SA-24 Shoulder Launched Surface-to-Air Missiles Looted From Libyan Warehouse

by | Sep 7, 2011 | Headline News | 105 comments


As rebels reportedly (again) overtake Gaddafi’s forces in Libya, CNN and the Associated Press report that a warehouse in the region has been looted, and unidentified individuals have gained access to shoulder-launched surface to air missile systems:

A potent stash of Russian-made surface-to-air missiles is missing from a huge Tripoli weapons warehouse amid reports of weapons looting across war-torn Libya.

They are Grinch SA-24 shoulder-launched missiles, also known as Igla-S missiles, the equivalent of U.S.-made Stinger missiles.

A CNN team and Human Rights Watch found dozens of empty crates marked with packing lists and inventory numbers that identified the items as Igla-S surface-to-air missiles.

“We are talking about some 20,000 surface-to-air missiles in all of Libya, and I’ve seen cars packed with them.” he [Peter Bouckaert, Human Rights Watch emergencies director] said. “They could turn all of North Africa into a no-fly zone.”

According to reports, these are Russian made, advanced surface to air missiles capable of taking down military helicopters and planes, as well as commercial airliners.

Popular Mechanics indicates that there may have been in excess of 20,000 of these or similar types of missiles in Libya before NATO military action began. It is not known how many have disappeared. According to the report, commercial airliners are completely defensless (unless you’re flying El Al, based out of  Israel, which has had defense capabilities for such threats for quite some time):

With the 10th anniversary of 9/11 nearly upon us, it’s worth remembering that after the attack, Congress was ready to build greater defenses into commercial airliners, including jamming equipment to confuse missiles like Gaddafi’s missing MANPADs. But after eight years of funding and no results, the White House quietly ended the program last year.

What we have here is a serious terrorist threat emerging. According to a wide array of reports available in mainstream and alternative news, it is clear that the no-fly-zone in Libya included ‘rebel’ foot soldiers on the ground – and many of those soldiers are reportedly either members of, or sympathetic to, elements of Al Queda. We now have missiles disappearing in areas where rebels have taken control. Once those weapons get out of Libya, they can easily make their way into Western Europe, and perhaps even the USA via drug cartel armament smuggling operations to Mexico.

These missiles can go as high as 11,000 feet. Plenty of altitude if you are trying to down a commercial airliner on take-off or approach. For those who would be interested in killing hundreds of people at a time and scaring the global public into a panic, this could be the perfect terrorist weapon.

While US government officials are taking steps to make it as difficult as possible for Americans to purchase handguns and semi-automatic weapons because they may reportedly end up in the hands of Mexican drug cartels, it’s curious to say the least, that no one thought securing these warehouses in Libya was critical to safety and security. It’s almost as if someone wants to enable extremists in the region with the weapons to wreck havoc on Western nations.

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    1. Matt

      surprise surprise surprise

    2. Matt

      Now we know how WWW3 will start… An Israeli airline gets shot down and all hell breaks loose.

    3. Bill S

      Obama hates America and is sympathetic to Islam. I believe he interfered in Libya to bring about an Islamic fundamentalist state. I’m sure that those types of weapons falling into the hands of rebels is one of the things he was trying to achieve.

      • Mudkip

        Bill, you are a whacko. Take your meds.

        • Ben Dover

          Have to agree with Bill here. It is quite obvious that obummer hates America. During the “Arab Spring” he sided against any government that was in any way a friend to America.

          Obummer’s hate for America was always obvious to anyone who chose to open their eyes. He half-heartedly fights the muslims animals on a tactical level, but always sides with them on a strategic level.

          I’m sure you will think I am also a nut when I say Savage was when right shortly after the World Trade center thing he said this struggle with Islamo-Nazis will end up going nuclear.

      • Paul Revere

        Obama’s CIA goons will stage an attack to start yet another war.

      • real deal

        C’mon Bill i think you reaching on this everytime some bullshit happen folk wanna bring Obama in it he’s only one man this is starting to get real old real quick!!!!

      • Hermes

        He isn’t a power broker. He is a puppet, a yes man. Nothing more. He is a 32nd degree Prince Hall Mason. But I agree about the weapons new owners and the Order out of Chaos which has been engineered througout this ‘event’.
        Not to mention the psyop value things like this provide. Predictive programming is heavily used in our media/movies/books/magazines/et cetera.

