“She Is 14 But Looks Older”: Sweden Launches “Migrant Sex Courses” To Teach Newcomers How To Behave

by | Jul 24, 2018 | Headline News | 61 comments

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    This report was originally published by Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge

    The Swedish government will pump 5 million Swedish crowns ($564,000 USD) into migrant sex courses according to news outlet Fria Tider.

    A portion of the funding will support the government’s sex-awareness website, “Youmo,” which provides translation in Arabic, Somali and Dari. The goal of the website is to “simply inform immigrants about what is in Sweden,” reports Tider.

    The program aims to stem rampant reports of sexual assault in the last several years, while rape was up 10% across the country in 2017 with 7,230 reported cases. Meanwhile reports of sexual molestation, coercion and exploitation up between three and seven percent across 12,130 reports.

    Now, the Swedish Ministry of Youth and Civil Affairs (MUCF) will work with the youth reception network (UMO) to further the educational efforts.

    “The mission includes expanding the information on Youmo, expanding skills-enhancing efforts for professionals who meet young new arrivals, as well as providing long-term skills training for professionals through the development of web-based education,” state Swedish authorities.

    Youmo provides a convenient slideshow FAQ for migrants and Swedish citizens alike to delicately traverse the intricacies of relationships.

    In this scenario, a young man appears excited at the prospect of receiving naked photographs from a 14-year-old child, only to be disappointed to find out it’s illegal.

    In another infographic, a heavyset woman is wrought with guilt over naughty thoughts about a migrant and wonders “Is that okay?”

    “Continue fantasizing!” the website exclaims, adding “You can fantasize about whatever you want if it makes you feel good.”

    In this scenario, a young man is perplexed after discovering that women aren’t interested in photos of his penis.

    And in another vignette, an 18-year-old blonde woman is frustrated at her unsuccessful attempts to pressure a black woman to take off her top, only to learn that it’s “not okay to nag people.”

    The website also has tips to stop oppressing women, such as the article “Farman stopped controlling his sisters,” about an Iraqi immigrant who realized after meeting a “victim of honour-based oppression” that he should stop forcing his sisters to follow orders.

    “I didn’t have a guilty conscience because I didn’t think I was doing anything wrong”, Farman says. “But when I was 17 years old, I began to think about what I was actually doing”.

    This was the first time I heard about human rights and the laws that exist to safeguard those rights“. –Youmo.se

    Germany rolled out a similar website in 2016, containing information on sex with migrants, contraception, gender issues and human rights laws.

    While it’s designed for Germany’s current huge influx of refugees as a tool to be used by professionals when working with the new immigrants, it’s a truly excellent resource, covering everything from having good sex, to dealing with STDs and drugs, to families, abortion, adoption, sexuality and gender, and the rights of everyone involved. –Fast Company

    Also in 2016, Germany handed out “swimming pool etiquette guides” following reports that dozens of women were groped by migrants – leading to the banning of men from at least one public swimming pool, and the closure of others.

    A western German town barred adult male asylum seekers from its public indoor swimming pool after receiving complaints that some women were sexually harassed there.

    Markus Schnapka, head of the social affairs department in Bornheim, a town 20 miles south of Cologne, said pool users had complained of sexual harassment by men living in a nearby asylum seeker shelter. –Telegraph

    We can just imagine randy migrants clicking through Sweden’s new website, only to find themselves significantly disadvantaged in terms of sexual conquest they’re afforded back home.


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      1. Encouraging them doesn’t help. Send them home,they despise you anyway.

        • They won’t “go home”. Would you?

          When you can live around White people, in a civilization that is clean, works and doesn’t stink, why would you want to go back to your sewer pipe country?

          They ALL want to live with White People. Why do you think Mexicans want out of Mexico? Mexicans do not want to live with Mexicans…they want to live with White people.

          White nations need to turn completely WHITE ONLY and anybody in the country, not WHITE, can and should be arrested by ANY citizen, and then immediately deported. If we don’t do this, then any one single non-White opens the gate to the rest.

          If you have even just ONE AIDS virus…..you have AIDS.

          All natural and healthy men prefer White women. Have you really looked at the average arab woman? African woman? Revolting. Even arab men, and african men, don’t want them.

