Shock Report: 70 Million People Would Be Starving in the Streets Without Government Welfare Programs

by | Jul 9, 2014 | Headline News | 327 comments

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    the-american-dream-is-overAmid all the talk of recovery by politicians, economic officials and big business leaders, the fundamental numbers behind all the propaganda tell a starkly different story.

    Home sales have dropped to record lows, more people are out of the workforce than anytime in the last 50 years, and cash-strapped consumers have run out of money to fuel economic growth.

    By all meaningful measures the American boom times of old are gone.

    A recent report from the Department of Health and Human Services suggests that we may have already reached the tipping point and that things are only going to get worse going forward.

    According to the HHS, nearly half of all Americans are now dependent on some form of government benefit just to put food on the table. And of our population of 310 million, nearly one in four receive welfare benefits.

    That’s over 70 million people who, if the government safety nets broke down due to lack of funding or a monetary crisis, would be starving on our streets right now.

    The sheer magnitude of the numbers is shocking. What’s worse is that they are indicative of a continuing down-trend that won’t be improving any time soon.

    According to the 2014 version of a report that the Department of Health and Human Services is required by law to issue annually, the percentage of Americans on welfare in 2011 was the highest yet calculated. The data for 2011 is the most recent in the report.

    By this measure, according to the report, 23.1 percent of Americans were recipients of welfare in 2011. Since 1993, the earliest year covered by the report, that is the highest percentage of Americans reported to be receiving welfare.

    A startling 38 percent of all children 5 and under in the United States were welfare recipients in 2011, according to the report.

    When recipients of non-means-tested government programs (such as Social Security, Medicare, unemployment, and veterans benefits) were added to those receiving benefits from means-tested programs, the total number receiving benefits in the fourth quarter of 2011 was 151,014,000, according to the Census Bureau. That equaled 49.2 percent of the total population.

    CNS News via Infowars

    Of critical importance is that this particular report looks only at 2011. Since then we’ve seen even more people taken out of the labor force. Moreover, we’ve seen prices for all consumer goods rise during that time frame and incomes either stagnate or drop to inflation adjusted levels not seen since the 1960’s.

    Thus, in all likelihood, we are well over the 50% mark. This means that without government assistance that may include social security, welfare, unemployment or other social services, at least one in two Americans would not be able to pay their rent, buy food, or keep their utilities turned on.

    The end of the world as know it is happening right now.

    What’s worse is that the those in the upper echelons of our government know it.

    They have been actively preparing for the fallout by war-gaming large scale economic collapse scenarios and militarizing domestic law enforcement for the civil unrest to follow.

    The American public got a small taste of what something like that might look like when the Electronic Benefit Transfer systems in sixteen states went offline last year for about 12 hours last year.

    Nothing short of panic ensued; along with the looting and riots the government expects will invariably happen should the welfare and social distribution systems come under strain.

    Watch: Like a Tornado – Grocery Store Shelves Razed in Less Than 3 Hours

    Watch: How Am I Going to Feed My Family

    The above videos depict the reactions from people in an event that was limited to a small portion of benefits recipients in several states.

    Imagine what would happen if such a crisis developed across the entire United States and affected a full quarter of our entire population.

    Tess Pennington, author of The Prepper’s Blueprint, warns that such a scenario could lead to a breakdown of the system as we know it within a matter of days.

    “Think of mass chaos of people running into grocery stores to get as much food and supplies as possible, gas lines that run out into the street, highways at a virtual stand still, banks not giving out money, looting, fires, the health of the elderly deteriorating due to not being able to get needed medicines, babies crying because they have no formula to drink.  It’s not a pretty picture when you allow yourself to imagine it.”

    (Source: Emergency Items – What Will Disappear First)

    And then, once the store shelves are empty, the real disaster begins, as the government will have no choice but to deploy military assets to quell the riots, and that means mass detentions, incarcerations and maybe worse.


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      1. Just part of the PLAN…

        • No doubt — This CANNOT be by accident. None of it.

          • Is The Fed Going To Attempt A Controlled Collapse?

            “The Fed could be preparing to do exactly what it said it wouldn’t. Bringing forward the next leg of the cycle, may well be on the Fed’s agenda.”

            “One thing is certain at this point: An intentionally orchestrated crash is the DIRECT RECOMMENDATION of the BIS, per its annual report.

            That this action exists as a potential policy measure is now confirmed.”


            • What we’re in for will have no resemblance
              to the lifestyles we enjoyed in the past.
              Dumpster-diving will become the national
              symbol for the downtrodden and displaced.

              • Millions are starving anyway BECAUSE OF THE GOVERNMENT.

                Decades ago before free trade with countries that suck good jobs away from America like a Hoover vacumn on steriods, this country had plenty of good paying secure jobs where one breadwinner could support a whole family. First came the trashing of the hard currancies backing money, then the government of BOTH parties decided for their own benefit and their own party supporters that they where going to sell off America to the enemy that has nuclear weapons aimed at it, and to third world countries. End result was the GOP gave businesses maximum profits from slave labor, and the Dems got their cheap junks for the poor so they could buy all the “luxaries” that others had, all at the expense of EVERYONE’S natural security. ALL THE WHILE ALLOWING THEIR COUNTRY TO DIE. This is about close to treason if anyone can’t define it AS treason that you can get.

                • One cannot underestimate the contribution of the women’s lib movement to the destruction of the ability of a single breadwinner to support his family. More women entering the workforce forced down wages for everyone as there became a surplus of labor, which accelerated the destruction of wages as the two-income family went from being optional to economically essential to putting food on the table and a roof over one’s head.

                  Fast forward to today, where young males have lost the drive to work and support families, women divorce their husbands and raise children on their own because men are no longer necessary; their economic contribution extorted at gunpoint by a compliant and sympathetic state, and dysfunction and chaos created by a generation of men raised by women ripples throughout society.

                  • @ Mac Slavo

                    There is something strange going on here!

                    I see a pattern.

                    Eppe is first to comment, followed by YOU.

                    Is this just coincidence?

                    Or is it something else???

                  • Yes the $3.7 Billion of Tax Payer monies are going to purchase 7 million Obama’s “Welcome to America Gift Bags” for each of the New Invaders.
                    Each “Obama Welcome to America Gift Bag” includes:
                    1. A U.S. Drivers License
                    2. A Voter ID Card Stamped Democrat
                    3. A Free Obama Phone
                    4. Food EBT Card
                    5. Medical Medi-Cade Card
                    6. Social Security Card
                    7. Government Job Applications
                    8. English Translation Book
                    9. Free Bus Tickets to any where in the US.
                    10.Bumper Stickers that reads “Viva Obama!!”

                    Had enough of this Fascist Tyranny?
                    Vote from the rooftops!

                  • One cannot underestimate the contribution of politicians and corporations to the destruction…. Women had to go to work because politicians stopped taxing the rich and gave breaks to corporations that outsourced jobs or moved their headquarters overseas. And with the destruction of the dollar, a single salary can no longer support a family. If you think women’s lib is to blame, you need to take your head out of your butt.

                  • Women’s “liberation” was not the cause of the disintegration of the American family.

                    Women WORKED outside the house far beyond what you realize prior to the 1960s.

                    Between 1800 and 1900, the female workforce participation rate was stable at 20%.

                    AFTER major wars such as the Civil War, female workforce participation rates dip…because what is important to people, men and women, changes for a whole generation…but then they rebound again as new generation are born who have not known war.

                    At the time of the suffragettes, the movement was about women having the same “freedoms” as men that were guaranteed under the Constitution: Freedom not to be beaten at home, freedom to vote, etc. This did NOT destroy the family.

                    What you are actually talking that was the MOST destructive to the American Family was the “sexual revolution” during the 1960s. The family has never recovered.

                  • Moon

                    The decline in the US economy starting in the later 1960s is what drove the bulk of women into the main workforce as a single pay was no longer sufficient to support a family. Before too long children will be going out doing whatever they can to make money to help support the family.

                    We’re walking backwards when technological advancements and huge increases in productivity should be propelling us forward.

                  • American women have gotten what their mothers and grandmothers demanded. Women compain that men are irresponsible frar boys who just want women for sex and won’t marry them. Why should they? Men are treated as disposable (except for their paycheck). Why are women shocked when men ‘drop out’ of the system after being saddled with crushing ‘spousal support’ and ‘child support’ judgements? Funny how much less the new boyfriends care about a woman’s children when the BF hears that he won’t be getting a big chunk of the father’s paycheck.

                    Feeling ’empowered’ now?

                  • The Womens Liberation movement was started by the government, not by a bunch of housewives. The government figured if there were two people per household working that was double the taxes they could get to feed the hungry beast. The first “burn your bra” activist were paid very well to start a shitstorm.

                  • Most males haven’t lost the will to support their families via a single paycheck, its the ability to do so that they’ve lost.

                    The labor force participation rate of women didn’t increase due to some ‘commie plot’, it increased due to the overall decline in blue collar wages. Sending the wife out to work was the first step, of many, to try and maintain a comfortable standard of living for families that used to do well on just the husbands paycheck.

                • “The end of the world as know it is happening right now.”

                  Thank you Mac, for acknowledging this.

                  Everyone talks about “when tshtf”, as if it has not already. It will not be an event that is marked by an hour or a day, it will be a period of time and events. Shtf is occurring as we sit here and type, and has been going on for some time now.

                  As a side note, although the welfare role numbers are very depressing, not all those on the systems tit are necessarily on the governments side. I would venture to say a large number are not, perhaps 50%. I have to figure some patriots are at the bottom first and it is the only way they will have a shot at making it to the other side. Perhaps others are using the ebt to store up extra food that they would not be able to otherwise. I couldn’t blame ’em, if not them, then it’ll go to the illegals from south. Its getting hard to make an honest living and will only get harder for some time, till we decide we have had enough and take our country back.

                  Just some thoughts.

                  • There are a LOT of people getting food stamps that don’t really need them to eat. There is so much fraud.

                    When I was working for the census bureau I found that often people were working under the table and getting all kinds of welfare benefits too. Sometimes they were honest about it and told me so. Census workers are prohibited by law to disclose anything about anybody, even if they are breaking the law. Once I found an old lady who was being abused by her family. My supervisor refused to let me report it, because ANYTHING I learned while doing my job was confidential.

                    Anyway, sometimes people didn’t want to disclose that they were working. So I would go to their house and would be told again and again by the children that Mom and Dad were working. But when I finally got an interview, they would tell me that they were unemployed and living on welfare, unemployment, and food stamps. Often those people who said their only income was welfare were living very well — big screen tv, cell phone for every member of the family, lots of expensive cars, expensive toys for the kids, steaks on the grill…..

                  • Outlaw, I’m one of those stuck on assistance as I am permanently disabled. If push comes to shove and I’m expected to kneel for my food, then they can take my card, fold it long-ways and shove it.

                    The roof over my head will be secure for several months, and I shopped wisely and do have enough put away that I can skip going shopping for AT LEAST a year.

                    I will find a way to get by, and my preps will sustain me until that happens. I’m not scared.

                    I’m not on anyone’s leash. I won’t be blackmailed into submission. I’m not for sale.

                    …and that’s just the way it is. It’s all about ATTITUDE, and I’ve got plenty of that.

                  • Kudos to you sixpack. I don’t know why you get the red thumbs for your comment.

                    I sure as hell know I’d rather you get the help, than the ms-13 gangbangers coming over.

                    Your not alone. I didn’t make my comment out of wild speculation. I actually know some patriots that get assistance out of true need, or because they can and it helps them get further ahead prepping. Even in the latter case, I don’t blame nor fault them. Better them than the invaders get it. The government sucks off us to make their preps. What’s good for the goose…

                  • Since obamacare became the law of the land, technically, I am on government assistance because I get subsidy to offset my 950.00 per month plan. However, the deductible is now so high, I have to pay cash for family medical services.

                    So, even though I’m technically on government assistance, net, net wise, I’m actually experiencing a 5000.00 per year tax increase.

                    How the “eff” did that happen…

                  • @Outlaw, very good points.

                • Actually, both NAFTA and GATT (General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs) which later became the World Trade Organization were ‘dead’ in sub-committee chambers under ‘daddy’ Bush until Bill Clinton became president.
                  Then, in 1993, Bill Clinton bought enough votes from both Both chambers of Congress (the house and senate) which had a democratic majority. (
                  So, technically, the GOP really wasn’t to blame for the “sucking sound” of all the American jobs heading south of the boarder and to China.
                  The GOP’s biggest problem has always been for the past 30 years is they’re just EXTRA spineless, and gutless.
                  The bottom line is, the entire federal government is to blame REGARDLESS who you wish to blame the “details” on – 95% of them should be given a fair trial (lasting about 30 seconds) and then properly taken out and “disposed of

                • I can remember Ronald Reagan screaming his head off about how great NAFTA would be for us all. He was working for the same people that our current president is working for. With the pushing of NAFTA, they we able to destabilize the entire New world. With one strike they destroyed all the good paying jobs here in America, and also in Mexico and Central America. I remember going south to Mexico back in the 50’s & 60’s and seeing profitable businesses and the people having a good life by actually working at these places. When our politicians went down there and paid off their politicians to let our big corporations enslave their people for a pittance and pollute their water and air. Well the people of the south only had one option left. Migrate, and now we are seeing what our politicians planted a long time ago, come to fruition. All of this was done with purpose and intention to destroy our nation and the other nations south of us. They destroy and build economy’s and nations in different ways. With America they decided to destroy it very slowly by destroying our dollar and economy. These are old tricks, divide and conquer, causing the problem then offering the solution. I just wonder what “new” solution they will have for America? A new world order? No freedom? Enslavement in a job that you don’t like? Working in a field supplying food for them? If I’m too old am I going to be taken away to an oven? It won’t surprise me! Nothing is new under the heavens, it was before and it is now and it will be played out again in the future. Evil is alive and well and takes many faces and continues on it’s never ending desire to destroy all of humanity. These people behind our politicians used to push them into doing these things, but now even the politicians are in on it and need very little pushing into doing these things that hurt our nation. It saddens me to see so many people angry at the wrong people, everyone blames someone else who has also been affected by the actions of these people. These people are the same people who brought Hitler into power, they wanted to bring destruction to the world through warfare. They failed thank God for our young Christian men who fought them into stopping their desire to conquer the world. Again the synagogue of satan is always behind it and at it again. I see that they are more outspoken and some even have the gall to come out of hiding and call themselves what they are. God help us to see the light, and live in it.

