Shock TODDLER Video Highlights America’s Cycle Of Violence and Thuggery (Caution: Profanity, Obscenities, Racial Slurs)

by | Jan 8, 2014 | Headline News | 412 comments



In a recent article author Michael Snyder discusses twelve signs of extreme social decay in America noting that our country is  “rapidly becoming a cesspool of liars, thieves, murderers, perverts and psychopaths.”

If you’ve ever wondered how we’ve gotten here then take a look at the following raw video.

It was posted by the Omaha Police Officers Association as a public service message to their community:

Folks…this video is bad.

Really, really bad and it will make you angry.

It contains extreme profanity and discussion about adult situations and gang violence…and worst of all…a toddler.

Viewer discretion is strongly advised.

We here at viewed the video and we knew that despite the fact that it is sickening, heartbreaking footage, we have an obligation to share it to continue to educate the law abiding public about the terrible cycle of violence and thuggery that some young innocent children find themselves helplessly trapped in.

Now while we didn’t see anything in this video that is blatantly “illegal”, we sure did see a lot that is flat out immoral and completely unhealthy for this little child from a healthy upbringing standpoint.

Listen to the discussions this child is immersed in.

-Sexual discussions

-Gang discussions



The shocking video shows a two year old toddler with several caregivers in the room. A chair had apparently fallen over, prompting the child to blurt out a profane comment. Normally, a parent might correct or discipline their young child for such behavior, but as you’ll see below this was not the case in this household.

The child raises his middle finger at one point and shouts comments like “You a bitch N*gga” and “You a ho.” The adults in the room shout obscenities and racial slurs back at him, urging him to engage in the discussion by saying things like “F*ck you, N*gga” and “say suck my d*ck” in the hopes of receiving a response.

(Watch at Youtube)

According to CNN, several people responding on social media sites claimed that the Omaha Police Officers Association’s posting of the video had racial overtones.

The ACLU and community leaders have also objected:

Willie Hamilton, president of the community activist group Black Men United, said the union “crossed a line by doing this.”

“For them to take a video out of context — a 2-year-old who doesn’t have the brain capacity to know what’s going on — and to say that this child, because two adults acted inappropriately, is going to end up in a life of crime is totally inappropriate,” Hamilton said.

Though Mr. Hamilton argues that the video was taken out of context, to us the context seems pretty clear.

This is where the culture of thuggery and violence starts. They’re not in this video making crafts or playing board games. They’re cussing, referring to women as “bitches” and “hoes,” and embedding the “thug” life and vernacular  into the child’s every day experiences.

Though no one can predict where this toddler will end up 15 years from now, if these are his role models and daily experiences we think one could make a fairly accurate educated guess.

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    1. Outlaw


      • Highspeedloafer

        That is child abuse as far as I am concerned.

        • the renegade braveheart

          Outlaw and highspeedloafer, yes, it is disgusting and child abuse, and it is real. Happens in ghettoes all over the US every day.

          • KY Mom

            This is a sad reflection of our society.

            • Unreconstructed Southron

              Don’t you mean ‘Great Society.’ That’s what the kollectivists promised us 50 years ago.

              • hp

                Ripened fruit from LBJ’s (not so) Great Society tree.

                Witnessed in every city metropolis across the looted plain.

                • DRD5508

                  City life. Then the ACLU have objected to this perfect example of child abuse? How bad is this? What’s really sick is how many have seen it and got a laugh out of it.

                • Facebook Page

                  And we want to save the children. And we argue about abortion. Look like the one being saved in a abortion is the child.

                • RandomTangent1957

                  Hey don’t worry….Hillary sez ” it takes a village to raise a child.” I’m sure she will fix anything that Obama has not gotten to….. And we wonder why race relations seem worse now than they have been since the 1960’s ! After countless Trillions of $$ since the Great Society….& things are worse. It just goes to prove….That if you fund anything… will get more of it !
                  Standing by in
                  Montgomery County Texas

                • RandomTangent1957

                  Hey don’t worry….Hillary sez ” it takes a village to raise a child.” I’m sure she will fix anything that Obama has not gotten to….. And we wonder why race relations seem worse now than they have been since the 1960’s ! After countless Trillions of $$ since the Great Society….& things are worse. It just goes to prove….That if you fund anything… will get more of it !
                  Standing by in
                  Montgomery County Texas

              • Swinging on a star

                Ignorance, lack of self control and human dignity is abundant in our society. How could that child have anything but a bleak and violent future.

                Mark 9:42

                “Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him if a great millstone were hung around his neck and he were thrown into the sea.

                Mark 10:14

                But when Jesus saw it, he was indignant and said to them, “Let the children come to me; do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of God.

                • Northern Reb

                  They will have to answer for the sins later but they still need to pay for this child abuse NOW!!!!!!
                  S.T.S.F.P. N.R.

                • Me here

                  It’s a sad commentary on a society when the children are nothing more than a by-product; cannon fodder for what the parents really want…free stuff – welfare, food stamps and anything else that having a child that you can’t (or won’t) support will provide. Very selfish.

            • Rodster

              When you implement ways to destroy the nuclear family and you remove God from people’s lives and you encourage young children to explore whether they want to be a boy or a girl and if they want to change you encourage them to accept and embrace the change.

              What else do you expect when you destabilize society?

              You wanted a secular society, lefties? Congratulations, You got it !

              • drillerman09

                Being a parent, teacher, and coach this really makes me sad. However, after being a High school teacher for over 17 years, it doesn’t surprise me. The High School that I teach at has an 18% black population that accounts for 80% of the discipline. A good portion of the black community have destroyed the nuclear family. The bottom line, you have shitbags having shitbags. The students that I have seen be successful, white or black, have all had one thing in common……Good Parents. Everything starts at home……as a teacher I can not tell you how much tax payer money I have seen our school district try and throw at this problem. You can’t fix this…..

                • Tarheelbilly

                  I couldn’t agree more. I taught for 12 years (resigned this July!) and have seen such children first hand. The profanity, gang activity, and total disregard for authority are, sadly taught from birth. I knew that it was time to leave the classroom when I stopped seeing the light of God in the eyes of some children. Honestly, I felt that way– some of these poor kids WILL become sociopaths. There is no other choice. 🙁

              • Gold Leader

                And this is not just happening in ghettoes everywhere…’s seeping into all walks of life including the most affluent of areas…. I see it everyday where I live. As Ron Paul said, “Racism is simply an ugly form of collectivism; the mindset that views humans strictly as members of groups, rather than as individuals.” The ‘Us’ vs. ‘Them’ idea is what ensures our failure.

                Gold Leader standing by.

              • Gold Leader

                Can’t blame just the ‘lefties’….we’re ALL responsible for the success or demise of our lives…. don’t fall for the collectivist scam.

                Gold Leader still standing by.

                • Boss Hog

                  Gold leader I enjoy and green thumb most of your comments but this one doesnt make sense.

                  we’re ALL responsible… then in the next breath
                  don’t fall for the collectivist…


                • Gold Leader

                  True enough Boss Hog… I see your point and validate it. I appreciate the comment! What I was really hinting at, is that regardless of ‘lefties’ or any of these waste-of-time puppet-loving categories, the individual must take full responsibility for his/her own successes, and stand up to the tiny few parasites who aim to control our lives by keeping us in mythological pacts. It’s about liberty, and liberty alone. Thanks again!

                  Gold Leader humbly standing by…

                • JohnFornaro

                  Gold Leader:

                  I am responsible for my actions only. I am an individual, not a mechanistic, soulless, evolved cog in the collective.

                  Please be very careful in reading and note that I am talking about myself only, and not putting any words in your mouth, nor am I drawing any conclusions nor am I making any judgements against you, or other people.

                  If Mark 9:42 is correct, and I believe that it is, then there is a certainty of a final judgement on the actions of those people.

                  In the meantime, we live in this vale of tears, made worse by the words and actions of deliberately evil people in civilian and governmental life.

                  Reading the next few comments, I see by your honest humility, that your first comment was probably not worded as carefully as you would have liked.

                  Namaste, y’all.

            • Iowa

              Our society? I don’t socialize with thugs.

              • Any Mouse

                Seeing that Chicago is bussing the riff Raff into Iowa you maybe interacting whether by choice or not.

            • mark

              KY Mom, this is not a reflection of OUR society, This is a reflection of the society in the ghettos due to the so called war on poverty where people get paid money they didnt earn, stolen (taxes) from those who earned it.

          • PO'd Patriot

            If President DAN had a son…….. Gotsta get him a hoodie firstist.

            • Ohio

              And some skittles and purple drank yo!

          • Northern Reb

            And people or is that sheeple wonder why our country is going to HELL IN A HAND BASKET!!!!
            Those adults and I’m using that term vey loosely disgust me and should be put in jail for child abuse.
            This is pain out wrong period!!!! The child should be taken away and there asses shold be thrown in jail. And they should be STERILIZED so they can not bring any more childer into this world.
            I dont care if they are from Down Town New York, Poduc Juction or the ghetto. this is wrong!!!!!

            • NoRegretVet

              With all of our disgust with this video….Arguing about the the “Left” or the “Right” being involved…..You do know the 4 main reasons why this goes on and on from generation to generation don’t you ?

              4) Ignorance breeds Ignorance

              3) Violence Breeds Violence

              2) Where do you think the adults/POS in the room got their ways and lifestyle/Attitudes from…their parents…and they got it from their parents….it is inbred/taught like it is something that is Ghetto cool ……And Last but not the least….

              1) It’s the White Mans Fault !!!

              Sometimes the Truth is hard to look at and accept…..

              • Dick

                I blame Bush!


              • Terrible

                When you show the bottom feeders of any race I’m sure the content wouldn’t be too much different. However, it appears that some people only want to focus on the bottom feeders of only one race as to make themselves feel good.

                OBJECTION! Leading the witnesses your honor…..

                OVER RULED! The black people are the only ones that we can show in this light, so that everyone knows where to point their fingers.

                • carnac

                  That is untrue. I have seen the ‘dregs’ of all societies in this country due to my job and none of them treat their children like this. Their are a few in all societies that simply ignore children, abandon children, and abuse children; that is true. I have never seen any other “societies” deliberately teach children filthy curse words and gang-speak.

              • jg5864

                I hope your trying to be funny or something if not you have to stop smoking that crap & get some help

          • iceman

            “Ghetto is as ghetto does” and that’s all I got to say about that!

            • Anon

              Thanks, Forrest.

          • durango kidd

            This result is predictable and WAS predicted when they took God, the Ten Commandments, and prayer out of the schools, out of government, and let Satan in.

            Take Christ out of Christmas and what have you now? Kwanzaa.

            You know the world is upside down when Russia and Red China seem reasonable in comparison to the New World Order and their wars of phony, crony, capitalism.

            Its up to US. If not US, who? If not this generation, when? Engage. 🙂

            • Irish

              Christmas has absoluteley nothing to do with Christ. Stop following the herd and actually study the bible.

          • Lumpy Rutherford

            I’ve often said: They’re cute when they’re little, but when they get too big, you have to donate them to a correctional facility…

          • MeandMine

            I wish it was only limited to the ghetto areas of our country. Unfortunately, I have seen middle class white people, living in perfect middle class neighborhoods maintained by a home owners association do the same exact thing and think its acceptable. Just as I’ve seen it happen in the deep hills where the phone lines won’t reach and cable tv is a dream.

            It is not limited to ANY race, it is not limited to ANY skin color and it isn’t limited to city dwellers or the redneck down the road (which btw, nothing against rednecks, happen to be a proud one myself).

            Just my .02. Take it for what its worth.

        • OmegaGrayKnight

          i totally agree with you. after watching that video it makes me ashamed of my own race even tho i know that it is not the race but where you grow up at. because there are people of every race doing that somewhere. the worst part of all is the fact that that child will most likely will never be given the correct teachings to become a helpful part of society. what we are dealing with now is 4th, 5th, and in some cases 6th generation government assents people that is trained to do that. those parents in the video are not sheelp, they are not scum, they are the shit on society that can’t be washed off. i hope that the police of that area know who they are and make there life a miserable hell.

          • the renegade braveheart

            OmegaGreyKnight, long time no hear from. Welcome back. That video was hard to get through. those scum pretending to be parents don’t deserve anything decent out of life. I hope the police give them hell also. How have you been?

            • OmegaGrayKnight

              i have been well. i just have been busy working providing a check for those scum. i had a good laugh when that cold weather it the country. a lot of people in the town that i live in rushed to the stores to buy all of the goods that they will need for those few days. sheeple they are always good for a laugh. except when it is a best friend that completely refuse to even keep just 2 weeks of food in his apartment in chicago. not calling him a idiot was hard.

              • DRD5508

                Omega, this isn’t about ethnic groups, it is in every ethnic group in this country. Body art(tattoos), their very speech, their dress styles, body piercing, gov’t hand outs and lack of work ethics we have these people becoming parents (they breed) without accountability. But, if we were to spank a child, we get CPS on us.

                • Anonymous

                  im just wondering how exactly body art and tatoos negatively effect society(other than gang stuff) you are obviously a christian who takes the bible more than likely way too literally arent you taught or told not to judge by your god i agree that many people may spend more than they should on the vanity but many are expressing themselves remembering and honoring fallen friends and family and or spreading a message if not also inviting conversation keep your ignorance at home

            • sixpack

              The article said “caregivers” and my guess is, the parents left this kid with his older brothers. His older brothers MAY be gang members, but in my experience, there are young blacks who are NOT in a gang, but talk like that anyway. We really screwed the pooch by allowing “ebonics” to be declared a “language”.

              Jungle-bunny-bumper-lips is NOT a language…

              • A

                Plenty of white kids talk like that too.

                • Boss Hogg

                  @A your absolutley right about that, did anyone else see the disgacefull video Will Farell made with the toddler pretending to be the landlord? I guess if your famous you get a pass.

                  Child abuse has no gender ethnicity or socioeconomic placing its Satanic pure and simple. What we are looking at is evil its not hard to recognize most of the time. Makes my blood boil and heart break.

              • tired of ny bs

                They quit with ebonics when they found that it was how uneducated folks talked in early England.

          • Unreconsructed Southron

            Don’t let the race bother you, OmegaGK. There’s plenty of blame to go around, like all the millions of white people who encourage or make excuses for this behavior. The ‘leaders’ on both sides will have a millstone around their necks one day.

          • Praytell

            You are so right. There are low lifes of all races who should not be parents and their children are being subjected to profanity and mistreatment like this. What makes it terribly hard on these kids is that they will go to school with these traits,sharing their learned language and disrespectful behavior, which will keep them in trouble to the point they learn nothing in school. And the cycle repeats itself.

