Sheeple: Why You Should Feel Sorry For Them

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    sheep shearing

    It is often said there only two kinds of people in this world: those who know, and those who don’t. I would expand on this and say that there are actually three kinds of people: those who know, those who don’t know, and those who don’t care to know. Members of the last group are the kind of people I would characterize as “sheeple.”

    Sheeple are members of a culture or society who are not necessarily oblivious to the reality of their surroundings; they may have been exposed to valuable truths on numerous occasions. However, when confronted with facts contrary to their conditioned viewpoint, they become aggressive and antagonistic in their behavior, seeking to dismiss and attack the truth by attacking the messenger and denying reason.  Sheeple exist on both sides of America’s false political paradigm, and they exist in all social “classes”.  In fact, the “professional class” and the hierarchy of academia are rampant breeding grounds for sheeple; who I sometimes refer to as “intellectual idiots”.  Doctors and lawyers, scientists and politicians are all just as prone to the sheeple plague as anyone else; the only difference is that they have a bureaucratic apparatus behind them which gives them a false sense of importance.  All they have to do is tow the establishment line, and promote the establishment view.

    Of course the common argument made by sheeple is that EVERYONE thinks everyone else is blind to the truth, which in their minds, somehow vindicates their behavior.  However, the characteristic that absolutely defines a sheeple is not necessarily a lack of knowledge, but an unwillingness to consider or embrace obvious logic or truth in order to protect their egos and biases from harm.  A sheeple’s mindset is driven by self centered motives.

    So-called mainstream media outlets go out of their way to reinforce this aggressive mindset by establishing the illusion that sheeple are the “majority” and that the majority perception (which has been constructed by the MSM) is the only correct perception.

    Many liberty movement activists have noted recently that there has been a surge in media propaganda aimed at painting the survival, preparedness and liberty cultures as “fringe,” “reactionary,” “extremist,” “conspiracy-minded,” etc. National Geographic’s television show “Doomsday Preppers” appears to have been designed specifically to seek out the worst possible representatives of the movement and parade their failings like a carnival sideshow. Rarely do they give focus to the logical arguments regarding why their subjects become preppers, nor do they normally choose subjects who can explain as much in a coherent manner. This is a very similar tactic used by the establishment media at large-scale protests; they generally attempt to interview the least-eloquent and easiest-to-ridicule person present and make that person a momentary mascot for the entire group and the philosophy they hold dear.

    The goal is to give sheeple comfort that they are “normal” and that anyone who steps outside the bounds of the mainstream is “abnormal” and a welcome target for the collective.

    It would appear that the life of a sheeple is a life of relative bliss. The whole of the establishment machine seems engineered to make them happy and the rest of us miserable. But is a sheeple’s existence the ideal? Are they actually happy in their ignorance? Are they truly safe within the confines of the system? Here a just a few reasons why you should feel sorry for them.

    Sheeple Are Nothing Without The Collective

    A sheeple gathers his entire identity from the group. He acts the way he believes the group wants him to act. He thinks the way he believes the group wants him to think. All of his “ideas” are notions pre-approved by the mainstream. All of his arguments and talking points are positions he heard from the media, or academia, and he has never formed an original opinion in his life. Without the group telling him what to do, the average sheeple is lost and disoriented. When cast into a crisis situation requiring individual initiative, he panics or becomes apathetic, waiting for the system to come and save him rather than taking care of himself. Sheeple are so dependent on others for every aspect of their personality and their survival that when faced with disaster, they are the most likely people to curl up and die.

    Sheeple Crave Constant Approval From Others

    Sheeple are not only reliant on the collective for their identity and their survival; they also need a steady supplement of approval from others in order to function day to day. When a sheeple leaves his home, he is worried about how his appearance is perceived, how his attitude is perceived, how his lifestyle is perceived and how his opinions are perceived. Everything he does from the moment his day begins revolves around ensuring that the collective approves of him. Even his acts of “rebellion” are often merely approved forms of superficial “individualism” reliant on style rather than substance. This approval becomes a kind of emotional drug to which the sheeple is addicted. He will never make waves among the herd or stand out against any aspect of the herd worldview, because their approval sustains and cements his very existence. To take collective approval away from him would like cutting off a heroin junky’s supplier. To be shunned by the group would destroy him psychologically.

    Sheeple Are Incapable Of Original Creativity

    Because sheeple spend most of their waking moments trying to appease the collective, they rarely, if ever, have the energy or inclination to create something of their own. Sheeple do not make astonishing works of art. They do not achieve scientific discovery. They do not make history through philosophical or ideological innovation.  Instead, they regurgitate the words of others and hijack ideas from greater minds.  They remain constant spectators in life, watching change from the bleachers, caught in the tides of time and tossed about like congealed satellites of Pacific Ocean garbage from the after-wash of Fukushima. The destiny of the common sheeple is entirely determined by the outcome of wars and restorations waged by small groups of aware individuals — some of them good, some of them evil.

    Sheeple Have No Passion

    If you draw all of your beliefs from what the collective deems acceptable, then it is difficult, if not impossible, to become legitimately passionate about them. Sheeple have little to no personal connection to their ideals or principles; so they become mutable, empty and uninspired. They tend to turn toward cynicism as a way to compensate, making fun of everything, especially those who ARE passionate about something. The only ideal that they will fight for is the collective itself, because who they are is so intertwined with the survival of the system. To threaten the concept of the collective is to threaten the sheeple’s existence by extension.

    Sheeple Are Useless

    The average sheeple does not learn how to be self-reliant because it is considered “abnormal” by the mainstream to be self-reliant. The collective and the state are the provider. They are mother and father. Sheeple have full faith that the system will protect them from any and all harm. When violence erupts, they cower and hide instead of defending themselves and others. When large-scale catastrophe strikes, they either sit idle waiting for the state to save them or they join yet another irrational mob. They do not take proactive measures, because they never felt the need to learn how.

    Consider this: Why do the mainstream and the people subject to it care if others prepare for disaster or end their dependency on the establishment? Why are they so desperate to attack those of us who find our own path? If the system is so effective and the collective so correct in its methodology, then individualists are hurting only themselves by walking away, right? But for the sheeple, successfully self-reliant individuals become a constant reminder of their own inadequacies. They feel that if they cannot survive without the system, NO ONE can survive without the system; and they will make sure that individualists never prove otherwise. “You didn’t build that” becomes the sheeple motto, as they scratch and scrape like spoiled children, trying to dismantle the momentum of independent movements and ventures in non-participation.

    Sheeple Are Easily Forgotten

    To live a life of endless acceptance is to live a life of meaningless obscurity. When one arrives at his deathbed, does he want to reflect on all of his regrets or all of his accomplishments? Most of us would rather find joy than sadness when looking back over our past. For sheeple, though, this will not be possible — for what have they ever done besides conform? What will they have left behind except a world worse off than when they were born? What will they have accomplished, but more pain and struggle for future generations? In the end, what have their lives really been worth?

    I cannot imagine a torture more vicious and terrifying than to realize in the face of one’s final days that one wasted his entire life trying to please the plethora of idiots around him, instead of educating them and himself and molding tomorrow for the better. I cannot imagine a punishment more severe than to spend the majority of one’s years as a slave without even knowing it. I cannot imagine an existence more deserving of pity and remorse than that of the sheeple.

    You can contact Brandon Smith at:  [email protected]

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      1. There is also another group of people……the ones that think they are genius’s THOSE THAT DON’T KNOW THAT THEY DON’T KNOW!!!!!

        • I dont know about everyone else but there aint no way I pity sheeple. People have free choice and free will. If they choose to follow so be it and if they choose to believe everything around them thats there choice. But theres no pity coming from me. Theyre a big part of the problem and that makes them on the opposite side of righting this country. Can I get an Amen.

          • Feeling sorry for these people should be done with limits in place and always be aware that if this whole thing takes a flip, certain segments of these people will turn on you If they know where you and your stores are. They come ready made with a since of entitlement in total and they will look at you as you owe them out of their own desperations and ignorance. They have already demonstrated the fact that they are satisfied with laying back letting whatever agency enrich them, feed them, house them and handle their needs. When those agencies are gone, guess what? And there you stand. They’re clever enough to know that without food and water they are done in a month. So it’d good idea to be well on your toes about the first six weeks.
            It would be a reasonable observance to assume that out of this group will emerge the what would be the shock troops. Case and point, look at the TSA. Look at the grade of people that’s employed there. Look again at people that are employed by state and county agencies. Welfare, child protective services, DMV, code enforcement, employment offices, shit just pick one. Most are but not all are staffed by those that have been disadvantaged in the past. They make nice little quiet puppy employees.
            The California DMV is the most stunning piece I’ve ever seen. There was a woman in Temecula once that had long straight black hair dam near to the floor, dressed like Elvira and had enough makeup on, it had to be applied with a production paint gun and made MImi look like a rank amateur. And this was a government employee.
            When it gets down to brass tacks those that have ignored the obvious have to deal with what they have left.
            While we as humans look at pitiful situations close to us today as heartfelt and works on us and our emotions, our non concerned lustrous government and it’s leaders view our individual demises as so much paper work and just the way it is, no big deal. Your gone, What difference does it make now???? Ever hear that before??
            Back to the question at hand, feel sorry for them? Me personally, overall not a chance, nothing. You’re the creator and conservator of your own situation, don’t attempt to hold me responsible for your ignorance.
            But that said, I anticipate that there are going to be isolated situations that will need a “on the spot call.”

            • What hammer said ^^^^ 🙂

            • Brandon should change the title to his article:

              “Sheeple: Why you should despise them.”

              • We all have access to the same information. For most, it’s a form of entertainment/shopping/social gab. For a few, it’s educational. The truth concerning our situation is out there for anybody that can handle it and act to control his/her future, instead of reacting with the herd when shtf.

              • I agree with Unreconstructed Southron 100 percent.

                Were someone to hit the fast rewind button on my attitude, and take me back to around the year 2000 or so, prior to the childishly transparent false flag operation on September 11, 2001 – back then, I still had a glimmer of hope and optimism that made me believe that I could help others ‘wake up’ to most, if not all, of the evil crap that was, and still is, going on in the world and especially the Satanically evil crap that flows out of the criminal and treasonous collection of despicable rat turds who thrive inside the bowels of Washington D.C.

                Not any longer do I have that optimism. I’ve discovered that I have had life-long friendships with my fellow White Americans who I have mistakenly believed were in possession of at least a hand full of functioning, critical-thinking-ability capable brain cells. I’ve discovered otherwise.

                And, I will be honest – I really have tried to show these idiots the facts and the hard, easily verifiable evidence that proves they’ve been lied to by the greasy cockroaches who have seized power over our nation – and my efforts to open the eyes of these nose picking imbeciles have been about as effective as firing bullets into Superman’s chest. Maybe I’m naive, but I will attest to the fact that it is excruciatingly to be forced into the frightening realization that the vast and overwhelming majority of my fellow White European descended Americans are brainless, clueless, gullible, nose picking idiots who are afflicted with a fatal case of cognitive dissonance and that affliction poses the most serious threat to the continued survival of a nation that I once loved and which I do not want to see destroyed.

                Today, I admit that I literally despise these sheeple sonsabitches. I’ve done everything that is within my power to reach out, and to help inform and educate and awaken these slow thinking, mentally defective, Sean Hannity, Rush Scumbaugh and Faux News addicted slabs of moronic, maggot infested dog excrement. And, I’ve struck out. These imbeciles cannot be helped and they cannot be saved, and they are NOT WORTH OUR TIME OR ENERGY to even try to help, folks.

                Like the Outlaw Josey Wales said in one of the greatest Clint Eastwood westerns of all time, when his partner asked if they ought to bury a few recently killed outlaws. Josey Wales replied: “The hell with them fellers. Buzzards gotta eat, same as worms.”

                That is exactly the attitude I have about ‘sheeples’.

                • Brandon Smith is a good writer, however, I can no longer pity the sheeple, for they have chosen their fate.

                  “The common man is unjust, but not on principle; he is selfish, but is incapable of the imperative. He lacks any sort of honor, and will submit to any humiliation rather than revolt — it is always leader natures who revolt. He gambles in the hope of winning, and if he loses, he whimpers. He would rather live on his knees than die on his feet. He accepts the loudest voice as the true one. He follows the leader of the moment — but only so far, and when the leader is eclipsed by a new one, he points out his record of opposition. In victory he is a bully, in defeat he is a lackey. His talk is big, his deeds small. He likes to play, but has no sportsmanship. Great thoughts and plans he castigates as “megalomania.” Anyone who tries to pull him up and along the road of higher accomplishment he hates, and when the chance offers, he crucifies him, like Christ, burns him, like Savonarola, kicks his dead body in the square in Milan…He does not care if his countrymen are spilling their blood as long as he is secure. He is everything mean and unheroic, but he lacks the mentality to be Iago or Richard III. He has no access to Culture, and, when he dares, he persecutes anyone who has. Nothing delights him more than to see a great leader fall.He makes up the constituency of all parliaments everywhere, and he invades all councils-of-war to advise prudenceand caution. If beliefs to which he was committed become dangerous, he recants — they were never his anyway. He is the inner weakness of every organism, the enemy of all greatness, the material of treason.” -Francis Parker Yockey

                  • Sheeple are we’re here talking about sheeple.

              • Also, sheeple were made to be sheared, as history proves.

            • Hammerun – right on mate!!


              • To feel sorry for someone is to sympathize with them and accept their situation. Sympathy as an emotion, is a luxury that is un-affordable in today’s environment for the vast majority of Americans working for slave wages and generating a food drive for each other to survive.

                Sympathy is between shit and syphilis in the dictionary. No reason to go through either to get to it. Instead, get angry, get involved. Get organized, grab your “pitch fork” and “tar bucket ” and head for DC.

                100 million American gun owners hold the future of America in their hands. Organize, communicate, volunteer, donate, and vote. Amplify your voice in a group. Magnify your personal power in an organization. Stimulate your family, friends, and neighbors to join you.

                If not YOU, who? If not now, when? Engage. 🙂

                • The durango kidd says:

                  “To feel sorry for someone is to sympathize with them and accept their situation. Sympathy as an emotion, is a luxury that is un-affordable in today’s environment for the vast majority of Americans working for slave wages and generating a food drive for each other to survive… Sympathy is between shit and syphilis in the dictionary.”

                  And you call yourself a Christian?

