Scientist Warns Of AI Causing Viral Outbreaks, Nuclear War, & Human Extinction

by | Aug 15, 2023 | Headline News

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    One scientist is warning of the dangers of getting to comfortable with advanced technology, such as artificial intelligence. The Director General of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research Shekhar Mande said that we should be prepared for AI to take over and cause viral outbreaks, nuclear war, and even human extinction.

    Humans have come a long way with science and technology, making awesome things like computers that think like us, which we call AI. But as we get smarter, some worrying thoughts pop up. Could AI end up causing big problems for us and even making us extinct? We have studied and found out a few major reasons that might cause human extinction. –

    Mande warns that AI will be the primary cause of human extinction. He said that domain experts have predicted artificial intelligence as the first cause of human extinction, followed by a nuclear war between nations, and then viruses like Sars CoV and others, according to The Indian Express. 

    Furthermore, Mande’s lecture extended to discuss another grave concern, the specter of a nuclear war. Dr. Mande emphasized that this perilous scenario, often fueled by political tensions and global power dynamics, could potentially lead to dire consequences for the human species.

    Dr. Mande’s insights served as a warning for all of humanity to contemplate the potential trajectories that lay ahead. His exploration of artificial intelligence, nuclear conflict, and viral threats invited contemplation about the delicate balance between progress, security, and the preservation of our species.

    He is far from the first person to opine on the issues we face with AI.

    Terminator Director Warns Of An Artificial Intelligence “Nuclear Arms Race”

    Artificial Intelligence-Driven Robots Will “Kill Us All”

    Even Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum stooge, Yuval Noah Harari said that AI is going to the hard work of controlling the slave class and making them obsolete.

    Yuval Noah Harari Says Artificial Intelligence TAKEOVER is Coming Soon

    If you somehow believe that governments, which are ruling classes and believe everyone else is their slave, will come to save you, it’s suggested that you reevaluate.

    Experts: Artificial Intelligence Will Takeover & Control Humans

    The ruling class will use this technology against the slave class and once a critical mass of the slave population finally realizes what they are, the machines will do the heavy lifting for the sociopaths at the top. This move to AI is hardly in our best interests. In fact, we’ve already been warned by AI itself:

    Consider Yourself Warned: ChaosGPT Declares Its Plans to Destroy Humanity




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