Sheriffs in New Mexico Vow Not to Enforce 6 Absolutely OUTRAGEOUS New Gun Control Bills

by | Feb 12, 2019 | Headline News | 59 comments

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    This article was originally published by Dagny Taggart at The Organic Prepper

    New Mexico has a new governor, and she really doesn’t like guns.

    Michelle Lujan Grisham, a Democrat, was sworn into office on January 1, replacing pro-gun Republican Susana Martinez.

    In early December, the National Rifle Association (NRA) warned the citizens of New Mexico to expect “unprecedented attacks” on their Constitutional rights.

    While the New Mexico Legislature will not convene for its 60-day Regular Session until January 15, lawmakers can start prefiling bills on December 17.  You will see unprecedented attacks on your Second Amendment rights from the word go.  Your NRA-ILA will alert you to bill numbers and provide links to the content of legislation as it becomes available.  But in the meantime, we want to share with you what we already know is coming.

    Expect anti-gun politicians to introduce a slew of so-called “common-sense gun measures” — a misleading phrase that gun control activists use in hopes that the public and the media will avoid questioning the bills’ enforceability, efficacy, intrusiveness or necessity. (source)

    Unfortunately, the NRA’s prediction was correct.

    Democrats in New Mexico’s state legislature are already rushing to expand gun control.

    As of the time of this writing, six bills have been filed.

    Here’s a summary of each of the six bills.

    House Bill 8:  This “universal background check” legislation, sponsored by Representative Debra Sarinana, would ban all private firearms sales between law-abiding individuals.

    The state House approved HB 8 last week, which aims to make it a misdemeanor crime to sell or transfer a gun in a private transaction without a background check performed by a third party. A Senate committee has passed their own version of the bill, slammed by gun rights groups, in a party-line vote. (source)

    House Bill 35: This bill, sponsored by Representative Miguel Garcia, would require gun dealers to pay a $200 fee so that the New Mexico could screen every gun coming into their inventory for “potential theft.”

    House Bill 40: Also sponsored by Representative Miguel Garcia, this legislation would require criminal records checks on private firearms sales at gun shows. Gun grabbers tend to see gun shows as a particular threat, even though studies show that they are not a source of guns used by criminals. This bill – and HB 8 – would ban many or all private gun sales, and set the stage for a registry of gun owners.

    Perhaps the most disturbing of the six bills is House Bill 83.

    Have you heard of “red flag” gun confiscation laws?

    Officially called Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPO), “red flag” laws permit police, healthcare providers, or family members to petition a state court to order the temporary removal of firearms from a person who may present a danger to others or themselves. To date, fourteen states and the District of Columbia have red flag laws.

    Here’s a chilling explanation of what House Bill 83 would allow.

    Under section 5, any law enforcement personnel can ask a court to issue an order stripping any New Mexican of his Second, Fourth, Fifth, and Fourteenth Amendment rights. It wouldn’t even take an “ex parte” secret court proceeding; the request could be made by E-MAIL.

    Under section 6, an angry ex-girlfriend can convene a “secret court” (ex parte proceeding) to strip a gun owner of his Second, Fourth, Fifth, and Fourteenth Amendment rights — without giving the gun owner the opportunity to tell his side of the story to the “secret court.” (source)

    In October 2018, Maryland’s red flag law went into effect. Less than a month later, the law claimed its first victim.

    Gary J. Willis, a 61-year-old Maryland resident, was killed by police when they showed up at his home at 5 am to serve him with a court order requiring that he surrender his guns.

    Anne Arundel County Police said Willis answered the door with a gun in his hand. He initially put the gun down by the door, but “became irate” when officers began to serve him with the order and picked up the gun again, police said.

    Sgt. Jacklyn Davis, a police spokeswoman, said “A fight ensued over the gun.” Police claim that as one of the officers struggled to take the gun from Willis, the gun fired but did not strike anyone. Then, the other officer fatally shot Willis, who died at the scene. Neither officer was injured.

    Davis said she did not know who had sought the protective order against Willis.

    But Michele Willis, the victim’s niece, said this was a case of “family being family.” (source)

    From October 1 to December 31, 302 petitions were filed across the state. A majority of the red flag orders were filed by family members or household members, primarily about mental health concerns, with others being placed by law enforcement officials or health professionals, according to the Associated Press. Less than half reached a final stage in which the accused was not allowed to have a gun for at least a year.

