Russian Paper: “Obama’s Fools and Stalin’s Fools Share the Same Drink of Illusion”

by | Nov 30, 2012 | Headline News | 212 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    You know there’s trouble on the horizon when leaders of formerly Communist countries are warning Americans about the dangers of redistribution, taxation and the centralization of monetary and economic policy.

    He is a Communist without question promoting the Communist Manifesto without calling it so.

    How shrewd he is in America.

    His cult of personality mesmerizes those who cannot go beyond their ignorance. They will continue to follow him like those fools who still praise Lenin and Stalin in Russia.  Obama’s fools and Stalin’s fools share the same drink of illusion.

    Reading Putin’s speech without knowing the author, one would think it was written by Reagan or another conservative in America. The speech promotes smaller government and less taxes. It comes as no surprise to those who know Putin as a conservative. Vladimir Putin went on to say:

    “…we are reducing taxes on production, investing money in the economy. We are optimizing state expenses.

     The second possible mistake would be excessive interference into the economic life of the country and the absolute faith into the all-mightiness of the state.

    There are no grounds to suggest that by putting the responsibility over to the state, one can achieve better results.

    Unreasonable expansion of the budget deficit, accumulation of the national debt – are as destructive as an adventurous stock market game.

    During the time of the Soviet Union the role of the state in economy was made absolute, which eventually lead to the total non-competitiveness of the economy.

    That lesson cost us very dearly. I am sure no one would want history to repeat itself.”

    Source: Pravda

    There should be no question as to whether President Obama is a Socialist.

    But socialism is just the appetizer; Communism is the main course.

    His rhetoric, and more importantly his actions, have left no doubt that his personal ideologies are rooted within a concept that has been vehemently rejected by Americans throughout our nation’s history:

     “Jeder nach seinen Fähigkeiten, jedem nach seinen Bedürfnissen!”
    Karl Marx (1875)

    From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.

    It’s an idea spread by the socialist movements of the mid 1800’s and made popular by economic and political philosopher Karl Marx, and one that has arguably been responsible for the imprisonment and death of over 200 million people throughout the 20th century.

    By all accounts, the ideas of Marx fundamentally transformed the face of the planet – and not necessarily for the betterment of society. If anything, his ideas have led to less personal liberty and more State control over every aspect of the peoples’ lives.

    Despite its failures, however, there are many who, perhaps unwittingly, still support Communism’s core principles.

    In fact, at least 60 million Americans (51%) support such left-leaning socialist/communist policies, as evidenced by our last Presidential election. To them, there exists a Utopia where the rich, wealthy and those deemed “more fortunate” can be pillaged to create equality for all.

    But like all illusions, and regardless of President Obama’s best efforts to create a perfect society, State control over food, housing, technology, travel and the general economy will end in complete and utter failure.

    We need look only at the Soviet Union to understand what the end result will be.

    President Obama wants to fundamentally transform the United States of America. He and the rest of our elected officials are doing their damnedest to make that happen.

    What should scare us all is that there’s a strong possibility, given the current economic, social and political climate in this country, that they will be successful in their attempts to do so.


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      1. Santa Clause Is a Commie? Gibmedats will be Shocked!!!

        • For anyone reading this post, I hope you will understand two words:


          All forms of government, democracy, nationhood, religion, etc. are nothing more than collectivism.

          They are intended to do one thing and one thing only: kill individuality.  Most especially, it is intended to kill the individuality of truly excellent individuals.

          It all comes down to one thing: DESTROY COLLECTIVISM

          Knowing that much – you know the REAL reason behind abolishing the TSA, CIA, FBI, DOD, NYPD, and other alphabet soup bureaucracies.  They are all MONSTERS.

          • This last election has convinced me that this country is doomed.  I don’t say this because Romney would have been all that great.  But in theory…if not in actual practice…Romney represented the polar opposite of  the current Marxist occupying the oval office.  And I say it because it’s obvious that those who voted for The Kenyan, did so because they think collectivism/socialism/communism is a good thing.

            We are finally seeing the harvest of three generations of leftist education that has so dumbed-down and morally corrupted enough of our fellow Americans that they now believe that it is perfectly ok to take by force the possessions of another and distribute them to those that the government apparatchiks deem more worthy. 

            There is no solution for this.  There is no reasoning with them.  They are beyond reason.  In fact….they can’t reason at all…they are guided entirely by their emotions and their own greed, covetousness and stupidity.  And with the media acting as the propaganda wing of the Democratic Socialist Party….and the educational system in charge of political indoctrination of our youth…there is no hope of any kind of enlightenment of the population.  There is no longer a level playing field in the market of political thought.

            The outcome is inevitable.  America… we have known it…and as our founders envisioned…is finished….kaput.

            Eventually….this will end in civil war.  I guarantee it.  Because the country is more divided now than it has been at any time in our history since 1860.  We had a civil war then.  And we will have another.  It is unavoidable.  Because at some point, those who are being looted….the producers…will be fed up and say “No more”.  And since the looters are in control, they will then attempt to continue to loot by force.

            Personally….I no longer have any interest in trying to win over or convince those deluded souls who embrace the collectivist dogma, of the error of their ways.  I’m done talking to them.  It’s like trying to teach a pig to sing.  Frustrates you, and annoys the pig.  And my only hope is the sincere desire that they suffer the full consequences of their moral stupidity, greed and willful ignorance.

            When TSHTF….and it will….I will extend them no compassion….no mercy.  And God help any of them who attempt to rob me or my family of our possessions or freedoms….whether they be street thugs or agents sent by the  pissant tyrants who do the looter’s work by proxy.

            This is all that is left to us.  It is 1776 again… Paine said, “….the times that try men’s souls”.  Our only hope is to possibly resurrect a republic out of the ashes.   Because this country will never be the same and be restored with the sorry pieces of human excrement that currently occupy the halls of our government.  A government that  is truly illegitimate.

            For those of us who believe in freedom (not the faux-freedom nonsense peddled by the leftists) it is once again time to mutually pledge to one another, our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.

            • Personal observations:

              • Putin should knoe about communism. He was part of the machine.
              • USA has never had a civil war. The CSA states were not trying to take control, they wanted to leave.
              • Obama and his ilk think they will succeed with socialism because “We are Americans (or insert nationality here) and we are sooo much smarter than all the others”. Same thing all the others thought.
            • i think you speak for the feelings of at least 49% of our country ,i could not of said it better ,i truly beleave that we are right now at that impass in our country ,i to am done talking to those that continue to perpatrate this insanity by having there slobbering love affiar with there messiah BHO , when the the days grow lean ,and they will ,i hope they get everything they deserve ,if they come to my house the only thing i will have to offer them is a little pc. of lead

            • Walt – Willard Romney was not the “polar opposite” that is why he lost.  He was/is almost the same, gun control, single payer, carbon taxes, NDAA on an on.

              The “Polar Opposite” was and is Dr. Ron Paul – that is why  the powers that be stole the nomination from him. His message is NOT ALLOWED.

              Soetoro-Obama and Willie Romney are bought by the same players, Willie was ‘selected’ to lose simply because Soetoro-Obama will take us to their place faster.  The collapse of the dollar and our economy is the goal, then we will all follow to the NWO.  Dr Paul would NOT allow us to go there freely.

              Have you noticed that since Romney lost, the Re-pube-lican party wants to “move left” as they were not left enough to beat Barry.  Bullsh%t  is the truth, the message of freedom and Constitutional government would have destroyed the message that has been pronounced as left and right in the recent election. 

              Time to pick a side – it isn’t the blue team of the red team – they are exactly the same!  It is them or Constitutional freedom!


              • I understand what you are saying, and don’t disagree.

                My point was however, that Romney represented the polar opposite….not that he actually was the polar opposite.  For the purposes of my argument, whether or not he actually was, is irrelevant.  The perception of Romney, by those who voted for Obama, was that he stood for the traditional values and principles upon which this country was founded…..which a significant percentage of the population now rejects in favor of the Marxist policies of The Kenyan.

                This nation is already embroiled in an ideological war.  How long it will go before the shooting actually begins, is anyone’s guess.

                • Romney only represented the “polar opposite” to those who choose not to see what has been laid at their feet, including many on this site.

                • A quick clip on some tv news(think it was RT news tv) that lasted but 15 seconds, told it all.

                  It was a few days ago, showed some type awards show which I think was a “Grammy” awards.

                  It showed the opening of ceramonies, where a hollywood  Black actor/comediean guy spoke.

                  His statement was this…..”First let us give all glory to God!….We must thank and give all Glory to, Our God, Lord and Saviour….Barrak Obammah!!!”

                  Then he fast scooted off stage Left, while the crowd of massive idiots went wild with applause…That included alot of white fools too. Loudly claping and cheering at what the african black actor said.

                  These clowns really and truly do believe hobammy IS their God and Saviour Lord etc!!

                  This alone is 100% proof positive that walt is correct, Nothung we can say or do will ever be enough to change their small simple minds. Ignorant small minded fools who actually believe that They and They alone are the real inteligencia of not just america, but also the entire world!

                  Anyone who disagrees, regardless how much or what proof you use or show them will not suffice. Every time they collectivly revert to name calling. If we each got one dollar per every time we heard they or thier pets in msm cry racist! nazi! hatemongers! antisemites! etc etc…

                  We all be so filthy rich it wouldnt be a problem to prep properly.

                  At some point it will be time to stop bothering to even try to awaken anymore any longer…..I for one already stopped except for “some folks” I run into while out at store etc.

                  Even then I barely allow two minits time to see if they get it yet or not. So far after Over 40yrs of trying, results for me as far as those I know or see again after initial talks, are so dismal as to not register in any percentage type charts.

                  All of their 1/2 of america be they radical black panthers, ghettorats, or sophisticated whites, even white colar types, are ALL the enemies of Our 1/2…..They before its over will understand but One thing…..Brute force Defence from our side.

                  Their political and think tank leaders as well as MSM idiots want such confrontation. We mainly do not, but they do.

                  Sooner or later it will come to civil war. Theres no wishing it away. They will begin use of deadly force against us types. But MSM will blame us for it 100%. Then it will be…Showtime.

                  And I too hope every single asshole of them pays dearly for it all.

                  This will involve Family members going against family members before its over. For the mind ruled by emotions like liberal leftists are, its a very small jump from today You are the family black sheep eccentric, to tomorrow the fed gov will pass out Rewards of FREE cheese! or an extra pound of meat or butter to squeel on your own family members.

                  For some, Your Own family Will Rat you out! it occured in Russia and Will again here.

                  Todays america IS being transformed into Yesterdays Russian Soviet….While Russia is going Back to being a more Nationalistic Christian White nation like usa used to be.

                  If I was younger it be tempting to learn to speak russian and relocate to there.  Putin is  an Orthodox Christian man and he acts like hes is a white and cares for whites.

                  Hes rebuilt much of what kommie reds destroyed, 200 New churches per yr.(kommies destroyed over 40,000 christian churches after 1918)(yet not one Single sinagog got destroyed or harmed the least! werent we told kommies was ALL atheist?..Yeah except for That one religion eh).

                  America has been filled with most of them kommies from russia and eastern eruope. And now They kontrol all what matters nationwide here in ameriKa……They never will stop unless We stop them all.   Tic Toc…..Its comming…Regardless what the outcome, I think it will feel real swell to finally do more than Just talking!…….Gotta go now as my trigger finger has a funny Itching feeling to it!…..Tic-Toc…..

              • I agree, Willard was the same as the Kenyan. That’s why I’m kinda surprised that they went ahead and selected the Kenyan again. If Romney had one, they would have had buy in from the red team in shoving all their socialist crap down our throats. Instead they chose to go with the in your face approach.

                • “won”  not “one”  Don’t know how that happened.

                • @ SD Mule says:Comment ID: 903518December 1, 2012 at 2:17 pm

                  “Romney only represented the “polar opposite” to those who choose not to see what has been laid at their feet, including many on this site.”

                  Evidently, my point is not coming across.  My argument is not in defense of Romney.  I didn’t want Romney.  I wanted Ron Paul.

                  Regardless…..the point I was trying (and am still trying) to make is that the perception of those who voted for Obama, was that Romney was the polar opposite of Obama….that to them, he represented values that they no longer hold.  (i.e. free markets, small government, etc., etc.).   These traditional values of our republic are the values they rejected, and instead chose to re-elect Obama…..a man who promised to “fundamentally transform the United States of America”.

                  This represents a major shift in the political and cultural atmosphere of this country.  It is no small thing.  And because the left controls both the educational system and the media, there can be no question but that we expect more to come.

                  This is why so many in the Republican Party are advocating the abandonment of the principles that for so long have at least been a part of the party platform (even if they didn’t actually follow those principles in practice).  For them, the course that should be followed is that Republicans need to become more like Democrats.  Which just further serves to support my contention that the country is doomed.

                  But there are those for whom, compromise in regard to these principles is not an option.  They have lines in the sand that they will not suffer to be crossed.  And it is these lines that will serve to be the spark that will eventually set off the civil war of which I speak.  These lines may vary from person to person.  But they are there.  For some it may be further gun control or confiscation.  For others….overburdening taxation…..or compulsory Obamacare…….or any one of any number of new regulations and “swarms of Officers to harrass our people, and eat out their substance.”  Or perhaps it will be denial of free speech…..or unreasonable search and seizure.

                  For some……Freedom is not something that they will give up without a fight.

            • goosebumps. . . . .

            • Walt K.:  I couldn’t have said it better!   Greg Evensen  said the same thing in his  recent articles on : and other writers in News with Views,  Dave Hodges, et al.  This country is  trashed big time, and a civil war will be the outcome.   Many zombie  rich folks who will be  ripped off by higher taxes  have no inkling of what’s going on  as they head for the cocktail party,  ocean cruise, or the golf course….

