Shock Report: Feds Seek Role Players For Simulating Forced Detention & Relocation of Americans

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    forced-detention-th forced-detention

    This summer the U.S. government will begin an unprecedented joint military exercise involving several states and tens of thousands of participants ranging from special operations groups to volunteer citizens.

    The official purpose of the exercise, dubbed Operation Jade Helm 15, according to the military is to prepare American soldiers and special operations teams for emerging foreign threats. But investigations by independent media outlets suggest it is much more than a standard “training exercise.”

    Involving as many as 10 states, the operation reportedly identifies several hostile areas around the United States, including Texas and Utah and aims to have the military prepared to “master the human domain” by utilizing citizen reports and surveillance to accomplish their mission. In other words, as Dave Hodges recently noted, they want to engender trust in order to control “the totality of the physical, cultural, and social environments that influence human behavior.”

    And though spokespeople for the U.S. government insist the exercise is strictly for training our military to protect our national interests in foreign theaters and has nothing to do with domestic deployment of military personnel, some details suggest that the Jade Helm 15 operation will include strategies for identifying and rounding up dissidents and subversives.

    To add further fuel to the fire EKS Group LLC., a Federal contractor, is now seeking Department of Defense role players who will be tasked with what appears to be exercises that simulate the forced detention and relocation of American citizens.

    According to the job posting, the Department of Defense is seeking individuals “to play a vital role in assisting with this security related training.”

    The job description itself, says Dave Hodges, is a clear indicator that the Jade Helm 15 operation has been designed as an exercise for a future implementation of martial law, wherein the government will declare a national emergency and lock-down the entire country, complete with the round up and relocation of those deemed to be hostile threats to our national security.

    Why else would the job qualifications require applicants to have the ability to walk up to 18 miles per day in blistering heat and be transported in a car for up to 12 hours at a time?

    The full job description is posted below:

    Surveillance Role Players
    Location:  Phoenix, AZ
    Travel:  CONUS/Approximately 50%

    EKS Group, LLC is an equal Opportunity Employer (EEO) as well as a Section 503 and VEVRAA compliant company.  All positions require successful completion of a five-panel drug screening.

    Job Description:

    We have an exciting opportunity for Surveillance Role Players (SRP) in the Phoenix, AZ area. SRPs will provide surveillance role player services to the Department of Defense. For this position, EKS is looking for part-time personnel to play a vital role in assisting with this security related training. All candidates irrespective of qualification level or prior background will be evaluated for their ability/suitability to provide surveillance role playing that results in fully trained DOD professionals.  Candidate will operate as a member of a surveillance team conducting static, foot, vehicle and/or multi-mode surveillance of personnel in urban and rural environments and under all weather conditions.  Candidate will record and maintain appropriate vehicle and surveillance logs in accordance with EKS techniques and procedures.  This position is part time as needed.


    • Minimum of 21 years of age
    • Must be a U.S. Citizen
    • Maintain a Secret DoD clearance
    • High school diploma, or GED
    • Generally physically fit; with the ability to walk up to 18 miles per day for up to twelve consecutive days; with the ability to drive or ride in a vehicle for up to twelve hours per day
    • Successful completion of a 40-hour Surveillance Operations Course
    • Maintain an valid state driver’s license and a 36-month clean driving record
    • Ability to read, write, and speak English fluently
    • Ability to solve practical problems and deal with a variety of concrete variables in situations where only limited standardization exists
    • Ability to interpret a variety of instructions furnished in written, oral, diagram or schedule form
    • Ability to operate communication devices such as cell phones and walkie-talkie type radios GPS devices, and surveillance photo/video equipment ethically and in accordance with established EKS policies and procedures
    • Local knowledge of the Phoenix area is highly desired
    • Basic computer skills

    Physical Demands:

    • Frequently required to sit
    • Frequently required to walk
    • Occasionally required to stand
    • Occasionally required to reach with hands and arms
    • Continually required to talk or hear
    • Occasionally required to lift light weights (less than 25 pounds)
    •  Specific vision abilities required for this job include: close vision, distance vision, color vision, peripheral vision, depth perception, and ability to adjust or focus

    Work Environment:

    • Exposure to extremely hot conditions (over 100 degrees)
    • Exposure to cold conditions (below 32 degrees)
    • Exposure to wet and/or humid conditions
    • Required to perform in both rural and urban environments
    • The noise level in the work environment usually is moderate

    If you are an individual with a disability and require a reasonable accommodation to complete any part of the application process, or are limited in the ability or unable to access or use this online application process and need an alternative method for applying, you may contact 813-626-3303 or
    [email protected] for assistance.

    Pay Range:  $14.00/hour
    Status:  Part-Time as Needed
    Benefits:  Not eligible


    As The Common Sense Show notes, one can’t help but think that these surveillance role players have been tasked with simulating what appears to be mass relocations that involve long car drives or 18 hour walks that bring to mind images of prisoner death marches from the 20th century.

    Did anyone else question why an applicant would have to walk up to 18 miles in a day, or be able to ride in a vehicle for up to 12 hours in a 24 hour period?  What could one be possibly walking up to 18 miles towards?

    Why would an applicant have to be eligible for a top secret security clearance for a part-time job that only pays $14.00 per hour? It is obvious that the DoD does not want anyone leaking what Jade Helm 15 is really all about.

    This put me in the mind of the Bataan Death March of WW II in which the Japanese soldiers conducted a brutal forced march of nearly 70 miles for American POW’s captured after the fall of the Philippines. During the march, the Japanese murdered thousands of American soldiers.

    bataan(Pictured: The 1942 Bataan Death March. Over 75,000 prisoners were marched 60 miles without food and water. As many as 15,000 died from exhaustion or were killed by their Japanese captors)

    The idea that the U.S. government would do such a thing, especially to its own citizens, is unfathomable to most. The evidence, however, suggests that this is at least one of many emergency response plans set up by the government in the event of a major nationally declared crisis.

    Relocation camps have already been set up across the country and many of them are sitting right in front of us in the form of sports stadiums capable of housing thousands of people, while others have been hidden along railroad tracks outside of urban population centers.