                  No… I think not.

                  A sanctimonious hypocrite is a better description of you DK!

                  • Yo Mama: Pity is as pity does. There is nothing “Christian” about pity or sympathy. Jesus said: “… the poor we will always have with US ….”.

                    That could be said about the stupid as well, because there are none so blind as those who refuse to see. Even Britney Spears, with an “average IQ” of 100, is bright enough to read the writing on the wall and is “aware” of reality and has visited this site and others like it.

                    That’s right, all celebrities are not stupid, and I could provide you with a list as long as your arm of the ones who have visited this site.

                    I have my source and Mac is not it. 🙂

                • @Durango Kidd
                  I am sorry but I respectfully disagree. As a Christian I do feel sorry for them. It is my duty to try to present the facts to the best of my knowledge to them. Then they have the freedom to make there own choices. Everyone in this country has the right to decide on there own. I help those that I can. When it all comes crashing down I will still feel sorry for them. For us all really because of the pain that is coming. I will not put my family at risk in the end though. If they refuse to see then that is up to them.
                  Paul did say in the bible ” Let those who do not work not eat ” I have also realized that we cannot help those that are unwilling to help themselves.
                  I guess I just care about people, this country, and our way of life. I so wish the sheeple would wake up.

                  • Durango I always like to read what you say.

                    From where I sit Christians argue back and forth over such things as protecting their family.
                    I submit Exodus 22:2 If the thief is found breaking in, and he is struck so that he dies, there shall be no guilt for his bloodshed.


                • DK-

                  I knew it!
                  ..World-class/mil-spec intelligence(i.e. very, very smart w/ connections).
                  ..took awhile to figure it out though!
                  BTW, fantastic source also.
                  Killer breathing apparatus, don’t you think?
                  Kudos and thumbs-up to you.

                  -Touche’- ***

                  *** no offense intended (honest!), I don’t have much time left.

              • I give you my viewpoint. The term sheeple is applied to anyone who doesn’t agree with you. It is a way to dehumanize your fellow man. It makes it ok for you in your heart to hate or turn your pack on them.

                For those of you who respect gospel, didn’t Christ talk about his sheep? His humble followers. What did he ask us to do for humble, poor, followers? Didn’t he die on the cross for them?

                Oh well. I’ve never liked the way preppers talk about sheeple, I’ve never used the term myself. I’ve been called a sheeple on more than one occasion and from my previous personal experience it has always because they predicted a future I could tell was fantasy and I predicted a future which was much more like what actually was to come. Oh well.

                • Good points.

                • DumbDude: My point exactly. “What did he ask us to do for humble, poor, followers?”

                  The key word here is “DO” if we are to be about our Father’s business.

                  Change begins with education. You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make him drink. At some point, Sheeple must accept some personal responsibility for themselves.

                  Engage!!! 🙂

                  • And you can lead people to information, but you CANNOT make them THINK!

                • Dumbdude

                  you got that off just a bit, the sheep that Jesus spoke of were the kind and meek amung us ,the sheeple however were the pharacee’s who walked lock step with the organized church of the time and refused to even consider what Jesus said ,and infact mocked him and tried to trick him up (as sheeple do) and evetually were responcable for stabbing him in the back , sheep does not = sheeple

                • One more thought I just had. If preppers are about 1-3% of the population, then what percent are sheeple? 97 or more if sheeple are defined by simply not believing the entire prepper cannon (the country is going over the cliff, the dollar is doomed in the next year or so, the NWO will take over before the next presidential election, the grid will be down, etc.).

                  But think of this, those sheeple are probably: running your power grid, growing a good portion of your food, manufacturing your cars, policing your streets, engineering your electronic and mechanical world, and for those of us who aren’t self-employed they are probably paying your paycheck.

                  Then you fantasize about a future they don’t agree with, and you want to use them as target practice, or the prettier females as “cows”? I’ve never see us this way before, but if the preppers don’t care about, have no sympathy for, the 90% of people who want, love, create, and need civilization then doesn’t that just make us the barbarians at the gate?

                  Read these comments here. They are not a reflection of simply wanting to take care of ourselves and others during trying times. They are a reflection of hatred and envy. They ooze with the sick desire not to prepare for the upending of civilization but to upend civilization. It is clear some of us want to see our neighbors suffer and to exalt in our superiority over them.

                  I will still prepare for tough times. I will take care of those I love. I will maintain an almost neurotic OPSEC (no one who knows me associates the term prepper with me, not even my wife – even though I’ve been at this 7 or 8 years). I may try to help out a few folks if things get really bad. But I won’t be delighting in their misfortune. I won’t think of them as targets or zombies or cows. I’ll miss the world I grew up in where all Americans pitched in together to make a great country of freedom, hard work, and prosperity.

                  • i wonder if you will feel the same when they are pilaging that which you worked so hard to put back while they spent all there time singing and dancing as they had no care in the world ,now i dont think that 97% of the population are sheeple ,i beliave it is closer to 52% ,anyone that cant think for them selves are sheeple ,sorry if that term offends you ,if they walk lock step with the collective and refuse to hear or see what maybe right in front of them ,then they can reep what they have sown ,i think you need to realize that some of the comments on here are sarcasim and some jest and a little smart ass as a way to vent a little ,but ,having said that i would rather align myself with those that come to this channel ,than those that trash or mock this channel ,we have known all our lives growing up that all actions have consiquinces ,so if i say to you hard times are coming you need to do somthing to be prepared and you laugh and mock me ,you have sealed your fate,ive said this before ill say it again ,when the door was closed on the ark and the floods came ,noah did not through a life preserver to anyone that was drowning ,nor did God instruct him to do so

                • DumbDude…Now I understand the user name of “DumbDude” It`s not in anyway clear that he uses the term “sheeple” to mean ALL those who disagree with him. Sheeple are simply those that “go with the flow” because it`s easier regardless of wether it`s right or wrong. Sheeple are those that refuse to believe, because it would upset their falsehoods of reality. To a sheeple it`s easier to call someone a conspiracy theorist, than it is to change ones way of life, in accepting that things aren`t as they seem. Being a sheeple means it`s more comfortable to keep your head buried in the sand clueless, rather than take the energy needed to lift ones head up and view for yourself what`s really going on. Being a sheeple has nothing to do with following Christ, it has EVERTHING to do with following a useless government and it`s false sense of security just because they`ve told you “everything is ok” Does this make you sleep better at night?

                  • I don’t care much about Brandon’s thoughts, I actually care more about what the posts here are saying.

                    Why do I think the term applies to ALL the people, because I have seen it used in exactly that way hundreds or thousands of times. If I don’t agree that the syrian conflict is going to cause a complete breakdown of society I get called a sheeple. If I suggest that gold has not been a particularly good investment that last few years, and that I doubt people would ever give you vast quantities of food for a shiny krugerand in SHTF environment, I get called a sheeple. A sheeple as I argued is simply anyone who doesn’t agree with the excepted prepper orthodoxy. (Because money is fiat it is worthless, fema camps, gun owners will soon be rounded up, gold has inherent value that is sure to go up, etc.) You list what a person has to agree with for you to call them awake to reality. Then we can figure out what percentage actually agrees with all of what you say, I be it will only be 1-3% leaving 97% sheeple.

                    And heck no, I never said following Christ makes someone a sheeple. I just asked what would Christ want you to do for sheeple? Use em for target practice? collect a harem?

                • “Sheeple” are ignorant people who stubbornly refuse to listen to, let alone to think about reality.
                  And you Mr; “self proclaimed Dumbo” are definitely a sheeple because you believe that Christianity isn’t a man made hoax which was deliberately designed to make people into Sheeple!

            • hammerun

              i have seen govt types with 6 inch long curved finger nails that weigh well north of 260 lbs plus and can barely sit in the chair with out it collapsing on them

              lazy shit filled govt types and they get paid big bucks too sit and tell me my form isn’t filled out right and write clear sozs i can read it

              skittle shittin unicorn

          • Calgacus, you get a big hearty AMEN from me. We have only ourselves and our loved ones to be responsible for. Nobody owes any sheeple a damned thing. braveheart

            • Remember Brave, When the SHTF, sheeple get renamed: Targets, victims, or Bait. Not a problem from my spot.

              • Paranoid, any sheeple who cross the red line of ‘looters’ will be called ‘targets’ by Bertha and the rest of my ventilation team.

                • There are also cow sheeple. Cute female sheeple will be treated like cattle.

            • True Brave, and while there will be some who are victims of circumstances and will nevertheless remain decent, law abiding and honest people, come the meltdown the vast majority will have no morals and will become treacherous, dangerous people who will cut your throat for a can of soup. Work out NOW who you can trust, will be too late to look for allies after TSHTF.


              • Aussie, I’ve looked for trustworthy ones for a long time and have yet to find any. I’ll be on my own.

                • They are there Brave. Not many though. While I know many, many people the number I can and will trust I can count on one hand with fingers left over!!


                  • ready down under
                    I also have many friends and only a handful would i trust when SHTF happens, just a NOWADAYS fact of life, people are not what the used to be!!

                • One thing to remember; OPSEC, the people you want to be with, are keeping a low profile. The people on this site are open, Most of us are a lot quieter out in the hustings

                  • Paranoid I completely agree. The way I try to help people is just giving facts I know. Facts on the economy, emp’s , or natural disasters. I never discuss my preps with them.
                    I hope I never have to shoot someone trying to invade my house. It would be even harder if it was someone you knew. I say try to help them but be very careful what you say.

                • @braveheart

                  There are still good honest people out there. Sadly they are becoming the minority. In the end coming crash I agree my responsibility is too my family and loved ones. In the mean time though I think we have a duty to try and change as many minds as we can.

            • Braveheart I thank you for that. Weve tried to get the message to others but they all laugh at us. Were done with that and we focus on ourselves and family. Family doesnt believe the shit will hit but theyre family and well be there for them. Family is all we trust now anyway. They may be blind but blood runs thick.

          • I figure I’ll have my hands full taking care of my loved ones. Doubt there will be much time for pity but I’ll do what I can.

          • I’ll do what I can for them as long as it doesn’t place my loved ones at risk. I’m required to by my Faith. God’s prtty much watched over my loved ones and I figure He requires me to watch over His.

            • My faith includes this:
              I Timothy 5:8….Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and especially for their own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.

              Giving away and exposing your preps will be your undoing.

              • That is true.

                If everyone would take of his/her own household and family, then everyone would be prepared and survive a financial collapse much easier.

                But. We have turned into a more of a scavenger nation instead of a producer, I believe most people will be out looking for food from any source they can scavenge from.

                People, prep. The more, the easier it will be.

              • JayJay

                We expose our preps every time we post.

                • I think it is the risk we are willing to take for posting to get the word out; and also the risk of posting to teach others some of the ideas that we are doing.

                  I’ve learned stuff.

                  Basically, it is preppers teaching preppers with a newbie coming along once in a while. If the newbies keep coming, then maybe all these postings will have done some good.

                  • Ugly I agree. That is why most of us here do post.

                  • As a newbie, I can say your postings are doing some good, and I thank you!!

                • If you have intentions of traveling hundreds of miles for my preps– sad, really sad.
                  My post was referring to my sheeple neighbors.:-)

              • The Wise bridesmaids didn’t give the any oil to the Unwise and mocked them, saying “Go buy some oil”. Humor all in that Bible I swear.

                • The parable of the Ten Virgins is an excellent example of everybody is responsible for their own actions. The Ten Virgins were all given an equal warning for preparation, 5 repsonded and 5 did not. When the Day arrived, 5 were in and 5 were left out. The 5 left out wanted some of the oil from the other 5.

                  One of the morals of the story. When the warning signs are there in front of you, be prepared and be ready. If not, you will be on the outside looking in and wanting in.

            • Old Gringo,
              If everyone had your attitude what a more sane world this would be. Would make getting ready for bad times much easier also.

          • Amen!
            These sheeple need to held responsible, they are every bit as guilty, and selfish as their leaders and hired guns. The list is long and so is my memory.

          • I must be a wolfple. A predator of the sheeple. The herd is to large for the pastures they are living in and they need to be thinned. This is as natural as nature can get. When the hammer drops I for one will be there surviving when they are consumed.


            • Pride and arrogance go before a fall. Maybe you better re think your world view. You could be a hundred miles from home when things go to hell. Won’t be so arrogant then I would bet as others display the same attitude to now down and out BigB..

              • That’s right, pride and ignorance. When and where I travel I will expect and take action to protect myself from those who have that same attitude. How do you think I will get home? I will use and abuse any and all for my right to not only survive but to prosper. Anyone who has a less than shoot and ask for later will be dead. Just as dead as the sheeple they cry for.


          • Amend ditto Amend

          • Amen.

            The article’s title is “Sheeple: Why You Should Feel Sorry For Them”

            I would remind everyone of at least one reason why you should NOT feel sorry for them:

            time management.

          • The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to bring good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim release to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to let the oppressed go free, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favour.

            Most of the Sheeple do not know any better. They were born into the thinking that government is here to take care of you. I was born into a family that thought this way, it was all I knew growing up so I didn’t know any better. The truth came to me by accident, I was just surfing the internet and I found a website like this one and I started reading, it all came together and I kept reading. It all made sense and i knew this was truth. If not for people feeling sorry than websites like this one would not exist, and people like me would never learn. So do feel sorry and spread the good news, and restore the sight of as many as you can. Times are going to get rough, all we can do is help as many as we can before it all goes south.

          • Calgacus…You took the words right out of my mouth. The way I see it is, if your not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. Actually the sheeple are worse than just part of the problem because they try and spread their false bliss to others like a cancer. So I too have NNO PITY for the “sheeple”

          • You know I find this trend of readers on this blog disturbing. This “I got mine f@#! the sheeple” like that of the commenter Calgacus worries me. Don’t get me wrong I tend to favor conservatives because they tend to uphold liberty more often, but this lack of empathy for your fellow human being is something that I feel is inhumane. I realize there are self-centered sheeple but this mentality fails to take into account that some people didn’t have a choice; some were raised cradle to grave by the TV and other forms of mass indoctrination. There was no one out there who truly cared about them to wake up to the reality. The way I see it, its the Matrix; not everyone can seek out the Truth and break free of the System…
            Now you may ask, why do I have empathy for sheeple? It is because I used to be one of them. Born and still being raised (I’m a teen) in liberal San Francisco, I grow up with friends, family and peers that love Obama, the “bread and circuses”, think the economy is recovering and all the other aspects associated with sheeple. There was no one out there that woke me up (Fed is controlled by the banking elite, both Democrats and Republicans work for the same interest, the petrodollar system is the root of all modern US wars, gold/silver is real money, etc.). I stumbled upon this wealth of knowledge by chance. And I guess in this Thanksgiving this is what I am thankful for for finding the Liberty community.
            Thanks for listening, I just had to get that off my chest.

