Shock Report: China Dumps Half a Trillion Dollars: “Something Is Very, Very Wrong”

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    We’ve recently reported that China is preparing for something very big in currency markets this October. We then learned that economic models from two very well known financial forecasters are predicting that governments around the world will run into serious problems starting around October 2nd of this year. Those forecasts come on the heels of a warning issued by economic analyst Michael Snyder who says that a financial collapse is imminent within the next six months.

    A wide body of evidence suggests that something is in the works as economic numbers around the world are revealed to be nothing short of pure conjecture. Yet, despite the clearly disastrous direction in which the world is trending, politicians and media pundits maintain that whatever contagion existed has now been contained.

    But a shocking report from Zero Hedge suggests otherwise. According to one of the world’s leading financial web sites, major banking institutions like JP Morgan Chase and Goldman Sachs have been left speechless after the release of new data coming out of China. The news isn’t necessarily that China just reported a massive increase in its gold holdings of some 600 tons, but rather, that they have actively dumped hundreds of billions of dollars worth of U.S. Treasuries over the last 15 months, with some $224 billion having been offloaded in just the last 90 days.

    This has led many to speculate that the end for the world’s reserve currency is nigh.

    On Friday, alongside China’s announcement that it had bought over 600 tons of gold in “one month”, the PBOC released another very important data point: its total foreign exchange reserves, which declined by $17.3 billion to $3,694 billion.

    We then put China’s change in FX reserves alongside the total Treasury holdings of China and its “anonymous” offshore Treasury dealer Euroclear (aka “Belgium”) as released by TIC, and found that the dramatic relationship which we first discovered back in May, has persisted – namely virtually the entire delta in Chinese FX reserves come via China’s US Treasury holdings. As in they are being aggressively sold, to the tune of $107 billion in Treasury sales so far in 2015.

    JP Morgan Chase conclusion is actually quite stunning:

    This brings the cumulative capital outflow over the past five quarters to $520bn. Again, we approximate capital flow from the change in FX reserves minus the current account balance for each previous quarter to arrive at this estimate (Figure 2).

    Incidentally, $520 billion is roughly triple what implied Treasury sales would suggest as China’s capital outflow, meaning that China is also liquidating some other USD-denominated asset(s) at a feverish pace. So far we do not know which, but the chart above and the magnitude of the Chinese capital outflow is certainly the biggest story surrounding the world’s most populous nation: what is happening in its stock market is just a diversion.

    Net capital outflows might conceivably have run around -$200bn, an acceleration from Q1 and beyond anything seen historically.

    Granted, this is smaller than JPM’s $520 billion number but this also captures a far shorter time period. Annualizing a $224 billion outflow in one quarter would lead to an unprecedented $1 trillion capital outflow out of China for the year. Needless to say, a capital exodus of that pace and magnitude would suggest that something is very, very wrong with not only China’s economy, but its capital markets, and last but not least, its capital controls, which prohibit any substantial outbound capital flight (at least for ordinary people, the Politburo is clearly exempt from the regulations for the “common folk”).

    Full report with charts, extended data and analysis

    Forget about what stock markets are doing because, as noted, that is just a diversion. Focus instead on the bond markets, which are massive in comparison to stocks.

    As we can see, China is actively and rapidly dumping U.S. dollars, with the last three months accounting for nearly half of that sell-off.

    This is not a sign of a stabilized global marketplace and we may well be witnessing the beginning of a massive worldwide collapse of the current economic, financial and monetary paradigm. We certainly don’t expect this to happen overnight, but as we’ve noted previously, we are on the cusp of an unprecedented event in world history.

    According to analyst Greg Mannarino it was all this excess debt that made “infinite” economic growth possible. But when that debt bubble finally does burst – and we may be seeing the beginnings of it with the Chinese sell-off of U.S. dollar denominated assets – we’ll also see a bursting of the population bubble:

    It’s created a population boom… a population boom has risen in tandem with the debt. It’s incredible.

    So, when the debt bubble bursts we’re going to get a correction in population. It’s a mathematical certainty.

    Millions upon millions of people are going to die on a world-wide scale when the debt bubble bursts. And I’m saying when not if…

    When resources become more and more scarce we’re going to see countries at war with each other. People will be scrambling… in a worst case scenario… doing everything that they can to survive… to provide for their family and for themselves.

    There’s no way out of it.

    Source: Millions Upon Millions Will Die…

    The real possibility of this event coming to pass is what is driving not just the government to prepare for widespread economic collapse scenarios and the civil unrest that will follow, but has also sent the world’s elite scrambling to hideaways and bunkers in an effort to avoid the inevitable violence that erupts when resource shortages become the norm.

    For those who have yet to take steps to prepare for disaster, we point your attention to Greece, where a similar event has happened on a smaller scale. Things have gotten so bad that Greeks are dumpster diving for food and standing in hours-long lines just to get a government-approved $75 withdrawal out of their ATM.

    Most people – about 99% at last count – have failed to prepare for even minor disruptions such as those in Greece.

    As The Prepper’s Blueprint author Tess Pennington notes, it won’t take much to upend society and just like Greece, if the debt bubble does burst it will have a direct and immediate impact on the normal flow of commerce:

    Collectively speaking, most Americans take for granted the system in place to deliver essential supplies to their area. “The system,” an underlying infrastructure that keeps goods, services and commerce in America flowing creates a sense of normalcy and order. Food, water, gasoline and medications are just a few of the items restocked weekly in order for our dependent society to maintain a steady flow. What many fail to grasp is just how fragile the system is and just how quickly it can collapse.

    The report goes on to explain that consumer fear and panic will exacerbate shortages. News of a truck stoppage—whether on the local level, state or regional level, or nationwide—will spur hoarding and drastic increases in consumer purchases of essential goods. Shortages will materialize quickly and could lead to civil unrest.

    Source: When the Trucks Stop Deliver The System Will Collapse

    Transportation systems are just one part of a critical chain dependent specifically on the availability of credit. Should that credit be disrupted because of currency upheaval or economic collapse, we could well face Greece on a massive scale across America, complete with all the violence that results when people have been driven to the breaking point.

    The takeaway from the latest revelations coming out of China?

    It’s simple. Prepare for the imminent collapse of our current paradigm. Failure to do so will leave you and those you love literally fighting over garbage scraps.


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      1. Economic collapse, currency wars, isis on the border, if we’re gonna do it then let the hammer fall.

        getting tired of the wait…

        • I agree im tired of this crap

          • as Charles Hugh Smith has so aptly put it

            collapse isn’t an event so much as it is a process

            first one cell turns cancerous
            then 2
            then 4
            then 8….

            • “This has led many to speculate that the end for the world’s reserve currency is nigh.”

              Bullshit. The FED is pulling the plug on the BRIC’s as I have described here before. 🙂

              China still holds about $1.2 trillion in US debt as part of its currency reserves, and it is NOT gonna piss off the USA when it MUST have American approval for the Yuan to become a WRC.

              It must also have a fungible bond market for ITS securities, for its currency to be a WRC, which it DOESN”T have, and it must have NO capital controls or limitations of how much money (in Yuan) citizens, investors, and multi-nationals can repatriate to their home country.

              Structurally, none of this exists. The Yuan will not be approved this time around.

