Schools In California Cancel Football Games Blaming COVID

by | Sep 13, 2023 | Headline News

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    The COVID cancelations are back, in California, at least. Two schools have confirmed that they canceled football games because of cases of COVID-19.

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    Esparto High School near Sacramento confirmed that it canceled a game after it stated that six players tested positive for COVID-19. It also stated that multiple players were injured and that it didn’t have enough players for a game now.

    This comes as there have been concerns that “virus-related rules” might be reimplemented in the coming months, according to a report by The Epoch Times.

    “Ensuring the well-being of students is not only a moral obligation but also a legal and ethical responsibility,” district Superintendent Christina Goennier told Fox News affiliate station FOX40. Dr. Aimee Sisson, the Yolo County health officer, told the outlet that she supports the move.

    “Our role in the health department is to support our schools in being able to stay open for that in-person instruction,” she said. “We provide support; certain tips on what to do when there are cases; provide testing resources. But really our goal for this school year is to keep kids in school in person, but also to do so safely.”

    Another high school north of Los Angeles also confirmed to local media outlets that it canceled a football game against a rival school after multiple COVID-19 cases were confirmed among its players. “We have an outbreak,” Santa Paula Assistant Principal Daniel Guzman told the Ventura County Star. “The number is rising.” He added: “Football is part of our little town’s DNA, [but] student safety is a priority above all.”

    So it’s now the school’s responsibility to remove sports games if kids get colds? Does that mean they think they have the responsibility to ensure no one ever gets sick? This is getting insane and the longer people remain stuck in statism, the longer we are going to have to tolerate these insufferable mini tyrants.

    The cancelations come as a public elementary school in Montgomery County, Maryland, stated that it reinstated mask requirements for “students and staff in identified classes or activities” after several students tested positive. Officials said it would involve a kindergarten class. –The Epoch Times.

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    “Since last Friday, more students and staff members have reported new cases of COVID-19, with classroom outbreaks occurring in a few schools across the county. This rise in COVID-19 cases is not unexpected, as our community gathers together, following a modest summer surge,” a school health official, Patricia Kapunan, wrote in a letter.

    As reported by WUSA9, according to the letter, “measures may be temporarily introduced during outbreaks, including screening testing, distancing, and masking to control spread in a specific space where transmission is high,” and “students who cannot safely and consistently mask due to young age, a medical condition, or developmental disability are not required to do so.” –The Epoch Times.

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