          • Be informed

            @ OmegaGrayKnight. I have known black people that are the most respected people on the planet. I have known other races that are pure scum as well as the most respectable people that there is. Let’s face there is no color of the skin with true preppers/survivalists and people that are honest and value freedom.

            The real enemies of humanity are the ones that want to take away our freedoms, our self defense, our lives. They are races and religions of all people. Being a rotten piece of sh$% knows no one’s race. You can be white, black, brown, yellow, or green or purple, if you suck as a person then this comes from the inside and from the soul. And it sure seems like decay of the soul is a widespread disease affecting more and more of the masses everyday.

            • Gunner

              We’re edging toward third world status more
              all the time.

              Remember the pictures of 12 yr. olds we have
              seen cradling an AK-47 in there arms. Just
              how far away from that are we?

              • Facebook Page

                that would be a step up.

            • Heirloominati

              Yes. From years of bartending and observing people I used to say it doesn’t matter what color their skin, what they drink, what kind of car they drive or to which God (god) they pray, an asshole is an asshole through & through …
              However, the odds skyrocket if they are a fuzzy-navel-drinking, BMW-driving, agnostic Ohio St. fan!
              Just sayin’.

            • Proftel

              Be informed:

              I worked in the “Environment” in Brazil, I had contact with indigenous coastal state of São Paulo and the coast of Paraná.
              The Atlantic forest where trees have canopy to 30 feet tall.
              Willingly tell you, they know everything if the anchor drag shit into the fan, do not go hungry or crisis.

          • SmokinOkie

            OmegaGrayKnight- Sadly, what you say is true. This kind of behavior, and the idea of labeling those who get out of the hood, as sellouts or uncle toms is the rule rather than the exception. This outrageous behavior displayed by the video is much more common than people think (unless they live in that culture).
            A year ago, I’d have said this can’t be the majority. There’s GOT to be a sizeable element in the black community who will eventually get out and pursue the American dream. Having had a few young black guys as students lately (and the things they tell me of their own families and neighborhoods) has changed my mind.
            Just driving a truck, holding a job, being out of jail and not dealing drugs has caused them to be ostracized by their friends. And they don’t all come from big city ghettos. The ‘gangsta’ mentality has swept the entire race, as well as huge chunks of other races. Anything seen as belonging to the majority culture of America(stuff like integrity, honesty, hard work) is seen a sellout. Sad, but true.

          • Tarheelbilly

            I’m not ashamed of my race– I feel sorry for the kid, but I don’t feel a bit of shame. My pride comes from my parents, grandparents, and family, not some crazy ghetto people on youtube. My pride for my American heritage allows me to embrace the good and the bad, but I was raised to hold my head up high. Black people used to be taught to have pride in themselves, in spite of difficult circumstances, and it is that tradition that I subscribe to. While they are teaching their 2 year old swear words and gang signs, I am teaching my 3 year old that hard work, faith, family, and self discipline are the path to freedom and success in this world. I have nothing in common with those people, and thus, I feel no more shame in them than I do for pitiful people in a foreign country.

            • Dave

              Im seriously glad to hear you say that. Thanks to you; your son will grow up with the right attitude and direction. I’ve always said; and have tried to live( Although I admit it isn’t easy sometimes ) that Good comes in all sizes; shapes; and color; and pure Bad comes in all sizes; shapes; and color.

              • Tarheelbilly

                Dave, we all fall short in may ways, it’s what makes us human. I think that we all see color, but most of us strive to connect with people who are like us, regardless of color. My faith drives my belief that we are all the same (inside) because I believe that is what the Gospel instructs us to do. I am no preacher, but that’s how I was brought up and it’s how I am raising my children. I may fall short but the but I do strive to live by good principles, which always for me trumps race. 🙂

            • Nopittypartyhere

              What saddens me is that you don’t see “leaders” (celebrities) of the community like al sharpton or rev Jesse leading their communities to do what you are doing. Instead they incite anger, distrust and division at every turn. Bill Cosby has been slandered for his views on the importance of family and discipline, as well as others.

              It also bothers me that people of any race,( but black American conservatives were the ones in the news in 2012 —being called OREOS by others in their race) demonize others of their race just because they don’t endorse a presidential candidate or any one else because they are of the same race. Not only were they demonized, but on twitter, etc, there were death threats to these people and their families because they didn’t endorse Obama. I don’t understand people who do not want to think and search out the truth for themselves. Guess I’m gettin old.

        • BJ

          While prevalent, but not only/just the ghettos.

        • Anonymous

          let see what Jessie Jackson has to say about this.

      • Mr. West

        What is sad is that you can tell that the toddler knows instinctively that he should not be acting that way, or saying those things. He avoids looking at the camera or his baby daddy/momma every time they tell him to say something offensive. It’s a shame that a toddler has more instinctive social skills than his presumed parents. This will not end well for any of them.

        • JayJay

          And just use your wildest imagination what he will say to his kindergarten teacher…right??

        • ready down under

          Guess who’ll be doing home invasions, mugging old ladies or kicking your door in in about 15 years?

          Saw a bumper sticker ……. “If I had a city it would be like Detroit”.

          Another one said, “Make Chelsea Clinton Ambassador to Lybia ….. what difference does it make?”

          We have plenty like that kid here too, along with their older siblings. Only thing that will fix it, is Ctrl+Alt+Delete followed by reset, here as well as there.


      • Iowa

        I decided not watch.

        I’ve seen enough.

        • PO'd Patriot

          Me neither. Chances are he’ll probably be bustin’ caps in his own race before he’s fifteen.

          • Ohio

            We can only hope…

      • Reality

        It’s all a pack of lies perpetrated by the man to keep the brother down.

        Say that fast three times.

        • sixpack

          The brothers like that, keep themselves down…that need only be said once.

        • Ohio

          Possibly. if “the man” has a hook nose and “gold” or “silver” or “stein” or “berg” in his name..

          • Lumpy Rutherford

            More so, if the man’s eyes are too close together, has one or two GOOD front teeth, and is from Ohio…

      • JayJay

        “For them to take a video out of context — a 2-year-old who doesn’t have the brain capacity to know what’s going on — and to say that this child, because two adults acted inappropriately, is going to end up in a life of crime is totally inappropriate,” Hamilton said.

        Whoa–it’s NOT about the child. It’s about the adults, precisely–dude!!!

        • Any Mouse

          It is extremely appropriate. We are nothing more than the sum of our experiences and unless this youngster happens to have a significant paradigm shift the condition of the adult will be passed to the child.

        • Hey You

          Are those adults? Or are they mentally deficient teens who reproduced before maturing?

          As has been proven, mental adulthood in a “work-in-process” through a person’s mid twenties.

      • Man on the inside

        Absolutely heartbreaking. This young one is simply following what is being modeled and taught. In the Black community 80+% of homes are fatherless. This is where the terrorist will get their recruits for hits on this country. FORM TEAMS and mentor young kids and adults… if not…….

      • What?

        Willie Hamilton of Black Men United is wrong. The Omaha Police Officers Association probably did the right thing, even if it wasn’t a “legal” thing to do. As we all know, those two are not always the same thing. What would happen if people who commit this form of “teaching” or “abuse” upon a child such as this had their names and addresses published at the end of the video? Would the public do something about that? Would they completely shun the caregivers, or would something worse happen? This isn’t a case of just using foul language in the presence of a minor, most have slipped up and done that a few times in life, this is actively “teaching” a toddler who doesn’t know any better and now never will. With geniuses like Willie Hamilton running around blaming the OPOA instead of directing his energies at the “caregivers”, this is an unfortunate situation that isn’t going away anytime soon

        • renegade/braveheart

          What?, spot on. Whoever made the video posted it on his Facebook page. That’s were the video was discovered. what did the fool expect when he posted it on Facebook? WELL, DUH! That Black Men United is nothing but another scam group, claiming to care about black people, just another scam group like the NAACP.

      • Proftel

        Realities are different, but it all starts when the government prevents us parents putting children to work.
        I started working at 12 years old on the farm at age 16 had a formal contract, it is not possible today.
        I often say I have big ears so my mother pulling, now try to pull the ear of your child, you will go to jail!

        • Proftel

          I was very happy when “businessinsider” not cited Brazil as a good place to retire Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!
          The page cites several other places with earthquakes, hurricanes etc.. (apart from where you can almost perks “for free”).
          Historically interesting is reviewing the policy and U.S. geopolitics, where the pachyderm stuck his paw, screwed.
          Not a pretty thing to remember, there were many innocent deaths.
          As my father would say, forget who knocks, who catches the guy never forgets.
          Unfortunately this is what walks taking place, or the U.S. population has a way in which there is or there will be isolated from the rest of the world.
          For my part, I have two cans of cola wall to preach in the bathroom U.S. $ notes (and a “punch” to make “confetti” at the carnival).
          I give thanks to God if you do not kill (in Civil War).
          Americans are good, shit is the government you have, infelizmnte.

      • Mountain Trekker

        Well never fear, things are going to get better. The latest news. Gov’t: Say’s end overly zealous discipline in schools. Seems all this harsh discipline the schools have been dishing out has been Racist. Their comment, not mine. My Son is a Fireman in a town of about 10 to 15 thousand people, and when they have fire drills he said its about like going into a prison the way the students act. But I guess the Obama administration thinks it’s to harsh when a 17year old black with a 9MM tucked in the crack of his ass, gets more punishment than when a white 6 year old makes a gun with his fingers. Sure would hate to be a Teacher in a big city.Trekker Out.

    2. incognito

      Guess I should put some ammo away for my kids. :\

      • buttcrackofdoom

        you sure you don’t want to put some ammo away for THOSE kids(or, kids LIKE them anyway)…just sayin’.

        • buttcrackofdoom

          gotta change the subject for a minute. i got a friend works for an urgent care place as a med tech…he told me just today that a LOT of people are asked for a 250 DOLLAR CO-PAY! YIKES!…we TOLD YUH SO, america!…of course the free peeps still get their sh*t for free!

    3. Caliber

      that’s the point. create a zombified, dumb, mixed breed race of people.
      why do you think illegal Mexicans are flooding in? once the free thinking people are the minority(already here, I think), then were doomed.

      just give the dumb thugs a free cell phone, and they will bow to you. this creates one nation under government control.

      government forces people into fema camps, shoots at people, what happens? the people fight back.
      government comes with free gifts, gains your trust, what happens? the people bow down.
      pretty genius, actually.

      • Ohio

        Government wants to know “who are your friends? what do you do all day? what do you buy?” the people say “fuck off”. government creats facebook, twitter et al, the people share freely…

        • caliber

          which is why im probably the only mid 20’s guy around without a facebook.

          • Indy Colts


            Just entered my 30’s and I also refuse to take part in the facebook zombieness. I just believe a married man shouldn’t take part in that type of site…. Not hating on anyone that does.

        • buttcrackofdoom

          weapons of mass DISTRACTION! NOW i get why they cut off marie antoinette’s head! bread and circuses…..let ’em eat CAKE, she said…sounds like today’s administration to ME!

    4. maudy fricket

      In 14 years he’ll be playing the “knockout game” on you and your kids. And all this happens while we are still barely in the majority. What do you think will happen, real soon, when we are in the minority? Demographics. It means everything.

      • the renegade braveheart

        Maudy, one of those thugs has to get close enough to you to even touch you before anything can happen. That’s when people need to carry SOMETHING, ANYTHING for protection and don’t worry about what anyone’s law says about that. If you’re not carrying something, you’re almost guaranteeing that you’ll be attacked at some point. MOLON LABE the renegade braveheart

        • .02

          “That’s when people need to carry SOMETHING, ANYTHING for protection and don’t worry about what anyone’s law says about that.”

          Sap Gloves work really well. Buy a pair and learn some basic boxing. Guns are nice, but in the knock out game situation too slow. Sap gloves are great as it don’t take much to do some real damage. I like the kind that are fingerless. Google them.. believe me from experience they work.

          • Smokey

            Seattle cops used to wear black leather sap gloves, way back when. One hit and it was lights out.

            Now saps are illegal in Washington, probably a lot of other states, too.

            • .02

              Big deal, back to judged by 12 or carried by 6. Your choice. I had them shipped to my front door, so they must not be all that illegal and I wear them anytime I am in the city walking right past the police and have never been arrested. The fingerless ones look real close like any other glove.

          • Hey You

            Try carrying a cannister of Hornet Spray. It shoots about 20 feet and is good at stopping angry hornets, etc.

          • Warchild Dammit!

            02,think also karambit,nasty little unit that would inflict a heap of damage on someone of ill intent.

            • .02

              I dont really want to kill them.. just knock some sense into them. Karambits are for cutting throats.

            • .02

              But in a mad max world, sap gloves with 2 karambits would be nasty.

        • maudy fricket

          I was the only white guy (er, gal) where I worked that the black guys were afraid of. They would mess with anybody but me. They don’t really respect strength, but they fear it.

        • Any Mouse

          Its all about escalation RBH. In the timeline Maudy is speaking about it could become sniping from rooftops with a potato gun or equivalent. They won’t have to get close.

      • Genius

        The good thing is that these people are extremely stupid. It’s not to hard to outwit urban trash and they probably won’t be around long after a SHTF event. I’d like to throw a couple of rattlesnakes in there and watch the fireworks lol. That kid doesn’t have a chance unless its a profound miracle. Live like scum, die like scum. Good riddance.

        • buttcrackofdoom

          there comes a time when we have to deal with a “KID” as an adult and stop blaming the parents and feeling sorry for the kid…we still feel sorry for the kid now, but probly no stopping the inevitible moment that we have to deal with the ADULT that results from this upbringing…it’s a shame our society doesn’t have MUCH of a way to dig them out of the hole they’re in. MY kids have a poor kid for a friend, and i DO try to have him over often and try to steer him in a better direction. let’s hope people don’t forget to try to be a role-model for our kids, even if they aren’t our OWN.

          • Facebook Page

            I know some poor kids too. But they are still good kids. That are poor. The above are not good kids even if they become unpoor.

            • buttcrackofdoom

              who red-thumbed this???

              • Facebook Page

                Hater of the PAGE

                • Nopittypartyhere

                  We all have our ‘fans’ lol. Feeling better fbp?

    5. NinaO's Mom

      Very sad … poor kid never had a chance …

      (i never understood why you need to attend school , be trained by a adult , take a test , to get a license to drive a car , but not properly raise a human being???)

      I’ve recently witnessed unfortunately it’s not just exclusive to this demographic or race of society that is now displaying such poor crude behavior in ZOG AmeriKa .

      Such behavior is exploding being openly displayed even by our ‘well to do’ W.A.S.P. (white) daughters and sons at the elementary , junior high school and high schools levels on social media and at school .