                • Ask yourself this important question: Who bought those trade agreements? Another interesting question to ask is: ‘How did the greatest economic expansion and wealth creation in human history (by many, many orders of magnitude) when the top marginal tax rates exceeded 90%?’.

                  It is also interesting to note that the longest period of economic stability coincided with the extremely high marginal tax rates. One could easily come to the conclusion that cheap post-tax money creates bubbles.

              • Don’t know about you, but my lifestyle already in no way resembles my past lifestyle…

                • Sixpack, I’m not disabled or on assistance, but I do agree with you about attitude. I don’t bow down or submit to anyone for anything. I don’t beg anyone for anything. I’m not for sale, either. I sympathize with your plight. it’s good to know there’s someone getting help that deserves it. Take care.

                  • Here we go again…… No one CARES. I know!!! I can go fu*@.myself. but you are beyond pathetic no man truly lives….just try….not to comment unless someone says braveheart what’s your take….please…

                  • I have a standing invitation for RBH or anyone else here, to respond to my posts. No one has to “speak only when spoken to here” as far as I’m concerned.

                  • “No one CARES. I know!!! I can go fu*@.myself”

                    If you knew, then why did you comment?

                    “just try….not to comment unless someone says braveheart what’s your take”

                    Same goes for you, asshat.

                  • I didn’t mean to disparage those who really need assistance.

                    People who get assistance who have a job they don’t report, take away from those who are disabled an unable to work.

                    Kudos to Sixpack for prepping on a very limited budget.

                  • To the Jackasses that red thumbed Sixpack… I know and met her. She has paid in every cent of her SS assistence with decades of hard work swinging a hammer. She isnt a gimme dat. I have more respect for her than anyone I know on this earth. She is a AMERICAN as we used to know it.

                • Ain’t that the truth. (sad to say)

                  • Sixpack, THANK YOU! I always enjoy your posts. Despite the opinion of a certain troll who posts as anonymous, I DON’T PRACTICE CENSORSHIP, EVER! I’M JUST AS MUCH AGAINST CENSORSHIP AS ANYONE ELSE HERE. I JUST WON’T LET UNJUSTIFIABLE ATTACKS ON THE GOOD PEOPLE HERE GO UNCHALLENGED. Sorry for the all caps, but I’ve had a rotten day and this troll is not making it any better. The troll can believe whatever his heart desires; I don’t care. “Pleasing other people” was never part of my DNA, especially when it comes to trolls. I don’t owe anything to the troll. I don’t have any obligations to the troll. the troll can accept me as I am or reject me; it’s his choice and I don’t care one way or another. Now, what part of my message did the troll not understand?

              • Defiant: I do dumpster diving in cooler weather near my house, but won’t go inside one. They are lined up in areas where recycling is done. I suggest with over 30 yrs experience doing this, to use a three pronged garden rake or a hoe to fetch an item as some newer dumpsters are larger than older ones. SS folks: we earned that money it was set up as retirement acct we paid into for years. I don’t like it and believe workers should invest in private retirement accts. But the money is ours and me and hubby have gotten all ours back by now. Some didn’t pay in much, and got way more than they paid in as they lived into their 90’s. Should only be drawn out on how much paid in plus interest, otherwise it’s a ponzi game.

                • Yeah Laura, the recycle dumpsters are great
                  for finding cheap wine bottles that break
                  easily to fill with fuel and a rag wrapped
                  around the neck.
                  They make good lanterns, if you get my drift.

                  • Defiant, I learn something new everyday. So what your saying is that we can make Cocktails from Wine. Trekker Out. Free Men Own Guns, Slaves Don’t!

                • The average SS recipient breaks even in less than 5 years. After that, its just welfare for old people.

                  • The Social Security program serves three very important functions: 1) Survivors Benefits, 2) Disability Insurance, and 3) some form of retirement income.

                    It is important to note that when originally created Social Security was intended to be one leg of a three leg ‘retirement income stool’ (The legs were social security, private pension, and personal savings). Well, private pensions are largely a thing of the past (and those that remain are prime targets for leveraged buyout looting) and personal savings are hard to come when real wage growth has been flat for the last 30 years.

                    It is also interesting to note that the social security system reduced the elderly poverty rate from a pre-program 50% to less than 10%., though the rate is going up with the loss of pensions and savings.

                • @laura. i see the gubmint HAVING to remove those that don’t NEED social security from their rolls. they WILL have to increase taxes and fees, of COURSE! an example would be my best friend that is a multi-millionaire, who draws his couple thou(?) a month. he’s in his 90’s, and long ago got every penny back(retired at 40 years old as a district manager for UPS) and a whole lot more. i have known MANY of his type over the years. even if they DID that though, it won’t make a dent in what’s coming. there are FAR to many that will HAVE to have this money to supplement their income in their retirement years. and with one person working for every person on social security coming SOON, where will the money come from?

                  • All we have to do is remove the cap on the amount of income that is taxed for Social Security. Problem solved.

                    This is also, largely, a temporary challenge created by the population bubble that resulted from the ‘baby boom’.

              • To have dumpster diving you need to have someone who has food and then throws some away. That won’t be happening. No dumpster diving. Cannibalism.

            • Just bring it on.

              • Yeah, because that worked really great for W…

                • And for Obama, Clinton and the rest of the corrupt politicians from the last 50 years.

                  • If you took off “from the last 50 years”, that would be a correct statement. “Corrupt” and “politician” are redundant; they go together like shit and flies.

                    I do not vote, but if I did I would vote libertarian. All politicians are despicable, but some are more despicable than others.

            • A few years ago, there were several pages of want ads in the local newspaper of my hometown. ANYBODY could get a job. Actually, it was required that in order to receive foodstamps, you had to go out and fill out a certain amount of job applications per day. That was then…

              Nowdays, there are NO pages of want ads in the local newspapers; everything is done online. I remember spending 2 days just doing one job application for some rinky dink, low paying job and never even received a reply back! It isn’t just that there are so few jobs available, there are few applications to even fill out- especially for people who are not computer-savy.

              My daughter has a degree from a good college and is one year away from getting a doctors’ degree. She spent months trying to get a job awhile back and finally got something but its very low pay– phone work. And she has a bachelor’s degree and working on a doctor’s degree!

              The Banksters are going from one country to the next, destroying peoples’ ability to survive. If, for once, the people at the top endured what the elite’s went through during the French Revolution, they would stop this shit!

              • Yes the Banksters but with the blessing of Obamma, the Congress too. Yes the days where jobs were plentiful and we worked 2 at one time. One to live on and one to save on. In this town so many with cardboard signs. the homeless shelters are so full they turn away many last winter. Yes by far most are in real need and only a few are faking it. Maybe when Americka totally collapses and we have a violent revolution then our Bill of Rights will be restored and the Banketers will be jailed. Maybe.

          • Hmmm…I wonder how people survived in the days before welfare was so widespread?

            Maybe they went out and picked wild Food Stamps off the trees.

            • That POS Ray Nagin got sentenced to 10 years in prison and fined 82K


              • Nagin will be very well liked, by a kick or kiss….

                HBO’s show “OZ”

                • ONE OF MY FAVORITE BOOKS, by Gwynn Dyer. (You can peek inside).

                  Ads related to climate Wars– book

                  Climate Wars Dyer – Free 2-Day Shipping w/ Amazon Prime –

                  rating for amazon.com4.5 out of 5.0

              • Off the subject, but there’s a video (actually a few!) concerning this horrible experience this young veteran went through, at the hands of the police in Van Couver. PLEASE WATCH!!!

                Its called, “open Carry Veteran unlawfully disarmed…”. His name is Mack Werley and its on Youtube.

                • Actually, you get there by clicking on Full Spectrum Survival.

              • Nagin will be ‘loved by many’ by either a kick or a kiss…

                HBO’s show “OZ”

            • Grafique- they didn’t survive. They all died.

            • Millions of people starved to death during the Great Depression.

              Before welfare there were very few single mothers raising children. Welfare and low income housing made it possible for a woman to have 10 illegitimate kids and not starve to death.

              • And reliable contraception ensured that the least responsible would breed like rodents while the best stock limited their numbers… This, more than any other factor, may have sealed the fate of our society. The Europeans are learning this firsthand as they are being out-breed-ed by Muslim parasites who indiscriminately bear litter after litter.

              • My mom worked– hard! when we were little– she left my dad because he was abusive. Nothing wrong with a woman leaving a husband if she chooses. She was on welfare for a short time, I believe, but she always worked as far as I can remember (except when she first left him) and she had a bunch of youngins. Welfare can be a God send for a mother under difficult circumstances. The problem comes when people abuse the system– whether its young mothers, or Corrupt Banksters who steal trillions!

                • Anonymous,
                  That is what welfare is for, a helping hand. Not a lifestyle, my sister was on it for so long she can’t support herself without it. My parents received it for a time, my husband and I got WIC for awhile so I could work part-time. It’s supposed to be short term not for a lifetime.

                • ANON- you’re carefully crafted comments seem , well almost like government propaganda.
                  But i could be all wrong , i am sure i am.
                  It just feels odd, all the gov love and all……

              • Welfare Rewards Failure. Lets Refer to a certain race here. Where Women aka: Baby Momma’s don’t need no man, except for sex so they can breed more Daddy Babies. Yo See Mo Babys, means Mo Money, Be a single Baby Momma Means even Mo Money, Mo Obama Phone, Mo free sh!t. And sell crack fo Cash, means No Taxes. Pretty Smart huh? Dat EBT Machine better keeps working fo me.

                • LMAO….Daddy Babies Baby Mommas Chicken Wingers.

            • @Graf – Before welfare and food stamps, people went out and found work, they had work ethics, and found as many jobs to pay for their food, or grew gardens and raised livestock. That was the true American Spirit. Apples, oranges and peaches grow on trees, not food stamps. As food stamps were originally developed for the best intentions, the cockroaches found a loophole, and decided to make a career out of living off the socialist incompetent Government funded by tax payers. As a tax payer that collects no federal benefits, This just ticks me off.

              • Thank you for the civil reply.

              • Down with the cockroach baby momma daddy baby baby crack momma booty butts…..LMFAO

              • Or in the Great Depression they died by the Millions. Right here in the good ‘ol USA. Before child labor laws they sent their kinds into factories at the tender age of 8. Work 10+ hours a day for 10 cents. So what if a ‘few’ were killed or maimed by machines.

            • oy, I don’t know. When I was young, divorced and poor with one child, no child support and no government subsidies (my dad would have killed me) we still made it, with dignity intact. I had up to three jobs at one time, but there were jobs, then, even in the 70s recession. Food stamps are “just another choice” today, and there is no pride left. Things got much better for me, but I worked for it, and now I’m paying for others to leech off the system. Still proud and still have some dignity!

              • WWTI and Vicky, I have to agree. I’ve never had any problem with someone getting on those programs on a temporary basis until they could get back on their own 2 feet. On occasion, such things do happen to good people. today, there are more people than ever in a similar situation and cannot get any help. Try being white and go apply for help and see what happens, but these minority groups and foreigners coming in can go and get whatever they want easily, and white people are still expected to furnish tax dollars to pay for it all. I hate paying for leeches as much as you do. I’m also proud and have some dignity and self-respect. OK, bring on red thumbs if you want to. I stand by my statements.

                • Socialism/Marxism/liberalism’s biggest fault is that it enslaves people. It lies to them and says, “You can’t make it by yourself.”

                  Once the majority of Americans believe that lie, America is finished, because America is all about doing it yourself.

            • In the old days 90% of the pop were agrarian.

          • “No doubt — This CANNOT be by accident. None of it.”

            IMF – Global SDR, Global Governance

            Just wait till leathery faced Christine LaGarde imposes turd world status on the Western World.

          • Not all of the “means” are undeserved or not earned. People paid into SSI, the US military soldier paid his/her dues, unemployment benefits paid by an employer that you worked for for yearrrrrrrrs, and alot of medicare receipants are not ENTITLEMENTS, or UNEARNED INCOME.
            When The Sh-t is really going to Hit the Fan is when the minority gets tired of paying the bills for the majority.

            • Agreed. However, while people paid in or paid their dues, there is no trust fund or lock box from which to pay them what they are owed. In short, we were all hood winked by the ponzi that is the US federal govt…

              • I know SSI had plenty of money in it until big bro saw all of that money and took out a ( don’t have to pay it back ) loan.
                Bring back our factories and we will slowly catch back up on money.
                Open up our oil fields and we will have plenty of money.
                Get rid of O and maybe things will start to get back to ok.

          • Mac, by any chance, did you invert the statistics–because otherwise, it really doesn’t make sense, and also doesn’t jibe with the .gov version, which is bad enough already.
            For only one quarter to be on welfare while half are receiving food assistance seems like putting the cart before the horse, IMHO.

        • I agree

        • Well all those coffins at fema camps ?

        • George Carlin (Absolutely Brilliant)
          There sure is alot of HATE flowing on the board today, how about something to smile and think about from a great comedian??? Stop and think about what he is saying, and maybe we can all try to get along together a little better, but I guarantee that I will get red thumbed by some, but if it makes some of us smile, only the better. And by the way, I do NOT know Mac, but I can appreciate that he lets us voice our thoughts on a board such as this. In time, we may not be able to…

          George Carlin’s Views on Aging

          Do you realize that the only time in our lives when we like to get old is when we’re kids? If you’re less than 10 years old, you’re so excited about aging that you think in fractions.

          “How old are you?” “I’m four and a half!” You’re never thirty-six and a half. You’re four and a half, going on five! That’s the key

          You get into your teens, now they can’t hold you back. You jump to the next number, or even a few ahead.

          “How old are you?” “I’m going to be 16!” You could be 13, but hey, you’re going to be 16! And then the greatest day of your life . . . you become 21. Even the words sound like a ceremony. YOU BECOME 21. YESSSS!!!

          But then you turn 30. Oooohh, what happened there? Makes you sound like bad milk! He TURNED; we had to throw him out. There’s no fun now, you’re Just a sour-dumpling. What’s wrong? What’s changed?