              The take away for the Zero Hedge article is this: “Where did the missing FX ($540 Billion) go?” because it is as invisible as the other 5,000 tonnes of “missing gold” that analysts believe that China really has.

              Might it be stashed in the new AIIB? If it is, the IMF is history. 🙂

              • Personally I do not believe that the Chinese are preparing for economic or military war with the USA anytime soon, as it is not strong enough. And they know it.

                I believe the “BIG THING” that China is preparing for is a massive development program in Central Asia which they will dominate by using these funds.

                Typically Chinese firms and workers do most of the construction because it is financed by China using American wealth transferred to China. 🙂

                • They will never be strong enough, that is why we are being weakened. Just a matter of time.

                  • Personally I “do” believe that the Chinese are preparing for economic and military war with USA.

                    Add to that communistic country, the Russians, Iranians, Turks, and a few other Middle Eastern countries that receive Petro dollars.
                    Not the people per say, but the governments and all peoples tied in with them.

                    Americans bought their Chinese goods, which in some cases actually turned out to be, bads; and bought the Middle Eastern cheaper Oil, which has now caused them to turn those Petro dollars against us in the form of terrorism, and islamic radicals.

                    All of our enemies were self created, by our greed for cheaper stuff and allowance of corrupt politicians to run the show.

                    It will never get any better until the current thugs are removed, and it looks like that can only happen from within our own military. Problem with most military coup d’états, is that something worse will arise in it’s place.

                    However, Egypt has probably been much better off since ousting the leadership of muslim brotherhood, but USA doesn’t have a superpower handing it billions of free cash each year either.

                    There will be a restructuring of world petro exchange funds, and it may or may not happen with the upcoming crash of world markets and economies this Fall. However; it will happen before the NWO currency can be implemented as a full replacement, either as a partial exchange, or full on, cashless transaction system. They would prefer a total cashless one.

                    Whether one prepares by stocking beans and bullets, or PMs, or some of both, the need for those items will be more important than stacks of Benjamins in a gun safe, anytime after the dollar collapse.

                    Either through a super devalued exchange rate from the dollar or hyper inflation, the dollar eventually dies.
                    Death could come via both.

                    • Most of the US’s Enemies were funded by the US Givernment.

                      How about the $42 million Colon Powell and Bushy W gave the Taliban in Feb of 2001, Which I believe help fund the 9-11 Attacks. They gave it to them under the guise “To keep an eye on the poppy fields.” Wink wink. As a tax payer I want my Friggin Money back A-holes.

                    • We need to stop funding Criminal Israel. $5 Billion a year for what? Theft of our American technology and intellectual properties by Israeli infiltraters with dual citizenship. I want to see those Theft Loss numbers in black and white. And for all if America to see. Billions Stolen Annually.

                    • Hello oicu812. It is good to recognize you. Best wishes.


                    • Thanks Big B and wwti, for the input.

                      I am back as a regular for a while, maybe.
                      Since the departure of my good friend PWTW, I thought I might hang out a little more often, since he used to keep me in the loop as to anything important or interesting happening here.

                      Actually, we are cousins from different patriarchs of the family.
                      Mine is more on the Cherokee side of the state.

                      Passin is more tuned in spiritually, than myself, so we make a pretty good pair as friends. I am much younger, and have his six if need be, although I would not want to tangle with him…especially biblically and spiritually. He is now more involved with the supernatural and is seeking out others with same interests.

                      He showed me a recent picture that was taken a few months ago while visiting on the Rez. He and his wife were on a high mountain lookoff when the picture was taken by his wife.

                      In the western sky, over his right shoulder was a big face in the clouds. I said,” yea that is neat, but faces in clouds happen all the time, even though I have not seen many that big”. He said, “probably so, but look over my left shoulder and tell me what you see”.

                      Dang it, if it wasn’t an almost identical face in the clouds, about the same level, but about half the size of the other one. I asked, what does this mean?

                      Nonchalantly, he said, “Oh, those are my two main guardian angels that the Lord has appointed to me, and the big one is a special kind of angel, they are always much bigger in stature because they are warrior angels that follow some people that are workers for Christ.”

                      I asked him why would he need such a powerful angel and he said it is because the devil is always trying to sling shit at you, when you are making a stand for the Word, and sometimes those shit storms have razors buried in them, meaning that they are linked with demonically controlled and two faced, back stabbing people, that want to bring you down or see you die.

                      I never thought about it that way, but it makes perfect sense.
                      I wish him well, and people here got a lot of truthful information from his works, during all the years he followed this site.


                    • @ BLUESTAR,

                      He is traveling right now, and I am not going to bother him on the road, but I will ask him if he knows you, and wants your email, when he returns.

                  • China could bury everybody with a atroke of the pen. if they tied the Yuan to the Gold Standard. US Dollars would crash bigtime in a day. You want to see Austerity here in the US? Greek PM just begged Putin for $10 Billion to print more Greek dollars. The banks are begging people to put their cash money back in the banks and the people are laughing back at the banks. Yeah right.. I Think NOT!!

                    • WWHTI: If China or any other nation decided to UNILATERALLY go with a gold standard for its currency, the gold within that nation would be sucked out of it faster than you can say “Renminbi”.

                      The Chinese are smarter than that and they need another ten years to dominate the globe. They will not get it. 🙂

                • Durango kitten.. aka: Boomerang. Do you ever read the news? BRICS just set up offices in Shanghi! Which will lead to the Chinese Yuan to be the next world currency. And China has dumped like $60 Billion in US Treasury’s in the last few months, more rhan wver before. Its war already. Get your head out if the sinkhold, get some air and reset with some facts. Not sure where you invent your opinions??..

                  • “Setting up shop” and operating are two different things. If they run the BRIC’s Bank like they run their own economies, they won’t make much of an impact.

                    I suggest that you read something besides the cartoons. 🙂

                • Correction $224 Billion, China dumped in US Treasury’s in the last 90 days. According to this article. That is a lot the US Government needs to make up to pay interest on the debt. The printing presses must be smoking and on fire about now… invest in ink…..ha..~WWTI

                • “Bursting of the population bubble”– all this is just what Mike Ruppert predicted also in his documentary, “Collapse” and in his books, websites. Really scarey stuff!

              • Uh….DK……19 hours ago.


                The IMF has no choice. They cannot let this thing go to an international level. Otherwise, IRAN starts transacting business through there and the joint nuclear agreement becomes worthless.

                The ECB needs China as part of the IMF Special Drawing Right. Greece is bankrupt. Spain is bankrupt. Portugal is bankrupt. Puerto Rico is bankrupt. Ukraine is bankrupt. Germany can’t absorb it. U.S. can’t absorb it. They need the Yuan.

                11% of the SDR is going to be Yuan. That will be contingent upon the chinese not bringing the BRICS to anything more than a regional lender.

                It’s checkmate. Fed has no power.

                • Cellar Spider. I just posted the same thing about BRICS Setting up shop in China before I got to your post. Which comfirms there are a few here like us posting facts with links. DK should stop poating with his imaginary economics report. Its a dis-service ro the readers. Old coach?… Old.

                  • Durango Kidd seems to have a lot Faith in US Monetary Policy, and that the US Dollar will remain the Supreme Global Currency. Putting your Faith into something with a 100% certainty will end up being a complete failure in the long run.

