Seismologists: California Is In An “Earthquake Drought”

by | Apr 4, 2019 | Headline News | 15 comments

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    According to scientists who study California’s seismic activity, the state is in an “earthquake drought.”  With fears of the “big one” and likely more fires to already worry about, the state has found itself in a precarious situation.

    That “Prepper’s Mindset” we’ve so often referred to could come in handy if you live in California, or even in a state that borders it. But the earthquake drought is apparently, ongoing.  It has been almost five years since the state experienced its last earthquake of magnitude 6 or stronger, which occurred in Napa, according to the LA TimesBefore that, a quake that did a lot of damage in Mexicali in Southern California struck in 2010.

    Experts have advised the West Coast to brace for the “Big One,” the earthquake that could destroy the state’s infrastructure and economy for years, forcing a mass migration east. “Earthquake rates are quite variable: We have a decade or two where we don’t have many earthquakes, and people expect that’s what California is always like,” said Elizabeth Cochran, a seismologist with the U.S. Geological Survey. Eventually, “we’re going to dramatically see a change in earthquake rates.”

    An earthquake drought certainly sounds like a catastrophic apocalyptic event, however, the scientists seem to be merely wanting people warned as a means to prepare for the worst (which we should all be doing anyway.) This urgent alert comes as “memories” of other massive quakes have faded in the minds of people, therefore, it is no longer a priority to be prepared. The experts have added that Californians should ignore the warnings of this “earthquake drought” at their own peril.

    “Along the main plate boundary faults, we are in a deficit of earthquakes in the last 100 years,” said Tom Rockwell, a San Diego State paleoseismologist. “At some point, that’s going to change. We’re going to have some big earthquakes.”  Those quakes will occur when the force on the plates under the surface of the Earth finally need to relieve the pressure, causing damages.

    There may be periods “where things get kind of all locked up and no earthquakes happen for a while. You store a lot of strain in the Earth’s crust,” said Tom Jordan, USC professor of geophysics. “Once it gets going, it’s like a set of dominoes. You might get multiple events if you have enough strain energy stored in the crust because it’s been a long time since an earthquake.”

    Preparedness is a mindset, and once you achieve it, comes with a peace of mind that only can be described as euphoric. If your finances don’t allow you to buy and store extra food or water just yet, get your mindset right, and the rest will follow.


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      1. george

        It’s all those cow farts .

        • repr sleepr

          I ain’t no friend of those shagging ass across the border….BUT! back in the 1850’s to the 1860’s the ranchers in California who owned large ranches were Mexicans and known as Californios. They were run off and cheated by the new settlers and lost hundreds of cattle and their land. That’s all I got to say about that. As always things change and you either change with it cease to exist. Everything is always evolving. For instance my home is on a backroad. Since I’ve been here, that has significantly changed whereas cars roll by here about every five minutes. NOTHING EVER STAYS THE SAME! The tried and true is correct: Improvise, Adapt and overcome!

        • durangokidd

          “During the Pole Shift which is coming, the earth itself will tilt about thirty degrees or more by perception, to the right, if you are looking at the western hemisphere from space, dead on, from the equator. The peninsula upon which Nome, Alaska sits will be located at the “top” of the world like an “E” lying upon its back.

          All of the water in the world will rush from the southwest to the northeast, meaning, all of the coastlines of the world in the eastern pacific and the eastern Atlantic, will be impacted in this way. Low lying lands will be inundated. New land will rise, new mountains will pierce the sea, and new mountains will form on dry land in some places where they do not now exist.

          In particular, new land and new mountains will rise south and west of Chile and Argentina, with a new strait on the lower southwest side of the continent as foretold by Cayce. This I too have seen.

          New mountains will rise in Southwest Texas. I have named them the Blue Moon Mountains. Let’s see if it sticks.

          South Africa will be inundated by water and much of the lower lying area of that nation will remain submerged. Save your Krugerrands. They won’t be making any more of them after the Shift. The mountains at the bottom of the continent in that nation will become an island. If you flee there during the Shift, bring a boat to get off, or plan on staying there for awhile.

          The ice caps will continue to melt and this melt may be accelerated by EMP or other natural forces. The Arctic will melt and this water will flood the interior of Canada. If you live in Canada, migrate to the east or interior west along the Rocky Mountains. The Great Plains will be under water.

          Hawaii will be inundated with the Shift and swept clean. If you live in Hawaii you can run but you cannot hide. Hawaii will be swept clean. And if Hawaii, all other islands in the Pacific as well.

          Southern California will be inundated. Get above 5,000 feet. The ocean will eventually settle about half way up the mountain at Palm Springs. Eventually the day will come when a new suspension bridge, like and of the form of the Golden Gate Bridge, will be built across the mountain divide and seaway. Please name this bridge after me. No one else has ever mentioned it. It’s MY Bridge. Put a monument and a plaque on it, at both ends, to commemorate this prophecy. If nothing else it will give food for thought to those who read it. Seeds are a marvelous thing. Thank you.

