nothing to see here move on.

        By the way, exactly what do you think happened in Waco, Tx this weekend? Was this a false flag completely set up by our gubberment?

        • Thanks. Important to be very, very critical in all things. Otherwise, we lose our credibility, and when the wolf does come, no one believes it.

          I have been saving predictions (usually financial) since the early 1990s. A couple titles by big name authors: Bankruptcy 1995 by the well regarded Henry (or Harry) Figgie. Or The Coming War with Japan, by the highly regarded creator of Stratfor, George Friedman. I watched Gerald Celente predict collapse in early 2014 for late spring 2014 (and kept the link).

          Now – importantly – generally these people are right (Friedman wasn’t even close, of course), just timing is off. It is, as Keynes said about the market – or I suppose any other prediction – the market can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent. Same with some of these predictions here – the market remained irrational in the 1920s for many, many years. But it did end, and with a bang. The bubble finally burst after many years, and 2008 also finally blew up.

          So, I continue to read Celente. I continue to prep. I continue to know that without a doubt the $222 TRILLION this country owes in unfunded liabilities, per Dr. Lawrence Kotlikoff, will never be paid back… and there are only three ways – and ONLY three – to deal with this: print money, raise taxes, or cut services (can anyone say “ObunglerCare?!!) You can combine the three, and theoretically you could grow your way out of the issue – but socialism destroys growth (can anyone say USSR, or even the EU), so that option is out.

          They may kick the can down the road for even more years… or not. I just don’t know. But I can tell you this: how many preppers who live in Greece rue their preps? Most of this preparedness stuff has many uses: hurricane, EMP/CME (and we just missed a big disastrous CME a couple years ago), financial collapse, etc.

          I did prep for Y2K, and don’t regret it a bit (and in fact, while the embedded chips didn’t go out, there WERE a lot of other problems – some spy satellites went on the blink, I believe the SAP implementation as Hersheys blew up; teachers in Toronto didn’t get paid for a while; trains – if I recall correctly – stopped working in Norway and Mali, etc. etc. There was also BILLIONS in remediation, which I participated in. Imagine if the flag hadn’t been raised and nothing done?!

          Freedom is only deserved by a watchful people. Security is only deserved by those who take self-reliance (along with reliance on the Lord – and no, that is NOT contradictory) seriously. I continue to watch events critically. Indeed, it is as Jesus says in Matthew 24 “”Now learn the parable from the fig tree: when its branch has already become tender and puts forth its leaves, you know that summer is near…”

          • So, let me get this straight, NOW you say it’s important to be very critical in ALL things, but when I called it what it really is, doom porn, you went into a hissy fit like a little girl running from a hornet’s nest, Maybe if I used the handle ” Christian man” you NOW calm down and accept this bullshit video for what it really is. I guess at this point the question I’m wondering about here is how many different personalities have you got, YOU tell ME.

      14. War for the minds of American children is already here, this is no drill:

        ht tp://

        ht tp://

      15. Correct me if I’m wrong but most SHTF scenarios center on large population centers. Most all preppers are outside those areas(or should be). I don’t care if you put all the liberals(democrats)in a FEMA camp. It is a good place for them. I’d rather be eating tortillas and Spam with Jose’ than sprouts and Kale with Michelle.

      16. “I wish it need not have happened in my time,” said Frodo.
        “So do I,” said Gandalf, “and so do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”

        ― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

        Guess, what? The pilots who flew in the Battle of Britain or at Midway didn’t know they were going to win, or even come out alive. The Brits used to yell out every morning to the patriots who died on their prison ships in the Revolutionary War, “rebels, throw out your dead” – yep, it was THAT common.

        I honestly don’t know what is going to happen. I DO know, however, that a commitment to speak the truth, to live courageously and freely, to conduct myself as peaceably as I am allowed, to do right and do mercifully, and walk humbly with my God IS within my reach, no matter what the times.