          • NYC Monster, you are wrong about collectivism, it is a philosophy, is not a form of government.  And how do you expect to have individual liberty without the rule of law?  If there is no law, someone could end your liberty by walking up and kill you without facing repercussion.  And how can you have the rule of law without a “government”?  How can you make legislation that protects citizens from unruly mobs? 

            When it comes to governmental systems that maximize liberty, the best system that we have come up with is a constitutional republic based on Christian values, but it is flawed and will never last long.  It’s achilles heel is that it requires a moral society to elect just men that govern righteously, and men are wicked and revert to the mean, i.e. lazy, selfish, and evil, and elect evil leaders, and therein beget’s its destruction.  For example, today, 2012 in the USA.

            Just curious, are you a Ron Paul supporter?  If you don’t mind, I would like to hear your description of the system you believe best establishes individual liberty.


          • Scared , why should I be scared,  I feel  exhilaration. And so should everyone else. If thats whats coming.   We ran the trouble makers out 236 years ago.  And we will definitely do it again.

          • Interesting that the City Attorney “is under scrutiny”.

            That’s the typical response of the loony-toons on the left coast.

            In a just world, the ones wanting to scrutinize this guy, should wake up in the middle of the night with some crazed thug standing over them.  But they probably live in some gated community with armed security guards.

            Perhaps the residents of Kalifornia….who have led the nation in electing leftist loons who have spent them into oblivion, will get an education in reality that will wake them out of their collectivist stupor.

          • In L.A. you have to lock your doors and load your guns BECAUSE OF THE POLICE as much as the criminals. At least of the police are off the streets, people will only have to protect themselves from the criminals…

        • Santa Claus redistributes wealth every December 25th, year in year out. Just saying.

          • Not really. Santa is based on Saint Nicholas who was born to rich parents and used his inheritance to help the needy, especially children. He did not steal from others like Government does and redistribute it.

            Parents recreate this with their children. Most give to organizations that provide toys and needs to children in need. All this is done voluntarily.

            If you take the time to look, you will find that the majority of liberals do not do this and wish Christmas would just go away as you have seen the war on Christmas the past few years

            • Jim:  That is still redistribution of wealth.

              • No sir it is not. It is giving. Redistribution of wealth is stealing from one person and giving to another as in what socialist, communist governments do.

                • Jimb, you get it. Nothing is more positive and hopeful, feels better or creates more sincere gratitude, than to be blessed enough to have the resources to help others and to CHOOSE to do it. It may be “redistributing” it in the semantic sense but when it is done of a feeling of empathy and compassion, it is the exact OPPOSITE of the forced taking by the government.

                  Keep it up. You have not only the spirit of the season, you and others like you are the hope of the world.

          • We have not given Christmas presents for years…we distribute our homegrown food to those we love…or local made things…

            No corpco or fiat involved…bartered if necessary.

            • last man:  I agree, this time of year we donate to several children’s group homes,  low income elderly , and canned food drives .  We don’t buy gifts because as we get older,  we don’t need more “stuff”.   Herb  tea and baked/home made  type food baskets are ideal for  older folks that get eaten  or taking them out to dine.  Toys for tots are  done  in most towns.

              • are ideal for older folks that get eaten 

                It ain’t that bad it??? 🙂

                • I have this season, given to a veteran preparing places for homeless veterans in Arizona(getting them out of the forests :-)), provided for 12 meals @ Thanksgiving :-), provided a little in the Salvation Army Santas when I shop :-), given $$$ twice to an unemployed policeman and his family who are foreclosed on last week…:-)  And that’s a good start.

                  Complements of  Veteran’s Administration; hey, what goes around comes around—it is said to be three-fold.

                  We are soooo blessed.   Share all year–not just the Christmas season.

                  Mac????  How’s JustinCase doing?? She didn’t email me. 


            • My family has done this for years since the mid 80’s. We turned Christmas into a game. With the exception of the odd toy from Santa to the little kids, no-one is allowed to buy a present for anyone in the family. Presents have to be recycled from materials, handmade or crafted    for less than a dollar and the rule being, you can’t give the same gift again  the following year/s.

              We did this because we had a huge family and Christmas was becoming a headache cost wise instead of a day of family togetherness.

              Weve done this for nearly one entire generation. The little kids who sulked at not getting presents in the mid 80s when we started, are now parents themselves. Their children absolutely expect fun and games and homemade stuff at Christmas. It’s our family tradition!! 



        • I agree that BHO is a commie and a devotee of the Muslim Brotherhood, but the office of “president” has been a dictatorship for a long time. Please read the following and it will explain the transition from Constitutional Republic to Constitutional Dictatorship.


      2. With every “entitlement” program created in this country, the Socialist movement grows exponentially. 


        We’ll soon be out numbered. (If not already)

        • We’ve been outnumbered for some time, but just to make sure they are going to invite about 10 million from Mexico to help out.  Maybe 20 or 30 million who knows.  They don’t care – its only your money – not theirs.   And besides they just create that money with a computer program – you didn’t build it. 

          • ‘Homeland Security’ promotes welfare to new immigrants in government ‘welcome’ materials

            article at the Daily Caller

            Direct link below

            • Enjoyed your comment-pretty scary that now they are going after our guns due to their contrived problem of assault rifles crossing the Border! That’s how dictators do it. Hegelian Dialect of change-creast a problem and offer the solution you’ve already prepared for the mndless masses.SOS


              • An interestin question was added in the last 3 months to the form you fill out when purchaing a gun.  “Are you Hispanic?”  “Non-Hispanic?”.   I asked the salesman where that came from because it was there a couple of months ago.  He said it was a result ot Fast & Furious.  Apparently, “they” are scrutinizing Hispanics buying guns a lot more.

                Thought that was mildly interesting.

            • Once upon a time, if someone wanted to come to this country they had to prove that they could support themselves or have someone here who would help them. And they had to sign a paper that stated that they knew they were not eligible for ANY government assistance and would violate their status here if they tried to obtain any in the first 5 years here.

              So how come if you come here illegally, you can sign up for and get every kind of free assistance??

          • Jim…Try more like 100 Million more mexicans. I saw that Darling of the tea parties, on tv….US Senator Marc Rubio! Cuban ethnic.

            He was asked by tv reporter “What is a solution america needs for our imigration troubles etc.”

            RUBIO: “What we must do is be MORE Bipartison, so both sides(repubs and Kommie left)  Redo fed laws to make it FASTER and EAISER to grant amnesty citizenship for those 12 Million Illeagles already here(really it is closer to 30+ million!).

            Then a few seconds later..RUBIO= “Because as you know we also have ANOTHER 50 MILLION awaiting to come here and become legit citizens,

            THEN, his very next words were RUBIO=”After all they are ones that do play by rules and remain leagle while they wait in line…..SO to be FAIR to THAT 100 MILLION! awaiting to enter america and add to our citizens we need move faster and get things done”!

            NOTICE!!! Rubio (Darling of tea party) went from TWELVE Million Illeagles here Now….TO: FIFTY Million MORE Hispanics…TO: One HUNDRED MORE awaiting us to OPEN the Flood Gates for them to Enter america and FAST Track citizenships for ALL……

            ALL what? all  112 Million MORE!

            Got whiteys?….Not for much longer!

            Any idiot that believes to replace what Was primarily a white founded nation for and by whites, into a nation ruled by majority of illerate Unskilled UNAsimable Anti-whiteys, riff raff, and debrie, will somehow Enhance america?….or be somehow Good for whites?

            I can no longer consider any such as white or patriotic or even Sane!

            Where are tea party captains crying how Marc Rubio so badly screwed us all?……In Hiding!

            Rubio is Worse than that so called conservative Tea party Darling promoted to replace Teddy kennady as us senator…Scot Brown! Recall that asshole?…..Thanks alot tea party leaders and followers….Thank God some of us aint as easy to Dupe as so many tea party types seem to be eh. Both Brown And Rubio= Kommie leftist ANTI americans, while rubio has proved beyond any doubt he is as anti whiteys as al sharpton and jessie jackson are.

        • Sorry to say, we already are and the last election proves it.  I’m out of politics and preparing for the inevitable food riots.  Once we can no longer pay the interest on our debt and we HAVE to cut back, those who feel entitled to what others work for will be rioting in the streets.

          • Hurricane Sandy illustrates that two places you don’t want to be anywhere near during a crisis are grocery stores and gas stations. In a crisis, these will be a reenactment of the bloodbath scene  in  “The Hunger Games”.

        • 1) Too late.

          2) There were steps taken back in the 1990’s (“Welfare to Work” I believe it was called), but I think that got dismantled in recent times.

          Good luck tamping it down now. We have a president who is hell-bent on creating a permanent dependent class, thus insuring his party remains permanently in power.


          The biggest danger of this (besides killing the economy) is that if anything interrupts the flow of panem et circenses, the dependent class will get very angry, very quickly… and you won’t want to be anywhere near ’em if they gather en masse.

        • “Socialism is the prelude or ‘intermediate step’ towards communism according to the Communist Manifesto written in 1848 by Karl Marx (age 30) and Friedrich Engels (age 28).”

      3. The elite Monsters are without a soul or conscience, they are one dimensional and they actually fear us mere mortal, God loving, gun toting soulful humans. The way I see it, there are three types of human adults, there are the elite, highly educated, ego maniacal, cold hearted, lacking in human empathy and true love of mankind type. This type thrives on control and ridicule of those with less formal education and even worse, those who base their actions and lives upon fairness, decency and human dignity and faith. In other words, they hate and fear any one with a heart and soul because they can not grasp something so precious and spiritual.

        The second type of human adult is the weak, narrow minded, easily controlled and manipulated, user, lazy, no real goals and no real conscience. This type is unfortunately becoming the majority. They believe they are owed everything without working for anything. They are the bottom feeders and as long as they are fed, they will obey and stay quiet, accepting anything that does not interrupt their food chain.

        The third type of human adult is the free thinking, God loving and God fearing, decent human who know when something is not right and is willing to make it right at any cost. They have a conscience and they have it in them to be brave and fair. This type is what scares them the most because they see through all their lies and manipulation, they question the motives and actions of those who have anointed themselves as greater than God. They know that this type could survive better without them than with them in charge, therefore they must get rid of this type of human at any cost. To the elite, the end justifies the means. There is a plan in the works right now and it has been evolving for some time but now they can almost taste the victory of absolute rule and authority over all humans. They treat us like ignorant idiots who could not survive a day without their wisdom and rule.

        The elite are the enemy of human kind and they will be dealt with eventually on this earth as well as in hell. This grand experiment is doomed to failure yet these highly educated monsters do not have a clue. The reason why, is because they have no depth of emotion and therefore they can not see what man is truly made of and what he has in store for them.


        Right now they are pushing the envelope even farther to see how much they can accomplish through their screen of deceit, however there is the beginning of an awakening happening right now at this time in history. The grand awakening may happen through an act of God or an act of man, which ever way, I can assure you the God will be a part of it. This world is complex and yet it is so simple at the same time, when human dignity and human depravity face each other, only one will win, dignity is strength of conscience, depravity is evil and punishable.


        God made man with free will, he had hoped that we would do the right thing and not control any other human being through manipulation and lies, the elite in charge now, do not want us to have free will, they want to control every aspect of our lives, this is an abomination against humanity and it is the one thing that God will not stand for much longer. They have taken the gift of life and pursuit of happiness and twisted everything decent to make themselves gods in the eyes of humanity. This is pure evil.

        • Wow..what a spectacular comment!!

        • All well said and done Live free…

          The elite have existed for thousands of years and only recently have a few like-minded worldwide awakened to their end game..

          and it is truly evil incarnate..

          instead of forced slave labor they now utilize media propaganda and indebtedness to enslave the entire so called free world ..

          nothing has changed for thousands of years..

          and unfortunately we are few…


          • What has changed is technology. Now they can use technology to track and control us as was not possible for the Nazis. Now they can use GMO foods to poison and neuter us so that in 2-3 generations they will not have to worry about their population reduction problem (Agenda 21) .   Your food looks the same and tastes fine but it is poisoned if it contains GMO. 98% of soy and any products made from soy are GMO. 87% or corn and all products made from corn are GMO. Look at the labels of your foods. Try to find something  that does not contain these.  Organic? They changed the law so that they can label something organic if it contains ONE organic item even if the rest is GMO.  Your meat and milk? Animals are fed corn based feeds. So the meat and milk is poisoned from their feed and when you eat  it you get the altered DNA. Did you know that when you eat GMO food it alters YOUR DNA?? That is just the tip of the iceberg.  That is why the elite have private, remote organic farms inside closed greenhouses. That is why they build the world seed vault. They know what it does to the human body so they won’t eat it!

            • This is so true to fact..we are being genetically engineered in every facet so a slow die off ensues down the line..and incrementally at that..witness the massive increase in diabetes,cancer,autism at exponential rates over the last decade or is astounding  !!Yet many still buy emergency foods that are all gmo infused..the best bet for all here is to prepare your own foods exclusively..and check where the origination crops were many  prepare for the future collapse unknowingly purchasing expensive crap that will not sustain life at all in the long run!

              Check with Daisy as she is actively uploading a food preservation and canning blog as we speak..besides.. preparing for a shtf scenario we must all prepare ourselves with nutritional foods that will sustain us for the long run..because all the gold,silver,and all the the other basic survival essentials will be moot should we be consuming  gmo emergency foods.





              • @Possee…Just checked out Daisy’s blog yesterday, and it is amazing!!  Lots of great prepping tips on her site, sure opened my eyes on some of my food stuffs!  take care, CC

            • Let us go one step further.

              In the early 20th century–not many cancer cases.

              Then the mid century, a lot more, and today?? every day you hear of a new friend, neighbor, church member, or family member with cancer.

