Shock Report About Secret Obama Treaty: “Unlimited Migration From Mexico… Gun Import Bans… Ammunition Bans”

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    The Obama administration is feverishly working with foreign lawmakers and officials on a new Trans-Pacific Parternship (TPP) trade agreement. Yet what may seem like business as usual is anything but.

    The President has made it a point to keep any details of the agreement completely secret, so much so that what amounts to a gag order has been placed on anyone who has anything to do with the bill. Even members of Congress are unable to discuss the contents of the bill with each other or in public, and anyone who is invited to discussions over the bill must leave cell phones and staff members behind. Since not even Republicans have yet to spill the beans about the details of the agreement, one can only assume that those attending the meetings are doing so under threat of criminal prosecution or worse if they talk.

    This, of course, begs the question: What is so important to the Obama administration that it has to be kept secret from the American public until after the agreement has been passed?

    What could possibly be so critical to national security that the purportedly “most transparent” Presidential administration in history says no one can talk about it?

    Could it be that whatever is being negotiated is so significant that if the American people got wind of what was taking place there would be a collective outcry or widespread protests in the streets?

    According to Gun Owners of America, this is exactly what’s happening, and it is nothing short of shocking.

    Gun import bans … Microstamping of firearms … Ammunition bans … The full implementation of the anti-gun UN Arms Trade Treaty … Illegal amnesty which locks in millions of new, anti-gun voters.

    This anti-gun wish list could be part of the secret trade agreement that President Obama is getting ready to spring on the Congress.

    This trade pact is called “fast track,” and what it means is that Obama can write any form of gun control he chooses into a trade agreement — import bans, amnesty, etc.

    And this agreement DOESN’T need two-thirds vote in the Senate, as a treaty would. When completed, the agreement is merely subject to a majority vote in both Houses … it can’t be filibustered … it can’t be amended … and the GOP can’t refuse to consider it.

    Top Secret TPP means you won’t know what’s in the bill

    Reports have already surfaced that the TOP SECRET draft contains a whole chapter with a European Union-style provision allowing unlimited migration from Mexico into the United States. This would fulfill Obama’s dream — which he begun with Executive Amnesty — to import millions of new anti-gun (liberal) voters into the country.

    Of course, we can’t quote for you any of the language in the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement because the document is TOP SECRET. Obama won’t reveal it, even to most congressmen, until Congress has given it its imprimatur by allowing it to pass under fast track procedures.

    On Monday, Politico reported:

    If you want to hear the details of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal the Obama administration is hoping to pass, you’ve got to be a member of Congress, and you’ve got to go to classified briefings and leave your staff and cellphone at the door.

    If you’re a [congressional] member who wants to read the text, you’ve got to go to a room in the basement of the Capitol Visitor Center and be handed it one section at a time, watched over as you read, and forced to hand over any notes you make before leaving.

    And no matter what, you can’t discuss the details of what you’ve read.

    Truly, even more than with ObamaCare, this is a case of “You have to pass it to find out what’s in it.”

    Source: Gun Owners of America via

    Is it outside of the realm of possibility that the Obama administration is trying, once again, to partner with a foreign governing body to restrict gun ownership in America? Would President Obama cede the sovereignty of our borders to the United Nations?

    Call us fringe conspiracy theory lunatics, but given the secrecy surrounding the treaty one can only assume the worst.

    It should be clear that the eventual goal of the foreign entities like United Nations is total disarmament of the American people.

    Clinton confidant Dick Morris explained in 2012 how restrictions outlined in a foreign treaty such as the new trade agreement might work:

    It’s entirely a backdoor effort to force gun registration and eventually bans and restrictions with the act of the United States Congress – to do it with international treaty.

    One of the deadly parts about this is that when a treaty is signed and made binding in the United States it acquires the force of a Constitutional Amendment. Under the Supremacy Clause, every Congress and every state legislature has to honor that treaty, unless a Constitutional Amendment is passed to the contrary or unless all the other signatories let the U.S. out of the treaty.

    So this would be permanent, long-term gun control…all done without Congress.

    Source: Five Words For the United Nations: FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS

    His views have been reinforced by an ambassador who sat in on the UN Small Treaty negotiations:

    “In New York, right here on our own shores, we’ve got a Trojan horse. They won’t accept U.S. firearms policy. They want to take the decision away from the U.S. electorate and undermine our Constitution.”
    Ambassador Faith Whittlesey
    US Delegate to UN Small Arms Conference
    January 2012 

    Moreover, just so we’re clear, the plan to disarm Americans has been in motion for many years. Last year we reported that the United Nations was operating within the borders of the United States already and according to their own job postings at the UN web site, they were actively recruiting Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration Specialists.

    According to the United Nations information page on ‘DDR’ operations, the New York post will involve various aspects related to the process by which a governing organization would confiscate firearms, all of which target what the U.N. calls “small arms.”

    Disarmament is the collection, documentation, control and disposal of small arms, ammunition, explosives and light and heavy weapons from combatants and often from the civilian population.

    Demobilization is the formal and controlled discharge of active combatants from armed forces and groups, including a phase of “reinsertion” which provides short-term assistance to ex-combatants.

    Reintegration is the process by which ex-combatants acquire civilian status and gain sustainable employment and income. It is a political, social and economic process with an open time-frame, primarily taking place in communities at the local level.

    Like Obamacare, we’ll soon find out the legal language behind the new Trans-Pacific Partnership. And like Obamacare, we can predict with a fair amount of certainty that this “free trade” agreement will be anything but free.

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    United Nations Seeks US-based Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration Specialists

    Analysis: United Nations Assets Will Be Deployed in USA To Resolve “International Crisis” On Border

    Five Words For the United Nations: FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS


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      1. Only Two Republicans Admit They Actually Read Secret Obama Trade Deal—Both Unsupportive

        ht tp://

        our “leaders” at “work”
        God help us

        • Competing currency systems being debated by russia and china. Economic warfare in short.
          our response?

          Three words for you.
          “New. Bretton. Woods”

          Question is, which set of powers will be able to pull the trigger first.

          • Treason is punishable by death. Death to Traitors. Death to the TPP. Its totally Constitutional!!! 🙂

            • “””One of the deadly parts about this is that when a treaty is signed and made binding in the United States it acquires the force of a Constitutional Amendment.”””

              That is TOTAL bull.

              “””Under the Supremacy Clause, every Congress and every state legislature has to honor that treaty, unless a Constitutional Amendment is passed to the contrary or unless all the other signatories let the U.S. out of the treaty.”””

              The Supremecy Clause pertains ONLY to federal acts taken pursuant to it’s constitutional functions. Since NOTHING the corp does is in pursuance to it’s constitutional obligations, this treaty will have no Lawful force.

              Of course, the people can still be conned to believe it does and the occupying forces can use violent means to make it defacto law.

              That’s how the corp operates anyway.

              There is no law but God’s Law. When the People choose God’s Law again, that is what they will get. Until then, they will suffer under mans law. Even the ones that are null and void and without force of Law.

              • You are right. Treaties do not trump the constitution.