    Moreover, just a few years ago the military began training some of their personnel as Internment Specialists to man these camps. Shortly thereafter, they began sub-contracting jobs to provide “temporary camp services” that include everything from catering to medical services. According to the request, these services would be required on short notice – likely in the aftermath of a national emergency declaration – and would be needed across five (5) established emergency FEMA “regions.”

    Given what we know about the Jade Helm 15 operation, previous exercises, and existing Doomsday Executive Orders, is it out of the question to suggest that our government, right before our eyes, is now putting the final processes and procedures into place for a coming implementation of martial law across the United States of America?

    We know the government has been simulating collapse scenarios in anticipation of widespread civil unrest and breakdown. This can only mean they are getting ready for something big.

    What they haven’t done is to tell the American people that they, too, need to be preparing for major changes.


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      1. Somebody ought to sign up participate make some$ while they are paying and post what is going on for us to dissect the jade helm exercise. Who’s living in Phoenix area. Gonna search eks group llc.

        • Ass hat I think this is an excellent idea. I volunteer Ass’ed Itch for this project, we could see just how tough he really is. And he could report back to us on what to expect and what kind of gear we should wear. Also he could give us info on how best to escape from a FEMA camp. Trekker Out.

          • Well they can kiss my ass.
            When the balloon goes up
            catch me if you can.

            • Oh they will…..

              • if it fly’s,it dies… just watched Outlaw Josey Wales again .. message I got was to turn Federal weapons against the Federal Scum…love seeing FedCoats being shot down with their own Gatling Gun… 🙂

            • I am with you OutWest

              • Swampratt and OutWest, I’m with both of you. When TSHTF, I’ll have ‘lead nutrients’ waiting for whoever comes for me.

                • Braveheart I’m with you

          • Virulent Anti-ZOG preppers would make good volunteers too. They have an awesome inside network of Anti-ZOGGERS and we need them to spy and report back what the NWO ZOG is up to.

            Trekker Out!

            • Walk 18 miles in 100 degree heat? I don’t think so. When it finally hits 100, probably by the end of the month of April, I will be heading for the high country. But let me ask you all one question:

              What if Nibiru is real? 🙁

              Forget those who say its coming this year or next year, even the year after that. If it were it would already be visible; if only in the infrared.

              So what if Nibiru is real? Would the PTB have a reasonable ETA? If YOU were the Director of DHS with that knowledge, what would YOU do?

              Just asking. 🙂

              • If Nibiru was real, even two years away, we would be having massive gravitational effects on orbits of the earth, moon, planets, and asteroids. The last time I checked, Venus was where it was supposed to be, Jupiter was where it was supposed to be, and the moon was where it was supposed to be.

                • Archivist: I agree, if it were a year or two out as some fear mongers claim, the effects I think would be much greater than anything claimed to be happening as the result of its “proximity”.

                  But if it is 15 years out ….. it might coincide with Revelation, as much must occur before that time.

                  I believe that all major powers have that knowledge (ETA) and are moving to prepare themselves for the effects, the aftermath, and the future thereafter. 🙁

                  • I believe you are right.

              • Just remember the Ga. Guidestones..what’s the first item on the list? Keep the pop. under 500,000,000 right? Well, they gotta do something to get it to that number. This summer may very well be one of many things “they’ll” be attempting to get it there. Also, about Planet X. There have already been disturbances in the planets, as well as the Earth’s. It’s coming, just a matter of time.

                • Using boots on the ground to rid the planet of a certain number of people is the most inefficient way of doing it. The most efficient I could think of is disease. If people have time go back a year to the ebola scare and read what people were writing about those who were suspected to be infected. People were encouraging the gov’t to lock them up, to suspend their rights for the safety of the population without clarification on testing or without secondary testing.
                  Now if the gov’t really wanted to lock up dissidents all they would have to do is put an active virus in our population. Then make announcements that these people are showing signs of the viral infection. Not all but most people would demand that they be removed from society for our own safety and as a whole very few would question even sketchy claims.

                  • I agree with M says. Po’d me that some people at risk were no quarantining themselves, but the nurse held in Jersey use to work for a gov. organization which I can’t remember which now that made it all seem very suspect. They might also lock up those who don’t want to get vaccinated with something that’s really meant to take you out.

                  • Got to love the Neutron Bomb… best 3rd world over breeding planet eater population buster ever devised… 🙂

              • “if”

            • We know what they are up to and its not good. What we need is a revolution.

              • I think they intend to give us one.

              • you damn right we do. courts/police are out of control, this message is being tracked and when I type it, its being copied and my computer starts to downloading something, the download light pegs on and words I type are delayed and slow. They are traitors and stand your ground people. We can win when they do. there are way too many of us. And when its brother against brother the unthinkable will be unevitable in the future. Too many people to try and control. I think its funny, I know this is real, but I have no fear for this. There will be the anarchists out there destroying things, they will have to be controlled, there will be too many homes with too many unknowns for them to control. When its over the mission must not stop. We must unite and go after the people that causes this mess and put them out of power for ever.

                • I think you can pretty much count on those “anarchists” to be fighting on your side, against the govt, elites and the bad cops.

                  The anarchists hate govt power. If you actually knew a REAL anarchist, they hate mostly the same things you hate…they just go about it differently.

                  Divide and conquer…

                  • Expect a nuclear attack from our enemies as things go hot here. Plan for it.

                • AMEN CLINTHOSPO!!!!!!!!!!

              • True, but this job description says it’s for “Surveillance Role Players (SRP)” who will “operate as a member of a surveillance team conducting static, foot, vehicle and/or multi-mode surveillance.” It’s not for a “Marching FEMA camp prisoner.”

                This nonsense… as told by fearmonger Dave Hodges… adds nothing to the Jade Helm exercise story.

                • The Patriots may be the first group they fight because they cant fight everyone at once and win. They will take the groups in about this order:
                  1. Patriots
                  2. Blacks
                  3. Activists like ecology, anti-GMO etc because these groups are especially hated by big corporate
                  4. Islamic, American Indian, Legal Hispanics, etc

                  Just today I read an article on a black activist family who got their apartment raided by police without a warrant. After the Patriots, they will definitely be next

                  • I wonder if the welfare group will be first, because they scream and hollar and demonstrate immediately when some of their freebees are threatened? Just look what happened last year when the EBT failure trial-run occurred.

