Seattle’s Suicide: Drugs And Homelessness Take Their Toll On The City

by | Apr 15, 2019 | Headline News | 34 comments

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    Widespread drug use and homelessness in plaguing all socialist regions of the country.  From San Francisco, where pedestrians have to literally watch the homeless shoot up, to Los Angeles where Medieval diseases have returned thanks to policies which have made it impossible for the everyday American to scrape by anymore.

    Seattle is also committing suicide. “It is about the damage they inflict on themselves, to be sure, but also on the fabric of this place where we live. This story is about a beautiful jewel that has been violated. And a crisis of faith among a generation of Seattlites falling out of love with their home,” said KOMO’s Eric Johnson in the intro to the video he helped create about the crisis. Years of authoritarian socialist policies are taking their toll on America’s cities.  It’s time to say “enough is enough.”


    The entire video is about an hour long, but it is pretty easy to see where Seattle continues to go wrong.  A heavy tax burden, regulations that push out businesses, and a power-hungry group of totalitarian sociopaths have been slowly eroding the city. The decay of Western civilization can be seen up and down the entirety of the West coast.  Some say it’s by design, others disagree.  But the commonality is that all of the cities are being pushed into poverty by illusions and lies of socialists. Calling Seattle anything other than a leftist’s paradise would be inaccurate.  The city has all of the laws the socialists want, yet it’s killing itself because of it.

    Colion Noir also has a video which shines a light on the epidemic disguising itself as a homelessness problem, that is plaguing Seattle. While the politicians refuse to even acknowledge the issue and instead scapegoat owners and diminish the rights of the law-abiding, they simultaneously turn Seattle into a perfect socialist utopia.

    The solution? The free market.  It’s pretty simple. Stop allowing people to steal your wealth and call it taxation. Stop allowing people to lock you up for smoking a plant. Stop allowing people to tell you whether or not you can start a business. Make the government obsolete.  People have some sort of strange illusion that we need violence, force, theft, and coercion to exist. We do not.  The government is the parasite that needs a host to survive and Seattle continues to suck it’s host dry, like all of the other socialist cities in America.

    Unfortunately, it will probably get worse, and a lot worse, before it gets any better – if it ever does.


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      1. Those bums are thick in the left coast cities. SanFran is off the
        bucket list since I don’t like stepping on needles or human shit.

        • It’s going to get a lot worse .

      2. I have lived long enough to have known a time when this was not the case and to see what has caused the rot. Modern cities started going downhill with the blacks rioting in the 50s and 60s, leaving blocks burnt out husks and crime ridden.

        Then in the 80s the mass immigration started from third world countries only. These neighbourhoods started to look like the third world trash heaps these people had left behind. And then the gangs started to take over and become the main power center.

        This meant these cities were broke spending most of their money on welfare and social services. Then hope just died and people lost self respect and dressed like thugs.

        And then homelessness went out of control. It took three decades but there is a common thread: people who do not know how to build civilisation and have never built anything of any value.

        • Frank: Unfortunately I pretty much agree with you and what you have witnessed in your lifetime. I am about 20+ years young than you and I have witnessed a fair amount of this garbage in my own city and state, it is just vile and disgusting as all hell and makes me want to puke. Everything is so, so, so beyond out of control and insane. So much $$ wasted and thrown out the window on all of this welfare and medical assistance and food stamps and all of that horrific garbage. The vast majority of the ILLEGAL INVADING shit-bags into the country get here and before the day is over, they are filling out applications for all of the above mentioned “entitlements” and more I am sure and they are NOT even god damned citizens, WTF is right with this picture, please, tell me America. Again I ask, when is Enough going to actually be Enough? WIth this bunch of do-nothings, well, probably never. I have about ZERO percent confidence in this cluster *ucked, immoral and incompetent so called Gov’t. IT is seriously turning into a massive “Waste land” of sorts rally.

      3. My hometown of Hialeah/Miami is now North Havana, Cuba thanks to the same kind of politicians that represent anyone other than their citizens.

        How can any of these cities rid themselves of these parasites? To say vote them out doesn’t work as they buy too many votes from the ignorant masses. Killing them is illegal according to them. The only way I ave found to combat this scourge is to move. Leave them in their festering environment.