                But then people read this and automatically assume it is true. People turn on the booboisie tube… and automatically believe everything the talking heads say is true.

                The constitution can be amended by Article V process… of the constitution…


                IF YOU CAN KEEP IT.

                Now, after spending the day with your fellow citizen, does it really matter?

            • No legal controlling authority willing to go after these scum and we all are too busy pecking away complaining at our keyboards…..

        • The lunatics are in the halls
          of congress and the boiler
          rooms of the white house.
          Bugsy obama would like to
          believe he has everyone by
          the balls, but there are a
          few of us that just wont let
          our balls be fucked with by
          that queer son of a bitch.

          • “The lunatics are in the halls of congress and the boiler rooms of the white house.”

            A police investigation (with word class document experts) says that Obama is using fake documents. That means he is an undocumented worker and not eligible to be in the White House. Who do you think has the power necessary to keep this *fact* off the mainstream media and out of the public’s eye?

            I’m guessing it’s the pentagon/CIA. I’m also guessing that “voting” is now majority controlled by this same power.

        • More ways to fuck us over daily is what life here has become. I resist the urge to start killing bringers of tyranny daily. The inevitable day approaches though. Hope I have some company.

          • Not to worry…there are plenty of us out here. The oath I swore to wasn’t just some words. My uncle was with Darby and the 1st Ranger Battalion in WWII at Cisterna. He isn’t forgotten and I’ll do my best to make him proud.

            I’m lucky to be free and clear with all preps long in place. I only worry that I’ll not get into the woods in time. I’ve been sleeping very light lately and the .45 is on the night stand with a bayonet beside it. The long guns are standing in the corner already in a drag bag.

            I was just telling the wife today that I will be living out in the brush for the rest of this year. I also said to review our SOPs for comms again so we are on the same page. If they come for her it will be a bad day at the OK for their jack boot thugs. One if by sea,two if by land…if you get my drift

            How many times must we reiterate that we hold the high ground and ranges are known? They don’t get it but they are about to really get it.

            • Gone Camping, same sentiments here. I’ve got nice hot lead waiting for whatever scum come for me and I don’t care who they are.

              • Think globally…act locally.


                • I don’t care about the rest of the world. I only care about my own country. Think NATIONALLY…act locally.

                  • What I meant was that the Globalists are in charge (or think they are)but they can’t control us locally unless we let them.

                    • I’m glad there are people that will fight.

                    • How many hurricane katrina americans fought their guns being taken from them?

                      How many boston bombing americans fought being forced out of their homes at gun point?

                      Which of your neighbors will fight against troops that have the Gov backing for taking your guns?

                      If their is a gov made famine who is ready on your street after only 2 weeks? Americans would be told china emp’d us and the gov with your help can get us back to the top like before…. how many would buy that? Most people HAVE to buy it when the other option is your gov is your enemy

                      Most americans have no idea who the enemy is or would Ever believe they are being led to slaughter….. it will be a 1000 sides fighting a 1000 sides for resources

              • A little late to the party but, aren’t you overestimating your popularity with PTB?

                What have you done to make “them” come and drag you out of your bed or disappear you of the street?

                There are bigger fish in the pond I’m sure, that are attracting their attention.

                If all is horribly bad why are there still 100’s of sites such as this up and running? Of course many sites are controlled for dissemination of fear and disinformation.

            • Gone–my dad was a Darby ranger first battalion WWII
              Dr e

              • The battle of Cisterna at Anzio was about the end of the 1st and 3rd Ranger battalions. 767 men were lost to the enemy at that battle…only 6 men made it back. The Rangers snuck 4 miles behind the German lines and silently killed most of a regiment while they slept. Once the alarm was sounded, they were surrounded by a panzer division and fought to the last man.

                My uncle was gravely wounded and was lucky enough to be evacuated (by the Germans). Most of those that were left alive were taken as prisoners and transported by train to Stallag IIb.
                I have a request in with the VA for copies of his records. My grandma is still alive (his 97 year old sister) and she signed the request as it must be imediate family. His medals were in my Great Grandmas casket and were burried with her as a Gold Star mom.

                Your father is a hero in my eyes…Thank You.

            • This nation is full of conservation hunters (a slug saved is a slug earned) who don’t need uzzy’s w/100 round clips to hit the side of a barn like some city gangsters do! Keep’em in the 10 range & keep brushed up on the tactical arts of typewriting!
              Personally, the camel dung sniffers most likely won’t be the problem – they’re mother countries are soon to be turned to glass – it’s the hen houses!

              *It’s also a good time to get to know your (our) Creator, it’s all going by the Book!
              Christian’s were not meant to be pushovers – Peter could of carved that centurion into a duck, instead he just surgically removed his ear! be wise a serpent’s – remember, no man is an Island – this nation has always been prepping for something – many have gave up on the patent game – w/out doubt, some very clever inventions have gone sub terrain!
              **Also, He’s going to rattle some big cages, turning smug arrogant morons into snivelly little scared puppies – Lucy will betray his (duped) enlightened ones & replace them w/younger dumber dupers!
              Although Lucy has one thing going for him, apostasy – anyone can clearly do some little research only to find out that the Bible is 100 percent right on & the Almighty is Who He claims, Jesus is Lord – there are only 2 futures for all mankind – the angels were put to the same test! The Illuminati greatest secret is keeping the world from knowing the Spiritual realm as a reality – they’ve duped many w/junk science – Creationist win hands down, Billy Nye is a moron (is he still working on that special catchers met? I’d like to see Lennox & Nye go at it – Dawkin’s has been creamed to many times! Listen, the truth is what it is, it takes way to much faith to be an atheist – the sun was Created on the 3rd day, God is Light, darkness had to be Created too – the rainbow is proof that the Lord will not use water again to Judge – the old world had a light defusing canopy (as other planets in our solar system – the old world never witness rain, the atmosphere was very dense w/humidity and plants got the water needed from dew & dense atmosphere much like the forest in the northwest – it’s every ones choice what/who they believe. Scripture tells us that theirs enough proof around us. DNA is information, intelligent information, that alone is enough – the closer one looks, it gets more complicated w/ingenious. the closer one looks at what man makes, well, it gets pretty crappy – Of coarse theirs only one Creator, of coarse the Creator made only one way to the Father (Eternal bliss) for that Way (the perfect sacrificial Lamb) was at a huge cost. Read Roman’s chapter 1, you’ll get the picture. Sa’tan compared to God (Jesus) is an absolute ZERO! Sa’tan to man (w/out Christ) is a destroyer, your call, your choice, just remember, eternity in the Lake of Fire has 1 day attached, eternity & a Day, yes, forever!

          • My sentiments exactly.

          • I will not take this crap either, if they come after us its game on, I cant write how I feel to be honest. The bigger issue is not us I believe, if a total collapse happens sorry to say this but most blacks will strip their towns down to nothing like Baltimore but at a whole different level. If they know there is no police they will burn the mother down and fires will be burning their entire cities down literally. a few houses catch on fire I said this years ago and many know me on here, it will cause even larger blazes and destruction. if you have to do something to resist the enemy do it. I believe after a collapse they will hire so many ex military members with huge dollar amounts to patrol and round up certain people. They know if the whole country goes crazy they can’t control her. Hell they can’t contain one city without thousands and thousands. If you add in weapons firing at every corner that will stop them very quickly from going door to door.