                    Then the gays and perverts because they love to demonstrate and cry persecution.

                    I think the patriots will take longer to find because they will fade into grayville.

                    • Turn off the EBT cards and watch cities disintegrate.

            • Actually Z-slave (or is it MT?)>

              You (as usual) have it ass-backwards!

     you & those of your ilk, are sure-fire shoe-ins for the job, ‘cuz you’re already inseminated & pregnant w/ their god’s…Talmud-think worshiping mindset.

              Therefore, you’re no threat to the ZOG, after all the reasoning goes (at least according to Marx)..every totalitarian regime has a soft-spot for…useful least for awhile.

              Thus, here’s your chance..’tis a killer opportunity to reap some extra “Yellen-script” whilst scoping-out the lairs / hide-a ways & gas-chambers, of those evil, pesky…awakened auntie-Semites..who monitor said ZOG.


              ..on the other-hand, for financial-gain reference purposes:..

              $14hr x 40 hrs.= $560

              …but 40 pieces of silver(today)..exceeds that amount in value.

              Hence..just in case you’re a ‘math challenged type’…I’m compelled to forewarn you…per your future paycheck.

              …after paying the ‘temple-tax**’ (IRS)…you’re really getting “jewed” (the verb)..once you think about it.


              **Gawd…+2000 years & no inflation-index on ‘blood-libel treachery’….


              –(deep sigh)–

              ..some will get the reference..some won’t!

              • Sorry Hunter, but I believe Free Slave thought he would rattle your chain when he closed his comment with, Trekker Out. Seems he done a pretty good job! Do you really picture yourself as being as intelligent as you try and project? What books did you have to read to come out with this kind of babble? Trekker Out.

                • Rattle my chain, via him plagiarizing your hallmark sign-off?
                  NAH…not so much, really…as I chalked it up to, a play on the old axiom that goes:

                  ..imitation is the sincerest from, of flattery!

                  • Typo…”form”, not from (egads! morning dyslexia, again)!

                  • Baloney! Mt nailed you fair and square and now your just trying this pathetic excuse in a vain attempt to preserve the illusion of your so called intelligence.

        • For all we know there might be a psychological exam required sign up. Sign your life away and now sworn to secrecy or you’ll be disappeared into the re-education camp.

          • Can you imagine Ass Itch taking any kind of mental eval exam? Then again he may be just what they are looking for.

        • Five panel drug screening? LMAO!

        • to get a secret dod clearance, there has to be a background check. why would anyone submit themselves to that for $14.00 an hour. a 2 month temp job at that.

        • Phoenix, AZ during the summer? Walking 18 miles in 100 degree temperatures? This is an understatement. Try anywhere from 110 to 120 degrees during that time. 100 degrees is just at night. The physical conditioning that would be required knocks out 95% of the population. I live in the Valley of the Sun and I would not even attempt this.

        • Volunteer. And then act exactly like a captured American. Disobey orders. Hector them for working for a dictator. Ask them what their oath was, and ask them why they are disbetying it now. Encourage them to shoot their officers.

          Sit down and refuse to move. Make them pretend to shoot you or carry you.

      2. Now we know why Obama has been encouraging illegal immigrants. Someone has to play the role for $14/hour. They’ll waive the DOD clearance requirement….

        • well we will see what happens, but THEY don’t ever use role players unless they want to use them for the excuse of ( it is not real just looks real) and then they can really be rounding people up and who will know what is real and what is not! looks to me a good chance for REAL bullets flying. they only do this for cover-up! gonna be a interesting summer!

          • They do use civilians at times. The federal law enforcement training center uses the locals regularly in Brunswick GA. Also look up the People’s Republic of Pineland for a military example.

            • M-
              Yes the LAW enforcement does use civilians, BUT the Military DOES NOT! at least in the past they have not, the n-guard has used a few for first aid, stuff BUT NOTHING lie this! civilians and military DOES NOT mix, anyone that has been in or around military officers will tell you that.

              • Agreed, when I served, the military used the military for role players or opponents. I’m not sure what is going to happen this summer, but I think I know how it came about. Its like the song from dire straits – money for nothing, you know:

                “we Got to watch A-mer-I-can Idol….Wait for Amazon deliverieeeees, we got to check our….. face book status, we got to watch realitveeeeee… ”

                maybe the sheeple should have:

                “I should have read the constitution…I should have learned some historeeeeee”

              • ummmmm not true. In 29 Palms, during the Mojave Viper (now ITX) Marine Corps. CASEVAC training, they use real amputees, which are civilians, to simulate “realistic” IED strikes with fake blood and all the other fun stuff. Just sayin.

                • Thanks Chaos, all he would have had to do is google People’s Republic of Pineland and he would have had a clear example of Special Forces training in the mountains of NC with local populations as role players. And an interesting piece about a cop shooting two SF soldiers.

              • Apache54, if this drill turns out to be the real deal, it will be game on. I have another trip scheduled to GA in early July. That could end up being my ‘bugout’ trip.

              • Actually the military does use them. I live close to Ft. Bragg. They do a yearly exercise in which they use civilians, it’s called Robin Sage. I believe there was a civilian killed in one such operation.

                • JRTC at Polk uses many civilians as well. They have an op-for unit that is the fighters but civilians act as farmers, townspeople, merchants ect.

                  Brave: I agree if this isn’t a drill and it’s designed to go live then you’re right it would be game on. But I would expect any civilian participants will be so by their own accord. If the military is going to be operating on your soil or around your soil you will be notified so that there isn’t any conflict with trespassers that would escalate.

      3. Getting a little too real aren’t they?

          • I’m easy; but not cheap. 🙁

      4. This animal has never been seen before. Only its beta versions. The mutant techno tyrant.

      5. Yeah. Good luck with any of that. The minute word gets out about forced relocation at any level, especially with the amount of awareness many more of us now have, the fed will not be able to contain the outrage. There are literally millions of us out here that will resist, fight back, stop up commerce, etc. Nor will most of the military, sheriff’s departments, and even some police departments back the fed against the citizens.

        They’re arrogant, they’re power hungry, and they are very nearly all totally corrupt. But they’re really not THAT stupid.

