Senator Hints That Trump May Resign: “I Think He Is Going To Get Himself Out”

by | Mar 18, 2017 | Headline News | 210 comments

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    It’s no secret that there is a concerted effort underway to do everything possible to remove President Donald Trump from office.

    From Russian ties to business conflicts of interests, both Democrats and Republicans are actively working to find chinks in the President’s armor.

    But for those with hope of change in their hearts, Democrat Senator Diane Feinstein says there is a possibility that Trump will eventually remove himself from office by filing his own resignation.

    Speaking to a crowd during a town hall-style Questions and Answers session, Feinstein was asked how Congress is going to deal with Trump’s alleged illegal activities:

    Journalist: We don’t know what’s happening but we know that he is breaking laws every day, he’s making money at Mar-a-lago, he’s getting copyrights in China, he has obvious dealings with Russia, the Dakota pipeline… there’s some many things that he’s doing that are unconstitutional… how are we going to get him out?

    Feinstein: We have a lot of people looking at this… Technical people… I think he’s going to get himself out… I think sending sons to another country to make a financial deal for his company and then have that covered with government expenses… I think those government expenses should not be allowed.. we are working on a bill that will deal with conflict of interest… it’s difficult…

    Videos of Feinstein speaking to what appears to be a local press pool of reporters and protesters appear below. You can jump to 1:30 in the first video to listen to Feinstein discuss Trump’s conflicts of interests, or watch from the beginning to hear Feinstein’s response to how her husband’s firm directly benefited from bills she voted into law, proving once again that the hypocrisy of socialist Congressional representatives from California has no bounds…

    Part 1 (2 minutes, 18 seconds):

    Part 2 (2 minutes, 19 seconds)

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        • YOU are an idiot.
          I will rewrite your ignorant post:
          NO WAY (will he resign)! HES IN FOR 8 YEARS!!

          • More Fake News!!!

            • I’m not listening to anything this democrat witch says!! They are all scum trying their best to ruin his administration. They are all Communists trying to destroy this country. Maybe their moslem friends will chop off all their heads and do us all a favor.

          • Here’s how should be written:
            No way!! He’s in for 8 years.
            This, children, is why we tried to teach punctuation in elementary schools.

            • Probably only 4 years. He is 70 and im sure he has better things to do. But who knows….

              • what “better things”?…he’s trying to save a COUNTRY!

                • The bad thing about saving this country is that you then save the half of the country that thinks you and i dont deserve a say in any of it, i would just assume the whole thing in a smoking ruins,
                  Harsh but keepin it real

                  • It’s too late to save this country. It has become too damaged and infested with disease to repair. The only way to Make America Great is to let it all crash, then rebuild from the rubble after all the liberal cancer has been completely eradicated.

                  • most Sheeple in this country have NO clue that we have a war going on inside our government and a different war between the leftards and the rightards, i use the negative term to both parties as we have deeply embedded traitors on both sides and they only way to stop them is to purge em all! and we are so far down the rabbit hole, I will be surprised IF we can bring her back, we will be at war soon and who knows how that will go! times are about to get REAL DICEY!!
                    hope the laggers are ready not much time left for newbies to prep!keep your eyes OPEN, it is coming soon!

                    • Word up, apache,

                      I would even go so far as to call them out as lefturds and righturds, TRAITORS all of them! They will soon reap the consequences of their crimes against America.

                  • i agree 100%, nailbanger….at least we got a “decent” guy to take U.S. to the other side.

                • Well I can tell you that his deportation program is working. I am seeing third worlders that have been arrested 4 or 5 times in the last few years, are NOW being deported! Under the Obama negroe this was not the case, apparently they would just keep getting arrested and ICE was never called! GO TRUMP!

              • Its a big Swamp. The first 4 years are to stabilize the economy and unravel all the damage of the last 36 years. Trumps last 4 years of the 8 will be the most impressive, Trump will really drain the swamp. Like End the Fed, End the CIA, Create a New US Dollar based on Silver. Jail the bankers, Stop funding Israhell, maybe just nuke them, destroy the Democrap Party forever. Pull all the stops out and secure the US Constitution for Freedom loving Americans decades. That’s what I would do.

                • Zeus, let’s all hope he can stay at the helm for 8 years. I’ve never had more hatred for the left than I do right now. At this time they’re more dangerous than they’ve ever been. I won’t put anything past them. If something happens to Trump, I’m going after libturds. Trump is our ONLY hope left for PEACEFUL CHANGE. But if it comes down to 2nd civil war/revolution, then so be it. TAKE OUT ALL THE LIBTURD TRASH. CLEAN HOUSE. NO BAG LIMIT AND NO PERMIT REQUIRED.

                • None of those things are going to happen.
                  Marriage, Mnuchin, De Vos…
                  How delusional does one have to be to not notice the imperialist klepticratic oligarch lapdogs (controllers?)
                  Trump is the Nero that will fiddle as Rome burns

            • Let’s eat grandma!

              Let’s eat, grandma!

              Punctuation saves lives.

              • LMFAO!…so true, deplorable.

            • Exactly, good that you got the last best education before the liberals took over. So did I.
              Where I live it’s similar:
              Mi Papa Tiennes 40 anos
              Should mean my dad is 40 years old.
              Could mean my potato has 40 a##holes

              • Actual meaning of what you wrote:
                My papa YOU have 40 years. tienes is you have

          • Deplorable Infidel, I sincerely hope he’s in for 8 years. It may take that long to achieve just 50-75% of his agenda. Anonymous is a dildo.

        • Progressives and Globalists are getting desperate. They are terrified because they could all go to jail starting with Hillary and her crew. Word is Anthony Weiner made a deal and is talking like a parrot on speed. Obama has already fled the country, possible links to drug smuggling, vacation my butt!