    House Bill 87: This legislation would impose a gun ban on persons committing crimes as minor as damage to property. It expands the state’s “prohibited person” firearm law by incorporating federal firearm disqualifications. For example, it would prohibit individuals convicted of certain domestic violence misdemeanor crimes or who are subject to a domestic violence protective order from purchasing or possessing a firearm, with violations being a criminal offense. But, the bill goes beyond the prohibited categories in federal law in significant ways, as the NRA explains:

    The state law definition of “household member” – unlike federal law – specifically includes a person who is or has been a continuing personal relationship, which applies to dating or intimate partners who have never lived together. The bill would include, as firearm-prohibiting offenses, nonviolent misdemeanors with no physical contact between the parties (like harassment by telephone or email, or criminal damage to the property or jointly owned property of a “household member”). Unlike federal law, this bill would require anyone subject to a protective order to surrender any firearms they own, possess, or control to law enforcement within 48 hours of the order. Not only does this bill impose a mandatory surrender, it authorizes law enforcement to seize any guns that are in plain sight or are discovered pursuant to a lawful search. Similar legislation had passed the Legislature in 2017 but was vetoed by Gov. Susana Martinez. Significantly, the 2017 legislation contained other options for affected parties to comply with the firearm surrender requirement, including storing their guns with licensed firearm dealers, or transferring the guns to a qualified third party. These key alternatives are not contained in this bill. (source)

    House Bill 130: This bill would potentially make criminals of people who keep loaded firearms for self-defense. Sponsored by Representative Linda Trujillo, if signed into law, gun owners would be held criminally and civilly liable if a child gains unsupervised access to an unsecured firearm. But as the NRA points out, “New Mexico already has a first-degree felony child abuse statute on the books to hold adults accountable for putting children’s lives or health at risk in any manner. The tools exist to charge and prosecute parents or guardians in appropriate cases. Education is the key to protecting gun owners and their kids, not a state mandate on how one stores a firearm in his or her home.”

    These bills are facing opposition from a powerful force: the Sheriffs.

    Thankfully, most of New Mexico’s sheriffs are opposed to these gun control bills. Of the 33 sheriffs in the state, 29 have voiced disapproval of the package of anti-gun legislation by issuing a declaration through the state sheriffs’ association, stating that the “rush to react to the violence by proposing controls on guns is ill-conceived and is truly a distraction to the real problems proliferating violence in our counties and our state.”

    CBS 7 spoke with Lea County Sheriff Corey Helton, who explained why he objects to the proposed legislation.

    “You’re just taking guns out of law-abiding citizen’s hands. This is not going to affect the criminals out there. They’re going to be able to get guns and they do not follow the law.” Helton added that there are enough effective laws on the books and these new measures are either redundant or unconstitutional.

    “I’m proud to say I’m a constitutional sheriff and I’m just not going to enforce an unconstitutional law,” Helton said. “My oath prevents me from doing that.”

    Big 2 News also spoke with Sheriff Helton about the proposed laws:

    Similar gun control measures are going to spread like wildfire across America.

    Did you catch what Caleb Califano, the reporter, says at the end of that video? He mentions that Helton said, “these introduced gun control bills are a trend that will continue, not just in New Mexico, but all around the country.”

    Speaking of that, in Texas – of all places – red flag gun confiscation legislation may be coming, according to a February 6 alert posted by Gun Owners of America.

    Governor Abbott announced his “emergency” agenda items Tuesday and included school safety with an emphasis on “mental health.” While no bills have been specified yet, this could easily include items such as “red flag” type legislation that we have been fighting all across the country that allows for gun confiscation simply because a judge decides that you might misuse them in the future. (source)

    Recently, Washington state introduced bills for some of the strictest gun laws in the country, and a few law enforcement officers there publicly vowed not to enforce the new unconstitutional gun laws. In The REAL Resistance: Sheriffs in Washington State REFUSE to Enforce Unconstitutional Gun Laws, Daisy Luther made a powerful point:

    Legally speaking, our county sheriffs are the last line of defense in the battle for gun rights.

    As we have stated before, unconstitutional gun law ideas seem to spread from one state to another like some kind of insidious virus.

    This is just the beginning.

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    About the Author

    Dagny Taggart is the pseudonym of an experienced journalist who needs to maintain anonymity to keep her job in the public eye. Dagny is non-partisan and aims to expose the half-truths, misrepresentations, and blatant lies of the MSM.

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      1. Lucky for new mexico the sheriff’s know an unconstitutional law when they see it. Lucky for the LEO’s too, as many would not return home after following the governors order.