        • Police and military are the worst sheep there is! Without theyre consenting and enforcing this bullshit we wouldn’t have this mess. May I reccommend a few videos for you explaining why people are sheep and how they got there.. scroll down to the one about police and military then check out the others. Even many so called “awake” people are still mind controlled sheep. Don’t run from truth no matter how bad it sounds because only the truth will set you free.. like I say, you can lead a sheep to knowledge but you can’t make it think.. A red thumb on this means you need to look in a mirror and realize you don’t really want truth especially if it goes against your little BS paradigm!

            • Genius–I have fish antibiotics in the fridge from Thomas Labs.
              I read this to my husband last night.
              Made me feel good knowing this is from a medical doc.

              • Just remember that Tetracycline has an expiration date and it turns deadly to use after that.

            • Thanks I have been looking for a layman’s breakdown.

            • Thanks, Genius, just got a bunch and every bit of knowledge helps.

          • I thumbed you down Genius and I couldn’t care less what you think you know about me


            • Care to explain what is untrue in my post? I doubt you will because YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH. now get back to your regularly scheduled programming…

              • Genius, members of the police and military are no different than any other segment of the population. Some are good-some are bad, some are psychotic-some are the most caring people you can ever meet, and some are just doing that they have to do to make ends meet and provide for their family. We are neither monsters nor jesus-like. We are just a group of people with the same problems and imperfections as members of your family. If you can’t understand that then you are just as bad as the people you claim to be against. Regardless of your feelings against the government, don’t take it out against our Veterans. You can take it out on a Veteran like me though because I don’t give a damn about you.

                • Oh ok, please explain how you have protected me from anything? Unless maybe you are a WW2 vet all you have done is line the pockets of the ultra rich class and stolen resources and murdered people for the same class (the ruling class). By being a part of that organization you are consenting to the crimes and by your silence and failure to get out of that system you are condoning it. I take it you are too afraid to watch the video I posted and think you already know what it’s about. You are a good pet dog for your masters even though they despise you more than any others. Do you know right from wrong? Moral from immoral? Are you even aware that you fight for slavery and NOT freedom? Do you even know what freedom is? As far as cops the same things apply. Covering up for others crimes and injustices, condoning the multitude of rights violations, enforcing unconstitutional and immoral laws, continuing to serve an injust immoral unconstitutional gang of thugs. Maybe some are good but they are complicent in the whole thing by continuing theyre service to theyre satanic masters. Why arent cops making a stand against the attrocities commited by theyre fellow comrades? Saying your just doing your duty is total BULLSHIT! YOU and only YOU are responsible for your actions NO ONE ELSE! Don’t try and pass it off on the state or the govt. because you CANNOT say I was just following orders. Without the attack dogs (as you are called by your masters) none of these bullshit laws can have any teeth or effect! YOU are the most guilty of all even more than the politicians because YOU actually carry out theyre orders! Just because some fat fkkng phsycopath in a suit writes his evil wishes on paper and proclaims it’s law doesn’t make it so! But your a yes man ass kisser coward that can’t say NO! Respect? you deserve the least respect of anyone because your a weak minded coward that can’t say NO. YOU are the one that commits the most evil of all because you bring this shit into action! If I proclaimed myself leader and ordered you to jump off a cliff would you do it? I bet if I said you were a great brave amerikan you would. Ok I welcome your intelligent rebuttal and proof that I am wrong….

                  • actually Genius I did my required 8 years and got out. Just long enough to pay off my college loans and to be able to live my life debt-free. during those 8 years I bet both good and bad people- same as any other job. If you are narrow-minded enough to believe that all military are bad than why stop there? who else is 100 bad? are all preppers bad? you seem to hold the secrets of the universe in your hands so i’d love to here more about it then.

                  • McLovin I see no reply bar on your post so Im replying here. Did I say they were all bad? I said they were all sheep. The worst of sheep because they are inflicting death and destruction on people they have no business with. I see you still refuse to watch my video just blather on your ignorant mental midget rebuttals. It’s ok go back to your programming because it’s obvious you don’t want to face truth. Good Luck with that!

                  • Oh 1 more thing, I see you couldnt refute a single thing I posted lol, Doing your 8 years of service to the satanic cabal is ok too.. you needed it for college. So what your saying is if little jonny jeehad needs money for college it’s ok if he comes over here and blows the crap out of you and yours. Goodnight idiot…

                • I agree McLovin that cops, soliders, DHS, etc (anyone who works for the govt with a gun)can be good or bad, but that doesnt exempt y’all from being complicit in doing their bidding. So that makes y’all stupid whether good or bad heart.

                  • Yes Yikes, all people make mistakes. But realizing you are making a mistake and not correcting it is immoral and wrong. Especially when it affects the lives of so many people. Perhaps that is why the suicide rate is so high in the military, they see that they have bought a lie and cannot live with what they are ordered to do. I have made my share of mistakes but I LEARNED from them. Thank god I never sought to be a cop or soldier but then I am not well suited to taking orders from anyone and I have enough conscience to refuse BS. People need to learn the word NO! HELL NO! F+%K NO! or just go back in theyre little turtle shell where its safe. Your free to do what you want to do, as long as you have permission too 😉

                  • Yes Yikes there are good and bad in both BUT.. A good person learns from theyre mistakes and when realizes he is doing wrong corrects it immediatly. Everyone makes mistakes but failing to correct your mistakes is wrong and immoral. Perhaps that is why the suicide rate in the military is so high, they realize they have bought a lie and cannot live with what they are ordered to do. Im so glad I never wanted to be a cop or a soldier, I have big issues with taking orders and following BS. People need to learn the word NO! HELL NO! F*CK NO! When you affect so many lives and death and suffering, doing the wrong thing even though you know it’s wrong is the worst attrocity there is.

          • @ Genius

            You can find some in all organizations that are sheep. I just know a lot of military and police who are not sheep. I have four family members that are police officers. They are prior military as well. They only enforce the law. They believe the country is on the wrong path and cannot continue. They all have become frustrated at work. Criminals now have more rights than they do.
            I am prior military and have many friends that have served and some currently serving. To a man they have told me that they would refuse to confiscate peoples fire arms.
            Police officers said they would not as well.
            my problem with your assessment is this. If it were not for those guys your post would have been censored and probably spoken in German or Russian. Then again you probably would have had your computer stolen before you could have posted without the police.
            The guys I know will stand with us when the shtf. They want the country to go back to the way it used to be.

            • Mike, so you support bullshit wars and death and destruction? You support police extorting money from people going a couple miles over the speed limit? There are good sheep and bad both but, they are sheep just the same. Theyre masters decorate them with all manor of dark occult symbols and get them to do theyre bidding and they do it without question? If they indeed see what they are doing is wrong why don’t they quit? They want things back the way they used to be? are you kidding? Start the cycle of slavery all over again? Not all they do is bad but they are part of an extremely corrupt and evil organization ruled by dark occult satanists. Do some research. I take it you haven’t watched any of the presentations on the subject either. Morality is par with freedom, the more moral a society the free’re it is, the opposite is true too. Get back to me when you figure it out, everything I said is true…

              • I don’t have to watch anything. I lived it. I have friends currently living it. Doing there best to make this country a better place. I never said I agreed with all of our wars. I can say for sure that we needed to do something about the terrorist training camps in Afganistan. After that we should have come home. If you would do your research you would find out that a U.S. soldier has ridiculous rules of engagement to adhere too. Our current government seems to place more value on other peoples lives than it does on our soldiers lives. To be honest. If you lived in the countries we are fighting in you would not be allowed to speak freely. You should consider that. I would agree that things are changing fast here. But as long as we have free speech then realize it was won by soldiers. To be honest it will be again I think. Here in our own country. Your hatred is so misplaced. It should be directed at the political rulers. Not the normal men and women of this country who just try to make a living and do what they think is right.
                I don’t have a problem with speed limits. Does not hurt me in any way. Would hurt me if we did not have them and someone hit my vehicle going 100 miles an hour. When I have gotten tickets I knew I was wrong. The cop was just doing his job. Does not really effect my freedom in anyway. If he tried to take my right to free speech or my firearms then that would be another story. Sounds like maybe you have a grudge because of a few speeding tickets.

                • I have a perfect driving record and I do not hate these people. Anyone that has any critical thinking ability at all can easily dissect your post and see you are a sheep. You can’t see the trees because of the forest. I grow tired of trying to explain the obvious to the sheep, those with eyes to see already see what I do as witnessed by the green thumbs up as for the rest, I hope you wake up soon…

                • ” don’t have to watch anything. I lived it. I have friends currently living it.” YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT THE VIDEOS ARE! It’s not about what you lived, but you already know don’t you. typical sheep response avoid looking into things and pretend you are right.. “Doing there best to make this country a better place. I never said I agreed with all of our wars.” Just how are they making this country a better place? Fighting for the federal reserve? This is a no brainer. What wars do you agree with? The ones you fought in? “I can say for sure that we needed to do something about the terrorist training camps in Afganistan.” Perhaps, but does that justify the anihalation of a country and armed occupation and murder of hundreds of thousands of the civilian people and trillions of dollars of debt? ” After that we should have come home. If you would do your research you would find out that a U.S. soldier has ridiculous rules of engagement to adhere too. Our current government seems to place more value on other peoples lives than it does on our soldiers lives.” Ever wonder why that is? BECAUSE THEY DO PLACE OTHERS ABOVE YOU! If you bothered to read my posts and knew what your owners think of you your just a dog to them but yet you blindly follow like a dumb sheep. ” To be honest. If you lived in the countries we are fighting in you would not be allowed to speak freely.” But luckily I don’t live there. How is that my problem? The people there need to fight theyre own battles if they want freedom of speech. “I would agree that things are changing fast here. But as long as we have free speech then realize it was won by soldiers.” Yes by soldiers in the revolutionary war, NOT by anyone in modern wars. “Here in our own country. Your hatred is so misplaced. It should be directed at the political rulers. Not the normal men and women of this country who just try to make a living and do what they think is right.” My hatred is aimed at the system that you fight for. The one that has brainwashed you so completely into serving theyre global dominance agenda. Without theyre dogs (as you are called) none of this shit would be possible (how hard is that to figure out?) Just because someone thinks it’s the right thing doesn’t make it so. ”
                  I don’t have a problem with speed limits. Does not hurt me in any way. Would hurt me if we did not have them and someone hit my vehicle going 100 miles an hour.” There you go blowing what I said way out of purportion, read what I said, I said a few mph over the limit. Another typical sheep response, exagerating someones statement. ” If he tried to take my right to free speech or my firearms then that would be another story.” Well I would certainly hope so. At least you figured that out. Youtube has HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of examples of cops prohibiting free speech and stomping on the rights of the people. And just as many of them violating peoples 2nd ammendment rights, unlawful confiscations, etc. “Sounds like maybe you have a grudge because of a few speeding tickets.” There you go again with a sheepish response, making assumptions which aren’t true. I have a clean driving record…

                  CONCLUSION: You obviously are too lazy or afraid to look into what I am saying because you may have to rethink your position. You think you already know all you need to know. You are stuck in your brainwashed paradigm and defend it with all you have. You do not have an open mind and are not open to possibilities that could be true. There are two kinds of fools… 1: Those who believe that which isn’t true… 2: those who refuse to believe that which is true. I’ve given you food for thought, do as you will with it..

            • @Mike I’ll bet the recruiter told you many lies about how much good you will be doing overseas and all the goodies you’d get after getting home. Instead what you found probably woke you up after the fact of signing up. By not thinking for yourself and investigating what happens to soliders once there and upon arriving home tends to make recruits sheep. I was a good sheople too in my profession but then I woke up to the truth and the facts so I quit and I don’t defend what I did any longer. But you do?? If you want to make a change go tell the kids NOT to sign UP, instead of arguing how safe you keep us by killing people in other countries who dont want your help or by guarding their poppy fields. As for the cops, we all know they have been miltarized, so the awake ones needs to make changes from within or leave instead covering each others arses.

        • The line from the classic movie, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly fits here;
          “You see, there are only two kinds of people in the world, my fried; those with loaded guns and those who dig. You dig.” Blondie

        • In my college years (late ’60s) a frequent acquaintance used to refer to what we now call Sheeple as D.O.’s. The acronym for Deficit Operation. Consume more than they contribute. But they had then and have now one salient feature beloved of the Halfrican Dictator – they can be induced to vote for him.

        • or as ronald reagan put it …“It isn’t so much that liberals are ignorant. It’s just that they know so many things that aren’t so.” applies to a LOT of people………..that man was a GENIUS!

        • Better is he that knows not and knows that he knows not than he that knows not and thinks that he knows.
          Author Unknown

        • It’s geniuses, not genius’s, genius… but as this shows, you are correct. LOL

        • Hey, Butch, it’s geniuses, not genius’s, genius… but as this shows, you are correct. LOL

      2. If it wasn’t for preppers, the economy would be even worse. Think how much we stimulate the retail sector!

        • Congratulation Brandon — five T. U.’s

          Inner-strength does control outer-strength

          • Indeed.
            I’m reminded of stories of inner city kids being tormented & ridiculed for excelling in school for ‘acting white.’ The sheepling of the populace has been going on for a long time.

            Some people are born mediocre,
            Some achieve mediocrity,
            And some have mediocrity thrust upon them.
            With Major Major Major it was all three.

            HT: Joseph Heller, Catch 22

          • Inner strength surpasses outer strength. Being as strong as an ox will do you little good, if you don’t have the inner fortitude to use it. Also, sometimes having the will and determination of the proverbial “pitbull” often compensates for being a little short on brawn.

            Inner strength, determination and free will—the trifecta of what it means to be a productive human being.

            • Six pack, I loved that!

            • Improvise , Overcome , Adapt


              Semper Fi 8541

        • I have a business philosophy of “You can sheer a sheep many times but you can only skin it once”. It’s not meant as a derogatory statement. It means if you don’t rip someone off they will come back and be a repeat customer.