          Liberals everywhere are running like cockroaches when you turn on the lights.

          • Let me put it this way, if I was going to resign? I’d take them out first. I mean I’m already toast so why not?

          • so stupid, your so 1990s with the false left right dichotomy.Scumbags prevail in both parties. They want chump out so pence can come in and carry on the neocon nwo party. Who do you think neocons are, they are republicans. The people have little if any representation and you are a fool if you believe a politician of any stripes words.

            • Neocons are both red and blue, not just red ? We get hosed by both sides, just a slightly different flavor from both nothing new at all. That term is also very dated and is not very accurate these days. Criminals is more accurate !

        • First thought that occurred to me when I heard this– IF he does resign, it will probably because the 1% threatened him and rather being assassinated like Kennedy, he would rather resign than acquiesce and be a f… puppet to the elites.

          • I don’t see Donald as being afraid, but I suspect his family is his Achilles Heel.

            The Secret Service let plans to Trump Tower where his Trump’s Wife and Son are, get stolen, just days ago. Very strange thing to allow to go missing?

            • You are correct and might I say I’ve thought that he might do as the title suggest but after the first 100 days: having met the promises to the American people he laid out during the Campaign.

              We shall see.

            • PTPO, I read that report. Keep in mind that NOT everyone in the Secret Service is loyal to Trump. There are still who knows how many Obama holdovers in there. God forbid that any of them are assigned to protect Trump and/or members of his family. It stinks to high heaven. As in FALSE FLAG…..

            • Hi PTPO – I know the left is violent. That is their calling card. But it seems to me that this would only enrage and embolden freedom lovers. It seems to me they will try to “Jimmy Carter-ize” him – viz., hang bad ecnonomy of Obungler’s creation on him.

              Again, the goal of conservatives, libertarians, freedom lovers, etc. it to *educate and inform*. Yes, there are a lot of leftist lemmings around. Just watch any Mark Dice “man in the street” interview on YouTube. But there are enough now who are awake who will not stand for any more of this horse manure. And, thanks to sites like this, the number is growing. Thanks, leftist fake news, for exposing yourselves for the frauds you are!

              Oh, and speaking of leftist lamestream fake news, did you know CNN had in it’s latest poll March 1st that Hilary was ahead in the presidential race by 12 points? Right next to another article on a memo Dan Rather found, and Brian Williams’ memoirs on being shot at while engaged in hand to hand combat.

          • Pres Trump is a fighter, he’ll get even.
            The Frankensteins working for the devil
            will be the ones destroyed. Greedy bloodlust
            for riches has disconnected them from
            responsibility to voters. Wait and see,
            fate will punish according to their deeds,
            it always works that way. Oh yeah its called

        • Why is this political hack dope’s comment even an article at all, let alone even a headline? Serously Mac, She is as insane as Sen McCain. I think Diane Feinstein’s Head is going to explode any day now from all the crap coming out of her piehole. Put that in headlines. Feinstein is a shill, plant Trojan horse strait from the IsRahell. She hates America, Hates the 2nd Amendment and US Constitution, She hates Freedoms, and she made her living off of insider trading from her political career, strain from CommieFornia the worst of the worst. Die Witch!!!

        • fake news…don’t believe it….

        • Gear review: VEPR Russian-built shotgun

          At 483 mm the barrel is wayyyyy to short to be a good hunting shotgun.

          The action is hefty but functions well. Rapid fire capabilities are the absolute best I have ever seen in a shotgun. The gun is heavy and very durable. Barrel is chrome lined. As with all other weapons based on the AK platform, it is extremely reliable and the tolerances are huge.

          They manufacture 25 round drums which connect directly to the magazine well.

          It does not have a front rail for attacking a torch. It does have a rail in the back for all the good that does.

        • LMFAO !!! Sen Frankenstein is “past her prime” and has become “unhinged”.

          Brazil of the DNC and CNN just admitted to the crime of passing Hillary questions. I smell “CHARGES” !!!

          Obola is actively trying to undermine TRUMP and was behind the judicial actions to stop TRUMP’S lawful immigration bans. Aiding and abetting our enemies, as lawfully defined by TRUMP sedition and an improper judicial interference !!!

          I smell blood in the water. Whatever PASS TRUMP was going to give OBOLA and HILLARY as a gracious winner, will now become CHARGES against the sore losers.

          Investigations are continuing. Tribunals will begin before the snow flies next FALL. 🙂

        • Anonymous ALSO has Hilary ahead by 11 point right now in election polling from his mommy’s basement

          • Ruh-roh, someone’s off their meds again!


        • Feinstein – as if she is sagacious and an aware person with her “thumb on the pulse” – hardly – just more DNC concerted orchestrated drip-drip-drip to undermine POTUS. The liberals are measuring his character from their limited levels,as people of no character & with no integrity or backbone- people that have thrived as a gang of capos in a corrupt system -as individuals they would never have survived – they are so incapable of facing reality – bunch of gutless bullies and way off POTUS won’t give up.

        • Now you are the Dreamers. No way he’ll stay in 8 years. His business and family are more important to him than his supporters. Besides he’s no real politician and he will do what he needs to help himself politically along with his friends while in the White House and to make sure their is a smooth transition to VP Mike Pence. This has been his alternate plan all along…but dream on.

          • And you know this how??? You and Trump must be BFFs. Trump didn’t come this far and fight this hard to quit! He’s a WINNER!!!!!!!!!

        • What is that WITCH talking about “Constitutional” ??

          What could be more UN Constitutional that that BUTT PLUGGER ILLEGAL ALIEN OBAMA ??

          AND EVERYTHING he and “they” have done for 8 years ??

      2. I’ll be surprised if he makes it four years.

        • you libs. you all need to be locked up

        • The left is not going to last out his 4-year term. They are self-destructing every day.