      17. I have to wonder how much of this is B.S…. Think about it for one minute, if TPTB really want to bring the hammer down they could ,but it would be obvious that they did it and who they are.
        Now if they scare enough people into a armed revolt they would and could manipulate there actions to make it look like they were saving us from ourselves.
        The title to this story is Shocking Jade Helm training Video. Thought Jade Helm was the Train Exercise, what is this a warm exercise??
        I think it is just a bunch of B.S. They are trying to get the people to do something stupid so they can call in their wolves.
        Make no mistake about something is coming, but it will be manipulated by TPTB, to make it look like we did something. So be vigilant don’t fall for their tricks.
        What was that old saying from Bunker Hill, “Don’t shoot until you see the whites of their eye’s” and from WWII
        Keep calm, carry on and be prepared….
        S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

        • That is why the battle is for the hearts and minds. It is one of education and information dissemination. As Sun Tzu said, a smart general doesn’t go to war until the battle is already won. That is what the vile, evil, despicable Saul Alinsky did, or Antonio Gramsci advocated. And it is why the hero Charleton Heston noted,

          “Modern media fills the cultural airwaves with a mist of anesthesia, so that principles and values are slowly desensitized to the coming onslaught. The new culture arrives on the heels of this propaganda. It simply moves in and takes over, like slipping a fine new glove over a numbed hand. The outcome of the war is just as devastating, but without bombs bursting , twisted bodies to bury, or rubble to rebuild. A new class, a different culture, simply takes over.” Or as the late (murdered?) Andrew Breitbart said “Politics is downstream from culture.”

      18. They aren’t children. They’re small enemy combatants!! (sarc) 🙂


        • minfidels lol

          • minsurgents 😛

      19. Kids are always tough for the ‘herders’. Kids tend to bring out the humanity in people – a bad thing when you are rounding up people to haul them away!

      20. I see some sites are already calling the supposed biker gang cop shootout in Waco a complete farce, yet another staged event. I figured as much.

      21. i find it saddening so many military folks are so blinded by normalcy bias.

        it’s gonna suck to have to kill so many of them on nwo zog martial law day.

        especially the ones with dependent kids.

        * if you or someone you know is/ are in the military or guard make sure your/ their insurance covers your/ their death by citizen militia sniper!

        hate to leave your kids penniless when i kill you from 800 meters out.


        • Hell you can kill them from 200 miles out if you leave the right things behind 😉

      22. Killing Joke music video, 5 minutes long, read the words as you listen…. Called ‘Fema Camp’

        ht tps://

        It’s a time of unrest and your rights are suspended There’s a list going round (and it’s likely you are on it) The names on the blue list are picked up later And the red list goes to the incinerator We’re never going to end up in the furnace of a FEMA camp Burning in the furnace, furnace of a FEMA camp FEMA camp There’s an Amtrak rail leading to the siding Where a turnstile waits for all those disembarking Blue zone, red zone – humanity fades So I’m going to join up with the renegades We’re never going to end up in the furnace of a FEMA camp Burning in the furnace, furnace of a FEMA camp FEMA camp We’re never going to end up in the furnace of a FEMA camp Burning in the furnace, furnace of a FEMA camp FEMA camp FEMA camp

        • Gee eppe, they have to heat the place somehow 🙂

          • “Tyrant”

            [Tipton – Halford]

            Behold ’tis I the commander
            Whose grip controls you all
            Resist me not, surrender
            I’ll no compassion call

            (Tyrant) Capture of humanity
            (Tyrant) Conqueror of all
            (Tyrant) Hideous destructor
            (Tyrant) Every man shall fall

            Your very lives are held within my fingers
            I snap them and you cower down in fear
            You spineless things who belly down to slither
            To the end of the world you follow to be near

            (Tyrant) Capture of humanity
            (Tyrant) Conqueror of all
            (Tyrant) Hideous destructor
            (Tyrant) Every man shall fall

            Mourn for us oppressed in fear
            Chained and shackled we are bound
            Freedom choked in dread we live
            Since Tyrant was enthroned