          Now taking that saying and applying it to society and politics, as long as the people don’t feel ripped off they will come back. Obama’s mistake was trying to be too slick with his words, he thinks of himself as a wordsmith with a gift. The Obamacare rollout has left people feeling skinned and you can only skin a sheep once. At best, the more Obama tries to wordsmith himself out of this the more he looks like a shyster salesman trying to get you to over pay for a dead horse, or worst, he looks incompetent and is trying to hide his incompetency behind slick words and false promises.

          The biggest mistake a politician can make is to make the sheep feel skinned.

        • The collapse will come when preppers have all finished buying.

          Kinda like the US stock market collapsed in March of 2000 when everybody quit buying new computers and Y2K stuff.
          It took 3 months from the new year’s start for the momentum of the economy to slow(Road Runner’s wolf running off the cliff).
          If I’d seen that back then, I’d still have a fat wallet and a lot more preps.

        • silversax, I would give 100 thumbs up if I could!

      3. I’ve honestly just lost the ability to feel sorry for or pity those that won’t open their eyes to the truth staring them in the face. I will take care of me and mine including members of my family that refuse to wake up. But I can’t worry about anyone else any more. They will have to take care of themselves. God help them.

        • Amen

          • Those that refuse to be a part of the solution are a part of the problem.

            If you can’t enlighten them in a minute or two, then they are just wasting your time that your could have spent prepping.

            • I had a young preacher a few years ago say in one sermon, if you tried and can’t reach the unsaved, and you feel you did your best, move on; stop wasting your time and concentrate on other needs.

        • Amen and dittos. I’ve have lost it. I just don’t give a damn about them. I’ve had it with treated as if I was a circus freak or a dull child that one pats on the head and him to go off and play. Ok, I’ll go away, BUT when the SHTF, I’m NOT going to do a single thing to help you. You’re on your own. To all of those who mocked and ridiculed me, all I have to say is; Karma meet bitch.

          • +1
            I know exactly what your talking about,
            It will be truly amuzing to watch these people freaking out when their investments and overinflated sense of self get the chair from the top rope!

      4. Not to insult anyone, but this article describes a lot of basic human nature.

        It describes everyone, sheeple or not. Obviously not everyone falls under each of these points, but many of us here still fall under some of these points and it necessarily isn’t a bad thing.

        For example, not everyone is able to be creative, no matter how hard they try.

        • AnAngryJew I’m really biting my tongue on this article. I’m very disgusted with this article and the way it has allow the caricature of the inbred prepper to be perpetuate and how many of the the post are reenforcing that perception.

      5. I only feel sorry for their kids. We have to be prepared to take in orphans if the opportunity presents itself wherever you may be located. I save all of my sons clothes that he has outgrown for this specific reason. At the same time, one must be cautious and aware because children will also be used for int gathering and to lower a person(s) defenses. It’s a cold world.

        • Those orphans will carry the DNA of their failed sheeple parents. Better to let nature take its course better sooner than later. I don’t love or hate others. For the most part im indifferent. I will only take care of me and mine. If others take care of them & theirs everything will be ok. Remember Noah dint take anyone beyond his own aboard the Ark. Not even orphans.

          • Hi OG, I understand your take on the situation bit have a fundamental disagreement with your reasoning. My brother and I share DNA, he’s a sheep, and im sure that somewhere in your bloodlines there is one as well. At first read it would appear you would support ugenics. The Bible also speaks of the innocence of a child. Noah was not a gradual shtf situation, it was instantaneous, either yes or no. God also promised to not wipe us out again, that our destruction would come by our own hands next time. Give up on the kids, give up on our future. If we don’t take them in, you know who will? The most valuable resource we have are the kids.

            • You speak of God’s word and then make a comparison of animals and man when His book clearly states an absolute difference between the two. An animal has no soul and they were created to serve our needs as we see fit.
              Do I really need to comment on the rest of your words? Do Him a favor and stop invoking his name in your ignorance, it doesn’t help his plan at all, or as you might call it… His “final solution.”

            • Kids are innocent, should be able to just be kids, its a shame, some of the dumbest people are breeding, it really sucks.

              • Exactly!

              • Kula, well said in few words. It’s not my habit to debate religious morality, nor am I well equipped to. I truly am saddened when I think of the future of our American children. They are being taken from us, and most parents are letting it happen. It’s a touchy subject for me. Many off you may not have seen the new video Ill link below, serious business. This offender (the officer) has given us notice that school policy is law that supercedes any rights you may have.


            • We’ll said AZ!

            • Even I don’t accept the story of Noah’s Ark as being a literal event. It would A) Make God a very malicious, immoral God. And B) Is simply not possible for so many different reasons the science has now discovered.

              It is a metaphor, it is symbolism.

              • AJ-

                Hmmmmm? So Noah is a figment of our(us Gentiles) imagination..’cuz some jew, way back when was on a killer mushroom trip and he recorded the event in writing?
                Awesome, huh???

                Just out curiosity, according to your ‘expert talmudic analysis’, do you think the book of Eshter is purely…
                metaphorical/symbolism also?
                Was it real or was it MEMOREX???

                -(the old-timers here, will catch that analogy)-

       know ‘Esther’ that odd little story where you guys jubilantly celebrate to this day, the slaughter of a huge number of Gentiles (approx) +2500 years ago.

                Do you personally partake in or believe in “PURIM” and its jovial/self-back slapping high five rituals…or NOT?

                A detailed explanation of the O.T., as perceived by you/your Rabbi’s/sages etc, would be most welcomed by ‘WE/US’ here..following/participating at this site.

                ..ball is in your court, sonny!

                Time for a REAL…return serve!!

                We’re waiting………………………..

          • Also, good people who have good kids are going to be lost, not just bad people with stupid kids. I pray that if I perish in the crunch, someone takes him in. I firmly believe he would be a tremendous asset to those that would. I am also confident he would be capable of putting you and your entire family under a one man siege if he backslid without the proper guidance. I would like to reinforce my belief that his character is strong enough to defend those that refused him help in any such scenario.

        • Good point A.Z my father and father in law both Vietnam Vets said the Vietnamese used kids all the time. I am sure it wouldn’t be much different in a shtf event. A lot of people these days use there kids already never mind when it hits the fan

      6. One of your best articles ever. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

      7. Sheep will run off a cliff to their death playing ‘follow the leader’.

        We must all be vigilant to not allow groupthink to influence actions in all matters that are important.

        When SHTF, you’ll be a leg up on the general populous that simply thinks to go to the grocery store in the midst of the crisis, follow natural lines of drift to evacuate the area and think the old rules still apply as it relates to defending oneself from attackers.

        • “Sheep will run off a cliff to their death playing ‘follow the leader’.”

          2nd that. those still defending the political class that are trying to do anything for any portion of the usa deserve the pain coming.

          those that just got caught in the coming thresser, i do feel sorry for.

      8. That’s why the people need to show a force of power through their purchases. Boycott those retailers and products that are tainted and a threat to wellness and envirnomental sustainability. The airwaves are already awash in Christmas commercials over and over, priming the gullible to buy what they do not need. American’s spending just to spend is the largest part of the economy. Still, I hope for a much smaller take from the retail shysters this holiday season.

      9. We are all victims of Eddie Bernay’s advertising and “public relations”. There is some sheeple in all of us for this reason.

        “What luck for rulers that men do not think.” A. Hitler

        “Years ago, it meant something to be crazy. Now everyone’s crazy.” Charles Manson

        • Who expected such a profound quote from Manson?

          • Who expected that some idiot would quote what he had to say?

            He should have been six feet under 30 years ago.

      10. My kid’s favorite Bible story is the one about the pigs running off the cliff. The sheeple seem a lot like the pigs with/without the demons.

        • Unfortunately, these sheeple have ‘the bad shepherd’, not ‘The Good Shepherd.’

      11. Sorry.. My bucket of human compassion ran out when it comes to feeling sorry for them. They have just as much opportunity and self drive as the next person to educate themselves and develop critical thinking.

        It’s kind of like the radicals of the 60’s favorite saying- Trust no one over the age of 30. Today’s motto- trust no one that cannot think for themselves.

      12. Sheeple are also unknowingly in the cross hairs of the elite and will be the first to be “removed”. The Sheeple will be like clay pigeons drawing fire away from us, allowing us to disappear/blend into the background. We should feel sorry for those who are not facing reality and preparing for what is coming, but we can also be thankful for them being a distraction or decoy to keep the gov busy for quite some time after the SHTF. While the sheeple filled cities are going insane, we can burrow in deeper. Brum

        • Can’t agree with that. The PTB will organize the sheeple against us. That’s been the Modus Operandi of dictators from the days of the Sumarians.

      13. All we, like sheep, have gone astray…

        • Harrison, my thoughts exactly. This is an excellent article by Brandon. But as I read this article I can see that we are all sheeple to a degree in one way or another, whether we like to admit it or not. And none of us really have an original thought, when we’re born our brain was like a hugh dry sponge ready to start absorbing,and this is what it does for our entire life. And to repeat your comment, as Jesus said, We are all like sheep gone astray. Trekker Out

      14. Sheeple don’t concern me as much as the people who consider themselves to be “the smartest people in the room”.

        Sheeple don’t try to take my freedoms away with every waking moment that goes by – but the “smartest people in the room” never rest at it.

        The good news……they can both be bled-out, if necessary; and that time is perilously close at hand.

        • CR, spot on. The ones who think they know best are ALWAYS the ones to be the most concerned with. they and the sheeple will be part of the “great culling” after the balloon goes up. that first group is the most likely to do home invasions to get food, etc. I have something they DON’T want if they try it on me.

      15. I’m having a “I don’t give a crap day”. I hope I don’t have one when the idiots around me need my prep help.

        • I don’t have ulcers. I tell people that I have a low “give-a-crap level.”

      16. I still think sheeple should be ostracized after the collapse. We don’t want to rebuild just to have society wind up in the same place it is now.

        • I see it this way—after the collapse, sheeple will still need a leader to follow, just as they did before. WE need to be that leader.

          • Sixpack, IF any sheeple survive, HELL YES, WE NEED TO BE THAT LEADER. The question is, how many, if any, will survive? Not many I would bet.

            • makes our job a little easier, no?

          • Good one sixpack …… good one

            I have often thought the people here
            could be a magnet for an unsolicited
            leadership role, just because our
            prepper knowledge would be an obvious
            lifeline to their survival.

            • OutWest.

              Careful. Being in charge can get your head chopped off.

              • slingshot — I know my friend

                But how could it be avoided?

                You are eating, they are hungry

                You are warm at night, they are freezing

                They are going to seek you out

                They will be grabbing at straws

                A real dilemma, if you know them

                • OutWest.

                  There are times I wish I never taken the First Aid Course or entered the Military. This training has cause me more trouble. As with many as me, we run to trouble. Can be very outspoken. Willing to help others.
                  That may be my downfall.

                  • @Slingshot
                    I think you are much better off with the training. It may be my downfall as well but not in the shtf situation. In that situation we will use our training to protect our family and loved ones. The more training we have the better in a shtf situation.
                    Most on here don’t mind speaking there minds. I like that. Whether I agree or disagree I always learn when people say what they really think.

      17. Ahh, the meaningless life. Reminds me of Ecclesiastes:

        Ecclesiastes 1:2:
        “Meaningless! Meaningless!”
        says the Teacher.
        “Utterly meaningless!
        Everything is meaningless.”

        Yet, what is the answer for all, including the sheeple whom as a whole have largely rejected this truth?

        “Now all has been heard;
        here is the conclusion of the matter:
        Fear God and keep his commandments,
        for this is the duty of all mankind.”

      18. Sorry , gang I won’t feel sorry for sheeples anywhere anytime. They have the same opportunity as the rest of us and CHOSE TO IGNORE it. Hell with them. I have neither the time nor the proclivity to buy into their BS or some lame I didn’t know excuses. In today’s age of information and technology one would have to live in a cave to not know.

      19. the only sheep i will let into my preps, or save, is a girl, wandering around by herself, looking for help.(yes, im in my 20’s, so i consider starting a family after shtf). i live alone, and could use an extra hand.

        after the chaos is over, il help rebuild the population. teaching my kids the right way.

        • Damn, you are thinking well ahead aren’t you? Maybe you just wrote that a little weird but it kinda sounds creepy. I can almost hear the banjos.

          • LOL.

            Choose wisely!

        • Heck gather up a half dozen and keep the best one & cull the rest. Actually Ive thought that It might be prudent to find suitable mates for my grandchildren.

      20. Nope, I’m just not feeling the sorrow.
        The sheeple make their own choices.

      21. Prepper Friends.

        No matter what happens and how it happens, it will be a ‘bad’ time period for everyone–including the prepper. It is a time period I hope I don’t see, but if I do at least I have tried to prep and also to warn others that were willing to listen (not many).

        I agree with the thrid category because that is the category I run across the most–that is the people that really don’t want to know or don’t care to.

        Good luck America! We need it….

        • Howdy, Ugly and I have to agree. I stopped talking to sheeple years ago. Post-SHTF will be hell on earth for all of us. None of the sheeple will make it. All we can do is take care of ourselves and our own. We don’t owe the sheeple a damned thing. the sheeple have been warned time and again, all to no avail. It’s at the point now that you can’t even lead the horse to the water trough anymore. Let the sheeple continue living in their fantasy world. They’ve made their bed so now they need to lay down on it. braveheart

          • I have a three strikes rule. Strike one is changing the subject from prepping, collapse, etc., to something irrelevant. Strike two is giggling or laughing it off. Strike three is coming to agreement about the seriousness of the situation but giving no indication you’re willing to do something about it. Those are the three criteria to follow if you really want to weed through the sheeple to find the ones you’re looking for. Don’t just give up first shot simply because the person or family you’re talking to appears not interested. Three strikes and no more advise from me.
            BTW , lets discuss how to help the sleepers wake up a little before we just hold a pillow to their faces. Three strikes, then you’re out. No sooner, no later.

            • All three of those Strikes could just be OPSEC on their part.

              • Agreed. But a prepper being asked those questions or discussing prepping, disaster preparedness, etc., would give indications to such. All I’m saying is we shouldn’t count sheep unless we know that’s what they are.
                Three strikes in that case means:
                A: I don’t want to hear this type of doomsday bullshit
                B: I’m aware and keeping to myself about it. Now please move along because you’re preaching to the choir.
                Thanks for keeping focus on the topic and not changing course or blaming ‘class x’ for all of ‘class y’ problems. We have a massive task ahead of us of educating the remaining sleepers so we can add to the solution and not compound the problem.

