CONFIRMED: Border Patrol Confirms Islamic Terrorists Have Been Smuggled In Through Mexico

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    For years we’ve warned of the OTM, or Other-Than-Mexican, threat to our southern border. And while suggesting that border security must be reformed during such a politically charged environment has led to accusations of racism for those who support tough border policy and even a wall, the fact is that we now have confirmation from the U.S. government that exactly what we warned would happen has actually happened.

    According to the Washington Times, immigration officials have now confirmed that smuggling rings operating from Brazil to Mexico have been moving “migrants” from middle east terror hot beds into the United States via the southern border.

    A smuggling network has managed to sneak illegal immigrants from Middle Eastern terrorism hotbeds straight to the doorstep of the U.S., including helping one Afghan who authorities say was part of an attack plot in North America.

    Immigration officials have identified at least a dozen Middle Eastern men smuggled into the Western Hemisphere by a Brazilian-based network that connected them with Mexicans who guided them to the U.S. border, according to internal government documents reviewed by The Washington Times.

    Those smuggled included Palestinians, Pakistanis and the Afghan man who Homeland Security officials said had family ties to the Taliban and was “involved in a plot to conduct an attack in the U.S. and/or Canada.” He is in custody, but The Times is withholding his name at the request of law enforcement to protect investigations.

    In 2014 we reported that terrorists have been captured at our southern border. The report was completely denied by the Department of Homeland Security, which at the time claimed there were “no credible threats.”

    It appears that those reports were, in fact, accurate, and that credible threats did exist.

    But that’s not even the half of it.  We have repeatedly warned that since terrorists have what amounts to nothing short of unfettered access to America’s soft targets because of the Obama administration’s lax policies, they could well be smuggling weapons of mass destruction into the United States when they are crossing over.

    It has been confirmed that gunmen have stolen radioactive materials, including Cesium-37, in Mexico on multiple occasions, a threat that was so serious that the Texas Rangers were dispatched to secure the border.

    What’s more, last month we reported that game wardens in Texas have been issued radiation detectors as part of their standard uniform because of fears that terrorists “could try to smuggle radioactive material into the country.”

    As further evidence of just how grave the threat really is, the Obama administration in March released a report outlining the four ways terrorists could use a nuclear device to strike targets in the United States.

    The most devastating but improbable scenario involves a group stealing a fully functional bomb from a nuclear-armed country. Most nuclear experts point to Pakistan as the likeliest source, though that would require cooperation with someone on the inside of Pakistan’s military.

    Easier to pull off would be for IS or another group to obtain fissile material like highly enriched uranium, then turn it into a crude nuclear device delivered by truck or ship.

    A third possibility is that extremists could bomb an existing nuclear facility, such as the Belgian waste plant, spreading highly radioactive material over a wide area.

    The most likely scenario that security experts fear is that a group could get ahold of radioactive material, such as cesium or cobalt, for a dirty bomb that could be carried in a suitcase. Those materials are widely used in industrial, academic and hospital settings, with no consistent security standards across the globe. Last year, an Associated Press investigation revealed multiple attempts by black market smugglers to sell radioactive material to Middle East extremists.

    Curiously, the White House report specifically mentioned Cesium as a possible radioactive material that can be used to manufacture a dirty bomb – the very same material gunmen stole in Mexico.

    While many Americans continue to either bury their heads in the sand or marginalize those who warn of the possibility of Chemical, Biological, Radiologicial, or Nuclear (CBRN) attacks against domestic targets, the threat is obviously real. We need look only to Europe as evidence. When terrorists attacked Brussels earlier this year we also learned that a nuclear power plant was targeted, with those involved having gone so far as to track and record the director of that plant in the hopes they could compromise its security and cause a regional and devastating nuclear disaster. Further, European officials have already confirmed that CBRN weapons have been smuggled into Europe.

    Does anyone think that America is immune?

    In a recent address President Obama encouraged Americans to prepare for a major disaster, suggesting that Americans should have disaster supplies like emergency food on hand to mitigate such a crisis should it ever come to pass.

    Given that we know terrorists are now crossing the border into the United States and that their goal is to cause maximum damage in any way possible, perhaps the President should have also suggested to the public that they acquire CBRN-rated protective equipment to prepare for what appears to be an inevitable scenario.


    CBRN-Rated Advanced Tactical Gas Mask 

    The Prepper’s Blueprint: A Step-By-Step Guide To Prepare For Any Disaster

    What Hell Is Coming? Even Obama Is Warning Americans ‘To Prepare For Disaster’

    Report: Weapons Of Mass Destruction Have Been Smuggled Into Europe: “Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear”

    Preparing For A Nuclear Attack

    Nuke Threat On Southern Border: Texas Game Wardens Issued Radiation Detectors


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      1. Oh well… Happy Friday!!!!!