            I listen not to sympathy
            Whilst ruler of this land
            Withdraw your feeble aches and moans
            Or suffer smite from this my hand

            (Tyrant) Capture of humanity
            (Tyrant) Conqueror of all
            (Tyrant) Hideous destructor
            (Tyrant) Every man shall fall

            Mourn for us oppressed in fear
            Chained and shackled we are bound
            Freedom choked in dread we live
            Since Tyrant was enthroned

            My legions faithful unto death
            I’ll summon to my court
            And as you perish each of you
            Shall scream as you are sought

            (Tyrant) Capture of humanity
            (Tyrant) Conqueror of all
            (Tyrant) Hideous destructor
            (Tyrant) Every man shall fall

          • I would have thought it would be a ‘soylent green’ setup, but who knows???
            Maybe the furnaces are more like smokers…
            Oak wood to smoke ’em up to feed the prisoners???
            Served with a little Sirachi suace, might be palatable.

            Just messing with you great posters here…

            Thanks Mac, for what you have going here…

      23. I just thought of something.. yes the old gray matter does work on and then…..
        TPTB are having Jade Helm in the southwest, what would happen if TSHTF in the north east part of the country???
        1-nuclear plant melt down?
        2-Old faithful blows?
        3-EMP (most of all power comes from the west to the east)
        4-Financial melt down. No checks, big riots,
        7-Braveheart and SGT. Dale gets PI$$ED off.. LOL!;-}
        Then they could put the northeast under martial law and that would stop any elections in the country until things straighten up OR GET WORSE!;-{
        S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

        • #6 – a tomato, vinegar based fish sauce made in Vietnam?

          We know what you meant….

        • N.R
          Tsunami is how you spell Tsunami.
          That is ok I knew what you where trying to spell.
          Ain’t nice to PISS OFF father nature. Right Braveheart?

          • Crazy how the ‘english’ language is the hardest one to learn since it has the strangest rules???
            Sgt, it is not wise to piss off people who might actually do something???
            I do think that when the shtf really happens, many of us will step forward and take control to cover those who count. I know I am ready at this moment, but if you start early, you could get caught, then it would be for naught.

            Question is, when do we know to start???

            • Eppe:
              When do we start?????
              I got this feeling we will know, Kinda like our founding fathers did.
              S.T.S.F.P. N.Reb

            • My thoughts related to our job line up with four tenets.

              1. Educate others to the tyranny. Grow our base.

              2. Prepare wisely. An army runs on it’s stomach. Food is key, the rest can be found.

              3. Network with those who have eye’s to see, Strength in numbers, economy of scale.

              4. UNITE when the curtain of evil comes crashing down. Everyone will know the time.

              I see no other plan of action, and if all individuals do the things stated, we will overwhelm them, as there will be a rifle in every shadow, with a man or woman who knows how to use it. Some will even be pink.

          • Sarge, you’re 1,000,000% damned right about that one! Woe be unto anyone who pisses off father nature! Me, Sarge, NR, Slingshot, Eppe, etc.

            • Brave, gotta say, when tshtf, certain people will stand up to what ever happens.
              I know I am one for our ‘hood’.
              But we cannot know what will happen…
              Till it happens…

            • Braveheart:
              The last thing I want is to have someone or some thing try to hurt one of my family or friends.
              I’m a peaceful person, I’ll take a lot , but when it comes right down to were the rubber meets the road there is nothing going to hurt my family or friends if I can stop it first. I will use any method to protect them.
              I’m Damn proud of those people you mentioned and what they stand for and I believe that there are a lot more on this site that will do the same thing I would, when it comes to our loved ones and friends.
              I just have that feeling that those people, the people on this site, are the type that would not quit fighting for freedom and their family.
              We might not agree with each other all the time, but I bet is push comes to shove we would have each others back.
              So I guess what I’m saying is. I’m glad that you all have let me into your extended family here on this site. THANK ALL!!!!
              S.T.S.F.P. N.Reb

              • N.R. I have always considered you one of the survivors in the end.
                One day, when this all passes, whould it be nice to all get together and meet???