          No one is going to vote to impeach the President but the Democrats and a few insane RINO’s in the House. There is no majority there, and they know it.

          Deluded Kool-Aid drinkers.

          • In 2018. If they regain the senate.

        • Hi AnonyTroll. Weather there ok posting from Mommy’s basement? Did Geo. Soros’ cheque bounce again? Of course you’ll be “surprised.” Just like you were last Nov…. and will be again in four years.

          • Cheque? And you live in Illinois? What, you’re like the Hunchback of the University of Chicago?

      3. She should practice seppuku or self immolation, doing humanity a favor!

        • She has know one honorable to decapitate her. Good!

        • Yes, Yes, Yes!!!!!!!!!!!

      4. And I should take the word of this haggard low-life wench(Feinstein)?
        Right on!

        • Liberals are absolutely the dumbest people on earth.

      5. It will be a GREAT day for America and the world when fraud and traitors like not-so-Feinstein are at least digitally tarred and feathered. Check out the last disgusting antics, where hubby just got a one BILLION dollar contract with the govt.

        Again, YR, anticipating your sickness, am kindly leaving space for you here for your latest ad hominem invective, as I skip your sophomoric posts and will thus miss your last attempt at insults. Here’s your space, mon ami! (Pls fill in the blank with your best) ______

        • … and speaking of crony money, cited about BIG GREEN MONEY that the vice chair of the Financial Stability Board disclosed that “the world will have to spend $93 trillion over the next 15 years – five times the size of the entire 2015 US economomy – on “renewable, sustainable” energy and low-carbon infrastructure programs, as part of the Climate Crisis, Inc. plan to de-carbonize and de-industrialize the planet. Naturally, most of that money will flow to its crony corporatist allies. Their ultimate goal is to enrich and empower themselves … and fundamentally transform the global economy – to our detriment, and especially the detriment of the world’s poorest families – using our taxpayer, consumer, and investment, retirement, insurance and pension fund money!”

          As one example, this article notes the big green money banksters include “UBS Financial Services and the $5-trillion BlackRock global financial management firm, which now has an index fund for people and organizations that want to divest from companies that BlackRock, AXA and the Cabal have targeted with their anti-carbon campaigns. The tax-exempt anti-carbon pressure group Natural Resources Defense Council has put $70 million into the fund.”

          Earlier, Australian Jo Nova stated that according to the World Bank, carbon trading reached $126 billion in 2008, and PointCarbon came in with $130 billion in 2009.

          If warmers whine about involvement of “Big Oil,” what about the involvement of Big Finance, who stand to make money when carbon is bought or sold? Could it be that those shouting at skeptics are in the employ of Big Finance? Nova writes “Banks are keen to be seen as good corporate citizens (look, there’s an environmental banker!), but somehow they don’t find the idea of a non-tradable carbon tax as appealing as a trading scheme where financial middlemen can take a cut. (For banks that believe in the carbon crisis, taxes may well “help the planet,” but they don’t pay dividends.)” So, in sum, is seems there are some generally unpaid skeptics who are taking on massive business interests and groups of warmers who have a vested interest to continue getting their grants and trips to exotic locales for meetings (anyone wonder why the don’t row there?). No one seems to mention they also have to fight “Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, BNP Paribas, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, Barclays, Morgan Stanley, and every other financial institution or corporation that stands to profit like the Chicago Climate Exchange (before it imploded from its own poison gas emissions, see ), European Climate Exchange), PointCarbon, IdeaCarbon (and the list goes on… ) as well as against government bureaucracies like the IPCC and multiple departments of Climate Change.” CFTC Commissioner Bart Chilton even stated in the near future he could “ see carbon trading being a $2 trillion market… the largest commodity market in the world” while Richard L. Sandor, chairman and chief executive officer of Climate Exchange Plc, who received $1.1 million in grants from the leffist Joyce Foundation to launch the CCX, agreed and predicted trades eventually would total $10 trillion a year – that is, until Cap and Trade blew up – at which point, Mr. Sandor received $98.5 million for his 16.5% stake in the CCX (Chicago Climate Exchange) when it was sold. Not too shabby for a failed enterprise that somebody else financed.

        • Here, don’t read this.

          Yeah, they’re called ad hominem ‘by you’ because have no other recourse. Here read this. It’s by that German guy who described debating people like you and then later becoming so upset with their subversive tactics, throwing out of the country.

          “The more I argued with them, the better I came to know their dialectic. First they counted on the stupidity of their adversary, and then, when there was no other way out, they themselves simply played stupid. If all this didn’t help, they pretended not to understand, or, if challenged, they changed the subject in a hurry, quoted platitudes which, if you accepted them, they immediately related to entirely different matters, and then, if again attacked, gave ground and pretended not to know exactly what you were talking about. Whenever you tried to attack one of these apostles, your hand closed on a jelly-like slime which divided up and poured through your fingers, but in the next moment collected again. But if you really struck one of these fellows so telling a blow that, observed by the audience, he couldn’t help but agree, and if you believed that this had taken you at least one step forward, your amazement was great the next day. The chew had not the slightest recollection of the day before, he rattled off his same old nonsense as though nothing at all had happened, and, if indignantly challenged, affected amazement; he couldn’t remember a thing, except that he had proved the correctness of his assertions the previous day.”

          Hilarious huh? I couldn’t have said it better myself. I don’t know how you couldn’t like the guy. Well not so much now as history has been scrubbed by the people whom he was talking about.

          • Saw your name, and skipped everything you wrote. I assume it’s more puerile horse apples, insults and childish mud-slinging. Grow up, or at least get help.

            • Don’t worry, you will see this particular comment again and again. Just because there are new people coming here everyday. Now go and keep looking for ‘Brown Shorts’. In your case you won’t have to look far.

