Selco’s Reality Check for Preppers: It CAN Happen to You and You CAN Survive It

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    This article was originally published by Selco at The Organic Prepper

    It is good to research how other people went through hard times in order to be ready more for SHTF. And today, I have a reality check for you.

    The two biggest misconception or mistakes that can happen there are fact that you may easily conclude something like “oh, this can not happen to me here (because we are better, smarter, richer, more human or whatever)” and second one might be fact that you cannot “bond” with situation that happened to someone else somewhere far from you because situation was so hard and those people who survived and went through that look way tougher than you.

    With these mindsets, you cannot understand and draw the most important lessons from the reality of their survival experiences.

    In essence, we are talking about two opposite “spectrums” here, one that says “it will never happen here” and a second that says “if that ever happens I would not survive”

    “If that ever happens, I will not survive.”

    Many people read about a situation and think, I cannot survive that situation, I cannot be prepared for that.

    A long time ago, when I started to construct physical survival courses, one of my first ideas was to make a course called “A Week in Hell”.

    The course was imagined to look like this: life in apartment or house for one week without eletricity, running water, or any other service, and only a very small amount of food.

    Other problems would be thrown at the students during that week: the psychological pressure of the unknown (a threat, dangerous people, engaging in trade) fixing broken stuff in home (broken windows, roof) solving problems (heating, a medical issue), etc.

    The point of the course was to condense all the reality and problems of SHTF in a short amount of time in realistic settings.

    And this is exactly the reason why I did not make that particular course – you can not condense all problems in such a short time, especially not if you add the psychological pressure that I think needs to be added in any survival course.

    It is a process that needs time to feel and be prepared, and for the point of this article you need to understand that your life can prepare you a lot for SHTF.

    Any real life problems you are going through, you need to understand is one step more in the direction of being prepared for SHTF. No, you do not have to go through civil war or a complete economic collapse to have the mental and physical abilities to survive any future SHTF event.

    Just use any real life hard situation that is hard for YOU in order to be more prepared.

    A bad personal economic situation (it is bad more or less worldwide) can teach you a lot about valuing your money, buying at the sales, making your own food, or even thinking about your own garden.

    Following the bad economic situation worldwide, you probably noticed how your neighborhood has become a less secure place so you may think about how to be more ready there by making your home a more safe and secure place, or simply by having and knowing how to use gun.

    You are already implementing OPSEC probably, maybe without realizing it.

    You research options for your medical problems when you or your family member is sick, either because your medical insurence is bad (or non-existing) or simply because you want to check other options or medicines, herbal for example…

    My point here is that you are probably more prepared in some fields then you realize, and your everyday life is (or should be) part of preparing.

    “It can not happen here.”

    I have written more than one article about proving that it can happen everywhere, and it was happening everywhere, or it will eventually.

    But it usually ends each time with comments like, “Oh it cannot happen here” and as the main reason people usually repeat this: “It cannot happen here because we are different, and society here is different, laws, rights, rules…”

    I can’t repeat all that I have repeated many times before why it can happen everywhere, but again I will point out main thing.

    You might seem different because the society (system) around you makes you look different with implementing laws, rights, freedoms etc.

    Once when that layer of society is gone because of whatever reason, what you get is human nature, which can be very bad and it usually sticks with most primitive instincts and needs.

    It may not seem like it to you, but when things get really, really hard, when everything gets stripped down to very basic survival and to aquiring resources, most of the people are the same anywhere in the world.

    Even if they are conditioned not to be the same, after some time of being immersed into the reality of SHTF, most people get to the point I have described.

    You are preparing for that.

    What I do all the time when I try to learn from someone else experience is just that – learning from his experience. In other words, I do not care in what society he lives, is he a Democrat, a communist, a Republican, or from Klingon.

    I might hate him, his political views, or being religious (or not religious), I might find him primitive, annoying or whatever. I might even doubt very much that his situation could happen to me, but point is this: I still would love to know how he managed to overcome difficulties, how he found food or shelter, how he avoided being shot, how he coped with depression, anxiety, and anger if he lost someone dear to him.

    I still want to know that because food is food, fire is fire, trade is trade, and survival skill is survival skill no matter where these things are experienced.

    Remember that a big part of surviving is learning from different experiences and situations and adapting that reality to your own situation.

    Basics are basics, no matter where you are.