    4. Bill S

      Maybe Obama can manage to get some of those to the Cartels too.

    5. Durango Kidd

      You have to wonder why daffy gaddaffi didn’t use them against NATO to save his tanks.

      • JAFO

        The instructions were in Spanish and when they called the customer service number they couldn’t understand the guy with the Indian accent.

        • Anonymous

          Not bad, not bad at all! That’s what we need more of around here. More quick think’in instead of people with collard blind ideas.

        • silver bean

          It would be funny if it wasn’t so true. Man I get tired of the overseas call centers.

          • WestVaFolks

            The TV commercial with “Peggy” says it best…

        • Ben Dover

          Wrong. That call center is in The Phillipines.

      • Big E

        Agianst what, cruise missles fired from 500 miles away.

        • Anonymous

          small mind

        • Durango Kidd

          Big E; Yeah cruise missiles were probably fired from US Navy ships during the outset to take out the air defense systems, but eventually thousands of “sortie’s” were flown, looking for tanks and artillery. Thats a fact.

          That’s when Gaddaffi should have distributed these shoulder fired missiles to his troops: a tactical blunder, for sure. Imagine if he could have brought down some jets with those things. Good propaganda.

          Not that it would have changed the outcome, but one must wonder.

      • Mal Reynolds

        Max altitude of the SA-24 is 11,000 feet. You can plink tanks from 15,000 – 20,000 ft +. Safely out of range of all AAA and shoulder fired weapons.


      • Tom

        Against what, Durango Kidd. MANPADS are easily defeated by operating at height. After the suppression and destruction of Libyan large calibre SAMs and radars NATO aircraft could sit comfortably at 20,000 feet plus and utilise their weapons systems. Pretty pointless firing a MANPAD out of effective range.

    6. Beefcake

      Here’s our perfect recipe for another false flag attack.

    7. JAFO

      Haaaa haaaa haaaa- LMAO world events look like a “Three Stooges” movie. You can’t fix stupid and common sense seems to have been washed out of the gene pool. You just cant make this shit up.

    8. Anonymous

      No fly century.

    9. Anonymous

      Did they loot the instructions too?

    10. Anonymous

      That will be enough NATO air cover for now.

    11. Igy

      Why would English be written on the side of the weapons shipping crates instead of Russian? While these may or may not have been in Libya, and they may or may not have come from Russia, there is no reason English should be on the side of the crates unless they came from a western country.

      This smells a lot like Obama’s Birth Certificate.
      I ain’t buying this story as reported.

      • eaglescoutprepper

        these days, i dont even believe a baseball score unless i was actually at the game…

      • Durango Kidd

        Igy: Contrary to the globalists in America who want US to learn Spanish, English is the closest thing mankind has had to a universal language since the tower of babel.

        Even Russian air traffic controllers use English with their commercial pilots in Russia. Its Russian law.

        • Igy

          Are you telling me that Russians label their military supply’s in English? Honestly, I find that hard to accept.

          • Durango Kidd

            Maybe the boxes on the ones for international sale.

          • Tom


            Russia is a signatory to the UN Arms Register. It exports such munitions with full clarity and markings under international regulations. Even Iran exports munitions stencilled in English. Do a search for Iran and DIO for their export company. All the major Russian arms companies export using English stencils as part of the Arms Register. Even during the Soviet era they stencilled export equipment in English to avoid maintenance issues. For example Iraqi MiG-25s

      • Ben Dover

        Arms export market. Most of the world doesn’t use the Cryllic alphabet.

        • AZ Ready

          Last year I was in Ukraine and had the opportunity to fly on a Yak-42D Soviet era airliner. Not by choice of course. When I got seated, I looked up at the call button and it was written in English (stewardess!!). Now, none of these planes were even sold to airlines in the west that used English at the time, so it wouldn’t suprise me to see English written on a box with missiles.

          Ben is also correct, the Cryllic alphabet is very difficult to read and not used by many countries, especially in the Arab world.

      • Greg

        Its always in English because its a common language and more likely to be understood, unlike Russian moron!