        • My reaction precisely. This is hardly shocking, we’ve known of this “sneaking in” for years. No one really cares. Bring on the invasion.

        • All but the government stooges here will happily fill islamic savages with holes and send them to their devil allah to burn with their fag baby raping prophet.

          • DAMN!!!
            could not of said it better myself!!!

          • Bullet lube recipe made with bacon grease.

            6 oz of beeswax
            3 oz of bayberry wax
            6 oz of bacon grease
            1 tablespoon of Dawn soap
            2 tablespoon of neatsfoot oil

            Bullets that send Jihadists straight to hell, priceless!

            • Sorry, I assume preppers know about bullets and reloading. My bad, more info!

              Modern ammo is normally copper jacketed because copper does not adhere to steel (Gun Barrels) even at the very high temperatures of high velocity ammo from both the powder burning and friction.

              Welders often use copper paddle tools to backup and contain molten steel of welds, because molten steel doesn’t stick to copper, and if you are fast enough, the copper backing doesn’t melt too. Result – a great weld with no burn through.

              In the days before copper jacketed bullets, they used bullet lube to prevent bullet lead from melting and plating the inside of the barrel. Bullets were molded with grooves. A special press would be loaded with bullet lube and bullets pressed through it. It resized bullets to a precise diameter, coated the bullet with lube, and fill its grooves with lube that would hinder barrel fouling from lead and powder residue.

              If you buy cheap .22 long rifle unjacketed ammunition, you will find they coated the lead bullets with a lot of waxy grease that gets everywhere, and is a bitch to clean from the weapon and magazines. That is commercial bullet lube. Even high quality jacketed .22 LR ammo has a thin waxy coating on it that makes good .22 ammo self cleaning. You should still clean a 22 with a wire brush and lead cleaner to get the crud out periodically, more so if you use lead bullets.

              if you cast your own bullets, you should use a bullet press that resizes and lubes bullets, or you should resize and plate your bullets (a bit more complicated).

          • You think Muslims are the threat? Lolz, if anything by now, Muslims would be retaliating in a war that the US started over false pretenses. More worried about nonfiction here.

            • So what did we do in 1801 to have Jihad declared against us
              Other than send the navy to free Americans they had captured through piracy?

          • Hey,you’re talking about our assets in Syria/Iraq.And if you shoot ’em how are Israeli medical people going to treat them?

      2. LOCK AND LOAD!

        • Nope.

          Everybody gets Amnesty. Remember that? That would fix the problem.

      3. As a former liberal I’m ashamed of myself for even being that messed up. This chimp in the White House can’t b gone soon enough. Any wonder trump is rocketing up in the polls? People are fed up with our country being destroyed and history and customs changed or abandoned because of political correctness. You don’t like it here immigrants? Take a flight to that cesspool Mexico or one of those screwed up middle eastern countries that beat women and grown men fuck little child brides to death. Screw these immigrants and the trash and violence that comes with them

        • TM, welcome, and I agree. Glad to see you learned the truth and freed yourself from liberalism. BTW, I call them libturds. Again welcome.

          • May I correct you, sir. The correct term is libtard.

            • FlyByNight, you can use whatever term you like for them. LIBTURD is MY term for them. I have no use for them.

              • I’m with Braveheart. Libturds is better.

            • Liebertards

              • Libturds and Demoncraps

        • Yes Ted don’t be too hard on yourself. We’ve all had times where we’ve seen the errors of our ways. Now that your eyes are wide open, you can see what you need to do.

          • I saw a redneck truck in the country here friday with a gigantic flag….Don’t tread on me….I told him i like the flag. I told him i got a Trump bumper sticker on my car and i’m getting one from Rush that says, “Never hillery”. He said there’s another one ….”hillery for prison” !!

        • The ZOG Zionists that Run the DHS say 95% of all DHS Security Grants are to go to Jewish Religious Organizations. THATS A FACT LOOK IT UP.. There is no problem at the border. Wink Wink. The real enemy already hijacked this Government on all levels and are destroying this Country at fast break neck speed.

          The 6 Sided Star is Evil to it’s Roots.

          Wake up America and Islamaphobes you are Being fooled again. WHOOL PULLED OVER YOUR EYES!! How many Jewish spies infiltrate and steal technology daily? Millions do. WHO let the Dual Israeli Citizen Michael Chertoff run the DHS for years? And hires Foreign Israeli Security companies to Run US Airports. Like WTF? This is Treason. America is being lost.


      4. Since the CIA is the one who has the “terrorists” on their payroll and since the CIA is the one to direct their terrorism, we (and europe) will be attacked when the puppeteers TELL o’bama to get ready to institute Martial Law because they’re going to have their “false flag event”

        • Amen to that.This is a false flag alert if ever I heard one.