          You BECOME 21, you TURN 30, then you’re PUSHING 40. Whoa! Put on the brakes, it’s all slipping away. Before you know it, you REACH 50
          and your dreams are gone.

          But wait!!! You MAKE it to 60. You didn’t think you would!

          So you BECOME 21, TURN 30, PUSH 40, REACH 50 and MAKE it to 60.

          You’ve built up so much speed that you HIT 70! After that it’s a day-by-day thing; you HIT Wednesday!

          You get into your 80’s and every day is a complete cycle; you HIT lunch; you TURN 4:30; you REACH bedtime and it doesn’t end there. Into the 90’s, you start going backwards; “I Was JUST 92.”

          Then a strange thing happens. If you make it over 100, you become a little kid again. “I’m 100 and a half!” May you all make it to a healthy 100 and a half!!

          1. Throw out nonessential numbers. This includes age, weight and height. Let the doctors worry about them that is why you pay “them.”

          2. Keep only cheerful friends. The grouches pull you down.

          3. Keep learning. Learn more about the computer, crafts, gardening, whatever. Never let the brain idle. “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop.” And the devil’s name is Alzheimer’s.

          4. Enjoy the simple things.

          5. Laugh often, long and loud. Laugh until you gasp for breath.

          6. The tears happen. Endure, grieve, and move on. The only person, who is with us our entire life, is ourselves. Be ALIVE while you are alive.

          7. Surround yourself with what you love, whether it’s family, pets, keepsakes, music, plants, and hobbies, whatever. Your home is your refuge.

          8. Cherish your health: If it is good, preserve it. If it is unstable, improve it. If it is beyond what you can improve, get help.

          9. Don’t take guilt trips. Take a trip to the mall, even to the next county; to a foreign country but NOT to where the guilt is.

          10.Tell the people you love that you love them, at every opportunity.

          Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.

          • @ eppe ~ Thank you for sharing this. George was a genius. I think I actually remember watching this routine on the television. He was so funny with this eyes, and his timing and delivery. I just copied this into hard copy so I can refer to it often. Thanks again.

        • And 65 million of those on EBT would not be morbidly obese if they had to work for their food. I am constantly amazed to see some huge black female with buttocks wider than her shopping cart, spend $300 / $400
          on her EBT card.( With 4 to 6 head of welfare dependant children scampering about). Why is it my problem to support these people via taxes extracted from me by the IRS? I can think of many ways to eleminate career EBT users who have never worked a job in their lives.

      2. SHTF Riots will look like this:
        Mass Riot Robbery in Rio see video: Published on Jul 8, 2014 Dozens of youth snatching bags, phones and jewelry sparked a stampede on the beach at Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro on Tuesday where fans gathered to watch Brazil play Germany in the semi-final match of the World Cup. (July 8)

      3. Could you image the death toll from this? To think for a second spoiled Amerikans will just sit and starve is not even going to be the case. The rampage and death and destruction will be epic if/when the Gov goes tits up and the checks dry up.

        • I don’t think anyone coming to this site can imagine the horror that awaits us when the wheels finally come off. I look to examples from history for an idea of what it will look like and yet I am still at a loss to imagine it. The closest example I can think of would be the Black Death, where in some localities the death toll was over 90 percent.

          As a thought exercise, try to imagine that as you look at your family or your workplace and think, only one in ten of you will be alive after this is all over. And what of the dead? Rotting bodies everywhere because there will be no one to bury them, while packs of dogs roam the silent streets feeding on their corpses, rats as big as cats barely able to walk after gorging on dead humans , or worse, bodies which have been butchered by survivors doing anything to stay alive. All these were scenes from the Black Death, which researchers estimate killed anywhere from a third to half of the population of Europe.

          After a generation, nature will have begun to reclaim what had been displaced by man, our shoddy houses rotting into piles of broken glass and asphalt shingles to mark what had once been there. And everywhere silence, because there will be no more oil and gasoline to power the cars rusting everywhere; no more generators keeping the lights going.

          For millennia, humanity survived with numbers under 500 million, living off of the surplus of nature; however in our modern technological society supporting over 7 billion humans we have destroyed the fertility of the land which has to be artificially fertilized and watered to yield crops, over-fished the seas to the breaking point, and wiped out entire ecosystems in order to extract the maximum resources needed to support a population of humans which more closely resembles an algae bloom than a stable, sustainable system. Even if you survive the initial die-off, there still will be a longer term die-off until we reach equilibrium with what can be supported with the remaining surplus. When the die-off comes, the exhausted planet will most likely only be able to support less than 100 million humans from what remains. From a high of over 7 billion to less than 100 million souls… Think about that for a minute. Of 100 people alive today, maybe your entire extended family, only one of them will survive.

          Can anyone comprehend what this level of death will look like? We as a species should consider ourselves lucky if we survive at all after this is all over.

          • I think your numbers are a little extreme but yes it will be very bad. God help the just.

            • It could be worse than that, Anonymous.

              There are dozens of nuclear reactors that need to be kept cool. Once a certain percentage of the population dies off, there will be no one to keep them cool.

              There are not too many of those near Wyoming, so maybe some of us will survive. But I think probably the whole northern hemisphere will be contaminated, or like “On the Beach” the radiation might even spread to Australia.

              • Relax DK, the N plants will be fine. People seem to think that the heat from the plants when they get Shut down is some how unbelievably huge. It’s not. It’s very predictable. In a controlled shut down; the rods go in, it keeps generating steam, for power, for a short time and things start cooling off.
                If they didn’t, you would just keep making power. As long as the plant has enough steam to make power you don’t need the emergency pumps. The plant also has outside power. It has to, otherwise how did you get power when the plant wasn’t on?
                In an economic collapse the plant isn’t damaged. The plant operators aren’t just going to go home and let it go. They live next to it. If the Gov wants the power they just keep it going; There are only about 70 in the US; to provide whatever is required, wouldn’t require much. If you don’t want it, just shut it down.
                People whine they only have oil for the pumps for about 30 days or less, so what? The Army could provide all they need any time, easy. So can any truck stop. The operator can get any N-Plant into Cold stop, safe condition, in short order; because there won’t be anything wrong with the plant. It’s not like Japan where the plant is in ruins. In an economic collapse, it’s just a simple shut-down.

                • @Paranoid … You’re forgetting about one extremely important thing that exists outside of most nuke plants in the USA. The spent fuel rod cooling ponds. When the nuke plant and the rest of the grid shuts down, the water keeping the spent rods cool evaporates. The rods continue to heat until they start to burn releasing a continuous stream of deadly radioactive particles into the wind and contaminating everything in the area
                  and miles downwind. This nuclear lased fire will not go out until all of the rods are consumed. If you’re anywhere east of the Mississippi, like I am, it will be very hard to avoid nuclear contamination of your person, never mind the water, ground and plant life In other words the eastern half of the country will be pretty much uninhabitable

                  • Sorry, but that’s just not true. Most of the rods are very old. After about 2 years hey have given off about 99% of the high energy and are just fuel rods. From a control standpoint it would be a Very Bad Idea, but you could just put them in a stainless container,scatter them in some deep ocean trench and forget them. There would be no catastrophic issues. Doubt that? Where are the rods from the Thresher and the Scorpion? (Just setting on the bottom, same place they have been for 40 years.)
                    If the Gov had brains they would have been using contained ocean storage for years. Several Atolls would make excellent storage locations.

                • @Paranoid, You are absolutely Wrong and giving bad advice. Bad advice is worse than no advice. Do your homework and understand how Nuke plants work. I have a quasi title of Energy Expert, and consult frequently with other energy experts, and grid down situations including EMP’s. See my other comment regarding this topic. It is a basic start for the public and go to for starters. Just saying, and will leave it at that.

                  • Oddly, I do have N- experience and I’m not wrong. I’m not saying it would all be The “Wonderful World of Disney”. But N Plants are shut down all the time without destroying the world. Why does anyone think an ECONOMIC COLLAPSE would cause ANY problem? Ignoring the issue that N-plants would be in huge demand under those conditions (We would not have money to import oil, so they would be VERY import) The suckers are worth BILLIONS you think the Gov is just going to say: Oh well lets concentrate on finding Paranoids 12 cans of powered eggs?
                    Most of the stuff in those cooling pits should have been reprocessed years ago and hasn’t been just because of fear mongering Godzilla people. To many groups have made 10″S of Billions of dollars studying the problems of the waste; they will never find a solution n, They make to much money not finding one. And yes. I am a Geologist and a reservoir Engineer and I did do EPA waste disposal and Emergency response and am a (Was) certified Rad Monitor ETC,Etc, etc.)

              • @DaisyK – Regarding Nuke plants. They only keep a 30 day supply of diesel fuel on site to run the generators to keep the fuel rods cool in the pools. So if there is a Grid down, the generators kick in. It will be “Good luck” if they get more diesel fuel. This give you 30 days to get out of the area. If they don’t get more fuel, the generators shut down the the rods over heat, causing a melt down like Fukishima. The most important thing to do is know where these nuke plants are. Go to and see the national map which updates every minute, for the radiation that each site is emitting and putting off. Always stay up wind from these plants. Radiation fall out is like snow so what every way the wind blows is the ground zero area. Have a few bottles of Potassium Iodide to fill your Thyroid Gland with good radiation so the bad cannot enter. If you are in the path, move to the center of a building, so if it is a 3 story building go to the 2nd floor in the center of the building, more walls between you and the outside the better and means more protection. Keep that website link on your cell phone, so if you go mobile you can see where the radiation hazards are, and also know the wind direction. Stay up wind and out of the path of the fall out. Hope this helps.

                • If you people think in 30 days the entire US gov could not get, 30 tank trucks to known locations, where they have staff on location already, with 50 years to get ready:
                  Which, you think, is so important it will destroy the entire Northern World, If they don’t? Why are you worried the Gov can come and get you? I worked for the Gov for over 20 years, yes DC is stupid, BUT NOT THAT STUPID. DC is down wind of nearly all of the plants. Do you honestly think they would spare anything to save their butts?

                  • Paranoid is correct. Nuke plants are self sustaining as they produce thier own power to run themselves such as a Submarine. They do not need the grid.

          • I agree with you, we need a big cull. The population is completely out of balance with the earth’s resources and even human systems to cope.

            We live in a just-in-time society and when there is even a one-week delay in food, there will be mass civil unrest. I have never in my life seen an American who is poorly fed. All I have ever seen is the opposite: obesity. These people are going to be like Fat Bastard from Austin Powers: “I need maa baby back ribs!!!!!”

            We are in for total breakdown if the system cannot keep the milk in the shops and the fast-food joints a-hopping.

            I work on a government programme to develop future strategies for survival. It may be just contingency but we take it seriously and we are looking at a world with a lot less material wealth. We are trying to come up with new values for people, because, to be frank, those fat mammas piling through Wallmart are going to need an attitude adjustment if they hope to survive in the future. Their disgusting greed will have to end.

            • @Frank Thoughts,

              It is hard to find people who can set aside their personal desires to see the logic of the predicament that we as a species are in. I am not a Greenie or global warming nut or even an environmentalist. Most of those types want to save the planet/environment, etc., without comprehending the fundamental cause underlying all other problems is the exploding human population with the resultant strain on all other resources. Freedom lovers/small government activists too, rarely get this argument either. Explosive population growth inexorably leads to stress on all resources, requiring actions by governments which lead to loss of liberty by all.

              I frequent “The Burning Platform” fairly often, and there was recently an excellent post of the “Brave New World Revisited” by Aldous Huxley in its entirety. I had not read it before, but reading it gave me chills; Dr Huxley saw further than most and clearly saw what was in store for us if we failed to get our population levels in control. Every other dysfunction that we face today he predicted would befall us because of unrestrained population growth. It is hard for one to get their head around the concept that this planet is finite, that their are limits to resources, and that we are killing the planet by breeding ourselves to excess.

              My view on this subject, supported by logic, does not get me very many friends and even on this site is highly controversial. After all, how do you tell someone that their choice to have 2 or more kids is killing all of us? The usual response to that is something along the lines of “well if you are so concerned about it then why don’t you do the planet a favor and kill yourself”. Nature will have the last laugh though; we remain a biological entity subject to the same laws of nature like every other species, including carrying capacity and competition for available resources with its resulting winners and losers.

              • I guess you are not Christian. God ordered us to be fruitful and multiply. You think we are over populated… off yourself. But you wont do that because you can’t. So…who should decide then who lives and dies or is never born? Your not God, right? How do you know what child has been sent by God for our eternal salvation? Re-think what you just posted. You are not God. Thank God!

                • Did God order you to have 6 or 10 kids? Did God say lay waste to the planet for your selfish interests? Does God cull the herds of animals when they overpopulate? Did God tell everyone to just keep on breeding till you exhaust your resources and create hell on earth? Are you an idiot? You better re-think what you posted me thinks 🙂

                • Well 4000 years ago SOMEONE said go forth and multiply. OK; 2X2 is 4. did it. Now is time to get real and STOP! You think this can keep on forever. Unless you like starving people, if you do, lots of places you can go see them. I don’t need to see the whole world a GARBAGE DUMP.

                • You are right, I am not a Christian; I have this little problem you see, I like to use my brain to study the facts and come to my own conclusions instead of blindly taking something on faith.

                  However, I know plenty of Christians who also are capable of using their brains as well, and are tolerant of other views, and practice good stewardship of resources. I don’t believe you are much of a Christian from your rant, or perhaps you have the outward appearance of being a Christian without the substance. Being a follower of Christ is more than thumping a Bible. I don’t believe God intended that we exhaust every resource on the planet, pollute the oceans and the soil with fertilizer runoff and pesticides, denude the forests of every last tree and the seas of every last fish and hunt every last animal to extinction so that we could multiply with reckless abandon until we are the only species left in existence. At what point is the commandment to be fruitful and multiply satisfied? When we are standing shoulder to shoulder across the entire face of the planet? When we are standing on each other’s shoulders ten deep?

                  I do not believe you have thought that far, or tried to imagine what the world would be like if you took those commandments to their logical conclusion. And I am sure you faithfully follow your own advice right? Never ever used birth control, and have multiple wives and concubines right? How many kids you have? One for each year of marriage per wife? Twenty? Thirty? One hundred?