              When in the 50s farmers began using pesticides for better producing plants, little did they know the pesticides were destroying the enzymes we need to fight cancer cells.

              So, today, we can eat all the vegetables and fruit we can hold—it is barren of the enzymes we need to fight cancer cells.

              Our bodies can not fight cancer cells alone.  Who profits?? Big pharma.

              3 of 4 doctors interviewed said they or their families would NEVER receive chemo of any type–that must tell us something!! 🙁

              • jayjay, the reason “In the early 20th century–not many cancer cases” is that in the early 20th century, the average lifespan for Americans was 46 for males and 48 for females. Haven’t you noticed that most cancer patients are older than that, in most cases many years older?

                I’m all in favor of us taking control of our food supply, and I damned sure don’t like being lied to about “organic” foods, but we should still be comparing apples with apples, not apples with oranges

            • When the tests for GMO foods were submitted to the FDA, only the first part of the tests were submitted. The 2nd half of the tests showed that ALL of the test subjects fed GMO foods died prematurely.

              The deaths were from a variety of reasons, cancer, organ destruction, destruction of the intestines etc. But if an adult eats GMO foods they will pass on damaged genes to their kids who will have far higher levels of the illnesses caused by GMO foods. But their children, my grandchildren will be sterile. They will be unable to reproduce, if they live long enough to try because the effects of an infant raised on GMO is much worse than an adult who starts eating it once grown. The science is in. And some of the newer GMO foods are even more dangerous than what we are currently being fed. And those new GMO foods are getting passed by the FDA to enter the food supply.

              If each item in the label does not say organic or nonGMO then it may be GMO=poison.  POISON.  IT LOOKS NORMAL BUT IT KILLS!

          • “and unfortunately we are few…”


            even more reason for us like minded people to really set aside our petty differences and pick/hold each other up.  sometimes i shake my head at the infighting in this site.  as a minority i pick up the racial undertone in here and it’s sad.  the pissing contests and such. sometimes i wonder when shit does hit the fan and a new beginning comes about, will all the hate and intolerance even go away? or will it be worse… 

          • Indeed, Possee is correct.  The book, “Easily Led” documents thousands and thousands of year of opinion-manipulation which has insured that those in control enjoy benefits beyond their societal contributions.

        • I agree with what you say and think the elites are scum, but what does god have to do with it? By act of god or man? What possible act of god do you intelligently think is going to happen. “god” stood by as 6 million Jews were massacred in Europe, aa well as the Russians and Chinese murdered under stalin and mao… yet you think there is a god who will answer your little prayers and make you feel better. every other belief that you have about everything, you believe for some reason. You believe the elite are scum and can list reasons as to why. What reason do you have to believe in and “love and fear” god? Faith? If you pray to god for anything and think he will aprayer whatever it is, why didnt he answer the millions of prayers from all 6 million Jews and their families?

          • Jordan,

            The six million innocent Jews that were murdered, are in the hands of God now and for an eternity. I said that God gave man free will, therefore man has the power to do evil on this earth but he will pay the price of eternal hell when he leaves this place. I do not expect God to answer little prayers as you call them, I simply try to exercise my free will in a way that is good and decent to my fellow human being. We will be judged by what we sow while on this earth. God is not a dictator therefore he will not control ones mind or actions but he will be there in front of the perpetrators who on their knees, will beg for mercy but there will be none. So you see, believing in God and wanting to be like him, makes one think about his actions and above all is grateful for the opportunity to be the best example of the image of God. I feel sorry that you have such anger and jealousy of my faith but it is there for you too. All you have to do is reach out your hand and believe in the good of God, he will hold your hand and be a comfort to you in your darkest hours.

            If you read the bible then you will know why many believe that we are entering the end of times. There are things happening on the earth that were foretold in the bible. Nothing lasts forever, except heaven and hell.

            • Religious brainwash jihadist prattle. I avoid religion, too violent.

              • Ken

                I hear you, but don’t let mans ( sometimes distorted views of ) religion turn you away from GOD. If you want a relationship with GOD you should have it one on one as we all can. Religion is just one more thing man has messed up. Many times if life it seemed that I was completely alone but I knew or felt that I was not. Keep the faith bro.

              • Perhaps you could believe in someone from the future who discovered the ability to travel back in time to create through biology and therefore become the savior in which the majority of us believe?   THAT would probably be far more plausible to you than what so many believe?

              • You are an odddity.

              • I avoid atheists……too stupid.

              • @Ken  and I avoid atheists, who have proven to be far more violent than any church — Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Castro, Mengistu etc etc ring a bell?

            • The jews should not have given up their guns to Hitler.

              When King Obama comes for them…do not comply!!!


              Hitler = Obama?

              Any thumbs..?

              • I’m beginning to think he is the 3rd anti-christ.

                • The Anit-Christ will NOT need a teleprompter!

              • there you go, the Jews freely got upon the trains

          • @Jordan

            You really don’t understand God at all. Most people who reject God are like the fat guys at a football game sitting in the stands. They think that they are experts, but have very little knowlege of “The Game” because they have seldom played it.

            Yes God answered the prayers of the 6 million Jews in 1930’s Germany, He said No! ( now chew on that)

            God Bless you and keep you safe.

            • Maybe God did not say “no” to the Jews. Maybe he said “Follow my sons’ example.”  We are not promised heaven here on earth. We are promised His love and compassion and companionship while we go through our trials. Jesus asked to avoid the cup of his crucifixion but only if it was Gods’ will. We are told to follow his example. Take care of eachother and just keep trusting in God.

              I am a parent. I never want to see my kids hurt. But if I protect them from everything, they will never have any new experiences. They will never learn new things. They will never learn empathy for others or to grow stronger from adversity. It breaks my heart when they are hurt but I would be doing a violence against them to “protect them” from living their own lives.  If we walk along together and my child trips and falls, was it my fault? No. But I will be nearby. I will help them up and dust them off the let them know that while they hurt, they are not alone and I hurt because they hurt. God is our father says Jesus. God walks with us.

          • Just for the record i would like to point out  from my own experience that having been in life threatening situations more than once and having walked away without so much as a scratch i attribute it to divine intervention.

            case in point i once was struck by a car traveling at over 60 mph on my bicycle, it merely clipped me but sent me tumbling through the air, as i sailed through the air i cried to jesus and low and behold something reached out and halted my spinning, i landed 50 feet away square on my butt, unscratched and unharmed,looking at the odds it would have to be 50/50 that i would have landed squarely upon my head and killed me right there.

             Theres been  times i have encountered circumstances that kill other people and walked away unharmed.

             God has other things in store for me good sir…

        • The fact that you believe in a divine invisible dictator in the sky destroys your credibility IMO

          • Jordan,

            God is anything but a dictator, as for being invisible, he is in my heart and soul, he is in our souls, can you see your soul? Do you believe you have a soul? I see him everyday in the eyes of my children, in the sky, in the trees, in the rain and wind, everywhere where there is good and even where there is sadness. He is in all of us because he is the one who created us, he is our Father.

            • LFoD, Jordan, If I may,

                   Per the account of every person who has ever invested themselves in the study of things ‘Biblical’, the central schism that lies at the heart of, and distinguishes ‘The One Above’ from ‘The One Below’ is the issue of ‘Free Will’.

                  Consider, if I tell a child, “Go there and do thus” and the child is harmed or the intent is not accomplished or the child is otherwise jeopardized by what I have told them to do….whose Fault is that?

                  The ‘One Below’ – by all accounts – rose up against the One that had Created Him in the full belief and satisfaction that ‘HE’ knew better than His Creator. It stands to reason that if HE knew better than his own Creator then he knows better than all the rest of us put together, No?

                  On the other hand, if I explain something to a child clearly – as best as they can know, relative to what they can comprehend, accounting for any issue of safety careful to ensure that no harm should befall them by way of my counsel – then they go and do the task, what then the result? The child returns and either the process was a success or it was not. If successful, then all is well, if not successful then one’s first question to the child would be “what did you do?”, Yes?

                   In  ‘Biblical’ terms there is a Judgement….how can they even be judged if you have stood over them the entire while forcing thier hand in every wise; How can there be a judgement upon them if the directions given were incorrect? Who then bears the Blame, upon whom lies the Fault?

                  I submit that IF there is a God – and I CHOOSE to BELEIVE there is, MY Choice, which I inflict on no other – then that which lays ‘behind’ His reluctance to abrogate – over-ride- our free will is exactly a consequence of the reasoning I had laid set forth above.

                  I apologize to have entered into this – your conversation – unbidden. I hope this might help some small bit. In a short time some ‘new’ thing may appear here…if so then look at those and think for yourself what it might mean. I do not mean here to be mysterious,  only that some other things are happening now which must happen first before such comes to pass here.

                  Good Evening Gentlemen.

          • America was founded on Judeo-Christian beliefs.  I keep wondering why there are so many atheists popping up.  If you don’t like it please leave. 

            • Wrong! Nothing Jewdeo about america. It was Founded upon NEW Testement Christain principlas as all of the founders or most all of them wrote. Zero mentions of any so called “jewdeo” anything.

              Judasim, based on the Talmude, is exact Polar Opposites from Christianity. Prove this to yourself by reading what their talmude states of christians and Christ Himself!

              THEN Read new testement and Prove what it states on jews or Judiaziers etc!……Paul Warned repeatedly to stay AWAY from All pastors that are Judiazers.

              Only if you ignore what Jesus himself said can you believe any nonsence like jewdeochristianity!

              Who do you think them russian Bolsheviks that Murdered over 100 Million christians in russia and eastern eruopean areas were and STILL are?…..Karl Mark-Lennin-Trotsky- and of the TOP 500 Kommie central party hunchos, Only 13 were not…..jews!….13 Non jew and nearly 487 jews ruled kommie soviet begining as of 1918 era.

              WAKE Up!……Oh and stop with the SIX Million swindles. The Red Cross records from they was allowed free access to auswitch etc, shows aprox 265 to 295 Thousand jews only.

              The vast Majority were killed by USA and BRITISH bombers planes dureing final six months of WWII…..They Bombed all food and fuel supply lines etc then!….PROVEN FACTS! Educate self and quit beliefe in msm or hollywood crap.

              6 million killed+10 million escaped+all jews other areas of world=how many total?……Alot more than cencus Proof says was 13to 14 million Total jews in entire world…

              READ any or ALL of aprox 4-5 Jewdeo encylopedias which admit to these things! and they also admit to as high today as 95% of world jewery= KHAZERS=FAKES!

              What if say Jessie Jackson Converts to talmudiac jewdaisim?

              Will Jesse all of a sudden become a TRUE decendant of any of 12 tribes of isreal?…NO of course Not!

              Suppose every black american person, all 55 million usa blacks tommorow converted to Catholic?……

              THEN, a few yrs Later ALL 55 Million Now catholic black americans said “We have a Right to go move to and occupy and OWN ITALY! because the Vatican which is catholic HQ is in Italy!

              What would you say?…..Do you agree?

              Khazers Converted to talmudic jewdeisim aprox in 800 AD era when STILL living in Eastern europe aka russia ukraine and poland mainly.(Back Before it was called russia etc it was kingdom of khazaria)

              HOW does THAT make them now or back Then true decendant of any of the 12 isreali tribes of Christs days?….IT DOES NOT! Not Then not Now Not EVER!!!!!

              Get it yet?……Weren’t never any SIX million due to nazis etc!

              95% of todays jews worldwide are NOT true 12 tribe members period.

              Their OWN jew encylopedias ALL confirm these things!

              Russia former KGB Opened most files from WWII era back in 1997 or 1999 era…..Russians army, red army, us and brits ally of wwii, Grabbed most all of germanys Documentation and “Lists” that named every person etc….

              Both Russian AND USA Red Cross documented FACTS Proves never more than total of LESS than 300 thousnad jews rounded up etc…

              RED CROSS said Just 65 thousnad jews were killed by Murder, and most were due to OTHER causes as zero gas chanbers ever existed etc!

              Wake up!

              Awake yet?…..What do you folks not yet get?….MSM+ Hollywood has a VESTED intrest in get YOU to believe jew fantacies as per Both hollywood and MSM are owned=Run-Managed-staffed by-Profited by…JEWS!…..Of course they lied to us all……Christ said they was Liars and Thieves and Murderers!  Just like their Father the DEVIL! Satan!

              Do you yet get it?….MSM/Hollywood LIES! always! Especially if its about Poor always “Victims” jews.  Same as they lie of Poor victim blacks always!

              jews+blacks= the ONLY two “Always an Innocent Victim” class in the world…..NO Other Real true victims need apply!…They do NOT count!  unless a jew or black?…..It dont count nor matter!

              Do You get it yet?….Why Not!?`

          •  I have never seen the ocean with my own eyes, i have only the testamony of others that it exists, should i doubt it’s existenence? Photographs do not count as they can be doctored and part of a conspiracy to sway me to believe in something i have never experienced.

            • Oh no. not that whole “i may not have known muhammed, but others did therefore he exists and is divine” crap arguement again.

        • Bravo, Bravo, Friend!….needing nothing to be added, neither nothing to be taken away….’Immaculate’.

          • FYI,

            Please note that this was originally posted as a response to LFoD’s comment above….not to MY own comment above…the vagaries of ‘how’ the board here ‘arranges’ things.

                I do not ‘toot my own horn’ as it were…

        • Excellent post, this is my gut feeling as well, when will we stand up and shut it down, there is no way we can vote ourselves out of this mess, total collapse and a painful transition followed by rebuilding, hopefully the ones to rebuild are the people who think like this. God save us

        • Live free or die,

          I admire your passion but disagree with what you’re saying, and I fully hope you are incorrect!