        • I think being able to return home to their wives and children at night is the primary motivation in any case. I hope the ones that do attempt to take weapons get killed. Nationwide they could not hope to take our weapons as they would run out of costumed goons if most people wasted them when this shit was attempted. It’d make the scum politicians impotent for sure.

          • Menzo, it’s good to see some people in LE waking up and getting on the RIGHT side of this issue. You make good points as always. It’s the scum politicians who really need to be taken out.

            • The County Sheriff is one of the most powerful persons in the country. The Co Sheriff can arrest the Feds who illegally enter a county to enforce an illegal Federal Law. The Sheriff is the decider. So VOTE Wisely, who is PRO 2nd Amendment. PRO PRIVATE PROPERTY RIGHTS KIND OF SHERRIFF.

        • Bonefortoona, true enough but the people must stand up against these kind of intrusions that are completely illegal attempts to circumvent the real laws !

          Many DEM run states have the same junk being attempted, like Oregon and Washington state, so support OFF who are fighting in both states

      2. If you voluntarily disarm yourselves, you will be in the exact same position the Okinawans were in when subjugated by the Japanese. Then, they can utter control you and stamp out your language and much of your culture.

        That started in 1336 but persisted through 1550, but in 1609, they were disarmed. From that time through WW2, they were largely helpess to repel foreign invaders. Then occupied by the USA, then BETRAYED and subjugated again in 1973 by Japan once again. Dirty deeds done dirt cheap.

        It’s actually repulsive and unAmerican to disarm and scorned by the Founding Fathers in numerous writings.

        • Except it won’t be voluntary.

          It will be gradual so it is perceived as somewhat voluntary but will start with one takeaway and then another until slowly but surely 95% of the armed population are disarmed. I won’t be in that majority.

          Within a few years time it will be enforced by preventing law-abiding citizens from renewing their driver’s license or other licenses if they don’t comply and turn in their guns. It will be under the guise of “For your own protection and safety and that of all citizens” when it is really all about control and dis-empowering.

          Make no mistake, President Trump along with TPTB do not want us armed. If he was not in cahoots with TPTB he would not be in the White House. He’d still be in his ivory tower shooting Celebrity Apprentice.

        • Nobody is proposing anything like Hideyoshi’s katanagari. An apples to oranges comparison.

          • From my cold dead hands. Not on my watch. Never ever compromise on the 2nd Amendment.

      3. New Mexico and a lot of the USA are very very slow learners.
        Keep voting for liberals and you end up as slaves rather than citizens.
        BTW I ignore all local and State laws- I only recognize my 2nd amendment right. all the rest is just BS

        • Liberals and also anti-gun people, like Trump, who pretend to be pro when he is really anti-gun.

          Trump has had body guards all his life. Never once needed a gun. If he got stopped by a cop for a traffic violation when he wasn’t being chauffeur driven, he didn’t get harassed or even get a ticket or have any problems. Cops recognized his name and told him to go and have a nice day.

          Trump has zero concept of what life is like for the 99% of us. No idea whatsoever. Not even an inkling. He didn’t live one day of his life as a lower or middle or even upper-middle class person. Not one day. How would he possibly know what life is like for 99% of us?

          Two most recent clues of numerous (for the clueless brainwashed here) that this is fact was when he told govt workers during the shutdown to work out a deal with their local grocer. Like a lay-away payment plan. This is the same person who thinks you have to show ID when you go into the grocery store or Wal-Mart. There are tons more examples.

          He does not relate to you and your issues and concerns even if you think he does. He’s an entertainer. He’s an actor. He just agrees with you about brown people and about abortion. But nothing will actually come of that. Nothing will change. The truth is staring you right in the face yet you keep supporting him.

          Trump does not want us armed but at the same time he needs us. He doesn’t want to lose his (clueless) base. So it’s only a matter of time. Get Real.

        • Jakartaman, the only laws I follow are the ones that meet constitutional guidelines and yes, all the rest are BS. A retired cop in my family once told me only 5% of the laws are legitimate and the remaining 95% are BS. The good people of NM will eventually have a confrontation with their liberal scumbags.

          • Yup and thanks
            Keep it simple

      4. I’m a long time reader, but I’ve never commented on SHTF, but this article is extremely alarming. Between the gun control bills and the abortion laws, we are losing this country faster than at any other point in history. At what point do people as a whole decide that they’ve had enough?! I’ll admit, aside from signing petitions and writing letters, I haven’t been as active as I would like in fighting for my/our rights, but part of that is having a good job and a family who is dependent on me. Unlike these foreigners/liberals/dindus, who are too lazy to work, I can’t afford to take off for a day to march around the streets. I would much rather participate in a bundy ranch-style stand-off, and if shit goes down, well then, that’s probably the best possible solution. The question is, when will people realize that they have had enough?

