Shock Report: Chairman Of Harvard Astronomy Says “Oumuamua” Object Is “Reconnaissance Spaceship… Deliberately Sent To The Inner Solar System”

by | Jan 13, 2019 | Headline News | 100 comments

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    For thousands of years human civilization has documented objects in the sky. With the advent of instant video sharing, we’ve seen hundreds, perhaps thousands of cases of unidentified flying objects. Scientists and governments have discounted the vast majority of these instances as meteors, asteroids, man-made rocket tests or weather balloons.

    But on October 19, 2017, a Canadian astronomer saw an anomaly floating through our solar system that can’t be so easily dismissed.

    The object, dubbed “Oumuamua,” is the first ever object detected by humans that originated outside of our own solar system. Moreover, what makes Oumuamua even more intriguing is that as it rounded the sun it accelerated in such a way that our known laws of physics simply can’t explain it.

    That is, unless the object has its own propulsion system, which would in turn suggest that it is not naturally occurring, but rather, deliberately built by an advanced civilization.

    The claim sounds like an Ancient Aliens conspiracy theory, until you realize that the scientists behind the theory is none other than Avi Loeb, Chairman of Harvard University’s Astronomy department and founding director of The Black Hole Initiative. And while most scientists would never risk their careers over wild and outlandish claims, Loeb says he has enough tenure to not be concerned about it. That and he believes his analysis is accurate.

    According to Loeb, the acceleration data sourced from the Hubble Space telescope is indicative of an object that has been, “deliberately sent to the inner solar system,” and he believes it could be a reconnaissance spaceship.

    What does it feel like to sit next to colleagues in a university lunchroom a day after publishing an article arguing that Oumuamua may actually be a reconnaissance spaceship?

    Loeb: “The article I published was written, in part, on the basis of conversations I had with colleagues whom I respect scientifically. Scientists of senior status said themselves that this object was peculiar but were apprehensive about making their thoughts public. I don’t understand that. After all, academic tenure is intended to give scientists the freedom to take risks without having to worry about their jobs. Unfortunately, most scientists achieve tenure – and go on tending to their image.”

    “It was only under consecutive observation for six days, from October 25 to 31 – namely, a week after its discovery. At first they said, Okay, it’s a comet – but no comet tail was visible. Comets are made of ice, which evaporates as the comet approaches the sun. But we didn’t see a trail of gas or dust in Oumuamua. So the thinking was that it must be an asteroid – simply a chunk of stone. But the object rotated on its axis for eight hours, and during that time its brightness changed by a factor of 10, whereas the brightness of all the asteroids that we’re familiar with changes, at most, by a factor of three. If we assume that the light reflection is constant, that means its length is at least 10 times greater than its thickness.”

    The biggest surprise came last June, when new data from the Hubble Space Telescope showed that the mysterious object had accelerated during its visit to the inner solar system in 2017 – an acceleration that is not explained by the sun’s force of gravity.

    We have no way of knowing whether it’s active technology, or a spaceship that is no longer operative and is continuing to float in space. But if Oumuamua was created together with a whole population of similar objects that were launched randomly, the fact that we discovered it means that its creators launched a quadrillion probes like it to every star in the Milky Way. Of course, the randomness is significantly reduced if we assume that Oumuamua was a reconnaissance mission that was deliberately sent to the inner solar system – namely, to the habitable region where life would be feasible. But we need to remember that humanity didn’t broadcast anything tens of thousands of years ago, when the object was still in interstellar space. They didn’t know there was intelligent life here. Which is why I think it’s just a fishing expedition.”

    Full Interview Via Haaertz: If True, This Could Be One of the Greatest Discoveries in Human History

    The object Oumuamua is long gone and we may never know what it really was.

    What we do know is that we’ve seen similar cigar-shaped objects appear in the skies over Earth throughout history.

    On April 14, 1561 the town of Nuremberg, Germany was abuzz with contemporary news reports highlighting a celestial phenomenon directly overhead. According to witnesses, there was some sort of aerial battle involving various types of alien aircraft.

