Scientist: mRNA Injections Will Continue Killing People

by | May 5, 2022 | Headline News | 15 comments

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    Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, a Thai-German microbiologist and expert on the mRNA COVID-19 injections, has warned that the “vaccines” are very dangerous. They will kill more people daily, and those who survive will be easier subjects for the New World Order to control.

    This so-called vaccine is changing humanity and mankind,” said Bhakdi. “These vaccines are changing you right now, even though you don’t realize it. They are altering your psyche, your brain. You’re becoming different people right now… You are losing your individuality. You’re losing your personality, and you’re losing your right to say ‘I am a human being.’ You’re losing your [humanity].”
     Bhakdi said the vaccines “blind the minds of people” as they make people less intelligent “and this is the most dangerous part of all.”
    “But the worst thing is that those billions that had been injected are losing their minds – this is something that people don’t realize – and are becoming more and more controllable because they cannot say no,” he continued. “It’s fantastic. It’s brilliant – and it’s nightmarish, horrible, diabolical, Satanic. It’s got to be stopped,” he added according to a report by Natural News. 
    Not to mention:
    “These vaccines are killing people. You have your myocarditis, you’ve got your strokes, heart attacks, these are all terrible. You’ve got all these athletes that are dying, you’ve got all these young people that are dying, very bad,” said Bhakdi. “It really is this mass of interlocking relationships between banks, big corporations, the military-industrial complex, people who have gotten us into this war in the Ukraine because they’re going to benefit from that in the same way they benefit from COVID-19,” said Breggin.
    Watch this episode of “ReFounding America” with Dr. Peter R. Breggin as he talks about how the COVID-19 vaccines are even worse than people thought.

    From the start, the media and ruling class started touting the injections as “vaccines” when they were anything but.

    COVID-19 mRNA Shots Are Legally Not Vaccines

    This entire ordeal has been a scam from the beginning and we are finally starting to see just how nefarious these injections are.


    Ruling Class: The Scamdemic Won’t End Until The WHOLE WORLD Is Vaccinated


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      1. He mentioned the athletes
        that are also dying from this
        not a vaccine. Sometimes,
        the covidian cult members
        will say something
        such as “Oh athletes were
        always dying even before
        the vaccine” That may or
        may not necessarily be true
        but does anyone remember
        SO MANY athletes dropping
        dead so quickly and doing
        so during the game?
        I don’t remember that.
        I think we all know exactly
        what the oh so obvious
        common denominator is in
        the deaths of these very
        physically fit athletes…

        • I’m 71 and can’t recall an athlete dying while performing.

      2. Bhakdi said the vaccines “blind the minds of people” as they make people less intelligent”

        There’s a horrific thought,
        because you have to believe
        that the ones who willingly
        took an experimental and
        DNA altering cocktail full
        of God knows what weren’t
        that intelligent to begin with.

      3. COVID is over guy, stop milking it.

        The number of vax injured are far, far higher than any vax before, but those who tolerated vaxxing seem fine.

        More or less.

        For now…

      4. Why would they design a poison that kills you right away? No one would take it, Sooo, you devise something that reprograms the bodies cell to produce blood clogging spike proteins!

      5. We think it quite strange that we, the people, pay our taxes, but the leaders, whom we pay salaries, plan to kill us thru this Satanic jab by lies and deception. We do not pay tax so that they will kill us. We must take back what those people stolen from us, namely our natural and God-given rights.

      6. Germ theory is fraud, miasma is correct. Virus is fraud – it comes from the electrical system, radiation from microwaves, that causes our virons to creeate a virus to attack it. We are being attacked electrically but if doctors are not taught truth than they are useless. Microwaves are heating the earth. The electrical system, or mana, that is our atmosphere provides free electrical energy as proven by nikola tesla. Presently the controller dickheads are setting up the Tesla Death Ray. 5g kills the birch, the poplar and the willow tree and others. All these doctors are fucking useless sold their souls pos.

      7. God is the made us, so who are we to alter His design? Are we greater than God? By taking the mRNA jab billions of people altered their body’s DNA. Why? I see two possible explanations:
        1.) We believe that man is better than God at designing DNA
        2.) We have no faith in God. We don’t trust Him to protect us from an evil virus. I fear that we may now be in big trouble God for disrepecting Him and His gift of life.

      8. That’s why I say we have no hope for change except by force.

      9. That’s why I say we have no hope for change except by force.utry fdgf d

      10. An interesting video. I see some massive flaws by 2 people who are saying they are awake but going along with idea -normal- vaccines are ok, when really if they actually believe that the bodys immune system is greater then mans toying what would the need for any vaccine?

        Vaccines of the past has set this current shot to hit its marks more directly. How many 10s of yrs do we go back to where we started hearing about auto immune diseases, and then they tryed to make it seem normal for what people got.And the children who get a blast of diff vacs are the ones showing some very odd issues that till awhile back were super rare and now are super common yet no mention and no connecting the dots…….??? for real?

        Take what you can from this video, the whole bio-science of this shot is so tricky unless you are directly in the field of study. Common sense says you dont take things that the company itself said dont really work, yet its raved about on mass media and by experts. Just use common sense as most things said are lies in this corrupt system we are part of.

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