      5. Smuggling terrorists into the U.S. through the Mexican border??!! Oh My Goodness,who would have thunk? Actually living here in Arizona,we have known about this for quite sometime. But we were always called racists for it. GOOD MORNING AMERICA

        • Ain’t that a fine ‘Howdy-do’. I wouldov’ never imagined such a thing especially here where so many patriots reside….. I’m sitting here at my desk sipping a redneck screwdriver. I’ve opened the safe and gazed at my sidekicks and pulled a couple of series’70’s out to fondle. There just ain’t no firearm any better than an old Colt or Smith and Wesson to bow your lips into a smile. There’s some others I treasure but I’ll leave it there. I don’t know what lies down the road. But get this straight, I damn sure plan on doing my share of paring down the opposition. I love life and family but I hate evil more than anything else in this world. I will do my best to destroy it no matter whose face it presents.

          • PO’d Patriot, I’ll also be taking part in the ‘upcoming festivities’.

            • Amen to both of you!!!

          • Glad to hear another Patriot ring that Bell of Liberty !

        • southside:
          You know, it seems as though every time Americans stand up for themselves, they are tagged with a moniker that implies either bigotry or stupidity and they back down. In your spot-on example, the sorely over-used “racist” tag. Our “leader” has done this, nostrils flared whilst yelling at all of us in his Obambic Pentameter as though we were the peasants outside the castle walls. An example was the birth certificate issue. He, in his most insulting tone of voice, called everyone “birthers”. Followed it up with other press opportunities where he drove home his point about just how stupid we are for being vigilant. So what happens? Everyone shuts up. Too afraid of being called a name.
          Now THAT is something I think of when I read all the “resolve” people express where it comes to prepping and standing up for The Constitution…that resolve has proven time and time again that it falls flat and is trampled into the ground once one of those politically incorrect monikers is slapped on them.

          Of course, maybe all of us at least secretly, would love to hear him yell INSTEAD at the leaders of the nations who are our enemies. Instead of APOLOGIZING for what our nation does and has done.

          It has already been in the news that refugees have and continue to be brought in here. Those who oppose it, raised their voices on election day in 2014 and the result was the GOP landslide victory.
          Which should make everyone think to themselves now, WHO DO WE BLAME? It seems as though all of those GOP winners in 2014 HAVE NOT DONE A DAMNED THING TO HONOR THE VOTES OF THE PEOPLE WHO PUT THEM THERE. They also get called a name and then take their paychecks and stay out of the way.

          Sticks and Stones…time to revise that playground chant. Because now the words DO break bones…those words that are spoken…and ESPECIALLY those words that people have now become too afraid and intimidated to say.

      6. Let the sandapes bring it. I have bullets dipped in BBQ sauce waiting for them.

        • Agreed. Now there’s a people I would dearly love the opportunity to cull( or eliminate…depending on time and opportunity).