          Hell, every black man wants the same thing I want…a White woman.

          • Totally agree. Had a friend who worked in security at a university for decades. In that time, they never had one incident of sexual harassment of a black woman by a white man or an Asian man. Not one. He said it was clear there was no attraction.

            There isn’t a single black or brown country that is clean and well run. That’s they all want to live in white countries.

            It would be better for all concerned that we End this failed experiment and take the stress off people.

        • Only thing these Islamic savages understand is Getting castrated and their Dicks cut off. Trying to educate them is a waste of time and money.

          Deportation is the only solution. Sooner the better.

          • TharShe: Europe countries being invaded by this trash are now hell holes, enclaves of filth where police won’t enter as Detroit and other cities here are. Crime runs unabated, police ignore. Soon these countries will turn Islamic because leaders are globalists and Soros funded. Euro folks are morons, apathetic and men are cowardly losers.

      2. A Muslim “immigrant”, who is committed to Islam, is in your country to teach you how to act. He or she wants to shove Sharia Law down your throat. Such people haven’t migrated to your country;they’ve invaded!

        • Brian: Already this agenda is push in gov. schools, where loser parents send their kids for brainwashing to be P.C. idiots upon graduation.

      3. When they start this shit close to me, you’re gonna hear about how many scum muslims have been shot and killed.

        • Menzo, I feel that time getting closer and closer.

          • They better stay the fuck out of our town.

        • Menzoberranzan …. kill them one by one right after they fuck your white ass wife,

          • I hope you are one of the scum I kill

          • FYI You damn right she’s white, beautiful, and she will also put rounds through he heads of muslim scum and their supporters..

          • it’s funny, you and others don’t realize how bad you’re gonna get your asses kicked here in the USA. This is not Europe.

            • And yes I’m mad as hell. If you said that to my face I’d blow off your extremities and listen to to fucking scream for a bit before I bashed your skull in.

      4. Invasion and Conquest of the West…..the de-industrialization and de-Christianization of the West is our downfall. The end is near.!!!!

      5. Maybe, just maybe after 4 or 5 generations can go through a 4 step program of civilization. It would have to be done in stages. You can’t start of at Northern Europe.

        1. Put them in the mountains of Sicily for a generation isolated and hence separated from Islam.

        2. Next generation (assuming they meet the Sicily standard) they graduate to the Italian mainland still rural but in the northern region.

        3. Albania seems like a good stop in the civilization process for a generation.

        4. Next stop Northern Europe for the honors graduate(s) that have shown generational progress in civilized productive behavior.

        Domestication takes time and effort.

        Notice that none are sent to the US.

        • …or, we could just send them all back and be done with it.

          Kevin, you really are a nice guy to waste so much money and effort on these throwbacks. Good luck with that.

          • There is no hope of coexistence with islamic savages that worship the false god ala. They need to stay in their own countries and rape each other, or they need to be killed.

          • Stuart

            I was trying to be funny. Guess I better give upon the comedy. However if Europe wants them their only chance is a multi generational effort at domestication that would have to be thought out. Throwing them into civilized society with a pamphlet isn’t it.

            As I stated. “Notice that none are sent to the US”.

        • GOD said, actually commanded, Do Not Mix With Other Tribes.

          • Dude, you are seriously twisted. Gods command about not mixing with other tribes was to keep his chosen people, Israel, undefiled from other groups mainly to abstain from worshipping other “gods”. Time and time again, Israel strayed. Finally in 70 AD (BCE) God cut Israel off as his chosen people. But it was Jesus death some 37 years earlier that Jews and gentiles alike were all looked upon as equals. It’s offensive that you use 1 verse from the creators book and twist its meaning into a mold that fits your ridiculous perspectives. For real dude, you musta been raised in the backwoods of Alabama. I’ve been with at least my share of women, and some were not white. I have a teenage son to a black woman. She’s still very beautiful, and he’s goin to a Division1school to play football. I actually feel sorry for people like you. You’re an arrogant ignorant condescending fool.

          • Waiting for Frank Thoughts to chime in about hot asian women.
            Go get’em Frankie!


        • yes

      7. There is ONE group that wants to exterminate us, and they are really pushing race-mixing to do so.

        WHO is the ONE group that will benefit the most from the extermination of the White Race?