            • Clint, everything you say is true. Once the blacks burn the cities to the ground, how will they survive? If they haven’t prepped, they will die of starvation, disease, violence, etc. They’ll be part of the 90% of the population that will be gone in 6 months or less. You probably won’t see any US military. Most likely you’ll see Obama’s private army aka DHS, Un peacekeepers, Muslim terrorists, etc. They’ll be the ones I expect to go door to door and be confronted by. Let the f#$%ers bring it. I’ve got nice hot lead waiting for them. US military is being downsized and most of them are still overseas. They couldn’t hold one single city in Iraq or Afghanistan. With 80,000,000 gun owners in this country I know damned well we could do something to stop the NWO. Just 10% of those gun owners would be enough to turn things around in our favor.

        • The next time Obama brags about drones for subduing anyone who gets out of line, I wish someone would ask him, why is it OK for him to have drones, stealth bombers, nuclear weapons, etc., yet he is concerned about us having hand guns?? This makes no sense!!!

          If he really were concerned about the people killed by guns in the US, then where the hell is his compassion for the millions of people killed every day by his bombers, drones, and what have you? that has got to be the biggest joke I ever heard!!

        • Sounds like treason to me. New ropes for all that try to usurp the constitution .

        • They are asking for a revolution.

          They will certainly get it.

      2. Secret laws passed without either reading or being allowed to read them first containing secret provisions that were negotiated and included secretly, this is what America has become.

        Just curious, anyone that voted Republican last election thinking it would make a difference still thinking that way?

        • This behavior is very similar to the substance within the grievances in the Declaration Of Independence even if its not the identical mechanical function of passage. The intent is to circumvent the will of the citizenry. The net result is the same.

        • Not me. Knew when I voted that if I voted Re pube would just be more of the same. So I voted Libertarian which was as useless as vote if I had of voted Repub.

          Maybe it is me but all this secret stuff gong on in my humble opinion is being done for a greater purpose. Like the Walmart stuff, Jade Helm, NSA programs, no borders, treaties with Iran for no reason, gun control, the okaying of eating out of date food and the list just goes on and on. There has to be a reason of why. Just too much random oppression of the public at large.

          Personal opinion is that a complete and massive global financial breakdown is upon us. Our system has reached the melting point. When we, the USA, go down the whole world will go down. Any and all urban dwellers on this planet that have not prepped will die off and lot of preppers as well as an end result.

          Or maybe I just read to much and am as psycho as they come. Maybe…


          • Yes there is a reason. Its the coming clatyclismic disasters. They know the magnetic pole shift is disrupting the magnosphee. Those things create a cause and equal & opposite reaction. the jet stream become,s erratic= more bad weather storms floods droughts ect. the plate techtonics change and cause more volcano eruptions and earthquakes. the weaker magnosphere allows space wind and EMP,s to enter our atmosphere. Obama believes its better to have illegals come and settle in before . Rather than have hordes of refugees traveling willy nilly afterwards? Its an end of an age Magnetic pole shift. It occurs about every 3600 years. the last time was during the time of the Exidous.

        • Elections nowadays is not as much as what’s good for the country insomuch as what’s the lesser of two evils. And then you have the half that votes for whichever side gives them the most freebies.. Sad !

        • The repubs have caved on just about everything. with muslims and aliens flooding across the border and localities giving them the right to vote,the repubs will never win another election. I do take heart about how Britain fared at the polls.

        • Yep I voted republican down the ticket with the high hopes that maybe, just maybe Obama and his cronies would be stopped. Now I truly know that it is all hopeless they all are crooks. The only thing I can control is myself and how I live my life. Being as self sustainable as possible is the best and only way I know of to fight the system.

        • Would be nice if we all banding together and voted All Congress Out and vote in “Working Class People that have common sense, it’s crazy that congress passes bills without knowing what’s in the damn bill -Ex: ObamaCare,Most are a bunch of Tards !!!!!

        • So much for Rand Paul…he is for TPP !!!!

      3. Lets get this show on the road.

        • time for talk,
          I AGREE , talk is over tell the bastards (try to come get some !!)we are ready !!! the faster we get it gong the faster we are to getting it DONE!! and all you ISIS M—–Fer’s, were waiting for you too !!
          gots lots of pig fat for you to be buried in!

          • @apache54

            They had better watch out fur hog fat!

            Didn’t we all know, deep down, that the asshole in the not-so-White House don’t go quietly?

            He wants fireworks, I LOVE fireworks!

        • ive been saying that. Im tired of waiting. If we have another election vote for Hillary. That bitch is biting at the bits to try and become the first president of the NWO. She will bring on the end.

        • July 4th, well, it is independance day, right?
          I have come to understand what they ment during the civil war, rebels, and con-federates.
          Individual rights, will not be comprimised.
          My youngest can break down an ar and put it back together at 10, he hits body mass on a man target, at 100 yards, at 10 years of age.
          July 4th seems good to me. Truly independance day!

      4. And Obamacare wasn’t a tax.

      5. The “Conservative?” Paul Ryan of Wisconsin is pushing this thing big time!
        Yesterday, according to Mark Levin, the Senate voted 94-1 to give Obama total control on the Iranian Nuclear agreement. (Even Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, and Rand Paul voted for it) Add this agreement and it’s “Welcome to your new Communist America”.

        Who needs Hillary when we have such Commie scum as Obama, Jarrett, McConnell, Reid, and Boehner!

        I’ve heard that there are packs of Wolverines beginning to run loose…..better watch out!

        • I here the same, Wolverines that is. I’ll be there.

        • Wait, the good guys didn’t save the day in congress? Please tell me you don’t think voting matters one bit.

          • @ Rebel in Idaho, you better be watching over your backyard, I read that Obammy is going to immigrate thousands of Muslims into Idaho, It seems like he is intentionally poking Idahoans in the eye.

      6. FBI Directer stated that there are hundreds maybe thousands being targeted in the U.S. via social media for recruitment.

        This is on drudge right now.

      7. Ooops should have said recruitment for ISIS. Sorry

      8. Things are beginning to move so fast. BeInformed warned us years ago about gun control. If they get our guns then we are history. Done. Dun done.
        My gut is screaming. If I find out anything from military friends about operations that coincide with this agreement I will pass it on to all. I will try to check tonight. It could be something or maybe nothing.
        Just keep prepping people and keep your eyes open.

        • Mike I too feel things are coming to a head. the TPP is a real shot for them to backdoor their gun control agenda. Is it reasonable for them to pass this bill, crash the dollar add some racial false flag in Sept, just in time for the end of Jade Helm 15 while the troops are still deployed in the field? Please let me know if you find out anything. My email is [email protected].

          When they outlaw guns…I will be an outlaw.