            • You just described how I respond to people when asked if I’m a prepper

            • @Kansas.
              I agree that we should try to change as many minds as possible. We can help some sheep now by doing that. It could really effect the country after the collapse too. The more minds that see the truth the better.
              The one thing I disagree with is discussing your preps. I don’t want everyone knowing that my neighborhood is the place to come too when the shtf. I think we can try to convince them by pointing out other things. Example would be the 17 trillion dollar national debt.
              Then maybe they will broach the subject of what to do and preparing to you. I just would not let anyone except my closest friends know about my preps. They are the ones that are prepping right along with me anyway.

          • braveheart.

            I don’t understand why there is such a stigma from most Americans on spending some of their monies into preps and food storage. It is easier to talk to people about buying an iPad than #10 cans.

            I guess in Eastern Idaho we are spoiled. In a 100 mile area, there are about 350,000 people that live here. Potatoes and grain are plenty here. Maybe that is a false security?

            • Mornin’ Ugly. Same here buddy. It’s the gradual dumbing down of the population, turning them into robots. Conditioning them like Pavlovs dog. TPTB dont want people to think for themselves – free thinkers who challenge and rebel against the establishment are dangerous because they cant be controlled. Locked up maybe, but never controlled.


              • Aussie.

                Each day I meet and talk to good people. But almost all of them believe that the debt and financial crisis is just something to worry about in the future. Some folks are catching on, but not very many percentage wise.

                There is enough food here to feed everybody in eastern Idaho and then still export 95% to other states and countries. There is a lot of production here. But that assumes we will always have the water and power.

                Sometimes I even find it somewhat ironic that I have bought several #10 cans of dehy-potatoes in the land of potatoes.

            • Ugly, stigmatizing us preppers is all about making us ALL dependent on Uncle Scam for all of our needs. F#$% the government! I’m self-sufficient. I don’t need anything from govt. I invest every spare dollar I can on preps. That’s what I invest in. I have peace of mind knowing I’m prepared for whatever curveballs life throws at me. I’m a prepper and will never apologize to anyone for it. braveheart

            • there is about 9-10 thousand people in my whole county…..1200 square miles. We grow potatoes and hay up here. boundary.

              • gone under….

                I finally caught the clue ‘boundary’.

                Yes I am about 450 miles south in potato land.

                I went to college in Moscow. I also know the north of there too.

                I wont say cause of OPSEC, but your area is a nice area.

          • Brave…with respect my friend I have to disagree with the statement that none of the sheeple will make it…people as a group tend to fall into “sheepleness” almost as a default setting…they or therforebears work/fight/scrape to build a nation or some such thing then they get tired/lazy or whatever…along comes some so-called leader after a collapse/rebuild promising folks that he can make their life easier/better…all they gotta do is give him their loyalty and power…and 99 times outta 100 the idiots will follow right along and here we go down that wrong road again…not trying to be disagreeable…what you say is correct for the most part its just a point that we gotta consider…there is in the human nature a desire be it laziness or stupidity to trust their lives and futures to some power that promises them a better way(instead of reliance on themselves and their faith)…not all of course but enough that we have to be watchful and aware lest this curse rise up in the midst of us unawares and we allow it to again work its evil… because even if in fact all the sheeple are destroyed by the collapse its seems they survive in our very human genetics and bloom again in another generation…hope that makes sense 🙂

      22. Speaking of sheep, I just ordered another sacrificial lamb. If the Feds ever do come around looking to take my remaining weapons, this is what they will get. A Type 53 Mosin. “It’s all I got sir. What was your name again?” For the money, hard to beat. At 18 cents a round, I don’t know if it can be beat for energy/dollar spent.

      23. Brandon, thank you for the best article I’ve ever seen on ‘sheeple’. From a philosophical standpoint, there’s nothing in it I can dispute. There was a time when I sympathized with the plight of the sheeple and tried to show them how misled and brainwashed they were about everything. All of my efforts were in vain. I can’t be concerned about them anymore. I only have myself to be concerned for and to provide for. In an article earlier this year, Daisy Luther said that preppers were the only group of independent thinkers left in this nation. there are other groups out here not necessarily connected to the prepper movement who are also independent thinkers. I was an independent thinker before I ever met my wife and she she sold me on the idea of prepping. although I was a product of public schools, what I was taught in school was ‘balanced out’ by what I called my parents’ version of ‘homeschooling’. I was very fortunate to learn about brainwashing and propaganda at an early age. I’ve never really believed in the system in any of its aspects. As a kid I knew how to see right through a politician. I can still remember George Wallace saying during the 1972 presidential elections when I was 15 that, “There’s not a dime’s worth of difference between the Democratic and Republican parties.” All I saw in ALL of the elections was a choice between a Democratic POS and a Republican POS. AS A TEENAGER IN THE 1970s I SAW HOW USELESS AND FUTILE IT WOULD BE TO GO TO THE POLLS. I SAW HOW THE ELECTIONS WERE NOTHING BUT A SHAM. Everyone has always been led to believe that if they vote that the action would make a difference and bring about something good in our society. Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin once said, “The people who cast ballots decide nothing. It’s the ones who count the ballots who decide everything.” Every election we have from local to federal levels it’s always someone in the background who decides whether the Democrat POS or Republican POS will be the one to go into the cookie jar for the next 4 years. I’ve always had critical thinking skills. Nobody tells me what to think or what to say. I always think outside the box. I’ve never fitted into anyone’s box. I’m not a mindless robot. I’ve never been one of those 100% ‘Yessir, Yesma’am’ type of people. That kind of existence has never been for me and never will be. HOORAY FOR INDEPENDENT THINKING! I’ve always been an independent thinker and proud of it! Wouldn’t have things any other way. I won’t spend any part of my life seeking approval from other people, worrying about opposing viewpoints, surrendering to peer pressure, etc. never have and never will. Whenever MEGA SHTF finally hits, the sheeple will die. yes, it will be horrific and tragic, but I can only worry about myself. My prepping is continuing all the way until it hits. Let the sheeple say what they will. It’s irrelevant to me. braveheart

        • kudo’s to you braveheart! I see it all around me everyday, no one has any critical thinking ability and don’t question shit. They just follow the leader of the day stuck in theyre left, right, paradigm parroting the shit spewed by theyre favorite radio turd hannity, rush, savage, etc. never thinking outside the box,never questioning authority, mindlessly bumbling along attacking theyre own little branch of the tree thinking they have cornered the problem never aware of the root of the tree. Thinking they can just vote our way out of this looking to external sources for the answer. Brainwashed by religion and theyre media of choice thinking it is the solution all the time theyre masters are behind the curtain laughing theyre asses off at them.

          • Genius, the one thing about it that really stands out and galls me is that no one even thinks about questioning certain things they’re being told. they just accept it as gospel and not ask one question about it, ever. It’s as if they have blind faith in the system and its minions. their ignorance will cost them dearly in the long run.

            • Yep Braveheart it’s pathetic. There are 2 ways to be a fool… 1: to believe that which isn’t true and 2: to refuse to believe that which is true. It’s amazing that in the greatest information age of all time (not for long) people choose to be completely ignorant and stupid. And defend theyre ignorance to the death, never questioning what they are defending. And to theyre death theyre ignorance shall lead them. I hope you watch the video I posted up there^^ about cops and troops and the others, it is a wakeup call and a great example of truth. I more than welcome any refute to my posts as my mind is open to change always if someone proves me wrong. I see that many people here are awake and critical thinkers and love truth. It is refreshing to see as where I live and work there is nobody I know that is. Keep your mind open and use it to spot the truth in what surrounds you, and no matter how good a lie makes you feel or sounds, it is still a LIE and those who think can discern this and discard it accordingly.

        • Braveheart,
          Me and you must be about the same age , we really lived through some shit haven’ t we?
          Could not have said it better myself.
          Each day I wake up thinking what can I do today to prepare for what’s coming.


          III %

          Semper Fi 8541

      24. I am confused…are we talking sheeple or are we talking about The Borg? Resistance is futile.

      25. What “sheeple” don’t get is that the Liberals/progressives/socialists WANT THEM TO DIE!!! They know their programs will bankrupt the nation so the “useless eaters”, the “Sheeple” have to go. Like the Middle Class farmers in the Ukraine in 1922 that refused to “Collectivize”, they will be starved to death or die trying to steal some “Prepper”s” food. Illegal aliens will suffer the same fate. They will become the New Jews when it all falls apart, the perfect socialist “Scapegoat”.

      26. There are a lot of good people who are asleep. Like the retired pastor who leads our Bible study. And the older couple who drove 100 miles each way to visit my late first wife when she was in the hospital. I appreciate that 100 times more that they did it for her than if they had done it for me.

        • I deal with sheeple like someone who is drowning. I will throw them a life line, but I won’t jump in with them or they will pull me under. I’ve had to explain more than once to one such person who voted for Obama twice why those who were prepping for Y2K were offended when he told him he would just come to their house if anything happened.

          Nevertheless, my wife had surgery today and his wife watched our toddler so I could take her and they are bringing dinner tonight. My prepper friends care only about themselves so when a winter storm knocks out power, these sheeple will be the ones invited over for a hot meal and a warm place to sleep.

          That being said, after an event which has the potential to last longer than a month we will bug out to the retreat whose location only my neighbors there know so my two year food supply does not become one.

        • ***There are a lot of good people who are asleep***

          And there are a lot of good people gonna die.
          Noah should we.
          And the lord shut him in. Genesis 7:16.

          This scripture provides a wonderful demonstration of man’s responsibility and God’s sovereignty.
          Free will gives us the ability to believe but also provide for ourselves and family.

      27. There are many people who don’t care to wake up. I’m usually labeled as a conspiracy theorist. As I said before, as long a Mc D’s drive through is still open, sheeple don’t care what happens.

        I work with some women who love Barry so much because they get so type of government assistance. If he walked up to them and crapped in their dinner; they would smile and talk about how great he is. The US will never turn on Barry so don’t think anything will change in relation to his cult following. Hell, Nixon was impeached for 5% of the fraud barry’s administration is gulity of.

        • THOSE are the sheeple I have absolutely no sympathy for, Indy—those that automatically start slinging terms like “conspiracy nut” at me when I make any statement they choose to disagree with, whatever their reason.

          They often say stuff like “Oh, you’re one of THOSE people”.

          It is the most arrogant sheeple who dismiss facts, even when they can’t argue with them. They don’t know exactly WHY they disagree, they JUST DO–and aggressively so.

          THOSE are the sheeple who I’ll happily watch meet their demise.

          • Sixpack, I agree. I don’t mind anyone disagreeing with me on any particular subject, but when you start scorning and ridiculing me, then I don’t have any more reason to talk to you. I’ve come across a lot of arrogant and condescending sheeple in my time. They’ve made their own bed so they can just go lay their stupid asses on it. braveheart

        • Just to correct you, Nixon resigned when faced with that 5%, to spare the country the ordeal of impeaching a president.

          Obama will never resign, even if it tears the country apart.

          • Nixon didn’t resign to save the country the trouble of impeaching him. He resigned to avoid having to spill the beans to congress and the possible criminal charges that might have resulted from his testimony.

      28. I’ve stopped feeling sorry for them.

        The “sheeple” are no longer merely ignorant….they are willfully ignorant.

        Since that is the case, they are going to richly deserve the calamity that is most definitely going to befall them.

        I’m sure that when that happens, they will move from the realm of mere “sheeple” into the realm of “looters”.

        When that occurs….I will re-designate them as “targets”.

        • Walt, when they become looters they’ve crossed a red line. All of my “ventilation team” will be ready.

      29. Brandon Smith.

        Excellent article. To be sure, they don’t need us, till they need us. This type of article brings forth emotions of sadness and anger. Most upsetting is the possibility that the Sheeple will try to kill us off or put us in camps. Should we experience an event where the PTB are more concern with their existence than ours, how does the prepper determine whom they will help or bring into their group. Along with another set of hands and another mouth to feed or defend, one must consider the skill sets of the individual. One can be physically disabled but his mind contains information to survive.
        Do we all think we are indispensable once our usefulness is gone? A thought which may cross your group.
        If past experience is any measure, once the danger is gone with some sort of recovery, most people will return to the same lives as before with no thought of preparation for the next disaster.

        We are Doomed to be ridiculed and despised!

        • One can be physically disabled but, have a huge amount of determination to learn, participate and contribute whatever they can, whenever they can to the group.

          They may bring little to the table in the way of preps or skills, but there is something to be said for LOYALTY, HONOR and INTEGRITY.

          I’ll take 5 loyal people with integrity and, a burning will to survive, over 1 highly-trained know-it-all who only thinks about himself.

          • Sixpack.

            I was once witness to a four car pile up on an interstate. People were pretty banged up. It was raining and I was the only one to stop and lend assistance. The rescue and fire trucks came and within that time till arrival, many the cars passed by. Makes you think.
            I agree with your post. The internal side of man is important.

            • I would drive right on by. Im not a paramedic or first responder. There are too many blood diseases. Besides most of the time no good deed goes unpunished.

          • That is the smartest statement I’ve seen here today.

        • Slingshot I completely agree about he knowledge of the mind. My father in law said he would be useless because he is in his 80’s. I told him that I needed his knowledge. It is more valuable than any 20 year old with no skills.

      30. Think about it this way …..are they sheep or just LIVING their lives because they can’t change anything and the non sheep like myself who have had their lives COMPLETELY interrupted for the past 6 years because we are CONFIDENT that something catastrophic is just around the corner .I myself have avoided doing so many things because of that mindset and I’m trying real hard to break it and go about my REGULAR life because let’s face it , this can go on and on like this for a long time …….i have said this ad-nauseum , back in 2008 WHO ever thought we would make it to 2013 almost 2014 ????? Definitely not me , which goes back to point , if they could drag this out for 6 years then what’s to say they can’t drag it out another 6 or 10 or 20 …….not one person on here can prove me wrong in that analysis ……SO……..I believe the so called SHEEP have been LIVING the past 6 years and I have not BUT I am committed to retraining myself to do just that in 2014 ……another month and a half and I HAVE to get back for my kids sake especially

        • Rich99.

          I have the same problem. The upside is that I have learned things I would not have before. A regular McGuyver.