      8. Sweden headed for mongrel race status. Blend them all together and see what you get. Youmo sounds like a gay site, while Nomo is anti gay. Gay used to mean happy, nomo. Start letting in Afghanis and don’t allow the lines to be blurred anymo.

      9. This is offensive, and I know the difference. If it hurts your eyes, don’t click.

        Valentine band, Chucky song —

        Deek Jackson, Are You A Paedophile feat. Conspiracy Clown —

        Fat Violent Dykes song —

        I am not in favor of acid attacks, or severing healthy vaginas. Otherwise, have never complained of Islam’s patriarchalism.

        Islam is a race, that of Ishmael and his adopted sons.

        You people reading this (yes, you, nominal conservatives) have already promoted aggressive race mixing, for about three generations, since the Communist terrorist, MLK.


        These people, who you don’t like, and can never tolerate, will steal the flag right off your lawn, fly it higher than you, and register Republican. I find you questionable, for harboring these people. “Captain Sweden Saves the Day” is not uncharted territory, here, in America. He’s alt-right, or not even alt, anymore.

      10. Every Muslim immigrant should be give a goat. He can satisfy his urges with that.

        • What the hell have you got against goats!!!.

        • Let’s not subject the goats. They have done nothing wrong and do not deserve Muslim abuse.

        • Sheep and chickens.

      11. First hang the traitors who opened the gates to the Muslim invaders. The same people who opened the gates to the invaders hundreds of years earlier. And in 1492 where expelled from Spain, so they got on a ship with Columbus and sailed to America. Wake up.


        • I have never heard marranos ,being blamed for the Islamist invasion of Europe, before, but I guess the j/q works on anything.

          moldy cheese, death comets, paper cuts, fluoridation, musak…

      12. This is genocide. The (((rhymes with “cruise”))) are intent on eradicating white Christian Europeans in Europe, and all people with European genes wherever they live throughout the world. These people decided thousands of years ago that they were going to make themselves masters of the world, that the rest of humanity would be their slaves.

        They work together to accomplish this objective. By deceit they wage war against us. They lie to make us feel guilty. They lie to make us admire them. They steal other people’s accomplishments and take credit for them with all the money that goes with it. They work at the Patent office, like plagiarist, Albert Einstein. Marconi stole from Tesla, backed by Rothschilds. Sarnoff from Farnsworth who invented television. Farnsworth died broke. Sarnoff is a multi-billionaire and controls most of television along with fellow travelers of the same ethnicity.

        With their control of money, communications, information, and religion, they rule over us; and they are intent on wiping us out genetically by breeding us with non-Europeans, blacks and other non-white, non-Caucasians.


      13. WOW, I see such bigotry and race hatred here on this site! DAMN! We may have a hope yet!

        • Yep, plus hatred of scum muslims which is not a race, but a system of government. Anyone from any race can become a piece of muslim trash.

          • Menzo, I’m still waiting on the time to TAKE OUT that trash.

            • It’s coming

              • It’s not coming, it is already here and overdue.

      14. More proof that a goal of the global elite is the genocide of the White race.

      15. Why is Sweden importing vast numbers of people who don’t share the same standards of proper social and sexual behavior they do, people who never will?

      16. What a farce, the Moslems know that even if they continue their deviant behavior nothing will happen to them. The gov’t of Sweden is impotent (no pun intended). With rare exceptions they have become pathologically unable or unwilling to save their culture, society, and gene pool. Of course there are non-Swedish “experts” facilitating the permanent destruction of Sweden as we know it today. Meanwhile Israel has recently declared the country’s one and only official language is Hebrew, and that only J#ws have the right of self-determination, with all other non-J#wish citizens rights downgraded; these are classic tenets of apartheid. Most J#wish politicians in the US are Democratic and liberal who endorse policies allowing the disintegration of the American historical demography, yet support the Israeli national policy. Israel is also building a fenced wall to keep out Africans. However, not a single word from the MSM about their hypocrisy. NY senator Jacob Javits, was an ardent supporter of the 1965 Immigration Act (which for the first time severely limited persons of European descent and favored third-world migration). He proclaimed “open the flood gates” when Pres. LBJ signed the Act. There are several publications in Israel that support the eradication of Christian European and their cultures through flooding the continent with vast hordes of Moslems. I am not anti any ethnic group, all have a right to exist as they see fit, without any type of interference, I just despise the hypocrisy, subterfuge, and the belief some hold they can manipulate anything for their own purposes.

