Senator: Deep State FORCED Trump To Talk Negatively About Russia

by | Feb 1, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 39 comments

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    According to one Senator, president Donald Trump was forced to speak negatively about Russia by the deep state.  Trump’s brief mention of Russia in his State of the Union address means he doesn’t want a confrontation, but he also wants to “placate the hawks,” said Senator Richard Black from Virginia.

    Senator Black said he believes that Russia as well as China receiving only one mention in the 90-minute address is not a coincidence. Black argued that president “Trump was forced to refer to China and Russia in negative terms, but he moved on quickly.”

    Most of the mainstream media immediately jumped to accuse Trump of being too soft on Moscow in comparison to his predecessor, Barack Obama, who went on a sanctions crusade against Russia late in his term. Black said that while Trump may not give up on his intention to improve relations with Moscow, it was impossible to make any forward progress thanks to a “deep state” that “conspired to drive a wedge between us.

    According to RT, by initiating a probe into “concocted allegations of Russia collusion” between Moscow and the Trump campaign team, led by special councilor Robert Muller, “they blocked President Trump from moving closer to Russia, as he wanted to do,” Black argued. “I do not believe he personally wants to raise tensions with either Russia or China,” the senator said, adding that the decision by the White House to hold off on sanctions against Russia under the Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act [CAATSA] have “angered the War Hawks.”  This decision has also upset the mainstream media (the US’s propaganda arm as well.)

    According to Black, Trump succumbed to pressure from the war hawks in the deep state too. This was evident when he announced the US would be beefing up the US military presence in Afghanistan in August.

    “Trump was reportedly angered by his staff’s recommendation to expand the war by sending 4,000 additional troops. But the war hawks prevailed and we continue to waste men and treasure on that ill-fated venture,” Black said.

    Contrary to US leader’s assurance that “in the end, we will win” in a protracted Afghan war, the Senator said he believes that “over time, the US is unlikely to experience any greater success” than the British Empire and the Soviet Union, which were both stuck in Afghanistan for years. – RT

    The deep state’s propaganda arm, the mainstream media, assures the public that there is no “deep state” and it’s all just a conspiracy theory.


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      1. “Donald Trump was forced to speak negatively about Russia by the deep state.”

        Following orders … and nothing more.

        “Trump was forced to refer to China and Russia in negative terms.”

        Again … following orders … China & Russia have been removing themselves from the “DOLLAR” & buying tons of “GOLD” … only reason for these unjust sanctions and rhetorical slandering of these two countries.

        “they blocked President Trump from moving closer to Russia, as he wanted to do,”

        Even if the above statement is true … be a man … and tell these people to piss off. After all … isn’t he the President?

        “According to Black, Trump succumbed to pressure from the war hawks in the deep state too.

        Seriously … this guy (BLACK) is a ‘Dotard himself. If Trump didn’t want these “warhawks/neocons” around him … then why did he appoint them in the first place?

        “Contrary to US leader’s assurance that “in the end, we will win” in a protracted Afghan war, the Senator said he believes that “over time, the US is unlikely to experience any greater success” …”

        Going on 17 years in Afghanistan … is this success?
        We shouldn’t be there in the first place … such a crock of shit!

        • Its no wonder they are close to 20 trillion in the hole

        • After All isn’t he the President? yes indeed he is the president tell the military to pound sand. And while he is at it Make the military explain their budget do a audit. Make them let him and congress inspect every sq inch of area 51. And get to view andcount the gold at Ft Knox. Wake up the politicians are simply figureheads a dog and pony show. The ones who actually run everything in any nation is the military. A nation and its Fiat currency is not a bit stronger or weaker than its military. In the USA Gen Dunsford is the Top dog. And Trump will do his bidding. Why do you think guys like Jason Chavese and Now Trey Goudy are calling it quits. many leading Republicans are vacating seats they wouldn’t even have to lift a finger to get Reelected! They are acutely aware of just how things actually are. They get the big picture. And being the men they are cannot be bought and are not willing to be corherced into actions that would compromise their core values. So they simply refuse to play other folks games. The military forcing the key dealers in crude and petroleum to trade only in the Petro Dollar is the only game the USA has. Our ecomomy rides on a old foundered one trick pony.