      6. It is all about time. The Leftists will use guerilla tactics inside the system and out. The Rs will mostly not help him, but try to preserve their own positions.

        Burn that daylight…unless Pres T is willing to become Emperor Obama II, by going extremely un-Constitutional, nothing of substance will get done.

        His Presidency clock will run out..and the Left will “win.”


      7. I listen to Michael Savage’s radio show when I’m in the car and he hates Feinstein. They both are in the San Francisco area and Savage hints very, very strongly that Feinstein has been guilty so many times of a conflict of interest, approving things that funnel money directly or indirectly into her husband’s business ventures. This is why it’s so ironic to read of her complaints about an alleged conflict of interest. The pot calls the kettle black.

        • I agree completely. The dems and finestein are hipocrites.
          They are blaming Trump for conflict on interest and the dems are just covering there asses because of their guilt is surfacing. ARE THE dems bulletproof , they have done more damage to this countty and are trying to Bleed innocence.

        • Yea, big difference though,
          Feinstine has made her wealth from corruption,
          Donald Trump has made his because he is a shrewd business man,
          These libtard fucks will try,
          But theres millions of us armed to the teeth, standing behind the former military who are armed to the teeth who are standing behind DT,,,
          When they do try it wont end well because dome of us know that bloodshed and a second reckoning may be necessary and are fully willing and ready to jump right the fuck on that band wagon when it gets rolling,,,,

          • “…fully willing and ready to jump right the fuck on that band wagon…”

            …fully armed…

            Is it time, yet?

            • The time was 105 years ago… your late to the party.

              • *you’re

                • You’re all delusional. Your small arms are no match. The shadow government has been prepared for this sort of thing since 9/11.

        • Hal, that disgusting chewish, feminazi, commie Feinstein needs to be taken out with the rest of the trash. At this time the left is more dangerous than they’ve ever been. They are desperate to stop Trump any way they can. You CANNOT put anything past them. If anything happens to Trump, all bets are off. I, for one, will be hunting for libturds.

      8. If Trump is removed, then it’s on. Full blown revolution. Active and passive. Whatever you’re capable of.

        • I agree, if they take out Trump, people will lose all faith in the governing system. So they will take it down.

          • Right on, Brother! Count me in on guerilla tactics.

          • Will lose?
            I already have less than no faith in government at all levels, its a bunch of fucking bullshit,

            • NB Thanks for taking our advice and not using all the commas ,,, as usual. Oh and sentences end with a period (looks like this .) not with ,,, or , A period is a dot that can be found on the lower right side of your keyboard next to the comma that you overuse.

              Even second graders know this ,,,, is wrong and will get them an F on their assignment. Hey, someone had to tell ya.

            • Ya right, if trump resigns because of some bullshit I am going to run out and start killing everyone that appears to be a liberal. Are you fuckin stupid or what?

              • To the post above… If he is assasinated or some other untimely thing happens. Life will go on just like usual.. lot’s of beeching and moaning and groaning as the wheel keeps spinning…

                • In fact if something does take him out of power I think I will down a 6 pack and a shot or 2 and just take a nap. Nothing I can do about it might as well get some rest lol.

                • Genius? So, you already got comfortable with total surrender. Why bother to post if you don’t care? And nobody says go out and kill at random. You assume incorrectly.

        • Exactly.

          The people have been prepping. They would prefer a civil and judicial end to the corruption but if they manage to stop President Trump then the only two choices left are to allow the system to continue the destruction of the US thru the public “education” system or the people remove the deep state by force.

        • Him, sad to say that’s true. The streets will be running red with blood from patriots and libturds.

        • Him

          Sounds like you are looking forward to bloodshed and destruction. Ignorant sick ass.

          • Anon, you’re looking forward to total surrender. Sick ass.

      9. Mark my words, Obama will come back as the ‘Emergency President’ after Trump is either impeached or is removed by other means or resignation. His government is paralyzed and doing nothing.

        Once war starts with NK and China, Trump will show himself unable to handle the stress and gravity of the situation and an experienced and calm President will need to be put in place. The only person with those credentials right now is Obama.

        But, hey, life is good nontheless: here is your weekend funny: Saudi helicopters blew a boatload of Somali refugees out of the water. The precedent has been set and set by Muslims for dealing with the out-of-control refugee flows. Look for more countries to just bomb the refugees if they do not stop flowing across borders.

        • you wish it were so.

        • Obama is not coming back. Don’t drink your own Kool-Aid.

        • That’s funny, your using “credentials” and “Obama” in the same sentence. He’s less qualified than the average man on the street. At least the average man on the street is an American who loves his country.

        • Trump is the only reason there is peace in America.

        • I saw that and figured it was pirates they blew out of the water.

          Of course once they limped back to shore, they would never admit they were pirates, they of course magically become poor refugees!

        • BS

        • Hahahaha! You’re hilarious! That was a joke, right?

          The evil of The Kenyan shows up in his appearance over these last eight years. Its hard to destroy a country’s identity and economy without it taking a personal toll.

          However, putting it back together would be exhilarating and I think you will see a Donald Trump in 8 years looking his best. We shall see.

          • NetRanger, there’s no question in my mind the Kenyan is a key player in the effort to stop Trump. Think about this. Instead of just riding off into the sunset as all previous former presidents have done, why the hell did he lease a house that’s less than two miles from the WH? And why did he allow his closest aide and confidante Valerie Jarrett to move in with him? He has supposedly set up a national organization to try to bring down Trump and supposedly has tens of thousands of ‘soldiers’ for the purpose. There’s 100,000,000 gun owners in this country and I believe 5% at most would be enough to make mincemeat out of the Kenyan’s ‘troops’. And if it takes more than 5% to deal with all the other libturds combined then so be it. If anything happens to Trump, IT WILL BE GAME ON! IT HAS TO BE SO!