                    Globally, the financial system is a complete failure and something needs to change. Well, countries like China are going to make good on that Change in due time. Problem is that Washington D.C. will see this as a threat and deter the problem with intervening a war with them and the BRICS institution. In the long run, it’s good for them, but bad for us.

                    • In a world of midgets, even a dwarf can be king. King Dollar!!! LMFAO!!! 🙂

                      Change is years away with a deflationary recession and war on the Agenda first. 🙁

                    • FTW: The USA controls the IMF. Nothing happens without America approval. Given the split that has taken place with the New President in China and the NWO, (and the additional required structural reforms that must take place within the Chinese financial system) I seriously doubt that the Yuan will be given WRC status this time around.

                      Simply put, their system just isn’t physically ready to meet the REQUIREMENTS necessary to FUNCTION as a WRC. That said, the NWO wants China within their system as soon as realistically possible.

                      I have a Franklin that says that China cannot meet the necessary requirements within the remaining time frame, (Sept) especially since they are consumed with stabilizing their markets.

                      Any takers ??? 🙂

                • The Iran agreement is worthless now, actually worse than worthless since it is perceived as Iranian Strength and American weakness in the Islamic world.

                  But you are very right about BRICS presenting a serious threat to the entire western world’s economic hegemony, and that is something that will definitely create a dangerous situation and have to be dealt with.

                  FWIW, I doubt the US could defeat China at this point, either militarily or economically. One winning strategy of Sun Tzu in the Art of War is to appear weak when you are strong and far away from being able to present a threat so your enemies will remain unprepared and be defeated by their lack of preparation for your strength.

                  But I suppose we are lucky the Chinese know nothing of Sun Tzu and the Art of War.

                  • Who says China knows nothing about Sun Tzu & The Art Of War?
                    That is complete nonsense. China has been silent observers, and they are very much aware of other countries abilities.

                    Even if China had only spears and rocks for weapons, they could overrun and take America. It’s a numbers game (people) which they have, and we do not. It wouldn’t matter if America was very strong economically and had a strong Military. It’s null and void if China decides to rush in with swarms of massive numbers of troops on the ground.

                    Never underestimate any enemy, having confidence up front in any situation can have serious consequences onto you.

                    • I don’t disagree that they won’t try nor do I disagree that we ought be vigilant because that could be the final nail in our coffin but I don’t think they’d be successful without nukes.

                      Every blade of grass…..

                • CS: CS: “The IMF has no choice. They cannot let this thing go to an international level.”

                  The IMF doesn’t have any control over this development. It cannot stop it. The IMF is broke and irrelevant. That said, the BRIC’s economies are in the shitter.

                  While the NWO including the US wants China as a member of the IMF, there are rules & requirements for joining the Club. China must meet those rules. Read the Constitution & Bylaws of the IMF. It is a Fund, not a Bank, and SDR’s are SPECIFICALLY, not a currency.

                  China cannot bailout everyone, and with the US Consumer dead (by design) China will be hard pressed to keep its own economy afloat; as we have seen, spending TRILLIONS in the process, as it is finally necessary to invest the American wealth transferred to it, and transform into a consumer driven economy.

                  China will turn west to Central Asia, by design of the PTB. Think Gog and Magog. 🙁

                  • @DK

                    You said….”SDR’s are SPECIFICALLY, not a currency.”

                    Yet from the IMF…..

                    “The currency value of the SDR is determined by summing the values in U.S. dollars, based on market exchange rates, of a basket of major currencies (the U.S. dollar, Euro, Japanese yen, and pound sterling).”


                    Gee, since the SDR has a currency value, does that make it a currency? Sounds like an LSAT question to me.

                    • CS: “Gee, since the SDR has a currency value, does that make it a currency? Sounds like an LSAT question to me.”

                      Use your head for more that a hat rack. All assets have a “currency value”. It does not make them a currency.

                      Read the IMF BY LAWS. As a principle of its formation, SDR’s are NOT a currency, AS STATED, just an asset like stock, bonds, and real estate.

                      Think, Spider, think!!! 🙂

              • Don’t talk sense to this lot, DK. It gives them dyspepsia.

                • And theres old coach chiming in again with babble. You and DK drinking the same ignoramous flavored tea?

              • The Chinese and others are well on their way to creating an alternative to USD petro dollar and world trade currency. And it will not need USA approval as you suggest. We are seeing it all in motion as we speak with other countries realizing the USD is and has been a scheme of the banks and governments. The bankers and wall street ran it into the ground and broke the golden goose egg via the fractional reserve banking scam ? It worked just fine until they all got far to greedy and stupid ?

                All economies and currencies are based on confidence in that entity. The world now knows that they have been scammed for a very long time and there is no confidence any longer in USD. Thus the creation of a new trade currency is already in motion.

                We will see an outlier event soon that will speed it all up tremendously ! We are seeing them everyday now and they will get larger and more pressing going forward.

                • GOOD! BREAK THE ROTHSCHILDS 900 trillion dollar choke hold on the world! Their family has stolen almost that much for themselves already—700+ trillion.

                  Death To The NWO! For that to occur, we have to hit them where it counts…IN THEIR WALLET.

              • If the world economies collapse China will be the first to starve to death, that’s if the rioting doesn’t kill the mass population first.

          • Fred, I’m tired of the crap too, but let’s postpone it long as possible. I have a feeling that a teotwawki collapse is a lot like sex: The only time you want it twice is right before you get it once. Just a thot. thanks.

            • taxed

              🙂 ha ha, yep.

              And after it comes, you just really want something to eat 😉

          • ME TOO

            • Catholics donate to the Catholic Church, not Christians in general.

              The majority of the Church is protestant of one denomination or another, the result of Martin Luther’s rebellion against false (Catholic) Church teachings that resulted in the reformation. This Papal nonsense that has nothing to do with Christianity or the Gospel -the message of Atonement with God and salvation through forgiveness in Christ- is the sort of thing that led Luther to do what he did.

              You might want to direct your criticisms to the Catholics, but they’re basically a bunch of Mammon worshiping socialists so it won’t do much good to spend much effort on it.

              • The Catholic Church claims 1.2 billion members. Just saying. 🙂

                • Not in the United States, where I think the original comment was directed and to where I was referring.

              • Yes, Martin Luther did revolt against the radical teachings and traditions that still exist to this day, within the Catholic Church, however; it was the Moravians that were the first to split from the Roman Catholics and their self righteous ways.

                A large sect of those came to America and first settled in what is now Georgia, and then later to Nazareth, PA. Later the majority moved to Salem, NC,of which later became Winston Salem.
                A small group of those wanted to be more secluded from the ever wary public and moved to a small place in the Mountain foothills west of Winston Salem. Their dedication to the true scriptures and it’s spiritual meanings, free of indoctrination influence, was what caused their ever present belief in visitations from angels and the Holy Spirit.

                That was a little bit too much off the beaten path for some followers of Christ, so their membership never quite grew as strong as it could have, if their leadership had been more public.