      7. The real threats are in DC. The others are just a distraction.

        • Those in DC (the greater majority), and nothing less than Domestic Enemies, whom which we HAVE THE RIGHT TO FIRE UPON (did y’all know that)? Nope… that’s “one” that will never make it to the Front Headlines.
          Many of us have Oathed (for life) to defend our Country against all Foreign and Domestic Enemies …so, in effect, by their actions, deceits, lies they’ve ‘self-qualified’ themselves as Domestic Enemies (or; Domestic Terrorists given the ‘manner’ in which they go about ALL ‘questionable’ things).
          Remember when The DOJ showed up at the Southern Border about two years ago and TOOK ALL THE WEAPONS (saying some shit about having to refurbish them, and left The Border Patrol with a few pistols …not even enough for every man, and so they shared? THAT marked the influx of undesirable (up until then it was the usual flow of Mex-immigrants only). Those weapons were NEVER returned to them, and I am willing to wager they now have “counters” to detect “nuke fissiles” now that it has already crossed the border (months ago). Who do they think they are fooling at this point? It has become obvious that everything they deny is a lie, and it has also become obvious that all of these ABC Agencies are to “squash” the little people and NOT defend nor help them in any way …making them just more targets/domestic enemies of we the people.
          Remember when Obama was overseas “addressing” The NWO on “the state of affairs” in America? 2yrs ago??? When he was asked, “Why are the American people still carrying guns?” Obama replied: Because ‘they’ (THEY?) have a Constitution which gives them the right to do so and it isn’t easily broken …yet I intend to do so by (and I forget what the hell he said).
          “THEY”? Obama obviously doesn’t want to construe himself as an American when standing before The NWO, United Nations (where’d they go anyway?), or any other nation. Therefore, our POTUS is also a Domestic Enemy, making him a “fair target” in my (and many others’) ‘books’. The “missing” 5 minutes of The Iran ‘escapade’ would be enough to indict the entire government, and so they are “playing it out” so as to appear “harmless” to those stupid enough to believe Fox, CNN and all the rest. (SOS – different day)
          From this point forth everyone must ensure they are not being “played for the fool” (do NOT comply with unconstitutional ANYTHINGS …especially if they even TRY to instill Martial Law. To do so is a guarantee that “we’ll come crawling out of the woodwork” and descend upon them, in all states. (read: “vets”-millions of them). They’d have already done it but with the advent of Americans STILL “arming themselves to the teeth” and preparing …they are “a bit unsure” of themselves …and apparently they’d like to see US “take out” the people who they have freely allowed into this Country. (Nope, we aren’t that dumb either Mr. Obama).
          What would be wrong with “We The People” marching their asses from every state STRAIGHT INTO WASHINGTON DC (since THEY wish them to be here, let THEM “take care of the whole of them”)! The VFW has threatened Obama with exactly that …I am sincerely hoping they’ll follow through …since THIS is the first time that the Veterans of Old and New have ‘Jack-slapped’ the POTUS hard enough to get his attention. For those who do not know, The VFW isn’t just a place to get a drink and reminiscence, but is “at the ready” to defend The USA and is in alignment with all the other Veteran ‘groups’ (for the same reason). Think: Minutemen, constitutionally authorized in every way and need NO ONES approval to act according and as needed. (God knows it is going to be needed).
          Therefore, we are now fully aware that The Vets are “at the ready, locked and loaded and “chomping at the bit” to oust every last one of these son’s a bitches (read: HANG THEIR ASSES) as not one is “of or for this country” (they are ‘the real thing’ that has infiltrated every nuance of our infrastructure in order to destroy all of it. (In their fucking dreams). They can destroy American buildings but they’ll NEVER destroy The American Spirit and our love of freedom (something they’ll NEVER understand as they’ve never had it). rant/off (suffering from ‘over-ranting’…

        • Afuckingmen

      8. Emergency Survival 10 Commandments
        1. Stay in present time. Don’t get overwhelmed by fast changing events or
        motions. Automatic reactions can be good or bad. They are often based on fixed
        ideas. Fixed ideas if not appropriate to the present time situation can get in the
        way of doing the correct action. Staying in present time being fully aware of what
        is going on is mandatory in emergency survival situations.
        2. Observe the obvious. Look for the simple obvious what is in front of you to
        observe. Do a careful full attention in present time observation. Remove fixed
        ideas from the equation. Fixed ideas on how to handle come in to staple down the
        confusion of the situation.
        3. Evaluation of importance: Is there something (situation) going on that is more
        important to observe and be present for?
        4. Define the current situation: What is the problem or situation that needs
        5. Do your own analysis: Keep your own counsel. Determine all of the options
        available for the situation definition. Share with others and get them to do the
        6. Evaluate all of the options: The basic cycle of handling will be observe-decide-
        act. Careful observation and definition of the situation can lead to correct
        decisions of the best option for action.
        7. Bring order to current environment. Don’t do actions that add to the confusion
        that is currently going on. Put attention of those that can handle on to the proper
        actions that are need. Put others attention on what needs to be done.
        8. If needed jump in and bypass others to get the vital actions done.
        9. Help others: Help or get help for the injured or physically in trouble. Remove
        those that have gone insane from the environment. Calm those on the boarder of
        insanity and give them something simple to do.
        10. Look for out points. Put attention on it to get it handled. Look for plus points
        and encourage and reward continued effort in that direction. If you bypassed
        those evolved, transfer reasonability and action back to individuals involved or
        someone else present. Back off and get others involved.

      9. Oh Cesium…

        Also known as “dust mote sized piece” == “automatic terminal cancer”.

        Not sure how fast that happens but…

        … kinda pointless for them to go after the West Coast, we’ve already been “dirty bombed” by Japan and the Pacific Ocean…

        • I’m just about finished upgrading my home water filtration system.

          I can assure everyone, if a nuke power plant leaks or Jihadists blow up a dirty bomb, the government will assure you that you are in no danger……. If water treatment plants supply toxic water, state and federal laws require they notify you within three months…….

          When I moved into my house, I added two whole house water filters because of the lousy taste. The standard activated charcoal ten dollar two pack of filters worked great. Because of conversations here I did more research and found and upgrade filter that fits my filter holders, it filters down to a micron which means it stops cryptosporidium. Sweet, and they are the same price as the old ones that the big box hardware stores sell.

          I also have another high quality water filter that feeds my ice maker and kitchen drinking water dispenser. I just found an upgrade for that filter that is rated to remove 99% of heavy metals.