      2. Take all the troops out of foreign wars and put them on the borders and ports to secure our safety from foreign invasion.

        We have more than enough problems of our own to work out. I don’t care how other Countries treat their people. Let’s mind our own business for a change.


      3. FTW, good one. Educate these dumbass Trump supporters on this site. He is 100% a part of the deep state. He was the tactic designed to delay the patriot uprising that scared the piss out of the elites. The war just got delayed and there is no way in hell that we will make it to 2025 without having a war with china and Russia..

        When the facts BITCH SLAP YOUR ASS IN YOUR FACE, you will wake up and smell the bullshit. 97% of all whites I have talked to, patriots right here in Houston Tx and telling me that they no longer support the con-job Donald Trump.

        Tax cuts for people making 50,000 and less. BULLSHIT, TOTAL COMPLETE BULLSHIT. you cut the tax, jack up the rent, increase the apartment, and that extra 750.00 that you are saving, will be going to the apartment, the Mud district, and we will paying that 50,000,000,000 bail out from the HAARP INDUCED HURRICANE HARVEY.

        Let me tell you joke ass Trump supporters. Apartments in Houston and all over Texas is built by California bankers and investors. They come here, the governor and state officials allow them to build here, and they inflate market. You cant even rent and apartment for no less than 850-1500.00 a month, and this is where California is getting the income from, right from the pockets of Houstonians, so I don’t listen to bullshit. I just talked to a man who works for the city of Houston right inside to hear everything, he told me that he heard it with his own ears, that we are going to pay that 50 billion dollar bailout for that storm. Save you tax, fuck you will taxes, in the apartment rent, and the property mud taxes. One friend of mine bought a house and they immediately sold the loan to a chi-com California bank. They added 150.00 to his loan, he called them and they are refusing to tell him what the extra increase is for. Let me show you a link to show you who is California is benefiting from this. You see my fellow preppers, we Houstonians and Texans, work to bust our asses and all our money goes into the apartment rent and other state texas, and no they are talking about turning 290 into a toll road.

        chi-com Beverly hills. The bankers and the apartment owner and investors who own all the apartments in Houston Tx and most of Texas.

        Like I said, follow the money. They sit on their asses, turn the state into china, we bust ass and pay the rent and the so called tax savings goes right into the pockets of these pieces of shit you see here. This is what the banks of California have done to us in Texas. So when you buy a house in Texas, this is why you loans are serviced in California, the extra increase is for the chi-com investors and bankers to support the entire state of California and its rich chi-coms and other criminals. Drug dealers, arms and terrorist literally living in our country. You be the judge. This why over 9,000 businesses moved right out of that state, they saw this coming. Now they want to succeed. Folks, I did not listen to state of the union address. HCKS does not listen to bullshit.

        It does not take a genius to see why I am not liked around here does it. Why should my hard earned labor and money pay the way of these shit people of California. Fuck them.


        • Go crawl back in your cardboard box HCKS. You have been a troll on this site for s few years with all your meth induced paranoid ullusion that the Chicomms are going to invade Houston. You and your gay scientist friend Troll.

          Trump saved America and is playing 3D Chess with these chumps. Trump has accomplished a lot in just one year. See the results after 8 full years..

          • Ha! ???
            Why would the chinks invade it when they already own about 18% of the commercial real estate there,,,,

          • TSB, HCKS got so bored he just had to come back.

        • HCKS is back. Fresh entertainment. WOOHOO!

        • hoooo boy…HCKS is back and off the meds! what a show!

        • Well said and thanks for the info.

      4. President Trump has to get the core middle class behind him 100% before he can attempt to take on the “Deep State / Shadow Government”. All one needs to do is look at JFK. Building weapons appeases them and creates domestic employment. no President can go in swinging punches at the entire corrupt system simultaneously. actually he is the first I’ve seen even attempting to challenge anything globalist.