          If you live in Tucson Arizona, get above 1800 feet. If you live in Phoenix get above 1500 feet as the Pacific will reach Arizona and lap at the base of the Superstition Mountains. The whole of Metro Phoenix will be underwater. Anyone suggesting that Phoenix will be a major seaport will be launching their skiff from the mountains to the north, northeast, and northwest.

          The predictions of those annotated upon this site have all missed their initial timeline, but these Changes are beginning to manifest, if only 10 to 15 years late. Forgivable, I think, considering the portent. With this in mind, let me be very specific about a particular event. If it doesn’t happen as predicted, I am in good company. If it does I can take no credit for it, even a blind chicken can find some corn.

          Earth Changes are in progress. Progress is slow. Changes in North America will begin in earnest on May 24th 2015 at 4:02 pm, Pacific Time. The epicenter will be Temecula California. LA will be destroyed. That’s pretty damn specific wouldn’t you say? Plan accordingly.

          When the Earth finally shifts; when the Great and Terrible Day of The Lord arrives, ” …there will be six million people left in California and there will be six million people left in London… ” This was the word of the Lord to me.

          When the SHTF in America don’t say we didn’t warn you. It is coming. It’s only a question of time, and Time is the protocol by which God catalogs eternity. ”

          SHTF EARTH CHANGES 9/04/2011

          May 24th 2015 has come and gone and this prediction of the BIG ONE has come and gone, like so many other, forecasts, predictions, & prophecies of a similar nature.

          It would seem that the world has been given a “reprieve” as these predictions by various Seers coincide with Revelation; but it is worth noting that the beginning of these CHANGES aas predicted by Cayce & others and= identified by Revelation is upon US given the astrological configurations that have occured as described therein, the perversion of the Roman Catholic Church, the reestablishment of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and the political alignment of Russia and Islam.

          WW III can’t be far behind. Be grateful for the pause. When the BIG ONE hits the dominos start to fall. Keep stacking & packing. 🙂

      2. Anonymous


      3. Old Guy

        The entire Ring of fire is subject to earthquakes. Best advice Is pack your bags and Leave Calif. Let the liberal left,Hollywierd actors and illegals have it.

        • Genius

          Well, maybe all the border crossing turd wurld shitbags will all flock into cali by the millions and add so much weight that the san andreas fault collapses and the whole pile of crap falls into the ocean. Like flushing the toilet. Maybe they will be fish food for a few years and help offset the fukashima death rate.

      4. Romeo Charlie

        With a little luck in 2020 the Pacific Coast Highway will run along the western Nevada and Arizona state lines.

      5. Honeypot

        Napa is where the crazy house State hospital is located. Ronald Reagan, actor and spokesman for General Electric Company released the patient’s onto the streets when he was President. Some of those people later got thrown in prison. Some went into politics. And some became journalists and others, seismologists.


      6. Sgt. Dale

        It will come, and maybe the big one, but then again we know where all the Rat shit Libtards are or at least most of them. If earthquakes would only take out the Rat Shit Libtards (RSL) I would be praying for it.

        • repr sleepr

          Sarge I’d love to believe it would be that easy. But just in case, don’t let down you/and your’s families’ guard.

          • Sgt. Dale

            “RSL’s” have made me build on my guard. Food, Water, vitamins, Ammo, guns, Medical,
            Damn at this rate I’m going to have to get a Warehouse to store stuff. LOL.

      7. jakartaman

        Not If – Just when

        The longer the wait the bigger the bang.
        We live on a dynamic rock and it will rock

      8. rellik

        Something I’ve noticed about city people is
        that they don’t think that all that wonderful
        readily available stuff can go away in the
        next ten minutes.
        Having lived through a few major earthquakes,
        it has always amazed me how after the quake,
        everyone seems to forget, that this can happen
        again, very soon.
        “Preparedness is a mindset”. I guess it requires
        a certain amount of paranoia and philosophical
        pessimism, “the glass is half empty” attitude.
        I prepare because I know things will go bad,
        notice I said “will”, not “might”.
        Even when things go bad I expect that I will
        survive comfortably due to my preps. I’m not
        afraid to die, but I don’t intend to do it before
        my “time”.

      9. Brian

        The “Big One” is coming. It is a question of when and not if. Anyone living in the fault zones should have at least several months of preparations and some kind of plan for bugging out. Earthquake activity is on the rise thanks to cyclical changes in the sun. Be ready!

      10. Kay

        Don’t be scared,be prepared. Dutchsinse forecasts them on his YouTube channel.

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