                • Eppe:
                  Thanks. I would love to meet all of you and buy you a soda. I don’t drink anything harder than that.
                  I don’t live very far away from Sgt. Dale.
                  S.T.S.F.P. N.Reb

                  • That would be cool to find a central place to meet and actually meet the posters here?
                    We seem to be everywhere on this planet.
                    I know that the 9+ people who are on the email list do connect, and we ‘talk’ to each other thru email.
                    If you want to connect with anyone here, please email me at [email protected].
                    I am just being a pivot spot to reach others.
                    Bless all here…

              • NR, you’re welcome. I wouldn’t have it any other way. anyone who tries to hurt me and mine had better be ready to sacrifice their lives.

          • Oh my God! sgt dale is now giving SPELLING lessons! If THAT doesn’t tell you the end is here, NOTHING will!

        • Eppy, SGT:
          Thanks fur my spellin leeson skool was hard fur me, I’m just not the britest lite on in the lamp, LOL
          S.T.S.F.P. N.Reb

          • N.R. You know is was just messing…

            Using slang redneck language gets fun…

          • Actually NR, you are the more brillaint bulb here…
            Being self-sufficent makes the world go round…

            • Thanks now my hat don’t fit!;-}

              • I see us all here as ones that want to come out on the other side intact.

                We are on top of the ball, we all need to prep with in idea that the ‘end is near’.

                But I ain’t preaching to the chior, am I???

                • No sometimes you have to go back to basics

                • Yeah, why is it that the older a gut gets, he feels the need to talk tough all the time? Seriously, I laughed my ass off at bravehearts comment about pissing off him, sarge, nr, etc. What is it that they’re all going to do, type everything in caps about how they’re gonna reek vengeance with their keyboards? Grow up, you’re making fools of yourselves.

      24. In memory of our God, our religion, and freedom, and our peace, our wives, and our children

        -W O L V E R I N E S-

      25. The video had two training segments. One was caring for the wonded and evac them out. It appeared to be civilians that they were caring for. Two doing crowd control and containment. No kids. However, last year in Colorado they really did y
        Use kids. That is they were picked up from school put on buses and sent to the Demver Broncos stadium where they were off loaded. Meanwhile crisis actors were acting like the kids parents etc. If you want to be concerned about something that’s something to worry about.

        Something else to be concerned about is that last week (Thursday night) the credit markets almost collapsed. Never reported on. Had that happend it would be game over for the economy.

        • Like I said, teach your kids to escape. You think these idiots could catch a kid running his ass off away from skool? They will have to much on their hands to worry about little johnny running away lol.

          Teacher: Get back here Johnny!
          Johnny: fuck you bitch I’m outta here!

      26. The social political interaction between the citizens and government over several generations, at the very least since November 22nd 1963, remind me of a scene in the classic comedy movie Animal House.

        Otter the Delta Fraternity President after destroying new member Flounder’s brothers car said, “Flounder, you can’t cry over past mistakes, face it, you fucked up, you trusted us”.

      27. The reality is that the smart, cunning, ruthless, shrewd and immoral obtain power as, “the meek do not inherit the earth”. These powerful people first battle others like themselves eventually seeing greater gain in cooperation with their peers as they then band together to obtain and control as much as they can. It’s not necessarly a zero sum game as technology has raised the standards of living of many as a consequence of their actions. The masses feeling secure gladly relinquish political control. The goal however of TPTB is increasing their wealth and power. The placated masses become the frog in the preverbal pot of water which is now becoming uncomfortably hot.

        As the saying goes, “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”.

      28. Videos like this give sites like this a bad name. This is paranoia porn propaganda. Please tell me which children were “used” in this video. I see military members in civilian clothing being detained by other military, with some kids and families watching in the back round.

        If people that make videos like this are just interested in the facts, why add in the scary music?