        • All good questions. I used to think that there WAS a line that folks would not cross. I no longer believe that. We have raised at least two generations of pansy-carrying “feelers” who have no idea of what America is, how the economy works (or anything else for that matter),who are glued to their tv’s and game consoles, living in their parent’s basements, making (and kiiling) babies and claiming rights to everything for free. Our enemies are circling and uniting against us. We are destroying ourselves. Nope, it is not looking good. Not enough of us left. Even Come tell due to the gathering barbaric Hardee and their own lack of will. History repeats.

          • Even Rome fell due to the gathering barbaric hordes and their own lack of will.

      5. Does it become more clear why they’re diagnosing boys in elemenary school with psychological problems and putting them on Ritalin?

        Can’t. Own. A. Gun.

        You’re looking for a frontal assault on your gun rights.

        They’re doing a flanking maneuver.

        WAKE. UP.

      6. Anon-John, welcome aboard and you make some very good points.

        • @ Deplorable Renegade – Thank you, sir.

      7. Learn basic self defense. In most situations a gun is not necessary for self defense. Being strong and confident is all the deterrent that is needed. This is especially true for school children but is also true for adults. I support the right to self defense. I would like to have martial arts become our national sport instead of football. I would like chicken to have instruction in the safe handling of fire arms as part of their education. Using a bow and arrow is also a good sport. Guns and rifles are important items which deserve our respect. Any fool who tries to demonise and remove fire arms does not belong in a position of authority and should be removed and replaced with someone who will uphold the principles on which this nation is founded. The sheriff’s are in the right. The Governor of New Mexico is a traitor and a fool.


        • Honeypot, agreed. Good post.

        • Well, not in most cases–never take a knife to a gun fight.

          • yup…..i’ll take a gun when i’m up against someone else who has one. samuel colt made us ALL equal…not jim bowie….

            • Yep.

              And don’t learn knife fighting, learn to kill, so when you meet an enemy knife fighter, you send their soul to Hell.

        • Excuse me for being flippant, but examples are made of powerful-looking men.

          Think of a trophy animal.

      8. “Chicken” no not chicken



        • I was thinking “chicken” like those whom are afraid of them. If the “chickens” received training to understand firearms, then they might not be afraid of them and realize it’s fools with firearms that they should be wary of instead of an inanimate object.

      9. GREAT!
        Now my bitch of a mother in law is gonna red flag my ass cuz she hates me and my guns. Those fuckers will hit my house when I’m at work and probably shoot my disabled wife. Hope when they do come I will be at home. Either way it isn’t going to go well for both sides.

        • You should hope that your mother-in-law is there instead. Let her red-flag herself. Or maybe “pre-emptive self defense”. Dubbya made that one popular.

      10. ban all private firearms sales between law-abiding individuals.

        The black market will be alive and well.

      11. require criminal records checks on private firearms sales at gun shows.

        My first gun I bought was at a gun show when I was 16 years old. I bought a Marlin 22LR.

        I asked the guy if I was old enough and he said, “Son, if you are old enough to put the money on the table, then you are old enough to buy this gun!”

        I love Texas.

        • John Stiner, yes Texas used to be kick ass, not so much today. Illegal aliens run amok in Texas these days not any different than most places and the main cities are full of liberal maniacs in gov. Not as bad as some places for sure but not what it once was just a short while ago ether.

          Texas drew a lot of morons like Jack Spirko and other idiots who helped screw it all up in spades as they milked the many greater fools who believed their junk about anarchy and such things. 2 years ago he said anybody over 50 is a lame brain and will not be part of the new society of new age brainiacs and movers and shakers who understand how things really work, like him ? I am parahrasing here, but very close to the exact utterances. And people in Texas actually sent this clown money , not sure what for, but they did. So Texas is NOT exempt from dumb asses ! But the net is full of such events, fat guys obviously unhealthy and not capable of much of anything trying to convince people they know what they are talking about ? and many buy it. I see it here as well often ! Nothing new at all, but one would think people might wake up one day and actually expect results in some matters instead of bullshit ad nauseum.

      12. Sorry, it is BONEHEADED to think you can manage to defend yourself without firearms. Some feminist always thinks that and that is ridiculous.