        “HCKS does not listen to bullshit.”

        We’re still awaiting the mass hoards of Chinese Communists totaling a million or more in Mexico invading the US.

      5. “Trump has accomplished a lot in just one year”

        Please list these accomplishments – thank you.

        As for HCKS – I don’t agree with some of the things he has mentioned on this board, but his post above was a good one. Not sure why you call HCKS a troll, never seen him behave in such a manner – you on the other hand … can easily fit in that category very well at times.

        THARSHEBLOWS or whatever moniker you change yourself into have been riding the Trump Train … then off the Bandwagon … then back on board the Train.

        I call that a “habitual flip flopper”

        The next time Trump does something stupid that you don’t like, you’ll be off the Train again.

        There is a Two Part System – it is them (government) and there is us (the people) and nothing in between. That is the reality … not this political fiasco that pretends to care about us or the country’s well being.

        • i’ll take a crack at this one
          Tax Cuts and Jobs Act
          Repealed Individual Mandate
          Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR)
          Justice Neil Gorsuch
          Set Record for First-Year Judicial Appointments to Federal Appellate Courts
          Historic Reduction in Illegal Immigration
          Crushing ISIS Caliphate
          Resurgence of U.S. Economy — the American Spirit
          Stock Market Records, Wealth Creation…THIS one will BITE….eventually, but until then, we’ll TAKE IT!
          Deregulation: Rolling Back the Militant Administrative State
          Reviving the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
          VA Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act (VA Reforms)
          North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Reforms
          81 Signed Legislative Accomplishments
          should i go on?…………
          are you gettin’ TIRED of winning, and winning, and winning yet?

      6. Welcome back hcks, still as delusional as ever I see. Seriously some of us did miss your chi-com Russian spetznas niburu roving rape gangs the man in the moon the neighbors dig that talks to you.
        We missed it all. Please regale us if tales of your time in the Russian goulag , that is where you were right? I mean what else would make you go away for so long.
        Hope they went easy with the anal interrogations

        • You going to that rendezvous again this year?

      7. Tharsheblows, I work in financial services and all mortgagees sold to California have 150.00 fees on that mortagee. My customers complain about this all the time. So you are the chi-com who is living in California. I post a few factual comments and you are here calling me a troll. Fuck you prick. Loading up the whole country with UN heavy equipment all over Northern Alabama is not and accomplishment, its a treat to the American people. The delusion is what the people have believing that accomplishments have taken place. Everyone in Houston is going broke, loosing money on high rent in these damn apartments all over Houston, you car breaks, you cant find money to fix it, then the apartment is on you ass, then the eviction notice comes to you door. THIS IS LIFE IN MY FUCKING CITY YOU IDIOT. I don’t feel any difference and I am a business owner fool. I make $105,000 + a year, what do you make dumb fuck. You think that a better economy is why I do better, its because I take customers from incompetent people, not because Trump is president. I have been homeless for all most 3 years on these streets of Houston back in the past, don’t come on here and talk shit to me. How do you think I found this side you prick.

        Don’t come on her and bullshit me dumbs ass. Go and kiss you gay lovers anus. Looks trahsheblowsyouloverscock happen to be one of these chi-coms who just got his ass caught. I wont be paying your bills out there anymore chi-com. I know a lot of people with college degrees that are out of jobs all over Houston, and they are pissed off while UOH and other universities are graduating 1,000’s more every year, where are they going to work. Over population is causing a big problem in our city and will soon become a big problem in America. The veterans I know told me they are not supporting Trump. While sessions is busy trying to keep the Bundies locked up. Harry reid called them domestic terrorist on national TV, Trump says that he and Harry are the best of friends. What is wrong with this picture. Am I missing something.?

        I Supported Trump initially, but not anymore. If he attacks north korea, its WW3, this cannot be good for America.

        First I am going to bring back the Manufactoring back to America. Then I will bring back the jobs, cut the Texas, help the veterans, and attack North Korea and I will make America Great again. You cannot attack NK, bring back the manufacturing again, trigger war with Russian, china, and NK, and make America again. It does not work that way. You will literally destroy the entire planets environment and eco systems. I am

        List the accomplishments Mr tarblowcocksucker. Busy making a killing of stocks? off peoples labor. Fuck you fool.