        • That’s stupid soetoro couldn’t come back even if they tried.
          The Muslim on Muslim violence makes me happy.

        • “…The only person with those credentials right now is Obama.”

          On what legal grounds do you posit this? Pence would be prez.,are you retarded?

          • Exactly. Frank Thoughts is being sarcastic and surrealistic all at once. Laugh while you can.

        • Well that’s good that they blew these people out of the water. Since they it, now everyone can do it. I guarantee if this was done more often, protecting your coastal waters, those mutts would never step foot onto a boat again thinking that there are a bunch of stoopid white chicks over there waiting and welcoming them to rape them.
          Hey, don’t tell K2 about this. It’s never o.k. to do anything like this unless he says that it’s alright.
          The Saudis should have blamed the on the British. And then fire bombed all of Somalia with the weapons the US loaned or leased to them.

      10. Seriously!?! Why do sensible people continue to proprogate the stupidity of people like Feinstein wasting space?

        • California is chock full of touchy feely idiot libtards who love their servitude,,,

          • Nailbanger, they love their Feinsteins, Pelosis, and Boxers. They would fit right into either Canada or the EU. They would only have to learn a different language.

      11. As divided a nation as we are, with irreconcilable differences on every issue, I’m pretty certain if the progressive liberals succeed in forcibly removing Trump from office there will be a major revolt.

        Conservatives have had just about enough of the liberals’ demented, deranged, and deviant view of how life should be, not only in American, but across the globe. I know I have. I’m not willing to subsidize the perverse liberal world view any longer. I’m just disgusted.

        I can’t say how the future looks going forward, I’ll leave the predictions to Nostradamus, but there is no doubt that our society has reached an irreversible tipping point. This is a cultural battle for what is left of America.

        • “Revolt” is an understatement.

          There WILL be a civil war. And not just words and demonstrations. Real bullets. Leftists will die.

        • How long will Californication last if they don’t get the 110 billion this year that they have been getting from the Federal Budget? I have hoped for 30 years that cesspool of a state would slide into the ocean. One report from a Cali Prof last week said “the Big One” would /could hit soon. Feinstein and San Fagcisco should slide first!

        • YH, I’ve ALWAYS had ‘irreconcilable differences’ with libturds and ALWAYS WILL. If anything happens to Trump, then I’m hunting libturds. No bag limit and no permit required.

      12. Donald Trump may be many things but he damn sure isn’t a quitter.

      13. He should hang the fukn traitors

      14. Wasn’t it Feinstein who said about Obama care “We have to pass it to see what’s in it.”

      15. Diane Feinstein
        This Beotch wouldn’t know what was happening in her own back yard, let alone what Pres. Trump will do.
        It is just wishful thinking on her behalf. Because Trump is bring the Republic back, and she can’t stand it.

        Remember this is the same Beotch that “If she had enough votes she would have told Mr. and Mrs. America turn in all of your guns”!!! F^&$ing C#$t. Why don’t you just disappear.


      16. I thought Feinstein got wet and melted.

      17. 93 trillion. The cost for the faux global warming scam over the next 15 years. Now you know the heavy propaganda behind AGW. Yes, this winter was warm, but OVERALL there has been ZERO global warming since 1998, world wide.

        Anthony Watts, from

        “A powerful international organization, the Financial Stability Board, includes a task force that is helping to coordinate numerous attacks on financial, investing, insurance and other firms … and their clients … in the name of preventing dangerous manmade climate change. By locking up centuries of fossil fuel reserves, ***the FSB’s army of agitators hope to benefit immensely – at the expense of ordinary people everywhere.***

        The vice-chair of the FSB’s climate disclosure task force says the world will have to *****spend $93 trillion over the next 15 years on “renewable, sustainable” energy and low-carbon infrastructure programs, as part of the Climate Crisis, Inc. plan to de-carbonize and de-industrialize the planet. Naturally, most of that money will flow to its crony corporatist allies.*** Their ultimate goal is to enrich and empower themselves … and fundamentally transform the global economy – to our detriment, and especially the detriment of the world’s poorest families – using our taxpayer, consumer, and investment, retirement, insurance and pension fund money!”

        • When I saw 93 trillion I immediately thought you were talking about something else. Yeah, some people will get what I just said. Like you.

      18. Wishful thinking libtards

      19. If feiny/mcstain ect.get Trump impeached will literally be the time they retire,permanently.

        • These Lefty political hacks are in deep trouble as Pedophile Pizza Gate is unraveling. So there’re having a contest to see who can say the most outlandish statements to grab headlines. Its all Psyopps to degrade the Trump supporters. Sorry we ain’t buying this crappola today, or tomorrow.

        • Warchild, if anything happens to my POTUS, Feinstein and McCain won’t be the ONLY ones to ‘retire permanently’.

      20. Frankenstein is one of the ole California lefties who will soon be petrified wood because she has been in for centuries!
        During her tenure she has consistently voted to remove Constitutional rights while waging war all over the face of the earth!
        And like Pelosi, Frankenstein has lost her mind as well. The only difference being Dianne is articulate when she speaks unlike the blabbering Nancy. They both represent the same constituents in the area of San Franfreako.

      21. Breaking laws everyday. I don’t see that I see him trying to enforce laws. The illegals and the demons don’t like that so they try like hell to create negative publicity about trump. He’s not gonna give up office till he’s voted out or his term is up in 8. If he backs down I’d be very surprised.

      22. Ft they are not refugees. Mostly fighting aged men who are the enemy. They should be killed before they get into the population and innocent people have to die. Killing them is easier if they just do it quickly. Once they infest very hard to eradicate. I’d use chemical weapons on them as the cross the border. Just like you would use raid on bugs. This would demoralize and deny them of thier agenda.