      One only has to look at the homes from which they come to know where they learned it .

      This is a mulch-generational society wide issue , not just a one time , one demographic , one social class issue .

      Everyone is being programmed by our television programs , advertisements and news services to become this way .

      All Media which is Owned Directed Broadcasted primarily by jeeews .

      WHO IS THE REAL ENEMY HERE ??? it’s not this poor lil’ kid .

      It’s the jeeews dummies .

      N.O. ;0p

      • the renegade braveheart

        NinaO, good day to you. Everything you say is true, especially about young white people imitating the black community. I see such behavior among them on occasion and it burns me to no end. When the balloon goes up, people like them won’t last the first week in any post-SHTF scenario. The people that brainwash them with all of that crap are no better. Just give it time, Nina. Their day is coming when MEGA-SHTF finally hits. They won’t be able to handle it. MOLON LABE the renegade braveheart

        • NinaO's Mom



        • Any Mouse

          They will absolutely last a week in a post SHF scenario preying on those they perceive as weaker. After that they will turn on each other like a pack of rabid dogs.

          Realistically I give them about 30 days depending on where they fall in the food chain.

        • JayJay

          You should have seen the look on a dad’s face when I told him where the hangin’, dropped britches down to the thighs came from and what his teen was emulating!!
          I bet when he got home, his teen and he had a loooong talk.

      • NinaO's Mom

        Everyone has an enemy. It’s why God Mother Gaia gave us baseball bats.

        Well, She gave us trees, but we knew what She meant.


        • Facebook Page

          Support. Caterpillar.

          Us made industrial tree chippers in every city.

          When we can accept this as a true suction we will solve our problems. Its time for the strong and the productive to do be the strong and productive and clear the forest of all the waste.

          • .02

            Chippers plug up.. not dry enough material. You can freeze them and it makes it a little better, but there has to be a better way.

      • the renegade braveheart

        .02. spot on. That’s one of the biggest lies about black people never get a chance. Affirmative action; quotas and setasides make damn sure they get a chance. They get more chances than white people had before the civil rights era. We can’t even have an all-white organization or anything else of our own without the NAACP, ACLU, ADL, and every other communist group out there crying there usual propaganda and wanting to take some poor, oppressed white people to the cleaners over it. If/when they push us any further, the backlash will be so great they won’t stand a chance against us. Like you, I don’t want any war between black and white, but it’s the communist groups that will bring it. MOLON LABE the renegade braveheart

        • Them Guys

          Braveheart: Reason so many white youth act more like a ghetto ape than a white person is due to Guilt. Like seen in Many comments Here. If that was a vidoe of a White kid and all whiteys in video, how many Here that are quick to say “Well it aint just blacks cause whiteys act that way too”etc,,,,,How many if actors were whites would post a reply here saying “Well its Not just whites, blacks act that way too ya know”?

          NONE! would make That comparison.

          but due to lifelong Massive white Guilt pounded into their heads by every form of ads, tv, sitcoms, movies etc etc….It has caused most whiteys especially Youth whiteys to believe,if only they act like ghetto ape blacks, then any day now, them whiteys will get patted on the back with a compliment that says “Ok You has proven yourself as a “Good” whitey!”….Yet that aproval never occures,thinking they are evil whiteys and the Main blame for all other “Minorities” troubles and Lack of whatever that particular group lacks in…Its always Whites blamed.

          They calls it Multicultic Diversity…Yet its never worked anywheres in history. Anybody who claims theres zero differences besides “skin color”…Is in denial of reality. Yes we should judge folks as Individuals of course…But when any group or race has 90% of its sum total that act like that….you wont survive diversity and multicultural lib crap agendas if you Ignore that part of the equasion.

          America already Had Plenty of Diversity with so many european whites medling from so many euro nations into one nation here…And look how swell all them whiteys of so many Diverse nations were abe to be as one.

          Could that be due to all european nations folks that came here to america all were the same race perhaps.

          All them Real racists aka NON whiteys, agree that africa should be for Blacks, South america/mexico for Hispanics, China for chinese, Japan for Japs, Korea for Koreans…

          Israel for ONLY Jews BY their national Laws! Only jews gain citizenship in israel…

          But for the White race folks?…Oh they have america and europe and those nations are for EVERYBODY, But whiteys!

          Somethings drastically wrong with that advice. Ironic so many whiteys accept and even Promote it. They promote their Own destructions and that of their kids.

          Just More proof I am correct that most whiteys suffer from whitey Guilt, that has been force fed to them daily by all forms msm but mainly TV aka Talmudvision.

          We have Two major issues going on that are destroying whites in america and europe and 99% of folks Fear to mention or debate these two issues…

          Those being why is ot okay for the very group that so promotes anti 2nd amendt antigun crap, and also are the same major ones that promote Diversity Multicultural agendas for Our mainly white founded and Inhabited countries. That are so determined to keep their state of israel citizenery armed and racialy jewish only.

          And anybody that mentiones these facts or questions the Motives of those lib or neocon kommie Tribe members, or attempts to discuss how destructive their multicultic multiRacial and antigun disarmament plans or agendas affect whites in america or europe are slanderd as a racist nazi jew hater…

          yet none of that bunch ever calls israel/usa jewish promotors of such policies racists or seperatists or haters. Thats ironic since a quick look see at Their “holy” books aka talmud, shows a vast array of anti gentile teachings galore…Way too numerous to begin to list here….

          So lets Sum up shall we…Lets see we have been totally Occupied by less than 2% of usa population, by a group that considers Their race and religion above all others, which they call Goyim(herd animals).

          That group not only fully controls american msm. govnt, banks etc etc but have been who are makeing antiwhitey Policy for over 50 yrs now, along with 50 yrs of Rabid foam at mouth antigun agenda policy to Disarm every white in america….While at same time has swindled usa Taxpayers taxes to BUY fully auto machine guns and every type top line pistols etc available to fully Arm Their tribal cousins in state of Israel… And have Refused to allow israli citizenship to any Non-jewish persons, especially the palestinians who were there Prior to zionistic jews taking over their nation state…

          And whos main loyalty is To israel and international jewery only….Because ALL others are “Goyims” gentiles and Unworthy….

          Yet it is always Us usa whites called racists and nazi hate mongers, and the main people that tribe is so rabidly trying to disarm…Sounds more like They are the worlds greatest racists, worst nazis, and promoting pure evil agendas that are by design used to destroy whitey-goyims….But we are all supposed to Not notice nor speak of these atrocities right?

          And some folks wonder why today we see all ages of the whites that founded this nation, acting more and more like some picture out of older national geographic photo shoots taken in the deep inner Jungles of darkest africa?

          wearing so many tatoos to entirely cover their face and exposed body parts so its difficult to tell if indeed thats a whitey, while adorning their eye brows, lips, noses, ears etc with as many steel trinkets and nails or screws and washers, they can hang from said parts.

          If re-makeing ones elf over, to appear more like a photo from national geographic pictures of jungle dwellers of uncivilized backwards nations is not attempting to convince minorities they are as “One” with them, to rid themselves of whitey guilt, I do not see any other logical reason for it.

          The facts that 50 yrs of TV and msms and hollywood has produced non stop anti white crap, and promoted “Blame whiteys” to the negroe race, and today we see the results as described above in how todays whites, especially youths so defile their white faces and body parts.

          It cannot just be some “coincidence”…Its no coincidence that the past 20 yrs we have seen a virtual explosion on weekly tv shows on Tatoo parlors eh…Makeing white youths feel as if they do not ‘fit in” unless they trash their face and body to “Hide” their “whiteness”.

          They sure will look goofy when they begin to adopt that african jungle practice some tribes there had, where they keep adding Neck circles an inch thick, untill their necks get streched to a foot longer or taller eh!

          Looky me! Can I yet pass for a non whitey? Will I then be absolved of my massive white guilt and be acceptable by the uncivilized minority groups.

          oh well they still has one more facial defileing choice left after al that…Add Bottom Lip strecher Plates so lower lip protrudes outward from face by an extra foot in length!…Just like national geographic africa photos..

      • carnac

        Exactly right…..02

    6. the renegade braveheart

      That video was hard to get through, but it is a 100% accurate description of the black community in the US today. Kudos to that police union for presenting the video and I’m sure they had a difficult time doing so. I say Willie Hamilton, the ACLU, and other so-called ‘community leaders’ who objected to the presentation of the video can go get a life. Hamilton claimed that some white people crossed a line by presenting the truth about something that happens in black communities all over the US every day. Way too many black people raise their kids, both boys and girls, to be animals instead of good, civilized human beings. To this day, black people teach their kids to hate people. They get all of this antiwhite propaganda not only from their parents, but from the black church, in the schools, even from Black Entertainment Television, NAACP, and other black criminal organizations. Hamilton claims the video was taken out of context? NEGRO, PLEASE! The context is very clear to the white community and to the GOOD PEOPLE [UNCLE TOMS] of the black community. NOT ALL BLACK PEOPLE GET RAISED LIKE WHAT YOU SAW IN THE VIDEO. My company has more good black people [UNCLE TOMS} than bad ones in it. The Uncle Toms are the only black people I ever found that I can trust. They choose to live right. They’re in a difficult position and I have always sympathized with their plight. I’ll take the Uncle Toms over the losers any day. The losers are just ‘useless eaters’. To some degree, they remind me of the Haitians back in Miami. Let the red thumbs begin. Let the black criminal groups target me. I don’t care. I’m ready for them. I stand by my statements. I don’t back down from any thugs of any color. MOLON LABE the renegade braveheart

      • Genius

        +1000 braveheart, welcome to the jungle 🙂

        • the renegade braveheart

          Genius, thanks, but I’ve already been in a jungle for way too long.

          • Gunner

            The best example of criminal behavior
            for the blacks to follow is their (our)
            sitting president, Crock Obama.

      • Observer

        I am not happy about this video neither am I about your name calling of Uncle Toms as the good black people. You showed some class then wondered like a vagabond into your views of who is what to you. Simple there are good people and bad people. If all blame nature, nope you can’t and won’t do.

        To the kid in the video do not fret hold your head for their many examples to follow better than some prescribe.

        Just because a black has a common sense to live and let live, they get called Uncle Tom. I cannot pray for you because you use Molon Labe without knowing the meaning and after-all forces of nature trumps a whole lot.

        • the renegade braveheart

          Observer, there is nothing wrong with black people being held up to a higher standard just like white people or any other group are. White people never invented the term. That’s a term you people use on each other. uncle Toms are the good people of the black community who are against what their community has degenerated into. You damned well what your community and your culture has turned into and the influence has spread to some other groups as well. That video really burned me to see that child get brainwashed like that, but that happens in your community and other black communities all over this nation every day and you f#$%in well know it. So go look at yourself in the mirror before you get on a high horse with me or any other white people. Not a damned single one of you have a leg to stand on. Plus, no white people owe any minority people anything, period. MOLON LABE the renegade braveheart

      • Any Mouse

        Uncle Toms, really? I thought you were better than that.

        • Anonymous

          i think she just called you a ‘WHIGGER’ @facebook ! LOL ;0)

        • Nopittypartyhere

          Ditto. 1000 thumbs up.

      • Facebook Page

        BH. The Haitians were a sub culture of the useless of the useless. I was there and also saw it. And I don’t have have your personal reason to hate them. I just hate them because of who the were and represented.

        • the renegade braveheart

          FBP, if you saw one of their little ‘voodoo shows’……now that’s something no one could ever forget!

        • A

          Haiti was a real shit pile in 1976.

          • renegade/braveheart

            A, that country is still a dump to this day.

    7. Miguel D'Anconia

      Not at all shocking. TNB. The bulk of black America is a disease.
      Someday he’ll either be made good like saint skittles or get a scholarship to NU.

      • Observer

        Soon you will blame them for every other issue in the world. This madness going around amongst peoples minds and actions is insane.

        • slingshot

          They Blame whitey for all their problems.

          • Observer

            So you mean to tell me every alleged white and black person blame the other for their problems. Well then that’s the problem. Glad I do not have the point the finger disease to anyone but me since my years on this planet. Suckers run around look for it when it is within them.

            Till kingdom come be steadfast in your force for it is at hand.

            Welcome to blame the other for what the another does etc. Does not work and for those who think God will judge one or nature will judge one based on their race I sure hope you rethink your stance.

            This person treated me this way so all of their kind are the same yet right. I have seen this in every race and it is sad and such is the nature of the conjured of beast.

            Off my soap box on this group think disease of lumping. Some folks will not get it.

            The human condition of abuse continues no exemptions.

            • slingshot


              What has Holder and the president called me.
              A Racist, Traitor, Terrorist, Gun toter, bible thumping,
              ( Meaning Simple Minded ?) Unpatriotic, Kidnapper and a few others.
              Blacks In High positions of Power. Oh yes how about the White Devil comment from that Paster. Wright I believe? Whom Obammy attended his church. Let us not forget Sharpton, Rangel and Jackson.
              Only to step up when it is in the interest of political advancement.

              Those mother fuckers don’t know me at all, but I know them. When they say the Right they mean the WHITE.

              • Heirloominati

                You forgot my personal favorite: Cowardly.
                Otherwise an excellent retort, Slingshot.

            • Exactly

              You are on the wrong website, Observer. You have a brain, you think for yourself, and you don’t hate blacks and Jews as groups/races of people. The majority of people here are white, good ol boys who think the Jews are to blame for their lame-ass lives, and also think all the blacks are african tribesmen transplanted to the US to suck off the white man. Weak people who can’t control/manage the trajectory of their lives look to other groups to blame for their loss of perceived power and status.

              There are a handful or two of decent people on this site, but really, the majority are losers. I suggest looking for other prepper sites. Let the Red Thumbs fly! LMAO!!!

              • Any Mouse

                Please don’t assume to speak for me or any one else here. My condition is the result of my actions only. Any nebulous entity has very little to nothing to do with it.

                Playing the blame game is just childishness.

          • Basstard

            Just stay a few steps ahead of the F-tards. A little too far in the boonies or a little too far up the hill for them to bother . At some point they’ll just give up and lay down and die.

        • .02

          One thing for sure, they sure take good care of Africa. Oh yes again I am sorry, if it wasn’t for whitey keeping the Africans down it would be Eden. What don’t you get? Is history any clue? What great inventions came out of Africa.. ever? And if you look at the history of slavery, it was Africans that taught the white Jew the benefits of the slave trade. Give it a rest already.

          • Genius

            AAAHHHH, I love the smell of political incorrectness in the morning 🙂

          • Anonymous

            Very few have an accurate understanding of this. Good stuff

          • A

            LIBERIA. check out the history.