        They try this crap, and they know they’ll be toast. They also know that we know where they live. Try it, and game over.

        • They are also dumber than a bag of hammers if they really believe they will prevail, we aint no Afganny goatherders

          • Oh right,,
            Those folks are ruining their picknic too

          • It is very difficult to win against a guerilla opponent in a small country. Multiply that by a factor of 1000 in a country as large as ours, and it becomes impossible. They [the feds] have to eat. Eliminate their food, stop up their massive resupply caravans, disrupt every move. Bridges are easy to disable. A .308 has a very suitable amount of long-range accuracy. Plus, the vast majority of our soldiers are not only trained, they are members of our families. Think they’ll really turn against their mom and dad and brothers and sisters? Get real.
            Another war between the states is unlikely. A war between the fed and the states would be a fed massacre. They know this. They lost the war against the American people as soon as the islamonazi obama tried to enact more stringent gun control. See how well that worked.
            This is FEMA Camp fear porn, and a distraction. I am of the most humble opinion that we face a far greater threat with Iran, Russia, China, and a massive nuclear EMP. We’re not going to be fighting our own government, as sick as these mfr’s are. We’re going to be fighting the chinese, and PRAYING that our fed isn’t so incompetent that they cannot destroy the troop carriers that will most surely be arriving after our power goes out.

            • You would think they would manage their resources better, (you n me) rather than pissing us off.

              • Well, you DID SAY that they’re dumber than a bag of hammers… 🙂

                Hey, I just caught that. Is this a veiled reference to my screen name, perhaps?

                Dumber than a bag of Hammer’s Thors… now that’s REALLY dumb…

                • No no,,
                  Didnt even think about that bud, is an old carpenter thing, sorry, no insult there…

                  • Kula and Hammers, if they try anything with me, they WILL be toast. “Hot lead” does wonders.

            • They will turn against each other, mom/dad/brother/sister/friends/relatives when the Mark of the Beast 666 is required. Most will accept it. There is no unity in the USA. You cant even go anywhere without being tailgated, gang stalked and mind f/k (d).

              • Half the feaking country is foreigners with more being brought in everyday. Personally I believe that the American populace is so spoiled, soft and just plain stupid that this will go down real easy with hardly a peep of protest. Just look at Boston for an example of how easy people are controlled. The JBTs could have raped their daughters and not a one would have resisted to help.

              • We have been gang stalked, tailgated and have had our pickup messed with twice. Dodge said that they have never seen these parts fall off a truck before. Let one of these clowns follow me into the N. GA. Mtns and was waiting at the end of the road with my M-4, vest and leg rig ready to dance. He almost crash the crown vic trying to get away.

      6. $14 an hour? Yeah sure I’ll do it.

      7. it says 18 miles not 18 hours.

        Though that’s… probably… 6 to 9 hours.

      8. One of us needs to get hired for this and report back to us!

        • Truth Seeker, They are reading your post

      9. HEY GUYS….. LETS PLAY ARMY!!!!

      10. To any of you SOF brothers and sisters out there who may be taking part,,,
        When they order you to round up these role players i suggest refusing the order and detaining the person giving the order,,,,
        Your conscience folks,
        Otherwise the payback will be a bitch when its no longer a drill.

        • agreed, DO NOT SUBMIT to unlawful orders that disregard the constitution. This is real and you must remember who you are fighting for. Don’t think for a sec people are going to surrender. A lot will but many many of us will not and it should NEVER be brother against brother. And never let a bunch of mob thugs in the white house only a few people turn this nation into a mess. We control it. We can if you do the right thing.

      11. the proles will line up around the block for this one!

        • Where’s Acid? Is he burning up the wires filing his applications?

          • He’s trying to get out of the basement but both his mommies won’t unlatch the door.

            • PO’d Patriot, you mean acid has TWO mommies? WTF! HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM…..”Acid Has Two Mommies”! Sounds like one sick story to me. I don’t even want to know.

      12. I am beginning to find this more and more intriguing. This doesn’t remind me of mass roundups, they could use trucks, trains, helos for that. This is beginning to look more like a total regional infrastructure breakdown exercise where there are no roads, bridges, or limited accessibility.

        • When the Turks genocided the Armenians they marched them into the desert until they could not walk any further. Then they killed them in very unpleasant ways. They also killed them on the way just for fun.

      13. Sounds to me like “an exciting opportunity” for a snitch to provide surveillance against the peaceable citizens. Yep, rat training.

      14. Who can tell what this contractor bid is for.

        Contractors are not bound by an oath and this is how they will get around that little pesky annoyance of possee comitatus. The DoD uses more private contractors than regular enlisted anymore as it is.

        I’m not listed to be rounded up anyway since I love my government and pledge to the corporate US flag every day.

        I sold all my non-papered arms and all I have left is some loose ammo, a slingshot and a ditch-bank blade.

      15. It’s going to be a long hot summer.

        • Damn hot.

          Get your canning done early, folks.

          BTW, Adventure Outdoors in Marietta Georgia has 7.62×39 on sale for $4.99 a box of 20 no limit. Time to feed the AK’s!


        this is all such a waste of finite natural resources.

        resources that could of gone to building a truly harmonious natural respectful and loving world!


        the nwo zog must be destroyed by extreme violence and erased forever by all consuming fire!

        that is the only way to escape it’s full spectrum enslavement of humanity.

        • …no shame coming my way….I worked for US DoD for almost 25 years…all over their corrupt empire and was a “Federally Protected Whistle Blower” for over two decades…..though my position was as a relatively low executive…I stood up to Generals, DoD Executives and other corrupt pigs….and I am still doing it…to the degree they sent The FBI out to talk to me after they were forced to retire me and tell me to shut up…which I have not….I’ll go to my grave feeling just fine about standing up to this crap…
          RJ O’Guillory
          Author –
          Webster Groves – The Life of an Insane Family


            License to Kill – as the Zog Amerikan Global Empire of Violence crumples, it will turn it’s crazed blood shot eye’s inward to persecute it’s very own entrapped tax debt slaves.

            After the NWO ZOG planned murder of millions of IT’S VERY OWN CITIZENS it will abandon it’s people and loot it’s own treasury.


            All of You, COULD OF, SHOULD OF, DONE MORE!