      23. Wow lots of progressive trolls showing up here. There goes the neighborhood.

        • Yeah they’re scared about the prospect of losing all the free shit and might actually have to go out and get a job.

        • lol. The trolls are still in shock that the c*nt didn’t win the election.

          • hillary puts the cunt in country!

      24. Delusional wishful thinking on Diane’s part. Trump is no quitter!

      25. I wish Trump the best but see the job taking its toll on that 71 yo body already.
        His voice is raspy most time and has none of the fierceness he had on the campaign trail.
        What’s the contingency plan when you elect a superstar?

      26. Go Trump…just steer clear of Libtards. We will continue each day cheering you on.

      27. that lyin beeotch has had as much experience bullshitin as Obamanure Obamanocchio,the Jackwagon Choom Clown

      28. Diane Feinstein can only wish, as we know the liberals don’t pray so that’s out question.

        I just want to inform her,you and your wacko loser friends better Get used of DJT, he’s going no where
        any time soon.

        These fool just keep adding fuel to the fire IDIOTS !!

      29. Wonder how much is self fulfilling. So far, every attempt to get him to quit has failed, and I suspect that this one will too, especially coming from the geriatric ward of the Democratic Party. Most people who had to put up with what Trump has would quit. However, the President is not known to be a quitter and IMO, she is interpreting the actions of his sons using old school reasoning. It is the reason why they have failed to remove him from office. Kind of like Rachel Maddow’s BREAKING tax returns or the backfiring of Ryancare – so now HE OWNS the debacle instead of the President.

        Feinstein needs to go back to her penthouse and live off her government pension and let others run the country. Just like her colleague who still thinks George Bush is President or her colleague from Southern California who thinks that Russia attacked North Korea.

        BTW – last time I use click on your bait.

      30. Feinstien reminds me of SGT Shultz. “I know nothing!” But her lips keep moving.

      31. Trump is a winner, always has been a winner. Winners never Quit, and Quitters never Win.

        So SHTFPlan is now posting Fantasy BS from a BS political hack? Slow news day?

        The Fed Interest rates are climbing, Got your PM’s?

      32. President Trump has a hotel in Saudi Arabia; at least I think he does. I could be mistaken about that. Anyway, I always thought that was a bad thing, until right now. So a helicopter from Saudi Arabia downed a Somali boat loaded with refugees and headed for, most likely, Europe. President Trump, you the man. Billions of rounds of applause for a job well done. I by no means am implying that President Trump was in anyway involved in the downing of the Somali pirate boat or refugee/invader boat, but if he was, he’s the man we voted for, and I am grateful, beyond all get out. Stay in the fight. There is no turning back. It is either get the invaders out or die trying, because failure is a death anyway. Recall what happened to the German soldiers, disarmed enemy combatants after they gave up their weapons. As they lay dying in an open field, no doubt, they only regretted not fighting to the end. We know you are no quitter. You are a winner. God Bless America, and God bless President Trump.


        • Right on brutha
          ht tp://

        • Your geography is wrong. A boatload of Somali refugees isn’t going through the Suez canal. I’m curious what your source is, I’d like to read about it. Just asking.

          • Rellic:

            My reply to “Frank Thoughts”. I must not have tapped onto “reply”.

            Ask him for verification. Perhaps it was just an attempt at humor. He says “here is your weekend funny”.

            If that’s the case, my reply can be viewed as an equally lame attempt at humor. Perhaps I was just hoping it was true, with somebody finally putting a stop to the madness.


      33. Trump will not be going anywhere. Hopefully, he gets a second term. That idiot Feinstein should get out, before someone does something.

      34. I stopped taking the article seriously when I saw the name

        • I stopped taking the article seriously when I saw the name

          einstein is part of feinstein

          who is ayn styn?

          it would take an ayn styn to figure it out.

      35. I wish the Trumpster would get rid of that mullet and the comb over. That crazy hairspray
        thing has to go. Embrace your baldness. Start looking like a Commander In Chief is what
        I’m saying.

      36. Why don’t someone expose Feinstein’s hypocrisy a little louder.

      37. He is not a quitter. They wish!!!

      38. Feinstein… that is one woman, along with Pelosi, that needs to resign. Career politicians like that kill California and the country.

      39. This is some fake news

        • The news is real, though Feinstein’s claims seem fake.

      40. “Republicans are actively working to find chinks in the President’s armor.”

        Chinks …? … lol … fk’n priceless ツ

      41. DESPERATION …

        Keep dreaming – your worst horror is just getting started – not only is Prez Trump in for the 8 yrs – VP Pence is waiting in the wings prepping up his international rep for the big chair in 2024 ….

        As the wins & obvious success mount up – the DC opposition will die off to never be seen or heard again … Pelosi? – who’s she?

      42. bring it on

      43. Hahahaha! I was all worried until I saw which senator said that. She’s a nut.

        He’s not resigning until the swamp is dry, the wall is built, we’ve deported all the illegal job thieves and the queen of treason is behind bars.

        Trump 2017 For The Long Haul: Because reversing the damage that Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Carter, Nixon and the rest have done to American is not a 3 month job.

        • NetRanger, Trump is no quitter. He’s not going anywhere unless being forced out or assassinated. That poor man has a LONG, LONG, LONG way to go in trying to save this land.

        • I will bet you right now that NONE of that shit happen’s. Wanna bet on it?

      44. The msm are attacking Trump, the St. Petersburg Times, now the Tampa Bay Times after absorbing the longtime conservative Tampa Tribune, is all in on the anti Trump opinion. One globalist voice that attacks conspiracy theories and tries to tie warmongering to being a patriotic duty. Trump does that, just not enough mayhem to stir the don’t care masses. That’s right, nobody cares enough anymore to change anything.