          Make sure you have a good supply of spare filters. If there is a SHTF problem, and you are due for a filter change, good luck buying replacements. In a SHTF situation water quality can get really iffy. A good filter system will keep you safe.

          I remember an incident where the water company was working on the mains. I came home and we had no water pressure. I pulled the filters and flushed my incoming line until it ran clear. For several minutes it ran brown? Fresh filters in place and we were good to go. My neighbors of course with no filters to stop the crud and were all drinking the filthy water. Oops.

          • Dear “Plan twice”: Would you be so very kind as to re-post your comments and add, at the bottom, the water filters / purifiers that you use? Plus, the amount of gallons per month each filter/purifier cleans up? Everyone always benefits when they have a named brand they can investigate and see if it applies to their particular situation and water use-rate. Many thanks. (Donald)

            • Water filter specs.

              Originally I was faced with just lousy tasting water, it smelled like pond scum when I took a shower or drank it. I wasn’t into being prepared in those days. I added a GE whole house water filter just to improve the water quality. The house had an 1.5 inch water main and the filter restricted the water flow, so I added a second filter in parallel. That solved my flow/ pressure drop problems. I also at one time lived in a condo with a 1/2 inch water feed, I know just one filter would have worked just fine there.

              I had been satisfied for years, I used the cheap ten dollar filter pack from home cheapo. Then I added a refrigerator with an ice maker an drinking water dispenser. I found an inexpensive filter at Home Depot many of you have seen installed on water fountains in public places if you ever looked at the plumbing in the back. That made the water taste even better, which couldn’t be a bad thing.

              Jump 10 years, news of water problems all across America begin to surface including Fukushima, Flint MI, etc, I begin to research improvements.

              I now find I can buy improved filters that fit my standard whole house water filter units. In fact they replace cartridges that fit ten inch GE, Culligan, DuPont, Kenmore, Omnifilter, Whirpool etc. Supposedly these are one micron filters that can remove bacteria. They do need to be replaced every 3 to 4 months or 15,000 gallons (I run two filters in parallel, so that’s 30,000 gallons for me. Here’s a link to what I am buying now.


              Next the water dispenser filter. I shopped for one that would specifically remove heavy metals. I found on Amazon:


              It is pricey at $99 but replacement filters are half that and these last 10,000 gallons or three years. Remember this is just drinking and cooking water. They claim these filters to be able to remove 99% of lead and heavy metals. The filter is also impregnated with a bactericide, thus the long three year rating.

              Extras. For untreated well water, only use filters that are impregnated with a bactericide or silver. I had a neighbor once who used a faucet water filter on well water, it became loaded with bacteria and nearly killed a family member. My water is supposed to be treated city water? I question that statement, thus my drinking water filter with a bactericide built in.

              I have thought of a UV bacteria killing unit for my drinking water, but I know that would stop working during a power failure? This perhaps a critical moment.

              Make sure you have extra filters. I do dry out the old filters and keep a dozen of the youngest. If need be they would be my first filters for cleaning rain or pond water that would of course be subsequently chlorinated and further filtered.

              Hope this answers your questions.

              Some people use reverse osmosis filters that if maintained, clean water to near distilled water quality. A bit more pricey.

              Point is, have your water tested and find out what’s lurking, then come up with a plan. What seems to be working for me may not be what’s best for you.

            • late to the subject, but many here (us, too) swear by the Aqua Rain water filter (made in USA)with ceramic filters, not cheap but will last years.
              If memory serves, 60,000 gallons with the 4 internal filters. It can operate with 1, 2,3 or all 4. Do not buy the Berkey, or if you do, read the comments on amazon first.

              • Be sure to plan for the problem of radioactivity. The Seychelle radiological water filter is the only one I know of that actually can filter out radiation. It has even been tested and used in Japan since Fukushima. Can get from Amazon or directly from the Seychelle Company.

      10. So beside killing the imported terrorists, keep and eye on dancing Israelis just like 9/11.

        • JK, especially the Israeli Mossad fleeing the World Trade Centers in White vans loaded with explosives and detonation devices. Oh the were detained for a few weeks before Michael Chertoff Dual Citizen Zionist WHO then the DHS set them free and a free plane ride back to their HQ In Israehell. Israel set a photo crew over to film the collapsing world trade center towers. What luck to have captures it all on film at the right moment. Those fucking dancing Israelis.


          • And due to this video, FOUX NEWS who is owned and operated by the ZIO boys cancelledJudge Napalitano’s program.

            Oh well as WWTI stated the TRUTH will Prevail at the end but I like to be the witness for the destruction of the chosen ones.

      11. The country has gone down the tubes and if terrorist manage to set one off there will be plenty of people. Running around scare out of their minds yelling. Help Me, Help Me.