      29. Can you hear the thunder? there’s a storm coming……

        • “Who’ll Stop The Rain”

          Long as I remember,
          The rain been comin’ down.
          Clouds of myst’ry pourin’
          Confusion on the ground.
          Good men through the ages
          Tryin’ to find the sun.
          And I wonder,
          Still I wonder
          Who’ll stop the rain.

          I went down Virginia,
          Seekin’ shelter from the storm.
          Caught up in the fable,
          I watched the tower grow.
          Five-year plans and new deals
          Wrapped in golden chains.
          And I wonder,
          Still I wonder
          Who’ll stop the rain.

          Heard the singers playin’,
          How we cheered for more?
          The crowd had rushed together
          Tryin’ to keep warm.
          Still the rain kept pourin’,
          Fallin’ on my ears.
          And I wonder,
          Still I wonder
          Who’ll stop the rain.

          • “Stormbringer”

            Comin’ out of nowhere
            Drivin’ like rain
            Stormbringer dance
            On the thunder again
            Dark cloud gathering
            Breaking the day
            No point running
            ‘Cause it’s coming your way

            Ride the rainbow
            Crack the sky
            Stormbringer coming
            Time to die
            Got to keep running
            Stormbringer coming
            He’s got nothing you need
            He’s gonna make you bleed

            Rainbow shaker
            On a stallion twister
            Bareback rider
            On the eye of the sky
            Stormbringer coming down
            Meaning to stay
            Thunder and lightning
            Heading your way

            Ride the rainbow
            Crack the sky
            Stormbringer coming
            Time to die
            Got to keep running
            Stormbringer coming
            He’s got nothing you need
            He’s gonna make you bleed

            Coming out of nowhere
            Drivin’ like a-rain
            Stormbringer dance
            On the thunder again
            Dark cloud gathering
            Breaking the day
            No point running
            ‘Cause it’s coming your way

            • Genius, CCR was one of my favorite groups back in the day.

        • Jim:
          I heard the thunder way off in the distance back in the late 70’s. It slowed up in the 80’s and 90’s for a while. Then in 2000 and 2010 it started again. Now it is so close that it is almost deafening
          Stay prepared the storm is, coming in a big way!;-{
          S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

        • “JIM”
          Hello my friend!
          The Thunder I have heard for some time now. The Problem I’m having is I’m seeing people being blinded by the Lighting, and knocked down by the Wind.
          What is nice about storms is that they do come to an END!
          Please take shelter in your God and Your Preps!

        • Yes, but we still need to approach the issues with education and information dissemination, not violence.

      30. Being prepared is the best insurance policy you still gotta play the day to day game of course but it feels better to be ready for the failure of society. Hell I don’t have any confidence in humanity I’m no genius but the dopes out there really make me question peoples intellect.

      31. Well now you know where your young’uns will grow up if you don’t escort them down to the playground. Fema Camp=Gladiator School. There’s just ain’t gonna be enough rounds to do the job when the shooting starts. I sure do mean to get my share. Whether I do or not is up to the Father and what skill I have. Ifn I don’t see ya here I’ll see ya hear!

        • Just for shits and giggles….34 murders in Bmore in the past 30 days. Most if not all, black on black. Where’s the house negro mayor? Where’s Owl Shartin? Not a peep. Worthless bastards all.

          • Wait until the charged cops get off with only negligence and no criminal charges. Then the national black leaders will converge again for those (even bigger) riots! Only this time, Obama will have tied the hands of the cops against using any military weapons or vehicles (the ones he gave them). Can’t have the cops tipping off what they will be doing in the future when the real SHTF.

      32. So this morning I hear Glen Beck is predicting all out war and all sorts of other dire things.

        That means nothing is going to happen.

        So quit worrying about it.

      33. Always…always fact check…believe no one.

      34. This looks like it would of been a great place for a dozen snipers to pick off those uniform (who probably did NOT have live rounds) and then scoot.

      35. I hope all the military personnel training for Martial law here at home realize that they to have wives, kids and family that are not immune to the backlash of waging warfare on your own people.