      17. Saying the “white race” demonstrates ignorance as that is baased upon the pseudoscience of race theory. It has been thoroughly discredited.

        What you mean to say is saving European ethnicity particularly Western.

        This too is problematic because it’s based on a 19th century paradigm where certain Western ethnicities were considered superior based upon when the immigrants arrived in America.

        The first were Brits, Scots, French, Spanish in Florida and in Central and South America.

        Then Germans, Swedes, Italians, Irish, Russians, Chinese, Japanese, Filipinos in Hawaii, etc.

        Along the way based on wealth were Hebrews but they were not descended directly from the 12 tribes of Israel which is a huge topic in of itself.

        This delaying of migration caused discrimination such that Irish and Italians, even early Germans (mislabeled “Dutchies” due to Duetschland) and they were called “the great unwashed” by the Anglo-Saxons. Which is equally messed up as the Saxons partially were various Vikings settling in Western Europe but coming from Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, etc. So an alleged Anglo-Saxon British-American would hate a new Swedish immigrant to America yet they actually might have had Swedish ancestry in their English ancestors!

        None of these people claimed to be just the “white race” originally but despised others like Italians and Irish and even Germans. Which is amusing as Eugenics got it’s start by progressive Democrats and Nazis who might actually despise each other’s ancestors while hating Africans more.

        • There is some truth to your statement of “who is white”. In Catholic grammar school the Irish kids called me dego saying, “a wop is a nigger turned inside out”. Its become increasingly difficult over time for them to maintain as often their kids married a “greaseball” and God forbid their grandkids now have a vowel at the end of their name. There is a cultural separation with people of European stock, Arian, Slavic or Latino and Africans. Orientals generally adapt very well to the European culture and mindset. Is the delta nature or nurture for Africans? Its likely both. Its certainly not insurmountable but its damn sure there. Their world is different.

      18. I hate to tell you all this but we lost the diversity wars long ago. The first time our blue eyed blonde sluts started screwing and sucking black cocks we lost. When the mixed race babies started being born, we lost, when the fat ugly white chicks bent over we lost. Look around it’s getting to be you can’t see a pure white person. It’s all blended.

        • It’s call genocide.

      19. The reason the EU freaked was they realized that contraception and ABORTION had gotten their birth rates so low that they allowed unchecked illegal immigration and mislabeled economic migrants as “refugees”. Why? They freaked out as they cannot possibly continue to pay pensioners without fresh blood to pay taxes.

        It will happen in the USA too eventually. This is why the DNC and RINOs are pushing to end ICE and flood our borders with illegal immgration. And that is not just Mexicans but those from Central and South America as well as foreigners sneaking across a porous border.

        The USA has taken more true refugees than any other with few side effects. Why? It takes three years sitting in a refugee camp to be vetted. Meanwhile they are carefully screened. Then they have to take classes. Then they are encouraged to pay their travel back which had been sponsored by a church typically.

        We have a huge true refugee ministry program that the best in the world and it relies on some paid folks but mostly volunteers acculturate the refugees, teach them, mentor them, help them gain employment, tutor them when they seek education either vcationally or in higher education.

        Historically these were often Christians helping fellow Christians.

        However that was based upon a “need” versus a want. Everyone wants to come to the USA but does the USA need them? Not today as there are insufficient jobs for Millennials.

        Therefore to bring over an unvetted Muslim economic migrant who cannot find work, who create ghettos for themselves, and then commit criminal acts VIOLATES every single aspect of American refugee policy! It’s cuckoo for cocoa puffs liberal dolts in Sweden, Germany, France, England, Italy, and so forth who are clueless on practical refugee mitigation.

        Now. Do you you want to know the dirty secret how this happened? The USA has consistently sent the largest aid to the UN’s refugee program and part of that was allocated to food aid for refugee camps.