                What a coincidence that my cuz lives smack dab in the middle of that foothills area and has observed many of the current workings of the Holy Spirit and visitations by even our Saviour. Passin has not actually told of all his personal experiences, and I don’t think that he has had a visit by Christ as a few in the area have, but he is in tune with the Holy Spirit, and I know that for sure. I want that for myself, but I guess I need more faith and prayer, and a little less worldly things and beer.

          • Totally agree an. It is a load of crap from hustlers trying to sell us prep products. That in mind the site is a good central source but this BS about the end of the world all the time is just plain old COPROLITE

        • Tired of the wait? Why dont you go down to the store look around and be happy about all the food you can still get. Or maybe go down and see a movie or go bowling because when shtf this stuff is gone..

          tired of the wait you people and flippen crazy and dont understand what is going to really happen.

          • Word, yo.

            You ain’t gonna be tired of the wait when you’re eating your dead neighbor’s cat, your grandma looks like an Ethiopian, and you can’t turn on any light sources at night for fear of attracting gunfire.


          • lalala, people who say they are tired of waiting and the system needs to implode are the people who are ready for it.
            They as like me, are already prepped and have prepared our selves the best to our ability.

            No, none of us are crazy and of course we understand what is going to happen. That is why we have prepped for more than one kind of scenario, and a financial collapse in one of the obvious ones to happen.

            You go bowling and take in a movie, those are materialistic things which do not concern me.

            • I would consider bowling a fun activity to be shared wit family and friends, and also good moderate exercise and stretching, not materialistic at all. Although movies these days can pretty much kiss my arse and are all junk, taking a couple hours to relax with loved ones and enjoy a GOOD movie, surely can’t be bad either?? I mean obviously we shouldn’t be sitting at home waiting just to catch the kardashinans marathon or whatever. But are we really saying life sucks so bad, that we should just stay at home and organize our dry goods alphabetically and just hope and pray that it will soon get even worse?? Although I understand the mentality of let’s just get it over with, and I can be supremely pessimistic by nature, but every now and again we need to take a step back and just smell the roses, enjoy the smell of rain and the calm breeze before the storm, crack a cold beer and throw True Grit(2010) in the dvd player again…

              • Word.

              • You mean you don’t care to go see the new charlize theron mad max movie, where a skinny feminist broad shaves her head and bests all the men? Me neither. I wouldn’t go see that movie, if the handed it to me for free.

          • Im one who is tired of the wait. Ive pretty much prepped as much as I can. And Im getting old. Im 64 in ten years I wont be much pumpkin. I already wear glasses. I want to still be able to see the gun sights and whatever im shooting at. If it gotta happen lets get to it. Why wait? Wait for what? no use procrastinating. Ill vote for Hillary or whomever I perceive to be the worst evil from now on. voting for the lesser evil hasn’t worked. time to do something different.

            • I think I understand what you’re saying. I’m disabled now, but not completely out of the fight. In another 5 to 10 years, I WILL BE out of the fight and unable to respond in any meaningful manner.

              I know if I have to fight, I’d prefer to do it in my own time and on my own terms.

          • It is already happening and in motion, just look around in the last 8 to 10 years and tell is this a different country/world situation ? And do you see any good outcomes ?

            But the blind are everywhere one looks as well ! All is well in USSA today, Hey ? HA HA AH HA AH HA 🙂

            By the time you need some clean water, I will be sold out !

        • @1Vet,

          This is real and it is coming in the fall. The BRICS bank has been established in regional mode. The Yuan is up for inclusion as part of the default basket of currencies that comprise the IMF’s Special Drawing Right (the true default currency).

          This is the first time since Bretton Woods that the global finance infrastructure from which all else derives is being altered. Stocks, Bonds, Reserve bank money creation, money destruction, interest rates, credit card rates, currency exchange rates, the price of milk, cereal box size, gas, oil are all dependent upon this.

          The U.S. economy collapsed in October / November of 2012 with the advent of QE3 and a defacto admission that the economy is permanently broken. Now, we are about to see measurable, main street effects.

          Entitlement programs are safe. Class A stock Shareholders are safe. Traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, Property owners are not i.e. the middle class. However, the middle class has been shrunk to such a small amount that a total loss of this sector is acceptable.

          Oh, and here is some food for thought. If the Yuan doesn’t get included in the SDR, then look to the BRICS bank to take a global position as an alternative national financier.

          If this happens, IRAN will route all their international transactions through the BRICS and then they can ramp up their nuclear weapons program with no fear of monetary sanctions ever again. There will be no stopping them and we will be one step closer to global nuclear war.

          • Shall we play a game?

            Let’s play global thermoneuclear war.

            Wouldn’t you rather play a nice game of chess?

            Later. Let’s play global thermoneuclear war.

            Very well.

            • “the only winning move is not to play”

          • It will sink in with DurangoKiddy, that China is the new world currency when he goes to WallyWorld to buy more ammo, pays in US Cash, like a good boy, and gets change back in Chinese Yuans. The look on his face? “PRICELESS”

        • 1vet,
          I hear ya bro, i got seriously chastised here last year when i said that, lol.
          Oh well I agree, im so sick of ppl setting dates, then nothing, it wears on the nerves. Not that i want it to happen, but it will, and we have all known it for years, so damn it lets be done with it while im still young enough to keep my family alive….


          • SS,
            this is all a CHESS game for the wanta be world rules to see who will come out on TOP,
            either way it will not end pretty for many of the population.

          • There you are, squirrel. I’ve got a link just for you…have a pleasant day

            ht tp://

        • The hammer could fall this fall: Aren’t we due a budget battle in September. If congress doesn’t approve a budget by Oct. 1st, then we could default. Of course we hear that every year, don’t we? But who knows, this could be the year that the Speaker of the House and the Senate Majority leader say we have to balance the budget. It would seem this whole collapse thing is being orchestrated from the ground floor up. Just guessing, nothing more. thanks

          • I wonder if they’ll spend a few hundred million to station guards to shut down state parks, memorials and other govt venues just to spite the citizens again…

        • What I write will either scare the crap out of some, or just be laughed off by the Kim Kardashian-loving crowd. But it is how things will play out: it is written in the script and can’t be stopped at this point.

          China is a good example: they make long-term plans and so what they are doing now is something they planned to do many years ago. They will see it through come hell or high water because that is how they do things. They know about wealth creation and they also know about goals and how you get the population to serve those goals. And they will do much better running their own global financial system than buying into the West’s screw job. So China will head for the exits.

          We will see governments around the world reach for the strong hand of the state and we will come under full-blown fascism by 2016. It won’t be called that but it will be it. And this means, when people fight the state and riot, they are going to come under the boot of a nasty and very sophisticated police state backed up by a military war-tested for more than two decades.

          • What you are saying FranksThoughts is that Communism works pretty well? lol

          • The ONLY country that does well in the U.S.-based banking system is Us and Israel…everybody else gets screwed. No wonder they’re sick of it, and us.

        • I really hate to say this because I wish the hammer would fall as well. However, based on the last 7 years of slow drip decline, I would have to say this is going to continue as a slow slide into the abyss. There is no cliff, it’s just a gentle hill on the downside that we will continue to travel down to the bottom. Once we reach the bottom, we serfs will be well adjusted to third world status, which is exactly what they want.