          • JohnFornaro

            It is also a historical fact that the African coastal tribes used to raid the tribes of the interior to sell those people to the Dutch.

            Slavery is power over another human, and has nothing to do with skin color. Racism is a human defect and has nothing to do with skin color.

        • the renegade braveheart

          Observer, the madness taking place is what has happened to young black people. Look at the influence they’re under. Why is there so much black-on-black crime taking place? Black people are killed by other black people every day; where is the black community’s outrage over that? I don’t think the NAACP or any of the community activists care about them. If Trayvon Martin had been killed by another black male, his death would have NEVER MADE NATIONAL HEADLINES AND YOU KNOW IT. ONLY WHEN BLACK PEOPLE GET KILLED BY WHITE PEOPLE DOES IT MAKE NATIONAL HEADLINES AND THEN THE ANTIWHITE CAMPAIGN BEGINS. YOU DON’T CARE ABOUT ANY OF THE PROBLEMS IN YOUR COMMUNITY PERPETRATED BY THE CRIMINAL ELEMENTS OF YOUR COMMUNITY. ALL THOSE PEOPLE WHO CLAIMED TO BE MARCHING FOR TRAYVON NEVER GAVE A DAMN ABOUT HIM JUST LIKE THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT THE BLACK-ON-BLACK CRIME IN THEIR COMMUNITY. Observer, you need to a better job of “observing”.

        • sd mule

          Come on Observer, if you don’t blame someone else, the only one left is the person staring back at you in the mirror. Nobody wants to admit the issues of our country are due to our own complacency and lack of intelligence. Nobody wants honesty, they are just like the people they “piss and moan about”. They want EASY!! It’s easy to blame, a lot harder to be honest with the person in the mirror.

    8. Chilton

      If Obama had a grandson he’d look like that

      • Walt Kowalski

        Who knows….he probably has a son that looks like that….somewhere.

        • PuppyPrepper

          Naaaaaahhhh, Obama doesn’t really like the ladies. . . .

      • sixpack

        obama looked like that…

      • JohnFornaro

        What? Don’t eat the sand? We’ve been feeding it to the kidz for weeks now. Makes their teeth glow!

    9. Patriot One

      Unfortunately I think its accurate of getto parenting, black culture and likely an unwed mother and father. You think their animals now wait till this one grows up!!

      • the renegade braveheart

        Patriot One, I hate to say it but you’re right on target. Most likely the mother is on the public dole and the father is locked up somewhere, IF he’s still alive. You can blame the NAACP and other black criminal organizations for what has become of black culture.

        • Patriot One

          Thanks TRB.

      • Observer

        My advise look in the mirror. Ignorance comes in different forms. Folks will not understand if they are told they are meant to kowtow. I did not vote for Bush, neither Obama nor Clinton. I use my hard earned money to support others and things that are of interest. Keep blaming the action of a few to a whole without realizing it does not matter your skin color.

        I am sure most of you are aware of silent weapons for quiet wars. Google it and read up and remember no one should take no shit. No one regardless of what race, ethnicity and most of all the human race etc. I sure do not go around thinking hey look at this person of any race doing this and attributing some BS to it. Thank God for the choices given for association. Nope will not hang with the folks in the video nor will like hang with some of these idiots on here. Holier than thou attitude and all seeing. This spiritual warfare is brutal. I can’t blame you Tim you created the web now punks and wannabe patriots run around thinking they own shit. No one on this planet owns squat. Until you do start talking real. Wasting there word of God to justify a feeling to prove their existence.

        As if bad parenting does come in all shapes.

        -Back to the narrow way H for broad way II is a long journey to waste essence.

        • Anonymous

          The opiates of religion has obviously clouded your vision. Saying all race are equal is as relevant as saying all breeds of dogs are the same. Yet hunters pick retrievers for hunting and shepherds for guarding.

          Humans are not only the sum of their education but also of genetics. Intelligence for one example is distributed as a genetic trait and is certainly not spread evenly among different races. Asians have on average higher IQs than whites. And blacks are on average stupid as hell, among other undesirable traits It’s not bias, it’s science.

          That of course does not mean EVERY black is a violent and stupid loafer. But statistics are inescapable, Casinos make billions out of them. Once applied to masses, predispositions to certain behaviours come out in the clear. Put your bible down just a couple of minutes and think hard.

        • Facebook Page

          What would work is of we all keep it separate. They go to there corner of. And we will stay in ours.

          If they want CA ILL FLA. Let them have it. I can be happy and make any where great if they keep there filth to there selves.

      • Any Mouse

        P1, Unfortunately this isn’t just limited to black culture. Low educated immature individuals regardless of race with low self esteem who are probably not even self aware perpetuate behavior like this. Then when society summarily deals with them it is always on the fault of “the man”.

        The culture of “I gots to git mines ‘fo dey do” is being carefully cultivated by the current PTB.

        • Patriot One


          I understand that its not just blacks, but this video and the language was specific to Blacks. I’m not commenting in general terms, but specific to this video and what I saw.

          • Any Mouse

            I’m in complete agreement, I was merely expanding on your point.

            • Facebook Page

              And we must start the clean up somewhere so let’s start with the useless eaters and the scum in the vidio.

            • Patriot One

              I think most of us on this site agree. You will always have the drive by trolls, but for those of us that have actually contributed articles, comments and have been around for years, we have thick skin. When I wrote Hidden in plain sight, the comments were negative. Read today most agree with me now.

    10. Walt Kowalski

      In 15 years he’ll probably be a star athlete at his local high school and be courted by some Division I school that will offer him a 4 year full ride scholarship. He’ll then complete his four years (where he’ll hardly attend class at all…but will rape several of the campus coeds) and end up being a top round draft choice for the NFL, where he’ll command a multi-million dollar contract. He’ll spend his evenings in strip-clubs, where he’ll get into fights…get arrested occasionally (though he’ll never be convicted of anything). He’ll be applauded, idolized and made into a demi-god by a culture that worships at the altar of professional sports.

      Hey….all I’m doing here is telling you how it is. I don’t like it either. But this is the moral gutter into which we have descended.

      All you have to do today is listen for five minutes to the pop-culture music. It’s all rap….mostly gangster rap. And just about ALL young people… have a steady diet of it.

      Compare today’s music to pop music of 20 years ago.

      Now, there are always niche types of music…Metal, punk, etc. have always been popular…but still are not mainstream. But gangster rap IS the most popular music genre of our youth today.

      Art is the moral barometer of any culture. Look at what is popular in the arts and you will know the morality of your fellow citizens.

      It’s not just the ghetto-gangster rap….look at Miley Cyrus….or “Lady” Gaga (the term lady is quite inappropriate for her really). Small wonder that women are referred to as “bitches” and “ho’s”. They perform and act to the level of what is expected of them.

      Sorry for the rant…but this is how I see it.

      But I assure you that we will not escape the consequences of allowing our culture to degrade to this level.

      • Walt Kowalski

        Commenting on the video directly…..

        Why is not considered child abuse?

      • the renegade braveheart

        Walt Kowalski, everything you say is true. I’m surrounded by it in Memphis every day, which is 62% black. It’s so tragic hwat has become of black people in America and just like you, I’m not afraid to speak the truth either. That BOY Willie Hamilton claims the police union ‘crossed a line’ showing how the black community really is can go [excuse my FRENCH] f#$% himself! He and everyone else who are complaining about being exposed for the trash that they are can go [again excuse my FRENCH] f#$% themselves! If they want to come after me for what I’m saying, let them. Not a smart thing for them to do! MOLON LABE the renegade braveheart

        • the renegade braveheart

          WK, PS, you’re also right about “Lady” Gaga. I call her SLUT Gaga, along with Miley Cyrus. I don’t think either one of them knows what a lady is.

          • .02

            SLUT Gaga, along with Miley Cyrus are what the tribe demands they become. They HAVE to do this or they are passed over by the people that control music and hollywood and I know you know who I am talking about. Dont hate the people that ho themselves. hate the people that demand it and call it entertainment and use this disgusting lifestyle to further their bottom line. It is not Miley or Gaga, they are just the symptom.

            • CriticalThought

              What a crock of crap. There are so many very successful singers who do not behave like Miley and Gaga. They didn’t HAVE to do anything. They chose to be entertainment whores. Their audience proves they are not alone, but they are not simply symptoms…they are part of the problem.

              • .02

                They didn’t HAVE to do anything.

                Are you sure? From what I have researched in order to get to the top (at least in the last 15 years or so) you have to sell your soul. Do some research on the subject, look what Katy Perry said. Youtube.. they admit on camera. But maybe I am wrong?

            • sixpack

              …then I’d have to pass…

          • Pissed Off Granny


            Her name is lady gag gag…..

            • the renegade braveheart

              POG, how about slut gag gag?

        • Walt Kowalski

          I think I need to make something clear.

          This is not a “race” thing. This is a culture thing. It’s a “gangsta” culture, and it crosses racial lines. I assure you that there are a lot of Whites, Hispanics and Asians out there that are just as vile.

          If somebody wants to call me a racist…have at it. But by doing so, you are just removing all meaning from the term.

          Throughout my life, I’ve had the privilege of having several black folks be some of my closest friends. A black man was Best Man at my wedding.

          This is not about race. It’s about a popular culture that is descending into hell.

          • the renegade braveheart

            WK, I know you’re correct.

            • Facebook Page

              Walt. We won’t be able to fix anything to any problems until we stop lying to ourselves.


          • slingshot


            Does not matter what you think. You will be labeled a racist if you infringe on any part of their culture.

            • Walt Kowalski

              Yeah….I know…but I stopped caring what other people think about me a long time ago.

              It’s very liberating….not being PC.

            • Facebook Page

              Slingshot. Are you ashamed of being a rasist. We must get passed that too. They haven’t.

              • slingshot


                If we ever get past believing the lies and accepting the truth. Racism might die.

          • Ranchers Wife

            Walt ,
            I think you are right it is a culture thing. Some places are just worst then others. I know a family where the babies first word was “oh shit” the mom and Grandma thought that was the funniest thing ever. And they are a hard working family. We have taken away discipline, morals, God and common sense. My girls go to a small school and it just blows me away at how dysfunctional some of the families are, it’s no wonder this country is in the shape it is.

            • carnac

              The nation is morally bankrupt. I am not getting ‘preachy’ because I am far from a model Christian, but even I realize that the day we allowed this nation’s legislature to ban God from our schools and elsewhere, we began the ‘fall’. We then let in tons of people from the third world who worship other false Gods which gave the leftist legislatures the excuse not to even entertain adding more religion back in schools. They used the excuse that it would be confusing because everyone had different ‘gods’. DIVERSITY is NOT our STRENGTH. No God in schools made room for gangsterism.

          • lonelonmum

            It must be a culture thing as despite being born and raised in Londistan I’ve never witnessed the depths shown in this video.

            I spoke a couple of articles ago about my foster brother (I call him Uncle out of respect as he’s 15 years older than me). He’s of Nigerian origin, an ex foster brat yet became a doctor. I’ve spoken of my old Somalian neighbour, who despite being a widowed uneducated refugee with 3 small children, has raised them all to be productive citizens, the eldest is a specialist nurse, the boy has a trade, and the youngest has just headed off to graduate studies.

            This isn’t a “black” thing as if you tried to raise your kids like this in Lagos or Cape Town, the Grandparents would whop your ass, run you out of town and take custody of the innocent toddler with the help of the extended family.

            This is a song my son likes when he’s feeling cross about ignorant behavior in others “Cat O nine” Lord Invader. never had I felt it more apt. Parents like this need an old school whipping in the town square.

            As for music – not all modern music is mind rot. The mixed race group Rizzle Kicks have spoken out about the mysogyny in the industry and sworn off resorting the usual ho nonsense. I suggest you do a test listen of this group on any grandkids. Kobo Town are another contemporary band he listens to. Keny Arkanna fills the rap gap. Not all modern music (or black music) is MTV mind rot, yet we can still have a dance at family parties without selling our souls, or compromising our morals. Just switch off the TV and access other sources.

            I’m a lone parent who accepts the gubberment didn’t impregnate me. I don’t want the nanny state to play daddy, now I’m all growed up. I’m so sick of the promotion of the permanent kidult. If kidults can’t take responsibility for themselves they have no darn business breeding. Family is in the end days, our last bastion of defence against the satanic forces swirling around us.

        • NorthGeorgiaIdiotsCousin

          Cuz I’m wondering if you really are braveheart or some troll just using his good name. Cause when you was livin here in North Georgia you couldn’t speak no French. Maybe you better move back down here with your kinfolks so maybe you could teach us some of that French you learned in Memphis. We love you man, come on home. That is if your really braveheart.

        • NorthGeorgiaIdiotsCousin

          Cuz I’m wondering if you really are braveheart or some troll just using his good name. Cause when you was livin here in North Georgia you couldn’t speak no French. Maybe you better move back down here with your kinfolks so maybe you could teach us some of that French you learned in Memphis. We love you man, come on home. That is if your really braveheart.

        • Them Guys

          COINCIDENCE? Or PLANNED by Jewdeocommie Design?

          ISRAEL COHEN (1912)

          “We must realize that our party’s most powerful weapon is racial tensions. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by whites, we can mold them to the program of the Communist Party. In America we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the whites, we will endeavor to instill in the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negros. We will aid the Negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause.”

          Israel Cohen, A Racial Program for the Twentieth Century, 1912. Also in the Congressional Record, Vol. 103, p. 8559, June 7, 1957

          And while Israel Cohen was in England as Head top Kommie party honcho there…His Russian Jewish co-kommie tribe members were HERE in the USA, and already Had a THREE Year Head Start in implementing their jewdeo-commie plans, when those Russian jews Invented-Funded-Ran the NAACP Org, in 1909….And the NAACP Always Had a group of marxist leftist kommie Jews, continously funding and Running the NAACP right up to the mid to late 1980’s era!

          Since 99+% of jewish folks make no secret of the fact that they care only for and about Their tribe, and all non jewish peoples are insignificant Goyim/gentiles…

          One must question…Why would 1/2 dozen jewish kommie men from Russia, come to america in 1903 or so, and invent-FUND-RUN an Organization called NAACP?

          NAACP stands for: National assoc. for Advancement of COLORED People….Do You see any jewish or jewish benifit in that?

          Gee perhaps it was another russian kommie jewish Plot to act as if they cared for negroes rights etc, as a cover, so they could use the naacp to Train black africans in usa to hate and Blame whiteys eh..