    Whenever you have doubts about something and someone (or hate it, dislike it), when it comes to the survival experiences of other people, try to reset yourself from judging. Try to reset yourself to the point where you can use his experiences.

    If that is too hard for you, just go to the basic survival skills (how that person solve those problems) and try to use it.

    Basics are always gonna be basics, everywhere.


    Selco survived the Balkan war of the 90s in a city under siege, without electricity, running water, or food distribution. In his online works, he gives an inside view of the reality of survival under the harshest conditions. He reviews what works and what doesn’t, tells you the hard lessons he learned, and shares how he prepares today. He never stopped learning about survival and preparedness since the war. Regardless what happens, chances are you will never experience extreme situations like Selco did. But you have the chance to learn from him and how he faced death for months. Real survival is not romantic or idealistic. It is brutal, hard and unfair. Let Selco take you into that world. Read more of Selco’s articles here: And take advantage of a deep and profound insight into his knowledge and advice by signing up for the outstanding and unrivaled online course. More details here:

    The Pantry Primer

    Please feel free to share any information from this article in part or in full, giving credit to the author and including a link to The Organic Prepper and the following bio.

    Daisy is a coffee-swigging, gun-toting, homeschooling blogger who writes about current events, preparedness, frugality, and the pursuit of liberty on her websites, The Organic Prepper and She is the author of 4 books and the co-founder of Preppers University, where she teaches intensive preparedness courses in a live online classroom setting. You can follow her on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter,.


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      1. I’ve survived hardships and every curveball life has ever thrown at me. I never bellyached asking for govt. or anyone else to help me. I rolled up my sleeves and went straight to work on the problem myself. I’ve always pulled myself up by my own bootstraps. I’ve always stood on my own 2 feet. You’ve got to have a positive attitude about life and know exactly how to deal with everything. If you have a negative outlook you definitely won’t make it. Follow Selco’s advice and you’ll be OK.

        • I got some shotguns some rifles and some 4 wheel drives (and TONS of other shit)… A country boy can survive!

          • Our puppy is 6 months old now and DAMN he has some wicked teeth! He loves chewing and biting and anything with teeth lol. I hope he never turns on us lol (he won’t). I might rename him FANG! I have never seen a dog that age with a set of chompers like his. He is growing up to be an alpha bad ass!

        • DR: Unfortunately, the vast majority of people do NOT fee or think or act the way you do and that is a big part of the underlying problem these days. So many are just lazy saps that do not want to do anything and think the worthless, incompetent clown Gov’t will come and pull up their panties and wipe them and tuck them in with milk and cookies and all will just be grand and gay…NOT.

        • You are taking pride in the fact that you “always stood on your own 2 feet”, I get that, but IF there is help available from government or other organizations which might make the whole situation easier to get through, I think you’d be a fool not to make use of it. To me, it seems it’s simply part of making use of whatever there is out there potentially able to help you getting out of the situation. If it’s there, why not use it? This is survival as good as defiantly insisting on doing it the lone and individualistic way.

      2. “A Week in Hell”.

        The course was imagined to look like this: life in apartment or house for one week without eletricity, running water, or any other service, and only a very small amount of food.

        (So, like living in an apartment or rental house.)

        Other problems would be thrown at the students during that week: the psychological pressure of the unknown (a threat, dangerous people, engaging in trade) fixing broken stuff in home (broken windows, roof) solving problems (heating, a medical issue), etc.

        (Home ownership.)

        There is a saying about a jack of all trades, who is master of none. But, it is useful to know how to make basic sorts of provisions, or where they might come from. For those coming from a poorer background, survivialism could be considered along the lines of thrift, because you were improvising most kinds of things, already, and people are already dangerous, on a good day.

      3. Selco claims that all people are the same, react the same way under pressure. Well, I beg to differ. People are different.

        If the electricity goes out in a prison filled with murderers and psychos they will react differently than the graduate students at the University.

        Sure there are some things which are universal. But race matters most. Germans will organize and clean up. They will invent their way out.

        Italians will sing and paint,( just kidding ).

        Blacks will knock you out and steal your bug out bag. (NOT kidding)


        • Oh yeah Biggie from CA? Them Germans are inventing their way out of their own country. Inviting in all of them foreigners. Real smart. Real inventive.

          • Tyree:

            Smart people sometimes do some pretty stupid things. You are right. Inviting foreigners into their Country in large numbers is dumb.