        Yep. You might get cooked from the inside out. Think of that for a moment.

      12. Nice work, Obama.


      13. What the articles title really means is the false flag allowed by the govt. is hear,when it hits,remember,and act accordingly.

      14. As we speak the invaders are being fitted for federal police uniforms.

      15. I can verify this article. A briefing was given to some of my army buddies last week. They know for a fact that terrorist have crossed the border. They know for a fact there are training camps in the country. They know where the training camps are but are not allowed to do anything about it. The current administration does not enforce immigration law.
        The police can do nothing unless some of them are caught doing something illegal.

        I know it is nuts. It infuriates me. We know but refuse to do anything.

        This is a set up for sure. Just keep prepping and be aware of all surroundings.

        • If you know where the camps are, put it on the INTERNET, use TOR, un-traceable.
          44 years ago I lived on a street 4 blocks long where all but two families were illegal, Immigration didn’t do shit then, why should they change and do shit today?
          Police do what ever they damn well please. It is not even in the top 10 of the most dangerous jobs in America.
          Keep prepping and have a plan.

          • Yes please put it on TOR via The TORCH search-engine. EVERYONE should be using either TOR or TAILS …which is very, very awesome and makes YOU next to impossible to ID …and leaves no trace on your machine as it only uses memory and never your HDD (unless you elect to download something, and if you do, encrypt it then compress it, using a password for both in excess of 21 ‘characters’.
            I would not put my faith into any Steganos. Anything Windows is “selling you out”. TOR and TAILS are highly encouraged for everyone to use ALL THE TIME! Why stick out your neck when you can pop a disc into the drive and run off it …completely impossible to track! And again, strongly consider using some form of Linux (preferably a Debian Linux “distro” such as LinuxMint or Cinnamon or …Gnome. (The latter being the best imho). The first two are so much like Windows XP it is fascinating (and you CAN use a program called “WINE” to run Windows programs on Linux “SAFELY” (they can’t “call home”).
            Said differently, why use online products that WILL BE USED AGAINST YOU IF AT ALL POSSIBLE, when you can “give them nothing” by just downloading either TOR or TAILS or BOTH! There are other “deep web” options available as well, and once you have used the aforementioned a while you’ll most likely run into them and use them as well. (As for now, I (personally) would refrain from all email usage other than non-specific family talk and the like). The only exception might be to encrypt (using PGP?) everything you send …to slow them down if nothing else. 312bit algorithms are a bitch to break and take far longer than they’ll admit to (like hundreds of years for the 2056bit ‘killers’ ..available on TOR).
            Hint: Many of the desired “onion addresses” can be found looking through Google’s huge pile of “folders” and “trees” that they ‘scarfed up’ before anyone knew google was using ‘bots’ to get all this info. You can even google for google’s keywords for onion addresses (but only do it when using TAILS or TOR ..and preferably on a Linux ‘box’). If you MUST use Windows, turn OFF the windows firewall and install an open-source “Mutha” of a firewall like the ones used on Servers …and don’t depend on your “Modem” firewall since all of them have a Username: (which is Admin, and a Password: which is Admin). Changing it will not slow down an experienced hacker at all, as it can be ‘gone around’ as opposed to “Brute Force”.

            • Bud, I wish I understood all that. It’s one of those things that will be on my back burner.
              Like forever 🙂

        • It’s all part of Obama’s plan for one party rule in America.

          Obama and his ilk want domestic terror attacks. When faced with a jihadi terrorist shooting an RPG into a school or church the American sheeple will give up their freedom in exchange for Federal protection.

          Yup, Obama’s big plan is nothing more than a criminal protection scheme. Oh and you’ll have to give up your guns too. Can’t have any yahoos shooting the terrorists!

          • Plan Once; You really think it is a plan of Obama’s and NOT the combined efforts of The NWO and every last nation that stands against us (for all the dirty deeds our fearful leaders have dumped on allies and non-allies alike)?
            Obama is just a puppet going through the motions, and doing the ‘fine-tuning’ on Grand-Scale Intentions. This is why he’s been using EO’s faster than TP to ‘rape’ The Constitution, dispense with Congress (so that they can say “I DID NOT KNOW”!!!!), and so on.

            Criminal? Yes. Akin to The Godfathers of yesteryear? No. Not even close.
            We are facing “white extinction” should we allow the assholes who seek our deaths to become so entrenched that it becomes “a real bitch” to dig them out. But, I’ve always loved a challenge!