    The event was documented in local newspapers:

    Here is a brief description of the events of the day translated from the news report above:

    These all started to fight among themselves, so that the globes, which were first in the sun, flew out to the ones standing on both sides, thereafter, the globes standing outside the sun, in the small and large rods, flew into the sun. Besides the globes flew back and forth among themselves and fought vehemently with each other for over an hour. And when the conflict in and again out of the sun was most intense, they became fatigued to such an extent that they all, as said above, fell from the sun down upon the earth ‘as if they all burned’ and they then wasted away on the earth with immense smoke. After all this there was something like a black spear, very long and thick, sighted; the shaft pointed to the east, the point pointed west. Whatever such signs mean, God alone knows.

    While hard to believe, consider the shape of the object identified in October of 2017 and compare it to the images above.

    If nothing else, it’s curiously coincidental.

    Another example of a cigar-shaped or rod-type object was observed as recently as 2010, when it shut down a Chinese airport. The incident was actually reported on by ABC News:

    The origins of these objects may never be known, but more evidence of the existence of an advanced alien species begins to emerge. Some have even suggested that governments around the world may be actively working with them and utilizing advanced technologies.

    For now, it’s all very hush-hush. but perhaps one day the people of the world will witness direct contact with an alien species not of this planet.


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      1. The giant space turd was sent to destroy the planet. When it got close enough it saw the devastation we had caused ourselves, and decided that we didn’t need any help.

        • They’ll just wait for us to nuke ourselves.. and then they’ll come harvest our water and gold without any interference.

          • Mac
            An advanced alien would view us as barbarians!

            • I, myself, view the human race as barbarians

              • How enlightened…

            • You don’t know that. An advanced civilization could be of two kinds: the one thath would view us as barbarians or cattle, and another one that would view us as they themselves were before they were advanced, and would actually have a society built upon humanitarian, christ-like values.

              You could also have an advanced civilization in whidh those two viewpoints were actively vieing with each other for supremacy.

          • They disable wmd’s and have offered useful inventions to voluntaryists, since the time of Enoch.

            imho, free agency is their law, they do not want to be taken to your leader, and do not accept the blame, for your religious embellishments.

          • Without venturing in making all sorts of dangerous assumptions, from the beginning it was obvious that this was no natural object (although I don’t know hoa many people actually were thinking about this. There is no chance IMHO that an object shaped like this could have resulted from random accretion. So the suspicion should have been there from the beginnin. It probably was as the article is suggesting but protecting their careers must have been their primary concern, which is just the nature of the system.

          • naaa, what use gold to to such a civilization? If they can get here, they can certainly mine orbital bodies. no point in coming all this way for shiny gravel.

            that aside, anyone remember the twilight zone episode “monsters are due on maple street”? THATS exactly how I figure they view us.

          • Hide, it’s a cook book!

        • They must have already enrolled freshman nitwit, David Hogg, into the ass-tronomy departmnet. The theory and the source seem to match up with the IQ of a mushroom.

        • John Aspray, so this guys tenure gives him some kind of credibility ? Or is it actually the exact opposite ?

          Wake the hell up people, of course there are other life forms out there and no white haired God floating around in the sky damning you. But they likely look at us as utter morons and we are more likely a threat to some sort of cosmic balance than anything else. And all by our own ignorance. This completely explains why we are obviously being observed more intently as time passes.

          To prove the scientist stupidity I would ask two simple questions. Do black holes actually exist and what is gravity ? Neither can actually be answered by anybody on this planet, yet much supposed scientific fact is based on both of these phenom ! So when all is said and done exactly who is bullshitting who in this scientific zoo of junk thinking ? check mate !

          • God threw lucifer and a bunch of other angels out of heaven but the Bible doesn’t specify when. I suspect they put up a fight, but to no avail. I’ll bet it was something to see.

            • It’s calculated by the age of the patriarchs, in the listing of generations.