            Northern Europeans are way too generous. It is a survival trait in their dna which is beneficial to them when it is just them. They will have to harden their hearts and just say no to immigration. There are more and more Germans waking up and taking a stand against immigration.

            Not all Germans are rocket scientists.


            • Hey now! I built rockets when I was a kid! 😀

              • Gen,
                Did you use Estes motors? Or do it with homemade designs?
                I was a Galt type and made some really good stuff.
                It was not the “safe and sane” but I could launch things
                you would not believe.

                I still have everything I was born with. Some of my buddies don’t.

                • Ya we used the estes motors. We also made bottle rockets out of them by taping them to a dowel stick and filling the end with black powder and taping a coin over it. A hobby shop went out of biz and we bought all the rocket motors they had and what fun it was lol. We also made other ummm devices with BP (major fun) 😉

                  • We used BP and Al powder, or matches.
                    We used CO2 cartridges with
                    silver soldered rods so the
                    acceleration would not rip
                    things apart.
                    I even had a design for a two
                    stage exploder. Dad shut that
                    one down.
                    We were after short but powerful
                    specific impulse motors.
                    I imagine kids doing that today would be
                    arrested as Domestic terrorists.

                    • And yet we still have all our limbs lol.

                    • Yer dad was in on it? Ha ha ha, thats too cool!

                    • And that reminds me how none of this raised an eyebrow back then. You could be 12 years old and buy BP and pipe fittings and it was biz as usual lol. I used to pack my shotgun across town (small town kinda) and go shoot ducks in the river. Nobody even cared. In fact some people would pull over and wanted to know where the good hunting was. Those days are sadly gone….. 🙁

            • Did tyree ever have to deal with any ‘minorities’? He wouldn’t want to, I’ll guarantee that.

                • We are all prisoners.
                  We are all locked in.

              • Deplorable, with a name like Tyree, he probably not only had to deal with minorities, he mostly likely is a minority. Not a bad thing. Each to his own.

            • Well said, B from CA.

              However, there is a difference between taking a stand against immigration and extreme intolerance.

          • They were kind of forced to, don’t you think? They didn’t do it because they liked it.

        • B, agreed. Selco’s statement about all people being the same is the only time I ever had to disagree with him on something, otherwise he’s spot on. All groups really are different. No 2 cultures are exactly alike. I don’t think Selco had to deal with any ‘minorities’ in his homeland.

          • Most likely he didn’t, the Balkan countries were nothing like the US, even in the 80s-90s. Today maybe things are slowly changing.

        • Same old shit on this website– racist, (ignorant people!!), clueless to climate change, materialistic as hell…

          • Anon, not racist, just ethnocentric. It’ll become even more pronounced as the minorities and commies increase the anti-White nonsense.

          • Anonymous, you say we’re racist? Then that means you’re anti-white, anti-American, anti-freedom, etc. Go find a country that works for you.

            • On a happier note, another communist/neocon scumbag is dead. Sen. John McCain dead at age 81. brain cancer finally did him in. Now he’s in hell with his buddies Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, Nelson Mandela, Mao-tse Tung, Joe Stalin, Vladimir Lenin, etc. That’s a ‘family reunion’ for him. I won’t shed any tears for him.

              • The only bad thing about McCain dying is that it didn’t happen soon enough.

                That man has done more to damage this country than just about anyone. I’m convinced the only reason he was a Republican was because he probably didn’t think he’d ever get elected running as a Democrat. He was truly a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

                The fact that he want’s Obama to perform his eulogy says all you need to know about the man.

                I’ll shed no tears for him. I’m glad he’s gone. Good riddance.

          • Anonymous:
            Think about this regarding global warming.
            First off even scientists don’t all agree. But, you want us to agree with you. But, you don’t even voice your position.
            All scientists admit that the sun and volcanism is responsible for a significant amount of warming.
            It’s the remaining figures that are debated. The big problem is coal and gas, co2, I guess.
            So, one quarter of it is from a power plant near Tokyo. Maybe you could take it up with them.

            As for the people here, we are off grid, advocate going off grid, plan to go off grid.
            What’s your beef with us. Oh, I know. Agriculture and live stock are the biggest offenders.
            I guess that means you will be eating less. Since you’re so concerned. And those poor people
            around the world who eat our food, I guess they’ll just have to starve.