          Afterall when your group has only less than 2% of total population, yet your main goals are to gain full total policitcal. medias, govnt, monetary ie: banks, etc Control so as to turn the nation into a kommie haven for Your small tribe of “adversaries to God and all of mankind”(biblical verse)…Then it is a Fact that you are going to need alot of Help from another much Larger group…

          And look how swell it has operated for those jewdeo commie russians to infiltrate america, invent, fund, and Run, various subversive commie based orgs like NAACP-ACLU-DNC-CPUSA- et al. And to then Train mainly black Ministers, pastors, and ‘community Organizers”! to then go Back into their respective locals and communities, and Teach the same NAACP-Hate of whites, and to always make excessive monetary demands upon the whites, and finally no matter how hard the whites conform, no matter how much and how Often whites Pays$$$$$ and Pays$$$ over and over.

          Teach them minority blacks to also always BLAME whites for every ill, mishap, lack of intelligence, lack of will, lack of civility etc etc…Always Blame whites.

          Then after 100 years when that agenda is entrenched fully throughout america, and many More russian and polish kommie jewish folks have also infiltrated and obtained most of the top official govnt and wall street positions, with 25+ million black militant angry foot soldiers to back Your tribe of jewdeocommies…Well its a certainty that your tribal communisim will one day soon finsih the destructions of whites and america as a nation, that Your tribe began in earnest at the turn of the century back in 1900 era.

          Now you know the Rest of the story on what exactly did Nikita Kruchev mean when he visited usa, and upon exiting the united nations HQ, when asked by a reporter, said…

          “we russian kommies shall overtake america, and do so withOUT fireing a single shot!…And we shall do it by first gaining control of the Teaching institutions(schools-naacp etc) and soon afterwards, it will spread Outwards from there untill ALL of society becomes Communistic, without realizeing How it occured!”

          Nikita forgot to mention that them russian infiltrators were going to be russian jewish kommie folk eh…

          But today the Cats outta da bag so to speak…Its all out there avail for all to research…Will enough folks do so before its too late?…That remains to be yet seen.

      • MongoPissed

        No rant, Walt. You are clear and to the point. A segment of the White and Hispanic populations are the same. In 1989, I saw a Hispanic father give his 12 year old son a birthday present in a public park: a .25 cal auto. The kid posed for photos with a bandana around his head. Dad later made the news when he was killed in a robbery by the store owner who had extended him credit out of kindness on many occasions. Any bets on what happened to Jr.?

        • PO'd Patriot

          Hopefully they found enough room in the plot to stretch him out and plant him ‘longside Daddy.

      • Jim Bob

        @Walt, who knows, maybe if they give him an extra slice of govmint cheese, he’ll go on to become a famous community organizer, or even a revrind “Man o’ God”. Please send any contributions to help him out to The Tawana Brawley Foundation for advancement of Truth in Media, c/o Al,”Fiddy Cent” Sharpton.

        • Jim Bob

          @ Mac Slavo,

          Can something be done about the comment moderation? I don’t post very frequently, but the last dozen or so articles my posts are being held in limbo for more that 8 hours before they post. I haven’t had that kind of difficulty when I first started posting on the board here, my comments would go thru in 30/60 minutes, but 8 hours or longer indicates a problem with the website.

      • aljamo

        Walt… when that athelete reaches the top he will first give all glory to God.

        • Walt Kowalski

          Oh wow….man you hit the nail on the head with that one.

      • Heirloominati

        Sure to be voted by his classmates Most Likely to Shoot Himself in the Leg. Nice bio, Walt.

    11. MX Mike

      Really? Does this really surprise anyone? Nobody will touch this with a 10ft. pole….. political/ career suicide if they even try. So this will continue to perpetuate………

    12. Kevin2

      The chances of that child growing up to be a law abiding productive citizen are hovering about zero.

      The great enabler of this is welfare that contributes to increasing the number of irresponsible people. This is due to the fact that the parents need not be productive enough to feed and house their own children. The answer to this will end up being the State obtaining the responsibility or rearing the youth because removing the entitlement programs is politically out of the question. Given sufficient time we’re evolving into an insect colony. Remember Hillary’s infamous statement from Africa, “It takes a village to raise a child”? Interestingly for the most part those villages did not have running water and electricity.

      • the renegade braveheart

        Kevin, someday the EBT cards and everything else will get cut off and that’s when all hell will break loose. Everyone with the ‘gimme-gimme’ mentality will die in the first week of any post-SHTF scenario. The programs don’t have to be removed. Just let the funding get totally cut off in any grid-down scenario and the party will begin.

        • Kevin2

          That is probably true. Regardless, “The War On Poverty” subsidized irresponsibility thereby acting as a catalyst to accelerate what it was meant to defeat. This policy coincided with the start of the evisceration of US manufacturing culminating with the adoption of free trade which removed opportunity while increasing governmental dependency.

          You reap what you sow.

    13. McFrolie

      This on the 50 year anniversary of the war on poverty.
      Fitting. 50 years of stolen wealth from the productive to…that.
      We could say “you didn’t build that” or “If you like you ghetto baby you can keep it.”
      Or call a spade a spade.

      • Smokey

        This is what 20 trillion dollars spent on poverty gets you.

        It will be a miracle if this 5-year old lives to be 21, absent some kind of divine intervention.

        I only hope no decent person will be harmed during the remainder of his short life.

    14. hammerhead

      Mama always said , if ya got nuthin good to say…..STFU.

      • .02

        mama was wrong. with out criticism which is anything but good, people would not see this video as a bad thing.

    15. Emily

      Ever since I was in high school I always believed to be a parent and have children, the parents should have to be screened. To be tested on how to be a good parent.
      To be checked if the parents can financially support the child. A psychologist to evaluate the mental and emotional stability of the child. An evaluation to determine the moral and ethical values of the parents.
      And so on. Also, I was not exposed to white trash or ghetto at that time.
      ** From what I read, the baseball caps on backwards, and the baggy pants without a belt, down to one knees, are copying those that are in prison.

      • Mountain Trekker

        Emily, you’ve got to be kidding. Boy now if this don’t sound like Big Brother speaking, I don’t know what does. Who does the screening, maybe we should just allow one child or maybe we could decide how many children people can have according to there income. I think you better rethink your statement. Trekker Out. China Comes To Mind!

        • Emily

          It just an opinion. Opinions are neither right or wrong.

          • Mountain Trekker

            Sorry Emily, but Opinions, are thoughts put into words and sometimes action. And Opinions are “right or wrong”. It’s Obama, Schumer, Fienstien, Pelosi and many others opinions, that they would like to take us down the road to Socialism. But hey you made your opinion known and I disagreed, next time I may agree with you, so lets move on. Trekker Out.

      • Calgacus

        Tested or screen to to be a good parent. Then what, you are allowed to procreate or you fail the test. Who sets the standards.
        Are you for real? just STFU. No agency is gonna tell me if I can financially support a child. No shrink is gonna evaluate me, the wife, or the kids then fill out forms and send to the govt.

        Permission slips to have a child. What idiot put that crap into your mind?

        • Any Mouse

          I’m sure it makes absolutely perfect sense to her.

          • Facebook Page

            And we are the one saying they shouldn’t have children.. yes there should be a screen I g process.

            We can just keep breeding stupid. Its winning.

          • Emily

            Any Mouse – It does. Thanks.

        • Emily

          Calgacus – No, I won’t shut the fuck up.
          Just putting my opinion out there.

      • hammerhead

        EMILY ??????????? ARE YOU SERIOUS?
        LMAO you just cant be , its just to silly , or are ya just trollin to see hows blood presure goes up ?

        • Emily

          Hammerhead – Naw, no trollin. Just an opinion I always had. A little extreme, I know, but its just an opinion.
          Everyone chill, I don’t want to see anyones BP skyrocket.

      • BJ

        Take your nanny statist loving I worship the king govt attitude and hit the freakin road

        • Emily

          BJ – I am far from worshiping the kig govt attitude.
          Its just an opinion. Why don’t you hit the freakin

      • Any Mouse

        Who makes these determinations? Who among us is so much better than their peers that they should be held in such high regard to as to make such weighty decisions as to an individuals basic biological right to perpetuate the species.

        • Facebook Page

          I smart enough to see what worthless and stupid is.

          • Mountain Trekker

            Hey it seems like Facebook is volunteering to be a screener, what a guy. I feel better already. Trekker Out.

      • REB

        That kind of thinking is why we are in this mess….folks willing to accept being told what/where/ when/how and others willing to tell them…naw ever since I was in grade school Ive always believed in minding my own business and demanding others do the same…we have had decades of govt telling folks where/ when/how/what and we see the results of that “expertise”…lets try freedom for a change…cant turn out any worse than this “experiment” has!

      • PO'd Patriot

        Wow Emily, right out of playbook, “Communists Are Us”. Might want to rethink that thought.

        • Facebook Page

          Then what fixes it.

      • Pissed Off Granny

        One thing about it Emily……

        If your IQ has anything to do with your comment you will be ‘screened out’ immediately…..

        • Anon

          Sure wish YOU would be screened out POG

          • Pissed Off Granny


            I know you do Anon. And both of us know why. You are a member of the tribe, Anon, and the truth does not suit your agenda, does it?

            • Anon

              I know, because everyone who disagrees with you is always a “member of the tribe”. What a convenient and ready made scapegoat you have there.

              “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

            • Emily

              @ Bitter Old Hag ~ Anon is Right.
              Be sure to reread Ralph Waldo Emersons quote again.
              It fits you to a T.

          • Emily

            @ Anon – Agreed !

        • Emily

          @ Bitter Old Hag – It is just an Opinion.
          Opinions are neither right or wrong.
          I can run circles around you as my IQ is probably a hellova lot higher that yours. Also, I have Street Smart. So, fu*k you.

      • lonelonmum

        In the 1970’s some parts of Canada sterilised those of mixed race or with disabilities, the Nazi’s did the same. Nil by mouth is used on poorly babes in maternity units all over the world no matter what the official laws say.

        The book freakonomics commented that the violent rate decreased in direct relation to that generation’s abortion rate in cities like New York over the last couple of decades.

        What too many communities have is a true poverty, not of money but of aspiration. The story of Temple Grandin is one worth reading if you disagree with my statement.Raised by a single mother too short on formal education, (indoctrination) to know what she “should” be doing with her autisic child she achieved far more than any official expert ever thought possible.

        The death of dreams has been the worst casualty of the elite’s war upon the people. Without the ability to dream and to aspire to better either ourselves or the society around us we are nothing.

      • YH


        Put down the crack pipe, and slowly back away from it!

        • Emily

          YH – Chill, its just an opinion.

          • Be informed

            @ Emily. Why people became so upset is that they want the least amount of government influence in their personal lives as possible. There has to be laws to protect the innocent from criminal scum. You see when the government, any government sets a stage of what they deem normal and acceptable behavior it sets the stage for even more. The government if they could would choose your husband or boyfriend based on genetic perfection, not based on your own personal preference or whom you personally want to be with. It is kind of like saying that the state already knows you are unfit, not that you have to prove it, they have already determined this.

            People screening leads to something much worse as this knows no boundaries. Adoption of course does this already as there are many pedophiles that want to adopt an innocent child for other purposes. As long as someone’s pursuit of happiness doen’t inferfere with another’s the government should stay out of our personal lives. It is much like a relative hounding you to death to go out with someone that you cannot stand because they are rich and well to do. However yourself dear soulmate is dirt poor and you absolutely only want to be this person. Your relatives, usually a parent, though demands that you be with the rich person because they can support you. Whom knows better? The individual because they have that freedom of choice to be with whomever they want to be with or not be with. See where everyone is kind of coming from?

            • Emily

              Hi Be Informed ~ O.k. I understand what you are saying, and it does make sense. But, I just voiced an opinion.
              A wise friend told me that opinions are neither right or wrong. Does it mean I want to take action on this opinion? Of course not. Sterilize people, kill people, of course not. I was remiss to not make that clear.
              I never watched the above video. White, black, or green, it disturbs me very much that such a young child is exposed to this viciousness, and will grow up around it, with it, and in it. Whether they are white, black, yellow, or green, it disturbs me. It also saddens me.
              I just wish that homes such as this with small children would be exposed somehow. To help protect the little one. Of course, that would be gov. interference also, such as child protective services.
              Perhaps its best to let the child grow up in its environment. Do, Say, Speak No Evil. Mind your own business. Stay out of it. Don’t get involved or be a
              do – gooder. O.k. I get it. Its a sad commentary on our culture and society. But, to be told to fuck off,
              have my IQ questioned, and other derogatory remarks
              were uncalled for. I am pretty tolerant here.
              If I don’t like a post, I don’t tell the person to fuck off, or , eat shit and die. Half the time I don’t bother with the red thumbs. I just glance at the post, decide it is not for me, and not worth reading, and move on.
              *Regarding It is in a tight race for 5th place. Instead of shock videos such as the one above, I would like to see this site get back to prepping,
              ( I have made copies of links on Epsom salts and Coconut
              Oil, and Guns) along with current events.
              This article and thread was like a Jerry Springer post.
     can do much better than this.

              • Be informed

                @ Emily. Preparing in one subject that everyone comes alive with, as each person has their own unique ideas about it. I also am getting a bit tired of the philosophy battles that get going. I wish we could all get on the same page for what is coming. It can happen so quickly.

                I don’t think the people here, at least most of them dislike you as much as they hate the way the government has turned this country into what it is. Some of this language was more directed towards BO and the other “leaders” as frustrations against them more than you. The people here are very strongly opinionated against what is so wrong. This is only what I was trying to say in my comment into government control over our lives that was nothing a generation ago as compared to now. Many people here are good people just fed up with everything that is wrong. Anger many times radiates in every direction like an explosion, indecriminatingly hitting everything.

                • Emily

                  Be Informed – Exactly. Bring up a preparing topic that everyone comes alive with, bringing their own personal
                  ideas about it.

                  I tire of post after post about Bible scriptures.
                  I studied and read the bible x 3. I was in a church,
                  and after the priest prayed over me, my left foot grew
                  out about a half an inch to be equal to my right foot.
                  I felt no pain, but gripped the arm of my chair as I
                  watched my foot grow and become healed with my own eyes.

                  I get tired of the endless posts of Jew this and Jew that. Or, the first Black Slave Owner enslaved the first Black slave. And on and on.

                  To play Devils Advocate, I find Jim Rawles website a bit
                  boring and a bit dry. Once in a while I find a well written article that captures my attention.

                  I come here to be among like-minded people. To learn.
                  We all have our ideas on how to prep or get things done.
                  I like to think the people here have big hearts and are caring. I do understand the anger, rage, and frustration of what the gov. has done to this country.
                  The scandals and how our freedoms such as privacy are being stripped from us. I feel the same way.

                  Thank you for your post. It provides a lot of clarity and reason.