            • License to Kill

              By Dmitry Orlov

              As empires collapse, they turn inward, and subject their own populations to the same ill treatment to which they subjected others. Here, America is unexceptional: the number of Americans being murdered by their own police, with minimal repercussions for those doing the killing, is quite stunning. When Americans wonder who their enemy really is, they need look no further.

              But that is only the beginning: the precedent has already been set for deploying US troops on US soil. As law and order break down in more and more places, we will see more and more US troops on the streets of cities in the US, spreading death and destruction just like they did in Iraq or in Afghanistan. The last license to kill to be revoked will be the license to kill ourselves.


            • This population has been under mind control for generations. In fact other than hunter gathers humanity seems to mostly bow down to leaders who control everything. Almost seems the natural way of things. We are herd animals who follow leaders. To be a nation of sovereign Individuals we must shun and destroy the organization mindset. Not allow it to exist. Organization is always stronger than the individual. Evolution is toward the sovereign individual. Devolution and extinction are toward organization.

              • @ charles king

                Several years ago one heroic guy named Chris Dorner had twenty thousand LE in Southern California wetting their pants. They eventually got him, because they outnumbered him 20,000 to one.

                One heroic guy named Edward Snowden has the intelligence-security apparatus in the West wetting their pants. Eventually they will get him too. He and everyone else realizes this.

                It does free men and women proud to see what one determined individual can do to assert liberty for all of us in the face of impossible odds.

                As far as what “they” will do to “us” … what if there were 20,000 Chris Dorners across the country? There aren’t enough of “them” to do much anytime soon, if at all. This does not even presuppose any large percentage of the government muscle suddenly decides they favor liberty over their employer’s orders. Paychecks. And meal ticket.

                That large numbers of the tyrant’s thugs will suddenly assert liberty first is a comforting myth to believe. But the historical facts from the Whiskey Rebellion that George Washington suppressed to the murder in South Carolina last week say otherwise.

                The Virginia Declaration of Rights wasn’t written by a committee. George Mason wrote it. So don’t give us this “there’s nothing one person can do” bullshit.

                • John. Those two guys you mentioned are probably psyops. At the very least their stories dont make sense. And 20000 cops might have been looking for one guy but in a war those same 20000 cops will be looking for a lot more than one guy. It is a system that is looking. And that system has got us covered. And I didnt say one guy can do nothing. I am saying that one guy or a bunch of unorganized guys are not likely to defeat an organization the size we are up against. Its takes good organization to defeat a powerful organization. And it will always come to this type of war and enslavement if we are organization minded people. Given time any organization will exist mainly to perpetuate the organization and benefit those at the top. That is the nature of organization. We should not allow organization to exist execpt for war when it is necessary to fight an organization. Organization minded nations will never be free. Organization and freedom cant exist at the same time.

      17. wherein the government will declare a national emergency and lock-down the entire country,

        The entire country you say.

        Good luck with that.

      18. I’m sure the already trained role players from sandy hook and boston bombing will submit applications.

        It certainly will be interesting to see how this plays out in the MSM

      19. I don’t know where to begin on this. I mean its great fear porn but I doubt its practice to round up Patriots.
        I bet its more like Robin Sage on a national level. But I still only believe half the stuff I see and none of the stuff I hear.

      20. NWO? Nah, it’s a Dick Dynasty…


        Haggard old softball dykes
        Assorted riff-raff

        No one with IQ above 80 need apply

        —————Uncle Sam Wants You——————–

        Call “Hillary for President” campaign headquarters.

        If no answer, try:

        Jeb Bush for president HQ:

        Seems like Bushie gots a little gay site under his name… hardy har har.

        • JRS, do you mean the Bush Crime Family has its own ‘acid’? VERY INTERESTING. “Dick Dynasty”? Yeah, the PERFECT place for acid.

      21. Can anyone one say BULL SH^T. They have written a plan up for something like this so you know that they are going to us it one day. They always tell what they are going to do then they let it lay around for awhile the they pull something off and us it.
        Keep your powder dry a False Flag coming near you soon!

        • Agreed Sarge.

          Funny thing that most have missed, is the absolute requirement…the role-players & surveillance fluent in “ENGLISH”..

          ..which IMO..cuts both ways, if you catch my drift!?!

      22. They plan on nerve gassing u all if it gets out of hand. This is why a person from Russia said that u would be ok if u were in high altitude !!

      23. My Scuppernong grapes are getting new leaves, the strawberries are in bloom, and a neighbor just got some goats. My wife is planning on picking some wild violet petals to try making some jelly. We packed away some more sugar in 2-liter Pepsi bottles. One bottle holds 4 pounds of sugar.

        Everyone I talk to nowadays at the grocery store understands that buying groceries now is better than money in the bank at current inflation and interest rates. They know the government is lying about everything. And the butchers all know that I won’t buy meat unless it’s on sale or marked down to get rid of it before it goes out of date.

        Someone just unloaded their gun on a target nearby. Living in the country is great. If I were in town, I’d be concerned about gunshots.

        • “A”
          The wife just picked up more soup (Lg.) cans and 6 box of noodles. All vacuumed sealed and put away. I just got $100.00 more silver two troy Oz’s. and some junk silver to add to the stash. The wife just ordered some mores rounds 99.00 % pure 1 troy oz. X 8. this should help.
          Got some more reloading bras for the 6.8MM. Working on another project. AR pistol. got all the piece coming just cant wait to put it all together and to get out on the range.

          Talked to the guy I buy my silver from and he told me that He has enough silver and he is getting into more firepower. We had a talk about shotguns and AR. VS the AK. His argument was he can get two AK’s for one AR. I told him to get both.
          The guy unloading his gun was me I just came in form the range. Working with a PPS 43. Did find that some of the ammo have super hard primers. Had to run them thru 2 or 3 times to get them to work. I found these are the old 1950/60’s 7.62×25 round, the newer dated ammo worked just fine.
          You are right it is great living in the country. Just walked by the Plum tree coming back from the range and it is full of blooms, and honey bee’s. That’s a good sign!

          • picked up 15 pounds of extra thick sliced bacon @ 2.99 a pound as well as 20 lbs of B/S chicken breast @ 1.88 lb. this weekend.