                  Take your theological bullshit elsewhere and start using the brain God saw fit to give you.

              • moon – please stop drinking that cool-aid.

                • Hammerhead,

                  I realize that there are plenty of honorable and decent people who will disagree with me on the subject of overpopulation. That guy who wrote “The Population Bomb” which I have never read, didn’t help things very much either. Same for Malthus, who those on the other side of the issue point to as a reason why worry over population growth is flawed since he made his predictions hundreds of years ago.

                  I hold these views because I have a rational mind and I looked at the facts and came to the conclusion that every problem we face is inextricably linked to the explosive growth of human populations. If you do not believe me then just look at a chart of global population growth from the time of Christ to present. Notice the exponential curve that starts around 1700 and gets steeper towards an almost vertical growth at present. Now tell me with a straight face that that can continue unabated, that their is a single resource now that is more abundant and qualitatively better than at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. Coal? We have used all the high grade coal that made the steamship and the steam locomotive viable forms of transportation. Wood? There is no such thing as old growth forests remaining to recreate the sailing ships that global trade depended on at the beginning of the use of fossil fuels. Oil? We are scraping the bottom of the barrel literally, looking at trying to extract oil on an industrial scale from coal tars and oil sands because all the easy to extract oil is long gone.

                  I am not a mad, raving Koolaid drinker; I arrived at this viewpoint rationally after seeing the evidence with my own eyes.

              • Good to see others can understand the problem moon. You reap what you sow with wanton breeding and careless wasting of finite resources. Just pees me off they take those who ARE responsible with them. The piper is demanding payment, IN BLOOD!

              • @Moon – I look forward to the Great Culling, and will gladly help it along some to rid the world of assholes. litterly. lol

              • Frank Thoughts and Moon, I have to agree. When the culling begins, it will be horrendous, but I know it can’t be avoided. As Moon rightly pointed out, the earth’s resources do have their limits and we are fast approaching those limits.

                • Braveheart, we are not approaching the limit, we have way surpassed the limit. I have seen firsthand the amount of gigantic mining equipment where thousands upon thousands of these monster machines run 24/7 all around the world with strip mines so huge you can see them from space! All this to keep up with the even huger population of this planet. Not to mention the ever scarcer supply of good water and the construction of loads of nuclear power plants which produce an ever growing contamination for which there is no cure. I am no greenie freak but what Im saying is TRUE! If the population of this planet isnt cut at least in half or better by 80% we are screwed. The math is easy, the world will do it volunarily or absolute hell on earth will do it for them. Take care my friend..

            • When it comes to multi generational career welfare moochers, Id love to be in charge of the culling!
              It is da baby momma and baby daddy that should pay for their bastard ghetto child, not the people who are productive. Surgical sterilization should be required of the buck and sow before any welfare type benefits are

          • That sounds about right Moon, short sighted selfish ignorant breeders pooping out kids like no tommorrow. Humans are too stupid to ever be free, they never have been or ever will be. I think the coming mass die off will be the worst ever. So glad we have no kids to suffer the wrath of the breeders. Those who make it out the other side of all this will most certainly be forced to control theyre reproduction. Thanks all you shitferbrains selfish a-holes that cant be responsible, now YOU WILL PAY THE PRICE!

          • What gets me is when you tell people that they say “Theres plenty of land for people hence plenty of resources” damn how stupid people are. Think about how many resources it takes just to support 1 human through his/her life. All the garbage, oil, water,textiles, metals, minerals of all sorts, sewage, medicine, all kinds of commodities etc. Now times that by 7 billion! Humanity is being sentenced to death by the overbreeders!

        • This why the bible says things will be so bad 7 women will chase 1 man, the hayday for feminists and wimpy liberal men are over. Only the strong men will survive …and women protected by those men. The chickens are comming home to roost.

          • You are right: every where I have been that has been in a major crisis has had no place for wimpy liberal guys. those guys are devoured before lunch time.

            The role of women in such a society is completely flipped from what it is like in a stable, peaceful society. Women either shake their booty for cash, or, if they are homely but smart, they then need to start a business. God help a woman who is ugly and dumb.

            From my experience, if you are a hetero man who can provide, you will never have an empty bed. And you will never have a dull moment at work. Your problem will be finding time to get your job done.

          • I had 7 women show up at my place one night,expecting to have a little fun.I said ladies,I’m awful tired tonight, one of you is going to have to leave.

      4. July 20th it will all start….hug your kids….hard

        • Could you elaborate? I know what Laguard said earlier this year, but anything else giving you this conclusion?

        • AF,
          The importance of July 20 is?
          Do you have links to information?

          • Muddy, I would be very wary about dates being set for any particular incident. It’s possible July 20 will pass without anything happening. We have no way of knowing exactly when something will happen, so just keep prepping.

            • Right on braveheart.
              Setting a date for incidents is like going out on a
              date with a woman. one never knows what will happen
              until the night is over.

              • OutWest, long time no hear from. How have you been?

        • What’s with this July 20th meme thing?

          Some crazy bink starts spouting off the number 7 like on Sesame Street and now we’re all doomed???

        • LMAO. July 20 eh? Don’t hold yer breath ‘Zona Fred.

          • July 20th is on Sunday. Hopefully most everyone will be in church.

            • I will be working the night shift at the railyard. Someone has to keep those trains rolling so the masses will have gas for their urban assault vehicles to get to church, beer for the post-church game, 96″ flat screen tv’s to watch it on, and coal to fire the steam turbines generating the electricity that powers the computers they sit at reading these articles after the game is over.

              • Yea man, I need ta fill up my diesel to go “Coal Rollin'” after Sunday dinner.

        • I thought it was supposed to be the 14th? Not trying to be a smart ass, just thought I had read the 14th. Still have some medical preps to get, but we’re good for a long time after that, assuming we can hold on to it.

          • There are different things being predicted by different people. That’s why there are different dates. V the guerilla economist claims that, according to insider information, precious metal price manipulation will end on July 15th. Once PM prices skyrocket the dollar will be in serious trouble. Christine Lagarde, the head of the IMF, appears to be predicting something for July 20th based on a bizarre video she made where she talked about the economy, numerology and the number 7.

        • I heard and read online, that a medical crises will be declared, maybe the gov will release bio weapons and blame it on sick refugees or Jihadists, etc. Panic will be massive and curfews imposed. People will rush to stock supplies and gas stations may shut down for safety reasons.

        • I say, “August 20”– that’s when the sun goes into Virgo and we have another tense aspect between pluto and uranus, just like what recently happened when it looked like WW3 with Russia.

          • Astrology is nonsense. Mentioning “uranus” had some unintentional humor.

            • I do wish I could bet with some of you. I’m old enough to have gone past hundreds of these dates. UNTIL THE 12TH OF NEVER, and that’s along, long time.

      5. I personally am looking forward to the coming Apocalypse. Yes, I know it will be hell on earth. Yes, I know I personally will probably suffer some hardship. Let it come. I’m sick to death of the level of corruption and wickedness in this society. This country deserves to burn. Maybe after 95% of everyone dies slowly and painfully in a ditch somewhere and vultures pick their bones clean, we can then begin making this land back into something halfway decent again.

        • I bet you will take that statement back the first starving child you have to shoot. If not, then you a fvkin psychopath.

          • Why in the world would I have to shoot a starving child?

            A starving child isn’t going to walk 30 miles out to my place and try to invade my land at gunpoint.

            If a child does somehow miraculously appear out at my rural retreat by himself looking for food or water, then I’ll feed him!

            I don’t have to kill anyone, other than those who try to attack or hurt me or my friends/family. All I have to do is enjoy life on my remote farm and simply wait for the starving hordes to kill themselves out.

            • “A starving child isn’t going to walk 30 miles out to my place and try to invade my land at gunpoint.”

              And you know this how? Ever take a look at the child soldiers of Africa? The parents will be killed trying to fend for their children, THEN the children will be tending for themselves. THAT is when things get so ugly you have no clue of what you just wrote above. Starving children will be a huge problem and yes if you try to defend your food you will have to shoot them or they will shoot you. God Help us all. The end times will be truly awful.

              • You just love to argue, don’t you? This is Alabama, not Africa. There are no child soldiers here. There is no reason in the world to shoot a starving child, unless he points a gun at me or mine; and even then he can probably be reasoned with and made to drop the weapon. Those who come to my place seeking help will receive it. Those who arrive looking to loot/kill/rape will meet God. It’s not rocket science to understand.

                “The end times will be truly awful.”

                The current times we live in are truly awful. It’s truly awful when the police or the government can rob me at gunpoint, kidnap and imprison me, and nobody can or will do anything about it. In fact, they gladly help by paying their taxes and giving verbal support to our oppressors. This is a sick and twisted society which is going straight to hell. Every once in a while a cleansing is needing, and that is exactly what Armageddon is all about.

                • This is Alabama, not Africa. Lol, coulda fooled me. Been through Alabama, and there is one hellova resemblance to Africa unless you are color blind.

                  • You’ve “been through Alabama”, huh? Well good for you. I’m quite certain your “been through Alabama” observations are superior to my “lived here all my life and know every hill, holler, creek, rock, and person in this place” first-hand experience.

                • There are millions of illegals, gangs, hidden jihadist cells, Pro NWO supporters who are posing as liberals, mercs, killers with badges (cops), ex-military, anarchists, opportunist doomsday preppers who are training to take what you have, prisoners, welfare/foodstamp leeches and so on.

                  It will be hell on earth. I’m guilty of saying the same about “Let’s finish the game”, but talk is cheap and don’t wish for what’s coming. There’s no coming back once it all starts.

                  forget the honor, oath keepers, patriotic flag wavers everyone right now is civil because of availability and abundance, BUT when the music stops…

                  No one is an island unto themselves, but believe what you will. Good-luck to everyone.

            • Nat and .02- You can just count on lots of trickery in SHTF. Like a child coming to the door, and when you open the door, his 5 adult brother invade your cabin. Or the Hot lady on the side of the road or pregnant lady, holding a sign that say hungry help me. And when you pull over, her boyfriends and his 2 thug friends come out of the bushes and leave you for dead and drive off in your car with all your stuff. Lots of trickery and scams are going to get a lot of naive people killed. Like the Christians feeding the hungry, you think these hungry people will stand patiently in line for 2 hours for a sandwich or smash your truck windows as you arrive, and throw you to the ground and steal your truck. Go watch the LA riots videos, just for no reason throw a guy out of his truck cause he was white, then stomp on his head after he was already down. Street Smarts will save your ass in SHTF.

              • “Like a child coming to the door, and when you open the door, his 5 adult brother invade your cabin. ”

                If anyone makes it within 200 yards of my door without my knowledge, then I’ve already fucked up.

                “Or the Hot lady on the side of the road or pregnant lady, holding a sign that say hungry help me.”

                That’s why we travel in convoys, and patrol the roads in this valley so we know exactly who is where and what they’re doing.

                “Lots of trickery and scams are going to get a lot of naive people killed.”

                Agreed. But not on my watch.

                ” Like the Christians feeding the hungry, you think these hungry people will stand patiently in line for 2 hours for a sandwich or smash your truck windows as you arrive, and throw you to the ground and steal your truck. ”

                Obviously it’s not a good idea to drive a truck full of food through a mob or even into a city, period. Convoy rules apply.

                “Street Smarts will save your ass in SHTF.”

                Yes, but as a moral person I do have an obligation to protect and save as many people as I can. I’m not just holing up in a cabin somewhere and isolating myself. When the old society is destroyed, a new one must be built. I will do my best to help to do that. I can start by gathering up good people and defending the territory around where I live, bringing some measure of law and order to the place. What goes on outside my jurisdiction is regrettable, but not my concern.

                • Ahhh! Brings back memory’s. I was living in LA at the time and drove a box truck for a company dropping off auto parts all day, that was one of my routes for the day. I called in sick that morning, my buddy got hit on the head with a bat at someones auto shop. They pulled off after the shop owner came out with a shot gun. He was okay just had to get stitches. What a day, I hope this never happens again, but it’s hopeless to hope with the way things are going.

          • Or you kill and butcher a neighbor to feed said child. Cannibalism is rife throughout history when civilization crumbles. That’s when we really find out who we are.
            Standing ready in Daytona

            • Let me also state, that is one of the main reasons I’ve never had nor will I have any children. Also why I prefer to live on the coast.
              Standing ready in Daytona

            • What makes all you on here think there is only going to be one starving child acting alone. Kill a neighbor to feed one, but then look at that 65 more just came from out of the woods as soon as the meat starting roasting. Oh look, down the road is 1200 more,, Shit we be running outa neighbors in a hurry.

              • You simply don’t have a clue. 1200 people aren’t going to be marching anywhere near me. I don’t live near any big city. I live in the countryside where a “No Trespassing” sign means hopping a fence to pick a tomato could very well mean a redneck sharpshooter puts a bullet through your skull mid-hop. This isn’t California. This is Appalachia.

            • People taste just like chicken. Really.. lol

              • Actually, the Aztecs, who knew a thing or two about what people tasted like, said that people taste like the pork which they had their first taste of following the arrival of Spanish conquistadors. This gave rise to the belief that Spanish and pigs interbred since they tasted so similar.

                • The Vietnamese as well. Long Pork is what the called it.
                  Standing ready in Daytona

        • Yes the Vultures will be out licking the bones clean. Like the Tribe Parasites we have today.

          • A wicked thought from a wicked mind.

        • Ever played paintball?

          Survival in these scenarios is random dumb luck, and I do mean random.

          7 in 10 chance you’re a dead man within 3 weeks of a collapse. That goes for everyone.

          • Grim, but true.

          • What I been trying to convey here TG but a lot of people live in their fantasy land. After a year 1 in 10 people MIGHT be alive if we dont go nuclear and IF the power stays on and the nuke plants dont go critical. If the power goes out and the factions start waring, then it is just a matter of time before your internal organs turn to mush and you bleed out.

            • “After a year 1 in 10 people MIGHT be alive if we dont go nuclear and IF the power stays on and the nuke plants dont go critical. If the power goes out and the factions start waring, then it is just a matter of time before your internal organs turn to mush and you bleed out.”

              If you aren’t taking steps to shield yourself from nuclear fallout and high levels of radiation, then you’re not very well prepared, are you?