      45. President Trump,call up all the fired senior officers that Obutthole caned and have them get their men together,discharged,retired,or still serving and form your own army along with the standing military that you know is behind you and gather up all the commie trash and lock them up and hang a few just to show you mean it.I know you can count on us old vets to help because we don’t give a damn about dying, this time it will be for OUR country not someone else’s.

      46. Well that settles it. Trump will resign simply because Feinstein says so. Not even worth the bandwidth.

      47. Ahhhh the soounds of desperation and wishful thinking, expect nothing less from a piece of trash democrat ( lower case d is deliberate)

      48. This is just more Democrap wishful thinking, trying to meme something into existence. And who gives a rat’s ass what Feinswine thinks? She’s pandering to her base, the irremediably butthurt who can’t (actually won’) admit that the Hildabeast lost the election simply because she was a highly flawed candidate with far too much baggage that couldn’t be ignored. Got to blame anybody but themselves, dontcha know. Screw Feinswine and the horse she rode in on. Come to think of it, wasn’t Barack the name of Mohammed’s horse?

      49. Hopefully President Trump stays in & keeps his promises to the American people.

      50. Hopefully President Trump stays in & keeps his promises to the American people.

      51. The real reason the borders are still open. Our data is being collected by private firms in the name of National Security, What A JOKE!
        The give away is the border is still open and thanks to democrats will remain so.
        Meanwhile the GOP harvests you privacy in direct violation of the Constitution. What is the worst part is that the GOP can’t even admit how stupid they sound!
        I submit that the PTB use this data to secure their seats on Mount Olympus! I would also not be surprised they get portfolio padding from the private firms who harvest. If the RINO in the video wanted to truly help police, CLOSE the Border and Deport!
        Also public media is being censored on top of private data so now we have the double whammee! Next up, in place lock down.

      52. Welcome to the WWF of orchestrated mud slinging, sheeple.

        “Are you not entertained?”

      53. Ms.Diane Feinstein needs to resign and go live in the other nation she has dual citizen ship in. Her loyalty is not to America first.

        • the other nation being Hell?

      54. Feinstein is a Khazarian Mafia stooge deserving of a bullet to the back of the head. A real criminal piece of garbage.

      55. Diane Frankenstein said what? A Californian Democrat Senator said what? Any Democrat from California should be hung from the neck until dead. Nuff said.

      56. If I had a Dog as ugly as her; I would shave it’s butt and make it walk backwards.

        • i remember that shave a dog’s ass joke [i ASSume it is a joke] from 1959. the culture was much elevated then and the collapse has been tragic.

      57. Biggest embarrassment in american history. Broken almost every promise made and his only agenda is for the super wealthy.

      58. Here is a old saying to you Democrats from HOMEY THE CLOWN
        I DON’T THINKS SO………

        DONALD DON’T PLAY THAT !!!!!

        And if I had a HOMEY CLUB I would smack a lot of you all with it.

        So go back in your corners, and cry you BITCHES, and MANGINAS.

        YOU’RE FIRED !!!!!

        You all are going to see THE DON for 8 years……..

      59. This reminds me of a song by


        DON’T DREAM IT’S OVER 1986

        Watch this on youtube you DEMOCRATS……

      60. She’s just as delusional as that other idiot from California, Pelosi as well as their other talking vajina, Pocahontas. THere’s NO WAY President Trump is going to resign. He knew what he was getting into when he decided to run and will play this out to the end. 8 years!!!!

      61. The only thing funnier than seeing you retards biting on this stupidity is knowing you inbreeds will go and have a three way with your mom and sister while banging your bibles and stroking your guns.


        • . . .while banging your bibles. Wouldn’t that make it a four way?

      62. Says the stupid bitch with her head firmly jammed up her ass? Right.

      63. Feinstein’s net worth is reported to be $70-80 million. How does a US senator acquire that much on a salary of $174,000/yr? There’s your story.

      64. Feinsteins husband is an international banker making money on foreign trade Does he have access to inside information I wonder trmp changing foreign trade cuts his money flow Feinstein is the big turn them all in gun control advocate and an agent of a very unusual foreign power If you only knew who it would blow your mind Andrew Jackson served two terms and was 70 on entering office. trump is not the type to give up and slink away

      65. Speaking of corrupt, fraud, hypocritical Democrats, here’s a howler from Nancy “We have to pass Obamacare before we can find out what is in it” Pelosi:

        Dear Speaker Ryan,

        “This week, the Committees on Energy & Commerce and Ways & Means will be marking up Republicans’ long-feared bill to dismantle affordable health care. The GOP legislation will have life or death consequences for tens of millions of families across America, and extraordinary impacts on state and federal budgets long into the future. The American people and Members have a right to know the full impact of this legislation before any vote in Committee or by the whole House.

        I hope that Republicans will honor their responsibility to the American people both before the Committees vote and before the final bill goes to the House floor.” or see

        Reminds me of the left’s “we must stop the H8TE” mantra, that is their central credo – unless of course it is the leftists themselves assaulting a Middlebury College prof and sending her to the hospital, burning cars and breaking windows, assaulting elderly Trump supporters, etc. Yes, the left really IS that hypocritical and brain dead. Maybe all that “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” chanting damaged their frontal lobes?

        • Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, wee-wee-wee. Zzzzzzzzzz, wee-wee-wee,….wee. Zzzzzzzzzzz………

      66. What a bullshit puff article, Trump new this was a one way ticket he’s down approximately
        1 billion dollars out of his pocket.
        Talk about a patriot no going back now.

      67. I think everyone should watch Money Masters by Bill Still

        Its three hours long, about the length of football game, but well worth much more than that. Forewarned is forearmed

        Once you watch it you’ll understand what President Trump and thus all free men are up against. The draw down of the cash reserves that David Stockman talks about is a very bad omen.