          The scum managing this train wreck don’t want us to feel it all at once because they like keeping their heads attached to their shoulders. They will play every card they have up their sleeves to keep the illusion going. Sure, could something happen that causes the whole mess to unwind all at once? Absolutely, however, don’t count on it. They may be able to keep this slow motion downhill slide going for decades.

          Consider 2008 the point at which the shit had hit the fan, but it was a sticky mess that is coming off the blades in small particulate. We’re all getting covered in it, but we’re getting used to the stink. It is my contention that as we head further downhill, adaptation of an ever decreasing economy is the key to surviving this mess and being a do-it-yourself person will be of the highest value.

          • Good morning, Joe Republic.

            I feel like you and many others; we just want the whole mess to be over with. But, according to my best friend passin’; we may be in for a long gradual decline, especially in the USA.

            He says “we the people” had it too good and took God and Jesus for granted. We turned our backs on Their good graces and forgiveness, while being wasteful and giving the evil leaders too much power and leeway.

            Now, those chickens have come home to roost, and there has to be a period, actually several periods, of chastisement and correction.

            Also, he was telling me about a Christian man that had a visitation from the Archangel, Gabriel, back in December of 2001. I can’t remember the man’s name right now, Tim..Tony..Terry something, anyway, the angel told him there would be three sets of seven year periods of punishment coming to America, as a whole nation.

            This 21 year period would begin with an economic melt down in 2008, and continue to worsen with the next set of seven years. That following set of seven years from 2015 through 2022 would be combined with a govermental fall of sorts and there would be much upheavel combined with the worsening economic struggles.
            Next would come the third and final seven year period of times whereby the world would face the religious onslaught/slaughter of millions/billions and would end in a one world religion of sorts and everybody would be required to follow it…for the sake of world peace.

            I asked pwtw why he had not written of this on his many articles here and he simply said, ” they will not believe it, because if it doesn’t come from someone with a PhD in Theology or with a doctorate from a Seminary School, they think it isn’t truth.”
            He really hates the lies the “educated” Preachers are telling the people.

        • Good morning 1vet. Based on adjusted employment data, housing data, monetary data, inflation data, welfare data, falling commodity prices (especially gold and silver), and other poorly reported data points; I think it’s a safe bet to say that we have been in the collapse for quite some time now. It is a slow rolling collapse presently, but that will accelerate in the near future.

        • Hate to burst your bubble, but they are already here. Been here. And in 2005 we already had 10 million muslims here in the good ole usa.
          Meanwhile they send the mil.guys back over to get slaughtered more.What does that tell anyone? Its afu.

        • Wow Slavo
          you did not put my post on here. TMI eh? Figures.
          Who.decides to put free speech on here? You or them???
          Should I milder? Ok.. 360 guys n gals. That’s all I’m gonna say.

        • September 13/14 the collapse at the end og the Shemitah year…buckle up

        • September 13 end of Shemitah year

        • China is not the only one dumping USD. All the BRIC’s nations are doing the same. The Rothschilds IMF and their puppet democracy’s who are beholden to the IMF will all collapse

      2. Off topic but list on this page if you wish good defense tech against bad people coming into your home.. Good ideas will help us all. I believe this is a good one. Posted this before. Thought about this for a long time.

        People will be making or buying very thick heavy climbing rope cargo nets and using carabeeners at night to attach in their hallways, that way if swat team come in quickly they will have to cut thru it which will take more than a min to give the home owner time to be alerted for criminals in their homes to defend themselves against unwanted home invasion. They simply can’t run in and surprise the homeowner. List your hints to defend yourself as well. Share info to protect people

        • How about 4 GSD’s 100 # plus….

        • Put a trap door in the floor of every room and dig a escape tunnel. I bought a old backhoe and dug mine at nite so it couldn’t be seen. We have several cashes of useful items in different locations. DTA don’t trust anyone. All they will find is a unoccupied house. and the (hidden) food left behind for them to find will be poisoned. and Ill try and burn my buildings when I leave. If I cant have it nobody else will.

      3. Ball bearings/marbles on floor at night at entrances/2 glass bottles behind door that could be kicked in,1 ammonia/1bleach,a very nice welcome but make sure you will be protected from gas/high strength fish line on stairs ect.I would say visit sites like USCrow if your passion is cooking,happy reading and lets hope all preps are for not!I suppose some empty gas cans with wires and battery in plain sight,sure freaked out the cops when they raided the Jokers(theatre shooter in Aurora)apt.,gives em pause even when just legal/viable products together.

        • Braided fishing line (70lb test or so) tied to trebble hooks and hung from various locations….tied to tree limbs, window frames, doorways, etc. Impossible to see at night. strung up at eye level, makes a definite impression on the person encountering them. The 70lb test line is not easily broken…much stronger than mono-filament. The braided line itself can cause nasty cuts.

          • anon4 I like the hook idea that is a good one. Even a strip of those across the hallway will snap gear etc. Didn’t even think of that one. very good

          • Yeah, good ideas, but just be careful you or other family members don’t get up during the night all groggy and forget it’s there.

            • Common,a lot of these ideas bad for families(most though swat/home invasion!).I would say a family with kids needs another way for defense in case of house fire ect.My ideas and others are for the lone person/couple who are in sync with plans.

            • “just be careful you or other family members don’t get up during the night…”

              Just like last night when I went into the dark garage to get some zip ties.

              Walked right into hubby’s several fishing lines hanging from their storage spot.

              Spent the next 10 minutes, in the dark, trying to get myself untangled from several hooks and lines without setting the hooks in my head and arms and dress and ……

        • The booby trap thing may work a time or two, but they’ll just start lobbing 40mm grenades into houses. “Officer safety” & all. See/ The “terrorists” started setting up booby traps. We HAD to resort to bombs.

          • Figure out a way to trap them inside after the whole squad has entered. Trapped as in ain’t no getting out….period. Then burn it to the ground…..poetic justice, goose and gander come to mind.

        • Piano wire is better than fish line.

      4. Can’t say we haven’t been warned, the alarm bells are ringing at a high pitch or is that just ringing in my ears, also known as a medical condition. Low income. I still don’t know what to do about all this, can’t really relocate, to where? Can’t stock essential items to extend survival, no room and the savage hoards probably would just take it all. Can’t own a gun by law, a defensive weapon, because of a non violent felony conviction 36 years ago. Call it up shit hit the fan creek without a paddle.

        • alijamo- if things collapse you won’t have to worry about that anymore anything will go and the laws are off the books at that point. I think if you play your cards right you will gain them.

          If you have stairs going down into basement, you could cut into the middle stair treads halfway thru on the top 2 and if they step on it bam will go flying while being focused what’s around the corner in the basement. Wires attached to things does give a scare. Ar-500 sheet mounted or even sitting in your room on the side of the door to hide behind in case bullets are flying you will have a shield. Those morters that go up the tubes for fireworks can easily be thrown on the ground, they do not go anyway outside a morter tube, can make a deadly show being tossed close by. I have no idea what that would do inside a home, would definitely be loud and throw someone off. I’m not saying to do that just ideas in survival mode only!!!

        • Get a boat.

          Learn to use it.

          And some fishing poles and a bucket with a toilet seat on it, and a nice place to dump it over the side.

          All you need now is a shit ton of dried fruit and a solar still on the deck, you’re good to go until there’s a huge storm I guess.