          • DowntoEarthThinking where is your proof of other beings? where is your proof there is no god?
            Stupidity sounds like it is on your side

          • A possible History of Life on MArs by Christine Erikson on amazon kindle

          • “Wake the hell up people, of course there are other life forms out there and no white haired God floating around in the sky damning you.”

            Sadly, you seem to be one of those people who think they can disprove religious beliefs by making fun of medieval paintings – and, incidentally, also seems to believe intelligent people will fall for this.

            This does not improve your own credibility..

          • Everything breaks down to consciousness units. They float around in the void of space in what is now known as the ‘Higgs Bosun’. It was previously also known as the ‘Dirac Sea’, note the nautical tone to both names, that’s why we call them space ships.
            Consciousness units are attracted to a mass in space, so gravity increases with the size of the mass. Hope this helps.

            • A dirac sea is a theoretical model that exists solely to fill a hole in an the Dirac Equation. The concept of a “Sea” of particles is probably the best descriptive adjective available in the 1920’s-30’s
              higgs-bosun is named for Peter Higgs and honoring Satyendra Nath Bose. A boson isnt a nautical term, you are confusing it with “bosun”.

              “Everything breaks down to consciousness units”- please explain that theory

              • Good ole’ Bosun Higgs!


          • Remember the famous quote from the movie The Usual Suspects, where Kevin Spacey says: “The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.” I think this sums up the whole alien conspiracy. What better way to distract human beings and pull all of us away from the gift of salvation offered through Christ’s sacrifice on the cross and the shedding of his precious blood, then to introduce the possibility of other life forms out there. If there is some other “higher” life form out there, we wouldn’t need God, and then by default our world, and our eternal souls would be up for grabs. This is a great plan executed by Satan himself.

        • And you could imagine that there is enough corn in this spaceship for them to stay floating around for awhile it seems. Right until they get flushed out to another universe with similar types of ships bumping in the dark. So let’s just think that maybe this one was just a little off course, or a facebook post and stay calm. Though it’s aerodynamics look very advanced. Like to avoid hemorrhoids.

      2. Its circling youranus picking up klingons

        • +100!

          LOL’ing in real life right now! Thanks for the laughs!

        • Nail,
          Your explanation is as good as any,
          we are liable to read about this object.
          Your wit remains intact!

        • To all of those enthusiasts who demand “DISCLOSURE”, I would say that for all practical purposes it is already happening.

          The volume of UFO sightings over the past 70 years has been massive, and in an age where there is mass communication of various forms (including cell phone cameras) to spread the word.

          With this kind of exposure on almost a daily basis somewhere in the world, the only conclusion possible for the population of the earth is that there are intelligent beings building these craft. When public disclosure happens with a saucer landing on the Washington Mall it will almost be anticlimactic.

          The most recent disclosure I have seen about the Secret Space Program (SSP) indicates that the USA has had a base on Mars since the early sixties. This information was disclosed by high ranking personnel within that SSP with credentials as impeccable as this Harvard Professor.

          BTW did you notice the blue laser light flowing from the UFO in the video ??? 🙂

          • This is my favorite UFO video. Seeing is believing. 🙂

            • Seeing is not believing.

              It has to be peer reviewed, pass govt censorship, and come to us through reliable TV and academic sources. It has to be reconciled with the state church.

        • 😀 😀 Good one!

          Or they’re making a lot of popcorn to watch the coming attractions.

      3. BULLSHIT! Because a so called professor from Harvard makes this true? BULLSHIT! And then someone names the stupid fake thing, a name that no one can pronounce. BULLSHIT! This use to be a site that was good. This site is no better than those lying, crooked, thieves in government, and the force fed fake news they pump out every hour. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME.

        • His arguments, based on the analysis of the data seem legit.

          I don’t think anyone can disagree that this object accelerated contrary to the laws of physics… so if you can explain that, then sure, I’ll agree that it’s bullshit. But for now, I’ll go with the guy who founded the Black Hole research initiative.