          • A buddy of mine informed me that his son’s unit(National guard) is being called up in August for Saudi Arabia. Something is happening in the middle east which will probably be a distraction to what is happening at home. We’re being hit from all sides…I fear my government.

            • Hipshot

              I should be able to find out something this coming week. If they go for our guns then like the song says ” I am wanted dead or alive “. I will let you know one way or another. My email is [email protected].


              I will see what I can find out. I think it could be time to stock up on gas if you can.

          • Hipshot

            I should be able to find out something this coming week. If they go for our guns then like the song says ” I am wanted dead or alive “. I will let you know one way or another. My email is [email protected].

        • I was told by someone I consider reliable that the PTB want to ban gun ownership and confiscate currently owned guns from anyone who has EVER been prescribed an SSRI type drug. If so, it’s a fine example of Obamacare at work.

          Anyone here know anything about this?

          • I can tell you this: SSRIs are HEAVILY involved in school shootings by kids. VERY heavily. Not that the fascist gun grabbers would ever tell you THAT!!

            • EVERY one of the mass shootings from Columbine on has been by someone either currently using or withdrawing from an SSRI. This is not a coincidence; these drugs alter brain chemistry permanently. The vast majority of harm from SSRI withdrawal is suicide; the mass murders are just a happy side effect for the anti-gun movement.

        • Ammunition ban? Zenith Quest is building an 80,000 square foot warehouse in Nelson County. We won’t have far to go to stock up out here.
          Talk is that they want to also import weapons from Turkey for sale in the US.

      9. Obama and all that are voting for this “treaty” should be tried for treason and then when found guilty, hung by the neck until dead! PERIOD!

        • RIck E,
          YUP! hang-em ALL

        • Those that voted for Obama (Twice) that have rifles should be impaled with their own weapon. Once might be a mistake. Twice is stupidity.

          • As if voting makes a difference , they all work for the same animal not the American public. The left right paradigm is a hoax.

      10. The TPP is vile. Least you can do is try calling your senators. We must try whatever we can. (Yes, I know some of them are zombie shills for lobbyists, but for those who aren’t at least try…)

      11. Three words for you –
        New. Bretton. Woods.

        • And three words back. Read Jim Rickards.

          He talks all about this.

          • DMC and TEST, five words; THE FEDS CAN KISS MY ASS.

      12. Prepper Tip of the Day

        ht tp://

        hattip SurvivalBlog

        TONS of information on a wide variety of subjects

      13. All of this stuff, done in secret isn’t for our benefit. I hope that we’ll see thousands of wolverines on the prowl as Jade Helm gets going. This will be a long HOT summer as its starting to look. Pray for the folks down south. They’re in the gov’s sights now. Times up…

      14. This treaty is simply assignment of the economic Districts. Our designation is #12.

        • uh uh. It’s 13.

      15. Only a raving lunatic would try to disarm the American people. It is a sure path to open war. It would result in the DC criminals being swept aside by the people like so much dust. What would be bad is that it would result in great distruction and alot of good people would be killed getting things done. So why try to disarm people except to create open tyranny with the beautiful gods in power for ever

        • The law would not be that provocative. It would start with bans on certain ammo, foreign guns, items that we all like. They will slowly start to erode what is available to us. Weaken the populace and then go for the throat. Gotta pass it so you can see what’s in it. Kinda like a Christmas present.

          • The best, or more correctly most heinous, of the PTB desired laws don’t go after anything in specific at the time they are enacted, they simply grant expanded powers to do so in the future after it has integrated itself into the system.

          • That and China and Russia would eat our lunch while we’re all busy shooting each other…

          • Or a kidney stone.

        • But…but…he IS a raving lunatic !

      16. President Obama Explains How TPP Means More US-Made Sneakers – Live Feed

        ht tp://

        buh bye middle class
        it was nice knowin’ ya

        Obama is the snake in the grass
        that gives other snakes in the grass a bad name

      17. The not-so-White House’s spin on this is that it will help the U.S. “contain” China economically.


        In my humble opinion, the one SURE way to Civil War/Martial Law is gun control.

        Don’t count on any “Republican Hero’s” to do anything to stop this.

        • In fact you can count on the republacrates helping the dumblacans try and take AMERICA’S GUNS AND BIBLES


      18. Again, I will not comply.

        • Nor will I

          • Comply, hell I can’t even spell it let alone do it!

            A Country Boy can Survive.

        • Me four….

          • me 5 ! !

      19. The hour draws near…

      20. You can read a little more about TPP here:

        ht tps://

        They have a link to a draft PDF of one part of the TPP concerning copyright that was leaked. There’s horrible stuff in just that one part. For example, some books that have expired copyright in the US now will suddenly be back under copyright. Trading one PDF file could result in major consequences.

        In the EMP post yesterday, I wrote a message about how to obtain free books and magazines. You need to get all you can as soon as possible, because those sources can be locked down by this TPP agreement.

        • Now I’m back to Project Gutenberg to find the latest postings and back to the newsgroups to download the latest.

          In the newsgroups, I highlight everything, then Ctrl-Click the few items I don’t want, such as obvious duplicates and possibly malware containing porn that evil people throw into the mix. I’ll sort through everything I download later.

      21. I can see the Good Old USA in about 2 to 5 years. That is if Obullshit gets away with this.

        You will have White areas, Black areas, Brown areas and Yellow areas.

        There will be fighting back and forth between the areas. When this happens the whole world will go into another DARK AGE.

        Thank God I was born in the early 50’s and lived the GOOD LIFE till now. I fear for my Grand kids. What kind of a world are we leaving them?

        Now for the ammo ban and weapons ban. Well I know that the guys coming for my weapons will be carrying AMMMO so I guess I’ll get it from them. This goes along with weapons also. Right now I have two or three of the same weapon platforms in my weapons collection. (which got blown away by the last tornado!)

        One way to keep the economy going is to get preppers to buy more food and supplies, Weapons and Ammo.





          • WOLVERINES!!!!!!!!!

            • Wolverines!
              I hear when they’re backed into a corner, and are fighting to protect there homes, families, churches, and other wolverines they are “mean as hell” critters.

              So watch out fur them!

              • “T.H.”
                A Grizzly won’t piss with a pissed off Wolverine!

                • Damn straight Sarge

        • They already know who and where you are. This isn’t a God Damn movie where they’re going to surround your house and start a fire fight, they’ll show up at 3.00 am, kick down the door and toss a few flash bang grenades at you. In the moments of disorientation immediately following you’ll be restrained and taken away. This idea of shooting it out with them is ridiculous, the best thing you could possibly do is keep your mouth shut and don’t make stupid posts on internet chat rooms.

          • Major.

            By coming here you are a target. I figure 3am too. They will get a few of us in the beginning but the surprise factor will be over. Then it’s game on.

            • it will be done over the course of years .. slow like the fog in the frying pan the time 90% of whos left to fight it will be too late

              ya gotta hit while the iron is hot ,, and its about to go hot ..dont be late for the party and think your frog wont be cooked ..well done by the way ,, crispy

            • Major, as soon as they start it’s game on. I sleep with a loaded pistol and rifle every night. And BTW, I’m a LIGHT sleeper. It won’t be long before they lose the element of surprise and start taking casualties. I won’t be taken alive. I’m beyond caring. I don’t surrender to evil. There is no guarantee of survival in surrendering to the scum. Surrender is NOT an option.