          • Sarge, I’ve been concentrating more on food and water supply myself since the first of the year. I just moved the bulk of that to the BOL 2 weeks ago. I’ve got another gun show in my area the 25th and 26th of this month. I’ll be looking for an optical laser for the Mossberg. I finally found a rail and mounted that on it. Oh and of course more ammo. I’ve got another trip scheduled to GA for early July. I’m gonna have fun, fun, fun til’ Daddy takes the T-bird away!

          • Got my bean powder from Honeyville (sale).

            Got some more CombiBar silver.

            Ordered my GrainMaker 99.

            And just for the fun of it~~ got 2 baby ducks 🙂

            • Grandee:
              Tell me about the GrainMaker99, Please.

              • Don’t have it yet. Just ordered it today. Some others on this site liked it. It has a “lifetime heirloom guarantee”

                A bit pricey, but my great grandchildren will be using it if they don’t sell it at a yard sale for ten bucks 🙁


      24. They want people as qualified as a Navy Seal, but they want to pay $14.00 an hour? And they’ll make accommodation for handicapped applicants? BUWaaahahaha !

        • I thought the same thing. They are really after the type that wants in on the club. “swear to secrecy of the DoD”. Wow, now that is impressive to tell your friends. “I am working with top clearance, NSA, CIA intell. I could tell you more but I would have to kill you.” There is no end to this type of dumbass. Same type that will fire on us when told to do so.

      25. SOLUTION TO ALL THIS: Hey! Commie/Libtards–just get the NLRB in there to conduct UNION ELECTIONS for these “actors.” Call ’em “Amalgamated Re-Locators & Such, Local #1.”

        Once their UNION gets certified, they will have a 200 page contract written in legalese that nobody understands. They will have so many rules and regulations that nobody will work! (sound familiar?)

        Next stage, they will get arrogant and bossy and tell Uncle Sugar to “stuff it” and go on strike for more $$$ and more bennies.

        “NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE” signs will flourish. Absolutely nothing will get done.

        What say ye yonder Commie Pinkos Socialists? Can’t deny the working class their union rights, can ya?



      26. If one does a search in NJ for “Role Players” on they will find a company looking for “Role Players” that have a Secret clearance. The catch is that the people they are looking to hire must speak, arabic, farsi or dari IIRC…

        I would have to say I doubt it on this article…..

      27. as a former marine i say bring them on . they will pay a very heavy price

      28. If all this site can do is quot Dave Hodges; it’s better off not posting anything. This is a common military practice, using role player. This exercise only has 1200 operators on the ground. The rest is support. Again this is not the ball you need to keep your eye on. You always stay vigilant, but too much time is being wasted on this. Someone needs to give Dave a Snickers bar. DRAMA.
        You all have a good one And keep your heads on a swivel.

      29. Our own people are going to help train those who will take fellow Americans to camps for disposal and not think twice about it.

        We are done as a nation.

        • I wouldn’t worry too much, Sling. I know a few good ole boys with M1 Garands that can shoot a bull moose eye at 8 to 10 yards if they can still see that far.

          There are 20 million vets living today and some of them know what a fight is all about. Don’t count ’em short even if all they’ve got are M1s, BARs, 1911s, .38s, .44mags, 12 gauge pumps, all the good weapons, and here and there some big stuff. Some of them don’t care to be f’ed with. Besides some of them have sons on active duty who will come home to help their dad and grand dad pack ammo.

          Let ‘er rip. You wanna live forever?

          Old, old vet

      30. The past and future do not exist. Illusions. The only way you can experience them is to think about them. For the past its called memory. And a lot of suffering lurks there. Stop the memory/thought train to stop suffering from the past. Only go to the past to learn from your experience. The past is so nothing that you forget most of it. The future is just speculation that often leads to worry. Only go to the future to plan. All of your thoughts are of past and future. If you are thinking you are in past or future. Still the mind. Put the thinker in his place. He is an impostor pretending to be you. But the real you exists only in the present moment where all life and reality takes place. Time and thought dont exist in the now. All time and thought are past and future. The now is awareness. The real you is that awareness. When you do an activity that really interests you its causes you to focus. After 3hrs it seems like only a few minutes passed. And you were without thought. Your focus brought you to the now without time or thought. Only awareness. That awareness is you. People who do dangerous sport must focus to stay alive. That focus puts them in the now. Pure awareness. They dont realize it but the now is what they seek not some hormone rush. Terror will also put you in the now because it causes you to focus. That now is what carnival riders are really seeking and about the only time they find it. Most people spend nearly all their life in past and future. Still the mind.

        • Watch a child play. Notice how they focus. That deep focus puts them in the now without time or thought. Children are wiser than adults. Focus deeply on all you do. Notice every little thing. Jesus said something about come to me as children. When you focus and accept what is any task becomes a breeze because that focus puts you in the now where all life and reality exists. The now is that gap between thought.

        • Watch a child play. Notice how they focus. That deep focus puts them in the now without time or thought. Children are wiser than adults. Focus deeply on all you do. Notice every little thing. Jesus said something about come to me as children. When you focus and accept what is any task becomes a breeze because that focus puts you in the now where all life and reality exists. The now is that gap between thought.

          • Anytime you focus deeply you are meditating. Jesus was a meditator btw. He said something similar to this: do not listen to the preachers on the street corners. Do no go into the temples or synagogues. Instead find your own secret closet and seek the father within. Whenever jesus spoke of the father he was speaking of this father within. The inner path. Always look for the mystical buried in religeon. Jesus and the god of the bible have nothing in common. They are incompatible. You only find the father within with focus bringing you to the present moment without time or thought.

      31. To focus is to tend to the matter at hand but it is training against hesitation that will see you through to the end.

        • The training allows you to react without thinking or time. You are in the now and will often seem slomo because time doesnt exist in the now. Neither does thought. Reacting without hesitation is acting without thought. Focus and awareness are the same. When you focus you are aware. When you are aware you are focused.

          • When you train you focus on the training. The focus should bring you to some level of the now. With repetition you reach a point in your training you can do it..without thinking about it. You are in the now. Your training was moving meditation. Meditation is fo us.

