Scientists Claim To Be “Concerned” Over A Coronavirus “Escape Variant” In NY

by | Mar 15, 2021 | Headline News | 7 comments

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    The new fear-mongering tactic has been these variants and mutant strains of the coronavirus.  Health officials are warning about a COVID-19 variant spreading in New York that they say can “escape” our immune system.

    “Some scientists are calling this the ‘escape variant’ because it may have the ability to avoid our immune system – possibly making our treatments less effective,” said Dr. Alok Patel, ABC Medical Contributor.

    While most Americans have gotten tired of locking themselves away and wearing a ritualistic shame muzzle for a disease proven to be almost as deadly as the common cold, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the United States’ head medical tyrant says “not so fast. You can’t be going around and being the free humans you were born as.” Of course, that’s not a quote from comrade Fauci, but it may as well be.

    The concern for those of us who can see past what is going on is that if the panic over the variants and mutant strains never materialize, then we could see the ruling class (the puppets of the elitists) pull off something horrific.  This is why it’s important to never live in fear but to remain alert and know what’s going on.

    And get this, the mainstream media is doing the ruling class’s bidding. They need you to comply first and foremost. Nothing else matters but your blind servitude to the state:

    The White House is laying out a new hopeful benchmark: the Fourth of July as a symbolic goal to motivate Americans to keep following the rules.

    More than 11% of adults are now fully vaccinated. –ABC 7 NY

    Fauci: A “Homegrown Variant” Could Evade The Vaccines

    Another question we should be asking, is that if these “vaccines” (gene therapies) aren’t effective against the new mutant strains and variants, then what’s the point of taking them? But it doesn’t seem like the media or at least 11% of Americans are capable of thinking things through.

    They pretty much let us know each day, several times a day, that we are being lied to and far too many are still acting like the perfect slave simply accepting what the master tells them. This is likely to get more disturbing as the days tick by. As far as I can tell, the fear over these “variants” and “mutants” isn’t there like it was with the initial coronavirus hoax scare. That means something else will magically materialize to force that fear onto us.

    We have to be vigilant, ask questions, and make sure we remain prepared for anything. I know, it’s tough to be prepared for all possible circumstances, and yet, we’ve got to do our best.  The government is not out to save us or help us. In fact, government is slavery and they are out to shorten our leashes as best they can before we free our minds.


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      1. I ignore the bastards, I don’t wear a mask, of course I don’t work anymore. But I really feel for people that have to work and are forced to wear a mask. The other day I was out and about, can’t say where ,but I ran into an Army Reserve soldier and he was a young fella. We shared stories about being in the service really a nice kid. Anyway I asked him if he was getting the “vaccine” he said that he already got the first shot. But the kicker was he said that at a drill meeting that they told the reservists they were just wanting to update their immunizations and didn’t tell them they got the Corona virus vaccine until afterwards. I didn’t have the desire to say anything, just ‘oh’ I see. But I know when I was in the service you had no choice about such things. You know you are government expendable property until your enlistment is up. I stay upbeat only because of my faith in the Lord Jesus.

      2. As you mentioned,the government is not out to save or to help us.As we can see by their evil actions,the government is actively working against each and every one of us so we must be prepared for anything.

      3. So now,these assholes,/liars
        found a variant that can “escape” our immune system.What the hell will these psychos come up with next to keep their phony 19 narrative agenda going?
        An “escape” variant?
        Yes,ladies and gents we now have the “Houdini” version of the scamdemic “virus”.?

        • Ha ha ha! That was funny. The good news of your analogy is that Houdini eventually made his tricks so daring and complex that fate finally got him in the end.

          • Janitor, right you are and hopefully eventually the lies/magic will wear off and the control freaks will implode by their own hands!
            Seriously, how great would it be to see the elite’s plan ultimately backfire, and come back and bite them in the ass?!?!

      4. While I do follow common courtesies in hygiene and food preparation, and I am aware of customary, forced, state teachings, germ theory has never been settled, once and for all.
        “…its origins are rooted in Béchamp’s empirically disproven (in the context of disease) theory of pleomorphism. Another obsolete variation is known as terrain theory and postulates that diseased tissue attracts germs rather than being caused by it.”
        Pleomorphism has been observed…”


        In an Edenic, ideal world, the proper place of a bacterium may be periodic, janitorial duty, under prescriptive rest. It may exist outside of the body in the form of an exosome, and, as such, carry human dna. All people would presumably test positive.

        That infamous goat and papaya may also share much in common, with human life, genetically, so look related to the exosome, in field tests.

        Regardless, no hired muscle in a traffic chokepoint, and no manic Karen figure, is going to be discussing flat-earther beliefs, having flown into a blind rage. The state scientist cannot eat without welfare, so regards the heterodox as an existential danger, every time.

      5. Rumors are circulating that “covid” is scheduled to return with the next presidential election cycle in 2024.

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