                • Boreheart, go back to sleep, idiot.

            • In the military we always got hit at 3:00 am , I still wake up at that time every night , e and e , break contact , be nowhere and every where : be unpredictable , Moscow rules ( look it up)

              Simple :




              Motor pools and repeater sites ,
              No commo and immobile are force multipliers , followed by night letters to mechanic shops and radio repair .

              What would Michael Collins do?
              What would the OSS do behind enemy lines.
              Be that person.

              Time is short , go Galt then Wolverine .
              Resist .

              Semper Fi

          • People usually get in trouble for what they say, not what they don’t say.

            Mat 12:36-37 I tell you that everyone will have to answer for all the careless things they have said. This will happen on the day of judgment.
            Your words will be used to judge you. What you have said will show whether you are right or whether you are guilty.”

            This is true before a Court’s judgment today as well as before God on the day of final judgment, people tend to overlook that the scriptures apply to how we should be living our earthly lives today as well as in eternity.

            • Thanks. Good reminder

          • That’s why you get out into the brush now. If you aren’t ready to rough it…you aren’t ready to fight. I go out there for fun…do they really think I won’t live there when there is a damn good reason to blend into the scenery.

            Those pussies couldn’t even live with our mosquitos, never mind fucking with a pissed off Wolverine. Good luck finding me…I now have a head start.


          • “M”
            Being a SWAT Officer. I know how it works. Yes you are right it will be at some odd time when it is pulled off. This will only happen so many times and the people will see things like Officer massing at a station or a know staging area. People will be put on alert, and then it will be over. They can’t hit everyone at the same time!

            We only pulled off raids about one every 5 to 6 months.
            If you start seeing raids done more that one or two every 3 to 4 months start setting up you alarms systems. For me my shit is already set. Try getting into my house or pitch in a flash bang into my house you will get my attention and then look out.

            When TSHTF they won’t be doing raids because if they have any smarts what so ever they will be home protecting their families.

            Shit they knew who I am and how I feel by the way I Vote and Stand and talk about our Civil Rights. I’m not going to shut up I’m going to yell from the roof tops.

            Some of the Crap L.E. do today makes me sick, and ashamed. There are still VERY GOOD Cops out there. The 10% that screw things up are a JOKE.


            • Sarge…you are the only reason I quit using the term “pigs”. It’s not right to lump good people into groups and I was guilty. Thank You. The bad apples will soon be noticed.

              I still use the AQT targets from Appleseed for quick practice in the back yard with my M4.(Effective at 400 yds.and better than 50/50 on the 250 yd head shot) Luckily I have a gravel pit down the street for real 500+ yds. Great for windage practice with the LR 308.

              Aim small…Miss small.


            • More likely, you will be picked up in a traffic stop. Every patrol officer can grab the HVT’s on the road ala David Koresh and avoid much confrontation. A hundred traffic stops / arrests in one day could make a huge dent with very little news. We could easily be on a train in shackles by night fall and no one would know.
              Save SWAT for the hard cases.

              • Bingo

                Or at work

                Or at store

                Either way…the red listers will be picked up in …unique ways to prevent them from advantage

            • Sgt dale, I will have my home wired in so many ways, like I said I take I bolt hooks and run wire in the hallways side to side so a swat team can’t run in, they will run into staggered height wire or 100lb line and go tripping. By the time it takes them to get thru the cables lifting their legs or ducking they run into another trap, a one shot 10 gauge straight down the hallway with buckshot. Then after that they will run into a couple of manniquins with rifles attached to them and final something cant say but will do some serious damage to anyone trying to come into area. Then it will be me. so no rushing into home, clutter the doors, add obsticals to slow them down. Why let them have it easy

          • I have been reading these comments now for awhile. What you just said is “SPOT ON”…..Take heed folks. Some of you have been watching to many movies.

          • Just remember that in history nobody…nobody…nobody
            …NOBODY has ever won when the are on the DEFENSIVE !!!!

        • Sarge, Braveheart will also be ready. If they want a war, they will damn sure get one. AIM SMALL MISS SMALL! Braveheart WOFB [Watch Out For Braveheart]

          • Braveheat
            What we need is a sub-category scoring system
            of the Boone & Crockett Club for politicians.
            There would be no closed season for breeding
            and no bag limit. Shining at night would be
            The big problem would be how to score them since
            they have no antlers. I suppose they could go
            by penis length, but nary a one would make so
            much as a decent spike horn.
            One good thing would be ease of gutting them
            out, because they have none.

            • Sorry about the misspelling of your name, Braveheart.
              Happy Hour.

              • OutWest, no problem with the spelling, but I get your point. When the balloon goes up, all the rules we live by at this time go south. It will be no holds barred and anything goes. No rules of engagement. If someone kicks in your door, they have to die, plain and simple. Kill or be killed. Play the game YOUR way, NOT someone else’s way. That is your best chance for survival.

        • Hips and heads, Children. Hips and heads.

          • BC, spot on. Hip shots and head shots work with any caliber.

            • I have loaded a bunch of Barnes 150 grain frangiable rounds for the .308. They are the equivalent of the Varmit Grenade in a 30 cal. A shot in the femoral artery and there is nothing but a huge hole. No way to stop the bleeding.

              • GC, 110 grain rounds from my M1 Carbine can also do enough damage to someone. And with 30-round mags…WOOHOO.

        • Civil war? Not going to happen. All those millions of guns will never be used as the America of just a few years ago no longer exists. Just think about the reaction to the events in Garland Texas where the majority are taking the side of the Muzzies. This country will die with a whimper with the population learning to love Sharia and the women giving BJs to every Jihadi they meet. I guarantee that those that do resist will be betrayed by their neighbors and assumed friends.

          • John W., you mean the SHEEPLE have taken up for the muzzies. I agree that the SHEEPLE will go along with sharia law and the female sheeple will give themselves to the jihadis. PATRIOTS ARE NOT SHEEPLE. I’M DAMN SURE NOT A SHEEPLE. I can also agree we’ll likely be betrayed by someone. All i can say for the betrayers is they better disappear to the best of their ability. If I’m betrayed by someone and I discover who it is, may god have mercy on them because I won’t. There WILL be war in this nation. I doubt if all gun owners answer the call, but I know a certain percentage will. For those who are too scared to stand up and fight, give up your guns to a patriot who will put them to good use.

      22. Good GOD what a surprise everyone who is on this site already
        knows what is going on here we go lets state the obvious they are not for the people or by the people its always about the money and it will always be about the money and the control over any people who have any money or freedom and its hard now to have the freedom without the money they’ve got you!

      23. Any Leader that votes for this bill without reading it is a fool, and we the people should hold them responsible for their crimes.

      24. Fear mongering at its finest. The Supreme Court made it patently clear that no treaty or international agreement, even if ratified by the Senate, can trump the Constitution. Period. The Supremacy Clause does not grant this power.