          I am a highly educated woman but I am nothing like your Elite type human! I despise people for not educating themselves, not because they have a lower IQ than me! And I completely try to base my -quote-  actions and lives upon fairness, decency and human dignity -end quote- I live my live by treating others as I would want to be treated by them. Respect, compassion, fairness and loyalty.

          Faith I have in people like you and me, to do the right thing when the time comes. These problems we are facing are man-made and I do not see how God has anything to do with it. We can ask for His guidance, but I doubt He will interfere with anything. It is our mess to be sorted out by ourselves!!

          As you say, “The second type of human adult is the weak, narrow minded.” Let us all steer away from narrow mindedness and open our minds, educate ourselves and take responsibility. I am part of humankind, as are we all, change lies within us! To do the right thing, and to demand it from others! To challenge ourselves to be better, to rise about the rest and who we once were, to improve mankind, even if it is only one person at the time….


          I’m counting on a 4th type of human. The one that hungers for knowledge, fights for freedom and fairness, and seeks to bring out the best in people. Not because I told them so, or God told them so, or any government told them so, but because they know within them selves it is the right thing to do.

          The prepper community is growing fast, we are the example to our family, friends and neighbours. So let us do what we do best, and lead by example!

          Prepare for the worst, but Hope for the best!

          • Miss K,

            Why would you despise people for not educating themselves, some are not capable of it for many reasons. That statement says a lot about you. I can not demand anything from others, I can show them the way if they are interested but I can not force my will upon them. I can set a good example with my words and actions but I could never fight for freedom or fairness without the values of God in my heart and soul. God does not tell you what to do, he set a tremendous example for us all by sacrificing his son Jesus Christ in atonement for our sins. God will love and save the ignorant if they are good on this earth, he will save the uneducated if they are good on this earth, he will save the highly educated if they are good on this earth. So you see, God loves all of his children but some of them have disappointed him greatly and they will have to be punished. These are my opinions and this is my faith.

        • Right on Brother. This POTUS is hell bent on destroying our Republic.  He thinks he’s the Supreme Leader and will get his way even if it’s totally wrong for America!!


          • William, the POTUS is not hell bend upon destroying us.  My take is that the office of POTUS is mostly an ego trip for him.  He is not diabolical; he simply doesn’t understand the workings of a free society.  How could he?  He was brought up in a muslim society in Indonesia.

        • I was with you until you stuck in the word ‘god’.  If by ‘god’ you mean what we call Mother Nature, then I agree, but if you mean some mythical being ‘out there’, you are delusional just like those you are denouncing.  The power that will bring down ALL of the earth will be the ruler of earth, nature and natural laws, not some being which is all faith and no substance and whose appearance and powers are variable depending on where and who you are.

          I doubt that we will have to worry much about elites as nature does not recognize wealth and power other then her own. She is taking down the empires of the world in her own way, by raising sea levels, taking way food sources, water and energy, raising temperatures that will set off a chain reaction that will make the earth uninhabitable for humans. Basically, we are going to become extinct before the end of the 21st century at the current rate of change.  So, why be concerned about the next few decades?  We will be far too busy trying to survive to care about anything else.

        • I am frustrated because I cannot seem to communicate the dire situation we are facing to my loved ones….wife included.  They all seem to think that this is temporary and poopoo any attempts I make to secure our future….so…I just do what I can to prepare and hope that they will realize the facts and not freak out when they actually happen……

          • @ zz.

               Don’t you know it…..having the same problem here. Will no one WAKE up? I despair at times…..

          • Read “299 Days; The Preparation” by Glen Tate.  It’s all about a man seeing the need to prep for what’s coming but his wife won’t see it.  She’s the type that cries at the thought of a gun. 

            After the poo hits the fan and a raving leftie hurts her autistic son she does a serious 180.  It’s a good read and might give you some support for the lack of support at home.

        • God-what a realist,you obviously know whats going on-kudos to you.My advice is take the the red pill like in the matrix and just let the government support you.maybe we should all just quit working and demand welfare too! LOL

        • Seriously well said.

      4.      Outstanding  post;   Live  Free  Or  Die.   Spot  On.   The  truly  discouraging  thing  for  me  personally  is  the  state  of  the  American  Educational  System.  If  i’ve  said  it  once;  i’ve  said  it  5000  times.   The  ruination  of  this  country  as  a  society  and  nation  is  wrapped  up  in  the  educational  system  currently  in  place.   It  is  a  hideous  abomination.  Seriously.

        • I totally agree Dave…

          I wonder whatever happened to those “School Vouchers” President Bush, et. al. raved about for years…

          Of course, those would have actually given parents a choice of whether or not to keep their kids in a particular school, and held the public education system to account for their failures…

          I think tax-credits returned back to parents if they choose to send their children to private or alternative schools instead of being forced to educate their children in schools designated by the government would do wonders for America’s education system…

          But then we might actually produce an intelligent populace, which doesn’t bode well for the agenda to dumb down the people and make them slaves of the state.

          • Have you read The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America by Charlotte Iserbyt?

            The author was a senior advisor for education in the Reagan administration.  This is when she discovered that the school system was being changed in order to make good little worker bees.

            A friend recommended the book when he heard about some of the ideas that my daughter was being exposed to at school, and it’s changed the way I view my children’s education.

            I highly recommend reading her book if you have children in the school system.

            Free download of the PDF to follow.

            ~ D

            • @D – I’ve read this some time ago- it was quite an ‘eye-open’ moment.  Many puzzle piece fell into place.  Another reason we ‘picked up the pace’ as we realized it’s not going to turn out well. 


            • @ Daisy

              Have read that book, although have never had any children (by choice, ha!)

              The HS graduation rate in Florida is 71% – the 6th lowest in the nation.  The sad part is, of those who do graduate, there is a large % who are functionally illiterate and couldn’t hit their ass with both hands.  Am sure you are aware that a large % of college Freshman have to take remedial reading and math, taking up space on college campuses. They can’t string a few words together to make a complete sentence.  Education systems in this country have been so disgusting for many decades.  I have many friends who are teachers (public schools) but I must keep my mouth shut, esp. when it comes to UNIONS.  Mediocrity has been accepted for 40-50 years now.  Cut out the sports programs in all schools for 10 years & double up on Math & Science.  Many Athletes, when interviewed on TV, cannot speak the English language!  Force them to learn the game of Chess.  ha! 

              I have to say that if I were a teacher, I would be wearing stripes and my address would be the “Iron Gate Motel” and same goes if I were a school bus driver.  So many of these kids have the IQ of room temperature. 

              *** Gardenia



              • Gardenia

                all in the name of equal education for children who’s parents think the gov should provide it, and you get an equally crappy one. all in the name of an equal life for people who think the gov should provide it and don’t care if working class people get an equally crappy one.

              • Gardenia

                very well said,,bravo!!!!have a daughter in florida teaching 9th and 10th grades she is so sick of whast she has to teach,,,but what she teaches is so important for our future,,”film making and editing”HELLO!!!!!dont think we can survive as a nation,,,,,,most of the students cannot read,,or add,,,let alone write a sentance



              • @Gardenia,

                I would add one more subject well maybe two.

                Accurate History and Actual foundational Government

            • Daisy,

              I took a look at your website recently. Great job. Lots of great info!

            • Daisy I aint read her book, But have read every article shes ever written at newswithviews website.

              Whats really ironic is after hearing the last 15+ yrs of nothing but high Praise for ronald regean by rush and hannity and many other “neocons”.

              Is to find out that it was reagan himself who secretly signed exec directives, and I think some form of “treaty” or similar to treaty stuf to begin allowing Soviet Russian teacher advisors to come Here to advise american teachers how to teach a more soviet kommie based “School to Work” program in schools.

              Thats really what all those various slogans bantered about in political and msm circles are about.

              Slogans such as “No child left behind!”……”School to Work Training”….”Goals 2000” et al…….

              Them neocon repubs has sold out school kids and parents as bad if not worser than dem lib kommies has!

              But we never realised it with so much Pro-Reagan speak. They got their evil hooks into reagan just like the others.

              If not mistaken I think That lady,  Iserbyet, also laid out the real Hidden agendas behind “School Vouchers”……It is really designed to Remove All forms of parent/taxpayers of comunity’s voices in How schools run or whats taught once implemented!

              But is touted as a cureall to rid us of teacher unions and fed gov controls on education etc……Exact oposite is intended!

              Remember we live in times where regardless What msm says, about All issues, you Must first ask self…”What is the Exact Opposite” of whatever it is msm and polititions are saying we need do or believe etc.

              That will get you on begining of path to truth and Real hidden agendas. And99% of all of it today is Hidden agendas thats Bad for us all…..Even Worse for your kids too!

              Any whos interested on vouchers issues can search her articles as well as a few Other writers at newswithviews website for more info on it.

              She was the Number Two from Top Dept of ed feds under regan when he was prez…….She got Fired for outting it all! an Original early whistle blower person!

            • Daisy,

              Thank you for the download on the book!

              Great job on the blog!

              Just click on Daisy’s name and that will take you to her prepping blog.

            • Also read John Taylor Gatto’s books – He quit teaching on the OP ED page of the Wall Street Journal in 1991 while still New York State Teacher of the Year, claiming that he was no longer willing to hurt children

              The Underground History of American Education


              • Also read John Taylor Gatto’s books – He quit teaching on the OP ED page of the Wall Street Journal in 1991 while still New York State Teacher of the Year, claiming that he was no longer willing to hurt children

                Only intelligent teachers that took the red pill get that.

          • @ MAC

            I do agree.  I have a few young friends whose children go to a Charter school in Florida.  There was a waitlist but finally they got in and their grades have improved immensely.  The teachers are young.  That’s the trouble with the public schools, “burned out old teachers” biding their time for retirement.

            ~ ~ Gardenia



            • not all the teachers are old in public schools,,my daughter and her husband are both under 30


          • Hey Mac, why don’t you teach your own children? Personally. You are not “forced” to send your children to any public school. I aim to keep government interference out of our family’s  home.


        • Regards to our educational system;  Is the reason why so many teachers are liberal in nature , might be.,   because the class room is possibly set up like a social system?   

           The class is the subjects of the system and the teacher then is the Boss.  

          Any thoughts out there regarding this idea?                      




          • Most teachers aren’t bosses, they are more like plug-ins for a powerful indoctrination system. The closest boss to students would be the Principal of the school but even then, there are the higher-ups at the local, regional, State, and Federal levels and they dictate the entire process of what I call “instructionalization”.

            Subject matter like the hard sciences and factual history are no longer the most important subjects and test scores have less and less relevance. True education in the necessary subjects have been replaced by social issues. Now skool kids get indoctrinated with ‘diversification’ and all those other hot-bed issues  and ‘isms’ hoping they fit the sheeple-mold. Graduation is not as important as conformation.

            The majority of colleges and universities are filled with Liberals/Progressives. Most who teach now in public schools are followers, not leaders — they have to be because of the rigidity of the public school system itself.  But this is the desired personality for lock-step “instructionalization” of skool kids.

            • Thumbs up. 🙂   Thanks for the reply.  

              So., is the teachers ,like the students, in lock-step together?


        • Dave,

          You should watch the documentary, War on kids, very enlightening and shocking. I agree with you completely.

        • One of the most exciting things in education, in my opinion, is the development of the online school at

          This is a free university. It has a mixture of classes produced by top universities- mostly from the US but also from some other countries. They present one to three month long classes for free.

          You only need an email to sign up for a class. The class is done as a video and there are various ways of giving homework and grading it. Some classes are automated multiple choice, some have projects with peer reviews. If you finish the class, you can print a certificate. It does not count as college credit but if you want to learn a new topic, it is a great solution.

          I have finished one class through Coursera and I enjoyed it immensely. Many classes have more than 10,000 students per class from around the world and the discussion forums can get rather lively.

          Right now there are classes starting in Reasoning, Astronomy, and the effects of drugs on the brain. In January, there is a huge number of classes on all sorts of topics.

          I think this has the potential to be a revolution in education and I will be watching this with interest.

          • I’m loving Khan academy (google). The online youtube video’s are currently filling in the “holes” in my basic maths knowledge (I’m dyslexic so only skimmed some fundamental principles enough to pass exams but not enough to properly understand iykwim when I was young & in school).

            Decent quality maths and science education for primary education right up to early college level at Khan academy. A copy of Ray’s arithmetic is well worth purchasing by every parent – given that this is based on proper problem solving at the elementary levels. Useful to develop real world critical thinking skills for the sorts of problems your child will need in the real world when shtf. In CD format it’s pretty cheap.

            Stanford University has an online highschool. Take a look at the curriculum as you can just pick a couple of part time courses for your homeschooled gaps – perhaps to fill in where your own teaching and subject matter knowledge cannot go? Latin is useful for teaching kids critical thinking, & greatly improves children’s linguistic skills as an example.

            At present my son is in state school as it’s the only cost effective way to get access to the SALT & OT he badly needs. However I, and several Mums I know come to the conclusion that many HFA & Apsie kids are like the canary in the mine. Their thought processes are just too logical to swallow all the indoctrination BS, to the point where I often wonder if they are really disabled or just allergic to to the kool-aid their peers swallow so readily iykwim.

            I’m hoping that next academic year we can go back to homeschooling. The advent of online schools means that I have no worries at all about being able to deliver a proper fully rounded education at home. 

            In the UK there are 3 that follow our National Curriculum right up to GCSE, so no worries about a child leaving education without the right “bits of paper” to progress in the modern adult world either.  They are (who impress me), (very cosy with the LA’s) & firstcollege (run by a self-styled woo woo pagan goddess, so I have my doubts on this last one tbh)  

            For primary children (based on the Charlotte Mason pedagogy) has a great library of free online literature, mostly sourced from project guttenberg in pdf format. I have a personal  issue with the state school literature provided nowadays in terms of the ethics and morals passed onto our young, (2 dads? )  & find the classical literature on this site to be carefully selected age appropropriate ethically acceptable reading material for my child iykwim.