        If its for export! its in English.

    12. Igy

      Arabic is the primary language of Libya according to a Google search.

      • Anonymous

        You’re serious, right?

    13. Anonymous

      I dare you to Google SA-24 and you will be on the list.

      • Beefcake

        No need, everyone who has come to this site was put on a list long ago.

        I got dibs on top bunk at the FEMA camp!

        • Anonymous

          So long as you don’t put your foot on my bed you can have the top rack.

          • Beefcake

            Anything to make my new bride happy.

          • Anonymous

            Not so fast now!

    14. VRF

      Was Eric Holder anywhere in the vicinity 😮

      • PO'dpatriot

        Yeah, who knew what and when?

      • Beefcake

        No, but he is going to mandate that all Lybians report anyone who buys multiple SA-24s in a five day period.

    15. VRF

      like how the funding for the defense capabilities for commercial airlines were stopped. but all this money to the ATF, TSA, and all the body scanners sure went thru without a hitch..whats that tell you people?

    16. Kevin2

      The CIA & MI6 has them. They are in the thick of all of this.

      • PO'dpatriot

        Wouldn’t surprise me if this wasn’t all prearranged with Gaddaffi from the start. Probably the reason why the Russian SAMS weren’t used from the start. Somebody just got some swag.

    17. SmokinOkie

      You gotta be careful when reading this stuff! I scanned the headline and thought “missiles looted from a Libyan whorehouse? Why are they storing missiles in a brothel? Do the prostitutes need that much protection over there?”
      Then it dawned on me…in a country that produces so little, you have to protect the most important segment of the economy. Now it all made sense and I began to ponder: where would we put our missiles in amerika? Wal-mart? Disneyworld? Football stadiums? Oh, wait…we already have great protection at our biggest whorehouse. DC has been a no-fly zone for years!

      • Anonymous

        Those were just D size.

    18. Homeland Security

      Years ago the Israelis staged a phony attack on one of their planes in Kenya. They then used that as an attempt to get the US government to require all US air carriers to put anti-missile systems on all their civilian planes. It didn’t work. As a side note, I’ve always thought it odd that neither the Iraqis, Libyans nor the Taliban ever deployed SAMs against US jets or helicopters.

      • Igy

        My posts have not been moderated yet,
        but your observation combined with mine suggests something is wrong with the story. My observation was the “English language” on the side of the Russian made and supplied missiles crates, and your observation is why were these missiles not used. Maybe this video is a fraud. How would we know? Because it was on CNN?

        • Homeland Security

          I’m not sure, but I think military stuff for export is often written in English. Even from non-English speaking countries.

          • Homeland Security

            Then again, why is Human Rights Watch the ones at the military depot? Which Intel Agency are they working for?

      • Jim

        If you think Iraq never fired an anti air craft missile you need to read some pilot accounts. They did and often. They fired scuds into Israel begging them to join in the conflict so Syria would jump in as well.

        • Homeland Security

          I meant during the insurrection, not during the invasion.

    19. Rachel

      I smell a set up.

      • PO'dpatriot

        I smell what the Rock is cooking and it ain’t pancakes.

      • Anonymous

        I smell high altitude bombing yesterday.

    20. 1776

      im surprised it hasn’t happened since 9/11.

    21. Patriot One

      Guys your over reacting. Holder and the ATF have this under control. They are tracking the SA24’s thru the Muslim Brotherhood. Since we tested this in Mexico with operation gun runner, all is well.

      We don’t believe terrorist will actually get their hands on any of these missiles, do you?

      Well look at the bright side, with 20,000 SAM’s on the loose we no longer need the TSA. Boy I feel safer already, don’t you?

      It should be good for Amtrak and Greyhound. Is Greyhound subsidized?

      • WestVaFolks

        Gee, without the TSA I’ll be allowed to carry my knitting needles on planes again. Life is gooooood.

