San Diego Continues Desperate Attempt To Control Hepatitis A Outbreak

by | Dec 4, 2017 | Headline News | 31 comments

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    San Diego is desperately trying to control a Hepatitis A outbreak brought on by the homeless problem plaguing the state of California. The city has now opened the first of three giant tents meant to contain the outbreak of the deadly virus.

    The first of three industrial-sized tents to house the homeless as part of the city’s efforts to contain a hepatitis A outbreak.  The outbreak itself stems from the deplorable conditions people were living in on the streets – mainly, the fecal matter that is left from those who live on the street.  Of course, the government isn’t going to climb off the backs of their residents in California, instead, they will continue to raise taxes and create more homeless people while desperately and frantically trying to stop the problems that their overbearing government has caused.

    About 20 people made their way to a bunk bed Friday in the tent that will house 350 single men and women. Two other giant tents will open later this month — one specifically for families and one for veterans. The tents will house a total of 700 people with an attempt to keep them from defecating on the street and spreading the Hepatitis A virus. 

    More than 3000 people are homeless in San Diego, and risk contracting the disease which has killed 20 people so far.  The city had to divert $6.5 million budgeted for permanent housing to fund the operation of the tents for seven months. The tents will provide an array of services from mental health care to housing navigators. But the city still faces an acute housing shortage for the poor. Faulconer has earmarked more than $80 million in stolen (taxpayer) funds to address the problem. So the city wants to fix poverty by taking more from earners and creating more poverty.  Bravo, California.

    Local residents are concerned that the homeless will simply bring their disease with them.  Gemma Librado lives a block away from the tent that opened Friday. Last Sunday, a homeless man high on drugs and with a bleeding hand ran into her apartment when she opened the door and locked himself in her bathroom. She and her 6-year-old son ran out of the apartment and called the police. The man broke things in her bathroom, left bloodstains on her floor, and scared her and her child. “If this makes things more orderly than I support this,” she said. “But I’m worried. I don’t want this to bring in more homeless to the area and people using drugs. There are families with children around here.”



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      1. Quarantine my as*. Frog-march @ gun-point back across the border. No one into this country – without exception without a full med. check regardless of papers. I ask… what’s the difference between killing someone with a gun versus doing so with a plague? At least with a gun, it’s one bullet at a time. A plague? Hundreds, thousands can die due to one cough, one sneeze, on drop of spit on a doorknob. Personally I’d ask the Gov. and liberal morons in the Ca. government(s) that if they’re so gung-ho on illegals why not greet them all with a big-ol’ French kiss.

        • I was in San Diego a couple months ago for work. The homeless people are everywhere. However, the many I saw were not Latino, much less illegals. Unfortunately, the liberal utopia has made life so “equal”, they have priced these people out of housing. It was interesting to see the homeless squatting on the sidewalks within a block or two of new apartments being built that are selling for a million plus. I guess the liberal utopia of commiefornia is not so equal after all. They must not have stolen enough of the taxpayer’s money yet to complete their plans.

        • “The outbreak itself stems from the deplorable conditions people were living in on the streets …”

          Maybe. It’s just as likely that the outbreak is spread by foreign nationals working in fast food restaurants; maybe more so as they come into contact with the food of many more people in a given area than the homeless do squatting at curbside.

          Homeless shelters and tents are BREEDING GROUNDS and TRANSMISSION CENTERS for a host of diseases, like TB. Crowding the homeless together in this way will likely infect more people than otherwise.

          But it may be the intent of the PTB to infect and kill the poor and homeless. Their deaths would solve many day to day problems associated with their existence. 🙁

        • Coming to a sanctuary cesspool near you…

      2. why bother?

      3. So the lady with her son is OK with the Hep tent city that grows larger and larger especially if they don’t run into her apartment, sling blood and feces anymore. Doesn’
        t appear to take much to placate her does it? What a frigged up state. They deserve what they get and so much more. Damn shame the kids have to suffer.

        • Wouldn’t it be cheaper to put porta potties on the streets?

          • And make the welfare bums clean them 🙂

      4. Don’t worry about hepatitis.
        BravePussyHeart will shoot it!

        • Vic-Tor, go take a flying leap.

          • Brave

            What did you do to this troll?????


      5. I believe I’d about done with that apartment.


      6. It’s really a damn shame that good people in Cali have to suffer because of what the libturds do. I honestly don’t see how people survive in that state these days.

        • You will not survive, long, in CA, without privileged status, or generous benefactors; the prices of houses, cars, and needful resources cannot be corroborated in the job listings.