        90 % of the people who take martial arts do not have a fighting spirit and thus when they would actually have to use it, they would be very unlikely to defend themselves.

        Most of the time, it goes to groundfighting and few are prepared or can effectively use atemi, wristlocks, arm bars, leg locks, and chokeholds.

        Students are taught to pay fair and nice and that will get you killed.

        Never say anything to law enforcement unless your lawyers says otherwise. You are apt to say something incriminating.

        It does no good to own an unloaded firearm because you will be afraid, timid, nervous, and fumbling around. There are gunsafes that you can store a loaded firearm in, and these are made to open quickly.

        Most people would try to talk to a criminal which is what they are counting on. A professional burglar will case the house and enter when no one is there. This means if it happens while you are present, they are amateurs and probably drug addicts. Or worse, they intend to not only harm you but to humilate you.

        • Rapists are not there out of sexual need, but to humilate, abuse, and even kill you. Look at any photos of rape victims. They BEAT the victim to a pulp and have very abnormal sex with the victim. It is remarkably malevolent and BRUTAL. If you think you are going to fight your way out or talk your way out, you are nuts.

          • Your intial phrase to the LEO, “I want a lawyer.”

            Your second phrase with a lawyer present, “I thought he was armed, and I feared for my life and my family’s lives”.

            • Also, Google “Never talk to the police”. A very interesting and educational video (by a policeman) about what the police can do with what you say.

              • LEOs can actually lie in an interview and say things like, “You don’t have to cooperate, but we’re trying to make it easy on you. We won’t use this in court. You shot him but didn’t actually see a gun, right?”.

                They were taught to extract confessions, and so the worst thing to do is to wave your right to an attorney. When they say, “We could get a warrant, but then it’s official and serious…” then your immediate answer is, “Go get a warrant.” They need probable cause which they likely do not have.

                Never invite the police inside your home. Then if anything seems amiss, that can be probable cause. Always lock your car/truck door and barely roll down the window. They have tried ripping the door open as a standard technique.

                The second you invite a LEO in and if say your idiot step-child had drugs, then you can be up for asset forfeiture. They can take it all as the child committed the crime, but was living in your home.

                That video is a classic.

                • I will have to affirm what Maranatha writes. I was a Peace Officer, starting in 1972 as a Deputy Sheriff in SoCal. Over time, the mindset morphed from “public servant” to: “us versus them”. This started with the bogus WAR ON DRUGS, courtesy of Ronnie and Nancy Rayguns and Poppy Bush.
                  Do not ever talk to the police. The only times you are required to give information to “law enforcement” officials is when you have been in a traffic accident where there is an injury or you are a child-care professional and you suspect physical/sexual abuse.
                  DO NOT EVER allow an Orc or Orcette into your home unless they have a warrant for your arrest or a search warrant for your premises. If they tell you they will go get one, tell them to go ahead, and have witnesses with recording devices ready. Above all, MAKE SURE your children/grandchildren DO NOT repeat family business to their little friends or schoolteachers. Remember the CDC guidelines to Pediatricians during the reign of Clintonia: kiddy doctors asking junior if mommy or daddy had any guns in the house, or whether they smoked dope or drank every day. We live in very troubling times. Do not be the focus of: SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING.

                  • So True!

        • M: Words of wisdom!

      13. “House Bill 40: Also sponsored by Representative Miguel Garcia, this legislation would require criminal records checks on private firearms sales at gun shows. Gun grabbers tend to see gun shows as a particular threat, even though studies show that they are not a source of guns used by criminals. This bill – and HB 8 – would ban many or all private gun sales, and set the stage for a registry of gun owners.”

        The link at “studies show” doesn’t link to any study. Anybody know what this is referring to?

      14. Thank you to the 29 sheriff’s that will keep their oath.T

        The other 4 sheriff’s who did not oppose these draconian laws, need to be paid a visit by a bunch of protesters outside their homes,nightly until they relent.

        This is pure tyranny, which seems to follow the DEMONcRATS wherever they are in office.

      15. Thank you Sheriffs for standing up for the Constitution & the Bill of Rights. The LAWYERS that run our different levels of government frequently fail to honor our founding documents.

      16. @ Maranatha,
        All good points – especially about
        1) NEVER allowing Police into your home – you contract with them legally if you do (sort of like inviting a vampire into your home allows them to harm you, lol).
        2) Thinking an individual can defend themselves against armed or multiple (or simply drugged up) attackers without firearms.

      17. I am forever opposed to anyone ever losing Constitutional Rights based on a misdemeanor charge/conviction.(other than during time served, if applicable.)

