Artificial Intelligence Driven Robots Will “Kill Us All”

by | Jul 11, 2023 | Headline News

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    Despite the ruling class’s insistence that humans are killing the planet so climate change will kill us all, that’s probably not the case. Artificial intelligence is a much bigger threat than the propagandized joke climate change has become.

    According to a report by USA Today, the hordes of artificially intelligent robots will probably kill us first long before climate change will even matter. Either way, we are going to be killed off and it’s going to be our fault. It’s never the dogmatic belief in the ruling class that got us here, it’s all the slaves that serve the rulers who fly their private jets around the world while preaching about the slaves lowering their standard of living.

    If you’ve been busy doom-scrolling on social media or just floating merrily along on the algorithms that already control our lives, you might have missed a recent event in Geneva that focused on artificial intelligence. It was a United Nations’ International Telecommunication Union conference called the AI for Good Global Summit, a title I’m sure the few humans who survive the eventual robot uprising will chuckle about while huddled in dank caves hiding from killer drones. –Rex Huppke, USA Today

    The highlight of the summit was a press conference that featured reporters interviewing nine AI-enabled robots, prompting this stuff-of-nightmares sentence from the Associated Press: “Robots told reporters Friday they could be more efficient leaders than humans, but wouldn’t take anyone’s job away and had no intention of rebelling against their creators.”

    Organizers of the summit didn’t specify to what extent the answers were scripted or programmed by people. The summit was simply meant to showcase “human-machine collaboration,” and some of the robots are capable of producing preprogrammed responses, according to their documentation. The United Nations Development Program’s Sophia, for example, sometimes relies on responses scripted by a team of writers at Hanson Robotics, the company’s website shows.

    Yuval Noah Harari Says Artificial Intelligence TAKEOVER is Coming Soon

    AI advancement is becoming a nightmarish reality. People are concerned about machines taking over and enslaving them, yet seem to be OK with other humans enslaving them. This is such an odd time to be alive.


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