        • Rich99.

          Nobody ever said that a prepper should quit enjoying life just because they are prepping. I am still working. I am still getting ready for another marathon this May and a half-marathon in April. I help my son with his homework. I read, etc.

          Prepping should be look at like investing. It is like if you have $10,000 do you put than in savings, a mutual fund, or divversify. These are all life decisions.

          My only regret in prepping was in my early phase I bought too much junk. I am now abit wiser before I buy something.

          Good luck and keep living.

          • Exactly!! And y’know what? I’m having a ball – learning new skills and brushing up on others that got a bit rusty. My hunting and fishing takes on new meaning. I now approach it with a “what if I was doing this today to survive” coz one day I just might. Managed to get 20 yards from a bedded spike buck and put the crosshairs on him but didnt pull the trigger. Didnt need him, but one day I might and the skill to take him will remain. I am learning more and more about the fish I pursue and have built a smokehouse.

            I’m learning preserving, making jerky, working out what I need lots of and how to keep it without spoiling. Grew up on a small farm and have no trouble killing and preparing chickens, pigs, sheep. I’m brushing up gardening, working out better ways to utilise what resources I have to get more out of them. Been working out how to save heirloom seeds – never had to do that before.

            I’m learning as much as I can about solar – how I can use it and deep cycle batteries to run 12volt fridges and freezers – which is saving me money NOW and will be real handy if TSHTF. There have been so many advances in technology in just the last generation that can be used to prep but are also handy now. LED lights, solar, wind, even mini hydro in the right places. But, and its a BIG but – rediscover how to find and use “old” technology. Hand tools, cream seperators, butter churns – the list is endless.

            And if in my lifetime it doesnt HTF? So what, like I said – I’m having a ball, and if you’re not (Rich99), you’re doing it wrong!!


        • Rich99, no one knows when it will come. If we have a few more years before it hits, so much the better. I’d love to have a few more years toi get more supplies and maybe even try once again at buying a BOL. Looks like we’re making it into 2014 without anything happening. I still don’t know for sure if the midterm elections will take place, not that it really matters. All any of us can do is keep living our lives as normal as possible and continue prepping. That’s what I do and yes, I do take occasional breaks from prepping. braveheart

        • “…..if they could drag this out for 6 years then what’s to say they can’t drag it out another 6 or 10 or 20….”

          Because eventually certain laws…..laws of economics that, while they may be avoided for a while, can’t be changed, and the effects of that avoidance will be felt in full measure.

          Generally, when these kinds of things happen, it starts slowly and then there is a tipping point, after which thing progress much more rapidly.

          It is the exponential function. (do a google search for that…or just check out Chris Martenson’s website).

          Someone once asked Ernest Hemmingway how he went bankrupt. His reply: “Two ways. Gradually, then suddenly.”

          The ONLY reason we have not experienced calamity sooner is because the dollar is still the world’s reserve currency. But that is changing. At some point, the world will have had enough of our creating money out of thin air, and will abandon the dollar. When that happens, interest rates will spike…and the dollar will tank. We will still be able to(and probably will)create dollars….but they just won’t buy anything.

          Study the history of fiat currencies. ALL of them eventually achieve their intrinsic value.

          As far as proving you wrong. History has proven you wrong…….repeatedly. Bear in mind….in most every situation, things continue in a somewhat normal manner for sometimes an extended period of time. But when they start to turn bad…they go bad VERY quickly. (Another characteristic of an exponential function by the way)

          • Yes we do not know when shtf will happen. I believe that it is happening on a slow gradual decline. Many of us who were prepping even 5 years ago would have never thought that we are seeing the things we are seeing today. I would not have never believed it! As quickly as things are deteriorating just imagine what our country will be like in another five years. I feel that some people are waking up but the majority of citizens in this country are sheeple and that is not going to change.

          • I CLEARLY stated to prove me wrong as to why it won’t take another 6 or 60 years to happen not if it will happen at all…….pay attention !!!

            • You’re the one that’s not paying attention. You’ve got your head buried so far up your backside that you can’t see what’s happening.

              Again…I used the exponential function to explain this. I’ll bet you don’t even know what that is, do you?

              The things that are happening now are happening at an ever increasing rate. What has been a gradual rate of deterioration is dramatically increasing. And only a fool cannot see it. And only a fool asks for an exact date and mocks people who can’t provide it.

              I’ll put it to you this way. By the time you figure out that TSHTF it will be too late for you do do anything about it.

              So…just keep going the way you are, with your case of terminal normalcy bias. I really don’t care.

        • @RICH99, this is an excellent, personalized and very well articulated commentary. I would classify this “post” as acknowledging what most in the “prepper game” for years can relate to, and label as “CONSTANT ON POINT BURNOUT”. I can definitely “relate”.

          I believe it is an integral part of THEIR GAME, but none-the-less…a REAL PHENOMENON.

          The “undeniable SHTF” occurs within a week…otherwise, I’m done here as promised.


        • Rich99…Its one thing to be prepared for the curves life throws you…its quite another to let the concern for the thing that’s coming(or might come) consume you and your life…it becomes a cancer sucking the life out of you,instead of being a blessing it becomes a curse…draining your will to live and frying your brain…no one can live like that under that stress and remain sane and useful to themselves or their fellows/family…balance is key…I am prepared for most anything but I don’t dwell on disaster all the time I just live life day to day…as Ive often stated here…Im not a prepper I simply live a prepared lifestyle…I have survival and preparedness built into this homestead/farm/back to the land lifestyle and I enjoy it…its not for everyone I understand that, but again being prepared needn’t/must not preclude life or the enjoyment thereof….if it does you gotta adjust how you live/think till you find that place and that peace…only you know where that place is…that balance…I wish you the best in finding that place and the same to anyone else in the same situation 🙂

          • Well unfortunately for me its been a cancer sucking the life out of me for 6 years and its a hard habit to break ….the constant wanting to hear the latest news on what’s going on and maybe getting that head start . Breaking this will be like a heroine addict trying to break that habit

            • One day at a time…youll make it 🙂

        • Hey Rich99,

          I have always enjoyed your posts. I like to hear the voice of disagreement. When its in the normal downstream world I like to hear from preppers and conspiracy nuts “How can you keep printing money and racking up the National Debt?”, when its here at SHTF I like to hear the contentious voices saying “How the hell can you all be so sure the world is going to end?”.

          But what I didn’t know is that you have actually changed your life “to prepare”. I’d like to hear more of this. I just figgured you were a bit like me, keeping your eyes on the horizon to see what might be coming our way. Preparing to keep loved ones safe for localized issues of further economic downturns, food, firearms, knowledge, conservative “investing”. But I assumed that you were a normal 9-5 Joe that just liked to rattle preppers cages every so often.

          So if its not too OPSEC intrusive or too personal, what did you mean that “I myself have avoided doing so many things because of that mindset” and that “I HAVE to get back for my kids sake especially”?

          I’m in your corner and offer you support.

      31. When the “big show” starts there are a few sheep around here that are going to get sheared.

        • Yea ……WHEN will that big show start anyway …..keep peeking around that corner because its coming I promise ( sarcasm intended )

      32. Was taking a ride with the wife Saturday and passed a field full of cows. Out of the 200 or so; only one was standing up. The rest were huddled together in a big group. My wife said; if you were a cow; you’d be that one standing while everyone else was going along with the program.

        I’m not sure if she ment it was a compliment; but I took it as one because I think for myself. Sheeple I am not.

        She was talking about something else I don’t remember and said “now you have me thinking as a conspiracy theorist” I must to rubbing off on her 🙂

      33. Here’s another example of sheeple. Last month I bought my first AR at wally’s because it was 18 months no interest. I don’t like cards but decided; 18 months is pretty sweet.

        So I paid the first payment(more than the minimum of course)and yesterday I get the 2nd months statement and SUPRISE they added interest. Oh course I called them because I keep everything and made them give me a flyer showing the 18 months no interest.

        I got someone in India and explain the situation. They didn’t argue at all and said a credit would be put on my account and the next statement will be correct. I asked why they would do this; and the person said I don’t know. I know why; because most people don’t even look at their statements and just pay the bill. NOT ME. I look over everything with a fine tooth comb.

        Be aware on wally world… not that most approve of shopping there to begin with. We don’t shop there either but I really liked the model I got and couldn’t pass up the deal.

        • what was the deal?
          $? end cost, how many mags, sights? accessories?

          Maybe you did, maybe you didn’t get a deal

          • It was a diamondback db14, 2 metal mags. No sights. Floating handguard, birdcage flashhider, ati ajustable stock. It’s not the most expensive but it wasn’t a DPMS either. After tax it was right around $900 My local gun shop had others around that price but I would have had to replace the handguard on all of them because they didn’t have a quadrail. I’ll post the link in a min

            • db 15 not 14

            • I got a DPMS with sights , 4 mags , sling , water tight case, and small survival kit for $999.00
              But that was a few years ago, I’m sure prices have gone up though

          • Walmart came close to ending AR sales last December, so yes, he got a good deal, being able to buy one in the first place at non-rip off prices.

            Still a lot of $1200 ARs out there.

            • My biggest complaint about the AR was trying to clean the barrel. It’s much smaller than my AK and I couldn’t use any of my metal cleaning sticks. Do you guys use those rope type cleaners for the barrel of a 223? I ended up putting a qtip on the end of my smallest metal stick because when I added a cleaning pad it wouldn’t go through. It shot like a king though…. Still would grab my AK in Shtf but we’ll see if my opinion changes in time.

              • @Indy Colt

                You can get a AR cleaning kit at any military surplus store. I have never had that problem because I had extra kits when I got out of the service. It uses smaller patches then what most are used to. I have just ripped up small pieces of old rags or worn out clothes. You can easily get the patches too. The rope is new I guess. I had never seen one until my son who is currently serving brought me one. Have not used it yet. He said it works much better though.

                • Thanks for the info Mike.

      34. I know a guy who has a Doctorate in Law. He knows his business inside and out. He’s a partner in the firm. Talk to him about anything but Law, and he’s lost. One dimensional. My dentist believes everything he sees in the MSM. I run into this time after time. Well educated individuals without good common sense. It’s as if they strained just to pass the Bar, whether Legal or Medical. They had no room left for anything else. Anybody else get this impression?

        • I have an Inlaw, and Sibling that were corp.” professionals” totally clueless.

        • Yupper! There’s an old saying that’s usually aimed at engineers: That they come to know more and more about less and less until they know absolutely everything about nothing. having worked with bunch of them in my last job, I can vouch for the truth of it. I observed this about the college professors I knew in Ann Arbor, too.

          On the other side are businessmen entrepreneurs. One I knew in my college days said “why should I learn physics? If I want that kind expertise, I’ll hire it.” He also told me “maximize your options”, so far as my education was concerned. I always have.

        • I call them highly intelligent but ate up with the dumbass!

        • I see it all the time.

          Tunnel vision.

          Also….the inability to exercise critical thinking skills. (Blame public education…where kids are taught to accept everything they are told by authority)

          Seriously…with a lot of these people, if you taught them that 2+2=5….they would just accept it as fact, and never bother to sit down and actually count to verify.

          Stage One thinking….or to put it another way, their thinking is an inch deep and a mile wide.

        • maudy fricket

          There is a lot of truth in your theory that they have “no room left for anything else”. Their practice takes up their efforts and I thank them for it. Call me selfish but I like my cardiologist being 100% focused on hearts.

          The majority of sheeple are just too lazy to invest the time necessary to educate themselves preferring to indulge in a hobby or activities closer to home. The latter I understand; the former is sad.

          • I see your point about a doctor concentrating, but after he’s done, he should be able to discuss a variety of topics. But your point is well taken.

        • I am a doc and I see this all the time. Especially at the continuing ed meetings. I can’t believe the idiocy of these professional, supposedly intelligent, peers. I think most simply don’t want to think about reality at all. Just like all of the morning shows can talk about a very serious problem in the country and simply laugh it off. No one wants to talk about just how serious things are. Just pretend it will all be better soon.

        • maudy I think it is because our schools stopped teaching critical thinking years ago. I cannot explain why parents don’t try to educate there kids though.
          Good point by the way.

      35. >>”But is a sheeple’s existence the ideal? Are they actually happy in their ignorance? Are they truly safe within the confines of the system?”<<

        Answer: You cannot fix stupid, so don't try it. The time and energy wasted trying to bring understanding to sheeple is time and energy that could be used more productively for preparation.

        The banksters are preparing for a big event in the not too distant future, and so should we.

      36. How to make an alcohol burner out of a few beer or pop cans

        rubbing alcohol
        High proof grain alcohol
        medical alcohol
        Don Q hey it burns

        boil water for drinking, cook food etc

        bet the sheeple don’t know how to make this, now do they? but you will remember this easy burner now for the rest of your life.

        we all know beer and pop cans will be everywhere, alcohol should be a prep of yours for many reasons including this

        • Rocket stoves. Burn grass, twigs, leaves even. No hi-tech alcohol needed.

          • Yep , another good tool to have , remember though it’s always good to have a back up, it also weighs less

          • Low tech alcohol manufactured by my sourdough starter.

        • @ vrf…freaking brilliant! Thsnks for the link! I just made one out of my coors light can. Took me 4 minutes and girl scouts never taught me that.

        • VRF–I watched that but I still like 10 cotton balls soaked in alcohol kept in a ziplok…they burn 15 minutes!!!

      37. We have the time, means and the patience to teach what needs to be taught. That will change once crunch time hits.

        This forum is a terrific classroom. You can take or discard what you want.

        For the time being.

      38. MAC, just a thought. Instead of each new comment being added to the bottom of the list, why not add them to the top. The first comment may not really be that good but they end up with 100 thumbs up and someone that comes in a little late with a really good and informative comment may end up with only 2 or 3 thumbs. And maybe this would cut down on people piggy backing on other comment that really don’t pertain to what they are posting just to get closer to the top. I’m sure you know more about this than I, but just wanted to add my 2 cents worth. Trekker Out.

        • Trekker.

          That was a good comment and good point. I gave you a thumbs up. How come you only have 3?

          • Ugly, cause we’re at the bottom. But that’s the story of my life. Trekker Out.

            • Trekker.

              Does this mean we are bottom feeders?

              • i wish there was an easier way to find my comments, so I can respond with follow ups instead of scrolling and scrolling. How do you guys keep track. I don’t have a lot of time.