        The money power is all that matters. It matters not who we elect if we don’t have recover what the constitution clearly gave to we the people. Unfortunately except for Freedom caucus everyone in Congress is bought and paid for or they have dirt on them which isn’t hard given the NSA database.

        We are well beyond being able to avoid the collapse at this point. All we can fight for is what replaces the existing monetary order when it collapses.

        The US should go back to debt free currency along with capital gains tax free gold and silver coin issued by the treasury. This is what the international money cartel doesn’t want us to figure out. We don’t need to borrow our own currency into existence and then pay interest on it to them. With a floating market based interest rate and reserve ratio of 50% we can also prevent credit from growing beyond its maximum utility.

        Again, everyone on this board can spout off platitudes day in and day out, or you can learn about the primary power of this world and be part of the solution.

      68. This is why the leftists, the Globalists, and the World Elit want him gone: h t t p://

      69. Frankenfeinstein is old and probably has Alzheimer’s. However, she’s always been a nutty liberal who can’t distinguish right from wrong and fantasy from reality.

      70. Mr. Trump is not a coward who will turn tail and run. No way.

      71. I pray that Trump/Pence stay for the 8…The best team in decades

      72. “Senator Hints That Trump May Resign: “I Think He Is Going To Get Himself Out””

        Wishful thinking by some Leftist stooge.

      73. Ha ha… ha ha ha… hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah….
        Oops.. sorry… coffee out the nose…

        (Damn that Feinstein woman is desperate. Trump Derangement Syndrome… its real.)

        Resume’s laughing…
        (Thinks, now those bastards know how we felt for 8 long f*king years…)

      74. More FAKE NEWS!

      75. PM, good post and I agree wholeheartedly. It’s a wonder how we got through 8 years of the Kenyan without going to war. Now it appears we can still have a 2nd civil war anyway. The left is more dangerous now than ever and you can’t put anything past them. If anything happens to Trump, all bets are off. it will be game on.

      76. If you want to know the truth from DF, put the opposite verb in each sentence she has spoken.

      77. I don’t think so Tim ?

      78. I agree – soon as he’s done draining the swamp and saving America and making it great again he’ll finally be retiring and “getting himself out”. Until then you Sociopaths, globalists, radical left wing types, big govt apologists and pedophiles & sex traffickers everywhere beware – Donald Trump and his AG Jeff Sessions hate you and they and the laws of the land are coming after you. And you will be punished for your sins both real (to us) and imagined (by you).

      79. Most people are tired of “fake news” from the left, but when I read articles like this it looks like the fake news is coming from anyone trying to get people to read their blogs. What a waste of time and energy for both sides.

      80. that senator is crazy as hell

      81. Trump is NO quitter.
        Feinstein is no patriot.

        Feinstein + Pelosi = half-wit.

      82. Dream on BEE-ATCH!

      83. Seriously?! Has SHFT Plan bottomed out so much that they’re reporting leftist bull shit like it’s factual news? Please…

        • We’re just reporting on what the Left is saying… Whether it is factual or not remains to be seen.

      84. I’m not one to believe the hyperbole of self-serving idiots like Feinstein. Yes, it’s been public knowledge that her husband benefited financially (and therefore she benefited financially) from legislation and actions she has supported as a Senator. My question would be, is there evidence of her allegations (and those of this apparent press corp) that Trump has actually done anything illegal?

        Yes, I’d like to see Feinstein prosecuted for any criminal acts she has commited, AND I want the current, and every administration held to the highest standards of the law! So if there is illegal activity coming from the Trump administration I want him held accountable, just as I’d like to see Obama held accountable for his part in the destruction of this nation, Hillary held responsible for exposing SAP level and below classified information, and all the rest!

        We don’t need to drain the swamp. We need to burn the whole damn thing down and rebuild on high ground!

      85. And you are printing anything said by Diane Feinstein, that woman is just like Nancy Pelosi, from the land of fruits and nuts! Neither one of them knows what is in the constitution because they never read it, they have even admitted to it.

      86. The DUMB-O-CRATS keep digging their hole deeper and deeper. A two party system keep things more honest. But if the DUMBS keep it up and Trump keeps making America Great they look more foolish every passing day. Russians and Trump BS… Now what about Hillary selling 25% of our uranium to the Russians… NO BS!!! Do you DUMBS keep wanting to pay $24K for each illegal here? What about the CRIMINAL ILLEGALS… Keep them here after they shoot our citizens in the back and wonder why I call them DUMB-O-CRATS????? I LOVE AMERICA… PS: Mex will pay for the wall with the $$$ we give the poor mexs in foreign aid.

      87. If she wants UN Constitutional, she should first look to that ILLEGAL ALIEN “they” put in the Whitehouse for 8 YEARS and all the UN Constitutional stuff they did !!

      88. Senator Feinstein has as good a grip on reality as any lunatic. More fake news.

      89. Feinstein is doing the typical liberal tactic when losing. She repeats a lie over and over until people start to believe it. Trouble is, it’s not working any more because we’re on to their lies! We do not believe the mainstream media at all, much less a liberal Democrat like Frankenfeinstein. If a lib is saying it, you can pretty much bet it is a lie, and the opposite is true. Trump is not a quitter, and that’s just wishful thinking on the Dem’s part. IGONORE! Quit watching any mainstream news!! CNN’s ratings are down, so let’s do the same to MSNBC, CBS, NBC, and ABC!

      90. Hmmm

        If anyone should be removed from office it is the likes of that treasonous Israel first last and always Feinstein. She should have been arrested, tried and convicted of treason decades ago.

      91. This garbage will never be solved unless a mainstream media outlet finally decides to tell the truth and do actual journalism. All these scandals and such are nothing more than fake MSM news aimed at ruining Trump. The truth is exactly opposite of everything they report, and the corruption of the 3-letter departments and the swamp is covered up. On and on.

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