          • I really like the idea of bugging out to a boat. If I had no little people I would seriously consider that.

            • Me too, I like boats, but I hate sharks and killer whales.
              When things get whacky weasely, with the oceans and huge tsunamis, I think we would need a submarine.

              Did, you here about the latest findings on the Northwest USA fault up near Oregon and Washington. They now say this fault is bigger and could have bigger ramifications than the San Andreas.
              They claim it is about fifty years or so past due for a major move and shaking. I sure as hell would not want to be caught between it and the worls’s largest cauldron of yellowstone if they both went at the same time.

              Who is that guy that posts here some? Dave in Idaho I think. Hope he gets out before then, or is ready to go down with the ship.

        • aljamo

          this is why I personally believe felons after their time has been served should have their rights reinstated. So because a man does something stupid when he’s 19, he shouldn’t be allowed to defend himself or his family the rest of his life? As if an ex felon intent on breaking the law again, gives a single Shiite about the fact the law says he can’t own a gun anyway?? I hate to hear it for you brother. Good luck

          • Personally, if I were a felon who had done their time, I’d carry unregistered. There are plenty of ways to get ahold of one.

      5. China is on the verge of collapse along with the USA!
        Like most here we are ready for it. It just gets hard hearing its come its coming its coming!
        The only thing I hope is that we only have an economy collapse and not a war along with it. Its going to be hard enough to fight off the Zombies and Leaches.

        You gave out some damn go advise. I’ve got some other things ready to be set up when TSHTF.

        Aim Small, Miss Small

        • Sarge,these obviously work on all intruders,like you have other ideas but some a bit hairy and feel some folks would get hurt trying em.

      6. Al,build your own firearm/croosbow/compound bow/hell aluminum bat and sharpended broom handle,you can do this.Even with limited funds can supply food,300 for a family of 4 for a year,will link it if you or anyone else interested.

        • 300 bucks?

          For a year???


          Pfff heck, I’ll do that like NOW as my “real food”. I spend close to that a MONTH for two people. Well… ok. 2/3 of that. But still the point is…

          • Guy,here is link: ht tp:// ,space due to mederation game.This was written a couple years ago,maybe 350-400,still.This is boring and bland,add spices/other goods ect. but will let you survive assuming you have a sour ce of water and nothing else gets at ya’s.I look at this as a foundation/start to food prep end,you running solo could be done for even cheaper,hope it helps guy!

            • How awesome are you, man? 😀

              Half that cost is a one-off for the buckets and stuff. So really it’s $150 after the one off. Which means for two, really it’s $75.

              For a YEAR.

              Granted there’s no meat but that’s real easy. I can get two weeks worth of chicken breast for $8.

              ANNUAL total $283 (in the food) for two people, WITH the chicken breast thrown in.

              … that’s insane is what that is.

              I think I’m going to try a small scale version of this to see how it tastes, and meal prep time, how long it stores post-cooking, etc.

              Sgt. Dale: I’ll look into the Kroger thing, I don’t know where I’d look for the mylar bags… don’t remember ever seeing ’em…

          • The Guy
            Did you see my post the other day.
            Krogers has everything you could ask for in mylar bags all you have to do is add water. The have Fruit, Potatoes, Veggies, Meats, ECT. ECT. Potatoes for 4 servings I think was around $.75, Meat & Tuna was around $1.25 serving of 4. If I remember right. Check into it. I’m going to and fill some more buckets. Hope this helps!

        • Check out Ytube for bows made out of PVC pipe. Pretty clever and cheap. Need arrows though.

        • I am interested in buying food for 4 at an affordable price. Could someone please email me the link to the site? Thanks

      7. Looks like the chi- cons are getting ready to end us.

        Good luck Agency azz trolls. Good luck talking people of of this one. Its all coming down to food, water guns and bullets and get the hell out of town while you still can..I am working, working out, cooking, runn?g my errands. What, I can’t even leave this site not even for one day.. now I read previously that they are deputizing people to dig into garbage. What the hell on God’s earth is this country coming to? My meeting with rs truly got got extended. Now I have to wait another week to hear more doom and gloom.. I and addict.

      8. Things do seem to be accelerating. Makes me think of the 98% that would be bad off in two or three days

      9. The last I knew, punji sticks inside one’s own house is not illegal.

        Let the fun begin.

        • Actually they probably are, although I like the idea, and there is legal precedent against it.

          A business owner got tired of being broken into and burglarized so he set up a shotgun to fire the next time someone broke in. It worked. And the business owner was successfully prosecuted.

          A better idea is a non lethal trap into a confined space (cage). Ignore them and let them sit there for a few days until they are hungry, cold, hot, thirsty, and have pissed all over themselves.

          If they are claustrophobic, all the better. 🙂

          • Things go south am not having non lethal defenses unless only one available!At that point the law is survival of self and those you are willing to fight for DK!

          • I’d like to have a suspended cage above my front door that comes out of my porch overhang .. one to a group of idiots on my front porch that think im going to play their jackbooted games, surprise! jackasses , now your trapped and its on my terms now

          • DK
            You can’t use a gage either. Call Unlawful restraint. But it is a DAMN good Idea!!! I like it.

            I had a problem with kids knocking a running from the house until I set up paintball guns in the yard. Didn’t take long until I got a call from a dad. He thanked me because he said that the kids in the neighborhood were all involved and his son had more than a paint ball welt on his ass. My oldest nephew had some also. His dad wasn’t very happy with him. I just laughed at him and told him. “It isn’t nice to mess with old man time”.

            • They might have a hard time proving “unlawful restraint” if everyone in the cage ends up dead from acute lead poisoning…

      10. I have to be monitoring. Bunch of simultaneously,,,,, etc. gee, now wonder I am single. Some chicken just asked me out in a restaurant, she is waitress.. what are you reading today.


        Her. Shy what.. can I get your. Unbreakable like you your cool.

        Me. No babe. I am too busy..I have to run will give it to you next time..

        Lying my azz of course. The average waitresses are some of the most retarded clueless women I have ever met. God help us. This world is finished.

        It’s never cease to amaze me the amount of clueless idiots, ideots I meet daily. We are less than two months out from the SHTF EVENT And this girl thinks I am cool and wants my number. Whats wrong with this picture.? I will pass on this one my money is better well spent on more cans of chunky soup and freez dry crap.. from what I heard from my scientist, we will killing. A d eating each other between now and 2050..Wesley Rawles advised on to get lots of seasoning, incase you have to roast you dog, or even worse people? By the way I highly recommend his survival book, it’s really good.

        • Chunky soup and flavored spam….I knew there was something I was forgetting! Thanks for the reminder…..

          • i heard lately that spam cans don’t hold up as well as regular cans, so remember to handle them carefully, and don’t stack them too high.

      11. Raising rabbits now. They taste great! …..or was it less filling? I forget… 😉

      12. If you’re not stocking up on seeds and planting some serious gardens now, you’re not paying attention. The financial system is really, really unstable. Tick-tock-tick-tock…

        • something i’ve been thinkin’ ’bout lately….those “heirloom” seeds….how long ago were they harvested? i just wonder if all that radiation spreading around the world from fukushima has tainted our seeds….food for thought.