        Before the so-called refugee crisis, the EU severely cut this food aid and the general amount as well. What happened was the UN refugee camps cut the daily food rations about four times and the refugees freaked out and fled. This created a stampede that flooded Greece and Italy with floatillas.

        The EU caused this debacle themselves and selfishly in order to help pay for pensioners. That is the honest TRUTH that the mainstream media and politicians will NEVER tell you.

        Historically, we altered our refugee policy in America three times.

        To help the Vietnamese during the boat lift.

        To help Iraqis flee after the Gulf War One.

        To help bail out the Germans who reneged on their help to Bosnia refugees and almost kicked them out. The USA came to their aid instead.

        Historcally due to our immense land mass and distributed refugee mitigation and PLANNED refugee mitigation, few issued have happened and it has mostly benefited the Republic of the USA.

        We could never take all. In fact, think about it, if all flee, you kill a country through a massive brain drain. You transfer all of the problems to America. You honestly have to even limit adoptions for these reasons as well.

      20. Hey, that Congolese kitty kat is purty good. You should try it sometime.
        Time to fight back. Make some blue eyed bristleheaded crumbsnatchers.

      21. call= called

      22. “By “genocide” we mean the destruction of an ethnic group…. Generally speaking, genocide does not necessarily mean the immediate destruction of a nation, except when accomplished by mass killings of all members of a nation. It is intended rather to signify a coordinated plan of different actions aiming at the destruction of essential foundations of the life of national groups, with the aim of annihilating the groups themselves. The objectives of such a plan would be disintegration of the political and social institutions, of culture, language, national feelings, religion, and the economic existence of national groups, and the destruction of the personal security, liberty, health, dignity, and even the lives of the individuals belonging to such groups….”–Raphael Lemkin–

        “Genocide is the attempt to destroy any recognized, stable, and permanent group as it is defined by the perpetrator: [It] is a concerted effort to eliminate its individual members and to destroy the group’s ability to maintain its social and cultural cohesion and, thus, its existence as a group. The perpetrators’ genocidal goals — i.e., intent, which is central to the 1948 UN definition but is often analyzed too legalistically and narrowly — can be uncovered by examining policies, actions, and outcomes.” –John Cox, historian–

      23. What Democrats, Liberals, and Socialists fail to understand is that refugee mitigation is about creating stability via improving shelter,medicine, security, food, and education UNTIL the refugees can return home to their country of origin.

        Refugee mitigation is NOT immigration.

        Refugees are NOT immigrants nor economic migrants.

        If you steal people from a nation, as Angela Merkel has done by unchecked immigration, but mislabeling them refugees, what she did was IMPLODE their nations.

        The only way stability can occur in the long run is if they return to restore order. In many cases single young men fled when instead they should fight as soldiers to gain back their country, hence they are liars and cowards in the best case, and potentially dangerous thugs and terrorists in the worst case.

        I don’t know why Democrats, Liberals and Socialists do not understand this. It is common sense.

        When there are honest to GOD refugees, then typically they can never return because of severe ethnic incompatability. This is why the USA bailed out Germany and took Bosnian Muslims. Or why we took Chaldean Christians from Iraq. Or why we took Hmong Der from Vietnam and Laos. Or why we took fleeing Cubans. Or why we took Dinka Christians from Sudan.

        No country can take huge volumes as it destabilizes wherever they came from.

        Mexicans are not refugees but economic migrants. People all over Africa are taking leakyboats from Africa to Italy and NONE are refugees but economic migrants.

        People forged passports and documents that claimed they were Syrian yet when checked their documents were forgeries so IMMEDIATELY they shoud have been sent back. They could literally be war criminals and terrorists and just regular criminals.

      24. What the hell is it with the Swedes?
        Is there something in the drinking water?
        Has something mutated their genes?
        The stupidity is so epic that it is actually shocking.
        Forgive me my incredulity but my mind just won’t wrap
        around this unprecedented level of dumbass.

      25. The EU cut their commitment to UNHCR particularly the World Food Programme (WFP) and it precipitated the refugee crisis as they were starving due to dropping the food rations.

        In effect, Angela Merkel deliberately caused a huge refugee crisis.