            • The spiritual path whatever you call it or how you describe it is a path to the now without thought or time. Some paths wind around a bit but the now is at the end. The path is to be in the now at all times not just fleeting glimpses of it. Then awareness is in charge of your human with your name. That is the real you in control. The thinker is shallow. Awareness is much deeper. There is no end to it. Awareness is eternal.

      32. Take some time to check out The sunspots rolling into geoeffective position {CME} are rather impressive and said to be the largest of this solar cycle. Take care all.

      33. There is no concern here people and this article demonstrates a lack of understanding of government exercises. Surveillance role players conduct surveillance on students learning how to detect hostile threats in foreign countries for security purposes. Thousands of these exercise go on all over the country year round and this has been going on for decades. Used to be good money, 14 hr is a joke and it takes years to master this skill. Companies are making big money providing bodies instead of quality which then transfers into our service men and women getting subpar training and lack of ability to detect sophisticated threats, because just about everything is awarded to lowest bidder.

      34. This is the same army that could not pacify or defeat 30 thousand illiterate Afghan fighters and who failed quell rebellion in Iraq, or find the world’s most wanted for 10 years while he hid next to an ally’s military base…..

      35. In martial arts the now is called no mind. Repetitive training allows you to do technique and make your techniques flow from one to another without thought. You are in the now or no mind. If you think about a technique before doing it its too late. With no mind awareness has come to the fore

        • I did 15 months of martial arts on Okinawa. All that learning to fall, training, bowing and advancing through the belts was a waste of time. It’s all BS. 1911A1 is the way to go; forget the meditating, mind games and now.

          Old, old vet

          • Old vet. Yes a rifle will usually beat a martial art. And if your training in martial art was worthless to you then you must be very closed minded. Any martial art is better than nothing. But I wasnt promoting martial art just showing how the now comes into play. The ego is the thinker. He only exists in past and future. And the ego will fight you to the death to keep you from the now because the now is the death of the ego. Btw the ego is made up of all those things that you think are you. The ego with a constant stream of thought keeps you buried in illusion. Few people are ready for truth. The mind control of humanity is deep.

      36. The USA has been at war with its own people for years so go for it and get some training whilst you are about it if they are paying.

        Your constitution is being used as toilet paper because most americans have sat on there fat bumbs and have allowed this to happen.

        No wonder the NSA is watching you all for any signs of life where some of you dare to push back and say NO to zionist bankers who are spending your tax cents to enslave you all.

        • It is most likely that the lizards will fight to the death. And their cruelty is only limited by the imagination.

      37. All my sources tell me the military is prepping to be able to handle two crises at once: a mass coalition invasion of the Middle East, and civil order breakdown on the homeland.

      38. Let’s see in America today in the civilian population , find someone who can walk 18 miles a day for at least 12 consecutive days, yeah right good luck with that one. Let’s not forget the 100 degree heat and below freezing temperatures, they will be lucky to find a dozen people who could meet those qualifications. Throw in the secret security clearance( no felonies, good credit rating) and proficiency with modern technology and the whooping 14 dollars an hour and the number probably gets reduced to about 6. Hard to see this article as being credible.

      39. Might as well Practice for the real thing.

        GET PAID TOO………..

      40. At some level you always recognize truth when confronted with it. Often it is only at a deeper level. It might feel like intuition, gut feeling or just knowing. That is awareness shining thru. That awareness is you. You are eternal. You are formless. You are perfect and not lost. Dont seek. You cant find what you already have. You are only buried in illusion. The path is to destroy one illusion at a time. When you destroy your last illusion you know that it was all illusion.

      41. The only way you can escape the matrix which is a holographic virtual reality, is to focus deeply which brings you into the now without thought or time. Awareness comes to the fore. That awareness is the only reality. All else is virtual reality. Illusion.

      42. Everyone is on a path knowing it or not. There are many paths. Most of us have chosen the path of experience the bitter path. The hardest path of all. It is the path of suffering. We learn things the hard way. Suffering is our greatest teacher. It gets your notice. On this path you suffer until you have had enough. That is when you begin to awaken. The more one suffers the more likely to reach enlightenment first. A troubled mind can jump Into reality.

      43. Anything that appears on the web that has Dave Hodges’ name associated with it – can be automatically filed under the category of ‘latest disinformation agent’ baloney.

        And, if anyone here disagrees with that assessment – simply go back in time, and read the past crap that Hodges has been putting out for at least the last 5 to 10 years and then compare what this turd wrote with what has actually happened, and then ask yourself – has ANYTHING this blowhard ever predicted actually happened?

        I can’t say that I fully understand exactly what it is that Dave Hodges is up to – but, my gut instincts tell me that he is working for the very enemy (ZOG) who he claims to be warning everyone about and he is serving in a capacity whereby his masters ‘feed’ him bullshit, paranoia flavored scenarios, and all kinds of sinister sounding theories – and then he spoon feeds that shit to his readers as part of some kind of massive, nation-wide, orchestrated psy-op which has multiple objectives. Such as: Creating fear, spreading paranoia, fueling uncertainty, helping to destabilize society, perhaps trying to scare people into spending their money to buy more survivalist oriented products.

        In a nutshell, Dave Hodges is almost certainly working for ZOG and he is trying to help them intimidate and cower the American public – and I believe this is because the evil elitist psychopaths who’ve hijacked the USA are crapping their pants over the growing anger and restlessness and awakening of the American population to the ugly truth that their nation has been taken over by a gang of mass murdering, treasonous, war mongering, totalitarian slime balls who despise the US Constitution and Bill of Rights and who are conspiring to impose Bolshevik style Communism down upon Americans.

        • You pegged it Tucker!

      44. This isn’t just sme run of the mill drill for overseas as tey say Becase it’s already been said that Obama wont put troops on the ground over there so to the ones who keep saying nothng to fear BS!
        Survelience people though this is paid snitches though. I’d snitch the snitches. See someone making undeedd observaions snitch them off for the odds are thier the surveilence ass holes. Uh the reason for the being able to sit and walk long distances is because they will be driving all around the neighborhoods and walking a lot.