          • Mac,
            Just a note, I worked with world class Astronomers for many years.
            When you read one of their papers you’ll note there are always several contributors, meaning no ONE person ever makes a conclusion without having a lot of people looking everybody else’s shoulder. Astronomy is a VERY competitive field.

            Generally more than one telescope studies an object, as no one telescope has all the tools necessary to confirm a conclusion.
            In order to get telescope time you have to present a good case to other world class astronomers that you have something worth using their limited observing time to look at.
            I suspect if this object really did what the Harvard guy claims,
            others will pick it up and run with it.
            Grants will be secured and Papers will be written.
            I would like to see a published work and probable explanation.
            They call that science.

            • I am sorry but you don’t know what you are talking about. Others simply won’t risk their careers and reputations over such “preposterous” claims.

          • Me too… it certainly sounds better than youranus jokes.

          • I’m wondering why you didn’t bring up the fact that those “obtaining the evidence” are also government employees, and we know the deceptive nature of government to involve itself in things like this via things like Project Bluebeam and others. As a Christian, I believe in extra terrestrials, but they are spirits. If we were to encounter any other “aliens,” it would more or less be demons, not the little green men of x-files fame, and I don’t doubt they would be very advanced.

            • As a Christian I, too, recognize the existence of extraterrestrials: particularly spirits; both Angels & Demons.

              I also recognize the existence of Aliens from other worlds, because it is a STATISTICAL CERTAINTY. Check the Drake Equation formulated by Frank Drake noted Cornell University & SoCal Astronomer.

              Use you own numbers. 🙂

        • Ain’t nothing at all I can do about it, so I ain’t worrying about it. I’ll prepare for stuff I have a certain amount of control over, financial crunch, EMP, food crunch, etc…… Also, I’m kind of with you on the Harvard thing. Harvard lost all credibility with me when they gave David Hogg a free ride to their “school”.

          • You are correct no point in giving anything you haven’t any control over any free rent in your head.

          • Thank God… someone else here knows about Electric Universe Theory, it’s umbrella organization The Thunderbolts Project, and TTP’s brilliant, visionary, REAL scientists like Wal Thornhill, Eugene Bagashov, Andrew Hall, and many others. When I read this,”…what makes Oumuamua even more intriguing is that as it rounded the sun it accelerated in such a way that our known laws of physics simply can’t explain it” I groaned. Of course they can’t explain it — they’re studiously ignoring, even actively suppressing, the recognition of the strongest known force in the Universe, electromagnetism.

      4. I became interested in UFO’s back in the late 1950’s with the genesis of both the US & Soviet space programs. As I recall, there was a very famous picture of cigar shaped UFO over the Sandia Mts., New Mexico, circa late 1957. Whether they’re from an advanced civilization within our galaxy remains to be seen. Alpha Centauri, the second closet star to earth is just 4 light years away or 30 trillion miles. Bullshit, hoax or not, it is intriguing.

      5. rounded the sun it accelerated in such a way that our known laws of physics simply can’t explain it.

        How about the sun heated gas pockets inside the asteroid that spurted out like a rocket, causing it to accelerate.


        Just explained it.

        • JS,

          You da man! I think Harvard should put you on the payroll.
          Tenured professor maybe.

        • Maybe I missed it, but maybe time travel played a part in this event. Maybe the aliens
          Piloting the roc-ket planted listening devices on a nearby planet, million of years ago, and came back to change the batteries. You can get tunnel vision looking through a telescope. There here to serve man.

          • “It’s a COOKBOOK!”

        • Your theory is just a rehash of the dirty snowball theory of comets used to explain their glowing tails. Even stranger than Omuamua is that many people continue to believe the dirty snowball theory even while EVERY space probe sent to comets has thoroughly disproved it, while EVERY electric universe prediction made before the probes arrived has proven correct.