        If I were a lawyer, I would make it a personal mission to challenge every one of these laws that I could get to on the basis that NO Rights should ever be lost, but upon conviction of a felony and even those losses should not be life long with very few exceptions.


      18. Till you actually use the dam things on these communistic illegal muslim loving confused sexually void of common sense traitors they will continue this crap!

      19. If “law enforcement” are allowed by gun owners to (even be able to) seize their weapons, then, what was the purpose of gun owners’ keeping and bearing them?

      20. Thank God for Sheriffs who uphold our Constitution, even if the states and courts usually don’t.Most so called “laws” nowadays are corporate maritime codes, not even laws and certainly not Constitutional. Hence the gold fringed maritime flags in the courthouses.However they are more than happy to enforce their codes and extort money from you as they ignore the Bill of Rights and the Constitution and your God-given rights.If we really followed the Constitution, most of these judges and code makers would be hung for treason. You’ve got to hand it to some of these Sheriff’s, at least they care about the Constitution and try to look the other way instead of enforcing tyrannical code “laws.” I’ve found that most Sheriffs and Highway Patrolmen seem to be a cut above city police.

      21. Great article Dagny. I love what the name is a reference to.

      22. Red flag gun laws have a singular purpose of targeting conservatives. It doesn’t take anything more than an accusation. While they say only certain people can initiate, we can say bull. Anyone could call on anyone. In a red flag state, you could call the police and report this comment, or someone monitoring this site could report this comment, and that would be enough for a leftist cop, judge, etc. to initiate an attack. It will be used and abused to the max. Guaranteed! A disaster for conservative gun owners, and those enforcing.

        It is planned. A democrat / deep state plan to fast-track gun confiscation. Yes, this is all they need!

        • Dave the points you make are very real, this is the reason I tell people that make comments on this and other sites to beware of what they say, because we never know what law or laws may come around to bite our A** at a later time or date. Trekker Out

      23. 6? That’s it? Well the fuck all those who enforce defend and uphold this communism.

        Those who violate their oaths to the United States Constitution are not our fellow Americans nor are they our fellow human beings. Communists are rabid Feral animals.

      24. Don’t own a gun but I don’t live in the US either and if I did I would either emigrate or have a heap of them as Bible prophecy tells me that Babylon the great will be taken over, these are some of the signs before this happens, New York city will be nuked, Iran will be defeated and then it will be the US’ turn, it will be a sneak attack while everybody is saying peace peace safety!

        Get ready!!

      25. NRA has gone socialist since they are compromising with the socialist gun grabbers yet again.

        How can anyone count on the NRA to do the right thing and defend our constitutional right when they using it as a bargaining chip to help advance the socialist and communist agendas of gun control.

        GOA: The only no compromise pro-gun pro USA lobby in Washington.

      26. Majority of these shootings are Government (FBI?) False Flag operations. Problem – Reaction – Solution. Government creates a problem; public cry out for help; Government implements legislation they wanted to implement all along. Never let a crisis go to waste. Why gun control now? The US is entered a very dark period. Politicians on both side of the aisle and many Federal agency personnel have been compromised (blackmail, bribery, or true believers) and are owned by entities who do not have US interests at heart. Every totalitarian state has implemented gun control and outright firearm confiscation prior to mass murder of all political opposition.

      27. What is outrageous is the idea of limiting firearm sales as in history, people all the time sold firearms! People all the time gave firearms to their kin.

        Only a fruitcake leftist thinks, “But the 2nd Amendment is for the professional military and buying.guns from a store, right?”

        No asshat, the militia were NOT the professional Continental Army and no dumbass, there were not stores in every city selling sporting goods and weapons. You might have to travel 30 days by horse to find such a place.

        Why can’t leftists read?

      28. crlRFpXhlpo
        Do you really think you can subdue a crazy meth head who is out of control in a dark house and without a firearm and by yourself? Okay Superwoman.

        Sometimes it might take six LEOs to SAFELY subdue a drug addict as they are WILD. What if they are on PCP?

        But you think because you sort of payed attention for six weeks in a karate class, and never actually fought a single knockdown dragout fight, will suddenly be a superhero.

        Wake up to reality. If you are such a-badass, then they are always looking for great SWAT officers.

        Your goal is not to subdue but to eliminate someone attacking your child.

        • You do not want a perp in your home to go to jail and maybe get out on a technicality and then come pay you a visit out of revenge.

          You eliminate the possibility. This is a reality check.


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