      13. It’s funny but the more zero hedge screems the more gold/silver drops.

        Also note that Buillion by posts is runing TV commercials to off load its metals on you because they are just such nice people and want to make you rich.

        Yes stack silver/gold and yes the worlds economy is screwed but don’t fall for the BS from ZH because the best i can see is they have gone too long and need to dump as fast as they can.

        ########### ZERO HEDGE WARNING ##########

        $12 oz on silver is my target and thats if the price over spot for physical is not too high

      14. Oil has dropped further in price than any other time on History, they have no way to analyze what comes next in a scenario like this. The velocity of money has dropped to below year 1960 velocity. China is scrambling trying to figure out what portfolios are worth on the derivative market. It is close to impossible to know what tricks will be tried to fix any problems. We shall see soon enough what goes down.

      15. The Chinese are dumping US debt and hoarding extra gold. Big surprise here, they are manning the lifeboats BEFORE we strike the iceberg. I can’t say I blame them, they are sitting on a trillion dollars of US bonds that could be worthless if they wait to unload them. As for the gold ramp up in a world with a collapsed dollar, what kind of money would you want to have. I agree about the entitlements being safe initially, TPTB lose complete control VERY quickly if that stops. Expect draconian tax measures for a while to try and pay for it and then we will crash so hard it will not matter. Can’t say what happens then, when 100 million people addicted to gov handouts no longer get them, but Ihave a pretty good guess.

      16. More folks are waking up everyday. God bless you find folks.

      17. Fine folks. Dang spell correct.

      18. The Chinese money loss was all paper, not real losses. If you lose 100,000 hectares(274,100 acres) of rice or wheat, that IS a loss.
        If gold goes from $1300 to $50 that is a loss, but who eats gold?
        I’m more worried about chicken, eggs, and cattle prices than silver,
        gold, oil, or dollars. I own Chickens that lay eggs, and I have a cow in the freezer. Commodities markets affect me more than housing/banking bubbles that always burst. I rely on certain markets for income, but those are all private markets.
        Never depend on a Government. Even an American one. Historically the private( AKA black markets) are the way humanity survives and prospers. Prep on

        • You are a steely eyed missile man my friend, glad to have you here!

      19. OT, kindof-
        As a tall, older white straight male (“who is that redneck asswipe in the mirror?”), at times it seems that I’m the one type of person that all others can agree to dislike (youngsters, women, blacks, gays, hispanics, asians, news pundits…)
        I’m public enemy number one.
        Whatever the problem, it’s somehow my fault- I must be a jerk.

        So lately I’ve been picking out people with hard asses & sour faces and I smile and I’m friendly and give them a dose of my sauve charm and insightful humor (lol) and I watch their mind boggle. Now THAT’S entertainment. And usually the meanest looking MoFos are actually not that bad. I’m suprised sometimes too…

        Gotta practice for what’s coming (call it spiritual prepping).


        • Arch,don’t forget to add scintillating conversation to the charm and insight!

      20. Relic, Mr Smith What up. I can tell you boys know money, same here. It’s literally means that everyone will have to pay back $300,000,000 per person in taxes to make 18,000,000,000 in payback for debt.i talk more end game doom and gloom and am prepared but I must have to admit, these numbers are a HUGE CLUSTER F…K TO PAY BACK. it’s not a wonder that they want to reduce the population as the excuse to Clean up this sh… t of a mess that they created . It outright boggles the f… mind thinking about it.

        You guys ain’t lying, the numbers keep ending up with zero and negative balances . These dumb azz idiots on cnn,.and Fox news think that they are bul…h…t the public out of the facts. when the September SHTF EVENT HORIZON, COMMENSES. I am curious to hear the crap that they expect us to listen to and their lying BS. Now it’s Jade Helm 15 is breeding down our necks.

        You ain’t lying homes. As you crunch the numbers the truth shows it ugly head.. looks like all thats left in the calapse is literally the clothes on my back, the food, water guns and bullets.. we are literally f…k..ed.




      21. SERIOUSLY?

        is this idiot serious?
        or did we just get a huge HEADS UP?

        “You don’t have that much time to take away Americans’ guns and declare martial law… if you’re going to do that, you better get started,” Jon Stewart advised President Obama, who Tuesday was making his final visit to Stewart’s The Daily Show.

      22. SERIOUSLY?

        is this idiot serious?
        or did we just get a huge HEADS UP?

        “You don’t have that much time to take away Americans’ guns and declare martial law… if you’re going to do that, you better get started,” Jon Stewart advised President Obama, who Tuesday was making his final visit to Stewart’s The Daily Show.

      23. Hello,

        I’m interested in purchasing silver, just looking for the best bang for the buck… There’s so many places on the internet it just gets overwhelming. I know someone on this fine site could direct me to the proper links. Much appreciated! Looking to be in the $300 range.

      24. Nevada Cops Ripped for Shady ‘Shakedowns’
        Judges tore into Nevada authorities in two separate recent cases for elaborate, unconstitutional stings over big money civil forfeiture arrests.

        ht tp://

        • That’s probably how harry reid got his eye bloused a while back…or it could’ve been the other mob collecting on a debt.

      25. I’ve been reading articles for years on this site just post every now and then
        Something I have noticed more and more how everyone ( not all but some I should say) argues
        about hoe shtf! You can agree to disagree always two views to a point. Why should we argue over something so petty on how it is going to happen? But we can all agree on one thing ( SHTF will happen!) I can see all points of all people on this site posting happening, so instead of name calling put the energy into getting ready for when SHTF does happen! And also help the new people on site! Prepper1 out

      26. PRAY

      27. What most economic doomsayers fail to acknowledge is that it is impossible for the global economy to “collapse” per se. Once the reserve currency became the USD our Fed now regulated the value of the USD – which is rising higher as more people in Europe go to USD as a ‘safe haven’. Until China allows their currency to float and find true value (which is calculated to be less than half due to the Chinese govt debt burden) the USD will be king and now that we have the shale fields neither the USA or Canada can be victimized by greedy and ungrateful OPEC countries like Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, et al.
        Global economics is no longer measured in value – it is just debits and credits in a computer and all of it can be balanced by those in charge at any time for any reason so NO!! there will not be an economic collapse of Biblical proportions. There will always be market corrections, inflation, supply shortages, wars, pestilence, disasters but insofar as economics go that is one area of collapse that can be totally controlled because it is artificial – it is just bookkeeping. If there is a massive correction and the fat cats get rich then guess what – they may find this time we won’t bail their greedy asses out and we will likely put them before a firng squad this time – so “Run Jamie Diamond Run!”
        BUT REMEMBER THIS – After Noah – GOD said he would never do this to Earth again and GOD also said no man would know when the end times has come only the signs. So tell all of these self-styled prognosticators to stick it since they just want to sell you something. I believe in preparation – for incidents – not the end of the world because I don’t want to be around in a post-apocalyptic world

        • Agreed, that after Noah, GOG SAID he’ll never do that to earth again…but then, MAN made no such decree.