      6. we are NOT alone in the universe. Enough evidence exists in museums and monuments all over the earth. So many little man made figures look like…..people in space suits….So many cave drawings look like….aliens. Have you ever heard the rhyme…” if it looks like a duck quacks like a duck walks like a duck… must be a duck”…same with these figurines and wall paintings…” if it looks like an alien…” you get my meaning….also read ” ring makers of saturn”…a book by a rocket engineer who discovered anomalies in the rings of saturn….and there is a phd who wrote a book that Mars was the victim of at least two hydrogen bombs…” death on mars”….??…not sure of the title but that is written by a rocket scientist also. I believe that God seeded the universe with people. Why make only one planet with ” people made in HIS image”….that does not make sense. I predict that when the aliens finally land on earth and declare themselves to us…they won’t look like Klingons or other sci fi stuff…they are going to look just like us. Also, Evolutionists have had it. Dr Cripp has written that…” evolution as commonly believed is as likely as a tornado going thru a junkyard and building a 747 from the junk”….So, another scientist,.. skeptical about common misunderstandings. I believe the gov’t feels its about time that the public know the truth about aliens…thats why we are reading more and more about them lately. The author of “death on mars” consulted with the Pentagon before he published his book becasue he has security clearances. The Pentagon said..” go publish” so he did…..I think we are going to find out very soon….we are not alone in the universe….

        • Barbuto,
          Probably so, we are not alone.
          But the laws of physics in the universe we
          live in( a universe created from nothing) make
          it highly unlikely we will ever
          meet aliens. Perhaps it was by design.
          Now if you like the space travel of “Dune”,
          folded space, maybe.
          Star Trek style definitely, no, although that
          implied warping space.
          Keep in mind we haven’t even figured
          Gravity, “Dark matter”, Magnetism,
          even light( photons), et al just yet.

      7. Looks more like something you’d expect to see slithering outta the leg of Hillary’s pantsuit

      8. I’ll wait till I hear Rich weigh in.

      9. Hahaha! Foolish puny Earthlings! We just like messing with you.

      10. First we live in a Universe that has 11 dimensions not 4.
        There are billions of other universes – so we really live in a Multiverse
        We are far far from alone. They continue to monitor us. We however are so Primitive they leave us alone.

      11. Estimated galaxies in the entire universe: 2 billion to 2 trillion.

        Estimated Earth-like planets in one galaxy: 40 billion.

        And that is IF YAHWEH only makes life on Earth-like planets.

        • rRiIWL04po8
          The scale of the universe

        • Estimated firing synapses in Maranatha’ s head —> THREE

          • Do you serve Lucifer because I have seen no evidence that you believe in Jesus Christ or even read the Bible?

        • UFOs are shine-ups, from the Pit inside the earth, from another dimension commonly called “the spirit world”. Demons inhabit there and are trapped. There is a sub-basment of this area called “the Lake of Fire”. The beings, who the Bible calls fallen angels or devils or demons, are reptillians who want to come back to our dimension, and rule us. This will not be a good thing as they look at us as mere cattle. They are malevolent.

          The collider in europe and elsewhere (like China) are what they are hoping will open dimensional doors for that.

          In the meantime they toy with us and project holograms (Shine-ups). Ufos are just beams of push-force from them off of the lake of fire, they use it as a mirror dish. Thats why it always looks saucer or cigar shaped. It projects onto the skin or veil between the universes as it was a canvas to shine up the hologram.

          If you see a Ufo you are looking at basically an image of what the Bible calls the “Lake Of Fire”. It’s the future of all souls who are not saved. By showing these images the Devils are basically taunting humans. They have always been around humanity, all through human history, they’ve never gone far.

          • Im not saying this rock in space is a UFO, I think its just a rock. What I refer to as a UFO is the ones buzzing around cities here on earth, the saucers.

          • Along your line of thought I offer the following-
            Ignore the author but the message if true is sound.
            Suspend judgement and ponder the ramifications if true.
            Put the missing t in where you see the _
            As cattle you say but this man says chickens …..same, same.

      12. Talk to any retired military or commercial pilot and they will tell you they’ve seen objects in the sky that defy all logic.