                  * I was listening to Ground Zero last night.
                  2 people in Oregon died of the H1N1 disease, and 81 are
                  hospitalized from the H1N1. I would provide the link, but it comes up when you google it. I just don’t want this post to lag in Moderation Land. This may be a sign
                  of what you were fearing. A disease outbreak in the U.S.*

                  Thanks again, I am feeling better.

    16. slingshot

      Did not phase me one bit. Don’t have to wait 15 years to have an individual with these displays. It’s happening right now.

      Given the chance, you know what is going to happen.
      Don’t fool yourself.

      Any of you playing the Knock Out Game?

      • Facebook Page

        They should of killed the whole PA farm just to say we are third of your shit and we are the bade as MF on this block.

    17. the renegade braveheart

      Heads up, everyone. Here’s the link for the original article: The police union took the video from a local thug’s FACEBOOK PAGE. Some stupid BOY posted the video on Facebook. So what did he expect would happen? WELL, DUH!

      • Any Mouse

        RBH, He probably thought it was cute and funny. It won’t be so cute in 10 or 15 years.

      • Facebook Page

        Scary this is from Nebraska.

    18. maudy fricket

      Everybody here has had different life experiences. We make observations based on those life experiences. I know good people of every ethnicity. This is not about them. Yes, every ethnic group has thugs and idiots. The percentage of each group who are thugs is what makes the difference. The particular demographic depicted in this video (blacks) has indicated by their actions (not ours) that they want to hurt you and your kids. To say that it is culture and not race is naive at best. Since it is the culture created by their race. They embrace it. The President and Eric Holder protect it. And again today, Holder said he wanted security and police kept out of schools. So these thugs can have their way with your kids. Jesse and Sharpton want fewer black criminals kept in prison. It’s insanity. Shame on us for not doing what we should have. Our kids will shit on our graves for what we left them.

      • Pissed Off Granny


        Your last sentence covers it all. I am only left to wonder if our kids and grandkids wont be in graves along side us.

      • Stef

        That’s right! When you apply genetics traits to a certain mass of people you obtain higher rates of occurrences. With higher intelligence dispositions, you raise the IQ average of the group, same for every other human traits, diseases and defects.

        Those who attempt to leave out the race factor are ignoring Mother Nature.

        • carnac

          I have read many of the posts referring to the blacks teaching their child filthy words. I have seen where some say that this is ‘child abuse’ and they worry about the child and his life. That talk has an inkling of ‘white guilt’-speak. No whites have anything to be guilty of. Do you think in your wildest delirium that blacks care one thing about a white child and his problems?? No…they do not. I don’t care about their children either. This kid in the video is nothing and his “parents” are making sure he will always be such. This video is the norm and not the exception. This kid is just gun-fodder and one of us will have to kill him one day in the coming wars. Whites need to get in a ‘battle’ frame of mind. This kid and his parents are the enemy and there is no turning them around.

    19. Dolores Jennings

      Its not just black kids it is white ones who copy the blacks and the trash hip hop culture and wannabee ”music’

      • maudy fricket


      • Facebook Page

        So we need to kill. The culture. Where to start. How about the sourse.

    20. Dolores Jennings

      America is a very sick country. Another thing that is child abuse is teaching a child at very young age that they are ”born sinful” and have to believe the Buybull.

      • .02

        America is a very sick country. Another thing that is child abuse is teaching a child at very young age that they are ”born sinful” and have to believe the Buybull.

        Says the Kazarian Jew that has been kicked out of over 80 countries throughout history because of the exact decay we are witnessing in the US today.

        • Any Mouse

          The original sin concept is something I’ve always had a problem with. The idea that a brand new innocent is penalized for just being born, a state that the innocent had absolutely no control over. The sins of the father, or some other perceived ancestor, held against the child is nothing less than spiteful archaic belief started by a people barely out of the stone age.

          • Emily

            Any Mouse – I agree.

        • Any Mouse

          Its also a basis for control.

          • .02

            Nope Mouse I have to argue the point. Ever see a couple 2 year olds fighting over a toy? THIS is a window into our nature. If a person was to leave 5 three year old kids in a room with a bit of food and only 1 or 2 toys for an hour or two, the fight would be on. This is not learned behavior, it is human nature. You can see it in all children, they have to be taught to not be barbarians.

            • Any Mouse

              I see your point but at two and even more so at three children exhibit learned behaviors. Basic biological self preservation instinct is evident throughout nature. Why would a human be any different.

              A newborn is an absolute blank slate. it has no more expectations than to be fed and cared for. It cannot become an active participant of scheming and subterfuge. It is only capable of carrying out activities such as breathing, basic thought and waste elimination, for everything else it is completely dependent upon another entity.

              To suggest that newborn is guilty of anything other than being born is absurd.

            • Any Mouse

              To suggest that a small amount of food and a few toys would result in an all out toddler fight club is kind of amusing.

              The most likely result would be one or two children finding the food and while the others played and then eventually all of them falling asleep. Even if left to their own devices it is unlikely that 3 year olds would descend to cannibalism or other such savagery. More probable they would die from dehydration without much violence.

              • .02

                When in history did we ever have peace then? If we are not a flawed creature by you standards we should by now be enlightened enough to not slaughter one another like we have since before written account. If we are not born with it, then you are saying all we do is teach death and destruction as adults? And we cant get off on the video games/television because we slaughtered each other way before they were invented. Where does mankind’s evil come from? And you will never convince me we are not evil because history proves you wrong. We kill each other because we are the descendents on Cain who in turned killed his brother, so this is where we get the original sin right through Eve’s rebellion in Eden. Hard to prove any other reason we are such a fvked up bunch.. but go ahead be my guest.

                • Any Mouse

                  You seem to be secure in your beliefs (Christian) and I can respect that. We can argue back and forth reiterating the same points over and over and never move forward with our discussion. I applaud you for your faith as well you should be.

                  To me the original sin concept is equivalent of us robbing a bank and forever more our ancestors have to do the jail time unless granted a special pardon by the warden. And the warden hasn’t been seen in a very long time.

                  As I get older I gravitate more to the spirituality of native peoples of the North American Continent.

                • .02

                  Well the Natives have Gods of all kinds, but it is a 100% a DNA thing. The Adam and Eve story is a history of our DNA along with the giants of Noah’s day etc. The culling of certain breeds of humans off he earth is all centered in keeping the DNA structure in tact. The DNA in our bodies is digital. Easy to splice in pieces and take out others.. but every time it is messed with, things happen. No one knows all the answers until the day comes “when all secrets will be revealed” but until then i have spent 30 years researching the term “what the hell is the world coming to” and have through my unrelenting pursuits and observations, gone from being a flaming atheist to realizing the world is coming to the end described in scripture. It is all around us, manifesting as I type this. Even so Come Lord Jesus.

                • Any Mouse

                  We have peace because it is beneficial to the species. Being a part of a group increases you chances of survival. Rules are part of the group because without them everyone dies. Smaller groups become larger groups adapting basic rules of conduct along the way. Some of these rules can become steeped in mysticism and therefore become a religion.

                  If we constantly attempt to kill each other, the species suffers. So driven by basic biology we are compelled to keep the peace.

                • .02

                  “Smaller groups become larger groups adapting basic rules of conduct along the way. Some of these rules can become steeped in mysticism and therefore become a religion.

                  If we constantly attempt to kill each other, the species suffers. So driven by basic biology we are compelled to keep the peace.”

                  Very true up to a point when the larger specie comes sailing over from Spain and sees the gold that the Incas have laying around.. I bet you know what happens next..over and over..if it’s not gold it is God. Not God it is Sod. Hell we have had wars over soccer games. Burnings at the stake, Pirates flying under government sanctioned flags, governments using every dirty trick in the book and if governments are nothing more than a larger group adapting basic rules then what are they?

                • Any Mouse

                  The rules of competition. The larger group displaces the smaller in an effort to exploit their resources. Atrocities are performed for greed, God and land. We are in agreement on these points.

                  Religion can be benign when used as a tool to teach, gives us a moral compass to guide our actions for the betterment of our group. Tolerance is one of the first casualties when a competing group is introduced. What is done for the greater good by one group is perceived as evil by another.

                  Fanaticism severely skews this moral compass and isn’t beneficial to any group. Instead it seeks power for powers sake and will turn upon itself willingly (jihadists and suicide bombers). It is a defect, a very destructive one perpetuated by sociopaths that easily sway the masses. Generally masses that are poorly educated and suppressed from the benefit of much more affluent group are the most easily manipulated.

                  There is evil, and its of our own making.

                  The wolf is not evil because it kills and eats a sheep, it is merely being a wolf playing its part in nature.

                • .02

                  But we are not wolves, we are human. We have the power of reasoning and as far as I know the only specie that recognizes their mortality. We should be set apart from the rest of the animals such as the wolf, but you seem to be in agreement we are not. A wolf kills for survival, but we as a specie should not have to kill our own for survival, but somehow we cant seem to help it. I have problems trying too figure what goes through our leaders minds when they think it is a good idea to drone a wedding. Seriously, that is evil shit right there.

            • Any Mouse

              Make it 5 six year olds and it would possibly become much more interesting

            • Them Guys

              ANY MOUSE: you need do Better research on christianity principals etc. No child is considered bad or sinfull untill he or she reaches an age of Awareness between right vs wrong. In other words,while yes all are born with orig sin, only those who die past the age of recognition are omitted from salavtion.

              just because humans do not always comprehend Gods ways or Rules does Not make His rules invalid. Research of His words assists one in gaining more comprehension.

              • Any Mouse

                According to Roman Catholic Dogma a human child is BORN with original sin and carries the burden of a crime allegedly committed eons ago. This is the issue/discussion, we were not discussing the age of awareness.

                To suggest that we are flawed/defective is a defeatist position. We cannot achieve because we are broken, this is the message of the concept of original sin.

                To address the basis of control. Threaten the child to control the adult/parent. This strategy works well with many mammals with the possible exception of bears

          • Emily

            Any Mouse – I agree.

        • Pissed Off Granny


          Try reading the torah and talmud. There will be no, nada, not one Christian left on earth to read their “baybull” courtesy of that evil religion.

          • .02

            Agreed 100% Granny, but again these both came from the original sin from the beginning. We are all related by blood and DNA and the evil we do (including writing things like these books and following their teachings) is all part of the flaws of man. Without divine intervention humanity is getting lined up to totally destroy ourselves and the only hope is Christ’s return because we as a specie are too immature to handle our affairs. We have already destroyed the planet to the point that mass starvation is only a few generations away, along with DNA destruction from nuclear radiation. There is no doubt what so ever we are totally doomed and there is no hope at all that we humans can stop the train wreck.

          • Anon

            You are really so stupid. The Torah is the first 5 books of the Old Testament. Take it up with God.

            • Pissed Off Granny


              I wonder what the God of the Old Testament thinks of a religion that spells its g-d?

              Google g-d and see what it means in the jewish religion.

              • Anon

                From what I’ve read, and I’m actually educated about many different religions, and know people of all faiths, it means exactly the same thing as when you spell it God. So I’m quite sure God is fine with it. The word God is actually just a generic term meaning “invoked one”. Every religion has its own special name or names for God, but it doesn’t mean that the names are somehow diabolical, as you are implying, if they don’t comport with the name that your religion uses.

          • Exactly

            You are really so stupid. The Torah is the first 5 books of the Old Testament. Take it up with God.

            • .02

              The Old Test was replaced By the New.. Take that up with Christ.

              • Exactly

                No, it wasn’t. Both texts stand. Your false belief in replacement theology doesn’t make it true. And Christ is the Messiah, Gods agent on earth, not God Himself.

                • .02

                  The Law of Moses was given to point people’s minds forward to Jesus Christ, the promised Messiah-to-come. Once he did come, the Law’s purpose was fulfilled, and it became obsolete. It was not destroyed, but superseded by a higher law, the law of the Gospel.

                • Anon

                  Where is this in the Bible? Give the exact place. The Gospel isn’t law at all, but Scripture.

    21. slingshot

      It all comes down to how much you can get away with.

    22. Kulafarmer

      Proof positive why some species eat their young!

      • sixpack

        They particularly eat the defective ones…

    23. Kulafarmer

      They need to also teach that poor kid how to say,,,
      Please mister, please dont shoot me!

      • Any Mouse


    24. maudy fricket

      While we’re at it, I will take the opportuniy to post this again. The word Racist has no meaning. It is a Marxist perjorative. It was invented in the early 1930’s by a Communist named Magnus Herschfeld. It is a contraction of a British word, racialist. Which was in widespread usage in England. Racialist meant someone who was aware of his heritage and ethnicity. It was a positive trait. Magnus Herschfeld had a great hatred of all things Western, especially, White Christians. The word racist, was and is meant for intimidating Westerners (White People) out of the political debate. Leon Trotksy was mis-attributed with inventing the word because he was the most important commie to use the word in a public speech. And the rest is history.

      • REB

        Spent some time years ago in a larger city area where there were lots of “ethnics” from all over the planet…coming from the woods as I did I heard and saw things that really made me wonder about some folks and why they were even here(on American soil)acting the way they did…I learned that I didn’t like them or their “cultures” very much so when I was able I went back to the hills and camped under a tree in the snow…that was a lot better than putting up with that crap…

        • Northern Reb

          HEY CUZ:
          I’v grow up in Illinois and work with alot of different ethnic groups. Some of them are the cream of the crop and I’m proud there here, BUT some (my God in heaven) how can they call themselves civilized. It does not matter what color they are they are just uncivilized aniamals. They do not care what they do or what they say or how they act.
          And yes that is one reason I live where I do. Away from most of them.
          I still get to see some sad stuff on the job I have now, but not for much longer. My golden years are upon me!:-)
          And when that golden monent comes I’m heading for the hills. which hills not sure but I’m getting the HELL out of here!!!!!
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R.

          • REB

            I get ya cuz…just to be clear in my particular case “most” of the trash had lighter colored skin…in fact skin color had nothing to do with it…its based on the culture/values/ideals/upbringing/decency(and lack thereof mostly)most of them exhibited that sucked bigtime…glad youre getting to head out for some hills of your own soon…good luck!

      • Genius

        In a free society you are free to not like any race you want. Who cares even if someone is a racist? It’s your right to think as you wish. Stupid ignorant people say they want freedom but only if it suits theyre beliefs. I personally don’t give a damn how anyone chooses to think, IT’S YOUR RIGHT!

      • Pissed Off Granny


        The next time I see a poster calling another poster a racist I am going to refer them to your post.

        Truer words were never spoken. Thanks

        • Exactly

          Yes, definitely reveal yourself as the Nazi you are by trying to control the language.