        “This court has regularly and uniformly recognized the supremacy f the Constitution over a treaty….”
        — Justice Black

        See Reid v. COVERT, 354 US 1, (1957)

        • The Constitution doesn’t grant the right to force gay marriage on the States or on people whose religion forbids it either (among many other issues we’ve seen recently before the various Courts).

          Times, and the Court, have changed. The past no longer predicts the future as far as they are concerned.

          It now becomes a point of whether or not the people will lay down and accept it, I’m thinking they will.

        • Really? and how has that been working for us lately? Obama said 22 times he did not have the authority to order amnesty then did it anyway. The court said it was unconstitutional and for him to cease and desist but the administration kept going anyway. shall we take a copy of the constitution and the court order, roll them up and throw them at the white house? Reckon that will stop them?

        • You make a good point.

          REID v COVERT clearly states that a treaty cannot be inconsistent with the Constitution.

          However, don’t you think .gov already violates the Constitution in so many ways including firearm permits, registration and carry laws?

          How about the NDAA and the PATRIOT Act with mass surveillance?

          How about the right to travel the roadways freely without producing a briefcase full of papers on demand?

          It goes on and on. They simply codify something into “law” and tell the blue heroes to enforce it. The enforcers know nothing about liberty or natural rights. They only know how to follow orders blindly for their pieces of silver.

          • The TPP isn’t going to be a treaty anyway, just an American law the same as any other law and won’t need the stricter passage requirements of a Treaty.

            And like the Obamacare penalties, the Court can always redefine something to find an excuse to Constitutionally legitimize it.

      25. I read that he is even paying for the nation of islam members recruiting in kenya for new members to join the black panthers

      26. Some people voted for Obama the Magic Negro, “TWICE”.

        I’m Voting for Hillary, “ONCE” and bring it all down with that Crazy Bitch.

        Get your shit together in one bag cause it’s a coming. Hahahahaha!

        Maybe we can Impeach Obama but that would start Race Riots. Race riots or Civil War. Means the same to me.

      27. There’s more leaked material about TPP here:

        ht tps://

        Also, The Daily Sheeple seems to think the bill is not a sure thing to get passed.

        ht tp://

        There’s still hope, but I’m still downloading resources.

      28. Fringe conspiracy theory lunatics

        • zero
          Yes they all know we’re out there. Hahaha!

      29. Like a large boa constrictor, can’t ya just feel the squeeze?

      30. I wonder if the U.N. thugs will still be wearing those blue helmets and berets if and when they try to patrol the streets of America??

        Eventually, it will come down to, with them or against them. There will be no middle road for anyone.

        • Learn what the uniforms look like.

          If it isn’t a US pattern..its an occupying force

          • Sideshow, to me it’s irrelevant what any evildoers are wearing when they come for you. It’s the intentions they have toward you that counts. Just make damn sure there’s some RED mixed into those uniforms if you don’t want to be taken alive.

            • Copy that

      31. What pisses me off is that the “Big” guys like Rush/Beck/Hannity/Levin will cry and moan like some 14 year old teeny bopper bitch with “cramps”, but they never have the balls to say, “Get Old Betsey, it’s time to put a stop to this”! Cowards!

        “Bang goes Old Betsey-May only gun is Betsey, I can travel far and wide with Betsey by my side”. ( A popular kids song in the 1950’s)

        • The point is that there will never be a chance for resistance. This takeover will be done so smoothly that no one will realize it until it is over and power has been seized. Remember they will soon control the internet our only source of real news not Obama BS. Since the MSM is nothing more than a propaganda organ how will anyone know what is happening? Fat, dumb and happy is how the average American is now even with access to all the info they need. When that is no longer available we will be totally clueless as to what has and is happening.

      32. I wonder will the U.N. troops still be wearing the blue helmets and berets when they try to patrol the streets/roadways of America?

        When it does/will happen, there will be no one that can just say I will sit this one out, you either are for or against.

      33. QUOTE

        “It should be clear that the eventual goal of the foreign entities like United Nations is total disarmament of the American people.”

        As long as I breathe I will resist.

        Go ahead, keep pushing you government assholes. Eventually you will get exactly what you are trying for, PLUS ALL THE UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES TOO.

        • Kula, I’m right there with you. I’m not surrendering to anyone.

      34. America is awake and this will not happen !!!

      35. Disarm the American public???

        They are welcome to try…just try.

      36. Heads up: Remember awhile back about WHITE PICK-UPS at vets homes, according to an e-mail I just got from S. Ill. they are back. He said apparently they are taking GPS readings from the road side in front of homes and yes only VETS homes.

        America must be gun free (disarmed) for the PTB to implement all their plans. I see a card (coming very soon) to buy any ammo (only so much at one time), and to get that card you guessed it GUN REGISTRATION, we all know what we must do; be ready. The start just maybe JADE HELM 15.

        Perhaps today is a good day to die.

        • Perhaps so. I’ll do my best to lighten up the load. I was very close when this Baltimore shit broke out. Many talk about the Mama bear syndrome. But its got nothing when poppa bear weighs in. It ain’t over up there(B-more), just simmering. My kit is still packed and I can be outta here within 15 minutes. Up there in 40 minutes. If I gotta abandon the vehicle I’ll be on foot but I’ll get there and then I’ll go rogue. The hunt of a lifetime!

          • There’s a young woman in my office that lives in Baltimore and only a few blocks from where the riots happened. During that time, she left the office a bit early to get home safely and no one delayed her for any reason. While she looks less stressed now that “peace” has been restored, she does not look as relaxed as before all this happened. She still tends to not linger at the office and is among the early departure group.

      37. It was fun posting with you guys while it lasted. See you all in the local mass grave, that is where I am heading. Molan Labe. Come and take it if you can catalyst bastards,

        From my cold dead hands,


        • HCKS: Now you and I can disagree with each other all we want on this board, we can even call each other names and be downright disrespectful to each other. But don’t you go and do something foolish because you read that Hodges wrote an article calling everyone in this country either traitors or pussies.
          Here is what guys that write this shit industry wide won’t include in their articles. While they will try to incite violence and include things that have shock value they will hide behind lawyers, while a jury convicts someone that followed them to life in prison or the death penalty.
          They will make a call for war, rebellion, but they will never be the guy who climbs the “bell tower” or leads the charge. Why not? Two reasons: One they are making money on what they write whether they believe it or not and they are okay with status quo. How much will Alex Jones’ income drop if this system crumbles? Why wouldn’t he be okay with the status quo, he has it made right now. Ask yourself how AJ will fair in a dog eat dog world? Two, they are cowards and are afraid to fight their own battle. They are like that little guy with a giant for a friend that always gets in to fights but has the muscle finish it for him. We all know one of those guys.
          Everyone seems to be at whits end with gov’t squeezing the people more and more. But we HAVE to be reactive, we cannot be proactive when it come to violence otherwise the high road is lost.

        • HCKS, I wish you’d stick around. I enjoy your posts. Best wishes to you and don’t let the bastards take you alive.