        NO ONE BECOMES PRESIDENT IN THIS COUNTRY ONLESS YOU A PART OF THE BANKING CABAL AND THE RULING ELITES, PERIOD. All the attacks on Trump in the media is fake, designed to make us support him, only to have our freedoms eroded and our asses in death camps. When did he remover the UN from the US. WHEN DID HE REMOVE THE UN. CHICAGO SAID THAT THEY WILL DEPLOY THE UN. DID HE REMOVE THE UN? DID HE, TELL ME WHEN. WHEN DID HE REMOVE THEM. SHOW IT ME. I NEED TO SEE RIGHT NOW.


        • If you make $105,000 a year, why are your worried about rent in the $1,000 range? You could easily afford twice that. That’s a reasonable amount of rent in most of the country. If Houston is so bad, why don’t you move?

          BTW, you were talking about 97% of the white people didn’t like Trump? What kind of people were you talking to? Almost everyone I know approves of what he’s done so far.

        • He is a fake. Read his posts. You can tell! Hey, fake, if you don’t like the rent go buy a house and quit throwing your money away! “But I can’t afford a house in a good neighborhood!” he whines! So you don’t want to live among other whining fakes in a lower income neighborhood? Come on now! “But in the low income neighborhoods I get broke into and robbed! Nobody wants to live there, among those people!” This fake will never be anyone but a complainer democrap.

          • Right you are ronna

        • If he were part of the Cabal, the Cabal wouldn’t be trying so very hard to destroy him. Trump does not want war or confrontation but he has to appease the Deep State to a certain extent for reasons which I am not sure about. I am sure he has a very good strategy to triumph over this militarism.

      8. Our troops are spread all over for the same reason Rhome or any other top nation had its armies at the far reaches of its empire. To force everyone to deal only in the roman currency. We must enforce the use of the Petro Dollar in the oil industry. Now Russia and China are starting to trade gold backed Chinese Yuan for Russian Oil. So We threaten to nuke their neighbor North Korea. venezuelia started trading the Chinese a bit of oil and the key players in the oil industry ruined their market and destroyed their one trick oil based economy. But You gotta give Trump credit. He is really adding to the political Circus. best dog and pony show in quite some time. He is both the Ringmaster and star clown. keep Prepping. Prep for a Stone age existence. and anything less will be just that much more survivable. Prep like your life depends on it because it does. Remember This there never was is not now and never will be any Viable Ballott Box or political solution. And too many Takers and too few Makers is never long term sustainable. No real difference between the political partys.

      9. Some of what Hicks states is kinda true. But he comes off as a loonie idiot. He is a very shakey vessel. would not pass the fox hole test. Possible he is a judas goat or gove plant. I simply dont like him. don’t hate him just simply don’t care.

        • Old guy ,
          When you say hcks is right about some things. I assume you are referring to the broken watch that it’s right twice a day.?
          And hcks really isn’t that bad. Many of us find him very entertaining. I for one che k the posts for his replies. And you have to admit it was getting a bit dull around here

        • Old Guy – I too just have a profound dislike for Trump. I voted for him; and as I’ve said before, I’d’ve voted for my dirty work boot rather than Hillary. Trump is not ‘of the people’. He was born with a silver spoon in his yap and has never known want. He’s doing … okay, so far. Just okay. And as long as he doesn’t betray us with waffling on his promises – the wall, deportations, strengthening the military, VA reform and vet support, ending the hand-outs and getting people to find work a good thing…… I’ll continue to support him. He is our President. What we’ve got to work with for the next 3+ years. Ever have an old socket wrench that slipped a bit? But it was the only one you had and you simply had to get the nut off? You use it.