        It is totally a shame that these vermin politicians get rich destroying what many hold dear.

      4. Mensa, I lived in Miami 1975-1982. I lived in Coral Gables which was a good area at the time. Miami started going downhill after the Mariel boatlift in 1980. When my wife was killed by a drunk driver in 1982, there was nothing left for me there so I went back to TN. My old hometown of Memphis is steadily getting worse so it looks like I’ll be moving soon.

        • Good for them , they deserve it, buncha pukes anyway!
          Cull them all, let satan sort it out lol.

        • I went to Miami in June of 2018, flew in for a cruise.

          Everybody and i mean EVERYBODY was rude as hell to everyone. I was shocked. I must have seen about 15 different people curse out other people between the airport and the cruise terminal. Even our porter for the luggage threw a cursing on someone in a wheel chair…. WTF?

          Needless to say, I have ZERO interest in going back to Miami.

          • John,
            Well we can thank the ridiculous, vile, immoral apes known as so called politicians at the local and state levels and naturally we can’t forget the super crooked and vile,shitty ass Federal Gov’t. Even when I was literally in grade school I used to ask, why in the world does this foolish and retarded country continue allowing all of this cruddy dirty worthless foreign scum in here? It made no sense at all to me and I was like 13 years old, Jesus H Christ. This country so deserves whatever it gets and that “thing” that is coming is literally right around the corner and is coming in super hot & heavy people. Get ready and be prepared or you are Dead meat, it is that simple yes, yes it is. In summation *UCK the Gov’t at all levels.

      5. Who says you can’t kill them; drugs are killing them. This is murder by a slow cruel method. Most drug addicts are children when they start. The CIA has been caught up in the drug business. The war in Afghanistan was fought in part for the heroin. Seattle, San Francisco, and other cities are lining the pockets of “respectable” people at the expense of expendable people.

        T.V., movies, and music that glorifies drug use contributes to the problem. Women who work outside the home, have no father to help them raise their children are targets for drug pushers. Their children are the easiest to get addicted to drugs.


        • HP,
          I beg to differ a little. most West coast Heroin comes from Mexico.
          When I was sixteen working in a “Barrio” liquor store, Leonard the local dealer showed off a baseball sized ball of Black Tar Heroin, this was 1971. He did not deal locally, too much family in the area. Mexicans have/had ethics back then.
          My cousin was a Seattle Heroin addict so I have some small experience with that. She is dead. The drug did not kill her, the life style did. She came from a middle class family. She fell into the Seattle Lifestyle. Grunge and Goths was the “thing” then.
          I don’t know much about meth or crack, but the Heroin stuff is usually a thing between “friends” and very social. Seattle has/had quite a large population of Heroin addicts that work, pay taxes and shoot up in the morning, again at noon, and then after work.
          I’ve always been wary of the stereotype dealer being across the street from school, as I grew up around drugs from 6th grade and never saw anything like that. All our drugs came from other students.
          Just my West coast input.

          • R: I agree, you make some very valid points. I don’t care what anyone says, illicit rugs are BAD NEWS at the end of the day period and yes including that disgusting, horribly rancid smelling weed mess. Christ elements within our own criminal and immoral Gov’t are in the drug business, WTF. I sure wonder why the “War on Drugs” never succeeded, other than ruining a lot of lives and throwing 10’s of thousands into steel cages for non-violent crimes, all a massive cluster *uck folks.

      6. Although I left 19 years ago, I spent the majority of my adult life in the Seattle area, so I know it well. I was educated in it’s private universities, and worked in its industries.
        Seattle cannot be saved. It is a waste of time. Socialists are like junkies they have to hit rock bottom and quite possibly die before the world is free from them. The Puget sound area is very rich, and will last a long time before it gets sucked dry and hits rock bottom.
        My personal solution was to withdrawal to a remote rural area where the population is so small and poor, that the government can’t afford to enforce all the laws and rules they pass, plus we know where all the enforcers live. To top it all off, it is very difficult to bring in enforcers re-reinforcements.
        I spent most my life working towards a retirement from the rat race of cities. That was my #1 preparation for SHTF.
        Seattle is not unique. Cities are anti-freedom. Anywhere you have Democrats, you have slavery.