            And, the sobs have ALREADY attacked churches and killed and NOBODY RAN TO THE GOVERNMENT CRYING AND PLEADING FOR PROTECTION. no no no (that’s all media hype meant to fuck you up). What we did was burn down DOUBLE the number of Mosques just to let them know that not only do we not want them here, but they are dead if they think they can remain. So Trump is “dead on” …we do not have a choice at this point (and it matters not who is elected or not elected). It will all lead to the same end …war (and a vicious one at that).
            I believe The Sheeple will awaken when they are watching their cities burn, and then they’ll fight with whatever they can muster up (and we ARE a resourceful people who are indomitable despite what ANY ONE SAYS TO THE CONTRARY! (dammit)

            • Obama is the freaking president of the most powerful country on earth.

              Yes, I Hold him directly responsible. Even if he is totally ignorant of the law, and claims he couldn’t see the effect of his policies. Ignorance of the law is no excuse.

              He still could still be hung for the crimes he is committing.

              There are no excuses.

        • Yep, they have been doing this for a long time, About a decade ago I arrested a guy for a couple feloneys offenses out of a small 24 plex apartment in my area. Almost nobody spoke English / all the inhabitants were illegals! (The whole building) When I called / asked for immigration officers nobody showed up. But they dam sure wanted to know / make sure that I was notifying the guys home country consult of his arrest & rights under federal law when I booked him into the state jail.

          I learned that day that illegals are a protected species by the Feds compared to the average American. At least that’s how it went down that day.

          • So if we all had some non white blood, more is better, we would be welcomed in as NWO brothers and sisters, pure white need not apply.

        • Relik

          I don’t know the actual location of the camps. I just know what was said in the briefing.
          You can do a web search for local mosque and locations of Muslem communities. That alone is shocking. My state VA has several and is one of the worst.
          I have a close prepper friend who bought a small cabin in the middle of nowhere in south west VA. I drove down with him to it. We went a different way than he normally went.

          We found a mosque about an hour from his bug out location in the middle of nowhere.

          Our government has betrayed us all and is full of nothing but treasonous, money hungry, evil people.

        • Is this what you are talking about?

          Muslims establishing no-go zones in America…

        • .Muslims Establilshing No-Go Zones in America . 1/14/15

          Go to you Tube and type in the above …..

          It’s like a bad dream. Really bad dream.

          • Pam:


            That is a tape the Trump campaign could use. I know he will bring the Marines, and all the power of the USA to deal with this threat to National Security.

            Free speech?? What a crock of Semitic horse shit.

      16. Well the Pope is all for South and Central American illegal immigrants to continue the flood into the US. The other self called chosen ones who remain unmentionable that control every aspect of the US government are experts on mayhem and elimination of whites and their Christian way of thinking, all told in their Learned Elders of Zion dictates. “The mechanism for implementing Hate Crime laws is, of course, through the courts. With a One World Government about to become reality, there will need to be a World Court. This Court, without jury, bail, or appeal, will see to it that draconian hate crime laws (seen as progressive) are instituted which mandate slavery and death to all that challenge them. So then, if you hate blatent lies, what the government and its appointed court and rubber stamped legislature says is true, you are regarded as guilty – period.” This is from Beware the Mark by Ray Novosel, a lengthy article on the net. The plan is moving along rapidly under Obama, and I expect it to continue with either Clinton or Trump following.

        • Alijamo:

          The false Pope is not the true leader of The Church. The Catholic Church was infiltrated and is being run by The Children of the Devil, Masons, haters and murderers of Christ. That is why since 1958 the Church has changed so drastically. These things are heresy. This Pope is either afraid or part of something very bad.

          • Isn’t it funny that the only people that really warned us of the children of satan. Wher Jesus and hitler? They both came out in public and knocked over the tables of the money changers. Using violence how terrible ? They both tried and died. Satans greatest weapon is the lie and he rules this world. Isn’t it obvious? We helped the communists enslave half of Europe? But that’s OK we did it for freedom . And wear did they get the money and equipment from to do It. not the money changers I’m sure.. We victors of ww2 have been doing so much more for freedom lately. Yes look at all the freedom. And it can only get better as long as we victors of ww2 are in charge. We fought hard and spent billions to free the Iraqi people from the evil saddam. Just like we did against that evil Hitler. And that evil Kadafi too. We are so wonderful. And after 12 years of fighting for the Iraqi people . The have ISIS. But that’s not our falt. No No it’s the Iraqi people’s falt. But that’s old news . Now we have to get that evil Assad . Who’s gassing his own people how terrible. We must bomb his country into rubble to get their freedom back. We’re doing Gods work and I’m sure he will pay us back for it one day.?