            For the youngest children it’s a rare child that does not progress well on a Montessori style curriculum. ( 2-7 years) I am happy to post links for materials here, but am UK based so many of you may find better US sources.

      5. An interesting book that was published in 1966 / 1967 , which is called;  TWO WORLDS,  discusses the differences of Communism, Socialism and many other ideas.  

         Published by:  Flick-Reedy Education Enterprises. 

      6. There may be more of them than us but a handfull of us could crush a whole s*itload of them…..

        I know some of them.  They aren’t the brightest…

      7. There is no doubt that the USA is quickly becoming the USSA. Obama, his minions, his backers and partners are enemies of The State and should be viewed as such. Likewise for the gimme-dats and the sheeple. Some seem to think these mindless people are innocent and simply brain-washed, believing they’re still reachable but this is an ignorant point of view. They have eaten the forbidden fruits and have feasted. They have been taught and propagandized to take from others and they will continue to take. They, too, are the enemies. Do not be fooled.

        We now have several generations who believe in all sorts of property redistribution. Many of these people have been taught (and believe) that socialism is fine. Today a new Gallup poll indicated that 53% of Dems and left-leaning people have a positive view of socialism. What we have is a cultural shift within the younger generations because they have been indoctrinated and not taught to reason or to substantiate ideology with factual evidence. They will not be ‘re-educated’ unless it becomes a personal crisis that forces their ideological habits and beliefs.

        The US collapse has been plotted out and is planned. The Communist Progressives have worked covertly for generations and they have adequately molded enough people so that they have reached and influenced the majority of Americans. They have come close to succeeding with the destruction of God-given rights and religious philosophies that many Americans hold as truth. We are no longer a moral society. We are no longer an exceptional Nation. Sadly, these are the outcomes they worked for.

        There will be no easy fix for our society except through a major or catastrophic event(s) that will force changes. What we face in our near future is a Renaissance, but our society has to fail first.  After a collapse, a new culture will emerge. But only for the survivors. Bet on it and prepare accordingly – mind, body, and soul.

        • @ Zoltanne,

          You are so very right several years ago I had a conversation with a kid about 20 he thought socialism /communism was a wonderful thing so I asked him about Russia and how bad it was for them his reply was that they didn’t do it right that you need better people at the top. These people seem to think if you have the right people in charge that it will work and be a wonderful thing. I tried to explain to him that no matter who is in charge it will not work and tried to explain why but they have there minds so set on it, no matter what you say to them you can’t get through . I guess when it happens and they see how “Wonderful” it is they will wake up but then it is to late. The rest of us just need to get ready because it is going to be a rough ride.

        • @ Zoltanne,

          You are so very right several years ago I had a conversation with a kid about 20 he thought socialism /communism was a wonderful thing so I asked him about Russia and how bad it was for them his reply was that they didn’t do it right that you need better people at the top. These people seem to think if you have the right people in charge that it will work and be a wonderful thing. I tried to explain to him that no matter who is in charge it will not work and tried to explain why but they have there minds so set on it, no matter what you say to them you can’t get through . I guess when it happens and they see how “Wonderful” it is they will wake up but then it is to late. The rest of us just need to get ready because it is going to be a rough ride.

        • We were warned. Information came to us back in the ‘80’s from a former KGB Agent Yuri Bezmenov. who defected to the west.  The four stages needed to take down a nation.   Stage 1. Demoralization Stage 1. CrisisStage 3. NormalizationStage 4. DestabilizationBezmenov’s quote: “This is what will happen in the United States if you allow all these schmucks to bring the country to crisis, to promise people all kind of goodies and a paradise on earth, to destabilize your economy, to eliminate the principle of free market competition, and to put a Big Brother government in Washington D.C…..”

        • Zoltanne, you are spot on.  It is comforting to see more and more people like yourself that see it for what it is.  Thanks for sharing.  Hopefully others will read you words and maybe, just maybe, stop to think about it.

          We can’t change them but if we keep sharing then maybe it will make them start to think.  Hopefully, they still can think small thoughts for themselves.  We have to make it easy for them since they clearly do not possess critical thinking skills.

      8. Live free or die,  I couldn’t have said it any better.   It’s times like this when i wish my wife was still alive.   She had first-hand experience with communism in Cuba until she escaped from it in 1967.   Her family suffered horribly under Castro; she lost half of them, including her father and an uncle, to Castro’s butchers.   After we married in 1976, during our honeymoon she broke down and told me about her life under Castro.  The things she told me just blew me away.   Some nights I lay awake thinking of her and I can hear her voice saying, “Baby, please don’t let what happened to Cuba happen to America!”   A Second American Revolution is the only hope I see to save this country.   I can feel it coming and it’s not too far  away now.   All throughout history, manmade governments which constantly usurp power, have never had good intentions toward the people they rule over.  There have been acts of injustice and atrocities committed against individuals by government agents in the name of upholding some draconian, illegitimate law ever since the Roman Empire.   the good news is that police states can be successfully challenged and defeated.   LIVE FREE OR DIE!   Braveheart 

        • braveheart

          If it could only be true..

          I watch and listen to my now young adult kids, and their friends whom I have known for years, and they all love the freedoms promised and are wide awake to the world situation they live in..and in so many ways have awakened me as me them, to the ills of our world and what’s ensuing..they are frustrated yet willing to take a stand if only there was a way to do so..

          They see the entire political/ economic system as totally corrupt and well know that voting for the lesser of 2 evils is absurd..they watched the demonization of one of our last true Constitutional congressmen Ron Paul vaporized by the system..

          They know of the Federal Reserve,IRS,capital gains,911,left/ right paradigms,chemtrails,gmo’s etc etc etc etc X infinity..they ask me what can they do now?..and I have no answers whatsoever after 60 years living in I honestly have no answers myself anymore.

          Everything we believed in is upside down

          Everything that was supposedly right is now wrong

          and I have sadly no answers to my children how to right this Titanic as it heads for the iceberg ahead..



      9. I’ve said for awhile that our political leadership envies China’s political leadership and it’s ability to control the state. They envy the China system where corporations are free to run it’s own affairs as long as they stay out of state affairs and pays kickbacks to the state officials.  Come to think about it, China may be emulating the USA and not hiding it as well.


      10. School vouchers are a BAD idea. They are DESIGNED to fund the catholic schools. What’s so bad about that?  


        Schools are paid by the number of asses sitting in those seats; not whether those asses are the asses of the kids of American Citizens. American taxpayers are paying for the education of millions of illegals in both the public and catholic schools.

        What WE need are parents who are monitoring and participating in the curriculum and educational process of public schools. That’s difficult to do when in most cases you have either a single parent family or both parents working at slave wages to make ends meet.

        The NWO Globalists have designed the system to function in this way so that they can indoctrinate the kids their way, promoting socialist goals and agenda 21. Its all by DESIGN! 



        • I do agree that parents need to be involved in the kids education. I wish when mine were younger I would of home schooled but I didn’t and now that they are in high school they want to stay but I make sure we discuss things all the time. we are in a small rural area and this past year they hired a bunch of new teachers most of which a liberals, a lot of these kids are pretty informed apparently there have been many discussions in the class in which the kids are disagreeing with the teacher but at the same time there are kids who agree with the teacher so it gets a little heated sometimes. For every child that is informed and knows the truth it adds a sliver of hope for the future.

      11. when putin actually says something thats true i worry for my country!

      12. @ All, for you consideration,

                      “It is from numberless diverse acts of courage and belief that human history is shaped. Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or  strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring, those ripples build a current that can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.”        – Robert F . Kennedy

        Regarless of one’s opinion of Mr Kennedy, I think this is a ‘true’ thing…

      13. Sorry, I will have to disagree. I am not so worried about the President as I am about Congress. They hold much more power. Besides, if the president started ruling America like a communist country, the people would not stand for it, not even the sheep. The President can’t be that stupid to think that the people would allow such actions. Although, it does make for a interesting subject and discussion.

        • LOL…


          • It is rude to not elaborate. Be an adult.

        • You are living in a dream world. When the time comes the prols will fall for anything Obama does. Congress cannot even organize a picnic.

          • I am in no such dream world. You are. If you really think that it has been Obama’s plan all along to enslave Americans and dictate this country, you are truly paranoid and delusional. Now, this could possibly be the goal of the president in general. Not any one president but ALL presidents. Or this could be congress’s plan.

            Congress is very organized when it comes to benefiting themselves, so don’t even try to pull that. They clearly care much less about the people and are eager to to pass bills that continually limit our liberties. But they are skilled at giving themselves more power over the people and making more money for their own bank accounts. That is pretty organized business and politics after all,  is really nothing more than a powerful business. But don’t take my word for it. Let us get through this term with Obama, and when he doesn’t do any of the things many of you claim he will do, I encourage you to come back to your comments here and reflect. Of course you won’t, because you will be too angry that you were wrong to ever admit it. I have already played this game with many other people in my time, I know exactly how it works.

            • GK

              i have a market for some of that shit you are smoking,,please send me some ,,,we can make thousands fast


              • Instead of making a smart ass reply, try to counter my argument. Oh that’s right, you can’t counter the argument with anything other than speculation and assumptions of who is the boss, controlling unit and what their plans may be.

                You certainly can’t counter the fact that congress takes away our liberties while making deals to make themselves rich. That is widely known by anyone here on this site and others who have opened their eyes.

                That leaves you at a bit of a loss. Sometimes I really think the people on this site are simply prejudice towards the man and are looking for any reason what so ever to insult, or discredit the man. It wouldn’t be the first time I have run across the bunch and will not be the last.

                That being said, for the longest time I did the very same with other presidents until I really understood what was going on.

                • I bet You voted for the asshole right?….Twice most likely by your love for hobammy!

                  What a Loon!

        • The sheeple will go along. It’s death of a thousand cuts. By the time they realize the amount of blood loss it will be to late.

      14. Mambi Pambi Obambi tax proposals would cover federal spending for 8 days.

        America is going down, kiddies. See you on the other side.  

        • If they took every dollar of income it still would not cover all the spending. There is no way out of this, it is Cloward-Piven on steroids and it is all on purpose.

      15. This cannot be stopped. He is merely exploiting weaknesses in society that have been developing for decades.  Everyone gets a trophy, a cell phone, Internet access, etc.  We are following the pattern of Russia and we too will collapse before capitalization is once again an acceptable way to dig ourselves out of the pit we dug for ourselves.  I use we collectively because the average American isn’t very smart and half of them are below average.

      16. The take over is beginning the same way it has in the past…but it won’t end the same way.  Germany and Russia and China and Cuba and Viet Nam and North Korea Yugoslavia and Romania didn’t have a passle of Scots-Irish hillbillies armed to the teeth to “set thangs straight.”

        Alba Gu Garg! Audemus Jura Nostra Defendere! Sic Semper Tyrannus! Deo Vindice! Molon Labe! 

        • Out of some 200+ branches in my family tree about 80% are “Scots-Irish hillbillies armed to the teeth to “set thangs straight.” 

          I couldn’t agree with you more!!

      17. @ All:

        “11-30-2012 Sinkholes, Explosions and Earthquakes-What is Happening?”

        Newly formed sinkhole in Ohio & links in video description.


      18. Sorry but any way you slice, dice or purea it Communisum just don’t work. Maybe Capatalisam has it’s faults but it sure beats the hell out of the alternative.  You wont have to worry about it much longer very soon you will be living in a tent down at the river eating rat meat cooked on a stick over a campfire and wondering what will be on the menu tomorrow, cat, dog, squirl, neighbors kid or grass and bark like usual.



      19. Just heard that Canada pulled their ambassador and staff out of Iran, Gaza and Israel. Wonder if they know something? I seem to remember that they pulled their people out right before Libya too.

        • @ 3G,

               Hew Boy, dat ain’t good…where did you get that?

      20. i wonder why i am not being allowed to share this article on facebook.

        • You might try again I just shared it and it went through.

      21. This has been taking shape in the background for decades, in fact, the parasites wrote just how they would seize America, over 100 years ago. There were times throughout the last century that this could have been stopped, but it was’nt, because the parasites have thier act together, and bo one else does. It is sad to watch America die, and slip downhill into a marxist hell. Well, most of the people in this country do not deserve the freedom they have, and they will lose it, because they will not face reality.


      22. Communism is a religion. It can’t be understood in any other way. It doesn’t matter that it doesn’t work. It doesn’t matter that communism is a joke. What matters to Obama is destroying capitalism and America as the world’s last superpower.

        • I hoping that O’Bummer will change his mind (hope and change), give US some transparency and admit that his mother was a pin cushion for the American Communist Party Frank Marshall Davis) , and that the dreams from his father, were the dreams of a Communist.

          Engage these commies or be stripped of your liberties. 
















      23. >>”His rhetoric, and more importantly his actions, have left no doubt that his personal ideologies are rooted within a concept that has been vehemently rejected by Americans throughout our nation’s history:”<<

        Why now? What has fundamentally changed in Americans at this point in time to make them want this evil perverse alter ego? What served as the catalyst for this transformation within Americans to make them want to cast off the qualities which made Americans…American?

        I believe it has to be a combination of well planned, well timed, and well executed agendas at work to create such a profound psychological change. It will be next to impossible to reverse the damage done. Americans have discovered how to vote themselves other people’s money, and they have the right political false prophets to make it happen.

      24. The country is still right leaning to the most part, as people in the country are small business orientated.  The problem is that walmart and these other Chinese based companies are squeezing out the small businesses that were the backbone of the country.  The Chinese are the new form of communism that unfortunately works.  You still have a very tiny level of those in control, and the money goes right into the military like all previous communist countries that have not tried a different angle of communism, the one that secertly allows the masses to add to its strength through their own over consumption of Chinese junk and bad food chemical contaminated garbage. 