                • I use the task bar at the upper right.
                  I click the star, click ‘add to favorites’, the bar with ‘add a favorite’ appears, I number what I save in the space highlighted, and then click ‘add.’
                  Works for me!

                  Next time I go online, I click the star again, and my saved posts are numbered in the drop down box under my favorite sites, etc.

                  • Oh, that’s after you submitted the post, nopitty.

              • Ugly I’m afraid so. Looks like we sure ain’t apex predators! Trekker

        • Good idea, sick and tired of people around here not understanding what the hell REPLY actually means. Least when I’m trolling The Fast Food Department around here I aint doing it off someone else’s posts….

        • Who cares is it some sort of contest to se who can get the most to agree with them?

          • old guy,I see a question mark. Are you looking for someone to agree with you. Trekker Out

      39. I’m just not feeling it for sheeple. I do try to teach them, but they choose their own fate. I believe that I am my brothers keeper, but sheeple are not relatives.

      40. Some of the sheeple are struggleing day to day just trying to make ends meet, they do not have time to see what is going on around them in the bigger picture. Some of them like my wife didn,t want to listen or see what was really going on. Keep my head in the sand and it will go away. She has finaly come to see the cliff we are going over. Now she is helping can food,buying extra things.

        • That’s awesome Trapper!

      41. Leadership.

        Imagine that your were put into a position of authority by a bunch of scared Sheeple.

        Excuses for a work detail.

        It’s too hot.
        It’s too cold.
        It’s too dirty.
        It’s too heavy.
        I just washed my clothes.
        I can’t do that.
        Say What?
        He can do it better than I can.
        Are you picking on me?
        Can’t we do it some other time.
        I have a headache.
        I feel sick.
        Do we really need to do this?
        We don’t need it.

        • Slingshot, the excuses you mention are old hat to me.

          • Braveheart.

            Some people think they are new. ;0)

        • slingshot my pet peeve…. Its not my job.. Its one of the fastest ways for someone that works with me to get on my shit list. Mostly among the younger guys but some older to would have that attitude. I am not a manage or boss per say but I do all the training for the new hires and if someone would say that to me they didn’t last to long

      42. The Uninhabitable Earth

        “All YOU can do now is prepare yourself for massive food shortages, water shortages and extreme weather events (including droughts, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes) and the resulting SOCIAL CHAOS that will come with this. It’s not a “fix”, let’s all admit that. It’s only going to help when it’s needed, but it is not going to avoid anything for anybody anywhere.

        And you can prepare yourselves to die. But I caution everyone first and foremost, learn to live first, so that in dying as we all must, you will have actually lived. Don’t be a useless, brain-dead connedsumer for example, stupidly supporting more wars, oppression, slavery and deceit. Live conscientiously and with purpose and reason beyond self. “

        • A thought provoking link, Satori.

          Have you joined the NTE camp?

      43. 10) Only in America…could politicians talk about the greed of the rich at
        a $35,000.00-a-plate campaign fund-raising event.

        9) Only in America…could people claim that the government still discriminates
        against black Americans when they have a black President, a black Attorney
        General, and roughly 20% of the federal workforce is black while only 12% of the
        population is black. 40% of all federal entitlements go to black Americans – 3X
        the rate that go to whites, 5X the rate that go to Hispanics!

        8) Only in America…could they have had the two people most responsible for
        our tax code, Timothy Geithner (the former head of the Treasury Department) and Charles
        Rangel (who once ran the Ways and Means Committee), BOTH turn out to be tax
        cheats who are in favor of higher taxes.

        7) Only in America…can they have terrorists kill people in the name of Allah
        and have the media primarily react by fretting that Muslims might be harmed
        by the backlash.

        6) Only in America…would they make people who want to legally become
        American citizens wait for years in their home countries and pay tens of
        thousands of dollars for the privilege, while they discuss letting anyone who
        sneaks into the country illegally just ‘magically’ become American citizens.

        5) Only in America…could the people who believe in balancing the budget and
        sticking by the country’s Constitution be thought of as “extremists.”

        4) Only in America…could you need to present a driver’s license to cash a
        check or buy alcohol, but not to vote.

        3) Only in America…could people demand the government investigate whether
        oil companies are gouging the public because the price of gas went up when
        the return on equity invested in a major U.S. oil company (Marathon Oil) is less
        than half of a company making tennis shoes (Nike).

        2) Only in America…could the government collect more tax dollars from the
        people than any nation in recorded history, still spend a Trillion dollars more
        than it has per year – for total spending of $7-Million PER MINUTE, and complain
        that it doesn’t have nearly enough money.

        1) Only in America…could the rich people – who pay 86% of all income taxes – be
        accused of not paying their “fair share” by people who don’t pay any income taxes at all.

        • Old Vet. Great post should have way more thumb up.

        • Sorry Old Vet, but we have the same here too. And I’m sure lonlonemum over the pond from you would suggest the same is the case for the Brits?


        • Old Vet-

          …and #11):

          11) Only in America, the first rule of government work is that if Uncle Sucker pays you to solve a problem

          • Opps goofed-up again!

            11) Only in America, the first rule of government work is, that if Uncle Sucker pays you to solve a problem, you must avoid solving it like the seven-year itch, because you’re out of a job if you do!

            This why Washington can’t do anything right.

      44. I will not feel bad for those who do not prep and have the means but spend no monies on prepping but just toys ect.Do not get me wrong,life is meant to be enjoyed and toys are fun but so is prepping especially if one buys stuff they will use anyhow for camping/hunting ect.I feel bad for those who work but are of limited means,not much too far from there myself but is why I always say just do a little each chance you get for prep supplies,the smalls do add up!Along with that gain survival knowledge and practice it,local edible wild foods,basic first aid ect.That said,will help anyone in tough times being abused by whomever be it govt./looters ect.,may cost me my life but you are not willing to help out others what’s the point in surviving,live and enjoy today while prepping for tomorrow.

      45. Two Statements to consider :

        Irony 1

        �We are told NOT to judge ALL Muslims by the actions of a few lunatics.”

        BUT on the other hand��. “We are also encouraged TO judge ALL Gun Owners by the actions of a few lunatics.”

        How is that supposed to work…..??????

        Irony 2.

        The Food Stamp Program, administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, is proud to be distributing this year the greatest amount of free Meals and Food Stamps ever, to 47 million people as of the most recent figures available in 2013.

        Meanwhile, the National Park Service, administered by the U.S. Department of the Interior, asks us “Please Do Not Feed the Animals.”

        Their stated reason for the policy is because “The animals will grow dependent on handouts and will not learn to take care of themselves.”

        Thus Ends Today’s Lesson On Irony

        • @ Old Vet: This is among the BEST analogies/observations I have read. Kudos and a definite “green thumb”!

          This “irony” has some very good old fashioned AMERICAN PRODUCED IRON in it! Salute!

          • Yental ya got 8 days till turkey day !!!!!!

            • I have acknowledged that fact in response to your first post “up the line” on this topic.

              • Yea I caught that after the fact ……my apologies !!!!

      46. Off topic but is worthy of mention… Silver is below $20… load up bugs.

        • A Z if you don’t mind me asking where do you buy yours. I am just starting and would like to be pointed in the right direction. I understand completely if you don’t want to share your info.. Thanks

      47. Sheeple are individuals that are viewed as totally expendable by the state. Sheeple are parts of a not too well operating machine that can be easily replaced as needed. Sheeple have no fire in their souls. Sheeple function like a plant, they grow, eat up what food and water they need, and are just there casting shade. There is just not much to a sheeple.

        Sheeple can be viewed as peaceful, but so can a sloth in the tree. Both of them do nothing to further themselves or others. Sheeple remind me of a very overweight cat that sits around in the house sleeping all day long, is of no use catching mice, and stinks up the cat box everytime there is a bowel movement. This is the way sheeple are, eat and sh%^ and take up space. Blobs that sort of remind me of moss growing on the shade side of a tree.

      48. BI, AMEN again to your comments.

      49. @ Brandon. You cannot envision living as a sheeple because you and the others here have spirits and MINDS of your own. The governments HATES all of us with a fury. Anyone trying to control us all depends on the citizens not thinking for themselves. Those that question anything are problems for any ruling body. Evil only exists with those too stupid to stop holding up the platform before the evil. It would indeed be like have a traumatic brain injury to have to live the life of a sheeple, an unescapable hell of misery. Guess that is where they got the idea for the Star Trek’s fictional Borg. Being a sheeple reminds me of what they did at the end of the movie One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest to Jack Nicolson. Sheeple are like individuals that have been lobotomized and had any flavor of personality and soul taken out of them. We should feel sorry for them, they are truly the pathetic. By the way, nice writings.

      50. All my life these stupid sheeple fuckers have tried to put me on a guilt trip for being different from them. It was even worse when I tried to show them the benefits of being prepared. They can kiss my ass.

        Real sheep are more useful than human sheeple, at least you can eat them.

        Here’s some real sheep acting like sheeple.

      51. However, when confronted with facts contrary to their conditioned viewpoint, they become aggressive and antagonistic in their

        True. Just look at the responses of the sheeple on this site when someone posts a countering viewpoint. Everyone is a sheeple to some degree. You all are part of a herd. Your herd is not the end all be of herds nor is it any more valid than any other herd.

        • NCJoe.

          The difference being which facts are true and which are fabricated.

          • The bad part of the ‘prepper’ herd is that while they are aware of many truths that the sheeple are not aware of, they specifically tend to fall prey for a lot of unverified claims that end up being incredibly biased and in many cases not true in the slightest.

            That sounds a lot like what the sheeple do doesn’t it? What’s the difference?

            One side lies to shield you from terrifying truths and to cover up their own malicious and stupid actions.

            The other side (our side) lies to piss you off, keep you in fear and make you look like an insane, crazy person.

            For example, one false ‘fact’ widely spread by our herd (probably by the government itself) is that the Pentagon was hit by a missile on 9/11 and not a plane. And so many of our community believes it to this day despite the numerous amount of evidence proving that it was in fact a plane.

            They throw these wild, unverified claims out there as a sort of way to weaken the credibility of the actual legitimate claims such as ‘9/11 was an inside job’, which as evidence shows, is most likely true.

        • @NC joe…..

          I’ve never seen you post the truth….or even a objective argument to ANY statement made by the folks here.

          You’re an example of the willfully ignorant that I spoke of in a previous post. And it’s even more amazing because you continue to come to this site to troll.

          We’ll be stacking guys of your ilk like cordwood….you won’t last two weeks.

          • He’s just mad because even the sheeple won’t let him in their flock[le].

            He’s not only heardless, but herdless.

        • ncjoe, we are preppers and are independent thinkers. we are part of a ‘herd’ that lives in the real world, aqre concerned for the future, and prepare accordingly. None of us accept government propaganda on any subject. We are the last group of independent thinkers in this country as Daisy Luther said in an article earlier this year. We never accept anything as gospel without at least questioning it and researching it for ourselves. We know how to think for ourselves. We have critical thinking skills which you don’t know anything about, so f#$% you!

        • @NC joe. You sound like you are playing the sheeple advocate.

        • Enough of the moral relativism, it’s a load of hogwash.

        • What does the fox say!

      52. I feel sorry for the sheeple stupid enough to follow the Judas goat Obozo to their doom.
        One of my brothers in law in a University environment has become hopeless, smart but hopeless.

        • Tex,do not give up on friends and family,don’t be a total pest but keep bringing up casually ways to better ones self in tough times.I had a family member I love dearly change when the food stamp fiasco hit,went from no supplies/plans/ideas to putting themselves in a pretty good place when things get real tough.I know it can be frustrating but we cannot give up on those we care about.I had to do major shopping for one friend,he said fine,here is a bunch of money,set me up to a degree and I did just that(also got a nice free lunch out of the deal!).He is now taking things a little more seriously and asking ?’s ect.,gaining some knowledge,there is always hope !

          • warchild-I would hope for such an outcome but it is hard to see happening with this one. Since it is my husbands brother, he still tries to get him to see what is happening, but I have thrown up my hands on him.

            • Texan
              Please don’t give up on anyone. The more that wake up the stronger we are. I completely understand your frustration. It is my experience that with some they won’t see it until it effects them personally. Maybe Obama care will wake him up. I just continue to try with every stat and fact I can find. The highly educated ones seem to be the dumbest. I wish you the best of luck with it. Again please don’t give up on it.

        • I call them “educated idiots”.

          There is a common error that much of the population falls into….that is….that education equals wisdom.

          It does not.

          All education means is that you studied some material and passed a test…or generated some kind of expected parroted response to a teacher, professor or review board.

          In my business, I’ve come across countless individuals who have certifications out the wazoo, and yet can’t do the most simple things when it comes to actually being productive in the field in which they obtained the certifications. They just knew how to pass a test (usually multiple choice).

          The university environment is probably one of the most insular places a person can insert themselves into….where critical thought or objection to the accepted “norm” or dogman is not only frowned upon….but punished. There is a reason why it’s said, “Those who can…do. Those who can’t…teach.”

          Thomas Sowell said, “Much of the social history of the Western world over the past three decades has been a history of replacing what worked with what sounded good.”

          And the moron we have occupying the oval office is a perfect example of what we’re talking about. A college educated idiot, who has never had to really work a day in his life. A Constitutional law “scholar”, who became a community organizer (i.e. trouble-maker)

          • Many years ago I had to show a college educated IT person how to format a floppy disk.

            • And there you have it. They are long on theory and short on practical application……because they only memorize the course material without relating it to the real world application.

              I know just such an individual as well. He has a degree in computer science, and couldn’t fix a PC if his life depended on it. He hasn’t a clue of where to even begin. He does good to just turn the thing on.

              And this same principle can be observed across a broad range of other occupations…..including government. A large percentage of those who enter “public service” in the government have never had a real job. They got a degree in poli-sci, or law, or humanities, or some other social-science-liberal arts field and moved directly into the government as some form of functionary apparatchik…..and their sole purpose in life is to add to the regulatory swamp that bogs down the rest of society.

      53. 2 articles at The Daily Sheeple which are perfect examples of what Brandon wrote about. First one is ‘Two Time Armed Robber’s Family Asks Why Armed Hero Thinks It’s Okay To Just Shoot Someone’ and the second is ‘Look Out, Flu Resistors: The FLUgitive propaganda Campaign Aims To shame You Into Getting Jabbed’

      54. Frankly speaking i hope a good portion of the sheeple die off the first 30 days. I have 0 sympathy for them.
        And the few relatives and friends who are among the all I can say is “oh well”.