              It sounds to me like you’re just one step removed from the “OMG that would be such a TERRIBLE world to live in, so therefore I’m not going to bother getting prepared and just pretend like it’s not going to happen” mentality.

              There WILL be worldwide nuclear war within the next 5 years.

              • Keep digging that bunker in the back yard. Nope, if the lights go out and nukes burn down and missiles fly, I am all but toast. Am not prepared for that scenario and never will be. Don’t like the idea of being a mole man the rest of my days and calling that living. Unless you have enough food and water and air stored for the half life of plutonium, which is 24,100 years, I just don’t have that much money. Glad to see you do tho, congrats.

                • “Nope, if the lights go out and nukes burn down and missiles fly, I am all but toast. Am not prepared for that scenario and never will be. ”

                  And that is why you will perish, defeated. I will write your obituary. If you think the human species is going to be wiped out by ANYTHING, you are clueless person who needs to review the past 4.5 billion years of history (or at least the past 1+ million years) to educate yourself. Life goes on, even if you personally are too foolish and IGNORANT to survive.

                  • It’s really sad to see, on this site of all places, defeatists giving me the thumbs down. If you are not preparing for total nuclear war, then what the hell is the purpose of preparing for anything? You might as well stick a gun in your mouth and pull the trigger, and save yourself a slow death from radiation poisoning. I WILL survive, unless bad luck kills me off; but those who prepare for what’s actually going to happen do generally have the least bad luck. And after it’s all over, I WILL write a book about all of this. Those who chose to give up in defeat because “I wouldn’t want to live in that kind of world” will not be treated kindly by me or other historians. I despise cowardice and so does God.

          • @TheGuy – Survival. Yes after the first week the real SHTF unravels and mass Pillaging will occur. As a Prepper, you want to hunker down for at least the first 30 days, in your home with all your food preps, and weapons to watch your perimeter. We will start to see roaming gangs of people, going door to door to steal anything not protected. Many people will die in the first 90 days till people adapt to hunger, then they just deteriorate and shrivel to the bone. Those unprepared hungry people that are armed will be the greatest threat. As they got nothing, and nothing else to lose, so its game on. And you need to take them out before they get close to your house. A few shots or leg wounds will slow them down. They will be lucky to limp away. Seriously the show “The Walking Dead” is a pretty close view of what life will soon be. The real life zombies after SHTF, will be moving a lot faster than in the TV show, so high capacity magazines will be your best friend.

            • Im of the opinion that a shot to the butt or gut will quickly demoralize the remainder of any invading hoard.

          • No, I don’t think so. Survival isn’t about luck. It’s about planning and skill.

            Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.

            And yes, I have played paintball. Practice is what makes the difference between randomly getting shot up due to bad luck, and habitually mopping the floor with other players.

            • LOL,

              Go read some of selco’s real SHTF posts, he said Rambo’s got killed in a matter of weeks. His experiences are the most stunning accounts I’ve ever read.

              “In real SHTF people get killed so easily. Somebody who is about to get shot and knows this tried to bite the guy who shot him. It failed, but still.

              Few times I already mentioned young guys (and some older too) on many survival forums, who have opinion that when SHTF it is something like mix of Mad Max movie and PC game, so all you have to do is to have gun and go around and take stuff from people and kill them and thats it.

              It is not like that in real life. Doing acts of violence will shock you hard, and depending what kind of person you are deep inside and what kind of training you have be prepared to suffer consequences because of what you did.

              Why people do bad things is question that is as old probably as mankind is.

              Truth is that you do not know what kind of man you are and how you will act before you find yourself in SHTF situation.

              You know that when times are bad all kind of scum crawl out to do their job. Kill, rape, torture, steal. But you may be surprised that monster does not necessary need to look like monster.

              Gang members, criminals, addicts, they all gonna prey on people when SHTF and you will expect that of course.

              But also expect that your first neighbour who is local bus driver for example, and your kids played with his kids, turns out to be sadistic maniac when SHTF.

              SHTF may be his playground.

              I knew lot of psychopaths who become „important“ in terms that they were deciding about life and death of folks and lot of them were nobody before SHTF, absolutely nobody, not even „decent“ criminals, point is that they always were bad deep inside, they just waited for their chance.
              – See more at:

              • I have read Selco’s writings and listened to his CD, and I agree that people who try to play Rambo are going to get killed off. That’s not what I’m talking about doing. What I will be is more equivalent to a sheriff. The valley I reside in will remain safe from any gang bangers, outlaws, or yes, even former cops. I am making and enacting plans as we speak to patrol and fortify this area after things go bad. We will control an important trade route and several strategic gateways into or out of it, and the criminals will NOT be allowed to stay here. We will survive, and the thugs will inevitably go straight to hell where they belong.

          • That’s true but there are a lot of things you can do to help yourself:

            Don’t go outside except at 3 AM to 4 AM.
            Keep your windows closed.
            Cover your windows on the inside so no light escapes.
            Cook inside your house.
            Don’t answer the door.
            Have stored water in your house.

            • And, most importantly, you need to take turns guarding your house from the inside. You need at least one person awake and armed at all times.

            • Barncat
              Add one
              Know the difference. Between cover and concealment

              Semper Fi 8541

          • @TheGuy In Paintball or War, Distance will be your friend, and the sooner you can take the threat out at a distance, the safer you will be. A lot can happen in 15 seconds. Let er’ rip!!

          • Back when paint ball first came out I was in the Army.
            Superiors from Vietnam era recommended that we did not play it .
            They reckoned that we would not like the reality of how easy it is to be shot.

          • Sorry Guy, But not so. Out here we have a game called: “Shoot the Varmint”. Some varmint sticks his head out of a hole about 500 yds away and you shoot him. People around here know very well the varmint that stays down in his hole doesn’t get shot. Play paint ball all you want; around ere we are all keeping our heads down. Except those going to shoot the stupid ones that come from out of town.

        • I ain’t gonna wish for it, but I’ll bow my neck, stiffen my back and push ahead if it does. How long I last ain’t up to me.

        • That will never happen. The federal government will fight the next civil war. They will kill 250 million Americans if that’s what it takes to preserve their power. America as we know it today will be gone forever. We’re going to see a North American Union on the way to the one world government prophesied in Revelation.

          • That’s simply not going to happen. The government’s power is based on the people. The elites do not have armies of robots to mine ore from the ground, to refine it, to manufacture items from it. All that is done by human labor. If they did have robots, those are built by humans too, and not just any humans: SMART ones. The kind who are more capable of critical thought.

            All these bombs and guns and vehicles that “the government” possesses will not replace themselves when they are destroyed/captured, and all the labor force used to produce them is wiped out as you envision.

            Furthermore “the government” does not drive vehicles or fire guns; humans do. Not only are these humans not invincible, but many of them also have the nasty habit of thinking for themselves and coming to different conclusions.

            Even if you have a working bomb factory full of willing slaves, what good is that when 1/10 or even 1/100 of them are saboteurs who sympathize with the rebel cause?

            Domination of America and Americans and the world in general is a hopelessly futile goal, for many reasons.

            • Well, I hate to say this, but, Nathan Cline, you are full of shit.

              • If you hate to say it, then why did you say it?

                Look in the mirror.

                • couldn’t help myself.

            • You are making the mistake of assuming the ones really pulling the strings behind the face of government have goals that coincide with normal human behavior; that they are motivated by power or money. I would argue that those who are in charge are not motivated by power or money, but they are rational; brutally so.

              What if the goal of those pulling the strings is the elimination of almost all of us because we as a species have far exceeded what this planet can support? They know that it will happen anyway, but they want to ensure that it is them and their families and co-conspirators who survive to repopulate the planet. So they tilt the odds in their favor, use their privileged positions and access to resources to cover all the bases and build themselves shelters stocked with everything necessary to survive the die-off, and create the conditions which will lead to us killing off one another while starvation, disease, and radiation take care of those who survive the first round of death. When they emerge after several years, the planet will have been cleansed of most of us, radiation will have diminished to survivable levels except in the immediate vicinity of nuclear strikes and meltdowns. And the industrial resources of most of the planet will be at their disposal, albeit with no one to run them, but maybe they are counting on automation to pick up the slack.

              We are looking at an onion; every time you peel back a layer there is another layer exposed. Those running the DHS and buying all the ammo and weapons are probably oblivious to the true motives and thoughts of those farther up the hierarchy who are ordering them to do so. Even those nominally at the very top such as the head bungler-in-chief are probably not in the loop; he might believe he is working to prepare this country for socialism and eventual world government, but he is as much a tool as the militarized cops thinking they are going to be quelling civil disturbances but in the end will be hung out to dry just like the rest of us.

              • Moon your analysis sounds just like mine. However, when the militarized cops and so forth come to act against me, they’ll end up taking dirt naps.

              • No doubt the DHS has more weapons you have never heard of. Like the sound piercing riot clearing devices. Get your gun range ear muffs for that. They will use Rubber Bullets, Tear gas, heat laser guns, that will melt your cloths off your back. Tasers, specialty 12g rounds and 2.6 Billion Hollow point bullets, drones with IR and Thermal imaging. Attempting any direct frontal attack will be lethal.

                • Rubber bullets, tear gas, and heat guns: Oh MY! Don’t make me laugh. That’s almost as scary as their 5 year order of 1.6 Billion rds of ammo. The public is buying that every 5-6 weeks. The most powerful country on earth tried that 250 years ago. Compared to now, the people were nearly unarmed. I don’t forget that most of the police outside of the jungle cities are our friends, and so is a bunch of the Army. DC is so enthralled with itself it forgets: IT hired everyone close to themselves because they always agreed with them.

              • 1st law of the Georgia Guidestones:

                “Maintain humanity under 500 million in perpetual balance with nature.”

                how many people are on this earth 7 billion, that’s alot of dead people.

              • “You are making the mistake of assuming the ones really pulling the strings behind the face of government have goals that coincide with normal human behavior”

                I am doing no such thing.

                “What if the goal of those pulling the strings is the elimination of almost all of us because we as a species have far exceeded what this planet can support? They know that it will happen anyway, but they want to ensure that it is them and their families and co-conspirators who survive to repopulate the planet.”

                That is exactly what they’re doing.

                “When they emerge after several years, the planet will have been cleansed of most of us, radiation will have diminished to survivable levels except in the immediate vicinity of nuclear strikes and meltdowns. And the industrial resources of most of the planet will be at their disposal,”

                No, they won’t. You’re not understanding that it’s THE PEOPLE who are the most important resource of all. Elites don’t know how to run a factory or mine ore. If there are no slaves left for them to command, then how are they going to be “in control” of anything? Especially if there are those of us who also planned to survive, and to conquer and destroy those people when they emerge from their rat holes?

                “Those running the DHS and buying all the ammo and weapons are probably oblivious to the true motives and thoughts of those farther up the hierarchy who are ordering them to do so.”

                That is exactly correct. This is why the “but global thermonuclear war will never happen because it would be a terrible thing!” crowd is so wrong. The nature of an evil system is they lie, coerce, and use people to work toward evil ends, even as said people don’t understand the actual consequences their actions are supporting and working towards.

                “Even those nominally at the very top such as the head bungler-in-chief are probably not in the loop; he might believe he is working to prepare this country for socialism and eventual world government, but he is as much a tool as the militarized cops thinking they are going to be quelling civil disturbances but in the end will be hung out to dry just like the rest of us.”


            • the Nazi’s used a massive amount of slave labor
              there was of course some sabotage
              but they generally solved that problem
              by randomly pulling out a dozen workers
              and hanging them in front of everyone else


              until the workforce was compliant

              • And yet the Nazis were defeated. Even despite their years of planning and preparation towards starting that war. Their system was not sustainable, nor is ours. The elites always imagine they can conquer the world, but if they were actually smart and knew anything, they would know that God always wins in the end.

            • The global elite want to depopulate the earth to a sustainable level of 500 million people. That means they want to kill 13 out of every 14 people. Do a websearch for “Agenda 21” and see for yourself.

        • Yeah, I’m tired, too. Tired of the stress and the tension and the insanity which is today. Tired of hearing about Obama. (Today he’s playing pool in cool comfort. Moron!) If it’s going to happen, get it over with so we can rebuild before I’m too old to fight back.

          • @Vicky – Yes, it is stressful just waiting till SHTF. But after the shooting starts and you take out a few zombies, you will gain confidence, relax and loosen up a little more and find yourself in the Zone. After the first one or two, it gets a lot easier. After a several hundred you will be so relaxed you will be doing trick shots behind your back. You will be just fine, just stock up on lots and lots of AMMO.

            • I don’t know that I’ll ever be able to accept it that easily, but thanks for the encouragement. (Seriously, this is a painful subject and being told “you can do it” is valuable.)

            • “you will be so relaxed you will be doing trick shots behind your back”

              Everybody who jokes about shooting “zombies” is fooling themselves, with a lot of bluster and bravado.

              THESE “zombies” will have FACES.

              HUMAN FACES.

              They will look like your neighbor, your child’s history teacher, the grocery boy or the local deputy sheriff. Your kid’s former friends, your sister-in-law or the guy at the gas station.

              You won’t be able to justify these killing as “mercy” because their guts are hanging out already. When you look into their eyes, you won’t be looking at milky-white pupils, staring out from emaciated faces, with chunks of flesh hanging off of them.

              You won’t be dropping the hammer on masses of rot that don’t feel any pain.

              You are going to have to gun down a real man, woman or child. Someone already suffering and scared out of their wits.

              I’m afraid I don’t ever want to know the person who can do that kind of relaxed “trick shooting.”

              • @Sixpack, Stop being weak. As I relate this to and witnessed while scuba diving in the ocean, everything below the waterline is either eating or getting eaten. Find your place on the food chain.

                • bravado B.S. talk.

                  War is hell and injuries and death will change humanity. Bodies with the top of skulls blown apart like porcelain dolls with brains missing, charred bodies like mannequins with organs vaporized while friend holds up corpse while screaming, babies with guts hanging out, chunks of body parts, bodies without heads…etc.

                  it will be fun when neighborhoods are rubble, friends, families are losing their minds due to PTSD, starvation, disease, stench from rotting bodies.

                  Yes that sounds very relaxing.

                  The peoples faces in war zones are in such bliss.