          • …I meant GOD said, darn keyboard…

      28. This is all based on the presumption that the elites will still be on top everything that the masses need to survive–since the elites have everyone dependent on their store-bought economy. When the people decide to “give unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s” (dump his money system) and not accept anything but metal or barter between each other, the elites will then be out of the picture. They’ll have lost their elitism. Now, the elites do intend to sea-base, and certainly, this is why we see them frantically hyping about finding other planets “like earth” so they can space-base everything to make it inaccessible to the masses here on earth (as well as send non-conformists to those other planets which they’ll use as space prison colonies). Their plan to deliberately poison Earth’s nature by genetic-modified plants and animals, creating total dependence on their store-bought economy by making natural forms of things obsolete, will backfire on them. They will have sawed off the limb they themselves are sitting on and need to sit on. Their sea-basing and extraterrestrial dreams will have become their own Hellish nightmares and their weakest links.

        • Wouldn’t it be hilarious, if the elites find a beautiful planet, colonize it themselves as their Utopia, leaving the wretches of humanity (the rest of us) do die here—only to be wiped out when the Aliens who actually own that planet go and take it back?

          That might make a nice screen play…

      29. Mankind faces a crossroads. One path leads to despair and utter hopelessness. The other, to total extinction. Let us pray we have the wisdom to choose correctly. -Woody Allen

        Life doesn’t care if you make a decision based on comparing the ideal outcome. It only matters what decision you make based on how it compares to the actual alternative.

      30. Maybe China is dumping our dollar because they know we are about to be attacked?

        • NO.

      31. The Lord showed me that the four blood
        Moons also coincide with the four horses of the Appocolispe, the final
        One this September equates to the rider on the pale horse, which is Death and Hell, and all this coincides
        With what the elites are planning
        According to their prophecy written
        on the Georgia Guidstones,this is it
        folks,this is the end.Repent ask
        Jesus into your life because Hell is
        coming to the earth,do not take the
        Mark of the Beast, the RFID chip that’s also coming.

      32. I’d like your input.
        Condensed intro: I retired recently and having an interest in politics I began to read. I’ve read a lot and have discovered this theory of conspiracy that dates back to at least 1776. The conspiracy is alleged to have been initiated by the Rothschild patriarch and has continued to this very day. The Rothschild’s apparently worshiped Satan, whom the bible describes as being in control of the world. For their souls they have been given riches and they are at the root of a global conspiracy to control the world and everyone in it. There is a lot of evidence to substantiate these claims.
        As men become rich, by whatever path, they are invited to become members of this conspiracy. The Bilderberg group and the CFR are just two manifestations of this conspiracy. By acting in concert these rich men can control countries, manipulate financial markets, and make themselves far richer than they could working individually. Not content with their immense wealth they are acting to create a One World Government – NWO in order to control everyone and everything and enrich themselves even more.
        If this is accurate, then speaking of countries motives, as you have speculated about in this forum, is missing the big picture. One must look and speculate concerning the motives of this control group in order to correctly discern the future. The elites, apparently have the clout to control all countries, of note, and perhaps all countries period.
        It is alleged that America was/is too powerful and must be brought down in order to create an atmosphere in which the world’s majority will accept centralized world control. Communism is a child of this conspiracy and the leaders of Communist countries, past and present, provide a glimpse into the thinking of the elites.
        The collapse that many predict would be in alignment with this theory as would the means used to destroy our country. Lenin revealed it years ago. “The way to crush the bourgeoisie is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation.” and “The best way to destroy the capitalist system is to debauch the currency.”
        So, Ob’s profligate spending comports to this theory. I believe that our congress is largely controlled by these elites, which is why Ob’s fictional opponents do not oppose him. Ob is enacting the elites goals. Carroll Quigley was given access to publish some information about the elites over 50 years ago in “Trajedy and Hope”. he said“The argument that the two parties should represent opposed ideals and policies… is a foolish idea. Instead, the two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can throw the rascals out at any election without leading to any profound or extensive shifts in policy. Then it should be possible to replace it, every four years if necessary, by the other party which will be none of these things but will still pursue, with new vigor, approximately the same basic policies.”
        All the information I have come in contact with seems to support this conspiracy theory. I’m not a professor trying to teach you. I’ll benefit if I learn from you of the errors that this theory may contain. But if this is true, our focus ought to be on the motives of the elites rather than the motives of countries. Your comments appreciated.
        BTW- Many of you have speculated concerning the ill future that will accompany a collapse. You’ll gain insight by someone who foresaw this sort of future and attempted to warn others 50 years ago. His name was Aldous Huxley. Some of the things that he foresaw are happening, though in their infancy today and some have not yet happened. Want a glimpse into this possible future? Listen to this:

        • Agreed. You hit the nail on the head. I will watch video. Thanks. Blessings

        • To AlmostLibertarian: You are learning my friend! Took me to read ALL the remarks here to read some wisdom. You can learn soooo much facts like your Aldous Huxley speech, etc. from a man named Alan Watt. NOT ALAN WATTS! Alan Watt is on ‘ He will give you input as to all these ‘bad guys’ who rule us. He gives you who does what, and where. Yes Carroll Quigley, Charles Galton Darwin, inbreeding, etc. But he tells you where the info is. I do not trust Alex Jones at all. He used to interview Alan Watt, but no longer as AJ couldn’t keep up with Alan Watt. AJ has had a meteoric rise in polarity and in turn a larger ‘network’, huge ‘studio’, and beaucoup things to sell. He is a fraud in my opinion. Anyway Alan Watt has thousands of free podcasts that are captivating! I only wished the Christians would realize that Satan is running all these problems for hundreds of years, and Christians sit back and do nothing, believing it is already written: They are cowards, and cannot possibly know if NOW is the time THEY think is Biblical. After all they cannot outcry as they would lose their tax-free stays, so they’ve already been bought! Good Luck Almost, think for yourself, and when they start to lead you to aliens or other weirdness, then you’ve been suckered! Rattlebone.

      33. Not even my dog gets a chip. Stock up on the real gold. TP

      34. Theres a lot of sense and a little non-sense in the comments here, but all illuminating to say the least.

        I have been “preparing” for want of a better word for a couple of years, its a slow process for me, more through the monumental paradigm shift that being fully prepared requires.

        That meant selling my home and buying one in a very poor country with ALL the resources one needs in one place. We move in September, rushed forward as the time is so close now, and we cant procrastinate any longer. What we have now is what we leave with, its time to get off grid and living as independently as it is possible. I hope it never comes, i hope if it does we have learned al the mistakes we will make during this paradigm shift in ways and thinking.

        Good luck and god speed to all of us, for if one thing is certain, we live in changing times, mentally, physically, financially and spiritually.

      35. What is being described here is a clear indication of the Book of Revelation (ch 6) Third Seal being unleashed upon mankind.
        The BLACK horse wields a payload of a tremendous never-seen-before economic Armageddon. (It is not about famine – that’s in the Pale horse, 4th seal). Get ready – prepare your hearts and minds in Christ, wealth will not save you!

      36. Everyone hold on to your hats…September is gonna be a duzzy…it’s the end of the 7 year cycle. Count back 7 years, the last stock market crash, that was 2008…count back 7 more…and 7 more. Get the picture? God’s 7 year cycle. The sin in this world, and especially this country, with the supreme courts ruling on homosexuals a go, and all the other sins, is going to bring the hammer down. Let’s just wait for September and watch it all crash. God is in control, and it’s time to pay.

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