            And about racism: you ought to be more worried about laws criminalizing it. In the name of racism, some people want to throw you in prison without justification. Yes, you. It’s a trick.
            Freedom of association was taken away. Now it’s freedom of speech that’s under attack. Be careful when you yell racism because that’s racism, and you will go to prison for Re-education.


            • BOA,
              Well stated.


        • BCA: Yeah that is 1000% FALSE. People act and react in many different ways. Christ more than 1/2 the nation would run and call Uncle Daddy or the clown worthless Gov’t to a come running and wipe their bottoms for them…massive cluster just waiting I tell you.

      4. I wonder if Selco,s war had as many sides as ours will? Every third world neighborhood will become an army. A large band of roving barbarians Justifing their actions because of racism? Having extra oil to burn the Tares or light the way , sounds like good advice. The poor foolish virgins

      5. I wonder if the best things you could have is some Life Straws ,and a powerful BB pistol to get pigeons. Or a trained cat or two? Rat traps.and a bic lighter?

        • How do you train a cat?

          • Carefully, if they have their claws. LOL 😀

            Actually, they can be trained. I’ve had cats for years and each one is different but if you train them to use their natural habits and individual talents on your command, you can get them to do things. It takes loads of patience and time but possible. As a result, I don’t have torn curtains or shredded furniture. Some I’ve taught tricks to include “shake hands” and “sit.” Part of the training is similar to dogs using treats as a reward.

          • You don’t, they train you.

        • I think a powerful pellet rifle would be better. Maybe use a fishing pole instead of a rat trap with some popcorn on the hook. It would be like catching flying fish! FUN! lol…

          • If you can get a RWS 6G counterbalanced recoil at 700 fps. Light powerful . Or the browning 700 fps pistol. You have enough to carry and conceal.

          • I had an uncle who used to fish for turkeys. I’m not kidding.

      6. Look up Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Survival is the base of the pyramid.

        If you are just surviving, then you are slowly dying.

        Our ancestors were smart and planners. When they came to America, they had numerous ancestral skills in being BOTH a hunter-gatherer and a farmer. Then they brought plants and creatures from Europe.

        And then when they found a homestead, they made allies with neighbors, both other similarly inclined folks like themselves and developed relationships with Native Americans.

        Contrary to the lone survivalist theory, not everyone else is a competitor. Not every colonist was an enemy to the Native Americans and not every Native American was an enemy to the colonists.

        And while our ancestors knew about soil, farming, animal husbandry, herbs, medicical care, horses, hunting, fishing, identifing trees, etc…what they didn’t know was the flora and fauna in the New World.

        They knew how things operated on farms back in England, but no idea if the soil would be fertile, what the seasons were like, how to improve the soil, what medicinal plants were around, what game animals could be trapped, etc.

        They explored and found a remarkable number of fruits and vegetables. Someone estimated that between 70-80% come from the New World.

        They didn’t just survive. They planned what supplies and creatures they would need. They planned ammunition and weapons. They built their home and farm based upon how well it would produce and which area would offer defense. They dug wells as who knew when out would rain.

        Surprisingly many Native Americans, either through desiring trade, fearing the newcomers, concern, or even friendship…then helped the colonists.

        Sure, others were afraid and rightly so, but not all. And even more, some Native Americans became vital allies who risked their necks during war and conflicts. From the onset through the Civil War, Native Americans put it all on the line for Americans. Some even intermarried.

        By all means learn survival, but don’t stop there. You have to get past survival as that’s just a start.

        All of the improvements came about as the colonists were more and more certain about harvest yields, understood seasons and frost, understood rainfall, when did game animals have offspring and how many and how much could they trap and which had valuable furs and for what uses?

        The more secure they were, the more they could better the engineering on lifting water from the well, and make better and watertight buckets, and make a more effective trap, and tricks treating the soil, and learn from medicine men (shaman), etc.

        So they developed items which could be traded for knowledge, friendship, and an exchange of goods like tobacco.

        You have to break out of the idea that when the SHTF it’s all doom and gloom. Yes, things will be dire, but remarkably, when times are bad, people realize they can’t do it all on their own.

        Some small percentage of humanity are unselfish and atruistic. Someone has to make the first unselfish kind gesture.

        Thank YHWH that Pocahantas did. She ought to be deeply respected as she took great risks to help our ancestors and she was a very young person with much to lose.