        All of these objects seem to have intelligent control and are far faster and maneuverable that any human aircraft.

        Retired pilots are they only ones talking since the fastest way for an active pilot to get grounded is to say “I saw a UFO.”

        Something is going on. There have been hundreds of thousands of UFO reports from all over the world over the last 70 years and those from history. What are the odds that every single one of those reports is false? Slim to none, IMHO.

      13. You know, I wish it was some spaceship.

        I know that it is not because someone would have a rocket prepped on the launchpad to retrieve it from space. Besides it does not align with Scriptural prophecy.

        Unfortunately, I am more inclined to believe that this is bravo sierra, heaping, steamy piles of bravo sierra.

      14. Complete fiction.

      15. If you think Oumuamua is an alien probe, then refusing space exploration expenditures is like standing with a black powder squirreling rifle and saying “do you worst” to people with anti-tank weapons.

        If you think Oumuamua is just a rock or snowball, ignore me.

      16. Maybe a huge fatberg from the sewers in America launched into space? When it heats up, gas is expelled & ignited. Causing it to change course?

        • I just had visions of astronauts landing on it and finding it to be a giant bean burrito. That explains both the shape and sudden expulsions of gas.

      17. I just received an urgent message from our observatory, in Wiesbaden. Oumuamua has reversed course and is coming back, apparently directly towards Earth.This may be the moment of initial contact !

      18. Many, if not most comments here, like mainstream media, reinforces the mainstream science, and the government’s suppression of the truth about UFO’s and space aliens. The significance here is that they allowed this prominent astronomer to bring this out to the public. Perhaps this is part of the disclosure movement that may be forced on “our” governments by the Aliens. This nation is resisting that the most. That is NOT a good sign in so many ways. BTW, astronomers are not the only scientist hiding the truth, official archaeologists and others are concealing much more about our past, and much is hidden by the Smithsonian Inst.

      19. This YouTuber is generally a weather watcher. Recently, someone sent in a picture of something they saw in the sky. He did some photo enhancements to see what the phenomena was and discovered something he was not expecting.

        ht tps://

        I don’t know what it is and neither did any of the commenters.

      20. Thanks for a good laugh.

        UFOs and invisible Gods are total shit. When will you children ever grow up?

      21. lFkyAD9gS6g
        Throughout history, even when having the best peaceful intentions, what happened when people of advanced technology encountered those with much lesser technology?

        Things like:
        Loss of property
        Loss of culture
        Division as some embraced the invaders while others opposed them
        Open war
        Loss of ethnic identity
        Loss of spiritual beliefs
        The end of their civilization as it was absorbed

        • That doesn’t things like:
          Drug and alcohol addiction
          Abandoning village life that was comfortable to live with the invaders and many money

      22. There is a presumption that “extraterrestrials” are benevolent. The claim is made, “why visit from so far away just to conquer?”

        Ummm history?

        There is a presumption that all extraterrestrials are alike when many different ones might have sent survey ships, anthropologists, attack vessels, exterminators, converters, hunters, thieves, salvagers, etc.

        Some encounters in history have been very malevolent but rarely discussed.

        Why would expect that you coud communicate with them? What would be the frame of references? Maybe good and evil and right and wrong have no meaning to them. Maybe conquest and extermination then allows them to exploit resources? And then they are considered heroes to the race? Maybe the hate diversity and remove inferior species so the best survive?

        • If i were God, i would tease humankind with shiny things catnip and laser pointers too and talk to us like we are silly toddlers.

          • But then again, i think outside of the standard human boxand have a sense of humor too… Humor… Another great human trait lost.

      23. ASsNtti1XZs
        What leftists think is Heaven

        Here the extraterrestrial tells the people assembled, who intentionally are gatherer from around the world, that the old power structure is now gone. They have no self-determination no autonomy nor free will.

        If they “act irresponsibly” whatever that means as determined by the extraterrestrial and autonomous robots, that they will be annhilated.