      36. Breaking news. If this is true it could be trouble. I suspected this was the case but I wasn’t sure. All of the dead and wounded at Waco bike incident were shot by police. It was just a big brawl and the police fired ’em up. I hope this info is wrong.

      37. In the end the intended group for persecution needs to be demonized. For Hitler it was Jews. “Jews caused all of this”. “Get the Jews”. In the South, blacks look different, act different and therefore are different so we can justify treating them different. Tribal villages in Africa have an us v them. Armenians and Turks, different language, different religion, different culture so thy are different than us. The Vietnam War protestors had long hair. Amazingly that was important. They were them, this is us and us does not like them.

        Assuming some kind of financial collapse, hyper inflation or some variation effecting the bulk of the people. How does someone in some ivory tower successfully blame those with nothing for the demise of the nation when the very soldiers are drawn from their ranks?

        I see the above as an Achilles Heel. Creating a them is difficult when your enforcers come from them.


        Please give us your “professional-personal” insight on the story featured today on Drudge Report entitled “Thug Tells Whites: Bow Down To Blacks, You’re All Gonna Die.” Do you have any info to add to this? The story is carried on and dated May 20, 2015.


        Everyone should see the video which accompanies this story. This incident took place in New York City, in Union Square.

        In my opinion, this is behavior is profoundly threatening and appears to be founded in actual plans being made, as if the antagonists were letting the cat out of the bag about what will happen “before the end of this year.”

        Where is DOJ on this incident? Why haven’t these thugs been hauled in for questioning and why isn’t the mainstream media publicizing this to the extent that they covered Ferguson and Baltimore rioting and looting? Why aren’t public advisories being posted for law abiding citizens on what to do to protect themselves from obviously predatory, homicidal maniacs bent, apparently, on mass genocide and with a specific time frame in mind????

        • My dog has a higher IQ than that old bastard with a cane and dreadlocks. That younger guy is no one in the know.

          There are things to worry about. This isn’t one of them.

          The one good thing about blacks and violence is that blacks look like blacks. You see them in a group you go somewhere else. That white SOB in a suit and tie carrying a briefcase is the sleeper. One signature and a few key strokes and good by 401K. Who hurt you more, Tyrone Washington or Jon Corzine?

          • Stupid people do stupid things.

            Want to hear from Sgt. Dale…what’s the skinny on a brewing attack on whites across the board??

      39. Besides all the things Mother Nature can throw at you, we still have to prepare for Man Made incidents.
        Man is his own worst enemy and as long as there are two human beings in the world. Sooner or later they will fight over something.
        Then there is the Rule of One. All it takes is one Hurricane, Tornado, Flood, Bullet, Fire, Car accident, Fall or Word and life can change considerably.
        The past couple of days I have been checking gear. Lots of stuff in static mode. Reviewing check lists.
        Never ending task.

        Whatever the government is planning you can bet we are not included in their club. I believe there will be disruptions in banking, electrical, communication and food and water.
        One point we forgot what the Military can do with Jammer Aircraft. They can pulse small areas to make it look like a Nuclear Detonation/EMP.

      40. If you want to understand Jade Helm, it is important to understand its genesis and what it seeks to achieve. One of the primary goals is to map the human terrain and conduct operational preparation of the environment. If you don’t know what that means, you need to start studying because the implications are disturbing. This is all the more pertinent because the NDAA has already ceded USNORTHCOM control of the US and deemed it a combat zone. This was accomplished when Congress and then POTUS approved all of the authorities necessary for a combatant commander to execute his duties in the NDAA. In basic terms it means we are already effectively under martial law. Guiles Hendrik does a good job trying to explain this in terms most can understand.

        • Adam.

          Good article.

      41. They’ll kidnap people’s children while their at government-coerced school attendance or, on some field trip mandated therein. They’ll tell the children their parents have been killed. They’ll tell the parents their children have been killed. Then, segregated from each other, and demoralized by the lies of each others’ deaths, the powers-that-be will herd everyone into their FEMA or black-site camps for reindoctrination as total and permanent, prison-state slave labor for the elites.

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