        Why did BO get 51% of the vote.  Two reasons; one is people are way too dependent on what the government has done and can do for them, at a lost course, AND because rombot absolutely was the worst candidate to go against him.  After the election the idiot instead of trying to help those in the GOP party that tried to help and support him, starts talking about why he lost.  Of course this was correct that people didn’t want to lose their entitlements, but in doing so he further alienated the GOP and made them look like good old boys racists.  Bobby Jindel of Louisana immediately came out to speak against this because he knew the destruction to the party.  That someone like this  throwing a temper tantrum, rather than  trying to re-establish creditability for his party. 

        Someone mentioned on line that rombot was a spoiled brat that constantly stuck his rich foot in his mouth.  People didn’t trust this moron and his ideas didn’t offer anything different to the same old failed Bush Jr plan.  So many people just said to the hell with it and stayed home or they voted for BO because they consider him the lesser of two evils.  Yes believe it or not, people considered BO the lesser or two rots.  What a mess this election was, the worst one in modern history of ugliness.  It was strange also what happened from intangibles.

        That 47% remark came to be irony to rombot as he ended up with 47% of the popular vote, actually at present time 47.35% which is rounded down to 47%.  There are people that cannot stand him having a real good time because of this around the country.  Then look at Hurricane Sandy.  IF this hurricane had not happened, Fat So would never had the chance to embrace BO as someone that could act partisan after the hurricane destruction tour.  It was almost as if some power wanted BO the head of the country.  Just plain weird as the Weather Channel will certainly be talking about how weather changed history over and over again with the hurricane. 

        I think the GOP truly wished that Santorum, Gingrich, Pawlenty, Ron Paul, or even Jeb Bush had been the candidate instead of rombot.  It might have been closer, but at least the GOP would not be trying to jump of the ship of a candidate that has been an utter embarrassment to them all.  When they choose him, it was like they were trying to convince themselves and others that rombot would be a good leader, that didn’t work with them or others.  They would not have had to do this with Santorum, because at least he was respected and not some waffle master that lied so much rombot didn’t know where he was coming from.

        Back to BO.  Unfortunately most people are genetically LAZY.  As sloth or laziness is one of the seven deadly sins.  When you offer people the easy way to go, they will mostly take that path.  People in this country have seen small business success and have gravitated towards this.  Now small businesses are dying in droves everyday, replaced by something that is a conglomerate of everything else offering a different method of appeal.  Dependency on the society.  If you are an animal such as a coyote, is it easier to go to the old lady putting out kibble on a daily basis or to go hunting for some rabbit?  Same analogy applies to people. 

        You now have a debacle in the money cliff that actually probably would be better if just allowed to go over the cliff.  At least there would be big time cuts in overspending and more revenue coming in.  Not like it would make much difference, but it might give a little time before the collapse.  I don’t know much about economics, but at this point it just seems logical that the ONLY chance for the country is to massively cut back spending and bring more money in.  Of course there are many varibles to this whole equation. 

        I just wonder what is next.  With any dictatorship there seems to have to be some sort of mega event that will allow further consolidation of excutive power.  If BO is thinking about a type of Chavez or Morsi takeover, then you would think this would happen within a year or so, because a 4 year term is just not that long.  IF BO is planning something there should be some signs other than speculation that will point to this.  My bet would be more towards the energy and fuel industries than firearms at first.  Get control of how people move around, you ground them to where you want them to be.  This controls how people also get what they need.  Other than like firearms takeaway, the masses will probably fully believe an energy crisis.  ” Any other ideas out there how a dictator would at first gain more power in the United States?” 

        • Easiest path to dictatorship is control all three branches of government — Not like it matters which Party’s dictator wins — makes no difference.

          But who cares anyway — we all know where this is headed.

        • This is the fruit of the Vietnam War that radicalized the colleges and gave the left their opening to the take over of the Democrat Party. The days of rage people are now driving the bus. 

          • Yes John the commies are driving the bus, but the fascists own the bus. WE own the street. Engage!!!

        • “Temper Tantrum…” LOL…ain’t it so! I was always told that “You might get away with LIEING to everyone – all the time – but that when you started lieing to yourself you were lost. THAT’S what got the idiots in the Republican party ‘killed’ in the election….they actually began to believe thier own lies……

      25. AIPAC (The American Israel Public Affairs Committee) , decapitators inside US government (for Coup Attempt)

        go to you tube for the video

      26. Do not be so naive as to take this as support for the communists, comrades, but you should be quite careful how much you let loose the corp. You would not keep a tiger in your back yard without the proper fence, as you would not take the advice of the capitalist without a critical critical thought. Keep your friends close, your enemies closer. You were warned. 

      27. Our local school system has declared that our students can’t learn because our teachers are prejudiced. They have brought teachers from the confusious institute in China to teach our kids Chinese and made it mandatory. I found out you can opt out? This is so sad.  It feels like this has gone too far.

      28. hear, hear, Be Informed.  thank you for your observations.

        • @ Emily.  People don’t like to hear about this, but the United States are truly in the same category as credit card junkies.  To me going off the fiscal cliff is kind of like someone having their credit cards taken away from, putting a stop to the rampant spending and FORCING the person to pay off that debt with part of their salary.  IF these massive spending cuts and extra revenue were to go into debt reduction and saving the country, then I say bring them on.  Unfortunately I don’t know if this would happen, finance is hardly my expertise.  I think someone like the Durango Kidd would be far better to explain going off the fiscal cliff and what would actually happen. 

          I just know that BO has to start to act like a leader and stop trying to implode the economy.  I would like it very much if free trade was abolished.  If they put up a giant force field around the U.S. and said make it without any other country, this country would be fine.  There is plenty of natural gas, tidal power, hydro, wind, etc, for the energy equation.  The U.S. can produce all foods grown on this planet.  Rare earth minerals are turning up in the Black Hills.  The country could exist a lot better NOT supporting the rest of the world.  Jobs need to come back into this country and never go overseas for any reason.  Yet both parties want free trade that is like a huge leech on the country as a whole. 

          I truly don’t see any option right now other than the country going off the cliff.  BO wants the economy to fail, and the GOP wants things back to Bush Jr. days that helped lead to 2008 collapse.  I don’t see an answer to the country other than stopping free trade and generating revenue from good job creations in this country. That will not happen as long as Indian, Chinese, and other poor countries provide slave labor to manufacture cheap products at the expense of good jobs in the U.S.  To me there is no way out and I think I upset some people above with this truth that I believe.  I wish I had an answer that those in washington would listen to to help.  We are screwed and the only thing that a person can do now is just keep stocking up as much as they can. 

          • @ BI,

                I agree, as always the question, “Free Trade, Yes or No?” I say “Que Bono?”….”Who Benefits?” I don’t know of ONE American – not of the 1% -who has benefitted one whit from this ‘Marvelous’ notion of ‘Free Trade’….do you?

            • @ JustOneGuy.  Free trade is wondeful for a poor country like India, Bangladesh that can hire slave labor and bring lots of money to their country.  Or for China that can put all that revenue into their communist military that is massive now.  What free trade does to a country like the United States is allow a bunch of countries to suck the lifeline out of a country that could do just fine being totally isolated from the rest of the world because of the vast minerals in this country and being able to grow any food in the perfect latitude growing belt. 

              However the democrats want cheap products for the poor to consume like inferior feed given to cattle and sheep.  The republicans want cheap labor that maximizes profit for the company’s “bottom line”.  All the while both parties sell out the well being of the country in name of getting nothing in return.  Good USA products are replaced with the enemy’s cheap Chinese Junk, losing jobs.  US based companies go overseas to hire slave labor and good jobs are again lost.  Jobs mean revenue and a fully functioning economy.

              The democrats in their stupid ways think that the poor cannot afford the necessities.  Yet if good jobs abounded in this country, they would be very few poor.  The republicans are so sick with the notion of profit above all else, that they cannot even have the insight to realize their is a lot more profit in keeping jobs right in the USA.  BOTH parties rather commit treason and trade with an enemy aiming enough ICBM’s and SLBM’s (submarine ballastic missiles) to destroy America like the “Day After” movie. 

              What has happened to the national security issue that would have congress in the 1930’s and 1940’s never deling with Japan or Germany?  Even the government never even considered free trade with the Soviets?  Now it is totally accepted to allow US dollars to buy Chinese Junk, and to be used for weapons that one day will annihilate the country and kill likely over 150 million Americans.  There is no common sense or decency left with the government.  Then someone like Ron Paul or Gary Johnson that want to protect the country get less than 1% of the vote. 

              The government represents the aura of the people, and most people would sell off their country to the Chinese to get some real fantastic Balck Friday deals and food not fit for seagulls.  Yeah, the country has fallen because most people just don’t care anymore about what really matters.   It is not just sad, it is pathetic and painful to watch and even worse to have to be part of.  A good word to describe the path the country and the government has taken is “YUCK”. 

              • Hi BI,

                   Stroke-for-Stroke, point-for-point Friend….Couldn’t have said it better if I tried. 🙂

                    We have been ‘sold out’ in equal measure by BOTH parties though the reasons differ in each case.

                    Did you get Satori’s post a bit ago – the link to the activity at the long Valley cauldera – per your previous missive I find myself some bit ‘nervous’ therefor. Also, the activity last night up near Larsen, Alaska (may have the name wrong here, from memory as it were) bordered on 6.0…anything to be concerned with there? Good to ‘speak’ with you…have been busy of late with ‘other’ things….you seem to have been also, remember to GET SOME SLEEP along the way, Eh?

          • BI – I agree with most of what you are saying, but Bush did not cause the collapse in 2008, that was set years if not decades before with Carter & Clinton’s CRA.  Bush even tried to warn congress about Fannie & Freddie several times, but no one wanted to hear it.  And I definitely do not want the Govt to increase their “revenue.”  They would say it is for debt reduction, by we all know it would just be spent on more social programs to buy votes and on crony deals to reward unions and other supporters.  We need to cut spending AND revenue, starve the beast, return power to the states!!!!

      29. America is finished. It saddens me to say this. The strength of America, its people have lost their moral compass.  The very fact  that the American people re-elected this fraud is evidence of our decline. I believe that we are past the point of no return. We need to prepareas best we can to protect our loved ones for what is comeing. God help us all.

        • I predict China will invade when our dollar collapses.

          I say… put all the anti gun folks on the front line…then see how they feel.

          Unreal anyone who would disarm an American.

          Too bad the days of tar and feathers are gone….  Maybe that’s just what we need again… fear of the people.

          Diane F. in CA.  Ass wipe!

          • I keep having a fantasy about dividing the US up into regions.  Greenie Nanny-staters get CA, NY & NJ.  La Raza types can have NM & maybe AZ.  Darker brothers that feel that all white Crackers are bad can have the deep southeastern states.  True Patiots get western mountain states and maybe some of the corn belt states.  Texas will be Texas.  The rest of the states to be divided for the others I have not addressed.  So forth and so on.  Variations on who gets what states still to be determined

            Everyone and their views/beliefs will fit somewhere.

            Rules of the game; leave others alone, no projecting views/beliefs on others, each region governs themselves, etc.

            Sheer fantasy, I know.

            • Kindle

              dont you think us “white crackers” need a say in this,,,or would have one


              • Well, I am a “white cracker” and I definetely think we have a say in it.  That’s one of the reasons I added,  “Variations on who gets what states still to be determined”. 

                • hahahahaha a little poke in the ribs keeps us awake,,,having a little fun with ya Kindle


            • I have a better idea.  Restore the entire country. 

              A breaking up of this country will result in massive bloodshed.  Surely we can prevent that?


              • Smokey, I prefer your idea but I’m not sure how realistic it is anymore.

                Snake, no problem.  I like fun. 

      30. Twas the month before ChristmasWhen all through our land, Not a Christian was praying Nor taking a stand. Why the PC Police had taken awayThe reason for Christmas – no one could say.  The children were told by their schools not to sing About Shepherds and Wise Men and Angels and things. It might hurt people’s feelings, the teachers would say December 25th is just a ‘ Holiday ‘.  Yet the shoppers were ready with cash, checks and credit Pushing folks down to the floor just to get it! CDs from Madonna, an X BOX, an I-Pod Something was changing, something quite odd!  Retailers promoted Ramadan and Kwanzaa In hopes to sell books by Franken & Fonda. As Targets were hanging their trees upside downAt Lowe’s the word Christmas – was no where to be found. At K-Mart and Staples and Penny’s and SearsYou won’t hear the word Christmas; it won’t touch your ears. Inclusive, sensitive, Di-ver-is-ty Are words that were used to intimidate me. Now Daschle, Now Darden, Now Sharpton, Wolf Blitzen On Boxer, on Rather, on Kerry, on Clinton ! At the top of the Senate, there arose such a clatter To eliminate Jesus, in all public matter.  And we spoke not a word, as they took away our faith Forbidden to speak of salvation and grace The true Gift of Christmas was exchanged and discardedThe reason for the season, stopped before it started.  So as you celebrate ‘Winter Break’ under your ‘Dream Tree’ Sipping your Starbucks, listen to me. Choose your words carefully, choose what you say Shout MERRY CHRISTMAS,not Happy Holiday!  Please, all Christians join together andwish everyone you meet MERRY CHRISTMAS! “How much does the wreaths and the holly-cost?”

        • ‘Witty’…I like it!

        • I like the poem but I have to (reluctantly) defend the pc’ers on the whole Christmas vs Holidays debate. Read all before jumping on me please.