        • aljamo: What you have stated as being ‘dead ahead’ would require the FULL COOPERATION of every last person (excluding 3rd world peoples who are not aware anything is amiss at the moment).
          I sincerely doubt there will be 100% cooperation at ANY level of their intended “despicable an borderline insane’ intentions.
          I do not see America falling to a bunch of insane lunatics hell-bent on dominating those who refuse to be dominated, no matter the cost.
          Nuke the damned earth and blow it all to hell but I will not stop until I am either killed or vaporized via a nuke. Since I am not the only one with this mindset, it is logical to prepare yourselves for a very long war that has a plethora of possible endings …not ONE of them the destruction of The USA.
          Why? Because we are now EXTREMELY WISE TO WHAT IS BEING DONE …thus no matter what is put into effect (or attempted) shall fail miserably ….or they would have started their FULL FORCE ATTACKS a very long time ago making 911 look like a ‘walk in the park’ (by comparison to what may be coming).

          In short: THIS IS WORTH DYING FOR JUST AS IT WAS TO OUR FOUNDING FATHERS. So either get on or get the fuck off …as we do not want to hear ‘defeatist propaganda’ upon this site …and WON’T!

      17. Wait until these asshole musloids realize that they’ve only migrated towards their own meaningless deaths.

        • They are here because our government funded, trained, and brought them here to destroy what is left of our rights and country. Roadside checkpoints, gun grabs , and forced incarceration awaits every free American if there are any left.

          • Observingall. You are refering to the Jews right? B/c that explains it all. Russia doesn’t have a New or Black problem. Putin saw fit to kick all Jews out of any and all meaningful government posotions. That’s why the jew media hates Russia and demonized them. Who fell for that ZOG bs propaganda? Not me.


            • You are One twisted individual, everything is Jews fault, if you are true to your racist mentality, then stop ever buying any products made by Israel or Jews, am not a Jew in case you start dribbling and spitting your wrath against me, I support Israel, not necessarily fond of Jews, but people like you are a blight on society, like the morons that tried to blame Mossad and Israel for sinking the Costa Concordia
              Get over it, it is an illness you have

      18. I said this years ago. Middle eastern people can pose as Mexicans. Same brown skin. The cartels probably help them cause they both wanna destroy America. Gotta shoot border jumpers. What other way is there. Don’t believe the browning of America has moved to the next phase yet.

      19. Well I will die standing in a pile of pork soaked brass before I bend a knee.
        God will not let us fall. I agree it is getting really stupid. Up is down, down is up. Let the when it breaks loose we need to use the camps for our own use. As far as the border round up all the flag waving protesters put them in a 8 week work camp on this side building the wall and then throw them back on the other side. Do it as a penilty for being here illegal. Which if you think about i would bet a million bucks who builds the wall will be the cheap labor at it. Hopefully they will build it from the other side. And what part of illegal is not well illegal . Damn O bummer has messed it up. Not sure if Trump is the answer but best we have,, God please help us it is going to be a bumpy ride. One final word even though it is going to hell on the fast track. Take a moment to love your family enjoy a drink under a tree play with the kids. Those will be fond memories way sooner than we want… Enjoy your small spot in this ceaspol and stay viligilant..

      20. When the time comes and if your able see to it they die screaming

        • Dispensing with them quietly will grant you a much longer lifetime, I assure you. (Their brains will be screaming, yet nothing will come out, and that’s good enuff for me).

      21. Sadly this is no surprise, but only confirmation of what many of us have been saying for years. The refusal to secure our borders is criminal!

      22. In a SHTF situation it will be hard to trust brown people? Do you let them get close. Are they spies? Can you take the chance? Is it worth taking the chance? Why take the chance? How much good have they done our country so far? Do we need them? Can we afford them? Can we survive without them? Look what they’ve done to the countries they’ve run? Will the do the same to ours?

      23. Gambling in Casablanca? Shocking!!!!

        • The City of London is the capital of the world wide banking web owned not by Muslims but by their cousins, The Tribe, the Trillionaires Rothschilds who own Isreal and control the US via Goldman Sachs and the Federal Reserve with their FRNs. You really believe the dark skinned Mosad are not masquerading as Muslims in London and controlling the whole show. They are here to give us some false flags like the USS Liberty. The Kaitlin massacre false flag in WW2. On and on. Mosad and Muslims, it’s a six thousand year old family feud. Brought to you live, or should I say dead, right here in America.

      24. Where is Homeland Security, ICE, FBI, and NSA?

        • Helping by doing nothing. Move along.
          Nothing to see here, all’s well.

        • Those orginzations were put into place for the purpose of taking over to begin with.

      25. All,

        It’s not about race (never should be) but about love of country.

      26. This country is a true shambles and will FAIL, there is NO doubt in my mind!!!

      27. Either the day will arrive that the black monkey in the WH is executed for treason (along with many others), or the day will arrive that the American people will become slaves to a totalitarian regime. That’s where we are at, June 2016. The spark that ignites the civil war is soon to come. The lines have been drawn. Choose your side wisely. No-one will be allowed to sit on the fence. As Bush said “your either with US, or against US.!!!

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