    22. Red Leader

      A couple Tangos in a row boat off LAX or JFK with one of these,………

      • Truth Squad

        TWA 800 was shot down by a military missile. In 1996 TWA Flight 800 was shot down south of Long Island.
        The government of the United States, despite the embarrassment of having been caught in court rigging lab tests and lying in its reports, still officially attributes the disaster to a spark in the center fuel tank, while government spokespeople insist that the witnesses who saw a missile hit the jumbo jet are all drunks. Almost at once, eyewitnesses were being interviewed on radio and TV who reported that something strange had preceded the explosion of the 747. Witnesses, many on the ground, reported seeing a bright object “streaking” towards the 747. The object in question turned in midair as it closed on the jumbo jet. Witnesses reported horizontal travel, as well as vertical. The broad geographical range covered by the eyewitnesses eliminates foreground/background confusion. To be seen as being near the 747 from so many different directions, the bright object had to actually be in the immediate vicinity of the 747.

        Other pilots in the air reported seeing a bright light near the jumbo jet before it exploded.

        In the days following the disaster, many industry executives privately concluded that TWA 800 had been shot down.

        • Homeland Security

          I was watching the news during the very first news reports. Soon there was a piture sent in by people living on L.I. They took a pic of themselves outside and behind them in the pic is a streak going up into the sky. The feds weren’t fast enough to seize the pic. And how did the lead FBI agent on the case get his own TV show after the whitewash? Hmmmmm?

        • willy

          There was a book written in the late eighties titled”Stinger”, which had the exact same scenario as TWA 800. The shot wwas made from a small boat off Moriches Inlet. I wish I had kept the book as it and any information about the book has disappeared. The reason for the shoot down in the book was to send a message to those who operate the most famous and well know 747 in the world.

      • Patriot One

        Red Leader

        That would be to easy to catch them. They will use them from a highly populated area to bring them down on a dense population.

        My guess is it won’t be a major city, but a softer target.

        • Ben Dover

          Why bother with an airliner? A shopping mall, school, etc is extremely soft. The thought of such an event encourages me to shop online.

          • AZ Ready

            I wonder about sporting events. So many people in one place at one time. Even convention centers for that matter. Makes you not want to go out into public any more. Nah, I worry more about drunk drivers than being taken out by a terrorist attack.

    23. youcancallmeray

      Remember- MISINFORMATION

      nothing up my sleeves

      no smoke and mirrors

      we have everything under control

      we control the vertical

      we control the horizontal

      for the next hour we control all that you see and hear

      now set back and enjoy the show.

      and remember, we are here to protect you.

      • WestVaFolks

        🙂 and 🙁

    24. Mardochee Augustin

      The middle east is getting crazier by the day. Turkey who cut ties with Israel now wants a military and economic alliance with Egypt. The post Mubarak Egypt will not be friendly with Israel. The middle east is heading towards a clash of destruction.

      • Durango Kidd

        MA: I think Turkey is the wild card here, but as a NATO member, it is aligned with OUR interests. Or at least the interests of the NWO GB’s. To establish a strong relationship with post-Mubarak Egypt is intended to bring the new “democracy” back into the “fold”.

        I have noted and watched the “breakdown” of relations with Israel (which had grown quite close). I believe this is a ploy to make Turkey the new leader of the Arab/Islamic world, while moderating any actual conflict, and isolating Iran.

        By criticing Israel and sending its Ambassador to Turkey home they have gained respect and stature in the Islamic world, and it is a good ploy before the coming outbreak of hostilities with Syria, the replacement of Assad, and the transfer of global exports infrastructure to Turkey from China.

        After Assad has been removed, “efforts” will be made to “thaw” relations with Israel in the interests of “whirled peas”.

        That is how the Great Game is played.

        • Jim

          Or……Assad manages to entice Israel into war unifying his people and getting Iran to help. They gain the support of new govts eager to please Muslims in Egypt and Libya, and they help purport a failure of the House of Saud to the pleasure of the elite American Left. Then on Thanksgiving 2011 a special OPEC meeting agrees to terms with all members to no longer accept the US dollar. But America is too busy shopping and doesn’t notice till Monday after the holiday gas, gold, and silver have nearly doubled as getting anything for the dollar is damn hard. China, Russia and others sell off our debt for pennies on the dollar over the weekend crating the economic melt down al queda thought they could cause by destroying the WTC.

          • Ben Dover

            You mean Tuesday. We will still be busy on “Cyber Monday”.