        So extraterrestrials may wantonly destroy a free planet just by developing offense/defensive weapons like nuclear missiles.
        Live as I say, not as I do.

        And it isn’t even a diplomatic plea but an COMMAND to obey. It is possibly benevolent slavery and yet subject to change and entirely at the will of the extraterrestrials and autonomous robots.

        Well what if they do it anyway? After all, there is no legal recourse? They could on a whim. They already have halted all machinery and energy.

        The film is nothing more than leftist nuclear disarmament propaganda yet is considered a fine moral film. Wake up and realize such films are intentionally made to benefit the Communists.

      24. The UFO hype has been pursued by the NWO for decades as an option to introduce martial law.

        The next best thing will be a world war that involves a few red flags and exists only in the media, much like the war on you-name-it.

      25. It is possible that man had the technology to travel into space thousands of years ago but that earth went through some crisis which caused man to regress. So there may be satellites and spacecraft sent out by ancient humans from our very own planet.



        • I think they walk the halls of congress. I mean just take a look at Pelosi. You know its just a mask…..

      26. I’m 75 years old. When I was a kid, 8 9 10 years old one of my favorite things was to get up early Sunday morning and read the colored funnies. One strip I have never forgotten was Pogo. I don’t remember the question the little raccoon poised to the wise old owl but I remember the answer. Pogo asked “then can the mind know?” and after a moment of thought the owl answered “no”. So it is with things like this. Lie is short. Enjoy it while you have it and don’t let shit like this bother you.

        • Did you play with Silly Putty? Or have a whee-lo?
          ht tps://

      27. It sent 2 messages, Thanks for all the fish and to call 867-5309.

      28. What a relief that the only life in this universe is just the muddy slimeball populated by moronic naked apes… GOD FORBID out pathetic oatmeal sized serving of brains are so superior that we have ruled out more itelligent life elsewhere… If i were an alien and saw this place, id make good and god damn sure none of Earths “intelligent” homonids ever polluted another sector of the galaxy.

        So self centric. Karma has a slecial treat for us. Wait and see. It will be so ironic we will have to laugh at our own extinction. Such small minds.

        • God put us on this slimeball for two reasons. For us to gaze out and see all the splendor of all his other creations for us to look on in wonder, and two, to remind us of the curse we are upon all his other creations and they are thankfully beyond our reach to contaminate them as well.

        • Most people would call your post genocidal and the very definition of satanic.

      29. So jealously mankind attempts to usurp and be equal to God, and so incapable of understand why that is. There wl be no challenge to his means or mind, but for a truly open mind might grasp at the strategy of certain obvious facts. We are the galaxies own best warning system for our kind with all of our radio and other transmissions being beamed into space. Any alien race can just ponder over them from well out of range of danger to come to the same conclusion i already stated. Better we stay marooned on our mudball than wrecking their backyards.

      30. …is the first ever object detected by humans that originated outside of our own solar system. . fake news. Swiss Billy Meier had over 800 contacts over 70 years with an et race that claims common ancestry with many here,. They claim to be 8,500 years ahead in tech, meds etc. Their purpose from millennia of contacts was to pass on the Laws of Creation, which has now been done. Search Billy Meier and before you scream fraud, consider that Mike Horn, the US rep. has challenged all, skeptics to produce a model ufo that would pass analysis by Jet Propulsion Labs as have Meier’s 100 photos from his 1000 Kodak 35mm close-ups. No skeptic accepted the challenge. To fake the size and shape of the so called ‘Wedding Cake’ ship would have cost $10ßs of 1000s. Photos and 8mm cine of this ship, which landed in ,Meier’s yard; are on his site. It was on loan to the contacted ets from friends in parallel Universe and said to travel through the 400 light year distance to get here in a millionth of as second.

      31. Practically any article about UFOs is just about guaranteed to get 300% more hits than a standard practical article on ancestral skills.

        How odd is that? Americans have been systematically conditioned by Hollywood to see extraterrestrials as destroyers or saviours.