          I’m Christian, but I’m also a thinking member of the human race. Without getting into the “Who’s God is better debate” we as Americans must learn to accept and tolerate the pc melting pot of religions which is the United States of America. We as Americans have every right according to the Constitution to worship or celebrate anything we wish without fear of retribution or discrimination by anybody…buutttt: that also means we have no right to discriminate against any other American if they choose to not worship any religion or to celebrate a specific day or time of year any way they wish. Just as us gun owners celebrate the right to bear arms by owning guns believe that if you are anti-gun then don’t buy a gun, no one is forcing you to as long as you don’t infringe on my rights to own one or look down on me for owning one-People or businesses who decide to celebrate the “Holidays” in whatever way they want be it in the traditional christian way or not should not be looked down on for doing so. If people decide to “take the Christ out of Christmas” then really who cares? Is it hurting you directly? No. That is their right in this country and that is one of the things that although you may not agree with is still protected by the Constitution. Technically if you look at history, there are a few points you must consider before getting too bent out of shape about Christmas:

          – There is approximately a 13 day difference between the Julian and Gregorian calendars meaning that technically the traditional Dec. 25th date of Christmas really takes place in modern times on Jan. 6th. 

          – Most biblical historians believe that the birth of of Jesus occured in the late summer/early autumn rather than December. According to Luke 2:8 the shepherds were living in the fields with their flocks. All livestock was penned and kept from the fields from late Autumn through early Spring until the warmer months. Up until the Late 4th century AD when John Chrysostom delivered a sermon espousing the Dec. 25th date as the birthday of Christ, Christmas was celebrated on at least a 1/2 dozen dates by different Christian sects. (currently, the Armenian church still celebrates Christmas on Jan. 6th).

          – There are also a majority of biblical scholars who believe that when the early Christian church was growing, the church amalgamated pagan days of worship with Christian holy days in order to more easily convert pagans to Christianity such as using the pagan celebration of Saturnalia and the celeration of Dies Natalis Solis Invicti to amalgamate the pagan and Christian celebrations into one big Christian celebration. (I admit that I had to grin when I saw a bumper sticker once that said “Keep Saturnalia in Christmas”…I don’t believe the message but as an American that cherishes all of the rights that are granted to us ALL by our constitution, I appreciate the fact that we live in a country where any religious views (even ones that I find silly) can be expressed openly without fear of retribution or discrimination).

          Okay…I could go on and on with the religious history lesson but that’s not the point of my post. (If you really want a headache about historical/religious inaccuracies, look into the mistakes made when the early Christians translated the New Testament from the original Hebrew into Greek…our whole Christian belief system may have possibly been molded and warped by a few key translation mistakes such as the Hebrew word “Almah” meaning “young girl” being translated into the Greek word “Parthenos” which often means “Virgin”. So instead of “virgin birth” the correct translation should have been birth to a young girl still close to her “virgin years”. But again, things like this are meant for other times and other arguments on other message boards

          • cont of Afterthefallpa’s comment:

            The point again is that although you might desperately HATE the fact that Christmas as been pc’d to death and homogenized into a meaningless commericalized marketing tactic, we have to be good Christian Americans and allow these people to treat, celebrate, not-celebrate, pc, etc. Christmas all they want because in America it is their constitutional right. Until the day comes when the CEO of Target or Lowes kicks in the door to your home and tears down your nativity scene or otherwise physically prevent you from celebrating Christmas the way you please, then and only then can you complain, discriminate, or otherwise do or say anything about the way anyone else celebrates or doesn’t celebrate a specific day in December. If we want our constitutional rights protected, accepted, and not discriminated against then we as Americans have a duty to each other which states that we absolutely must protect and stand up for those same rights of EVERY American citizen whether it falls in step with our personal or religious beliefs or not.  Like Stan Lee wrote in Spiderman: “With great power comes great responsibility”. Likewise, you must remember that “With great freedom comes great understanding.” you can’t say you want the freedoms while denying those freedoms to your fellow citizen regardless of what either of you believe. At the very basic, just remember that no one is forcing you to frequent those businesses or stores who do not celebrate a traditional Christian based Christmas. In my area at least there are still plenty of small businesses who are independently owned and celebrate Christmas for Christ’s birth. Find small businesses like these and you not only keep the Christ in Christmas but you also keep small independent businesses afloat! With the great freedoms that we (for now) enjoy comes the responsibility to be better men (and women) and be able to allow our fellow citizens the freedom to enjoy those rights as well. We don’t have to agree with their views, but as long as our views are protected then we need to accept them with dignity and understanding. Black, white, Christian, Muslim, etc.: if you are an American citizen then it is the patriotic duty of all other American citizens to accept and protect your freedoms provided by the constituion whether you believe in those other American citizen’s religious, racial, cutural etc. beliefs, differences, and thoughts or not. To do or act any different is a treasonous affront to the constitution and equates to nothing but a lie if you truly call yourself an American. I believe in the Christian God and the teachings of the bible…and as an American I love, honor, and respect all other constitutionally law-abiding American citizens for whatever religious beliefs they may have whether similar or not to my own beliefs. One day when TPTB suspend and destroy our constitution and we are forced to follow some satanic one world religion, you will long for the days when each and every American had the right to celebrate Christmas or not however he or she feels fit. The pointless waste of time and energy that people put into the “Keep Christ in Christmas” crusade (which again is technically a form of discrimination against another’s constitutional feeedom of religion…or lack thereof) could be put to much better use by fighting against TPTB and crusading against the actual robbing of our constitutional rights!!!! With that, I say to you all MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! (if you’re into that sort of thing

      31. The single biggest problem with America is people that still believe there is a dimes worth of difference between the Democrat and Republican Party.  Until the population is deprogrammed, the people will continue to play their game… and it is rigged.  Heads they win — Tails you lose.  We all lose.  GAME OVER.

      32. Possee,  I understand your frustration and I’m glad to hear your kids know the truth and live in the real world.   But I must at least HOPE that things can still be turned around.  The Ron Paul campaign was the last chance we had for a PEACEFUL change in this country.   Now the only way I see to save America is armed uprising, 2nd civil war, 2nd American Revolution; whatever you want to call it.  With 80,000,000 gun owners and around 250,000,000 guns in this country,  I can’t believe we can’t get at least a certain percentage of them to join in a concerted effort to do away with this organized criminal enterprise called the US government.  The feds, by their own words and actions, declare all the time what their intentions are toward us.   When someone says they’re going to destroy you, you better sit up and take notice; you damn well better take them seriously and take steps to prevent it.   Even with “UN peacekeepers” here, they still wouldn’t have the numbers to defeat us.  It has been done in other countries in the past; not even a police state can last forever.   When Hitler first took over Germany,  he called it the Third Reich and promised it would last for 1000 years;  it went down in flames after only 12 years.  Some police states have lasted longer than others, but they still eventually come to an end in one way or another.   Our guns are the only thing standing between us  and tyranny and eventual death.   I’m ready to stand and fight and if I have to sacrifice myself for my country and people, so be it.   Like we used to say during the Cold War:  Better Dead Than Red!  Also to quote from Nathan Hale,,hanged by the British during the Revolutionary War:  “I regret that I have but one life to give for my country.”    Braveheart

      33. KY Mom, i read that article you posted the link to.  It’s totally disgusting, but not surprising, that any federal agency would nowadays promote dependency on government over self-sufficiency.   Where do these people think the money for these alleged “entitlement programs” comes from?  It comes from people WHO WORK FOR A LIVING, WHO PRODUCE SOMETHING THAT IS IN DEMAND, WHO ARE SELF-SUFFICIENCT IN THEIR OWN NEEDS!  The people on these programs don’t pay any taxes except for a sales tax when they buy something.  the day is coming when these programs will stop altogether just like everything else in this system and that’s when the waste will hit the air circulation machine.  EVERYONE, GET YOUR SUPPLIES NOW WHILE YOU CAN!  Going shopping again this weekend myself.   best wishes to all.   braveheart

        • It is very sad, but true.

          Barack Obama is Destroying Our Economy on Purpose.  He is using the Cloward-Piven Strategy to bring about the New World Order.

          Columbia University professors Richard Andrew Cloward and Frances Fox Piven wrote the ‘Cloward-Piven Strategy’ in 1966.  


          It was published on May 2, 1966 in ‘The Nation’ magazine.  The strategy called for “the destruction of capitalism in America by swelling the welfare rolls to the point of collapsing our economy and then implementing socialism by nationalizing many private institutions.”

          article at Infowars


          Obama’s agenda: Overwhelm the system

          by Wayne Allyn Root

          “As Glenn Beck correctly predicted from day one, Obama is following the plan of Cloward & Piven. … They outlined a plan to socialize America by overwhelming the system with government spending and entitlement demands. Add up the clues below. Taken individually they’re alarming. Taken as a whole, it is a brilliant, Machiavellian game plan to turn the United States into a socialist/Marxist state with a permanent majority that desperately needs government for survival … and can be counted on to always vote for bigger government. Why not? They have no responsibility to pay for it.”


          Direct links below.

        • Braveheart,

            I wish you lived in my neighborhood.  Your thinking is clear and I bet your shooting is dead on.

      34. I dont post often, but this is a must read. Truly scary. Book is 16bucks or you can read each section on the website free. Its : The Coming American Dictatorship by John Silveira. We are screwed.

      35. Evening Solar Report (Late)

            Thankfully, there is little to note this evening;

         Other than a long duration C-class flare whose origin was 11618 (in ‘shade’, from around the rim) general activity has been low and nominal. The measured solar flux as of the time of this posting was B-2.9.

      36. You people are so damned stupid.  You fuss about corporate greed, then castigate socialism and communism.  Corporate greed is the logical conclusion of capitalism.  You can’t have it both ways, but that is what you want.  You are a miserable, pathetic lot not happy unless you are spreading you miserableness and patheticness around. (I know, patheticnes is not a standard English word, but it seemed to fit here.)  You would do yourself and others a favor by using just one of those rounds you have stockpiled to good use.

        • What?  Didn’t pay your bridge rent again I see.  

        • Patheticness……..hmmmmmmm…..Is that some kind of Ebonics term?

        • “Hey Joe. What you gonna do with that gun in your hand?”.  Jimi Hendrix.

           It’s all a matter of perception. I will agree that somethings you can’t have both ways, but it seems to happen a lot more these days.

          Life’s a Bitch.


      37. Asian prepper i know there are alot of racism out there. But just maybe some are tired of working 2 or 3 jobs just to be taxed to death and then go to wal mart and get behind someone with their EBT card and go out and load their lexas or escalade up. I agree with all of you that something big is coming but hope it is not the end. i just wonder if maybe the military should step in And restore it to the people. All those guys , all those guys who poured out of those landing craft and out of those aircraft and had their gut blown out didnt do it for their homeland to end up like this . We all need to be praying .

      38. @Walt Kowalski

        you are the stupid one here-you believe in deities-what a child you are.grow up-no such thing as gods or demons-child.

        • Didn’t learn capitalization in school, did you?

        • A true American must observe and respect every other American’s right to believe or disbelieve whatever they wish without calling that person stupid. If you think they are stupid for believing one way or another, that is also your right, but there is zero reason to ridicule anyone else for their beliefs. If you don’t agree but wish to remain a member of this online community, then you are given the option of giving that person a “thumbs down”…you don’t have to resort to name calling or otherwise “bashing” a person.

      39. Mac, would  you please consider  adding a third option, to the current  thumbs up or thumbs down.Iwas thinking, a middle of the road symbol, something that says ???? can’t quite put my finger on it. Will leave that up to you.any input would be helpfull.

      40. J1G,

          I was hoping all the solar activity was causing all the posting problems.  I read your reply and will be patient.  It took 16 hours for my posts to show up the other day. 

        Guess you will see this on Sunday instead of Saturday morning.  Oh well.

        • Hi Kindle,


              In a few postings yesterday some have mentioned that they were using Internet Explorer….I do not, I use a variant of Firefox and had no problems at all…If I may ask here, are you using IE?

          • yep.

            • Hi Kindle,

                  Glad to see that your post are finally getting through! Mercy, but it is AGGRAVATING when such is the case. I strongly recommend ‘ditching’ IE with ‘extreme prejudice’ as it were. Mighty Microsoft endeavored to produce a supreme abomination in it’s creation of IE. To wit: IE is specifically structured to provide advertisers and anyone else to whom you are connected with an absolute MAXIMUM of information….even tihings you – and most others would not be inclined to share if you knew the full details thereof. That is merely the tip of thre iceberg as Microsoft seems hell-bent on redering you all but incapable of securing your ouwn basic privacy through the concealment of a variey of parameters that are central to allowing you to directly control what does and does not enter or leave your computer….it’s an abject mess in which the ‘corp’ treats your person roughly as a chunk of meat with which to feed hungry advertisers and such…it never ends.

                  As a start drop by over at the ‘mozilla’ site jsutype that into the browser followed of course by .com and you’ll get there lickety-split. On arrival, you’ll need to ask yourself (and your computer) just a few questions.

                   First: How computer literate am I. I mean no slight to you here…I do NOT know you! “) If the answer to that question is “Not very” then you instantly skip this question and proceed directly from there to a download of the ‘FireFox’ browser which Mozilla will gleefully give you several direct accesses to. The downolad is simple and completely painless as a rule…having done so – I pause here a moment…I have presumed throughout this that you are ‘windows’ user, if this is not the case then we must needs fall back to square one as it were…WinCE is the other possibility and that is a nightmare for non-native CE apps. If this is not the case let me know here. Else, presuming a windows OS installation then once the package is downloaded simply locate it within the directory where it has been placed and double-click on the file. It wil thereafter lauch the installation executable file and you’lll be on your way. The installation is very fast and as painlesss as the download, no fears Eh?

                  If  you’ve used IE for a long time you undoubtedly have a large library of bookmarks, Yes?. Firefox will ask you along the way if you’d like it to subsume/import same, tell it yes and let it go onward…in short order it willl have absorbed the entirety of your IE bookmark file and you’ll be ready to ‘hit the bricks’ as it were.