        • Rellik, I can also speak with authority about city life. First of May I head back to the BOL and this may be the BUGOUT for me, finally. Once I bugout I’m bugging in. No more urban areas for me, period.

          • Cities anymore are absolutely HORRIBLE places. Horrible people. NO manners. No morals. No nothing that is worth a flying $hit period. Anymore that stays inside of the cities is an absolute god damned FOOL!! I got out a few months ago and it is the best decision of my life – it can be done, so get your asses in gear or you will be some of the 1st to be slaughtered when it all pops off people.

      7. If there is a problem that isn’t getting fixed, or even addressed, start with asking who benefits from the status quo. Somewhere, somebody who has enough power is preventing the implementation of solutions. Until we know who we’re wasting our money trying to address symptoms. Yes, I’m cynical as hell, but there’s a reason cops, lawyers and politicians have been saying “follow the money” for 2 thousand years.

        • Go to Youtube and look for “The Greatest Story Never Told”, then look for “Europa: The Final Battle”. You’ll have a much clearer understanding of why your community, your state, country, your planet looks like it does.

      8. I seriously doubt it will get better ever, worse yes, better after? No, doubt it,
        Not in our lifetime, nor that of our kids

      9. Nailbanger, all of the cities are doomed and there’s no way any of them can be saved.

      10. It isn’t homelessness it is drugs. Seattle allows up to 3 grams of heroin and needle exchange without question. Police do not enforce 99% of the laws because the city counsel condemns them if they do anything.

      11. I watched the documentary “Seattle is Dying” and although it is hard to fathom, but the truth is this was all created and is currently encouraged by the Seattle city council. They have openly socialist council members who continue to tax everyone they can, turn a blind eye to the problems they created and now are going after the reporter who did this documentary. How dare him air their dirty laundry for the world to see?! I left Seattle 20 years ago and at the time the downtown was a beautiful, fun place to spend the day, but no more. They ran off the few guns stores with extra taxes on sales, implemented the $15.00/hr wage hikes which immediately began to kill business and now don’t want to be blamed for the cesspool they have created. Small businesses are fleeing and Amazon has stopped future expansions due to the city council trying to tax them a “fair employee tax”. Every big city is drowning in their own filth, diseases, drugs, homeless population, etc. Make no mistake, they are coming for our money. These entitlements cost are very expensive and they can’t continue their agenda without us paying up.

      12. Growing up, I usually lived within an hour’s drive from Seattle; spend most of my 20’s there. loved the city. Moved away, then back further north. Hadn’t been downtown in 18 years. A while back, a bunch of us went to shopping to sodo & the international district. I was stunned by the camps, & how dirty the city was, zombies lying on sidewalks, & a crumbling infrastructure. I will never go back. Meanwhile a big issue in Seattle is eliminating library fines. WTF? The classic line, Nero fiddles while Rome burns was never more correct. Amazon is moving out of town, they kicked the golden goose in the nuts.

      13. Meanwhile, the problems of Seattle are moving to other adjacent cities, stressing the locals who never dreamed of the problems they are having. I was in Everett ( 3/4 hour north) same thing, zombies, trash everywhere, graffiti on everything.

      14. One of the saddest videos I have ever seen. I never knew how blind,stupid,arrogant,and uncaring politicians can be. Seattle is truly being run by sociopaths.

        • southside, note that most of these failing cities are run by DEMONRATS.

      15. The obvious problems is that the politicians have not legalized enough drugs because there are still some left who haven’t drop out of reality and see what a shit hole things are becoming.

        Solution is to import more druggie immigrants to push the drugs in the schools to get everybody to the same level and the wingers will end up leaving and let the cities die of there terminal drug cancer.

        Precious, i needs my precious!

      16. The obvious problems is that the politicians have not legalized enough drugs because there are still some left who haven’t drop out of reality and see what a shit hole things are becoming.

        Solution is to import more druggie immigrants to push the drugs in the schools to get everybody to the same level and the wingers will end up leaving and let the cities die of there terminal drug cancer.

        Precious, i needs my precious!

      17. The best thing you can do is move. Pay attention to the signs and changes. Once a neighbourhood goes past 10 percent black it is doomed. The crime rate will sky rocket and you will notice in the news stories, more and more about black gang hits.