        Maslow’s Hierarchy of Need shows you a logical incremetal way that human dynamics form based upon having their needs satisfied or accomplished. If coupled with practical manuals on ancestral skills, you could gain great insight.

          Let’s say the SHTF and you are raising corn. Everything seems fine,but later as your family relies upon the corn you grow, strange lesions form on their skin and they have bone issues.

          This happened in American history among impoverished people relying on subsistence farmimg. Their diet was very limited as they were eeking out the bare minimum for survival and were also not treating their corn through nixtamalization. They developed osteoporsis and pellagra. And it was a huge medical issue.

          But you thinking beyond survival and combining nutrition with medicine now know you have to plan for it.

          Now you could use ashes as that was used in history. But if you were like our ancestors, you wanted lime and concrete. To get it means heating limestone until it crumbles and sifting it through a sieve and then you have lime. They could make a small batch or they could make a “lime kiln” and then sell it. Obviously an enterprising person would plan for both lumber and limestone sources to be at the same site, and ideally then if excellent clay was around and sand, then make pottery kilns at the same time.

          Now if you aggregate you can make concrete. And if you have some sea water, you can make very durable roman cement.

          If you have lime, you can make paint, and if you find mineral pigments, you have paint with colors.

          • Our ancestors knew that some soil was very fertile for some plants, but not ideal for others, and it interferred with foilage growth, crop yields, made plants spindly and sickly, made plants prone to plant disease and infestation,etc.

            But they didn’t have soil amenities as we do. The primary way to deal with very clay soil is river sand. This busts up the plates that form clods.

            They started to add animal manure in western civilization after it seasoned by drying. And this added valuable decomposition into humus PLUS sweetened the soil. What it did was replace used up nitrogen and raised the pH to an ideal 7.0 .

            In Asia, they did risky things like use human waste (nighsoil) which is full of pathogens and they added water and added it to soil. But often these were drained swamps and so created vectors for disease and were prone to flooding as they were low lying. That meant mosquito potential as an irritation to farmers and lvestock plus an ADDITIONAL insect vector for contagion.

            Under poor sanitation and ignorance under SHTF condition, it is extremely foolish to replicate what they did in Asia. You are going to get into a bad situation of polluting your wells.

            The most ideal animal manure is rabbit as it’s rich yet naturally dessicated and breaksdown easily plus is easily distributed and evenly. Obviously cow manure is prevalent but adds HUGE livestock issues like growing enough fodder and lots of pastures. Imagine sicklingand scything vast acreage by hand. It was a misierable never ending battle and if you ran out, sacrificing livestock in winter and you could lose the homestead over it.

            Many famrmers in history tilled under “green “manures”. The most famous are buckwheat and rapeseed. If you got lots of clay, you have to add in river sand AND use rapeseed to bust up clods or you will be cursing and pulling your hair out. And then, unless it’s lowland with routine silt from riverbanks, then you need lots of humus. Well, that could be a near impossible task applying animal manure, plus distributing it evenly. Hence green manures.

            And then in the old times, you had to let fields lie fallow because they “petered out” from overly aggressive farming and diminishing crop yields. Lots of American suburbs are built upon ABUSED farmland. If you are a prepper living in a suburb, you ought to check your soil and see what you are up against growing a garden.

            To intentionally make acid soil, they added decomposing pine needles.

            You can actually do a crude pH test by experimenting with known good fertile soil and add soil amenities and it will off gas carbon dioxide. There are several youtube videos on it. Yoursoil test kit might run out. What you do is make rudimentary acids and bases in solutions of water and looking for reactions to guesstimate.

          • Some knowledge and experience can go a long way, and they are what’s needed to build up against society when TS has HTF.

        • You’re kind of mixing Psychology and survival.
          The top part of the Hierarchy is “self actualization”.
          The humanist quality is that you do what is right because it is right regardless of your personal prejudices, or desires.
          It presumes that if all the lower levels are met, man will
          act selflessly once at the top. That is historically BS!

          • Yes, if self-actualization was intended to create an ideal human being like Jesus of Nazareth.

            But it’s not. The apex of self-actualization in PRACTICAL terms means restoring and maintaining spirituality, fostering art as well as utilitarian aspects of tools like bows and pottery, it means shaman foster history, language, culture, education, ,medicine,, rites of passage, etc.

            Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, rather than solely being psychology, is genuinely about LEADERSHIP and is particularly suited for tribes. And that is what you will have to build when the SHTF. It’s about wise pragmatism and strategic thinking.

            And on a side note, I have been thinking and praying for your family as 30 inches of rain in a hurricane and storm surges, drainage issues, livestock and crops flooded, the aftermath, clean up, clearing downed trees, medical issues especially with insects and vermin, all are going to affect those on the Big Island of Hawaii.

            It would make a good article or THREE detailing your experiences and how you responded to it.

            I know that there was a massive rush to get 14 days of food and water plus price gouging.

        Our ancestors over time selected the best fruits and vegetables, save the seed, or branches to be grafted, or runners that spawned them, and then PROPAGATED these over time.

        Sometimes this resulted in the “seed” being sterile and even reverting to the norm. But other times, it resulted in better yields and disease resistance and better flavor.

        Such crops then are incredibly valuable as trade items.

        The same was true for chickens. The first chickens were very small and hardly worth raising. Which roosters were the best? Which chickens had the most disease resistance? Which produced the best layers and which had the most reliable sitters? Which had the most meat production?

        We rest on the shoulders of our ancestors who were not just surviving, but thinking way down the road strategically to better their family’s lives.

      8. I’ve read and wondered if the pre teens are the worse? Probably because we won’t shoot them , so they get better at sneak thief? And they maybe haven’t the moral restraint of some? What do you do with a group of 8 to 12 year olds in your fields or live stock every night?

        • TH: Simple – you do WHATEVER is truly necessary, that’s it. Don’t go soft due to age and all of that noise, that is liberal puke thinking and that got us in this mess of crap.

          • Agreed – the time for reprimanding, sermoning and lecturing comes afterwards. But you must be cautious not to do irresponsible things as those juveniles are the next generation, they are your and our future and will be future humanity.

      9. Bought a jaguar recurve crossbow off rural king website 2 yrs ago for I wanna say $80 with a switchable red and green dot sight already on it. It has a real tree camo pattern on it. I’d take it over a pellet or BB gun. You can kill some good size animals with broadheads easily. It’s rugged too not cheesy like you’d think. BB guns don’t have the power to kill anything bigger than a squirrel. They are fun though and good to train kids with. it will shoot through 3 8 plywood a typical pump BB gun won’t do that. I’d suggest every prepper get a crossbow. Stealth killing tool.

      10. I think he means we’re the same in the needs department when the lights go out, not we are all the same in every single way.

        Sort of like the constitution… put the word equal in something and everyone takes it to the extreme.

      11. REALITY CHECK….You are not going to survive the future if you cannot grow your own food and raise your own livestock…IF YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND THAT FACT YOU ARE ALREADY DEAD!!!!

      12. I’ve often wondered , If advancing is easier for the elders? A old or less physically able person can stay behind cover and make those 40 years of experience shots, or , I know I can’t run with all this stuff. So I’ll stay here behind cover and make every shot count. And with the old ,they realize the finality of life . They would like to see their grandchildren grow to greatness, But when contemplating their circumstances that might not mean their survival. Who should sacrifice the rest of their lives?

        • What elders can do is take a bullet so the young folks can evade capture and live again to fight another day.

          That sounds like a great way to graduate and meet up with my Maker. You make it count.

          The problem is Millennials are hopelessly weak and lack ancestral skills and not motivated. So that conventional wisdom is a real conundrum.

      13. The last few years I’ve lived in very rustic conditions. I purposely envisioned/sought out the situation. However, I didn’t realize it would be this bad.

        I’ve been without a functioning toilet for the last couple years and most of the time without a fridge. At first there was a fridge but it wasn’t keeping my food at the low temperature required to kill bacteria (around 40 degrees). I found out the hard way– had bad case of food poisoning!

        Also, my roommate was FILTHY.

        I had horrible stomach problems (probably from dirt/shit!!) and finally got over it after about a year… ate tons of sour krout and yogurt, which helped minimally. But what really cured my stomach problems was keiffer. (FANTASTIC!!) I drank about half bottle each night and my stomach problems cleared up miracously!! I LOVE KEIFFER DRINKS!! You can get keiffer grains at whole food stores and make your own!

        The toilet– I have to dump couple buckets of water to make it flush. the smell is bad so I use a couple drops of Clorox an couple drops of liquid tide/ other stuff to clean clothes. That is all that’s required– just couple drops!! Takes away bad smell. Gnats swarm when there is johnny-house toilet situation. However, since most flying insects are now extinct, there has been huge reduction the last year or so– they seem to almost have disappeared!!