                  The interface for Firefox is elegantly simple, almost TOO much so, there aren’t a lot of excess crud floating around to confuse you but this can also leave you with a feeling of not knowing where to go…at first. In the uppermost right-hand corner of you screen you’ll see a ‘house’ icon and another immediately to the right of that THAT is where yout bookmarks will be stored and ready to go…typically somewhere slighly below ‘Recently bookmarked’ you’ll see an icon or two…it does vary some as the versions have changed, fear not click on each there below one at a time to get them to ‘expand’ like the directory tree does anytime you’re inside of ‘Fikle manager’ in Windows itself…then, V’iola, there’ll be all your previously listed stuff.

                 As to the settings you employ, know that anything you keep as history in any browser is immediately accessible through a variety of system calls by just about anyone on the planert on the other end of the connection you establish to them…if you DON’t want anyone to have that kind of access to where you’ve been it’s best to simply turn off the history function within the browser itself. Go to the uppermost LEFT hand portion of the window where you see the word Firefox and click on it. When you do you’ll see part of why it’s so elegantly simple IE is SUCH a mess. Go to options and click on it and you’ll get access to what I was mentioning before. One of the things I like to do is set options under the privacy tab to custom settings, no history, no suggestions (how can somebody sugest something to you if they don’t have a LIST of what you’ve been doing, Eh?…Think it through.

              Tell Firefox under that tab to accept all cookies UNTIL I CLOSE Firefox. This will obliterate all stored cookies the instant the browser is closed out. You WON”T have access to one-click home page and a variety of somesuch but in this day and age EVERYTHING  that is permanently stored on your computer i seen by nearly everybody else on the WEB with any technical savvy. Don’t let it record passwords, found also under the tabbed section of the ‘Options’ menu, look about a bit…there’s qiute a few things in there which you can use to force the browser to meet YOUR needs, not the other guys at the other END!!!! Expeimnet a bit to see what suits you. At the last you can either allow Firefox to ‘auto-update itself, which is not my personal favorite since in doing so occaisionally the browser will simply ‘hijack’ your bandwidth for several minutes – potentially – depending on the speed of your connection….I find this frustrating but it does mean that I have to manally check for some such myself infrequently (Under the primary firefox menu in the left upper section, go to help – don’t click on it wait for the sub-menu to appear and from there select ‘About firefox’ that’ll get you where you need to go, the rest is simple. Well, it’s late and my ‘lids’ are drooping….there is no need for thanks of any sort here at all if you found this to be a help then someday ‘pay it forward’ as it were…that’s how we ALL got to where we are. I am glad you liked the story earlier, some several good people whom I know at the board and I have been in ‘DEEP thouhgt” lately….mayhaps it shows, Eh? Anywho, good night Kindle, sleep well…… 🙂

              • I do have Mozilla Firefox loaded on this laptop.  I just have not used it much because I do have a ton of bookmarks.  I will print out your post and follow it step by step when my brain is working on all cylinders. 

                I’m still on my first cup of coffee and need more.  I am aware that most anything I type or read on the internet is being recorded.  One of my nephew lives in Washington DC and works for NSA’s cyber  security.  He’s a serious bran and “they” recruited him early.  Paid for his advanced education and all.

                I have been stuck in some seriously “deep thoughts” and keep thinking I need to just shake out of it.  But I don’t, everything inside tells me it is not time wasted.  That it’s OK and I need to do this deep reflection.

                I’ve been at this a long time and when I started out it seemed simple and clear.  Seeing it all unravel and start to come into play, it seems to get more complicated and I’m not so clear with my answers anymore. 

                There are times when my passions run so strong for the “stand and fight” aspect, then the moe logical side kicks in.  (Typical do I follow my heart or do I follow my head).  I’m the type that could just disappear up into the mountains and thrive.  I don’t want to be anywhere near the “idiots” and figure there will be a more appropriate time and place to take a stand.

                I feel we are past the tipping point.  It is going to happen.  It is happening. 

                  Thanks for the info above and all you do and give to this board.


      41. ALL, apologies if link has been posted. Yes, this article is long.  However it is broken down into paragraphs you can get a hold of.  Whatever the length of the article published in “The Nation” magazine in 1966: it is easy to see its hand in the events thoughout the last 46 years. 

        The content of the article opened my eyes and scares me too.  The Obama presidency will bring about this countrie’s collapse…I am sure

        I believe  this ‘Manifesto or’ ‘Strategy’ if you will by Cloward-Piven has contributed to the social, economic, and finacial problems in America. 


      42. Morning Solar Report,

            Solar activity was low since and throughout the period since the last report. Virtually nothing of note has occured during the period.

            The STEREO SECHHI beaon feed imaging clearly shows that the ‘active’ area’s which were seen previously a week or more ago have begun the turn arounf the -180 degree mark (Full Solar back-side) and are rotationally on the return path to re-emergence. The lead area is at present at roufhly the -150 degree mark presently. I anticipate that same will appear on the visible face in approximately five and one-half days.

            To my knowlefge no new GRB’s have been recorded as occuring in the last period.

        • Solar Addenda;


              The previous statement relative to newly posted GRB’s is incorrect. Apparanetly, just after I has posted the foregoing, both of the update sites for same, both the “real-time” monitor and the SWIFT light-curve repository logged  a new GRB as having been initally ‘sighted’ at roughly noon UTC. Said event – per the SLC repository appears to have been of the lesser sort in terms of it”s intensity.


        It’s beginning to look a lot like ArmageddonBama’s still squatting in the White Hut;Uses a teleprompter so well, it’s Jarrett can’t you tellSoros and globalists like the show.

        It’s beginning to look a lot like ArmageddonHurtling over the fiscal cliff;Michelle’s spending all she can, while still blaming the white manLiberal fascism for sure.

        Well there’s commies n muzzies n Benghazi but no worriessays the propaganda press ministry of spin;

        Ayers n Davis Black Panthers n Operation FuriousSolyndra don’t forget Cloward Piven;

        And the ruling class of corrupt Congress hacks are giddy all over again.

        It’s beginning to look a lot like ArmageddonBama’s still squatting in the White Hut;No birth documents to show, the Usurpers gotta goReggie Love is waiting under the mistletoe (oh no!).

        It’s beginning to look a lot like ArmageddonObambiCare they say is the “law of the land”;Justice Roberts violated his oath, Barry Soetoro still smokesAnd our troops keep dying in ‘Stan.

      44. @Angelo Mysteriouso


        Didn’t vote at all, I didn’t like either candidate and  I have no interest in voting for someone I don’t support. I don’t believe in the lesser of two evils. You wouldn’t drink from a disease infested lake just because it is a little more clear than another. You either find a better water source, or you discover a way to purify the water. There was no chance a third party would have won either.

        Funny how you call me a “loon” even though I pointed out the facts of my argument. Direct insults are a clear sign of either a invalid or weak argument. A man who denies fact, denies himself of intelligence.


        And all your negative pet names for the man shows a bit of prejudice coming from you too. Why is it necessary to insult him? Do you know the man personally? Has he directly wronged you in some way?

        Do you know why the founding fathers set up our voting system the way they did? They didn’t want the people to directly elect the president because they understood the people didn’t know what they wanted, nor had the ability to properly elect the best candidate. The people would base their opinions off of broad generalizations of the candidates political views, good looks, posture and speech. All of which can not possibly ever result in an educated vote. With better communication and internet today, unlikely as it seems, not much has changed. Sure, truth seekers can really get an in depth look at the candidates policies, but that does not mean they have the appropriate education to properly interpret the information. And the majority of the people are not truth seekers. They watch the news, one of the most biased and corrupt sources of information in the world. Amongst truth seekers, the media is widely known for distorting peoples views and turning them against all of the candidates except for the one they support. Truly, not much has changed since the start of this country. The people still don’t know what they want. And the deal with political parties and its affiliations is absurd. No one is completely liberal, or conservative. It is absolutely pointless to label as such. The truth is, people believe in what benefits them , at that time or otherwise.

      45. Yes we know the schools and system of education in this country are a joke, and way behind the times and mostly on purpose.

        1. unions dont move with the times unless it benifits their adgenda, and working hard and advancing isnt thier adgenda..doing the same thing over and over and getting paid for it is thier adgenda..dummed down to the point of insanity. creativity is squashed..yes i do know this as a fact but wont go into why I know this ( not enough time or space) let me just say I own and run a company that has some in it,And deal with many companies who are union, and I watch those who are in my kids schools, given the responsibility to teach.(sorry they are a huge joke)

        2. Human nature is lazy…<– thats one of the biggest problems in our schools

        3. Burned out unchanged system for too many years,…

        4. Unions…need i say more?

        Here is the cure

        Take responsibility for your kids education, take time at home to go over what they are learning day by day, straighten them out on the mis-connceptions. teach them the truth of whats going on, dont think you are helping them by blinding them to the reality out there, because you are not, you will be helping the system fuck over your kid. They are your kids, yes they should be a reflection of you and your values, not this BS school systems

        Thruout the summmer when they are off school , you have them, when your not working, in my case my wife is a stay at home mom , and we decided to do it this way..a bit of a compromise, but worth it. Take 4 hours out of every day to go over real learning, real world teachings, and about how to function in this world as a human..teach them what is really going on, dont shelter them, you will be helping the schools brain wash them if you do nothinng but accept its teaching your kids only.

        Teach them survival skills, how to interact with other people, how to think on thier feet, how to build stuff how to foster an idea into a working plan,, etc..Teach them that bad people exist..( something my mom and dad did not do with me, and it was a tuff lesson) and hoow to deal with them.

        The school system is regurgetation, if your kid gives them back exactly what they gave them as the answer without question , they will get an A. Teach your kid that this is how it is, give them back what they want for your grade…than come home and explore the reality of how that fits into todays world, if it does or not.

        Than teach your kid critical thinking skills..teach them how to deseminate the bull shit from the stuff that matters. dont stuff your kid down a rat hole of public education and expect a kid to excell in the real world . Once that kid gets old enough for you to talk to them frankly and truthfully..than do it, dont candy coat wont be helping them by sheltering them or thier view of themselfs in this world, you need to show them the evil, the good, and the wicked..and why you prepare for things that may come and why its up to you and them to provide for themselfs. They will have to do it for thier family or self when they get out into the real world..dont fuck them over not showing them reality

        Girls can learn what the boys are taught, and boys can learn what the girls are taught..dont fall into the gender sterio types, my 14 YO Daughter knows how to weld, and knows how to work tools and many male skills including hunting fishing and shooting and gun care etc..she is far from a tom boy, but if she had to step into that role, I know she can do it without question..(life skills never forgotten)

        Dont push your kid into questioning the teaching in school, or confronting a teacher with reality or a different view point,(even when the teacher is wrong) it will get your kid nowhere, and add frustration, teach them that what you teach them are life lessons, and what the school teaches is how to be a good slave..because thats the truth of the other words dont lie to your kid to “protect” them..because that isnt going to protect them.

        Tell them to regurgitate the school teaching, but understand that that is all it is, reality is taught at home and that you will expect them to learn , know , and excercise the difference. This is your responsibility as a caring knowing parent, be involved, and allow your kid to ask questions, and to make mistakes. (mistakes are the best learned lessons)They are this country’s future..dont screw that up, its bad enough already, remember you had them, not us. dont be a dick parent

        Teach them real world budgeting, money managing, time management..skills .,, real world skills.

        If to the kid it seems like work , because they are already too dam lazy, then try to make it interesting , fun or a game. But dont give up that they cant learn it and be safe with the information.

        I could go on and on, but I think you get the point..You cant be lazy rasing a kid today unless you want to produce another sheeple, and Lord knows theres enough of those to deal with already.

        When they say Kids are the future, its not a joke..look at who’s in power now..thats the joke..and they became this joke because they were allowed to move in this direction without much opposition..that needs to change and these kids today if taught the difference, will change it


      46. This may have been posted already, but folks… have to watch this series of videos by Ann Barnhardt.

        Part one posted below.  It’s an 8 part youtube series.


        View the rest at :

        **Admin Edit: Video embedded, link to full 8 part series included**

      47. You guys need to wake up! The Rockfellow/Rothchild/Bush Cabal that controls all our presidents might be fascists, but they are far from communists.

        • There is little practical difference between a fascist and a communist.

      48. Wow, I didn’t know people in Russia also tied teabags on to their hats. There is so much BS in this article, it’s difficult to ascertain how much is purely fabricated and how much of this has to do with people who lived the the Soviet years, as it has been 20 years now. I had had this site suggested to me by friends an family, I will have to tell them they are being sadly misinformed by this amateurish and pathetic website.

      49. I am disheartened by the irony of this website and this article; it is shit.

        The article contains quotes from Vladimir Putin withut context and verification. When and where did he say this? This article contains no definite facts. “There should be no question as to whether President Obama is a Socialist.” Why is Barrack Obama a socialist? “His rhetoric, and more importantly his actions, have left no doubt…” What rhetoric and what actions? Seriously, are people actually taking the author’s word without question?

        The comments, and what seems to be this website’s market judging by the content and ads, are littered with religion, doomsday prepping, name-calling and snark. I was referred here by a family member and I am sorely disappointed by what this reveals.

      50. You know, during the last big depression, the big political struggle for people was to decide if they wanted to change the system that had failed them…This happened right here in the USA as well as worldwide. It happened because the people got screwed over by the powerful. The growing political parties of the time were the fasciests and the Communists…Lets zip forward a little and identify how history repeats itself…Oh Yes…fasciests are now called Republicans, and Deomcrats are now called communists or socialists… Perhaps we will never study history to actually see the truth…we keep on being tricked and suckered into playing their games…forget the politics stupidity, its a game rigged so you cannot change it or win.. take care of yourself your family and rely on yoursel only.

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