      10. Old guy, I respect your opinion. I don’t dislike you. I have never met you in person. The fact of the matter is that the Constitution was removed and was not restored since Trump entered office. Trump did not talk about Vegas, not a thing about that. Those people had very bad things happen to them, families and witnesses murdered, not good. Sorry but I don’t believe that anyone in Washington cares about the American people. It just a fact man. The average American has not felt the economic surge. They get jobs and the rent in this city is 1200-2500 a month, they have jobs and if you don’t pay that rent, you will have to move into and area of Houston with violent blacks and Hispanics. Its just facts about my city and who owns the apartments. You cant have investors in California coming into our markets and setting rent rates, killing Houstonians in the process. These are the facts about my city Old Guy. I have watched people with jobs getting evicted because they cant afford the rent. How do I know, its happened to me, they continued to increase the apartment intentionally in 2009 right when the foreclosures started, the rents jumped from 750.00 to 1200-2500 over night, because 100’s of my customers foreclosed, lost everything only to be told that they don’t have rental credit history and the apartments rejected them. It not easy for me to accept some bullshit the president has to say. I will continue to prep and prep, because I know what’s coming.
        California has been pocketing the hard earned money of Houstonians and with corrupt state politicians are here allowing this abuse. A lot of people in my city are qualified people are no jobs are available. We did not get a tax cut, the extra money you have will be taken back from the people with the apartment rent, and with the property taxes. I just got slapped with the new tax to pay on Harvey. 50,000,000,000 will by paid back to the federal government under Trump right from the Houston economy. I talked to a man who works for the city who told me in person what just happened. One of my friends just got the 780.00 tax for Harvey and he has to pay it. This is how the federal government is getting back the money. You house did not flood, but you damn well better pay that money or your house will be taken by the bank. You don’t know the people I know and talk to and you come on here calling BS on me. Not good, but I know where you are coming from.



      11. There is no senator black, only warner and kaine. What fake gabarge is this?

      12. And I’d never call hcks a troll. In his defence I will point out. I’ve only ever seen him defend him self. Except for once he unjustly pounced on one of our more respected posters.
        He payed his penance with self imposed exile. Now he’s back and we should give him the opportunity to once again be a poster

        • AB, agreed. HCKS is not a troll, just some good entertainment. It was getting boring here anyway. So welcome back HCKS.

      13. Archivist because I take home 50% less than that gross, get it. Ever heard of business overhead. So I must pay the rest to the federal government for chi-coms in California to by Astan Martins, and other cars.


        • I’d live like a king if I cleared over $50,000 a year. I’ve never made anywhere near that.

          If you’re paying business overhead out of it, then you didn’t make that much.

      14. The only reason Trump doesn’t talk about Russia. Is because Trump doesn’t want Russia to release the tapes. Of the Hookers. Pissing in Trumps Mouth. MAGA.

      15. European white Russian people more trustworthy than illegal alien vagtinas or cowardly Muslim that fled country with hands between legs.

      16. I agree with HCKS, he sees through the Trump BS. Trump was always the deep state choice. He plans to get a war started against Iran and mentioned that while campaigning for president numerous times. That is the ultimate goal that Trump will deliver on. The deep state controls all elected politicians. Get out of line and you’re one and done. The present two party duopoly is completely fabricated, controlled and operated. The media driven charade members laugh at the gullible.

        • Here’s how you know if he is Deep State or not. First of all, too early to tell. If he gets rid of
          the Federal Reserve, that is the telltale sign. He is working on it. The tentacles are deep.
          Hence, Deep State. He has opposition in his own party. He’s trying to take out 2 birds with
          1 stone. Not easy. He learned something from Russia that he will not comment on publicly.
          He does not want any more accusations of collusion. Here’s what he knows. When Russia
          got rid of the central banking system (Rothchilds), it’s economy starting booming. Russia’s
          sovereign debt to GDP ratio is about 17%. USA’s debt to GDP ratio is something like 110%.
          Russia has been boosting it’s gold reserves like crazy in the last few years. The Russian
          economy is not as large as ours, however, it is more fundamentally sound. We have lessons to learn from Russia.

      17. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that Russia is not, has never been, and never will be our friends. The people, sure. But not the government. To trust Russia would be folly.

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