        Use ‘social jujitsu’ to protect yourself. It works like this: Latinos are good for pushing out blacks. Once they are moving out, start moving in Asians: you want lots of Asians. They work hard, save and can’t stand the blacks so they will put pressure on the government to move them out. Muslims can be useful but be careful: if they go past 10 percent then you are heading towards a caliphate stronghold.

        The most desirable neighbourhoods should have a strong white/Asian mix with some Latinos, Muslims and Hindus. Getting the balance right is key.

      18. Don’t worry, Seattle has legislation ready to legislate drugs and homelessness out of existence. Now if only these laws work, unlike the last ones passed.

      19. The title to the video, “Seattle is Dying” is not appropriate. More proper is, “Seattle was Murdered”. We don’t need to look too far to find the culprits for this crime. They are, as other posters point out, liberals. Yet, to refer to them as ‘liberals’ is a perversion of that word. More appropriately they are ‘Stalinists’.

        The brand of liberalism practiced in Seattle is bigoted and narrow-minded. Anyone who deviates from the established doctrine of the ruling elite cabal who has captured Seattle, King County, and Washington State, is referred to as a ‘right winger’. Just as anyone who wishes to preserve the European nature of the US is called a ‘racist’. Those who do not endorse and follow the vacuousness of ‘diversity’ and ‘multiculturalism’ are scorned as ‘white nationalists’, even blacks who don’t go along such as Candace Owens. Witness last week’s slapstick show on ‘white nationalist’ held in the clown world known as the US Congress.

        The referenced video on Seattle homelessness was a good effort, but it merely highlighted the problem of which we are all aware. Those who complained about the situation will, without a doubt, vote for the same gaggle of fools for city, county, and state ‘leaders’ who brought the problem on them in the first place. These dull individuals are incapable of connecting the dots.

        President Trump has come up with a good idea; send all the illegal aliens streaming across the southern border to sanctuary cities. Since they like ‘diversity’ so well, this flood of economic and criminal refugees should be welcomed in Seattle. What!!!!!!! They won’t be? Well who could have guessed?

        Yet we all know by now Trump barks loud but rarely bites. His presidency was neutered early on when he didn’t have the mayor of Oakland arrested and indicted on charges of aiding and abetting illegal aliens. It’s been down hill from there and Seattle will continue to be awash in illegal aliens, Mexican Carteleros, and Mexican drugs.

        The Seattle I knew from a few short years ago is dead and she ain’t coming back.

      20. My eldest manages a sporting goods store. Over Christmas we visited her West Coast city. While she was showing off her store to “mom” and “dad”. The door alarms went crazy. A young man had grabbed a cuple of jackets and a sleeping bag and was running. Her comment was, “Well, there went another $500.” the next week a customer saw a “runner” in the parking lot and used their cell phone to call the cops , who actually caught the “runner”. Since then two of the homeless got into a fight in the store, a customer intervened, and an employee went to the customers aid. The “shrink” (goods that have left the store without being paid for) was 6%. My wife works for a store in the mid-west and the store “shrink” is 1 1/2%. Can you guess who makes up the “shrink”? A sort of tax on those customers who pay for their purchases. Companies are forced into a hands off position on “runners”, because the “runners” may sue if injured. Goofy times are here!

      21. If you are homeless, being arrested and put in jail is a step up from how you are living. Masses of homeless people living without sanitation is a perfect breeding ground for a pandemic. The problems will be resolved but at what cost? When the productive people leave, the homeless will die off. The average American is not that far away from being homeless.

      22. Don’t bemoan the deterioration of Seattle. Instead, we should help accelerate the complete destruction of the city by making sure that illegal aliens and drug addicts move there for free shit. Let those filthy liberals reap what they have sewn. Next time I am in Seattle I am going to take a shit in the middle of the street so I can bask in the the Seattle experience.

      23. We left California after 40 years and moved our business to Texas. Best thing we have ever done. I looked at my taxes this year and we will save so much money. The California Franchise Tax board had the balls to send me a 800 dollar fine because my business was no longer in the state (they were to incompetent to know I filed the correct paperwork). So I mailed them back a photo of 800 bucks with go F yourselves typed on it. ?

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