          • Jim

            Tuesday will be the mad rush on stores but not for Christmas gifts and not on Best Buy stores either…..were talking lines at the gas stations, riots at the grocery stores, and the escalation of SHTF as you know it. Imposed upon us by our enemies as a direct act of war.

    25. Ace

      The big question is “Why didnt Gaddafi use them?”

      20,000 missiles would be enough to take of the pesky NATO airforce.

      The credibility of this report is pathetic. Gaddafi could have used these missiles to fight against NATO and this report says that an entire warehouse with some 20,000 missiles gets looted.

      None of these problems were be happening if Libya was left alone to deal with its problems.

      • Henry

        “The big question is “Why didnt Gaddafi use them?””

        Because Gaddafi was head of STATE. States are unwieldy things, difficult to relocate inside an anonymous cave or safe house when American retribution comes calling. States have become obsolete as units of warfare, having been replaced by deniable teams of terrorist commandos.

    26. David A.

      Thank you Mac! I have been a daily reader for almost a year now and have gained immeasurable insight. Seems that the best way to support is to visit the advertisers links. People please do and let’s support SHTFPlan.

    27. Homeland Security

      The middle east is one of the most puzzling places to figure out because of the number of different players. I thought Assad the younger would be easier to work with. He’s a blue eyed western educated opthamologist. I wonder if he has as much control over his security and intelligence units as we think?. He’s from a minority sect, backed by Iran. Then you have Hezbollah and also Sunnis. Israel is stirring the pot. The Russians have a port there. And the US is paying big bucks to start a revolution. What could go wrong?

    28. HerrLT

      As frightened as I was when I ‘woke up’, reading stories such as these now make me chuckle. The world has always been falling apart but I was pretty oblivious to it, now I have a plan. WE have plans – so what if the sandbox goes boom?! Justice manifests itself in perfect time, unrelenting, unsympathetic, and as clearly as a law such as gravity. The criminals – banksters, politicians, money-lovers, adulterers, supremacists, et all will have their just punishments. It is not up to people such as us to be judge, jury, and executioner to these people.

      What a liberating, wonderful feeling to know secrets such as these! In plain view no less! Continue to work your plans – I’ll be having a child, loving my wife, playing with the cat and playing tennis. Will I be aware of the impending storm? You bet. Will I be prepared to stand up if my God leads me to do so? Absolutely. Point being is love life as best you can and be a light to those around you while we have the opportunity to do so. God bless!

    29. Flyboy

      Actually, the SA-24 has a max altitude over 20,000 ft. Because it is heat seeking missile it is doubtful a single missile could take down an airliner. It would require multiple missiles to cripple the multiple engines on a modern airliner. This means a coordinated attack Additionally you don’t just pick up this type of equipment and be successful in an engagement. You need to be able to estimate distance of the aircraft you are engaging, you need to understand the limitations of the system, and understand IR theory (Infra Red). Can folks who want to use these systems get the training required for succes, yes. If you had proper training and the desire to take down and airline could you, yes. And, BTW, you want to hit one during takeoff since it is heavy with fuel and losing an engine during this critical phase complicates safe recovery.

      If you are curious how I know this info, it is because I have been flying combat missions over Libya for the last few months and its my job to be an expert on foreign threat systems and tactics.

      If you wanted to run a black flag op, this is a great system to the get the job done.

      From what I have seen of the operation over Libya, too many things haven’t made sense. This is just another piece of the puzzle that doesn’t quite fit if you believe the official story.

      • Anonymous

        Tell that to the muj in afganistan- they didn’t have too much trouble downing soviet aircraft in the 1980’s.

    30. European American

      Oh boy, I’d love to get my hands on a few of those. Imagine the possibilities.

    31. Anonymous

      John Lennon isn’t imagining the possibilities but more importantly, do these toys have limited lifetime warranties.

    32. silver bean

      It isn’t important to bring an aircraft down with one of these missles. Just hitting an aircraft will create terror and that is the objeective.

    33. Ben Dover

      Could these warehouses be what US (CIA) special forces were “protecting” in Labia? Have to be sure the package gets to the intended address.

    34. Bloodyfellow

      Looks like the (CIA) has got it’s own (Operation Run Runner) …operations going on in Libya.