      38. OK, gonna pull a quasi DK post here (no disrespect for you DK) F

        • Pay no attention to the above, got cut off for some reason. Fuck Obama, in the words of DK, ” I’ve got mine” (ammo).

      39. I’m gonna go traitor hunting when this little party kicks off

        • Call me I’ll link up with you. I’m very patient and love hunting. Oh, will take scalps too if the hair is long enough.

        • Will reinvigorate me. Plus I wanna see if my new guns werk ‘n proper.

      40. There are still just too many dumbed down ignorant American citizen’s to counter the tyrannical subversive government that are advancing plans speedily to enslave humanity. Their plans are extensive and long set up for any scenario the public may devise against their actions. Brutal mass slaughter will ensue and the overwhelming majority will meekly follow their dictates. Our future depends on an aware and armed brave citizenry. Show them who is boss and our rights will not be infringed upon any further. You don’t own the people you criminal bastards. You swore an oath to uphold the Constitution. You will be held accountable for anything outside that contract. You know where we stand and we know who you are.

        • Yes, we’re on our own and the sooner you realize it the better for it you will be. NO QUARTER!

      41. And you thought leftist Lois Lerner was bad!

        The 5 Minute Forecast noted today that “1,600 IRS workers “willfully evaded” taxes over a 10-year period. Few were fired, and some were promoted. The details come in a new report from the Treasury Department’s inspector general for tax administration. “Among their offenses,” reports The Associated Press: “improperly claiming dependents, repeated failure to file timely tax returns and claiming a tax credit for first-time homebuyers when the worker didn’t buy a house.” Still, in about 60% of the cases of “willful violations,” the violators were allowed to keep their jobs. Adds The Washington Times: “The inspector general took a sampling of 364 cases of intentional cheaters and found that 108 of them were not only not fired, but were given raises or promotions within a year of being found to be cheating.” The hits just keep coming from the inspector general: Back in February, we spotted another report that said from January 2010-September 2013, the IRS rehired “141 former employees with prior substantiated tax issues”… including five whom the IRS determined had willfully failed to file a return. “

        And ObunglerNomics? Can we bring back Jimmy Carter… please? The real unemployment rate was much lower under him. Despite all the rainbows and unicorns with this week’s unemployment report, also per the 5, while they tell us, Goebbels like, that unemployment is now 5.4%, what they “forget” to tell you is that “The labor force participation rate barely moved from 37-year lows — the percentage of the working-age population in the labor force ticked up to 62.8%. the real-world unemployment rate — calculated by John Williams at Shadow Government Statistics — moved down microscopically to 23.0%. The number has hovered around that level for nearly three years now.
        John Rubino noted the following today:
        • Americans are still leaving the labor force
        • Most of the new jobs created are part-time
        • The vast majority of those are in services, which is to say waiters and bartenders and such
        • Most new hires are over 55

        For readers who want the whole depressing story, consider the following from Mish’s Global Economic Trend Analysis and Zero Hedge, which can generally be relied upon for this kind of quick-turnaround debunking of government pronouncements:
        Employment Report Much Worse Than It Looks
        Americans Not In The Labor Force Rise to Record 93,194,000
        In April There Were 26 Waiters And Bartenders For Every Manufacturing Job Added
        Payrolls Pump Deja Vu All Over Again
        Old Workers Hit New All-Time High As All April Jobs Go To The “55 And Older”

        On the plus side – if you are a leftist crony, that is – Obama buddy/corruptocrat Jon Corzine still hasn’t gone to jail for “losing” that $1.6 billion of investor’s money, George Soros, from the “I love to pay taxes” family of leftists STILL won’t pay $7 freaking billion in taxes he owes, and I assume Michelle Marie Antoinette Obama will be renting out the whole country of Lichtenstein this month for just her and 800 of her Chicago cronies.

        • Tyler and Mish keep me informed daily! And I love Mishs analysis of things. I’ve learned more about economics from him in the last two years than I ever did in college!

      42. America as we know it is gone. It has been taken over by socialists and muzzies. Our congress and senate do nothing and let the executive branch and the UN do what they want in the form of agenda 21, climate change, gun control etc. The constitution has been shredded and the wheels are going to fall off the cart. We need a complete purge in America, and it will not be pretty. Of course people who believe in the constitution and freedom will be deemed as terrorists, un American, psychos, etc. It pisses me off that the people that have fought for this country in the name of “freedom” have essentially done it in vain just to let the 10 headed monster that is the .gov enslave us. There is a reason that our founding fathers wrote the 2nd amendment. It might be a nasty, bloody reset, but some things need doing, and the fuse is lit. Just how long is it????

        • CuzzinJim

          The country is in a hell of a mess and we are swimming in a cesspool. Talk is not going to fix anything and to get anyone to do something is almost impossible. As much as I hate this I am going to Vote For Hillary. It is the only way to get it going. I really want those who support the socialist style choke on their own shit. It is a matter of how much tyranny people can stand or see their loved ones under such rule. We need to turn those around by being hurt by their own system, not berated, is the best way to do it.
          Voting for Hillary is the shortest road to recovery. If she can do all the things Obama did and more, It will really piss off a bunch more people.
          If not the country may not be worth saving anyhow and our time of agony shortened here on earth.

          • R vs. D makes a difference? Used to. Not so much anymore.

            I still believe in voting. At the local level, it does seem to make a difference. I look for the person who will discharge their duties well regardless of the R or D label. Have to admit that the D label rarely gets my vote.

      43. So… do you think they will start their fascist gun collecting by starting, maybe, on the South Side of Chicago?

        I’ll give them directions if they need it

      44. Don’t you get it? They have already won. There is no America anymore. The very fact that we have an Obama still in the WH, and issuing executive orders, without opposition, is proof enough that it’s over. The vast majority of “so called” Americans don’t have a clue to the depth they have been programmed & conditioned. They are slaves without physical chains. They don’t know and worse, they don’t care whats been happening to them, and what is about to happen. We’re in the final stages of the communist revolutionary takeover of America and the West. The last holdouts of about 20 million…the ones that aren’t yet conditioned and know what going are already on the DHS “lists” for “elimination”. The hour draws near, so please find consolation and peace thru our savior and Lord Jesus Christ. psalm 23 applies here.

        • I would almost guarantee that those that shoot their mouths off here the most about how they will go down with a fight and calling others pussies will line up like sheep when the call to register their guns is made.

          • John W., you’ll find out soon enough just how mistaken you are.

      45. Thanks for the support Braveheart. I am sticking around here. I was making fun of he cablist plans scartistically speaking. I meant to say that since they have plans to kill us and i live in Texas, the Red zone. Those bastards will not be taking me alive.

        I am here to stay.

        As for you M, Mr M, aka Kanine and that other jackazz, who posed as CIA, NSA, MOSSAD AGENT, who ever the hell this was? Keep talking crap, we dont get intimidated by you, prep just incase bastards. You must really have alot oc confidence in the people you work for, we dont.