        • Emily

          @ Bitter Old Hag – Hey, I agree with Genius!
          ‘It Is Your Right To Think As You Wish.’
          Or, It Is Your Right to Have an Opinion/Think As You Wish.’
          I obviously choose not to implement my opinion or thoughts. Someone wise told me that ‘opinions are neither right or wrong.’

      • Them Guys

        Trotsky used racist word in 1920’s a decade prior to that guy you mentioned.

    25. hp

      Ripened fruit from LBJ’s (not so) Great Society.

      Witnessed in every city metropolis across the looted plain.

    26. Eisenkreuz

      Slavery had its merits.

      • the renegade braveheart

        Eisen, the NAACP would love to come after you.

    27. Phil McCracken

      “hey boy, go get your shine box and make my shoes look pretty”

    28. anymouse

      Fucking white bloodclaart racists. soon be back to deal with you dna genociders of the planet earth

      • Any Mouse

        Your not making any sense boy/girl/cat/ferret/dog. Knock the shit out of between your ears and try again.

      • renegade/braveheart

        anymouse, all I’ll say is NEGRO, PLEASE! Bring it on!

        • Emily

          The Politically Correct Phrase is – Afro-Americans.

    29. Burt Gummer

      That child’s future is as a crime statistic.

      • Sgt. Dale

        I couldn’t have said it better my self. When him MAM cries At the Crime Scene, and said he was a good boy and his Daddy can’t be found. I would love to send her to jail and make her watch this video over and v ore and over again.
        This little guy will end up in a gang, selling, and using dope or running girls Or the President of the USA. Oh damn did I just say that?


        • the renegade braveheart

          Sarge, welcome back. Hope you had a good trip. You came back just in time. we’re having fun with this article.

        • Northern Reb

          Well said, fitting punishment. Make her watch that tape until her eyes bleed!!!!!
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R.

    30. Barn Cat

      The world as we know it today won’t be here 15 years from now. That’s why we prep. And the upbringing of that toddler is a reminder of why we arm ourselves for the collapse.

      • Northern Reb

        Thanks, I think for the info. Just da– sickening.
        If you dont believe this country is going down, you are sadly mistaken. GOD help us, PLEASE.
        S.T.S.F.P. N.R.

    31. AfricaAmerikaSucks

      Blacks are the SCOURGE of American’t society. I’m absolutely FED UP with their rampant criminality and general overall low-lifedness (is that even a word?).

      To make things worse, the Obankster regime is purposely PROTECTING ni66er criminality.

      • Slick One

        I do not feel sorry for the young ghetto monklet in the video, he is with his peeps and in his own gene pool.
        A shock collar with a remote could be fitted to the kid to help train it. Perhaps a frontal lobotomy would help in such cases making these ghetto types less violent and more docile. Having been forced to support the sow and her troup of bastard ghetto monklets I feel that surgical sterilization after the birth of the first bastard ghetto child should be a viable option.
        In history the Romans used to terminate undesireable monklets by the use of a wall,tree or fence post and acclerating the undesired monklets head into same.
        In Germany of the 1930’s and 1940’s an intercardial injection of sodium evapan, or chloralhydrate had the same task. Ghetto scum cannot be rendered equal, gentic inferiority cannot be undone, mother nature cannot be fooled.

        • Emily

          @ Slick One – Now that is a Thought!

    32. NoWeCan't

      I treat my PET TURTLE with 1000% more RESPECT & CONSIDERATION than these abominable NI66ERS have for their own child.

    33. cyberrifles

      This is why “The Commander” George Lincoln Rockwell did not have to say much. All he had to do was point and say, “There is my proof”!

    34. thomas

      If Obama had a son…

    35. Uzziel

      Purge is looking… better and better.

      • Facebook Page

        And overdue.

    36. maudy fricket

      They are breeding, therefore they are the future. The only solution is to turn off your computer and screw like there’s no tomorrow. Because if you don’t, there ain’t.

      • Any Mouse

        Is that a prelude to an invitation Maudy?

        • slingshot


        • maudy fricket

          I’m going to have to choose my words more carefully in the future. P.S. I like candy.

          • renegade/braveheart

            Maudy, I can provide candy and whatever else.

      • Calgacus

        Maudy youre on. Gonna shut down early tonight and let the wife know were being called into duty. Yeeeehaaaaawwwwwwwwww

        • JayJay

          Flowers, candy, and wine helps.

          Or just do the damned dishes!! 🙂

          • SmokinOkie

            Hi JayJay. You hit the nail on the head! What is it about a guy who will carry out the trash, mow the lawn or fix a busted light switch that get’s women in the mood? I never understood why… but I’m glad it works! (just one more reason we like getting tools for Christmas)

      • SmokinOkie

        Thanks for the link sixpack! Had a student last year with ‘Mama Tried” tattooed on his neck. Needless to say, he was a big fan of Merle!

    37. YH

      Folks, this video is evidence beyond the shadow of a doubt that the United States is in an advanced state of social decay the likes of which has not been witnessed since the Fall of Rome. It’s only a matter of time now until this society suffers a catastrophic meltdown and hostilities erupt.

      Good and decent people cannot suffer this indignity indefinitely by supporting a welfare system that produces the maggots shown in this video. When I watched this horrific video I saw gangrene; and like any gangrene, it must be amputated to save the host.

      >>”According to CNN, several people responding on social media sites claimed that the Omaha Police Officers Association’s posting of the video had racial overtones.”<<

      Did we expect anything different from liberals and progressives who live their lives in denial? Of course the maggots don't want their dirty laundry being aired in public. I'm surprised CNN is even still in business.

    38. CannonFodder

      Least we forget Hillary said it takes a village.

      • renegade/braveheart

        Cannonfodder, Hillary Clinton is a communist POS so nothing she says counts as far as I’m concerned.

      • Slick One

        It takes a village to raise a child in Africa or begroe America because no one in the village is 100% certain who da baby daddy is be. (At least not without going on Maury Povich for DNA testing with two shows featuring 6 bucks each!)

    39. Be informed

      I have seen worst videos of human beings acting like savage barbaric animals. It is getting worse. Just look at the worship of miley sluts are us with her tongue hanging out like a dog or snake. look at the worship of Lady Gulp Gulp getting praise and fully allegiance to Lucifer and the beast. Look at the other “music” rock stars into the gothic zombie sicko fetish weirdness. It is frightening to see this, as you would only expect to see this in post apocalyptic movies where the world is over run with blood lusting gangs.

      This is one example of why people prepare the best they can, and why they arm themselves and fully support the 2nd Amendment right to the top of the hill. These are tiny reminders of just how fast and hard that human kind is sinking like multiple torpedo blown holes in the side of a ship.

      • Pissed Off Granny

        Be Informed:

        Care to look at who owns those record companies, music companies, MSM television, smut magazines that are promoting and benefitting monetarialy from those people who are pledging allegiance to the beast and lucifer?

        See anything in common there, Be Informed?

        Seems to me the ones behind these entertainers have also pledged their allegiance to the beast and lucifer.

        The owners, promoters, editors, etc. are all their in their glory; just a few keys on your computer will take you to all the information you will ever need as to who and what they are…..

        • Anon

          You are a piece of shit.

        • Exactly

          It’s pretty clear that YOUR allegiance is to the “beast and lucifer”. Aren’t you late to your KKK meeting, POG? Or is it POS?

          • renegade/braveheart

            you 2 trolls back off granny.

            • Exactly

              Is this your website? No? Then mind your own friggin’ business.

              • the renegade braveheart

                Exactly and Anon, back off Granny and go f#$% yourselves!

                • Exactly

                  You may do the same to yourself, braveheart, with my compliments.

                  Very interesting how you think “Granny” can’t defend his/her self. Like he/she is some shrinking violet that needs protection. What happened to all your paeans to free speech? My mistake, it’s just for you and your “friends”. I love the smell of irony in the morning!

          • Any Mouse

            Is it really so clear? Why the attack on POG? You show your cards with a reaction like that.

            Are you one of the Jew hating/blaming racists that you accuse the majority of this website of being?

            Oh I know you are a closet hater. Grow up and make a contribution beyond hate and vitriol.

            • Exactly

              Yeah, mouse, it IS pretty clear. And which cards are those, exactly?

              If you’ve spent any time at all reading POGs posts, then you know he is a Jew basher. But you knew that already.

              • Any Mouse

                Those would be flash cards, with big pictures and numbers.

                POG doesn’t mention any specific group in this post. Waiting for that would have strengthened your argument significantly.

                You jumped a little quick.

              • Any Mouse

                An open ended question such as: What particular/specific group would that be? Would have been much more useful. Provide the rope, let them decide what to do with it.

                Like I said before, you jumped too quick.

                • Exactly

                  I do see your point, mouse, but I already knew what the answer would be, so it seemed foolish to me to ask and then have my question sit in moderation for 6 hours.

                  But I agree that patience is a virtue.

          • Emily

            My new name for POG is ‘ Bitter Old Hag.’

        • NinaO's Mom

          “GET SOME GRANNY!”



            • Emily

              @ Nino O – I can’t stop laughing.

    40. aljamo

      Actually the white youth worship of the blacks in the sports and music scene has been going on for two decades. I consider it a betrayal of ones own race. Blacks originally sold their people into slavery. I’m not a racist, I think the whole of the citizens would benefit from closer political unity among different races. This is’nt about the political right demanding entitlement cuts. It is about equality, the purpose our forefathers fought for.

    41. Genius

      I posted this a long time ago but it’s worth a watch again. Be sure you know your neigbors and what they might do in shtf. A great vid!… twilight zone 🙂

    42. tishie

      This video was horrific but the comments were absolutely disarming. Want to know where ZOG Amerika is? Take a good look at some of these comments and be shamed. Can’t fight the world but you can still fight for some of your rights. GMO’s, Chemtrails, Chloride in water, small time BS on Backyard Gardeners, Right to bear arms, Drones, etc., etc. Stand up and stop blaming Races, Politicians, Religion. Just Stand Up!

      • .02

        Stand up and stop blaming Races, Politicians, Religion. Just Stand Up!

        Big talk– better look at the NDAA.

        As most already realize, the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) of 2012 authorized the president to indefinitely detain or otherwise dispose of anyone, American citizen or not, that “substantially supported” our enemies or their “associated forces.”

        No definition of the quoted terms has been forthcoming from our rulers. Furthermore, as a recent Washington Post article by the venerable Greg Miller has informed us, the vast amount of information compiled on all American citizens and on all foreign citizens that have captured the attention of our benevolent protectors, has been coupled with the president’s hit list under one roof outside of Washington D.C. There, the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC) oversees a “disposition matrix,” where “disposition” refers to disposing of human beings without charge or trial, using all the best resources the government can muster to efficiently kill or capture our enemies, real or imagined.

        So why don’t you just head on over to DC and “Stand up” and see what happens?

        IMO It is too late for that.. you damn well better keep your head down and wait to go into full project mayhem mode.

        • tishie


          Yes, well aware of NDAA and the fact that I’m on this site. As my concern goes….my family isn’t. These are mine, and only my beliefs.
          I’m here to see, watch and learn. Not to fill you with my beliefs or opinions. My response was reactionary. Tomorrow may be the day my head goes in the sand…….just not today. I see and hear your point loud and clear. Stay strong, stay well and be incognito when necessary.

    43. ZombieDawg

      As the joke billboard goes:
      “neuter your pets” with the tag line “and weird friends and relatives”.
      Ditto for rednecks and other turkeys who shouldn’t be allowed to have kids, as they’ll grow up to be misfit losers like their parents.
      But then that’d mean another law by “big brother” wouldn’t it, and we can’t have that now can we.

      Can’t have it both ways…

    44. Sgt. Dale

      This disgusting, and from what I read hear you all agree.
      LBJ would be very proud of this kid. He took only 50 years to destroy and nation with all of his give aways to the Zombies and Leaches. Just like Obullshit is doing with his health care. Wanting to cove und 30,000,000 he is punshing 270,000,000, and from what I heard today he will have around 100,000,000 not covered in 2015. That is 70,000,000 more Americans with health car. That right he don’t care he will be setting in his palace with S.S. agents protecting him. And we have to pay for that too.

      I see this type of talk coming from Zombies/Leaches house all the time. If you report it DCFS they take a report and that is as far as it goes.

      But wait until they turn it is 18 and talks to a John Wayne just out of training. Oh shit the media will have a field day with him because he reused to be talked to like that.
      What is nice is that some day you will find something to arrest them for might not be today or tomorrow but one day and Oh how sweat it is!!! I don’t hold a grudge I get ever!!!

    45. Billinovitch

      “Though no one can predict where this toddler will end up 15 years from now,…”

      Oh 15 years from now it is guaranteed that he will be behind bars. The trouble is going to start probably 5 years from now when he starts getting expelled from school after school. Look for his parent(s) to be all over the talk show circuit crying how their baby is being discriminated against. Sad to say but too bad certain medical procedures aren’t retroactive. This is a lost cause.

      • Slick One

        The problem I have with where this child will be in 15 years is that I will have been forced to pay for its section 8 housing, EBT card, SSI disability check, head start program, juvenile detention,jail and prison needs until it attacks the wrong human….providing relief to the tax paying productive humans.

    46. NadePaulKuciGravMcKi

      CNN ZNN DHS Police State
      catapults the propaganda
      divide and conquer
      and start trouble

    47. eppe

      How about some jokes?

      Subject: FW: Eight Words with two meanings

      1. THINGY (thing-ee) n.
      Female…… Any part under a car’s hood.
      Male….. The strap fastener on a woman’s bra.

      2. VULNERABLE (vul-ne-ra-bel) adj.
      Female…. Fully opening up one’s self emotionally to another.
      Male….. Playing football without a cup.

      3. COMMUNICATION (ko-myoo-ni-kay-shon) n.
      Female… The open sharing of thoughts and feelings with one’s partner.
      Male… Leaving a note before taking off on a fishing trip with the boys.

      4. COMMITMENT (ko- mit-ment) n.
      Female….. A desire to get married and raise a family.
      Male…… Trying not to hit on other women while out with this one.

      5. ENTERTAINMENT (en-ter-tayn-ment) n.
      Female…. A good movie, concert, play or book.
      Male…… Anything that can be done while drinking beer.

      6. FLATULENCE (flach-u-lens) n.
      Female…. An embarrassing by-product of indigestion.
      Male…… A source of entertainment, self-expression, male bonding.

      7 MAKING LOVE (may-king luv) n.
      Female…… The greatest expression of intimacy a couple can achieve.
      Male….. Call it whatever you want, just as long as we do it.

      8. REMOTE CONTROL (ri-moht kon-trohl) n.
      Female…. A device for changing from one TV channel to another.
      Male… A device for scanning through all 375 channels every 5 minutes.