        I really regret getting into this situation. Dmitry Orlov said to collapse often but lightly… I don’t agree. Yes, you learn a lot but it can also be detrimental… don’t do it until you have to!!!!

        • Where do you live? Alaska? Siberia?

      14. I see these “Selco” posts and sometimes wonder. I can’t say I doubt the validity of his posts, but I do wonder sometimes. The grammatical composition and the sometimes perfect grammer, make me wonder. Take all shtf posts as you wish. Trust nobody, especially if they’re thanking you for your money. Selco may be legit, but cover your own arse before you cover a pleading website authors arse.

        It all feeds into why we’re here, and is a perfect forum for a scam. I prefer verification

        Just my thoughts

        • I know for sure Selco is legit.

        • “Trust nobody”. I’d go with that.

      15. Read “Gulag Archipelago”, if you want to learn about human nature under extreme stress.

        • Bravo HIM. The Deep State , No one dare call the Jewish Mafia. Seems to have a pretty good foot hold , In mainstream media ,Hollywood, the Banks ,The duel citizenship government employees. Dual citizenship government employees, ?? The great delusions of the end times ?? What piece of shit can justify dual citizenship government employees? Except the Domestic Enemy,? We need to define the Domestic Enemy , and wage war against them . And every Dual citizenship American is the Domestic enemy.

        • 200 years with them. Banned by the Jewish mafia.

      16. Hey all Italians aren’t in the Italian mafia. But dual citizenship is cut an dried.

      17. O ounce again , Carl Marx the inventor of the ideology that’s possibly murdered more then even the dam Muslims , Real name is ! Moses Mordicia Levy , The son of a Jewish rabia. And Stalins real name translated ,means ,Son Of Jew. And Trotskys real mane was Bronstien, and Nakita Kruschev real name , Solomon Pearlmutter, and Eisenhower’s year book nick name was , The Terible Swedish Jew, and Rosevelts real name was Rosenfeld, Read what Elya Erenberg wrote and was never charged for , who’s Andrea Mitchel married to, How many congress and senators have duel citizenship? In the Gulag Archepelago , The reason the Holomador is little known , Is because the perpetrators control the media? What religious affiliation owns and controls our main stream media, Hollywood and banks? None dare say.

      18. Now you can see why we were manipulated by the media and Hollywood to help the Bolshevik communist Jews to rape and enslave half of Europe . The Germans attacked the communists,the poles and French let them in to stop the communists . But that’s not how the children of Satan reported it. Revalation 2:9, 3:9 John 8:44. Believe it or burn.

      19. I read the British used the Malaysian Load , A mixture of 4 buck and BBs. Is this a head shot load. Seems it might work? A lead BB is a skull penetrator? At 1300 plus FPS?

      20. Some good posts here. Basic or primitive today would be anything lasting 3 or more days without electricity (lights and refrigeration), or clean tap water, or gas/electric/oil heat (or air conditioning), or restaurants, or grocery stores. If you are prepped for this, then all you have to worry about are the unprepared who will come peacefully and non-peacefully to your door.

        But the ‘you will get through it’ part requires HOPE! And hope requires that you have your supplies, confidence, and skills ready.

      21. I watched a video on the Natural News website about ex-Pres. Sarkozy of France. In a speech he said it was vital the people of France must voluntarily interbreed with the flood immigrants coming into their country. In the next sentence he said if interbreeding did not appear popular then the state would have to undertake coercive measures. There is also a video of prominent German politicians stating how good it is that German birth rates are extremely low, and how they actually wanted to see the extinction of the German gene pool. Then I watched a prominent Israeli say how important it was to thoroughly eliminate the white race as it is now, saying massive interbreeding is necessary to eliminate European gene stock and culture. Why is it okay that Asians can keep their racial and cultural identity intact, or Arab, or Asian Indian, etc . Why is it that the Europeans alone must be eliminated. You can’t tell me the flood of illegal immigration into Europe and English-speaking parts of the world isn’t a coordinated effort to achieve their goals. I keep saying, by far, the absolute number one goal of TPTB in the US is to change our demography and culture.

      22. Selco again , Hey ? I’ll pass.

        After scanning the page quickly nothing has changed for sure.

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