          It is also helpful, to be sturdy, to the point of defending against attack dogs and gang members. Soft targets are rarely seen, outdoors, or they are eyed for a meal.

      7. Watch a Mark Dice video on questioning Californians. And see what we could lose?

      8. Sit back and ponder: WTF has happened to this cesspool, 3rd world hole we call the US of A?? I think most of the entire world deserves to be NUKED!

      9. But, if you complain, you are a racist.

        Failing to quarantine for the sake of political correctness is going to end in a major health disaster.

      10. Is there an outbreak? Yes. Is it because of the conditions the homeless are living in? Yes. I live in SD. Every two weeks I go into downtown San Diego and work with the homeless. My church brings them some food, care packages, gently used clothing and blankets and just bring some good conversations and love to these people. Many of these people are a victim of circumstance. Many of them brought this upon themselves. Regardless of their situation, they are people. Working with them it is easy to see that there is no expectation of a handout. They are extremely grateful for the sweatshirts, sheets, food and blankets that we bring. I get more “thank yous” from them than I do my coworkers. Listening to their stories is heartbreaking and awe inspiring. I am humbled in their presence. Am I afraid of getting Hep A? No. I am doing God’s work and though the outbreak is bad, it doesn’t prevent or scare me from working with the homeless.

        For those of you spewing hate on the entire populace of California…open your eyes for more than two nanoseconds of your biased existence and recognize that not everyone is a gun-hating snowflake. And in truth, your negative blanket statements about California merely demonstrates your ignorance.

          • Bwah-ha-ha-ha!

        • The problem isn’t a lack of matériel or brainpower, so much as how the largess is redistributed.

          I have lived in the same area, for some decades, watched it decline, and say, unapologetically, that all people should not be entitled.

          We have more than enough, for intelligent, conscientious people, but not nearly enough for every bastard and reprobate and their special interest and foreign country of origin.

        • Kynase,catering to the homeless by bringing them food,a warm blanket,and words of encouragement is exactly why the overwhelming majority of homeless Never try to better themselves and typically live out the remainder of their lives panhandling and visiting shelters.Next time you bring food,blankets,and give words of encouragement,how bout bring along some JOB apps as well and see how many actually sit down,on site,and fill them out.Wanna wager its less than 10%? Wanna wager 95% can’t pass a drug screening? I realize shit happens,and many can’t help being homeless,but here’s where you and I differ …There’s a GIGANTIC difference between being down and out temporarily but doing something to change your situation,and giving up permanently,and sad to say,but the overwhelming majority of homeless have given up and had rather receive than EARN..

      11. see what sanctuary cities get for all the bleeding hearts. Let them all come in and Heppy won’t be your only worry.


      12. You are an exemplary example of why you have a problem. Feeding the beast only keeps it alive and makes it grow larger. How about a swift kick in the ass instead of a blanket. Get you shit together or starve to death. Hunger is a great motivator. You dumb ass pathetic liberals never learn.

      13. 3000homeless in a city of 1.5 million. Sorry but way to much is being given to these 3,000 people.

      14. Where were vaccinations given that is close to this outbreak? Anyone doing the math on this?
        Usually they will give shots away for “free” and than there is an “outbreak” due to the shots that were given…sheesh!

      15. I am fairly libertarian about things. But when you have drug users becoming a burden upon the state. I start questioning whether unrestricted drug use is a good thing.

        Use em, but no freebies from the taxpayers.

        Or lock them up if they can no longer be responsible citizens.

      16. Americans are more vulnerable today than in the past. We travel from one location to another and are in contact with more people. This aids the spread of the disease. We follow a diet that is low in soluble fiber we get from eating the right fruits and vegetables. The lack of fiber leaves the populations of helpful bacteria at a critically low level. The bacteria interact with the cells of our immune system in a way that benefits the immune system. The “Western Diet”,deficient in soluble fiber, leaves us with a compromised immune system. With the growing homeless population and all of this, we are ripe for pandemics. Everything depends on early and complete containment of these outbreaks at the start before it can spread. Damn!! We’re doomed!!

      17. It’s -> not contained, if they are being put in close proximity to eachother, for some time, then allowed to leave, at will.

      18. Dynase, doing the work of the Lord is a thankless task this side of the gates. Folks commenting may not think about that. As we have a lot of gimmeedats here in the deep South and in other parts of our land, it makes our hearts hard. In Matthew 24 Jesus reminded us to not let our hearts grow cold because of the runaway lawlessness..but the jobs are plentiful in my area and if you are able you ought to be working.

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