                  • HJ,
                    People who have not seen the elephant have really NO IDEA what it’s like ,
                    It can not be described only experienced . Imagine the taste of bile in the back of your throat and the smell of sewage mixed with Decay , Burnt powder , iron smell of blood you get a hint of what a battle field smells like.

                    Take it from a guy who has walked the walk as a Marine and a Contractor .

                    My MOS Is like what 6 pack said I got to look my Acquired Targets in the eyes before I felt the recoil against my shoulder . These things change a person forever NOTHING is ever the same again after you have been down range on the two way shooting range. All the talk of bravado is just that I have seen tough guys run and quiet guys perform acts of valor that you would never expect.


                    Those who have been there know what I am talking about , what happens will be beyond horrifying to individuals who do not have the experience many will die . It will be up to us few former military to train and assist those that survive , when the ground shakes and the bullets fly we will be the ones who bring the others home .

                    Freedom and Liberty are not Free it’s paid in Blood, sweat , tears and hardship by those will to protect it.


                    Semper Fi 8541

                  • Very True, WAR IS HELL. Unless someone has lived it they have no concept of how bad bad is, and it is worse than one’s worse nightmare. For most their idea and perception of war is based on seeing one to many Hollywood movies. Americans especially have no clue, unless they were military who saw hard action.

                • WhoWuddaThunkIt, I’ve been called a multitude of names in my lifetime, but “weak” isn’t one of them. I’m sorry you think it is “weak” to see people as human beings instead of animals (unless they act like an animal).

                  tell me…do you also crush puppies and kittens too, or is your hatred just focused on people?


        first they came for the….. and I was not one so

        than they came for the..and I also was not one , so..

        than they came for me and there was no one to speak up for

        Hey I dont smoke, but its not any of my business what anyone wants to put in their own body, lest an employer ..F these commies

        wonder how many customers they have that smoke or did, maybe they should all tell this hospital to go suck it

        • Why am I not at all surprised to hear of such a thing coming from Maryland?

          Our Founding Fathers would be sick to death to know what a shithole New England has become. It’s just like the old England. Might as well crown King Obama I and get it over with.

      7. Unrest, violent crime and starvation will happen so fast that the government will not be able to control it. This of course is by design or utter incompetence, so at this point I say stop laughing at my mule.

        You see, my mule don’t like people laughing. He gets the crazy idea you’re laughin’ at him. Now if you apologize, like I know you’re going to, I might convince him that you really didn’t mean it. – A Fistful of Dollars (1964)

        Keep your powder dry people, shits coming.

        • It is by design of people who exhibit extreme and utter incompetence!

        • @y99 … or this other famous line:

          I know what you’re thinking, punk. You’re thinking “did he fire six shots or only five?” Now to tell you the truth I forgot myself in all this excitement. But being this is a .44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world and will blow you head clean off, you’ve gotta ask yourself a question: “Do I feel lucky?” Well, do ya, punk? Dirty Harry 1971

          or this one: Go ahead, make my day. Sudden Impact 1983

          Gotta love Eastwood

          • Navy Vet

            Love it, and many apply to the coming storm so we may as well have some 1-liners ready. Nothing better than a little comic relief in stressful times.

            another from CE
            “I tried being reasonable, I didn’t like it.”

            • My favorite scene from “Cold Mountain”

              Ada: “I wouldn’t go near that rooster if I were you. He’s the devil I’m sure of it. He’s Lucifer himself.”

              Ruby Thewes: “Why I despise a flogging rooster! Let’s put him in a pot!”

            • Sylvester Stallone in “Cobra”

              Chief: Anybody ever tell you you’ve got an attitude problem?

              Stallone: Yeah. But it’s just a little one.

              • Moon///Six

                Now remember, when things look bad and it looks like you’re not gonna make it, then you gotta get mean. I mean plumb, mad-dog mean. ‘Cause if you lose your head and you give up then you neither live nor win. That’s just the way it is.

                • Clint Eastwood in my favorite movie ever … Outlaw Jose Whales … “You’re wanted Whales” … “Recon I’m right popular” …

          • High Capacity Mags – After much debate and reading many articles, it has been found that if you have. lets say 30 round 5.56 mags, that it does NOT weaken the magazine spring if you keep them loaded for an extended period of time. No more than if the magazines are left empty. What weakens the magazine springs is the back and forth loading them then unloading them. So I would suggest, if you want to always be ready, fill all your magazines up less one round to say like 29 rounds and not the full 30. Find a nice carry pouch you can sling over your shoulder as part of your load out for a quick magazine change and use a dump pouch for the empty mags. When SHTF, you do NOT want to have to waste any time trying to load 20 Magazines. Like when you have a dozen Zombies trying to break your door down. Remember the only good gun is a loaded gun with one in the chamber and 29 right behind it. When seconds count, you can be a half second trigger pull away to maintain your survival. Peace Out!!

            • Alright, how did you get in to my gun room?

              • @Y99 We got the same SHTF Tactical Memo. lol

            • WWT,
              Good advise but the reason for downloading the mag from 30 is some mil spec mags develop feeding problems with the last few rounds when loaded to 30 due to the plastic followers becoming canted in the magazine It has to do with the geometry of the magazine ,sometimes inserting a fully loaded mag with a closed bolt prevents positive magazine lock up, never happen to me but has to others .

              In the field we used to put a tracer in before the last five to warn when a mag was getting low then inseting a fresh one on a closed bolt with one round in the chamber . More importantly check the magazine feed lips for wear and function , using them at the range is different than using them for Personel defense!

              Another commonly unknown fact always eject the round in the chamber after it spending the entire night in it replace in the magazine and re-chamber , some times the rounds can become corroded and stick in the chamber or not fully eject do to resistance causing a double feed in inclement conditions.

              Semper Fi 8541

      8. Prepper tip…

        On sale at Emergency Essentials…

        Kelly Kettle® Large Stainless Steel Base Camp Combo – $104.99

        Included is the stainless steel Base Camp, cook set, pot support, and a can of Fired Up! fuel. Kelly Kettle® is an ultra-fast camping kettle that can boil water in 3-5 minutes while simultaneously functioning as a stove.

        This combo also includes the Large Kelly Kettle® Cook Set. Includes a pot with a detachable handle, a lid which doubles as a plate, support grill to place over the fuel base, and 2.5 lbs. of Fired Up!™ Fuel and Firestarter.

        It works with any many fuel sources: small sticks, pine cones, tree bark, dry grass, etc.

        • KY Mom, I bought that same model of Kelly Kettle last winter at Sportsman’s Warehouse for only $84.95. It performs exactly as you said. I used some small sticks and leaves to get mine started and tested it. I boiled a pot of water in only 3 minutes. That’s faster than my old Coleman does. I highly recommend it as a piece of survival equipment. You can’t go wrong with a Kelly Kettle, especially when it uses nature’s fuel and don’t have to stock up on propane bottles, etc.

          • I saved 100 dollars, took a metal coffee can, shot it full of holes, cut a hole in the side and stuffed in a Nalleys chilli can and put a grill on it and it can damn near do the same thing. I can get boiled water with one load of twigs and sticks.

            • Yeah, look at the size of the Kelly Kettle, and it weighs 7.1# Lbs. Try stuffing that big ass stainless heavy brick into your bug out bag. lol

              Maybe as a base camp back up, but not bugout bag gear.
              TOTAL WEIGHT: 7 lbs. 1 oz.BASE CAMP DIMENSIONSFuel holder/base: 7 1/2” diameter x 3 1/4” tall
              Kettle/chimney base: 6 1/8 diameter
              Kettle/chimney height :12 1/4”

            • .02….can you explain a little better on how you made that? I would love to get a Kelli stove, but that’s a whole lot of money for me right now….


        • Thanks, Kentucky Mom! I just ordered one and more collodial silver stock. I have a volcano stove, but want a camp stove to give to my daughter. Now, we’ll see if they get here before TSHTF. By the way, I always enjoy your posts!

      9. maybe the scare thats headed our way this fall or even this month is some kind of notice or back down in the free shit to the free shit army
        you know they must be dying to get this ball rollin

      10. Is that a song by Van Halen? “Starving in the street”?

      11. The EBT Shut down was a BETA Test to see what would happen during a collapse. This was one of many BETA Tests this Government has been doing including the Bank Hack Test, Electrical Grid Hack Test. They run these exercises to see how each industry will handle a grid down situation. This was a wake up call for Food Stores on how to handle mass rioting and pillaging. Keep Prepping the best you can folks, this collapse is coming at any time. My guess is a Mass Electric Grid down. This country will come to a halt, then the mass riots and chaos ensues.

      12. I have always believed that when the EBIT system went down last year, it was no mistake. The government was using that as a social experiment to see what would happen….that way they can plan accordingly for the future. They know it’s going to hit the fan and they are preparing. Are you? It’s a much better idea to sacrifice now then wishing you had when it all falls apart. One of my favorite quotes is ” By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail” ~ Benjamin Franklin

        This goes true for anything in your life. IF you are not planning for your future, someone else will… AND you most likely won’t be happy with their choices.

        Prepare your family! It’s never too late to put your family’s safety, health and security first. God bless all the SHTFPLAN warriors! Happy Prepping!

        • Texas Tea, I totally agree that event was staged. TPTB needed some idea of what would happen. The ‘gimmedat’ crowd knows something will happen eventually, so they’re just biding their time, waiting for their opportunity to ‘get back at whitey’ as they would call it. if they come to my place trying to turn it into their “supermarket”, I’ll give them something they don’t want, like “lead and brass refreshments”.

          • @Renegade braveheart,

            I like your ” lead and brass refreshments” quote! So true! I fear their next experiment…Maybe the grid going down? They move like a thief in the night, playing with us, seeing what we will not tolerate and what they can get away with doing. I agree they are just biding their time, putting everything into place and then BAM! We wake up to a different world.

            • Texas Tea, I have the same feeling. So I just keep prepping.

        • Texas Tea: I went to the dollar gen super store (has produce and some meats other grocery items) during the ebt shut down, and the store was quiet. No store will be quiet when riots start and will have to lock them down. Grocery stores will be hit first, then warehouses. Lowes, ACE and Home depot will also be raided, along with drug stores.

          • @Laura M,

            Just like Renegade Braveheart stated, thats why we prep. I don’t want to be caught out in the open when it all hits the fan. This is when we all need to hunker down and take care of our own. The stores will be chaotic and downright dangerous. The unprepared will panic and head into these situations unaware of the dangers they face. Phase 1 of the collapse will be under way…

      13. One thing is certain at this point: An intentionally orchestrated crash is the direct recommendation of the BIS, per it’s annual report. That this action exists as a potential policy measure is now confirmed.

        The remaining question is: Would the Federal Reserve pursue such a policy measure openly, or behind the same curtains from which most of their historic policies were enacted.

        Nuff said people? I got it clear as glass

      14. But for the grace of God there go I.

      15. @everyone…over at Zero Hedge and Market-Ticker, they got the article up that the Fed is ending QE in October. Get Ready now if you are not yet.

        • Ohhhh.

          Crap I picked a bad day to stop sniffing glue I guess…

          Really? QE is down?

          So’s my job then. They’ve been spending their interest free money like s**t through a tin funnel. The swing back is going to be epic for them.

        • QE ending in Oct…. How convienent, so zer0 can postphone the Nov elections due to the economic chaos that will ensue…

        • They may say there ending QE, but there are others who claim that money will be made available (printed) through other deceptive means. For instance, Central Banks have been printing up so much money throughout the world that the US no longer has to send half of the QE to European cash starved banks. Their balance sheets are “replenished” and collectively the world’s central banks have enough cash stored up to put out any localized financial fires that may occur in any one bank as witnessed by Euroclear, a sort of laundering facility that transferred billions from central banks to Belgium so that Belgium could fill a gap in the FED’s financing after the recent cutback from the 85 Billion a month QE.

          It is all a shell game. As long as the quadrillion dollar derivatives bomb doesn’t explode, there will be secret transfers of money to continue the deception for much longer than anyone can believe, even brazen bail-ins not withstanding. People will whine and complain, but it will not be enough to reverse the trend.
          IMO, it will be slow grind of increased COLA against loss of wages/work, rises in food and gas, an event in the Middle East, or most likely an event that we nor the elites have planned for that will trigger the run (for the hills).

      16. Just finished listening to a Christian talk radio program. The featured guest was a Doctor who specialized in Public Health. She has visited a number of the holding camps for Illegals and is works with members of The Border Patrol.

        According to her, we are catching only 3% coming into our country. The MSM is lying about them being “kids”, as 80% are males over 14 years of age.

        We have as many Chinese and people from India coming in as Central Americans, she thinks.

        Are we being invaded by Central American Communist Guerillas, wearing street cloths?

        • well I have said it , many times ..and on this forum too so I can be validated if no one believes me

          I did say were going to get invaded, I said it many times ( plenty here that read my inputs will have my back on this or should) , and I did say it was going to come thru that exact border, and I also said a shit load of nefarious types from all gangs and cartels are going to use this to their advantage to get “their people” here, I also said our shit head government wasnt going to do squat about it other than escalate it

          welp here it is

          Im not looking for a pat on the back, because i wish I was wrong..but alas its coming and way faster than any of us ever thought possible

          • Maybe someone should tell Glenn Beck that teddy bears and soccer balls aint what they want at those illegal camps.

            • Beck is an idiot.

              • That crying hawker can sell some shit though cant he?

        • In other words, the males are quite capable of handling and using an AK as most this age are indoctrinated through the cartels. This could get quite bloody early or take some time. Its up to we here to keep up on all news and pass it on. In the past few days I have purchased quite of few items to tweek what I felt I (and family) was/were lacking in.

          • Seems like the gov is importing brown people for us all to shoot at instead of send us over there. Seems really thoughtful on their part.

            • @.o2
              I’m really not sure what your problem is?

              Fact, Obama comes from the far Left. Fact, the Border is being overrun. El Paso TX alone is reporting 30,000 a month.

              I know that Alinski’s book, teaches you communists to poke fun at the truth, but the problem is….NO ONE IS LAUGHING!

              • Point is the flood of illegals could be stopped if they wanted it to.