        Believe me, alot of people in my area know me, I have Veteran friends, red necks, cops, and other types of prepper types friends who were telling me 3 yrs ago, that i was a nut job, only to call me, wanting to meet up with me, as they go ape sh…. scrambling for preps and are taking no chances. As a result, we became stronger friends and i refered them to this wonderfull site. I higly recomened to read the post of commenters to get a general sense of the atmosphere and the severity of current living conditions.

        Over my dead body will those bastards take me alive in this city. HCKS is here to stay. And since i will be meeting up with my scientist buddy, i will continue to report on this forum, all the nasty end of the world hell on earth that awaits us. I will not abandon my fellow posters, and will maintain the torque.

        The rat bastard elitetist pricks are pushing the EMP on the Tv, in artilcles of comps that they control. Its obvious that they are going to do it. Thats why all the captains and generals, 100’s of them were fired, and now the euro natzi, chi-com bastards took control of our icmbm’s and now have the capability to do this very thing that Mac posted, The EMP event. Like the artilcle stated, if we get hit by and EMP, people will be trapped on the roads, stuck in cars, it will be just like “One second after”. Since my recent homeless hiatus, 10 months ago, and getting back strong again, putting my clients needs before mine, and going to streets, it gave me a whole perspective, since i was this site during that time learning from posters like you awsome guys that i was able to survive hell on earth. This site saved my life. Now the terrain and now my outlook, in Future recent history had changed when i ran out of food again once back on my feet, and had preps to sustain me, then it happen again, i was able to eat and sustain again, as banked myself with the homeless under a bridge in Houston for a week, realizing that i was one of them and seeing that they had adapted to survive, and here was a business with elite executive hobo status among the homeless. This time i was ready, my gut was full and was in good condition, cruzing the streets of Houston in my sports car in my shirt and tie, and people are next to me, see all over and how idea how scewed i was, i hid it real well. I got out back on my feet when my customers refered me people for my caring services and now i took prepping to another level. Now when shtf comenses, i have allies, red necks, soldiers, veterans, i began to help my poor friends that were in shtf. And now they are my close most reliable allies, and when shtf commenses, we will be ready for hell on earth, and we like you all will be in the 3-5 million survivors. When my friend saw what i had gone through, they asked me how i was able to do it.

        I said:

        SHTFPLAN.COM Is the owners manual for pre-shtf & post shtf.


        • HCKS, that’s the spirit. Stick around, you’re in the right place. Don’t let the trolls drive you away.

      46. This is a lot worse than what is being said. One has to read what the TPP is all about to understand what will be taking place which is also about giving away more jobs to foreign countries and they will be the ones calling the shots. There are 13 countries that will be controlling the decisions on what the US can do and not do. Do a search on the TPP and read everything on it. This is all part of the UN plan to bring down America.
        We have given our rights to the government. We are scare of getting involved because it has nothing to do with us or something and most of the time we believe whatever the govt says. Who do u think runs the WH. It is not we the people who have put them there. Guess who they are that gives the orders and who is chosen every 4 years even though the voting takes place to choose someone. They are not chosen by us at all!!!!.
        Everything is in place for our country to be taken over. Lets recall each person that was chosen and put someone else that truly love the US and the Constitution.

      47. TPP has been around for a long time. It started in the Bush administration and has been waiting for the right time. It is the right time the DINO’s are in the WH and the RINO’s in congress will agree with it and all the sheep will blame Berry.

      48. 7.62*39 on the import chopping block
        5.45*39 on the import chopping block
        7.62*54r on the import chopping block

        Get now before august

      49. This Sodomite Muslim can NOT ban anything in the Constitution
        PERIOD !

      50. They’re going for the kill on this one boys I’m a constant reader of this site for the past four years and I must say you guys are the best commenters I’ve seen I rarely talk out of fear of the govt spies but I can assure you there are a lot of us in Montana that will be on the front lines with you brothers I’m currently in a situation where I lost my beloved supplies and I feel naked without them. But if anything maybe it will teach me the lesson when shit does hit the fan and we lose everything we can’t be afraid to start over when it’s over God bless the republic God bless you guys there’s a storm coming and it’s almost here

        • Cinderella man, welcome, and sorry to hear about you losing supplies. I hope you’re working on getting resupplied. Best wishes to you and hope to hear from you again.

        • Montana? You mean the state where all second hand sales over fifty dollars in cash must be reported to the police? Seems like you guys are already gone. Even California does not have chicken shit like that. How did you lose your supplies? Bet you were supplised when that happened.

      51. Unintended Consequences – John Ross

      52. you fight fire with fire. learn their habits ,their comings and goings in doing so one learns their weakness. then one strikes leave no one behind to tell what happen.

      53. If they try to foist this on us it will be the next Concord. And well past time for it too. We’ve been asleep at the wheel for far to long and let the libertards think they are running things. Well it’s time to show these socialists and one world goat f**kers they don’t.

      54. A Secretive Government is a TRAITOROUS Govt. Ropes and gallows for secret Government. Time to hang the Nazis.

      55. While all eyes are diverted by the govt created riots in baltimore, TREASON is being committed, AGAIN!

      56. You know this is all illegal and you should mention that. So, if it ILLEGAL that means you don’t obey it and you have the right to ARREST the negro and Congress for subverting the Constitution and committing treason and betrayal.

        But first remember you do not OBEY or COMPLY. And take it from there.

      57. so is it a coincidence that we have the TPP being secretly passed while Jade Helm 15 and the related military build up is going on in the southwest? What part of the TPP oould require such secrecy? Amnesty and open border provisions would cause an uproar but not civil unrest. Bad trade provisions wouldn’t cause civil unrest either. But I think this article nailed it. The only provisions that could justify such secrecy in my opinion is gun control and any attempt to achieve gun control through fast track passage of TPP would likely result in massive civil unrest and civil disobedience. Is jade helm and the military buildup actually preparation for possible unrest anticipated to occur after the curtain is pulled back and America finds out what is in the TPP? I don’t know but I believe the timing of Jade Helm is probably related to the passage of TPP

      58. It’s time to sweep DC clean and march everyone in the district into a lifetime sentence in prison.

      59. The magic negro does what ever he wants, and nobody does anything about it. I hope to see Wolverines flooding the country before Jade Helm is here. They should overwhelm D.C. and through everyone out, and hang the ones who deserve it.

      60. Total fear porn. Author hasn’t read it, GOA hasn’t read it. Neither spoke to anyone who’s read it, yet they claim to KNOW WHAT’S IN IT. My BS meter’s peged.

        Is it good for the country or the workin’ guy? Is obamacare? That was secret too.

      61. Welcome to the board Cinderalla have joined in This site on THE SHTF EVENT HORIZON..Montana, the .50 cal capital of the United States. Gotta love Montana.

      62. This is just plain WRONG and screams of being crimes against the state (TREASON).
        Congress is complicit in these crimes if they do nothing to stop it or expose it for what it is. The President cannot make it illegal for elected members of our government to disclose the details of a “trade treaty” to the American people – that’s what makes this stink so bad, its probably not about trade, but about surrendering the sovereignty of the United States of America to a foreign pseudo-government entity.

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