      SA-24 Shoulder Launched Surface-to-Air Missiles Looted From Libyan Warehouse…Looks like someone is getting a leg up in the food chain!

    35. Homeland Security

      I would think a civilian plane could be brought down by one. A wing wouldn’t be damaged or lost when an engine gets blown up? No hydrualics would be damaged?

      • Bloodyfellow

        Their made to shoot down military planes (M-I-L-I-T-A-R-Y)!!! Civilian planes are easy pickings they don’t have a chance if someone wants to shoot them down with (SA-24 Shoulder Launched Surface-to-Air Missiles). They (parts of our government) wanted this to happen now they can really kick up the fear factor…get it!!

      • Homeland Security

        I posted this question earlier on this subject. Why is Human Rights Watch doing intel work? And with reference to the part about SAMs shooting civilian jets, Flyboy posted that one missile couldn’t bring down a civilian jet, and I disagreed with him.

        • Bloodyfellow

          Homeland Security:

          I posted this question earlier on this subject. Why is Human Rights Watch doing intel work? And with reference to the part about SAMs shooting civilian jets, Flyboy posted that one missile couldn’t bring down a civilian jet, and I disagreed with him. …Good I do cause he don’t know what the hell he is talking about. A fucking bird can take down a civilian jet……or has he not heard.

          “Why is Human Rights Watch doing intel work?”

          (Bloodyfellow)- cause that’s a bullshit story! Human Rights group my ass!!! “I have done lots of (work) outside this country and I know a bullshit story when I smell one.”

    36. Anonymous

      So, it looks like gliders for me here on out. But then again every aircraft is a glider when the engine goes. Look at the glide range that the shuttle had! The slope sucked.

      • Dante

        Yeah, but most of the time an engine goes it doesn’t damage other things needed for the plane to fly. Air Canada flight 143 is a good example of that. When there is an actual explosion, the result would likely be more like what you saw from United Airlines flight 232.

        Remember that most man-portable SAMs use shrapnel as the damage agent. You need a fairly large missile for a HE warhead to be large enough to do the job. Shrapnel might not even take out the engine, but if it damages enough of the control surfaces, or the avionics, or penetrates the fuel tank…

    37. hilly7

      I have it figured out. It’s the same people that took the WMDs out of all those other countries they were suppose to be in… and they weren’t. I’ll just bet it Bugs Bunny.

    38. MAN

      Ohh, Ohh! This is really bad news. TSA won’t have worry about sticking their hands in grandma’s underware because after a few inter-city flights are brought down by SAMs there will not be any airline industry.

    39. Dave

      Hey, this will be a perfect excuse for the Israeli’s to use when they “false flag” one of these attacks on our jets!

    40. Henry

      “While US government officials are taking steps to make it as difficult as possible for Americans to purchase handguns and semi-automatic weapons because they may reportedly end up in the hands of Mexican drug cartels…”

      …by funneling all such weapons themselves from American gun shops directly to the cartels, before Americans can buy them…

    41. Homeland Security

      Upon further review, military jets seldom fly over their targets, they launch from miles away, thus they are difficult targets, usually. Helicopters could be easier targets if conditions are right. Ground radar is usually destroyed in the early hours of attack, so there is little warning of approaching aircraft. Many MANPADS are battery operated, so dead batteries can be a problem. Where’s that little energizer bunny when you need him?

    42. whoisbiggles

      I wouldn’t to be flying in the US in the lead up to the presidential election.
      We have a story of missing SAM’s, an open border with Mexico, a president who is about to flushed at the polls.
      Will a US passenger jet be downed or will the “heroic” FBI bust another terrorism ring. (said with sarcasm) in a last ditch effort to get obummer re-elected.
      This article stinks on so many levels.

    43. George from Canada

      The CNN report is so blatantly false . Why would Russian missiles sold to Libya be labeled in English. Pure BS, and nobody seems to pick up on it??????????????

    44. Mark from Canada

      The boxes never had missiles in them. Libya was shipped empty boxes — much much cheaper, still look good on camera. So, how many missiles did the looters miss, and leave behind? Shit happens yeah know 😉

    45. Anonymoose

      On the bright side, at least we can rest assured that if a civilian airliner is ever shot down, Tehran will be nuked pretty quickly.

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