          • I had an uncle that joined up for WW2 at the age of 14.
            He went over seas and oddly enough he was awarded more medals for bravery and taking prisoners than anyone else in the family. Most young men are invinceable.
            Why do you think that you can still join the military at the tender age of 17? Do not underestimate that other countries will use children.

      17. Being thirsty doesn’t mean that you deserve water.
        Being cold doesn’t mean that you deserve a coat.
        Being sick doesn’t mean that you deserve medicine.
        Being hungry doesn’t mean that you deserve food.

        These people are not dangerous because they are poor, or fell on hard times, or got free food. Some people might be grateful, from the bottom of their heart.

        What is dangerous is to see something, which doesn’t belong to you, and to think you deserve it.

      18. Or choice B: they can get jobs. I have two myself. Maybe I need to “retire” onto some welfare program as I’m pretty dead tired lots of the time and my kids keep asking why I can’t get a regular job where I don’t work so much.

      19. Even the CEO of Wal-Mart has called out the government on their totally fictitious and faked data. He knows it’s coming. YOU know it’s coming. tick-tock-tick-tock

        What “Rosy” Job Numbers? Wal-Mart CEO Slams Recovery Mirage
        (from ZeroHedge site)

        When the CEO of the world’s biggest company doubts the veracity of US economic data, you know you have a problem. After quarters of disappointing growth in the face of miraculous equity market performance; Wal-Mart CEO Bill Simon warns that shoppers aren’t returning at the pace one might expect years after the recession peaked, despite mainstream media interpretation of the data showing unequivocal growth. Simply put, he exclaims, “the unemployment numbers particularly have been difficult to read with the number of people dropping out of the work force,” adding that if we see a further drop in the participation rate it would fit with the fact that “middle-class and lower-class are still economically challenged, only spending during holidays and for family occasions,” adding that traction has only come at the top-end.

      20. That btch needs to get a job. Six kids that we feed, not her. I can’t wait for the whole system to fail. We need to reset and start with a clean slate.

        • All Federal Programs like Welfare and Food Stamps should be limited to 2 Kids Maximum for benefits. We Need to “Stop Rewarding Failure.” You will see these Baby Momma’s not having any more babies, if they don’t get paid for it. Duh!!

          • Such programs encourage the breeding and reproduction of genetically inferior people who parasite the productive. America doesnt need any more genetic defectives,we need honest hard working people.

        • I can’t wait for the whole system to fail. We need to reset and start with a clean slate says the dug in prepper that has read too many novels by Mr Rawles. Listen, it sounds so easy this “reset” of which you speak. Tell me, what country that you can point me to as an example of a “reset” for the better? The reset will be either the paranoid military running amok killing and enslaving a raiding to keep themselves in power/alive. Or warlords and their minions do the same. The reset will be a blood flood with 99% of the world in flames. Do you think Israel/Russia/America etc wont use the nukes when all else fails? Not to mention the world wide nuclear power plants melting down. A cockroach might not make it through a total reset but you are some how immune? People, quit being so tough on these boards. You DO NOT WANT this shit to fall apart. Watch “Threads” on youtube and then come back here and ask for that situation to visit us all and convince me that is what you desire. Get your heads around this shit. A collapse will most likely usher in a total ELE for the planet. Good luck surviving on radiated dirt as that will be all that is left.

          • .02, I aint always agreed with your posts and I know you could give a rat’s ass but you’re spot on those calling for it. Yeah I’d like to see the cloud cover give way to bright sunshine, “but if wishes were horses”……….

            • Well you know me Patriot, I am too fvkin old to give a shit anymore about most of this crap, but these people calling for destruction don’t seem to have a clue.

              • What you seem to be clueless about is the fact that the war and destruction is going to occur regardless of what anyone “calls for” or wishes for. It’s inevitable, so you’d better get used to it…or just dig your own grave, lay down, and pull the dirt in behind you. Whichever you prefer.

          • Yeah after years ans years of Americans buying all this prepping gear, you know sure and well, that there are a lot of people out there, more than ready to get the SHTF started to kick some a$$, so they can start using all their tacti-cool gear. What a pity if nothing happens, and then have to pass all this gear down to the next generation. lol

          • be careful of what you wish for you just might get it!

          • “Tell me, what country that you can point me to as an example of a “reset” for the better?”

            Countries would not exist in the first place, and humanity would not be the dominant species on this planet, if said “resets” had no occurred countless times through history.

            “You DO NOT WANT this shit to fall apart.”

            Yes I do. With all my heart.

      21. OFF TOPIC
        I noticed that “The Survivalist” is running ads here.
        Unlike SHTF, where you can post what you want and air out your rants, “The Survivalist Blog” is run by a guy who calls himself “Mr. Prepper” and the content pretty much is nothing but links to info from here and other sites.

        Also all of your posts have to go through “moderation”, if “Mr. Prepper” does not like them he won’t post them, and if you have a different opinion than his once too often, he kicks you out of his kingdom.

        Talk about Fascism, I know of 3-5 people who have been blocked from posting on his crappy site, so this is no bull crap.

        • Oh, I see that Mr. Prepper’s “Wolf Pack” buddies are giving the truth some thumbs down. Sad, very-very sad.

          What did I do to prep this week, none of your GD business!

        • The site does belong to him, not you.

      22. she looks pretty well off to be getting food stamps.

        • Some states don’t have asset limits. So if you own a $200,000 house you can still qualify for food stamps if your income is low enough.

      23. T H E A M E R I C A N D R E A M IS O V E R !!!

        And obama is the one who is taking the final shot with his Marxist/Saul Alinsky assault rifle called Cloward-Piven Strategy free market economic destruction

      24. Trust me, that was no computer glitch! That was a test run plain and simple.

      25. Its coming soon. Now is when you line up your family and friends to protect what you have. Others will be looking for your preps and you will have to protect it. You can only share so much….many will suffer.

        • I think 90% of Americans will die during the collapse. I can’t see how that can be avoided. No functioning economy. No stores open. No goods moving across the country. No city water. No electricity. Many people who have food won’t survive a northern winter. Especially if it’s like last winter.

          • Barn Cat, I think a pandemic after an earth quake or two is coming and the people who go out to the stores will spread it like wild fire. I probably won’t survive the northern winters we’ve been having…unless my husband takes an outside wall downstairs and builds a fire place. But, that’s not happenin’….

            • You need to plan to have a heat source for after the collapse. If you don’t have a fireplace you could get kerosene heaters. They provide a lot of heat. You just need a safe place to store it like a garage.

        • Jim in Va., right. I hope I’ll be able to attend our family reunion in Front Royal come September. Most of the old ones are passing on and I need to catch up on the news. Take care ‘ol boy.

      26. This is Old!
        This happened about 6 months ago.
        Can it happen again? SURE!

        This just goes to show when you give it away they will come!!! Like a bunch of frigging vouchers!!!!

        If it dose happen again that just means they won’t be using my tax money to feed their kids that they are responsible for. I raised 4 kids I worked and hunted to put food on the table. What are they doing to put food on the table? Oh yah having more kids to get more money from the tax payers!

        Now just think we are letting 100,000’s come across the FRIGGING boarder. You and I both know that we will have to feed them, educate them, and provide medical for them. All along trying to just make ends meet. Good luck!


        • @ Less than 30% are kids coming across, most are young males of military age. Yes, they still need to eat/place to sleep, it’s just that this whole mess does not smell right?

          • @ Sgt. what does “aim small miss small mean” ? I know that Mel Gibson told his kids to “aim small miss small” in The Patriot, but I never got the meaning.

            • It means don’t just shoot at the target as a whole, pick out a “small” spot on your intended target to aim at and if you miss it will be a “small” miss and you will still hit the target.

              • Ed. S.
                Thanks for answering the ? of Aim Small Miss Small.

            • It means aim at a very “small” spot on your intended target so if you miss the spot you will miss “small” instead of a big miss if you are aiming at the target as a whole.

              • Think of it like your life, aim with large general target you should hit it. Like say center of mass 18″ you will probably get your shot into that zone. But when you aim say for the dead centre you by picking a button you will probably hit near it. Plus or minus an inch. Ok, you want a job so you apply and get any old job, now you are flipping burgers. Or you want your dream job and you apply and try for it now you make good money and enjoy what you do.

        • Remember Sgt and everyone else on these boards about this woman with 6 kids. IF they were not enabled to do so by the gov, it wouldn’t be so. Blame who ever you want but animals in nature have twins or trips when things are plentiful. When not, then some animals have no offspring for that season. This woman is just the symptom, don’t hate her, instead hate what has enabled her.

          • .02
            Very good point I didn’t even think about that fact. You are right on.
            I don’t hate her I just don’t understand that people don’t UNDERSTAND THAT THING ARE NOT FREE! The other thing that bothers me is when they don’t get their free stuff that you and I pay for. They will burn the FRIGGING place down.

            • But for right now Sgt, THINGS ARE FREE! At least to them. Sure it has to come from some place and that takes energy and effort by someone, but the way the system is operating is that money is being tossed around by the trillions that really doesn’t exist either, other than in some central banks comp base. So here we are, with 70 million people on food stamps, 10,000 people turning 65 every day jumping onto social security and probably food assistance as well, all propped up by a computer base that is churning out trillions of credits into other computer bases keeping the animals from attacking. What could possibly go wrong?

      27. Got non-gmo self home grown sprouts seeds? oat meal? lentils? rice? beans? beef bullion cubes? pancake mix? green tea? honey? and olive oil?

        you will survive cheaply and be healthier for it.

        this is my 3 month supply of affordable core bulk dry good emergency food preps.

        it works , is filling and it’s flexible.


      28. Coming Soon to Your Neighborhood…

        “The individual is handicapped, by coming face-to-face, with a conspiracy so monstrous, he cannot believe it exists. The American mind, simply has not come to a realization of the evil, which has been introduced into our midst . . . It rejects even the assumption that human creatures could espouse a philosophy, which must ultimately destroy all that is good and decent.”
        – FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, 1956

        “There’s a plot in this country to enslave every man, woman and child. Before I leave this high and noble office, I intend to expose this plot.”

        – President John F. Kennedy before his assassination

      29. Here we go murder, death, kill, survive…………

      30. Seventy million people, most of whom know nothing other than having things handed to them for just sitting around. It’s living off of other people’s money and not even being grateful. And why are so many people “disabled” nowadays? Years ago you definitely knew who was disabled; now every little mental or physical ailment is a “disability”. I’ll bet a good chunk of them are definitely NOT disabled. It’s the government training people to be lazy and stupid and to depend on someone else to feed, clothe, and house them. Give them cell phones, make them cyber-zombies who are unable to function in the real world. Sleep with 20 different people and have 5 or 6 children with different baby daddies whom the kids don’t know, claim benefits so the working slobs can pay for that lifestyle. Self-respect and dignity have gone out the door. What a mess.

        • I agree it is disgusting such a person has been enabled to breed so much and live on welfare. Those kids are not going to be great contributors to humanity when they grow up. How could they be when the mom has next to no money?

          These people will first off go ape and get very violent and steal, but then the state will kick in, and by the end of the first week the military will just shoot them or incarcerate them. They will have their moment and then they will be eliminated. They are basically retarded and not capable of forming an intelligent resistance movement so they won’t last when people start screaming for the military to kill them off.

          • “Those kids are not going to be great contributors to humanity when they grow up. How could they be when the mom has next to no money?”

            You can raise kids to have respect for themselves and others, and to be grateful for what they do have, without having a lot of money.

            You can also be very wealthy, and raise selfish little bastards who think the world owes them.

        • I know a lot of “disabled” people who are definitely not and are just mooching of the system.
          Time for their spring to dry up, i know i sure as hell am not going to pay for the free shit army,,
          Thats a promise.

          • The people that are just fat on disability are the ones that really annoy me.

          • Report to SSec fraud line….they offer rewards. Use it for preps.

        • I have this fantasy where EBT, Sec 8, and snap are immediately taken away from all of the young able bodied people, including the morbidly obese who refuse to work. Sit back and watch all of them have a big freak out, cry and gnash their teeth in grocery store parking lots, wailing and going crazy and begging for govt to come rescue them.

          Once the hand waving panic is over, reality sets in, these people realize that reality has just slapped them in the face. Some will go get jobs for once in their lives, some will will keep standing there begging and demanding for help and some will turn to a life of crime to get what they want.

          I’m sick and tired of seeing young able bodied people doing nothing but collect their benefits each month. And yes tired of seeing morbidly obese youths riding on carts in walmart loading the baskets each month full of complete crap. I’ve seen young very obese women riding on carts with a brood of little children surrounding them picking the food off the shelves for mama. Sorry if this offends but it’s time that this lifestyle comes to an end. You get up and start working the weight will drop. A lot of the people must be taught self sufficiency as many are bred and born into and learn the welfare lifestyle and never learn anything else.

      31. And I got thumbs down on another thread for naming the fact that a single mom with a child that has a disability. who is drawing SSI. that she is part of the problem. SSI is welfare dole. If someone cant get along now without help just how are they going to survive what we all know the future holds?

      32. You mean Moo-chelle won’t be bringing me a lunch every day?

        • Who wants a dry peanut butter sandwich and a half a kiwi anyway?

      33. First of all, Obozo made this “free lunch” happen. Here’s the way you fix it: All veterans go to the head of the line for food, lodging, assistance. Next, are the disabled (REALLY disabled). Must have an examination with one year declaring specific disability preventing person from WORKING. Next, the seniors (over 65). Now, the rest of you fucking freeloaders go out and get a job! If you can’t find one, march on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and DEMAND a job. Better yet, go to your local city or county transportation office and VOLUNTEER to clean roadways for meals. The day of “free lunch” is over. Those low-information voters just didn’t see (typically) past their noses to realize that Obozo was playing them like a fiddle. Too effin bad. Get out there and WORK for what you want. You ladies that have kids with no husband, first thing you do is keep your legs together, then go find the daddy to “pay up”. Then join the rest getting a J-O-B

        Every EBT card holder that “beat the system” when it was down should lose their privilege permanently.

        The rest of us are just storing water, food, guns, and ammo in anticipation of your coming around looking to take what isn’t yours….and its gonna get real ugly!

