SHOCK VIDEO: Mob Boss Shot Dead By Assassin

by | Jul 30, 2018 | Headline News | 32 comments

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    A Russian mafia boss was recently gunned down at a party he threw to celebrate his release from prison by a hooded assassin.  The macabre killing was caught on video and captures how Alexander Zhestokov was approached from behind by an assassin who opened fire from close range.

    *The following video is graphic and not suitable for everyone.  It will show Zhestokov being shot.

    Lika a ninja, the assassin can be seen sneaking in and leaving the scene. After unloading several rounds into the suspected mob boss,  Zhestokov falls onto the floor and appears to cover his face before falling still. A friend turns his body so he is face down. His associates appear shocked at first but within seconds of the contract killing, they flee the restaurant in the Kemerovo region of Siberia, a major coal mining area. No one tries to detain the assassin as he flees.

    Zhestokov, who is 39 years old, is a suspected Siberian mobster and rumored to be the leader of the feared Zapsibovskie gang, died instantly after being shot on July 27 of this year at somewhere near midnight, according to a report by the Daily Mail. Zhestokov had been hosting a party in Dzambul bar in the industrial city of Novokuznetsk, south-west Siberia.

    According to the Daily Mail, the police have opened a murder probe and cordoned off the scene.  Zhestokov was shot six times in the back. The murder weapon has not been found and the region’s top policeman Major-General Igor Ivanov has taken personal control of the investigation, reports local media.

    “The police are now locating the witnesses and studying the connections of the victim,” said a spokesman for the local Investigative Committee in charge of investigating serious crimes. “Investigators are considering various versions of the murder, including the criminal ties of the victim.”


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      1. If he was a scumbag, good.

        • Menzo, that’s what needs to happen to the globalists, scum muslims, ibturds, etc.

          • The Deplorable Renegade, we could certainly use some of this kind of action on some of our own criminals here in USA today. I am surprised we have not seen more of it often actually ! Not like we have a shortage of people who deserve it, Hey ? And they do not all have security guards. The question is how many people have they harmed and have they suffered enough, yet ?

            And your term “etc.” covers a lot of ground for potential recipients !

            How many Americans will openly say that there actually are people who deserve to die tomorrow ? Not many, but it is 100% true and factual !

            • What about James Cooey and Nidal Hasan do they deserve to die tomorrow ? Then we could start with some political and bureaucrat names who have harmed even more people !

        • Sadly, lots of Russian kids, male and female, see mob life as an exciting way to make lots of money fast. And, Russian mafia have been known to be brutal, though they are one of the tightest mafia organizations around. Live fast, die hard…

          Russia has had a black-market economy since the bolsheviks took over in 1917. The Cheka, then the KGB pretty much ran the Russian mafia. In a world where daily necessities can only be gotten through the black-market, it created lots of well controlled people, who would do anything to stay out of the gulags.

          During the Cold War, the Russian mafia was used heavily to penetrate Western nations, and generated lots of help for the KGB. Even though the KGB is now the FSB, or whatever, you can bet their M.O. has’nt changed much…

          • I think you described the story of the US Mafia too. Its roots were in poverty, corrupt government and law enforcement, sooner or later collusion with government intelligence agencies. It can be summed up under, “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. The meek do not inherit the earth. The meek get walked over by the ruling aggressive.

            • Agreed. Change the names, places, etc. There will always be those willing to do dirty deeds.

      2. and that one video should put paid to any who think their reactions will be ‘up to it’ when the SH’sTF. When things go down, they do so fast. When it takes ten seconds to say realize what’s happening, formulate a response, grab a weapon to defend…. it’s already been over for 5 seconds.

        • Heartless that is all true even without any SHTF or melt down. Just that most people do not think in such terms out of fear and conditioning.

      3. free at last free at last

      4. If only the Russians would Collude with TRUMP and outlaw GUNS, then this would NEVER happen.


      5. How did they get the camera in exactly the right place, at exactly the right time?

        • good question.

          I was looking for any sign of blood? Lots of smoke and no visible blood.

      6. There are doubts, unless that was a black-powder weapon.
        Also, with that many shots, there should be blood, some blood, any blood. Did not see any.
        Bullets did not pass thru anywhere? Hit anyone else?

        • He had a suppressor attached to the pistol. He has added grease to the suppressor to quiet the first couple of shots.
          I don’t really know why… it’s not like nobody would notice but who am I to question his methods. He carried it off like a pro but why not just 1 to the head?

        • I agree. I’ve never seen a pistol smoke so much. Maybe they were ice bullets?? And no exit wounds that I could see. Where was the body guard?

      7. He did not die instantly. He is moving around on the ground.

        Film making is so good now-a-days that it is hard to know what is real and what is just reel.

        Most organized crime in Russia is 3ewish. Israel is the center of Organized Crime. If he faked his death, he might be anywhere. He can become a respectable citizen with a borne identity. A little plastic surgery, a few laps in the pool; and he’s a new man, a made man.

        Then again he might be dead already.


        • Hes probably dead. Body’s tend to move around a little after.

      8. Hillary, is someone you really don`t want to mess with.

      9. What the hell did the assassin use a blackpowder handgun?

      10. The assassin used a pistol equipped with a suppressor filled with ablative media , aka a “wet can”.

      11. Grease Kevin. Grease is the old way of quieting the first round pop.

        • It looked like he was shot several times. How is the grease used to muffle the sound?

          • Kevin2,

            The sound is caused by the temperature difference between the hot gasses and the ambient air. Grease cools the gasses. It works but it is messy. The majority of modern suppressors used asymmetrical baffles to cause diffusion of the gasses to achieve much the same effect. Grease or even water is still superior.

            Jet engines are also louder on a cold day because of the same effect. The modern turbofan engine uses a large diameter fan to provide a “cushion” of moderate temperature airflow between the hot gasses from combustion and the ambient air.

            Same concept. Different application.

      12. pistol recoiled 6 times. that’ll do it for most

      13. I have shot animals and seen videos of other humans being shot. When unrestrained, shot living things tend to re-act physically because being shot hurts like hell and depending on the energy of the round(s) involved there are some kinetics (action/reaction) happening.

        Our subject was body shot several times and didn’t even twitch, much less holler and just sort of laid himself down gently.

        I am not convinced this was real.


        • I’ll have to second that. Not convinced.

        • Agreed

      14. Not a Unique assassination, but Unique in the powder. Dirty stuff

      15. What does this article have to do with SHTF?

      16. Suns say, Fake to much smoke.

      17. Sun says, Fake. Gun smoke too much.

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