        • To add to my own comment on this: If this is not a drill for martial law now, or in the future it sure the hell is to get us used to the military being used as LEO.
          One of the sites I used to visit that is now gone had files on it that they got from DHS, and DOD. But a documentary it had on it showed just how our military is to be used ad the UN”s police enforcer. While there may not be the NWO as people fear a NWO or WOrld community type of reality is most certainly true.
          Yes I beleive fully well if ordered to fire on Americans they would. Don’t forget the Civil war, WOunded knee, Japanese Internments that not very many people knew about until the 70’s and Kent state yes they will. Trick is thye will make it leagal one way or another to give them the authority even if it violates the Bill of Rights or Constituion. Never be fooled in thinking that an overall agenda does not exhist. They will get there one way or another no matter what. Issue is enough of us suport this agenda one way or another. either monatary as in Taxes or opinion!

      45. If they do a good job of role playing, will they have a permanent job after the exercise is over.

        Looking for the right people without causing alarm.

        • more likely yes! they will be used when they need a crisis to initially subjigate us then again when we start to question weather or not things have settled down. meaning Fema isn’t going to be a temporary thing!
          Gov already has contigency plans to Gov continuation even if all the top down get killed or somehow
          incompasitated to still run things. So ya.
          All one has to do is look to scripture to know weather or not Gov is to become Tyrannical in the last days or not! and yes it does!

      46. we have our work cut out for us. each of us who knows someone in the military or police forces must sit with them and get them to understand that they must not fire on or contain citizens and that they must tell their buddies to do the same. our page of learning is what egypt did to boot out the muslim brotherhood….we need the military and we need enough citizens to throw these bastards out. without that we are doomed. the british did not leave america because we surrendered our weapons, they left because we were shooting not only at them but the people they put in charge, the judges, lawyers, guards. we must take our beloved Country back and we must prepare now. We need a group of attorneys to file suit to stop the request of citizens to do these sorts of projects. If they want to train, let them train in remote areas, not in so many states. the military should be contacted and put on notice that not only does this violate posse comitatus but it also is sedition. stop it now!

      47. i put a comment on and did not include my email address. thanks, keep up the good work.

        • Hi Danny, the email address is not required for posting (and can be fake, actually)… Our system uses it as a unique identified — once you have a certain amount of approved comments the spam filtering system will recognize you as “trusted” and should start auto-approving your posts.



      48. Are Americans going to just content themselves with pointing out what is going on and then prepare to accept what is being planned?

      49. We are a nation of conformists. How could it come to all this otherwise. And most of you gun owners are conformists. You walk the line as you are told. You dont cross the state enough to get a felony on you. That is why you are so legally well armed.

      50. In 20 years and a day we never trained with out the action supporting a mission.

      51. Calling all Surveillance Role Players (SRP)
        I think if someone with those attributes existed they can be one hellofa counter force. What if they were “rounded up” before the SHTF and poked in detention..FIRST? Limit the youngest/strongest resistance?

        Just thinkin’ “)

      52. i dont think the “theres only 1200 ppl on the ground” argument holds – they could always feed in more troops at v short notice

        would the area of JH 15 be the area of most concern to the PTB?
        ie if they get that area under control first they may have calculated that thats the back of the job broken, and the rest of the USA is just a formality?

        i`m sure theyve been thinking long and hard about how to deal with an uprising in the USA – this may be their answer?

      53. i know France is in the process of bringing in a Patriot Act – post C Hebdo

        and Spain introduced a very draconian anti-protest law in January

        Turkey has also recently introduced a much tougher anti-protest law

      54. re my posting yesterday ^^ up 2

        if TPTB decide to make a move against the USA the final outcome really hinges on how many of the military decide to disobey their orders.

        if a significant number disobey, you will probably win; if a significant number dont then you will probably lose. therefore, you must look to see what the military are doing.

        you may be well-armed and determined but that is still not going to defeat their level of weapons against your guns. therefore, if it looks like they are going ahead with the round-up i suggest you head for mexico and possibly South America.

        you may not have the fire-power to defeat the US military but you may have enough to get out of the country. >> he who turns and runs away, lives to fight another day… dont hang around waiting to get slaughtered if the odds are against you.

        i think JH15 could be about forced vaccination. remember if the WHO declares a level 6 pandemic they can take over your country and force vaccinate. this would explain the fema domes? also WALMART said 2 yrs ago that their stores could be used as vaccination centres iirc.

        remember the ebola set-up was about forced vaccination but they made some mistakes and thats why it flopped. this IS something they want to do.

        it only takes one event/mistake during JH15 for it to go live and then they can pull in all the troops they want – 1200 haha, more like 120,000.

        btw theres been a bird flu story in the US for the last week – that could be the pretext

        if you want to stay and fight the highest value target is their satellites but you cant hit them so next is their airplanes – can be hit on the ground but AF bases are v heavily guarded remember. still it wd force them to tie up extra resources protecting them.

        i wouldnt worry too much about forming groups at this stage better to wait so they dont have advanced knowledge. if they take down all comms its gonna be difficult to get good info – suggest you set up some sort of semaphore system so villages can warn neighbouring villages if they are about to be attacked.

        as i said before, it all hinges on how many of the military decide to refuse orders – if they do, youre laughing, if they dont i suggest you get the hell out of there; remember theyve got drones galore and they good at using them – small groups arent gonna last long imo – basically if the troops arent with you, youre probably gonna lose – better to bug out, re-form and come up with another plan.

        if you can get up to alaska its only 70 miles across the bering strait to russia but i guess that wd be covered too.

        basically i would make a dash for south America and hope they dont block off the isthmus at panama – dont hang around in mexico coz u r locked in there get to south america while you can and regroup there – most s american countries are pretty anti-USA especially argentina and venezuela and bolivia.

        remember that border fence isnt to keep the latinos out, its to keep you in, so its pretty obvious what theyve got planned – destruction of USA has always been part of the big plan bcoz u r a protestant nation and ultimately all protestant nations will have to go. dont worry about the latinos, theyre basically as against the catholic church as you or i.

        i dont know what the real purpose of JH15 is, but its very broad and could be adapted to many changing circumstances. it is possible that its intent is to be reactive rather than pro-active ie theyll only move if you do – summer being the preferred time for battles historically.

        its worth saying, if they move in the USA then theyll probably move in europe too – could be time to head for russia.

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