      34. I bought some cheap Barefoot Wine a few weeks ago and also found the best pilsner glasses at the Dollar Store… *sigh*

      35. Living in the most remote place on earth and still being in America, gives me a different point of view about SHTF.
        We have a lot of welfare, but also are food and water self sufficient if everyone were to put in a little effort.
        Your problem on the mainland is the cities and how to keep everyone fed and provided for when in fact they are no jobs or ways for people to provide for themselves.
        The America’s have the resources to be totally independent and care for all it’s surviving inhabitants. SHTF is very avoidable. But America wouldn’t miss its Black Gettho culture, the La Raza racists, or the Liberal and RINO elites. Mexico wouldn’t miss thier elites and Cartels.
        Canada could do without Quebec and their Liberals.
        Venezuela could do without it’s communist elite. I could go on.
        My point is if SHTF we need to let the dust settle, gather together, and kill just a few but critical people, and install a Americas wide Confederacy emphasizing strong Continental defenses, strong personal rights, guns, speech, religion, personal property, weak central government, and Judicial, much like the Bill of rights.
        Millions will be dead. But the world will go on.

      36. Obummer speaking on tv…..

        “People aren’t evading immigration officials, rather they are surrendering to them. It is likely children will not be able to stay, asking parents not to send children.” FEMA coordinating sponsor at border. Of course he goes on to politicking, actually realpolitik.

        I’m surprised he didn’t blame bush, oh wait he just did. A least he didn’t impose martial law, YET.

        • Who is going to enforce “martial law” They can’t even keep kids from running across the border. Double tap the local LEO with a 7.62X39. DHS Pigs get flares in the Vagina or Rectum. Who wants to play, after all that fun?

      37. Thanks to obama’s open border policies we can all have mexican for dinner when the food runs out…..

      38. This is it, the apocalypse, whoa.

        I’m waking up.

        I feel it in my bones.

        The shit is hitting the fan right now. Those of you who are still waiting, you are still asleep, still inside the matrix.

        • Ignorance is bliss.

        • Rotation is picking up and this center of circulation will turn into a F5 tornado soon

      39. No one in their right mind would advocate any policy which would starve 70 million of your own people. Welfare masked the reality associated with the de-industrialization policy’s and in doing so opiated its pain upon the body politic. The once gainfully employed public is now addicted to a government handout.

        If the bogus “service economy” fueled indirectly by the increasing supply of fiat currency and the Federal Reserve induced low interest rates disassociated from economic reality did not occur the public would have felt the full sting of NAFTA. This might have awakened the voters and made China Free Trade impossible to get through Congress and Senate. The reality is a short term narcotic was prescribed to lull the people into bliss until the great industrial evisceration was completed.

        The power people facilitating globalization are very slick.

      40. excellent analysis Kevin

        NONE of this is by accident

        • Satori

          The policy’s are certainly coordinated as they dovetail fit the facilitation of political goals making the voters either unaware of the ill effect it will bring or actually getting their support. This coordination crosses over from government into the private sector, academia and throughout the MSM. Their reach is astounding. The Communists with Pravda and the KGB were rank thug amateurs by comparison as the citizens in the USSR pretty much knew that they were being lied to. The powers to be here get a significant percentage of the body politic to actually believe their nonsense. This requires a much greater degree of skill.

          Two things continue surprise me:

          1. The ability of the directors of banking/finance and the economy to kick the can quite effectively down the road this far for this long.


          2. The ability of the both government and the above sector to make falsehood the truth and the truth a falsehood in the minds of citizenry.

      41. No way.

        If we had no entitlement program, there would be screams to get the tens of millions of illegals taking our jobs booted out of this country. And guess what? Our government would actually listen!!

        Millions more would “create” their own job. Or grow their own garden & raise chickens. People would live together with multiple generations again to save money. Honestly, I would like that society better.

        Don’t forget charities, which would pick up if the stupid government would stop stealing our money and redistributing it.

        It would be a hard couple of years while we weaned off the generations of dependents but eventually people would get a clue and learn how to provide for themselves.

        • Amen

      42. “…People Would Be Starving in the Streets Without Government Welfare Programs”

        Au contraire. People are starving because of FedGov’s destruction of the economy.

        Food Stamps (now EBT), are the “bread” part of “bread & circuses,” averting teh mass starvation that would spark the revolt against the elephant/jackass sock puppets running FedGov and their central bank and crony looters who have destroyed the American homeland.

        • go to “front line of defense” site and look up bread and circuses

        • 20 containers of mustard gas was found in Fallujah Iraq by the USMC in 2008 after a sand storm that lasted for 3 days. it blew open a lot of weapons cashes.

      43. I own a excavating business , the young guys would ratter collect welfare than work.the ones that do work are not men , raised by their moms . Total wimps, they will stave unless the nigs that they look up to take them In …

      44. I have to say this: This is F-ing ridiculous. For that woman to go on the news and say “How my-spose to feed my six kids….?” and then blame the government. She should be blaming the government for turning her and others like her into breeding machines that don’t know the first thing about self reliance or self respect. For all those saying that our Welfare system is all a part of the master plan to turn us into slaves, you are correct. Let’s just hope things aren’t too bad in two years when B.O. is gone, that we can recover. And to read up on CLoward and Piven, which this is, please link here

        • Yes, then women like her (in the video) stand back and talk about women’s empowerment, feminism and engage in all manner of “get the govt out of my choices” crap.

          Women like this are not powerful or empowered because they can’t feed their family in times of crisis. The govt is in charge of that woman’s life.

          In times of crisis a woman should be in charge, standing right beside her partner, or if she is alone, standing on her own steam. Think Ruby from Cold Mountain. All women take a lesson from her. That’s women’s empowerment.

      45. The government stocked up on guns and ammo…and are now bringing in Obama’s and Jarrett’s Muslim army.

      46. So you want’a know when it’s going to start happening. Are you goofy? The S is HTF all around you and most of you still don’t see the writing on the wall. You’re still driving to work without a survival bag on less than a half tank of gas because nothing is going to happen. Got news for you: TSHF when you least expect it. You have to be crazy not to be a prepper. Don’t wait until the SHTF. But don’t try to convince the people who believe the single bullet theory that took away Kennedy. All the political and economic indicators point to the inevitable conclusion that sooner, not later the S will HTF. If you’re intelligent enough to understand the acronym you have the possibility of mitigating the nasty circumstances your politicians have created. The citizens voted these mentally disturbed beings into office and are partially responsible for the deadly mess they are faced with. Now you want to know how to survive. Or maybe your head is still deeply stuck up your own ignoble orifice, and you actually think that Uncle Sam is going to be there to change your pants when the SHTF. No, no, when you find yourself starving you’re going to need uncle spam not Sam, and much more. Get a manual written by a Russian who survived the implosion of the Soviet Union. This is written for Americans who are about ready to be left up the river without a paddle. Believe me, this is cheap or free at AMAZON, it’s called Yankee Anti-Zombie Survival Manual, it gets right down to facts, 101 rules to save your self and family. This Russian has seen and smelled TSHTF in his own country. Only experience can be transferred. Read and survive. Your brain is your greatest asset, use it with the information provided. The information is probably free for a while. Check it out.

      47. RE: “Shock Report: 70 Million People Would Be Starving in the Streets Without Government Welfare Programs”

        I call B.S. on that one.

        Did anyone else do that, too?

        I’ll have to go back and read the replies and see.

        The Only way 70 Million People Would Be Starving in the Streets is if gunvernment got in the way of the free market which would provide for them.
        Those at the Very bottom end would still be served by the free market via the grace known as charity.

        If Only the gooberment-lovers would step out of the way and relinquish their lust for control and power over others which perverts all sensibilities and goodwill.

        Or, maybe, those who support the system which enables such gooberment driven starvation should just say, “No” and quit supporting the system which can and does cause so much pain, misery and suffering. Rather; they should just embrace that which has made this country prosperous since its inception: the free market.

        • helot

          Post great industrial evisceration and housing crash the ranks of the unemployed have dramatically grown. Remove the hand out that they’re receiving from Uncle Sam and the ranks of these “Poor huddled masses” would grow significantly. The simple facts is at this point welfare is keeping others employed.

          Thank first the job robbing “Free Trade” agreements forcing civilized people to compete with de-facto slave labor. Honorable mention goes to de-regulating the Financial Sector (I dare not call it INDUSTRY because they manufacture nothing) allowing

          • Dear, Kevin2.

            RE: “The simple facts is at this point welfare is keeping others employed.”

            That’s called Fascism.

            And, it’s robbery at gun point.

            Your beef is not with Free Trade. Your beef is with regualtions which should never be. All people should be able to trade freely with one another. Everyone except the tyrants and unions benefit when there is Free Trade. All people are uplifted when there is Free Trade, even the union thugs. Although, they don’t get as much as when they have a boot at the throat of the consumer.

            • Free Trade has done wonders for China and decimated the US.

              Its easy to compete with 50 cent / hr labor. Work for 49 cents / hr.

      48. ” How will I feed my family? ” — To the woman asking that question on the video, and many others like her:

        1. build a garden, you can do this even in an apartment if you have to. learn how to can meats and veg

        2. buy one can of food every time you shop, or one bag of rice, one bag of beans, one water, one spices….. whatever you do, buy one of something every single time you shop and before you know it you will accrue some stock in your cupboards.

        3. becoming responsible and pro active helps you grow a back bone and become independent. in a time of crisis you won’t waver, you’ll walk to your cupboard and pull out food for your family. If you do this, you’ll never stand in front of a store asking the country how you will feed your kids

        4. stop relying on govt to take care of you. MAN up or WOMAN up and stop crying and get busy! What’s that saying from the movie, get busy living or get busy dying. I guess it’s your choice!

      49. One problem:


        “Diversity” means being chased out of your neighborhood.
        “Diversity” means being chased out of your school.
        “Diversity” means being chased out of your job.
        “Diversity” Means Chasing Down the Last White Person.
        “Diversity” means White Genocide

        Anti-whites expect an entire race to disappear from the face of the earth without even mentioning, not even whispering about it.

        Nobody’s flooding Africa with Non-Africans and giving them free health care, affirmative action and special privileges.

        Only White Countries are doing it, only White children are affected, and only White politicians are allowing it.

        Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

      50. Correction…..she has 6 kids “WE” have to feed.
        Thank god she has enough extra money for regular visits to the nail salon….I mean, .if that money dries up we’ve definitely entered an apocalyptic phase of decline

      51. Even with all this chaos surrounding us, the public still has no clue that 3 things took this nation away from its people, and the people still can not figure it out 100 years later.

        1789-1913 The US only collected taxes and excise of Imports and Corporate Gains. The nation prospered and grew with very little debt.

        The Federal Reserve Act = Removed all Authority and Power of the Congress and the People to issue their own interest free currency. That Authority and Power was given up by Congress and handed over to the Privately Owned For Profit Corporation Central Bank that now charges the people interest on every single paper note that is created.

        The 16th Amendment = Changed Article 1 Section 9 which reads(paraphrased) that all taxes shall be proportionate to the consensus, and no direct tax shall be laid upon the people.
        They changed that to: Congress can tax any income no matter where it is derived, and no longer do taxes need to follow the consensus.

        The 17th Amendment = Changed the power of the State Legislatures to elect their own representatives, and left that now to Washington DC. (This changed the way representatives loyalty to their state).

        Those 3 things changed the entire course of the nation, for from that moment on WE no longer controlled the money, the taxing, or the structure of State to Federal, and now the entire structure is from the Top down.

        Yet, 99% of the American public still today have no understanding if the banking and financial system in this nation.

      52. Starving Americans? That’s a funny one. Have you looked around at all? Fat, disgusting slobs who can barely walk, let alone riot.

      53. Americans. You’re being too pessimistic. Everyone outside of the U.S. knows the American people are renound for getting themselves out of a mess in very short order. The United States is still a rich country but the wealth is held by fewer people.

        All you are missing is leadership. I predict Americans will eventually find their direction and the momentum will shift very quickly in the right direction. There are no other countries that even come close to what the U.S. already has and their potential has no match. What distinguishes you from my country is your patriotism. The way out of this mess is to return to the principles of your constitution which is even more relevant today than it was 250 years ago. The men who wrote that document must be pretty disappointed in the people who are running things now. The current leaders are disrepectful to your history. They should remember why every other country on the planet secretly wishes they could be like the U.S., or at least what the U.S. is supposed to be. What a waste.

      54. The Federal Reserve, which is a group of private banks, is holding $4 Trillion in treasuries. This, of course, is a debt owed by the citizens. The American people should tell the Federal Reserve that they are defaulting on the $4 Trillion because it was the private banks that caused this mess in the first place. You fine the Federal Reserve $4 trillion for their corruption which will reduce government debt by $4 trillion.

      55. the title of this article should read “70 million people would be starving on the street if were not for the mercy of the most high. and that mercy is running out.

      56. Edit: I read the report too fast–sorry. Actually, from the statistics I have accessed online, when one includes all sources of government welfare, including transfer payments (and I know I shall catch heck from some for including that, but it’s true, unless you retire the same year you begin to contribute–and good luck with that, unless you do it with SSDI), roughly 50% of all Americans now access government monthly payments full time, including some who are still working (e.g., my spouse, who is nearly 69, and began collecting SS last year).
        That is not sustainable fiscally. More to the point, it is reprehensible morally.
        Furthermore, we are actually more heavily taxed, when one adds in all levels, than virtually any first world country. The published international comparisons do not impute the arcane IRS rules for incorporating local, state taxes, property taxes, figuring AMT, etc. Nor do they
        impute sales taxes, use taxes, fees, excise taxes, soon to be carbon taxes, etc. I live in Maryland, and the state
        just levied a water runoff tax on everyone, public and private, computed on your asphalt area, to “save the Chesapeake.”

        Starving? Yes. Very soon, most of us will be.

      57. My state was a part of it when the ebt stopped working. I had no idea what we were going to do. But I have been living in crisis situations my whole adult life and I remember wanting to panic, but instead, I took a deep breath and I took out the last 20 bucks I had in the bank and I calmly told my family we had to pick something to eat for dinner that was 20 bucks or under and hope that it was fixed soon, or I wasn’t sure what we were going to eat. Luckily they fixed it soon after, because we knew what would happen if it didn’t.

      58. Looking through the other end of the telescope on this issue, I would require a demographic break down on the demise of the 70 million before determining if this would be a positive or negative result for the nation.

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