      He said…. I don’t know why you wear a bra; you’ve got nothing to put in it.
      She said…. You wear pants don’t you?

      He said….. Shall we try swapping positions tonight?
      She said… That’s a good idea – you stand by the ironing board while I sit on the sofa and fart!

      He said….. What have you been doing with all the grocery money I gave you?
      She said ….Turn sideways and look in the mirror!

      He said….. Why are married women heavier than single women?
      She said….. Single women come home, see what’s in the fridge and go to bed. Married women come home, see what’s in bed and go to the fridge.

      • Pissed Off Granny



        But you saved the BEST for LAST…

        • eppe

          Thanks, with all the poo that the world seems to be in, if I can make just a few people smile and laugh, maybe just maybe someones life was made a bit better. Most of the jokes come to me from a 76 year old lady who I adopted as my second mom 31 years ago. She is a hoot… As for the article, I have always said, “I am not racist, I hate everyone equally”, meaning you have to prove to me you are worth being trusted. No matter what color you are.
          Once in the early 70’s, at 10 years old, I had three older black boys try to jump me, luckly I had reached into a trash can, pulled out a 16 oz coke BOTTLE, and broke it on the trash can. Thier eyes got bigger that the coke bottle and ran. Scared the SHIT out of me. I vowed that would never happen again, but it has in other ways. And do not get me wrong, I have plenty of black friends, yellow, brown, and white friends, you just have to feel them out if they are worth keeping as lifelong friends….
          Glad to have made you SMILE…

          • the renegade braveheart

            Eppe, you and SmokinOkie are running neck-and-neck in the humor dept. Keep it coming.

      • SmokinOkie

        Now, THAT’S some funny stuff, eppe!

      • Northern Reb

        Thank you I’m at work and just read your post. I was laughing so hard that a supervisor came down to the control room to see what in the hell was going on, that her words. Then she read it and had to leave because she had tears rolling down her cheeks and had to go pee.
        Thanks, keep them coming.
        S.T.S.F.P. N.R.

    48. PO'd Patriot

      OK, just a little off topic. Yesterday the town that I live near sent out phone call to all its natural gas customers that a break in the delivery line in North Carolina to Maryland, caused a large pressure drop. “My Town” informed many businesses and communities that Nat gas would be interrupted during the day and night until the leak could be prepared. One high school in town was let out early and one other high school in the county was closed to allow it to become a shelter for those who would lose heat. Temps were hovering around 10 degrees most of the day with a NW wind 20-25mph, bring the WC to -8F. Just goes to show you that we are only a small mishap from the creature comforts we’re use to and expect. BTW, also heard that every electric, and propane portable heater from Lowe’s, Tractor Supply and Walmart were bought up. LMAO!

      • PO'd Patriot

        Not prepared, REPAIRED!

    49. maddog

      Is their anyone here that would still argue that my continued calls for a RESET are not warranted in this country. If you think this is isolated, your crazy as noted about Michael Snyder’s article of the American cesspool. And yet tonight I’m sure the commie’s on NBC, CBS, Fox & ABC will be yapping about how great everything is. Better make your decision about going to war and start doing something before your children are under the thumb of this little fuck. You know the state will support these shitbags. Of course white people are at fault for creating the environment these people live in. Wake up.

      • Anonymous Patriot

        maddog, how much longer will blacks blame whites for their situation? You mean, there are no opportunities for blacks now? They are not free to work, provide, go to collegs, and do something with their lives as any other race would?

        This is like Native Americans who still blame whites for their poverty and sit on the reservations collecting checks and doing nothing about their own situations.

        Genocide was horrible, a nightmare, but we are now in 2014 and we are all able, regardless of the color of our skin or where we come from, able to carve out a good life for ourselves. IF that is what a person WANTS.

        We can’t keep blaming each other. Everyone is responsible for their own choices.

        • maddog

          Anonymous Patriot,

          That was my dark sarcasm. Of course I believe everyone is responsible for their own choices.

        • lonelonmum

          AP – this is the reason why I have such a major issue with ijeets like that Jesse Jackson still being given airtime. I hear similar feelings expressed about Piers Morgan. Who do these Media whores actually represent if not Satan?

          Life is unfair – an an adult you accept that and do what you can to get on in life with what you’ve got. We all know one amazing teacher/mentor who will never be rich but will leave this earth having inspired the lives of many of the so-called “deprived”.

          This kidult cult of victimhood totally does my head in.

          In Detroit right now there is a fantastic minority sub-culture of community gardening and citizen self-defence emerging, yet we never hear of this, only of the decay of the old order.

          I’m not being a Pollyanna when I say I have no desire to blindly follow the “heros” mainstream media has pre-selected for me. It takes more time and effort to seek out examples of what I’d like to achieve or aspire to, but it is well worth the effort. I will not drown in a sea of negativity, I will show my child that life can be both meaningful and productive in the Christian sense.

      • maddog

        This morning the commie media reported this story was released to antagonize the black community. I think I said something like “You know the state will support these shitbags”. Pretty close I’d say. Not a rocket scientist just knowing the enemy.

    50. Old Vet

      “Loyalty to country ALWAYS. Loyalty to government, when it deserves it.” ¯Mark Twain

    51. Facebook Page

      Of course we are at the end. Nothing stars in Nebraska. That where thing end and die.

    52. Kevin2

      A person has to feel sorry for that kid. This isn’t confined to blacks. I seen white trash parents that had little ones in the 1970s that did similar.

    53. Grits

      Children are like little sponges…they are soaking in everything they see and hear. Yesterday I was standing in line to pay for my lunch and there were two little black children (I only tell you they were black because it pertains to the story) looking at a picture of a grilled cheese sandwich. The little girl (about 6) said yum that looks good. Her brother (about 4)said that is what he wanted. Making conversation I asked them if grilled cheese was their favorite sandwich. The little boy shook his head and said yes. The little girl looked at me with so much hate in her eyes…if looks could kill I would be dead. Her brother told her that lady is talking to you don’t be rude. He knew so why didn’t she? I pray for all children because they are all going to be so screwed up…just look at their parents.

    54. .02

      If you want to see the end results of this parenting watch Hood Life Volume 3 on you tube.

    55. anymouse

      How long do I have to wait for my comment to be moderated. I can share any shoddy treatment with the world to show how deeply racist the WASP still is and how dangerous the WASP is to the rest of the world.

      Do you realise how much the world hates the WASP. You have genocided every one of us, Afrikans, Indians, Malaysians, Native Amerindians, Australians (the real ones), Iraqi’s, Syrians, Phillipines, Hawaii, Siam, etc etc. you have even been to sodomize the moon.

      So don’t be afraid of a little biddy talk

      The reason you keep searching in our brown eyes for what we really think about the WASP and you find you cant make out if we love or hate you is because when we see you coming we(think) see a human being.

      I am speaking to all racists out there black brown pink and white. There is one world and one master. You cannot see him or touch him but he is there, He lives among and within people of colour, that is why you WASP have had to poison the well and effect hitlers dream of ‘population reducible’, (so you can add other peoples property to your asset books) whilst you looking for the master, meanwhile telling everyone who listens that you are the master. Stop moderating my effing post and put it up. dont let me brand the site the Satanical Hellish transvestitute Filth (who thinks there is salvation left over)

      • renegade/braveheart

        anymouse, we always welcome intelligent conversation here. we thrive on it. all I’ve seen come out of you so far is some of the usual propaganda from the NAACP or other black sources about white people this, white people that, etc. If you’re not happy here, go find another country you like and relocate to it.

      • tishie

        Never give up my friend. I believe your here for the same reason I am. To hear, think, learn, and yes, reason. Getting a bit difficult to learn much when everything one says as an honesty seems to be a dishonor, as in thumbs down.
        I’m obviously not a favorite here but I still believe , still watch and listen. Guess I’ll just shut my yap from now on. I believe you can start yapping and get all going. Stay strong, you can do it! Looking forward to future comments.

      • lonelonmum

        anymouse – humanity has a soul that can transcend all evil.

        Africans, Native Americans, Native Australians, Roma and many other despised races are still here, still surviving despite the opt repeated attempts to genocide them and rob them of their heritage, resources and histories.

        The tools of Satan have not won to date, and will not win in the future.

        In the meantime all we can do is help the young of whatever creed to move beyond the hatred and rigidity of thought, towards true freedom. The ability to love is what separates us from the sociopath and we should feel sorrow for those who still believe that to imitate the Devil is to live.

    56. Ugly

      No species can live off its own feces….

      • Unreconstructed Southron

        Now that is funny. And insightful. And scary.

      • slingshot

        The naked mole rat can.

        • CrabbeNebulae

          Man!! There aren’t too many things in this world that give me the willies but that’s got to be the most evil and disgusting looking creature I ever saw.

        • Unreconstructed Southron

          And politicians.

    57. t zone

      What would this ASS want more of ? Welfare ?? Like trying to buy a car or home with his / her mouth GTF OUT Oh they complain of high interest rate’s but look at the default on credit cards over a $25 pizza and why $34 on Olive Garden ??? 2 more C.C. Charge off’s for a pizza ? I just haddds me a repo and neeeds a carr 3RD repo in 1 year I Gotts Mee a Phone Girlfiriend needs to get my naurls done I believe this to be a fingernail painting U Gons get thims done

    58. cabinfever

      Pray for the child.

      Lord, please surround this child with your holy spirit, cover him with your precious blood and seal him with the sign of your cross. Please guide him through life and keep him safe.


      • Mama Bear

        That brought tears to my eyes. I was wondering if I was the only one that saw the spirit of God in the eyes of this poor little man, being so viciously provoked to be “tough” by his loved ones.

        This little fella just needs to be swooped up and loved..after having his jacket tanned, of course. As the mother of my own fiery little toddler, who is a master of mischief and righteous defender of his sister, I agree, this child needs prayers to help him grow up to be a real MAN.

    59. jerrytbg

      Most of you have it all wrong…

      That was a training video…listen again….

      AND…Outlaw summed it up “near” perfectly, only respect for all of you do I refrain in expressing my thoughts any further …

    60. Jim in Va.

      when the cities collapse guess where these people are headed? Stock up on ammo, they won’t take no for an answer.

      • Warchild Dammit

        Jim,doubt many will make it long in the country,the hordes will thin out fast of starvation and for those inclined to violence bullets,a grim future scenario.

    61. Anonymous Patriot

      Compared to the way the country is now, it makes me really miss the 70’s. I was a young adult then, and I remember when people still respected their elders and the streets were still somewhat safe to be out on. I could walk to the store at dusk to get groceries with no fear. Knock out game? What is that? I remember when neighborhood children spoke to my parents with respect, yes maam and no sir. Perhaps it was just a small town in America, but I do believe so much has changed and it’s looking like a nightmare. If I could time travel, I’d get the hell out of here now.

      That poor kid in the video doesn’t stand a chance, unless someone gets him away from those evil, vile people.

      • .02

        we would take our deer rifles to school so we could hunt on the way home. Try that these days.. how far we have fallen from our heritage is simply criminal.

        • JayJay

          Nurture vs. nature: heredity vs. environment

          Bless his little heart; he has two strikes against him listening to the adults in this video.

    62. Jim in Va.

      Behavior is learned,there are no worthwhile parents in that video.

    63. renegade/braveheart

      anymouse, I’ll say it again, NEGRO, PLEASE! Go somewhere else with all of that shuck-n-jive about white folks. Boy, you don’t have a leg to stand on.

      • Emily

        Or, Afro-American….

    64. renegade/braveheart

      Beam up all of us, Scotty. there’s no intelligent life in that video.

      • SmokinOkie

        Sorry, braveheart. Can’t beam anybody right now. Elvis is having a birthday party and all available power on the mothership is routed to the sound system.(and the blenders)



        When he get’s to “In The Ghetto” we’ll turn the ship toward Earth, although you can probably hear it already. Damn it’s loud up hear. My ears are bleeding. Signing off for now,

        • the renegade braveheart

          SmokinOkie, you’re always good for a laugh. keep it coming.

    65. boone

      I knew a white boy who talked to his son the same way and when he made it to 1st grade he was always in trouble for his dis-respect and foul mouth,praise the lord the kids old man is dead now and the kid might have a chance

    66. tishie

      I am completely discussed by this video and all the responses that are just a little bit more worthless. How dare you just let your lips flap and never take action! You say your good, law abiding folks? So am I. But WTF? Everything that is being spewed has nothing to do with this issue. Funny is funny and fun is fun. But let us not forget….we are all in this same boat. Think people…..Just Think!
      This site was always my go to place to learn. To try to wake up. Just to do what was right. When did this happen that it became FaceBook? When did this happen that I must kiss my own ass just to say goodby.

      • Anon

        This site has become trash.

    67. BubbaT

      Let the animals continue to be animals. They’ll all be dealt with in good time.

    68. jimbo

      The government is doing all they can to take our kids away from us and they becoming their parents but they are nowhere in site in kids like this! Where the hell is child services in this case? If ever there was a reason to intervene it is cases like this but forget about Obama and his thugs for they only want to take control from Christian patriots and freedom loving patriots. These parents need to be bitchslapped!

    69. km

      Looks like another one being groomed for beat-down. The government knows this stuff goes on in those communities, they intentionally let it happen to keep the chaos going, and to cause civil unrest nation-wide. Sadly the black community are useful idiots!!!

    70. Retired Marine

      The adult parasites in the video will get a pass for their behavior. But don’t you dare tell a little negro boy that fictional Santa is white. I won’t be surprised if the media spins this as a racial attack for re-posting the video, for “airing their dirty laundry.”

    71. ShockedJustShocked

      I think the Romney’s should be ashamed of themselves!

    72. Smokey

      CPS just came and took the child in the video, and two or three other children, out of the home.

      Meanwhile, the police union, that used the video it took from a Facebook posting, is taking a lot of heat from the local community organizers about racism.

      Guess who is going to be on television making an apology? The scum who made the video in the first place, or the police union?

    73. untitled

      Sad, our tax dollars are supporting these trolls. This poor child doesn’t have a chance.

      They have money for smart phones though.

    74. newbee

      The shitty part about this whole thing is the kids will be taken from parents and then put into our shitty foster care system where yes there are some good homes but then you get the people who do it for the money and abuse these kids. No matter what race these kids are they deserve the same chance I had at being a productive citizen and we can almost guarantee most of the kids in these type of homes will be future criminals.

    75. Tenet

      This is what produces criminal filth like the foul-mouthed, drug-selling, thieving, violent Trayvon Martin. That is why Americans need to arm themselves, to fight back against this scum.

    76. TATeb

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