      55. I have a brother that fits that the description. His only concern is golf. He did go to Dealey Plaza once (went to Texas for golf) and remarked about “The Kooks” handing out information about the assassination. If any conversation comes up about anything from the economy to foreign affairs he is quick to say, “I don’t care about that”.

        The most common religion of the sheeple are members of the “Worshippers of the Sphere”. Some just attend services in the various arenas on Sunday while others are active in their religion with golf being the most common.

        • A lot of golfers up here are going to freak when the course is turned up for growing food.

          • I’ve always believed that gold courses are a waste of real estate.

          • Smokey

            Guaranteed there will still be private courses where the members feast on lobster and prime rib while armed guards shoot those attempting to enter to get something to eat.

            “Let them eat cake”.

      56. There is only two questions.

        Is something going to happen? Pick one of many.

        If it does, can you survive it?

      57. @ NC Joker. There is a whopping difference between the people here and the sheeple, they don’t back down because of peer pressure. Sheeple would agree to the CN Toronto tower being 10000 feet tall even though it is 1815 feet. If enough people told someone that it was 10000 feet tall, then they went along with it even knowing that something 10000 feet tall is absurd on any present day building. The weight would collapse in on itself. One reason you don’t see 20 mile high mountains on this planet. Yet it was proven that sheeple WILL go along with the crowd because others do even knowing something is absurd.

        NC Joker. You see the heated battles that go on here? This is because people have conviction and don’t cower down just because the crowd tells them to. That is what is being a maverick, I enjoy being a maverick and so do others here. God help anyone that is a sheeple, they need a higher force to help them. A sheeple is someone that you could be considered to be almost soulless.

        • Be informed

          Those words are to good to waste

          on the likes of any NC troll.

          They done be LoBotoMized ……

          • I think I’m going to start referring

            to all trolls as Loboto’s.

            Waddaya think!?

            • Outwest…most trolls just attempt to disrupt the conversation or demean the person posting. They don’t have to think to get their paycheck, they just have to post a comment.
              They are a waste and a drain on everyone here and they know it!

            • Obamazombies

        • BI, I had my own words as usual with ncjoe dildo earlier. trolls are a lost cause just like any other sheeple. count me as a maverick also. always have been and always will be. braveheart

        • That’s why he’s always here, BI.

      58. BI….I don’t know if I would call sheeple “soulless”, but they somehow aren’t seeing what’s really going on, as if they’re blind to the truth.
        As my mom used to say “ignorance is bliss” and that is exactly what the “controllers” count on with the sheeple!

        • @ jp. That is why I used the word almost without a soul. It is frightening though to really look into a sheeple’s eyes, as the eyes are the windows to the soul, and you see nothing there. I mean the same look on that sheep in the picture above is a very similar blankness that a sheeple exhibits. Sheeples also remind me of the spent shell that lands on the ground, much emptiness with just a bit of heat left over.

      59. At least I know now the meaning of a “sheeple”. Thanks guys.

      60. I agree with all of you,if you tried and tried to reach out then move on with your life.Here is something nobody considered,WHAT IF COMIT ISON HIT THE FUCKING SUN that would be hell on earth alone to damage everyone in it path.Where would you be if you didnt case that were to happen or if it happens.This is not a dirty snowball we are told it is to be,so think on my point of view and send back feedback to me.

      61. I was visiting my daughter today and she told me her husband had to stay after work the company was having a meeting and they where all told that new policies where being emplimented. Because of the new health care rules they will not hire anyone obese or having weight problems also there are new weight standands kind of like the military, if a employee has outstanding health issues that are of your doing smoking to much and can’t function and do your job if you are causing the company to pay for health issues that you can control yourself because you overeat. Also the employees will have more payed holidays and longer holidays a week off for thanksgiving, it’s time for people to get in shape and get off the couch.

      62. I honestly believe what we are facing today is becuase of the rampant closures of all the mental hospitals and institutions back in the 70’s and 80’s. I believe a lot of these loons were at one time locked inside where their ideas were viewed for what they were, DELUSIONS! But since they closed down all of the mental health facilities in America we have seen them do what flotsum usually does (Rises). They have risen to the top and because their ideas were so far fetched and enough of them have gravitated to positions among those who share the same delusions American leadership has drifted to the realm of fantasy and granduer. My conclusion is most of those leading our country right now would have been locked away keeping them safe and us as well. I see a lot of delusion of granduer out there and very little common sense.

      63. thanks for not letting my comment on your site.

        ok I know .. fear of the jews.. nothing new

      64. Sheeple now at 31% ? Fuck them and their kool-aid drinking Oprah watching asses. Fuck Oprah too fat ass bitch.

      65. @ braveheart. A world without mavericks and people would still be walking around with loin clothes on still trying to figure out how to make fire and what makes things roll like the wheel. Sheeple OWE their convenience and their blubbery lives to the mavericks of the world that use their inventive minds to CREATE something out of nothing. Mavericks rule and one should always be happy to be one.

        • BI, AMEN to mavericks. It was Christopher Columbus who believed that the world was round when everyone else swore up and down that the world was flat. When he set out for the New World, his original goal was to find a shorter trade route to India. When he came to these shores, he called the new land America. Had it not been for Columbus and later the British colonization of the eastern seaboard, there would’ve been no USA and we all would’ve been born later with British accents and working in God-only-knows what kind of sweatshop for slave wages. Our Founding Fathers and everyone who took part in the American Revolution were mavericks. this nation was conceived and built up by mavericks. Without mavericks, there would have been no freedom, no ‘beacon of light in a dark world’, no hope for mankind, no refuge for people fleeing oppressive nations, etc. the sheeple will rue the day they ever turned against mavericks. Without mavericks, they will be history. braveheart

          • My ancestors where Vikings and they where here long before Columbus. The educated folks knew of the Americas and that the world was round. on a clear day you could see the land to the west from the Vikings territory. just the sheeple believed the propagands. The Vikings didn’t have much use for the Americas because the scraylings on the east coast had nothing to plunder. Now If the Vikings has found the Aztec gold they would have found some worthwile plunder.

          • braveheart; here is a thought to ponder? IMO Christopher Columbus was not the first one to Discover America, its just another lie we were told!when the British came here they had all ready found out about the minerals that were here as evident form the copper that was taken from the Great lake region and other evidence our ancestors were to find a a place to escape the tyranny of the British Empire that with them brought the quest for Mammon Rothchild Khazar jews to st up shop,one of the first things they was able to do is go after the American native american, (we know how that turned out) do you see much difference in what they are trying to do to us? (Reservation=Fema camps)? most all of our founding Fathers were members of the Illuminaty but with good intentions until the money changers were able to infiltrate them as well.And here we are today SSDD!!
            We are going to have reset,it may not be the way we think but its going to happen,or are most of society just going to end up like the American Indians? but most of us here that or Mavericks will be able to change the outcome ?

            BI. I was wondering if you posted a comment on the Volcano that has formed an island off of Japan and your thoughts? If you have can you tell me where to find the comment?


            • Sorry; Meant to say unless most of us here the” Mavericks ” are able to change that outcome!

      66. if you never heard of miles johnston , you are a sheep a really fucking deluded sheep )

      67. speaking of sheeple

        An Objective Critique of “American Blackout” by J.A. in New Jersey

        “Below are generalizations about the types of “sheeple” characters represented (we all know people like this, and we all know people who are not like this – please don’t hold these generalizations against me). ”

        article has an interesting take on “sheeple ‘

      68. I have tried feeling sorry for all the people who voted for Obama but so far I have failed. I think they should suffer for their crimes. How stupid can you be and still be able to draw breath? These people are such bad judges of character, it is no wonder they will fall for anything. It is frustrating to think I have to mingle every day at work with idiots. “Obama is going to give me free insurance” they say. Dumb asses. I am ashamed to be in the same world with these clowns. Rant closed.

      69. The media like NatGeo is looking for hype and good stories. Sure they try to make survivalists look crazy but it is just because it is more entertaining than rational people.

        • The National Geographic Society is a hub for globalist propaganda. They certainly have personal motives beyond “entertainment” when they attempt to make preppers look ridiculous.

      70. OK….who pissed in NCJokers cheerios…….I wonder if we just ignore him will he go away.

        • Yes, he would. But we probably won’t.

      71. WOW is all I have to say. Pretty refreshing to see !

        • Yeah opsec…
          all you trolls(ncjoker,justice,redneck,yourmomma) have to stick together to get your paychecks from the government!

          • the trolls are a waste of our tax money.

            • BH…trolls are a waste of good oxygen as well as our tax dollars!

      72. Hate speech. Yeah those illegal Mexican immigrants are all Jewish right ? Bigot troll. The neo Nazi crap doesn’t belong on a prepper site. This site will soon start losing advertisers because of this BS.

        • What are you rambling on about again? First of all opsec, who died and left you in charge of anything? Where is this supposed “hate speech” & “neo nazi” as you and your troll friends call it?
          Also, this site has survived quite a bit already and the advertisers are aware of trolls like you trying to get others to conform to your wishes.
          This country still has something called “FREEDOM OF SPEECH”, which means that you may not agree with a particular comment, but someone else has the right to say it.
          So get over yourself….cause, I’m not going anywhere!

      73. So let me get this straight. Everything I hear on T.V. is not always true? It may just be possible that politicos could lie or be misinformed ? Ohhhhhh no. We must pull the curtains on the wizard of Oz, and ask if this is true.

      74. The only time I’ll feel sorry/bad for sheeple: When children pay dearly for ‘The sins of their fathers’ come any SHTF Event… In which case I would still have no qualms turning a desperate parent into hot composting material, yet for the sake of a child that may not know the evils of a world, may give them a few things to get by.

      75. The type of sheeple that disgust me are the ones who not only believe everything they hear on the news, but the ones who leave family dinners on holidays, throw their tennis shoes on and huddle at the door of a Walmart, Target, etc. so that they can run in there like they are running a marathon, push shove, and get crazy over material things like cell phones, toys, etc. I have a deep hate for these people. They make me physically ill. They are so far gone in the head that they have lost sight of what is really important.

        A couple of years ago, my sister in law got up from a family get together, threw on her tennis shoes, stretchy pants, and headed off to the late opening of Walmart on Thanksgiving day. There was a certain something she just HAD to have. It was offensive to me and said clearly that she cared more about things than family.

        Yeah, these types of people, I can’t stand them. I remember telling her that I remembered a time when stores stayed closed on holidays because everyone wanted to spend time with one another and have their traditions. It went in one ear and right out the other.

        She’s also the sheeple that nods her head and thinks Obama is doing a good job.

        • Sounds like your in-law has some problems with priorities and recognizing the good things in life. But why all the tennis shoe bashing? Whats wrong with putting on tennis shoes?

      76. Instead of you cand lead a horse to water, but can not make him drink- you can lead a sheep to slaughter, but can not make him think…

        • Ya can lead a horse to the water but ya gotta be strong & determined if ya aim to drown the sundy bitch

      77. “Sheeple are so dependent on others for every aspect of their personality and their survival that when faced with disaster, they are the most likely people to curl up and die.”

        Well, I fucking HOPE SO!

        ““I am free, no matter what rules surround me. If I find them tolerable, I tolerate them; if I find them too obnoxious, I break them. I am free because I know that I alone am morally responsible for everything I do.”
        ― Robert A. Heinlein

      78. Correcting the first line of the article:

        There are actually THREE kinds of people in the world. Those who can count, and those who can’t.

        Gotta go….


      79. Where to begin…

        “Sheeple: Why You Should Feel Sorry For Them”

        Overall, Brandon Smith wrote this article with the attempt to create circumstances in which people who read it feel sympathy/apathy with. But, this overlooks major factors that destroys that, and it also ties into his article about the US populace being pushed into a civil war.

        There’s multiple problems here:
        1). Sheeple are conditioned and encouraged to evaluate self-esteem through the leadership for the greater good, oneness, and etc.
        2). They are conditioned and encouraged to respectively desensitize, over-sensitize, and become content with increased security and brutality for enforcement, defense, and obedience.
        3). They are conditioned and encouraged to despise and consider humanity in general as a viable threat to their greater good/oneness, security, benevolent leadership, and etc.
        Think of it like this, what common mindset of society is most likely to pursue See Something, Say Something, anti-self-defense, anti-unfaithful authoritative obedience, enforce said obedience, and etc? This would be it. These people are effectively the useful idiots who the Bismarkianists will cull through various population, environmental, financial, and political controls. It doesn’t matter what the Bismarkianist breakdown is unless the three primary camps start infighting, which is the only mechanism available for the most part for a civil war.
        4). The most insidious of it all. Sheeple are the segment of society that are being bombarded with anti-compassion, indifference, and readied to accept these measures in addition to the inevitable revolutionary/purge of Collectivist dissidents.
        Why exactly should anyone feel sorry for these people when they are increasingly becoming so hostile towards dissent that they’ll accept and even celebrate stage 4 roll out and purging of us?
        Are we to ignore that these are the supporters, enforcers, and the segment of society that will celebrate the death of civil rights and replaced with civil privileges?
        Are we also then supposed to ignore that these people would have no compunction resorting to violence against us if the Collective ever left them to rot. I cannot help but notice that food issues from government assistance always seems to last a few days, so the end of the week around 3-7 days those who did possess preparations are thus punished for their attempt?

        There has always been such people, and there’s a world of difference between those who are circumstantially forced into dependence opposed to those so well adjusted to being dependent fails to attempt cushioning themselves. What else is really new? They’ll be left to rot after dissent is destroyed just like they are after resistance to expanding governmental power occurs.

        Some may call me a Conspiracy theorist, but it’s interesting how often Diplomatic History and Conspiracy theory intersects. Not to mention, haven’t you ever heard of espionage?

        Some may call me a racist if this was the case; I really should be a sheeple after all the Collective is doing what racism couldn’t. Gee, it’s kinda like trading racial profiling with demographic profiling… So, if I supported racism, I should actually be a sheeple.

        Some may call me respectively nuts, insane, crazy, and etc. Well, first explain to me what precisely is normal? Did you know it’s statistically considered 67% by human scientists? Then, there’s the factor being who I am and where it came from; I’ll take that as a compliment.

      80. This is the most pretentious article I have ever read.

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