        That affected the Middle Eastern and African refugees to flee. They all didn’t just up and decide to spend whatever money they had left, “Gee let’s go to Europe!”. It was their only option. Only the optimists stayed in the refugee camps.

        Meanwhile sexual predators preyed on the largely Syrian Muslim refugee camps and that made many leave as well. That whole subject is seldom discussed in the mainstream media as it’s not PC. Muslim women and children were being sexually assaulted when they went to take a shower or go to the bathroom. Some were sold into marriage to keep the rest alive. And then the new husbands abandoned the a week later.

        • Absolute 100% bullshit.
          All those “starving” refugees just happen to be males 20 – 30 years old. How stupid can you be?

          But yes, muslim women are property to be raped at will but that is their culture and has nothing whatsoever to do with refugees. (notice the women ain’t running away)


          • No you dolt! There were actual refugees in refugee camps run by the UNHCR and underfunding by the EU (who reneged on their financial commitments) and the starvation forced them to flee.

            That caused a stampede.

            Then the dumbass Merkel literally said all would be welcome in Germany which angered Greece and Italy as a FLOOD of economic migrants then “claimed to be refugees” and forged their government documents!

            Hungary was absolutely outraged as they do not want people flooding their borders to get to Western Europe.

            Merkel being an EU head totally screwed up and CREATED a refugee crisis, then to make matters worse encouraged literally all of Africa and the Middle East to head to Europe.

            Then demanded that the USA accept some too!

            I am showing how it happened and that was never shown on American television!

            The EU CAUSED the FLOOD yet are blaming the USA due to actions in Syria! It’s freaking nuts and Obummer was such a mangina that he kowtowed to her demands.

            Heck, Australia was fed up and didn’t want them, but cut a deal with Obummer and then Trump was furious that the Aussies insisted we HAD TO TAKE THEM! It’s just outrageous that American refugee mitigation, which is the very best in the world, is being subverted by foreign nations dictating what Americans should do!

          • You probably didn’t bother to watch the videos, did you?

            UNHCR supplies refugee relief all over the world. When the EU cut the general aid and the aid to the World Food Programme and that meant every freaking refugee was suddenly afraid that tomorrow no food rations would be available for their families.

            What would you have done? YOU WOULD BUG OUT WHICH IS WHAT THEY DID!

            Well every Tom, Dick, and Harry in the Middle East and Africa thought, “Heck this is our golden opportunity to get to Western Europe and eventually America because we can’t get visas and could never pass the American vetting process!”

            So that caused a DOUBLE DELUGE of every wannabe immgrant, those seeking political asylum, actual refugees, and economic migrants.

      26. What you ever hear on the mainstream media is sexual assault is common in the refugee camps, and most often since security is lax, it’s outsiders who are the perps.

        This is a systemic issue, not a local issue, and Sweden was so moronic that they moved en masse a group of people who were sexual victims as well as sexual predators and who have a culture of child marriage.

        They won’t talk about it because the average person would NEVER allow that to be transferred in and disrupt stability so profoundly.

      27. An educated African working on his PhD once told me in all honesty, “Look, there might be only 200 PhDs in my whole country. If they all applied for visas to the USA, and the USA was stupid enough to agree, then literally my country would have a huge brain drain and that could cause a civil war. You would lose all the intelligensia in one fell sweep and create a power vaccuum.”

        Yet this is the kind of thinking that Merkel is doing in the EU as her initial plan was to foster all of the professionals who are highly educated among these so called “refugees” coming to Germany!

        The woman is not Mother Merkel which is the term these Muslims call her, but outright EVIL and destabilizing and imploding all of Africa and the Middle East.

      28. Use your brain. If the goal is to help true “refugees”, then the least expensive method is local assistance close to their home countries. Why? Because security, food, water, medicine, shelter, and education are least expensive there. And then when the situation is stabilized, the true refugee can return to rebuild their nation.

        So the EU does NOT care about that! Instead, they created a debacle that flooded Europe with unvetted refugees, followed by those wanting political asylum, immigrants, and economic migrants.

        So the EU’s goals are LIES. They don’t want refugee mitigation! They want new citizens paying taxes that they themselves cannot produce due to failed policies creating low birth rates.

      29. Another one went on a killing spree in Toronto, Canada. Attacks seem to happen every few months now.

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