      32. Old twisted stalwart Democrat Stephen King wrote a space aliens story (Under the Dome) where they were evil children toying with humans.It reminded me of stories about serial killers torturing insects and critters when children.

      33. Yeah what could be a more diabolical psychological blow then to give a written copy to the targeted captive victims to be of your torture about all of the things that you’re going to do to them, especially if they don’t conform to everything that you demand of them….. oh wait where have we seen that before except in religious texts….. Stephen King didn’t have shit on the Holy Bible

        • YAHWEH is omnipotent and yet some human being on one planet out of forty billion in one galaxy in 2 billion to 2 trillion galaxies can defy YAHWEH.

          Like you.

          YAHWEH tells you that if you choose to rebel, then you can cannot enter Heaven. You choose not to accept grace by faith in Jesus Christ.

          Yet you then blame YAHWEH.

          This is like taking drugs and destroying your life and then blaming your parents for your suffering.

          • A man commit grievous wrongs.

            Then is caught.

            Then is tried.

            And then asks for mercy from the judge and says, “but I was a good person!”

            The judge says, “You stole, you slept with people you were not married to andthey got pregnant, you abandoned your children, you lied, you assaulted with word and deed and intent, you rebelled against genuine authority, you desired the property of others, you consistently attacked those who were trying to help others, etc. AND IT WOULD TAKE YEARS TO LIST EVER ERROR.



            You can get saved and Jesus will wipe the slate clean for all but one sin.

            Otherwise, there would be no justice.

            The soul is eternal. You chose to reject YAHWEH knowing the soul was eternal, thus it’s eternal rewards or eternaldamnation.

      34. YAHWEH does NOT torture anyone.

        Your souls is eternal, and you rejected YAHWEH, so the ONLY other place is Gehenna which was prepared for Lucifer and the fallen angels that are demons.

        Gehanna was NOT prepared for YAHWEH’S children, but YOU rejected Heaven so that is the only place left.

        Lucifer then knows every sin as his title ie function is to accuse those who sin. So Lucifer makes you pay, not YAHWEH.

        • ChWiZ3iXWwM
          Atheistw think they are more scientific and logical than Christians.

          Watch what happens when one man confronts their unscientific and illogical beliefs.

          It’s worth your time if you are a critical thinker and not a relgious zealot. Atheism is a religion, based upon faith, not logic and not science.

          Prove me wrong…if you can.

      35. R1FwIuicx88
        Since y’all are very interested in UFOs, there is a five part new documentary on the Hellier, Kentucky goblin case in 2012 that is seemingly related to the famous Kelley goblin case in Hopkinsville, KY which took place in the 1950s. The phenomena seems related to ufos, cryptids or extraterrestrials whichleft tracks, and the cave system that lies under Kentucky which is all interconnected to Mammoth Cave National Park.

        I reckon would like the five hours on strange goings on in rural areas involving weird things in the sky seen by many local residents.

        It’s all made with high production values. There are some blurry photos too. It’s free.

      36. UDUp_Hojx2E
        Skywalker Ranch has many peculiar events that have happened and researchers note that it seems like they are being tricked and deceived.

        John Keel came to the conclusion that many strange cryptids and ufos and strange events are really a form of trickery and deception by interdimensional beings.

        Jacques Vallee is a brilliant French researcher and astrophysicist and wrote on a book in which he theorizes that these beings are not extraterrestrial as that is illogical, but coexist on Earth as interdimensional beings. His book was titled, “Masters of Deception”. He felt that the phenomena altered based upon the time in which it happened: fairies becoming alien abduction, airships then ghost rockets then foo fighters then cresecent shaped disks, then saucers, then cylinders, then black triangels, etc. He felt a form of mind control and manipulation was going on, some of which was not benevolent and some was malevolent.

        So why would you think they are extraterrestrial and here for our benefit?

      37. 760JHGg2uz0
        Is Skywalker Ranch an interdimensional portal?

      38. Why are ufos and caves and underground facilities seemingly connected?

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